Start the Week Thread 30 March 2020

From the 1st April the biased BBC licence fee rises to £157.50 Per year . A well chosen day . I’m sure – to celebrate – those those highly paid lefties employed by the BBC and currently doing nothing as a result of the Chinese Virus – will be donating their huge wages to the NHS .Right ?

The formal consultation on compulsory funding of the BBC ends at 5pm on the 1st April 2020 . Anyone can make a submission.

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    • Celtic_Mist says:


      Trump is one of these people who can say what the rest of wish we had said at the time.

      It’s rest of the BBC video that is very questionable

      The MSM are all touting South Korea as being the most successful because of its number of tests

      The alternative explanation is that the population already had limited immunity

      “The common-cold-causing coronaviruses are different enough that an infection from one won’t produce immunity to another. But the novel coronavirus overlaps enough with SARS that survivors of the 2002-3003 outbreak might have some immunity to the new arrival, Sheahan said: “Is it enough to prevent infection? I don’t know.”

      However, the testing argument suits the BBC narrative


  1. Celtic_Mist says:

    The BBC seems to be oblivious to the fact that the US is leading the world in testing

    Their fact checking failed to falsify Trumps claim of over 1M tests so they changed it to test per capita where Germany is in the lead

    The test that everyone needs is the antibody test –

    FDA authorizes two-minute antibody testing kit to detect coronavirus

    “These antibody tests could help people know if they are able to go back to work, as well as aid researchers in tracking the scale and death rate of the disease — key data for current and future pandemic policies.”


  2. Darcy3 says:

    Another major facet of bbc perversion is their outrage at the underfunding of the NHS versus their tax dodging employees which has now led to a major crackdown on all self employed contractors: they are all dodging paying tax and complaining about underfunding of the NHS hmmmmmm

    HMRC wins IR35 case against three BBC presenters – Reaction

    Tim Willcox, Joanna Gosling and David Eades were targeted by HMRC as part of a crackdown on freelancers using personal services companies to avoid certain taxes and are looking at paying £920,000 collectively, despite the court saying that the BBC had forced them into the wrong contracts.

    The judges said: “The BBC were in a unique position and used it to force the presenters into contracting through personal service companies and to accept reductions in pay.”

    Despite this, in a split decision they ruled that the three presenters had fallen on the wrong side of IR35 legislation, which aims to ensure that employees in all but name who are paid through a personal service company are liable to pay more tax.

    Willcox, Gosling and Eades argued that they were self-employed, but the court ruled in favour of HMRC, who made the case that the presenter’s relationship with the BBC were ones of employment, as the BBC told them how, where and when to work.
    Related Content

    Tax Boris Johnson and Sajid Javid urged to ‘repeal silly IR35 tax’
    HMRC IR35 – HMRC scrutinising where TV presenters stand and choice of clothes for tax purposes

    This ruling will be of concern to several other BBC employees, with a further 100 presenters reportedly working through personal service companies and potentially subject to the same IR35 legislation.

    Seb Maley, CEO of Qdos, said: “It’s of real concern that at present, these individuals look like they will be made to pay vast sums to HMRC, despite the judges finding they were ‘forced’ into working as self-employed by The BBC. The onus should be on the engager to settle, not the presenters, who it’s very difficult to label as guilty.


    • Darcy3 says:

      those same tax dodging 100 bbc presenters gobshiting on and on about cuts in services etc etc with the full support of the bbc in their efforts to avoid paying income tax


    • Up2snuff says:

      Think that’s a bit of a hollow claim, to say an employer forced you to freelance. Can you not pay tax as an employee if you so decide? Otherwise you have to choose (elect) to set up a service company, buy a shelf company, get family or friends to act as Directors, get an audit, file an Annual Return and accounts with Companies House, hold an AGM, etc., etc..


      • Darcy3 says:

        BBC had ‘ultimate control’

        In her statement, Judge Morgan also spoke of the “ultimate control” that the BBC had over the “presenters’ work”, making it clear that she thought these individuals were working under the broadcaster’s direct Control, meaning they belonged inside IR35.

        The control exerted by the BBC meant that the presenters were restricted to working only with the broadcaster. In the 180-page judgement, it was considered “particularly significant that the BBC had the right to prevent the presenters from presenting for any other broadcaster, including as regards news reporting. The reality was that the BBC would not give permission for the presenters to work on news programmes for other broadcasters.”
        ‘Obliged to provide services personally’

        As is often the case with presenters where a programme relies on the presence of a specific individual, these presenters didn’t have the right to provide a substitute.

        The case notes explained that the presenters “were contractually obliged to provide their services personally.

        “The very limited rights to subcontract or substitute in the terms and the practice of swapping shifts with other presenters does not detract from the existence of this obligation but on the contrary serves to emphasise its importance.”


        • Darcy3 says:

          The bbc, an organisation so quick to criticise and point fingers but only towards certain political parties, which part of the media will display their endemic corruption through thieving the government of income tax and employers national insurance with its inevitable effect upon the supply of ventilators ?

          As shown above, THREE employees owe
          £920 000, how much PPE would that purchase? and what about the other one hundred avoiding income tax ?


  3. StewGreen says:

    Seemingly major set announcements from Trump
    eg 5 min test device
    6 million doses of CHQ donanted
    1 million americans already tested


  4. StewGreen says:

    Bolt on how the #BeHate is a better description of the libmob
    .. rather than #BeKind


  5. Fedup2 says:

    Busy times – but it’s time for another thread .