Alphabet Soup

– A Brexit Corbyn Dilemma and now A Boris Conservative Dilemma – by Up2snuff

Some time back I was going to write a follow-up to my previous header piece on the obvious post-Easter Recess problem facing Corbyn. He really needed to sabotage the Brexit talks with the Conservative leadership – the talks that he had so publically longed to be part of – because he also needed to see the Conservative Government having to lead the UK into the EU Elections. It was so obvious.

Except to the BBC. They had failed to spot it even two weeks after the talks reconvened. Corbyn badly needed an excuse to pull out and leave the Tories totally ‘at fault’ and vulnerable to an electoral hit but it was obvious that Starmer and May and others involved were not going to provide the excuse, judging by the post-meeting briefings.

That is all history now. As we know, the Conservatives took a real caning from the Electorate in those EU Elections. Labour also took a bit of a spanking but have now managed to make matters worse for themselves with the Alastair Campbell expulsion. They have a new distraction: A Botched Campbell Distraction.

Now the Parliamentary Conservative MPs have a tactical dilemma of their own. The BBC have been assisting with the AbBaCc campaign: ‘Anyone but Boris as Conservative chief’, promoting news of Bojo’s Court appearance, lots of anti-No-Deal-Brexit PR with the Chancellor and pushing Rory Stewart & Esther McVey at us at every opportunity. The Tory MPs, a likely majority of them Remainers, may well now be horribly torn. They really need someone like Bojo in charge to help restore their electoral chances. But once elected, he could be unpredictable.

They know what Bojo is like. Will he sink Brexit for them as the PM has so successfully done? Or will he sabotage a renegotiated Withdrawal Agreement process, if any is offered, or any delay to or cancellation of our leaving the EU? Will he deliberately go for a No-Deal-Brexit or bring it to pass by accident, by Boris ‘bumble and fumble’?

Is Boris Johnson now no longer any shade of Remain remaining. Is he A Brexiteer Confirmed, Definitely, Expressly and Fully?

What they do probably know, or should if they do not, is that Bojo is popular among grass root Conservatives and also among the electorate. Not only that, but the LibbyLeft, Labour and the HardLeft are terrified of facing Boris Johnson at the polls. The dilemma baton has been passed in this peculiar relay from Labour HQ to the Conservative Party Central Office where it will now be stirring their own Alphabet Soup cauldron.

As Fedup2 might say: “No soup, thanks. Pass the popcorn instead, please.”

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36 Responses to Alphabet Soup

  1. TrueToo says:


    It would be really something if Boris were to lead the Tories to victory in the next election and lead the country right out of the EU.

    Then I’d be scratching my head and wondering what those three wasted years under Treason May were all about and why on earth Michael Gove put a spanner in Boris’ works back then and promoted the treasonous one to ‘lead’ the party.

    Now Gove, much as I respect him for his fiery and damning denunciation of Corbyn, appears to be a Remoaner at heart. Gove as PM does not bear thinking about.


    • smoogie7 says:

      Johnson looks like he has a stronger chance of being PM although Gove will put up a good fight. I like Gove myself for the battering he gave Johnson but now is not his time to be PM. If we can get past leaving then maybe we could relax a little bit but we will need to hope that Johnson sticks to his words. I am optimistic but we are a few months away yet and anything could happen in the meantime


    • Up2snuff says:

      Agree to a great extent. Gove has presented clear evidence that he is a wobbler: he started firm on the environment and on ‘experts’. Now he has caved in to demands. He was clear on Brexit before Boris had made up his mind but is now prepared to compromise & accept the WA, having backed it in a Parliamentary vote or two.

      I just think that Gove heard from fellow MPs, toward the end of the last leadership Election, that they had concerns about Bojo’s notorious reputation for being unreliable. Hence the back stab at the time.

      Kinda ironic that Govey, having scuppered Bojo – for whatever reason – now seems to display the same characteristics.


  2. Fedup2 says:

    Although it’s not directly about the BBC the ReichEU withdrawal process overshadows everything on this site .

    Up2 focuses on The Red Tory Party and the Labour Party . Now there is a difficulty for me trying to work out the thinking of the wings of either of those Parties – but I know I don’t want them to exist any more .

    The Brexit Party hasn’t been mentioned and perhaps the outcome of the Peterborough Bi Election tomorrow Thursday 6th will give a better indication of where the national balance lies in the run up to 32 October .( one for the pedants ).

    If the Brexit Party wins the seat by a sizeable majority on a sizeable turnout then maybe discussions about the future leadership of the Tory or Labour Party will be a wasted effort because neither would have the seats to be anything other than part of a coalition .

