Midweek Thread 17 June 2020

We are witnessing the BBC morphing from a wholly biased anti British anti Right anti Judeo Christian propaganda machine into an undeclared Campaigning Operation without any controls or accountability. Its journalists AKA campaigners now preach from pulpits in the TV Studios on a daily basis ;
“ holding power to account” is now just a meaningless phrase for the BBC . Time to End it .

Start the Week Thread 15 June 2020

The controversial Far Left Biased BBC continues to campaign for a Far Left Political organisation .Views which do not accord with those of the BBC are ignored or slapped down . As a result more and more people are seeing the BBC for What it is and cancelling their licences .Perhaps one day the Government will do something . Meanwhile The twitter #defundtheBBC campaign is being disrupted by Twitter which is as infected as Google .