Midweek Thread 22 April 2020

It’s a month to the day that Boris Johnson made his TV appearance announcing the ‘ lockdown ‘ and that ‘ people will die ‘ . Seems a long time ago . Since then the Biased BBC has been unrelenting in broadcasting bad news and criticism of the Government . We can but dread what effect this has had on the mental health of the UK .

Today is a big day for the Far Left BBC . It is Lenin’s birthday . Taxpayer funded Champagne For the comrades in Broadcasting House .

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  1. StewGreen says:

    April 20
    Lorraine Kelly interviewing a midwife, midwife says it’s important for staff to wear the correct PPE.
    Lorraine says, “If you can get hold of it of course?”
    Midwife says, “It’s concerning if there are areas that have shortages but we’ve had no issues at all….” ????


    • BlackBear says:

      You are bang on there. The BBC keep pushing the line that the PPE will run out in a few days time. The few days pass and the situation remains “will run out in a few days time”.
      The numpty reporters have clearly never heard of Just In Time (JIT) supply and manufacturing. I keep waiting for the BBC to produce a medic that did not have the required PPE available to them, but for some strange reason given all the BBC’s doom and gloom forecasts, they seem unable to find one.


  2. StewGreen says:

    Local Radio : an artist has received a phone call from Lincolnshire Police
    “You have been reported for working alone at you remote studio
    .. this is illegal and if you go you will be fined £100”


    • Up2snuff says:

      Which bit about self-isolation and travelling alone (I presume) to a place of work in the Government legislation do Plod not understand?


    • Fred Stubber says:

      Just another prank call of course.


  3. Burgsey says:

    Not really a BBC issue, but as The Guardian and BBC are so closely intertwined I thought I would post a pop up page when a Guardian story was shown on another Twitter link:

    “Millions of readers around the world are flocking to the Guardian in search of honest, authoritative, fact-based reporting that can help them understand the biggest challenge we have faced in our lifetime”.

    Almost every word in that statement could be questioned, including:

    – Millions?!
    – Flocking?!
    – Honest?!!
    – Authoritative?
    – Fact based (don’t make me laugh!)


    • JimS says:

      I sometimes ‘flock’ to The Guardian, as it usually comes top of Google’s search results for some reason.

      I sometimes ‘flock’ to their opinion pieces, (aren’t they all opinion pieces?), but only to keep an eye on what crazy new ‘truth’ has been invented discovered now!

      I can’t say any of their output has actual value but then value is probably a social construct.


      • Eddy Booth says:

        Google search bumps the ‘trusted’ sources to the front.
        It ends up looking like a 1980’s news stand with all the usual suspects.
        And the only reason these media outlets survive.


    • JamesArthur says:

      That made me laugh
      How much are they estimated to lose this year?
      They will need a flocking load of money to solve their problems


    • petebogtrott says:

      I Flock to the guardian only when i run out of bog paper.


    • Guest Who says:

      Ah, memories of Flokkers from days long past.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Burgsey, that Guardian puff sounds so very like the BBC.


    • Philip_2 says:

      I love to show the ‘Guradianistas’ the UK sales figures of their favorite newspaper. The challenge is to find the ‘sales’ which are almost ‘invisible’ compared to all others…. Extend graph and notice which is at rock bottom of the league and this is ‘normally the total BBC media output for the week, day, hour….


  4. pugnazious says:

    Philip Johnston in The Telegraph notes the reality of why we are where we are…the government caved-in to media pressure to lockdown instead of continuing with the long prepared plan for dealing with a pandemic…media sensationalism about every death drove us over a cliff…..you know the mantra, as voiced by so many BBC presenters to those they think aren’t toeing the lockdown narrative line…’How much is a life worth to you?’….basically…if it saves one life it’ll all be worthwhile….


    The Bank of England’s analysis setting out the likely consequences of this lockdown must make any responsible government start preparations now for an early and managed relaxation. It suggests the Office for Budget Responsibility’s report last week predicting a 35 per cent fall in output may have been too optimistic and that an early bounce-back – a V-shaped recovery – is not going to happen. A study by the Centre for Policy Studies forecasts that borrowing this year will hit £300 billion, equivalent to twice the annual spending on the NHS.

    To say this cannot be sustained much longer without wrecking our way of life is a statement of the obvious, and yet many seem prepared to do just that if it means some people will not die today of coronavirus, even if others will die tomorrow of cancers or heart ailments because they are not being properly treated.

    The Government needs to be honest with people about the need to live with this virus and not pretend it will be beaten. There needs to be a grown-up debate about risks, which people take in every other walk of life, from travelling on a plane to driving a car. We know they are there but do our best to mitigate them.

    For coronavirus, the Government was following this framework almost to the letter while preparing the country for what would be a difficult period. But that all changed on Mother’s Day when pictures of people out and about led to a clamour for a lockdown that was never planned for. Prof Heneghan says the Government lost its nerve. Concerned that it would be seen to be putting the economy ahead of the NHS, it is now inflicting worse damage on the country than the virus itself.

    The question that arises is not was the Government caught napping but why did it not follow its own painstakingly devised strategy? To paraphrase the Prussian general Helmuth von Moltke, this plan did not survive its first contact with the politics. All the carefully argued medical and economic assessments were blown apart by a fear of being blamed for a death toll that was going to rise come what may.

    It is not the virus that is unprecedented. It is the response.


  5. Fedup2 says:

    There are a number of issues which I don’t think can be easily dealt with by any government

    1 fear of the unknown threat
    2 the fast transmission of images and words across the globe
    3 the pressure to follow other states once they’ve lost the plot
    4 speed – 24 hour news cycle
    5 primitive group think ( don’t understand risk )
    6 a media just looking for excitement
    7 State economic consequences take time to come through

    That’s only my immediate response .
    I’m trying to work out how people are going to react once restrictions start to come off –

    I suppose there is a range from the terrified who will stay in – to the kidults who think there never was a threat .

