Weekend Thread 29 August 2020

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    The site had a lay down but on Friday afternoon . I blame the Biased Anti British Far Left BBC …the self appointed voice of the Marxist BLM front gang .

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    1. Fedup2 says:

      Not directly BBC – but guido reports a massive increase in suicide since covid . Watching the BBC cannot be good for mental health . Im glad im not exposed to it much


    2. Fedup2 says:

      UAE scraps boycott of trade with Israel – bet the BBC wont be celebrating that . I have always considered the BBC anti israel .


    3. Guest Who says:



      • BRISSLES says:

        Yeah ! go James ! great actor.


        • theleftwilleatitself says:

          Well said Brissles, James Woods is a dude and putting himself out there, a bit like Lawrence Fox over here ????
          Catch him in ‘Once Upon a Time in America’ if you can, he’s brilliant ????????


    4. Concrete sea says:

      I see the Beeb following on from its story that Banksy has funded an illegal immigrant rescue service in the Med (my words obviously) now says the ship is listing- definitely to the left and is in danger of going down. My suspicions are that the Banksy Rescue story is then followed on by a Rescue Banksy story. Very convenient and so typical of the Beeb. ‘A humanitarian imperative to save life’ (yet again). The usual destructive biased Beeb comments, as expected and not a jot of a suggestion as to how the issue may be addressed
      I really do wonder if the people operating and crewing these ‘rescue’ boats actually realise that they are just offering another safety net for illegals to be caught in. Such action will never solve the problem. It is not a long term solution, whether you feel empathy or not and we (Europe) have had years to address this matter.
      Leaving behind the Med, it doesn’t help when we find out that an additional reason for all those recent rubber dingy crossings from France is the dismantling of the illegals camps effectively forcing the occupants towards the White Cliffs of Dover. Following the eviction tactics, which strangely coincided with the fine weather, the French have the temerity to demand more money from the U K. for their mismanagement of the situation. Now, the weather appears to have changed, it will be back to the usual tactics of hiding in, on or underneath HGV’s travelling via ferry to UK ports in their dozens.
      So whether it is the Med or the English Channel, unless there is some serious action with our European neighbours plus changes in the law the UK will continue to be seen as rainbows end by the thousands still heading our way and the ongoing opportunity for the Beeb to accuse the majority of us as as being heartless b’stards.


      • john in cheshire says:

        So, shouldn’t Mrs Priti useless be asking the French for money to pay for the housing etc of these illegals?


      • taffman says:

        Concrete sea
        In the interest of national security an emergency should be declared, all asylum laws should be temporary suspended. The Royal Navy and Royal Marines should be tasked with defending our shores and borders . The Government has a huge mandate and should get on with it . Tory MPs must act now as we are in a seriously vulnerable position with so many possible terrorists in our midst.


    5. Doobster78 says:

      Oh dear. Banksy had a crack at one massive Virtue Signal and now he has a dead illegal on board his floating vanity project that nobody wants to help !!!!

      Actually can’t stop laughing !!!!!

      Any dead illegal immigrant is always mourned by the BBC and Lefties , there is always , always someone to blame and it’s usually the Government . Wonder how the BBC will try and spin this one ????

      Who will they blame ????? One things for sure, it won’t be Banksy for virtue signalling way way above his station !!!!!!

      Dear oh dear !!!!!


      • StewGreen says:

        4:41pm AFP
        The Italian coastguard said it answered a distress call on Saturday from a rescue vessel funded by British street artist Banksy, and taken charge of 49 migrants in most need of help

        Banky’s boat Twitter account blames Fortress Europe for 4 deaths
        So the lefty Virtue Signallers who encourage open border dream
        hold no responsibility ?
        1:30pm tweet
        Our new friends told us they lost 3 friends on their journey already.
        Including the dead body in our one life raft, that makes 4 lives vanished because of Fortress Europe
        … And we are still waiting


      • Charlie Farley says:

        Banksy ” artworks ” will sink in value after this !
        Torpedoes would sort the problem out .


      • Doublethinker says:

        Shouldn’t he be arrested on suspicion of manslaughter?


    6. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      My team, Sunderland, have played 3 friendlies building up to the start of the new season.

      I’ve seen each one on the tv and at no time was there any taking the knee stuff.

      I know the stadium was empty but there was a tv audience so it’s encouraging that there’s no virtue signalling going on (so far at least)

      Are we going to get almost blanket coverage now any time a relatively unknown actor dies. This black lad that’s just died is getting so much tv time I‘m wondering if I’ve been living in some parallel universe because I’ve never heard of him.


      • Concrete sea says:

        Emmanuel. I am very worried as I am thinking of taking up over 50’s walking football (in the over 60’s team) Much of the training is carried out in or near the local pub. If the team ‘takes a knee’ before our matches at least seven of us will be unable to get up. Perhaps there is some sort of Exemption form I can complete.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Concrete – I think the health and safety assessment of people taking the knee should be seriously considered – but I think we are passed ‘peak knee ‘ – I don’t think they did it in the champions league final and would be interested whether they did it in the charity shield …..


          • BRISSLES says:

            Well, if ‘taking the knee’ is going to be a permanent feature, then perhaps becoming an Orthopaedic Surgeon will be the career of the future.


            • Doublethinker says:

              With the BLM orchestrated riots in the USA and the mission statement of the organisation that they want to overthrow capitalism, how long can it be before the dummies at Sky and BT realise that they are advertising for their enemy?


    7. Dobyns says:

      I’m sure the dedicated bBc staff are working on getting this out ASAP


    8. smoogie7 says:

      Labour have tied with the Tories in a poll commissioned by the Guardian.


      The reason is because the biased reporting against the government. The BBC are clearly working with the Labour Party and remainers. It is obvious.

      I don’t care how he does it but I hope that Johnson deals with this. If he gets rid of the BBC then he gets my vote.

      I heard that it is being debated on in Parliament and as it is quite clear that the BBC is 100% biased then I hope that MPs see the light.

      Enough is enough now


      • Dave S says:

        Not surprised, Johnson has lost it as a PM. In such cases the opposition is bound to level up. Now his mini me Hancock has started to gaslight us with lockdown threats again .Votes are ebbing away.