    Add this to my personal view of the swamp – that the Palace of Westminster should be turned into a car park for what they have done to Blighty and that’s where my view ends –

    Except that I put a bet on with paddy that Hunt would be the next Tory Leader and that lady nugee would be the next figurehead for the McDonnell labour communist party . Odds were good ….


    • NCBBC says:

      My priority is that the BBC is reformed as a matter of urgency. As long as this state funded monolith continues, it poisons all politics and society, with its left wing pro-Islam agenda. And that includes lies to further its agenda.

      Neither Johnson or Gove have any intention of reforming the BBC. But Nigel Farage has a point to settle with the BBC.

      To that effect, I would like to see Brexit party win at Peterborough with a good majority. Then, and only then, will the Tories on the Con ship start thinking of jumping.

      Nigel Farage should offer them a life line, which they would accept, and Nigel Farage is PM.

      PS: After the dishonourable shenanigans of the Labour party, led by their rabble rouser leader, he is beyond the pale.

      In not accepting Her Majesty’s gracious invitation to the state dinner in honour of President of the USA, our one and true ally, he is Toxic and radioactive. He and his anti-semitic Jew hating party, are no longer the loyal opposition.

      As for Sadiq Khan – he is Muslim, and his attitude to Pres Trump is understandable. Pres Trump wishes to maintain the present state of the USA, and does not like the USA heading for sharia.

      Pres Trump has an almost magical way for outing people with hidden agendas. All of them flutter out of the bush, for him to then blast them with a 12 gauge.


      • smoogie7 says:

        Having Trump come to visit has really got the left wing, which includes the BBC very nervous. He pretty much went through all of the main left wingers ripping them apart without meeting them (and he was right to refuse a meeting with Corbyn who rudely refused to attend the state dinner)

        Of course the BBC will focus on Labour’s protest and play along with the numbers game of ‘more people being at the protest than there really was’


        • Dave S says:

          I wonder if Corbyn was set up by opponents in his party? They want him gone and my bet is on Starmer and his chums persuading Jeremy to ask for a meeting knowing it would be refused after his refusal to attend the dinner. Even if he had been granted a
          meeting that would have been bad news for him with the faithful.
          Starmer is a clever man and able and my bet is that he will soon be leading the party.
          Jeremy was never up to it.


    • smoogie7 says:

      I placed a bet on Johnson with Coral. I have never placed a bet in my life. Odds seem good but we are still a couple of weeks away yet so things could change.

      As for Labour it am surprised that they still have Corbyn as a leader. He is awful and so would his replacement be when they finally get round to having a new leader. Thornberry is nothing better and in a way a whole lot worse


      • Halifax says:

        Labour can only elect a BME women as leader ….painted themselves in a corner on that one.


      • Scroblene says:

        Well it has to be our favourite MP, Diane Abbott!

        An intellectual, a superb mathematician, capable of talking down every despot in the universe, correct colour, shape and ‘personality’, a bird who shagged an old numpty who is somehow, unbelievably ‘in charge’ of a funny old crowd of ex-studes and wannbee-expenses twonks, and of course, a pseudo-Londonistaner, capable of reducing the place even lower than it was a few minutes ago!

        Go, Diane, the country (Somalia) needs you, get your skates on and fly…


  3. The General says:

    Well BBC now that you have broadcast the views of Labour MPs and voters regarding the upcoming Conservative Leader elections over the past two weeks, how about letting us hear what Conservative voters think?


    • Up2snuff says:

      TG, they did give us a brief burst of vox pops on TWatO today or yesterday (think it was the latter) although needless to say they managed to include one that was not a good advert for the Conservative electorate in Peterborough.

      BBC bias?



  4. honestus says:

    ‘My priority is that the BBC is reformed as a matter of urgency. As long as this state funded monolith continues, it poisons all politics and society, with its left wing pro-Islam agenda. And that includes lies to further its agenda.’
    Mostly agree with your musings. But the BBC is infested and rotten to its core. Its values reflect a far left wing ideology which is totally at odds with the views of the majority of the viewing public and it is irredeemable.
    1) make it pay per view, which guarantees its demise, or,
    2) shut it down completely.
    A national broadcaster that doesn’t share the values of the vast majority of its target audience or doesn’t believe in the society within which it operates does not deserve to exist. Close it down.


    • NCBBC says:

      The BBC is a world renowned organisation. It would satisfy the leftys no end, if it was turned over to them lock stock and barrel.

      The BBC belongs to the nation. What needs doing is to clean house.


  5. Scroblene says:

    It seems that the bbc just doesn’t understand that people mainly dislike their politics.

