593 Responses to Start the Week Open Thread 25 February 2019

  1. Halifax says:

    I’m first …that’s a first !


  2. LastChanceSaloon says:


    2019-02-25 06:00 Guardian Opinion
    “Jussie Smollett’s story shows how intolerant of ‘victims’ we really are
    Nesrine Malik”

    We might have to grudgingly admit that Smollett invented this story.

    Because in The Guardian we only grudgingly admitted that tens of thousands of while female children were
    gang raped by Muslims who were imported by Tony Blair to vote Labour.

    Smollett might be guilty, but he is really innocent because some white men allegedly did some bad things
    to his ancestors.

    OK Nesrine, tell us how few African-Americans return to Africa and why this is so.


    • Beeb Brother says:

      It is beyond parody.

      “Miserly in their compassion.”

      How can you be compassionate to a millionaire who lied to try and start a race war? Of course this compassion does not apply to anyone who might be concerned about the very real disaster unfolding in this country – they would be condemned absolutely as ‘far right’ scum by Guardianistas,

      The Guardian should quit the news and become a full-on parody website. Nobody wants to buy the newspaper but judging on this article their comedy skills could make them billionaires.


    • lojolondon says:

      White schoolboy watches as Indian man bangs drum : “he is a MAGA racist, Tump caused this, expel them all.”
      Jussie Smollett faked a racist attack : “Well, innocent until proven guilty, I reserve judgement until after the trial.”


  3. Fedup2 says:


    this is the week we finally finally find out how far apart the views of majority voters are from politicians . And the delaying and killing off of a full brexit … and Martha the bee sounds very happy .


  4. Beeb Brother says:

    I used to so love the BBC world service programmes on through the night on radio 4: fascinating programmes about watch making, grass or prime numbers. I had to stop though as the SJW virus had ravaged this fine institution. I thought I would give it another try this morning. First thing I hear:

    “We have several films from black directors; and even a minority up for best actor.”

    Lord help us. I switched the radio off in fury.


  5. Fedup2 says:

    I used to be a regular of the world service as I wnet overseas quite a bit in the pre web age.

    I looked at the schedule for the last couple of weeks . Just programmes made by beeboids for beeboids . Switch off .


    • Beeb Brother says:

      Surely ‘minorities’ are just as irritated by this divisive, monotonous nonsense as everyone else? Why does having darker skin colour mean you are suddenly fascinated by the ethnicity of entertainment professionals?

      The whole argument that fictional portrayals of ‘minority’ groups matter is nonsense. I went out with an Italian girl; before I met her I had only encountered Italians in gangster movies. So did I expect her dad to be a hit-man who trades heroin? Obviously I judged her and her family on her character and not fictional portoyals of Italians. It is all just making excuses for underachievement in certain groups without addressing key issues of personal responsibility. All the black superheroes in the world make no difference if you think it is cool to not value education.

      As you say, the programmes are made for Beeboids – a tiny clique of lunatics who refract everything through the dull and distorting lense of race, gender and sexuality.


  6. taffman says:

    As we start a new week we find that we are still in the EU. This after the nation democratically to leave. Parliament is is against the people. Al Beeb is against the people. Both have to be dissolved, they have become a shambles they get paid under false pretences .


    • taffman says:

      As we start a new week we find that we are still in the EU. This after the nation democratically voted to leave. Parliament is against the people. Al Beeb is against the people. Both have to be dissolved, they have become a shambles they get paid under false pretences .


    • English Lass says:

      Brexit has caused huge divisions in the HOP. It’s the first time the public en- masse has had a direct say In the running of the country and it’s caused mayhem. The old way of us voting for our local MP and them promising all sorts of changes and then once elected disappearing off to London and doing exactly what they want, has been shaken by the Brexit vote and they can’t fathom it out. The likes of Soubry and co have carried on thinking they own the power and can still do what they want. And then there are those who can’t bear not being in charge so conspire in the background such as Rudd and co. to do their utmost to wreck it. A few are loyal, have long term vision and see the benefits available in Brexit and understand what the majority have voted for and wish to be carried out. However with the wreckers, the conspirators, the EU, the Irish government and the BBC and other MSM it will be an absolute miracle if Brexit comes about. It’s like a war!!


      • Beeb Brother says:

        Why do politicians only ever knock on your door when they are up for re-election? They have plenty of time off over the summer to come and see us.

        It sums up their attitude towards us: they only feign interest in our concerns when they need our votes to stay on the gravy train. Once they have another five years of glorious troughing under their belts they ignore us.

        They even have subsidised bars at parliament! Who on earth gets drunk at work and expects their boss to help pay for the booze?


      • vesnadog says:

        I can’t believe for one minute that those northern Labour MPs who voted to remain in the EU will ever summon up enough courage to return to their usual northern constituants. Surely, by now they must see that the writings on the wall and that “the games up” for each and every one of um.


      • Banania says:

        Taffman, English Lass: What are the chances that when the country wakes up to the fact that we have been thoroughly deceived with this devilish “withdrawal agreement” there will be such a surge of anger that the politicians will be terrified? Is there any chance of that?


    • G says:

      I wish for a slaughter come next election. I’m tossing up whether to spoil the voting slip or vote for any other party on the ballot paper other than the main two. NOT the Libdems naturally. Can’t make my mind up as things are changing so quickly. Perhaps this is the, “uncertainty because of Brexit” the BBC speak of?


      • taffman says:

        Why spoil the voting slip. Vote for UKIP or the Brexit Party and tell your MP that intend to do that.


  7. LastChanceSaloon says:

    2019-02-24 14:00 Guardian Opinion

    “Sajid Javid is pandering to rightwing press over Shamima Begum Roy Greenslade”

    It was the Sun wot did it, and the Telegraph.

    Roy then repeats the statement that this terrorist had two children who died. Good for the sympathy vote, I have not seen any evidence whatsoever to support this.

    Rather than produce his own argument Roy trawls the press to find some statements which agree with his preconceptions. He presents these as “evidence”.

    The Times
    “A judgment will have to be made as to whether she is more victim than perpetrator”
    I have made my judgement.

    The Daily Mail
    “she was a vulnerable child when groomed at her computer by evil recruiters”
    Those computers, again. Probably Swiss computers with Norwegian names.
    This is the vulnerable child who would have voted remain in the referendum if the Guardian was organising it.

