“Let’s not overstate it,” says Jo Coburn…

…when a guest gets enthusiastic about the rallies for the Brexit Party.

That’s at 0:40 minutes in on this clip on Politics Live, uploaded to YouTube by the eminent True Brit.

That made me curious about the lone voice of sanity on the panel. He is Tom Harwood, award-winning journalist and commentator, who writes for Guido Fawkes.

Then I checked his opposition out:

*Sam Gyimah, Conservative MP and a Remainer.

*Molly Scott Cato, Green MEP. Here’s a tweet from her:

Today is #EuropeDay. A day when we celebrate our continent in all its richness and diversity And when we celebrate the European Union which is, at its heart, a project of peace and unity …

(That made me feel quite ill.)

*Grace Blakeley, journalist and economist. Here’s a tweet from her:

A Green New Deal isn’t enough – we need a Global Green New Deal And that means we need new international institutions built on genuine solidarity, not the imperialist faux-internationalism of the ‘liberal rules-based order’…

(Somebody pass me a bucket.)

Tom Harwood continues enthusiastically, and when he says, “I’m staggered, really, as someone who isn’t naturally predisposed to the cheerleading for Nigel Farage…” he’s interrupted by one among the female opposition, with, “You’re predisposed to it now.”

It’s so typical of the left to make snide comments when they don’t have a valid response to a valid point – which is most of the time.

At this stage the Peterborough rally is being shown.

When Tom Harwood encourages everyone to look at Margaret Thatcher’s rallies in 1953, at 1:40 in, there is a gasp of astonishment, followed by, “Oh my God,” and then Jo Coburn asks Glace Blakely whether she will be looking at clips of Margaret Thatcher. The question is no doubt flippant and the answer is naturally in the negative.

Grace Blakely then makes it clear that she believes there will be a rise in popularity of the Brexit Party, but only because of its “populism,” in the absence of policies.

Then Molly Scott asks Tom Harwood what the Brexit Party can offer, “other than being angry,” demonstrating, for the nth time, the left’s inability to debate in a civil fashion.

Tom responds politely, but of course his support of the Brexit Party is dismissed by Grace who believes it is “far right,” Molly by pouring vitriol on its Italian equivalent, a smiling Sam Gyimah with his assertion that any other politician could arise and also “muster huge audiences” and by Jo, who feels obliged to add her opinion by pointing out that Jeremy Corbyn “also did that.” (Not sure what kind of support Corbyn could currently rally.)

Meanwhile, someone named ‘Vera’ has been trying to interject, with Jo asking her to hold on. Finally Vera appears on a screen from an outside feed to proclaim that the ‘people’s vote’ rally attracted over a million supporters (which Tom then disputes) and goes on to fiddle with other stats to try to diminish Brexit.

I’m not sure who Vera is or why her opinion should matter, but by my count that makes it 5 blinkered Remainers to 1 Brexiteer, since Jo Coburn, representative of that most-trusted and impartial broadcaster, must surely have nightmares at the prospect of the EU being undermined by Brexit.

The clip only lasts 6:22 minutes. Yet it’s bursting with enough anti-Brexit bias to make any reasonable person turn away in disgust before the end. So here’s a question, esteemed colleagues: what on earth can be done to oblige the BBC to represent all shades of opinion on all subjects in a fair and responsible manner?

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51 Responses to “Let’s not overstate it,” says Jo Coburn…

  1. Guest Who says:

    BBC Production integrity is the same as BBC Editorial integrity, in that there is not always space for people and views that do not suit.


  2. Annunaki says:

    BBC front page:

    Church of England child sex abuse allegations ‘marked by secrecy’

    Danny Baker fired by BBC over royal baby chimp tweet

    Hidden away under : UK news / England ? local news / regions / Sheffield and South Yorkshire:

    Rotherham child sex abuse: Forty people investigated


  3. Doobster78 says:

    DISGUSTING !!!!! Rancid outfit . The lot of em.


  4. gaxvil says:

    ‘Let’s not overstate it – we’re not wearing Tena pants’.


