Start the Week 31 August 2020

The eve of the Tim Davie era . Will Mr Davie be the last chairman of the failing Far Left BBC in its current Marxist campaigning form ? Lets hope so. Apparently his first speech will be on Thursday when he will talk about ‘impartiality ‘ and keep a straight face – which is why he is paid the big bucks .
Meanwhile there are plans afoot to have a new British Broadcaster …

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  1. StewGreen says:

    From the lefty activist Twitter account which pretends to be a barrister , but has made obvious legal mistakes .


  2. StewGreen says:

    On Saturdays the BBC publish Greg Jenner’s “history podcast for people who don’t like history”

    This weeks topic “Notting Hill Carnival”


    • john in cheshire says:

      Here’s a little known fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of the indigenous peoples of my country, England, are opposed to the Notting Hill carnival.


  3. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    Another day, another promotional for activist marches directed at British children:

    The middle story promotes Extinction Rebellion’s ten days of protest. It gives a justification as to why kids must support the group and provides links giving details of the planned marches and protests. Of course nowhere in this promotional are warnings regarding mass gatherings and the spread of coronavirus.

    On one hand the BBC has been urging British children to go on various mass gatherings in support of woke agendas (BLM, Extinction Rebellion, Anti-Oil …) while on the other hand they have been condemning mass gatherings it does not approve of as irresponsible and dangerous.

    Immediate political action is needed to defund the BBC and to stop its hypocrisy and radicalisation of British kids.


  4. Fedup2 says:

    And the BBCs owner media reporter writes a long piece today about the new DGs ‘hellish’ job …. but strangely omits the rapid decline – just ‘more competition ‘. And reminds us that there will be a new Droid chairman – and wonders if someone called David Cameron would be suitable. ?

    Well he managed to facilitate our exit from the EU against his own wishes so maybe he can achieve the double and extracate the British from what has become a tax paid alien broadcasting monster

    As for new chairman – I’m putting my money on Ruth Davison – but she’d need to black up …


    • Oaknash says:

      FE2 – Ruth Davidson another non conservative Conservative had a piece in the Guardian about the BBC.
      I sort of got the impression that she still thinks it is reform-able. Apparently if they had sorted out the pay disparity between the likes of Gary potato crisps and Carrie Gracie everything would have been OK , because that is what we all care about.

      No Darling its not, this hullabaloo as you well know was merely a red herring to give the impression that male/female pay disparity was the problem with the BBC not the fact that that it is staffed by lefty hugely overpayed progressives and the majority of its output is about always pushing the Cultural Marxist line on everything. it needs to go as soon as possible

      Maybe Ruth should spend her time and not so pretty little head thinking about kittens and ribbons or doing some ironing as I think actually seeing this poisonous nest of treacherous vipers for what they are is quite beyond her.

      As a general point I seem to be getting the impression that the penny has now dropped with even the most BBC loving media types except of course the likes of the James O no Brain that Aunty has finally dug her own grave.

      It reminds me of the DABDA grieving scenario, We have had the Denial that they are doing anything wrong, lots of Anger that we dare to critiscise them and now they are bargaining .

      Unfortunatly the BBC has got away already with destroying much of our culture , but it would be nice to at least see some depression and even a few tears from these clowns.

      Heres hoping …………


      • Fedup2 says:

        Oak -i wrote something about the Ruth Davison piece yesterday – it looked like a job application to me .

        And yes the RMS BBC is destined to plow full speed into the iceberg of public opinion
        Despite all those ‘ ice ‘ warnings it has received . But no one was listening .


        • Oaknash says:

          I saw your piece and yes nothing would surprise me. Just another liberal shill claiming what she sees as rightfully hers.
          Even now I still think that if the blonde bluffer did not lose too much credibility I still think he would give them “one more chance”

          It is so telling about who rules this country if it was the semi middle class concerns about the proms that finally sunk the BBC. Dont get me wrong I too was certainly a little p####d off when they thought playing Britannia at the proms was sending the “wrong” message , but we have had years of BBC hurting the normal people of Britain and nothing was done by governments and establishment
          Concern about high immigration rates – that was dismissed as “waycist”

          Ignoring and slating the peoples decisions to leave the EU – justified because Aunty and her friends knew better and 16 million of us were racist.

          Concern about foreign aid – waycist

          Concern about Hua wei – just ignored , until it couldn’t be

          Concerns about thousands of kids raped by Muslim gangs up north – racist

          Concerns about hate crime and loss of freedom – dismissed as “far right” concerns.
          Bit of a theme going on here dontcha think!

