Alphabet Soup

– A Brexit Corbyn Dilemma and now A Boris Conservative Dilemma – by Up2snuff

Some time back I was going to write a follow-up to my previous header piece on the obvious post-Easter Recess problem facing Corbyn. He really needed to sabotage the Brexit talks with the Conservative leadership – the talks that he had so publically longed to be part of – because he also needed to see the Conservative Government having to lead the UK into the EU Elections. It was so obvious.

Except to the BBC. They had failed to spot it even two weeks after the talks reconvened. Corbyn badly needed an excuse to pull out and leave the Tories totally ‘at fault’ and vulnerable to an electoral hit but it was obvious that Starmer and May and others involved were not going to provide the excuse, judging by the post-meeting briefings.

That is all history now. As we know, the Conservatives took a real caning from the Electorate in those EU Elections. Labour also took a bit of a spanking but have now managed to make matters worse for themselves with the Alastair Campbell expulsion. They have a new distraction: A Botched Campbell Distraction.

Now the Parliamentary Conservative MPs have a tactical dilemma of their own. The BBC have been assisting with the AbBaCc campaign: ‘Anyone but Boris as Conservative chief’, promoting news of Bojo’s Court appearance, lots of anti-No-Deal-Brexit PR with the Chancellor and pushing Rory Stewart & Esther McVey at us at every opportunity. The Tory MPs, a likely majority of them Remainers, may well now be horribly torn. They really need someone like Bojo in charge to help restore their electoral chances. But once elected, he could be unpredictable.

They know what Bojo is like. Will he sink Brexit for them as the PM has so successfully done? Or will he sabotage a renegotiated Withdrawal Agreement process, if any is offered, or any delay to or cancellation of our leaving the EU? Will he deliberately go for a No-Deal-Brexit or bring it to pass by accident, by Boris ‘bumble and fumble’?

Is Boris Johnson now no longer any shade of Remain remaining. Is he A Brexiteer Confirmed, Definitely, Expressly and Fully?

What they do probably know, or should if they do not, is that Bojo is popular among grass root Conservatives and also among the electorate. Not only that, but the LibbyLeft, Labour and the HardLeft are terrified of facing Boris Johnson at the polls. The dilemma baton has been passed in this peculiar relay from Labour HQ to the Conservative Party Central Office where it will now be stirring their own Alphabet Soup cauldron.

As Fedup2 might say: “No soup, thanks. Pass the popcorn instead, please.”

Midweek Open Thread 5 June 2019

Although Thursday is the Peterborough Bi Election – wouldn’t it be decent if for just one day current politics was put on hold in order to remember and thank those who took part in D Day in order to send the Germans back from where they came . But I know the Far Left Biased BBC will exploit the commemoration for their own purposes . Let’s hope for decency on the day .