  5. honestus says:

    The BBC is part of our national problem in as much as their blatant cheerleading for all causes within the leftist spectrum, immaterial of the actual numbers involved has emboldened the Marxists, long embedded within the very fabric of our society to ascend to their natural positions of moral superiority.
    They have long given up on reporting news in preference to creating narratives, using facts only when they fit and filling in gaps with hearsay and wishful thinking but staying firmly within the soft focus bubbleworld that they have created for themselves. This has contaminated almost their entire output as ‘the message’ takes priority over all else.
    The BBC is of the left, for the left and will never represent the majority of our nation and is beyond redemption.
    The need for a national or state broadcaster has passed. Close it down with vigour, it will not be missed by the people who matter.


    • taffman says:

      One statement sums the whole outfit and its employees up – ‘Anti-British’.


  6. s.trubble says:

    Punched , Reamed and Bored……..an old shipyards saying when someone gets well and truly found out…….
    Politivs Live….
    Enter..Gavin Essler the ex bBC disc Jockey and long term licence tax thief…………..worth watching a TV meltdown as he is found out having called Brexiteers , Village Idiots….denied it….and then subjected to a reading of the transcript by Andrew Neal…..

    Gavin Essler…….welcome to the punched,reamed and bored club…take a bow sir!


    • Peter Grimes says:

      Esler has done the Brexit Party no harm at all. The charmless, thin-lipped, sneering Jock has been shown up as a thin-skinned liar after having wrongly, deliberately called Martin Daubeny a liar. For an ex-Al Beeb mouthpiece he exhibited a complete lack of self control and tried to bluster his way out of. He failed because it was a live broadcast and his former colleagues didn’t have the chance to selectively edit, as they do to so many clips where things aren’t going to script.

      The good thing about his intemperate outburst (he is Glaswegian after all but from the posher side) is that he has set the tone for debates outside Parliament where to call an Honourable Member a liar is to invite expulsion. Sir Nige’s team should take note and follow suit when they are sure of their facts.

      Esler was pushing for disclosure of the name of the £100k donor to the Brexit Party. Guido points out that Exchange(for Anything) Uk haven’t filed donation info since February.


  7. Roland Deschain says:

    I wish Brexiters on these shows would raise the point that Remainers have no argument other than to call names. It’s so obvious once pointed out, and further name-calling can be responded to with a “There you go again”, which once worked well for another candidate, as I recall.


  8. Dover Sentry says:

    Here’s where Esler is humiliated on ‘Politics Live’.

    The silly boy is not used to being challenged.


    • TrueToo says:

      Dover Sentry,

      Thanks for posting that. I think that creature, Gavin Esler, must have been quite impressed by John Sweeney’s desperate attempts to defend himself against Tommy Robinson and his Panodrama. At 2:28 minutes in on your clip, Esler points at the Brexit Party guy and says, “This is a lie.”

      John Sweeney said that precise phrase a few times when he referred to the fake email designed by Tommy Robinson and Lucy Brown as he clutched at that one straw he felt might save him from drowning.

      Here he is holding the email printout up (as Tommy berates the ‘Executive Producers’ before stalking out) and repeating, “This is a lie.”

      (YouTube has decided that Panodrama is inappropriate or offensive to some audiences and is forcing those who want to watch it to first click on Continue.)

      The complete Politics Live show is now up on YouTube



      • Annunaki says:

        I followed the link and was confronted with the following message:

        The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences

        WHY watch and tell me or anyone else WHY that message ???

        My God are some out to vilify this person, for what purpose ?

        How many muslim extremists and gang rapists have been jailed and then realeased to continue yet…..


        • TrueToo says:


          I realised people who clicked on my link to Panodrama would see that message. That’s why I included it in the comment you replied to. It took YouTube about a month to put their restrictions on Panodrama. Before that, we could view it like any other YouTube video.

          It had about 1 500 000 views, about 30 000 likes and several thousand comments – which YouTube has now flushed down the Memory Hole in an act of extreme disrespect to Tommy and his supporters worldwide.

          There are two things I would like to know in this regard:

          Why did YouTube resist the calls to ban Panodrama until a month after the upload?

          What made them stop short at flushing the entire documentary down the MH?