          And yet it is the potential loss of a middle class sing song at the Albert Hall that could finally be the undoing of this disgusting organisation.

          Its a funny old world.


  5. StewGreen says:

    R4 drama is supposed to be Agatha Christie
    set after war
    within 2 mins they got in the idea that the Tories “opposed the Health Service”
    .. AFAIK that is not true ..a lot were for itm


    • JimS says:

      The Beveridge Report and the follow-up white paper, A National Health Service, were produced in 1944 under Conservative minister for health Henry Willink, i.e. the NHS was a Conservative idea that they couldn’t put into practice because they lost the 1945 general election.


  6. Concrete sea says:

    I see Marcus Rashford (MBE pending and England football captain in waiting no doubt -Paul Ince was the first black captain so no big future news there) has made Beeb ‘news’ again. ‘Marcus Rashford brings food brand giants together to tackle child food poverty’
    The article later says under the banner of ‘Reality Check’ that ‘2.4 million children in the UK are living in food-insecure households’. Like me you may be wondering what a ‘food insecure’ household is. Some house where food escapes, climbs from the fridge and legs it ? Well no, it is apparently ‘Without access to a sufficient availability of affordable nutritious food’. This survey was completed during lockdown.
    Ah so that is a slightly different matter as I was beginning to think we were living in a poor 3rd world country, water and food shortages etc
    No mention of ignorant parent(s) stuffing their kids full of junk (‘He only eats nuggets and pizza’)
    In my opinion Marcus is offering yet another safety net for people, with a few genuine exceptions, who can’t be ar*ed to reasonably look after their offspring and family finances.. His efforts which will no doubt run for the next week or so would be better placed hammering into these people that a balanced diet is good for your kids health, with some home economics thrown in.


    • BRISSLES says:

      I shouldn’t have laughed (but I did), on being interviewed it was said he had written a letter to the Prime Minister. I thought, I bet that was worth reading – he can barely articulate a couple of sentences, so it would have to be a genius to decipher any letter written.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        I’m sure his people wrote it for him. Modern footballers have more servants than Downton Abbey.


  7. Thoughtful says:

    I learned of this from an acquantance whose wife had taken part in the anti Paedo protest in London last week which the #scum media are refusing to cover at all!

    It’s plain an agenda is at work in the MSM and that this is not an accident, it is deliberate and organised, although by whom I cannot say.

    Note at the centre the child with the placard “Defund the BBC” !


  8. StewGreen says:

    No to Racial Quotas say the 2 old-timers


    • Fedup2 says:

      I disagree . BBC jobs should go to the most inept – poor – coloured – female ‘ presenter ‘ as possible to hasten the alienation building up so nicely and quickly .


  9. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    The BBC have updated their top news stories to children:

    They are going all guns blazings to brainwash kids to the woke agenda. Cultural Appropriation, White Privilege, Reparations for Slavery, Churchill the Racist, Woke Agenda Marches – it has been endless over the last few weeks. It is absolutely shocking, reprehensible, sickening from the BBC.


    • theleftwilleatitself says:

      Is black people having straight hair not ‘cultural appropriation’?
      It’s utter nonsense as usual and just another reason to have a pop at naughty white people ????


  10. BRISSLES says:

    I reckon it will take another 4 generations and there’ll barely be any white indigenous left in this country, then who will the offspring of the Wokists blame for their lot then ?


  11. StewGreen says:

    “Look over there on Facebook , Covid misinformation, and Neo Nazis, Eastern European ones
    .. and Kenosha that was far-right on Facebook”
    said Imran Ahmed voice of The Centre for Countering Digital Hate. 13:50pm Talk Radio.

    Always ask if an NGO is a Trojan Front for something else
    Socialists do seem to use such front groups as a tricky way to neutralise POLITICAL opponents.
    Imran’s org shares some staff with Labour.

    He says he is Washington presenting to congress
    and on Thursday will publish their new report on Covid19 Fake news
    a seemingly laudable cause
    but see this

    Desmog is a front group for PR people promoting the Greenblob’s agendas.


  12. Woodenfish says:

    GOODBYE TO ALL THAT: The idea that you have to be stupid to be a senior executive in broadcasting is contentious to say the least. Our investigation starts in 1961, when 10-year-old Tony Hall uttered the last sensible remark of his life, namely “Mum, we’ve run out of chocolate biscuits.” Later that day his mind went completely blank, marking the start of a career that saw him lead the BBC to a level of social cohesion and public acclaim unseen since the time of the Great Plague. Tonight we talk to Anna Soubry and the other one, Heidi something, who are backing him to be the next Archbishop of Canterbury.