        • taffman says:

          If the Brexit Party were running now they would take all the votes that they ‘lent’ the Tories and all the Tory votes to stomp home to with very popular government. Nigel Farage would be PM.


          • fakenewswatcher says:

            taffman – one hears virtually nothing about the Brexit party (and very little about Brexit) in the MSM. How is this to be remedied?
            If Nigel were PM, things would change. But it’s hard to imagine – back again to the treacherous MSM.
            Yet, we keep hoping that other avenues (I dislike the idea of ‘social media’ – a collective concept) will prevail over MSM. But, this seems to be going nowhere?
            A lot of people are still at home, Sunak has been spending like a socialist, Priti seems away somewhere, and as for Boris..
            Yet the little discord you do get is ignored by the likes of beeb, or looks pretty lefty anyway, when it does make a noise. Beeb is now completely engrossed in promoting black people, in whatever context. (One wonders if most of them have ever been to Africa, or have any concept of numbers?)
            Fools like Banksy get the publicity.
            When are we going to hear from the Brexit party? Shouldn’t it get a new name? Why does Nigel appear so isolated? I voted for it, but with a suspicion that EU immigration would be replaced by 3rd World mass immigration. strange…


            • G says:

              “If Nigel were PM, things would change.”

              Yes, we would have politics as US with outstanding displays of dishonesty by the MSM and opposition. (More that we’ve got now)


          • Charlie Farley says:

            Like many we voted for Boris because there was no Brexit Party , very disappointed with the outcome ….Border Farce and BBC just two things that need urgent attention .
            At least License Free now for us at Farley Towers !


      • JamesG says:

        Another reason is that Boris Johnson’s response to Covid-19 hasn’t exactly been brilliant, (taking into account the fact that he was ill with it himself. Well, shaking hands with hospital patients in March wasn’t particularly clever).


      • The WestWyvern says:

        A poll now, with 4 years left before the next election is pretty meaningless.

        Don’t delude yourself it’s the BBC and Labour working together. That’s been a given for decades. What is more telling is the utter incompetence of the Tories.

        Don’t expect them to deal with the BBC, Brexit, BLM, Channel Invaders, lefty teachers or slimball lawyers any time soon.

        With an 80 seat majority, Boris could have ridden the crest of a wave, sadly he’s floundering and about to drown, when he renages on Brexit.

        All we get from the tories is more threats of lockdown from a manufactured planned-demic.

        They will never get my vote again, as I suspect many others also.


      • Doublethinker says:

        Yes I agree if he gets us properly out of the EU with our sovereignty intact and gets rid of the BBC or , as a minimum, makes it a wholly subscription funded station , I will be well pleased. No other person who had a cat in hells chance of being PM would have done those two vital things.
        But the most critical issue of our times , mass migration of the third world into Europe and the UK, remains unaddressed and I never thought that Borus was the man to do it. But having accomplished the vital first step and consigned the foul corporation to the dustbin of Wokism a vital second step is to allow centre right non globalist news outlets free reign so that the truth about migration can be told. Once the people know the facts, understand where mass migration will lead to , then and only then can an anti mass migration politician win the vote. They must then ally themselves with Eastern European leaders. The path to that desired outcome is narrow and the opportunity will cease to exist in ten years time. But it is the only hope of avoiding the UK and Europe becoming a third world Islamic shit holes in the future.


    9. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      On resumption of the 2019/2020 English Football Season, every Premier League, Championship and FA Cup match had the taking of the knee Black Lives Matter protest before kickoff.

      Today we had the Charity Shield Match at Wembley between Arsenal & Liverpool, which heralds in a new English Football League Season. Before kickoff all players and officials continued with the take the knee BLM protest. As I suspected this is going to continue ad infinitum.


      English Institutions, one after another, are succumbing to woke idiocy in the “culture war” that is putting a close to post-Enlightenment Western Civilization.


      • Dobyns says:

        Broadcasting-On-Behalf …

        More like ad nauseum


      • fakenewswatcher says:

        What a pathetic sight…


      • The WestWyvern says:

        I thought the blundering buffoon liberal masquerading as Tory PM was outlawing junk food advertising.

        I can clearly see the chavs ‘food’ of choice on one of those banners.

        Amazing they can pass a law overnight without scrutiny to lockdown the populace but can’t do the same when it comes to junk food adverts.


      • BRISSLES says:

        Ah, but just see what happens when the crowds return, there’ll be more comments being shouted from the terraces than the clubs will be able to cope with. Its only being done now because there are so many BAME players in the league who want to do it, and the rest are just following suit.


    10. Jeff says:

      Well, I attended the anti lockdown protest in London and can report that it was a lively event.
      Thankfully no statues were threatened, we had some entertaining speeches and no police were injured.

      Although there were clearly thousands of us in attendance, Sky reported it as being a few hundred and thus far, the Beeb haven’t offered us a dicky bird.

      Perhaps next time we’ll have to assault a policewoman, hospitalise a huge number of coppers, attack the Cenotaph and scrawl graffiti on Winston Churchill’s statue.

      Then we’ll get some attention…


      • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

        I heard the BBC have already penned a piece about Far Right extremists breaking lockdown and endangering the lives of our beloved NHS workers and the vulnerable.

        Narrative dear boy, narrative.


      • fakenewswatcher says:

        Jeff – You jest, but only half so. There is a sad truth here. Or perhaps more than one?
        Society relies on self-discipline and civility. but those don’t make for a good media story. Especially not, if those exercising these virtues are undermining a favourite media narrative?
        That is what the BLM and Antifa types know. For them it’s two birds with one stone (as it were): make headlines, and find exhileration at the same time. Not to mention putting a little fear into those you hate?
        They have the additional satisfaction of seeing the forces of Law and Order standing by, doing nothing.
        So that’s really four birds?


        • G says:


          Times remind everyone of 1984. But here’s a suggestion for the BBC et al. Elliot Carver from ‘Today Never Dies’ (did I mean ‘Toady’ never dies – is there a message there?)


