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  1. StewGreen says:

    Times : ex head of the Telegraph could replace Lord Hall


    • Guest Who says:

      He could be replaced by a half million pile of £ notes no one would notice.


  2. theisland says:


    Dambusters raid 16-17 May 1943.
    Of the 133 Allied aircrew that took part, 53 British airmen lost their lives in the eight planes that were shot down or crashed.


    • Darcy3 says:

      2020 hundreds of muslim benefit seekers ran away from their country rather than fight fot it but were brave enough to leave France to sail across the channel to get a council house and once in possesion of a passport, hate us, our culture, foreign policy and white people in general

      worth a medal


      • Darcy3 says:

        How many British asylum seekers in the 2nd world warwhilst we were getting bombed every night ? how many?
        How many French stood and fought in the resistance rather than run away? including 17 year old girls (shame on you cowardly muzzie males)

        How many arabs (muslims) run away and go to France and are desperate to get to the UK for more benefits ?

        quite a lot I suspect

        and how many of them join the local muzzie ghetto and force their females into wearing hijabs


        • Darcy3 says:

          And start the very same vicious intolerant regime they ran away from in the first place because they are basically evolutionary backward, violent, ignorant and uncivilised (sexist, racist, homophobic etc etc)

          just my opinion of course, based on evidence. look at any country they have infested and the effect, I am getting tired of being told on tv i should give money to prevent a child being raped by a muzzie or pay for her education while her muzzie parent spends his money on guns and bombs


          • Banania says:

            They don’t rape their own children, or did you mean something else? Their raping is religiously and racially aggravated.


        • taffman says:

          Remind me someone, didn’t Boris tell us that all illegals would be”sent back” ?


          • Darcy3 says:

            What he probably means is sent back from Islington, destination anywhere as long as his daughter is safe


  3. lordelpus says:

    Not posted for a while as getting over a dear sister in law’s death.She died of cancer in hospital,luckily she did not contract Covid -19 in there,or she would no doubt have been one more to add to the figures.
    As others have mentioned, the slightly myopic Rachel Shabi on Sky’s press preview tonight.One of a never ending list of remainer,liberal snowflakes on BBC and SKY news programmes.
    Have never been one for conspiracy theories,but after Starmer attacking the Tories on Wednesday,we then had Labour Mayors Khan, and Burnham savaging Tories on Thursday. Together with unions for teaching and London underground workers also criticising Government.Could this be a well orchestrated attack covered by the MSM,and planned by Labour,or just coincidence?.


  4. Frustrated says:

    Not BBC I’m afraid, but an example of the anti-Brexit biased media everywhere …

    I’ve just been forwarded an article from the German “Bild” (comparable to the Sun) (https://www.bild.de/politik/ausland/politik-ausland/umfrage-hammer-brexit-briten-wollen-eu-abschied-verschieben-70666580.bild.html) claiming

    “Brexit-Brits want to postpone departure from EU!”

    Shocked, I went looking in the British press and found this in the Independent:

    “The majority of Britons want the Brexit transition period to be extended after negotiations were put on ice due to the coronavirus outbreak, a new poll shows:

    As the coronavirus outbreak grips the country, a new YouGov survey found 55 % of people now support an extension to the 31 December deadline, with a quarter (24 %) still opposed and 21 % saying they do not know.

    More than a third of Leave voters (36 %) backed a delay, with 44 % opposed, while nearly eight in 10 Remain voters (79 %) supported an extension.”

    Right at the end of the article it says:
    “Source note: YouGov surveyed 1619 British adults between 19 – 20 March.”

    1619 people? Now that was a comprehensive and extensive survey!

    So I looked further and found this in “politicshome”:

    “Two-thirds of Brits want the Brexit transition period to be extended so the Government can “focus 100% of its energy on dealing with coronavirus for the rest of the year”, according to a new poll.