  13. taffman says:

    “Plans for independence vote to be published in draft bill”
    Krankie is living on hope that Scotland will rejoin the EU.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      I’m sure the EU would be delighted to welcome another bankrupt failed state. With oil at $40 a barrel, Scotland is going to have to sell a lot of whisky and shortbread to make ends meet.


  14. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    This is where the licence fee goes – in producing endless propaganda features for Black Lives Matter such as these:

    Headlined throughout the BBC website:
    From Trayvon Martin to Colin Kaepernick: The story of Black Lives Matter in sport

    Headlined on the BBC children’s channel:
    Eight times American athletes took action

    The BBC are out of control wasting the licence fee on endless woke propaganda masquerading as “news”.


  15. Sir_Arthur_Strebe-Grebling says:

    Last week I woke up to hear bBBC Radio Merseyside advertising that Widnes foodbank had devised a new iPhone app. Important news if you are one of the foodbank ‘clients’ who choose to spend £1,000 on a new phone instead of buying food for your children.,but%20are%20not%20limited%20to%3A%20Latest%20news%2C%20%5D


  16. taffman says:

    What’s wrong with Adele wearing her hair as she likes? “Cultural appropriation”?
    It goes to show these snowflakes have nothing important to worry about . There are a lot of BAME in this country dressing up in a three piece suit and tie. Isn’t that also “Cultural appropriation”, or does it only work one way ?

    Not in Al Beeb yet but its a safe bet they will cover it, unless the new DG is moving the broadcaster away from its woke obsession. I bet Ernest Owens wears a ‘western suit’ .


  17. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Adele wears her hair with lots of knot bunches. A Bantu something or other.
    Lots of lefties and the wokerati get themselves terribly upset because it’s something they call cultural appropriation.

    OK, she’s done her hair the way they do it in another place.

    SO WHAT!

    Does it matter?
    What’s the problem with that.

    In the 60’s most of us (boys) copied Elvis’ hairstyle.
    The Supremes had their hair straightened.
    Petula Clark had a perm.
    Eric Clapton got an Afro.

    They really are a sorry lot all these babies whingeing about cultural appropriation and getting outraged by all their perceived mini offences.

    However could they cope if they had a war such as WW1 or 2.
    I suppose it might reset them and turn them back into normal people instead of the coddled, wrapped up in cotton wool, virtue signalling Mammy’s boys and girls.

    Just noticed your post after I put this on.
    GMTA (one for Fed to work on)


    • taffman says:

      Emmanuel Goldstein
      GMTA ? Translate please .

      Also, how many Black people not originating from the Bantu tribe are wearing ‘Bantu knots’ ?
      Great Britain is or was the land of the free and we can wear what ever fashion we like .


      • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

        Great minds think alike.


      • Donbob says:

        For the sake of clarity and in the spirit of good community relations I shall not be wearing a loincloth or banana leaf thong in the near future !


        • Concrete sea says:

          Donbob. I’m afraid bananas seem to offend a lot of people these days (I quite like them actually). Especially if thrown at said person during a football match etc.
          I mean, you could rise above it all, ignore any silly gestures and get on with your life. The alternative is to contact the Beeb and wail and moan that you have been discriminated against, then make the news and ultimately find a good lawyer to waste lots of public money pursuing an apparent lost cause, but 3 people will support you and the minority wins again. £££s may be yours soon.


        • Nibor says:

          Didn`t Tony Blair appropriate Indian garb when he visited that great country on one of his multifarious visits ?

          Should the Police not take their boots off when going into a mosque because its appr….whatever

          Should BAME people not take part in democracy because its cultural app something ?

          Should Muslim women of a certain culture not vote because that`s culti copy ?

          the list goes on .


    • G.W.F. says:

      As long as she did not wear a ju ju stick and a bone through her nose.


  18. taffman says:

    “Arrests as Extinction Rebellion protests begin across England”
    How will ‘Kant and Dick’ handle it this time ?
    Why don’t they pop over to India and China where they are needed most?