    The G does not even tell us who Roy is at the end of the article, which is unusual.
    I had never heard of him.
    He has a Wikpedia article, professor of journalism, oh and I nearly forgot, an IRA supporter.

    Comments allowed. Opinions mixed.

    I remember a few years ago when the Guardian showed no concern whatsoever when tens of thousands of white female children were, and probably still are, being gang raped. Being gang raped by people who were imported by Tony Blair to vote Labour.
    Correction, The Guardian, was concerned, was very concerned, that the facts about the mass gang rapes could no longer be supressed.


    • Peter Grimes says:

      Chinese computers surely, operated by shape-shifting Russian lizards.

      I mused on another thread a few days back whether Begum’s father worked. In one paper over the weekend I saw that he had taken another wife in Bangladesh and spent half of each year there. At 60, and looking older, he is described as a retired tailor. Does that make two families that we are likely to be supporting?


      • BRISSLES says:

        Peter, I also think there are conflicting reports about this woman’s family. The ‘father’ in the UK interviewed initial, bears a passing resemblance to the one pictured in Bangladesh. And I mentioned in another thread, that (according to Sara Vine in the Mail) Shimam Begum’s mother had died from cancer shortly before Shimam went to Syria, so the ‘mother’ who is constantly mentioned in the press is not actually her birth mother.

        You say we could be supporting two families, but it could be more than that.


        • vesnadog says:

          Thought it was only those Romanian chappies who lounged about for 6 months of the year here then for the other 6 months take all their benefit money home to have their village elders make the locals get off their back sides (of course stoppages for pig killing and copper-wire burning) and once again build their 5th new home for the village paid for by UK tax payers.


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      One of the comments.
      “Let her back in. She only joined ISIS. It’s not like she smirked while wearing a MAGA hat.”


    • G says:

      Perhaps “Roy” is a cover for ‘Mohammed’?


    • Beeb Brother says:

      They must still be ‘grooming’: idle, thick testosterone bombs with a hatred of infidels incapable of doing much else were making fortunes from it so why on earth would they stop?

      “Racicalised on the internet” is such a phoney narrative: it conveniently allows leaders to not consider what on earth is going on in these ROP ghettos. If you saw something online surely the first thing you would do is talk to someone else about it? They notify nobody of these life-changing ideas and merely get radicalised ‘online’ with nobody on the ground goading them? There are about five different words for ‘lie’ in Arabic which tells you a lot. The ROPer capacity for mendacity and English tolerance/doing anything not to offend has creating a perfect storm: two elements of different cultures combining to create something close to hell on earth in towns like Rotherham.


      • Dystopian says:

        “There are about five different words for ‘lie’ in Arabic“

        I bet one of them is not “porky”!


  8. StewGreen says:

    BBC Radio Humberside is going large on “local couple get homophobic letter”
    There is a bit of chicken and egg ..cos there are a lot of secondary stories “neighbours , are showing their support by adorning their houses with rainbow flags” ..”local rugby club made the couple special guests and match mascots”

    Of course now media has to report these secondary stories, but are they responsible for whipping up the outrage bus that caused. them ?
    Idiots send letters all the time but most of the time they get ignored instead of getting whipped up into a franzy.


    The prog is also promoting Mr Ecohome man and Climate Change Doom.


    • maxincony says:


      Of course now media has to report these secondary stories, but are they responsible for whipping up the outrage bus that caused. them ?

      Yes, Stew. The homophobic abuse was caused by people objecting to homophobic abuse.

      Idiots send letters all the time but most of the time they get ignored instead of getting whipped up into a frenzy.


      local rugby club made the couple special guests…”!!!


  9. StewGreen says:

    Brexit : stuff not reported is factories closing in France, new plants opening in the UK etc.
    just plants that close in UK


  10. Doobster78 says:

    I cant watch the BBC at the best of times but the BBC at the Oscars !!! No thanks.

    Endless virtue signalling and fawning over these grossly overpaid liberals. Its sickening.


    • JamesArthur says:

      Why do all of these luvvies think we care if they are son’s of immigrants or bus drivers…if they are good at what they do great but we really don’t care….may be they should be saying isn’t America great look at the opportunity it gave me – equality applies


    • vesnadog says:

      Never watched it for decades so avoid it completely. But I dread the morning after the Oscars on BBC Radio5live in case they mention it even worse mention that Elton thing. So imagine my surprise when I turned said radio on and there was mention of certain female BBC reporters looking very hollywood with their new hair styles and their “fleshings” on show. BBC reporters of all people? How can they afford such luxuries? Who on earth works double night-shifts at the mill to pay for this kind of elitist insult?


      • Scroblene says:

        Vesna, I agree entirely!

        I reckon it’s time for our version of the Ottakars, or whatever they masquerade as…

        ‘THE PLONKERS’

        An every-day vote for the stupidest, most venal, most over-paid twat who appears on either tv or radio, and spouts utter bollocks.

        I nominate: –

        Little Jonny Slopel, for services to drainage of the colon.
        Nagula Minchenetti for being as thick as two short planks.
        Hon Jumphies for services to the ancient art of plonkerism.
        Roddy Sharpe on R5Dead as a blunt knife for services to somnabulism.

        …and as a star late-comer Anis Oobree for services to the Squeezed Lemon Face community.

        And the prize – a three-wheel van to suit their talents goes to…


        • vesnadog says:


          “Nagula Minchenetti for being as thick as two short planks.”

          I’m not certain about this young lady. She acts silly but she comes over as a female Columbo. You think her minds not on the job while it is.


        • Jagman84 says:

          James O’Brien for being his normal self?


  11. StewGreen says:

    @EuroGuido tweets
    \\ Why does the BBC think it is “moderate” to reject a democratic vote? //


  12. Cassandra says:



  13. StewGreen says:

    Preacher arrested : Inconsistent Policing


    • G.W.F. says:

      Stew Green

      Yet in a sense it is not inconsistent. With Mayor Khan of Londonistan and Home Secretary, Savid Javid (peace be upon him) who swore his oath on the Koran, it is perfectly consistent with their ideology.
      Now I wonder if the BBC were to put a Christian on Thought for the Day who just might speak up for the Christian preacher and lay off social work for a couple of minutes.


    • JamesArthur says:

      Sometimes you see something and it makes you sick..this video is one of those…typical policing in this country now – hit the soft targets but whatever you do don’t offend muslims….