    Judging by the daily number of cases /deaths and lack of testing We re looking at late summer at best before restrictions come off – subject to the virus diminishing or a magic vaccine .

    I’d love to see an article suggesting how the economic tab is going to be paid for – with or without Brexit – but at least on that we cannot be tied to the EU welfare bill. We had left before this happened .


  6. JamesArthur says:

    Twato R4… Sara Montague…had Ken Clarke for his opinions – he wasn’t too bad but managed with the help of BBC to slag of Govt..although it was R4 that threw in the negative about Dominic Cummings..
    They just can’t help it can they…


  7. Doobster78 says:

    Check out the top rated HYS on this article regarding PPE from our trusted broadcaster. If they think the nation is with them, my god, they / we are certainly NOT !!!!!!

    Out of touch doesn’t even start to cover it.



    • StewGreen says:

      upvotes 517
      downvotes 160 … why would they do that ?

      #2 It seems wasteful to me that at least some of this protective equipment can’t be sterilised and reused.
      upvotes 387
      downvotes 52

      #3 I understand the Government have made mistakes.
      But I am now convinced the BBC are intent on dragging them into the gutter at every opportunity.
      upvotes 586
      downvotes 252 …wow 252 BBC staff members !

      #4 Demand outstripping supply is the route cause of this and not easy, if at all, to solve.
      ..Of course it’s easy for Starmer and Co to shout the odds from the sidelines when they aren’t the ones having to deal with the issues.
      upvotes 486
      downvotes 171

      #5 Well to be expected but the BBC is now in full attack mode towards the Government with all the lead stories…..
      There is no precedence to this & our Government are doing a good job so far regardless. Thank God its not Corbyn.
      upvotes 551
      downvotes 250


  8. StewGreen says:

    The Nova Scotia attack where 23 people were killed
    It seems like a nutter with a grudge, who then started killing people who got in his way
    “He planned his rampage in painstaking detail, authorities said.
    He launched his 14-hour reign of terror around 10 p.m. Saturday, apparently first killing his ex and her new boyfriend, police sources told the Toronto Sun.
    … obsessed with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police since high school — wore an RCMP uniform and drove around in a decommissioned cop car

    The killer appeared to have started out with “an initial motivation’’ that “turned to randomness,’’
    It talks about him driving to acquaintances houses and shooting them dead on the doorstep.

    I’d always draw a difference between lone nutters and genuine terrorists


    • Fedup2 says:

      I was surprised about the amount of attention this slaughter didn’t get – in comparison to -say – the New Zealand case or ‘accidents ‘ such as the grenfell ….

      Was it because the victims were white ? – including a pretty lady Mountie (RIP) – perhaps the MSM is so fixated with PPE and clapping it chooses not to care about such tragedy .

      This character appears to really have been a nutter and the wiki on him describes a failed police candidate with a uniform fixation ….
      Some lost lives get attention and others don’t …


  9. Doobster78 says:


    • G says:

      “They should fine all journalists for fabricating stories.
      THEN we might see some truthful and honest reporting!”
      And follow Hungary’s Victor Orban?


  10. StewGreen says:

    Taffman : The news headlines
    “Welsh doctors have called for a ban on people using their holiday homes after the lockdown ends ..for fear of a second wave of Covid19 being caused in Wales”

    I would have thought people have invested in such holiday home
    in anticipation of using it as a bolt hole.
    And they’d have paid taxes and rates.
    I expect people want to check on their holiday homes and check they haven’t been broken into.


  11. Guest Who says:

    Meanwhile over in Dancin’ Justinland….


  12. StewGreen says:

    “we want the video to truly represent the whole country”
    ..em no you don’t

    The video will disproportionately dwell on specialvictimhood groups as usual.


    • LastChanceSaloon says:

      Afua Hirsch, David Lammy, June Sarpong, Dawn Butler, Diane Abbott.
      Multiple winners of gold medals in world weightlifting and white hating championships.
      With their intellects honed to razor sharpness by heating in kilns.


    • TrickCyclist says:

      Minorities, whether ethnic, religious, sexual or whatever, are nearly always portrayed by the BBC as victims who have to struggle against the oppression of the “majority.” How many times do we hear statements like, “As a black woman, I had to work twice as hard to get where I am”?
      I can’t help but notice that if the lockdown achieves anything at all, it will be because the majority have tried to act responsibly according to the advice they’ve been given.
      To give an example of what Leftists love to call anecdotal evidence, my local park is usually full of families. The playground equipment is normally crawling with kids on even the dullest of days – in this week’s beautiful sunshine, it’s been as childless as a Hollywood marriage.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Trick – I’ve been mugged twice in my life – both times by blacks . I’ve been threatened with a knife once – by a black – I’ve been subject to road rage assault once – by a Pakistani . . I’m sure all of the characters involved were ‘victims ‘.


        • TrickCyclist says:

          Sorry to hear you’ve been subjected to all this, I’ve been fortunate enough not to have anything so serious happen to me.
          The last time I was threatened was by a bloke and his girlfriend a few months ago when I dared to object to them pushing through railway station barriers on my ticket. They were white, but from their appearance and speech, I suspect they were from another “victimised” minority – a “travelling” one.
          What’s that old joke? Two liberals find a mugging victim, bloody and unconscious. One says to the other, “The people that did this need our help.”


          • Fedup2 says:

            Thank you Trick – sadly there is a longer list than that but I feel fairly lucky after having grown up and still living in London . ….

            And if some one wants to tickbox – when I was a semi student I went into a local pub with a mate who was also a Sikh . He was wearing the turban and a bloke came up and poured a pint of lager over us – not a word and walked off .
            Sadly – being fairly restrained at that time neither the Sikh chap or I did anything apart from walk out . Today the story would end differently …

            As for lessons – unless there’s a personal thing – I’m of the ‘don’t get involved school ‘these days …. but to decide to get involved must assume the ‘all or nothing ‘ approach which might completely spoil ones ‘day ….