    The Focaldata survey of more than 2,000 voters found that of those who support an extension, 64% want it to be “indefinite”, with the rest saying it should last for a year at most. Nearly half of Leave voters – 49% – also support delaying the UK’s exit from the transition period, which is due to end on 31 December.

    According to the poll, which was commissioned by pro-EU group Best For Britain and anti-racism campaign group HOPE not Hate, 66% of British voters want the transition period – during which the UK continues to follow most European laws – extended because of the pandemic.”

    Aha, Best for Britain – now why doesn’t that surprise me?! I’m sure that was a very balanced / unbiased poll … And again only 2000 people? Not really representative?

    Here’s how it’s being sold in Germany – and it’s only two o’ clock on Sunday morning, I dread to think how the rest of the German media are going to push it next week :-\

    “In the United Kingdom, an overwhelming majority (77 %) is suddenly in favour of postponing the “completion” of the EU exit planned for the end of 2020.

    This is the result of an as yet unpublished survey (“Focaldata” for the organisation “Best for Britain”), which BILD was able to look at in advance and about which Politico reported first.

    77 % of the Brits who took part in the poll (all parts of the country) would agree to an extension of the transition period at the request of the EU so that governments can concentrate on combatting the corona pandemic.

    Among young adults (under 34 years of age), as many as nine out of ten Britons are prepared to postpone.

    A narrow majority (56 %) of all Brexit supporters would agree to postpone indefinitely “until a vaccine is found”. 44 % would limit the postponement to “a maximum of one year”.”

    Now NOWHERE in the German article does it say how many people were consulted for the poll to indicate whether it really is representative of the 17 million Leavers.

    Nice unbiased reporting as usual … I’ve pointed this detail out to the person who sent me the article but am sure it won’t be the last I hear about it.


    • StewGreen says:

      Translation of Bild headline
      \\ Brexit British want to Postpone EU farewell!
      Even EU opponents suddenly for the extension of the “transition phase”
      +++ negotiations with Brussels again without progress //

      Who are the Brexit British ?
      The actual Brexit voters we would say,
      … yet that is contradicted by the Focaldata survey which says
      “Nearly half of Leave voters – 49% – also support delaying the UK’s exit from the transition period, ”
      So 51% didn’t tick that box
      So we CANNOT say “Brexit voters support a delay”

      The it says A narrow majority (56 %) of all *Brexit supporters* would agree to postpone indefinitely “until a vaccine is found”. 44 % would limit the postponement to “a maximum of one year”.
      That “Brexit supporters” must be a typo for All British cos thow can you have 100% of Brexit supporters supporting some kind of extension.

      Plus the other survey the YouGov in the independent also contradicted
      .. “with 44 % (of Brexit voters) opposed (to an extension) a delay vs 36% who would support
      ie the majority of Brexit voters who express an opinion, oppose a delay

      Your talk about polling sample size is a red herring
      I have worked in polling and for a controlled sample of 2,000 people you can get an accurate representation of all voters
      You could also have a sloppy sample and be way out.

      BTW A long time ago a Bild report briefly described me as “an intellectual”


      • Frustrated says:

        As Humphrey once said in Yes Minister:
        “Statistics? You can prove anything with statistics”

        You have to be able to trust the people who collected the data
        – and don’t know that I do …


  5. Darcy3 says:

    Apropos of nothing, apart from a great talent, , an individual who embraced his country who maybe had more reason than many muzzies to not do so


  6. Darcy3 says:

    He “had to sign in” before he was allowed in to the premises yet dealt with this with dignity

    he did not complain on twitter or make a story on the bbc

    what did he do ? he referred to it very briefly and then….displayed his talent

    Basically saying : you decide

    he had no need of the support of the muzzie council of britain urging their members to report hate crimes whilst hiding rape gangs

    he had no need of the bbc promoting him because he was black

    he was a legend because his talent was recocgnised far and wide


  7. taffman says:

    Looks like sirkier is backing taffland’s ‘Drakeford the dalek‘ against Boris . Watch Al Beeb weaponise this division later today. There are dark forces in this country at work trying to divide the UK up ready to call for a delay to Brexit.