    Yeah, the tit-an-bum ‘realiteee’ shows, shagging, ‘baking’, noshing insects, bonking again, etc., will always appeal to the gormless, but that’s always been the case, and it is why the base tabloids will flourish, but at least they do on their own efforts and profits and yes, hard journo work; (and who am I, not to appreciate the female form in all its splendour, if I happen to spot a decent filly in under-nourished apparel)!

    Imagine though, some bleary-eyed stude, getting out of bed at noon, scratching his/her arse, ‘agreeing’ with the bbbc’s leftie pics of ‘200 ‘protestors’ at every turn! Even those layabouts don’t have the gumption to try and make the world better by, perhaps, working at a proper career?

    ‘Vegan studies’ anyone?


  6. Foscari says:

    I see that HSBC are showing one of their anti-Brexit adverts on
    TV today. Should they be allowed to do this on the day of a By Election?


    • Scroblene says:

      It’ll probably backfire, Foscari…

      Everyone hates the banks, they dupe nobody these days, and we all know that Peterborough has so much to gain from the real citizens reaching out to a party which will help them, not just sit there, collecting expenses (and try to squirm out of a criminal situation) for buqqer all.

      We ditched HSBC years ago, but presumably the bloke in charge has long gone, probably for the better!

      Adverts are an odd way to alienate normal people.


    • NCBBC says:

      From Wiki – HSBC Private Bank is a name for UK-based private banking division. HSBC Bank International is the offshore banking division of the HSBC Group based in St Helier, Jersey that focuses on providing offshore solutions and cross border services to expatriates and migrants. Americas. HSBC Bank Bermuda etc

      Its not a surprise that they are for the EU.


  7. MartinW says:

    If anyone wants to know why Labour just secured the Peterborough set, read

    Fraud always seemed likely, given the previous polling, and that Labour seemed to have quite a low profile during the campaign .


    • joeadamsmith says:

      Good link,Martin.


    • NCBBC says:

      Labour’s Postal votes. The same thing in America. The Postal votes our in – all for the “Democrats” .

      Blair is responsible for the destruction of Britain. Just as Obama shipped in millions from Somalia.

      These postal votes need to be looked at with a fine tooth comb. All it requires in 300 questionable votes.


    • vesnadog says:

      Loads of muslim post men and women round here.

      This will now make me look at every muslim post man or woman suspiciously.

      Oh, and Muslim taxi drivers also as they know who lives at Number 56 and 45 high street as they drop their customers off/pick them up. Their little book may hold more than just fares.


  8. Pat..original says:

    Interview with John Pienaar on the late BBC news last night. He stated that Labour could win Peterborough by summoning up their Muslim vote. Surprised me that this was mentioned I must admit.


    • joeadamsmith says:

      And, unfortunately, Labour DID win. But, considering that Labour’s criminal (and corrupt?) MP was deselected by her own voters, and the recall had a large signature, and Peterborough was a VERY large BREXIT supporting voter-base……. Somehow, Labour’s candidate won! Was it (partly) because the BREXIT candidate was ex-Tory? Or, because of apathy? Or, just won by the muslim vote because the Labour candidate had, previously, tweeted anti-semite comments……


  9. Foscari says:

    We must congratulate Lisa Forbes on her amazing victory in
    Peterborough. In particular her helpers such as Tariq Mahmoud
    who may of given as much as 110% in his efforts to secure her


  10. NCBBC says:

    The biassed and lying BBC are still running the Big Lie that Pres Trump denied that he called Meghan Markle “nasty”. No apology yet.

    The BBC has it on tape, the BBC tell us, hoping no one will question their veracity.

    And from the original SUN recording itself

    What Pres Trump said was that he didn’t know that Markle was nasty (about him). He was being question/baited by a journo, hoping he would get something. When the lying media got nothing, they blatantly lied.


  11. Beltane says:

    The list grows:
    Implement Brexit.
    Rescind BBC charter.
    Confine postal voting specifically to its original concept – to allow members of UK forces overseas to vote.
    (Some say the implementation of this was solely responsible for Churchill’s defeat in 1945 – Labour promising UK forces in Europe and the Far East the quickest possible de-mob – so it started life with form.)


  12. Fiter says:

    Everyone should inundate the BBC website with complaints over Brexit bias
    On question time 06/06/20 every member of the panel was a remainer.
    The person selected to defend the Brexit voting people was Piers Morgan (who admits to voting remain)
    To be fair to Piers he was a great advocate for Brexit, but was clear and blatant bias
    While we all know the EUBC will ignore the complaints, i am sure it will pizz them off LOL


  13. matahari says:

    I don’t know if you noticed. Or maybe I am the one who is confused but Boris Johnson’s most recent script seems to imply he will go for Merkel’s agreement without the backstop. Simply.