          • Justin Casey says:

            I have the full Panodrama Docu if anyone wants a copy… I can and will happily put it on a hosting site for the purposes of downloading should anyone on here require it…. It`s a simple matter of uploading it and then posting a direct link to it and costs nothing…. Does anyone wish me to do so???


            • TrueToo says:

              Justin Casey, thanks for that. I downloaded it originally using Real Player. It was a great sting against the BBC! I don’t think they will ever fully recover from it.

              They said at the time that their Panorama about, or rather against, Tommy would go ahead. Well it’s been nearly three months, so I don’t think anyone is holding their breath.


      • Banania says:

        That video clip did not include the most incriminating part where Esler said explicitly that Brexiteers were the village idiots.


      • john in cheshire says:

        Danny Baker fired for one tweet. John Sweeney still in his job despite doing something far more heinous; concocting a fake story to try to destroy one man who is telling the truth.

        The far-left bbc collective should have fired Mr Sweeney by now.


    • Up2snuff says:

      It is typical of Remainers that they call anyone with a remotely opposing opinion ‘a Liar’.

      What they never, ever, do is demonstrate a knowledge of their precious EU with which they can fashion arguments in debate with those who do not blindly and passionately love the EU.


    • vesnadog says:



      Look at the guys face – he’s running scared!

      And remember; this a BBC video – after editing out his more scared shots – they end up give the public this view of his face.


  9. martianonlooker says:

    Where does this outrage of the left emanate from? We all know that its victimhood infests the BBC, the Houses of Parliament, the Civil Service, Local government. We see the cheer-leaders of this dogma in the likes of the Phillips the Yardley gob, Soubry, Coburn, Cathy Newman etc.
    The effect of it is regularly played in our media e.g. The reporting of Carl Benjamin for not committing a crime; The sacking of Roger Scruton, the de-platforming of Jordan Peterson.
    Here is but one place where it seems to be nurtured :
    Where an invitation to J4mb to hold a talk on male issues has the Cambridge University feminists in uproar. The very feminists that graduate with their Gender Studies, Sociology, PPEs etc and take up careers within the fabric of the state.
    Is this why this country and its institutions are screwed?


    • NCBBC says:

      BBC specialises in weaponised victimhood.


    • The General says:

      Where does the outrage of the Left emanate from ?

      Hate, envy, hypocrisy and a desire to dominate.


    • Rick Bradford says:

      Where does this outrage of the left emanate from?

      It’s not real outrage — it’s manufactured outrage, to make the Leftist feel important and relevant, and chase away, for a short time, the feelings of inferiority and self-loathing which are the psychological drivers of the typical Leftist.

      They are consumed with resentment and envy, and the only way they can find pleasure is in hostility towards anyone who demonstrates strength and competence.


    • tamimisledus says:

      “In their comments, supporters of the group attacked the validity of my education. They reduced my friends and I to ‘ugly beta feminists’, ….”.
      And they say feminists have no sense of irony.
      But then correct English is so misogynistic.


  10. Will Jones says:

    Yes, and your not the only country.


  11. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “”2019 European elections: Sturgeon says Scotland does not want Brexit””

    “”The message we will send is this one – Scotland has had enough of being ignored, Scotland has had enough of the Westminster chaos, and Scotland does not want Brexit.””


    If Sturgeon was a Leaver, the BBC wouldn’t give her front page status.


    • taffman says:

      ” Scotland has had enough of being ignored,”.
      In and under the EU they will certainly be ignored.
      Take Catalonia , Italy, Greece etc ……

      In 2014 Scotland held a democratic referendum – The result was honored.
      In 2016 the United Kingdom held a democratic referendum – Three years on and we are still waiting for independence . Thanks to our so called Tory government and a leader with hundred promises that we were leaving .

      United Kingdom – United we stand , divided we fall.


      • Annunaki says:



      • Justin Casey says:

        You cannot ignore ignorance, however she is proof that ignorance enables the ability to ignore….
        Sturgeon ….. The answer to a question that nobody has ever had a reason to ask …….
        Wonder how that prosecution of Alex Salmond is going….. ?? heh!!!


      • john in cheshire says:

        We had 13 years of Scottish rule when the Beliar was elected. And it was crap. I never want to be ruled by English hating Scots ever again.