      • Scroblene says:

        It’s because the ‘authorities’ are shit-scared of the stabbers getting out of hand, the bombers being out there with their fanaticism, and the rapists being targetted.

        Appease the murderers, let the muggers off, ignore the ‘religion’ (i.e Christianity), and catch some TV tax avoiders instead…

        We haven’t seen a police car around our village for months. Do they still exist?


    • NCBBC says:

      Its the process of investigation that is being used to frighten people, stifle freedom of thought and speech. I believe this “process” is not a local police initiative but comes from central government, if not Brussels, applied purely to Christians and not to Muslims.

      The process is the punishment.

      In above situation, a Christian preacher is getting a process lesson, and that will be fed to other Christian preachers – that preaching the Gospel in a soon to be Islamic country is offensive, and likely to cause a breach of the peace- very true. Preaching the Gospel in a Muslim nation ( as the UK already is in Muslim eyes), will lead to breach of the peace. The police are therefore correct to arrest the Christian preacher.

      There is another type of process though. If the preacher was an Islamic preacher, then soon a crowd of Muslims will gather round the couple of cops. Their very presence will intimidate the two cops, who will by now, be more concerned about their safety. If they are really brave, and move to arrest the preacher, in the resulting kerfuffle, a policeman is stabbed, probably fatally. This is London.

      There may be a manslaughter conviction, but the “learning” process here will be for the police. Don’t try and arrest a Muslim preacher, or you will end up dead, your family will mourn, and the offender will be out in a few years. For the authorities – the process has caused more trouble then worth. All three learn a process lesson.

      Thus, if preserving the peace is the main objective of the police, then
      1. Arrest a Christian preaching the Gospel , as in a soon to be Sharia nation, it will lead to a breach of the peace.
      2. Do not arrest a Muslim preacher, as that would lead to a breach of the peace, and possibly serious harm to the policeman.


      • tarien says:

        Unbelievable but it is what is happening NCBBC-Of course were it possible and those that supposedly govern us, had some real guts they would deport every single Muslim no matter what social elevation has been gievn them, out of this country, every songle one. Doctor, Dentist, Scientist, Teacher, Social Worker, Council member of wherever ,Government Minister, MP, Journalist,and in particular the BBC, in fact the dam lot. Then and only then will we once again have peace in our land. Just as measure of course we would have to increase border patrols whether on land or at sea-close all entry points to Muslims. How does that grab you? Garbage? Well yes of course, the pressure from the Socialistic, liberal minded peoples would vomit against such a decree-perhaps this naton needs a benevolent dictator. Just fed up really.


  14. Doublethinker says:

    I seldom watch anything on BBC but some of the foreign TV series on BBC 4 on Saturday are quite good , free from too many BBC politically correct messages and social engineering agenda, and I make an exception. I remembered that a previous Icelandic series Trapped was good and so I tuned in for the next series. Imagine my disappointment when it was all about Islamaphobia and black gay men. It could have been a BBC made right on drama, just the sort of stuff I gave up watching years ago. Still I suppose that overseas sales are critical for Icelandic producers and they know that the BBC will only take it if it meets the stringent social engineering criteria set out by the corporation. Antway another series bites the dust in our house.


  15. StewGreen says:

    seems Marr thumbs up Labour guest


    • Guest Who says:

      Careful, Rob might go ‘Diddums’.

      Meanwhile others are now queuing to dismiss observations in that unique and often articulate way they have.

      Maybe… less haste, Nicky?


  16. StewGreen says:

    R4 9am Populations and contested lands : Start the Week
    \\ Amol Rajan explores how geology and demography have shaped the modern world.
    Paul Morland argues that we have underestimated
    *the crucial impact of population changes* on global events.
    He looks at how demography has had a major influence, from world wars to China’s rise; and from the Arab Spring to Brexit.

    In the distant past people could walk all the way from continental Europe to England through the ancient region of Doggerland. Julia Blackburn scours the Suffolk coastline for this lost land which was submerged by rising sea levels around 5000 BC.

    As the debate around the border between the Republic and Northern Ireland continues to dominate discussions on Brexit, the historian Diarmaid Ferriter explains how this line became a political battleground. The meandering boundary which cuts through fields and crosses rivers was once dotted with watchtowers and military checkpoints to stop movements of people and goods.//


    • Guest Who says:

      The BBC does like to use words like ‘explore’, or ‘analyse’ for employees on a jolly.

      Currently Laura K is donning her burkhini to do battle with a UKIP jellyfish in the lapping waters of the Gulf, before committing to twitter later what a person says to camera.


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      5000 BC rising sea levels.
      Was that because of global warming/cooling/climate change (insert this weeks favourite cause)
      Or was it because of/despite Brexit.
      Or Trump.


      • Lefty Wright says:

        We can probably thank all those flatulent ruminants innocently grazing on the hillsides.


        • Guest Who says:

          Simpo and Jez taking Sweeney hiking again to keep out of mischief?

          Mind you, some of those hillside girls are lookers.


        • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

          Probably some water crashing out over a cliff edge.


  17. fakenewswatcher says:

    The ‘Westminster Hour’ on R4 on a Sunday night, has -under Carolyn Quinn- become the ‘Labour and Leftist Hour’, devoted largely to Labour Party navel-gazing.
    The Tories may get a brief look-in (mostly to be cut short) and UKIP has ceased to exist.
    Quinn is so obviously a Labour devotee, she may as well give up pretending to be ‘impartial’. I suggest she rename her programme accordingly.
    Like all other R4 programmes, there is now also a predominance of wimmin MPs, chattering away, complaining about being criticised because they are pregnant (why not resign and attend to your impending child?) etc
    Radio4 -in general- seems to have eliminated most male voices, unless they are the Justin Webbs or John Humphrys of this world, whose political views replicate those of Quinn.
    Many of the chatterboxes, also on Toady this a.m., are now (predictably) pushing the ‘delay Brexit’ line, with ‘staying’ in the EU the big, new project. Referendum? People? All but forgotten.


    • G says:

      Yes, I listened to part of that. My only thought is, the concentration of gobby, too (over) self-assured, ‘chattery’ women MP’s. It sounded more like a gathering of those who indulge in coffe mornings. all vying for the ‘me, me, me, too’ award…………


  18. Guest Who says:

    The chocolate Bob’s timeline is a hoot.

    Between the bragging about luxury food and promoting all ‘is Mates Sweeney-styly, there is this:

    Presumably BBC and Camilla Batty fully on board to advise shunting funds around?