      • StewGreen says:

        5pm news
        “There were 18,000 protesters in Berlin
        and a much smaller crowd in London”

        Today’s Mail photo is bigger than hundreds


      • Oaknash says:

        Needs to be “largely peaceful”


        • Guest Who says:

          Or, as it is said about the Beebubble approved Greta lands…

          “ i stort sett fredlig “


          • Guest Who says:

            An interesting sub thread is ‘sparked’.

            Would love to see the major media host a discussion on such precedents being applied equally, especially in light of ‘if I think it is offensive, or ok for me to do, it is’.

            A year defined by hacks backlit by riots and conflagrations intoning to camera things are ‘largely peaceful’ on a tell it often enough triumph of hope over reality is hilarious if tragic.


          • G says:

            We already have the ‘Religion of Peace.com’ to record the numerical deaths and destruction wrought by muslims.

            Should we have a similar tally of deaths and destruction caused by BLM and blacks in general?


          • taffman says:

            Last year it was “gangs” or was it really “those men” again ?

            “Sweden’s 100 explosions this year: What’s going on?”


            • G says:

              Our acclimatisation. The UN realised that there would be a period of ‘adjustment’ when the UK started following their plan by importing the Third World decades ago. This period would be difficult in that the Brits had to adjust to filthy habits, raping British young children, islam and all that brings including becoming second class citizens to the imports. But then Bliar stepped up the numbers so intensifying the horror resulting, now, showing in increased violence as the imports force their true culture on us. I guess the UN people who advocated this policy had not, themselves, mingled with savages so they had no idea what they were letting the people suffer. Besides, they had their own protection so what effects you and me, would not effect them. A massive social experiment gone horribly wrong. If I live long enough to see retribution on these UN people please, God, let me witness them dangling from a rope by the neck alongside Bliar and some of the criminals they imported.


    11. Guest Who says:

      Cute. Not in a smart way.


      • The WestWyvern says:

        Enough of U Turns.

        U Boats preferable. In the Channel and Med.

        Torpedoes ready.

        A target rich enviroment.


    12. Guest Who says:

      New BBC N. America Education Editor?


      • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

        After the election of Donald Trump in 2016 I read several accounts of academics (invariably in English Depts & related and invariably female) who said they had cried in front of their class, cancelled some classes, and replaced others with classes talking about their intense feelings of despair and what to do about it.


      • fakenewswatcher says:

        Not only fired but, at the very least, arrest for incitement to violence. I’m sure there is more…


    13. jakita says:

      Glad you enjoyed it Jeff – i found it really heartening to see the thousands of sane people who do not believe the utter bs fed to us by the governement and MSM. it gives us hope for the future.


    14. StewGreen says:

      On Trump re-election
      Gorka and MG talked a lot of sense


    15. StewGreen says:

      Does the BBC have a problem with Britain?
      “No, understanding of the real people
      and they don’t care”
      “Trust is down from the 80% to 40%”
      “They don’t see difference between normal patriotism and extreme nationalism”
      “At the last election
      .. they got it so wrong
      but arrogantly think it’s the public that got it wrong”


      • Guest Who says:

        The BBC needs to bring back The Trust.

        If only to say they have put trust at the top.

        They say that a lot.


    16. Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

      The British Library’s Chief Librarian has said in public that racism is the creation of white people only. This is not the BBC but it sounds like it. A publicly funded body being run by the loony left.
      Perhaps this site should not restrict itself to the biased broadcaster but should encompass all such institutions captured by the woke?

      Years ago I used to question people why nobody defended the British Imperial history from unjust and just plain false attacks.
      The answer I received was generally “It doesn’t matter”.
      Well, look at events now! It bloody does matter. A country’s reputation and future in the balance because of the anti-imperial
      narrative that was allowed to develop.
      I can only remember one small but very good put down of the anti imperial whinging and that goes back to the 1970’s


      • LynetteO says:

        There is a huge problem for our society when history is re – written and attention needs to be drawn to all pubically funded institutions as well as the BBC who are doing just that . The article in the Telegraph about the Chief Librarian of the British Library was scary. But the most scary thing is that few people are concerned enough to do anything about it..

        A Professor of history informed his Radio2 audience, years ago, that the Jews were the first suicide bombers and the Arabs copied them ( referring to the Jews suicide in Roman times on Masada BUT the Jews NEVER committed homicide) .

        The BBC responce SAYS IT ALL “Not enough people would be offended” for them to do anything.


      • tarien says:

        Good piece Yasser.
        You may have read a piece I submiited concerning Libraries. Here is some of that subission.
        British Library Demands White Staff Support Black Lives Matter Thugs!The British Library, funded almost exclusively by ENGLISH TAXPAYERS, has demanded white staff support the thugs and communists of the Black Lives Matter movement.
        An internal email to “fellow white colleagues” demanded staff give money to Black Lives Matter funds for bailing out their looters and criminals and to back a petition organised by the Stand Up to Racism activist organisation and anti-English Loudmouth Diane Abbott.
        The email instructs their staff in “ways that white people can support the Black Lives Matter movement through both action and education by reading material on slavery, policing, and prison in the U.S., alongside a chart outlining overt and covert forms of ‘white supremacy’.”
        The email then pushes white staff to read books outlining their supposed racial privilege and “the works of Marxist authors”.
        They hate us because we are proud English patriots,
        sick to the back teeth of being told I MUST feel shame because of my nationality, my heritage and my skin colour.
        I am proud of the accomplishments of OUR ancestors and people and will not be told otherwise by snowflake liberals and immigrants who hate our country!
        sick to the back teeth of being told I MUST feel shame because of my nationality, my heritage and my skin colour.
        I am proud of the accomplishments of OUR ancestors and people and will not be told otherwise by snowflake liberals and immigrants who hate our country!


    17. Right Angle says:

      Well, well, whaddya know, first it was the over-75s taking on the BBC, and now it is the turn of the ex-BBC peeps plus (perhaps) the soon-to-be ex-BBC:


      I very much agree that the DM’s layout leaves a lot to be desired, what with the ad covering content and irritating videos flashing around somewhere (you would almost think they didn’t want you to read the article), so here’s the gist of it:

      “Sir Robbie Gibb – who was a senior BBC executive before becoming Theresa May’s director of communications at No 10 – is spearheading a drive to raise funds for GB News.”