    • Fedup2 says:

      Are they after money and / or ,clapping ? With so many furloughed and funded by taxes – the money surely will be jusr recirculated borrowed tax cash – sadly like much of the money donated to the 99 year old captain ….. Who in turn will be sending the money to bits of the NHS . ….. ( if I’m wrong I m sorry )…


    • BRISSLES says:

      Represent the whole country ? Ok, so 3% afro Caribbean – and 11% indo Asian; (BBCs own figures) which equates to 89 white, 3 afro caribean and 11 the rest. But of course that WILL NOT be what we see on screen.


  13. StewGreen says:

    Katie’s tweet has 2.5 times more likes than the BBC’s own tweet
    (which gets CCBGB’ed)


    • TrickCyclist says:

      If I view this site on my phone, Tweets appear pasted onto the page, but not on my laptop (Firefox/Windows 10) – I have to click on the date at the end of the Tweet to view it. Anybody know of a setting I can tweak?
      Should probably add I’m not a Twitter user.


      • StewGreen says:

        For me the tweets do show up on Windows in both Chrome and Microsoft Edge
        And Android it also works but best set on “desktop mode”

        Firefox “Switching off the anti-tracking feature via the Options page probably solves the problem”


        • TrickCyclist says:

          Thanks, Stew.
          Just tried Microsoft Edge and the tweets are present and correct. Must be an issue with Firefox.


    • theleftwilleatitself says:

      The irony of al beeb churning this claptrap out tomorrow evening, which happens to be St. George’s Day, will certainly not be lost on this household ????
      Celeb tossers the lot! As someone ⬆️ says, just give 10% of your monthly pay packet and f**k off ????


    • Doobster78 says:

      LOL. Comic relief probably thought their tweet would be met with much positive fanfare !!!!

      How wrong they were . Lovely.


    • EUTV says:

      I wonder if Captain George has robbed Comic Relief of £30 million quids worth of donations?

      I do hope so.


  14. Up2snuff says:

    Worst ever Covid-19 day in Kent yesterday; the numbers were late but they had a lot to count, nearly 200 extra cases.

    Those claiming we saw the peak on 8 April may be looking in the wrong places. 195 nearly beats the previous worst day of 147 by 50, a 25% increase on that particular day and more than double the previous days increase of 94.


    • Non Snowflake says:

      How many illegal invaders turned up on the Kent coast in the last couple of weeks?


      • Up2snuff says:

        Don’t know that it would be down to them, NS, because iirc (if I recall correctly – Fed), those boatloads go straight to a Detention Centre.


    • StewGreen says:

      @Up2Snuff “Those claiming we saw the peak on 8 April may be looking in the wrong places.
      ” nearly 200 extra cases in Kent .”
      As ever we have to b careful not to compare oranges with apples

      The original New Cases tally consisted of only those cases in the SEVERE category, and they said 90% of the other cases were not severe
      A hospital count of 10 meant there were actually 100

      but then keyworker tests came in ..and they get a test at a lower threshold ie these are cases that used to be in the untested 90%
      But in the daily stats the number given is by adding the SEVER and keyworker tallies together.
      So I always strip out the keyworker tally
      So I am comparing like with like
      I’s possible in Kent of the 195 a lot are not in the SEVERE category.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Not so, Stew, they are merely confirmed cases recorded by the Dept. of Health /ONS – I quote “Find out how many people have confirmed cases in your area:” Nothing about severity or treatment location.

        That is the best stat to work with: positive tests, nothing else.

        In the last ten minutes today’s data for Kent has been released: +88 today.


  15. Non Snowflake says:

    It’s St. George’s Day tomorrow, so time for some predictions.

    bBBC will mention it in passing, almost under their breath, and find someone called “Assad” in Bradford, and “Sophie” in London to talk about being English.

    “Sophie” of course will be shown with her girlfriend.


    • Fedup2 says:

      News from the BBC -Thursday 23rd April

      St George didn’t exist
      If he did exist he was a foreigner
      He was a foreigner and a Moor
      But he was the good brand of moor
      So he was never a saint
      And his name wasn’t George
      In fact he was a she
      She has subject to domestic abuse
      The dragon is domestic abuse
      Domestic abuse is bad
      Men do domestic abuse
      Men are bad specially white ones

      That’s the BBC news – now the weather for Ramadan ….


      • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

        This does all drag on rather …

        Besides, killing dragons is racist, anti-Chinese Trumpism, so you should stop it, writes Dr Agony, the BBC’s mental health correspondent “at this difficult time”.

        How many dragons in all that?


    • Charlie Farley says:

      Non Snowflake
      Coloured girlfriend more likely !


  16. theisland says:

    China’s objective is to push back against the US and become the dominant world power by 2049, a century after the creation of the People’s Republic. Dictator for life Xi Jinping has no intention of doing this through military conflict. His war is not fought on the battlefield but in the boardroom, the markets, the press, universities, cyberspace and in the darkest shadows.


    • pugnazious says:

      BBC is the greatest threat to our way of life.


      • Doublethinker says:

        I totally agree. I think that the BBC has done more harm to this country than any other institution in our history. It has been using social engineering to bring about a transformation in our population, culture and our way of life for the past four decades at least. Two whole generations have been brain washed into
        believing that it was racist and dispicable to want to live in our own country with our own culture , which wasn’t much good anyway. It was the BBC who did much of the work to enable this view to become fashionable and mainstream. Britain has been stolen from the British and, thanks to the foul corporation, hardly a voice has been raised in anger.


  17. G.W.F. says:

    Andrew Neil
    After today’s exchanges at PMQs it is clear that the United Kingdom now has a functioning, probing, measured, informed Official Opposition. The government will need to raise its game.
    12:27 PM · Apr 22, 2020·Twitter Web App

    I have never admired Brillo after his attack on TR. But here he is as a BBC front opinion. Labour is the favourite, more so without Corbyn.
    And with the Tories providing shambolic leadership, with the media driving the Chinese Virus operation, pressure to remove Boris and appoint a national government will increase.