  8. Guest Who says:

    This tweet has been ‘liked’ by senior BBC staff.

    However, #CCBGB


    • Guest Who says:

      This is Adam.

      Bet Jon and gang are itching to say they all are not listening too.



    • StewGreen says:

      Actually 6.3K people liked Boulton’s tweet

      Boulton himself has form
      When someone praised Iain Dale, Boulton tweeted back
      “Good broadcaster, former Tory activist.”

      I bet he an his mates would be quick to shout “far right”
      If they could use that as an attack on a doctor’s/expert’s opinion


  9. Guest Who says:

    Headlines as questions are safer.

    Or… are they?


  10. Darcy3 says:

    Twitter says it all. I take as much notice of it as the sparrows in the hedges, especially if the msm says a twitter storm, my hedge gets a little busy then and I leave it to my cat to sort out

    the best way to deal with twitters, those who’s verbal ability is recognised by twitter as limited

    the cat has a wider verbal range and does not cheat on her tax and does not complain (much)

    climate change is not on her agenda if there is a radiator nearby


  11. Guest Who says:

    The very definition of ‘essential’.


  12. fakenewswatcher says:

    “News” at 8am on bbc radio 4 allows the propaganda role of the bbc to drift fully into sight, like something floating atop wastewater in a sewer.
    The Obama war against Trump, still 4 or 5 places down in the bbc R4 ‘news’ yesterday, has become the No1 item, with the Democrats mounting yet another one of their endless anti-Trump investigations, in place 2 in the beeb “news”.
    The beeb are thrilled that their hero Obama, has managed, not only to politicize the pandemic, but also to simultaneously play the race card. His 4-year long coup attempt is coming into the open, and the beeb, long enthralled by the BAME narrative in the UK, thinks this is really exciting stuff.
    Not only does the virus show up ‘inequalities’ in the US, that favourite accusation in the Left and beeb agenda, but Obama has been explicit about the allegation that blacks have to suffer the most (sound familiar?) under the virus. And, Obama claims, the President has badly mishandled the pandemic. It is so bad, in fact, the former President goes on, that there seems to be nobody in charge in the Trump administration!
    Now, call me an old cynic, but it appears Obama is going to use ANY means, fair or foul, to push the anti-Trump cause in election year. And for the unscrupulous ex-President, and his UK mouthpiece -the bbc- the virus has come along just at the right time


    • Guest Who says:

      BBC ‘News’ on Facebook

      Eighty percent of Washington DC’s Covid-19 deaths are African Americans, even though they’re less than half its population.

      If that is not edited to stir, I don’t know what is.


      • Ian Rushlow says:

        White people of European descent comprise only 10% of the World’s population, yet account for 70% of Covis-19 deaths. Discuss.



      • StewGreen says:

        in Washington Metro area the DMV Tristate whites are a minority
        only 45.8% Non-Hispanic White


    • G says:

      He’s got to make a play for public support and image before he’s arrested………….


  13. Darcy3 says:

    It is interesting to see how the Clinton camp can drift in and out of racism as it suits them (a bit like sex crimes)

    When against Obama were quite racist and ole Hilary was quite happy to denigrate those victims of ole Bills sex assaults

    and other improprieties to put it mildly

    Norman Hsu was a businessman with a background in the apparel industry. By 2007 he was a prominent fundraiser for the Clinton campaign, having achieved HillRaiser status, having co-hosted a $1 million fundraiser at wealthy Democratic Party supporter Ron Burkle’s Beverly Hills estate,[48] and having been scheduled to co-host a major gala fundraising event featuring music legend Quincy Jones.

