A questionable time was had by all

Many have seen the powerful indictment of the establishment by the lady in red on Question Time and noted how Fiona Bruce moved on to another question without responding. Still she let her speak for some time about the disgusting attack by the ‘Asian’ gang on Tommy Robinson’s rally with police connivance. I guess we should be grateful that the BBC doesn’t edit comments like hers out of QT. But I won’t say that too loud.

There was a bunch of notable comments against government deception and failure here – concluding with a passionate denunciation of Cameron by the guy in the blue jacket.

There was a weird reaction from Fiona Bruce to this pertinent question:

Can the European elections today be seen as the referendum on Brexit?

She sighs in response before turning to a panel member. Perhaps the sigh shows her weariness with a question she’s heard a lot lately. Perhaps it also shows her feelings about the likelihood of The Brexit Party demolishing the government and the opposition.

As usual it was a Remoaner or Brexit-in-name-only panel on the impartial and most-trusted broadcaster, but many in the audience supported a genuine Brexit. I imagine that was a small concession to balance during the elections.

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  1. Not Gwent says:

    Both Conservative and Labour campaigned to Remain (in the European Union) in 2016. We were then to believe that both had reversed their positions and would implement “the will of the people” (Leave) in the General Election campaign of 2017 and we trusted them with our vote.

    So where do both main parties stand on whether to Leave or Remain in 2019? Are they even united amongst themselves?


    • TrueToo says:


      Seems to me the main parties are totally split – not just between Remain and a genuine Brexit, but between Remain and Brexit-in-name-only, as deceitfully engineered by the EU and aided and abetted by Treason May. Then there is the split between a deal and no deal.

      So I’d conclude that both parties are split asunder and I hope Farage and friends will be able to sweep them aside in time and form a new government.


  2. Foscari says:

    “OK listen up everybody to BIG BROTHER. First of all how was
    the women in red allowed to mention that scum bag Robinson? It
    should of been edited out. I just hope enough folk who made
    their crosses for him in pencil will be edited out. Ok there was a
    good start to US ridiculing Boris Johnson on the Londonistan
    Programme. Tell the anarchist editors that I may not see eye to eye
    with them on everything but I want the way they went for Johnson
    with video clips to be our main agenda.
    Breakfast TV this morning kept it up with the last lady interviewed
    saying what a fool he was. Yes, always make it the LAST person from
    the clip. Just one other thing tell the presenters like the
    Bandakravi women on the Londonistan Programme not to say that
    she is glad that Jeremy Corbyn had not resigned.
    If the viewers did not know already that over 90% of our presenters
    and reporters despise the Torreees , comments like those of
    Bandakravi may give it away altogether.”


    • Fedup2 says:

      Foscari – what is the source of the quote you use . ?
      ( I know I sound like an English lit teacher ).


      • Foscari says:

        But Fed Up2 -The BIG BROTHER at the BBC hides his face from
        the viewers and get his presenters to do his or hers bidding.


    • TrueToo says:


      Thanks for the chuckle. Big Brother is internalized and deeply embedded in all BBC political staff. If occasionally they slip up and don’t follow BB’s strict rules, I’m sure there must be reeducation camps they can attend.


  3. Mackers says:

    Theresa may highlighted her memory of sir nicholas winton’s words to compromise, Unfortunately that heavily influenced her decision making. My instincts tell me to add a d to that word.


  4. Guest Who says:


    I at first thought that Greta’s people were a new race.


    • Guest Who says:


      The squealing in the Graun is quite something.

      ‘But the organisers said it would be quite fun!’

      Whether or not the law does get enforced equally is another matter.


      • Demon says:

        A bit like the mini-“climate” protesters that Sky made sure were always in shot whilst Boulton was speaking. The thought that anyone could protest against climate is bizzarre, a bit like protesting against the Pacific Ocean.

        However, these school dodgers reminded me of the Hitler Youth, totally brainwashed and believing lies told them by extremist adults.


  5. Grommit_100 says:

    Is it not time that the panel on QT was made redundant as Fiona Bruce insists on answering the questions herself. Less than two minutes in this week and she gave her personal ( or BBC Biased) answer!


    • Fedup2 says:

      I think there might be a requirement in the BBC charter for a question programme – but like the requirement to have a pro Muslim programme every day …


      • TrueToo says:


        Against my better judgement, I’m finding the programme quite entertaining.

        Can’t remember if you were here when they used to have a Question Time live blog on BBBC. David Vance used to run it.


        • Fedup2 says:

          No I’ve never watched it – just the twitter bits . It is too ritualistic for me . And it just reinforces my view of the BBC as evil .


    • TrueToo says:


      Dunno if it would work with just Fiona Bruce and no panel. I battle to make out what she’s saying half the time and the audience might have similar trouble.