    • Guest Who says:

      Here he is showing what really concerns him. Plus some dead guy.



    • JamesArthur says:

      Transform the lives of inner city pupils…so he is going to do what loads of public education and existing charity money can’t.. He is a bit of a knob.. and I suspect the BBC will have a programme on his little tinkering soon…call me a cynic but don’t you get fed up with all these things that are bragged about and vanish in a year having achieved nothing except a little ego boost to the likes of BBC Amol


      • vesnadog says:

        “Pat each other on the back time again” BBC reporters tend to reveal this kind of behaviour whenever they feel that the howwible world is against them. It makes them feel good. You can tell by their remarks. Let um alone.


  19. Jeff says:

    You know, I’ve heard some absolutely breath taking bollocks talked about this ISIS bride, Shamima Begum…or whatever her name is.
    I’ve heard people say that we’ve got to give her “another chance.” …and “She was only a kid.” and possibly my favourite “She’s been groomed.” They’ve tried their best to make a correlation between this terrorist slut and the tragic white girls who were so infamously groomed and raped by Pakistani paedo gangs. Of course it’s abject nonsense.
    There seems to be some sort of competition in suicidal virtue signalling going on. Personally, I wouldn’t have the nasty little bitch back for a king’s ransom. And here’s why.
    In the last couple of years we’ve had a number of horrendous terrorist attacks carried out on our people by Muslim lunatics. Decent, hard working British folk have died because of these Islamo Nazis.
    A couple of them, at least, we could and should have stopped.
    The Manchester Arena bomber, Salman Ramadan Abedi, murdered 22 youngsters in an absolutely wanton act of cruelty. His family had sought refuge here from Libya. He’d been brought up here. He’d then gone out there to fight and been rescued by the Royal Navy. FFS if anyone owed this country a massive debt of gratitude it was this bastard, but no…
    And the Parsons Green bomber Ahmed Hassan was a “child asylum seeker”. Although the authorities knew he’d been trained to kill he was placed with a naive elderly couple of do gooders who had no idea of the sort of vermin they were housing.
    Surely it’s absolutely crystal clear we just can’t risk it. Our first duty is to protect our own people! We owe this treacherous creature NOTHING! Let the Syrians put her on trial. Let the Syrians punish her.
    I won’t shed a single tear.


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      I’m not even comfortable using her name. It personalises her and that isn’t justified IMO. The media have done that on purpose to get her into the psyche of the nation.

      That Muslim Jihad woman. I don’t give a damn what name she goes by.


  20. Guest Who says:

    The BBC only asks questions.

    The bbc is exempted from answering any.



  21. pugnazious says:

    Tommy Robinson was having problems doing the final rendering of his Panodrama film, maybe due to the subtitles for some reason…he explains here….

    Finding it difficult to link to TR sites…..

    ‘The server at http://www.tr.news.co.uk is taking too long to respond.’

    ‘The server at http://www.tr.news.com is taking too long to respond.’

    ‘The server at tommyrobinson.online is taking too long to respond.’

    His link to TR.News actually takes you to a fund raising site for him not any news about him…From his Facebook page….

    Update on panodrama. Sign up for free at http://www.tr.news

    GCHQ working ovetime or cockup?


    • StewGreen says:

      @Pug that seems fake new
      Some of those sites are not TR sites
      Domains are read right to left
      .. and domains can be made to auto-foward to other domains
      Hence http://www.tr.news.com is a sub-domain owned by whoever owns news.com
      ..that seems to be Cnet which is why it auto-fowards you to a page owned by them labelled “you’ve made a typo”

      Similarly http://www.tr.news.co.uk would be a sub-domain of a site owned by a company who own news.co.uk or is non-existant.

      The other TR pages
      tommyrobinson.online auto-fowards to the fundraising page http://www.globalaim.co.uk …. be careful abot fakesites when people make
      http://www.globalaimS.co.uk or http://www.THEglobalaim.co.uk etc.

      The link you wrote in html as tr.news.co.uk is NOT actually that site as named
      …but is actually a link to Facebook and then auto-forwards to http://www.globalaim.co.uk


      • StewGreen says:

        TR said on Saturday that the vid was late cos of technical issues he doesn’t understand ..he called that “rendering”
        .. and now says it’s late to net cos of “rendering”
        …Nope if you have a video file and of course backed up it is ready to play instantly from anywhere on any device.

        However it would take time to go through a vid
        #1 To check it’s LEGAL .. not libelous or releasing secret names etc.
        or #2 To re-render qualities like change sound ir picture brightness etc. to make it 100% perfect

        I do wonder if BBC / HnH lawyers would be behind a delay in release.

        It’s also a bit cynical to go straight to a fundraising page, as some people will think they have to pay money to see the vid.
        However obviously Saturday event was done properly so the costs will run into £thousands

        That html that @Pug wrote that I said auto-forwards to a Facebook page … actually then forwards to http://www.TR.news a genuine TR site
        that is now itself autoforwarding to globalaim


      • pugnazious says:

        As TR only gave the link as http://WWW.TR.News I tried every combination when that didn’t come up initially.

        The other links are also listed by him and are actually from his video channel and from his facebook page….and as stated by me already the given link goes to a funding page.

        Not sure how that is fake news….just facts.


        • StewGreen says:

          ” every combination”
          They weren’t different combinations
          cos if you change anything on the righthand side, that is a completely different domain

          Yes as you say the two other links you gave http://www.tommyrobinson.online & http://wwwTR.news are real TR sites (and both working)
          I may be sounding harsh, but I don’t intend to.
          (BTW you know that you don’t need to use html to make links here
          as anything beginning htttp://www.
          automatically gets converted )


  22. Doobster78 says:

    Innocent until proven guilty ….. but alas no … he is a white male after all so those rules dont apply anymore.


  23. theisland says:

    Col. Kemp will have checked this before tweeting.