    On August 28, 2007, The Wall Street Journal reported that Hsu may have engaged in improper actions during the collection of “bundled” campaign contribution.[48] The Clinton campaign rose to Hsu’s defense, saying “Norman Hsu is a longtime and generous supporter of the Democratic party and its candidates, including Senator Clinton. During Mr. Hsu’s many years of active participation in the political process, there has been no question about his integrity or his commitment to playing by the rules, and we have absolutely no reason to call his contributions into question.”

    The next day, on August 29, The Los Angeles Times reported that Hsu was a longtime fugitive, having failed to appear for sentencing for a 1992 fraud conviction.] The Clinton campaign reversed course, saying it would give to charity the $23,000 that Hsu personally contributed to her presidential campaign, her Senate re-election and her political action committee. The campaign said it did not plan to give away funds that Hsu had collected from other donors.


  14. Guest Who says:

    OT, but funnier than that odd Irish guy the bbc give a lot of money to.



  15. Darcy3 says:

    In March 2007, a Pakistani immigrant named Abdul Rehman Jinnah was indicted by a grand jury for violating federal election laws. The charges stem from $30,000 in illegal contributions to Clinton’s presidential campaign. Her campaign “denied any knowledge of Jinnah’s scheme.”


  16. Darcy3 says:

    In September 2007, reports were made that William Danielczyk, private equity firm head, bundled money for Clinton from Republican Party supporters, including at least one who claimed that Danielczyk later reimbursed her, a charge Danielczyk denied. The Clinton campaign returned that donation, and said: “These allegations are troubling and we will again ask each of the individuals solicited by Mr. Danielczyk to affirm that their contributions were given with their own funds.”


  17. Darcy3 says:

    In December 2007, the Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence and the Canada Free Press reported that one of Clinton’s fundraisers in New Jersey, a U.S. resident who was associated with a December 12 fundraising event at the State Theatre in New Brunswick, New Jersey, was also a fundraiser for the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization,which the U.S. government has determined is a front organization for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam,which is on the U.S. State Department list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations.] In February 2008, Clinton’s foreign policy adviser, Andrew Shapiro, announced that the Clinton campaign had returned the T.R.O. donations after complaints of impropriety given the outlawed T.R.O.’s terrorist links


  18. Darcy3 says:

    Trump bad ? wanting to stop this endemic corruption , no wonder they all attack


  19. Guest Who says:

    One of the more polite ways BBC editorial integrity is corrected.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I thought the BBC was going to stop using that dishonest term ‘ honour killing ‘
      For murder – but I suppose a disproportionate number the editorial people are from there – same reason we get news about India on the UK national news


      • Darcy3 says:

        I do recall being on business in the City of
        London and seeing some disruption it was 5 I repeat five muslims demonstrating shouting etc and, upon investigation found it was some president on an official visit who had the nerve to object to gobby muslims in her country

        I wonder why

        And 5 gobby muslims becomes a bbc story

        funny that

        (all with a british passport who have considered and decided our foreign policy)

        RE Tommy Robinson ( previously known etc etc)

        get some muzzies in your next demo bound to be bbc headlines, or maybe I am missing the point


    • StewGreen says:

      @BBCNews deleted the tweet she was commenting on, cos people objected to the phrase ‘honour killing

      Pakistan ‘honour killing’: Two girls die over mobile video
      — PolitiTweet.org


  20. Guest Who says:

    10’ ago. Currently factual. How the BBC run with this will be interesting.


    China’s ambassador to Israel has been found dead in his apartment in a Tel Aviv suburb, Israeli media report.


    • G says:

      Chinese military exercises stepped up just recently with the information that the exercises are designed to simulate the invasion of an ‘island’.

      Said it here some months ago, watch out Taiwan and/or Australia. What’s the betting China will do an Argentina/Falklands?
      So here for the 2IC monitor:


      • Fedup2 says:

        Since we are taking the 4 horses for a walk we might as well roll out War to add to 2020 .
        A signature technique by any regime to distract away from guilt about giving the world a Chinese laboratory manufacturered virus which escaped into the open market food chain.,

        Can’t blame them for trying but it does raise the bar of human ( Chinese ) guilt another notch .