      “Last night a source close to GB News said: ‘The channel will be a truly impartial source of news, unlike the woke, wet BBC. It will deliver the facts, not opinion dressed up as news.

      ‘Everyone who works for GB News will have total commitment to quality journalism, to factual reporting and to impartiality.’

      Broadcasters including Andrew Neil – whose show was axed by the BBC last month – and Julia Hartley-Brewer are understood to have been approached about working for both channels.”

      Eyes (and ears) are being opened!


      • taffman says:

        Sir Robbie Gibb ex BBC . I have concerns?


        • Fedup2 says:

          Taffman – yes you need to be concerned – below is a column written by Mr Gibb from Sunday’s Telegraph – he seems like Just another swamp dweller –

          “The BBC’s removed the patriotic anthem Rule, Britannia from the Last Night of the Proms
          The BBC’s removed the patriotic anthem Rule, Britannia from the Last Night of the Proms CREDIT: WILL OLIVER/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock
          If the BBC’s new director-general was in any doubt about the scale of the challenge he faces in reforming the corporation, events this week will have made it painfully clear.

          Tim Davie, who takes up his post next week, has already been forced to intervene to bring some much needed common sense to the BBC’s consideration of removing the patriotic anthem Rule, Britannia from the Last Night of the Proms.

          It seems BBC bosses were so fearful of causing offence to woke activists who claimed the song was racist, they ended up outraging the vast majority of the public who are proud of their country, its heritage and its traditions.

          What the Rule, Britannia debacle shows is that BBC decision makers have lost sight of who they are working for and are basing decisions on their own sensibilities, rather than the values and views of the audience they are supposed to serve.

          The BBC has been culturally captured by the woke-dominated group think of some of its own staff. There is a default Left-leaning attitude from a metropolitan workforce mostly drawn from a similar social and economic background.

          When the BBC moved some of its output out of London, it simply replaced metropolitan London with metropolitan Manchester, Leeds or Glasgow.

          The BBC has strict editorial guidelines and processes to ensure the sensibilities and sensitivities of its audience are paramount. But all too often, as one insider put it to me, “BBC staff are making programmes for other BBC staff – not for licence fee payers”.

          Once the gold standard of impartial, fair and accurate news, BBC journalists are increasingly letting their political preferences show. This can range from subtle bias, such as liking certain tweets, to flagrant breaches of the BBC’s impartiality rules – such as Lewis Goodall, Newsnight’s policy editor, grabbing the cover story of Left-wing magazine New Statesman, with his attack on the handling of exam grading.

          Over time, BBC’s news teams have focused on other priorities than impartiality – such as making an impact for a particular programme or raising the profile of individual journalists.

          Social media has eaten away at BBC impartiality, encouraging staff to see online success in terms of the number of followers or the number of times a post is liked or retweeted. That leads to news programmes seeking controversy and the “car-crash interview” while journalists blur the line between reporting and political commentary.

          There is an obvious long-term recruitment challenge for Mr Davie to grapple with but the BBC also requires more urgent reform.

          The erosion of BBC staff’s online impartiality is subject to an internal review, the results of which will be revealed by Mr Davie in a keynote speech on the corporation’s reform next week. But top-down decrees for a change of direction, no matter how correct, will fall foul of the pervading BBC culture unless enforced with radical action.

          The BBC’s editorial decisions are devolved to departmental heads, programme editors, item producers, reporters and presenters. That means, unless calls for reform come with a new system that rewards programme impartiality and is accompanied by rigorous enforcement, nothing will change.

          The BBC’s referendum coverage shows it is more than capable of enforcing impartiality. At the start of the EU referendum campaign, senior BBC executives and news editors met to discuss how to cover what promised to be one of the most potentially divisive political events in modern history. There was widespread concern that, regardless of outcome, the losing side in the debate would seek to blame “BBC bias” in part for the result. It led to the imposition of an “impartiality first” culture throughout the campaign.

          Programme commissions were regularly checked to ensure they represented a wide spectrum of views. It was used most notably to prevent soap operas, dramas and specials – from Countryfile to EastEnders – from injecting anti-Brexit political script lines just because it was deemed topical. On news output, everything from running orders and language to guest bookings were subjected to the impartiality test.

          Yet almost as soon as Britain’s verdict was delivered, the rigorous rules were relaxed and anti-Brexit bias and metropolitan “group think” crept back into the corporation’s coverage.

          What was achieved on a temporary basis can become the norm.

          In order to avoid political bias in news and entertainment, a cross-BBC steering group should be established. Its aim would be to ensure impartiality across all BBC output and that content genuinely reflects the outlook of the country. Impartiality should not be just part of the mix but the number one priority and starting point for every item and running order.

          In order to provide evidence and benchmarks on which impartiality can be judged, the BBC Board, working with the BBC Editorial Policy and Standards department, should commission regular Ofsted-style reports into individual programmes and how the BBC is handling a particular running story.

          The BBC can only be justified as a publicly funded broadcaster if it provides something its commercial rivals and newspapers do not – truly impartial news coverage.

          Over the past decade, the BBC has drifted away from its purpose and the people it serves. The arrival of Mr Davie offers a real chance to change course – BBC staff must not squander it.

          Sir Robbie Gibb is the former head of BBC Westminster and former director of communications at No 10 Downing StreetENDS


      • Scroblene says:

        Yes, an interesting piece, Yasser!

        What about the gorgeous Katie Hopkins and the superb Alex Belfield joining as well!

        The Daily Mail still suffers from ‘sparkle-gingerisis’, as it insists on printing far too much rubbish about an irrelevant couple of ex-royal spongers, living in luxury somewhere hot. I hope that if there is a real news station to get rid of the tiresome BBBC, they’ll concentrate on subjects which normal people want to read, not bits about foobollers kneeling down for some obscure reason or Pontins Camp lavatories.


      • john in cheshire says:

        Ah, but the real test of their intentions is would they give Tommy Robinson a job? And would they collaborate with Canada’s Rebel News?