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      The limp-wristed, cowardly response of the West to these people (I wouldn’t call them animals, because that is an insult to the animal kingdom) is a wonder to behold.
      The whole ‘tolerance’ thing has become so dominant and irrational that even self-preservation now seems unimportant.
      Going back to WW2, I now realize there should have been no Nuremberg trials. Nazis should have been invited to the UK for ‘deradicalization’, having been ‘groomed’ by Hitler. A special programme should have been established for the poor, misguided concentration camp commandants; we owed it to them to let tolerance rule and give them a second chance.
      And what the hell were the ‘few’ doing, shooting down Heinkels, merely because they were bombing British cities? Most of those pilots will have been youngsters, quite incapable of forming their own opinions. I think we should have let then have free rein…
      Sooner or later they would have realised how superior British values were, and come over -unarmed- in small dinghies, to settle here. That would have been one in the eye for the Fuehrer, so I guess he would have mended his ways. Being a socialist (albeit a nationalist one), he could have come over to join either the Labour Party (to rid him of his anti-Semitic tendencies) or any Chukka-like group of Independents that might have been floating around. I think he would have liked all the wimmin too.


    • G says:

      The island,
      Good news. People like him are still well connected and will have a voice when, for the British people, ‘the sh*t hits the fan’ and Treason May turns the troops out to restrain the public.


    • Dystopian says:

      “some of the jihadis fled by disguising themselves as female refugees“


  24. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    I forget where but I read that all of our wheelie bins are made in Germany and some remoaner was saying we will not be able to get any after 29/3.
    This is rubbish (ha ha) of course.

    It’s also an opening for a British firm to start up.
    Tens, maybe hundreds of jobs created by making our own wheelie bins.

    I also saw a nice one liner in the Telegraph letters comments.

    No May is better than a bad May.


    • countryblues says:

      Talking about rubbish…I’ve just had three different kinds picked up. All three lorries were brand new sooper-dooper Mercs…whenever I see an ambulance, they’re brand new, state of the art, sooper-dooper Mercs. On the very rare occasion I spot a Police car, it’s a top of the range, sooper-dooper BMW.

      I somehow get the impression that no expense is spared…in these days of austerity 🙁


  25. pugnazious says:

    The BBC et al have been pushing the enlightenment of ex-extremist Tania Georgelas as an example of how such Islamic extremists can be turned around and brought back into civilised society and thus we can safely bring the extremely unrepentant Shamima Begum back here.

    Trouble is her example just doesn’t fit the mould of the likes of Shamima Begum.

    In 2017 the BBC interviewed Tania Georgelas…

    She told us it was her own decision to ‘Islamise’, she wanted to be more Islamic as it suited her mindset at the time….she became more pious and it brought her into contact with more radical and activist people…and it was in her late teens and into her early twenties…so not the supposedly naive 15 year old that was Shamima Begum. It says nothing about being groomed on-line….and it’s usually ‘not on-line’…more often in the mosque, at home or in the community itself that ‘grooming’ happens…..Muslims being predisposed to taking up the cause due to being told all their lives that Muslims are better than non-Muslims and that Muslims are victims. The on-line material merely reinforces what they already believe and then provides them with a way of acting on those beliefs to ‘protect Muslims and Islam’…’on-line’ does not do the radicalising….that happened long before.

    Tania Georgelas was an Islamist but didn’t join ISIS, she married an extremist who took her to the Middle East and then onto Syria pre-ISIS. She fled almost immediately, went to America and gave up Islam completely. Hardly the same story as Shamima Begum who deliberately saught out Islamist material on-line, and it’s hard to find just at random, it was a deliberate act, she wanted to see these videos and the propaganda….her mindset meant she was already primed to join up. Why did she look for these videos knowing full well via the news what ISIS did to people out there? What had she heard before she saw ISIS videos that made her want to find a ‘solution’ to what she was told were problems for Muslims? She’d been fed a diet of anti-Western rhetoric, much actually coming from the BBC that told her that Muslims and Islam were under attack by the West and had been since the Crusades….add into the mix Israel and the BBC’s highly misleading claims that Sykes-Picot ‘carved up the Middle East’ and recklessly drew up borders without regard for local cultures, ethnicity and tribal interests [all untrue…the Arabs/Muslims were deeply involved in the border decisions, the negotiations for which were complex, considered and wide-ranging…in reality Sykes-Picot had very little to do with the final shape of the Middle East] and you get an highly inflammatory narrative that Islamist extremists can exploit to whip up anger and discontent.

    The BBC et al are as guilty of ‘grooming’ as anyone for their knowingly misleading reporting from the Middle East which betrayed a generation of Muslims in this country and around the world…bad enough in its English form but on its Arabic channel many times worse.

    The BBC helped form the anti-Western narrative that is prevalent within the Muslim world, the narrative that says the Iraq War was a war on Muslims, that Afghanistan is a war on Muslims, that Srebrenica was a Muslim genocide…forgetting to mention the reason for the slaughter….the Muslims there had been wiping out Christian villages and killing the inhabitants. Srebrenica didn’t come out of nowhere, it didn’t come out of a Serb desire to murder all Muslims…It was in fact Muslim attempts to ethnically cleanse Christians that led to it….and remember, one of the BBC’s favourite Muslim radicals, Moazzam Begg was fighting in the Balkans….what did he do there…was he just building schools?

    Sky News…not just fighters than infiltrated in 1995 but also ideas…bringing Saudi Ideas and Jihad….the aim to infiltrate Europe and when ready…strike…


  26. Guest Who says:

    In which VD rubs up with two utterly balanced members of the Monster Raving Loony Party.

    Impartially, natch.


  27. Guest Who says:



    • pugnazious says:

      Looking at their feed it seems the BBC is very concerned about young people being lured into gambling by social media site advertising. Not so concerned about very young children being ‘groomed’ by transgender activists into wanting to change their sex….or indeed the promotion of other lifestyles which might be conceived of as exploitative and a manipulation of young minds by adults who have a vested interest in trying to persuade vulnerable and confused young people that they are just like them.

      LOL….a new BBC promotion….


    • Cooper_Man says:

      But of course Al Beeb never refer to Bono as Paul David Hewson, or Lady Gaga as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, or Katy Perry as Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, or Elton John as Reginald Kenneth Dwight, or Sting as Gordon Sumner, or Bob Dylan as Robert Allen Zimmerman, or George Michael as Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, or Freddie Mercury as Farrokh Bulsara, or David Bowie as David Robert Jones…

      I could go on for quite some time.


  28. G says:

    An interesting perspective on Mrs Balls-Cooper’s ‘Private Members Bill’.
    For those who want/need to know all sides:
    Written by one of those who actually know what they’re talking about when it comes to Constitutional legal matters.


    • theisland says:

      Excellent. Royal Consent and Royal Assent are different.