        • G says:

          Now would be the time with many countries becoming broke. Anyway, on the bright side, if conscription came along, you would see the dual passport holders fleeing to Pakistan and the Middle East or wherever the sh*tholes are, they come from………………..


  21. Beltane says:

    BBC hard at it this morning with Skier and Andy Burnham given all the airtime they could wish in labouring the ‘divided nation’ theme.
    Eminently Sensible Skier assures us that the divisions between the nations of the UK, created by Bumbling Boris and his mixed messages, can only do harm. And as the ESS knows perfectly well the divisions are entirely artificial and politically motivated but as a consummate politician he thinks truth is a bit passe.
    NI are keen to create another bargaining factor while Scolun and Wheels, both deeply anti-Tory, are busy being different simply to undermine and wrong-foot Westminster.
    All three devolved administrations – most especially S and W – couldn’t give a toss for the well-being of their people, they simply get a big buzz out of point-scoring while the few that actually vote for them foam with excitement and think they’re part of a winning team. Sad. And sadder still that the BBC seem so keen to promote and feed the divisions, though I’ve no idea why – perhaps the Guardian will explain?
    If only Edward the First was still with us.


    • G says:

      Not forgetting that Wales and Scotland preempted the UK Government and that was their decision to do so.


      • Beltane says:

        Indeed they did G – but do you think that was from a sense of altruism and genuine concern, or was it more important to look one step ahead of our government?
        Even if that decision might create longer term social and psychological problems?


        • G says:

          All for the sake of division however that comes, in true Marxist form.


  22. AsISeeIt says:

    Yet another example, if we needed one, of the BBC’s tedious boilerplate pro-EU bias


    And here’s the overarching and absolutely typical BBC problem – we’re presented with a piece about Italy’s relationship with Brussels which masquerades (cue colourful images of Venetian Carnival – for little other reason than to keep you reading since this is going to be a longish post about a dullish subject but one that I think raises some very important issues)

    Anyway, this BBC report pretends to be a factual news item with lots of facts and figures but is in reality no more than an editorialising opinion piece written by a journalist who fits acceptable pro-EU BBC criteria.
    Inevitably when the BBC asks in the headline – “Coronavirus: Are Italians losing faith in the EU?” we tend to guess the answer is going to be a resounding ‘no, the Italians love the EU, as we all should’ And so it goes.
    We are reminded Italy was hit early and hit hard by the virus – but of course we are not told where in the world the Chinese virus came from or how come Italy caught it so soon.
    Typically for a BBC report on the virus emphasis is placed on the numbers and very bluntly the size of the death toll. Analysis or insight tends to stop there.
    As for Italian attitudes toward the EU, we get an admission “Little help came from its European neighbours in those first weeks in February and March, as hospitals in the north were overwhelmed”
    Which, I tend to believe, is why we are getting this article. I would contend that an important motivation for BBC bias is that it gifts its supporters, the Left in general, a source of arguments and lines to take on current affairs. The problem being British Licence Fee payers have to pay for this one-sided argumentation and furthermore leaning into their traditionally respected heritage as trusted national broadcaster the BBC can guild their bias with supposed authenticity. I digress.
    Our report on Italy indulges nostalgia for the original Treaty of Rome and then does a micro vox pop bizarrely quoting one “Rome real estate agent Marco Tondo, 34” (perhaps a pal of the journalist?) currently redundant from his job and on 80% state support. “I have changed my mind a little on Europe. We are facing an absolute emergency, and seeing countries turning their backs on each other is really awkward”
    Note that Marco has changed his mind a little. I guess implying he used to like the EU rather more but now likes it slightly less. His notion that the present situation of countries turning their backs is awkward fascinates me here. Yes indeed, in an emergency the natural inclination for countries to look to their own priorities is rather awkward for those who favour supranational entities. Do you see what I mean about Marco being very likely pro-Brussels but more dismayed than disillusioned with the European Project? Well, that’s all we’ll hear from Marco. So Ciao, Marco!
    “How has Europe responded?” as this article rhetorically inquires. And it goes on to practically blind us with a blizzard of facts and figures amounting to not much more than a hill of beans – as the saying goes. Follow the money. Italy wants bailouts without strings – they would rather not be saddled like the previous Greek gift horse, but the Germans may not cough up this time – despite the virus emergency.
    “How has Italy reacted?” is our next bullet point in this BBC Cliff Notes guide to ‘Dr Brussels-Love’ or how I learned to stop worrying and love the EU.
    Here the political favouritism is pretty clear as the report judges the reaction of various parties to the EU bailout plans . “The centre-left Democratic Party backs the idea.” Molto bene!
    “But the anti-establishment Five Star Movement has warned the government would collapse if Mr Conte were to tap into the bailout fund.” Boo, hiss!