    • Oldspeaker says:

      Incredible, blm, extinction rebellion, loud mouthed busybodies everywhere it would seem, or is it same people different uniform.
      Protester Karen Wildin says “everyone needs to hear the message”.
      Just like blm yet another group of overly vocal big mouths trying to impose their will upon the rest of us.
      Chicken Little says, I mean Sarah Lunnon says “Of course we’re in the middle of a pandemic but we’re balancing the risk”
      So, £10,000 pound fines all round then.


      • john in cheshire says:

        Aren’t women, particularly young white women, over represented as the mouth-pieces for these lefty trouble-making gangs?


  19. fakenewswatcher says:

    The obscene bbc broadcasts a programme entitled ‘The Anatomy of Guilt’ at 4.00 on Radio4 this afternoon, which tries hard to make you and me feel very, very guilty.
    The first half of the programme examines the Nazis, and asks whether there can ever be such a thing as collective guilt, i.e. were ALL Germans responsible for ‘war crimes’?
    Suddenly, the programme moves on, quite naturally and without so much as a pause, to ‘slavery’ and ‘colonialism’. The effect is that these ‘crimes’ are elevated to the same level as Nazi guilt.
    Of course, the fact that under Stalin Communism wiped out many more millions than Hitler ever did, or that Communism under Mao did ditto is not mentioned at all.
    As regards slavery and colonialism, MONEY is suddenly thrown into the narrative. There needs to be financial recompense to those who committed ‘slavery’ and ‘colonialism’, the speaker assures us.
    In case you didn’t know who the innocent were, there is a mention of George Floyd, possibly even Jacob Blake. BLM I think. So astonished was I at the bizzarre insinuations pouring forth, I think I lost track of the narrative, which had -in any event- become rambling and incomprehensible. A pretence at high philosophy had descended into the gutter of propaganda.
    It is really high time that this entire organisation is not simply defunded, but actually shut down.


    • Doublethinker says:

      There are several critical differences between the position of the German nation after WW2 and western countries which practised the slave trade.
      The most obvious is that WW2 is still just within living memory and until the last decade or so every German would have known people who were alive when the Holocaust took place. I suppose that the concept of collective guilt could just about be stretched to cover those who were alive at the time , even if they did not participate directly , but certainly not to those who weren’t alive.
      Trying to stretch the concept to cover people who are alive today for acts committed two hundred years is clearly lunatic and anyone advancing it should be laughed at as a Woke Wanker.


      • JimS says:

        As the BBC tells us continuously the only British are those that just arrived, there are no indigenous Britons.

        We are all immigrants!

        Slavery? Colonialism? Nothing to do with us BBC!


  20. Guest Who says:

    Extra Gin in American Booty’s cornflakes?


  21. StewGreen says:

    9pm BBC1 Activist show against plastics
    with Anita FanciesHerself HughFW

    9pm Sky “A Black Lady Sketch Show” ..Sky adds 4 to its quota.

    11pm BBC4 The Stolen Maharajah
    The Indian royal boy brought to Britain.

    I’m sure you’ll be listening to Sir Lenny’s Radio4 sketch show at 6:30pm

    8pm the non loaded title “Universities in Crisis”


    9pm The new All Creatures Great and Small
    10pm Original : Are You Being Served


  22. StewGreen says:


    • Northern Voter says:

      Why do they need so many rozzers? A pair of handcuffs and a 1cwt concrete sinker apiece, jobs a gud un. Could slash the police bill by a large amount.


  23. fakenewswatcher says:

    Beeb are really singing the praises of Marcus Rashford over and above the call of duty.
    While what he is doing is admirable, it is no different from what hundreds of other people are QUIETLY doing to the best of their abilities- as per the biblical admonition, in many countries throughout the world. He seems happy to join in with a little self-promotion.
    One wonders what the waxing lyrical over this new saviour is supposed to convey to us?
    Providing a platform to greater things, perhaps?


    • Guest Who says:

      Marcus – BBC fave footballist
      That bloke with a mansion in Devon – fave BBC pop superstar.
      Nadiya or Jack – joint fave cooks
      Fave artist –


      • BRISSLES says:

        It wasn’t enough that we were bombarded with tales of Nadiya’s depression/anxiety and racist abuse, what ? 12-15 months ago ? she’s now banging on again about Covid depression and looking suitably wistful on a few front covers.

        Then there’s Moti Obusi (whatever) – judge of Strictly, also banging on about how she sobs at the airport in Germany at leaving her offspring when she flies to London. FFS !