        • Van Helsing says:

          As distinct from all those ‘wonderful’ English Prime Ministers we’ve had in the last 40+ years: Wilson, Callaghan, Thatcher, Major, Cameron and May. Sheesh.

          Yes, Blair and Brown were ghastly but that’s nothing to do with which part of the UK they came from.

          You might also do well to bear in mind that if it wasn’t for the likes of Dowding, Watson-Watt and Park (whose father was Scottish) your beloved England would (along with the rest of the home nations) now either be part of Nazi Germany or the USSR.


          • tamimisledus says:

            “Without the likes of ….”?
            You might do well to bear in mind that you are an idiot.


  12. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC TV Question Time Tonight.

    Farage v Soubry & Rudd


  13. martianonlooker says:

    Austerity but not in parliament:
    Interesting figures from Jess Phillips (a champagne socialist?) and Jack Dromney.


  14. Doublethinker says:

    I get most of my BBC horror news from the brave and stoic souls who report back on Biased BBC on the blatant bias exhibited on all BBC offerings. Goodness knows what damage is being done to their health by watching or listening to this grossly unhealthy diet of virulent propaganda day in day out. I gave up watching the Daily Politics and in fact all political shows on the BBC , when Brillo stepped down , or was he pushed, even then coburn was as bent as a paperclip, she is probably worse now. In my view there is no depth to which the BBC will not sink, no lie too outrageous not to be told by them, no fact so important that it can’t be suppressed by them.


  15. NCBBC says:

    Amazing. The BBC, uncharacteristically, has a documentary on our EU “negotiations” of the last two years- more like May capitulating to the Germanic EU ala Versailles.


    Its amazing that the BBC shows this now.They must have thought that we would be out by now.

    As verhofstadt and his minion joke
    “We got rid of them. We kicked them out. We finally turned them into a colony, and that was our plan from the first moment”


    This is the EU position.

    Having watched the first part of BBC4’s extraordinary fly-on-the-wall documentary and last night’s episode spooled on the recorder and ready to go, one thing is clear – everything we suspected about the EU is true. All our fears, dismissed as fantasy by the Remainers, are confirmed from the very mouths of the EU’s apparatchiks themselves”.


    The EU and many Europeans hate Britain and America for the simple reason that they us a debt of gratitude they can never repay. Its difficult to be under an obligation that cannot be repaid. It always leads to bitterness.


  16. NCBBC says:

    The BBC, uncharacteristically, has a documentary on our EU “negotiations” of the last two years- more like May capitulating to the Germanic EU ala Versailles.


    Its amazing that the BBC shows this now.They must have thought that we would be out by now.

    As verhofstadt and his minion joke
    “We got rid of them. We kicked them out. We finally turned them into a colony, and that was our plan from the first moment”

    The EU and many Europeans hate Britain and America for the simple reason that they owe us a debt of gratitude they can never repay. Its difficult to be under an obligation that cannot be repaid. It always leads to bitterness.


  17. Annunaki says:

    The nazism of the “far left”:


    Cambridge don sacked amid accusations his research was racist says he lost his prestigious fellowship for questioning ‘left-wing sacred values’

    Noah Carl was let go from a fellowship at St Edmund’s College last week
    He was sacked after collaborating with people ‘holding extremist views’
    His previous views discussed linking opinions on Brexit to the decline of UK pubs

    His writings discussed genetics and IQ, as well as linking artistic tastes and opinions on Brexit to the decline of the humble British pub.

    It was his writings linking IQ and genetics however, that prompted 586 academics to sign a letter to the prestigious institution, accusing him of ‘racist pseudoscience’.

    At a talk yesterday in Oxford he defended his stance and classed himself as a ‘victim’ after stating that studies he had uncovered from the 1960s and 2015 had a number of adverse effects on campus.

    Setting out evidence on over-representation of left-wing views in British academia he said: ‘Four studies found that in 1960 about a third of academics supported Conservatives and 45 per cent Labour. By 2015, 11 per cent supported the Conservatives and about 70 per cent Labour.


    • Annunaki says:

      “There is denial and mischaracterisation of research believed to threaten certain left-wing sacred values.