    • Deborah says:

      Similar headline on the Daily Mail website. It could almost look like a coordinated attack.


  18. s.trubble says:

    The bBC is so infatuated with the virus along with the rest of the MSM to have noted, mused and considered the plight of Scotland had it fatefully voted for independence in 2014.

    Where would we be now with oil that you couldn,t even give away////
    and yet oil was the centerpiece of various dubious forecasts contained in an snp “white Paper” at the time which has become known as the “book of Lies”

    You can be sure of one thing bBC Scotland is becoming known as bBC Shortbread as it is increasingly seen as a pro SNP mouthpiece………. another reason to add to the thousands of others to cut it adrift and re position it into the real world.


  19. fakenewswatcher says:

    On R4, Amol Rajan is interviewing an editor from ‘The Economist’, and the two are celebrating ‘Liberalism’ and openess, etc.
    Amol asks about staff diversity and the editor says they have ” a lot of work to do”. She is very defensive and launches into a lengthy waffle to cover up the fact that the real answer will make interrogating Amol unhappy.
    Then Amol wants to know how many Brexiteers they have on their staff. “Not enough,” she says. “An invitation to our listeners” Amol sneers. I can see his big, diamond earring flashing in my mind’s eye.
    Then he demands to know why she once invited a Trumper. She has to go into another lengthy excuse. Wants to hear both sides and all that. Amol doesn’t sound happy.
    He demands to know whether she supervises Economists tweets. She gets very apologetic again, cos there has obviously been a tweet Amol doesn’t like.
    Then he attacks the Economists ‘three reasons philosophy’. He accuses her of being in an insulated, priviledged position vis a vis advertising etc. “Shocking and tragic”, what has been going on, she agrees.
    He proceeds to lecture her on the ‘culture’ of a newspaper.
    Another big beeb turnoff. But she stood up for herself.


    • Guest Who says:

      Only in the bubble heads that inhabit W1A would it even occur to pose such a series of irrelevant questions.

      Were I an actual media editor, and not a geezer diversity hire from a failed paper, I might be probing why one of the most respected weekly news magazines now gets more laughs than the Beano on whatever SJW/PC/woke topic they try and sound serious about.


    • Guest Who says:

      “Juicy nuggets”. Apparently.


      • Guest Who says:

        And here children, is a ‘sneaky peak’.


        • StewGreen says:

          2pm Radio Lincolnshire news “And despite Emma Barnett asking the local Tory MP the question about PPE 5 times she never answered”
          They then played the clip and actually the MP DID ANSWER the badgers question. If you are on shift and the PPE you need is not available then you phone the XYZ manager in the XYZ department”

          … So it was not the gotcha the local news team thought it was.


    • StewGreen says:

      Amol mentioned he won’t be around for a few weeks
      The public is paying him £220K /year to go on paternity leave again.


  20. Old Goat says:

    I hope that you are all going to turn on all your electrical appliances for Earth Day…


    • Up2snuff says:

      Am I allowed to hold the Great Tea Ceremony of Tsafkaerb, OG?

      It will involve heating water in an electric kettle.


  21. fakenewswatcher says:

    Evan Davis kicks off the R4 news with Keir Starmer, who apparently showed good ‘forensic’ skills in what there is of parliament. Poor, old Dominic Raab is going to get it in the neck. There is a lot of ‘Sir Keir’ this and ‘Sir Keir’ that.
    Why do I get a feeling that Evan is about to launch Labour’s next election campaign? Government has certainly left itself open to a lot of criticism, so it should be a good launch.
    Evan gets together with Norman Smith, who agrees that it was a good day for Labour. Norman calls Starmer a “serious individual”, who doesn’t go in for rhetorical flourishes, etc. This won’t suit the ‘broad brush’ people. No names needed.
    Norman too, thinks that Starmer is a sharp, forensic legal mind. Evan suggests government is turning in on itself.
    You get the drift…


    • theisland says:

      ‘Traitorous’ skills more like.
      The only thing ‘forensic’ about Starmer is his constant analysis and examination of his own personal long-term prospects, on whichever side of the fence. He has to ‘keep in’ with the establishment in case his globalist plans go belly up.


  22. Frustrated says:

    Not BBBC (sorry, Fed), but I give up anyway (conversion to url won’t work) … I wanted to upload a screen shot I thought Brissles might like from the “Parliament Live” stream this afternoon:

    Caroline Lucas was presumably concerned that the (standard-size ) bookshelf behind her wasn’t “representative” enough so felt the need to place a massive mirror on top of it to prove she in fact has another jam-packed, ceiling-high bookshelf just out of shot??! Very strange … ;o)


    • G.W.F. says:


      I think the link below has our delightful Brighton Pixie showing off her bookshelf.



      • Frustrated says:

        Perfect – thanks very much GWF … yes she’s at about 1:23 :o)))


      • JimS says:

        Note the clever use of the mirror to get another bookcase in frame!


      • Up2snuff says:

        Thanks, G.W.F., I listened with the sound on mute. PC sound had been muted for something else. Think it was better that way. The Brighton Pixie appears truly demented. Am glad I didn’t have to listen to 1hr 22 and then her. Poor Matt Hancock looks very tired. Especially after her question.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Damn ! I missed that. I’m beginning to think I’m the only person in the country who is lacking a bookcase in my home, because every other bugger seems to have one.

      Question: you have a book, you read it, so unless its a reference book why keep it ? they sit for years gathering dust and If you fall off the perch some poor sod has the wretched task of getting rid of them all, and how many books can YOU carry in one go to dispose of them ? no more than 4 I bet. So its a never ending task of packing them away for the charity shop .