        These minor slebs are not exactly handcuffed and frog marched to undertake their highly paid jobs, in fact there are probably far better cooks and far better (and cheaper) professional dancers in this country who could be used as a judge on Strictly, so I wish they would sodding shut up , take the money and p…ss off. Rant over.


  24. john in cheshire says:

    Stefan at Sanity4Sweden reports there is a new political party in Sweden; the arab party.
    And they’ve issued a bulletin about it which includes the ‘advice’ to white indigenous Swedes, that they should leave the country if they have no commitment to ‘diversity’. I’m paraphrasing but that is the gist of what Stefan is reporting. The invaders are telling the real Swedes to get out of their own country; the only thing missing were the words ‘or else’.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      But presumably they don’t want all the real Swedes to leave? I mean, they will allow the girls and young women to remain, surely?


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      But presumably they don’t want all the real Swedes to leave? I mean, they will allow the girls and young women to remain, surely?


      • G.W.F. says:

        Don’t let the white Swedes here. They created the problem and have probably not learned enough to stop them spreading it in their next country.


  25. Guest Who says:

    House journal ROFL.


    • Jeff says:

      Oh yeh, some of those fabulous Radio 4 “comedians” like Marcus, Sandi and Sue are absolutely side splitting.

      Or do I mean throat slitting…


  26. Concrete sea says:

    Hey your forgetting about ‘spring water’, Aberdeen aged Angus, haggis and clootie dumpling.


  27. StewGreen says:

    Advertising industry still pretends the UK is 60% non-white

    As well as this government advert Twitter also pushed a promotional tweet at me for Jeremy Vine’s new book


  28. StewGreen says:

    Is XR about Global Warming or is it a FRONT for something else ?


  29. StewGreen says:

    Twitter hid GPT’s reply

    Nihal sounds a bit triggered


  30. Guest Who says:

    £5,000,000,000 per annum.


  31. Fedup2 says:

    Allison pearsons piece in the telegraph


    Dear Tim Davie,
    Congratulations – or perhaps it should be commiserations – on becoming Director General of the BBC. As you take control of the bridge, the iceberg is already amidships and the band has struck up Abide With Me. Not that anyone at the Beeb would countenance the singing of such a dreadful, old-fashioned and almost certainly white-supremacist hymn. Not when there are inclusive and excitingly diverse Ndebele folk songs still to be inflicted on the licence payer.
    You think I’m joking. I wish I was. That distaste for the indigenous, the reflex sense that anything non-British or, better still, anti-British, is what the audience needs has contributed to the perilous situation in which a once-cherished national institution now finds itself. The BBC despises the people who pay for it and, increasingly, the feeling is mutual.
    I have no doubt that the furious backlash over changes to the Last Night of the Proms was swiftly dismissed by your staff as the grumblings of a few Colonel Blimps who still eat red meat and don’t even read The Guardian. Actually, as a YouGov survey discovered, 55 per cent of the public opposed the decision to remove the lyrics of Land of Hope and Glory and Rule, Britannia!, with only 16 per cent thinking the instrumental compromise was the best solution and a minuscule 5 per cent saying the songs should not be performed at all.
    The majority of BBC staff are in that 5 per cent. You should be very worried about that. If the ability to embody the mood and concerns of a nation is the job description of a public service broadcaster, then your present workforce is spectacularly ill-equipped for the task. Clearly, the Last Night festivities are not to everyone’s taste. Some people find all that flag-waving a bit silly, even nationalistic, but they wouldn’t presume to censor other people’s pleasure as the BBC did.
    Liam Halligan, my co-presenter on the Planet Normal podcast (do have a listen, Tim, you might be interested to hear what people beyond the metropolitan elite are thinking) points out that three of his friends absolutely adore the Proms. They are, respectively, Jewish-British, Asian-British and black-British, with the British part of their identity finding full, joyous expression in the Royal Albert Hall.