    18. taffman says:

      \\Charles Walker, deputy chair of the 1922 Committee, said it is becoming “increasingly difficult” for Tory MPs to defend government policy.//
      Looks like ‘there’s trouble at mill’’, and Al Beeb have got it right this time ? What’s very surprising is that the1922 Committee have taken so long to act ? I would suspect his inaction on the channel invasion and getting rid of Al Beeb may have something to do with it.


    19. Guest Who says:

      Restrained review.


      • Guest Who says:

        Even more sad is there may be less well known composers of old, or new ones with new pieces worthy of rediscovery or discovery, if properly assessed on merit.

        However, the likes of the bbc prefer to invest exclusively in how it is packaged, that has no auditory bearing, and hence audience will be attracted, or not, on the same basis.

        The Fail Tweet… QED.


      • vlad says:

        Never mind the quality, feel the colour!


    20. infoquest says:

      Lockdown Sceptics has some excellent reading this morning – a good alternative to the usual sources.




    21. Guest Who says:

      BBC News investigates its own navel.

      “The BBC said it condemned “this stifling of independent journalism” and called for the Belarusian government to reverse its decision.“


      Top comment…

      “Independent journalism and BBC don’t belong in the same sentence. “


      • Guest Who says:

        Looks like Fran has mobilised Maxi elsewhere.

        “ Terry Tomlin no one is forcing you to read news from this page yankee. Then again, the state of your country and media, you don’t exactly get news, do you? You thick Americans make me laugh ”



    22. andyjsnape says:

      I watched this video yesterday,
      It made total sense

      Today I looked at the bBC website, and this


      • Jeff says:

        What an interesting find. He clearly speaks for so many of us.
        This erudite chap used several excellent phrases.
        One of them, comparing his education with schooling today. “We were educated, not indoctrinated.”
        Yep, in a bleedin’ nutshell!


    23. Guest Who says:

      BBC Newsbeat, the new normal. Sources say.


    24. Guest Who says:

      If Newsbeat is on it that likely means fisting.


    25. G.W.F. says:


      More help needed for the asylum seekers in the Med.
      What are the chances of a prosecution for people smuggling by left wing millionaire Bansky aka Yaxley Robin Gunningham.


      • G says:

        I note that the so-called, “asylum seekers” issue is becoming internationally toxic. Long may that last and, indeed, become more toxic along with the black issue since the majority of invaders are black. All inextricably linked for the Marxists like Soros.


    26. Guest Who says:


    27. vlad says:

      ‘Old School’ journalists lament the bygone tradition of “neutrality in news coverage, opinion reserved for columnists and editorial writers”.

      “Those lines have become increasingly blurred.”

      You listening Beeb?


    28. StewGreen says:

      BBC Crisis
      R4 Religion news prog : accidentally includes some actual religion news

      Nigeria : Mubarak Bala a guy in an area which is heavily Islamic loudly renounced the faith and became head of the Nigerian Humanist society , first they locked him up in a mental hospital
      then when he was released the police have disappeared him
      for 4 months now after arresting him on BLASPHEMY charges.

      Leo Igwe “Do you know how many Nigerins have been slaughtered in the last 3 weeks ?”
      The prog left this question hanging

      4 months ! and they only report now
      as if Black Lives only matter when they can be weaponised to push the metroliberal agendas of destroying British tradition or bashing Trump


    29. Tabs says:

      BBC1 The Sunday Morning Live programme had someone suggesting that the new brain chip being developed by Elon Musk “is a terrible idea as someone can control you to do something”…. but non stop BBC TV programmes telling you how to vote, how to ignore Islamic terrorism, how to believe in climate change without questioning it etc is perfectly OK though.


    30. StewGreen says:

      Progs other items
      – Children most unhappiest in the UK why ?
      – Trump supporting ministry boss Liberty university boss Farwell liked to watch his wife & her young lover, 7 year thing
      – Alice Roberts plugging The Humanists new book
      – Westminster Abbey archaeology
      – Australian archbishops don’t like the fact the Oxford vaccine is based on cells from a 1993 aborted fetus
      (The Catholic church already recommends people take such vaccines, on the lesser evil basis)

      – Clerics who are loyal to GREEN religion
      Christian Climate Action has issued a joint statement on behalf of Christians, including four Church of England vicars and a Catholic priest, who have been arrested for their part in past Extinction Rebellion protests. In the statement they say they are willing to risk being arrested or support others who may be.
      “Are you cherrypicking laws ?”
      Ans ‘we are allowed to break the law cos it’s too slow’



    31. Foscari says:

      For quite a few years the Proms has been an anathema for the
      BBC. Night after night this or that mostly white men playing
      that bloody “B” music ! If it’s not Beethoven it’s Brahms,Bach,
      etc etc.And worse of all their all WHITE !!!
      The BBC were desperate to find some women B’s. But you
      can only find the odd Laura Bowler.And on radio 3 you can only say the “the batsman’s Holding , the bowler’s Willey a couple
      of times for a laugh.
      So what was the BBC to do? Yes they could perform the son
      of an African slave girl ,Joseph Bologne’s music. The “black Mozart” whom Mozart didn’t really like is one black male B.
      But there aint that many.
      So the BBC came up with an alternative plan of action.If
      they were to carry on with this, what they believed to be an insult
      to their wokeness.Let’s start BANNING some of the stuff
      we think insults our Marxist anarchist beliefs .
      Richard Littlejohn wrote some great new words for Land of
      Hope and Glory on his column in the Daily Mail.These
      words I expect placate the BBC.But I seem to remember when
      I was about 4 over 70 years ago. My mum sang to me
      Land of soap and water
      Mother wash my feet
      Daddy cut my toe nails
      Before I go to sleep.
      No I think Littlejohn’s would be more acceptable for the BBC.



      • StewGreen says:

        Yeh cos something backed by the Islington Blue Socialist Party is going to be really different …. NOT


        • Fedup2 says:

          Even f it started a bit right wing it would soon find itself taking the BBC/SKY /ITV line on everything …..plus of course there would be the DFS/ Argos approved adverts …..


          • G.W.F. says:

            Rival news.
            The Mail
            ‘Broadcasters including Andrew Neil – whose show was axed by the BBC last month – and Julia Hartley-Brewer are understood to have been approached about working for both channels.’