    • StewGreen says:

      @Frustrated I typed her name into the Twitter search box
      – Said photo was 4 tweets down
      – i right clicked over the timestamp ..selected copy URL
      and then I pasted it here , where it auto embeds (OK inconveniently with the parent tweet as well)
      I could have taken a screenshot from the Youtube clip and tweeted it myself

      In 2019 someone posted a closeup


  23. pugnazious says:

    Michael Moore is one of the speed-dial, goto, liberalatti holier-than-thou voices with the full stamp of BBC approval….he only has to roll his eyes when Trump is mentioned and he makes headline news on the BBC.

    I know we live in strange times but the world really has been turned up-side down when some-one like the blessed Moore releases a film, and get this, on climate change, and the BBC seems to totally ignore him….an iconic lefty talking about the BBC’s most sacred issue and…tumbleweed.

    Of course just talking about climate change isn’t really enough for the BBC. You have to be fully on-board, fully, totally and absolutely committed to the cause with a total, blinding faith that brooks no argument if you want to be granted airtime on the BBC to talk climate.

    And there’s the wrinkle…Moore, absolutely committed and blazing a trail based on faith alone? Not so much.

    Moore has dared to ask questions. Oh, yes, he’s still the wild-eyed climate zealot but not BBC approved it would seem. He’s gone rogue.

    He thinks the problem is…too many people. Now you and I might have told the BBC that was the real poblem as it tries to innundate this country with uncounted swarms of immigrants but it has its own agenda…it has its priorities…top of which is to ethnically cleanse whitety and the English from the surface of the earth and indeed erase them from history[no joke…they really do want to do this], …. it’s a toss up, mass migration, smashing the nation state, climate or stopping Brexit…it is quite happy to tell us how vital hundreds of lorries per day going to a car factory are for the economy when it is an argument used to stop Brexit…however those cars and lorries then become the enemy when it comes to climate….similarly migration…we must have these millions of workers to help the economy..but then the BBC tells us capitalism and consumerism must be destroyed to save the planet. The BBC lies to us all the time. It is dangerous.

    And today it seems Moore is way at the back of the queue…no airtime for his ideas….the main thrust of which is that we have too many people on the planet.

    The BBC always, always, rubbishes such ideas….it always, always tells us Malthus was wrong and that humans will never run out of food or any other staples of life….totally ignoring the damage that does to the planet.

    Also note….remember the infamous hockey stick? The rate of population growth, third world of course, rose exactly in line with CO2….if CO2 is the cause of climate chnage then there’s the problem…population.

    But that’s not politically correct….blaming it on non-white countries…it happens to be true but the BBC doesn’t do truth, it does hectoring sermons preaching at us, trying to persuade, beguile or shame us using every trick, con and deception in the book to make us comply.

    The BBC is the real problem…it hid the sex abuse of thousands of girls in Rotherham and Rochdale, it barely notices millions suddenly impoverished and jobless because of the lockdown, only implemented due to media pressure, and it ignores the real problem in the environment in preference for pushing its own agendas on race…and when it comes down to it everything the BBC does is now shaped by race….every report is weighted towards race some way or another…even the coronavirus….or what we might call ‘The Black Death’…it only kills blacks because of the inequality and discrimination rampant in this nation. Something must be done. Yet another ‘legend’ in the making that will be passed down generation to generation telling how Blacks were once again victims of whitey.

    Whitey had better start thinking about their own safety in the future when they become the minority and have no safe place to go as their own countries become dangerous for them. First they came for your history, then your culture, your arts, your society and finally the political power…then they come for you.

    Anway back to the issue here…enjoy the film….


  24. Deborah says:

    4.30 Radio 4 and Evan telling us about a programme in a few days time. He used the usual rhetorical question, something to the effect of, ‘will CoVId 19 affect the way we view climate change?’ I posted here last week of a friend very involved with the Church of England, who asked the same of me last week. I had told her firmly that people’s deaths from disease should not be used for a political agenda that was nothing to do with the disease. If I didn’t predict it would come up on the BBC, I had meant to. It is obvious that globalists, the Left, the BBC will use anything including thousands of deaths to push their own agenda.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Will CoVId 19 affect the way we view climate change?

      No, but I think if the BBC ended its Climate science censorship policy and asked some Mensa members about the “Unified Theory of Climate”. Then I think that the “Unified Theory of Climate”. will affect the way we view climate change? As a Hoax

      In the mean time. Don’t watch moronic low IQ BBC television. Instead watch something knowledgeable on the telly tonight.

      7pm: Freeview Channel 24: Made in Britain
      8pm: Freeview Channel 25: Largest Airplane ever to Fly
      9pm: Freeview Channel 03: Our Queen at War


    • StewGreen says:

      @Deborah surely he was talking about today’s 8pm prog which I mentioned this morning (at 6:30am)


  25. Up2snuff says:

    If you thought it was bad in Kent, then spare a thought and a prayer for the USA: +39,000 new cases yesterday. That is a lot.

    It could be explained by the Americans testing many more people and getting the results quicker.

    It could be explained by some deliberate infection going on for good reasons – build up ‘herd immunity’ – or bad reasons – to try and influence US politics or as payback for US politics or economics.

    When will the BBC ask any thoughtful questions about that?


  26. Up2snuff says:

    So it wasn’t just on me on my pedal bike finding that all the local hooligans on four wheels were taking advantage of policemen being off sunbathing in the parks.



  27. Fedup2 says:

    No – it’s boy racer heaven at the moment and quite a few of them seem to be going there – with quite a few motorcyclists coming to a sticky end in London ‘with no other vehicle involved ‘….. whenever I see them ( often ) – i see someone who had far more faith in the NHS A &E than I do ….

    The stabbings are still going on but without the regularity of peacetime (in London ).

    The bloke in London who had a road rage , assaulted the other party – who landed up in hospital – got the Chinese virus and died – left the bloke with a murder charge ….. ouch .