      I would argue I’ve been a victim of that myself, and many other people in controversial fields such as IQ research and other fields where some content appears to threaten left-wing values.’

      Prior to his talk on free speech in Oxford yesterday, he posted a blog defending his work, where he said that exploring a possible link between genes and intelligence was ‘a perfectly defensible scientific position’.

      He said: ‘It may turn out that genes make zero contribution, or it may turn out that they make a contribution greater than zero. Deciding in advance that they make zero contribution is not science. It is proof by assertion.”


  18. NCBBC says:

    I watched the BBC4 programme with increasing dislike of May and all the Remainers, who have quite literally betrayed Britain to foreigners, who despise and hate us for the reason that we saved them from themselves.

    There is no future for Britain in such a coalition that has one of its pillars “hatred of the UK”. Its not a surprise anymore why Britain has been robbed by the EU at every turn, while getting nothing in return except vilification.


  19. Up2snuff says:

    Letters of complaint direct to DG ccs to MP and Times & Telegraph & Guardian newspapers.

    OK, I realise that is five Second Class stamps (£3.05!) but it is only when the guys at the top have their cages rattled by significant numbers of the public will they start to sit up and take notice.


  20. Dystopian says:

    Not the bbc but their favourite rag..

    From the Guardian;
    “One in five people in England have been HARMED by others drinking alcohol over the past year, a survey has found.

    The most commonly reported harms related to less serious issues, such as being kept awake (8%) or feeling anxious or uncomfortable about another person’s behaviour at a social occasion (7%).”

    How on Earth is being kept awake or being anxious considered as “harm”. For gods sake these people are pathetic!

    It appears the agenda has turned towards vilifying alcohol as the problem and not the idiots who abuse it.

    Apparently, according to Talk Radio, “young people are turning away from alcohol”.

    We are also told by a caller that they have take away the pub at Luton airport.
    Now was what is I read about Luton care of Tommy Robinson?
    Obvious link anyone?

    Ooh look over there, a squirrel!

    In other news Mohammed is a popular name.


    • Dystopian says:

      My post above was meant for the mid week thread I didn’t mean to post it here sorry.


  21. TrueToo says:


    No problem. Your post is still of interest wherever posted.

    There’s also the phenomenon of ‘thread wander’ which I also don’t see as a problem


  22. Richard Pinder says:

    I have read a lot about those BBC seminars. The BBC said that they were made up of the best scientific experts, but it turned out that the participants were almost all left-wing middle-class village idiots who went to London for work, as was confirmed by the list of participants who’s poor intellectual quality was even commented on in Mensa publications.

    In Yorkshire, the Village idiots have all disappeared down south, because only organisations like the BBC can accommodate such useless people. This is because since the introduction of Blairism, they all left the villages to get dumbed down qualifications in Art, Sociology, Environmentalism, Languages, Media studies etc. These people then make up the panels on BBC programs like Politics Live, were the panellists are much more ignorant and powerful than the average viewer.

    This has also much improved the intellectual quality of people in Yorkshires villages, who are now very cultured, white and civilized people, much envied by white people who want to flee London for the countryside. In fact, the only black people you would see on a BBC program about the countryside, would be the BBC presenter.


    • john in cheshire says:

      We’re still waiting for the Balen report and an explanation of what was being planned in the 28gate meetings.

      The far-left bbc collective seem to have a policy, straight from the marxist playbook, never apologise, never explain and never release any self-incriminating information even if it’s the truth.


  23. TrueToo says:

    john in Cheshire,

    I think the Balen report might be released in a hundred years or so, when the BBC has finally crumbled and historians have access to the archives. Unless, of course it’s gone down the memory hole.

    A few days ago you mentioned seeing Paul Simon in South Africa in the eighties. Not sure if he was there twice. I think I saw him in 1990, dwarfed by a backing group of buxom black women. He nearly didn’t go on that tour because he was distraught over the killing of one of the musicians in Ladysmith Black Mambazo (I think it was) in a confrontation with security.

    Anyway I’ll check it out. After all, Google is our friend, well, sort of and for the time being.


  24. Peter Sausages says:

    Go on Nige, stick it to them all.. Especially the BBC, and hopefully make old Wurzel Corbyn retire