    When did the BBC broadcast something that suggested that many people from an immigrant background love this country? I can’t remember the last time I heard anything other than grievance, grudge and daily griping about racism (which afflicts the UK far less than comparable countries, not that you’d know it).
    Let me give you one example. Back in June, when Isa Guha joined the Test Match Special team, Radio 4’s Today programme invited her to share how “resentful” she had felt as an Asian woman in a white, male-dominated industry. That’s Isa who played cricket for England and landed a plum broadcasting job by the age of 35. On merit. Not too much evidence of institutional racism or sexism there, you might think – but the BBC had to find fault. I switched off in disgust.
    Sorry, Tim, but I’m always reaching for the off switch these days or hurling things at the telly. Along with millions of others, I’m sick of being told that my Middle England, centre-Right views are “unacceptable”. Sick of something I tweeted being savaged by Nish Kumar on the astoundingly unfunny Mash Report. I’m so tired of programmes on Radio 4 in which Yusef laments the fact that being one-legged and 19 stone cruelly disqualifies him from being a ballet dancer, which is evidence of “discrimination”, apparently. How very hard it is to satirise the BBC woe-fest of woke. It’s already beyond parody.
    Too often even the best BBC content is filtered through a lens which makes the lazy assumption that everyone shares the politics of BBC staff living in the leafier London postcodes. Who can forget Emily Maitlis’s stricken face on June 23, 2016, when David Dimbleby announced that the UK was leaving the European Union? Oh, the horror! Hull and Huddersfield had rudely intruded on the de-haut-en-bas habitants of Holland Park.
    After the referendum, the BBC made what may yet prove to be the fatal error of becoming Remainer Central. It cast aside all pretence of impartiality as reporters combed the streets of Brexit areas looking for anyone who could be persuaded to repent their evil Leave vote.
    That same Leftist corporate bias led to BBC viewers being given the strong impression back in December that Jeremy Corbyn could well become prime minister. An excitable BBC World reporter insisted that the result was “on a knife edge” just hours before the Conservatives won a historic landslide victory. No wonder trust in BBC News has plummeted 20 percentage points in the past two years, and so many have angrily cancelled their licences and joined the Defund the BBC campaign.
    I should say, Tim, that I am writing to you as a former TV critic who has always loved the BBC but increasingly feels like she is in a relationship with an abusive partner. From dawn till dusk, your output gaslights viewers like me, treating us with thinly-veiled contempt. Knowing my country as I do, I refused to believe that the British people would ever elect a dangerous old Trot like Corbyn, but daily BBC propaganda had me doubting myself.
    How many people does the BBC employ who really know, let alone love, this conservative-with-a-small-“c” country, Tim? How many went to a bog-standard comp or come from communities that backed Brexit? How many vote Conservative? Your predecessor Sir Tony Hall admitted at the weekend that the BBC needs wider diversity of opinion. It should, he suggested, move the majority of its staff outside London “to better reflect the views of the people who fund it”.

    Extract ends – i dont think it will register . Big organisations instantly get defensive rather than accept the need for change .

    Pure coincidence about the iceberg anslogy i used earlier today . But RMS BBC is not unsinkable


  32. taffman says:

    “Zimbabwe to return land seized from foreign farmers”
    “The seizures were meant to redress colonial-era land grabs but contributed to the country’s economic decline and ruined relations with the West.”
    In a nutshell the country is in a mess and they need the help.


    • The Mouse says:


      “Zimbabwe to return land seized from foreign farmers”

      The colonial farmers knew how to farm, it was their culture and heritage. Land handed over to the non-colonial ‘farmers’ was akin to cultural misappropriation or whatever it is called, in other words people pretending to be farmers. Why did they fail (over to you BBC – silence). Now the Zimbabwe government know they are up the creek without a paddle they want the farmers to start rebuilding after the years of land neglect. Will the ‘racist colonial farmers’ help feed the starving and if they manage to turn it around will the land be taken from them once again ?


  33. john in cheshire says:

    14 minute video by Computing Forever. God help Ireland.
    They’re about to adopt the method being used in China to control everyone’s lives.

    And of course, so many people are willingly allowing themselves to be treated like farm animals that those who choose to exercise some freedom of will are going to be attacked by the zombie members of the public.

    I think this is the plan for us too. The rats in the HoP and the Civil Service have to be stopped.


  34. The Mouse says:


    “Zimbabwe to return land seized from foreign farmers”

    The colonial farmers knew how to farm, it was their culture and heritage. Land handed over to the non-colonial ‘farmers’ was akin to cultural misappropriation or whatever it is called, in other words people pretending to be farmers. Why did they fail (over to you BBC – silence). Now the Zimbabwe government know they are up the creek without a paddle they want the farmers to start rebuilding after the years of land neglect. Will the ‘racist colonial farmers’ help feed the starving and if they manage to turn it around will the land be taken from them once again ?