            Would Neil ever criticise Islam? And would Julia Hartley-Brewer bring herself to endorse any of Trump’s successes?
            Murdoch is pro immigration and open borders.


    32. G says:

      A wonderfully compact assessment of the state of the USA right now.
      But no mention of the ‘Elephant in the Room’ – Decades of Chinese attempts to bring the USA down, from within.


      Can the US ever recover and turn things around? It is on a knife-edge at present and the only one standing any chance of rectifying the situation is, the current President. At least he will have a good go. A massive clear-out is required – ‘root and branch’.
      Same in the UK and we’re next on the Communists list.


    33. Jeff says:

      As a rule I don’t spend a lot of time hanging around in gents loos…Honest!

      However yesterday I spent an inordinate amount of time in London and popped into the loos at Victoria station a few times. BTW they’re excellent. Pristinely clean, spacious…and free!

      Anyway, something amused me. Because of Covid every other urinal had tape across it to stop you standing too close to each other. They also did this for the cubicles, which seemed bloody ridiculous, seeing as you’re separated by several feet and a wall! But I digress…

      What caught my attention is that although they go to all this palaver while you’re having a wee, when you turn around to wash your hands you’re standing elbow to elbow with your neighbour. Where is the rational logic in any of this?


    34. StewGreen says:

      Banky’s immigrant taxi-boat has transferred its clients to a bigger boat the The #SeaWatch4 immigrant taxi-boat.
      Who don’t seem to want to head for the safe ports of Tunisia
      but are rather demanding an EU port to open to them.


      • Thoughtful says:

        We should all thank Banksy for this, because it is inevitable they will end up in either Spain or Italy forcing yet another crisis and bringing the end of the EU that little bit closer.


        • taffman says:

          I wouldn’t speak too soon. Quicker than you can say “go west young man” they will be ushered on to Calais and hence to England as per usual.


    35. Guest Who says:

      🙂 This is fine.


      Unnamed and HuffPo, famous for an editorial team shot of peroxide, so treat accordingly.

      Funny to see the BBC getting the BBC editorial treatment though.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Guest – at first the idea of the BBC having a civil war is to be welcomed … but then again I think I know who would be allowed to win – and it wouldn’t be whitee .

        I thought the BBC was well on the way to bring the ABC – African or Asian Broadcasting Company . Once upon a time I’d have Ben reluctant to say ‘ if you don’t like it why not go home to the land of your fathers ‘ but now I have no hesitation .


    36. tarien says:

      Extreme issues to consider. Driven by WHO, the Geneva UN Medical Directors (UNMD) group has just issued a CONSENSUS STATEMENT for UN staff in Geneva that is essentially warning UN staff of stricter measures to be taken, such as mask wearing in the office when 2-meter distances could not be respected, as well as increased working from home again, when as recently as in June these conditions were relaxed. Working from home means separating colleagues from each other, connecting them by Zoom, but NO HUMAN CONTACT. That’s the name of the game.We know by now that nothing of this, masks, “cases / infections”, quarantine, lockdown, vaccination, or any other repressive measure have anything to do with covid.
      They are means and instruments for the New World Order (NWO) to “train” the population for total obedience and control by the invisible super power, or deep dark state. WHO plays a key role in this nefarious plan, as it still is regarded by most people and governments as an authority, as far as world health is concerned which sadly, it has ceased to be decades ago.A spokesperson of the Swiss Ministry of Health remarked, “if Geneva were a separate country, anybody coming from Geneva to the rest of Switzerland would have to go into quarantine.”
      That’s the level of fearmongering going on – justifying obliging face masks in public places and shops and closed areas.
      Small shop keepers and retail corporations, are losing customers rapidly.People do not want to shop with masks. They also find it useless. So, they migrate to online.shopping, much of it abroad. Retail losses are estimated at least at 30%. There is already talk of forcing a masquerade also in the streets. Likewise, new emphasis is put on ‘social distancing’. People are to be trained and reminded at every corner to stay away from each other. A masquerade with people walking – in lockstep – or standing two meters apart.Quarantine, livelihood destruction – an economic skyfall into more poverty, more misery, more deprivation, more famine – more death. Not covid- death, but socioeconomic death. That’s exactly what the eugenics fanatics are dreaming of. A decimation of the world population.
      WHO is part and parcel of the party, recommending these steps. Predictions, projections, threats, contradictions, anarchy in the cities – is fabricated on purpose not only to confuse, but also to repress and depress people. Hopelessness is an effective weapon.Who makes the tests?
      Is there an independent entity that controls the tests, monitors the tests, as to who is tested and when and with what frequency tests are carried out – and the results reported? For example, are people who are tested several times, also reported several times?
      Quite definitely the compulsory mask wearing is the most detested measure imposed by the deep dark state – the invisible masters that are pressuring us into a NWO scheme. They know it. They love it. They are psychopaths. And mask-wearing is dangerous, dangerous for one’s health and well-being.
      In most places in Europe, the new school year just began. Students in many places are forced to wear masks, where “social distancing” in class rooms cannot be respected. Many students have been interviewed throughout Europe – and probably on other Continents too. Their response is almost unanimous – masks are uncomfortable, concentration is faltering after about two hours, we are exhausted in the evening and often have headaches. No wonder, breathing your own CO2 instead of oxygen cannot be very healthy.
      Wait until you see how it works for vaccination – another ritual being prepared, as we are oblivious to what’s awaiting us in the next 5 to 10 years. Of course such information would never be aired by the BBC et al. We are living in dangerous times.


    37. Thoughtful says:

      “The BBC is “institutionally racist” claim a number of unidentified black employees, who said working for the publicly-funded broadcaster is like “being on a plantation”.”


      Although how any one of them would know what working on a plantation was actually like is beyond me!


      • Guest Who says:

        All media post FUBAR event lead with “It was like a war zone” quotes from folk unlikely do have ever been in one.


      • Richard Pinder says:

        Ten jobs at the BBC, for a Black employee, formerly employed on a Woodland Trust Plantation:

        (1) Cut Hedges annually to maintain good appearance.
        (2) Mow Lawns once a fortnight.
        (3) Spray weed killer in gaps in paths and other paved areas.
        (4) Enhance diversity of ground flora, as ordered by Lord Hall.
        (5) Cut overgrown areas of vegetation to prevent blocked access and excessive shading.
        (6) Water plants indoors once a week.
        (7) Wear cotton clothes.
        (8) Hand out the sugar.
        (9) Do not smoke tobacco.
        (10) Present Countryfile.