      “It would appear, therefore, that EUWA2019 would directly affect the prerogative and consequently the Cooper Bill must secure Royal Consent under long established internal House of Commons procedures requiring positive ministerial action and approval. This means the Government can prevent the Bill from passing by not seeking Royal Consent. It follows therefore that not only are there mechanisms available to the Government to ensure that the Cooper Bill falls, but, more importantly, the inevitably controversial decision to advise the Queen to refuse Royal Assent can be avoided.”

      Hopefully 32 days to WTO.


  29. Rob in Cheshire says:

    Attention Comrades:

    I bring news of the Today programme’s ten minute anti-Trump hate this morning.

    Guest of honour was Comrade Michael Avenatti, the lawyer of porn slut Comrade Stormy Daniels. Naturally, no representative of the hated running dogs of the Republican Party was invited to provide biased pro-Trump fake truth.

    Sadly, I have to report that Comrade Avenatti seemed confused in his revolutionary thought. He has concluded that Comrade Commissar Mueller will not find any evidence with which to charge the hated revanchist Trump with crimes of collusion with the hated fascist Putin regime…er, anyway, nor does he think the hated capitalist running dog Trump will be successfully impeached by the class traitors and wrong thinkers in the Senate.

    No, it seems that the subdued Comrade Avenatti has finally concluded that the only way the hated Trump tyranny can be defeated is…at the ballot box in 2020, by democratic means.

    This is a sad descent into faux reality by Comrade Avenatti, who had previously been a dependable and loyal comrade. By seeming to admit that the fascist Trump can only be defeated by the bourgeois methods of democratic election, he has shown that he has misunderstood the dialectic.

    With sadness I report that he can never be invited to return to the Today programme. His course of re-education will begin shortly.

    Power to the People!

    Freedom for Tooting!


  30. pugnazious says:


    Looking for Maitlis’ apology after her claim that a cartoon of Serena Williams was racist…..

    ‘When does a cartoonist stray too far? Is this caricature full of racist tropes? Angry black woman – check. Animalised features – check. Exaggerated lips and physique – check. And if you’re still not convinced, her mixed-race opponent, Naomi Osaka, had her dip-dyed hair turned full blonde, essentially making her white..’

    The cartoon in fact portrayed a pretty accurate image of Williams…and her opponent did have a dyed blond ponytail.

    The cartoon has been deemed not racist….

    ‘A controversial cartoon of Serena Williams which was accused of being racist and presenting her as “ape-like” has been found by Australia’s media watchdog to be acceptable.

    In a ruling on the cartoon, the Press Council found that the cartoon used exaggeration and absurdity but accepted the publisher’s claim that “it did not depict Williams as an ape, rather showing her as ‘spitting the dummy’ [or, throwing a tantrum], a non-racist caricature familiar to most Australian readers”.

    The council acknowledged that some readers found it offensive but concluded that it was justified by the public interest in the behaviour of a player with a globally high profile.

    “As such, the Council does not consider that the publication failed to take reasonable steps to avoid causing substantial offence, distress or prejudice, without sufficient justification in the public interest,” the council ruled.

    I’m sure Newsnight has cleared the decks for a reappraisal just as it did for Sweeney’s apology about the lies he told concerning the death of a Polish man in Harlow which Sweeney blamed on Brexit and reported unapologetically claims that Farage was part of the death and had blood on his hands….oh hang on…Newsnight never did apologise for that appalling lie did they….and in fact the video is still on the Newsnight Youtube site…..


  31. Philip_2 says:

    Is it time to scrap the TV licence? (by Richard Mason – Research Fellow at Consumer Choice Center fro Taxpayers Alliance.
    The BBC License fee is questioned by Taxpayers Alliance (in todays Monday newsletter – as ‘Blog of the week’ – which is well worth reading, as it has including a worrying warning (later in the article) from Germany on what happens to State broadcasters – such as our own financially loss laden near bankrupt BBC (and all it’s EU inspired PC nonsense) will follow inline – the EU which will ensure the BBC is ‘obliged’ to follow despite its ‘so called threadbare ‘independence’ of late. (In the EU there is no such thing**). So IF we remain in the EU the BBC will officially NOT be an independent (not that it ever was). We will never hear the BBC look into that options but it would be inevitable if we remain in the EU… And the EU sponsors the BBC (aleady), something the BBC are very keen on accepting each year). Hidden funding, of course!

    Anyway… back to the newsletter…

    Following the recent announcement that the BBC licence fee is to rise to £154.50 from April, our guest blogger Richard Mason of the Consumer Choice Center asks, is it time to scrap the licence fee? He writes, “With such a plethora of cheap or free options to choose from, it is absurd to expect Brits to continue paying for the BBC. It’s no surprise that so many are beginning to cancel their licence subscriptions, and rightly so.”

    This is indeed true, for only £20 more than the licence fee, consumers could have both Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions. Alternatively they could access a range of other online services for free….

    Is this the future of the BBC (I ask myself, and do the BBC know this – as it will be the future for them if we stay in the EU?) So much for independence!


    A particularly troubling premonition might be that the UK follows in the footsteps of Germany who, in 2013, simply imposed a ‘TV tax’ on every household, regardless of whether they owned a TV or not. The justification for this was that, since the state broadcasts over so many forms of media such as radio or the internet, everyone is potentially able to have access regardless of if they owned a TV set. As a result, every German resident must now pay €17.50 (about £15) every month.



    • Oldspeaker says:

      “A particularly troubling premonition might be that the UK follows in the footsteps of Germany”
      The UK following in the jackboots, er, footsteps of Germany regarding telly tax? Compliant and law abiding as the UK public are, (mainly), that could be the spark that blows the lot. Which is a little odd when you consider the serious crap we put up with, realistically the bbc don’t have many options. When the licence paying gammons they despise start dying off who the hell is going to pay? The young? Not likely. More to the point who’ll be watching it.


  32. Tabs says:

    Oscars 2019: Which Oscars outfits have caused a stir?

    Did you recognise the diamond in Lady Gaga’s necklace when she stepped onto the red carpet?

    The rock, known as the Tiffany Diamond, was worn by Audrey Hepburn in 1961 (in a different setting) for promotional shots for Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

    Oh silly me, I didn’t recognise it because I’m too busy having a life. How can the BBC campaign for social injustice one minute and then the next minute promote overpaid actors spending £millions on dresses that they will wear just once?


