The Deplorable Choir….

….takes its name, of course, from Hilary Clinton’s backfiring attempt to denigrate Trump supporters.

Here’s what freedom looks and sounds like:

Proud to be Deplorable

Vote Republican song

No smokin’ gun

Brick by brick

Pro-life Song

And this guy John Morgan is so good I thought for a moment that Bush had taken up a new career:

George W Bush sings Hallelujah to Donald Trump

I realise this is all a touch off topic for this fine website, but I needed a break from the appalling Brexit betrayal and, of course, from the BBC’s delight in the betrayal.

I hope my esteemed colleagues here enjoy the entertainment.

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17 Responses to The Deplorable Choir….

  1. OldRec says:

    1st at something at last.


  2. OldRec says:

    “Who’s that” said my 7 year old granddaughter as we both looked at granddad’s taptop.
    “President Trump” said I.
    “Oh he doesn’t like brown people does he” came the words out of her young innocent mouth.
    She didn’t get this from us or her parents, so that just leaves her infant school.
    A bit of an uphill struggle us normal people have.


    • vlad says:

      Oh yes, the lefty indoctrination starts young nowadays.

      “Give me the Child and I’ll Give you the Man.”


  3. Scroblene says:

    While I despise Gary Linekar and all he spouts, I’ve put my beliefs behind me, and opened a packet of Walkers crisps (sell by date June last year, and bought by Mrs O’Blene in a flit of blelous rage – sorry Peter Sellers, that came out rwoung…).

    I’m so sorry everyone here, I just needed a hit with my large glass of Chardonnay, and as I don’t have the willpower, I relegated my interstices to a rummage in the pantry, to assuage my demand for a chummy munch, and now I feel sick…

    God, don’t you hate politicians!


  4. john in cheshire says:

    This potted history of Oliver Cromwell might be an appropriate watch, at about 23 minutes, during these turbulent times in our Houses of swamp rats.

    Maybe it will take us 20 years to behead or corrupt elites ( figuratively speaking, of course ) and require much bloodshed and loss of life in our United Kingdom. Once we’ve been given our own Mr Cromwell.


    • Dystopian says:

      I just clicked the link and got the message;
      “Video unavailable
      This video is restricted. Try signing in with a Google Apps account.”


      • john in cheshire says:

        I’m sorry, I can’t explain that because it works for me.

        I’ll post it again if you wish.

        Edit: does this work for you?


      • StewGreen says:

        Both videos works fine for me
        – On Google Chrome where I am signed in
        – On Microsoft Edge ..but it puts an advert first, strange cos I never get ads on YouTube normally


    • boohanna says:

      “figuratively speaking, of course”

      But of course.

      Mind you……………..? (just kidding, of course. In case Jeremy Paxman is reading in….just prophesising Paxo, not advocating of course. That would be most improper).


  5. theisland says:

    I might vote for him in the local elections since there is only Lib/Lab/Con/Grn to choose from (and 3 Independents).


  6. Nibor says:

    When will the BBC and media differentiate between the personality and the policies ?
    Jeremy Corbyn is probably a nice fellow , so might be Nick Griffin or the new BNP person .
    Nigel Farage is not someone I like , but I support his policies .
    Same with President Trump . Drain the swamp . I might like the denizens of that swamp , but it has to be drained .
    I can’t even say I like the general public , but I believe in democracy and thus populism . The general public might like something I don’t , but unless I can persuade them in an equal contest to take my view then the prevailing attitude should determine the nations policies .

    So BBC , if I hate one of you , should I hate all , and everything you stand for ?


  7. Nibor says:

    I can’t get to the last post I made two days ago , so I don’t know if my challenge was taken up .

    £1000 to any remainer so that means nearly all the BBC if they can show a programme has been made that is pro Brexit .

    But let’s be fair . I’ve put it on this website . Can someone tell me the BBC in house website I can put up this challenge ?


    • StewGreen says:

      Nibor April 5, 2019 at 12:22 am
      \\ … So I give a challenge to the pro EU lot ( Maxi ? ) .
      £1000 pounds if you can prove the BBC has broadcast a Brexit favourable programme since … Ever . //

      There were no replies
      … Maxi was around the other day but disappeared as if his boss was around making him do his real night time job.


      • Nibor says:

        Thanks Stew .

        I wonder if Maxi will stay away while I offer this money as it would be embarrassing if such a programme was ever made . Imagine the luvvies dinner parties and a BBC employee was there .


      • Richard Pinder says:

        I found one, it was broadcast on 10th September 1995. It was an episode of Last of the Summer Wine called “Bicycle Bonanza” were Nora Batty gives off an Anti-Brussels rant. It established Nora Batty as a Brexit supporter.


        • Nibor says:

          Do you want a thousand pounds ?

          Sorry Richard but it’s not earned , and not because you’re a Brexiter not a BBC person because ;

          If I remember that programme right , Nora Batty was an old lady not a pulchritude and thus BBC were doing their Old People Are Bigoted And Hate Europe meme .


  8. JamesG says:

    Population of England forecast to rise by 4 million over the next 10 years. (£)