    38. Fedup2 says:

      Seems like a chief aim of the new chairman of the BBC is to reduce evidence of bias – not the lefty bias itself – by cutting out social media comments by BBC droids – Robinson is very careful drafting his comments and only slips up sometimes … but I think these people will disappear from twitter … hard to conceal their true beliefs though .


    39. Philip_2 says:

      BBC’s Britbox ads face Ofcom review BBC faces an Ofcom REVIEW of how it promotes commercial products on pubic service networks. For those that missed it the BBC have been busy plugging its BritBox (confirming its old news recycling policy) across the nation (in the Press, Posters and on- AIR TV and Radio) to promote its new joint venture with ITV. This is not the first time the BBC has been found sponsoring and promoting products and programs on its main public service channels on national Radio and TV. This is not the first time as the BBC has been found out in a ‘grey area’ that is banned as part of the Charter due to be revised in 2027. The BBC have over 200 UK TV and Radio channels and a virtual monopoly in UK broadcasting. It also owns several Freeview TV channels (recycling BBC programs) which accepts TV adverst. The money does not go into BBC but diverted to BBC WorldWide which does not have the same scrutiny (as its a private limited BBC company it can pay itself what it likes and is not covered by the BBC Charter). So technically sponsoring of anti-brexit google ads via its many off-shore companies (linked to BBC Worldwide) can all be denied, although its BBC branded or liked to BBC content). Which brings me back to the Ofcom review of this anomaly.

      Its NOT illegal – just bad practice as its an abuse of power by a public monopoly who can state this (ignoring any protests). A BBC Spokesman said on this very issue by declaring its a serial abuser going back decades, so ‘standard practice’ in the BBC.

      “The BBC has carried out a low level of cross-promotion on our linear channels for decades, such as with books and DVD’s, to help viewers find relevant programme-related material”

      Ofcom, the media regulator are seeking clarification and more information on its plans to promote BritBox on BBC 1 during Doctor Who episodes for example. There is no ruling on the BBC promoting commercial products (that the Taxpayer funds indirectly) and then able to claim tax advantages as if it was an independent. The BBC pays no Corporation Tax – for example – unlike other broadcasters – and has legal access to ‘offshore’ bank accounts through is many LIMITED COMPANIES ‘international sales’ featuring product such as ‘BritBox’ which is 10% owned and subsidised by the BBC, and hence TV taxpayer.

      On another note then BBC does accept BBC merchandising and Ad promotions on its ‘other channels’ outside the UK. The BBC Charter only covers the UK but it can do what it likes ‘off-shore’. And keep its money ‘off shore’ so pay little UK tax on earnings.

      Ofcom rulings tend to side with the BBC. The BBC claim that they are working for the national interest however in a recent poll in the DAILY MAIL published the same day (29th August) clearly shows the opposite. That we do not trust the BBC nor do we approve of the TV license fee or the huge BBC payroll and expenditure of ‘right-on’ issues of Woke and political bias.

      OFCOM REVIEW (THE TIMES) 29th August

      BBC POLL (DAILY MAIL) 29th August – printed edition
      poll removed from search engines for curious reasons:

      Poll asks:
      Should license fee be scrapped 65% yes.
      Is TV license fee outdates 75% yes.
      How much time do you listen to BBC TV per day: 28% (none at all)
      How much time do you listen to BBC Radio per day: 57% (none at all)
      * BBC claim that 90* are listening to its broadcasts (as it includes worldwide and online in its UK figures and has been reported by its own staff as entirely misleading as it represents these that ‘switch-on’ and then ‘switch off’ within 5 minutes. As listeners and viewers who find the content ‘offensive’ and ‘biased’ are not reported.. And that is how the BBC gain its ‘lisenting and viewing figures’. Independent its not.

      If anyone can find the CHART ‘POLL THAT SHOWS PUBLIC FAITH IN BBC EBBING AWAY’ – from page 4 of Daily Mail August 29, it is revealing and detaied. Mail Front page can be found here for that, could not find link to page article.:


    40. Nibor says:

      The BBC was never impartial during the run up to the 2016 referendum , it just curtailed and hid its feelings about Brexit , but still slipped up every day .

      “If the referendum result goes wrong ”

      Remember that ? That`s what they thought and that`s why they were never impartial .

      when they interviewed guests , and gave a last question about Leave or Remain , listen to their tone as they receive the answer .

      If the guest said Remain , BBC response was to nod as though receiving sage advice .

      If the guest said Leave , the BBC response was ” Really ?! You think that ? ”

      Biased BBC to the core .


      • Fedup2 says:

        Nibor – the piece i posted Sunday morning by an ex BBC droid who wants to set up a new TV station did make me wince .

        He claimed that whilst at the BBC he ensure coverage of the run up to the EU referendum was ‘ balanced ‘. A clear and obvious lie .

        So i hope someone else gets the channel – maybe someone relatively honest


    41. G says:

      I just switched Fatty Lardell off. 10 minutes of hearing that DJT has been throwing fuel onto the current fires and the like, I had to leave – quickly. A succession of Communists (or those enthralled with the potential for communism) were invited to pass comment. Not one real Republican but, I noticed that the BBC now prefer those who voted for DJT in 2016 and maintain they are ‘Conservatives’ yet claim they will not vote for him this time round. The preferred interviewee which helps them, eventually, mitigate the appearance of their position when DJT is voted in overwhelmingly.

      I wonder how long will the UK last for if DJT loses. I suspect it’ll start immediately: the Fifth Columnists will do an ‘Oswald Moseley’ immediately. We will have the same chaos and disorder on the streets.


    42. Sluff says:

      And here’s today’s seditious anti-government scaremongering s***-stirring effort from the BBC.

      Coronavirus- University return ‘ could spark Covid avalanche’


      Weird thing is that quote is not actually stated verbatim in the following story.
      Perish the thought that the BBC news editors are deciding their narrative beforehand and then making up the news to fit.