  28. jakita says:

    Haha I stumbled across the following page about why we can trust BBC news. It’s worth a quick glance for comic value alone, although in a sense it is also rather chilling that their constant stream of extreme left-wing, anti British, Marxist propaganda can be passed off as impartial news.



    • fakenewswatcher says:

      jakita- unbelievable hypocrisy: you can’t claim to have ‘impartiality’ alongside a commitment to ‘diversity’, for example. ‘Diversity’ (positive discrimination, affirmative action and all the other disguises that downgrade merit) has simply meant a decrease in the number of white employees, and the death of what we really want in ‘impartiality’ : diversity of opinion.

      Earlier on I outlined the exchange Amol Rajan had with an editor from The Economist. It becomes absolutely clear that ‘diversity’ (part of his opening attack on her) is a hugely loaded bbc attack tool, and that diversity of opinion or free speech is NOT wanted on the R4 media show.

      If the bbc policy had any meaning, someone like that would never have been hired in the first place.


    • StewGreen says:

      @Jakita there are dozens of tweets about that BBC page none complementary
      One or two do call the BBC a Tory mouthpiece.


  29. JamesArthur says:

    5pm..PM briefing….the MSM questions – anal as usual and in one case a ‘ when did you stop beating your wife?” attempt..but overall pathetic. I think the Grade A haters were on holiday…But wait

    Evan Davis (?) ….now slagging off Govt for its poor use of Army…is there nothing they can’t find negative..he is a real piece of work…
    funny they seem quite happy to use all the military words now having criticised the Govt for doing so..


  30. The General says:

    BBC constantly asking for a ‘road map’ explaining how we are going to come out of the present lock down and restrictions.
    What purpose would this serve ?
    It would give the BBC and Labour the potential of further criticism of the Government if those details were not 100% adhered too.


  31. Fedup2 says:

    If anyone is watching the BBC briefing coverage the deaf signer bloke is an entertainment in himself – a touch of the Norman wisdoms …


    • TrickCyclist says:

      Is he for real? Remember the fake sign language bloke at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service!
      This bloke looks like a bookie doing tic-tac to me!


  32. G says:

    The issue of whether the public should wear masks in daily routines. Putting aside the point that, at present, that would deprive the NHS ‘Front line’ of that protection, I’ve been looking at the essential facts.
    The chinese virus has been measured. It is apparently, between 0.05 microns and 0.2 microns. It is taken that the average size is 0.125 microns.
    The commonly referred to N95 masks will protect the user from 95% airborne particulates which need to be 0.3 microns or larger. Fact is, in some circumstances, the chinese virus, if airborne, could be drawn in in a breathing cycle and pass through the N95 mask.
    There is a class N.100 which is a HE or HEPA quality filter. Clearly, those will not filter 100% as that means no air to breathe. In practice the best will filter 99.97% of particulates and the only respirators that WILL be 100% successful against the chinese virus will be those with separate air supply.
    So, if you use N95’s be prepared to run when anybody nearby starts to cough or sneeze. Come to think of it most of us do anyway.
    There is the assertion that wearing a mask and goggles will deter the user from touching or rubbing the face and we are told, only the eyes, nose or mouth gives access to the virus.


    • Fedup2 says:

      A bloke behind me in a queue who was dry coughing wasn’t wearing a mask – I thought about offering a couple as I have loads of PPE and always have had – I just think that if someone coughs into a mask it’s going to contain a fair bit of virus rather than it being projected all over the place .

      I have a couple of respirator type masks but won’t use them unless I really have to go on the tube or plane – which extremely unlikely as BA keep cancelling me flights and it would be easier to get money out of someone of ‘tight’ heritage than BA.

      Not BBC but airlines – funny how easy it is to buy a ticket online but you don’t get an automatic refund – and there is no ‘refund ‘ button …..


    • EUTV says:

      Masks among the general public is going to be a big fail.

      My wife works for one of the biggest supermarket chains. She spends her days mainly in the petrol station and my god people with masks are stupid.

      In a single 6 hour shift she witnessed;

      A customer turning around and telling someone to move back 2 metres. Reply: “No need, I’m wearing a mask”!

      Numerous people with mask, having handled the fuel pumps, remove their masks to talk at the counter. Then replacing their mask.

      Clear evidence that some people wear the same mask for days on end. The masks are soiled/stained and it’s pretty obvious. Some people even brag it’s not expensive if you use one a week!

      Masks are being discarded out of car windows (shopping done, let’s go home scenario) and one day breezy day it could be you that gets it in the face.

      Lots of people are touching their masks as they browse around the shop.

      I think masks will cause more hazards than they remove. They make people complacent.


      • StewGreen says:

        If Boris doesn’t tell people to wear a mask
        ..he doesn’t get sued.

        If he makes people wear masks
        and they get harmed by something or catch Covid through it
        ..he will get sued.


    • Up2snuff says:

      G, and hands … don’t forget those Happy Birthday Hands … touching the eyes, nose, mouth or any part of the face really that is then spread in some way, say via handkerchief, to the eyes, nose and mouth later on.

      But what if the mask wearer has a big conk? Large noses, especially large thin, long, noses leave a gap between cheek and nose when wearing a mask that is open to heavy moisture particulates that might arise from a cough from another person, even if the are wearing a mask.

      As you hint, it is really impractical.


  33. Celtic_Mist says:

    I noticed this on the BBC parliament Channel which is a totally superfluous channel anyway when the debates are properly available and archived here –


    Might be worth viewing


    • StewGreen says:

      “In our session with @DCMS Secretary of State @OliverDowden ,
      @DamianGreen asked if the Government’s alleged opinion on the @BBC as reported several months ago
      had shifted given the broadcaster’s response to the #COVID-19 crisis.”

