Weekend Thread 30 November 2019

The next 13 days will see a pretty undisguised Far Left propaganda stream from the BBC .
The latest terrorist attack in London will be harder for the BBC to ‘bury ‘ due to its’ very public nature with a lot of broad daylight footage online . We will have to wait and see if the BBC follow the usual pattern of minimising and ignoring the motivation to accord with its own agenda .

Midweek Thread 27 November 2019

Nearly half way through the election campaign and the Far Left Pro Labour bias is pretty much set . Stories which potentially harm Conservative pro Brexit views are maximised whilst stories harming Labour are avoided or minimised . The Brexit Party is refusing to take part in C4 politics programmes and it can’t be long before the BBC is boycotted because of left and anti brexit bias . At least the Chief Rabbi can’t be shut up .

Weekend Thread 23 November 2019

The Far Left Biased BBC now has three weeks to sell the Labour Plan to sell out Brexit and Crash the economy . We can expect full coverage of non labour/Liberal candidates being abused whilst Labour candidates will be heroic in their support of Jeremy Corbyn . We must think of the many who can no longer stand the Bias and unfair coverage and the few who still force themselves to witness what the BBC is doing .

Midweek Thread 13 November 2019

The Far Left Biased BBC appears to be running an unashamed campaign to support its best friend – the Labour Party – in the General Election . Stories which are anti – Conservative run in News programmes across news cycles and stories damaging to the Labour Party are avoided or dropped . It has been a switch from anti brexit to anti Conservative propaganda . It’s lucky more and more people now regard the BBC as an embarrassing joke as opposed to the reliable broadcaster it was a long time ago.