  35. StewGreen says:

    Quiz : There is a *woman* on the front of the Radio Times

    Name her

    You don’t need a clue ….. OK she’s not Jamie Oliver


  36. StewGreen says:

    OK I hope this is not too complicated
    Monday I was listening to Ian Collins interview Piers Corbyn
    and then dismiss him as “a wacky conspiracy theorist”

    And I think “pot calling kettle black”

    He thinks that there is “Conspiracy theory land” and “truth land” and that London media are close to Truthland

    Nope Truthland is very difficult it’s got too many gaps of “I on’t know”
    So what people like Piers do is run with a narrative , run with the story that fits.

    ‘Covid policy seems absolutely bonkers’ .. so if it’s all planned by Bill Gates that’s a story that fits.

    But the thing is London media do that all the time
    FFS they so dislike Trump that when someone planted a narrative of
    “There are secret photos of Trump in Moscow being peed on by prostitutes”, they actually ran with it on the BBC 6pm news

    Last week they did two big pieces of fake news, One was running with the narrative that the drowned Channel migrant was a 16 year old boy
    .. I have just forgotten what the other fake news was
    But they seriously ran with “Trump said drink bleach” FFS what BS that narrative is worse than David Icke.


    • StewGreen says:

      But the thing is I keep finding actual small conspiracies that actually fuel conspiracy theorists.
      Here’s a bizarre tale
      On Sunday “British Union of Fascists” was trending on lefty Twitter
      I decided to ignore that cess-pit, cos it always turns out to be BS

      Now I see it centred around @JoeMulhall_ head of the HateyNoHopers Labour front group
      He’d tweeted a pic of the Piers Corbyn march where someone had held a “British Union of Fascists” flag.
      Well that looks like Joe was trying to do a smear operation against the Trafalgar Square event and smear-label it as fascist.
      But of course one flag doesn’t represent 50,000 people
      I imagine it’s a typical antifa agitator type thing to send someone down to start a fight, or do a nazi salute , ..or wave a flag
      Indeed the 2 guys do look like they are 2 gypsies paid £50 to hold a flag for 5 minutes.


      Some suggested the photo was even photoshopped
      cos loads of other people people have photos of the SAME people *without* the two flag people present
      And the hanging baskets are missing off the flag photo.
      That however does seem a trick cause by the camera being at a completely different angle . thread

      OK but who bothered to tweet or like that flag photo ?
      Amongst them was the Twitter Europe editor
      And his side job is Information Warfare for the army.
      “77th Brigade, a unit formed in 2015 to develop “non-lethal” ways of waging war online.” The Times

      There is a caveat that it large samples you do get weird coincidences.


  37. Foscari says:

    The article on the BBC website of the Charlie Hebdo Islamist
    terrorist slaughter in Paris is an absolute disgrace.But nothing more
    than you would expect from the BBC.


    • Eddy Booth says:

      Haven’t bothered to read it, I’m guessing they haven’t come out in solidarity and also reprinted the cartoons ????


    • JimS says:

      Why was Charlie Hebdo a target?
      Charlie Hebdo’s anti-establishment satire – poking fun at the far right, and aspects of Catholicism and Judaism as well as Islam – had long drawn controversy.
      But it was its portrayals of the Prophet Mohammed that led to death threats against the editorial team and a petrol bomb attack on its offices in 2011.
      Charb had strongly defended the cartoons as symbolic of freedom of speech. “I don’t blame Muslims for not laughing at our drawings,” he told the Associated Press in 2012. “I live under French law. I don’t live under Koranic law.”
      Following the 2015 attack, thousands of people took to the streets in protest and the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie (I am Charlie) began trending around the world.
      Managing editor Gerard Biard told the BBC in 2016 that the magazine’s emergence as an international symbol had brought with it fresh criticism of its provocative and controversial tone, with many people calling for it to have more respect for the views – and beliefs – of others.

      Not much of an ‘explanation. Surprisingly ‘impartial’, no defence of Western freedoms, no holding the death cult to account.

      If anything it suggests that ‘Charlie’ had been given due notice in 2011 and by 2016 was beginning to take note of the BBC’s infamous ‘many people’ (probably Jeremy Bowen sounding off at the BBC newsroom water cooler).


  38. Eddy Booth says:

    How’s the odds worked out for the USA presidential election?
    Biden and Trump are just about even money
    Kamala Harris is something like 60 – 1
    Mike pence 175 – 1
    Last two seem generous.
    What happens if the main candidate drops out, as old fart Biden might, (he might be quietly told to stand down) Does the running mate automatically take over?


  39. Guest Who says:

    I need to sleep on this.