      There were dumb questions
      ” ah you see advertisers don’t like Covid2
      so they will place keyword blocking
      so that their adverts don’t appear on Covid19 stories”
      ..Yeh and man advertisers will SEEK the same pages


  34. pugnazious says:

    The BBC missing out a crucial fact….that the lockdown will continue for a ‘calendar year’ in all probability…of course if you don’t report it you don’t have to question it….the BBC likes the lockdown and won’t do its job by challenging the narrative or indeed the ‘facts’.

    Witty said we would have to continue with social distancing for that year…but the BBC dodges that unpleasant fact…

    Not mentioned here as they clip the quote….


    ‘Chances of vaccine within year ‘incredibly small’

    The briefing has now ended. There was a question about whether UK citizens would be the first to receive a successful vaccine developed in the country. You might remember that a human trial is beginning in the UK this week.

    Prof Chris Whitty, the UK government’s chief medical adviser, said the matter was a “commercial question”.

    But he said the UK would want to get any vaccine, whether it is developed in the UK or overseas, “as fast as we can”.

    He cautioned, though, that the chances of a vaccine or “highly effective” drug treatments arriving within a calendar year were “incredibly small”.’

    Not mentioned here…just saying ‘some time yet’ which is a cop out…

    ‘Virus will not be eradicated soon – Whitty

    The Sun’s Tom Newton Dunn asked what advice ministers were getting from scientists on face masks and whether they recommend people travelling to work tomorrow morning should wear them?

    Dominic Raab said the Sage advisory committee recently discussed the issue but had not yet reported back to ministers. Until it does, the advice that masks are not necessary “will not change”.

    Prof Whitty, the chief medical adviser, was asked about the medical criteria for relaxing the lockdown.

    In response, Prof Whitty hit a fairly downbeat note, saying the transmission rate – known as the R number – could not be allowed to rise above one again as that would quickly lead from “bad to really bad numbers”. The R number signifies how many other people one infected person is expected to pass the virus on to.

    He warned the virus would “not be eradicated or disappear” any time soon and the UK would have to live with it for some time yet.’

    And a very short report on Raab….again no mention at all ass he talks of social distancing continuing but the BBC refuses to state how long…


    ‘Easing social distancing measures in the UK too soon would risk a second spike of coronavirus cases, the foreign secretary has warned.

    Dominic Raab told the daily press briefing this could trigger a second lockdown that would “prolong the economic pain” across the country.

    “We’re not out of the woods,” he said.

    Meanwhile, the UK’s chief medical officer said people in the UK should not expect “a sudden fall away of cases” after the peak.’


    • fakenewswatcher says:

      Pug – Whitty evaded the question on whether the British people, having invested in a potential vaccine, would be the first to benefit – should one be found by UK researchers. This is not the first time this question was asked and evaded.
      It kinda reminded me of Ms Merkel, had she been asked whether the first beneficiaries of a German vaccine would be Germans. She would evade, but the answer would clearly be ‘no’. I suspect she would prioritise ‘migrants’.
      More startling is the realisation that slowly dawns on us that ‘social measures’ will have to last for a year at the very least. The implication is that it will take much longer before thousands of businesses can restart, to name but one consequence.
      It’s going to cost billions, if not trillions for the state to keep subsidising them and paying their employees 80% of their wages. And there are many other costly consequences, from social care to maintaining neglected transport infrastructure.
      I’d hate to even start thinking where that money will come from. I wonder whether beeb will enlighten us? Maybe Sir Keir, beloved of beeb, will pull a Gordon Brown on us and ‘save the world’?
      (Add a multiplier to bail out people like poor Richard Branson.)


      • Fedup2 says:

        Fake – if recent techy history is anything to go by blighty will develop a useable vaccine and the Americans will take it , patent it,stick a flag on it and sell it back at a factor 10 price…..


    • Van Helsing says:

      And still the Trojan Horses are allowed to enter the realm.

      Just how difficult is it to figure out that allowing unquarantined entry to the UK is emphatically not a good idea at this particular time? Answers on a postcard to Public Health England at the usual address…


  35. Darcy3 says:

    I struggle to watch these briefings now as, when it gets to the “questions”, I get so frustrated that they ask questions that have just been addressed, are they genuinely that stupid that they cannot find a question that has not been addressed ?

    Do they not think that quickly ? “oh, that question is now redundant as it has been clearly addressed but I will still ask it anyway ”

    Why does no one say “did you not bloody listen ?!” maybe why I am not a politician

    I see the goddamn awful Lara Carlsberg is missing, just hoping she is in a rubber room being sedated while shouting “Testing. Testing. PPE, PPE ”

    whilst her mob are now rehearsing their new line: “care homes, care homes care homes, exterminate Boris, exterminate, exterminate”

    Sent on their way from bbc Skaro with rubber plungers on their heads.

    “Ramadam good, Easter bad” etc


  36. EUTV says:

    You are not alone.


  37. Guest Who says:

    Mr. Harding used to head the bbc News operation.

    Tortoise are spending a lot of money saying how great they are. No one is buying.

    Nothing much has changed.


  38. Darcy3 says:

    “Carlsberg, probably the worst journo in the world”


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Many viewers couldn’t give a Castlemaine XXXX for Laura K and I bet she doesn’t drink Carling Black Label either.


  39. G.W.F. says:

    Arise Komrad Keir



    • The General says:

      Oh so close !!!!


      • Darcy3 says:

        Pity its not Saudia Arabia….never mind in 20 years there will be an Imam doing that to our politicians but with more of a swing to it


  40. Darcy3 says:

    Whats the betting this one hangs on to his job, for whatever reason ????

    (like so many)

    ‘What’s f***ing wrong with her? Welsh Assembly politician abuses his Labour colleague – without muting himself – during toe-curling virtual Zoom session


    Vaughan Gething apologises to Jenny Rathbone after conference call blunder
    The health minister was heard muttering ‘what the f*** is the matter with her?’
    The gaffe left colleagues open-mouthed, laughing, and covering faces in shock


  41. Darcy3 says:

    Hmmm a victim, an abusive sexist individual but primarily a victim of course cos he is ….