    “The main objection is from the far-right League party” Ah, at last, that BBC trademark ‘Far Right’ scare. You see only those beyond the pale, the Far Right types could really oppose Brussels.

    Now we properly get into the polemic where we are reassured by our BBC that the anti-EU opinion which we thought was growing is actually on the wane. See, look here, there’s an opinion poll “Although the League is still Italy’s biggest party, its popularity has been decreasing over the last two months, according to a survey by Demopolis.”

    “…the party’s handling of the Covid-19 crisis has come under close scrutiny” Cf Trump & Boris who – according to certain media opinion – have hardly put a foot right.

    As for the Italian economy, scarily, we’re not talking Unemployment rate anymore we’re talking Employment rate “..one of the lowest in the eurozone, decreased slightly to 58.8% in March from 58.9% in February.” That’s 41% Unemployment. I’m guessing there are a lot of Italian housewives categorised as potential workers in those stats and that bothers BBC/EU opinion. I digress there.

    Time for another mini vox pop. “I’m not a fan of the League, but Europe is proving once more to be useless, so we should leave the EU,” says Valentina Rosi, a 45-year-old former Rome shopkeeper who is now unemployed.” I sense what we have there is a view from the Left, historically Italy has a strong Communist tendency but far be it from the BBC to ever draw attention to the Far Left.
    Our BBC article seems to conclude that what we are looking for is an EU that will “reduce the big wealth gap between member states” Not sure everyone will be happy to pony up for that.
    Before we go we note our article’s author: “Stefano Vergine is a Milan-based journalist and co-author of The Black Book of the League”

    Hmmmm…. Quick google. True colours, somewhat disguised when writing for the BBC, are on full display here: “An investigative reporter tells James O’Brien how he concluded that Italy’s Interior Minister took financial aid from the Russian government to fund his European Parliament election campaign”


    “But Mr Vergine acknowledged that he couldn’t confirm whether the deal had been completed despite “knowing for sure there was a negotiation”

    “As for the reasons why Russia would be willing to finance League, it’s a very anti-European Union party,” he said.”


  23. G says:

    “Thank you for having me”. There is a growth in interviewees adopting the US habit of thanking the interviewer for their exposure. Thank the BBC? Quite a disgusting idea in my book. Having been interviewed by various radio stations, including R4 in the early 2000’s, I would never dream of thanking them for enlightening them about things they clearly cannot research themselves. For some interviewees, it may mean payment. If the case, pray tell us how much the BBC pay for a regular communist interviewee.
    The habit is becoming as bad as beginning a reply with, “So”.


    • JimS says:

      The closing line that irritates me, mainly used by ‘comedians’, is “And I have been Jo Bloggs!”

      To which my brain responds, “And who are you now?”.


      • G says:

        “And who are you now?”
        Yes, you have to ask that question in view of the gender fluidity that exists in the minds of some these days.