  6. Alicia Sinclair says:

    The 8am interview on Today this morning featured Matt Hancock, as he threw his feather boa into the ring, and Humphries tried to tell us that it was a snake.
    Utterly pathetic, Mrs Browns Boys had already been wheeled up to the Common Room not half an hour previous with Ruari Mc Stewart of the Gay Gordon Aires Camel Corps.
    And we were promised the views of Amber Fudd later on. Reader I could not control my joy. London Calling, only three of the Famous Five thus far. But what japes and lemonade fizzies on Echo Beach eh?
    Look. We all know that Rory was only brought in to be Mays blow up doll of a cockpit co pilot for when she had to bale out. We know Rudd’s views, and Matt’s will be identical. Remainers are nothing if not dulled drones, neutered and filed away as empty ballbags and bean ones. This media County Showground for prancing dressed up picadors before Boris shows for the empty crown is typical BBC slather. No gives a stuff. If Amber Rudd is intended to keep us listening , then the BBC will need to be further reduced. Nobody will listen short of Steve Baker and Bill Cash levels of politico now that Nigel ( El Nombre Uno) has got the sword, the Fray Bentos BBC no balls bull strutting through Moaners dribbles and Lucas unicorn droppings in the bullring.
    Bullocks For Brexit… Heifers and Cash Cows too!


  7. Panda says:

    Without wishing to lower the tone, I’m at a loss to why the beeb and Sly news put so much credence on what Owen Jones has to say as i would think the vast majority of people would view him as just an obnoxious little pr**k.
    Everyone to the right of St Jeremy is a fascist as are 17.4m voters. Not to mention homophobes islamophobes and no doubt every other phobe. However there is one question i’d like to see him answer: what are his views on the muslim protests in Birmingham re the teaching of LGBTMGBGTV8.


    • Scroblene says:

      I was just about to type the same, Panda, so thank you for saving my nail-varnish futures!

      The bbbc continues to wheel in this silly little shytte, and also manic depressives like Campbell, then ask convicted criminals like Vicky Price her ‘opinions’ on every subject under the sun.

      They continue to spit in the faces of the good people who actually pay for their pathetic warbling, and show total disregard for balanced views. The stupid woman on Fiona Brice’s fiasco did the same ‘oh-so-knowledgeable’ bit about votes for Mr Farage aren’t what voters really understood they wanted.

      Silly bitch! I’ve known all along why I voted for The Brexit Party, and I don’t need some bloody air-head leftie telling me crapp like that, especially as she is being paid to do it.

      Fiona’s ‘sigh’ (manager’s long cut on screen, ) is indicative of a state broadcasting system in terminal decline, and her ‘managers’ are just as much to blame, telling her to make these childish, petulant actions.

      Soon to be gone once-loved Auntie. Just piss off.


  8. Zelazek says:

    Many weasel commentators like the black woman on the panel talk about politicians like Farage “exploiting” people’s fears. It’s an interesting word which has a primarily negative connotation. Representative politicians have a duty to “express” or “articulate” or “recognise” or “address” or “answer” the genuine fears of the electorate. It is their raison d’etre. All of these words would be better descriptions of what Farage is doing. But using “exploiting” subtly shifts the focus of the debate away from the real topic of the discussion and on to the supposed immoral character of the politician. Our fears are more than downplayed in the process; it is implied they are not real and that we’re being duped by knaves like Farage.


    • TrueToo says:


      Yes, I noticed that. I think I heard or groan or two at the obvious bias from her with the attempt to denigrate Farage.


  9. jip says:

    The answer of the black lady to the Tommy Robinson question (at 36 mins) was typical, rather than saying we should have a single law for all applied equally, to all people she claimed that the government should focus on BME people because 70% of them “feel vulnerable” with no evidence cited… and by implication that non-Muslims upset at Islamic child rape should be left to balaclava wearing brick throwing thugs by the police…. because they are white.

    What a disgusting woman, that’s the politics of division… the racism of the BBC and establishment in not expecting Muslims to follow the law the same as everyone else is what caused that problem.


    • TrueToo says:


      Agreed. It’s the same race baiting that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have made lifelong careers out of in the US. At every opportunity they use race to further their careers. These are the real racists.


  10. Panda says:

    I am only glad that your nail varnish stays in peak condition Scroblene!


    • Scroblene says:

      What with all the gardening an’ stuff to do at the moment, it’s nigh on impossible to keep them gleaming, Panda!

      As Mrs O’Blene is a bit poorly at the moment, a steady onslaught on all the bedding plants etc is the ticket, and a good dose of well-being towards nature is the norm!

      Kippers for lunch today, with several tinctures, and I’ll doubtless see a few chums early today, while I walk JRT.

      So there you have it – a BBBC-free post, my Sunday diary, a description of our dog and a big well-wish to you for perhaps something similar!

      (Didn’t you used to own a police car factory? That’s for another post of course, when we need to keep away from autocue-readers and their ilk)!

      More ‘Yorkshire Gold’ anyone?


  11. Eddy Booth says:

    The real show is Sunday nights election special.
    Featuring smacked arse faces all round if Brexit party take most votes and Tommy takes his throne..
    Guess they are already practicing their mournful tones.


    • G.W.F. says:

      Eddy Booth

      I hope you are right. But the pessimist in me predicts that Tommy will fail and Brexit will not do as well as expected, thus cheering up the progressives who want to see far right populist nationalist racist extremism defeated.
      It’s not who votes or what they voted for that counts; it’s who counts the ballot papers.


  12. NISA says:

    The German government’s anti-Semitism commissioner has urged Jews to avoid wearing skullcaps in public.

    Felix Klein warned Jews against donning the kippa in parts of the country, following a rise in anti-Semitism.
    So without any evidence the BBC chooses to include the following re AfD
    Since 2017, the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) has been the country’s main opposition party. AfD is openly against immigration but the party denies holding anti-Semitic views.

    The I word does not get a mention in the article