    AND a hypocrite:

    The Vaughan Gething interview: The racism I faced growing up, my family and why I’d be the best First Minister

    He says what drove him then is the same as what drives him now.

    “Making the country a better and fairer place so that my son will have loads of opportunities in life,” he said.

    “If you’re not prepared to deliberately use the power and opportunity you have in the world to interrupt the way life works and try make it a fairer place then why are you claiming to be a progressive person in politics?”

    The political discourse has changed and empowered people to say things they wouldn’t have said in their communities.

    “There are loads of positives about social media and people being more connected in the online world, but people do clearly feel more happy to say outrageous things from a keyboard or a tablet or smartphone than they would actually say to you in public.”



  42. Darcy3 says:

    Appropos of nothing… or maybe RE above:

    Michael Jackson documentary gets 168 complaints as fans brand BBC film ‘biased’

    Viewers flocked to the BBC to voice their concerns over The Real Michael Jackson, which aired last month. It charted his rise to fame and the child abuse allegations that led to his arrest and trial

    “I defend him because he was the victim of a modern day witch hunt fueled by greed, jealousy and racism.


    Hmm Harvey Weinsten any other Jews,,, oh yes Epstein ….no headlines about complaints to the bbc,


  43. BRISSLES says:

    I’ve got the hump. Settled down to watch Repair Shop, then realised I’d seen it before ! Checked the listings, which said New Edition with no indication of (R) repeat, so the BBC cant even get that right.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Brissles, my dear old thing, on BBC R4 they are well practised at that deception. They often claim “Oh this a the start of a new series of ‘Clare in the Community’ ” but then you find you have heard it before.


  44. Guest Who says:

    Eff mon gotta ask…


  45. Darcy3 says:

    Climate Warrior fighting for climate justice and gender justice FFS a few years in the workplace and seeing the various wimmin bullies as they gang together will change your views, nasty, vicious bullies have seen it so many times, seen a few dismissed in my time for this kind of behaviour or rather ” moved on”

    and of course you will be popping over the the Amazon rainforest to take on the drug dealers and palm oil dealers stripping the forest then off to India and China for the coal fired power stations no doubt


  46. Darcy3 says:

    Some people are asking for justice for the hundreds of raped, white English schoolgirls, lives ruined, raped by hundreds of pakistani immigrants, in the most horrific manner, by that I mean by gangs of adults racially abusing12 year olds whilst raping them en mass

    this looks kind of racist to me, is it racist ?

    Stunning silence from the muslim council of britain of course while demanding any muslim report hate crime

    do their wives and kids not feel it for the common good to do so ?

    RE Musliim Council of Britian : “working for the common good” apparently, (how they get their charity money)

    No as some of the raped 12 year old girls were given to 16 year old muzzie kids as birthday presents so the whole kommuni hie is totally aware of this

    go figure

    This looks kind of racist to me is it racist ?


  47. Doobster78 says:

    Agenda ? Newsnight ? Surely not !!!


    • Guest Who says:

      BBC News

      The UK had ample chance to join an EU scheme to source medical equipment, ……………..
      … sources have told the BBC.


  48. Philip_2 says:

    This is all rather odd. You don’t expect the BBC to start advertising on Classic FM and yet I distinctly heard in the early hours (4am thereabouts) a Graham Norton in all his mock cheeriness describing how ‘wonderful’ the BBC Brit Box is…’ and then I dozed off back to sleep. But I later recalled it and thought that’s is very strange, I have never heard it since on Classic FM or indeed LBC where it would get a right mocking anyway. I think it was test transmission and it never went any farther than that. Perhaps BBC could not pay for any more than one radio Ad..

    The BBC archives (and that is what it is) are bundled with Channel 4 and Channel 5 (lately) with ITV picking up the bill and the BBC running it for its own benefit. Funded in large part by the UK taxpayer via the TV license. Its a pitch at ‘Ex Pats’ in far flung countries (since returned home) that yearn for old style British comedy and Drama. Not so much now!

    A quick search on the internet provided the BBC (PR) press releases were on full ‘Ad’ mode targetted at US and Canada. Not the UK, and so it brings me back to why the BBC bothered to advertise in the UK on the early hours last week at 4am on Classic FM.

    And that is when all ‘Ex Pats’ are busy returning home or on ‘lock down’ with probably two words to say about BBC ‘BritBox’ – when you in all probability, have seen it all before – and don’t wish to see it all again. Graham Norton is an odd choice to present Brit Box in an advert. He is the highest paid alongside Gary Linekar who owe both their personal fortunes to the BBC. Its not something that appeals overseas, and its a bit false plugging it, here in the UK.

    And then there is the current ‘pandemic’ which must mean that the overseas audience is at best ‘disappointing’ as it is depressing.

    So I ask the question, what is the point of Brit Box other than a vanity BBC project bundled with content that is already available elsewhere on license such as Amazon, NetFlix and what-have-you and I will throw in ‘Free-View’ channels – where here in the UK a lot of old BBC content shows up regular as driftwood on Channels that the BBC also owns outright! Incredibly they own five (at least) BBC free view channels to ‘recycle’ old BBC programs. What then is the point of BBC Brit Box?

    And what is the point of Graham Norton advertising it on Classic FM, except in acute desperation, for anyone, anybody to – pay for it? Its all a bit odd at that hour in the morning. The BBC have no idea on how to market, and even well extended ‘PR’ spread through the internet Twitter feed on a global ‘push’ has its limits in a global pandemic and lock-down.

    I would like to see the BBC sales figures, but we may never know and I expect it will all be mothballed until the good times return. That may never happen at the BBC. As I say, its all rather odd but we do live in very odd times!



    • StewGreen says:

      @Phili[2 I hear that Graham Norton ad on LBC/TalkRadio very frequently
      and I think it was on the TV yesterday