  24. Beltane says:

    And now for something entirely different….
    Marr’s ‘grilling’ of Angela Rayner a classic of its type. He asks the right sort of questions, such as: ‘Do you think the Labour administration in Wales should take responsibility for the care homes situation?’
    And you think, well done Andy, high time you took mature interrogation seriously….and then he simply lets Rayner ramble on uninterrupted on the Covid seeding in care homes and what a disgrace it all is and when are the government going to do something about it and Skier summed it up perfectly when he said…..What was the original question? Oh, we’re past that point now, let’s get on.
    As I write Marr the Maestro is at it again with Gove, though strangely he is far more probing and confrontational. Isn’t that odd?

    But then, why would anyone expect anything different from the fundamentally biased and scandalously divisive BBC?


  25. BigBrotherCorporation says:


    ‘Lib Dem election campaign ‘a high-speed car crash’, says party inquiry’

    A few quotes:

    “The party returned just 11 MPs, one down on the 2017 tally, and lost its then-leader Jo Swinson.

    The Lib Dems initially pitched for votes on the message that Ms Swinson could become the next PM, but the study found voters saw this as “unrealistic”.

    The inquiry also suggested sexism and misogyny featured against the campaign.”

    “”There was clearly a lot of misogyny and sexism at play, and Jo’s appeal to women also fell significantly during the election,” the report said.”

    “The party said its campaign messaging failed to appeal to enough voters from black and ethnic minority backgrounds.”

    Complete thrashing in the GE, and they STILL don’t get it, do they? Good Lord, they’re thick.

    This ‘appealing to women’, ‘appealing to BAME people’ etc… what a load of complete cobblers, ‘women’ and ‘BAME people’ I know have pretty much identical political views to us ‘white men’, at least the sensible women, and BAME, and BAME women, and white men, all seem to have the same views on politics in my experience, probably because they’re not all idiots, and can see when they’re being patronised, but what do I know?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Do you notice that after long election campaigns the BBC just wipes political slate .

      I remember sweater Swinson happily going on about how she was going to withdraw a50 without much of a challenge from those paid to “hold them to account “ .

      Judging by the comments by BBC types such as Robinson it maybe that so many people are seeing through the
      “ hold them to account” lie and BBC types are getting a slight touch of the jitters .

      I know I shouldn’t say this – but I really want to see a politician lose it with a Robinson or Preston or the golden one .
      Unfortunately it’s one of those sadly rare incidents which gets replayed and treated as the ultimate gotcha .


  26. digg says:

    As expected, the usual suspects including the BBC trying to use the North back to work grumbles all headed by left wing leaders against Boris in a hope to reverse the red wall and return Labour to power and reverse Brexit…

    Dream on!


  27. Darcy3 says:

    Despite the political discussion, I don’t think it is excessive to say that this is an unprescedented situation and a national emergency

    And, in such a situation, we can clearly see those who are helping and, unfortunatley, those who see an opportunity to make mischief (our laura carlsberg, )

    making mischief in a national emergency , well done Laura sleep well at night ?

    a fine line between holding power to account and basic sh@t stirring which the bbc ignorant, uneducated, ill informed, unwilling to listen, harridans seem well acquanted with

    night night Laura, thank f@ck you were not employed in 1940

    but there were many who managed to keep this country safe for your parents and get you a partial education so you can use clever arguments to attack the people trying to keep the country safe day after day after day


  28. Fedup2 says:

    The sun is over the yard arm and the better bit of Sunday is gone . So time for another busy thread


  29. StewGreen says:

    When the maths classes go back
    The kids can take a look at this BS “R Value graph”
    that the BBC has used multiple times on its website/Twitter since April 30th

    Which is not real data
    but appears to be ** Ferguson’s model ** with the “error bars” stripped off.
    A model which has this assumption built in
    ‘Lockdowns keep infections at bay’


  30. Loobyloo says:

    Coronavirus: They grabbed my breasts and said, ‘You’re not a woman’ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/stories-52668174

    FFS Al Beeb, even during a pandemic you have to come up with this STORY. Not news!

    Drip drip drip.