  40. Dazed and Confused says:

    Anyone anywhere surprised about this…

    Antisemitic BBC staff, hiding behind fake Twitter accounts, attacking the Jews and Israel..


  41. Guest Who says:

    BBC Moaning Emole, and ‘anger at’…


    Relatives’ anger at PM

    Campaigners representing families whose loved ones have died from coronavirus have accused Boris Johnson of being “heartless” after he declined to meet them. The prime minister had said he would “of course” meet anyone in their position, but days later wrote to them saying he was “unable” to do so.

    Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice, which says it represents 1,600 families, is calling for an urgent, independent, judge-led public inquiry into the pandemic response. More specifically, they want that inquiry to have the power to subpoena people and take evidence under oath.

    Who in their right mind would agree to meet ‘representative campaigners’? Still, win-win for them either way and of course a gift to their #prasnews outlet.

    Next, bbc in its happy place.


    The nudists spreading coronavirus

    France has seen a surge in infections, with up to 7,000 people testing positive in one day. And the southern area of Hérault and Cap d’Agde, in particular, has seen some of the biggest numbers. Home to the biggest naturist resort in Europe, it has a distinct focus on hedonism. But now health authorities – who set up a mobile testing operation outside the village – have found 30% of the 800 naturists checked have tested positive. Known as the “village naturiste”, the resort is a secluded community with around a dozen swinger clubs and saunas, as well as erotic nightclubs.

    Read full analysis >

    Chris Bockman
    Cap d’Agde

    Chris scored a peachy bum gig or what, to…. ‘analyse’?

    Unless 99% are flabby arsed wrinklies, as tends to be the case.

    I’m told.


    • Banania says:

      What does it matter if they “test positive”. Are they ill? Why do the press and TV not draw the distinction? The population of this country could consist 100% of “cases” and be none the worse for it.


  42. Guest Who says:

    Oodles to unpack here.


    • Banania says:

      When did Uber start picking up “riders”? Are they offering to take the horses as well?


  43. Guest Who says:

    Going for the young BAME audience clearly.

    If they could persuade John Simpo to do a piece…


  44. Guest Who says:

    When Rob Met Julia


  45. Guest Who says:

    Scrolling Lurch’s twitter feed it is easy to understand the BBC’s reputation now for impartiality.

    Amazed it wasn’t Bill and Hill’s Excellent Adventure.


  46. StewGreen says:

    4:30pm Radio4 Mark Thompson NYT special
    “Under the leadership of Mark Thompson, the fortunes of The New York Times have been transformed.
    … In this extended interview as he steps down as CEO, Mark Thompson discusses his strategy for the newspaper, reveals how he dealt with the tech giants, and gives his views on the future of the BBC and Channel 4.”


  47. taffman says:

    “Channel migrants: Young children among those arriving in Dover”
    At least a 100 !
    Has the Border Farce has taken over from P&O Ferries?
    Does our Government care or are they being complicit?
    Well, here is a promise made by the Tories 5 years ago …………..

    Some promise and some government ?


  48. The Mouse says:


    “Channel migrants……………..” – in the thousands. Younger replacements for the uneconomically viable Care Home old who lost their lives to Coronavirus. Migrants mostly low skill (not all), many will aim for lowly paid jobs, competition for jobs with the soon to be mass unemployed already in the UK, suppress wages. Amazing that only real people can join the dots and discuss. MSM = silence, Teachers/University lecturers = silence, The globalist Marxist left = silence, The Unions = silence, etc Ultimately they want to silence anyone who can think……..and join the dots. I haven’t even started with the overpopulation of England in particular, clean water stress, etc but you know what you will get from the Greens and Existence Rebellion, ………… Silence.


    • taffman says:

      Apparently they are still shipping them in.
      I don’t think that our present government are telling us the truth ?
      Has a secret deal has been signed, or is it follow the money?


  49. The Mouse says:


    “Channel migrants……………..” – in the thousands. Younger replacements for the uneconomically viable Care Home old who lost their lives to Coronavirus. Migrants mostly low skill (not all), many will aim for lowly paid jobs, competition for jobs with the soon to be mass unemployed already in the UK, suppress wages. Amazing that only real people can join the dots and discuss. MSM = silence, Teachers/University lecturers = silence, The globalist Marxist left = silence, The Unions = silence, etc Ultimately they want to silence anyone who can think……..and join the dots. I haven’t even started with the overpopulation of England in particular, clean water stress, etc but you know what you will get from the Greens and Existence Rebellion, ………… Silence.