  33. pugnazious says:

    BBC radio news just reported Hezbollah, it’s political wing, to be made illegal in this country…as long as parliament agrees to that. No mention of Corbyn and his ‘friendship’ with the terrorists…might be approriate to mention it if he and his fellow travellers are going to be asked to vote on it especially as he called the labelling of the armed wing of Hezbollah ‘a big, big historical mistake’. Maybe the web report will include a mention…doesn’t seem to be any thing on there at all yet.


  34. vlad says:

    As over half a million sign the petition to ban jihadists returning, could it be that, at the 11th hour, the good people of once Great Britain are rediscovering their balls despite the best efforts of beeboids and assorted lefties and libtards to emasculate us? As they did at the last minute in 1939?

    To quote Kipling,

    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the English began to hate.

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy-willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the English began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low,
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show,
    When the English began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd,
    It was not taught by the State.
    No man spoke it aloud,
    When the English began to hate.

    It was not suddenly bred,
    It will not swiftly abate,
    Through the chill years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the English began to hate.


  35. NCBBC says:

    Saying “No” to returning Jihadis is too late. Our demographic future is Islamic and could well be obvious in 20 years or less. Thanks to the idiot and ignorant politicians.


  36. NCBBC says:

    The Battle of Britain:
    The Muslim Mass-Rape of British Women & Girls
    Spencer Quinn
    One of the primary challenges a reviewer faces when reading Peter McLoughlin’s Easy Meat: Inside Britain’s Grooming Gang Scandal is remaining objective.

    Click to access Easy-Meat-Multiculturalism-Islam-and-Child-Sex-Slavery-05-03-2014.pdf

    The sex crimes that Mr. McLoughlin chronicles are so appalling, the perpetrators so unrepentant, and the cover-up so insidious and widespread, that becoming spitting mad while reading this book is a constant temptation.
    Mr. McLoughlin’s narrative begins in the late 1980s when Britain’s Sikh community began to realize what was going on. They spread the word among themselves and to the authorities and made it abundantly clear who the perps were (Muslim men) and who the victims were (in this case, Sikh schoolgirls). The police, of course did very little, which led the Sikhs to fend for themselves on the streets.
    Others began to notice in the 1990s. A charity called The Coalition for the Removal of Pimping (CROP) focused on working with the victims and their families. It was CROP which initially produced the oft-quoted figure of 10,000 victims of these heinous crimes. Note that this meant 10,000 at any given time, not 10,000 total. Mr. McLoughlin writes:
    In the first edition of Easy Meat, we thought that the idea that CROP could mean that there were 10,000 victims each year was too shocking to be credible. But within 12 months of our book being first published, senior police officers stated their belief that there were ‘tens of thousands’ of victims each year in the UK.


    Do read it all

    This is for all intents and purposes a war crime. Rapes possibly in the hundreds of thousands. Moreover, a war crime that has no parallel in history, as no nation, no matter how lowdown and wretched, has been actively complicit in the rapes of its own young girls by immigrants on such a scale, large or small.
    And yet all the perpetrator walk free, while the man who tried to bring it to the public domain , has been terrorised and persecuted by the very people, politicians and police, who are guilty of a war crime that has no precedent. Tony Robinson’s guilt is that he revealed the traitors. And now the BBC has done a hit job on him too. Tony Robinson had to hide his real name or else he would have been murdered by RoPers. Something that BBC knows well.

    The number of rapists in the UK alone, must be in the near vicinity of the entire Pakistani male population, and other Muslims besides. Its highly unlikely that their women did not know.

    Its difficult to propose a punishment for such an extensive war crime. Britons in days gone by would take a more simplistic view as opposed to our more civilised and nuanced view.


  37. Fedup2 says:

    I don’t listen to R5 unless it’s footy but today I heard someone called ‘emma’ bullying some Tory non entity minister about sec education ? And then brexit ….

    … she was clearly auditioning for the St John £€ Humphrey chair on Toady …
    ..but the off switch beckoned . As we get nearer to the inevitable withdrawal of A50 followed by a sellout I think I’ll go for the music / YouTube option as I can’t take the Far Left BBC at the moment ….
    And you know the ISIS girl and her friends will be let into Britain complete with a book deal .


  38. Guest Who says:

    Guess Katty is waiting for Danny Dyer to weigh in?


  39. Guest Who says:

    Just heard top ‘news’ from Global… seems Spike has used his Oscar (not the one he wanted) to diss Trump.

    Wonder which way the Racism Broadcasting Organisation will go?


    • vlad says:

      Spike had the nerve to ponificate about love not hate when all his films exacerbate division and hate (of whitie, so that’s OK then).


  40. Lucy Pevensey says:



  41. G.W.F. says:

    Thinking ahead to the Eurovision Song Competition.
    I predict the BBC will back the French entrant; a gay Muslim immigrant who has trivialised the terror attacks.



  42. Richard Pinder says:

    8pm Radio 4: Social Psychologist, Dr Keon West, explores Bias, unconscious and not, and the current trend in unconscious bias training.

    Sounds Orwellian, something from the Soviet Union. But then its known that the BBC sends staff for training, if they are off message. Presumably they are trained by Social Psychologists not to be conscious of being biased.

    I remember a satirical film about this made by an East European film maker. To the Soviets, this type of training seemed to work because those being trained pretended to comply with what the lecturer wanted to teach. But those undergoing the training learnt to repress their normal thoughts.

    So this would imply that BBC staff such as Paul Hudson have been sent for training by one of the BBC’s Social Psychologist, but the training hasn’t worked because they have learnt to repress their thoughts, still thinking Piers Corbyn has a point, support Brexit and think Donald Trump is better than Hilary Clinton, but now openly express the standard BBC bias on the telly and the radio.

    But looking on the internet I find that Dr Keon West is even more attractive to the BBC than just being an expert in the left-wing pseudoscience called Social Psychology. He is also a Black expert on unconscious Racism.


    • StewGreen says:

      Screenshot of the webpage
      Note that link previews are usually set so that they use the webpage main image
      But the BBC webguys have deliberately set it so that when you tweet the webpage URL it does not show that image, but rather shows a plain graphic saying “BBC”, thus you don’t notice from Twitter that the presenter is black


  43. JamesArthur says:

    My wife was sent on unconscious bias training at Uni where she works..at one point a white person dips down below a counter only to be replaced by a black person…apparently if you respond differently or surprised you suffer from unconscious bias – not simply puzzlement, bewilderment , confusion or surprise….What a load of ……


    • Richard Pinder says:

      That would mean that your wife would have to expect or repress her surprise, otherwise she would confirm the bias of a Social Psychologist. What is called “Confirmation bias”, the tendency to find proof for that which the Social Psychologist already believes.