      • Dobyns says:

        Sluff, the NY Slimes and the Grauniad make up news to fit their narrative all the time.

        Why should Al beeb be any different?


    43. Sluff says:

      While readers were sensibly fast asleep at 0615 this morning, I awoke to discover Mrs S was too. We switched on the radio. BBC Radio 4 was on.
      At first it sounded like some completely unintelligible mish- mash but then all became clear. A series of singers were linked by all being black and moments later the presenter mentioned the dreaded word ‘diversity’.
      We switched off there and then. Totally dreadful. This remember even at 0615.

      The BBC are so obsessed with their own Leftoid pro-BAME, anti white British agenda that they seek to brainwash even when (almost) no-one is actually listening!!!!!!!

      At a more normal time of day, I should say that the other way round. Increasingly, no-one is listening BECAUSE of their Leftoid proBAME anti white British agenda.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Sluff, it got worse.

        I switched on at 6.30 a.m. and the BBC (short of money according to former DG Lord Hall – ex-salary in the hundreds of thousands) had raided the piggy-bank to send Anna Hill on a Framing (the Narrative) Today trip to New York. She interviewed Wimmin Farmers and you can probably guess what followed.

        Did switch off in protest at the propaganda but wanted to hear the 7 a.m. News so switched back on. When the Sunday Programme got going it was going to be ‘more of the same’ so the OFF switch mysteriously activated with a mere brush of the human hand.


    44. Halifax says:

      Toddler falls out of car in Accrington…a Toyota Prius and is seriously ill in hospital. Its common, very common in some communitys in the UK for young children to be unrestrained in cars which is against the law. I see many children stood on the tunnel holding onto the seat backs. Obviously the police won’t crack down on this as if they did they would be seen as being racist something that the BBC would be more than happy to support. I do hope the little one recovers, yet another victim of woke culture where laws rules and regulations don’t apply to some cultures within our society..


    45. Doobster78 says:

      Only the migrant workers concern the BBC . No other people struggling BBC ???


      • Sluff says:

        Nice proof that the multiculti BBC fascists think it’s OK for immigrants to send UK money overseas rather than have it spent within the UK economy.

        Is this the same BBC blaming the government for each and every economic negative arising from Coronavirus?

        Remember back in the day when the open door immigration apologists used to use mickey mouse calculations to show what a benefit to the economy mass immigration was?

        Was this what they had in mind?
        Well I suppose it creates jobs for Money Transfer shops.
        Why not add it all up and reduce the overseas aid budget by the same amount?


    46. Tabs says:

      The secret code in the news ticker on the BBC News channel currently saying, “Portland shootings: Fatal shootings as rival groups protest in US”.

      That means it definitely isn’t ‘white supremacist’ groups or ‘Trump supporting’ groups otherwise the BBC would say so. I can guess the skin colour of the ‘rival groups’.


    47. JimS says:

      On Saturday BBC 2 repeated Lucy Worsley’s Royal History’s Biggest Fibs, (originally broadcast this February).

      Some of us have been waiting for the BBC to make a pro-Brexit programme but so far it hasn’t happened. At least the pro-EU stuff has died down to some extent.

      But just as we are snoozing up pops our Lucy to tell us that Brexit goes all the way back to Henry VIII when our hostility to ‘Europe’ started!

      What she didn’t explain was why Britain (England) would want to be ruled by some guy in Rome and why, if we have been hostile to Europe since Henry, we joined the EEC in living memory?

      It’s almost as if James I came, along, we realised the error of our ways, became Catholic and European for the next 400 years until that nasty Mr Farage, assisted by President Putin, fed us lies about Henry VIII and we voted ‘the wrong way’!


    48. Up2snuff says:


      Fed’s post
      Up2, Having wondered about central London for the first time in a very long time today I’m pondering what will happen to all the guest workers when the jobs dry up – which I’m now thinking will happen .
      Previously I believed there would be a V recovery but now – I don’t think so – confidence has gone – discounted dinners appealed to the few – in my view – and it will take a lot more to jump start a dead economy and I don’t know that the government has the economic power …

      Up2snuff replies

      Problem is Fed, that HMG (those from all parties, incl. the Coalition) made commuting so expensive and such a miserable experience on unreliable, packed commuter trains or on potholed, uneven cambered roads that are at a standstill, that as soon as the average office worker got the excuse and the means via Skype and Broadband to work from home, no-one in their right mind would turn it down. Diligent workers for good employers have probably split the time saved 50:50 so some businesses will be getting an extra boost from greater productivity just at a time when they really need it most.

      Who wouldn’t say ‘No’ when offered the chance to ride expensive, crowded trains for hours or face even more expensive, more crowded, just as long and as frustrating and tiring drives and battle for parking places to an office when there is a much more pleasant alternative. Wake, tea, coffee, shower, bath, breakfast and start after a short commute from kitchen or dining room to the lounge and the computer desk? Or a trudge upstairs in thirty seconds to the attic or smallest bedroom that is a SOHO. 😉 Small, Own Home Office – in case you didn’t guess. 🙂

      It’s the pure economics of real life.

      The present Government is merely reaping what previous Governments – Labour, Conservative, Conservative/Liberal Coalition have sown over sixty years. You see that in the High Street crisis – largely due to taxes on cars, car parking and on property – you see that now in the new crisis for City centres and business districts. The economic water always runs downhill.

      As the present Government appears to be willing to reconsider all policy decisions, now is the time to:
      1. Re-nationalise the Railways – and no, not create another QUANGO – but have one person, a railwayman, in charge and accountable to Government and to subsidise fares for the foreseeable future
      2. Scrap all forms of transport taxation and create car parking facilities not restrict them, enable traffic flow no longer restrict it and restore the nations roads that have fallen into their worst ever condition
      3. Abandon Council Tax and Business Rates and find an alternative


    49. Woodenfish says:

      Now that so many Brits eat fried eggs with their fingers, not everyone realises that once upon a time even working-class people commonly used a “knife” and “fork”. Come again? Gary Lineker hosts this nostalgic look at the once-popular utensils and shows how to use them when eating a bag of crisps.