      I read that this tendency to seek out proof is one of the major reasons that pseudoscience has succeeded so remarkably in taking hold of our education system in recent years. It exists in Climate science to the point were William Herschel was more knowledgeable about what changes the climate two hundred years ago, than anybody who appears on the BBC today.

      What you have told me is that if I was sent for unconscious bias training. Then I would now pass the test with flying colours, because I would now expect lots of loony behaviour in the training course, and therefore not be surprised, confirming to a Social Psychologist, that I therefore, cannot possibly be a racist. Also your wife would appear to have been cured of her “Unconscious bias” if she too was no longer surprised by the strange behaviour, due to expecting such behaviour.


    • Jeff says:

      “…What a load of…”
      I’ve got a feeling BOLLOCKS is the word you’re looking for…


      • BRISSLES says:

        Bollocks is a good word to use when a deep feeling of emotion is needed. Canadian tv has no problem with its use, as I heard today, along with ‘buggerlugs’ and ‘ bloody hell’ in the amusing but entertaining Murdoch Mysteries. Excellent actor Thomas Craig from Sheffield is better than any comedian in his portrayal of a police inspector.


  44. pugnazious says:

    Remarkable how it is Brexiteers who are being blamed for delaying Brexit…for one of course May’s deal isn’t really Brexit. For two the people who jumped ship and accused the Tory Party of being hijacked by the Far-Right in fact all voted against the deal themselves…

    Against, Heidi Allen (South Cambridgeshire)
    Against, Anna Soubry (Broxtowe)
    Against, Sarah Wollaston (Totnes)

    We heard Tobias Ellwood tell the Today programme that the ERG had been appeased by May…hardly, she has bent over backwards to accomodate Remain wishes…and that’s where the problem lies with her deal….and even then Remainers like Soubry aren’t happy, they want even more…so please explain who the hardline extremists really are? It’s the Remainers who are trying to stop Brexit, Brexiteers are trying to ensure it is delivered as promised.

    Another point is that 248 Labour MPs voted against the deal as did 35 SNP and 11 Libdems…and yet it is the Brexiteers who are the problem.

    Shame the BBC allows Remainers to keep on coming onto the BBC to peddle lies completely unchallenged as when Ellwood claimed the referendum was only due to the ERG as was every other twist and turn over the last two years. Kind of tells you what he thinks of democracy…don’t give the people a chance to vote because they might vote a way you don’t like…in fact Soubry admitted this….

    ‘Anna Soubry told the Guardian she would not have supported the plebiscite if she thought it would lead to the withdrawal of the UK from the EU.

    She said: “[I backed it] only because I thought we would win. Obviously I wouldn’t have been if I thought we would lose, let’s be honest.”’

    What a liar she is….promises promises…any surprise the 3 stooges don’t want a by-election or a general election?

    ‘In 2015, I promised the good people of Broxtowe that, if I was elected to represent them for another term, and in accordance with my party’s manifesto, I would vote for an in/out referendum on our EU membership, agreeing, in the words of David Cameron, that the people would “settle the matter”. I promised to respect and honour the vote. On 9 June 2015, along with 544 Members of this place, I agreed to that referendum, and in so doing I agreed to be bound by the result.’


    • gb123 says:

      Soubers needs an American Lesson:


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Doublespeak combines doublethink and newspeak in language that deliberately reverses the meaning of words to manipulate public opinion. George Orwell

      Therefore the word “Brexit in 2016” has become “No Deal in 2019” and “Remain in 2016” has become “Brexit in 2019”. Tory Remainers now vote for “Brexit in 2019”. Tory Brexiteers now vote for “Brexit in 2016”.

      The BBC in conjunction with Theresa May and the Daily Mail must have got the idea from reading 1984. Its what the EU has always been about. Fooling the plebs into thinking they are living in a free and independent nation. The yellow vested French are also angry about this.


  45. StewGreen says:

    2:39pm Panodrama vid went live through various different Youtube accounts
    and his Facebook account 1:08pm
    Please see our other thread


    • Fedup2 says:

      The BBC seemed to think a ‘sorry ‘ for such attitudes about gays ,’ Asians who don’t like dogs , common people , amazonians et al seems perfectly ok and all is forgiven .

      Sweeney must know where the BBC skeletons are buried .


  46. Lucy Pevensey says:


  47. Old Goat says:

    Not BBC, but this appeal is from a French lawyer, wondering what the fuck has happened to her country:


  48. taffman says:

    Not on Al Beeb yet but Jerrs wants a second referendum ?
    Its looking like Parliament V The people.


    • Fedup2 says:

      The question will be :

      “ you want to stay in the EU don’t you ?”

      Option 1 “yes”

      Option 2 “yes”


    • Dave S says:

      This is extraordinary. 1642 the Commons v the king. 2019 the Commons v the voters. Interesting times indeed. The calibre of the MPs is not very high. I would not bet on their being victorious. Maybe this is the time when new men and women emerge from amongst us. An ancient people like the English do not go into the darkness without a fight.


  49. pugnazious says:


    Yep…incredible…the BBC website finally reports ‘Hezbollah to be added to UK list of terrorist organisations’ but makes absolutely no mention of Corbyn and his close ties to the organisation.

    This is the man who could be Prime Minister and who maintains those close ties to a terrorist organisation and promotes and glorifies their ideology and ‘resistance’ and the BBC doesn’t think it worth mentioning. Then again the BBC thinks pretty much along the same lines.

    Not like they don’t know…here’s John Ware on Panorama asking questions only last May….Ware seems to be an unusual outlier at the BBC and is prepared to speak some uncomfortable truths…including about Islam……

    Here he is on Islam and difficulties with integration in Standpoint….


    ‘Judging by the reaction to the latest collision between Islam and the values of British society, critical self-reflection still eludes this country’s most politically active Islamic organisations.

    Hatred of Islam is indeed irrational, but apprehension about the long-term impact of a large and expanding politicised faith that seems intent on integrating on its own terms seems entirely logical. A culture war is far more dangerous to the cohesive health of this country than occasional attempts at mass murder, although not of course for those killed or injured. And the problem is that it is becoming almost impossible to reconcile our differences in civilised public debate. ‘