Start the Week 7 September 2020

The Biased BBC website has moved from shouting in the wilderness to sharing our aims with ‘DeFundthe BBC’ and now The Telegraph has finally woken up to the Undemocratic social campaigning being carried out by the far left biased BBC using taxpayers money .Keep up,the fight – we are slowly winning .

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  1. taffman says:

    Well here we are another week.
    We are still in the EU , we are still being invaded from across the Channel, we have another fatal knife attack and worse still , the over 75s are being forced by law to pay the abominable Telly Tax, yet we have a Tory government with a huge majority.
    Finally, if you really want Breaking News , read the posts on this First Class website.
    Three cheers for those who run it !


  2. Halifax says:

    I have thought long and hard about the migrants the BBC and the left love so much. These migrants aren’t escaping war poverty or appresion they are escaping the culture of their home nation. They are Cultural Migrants and 99% are escaping a Islamic Culture a culture thats medieval and corrupt, but what do they do when they are released into the UK ?? They go to live within the culture they have escaped from but now the difference is that the Islamic culture can thrive and can only thrive by attaching itself to a Jewdo Christian society……..


  3. theleftwilleatitself says:

    Taffman first and lurking as usual ????
    And Lucy, I too found that footage from the end of the previous thread hilarious ????


    • Scroblene says:

      So did I, Sir Eat!

      Lucy, add my name to the list of chums here who wish you well in your new work – it won’t be long before you’re sorted!


  4. Up2snuff says:

    It was noticeable that the BBC could remember the 50th Anniversary of their Sunday Programme on Radio 4 but not the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 or the death of Jan Palach in 1969.

    Interesting that the BBC admitted in the Anniversary programme via Ed Stourton that the BBC are sensitive to how Islam is portrayed in news coverage. Also interesting that the programme effectively provided evidence that ‘Green’ issues, Global Warming and Climate Change is treated as a religion by the BBC.


  5. Emmanuel Goldstein says:



  6. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    And, just for a laugh.



  7. Deborah says:

    Not BBC but ITV. Kate Garraway, a breakfast presenter married to a man known to be an obnoxious bully working for Gordon Brown. Ms Garraway is obviously devoted to him and there are two children. For his family, as I have said before here, I am very sorry to hear that Covid has left him in intensive care for many weeks. But Kate was featured in the Mail on Sunday today and she was reported as saying that people were very kind and she hadn’t had a single nasty comment on Twitter.
    I don’t suppose the same could have been said about Boris when he was ill.
    I think I can draw my own conclusions about trolls on Twitter.


  8. Fedup2 says:

    The Birmingham attack is another case study in avoiding the truth until unavoidable . The BBC has already downgraded it to number 2 with a picture of the Norwegian suspect in his hoodie .
    They lead – now – on meaningless increases in covid numbers .
    The pattern is fairly clear now – as demonstrated by Glasgow and reading –

    1. Not sure what happened
    2. It’s definitely not terrorism
    3 we have no idea what this is
    4 it’s a lone attacker – but no description
    5 here’s the lone attacker picture
    6 downgrade the story
    7 we re all in it together
    8 thoughts and prayers
    9 identity of victims
    10 relatives of victims
    11 suspect identified – mental issues – local man –
    12 suspect hunted / arrested /disappears
    13 police / security services to blame
    14 next attack … Repeat


    • Doublethinker says:

      On the other hand if the perpetrator is pale then it’s a free for all , police, media, MPs everyone piles in to pin the blame on sinister far right racists who have secret cells everywhere that must be rooted out no matter what the cost. They find that hate is everywhere amongst the white community and retaliation by the ethnic minorities would be fully justified and it is only the ethnics extreme gentleness and self control that is preventing a blood bath of justified retribution on their part.


    • andyjsnape says:

      Hi Fed

      Then have a concert and wave lighters in the air

      Until the next time, and have a concert etc.etc.


  9. Doobster78 says:

    Nope !! Still can’t work out who our Jon is rooting for !!!!

    Text book impartiality .. (Not)


  10. john in cheshire says:

    How about this from the Vlad Tepes blog:

    It seems we’ve been prepared for the virus situation for about two years.


  11. StewGreen says:

    BBC2 Louis Theroux and from the blurb it seems he will take a dig at Trump supporters by showing that cos some are nutters ..and winking

    She same thing in the Susan Calman show which will be on Monday/Tuesday BBC1 9pm
    from “Trump’s border wall with Mexico”

    But there are pockets of weirdos on all sides
    Yet no one is doing docos on extreme greenies or extreme antifa/BLM and saying see this is what Obama/Biden supporters are like

    with Mike, a patriot .. finds him bemoaning mask wearing and Covid-related attempts to “restrict your liberty”, while expressing admiration for Trump.
    Louis “He still believes more or less the same things he always believed.
    But now he sees the president as an ally.
    It’s kind of amazing when you think about it.”


    • StewGreen says:

      These London journos really think they are better
      They think there is Guardianland getting their info from the Guardian and BBC
      ..and then they say look at these alternative people in Arizona on the internet living in a fantasyland cos they do “2+2=5” thinking
      Sure there are SOME people like that that follow the narrative into “2+2=5” thinking

      but it’s obvious that MUCH of the media are also also doing “2+2=5″ thinking all the time

      But I’ve just flicked through Saturday’s Times
      and it has examples of such narratives cos they are cutNpasting from NGO PR material.
      The article on the Coop/Spectator thin falsely says the conflict tweet came from StopFunding Hate it doesn’t mention the trans guy who actually sent the first tweets
      it doesn’t mention that SFH is a Labour front group
      ..And looks highly like SFH wrote the article

      The article on Dover anti-immigrant demo shows the narrative ‘these guys are all Far right” . Well the last 2 paragraph are quotes from Hope Not Hate… again
      ..And looks highly like HnH wrote the article.
      BTW AFAIK those two orgs are connected.


    • StewGreen says:

      The Times blurb for Perkins’ Monday BBC1 9pm show
      “”Our presenter can probably thank President Trump for this new gig”

      Perkins prog on Tuesday
      “she meets a woman living in the US who has been separated from her husband, who is not legally allowed to enter the US”
      … em bet she is allowed to travel into Mexico to meet him.
      (I used to live 3/4 of the way up Mexico)


      • StewGreen says:

        BTW you could escape to BBC4 but from 8pm it’s got 5 hours of programming about Africa
        including the Africa Book show fronted by David Olusoga that radio trailers keep plugging.


        • Doublethinker says:

          I wonder how many License Fee payers actually watch these ridiculous programmes by this idiotic professor?


  12. StewGreen says:

    I see the BBC1 primetime Saturday film was Invictus
    A film about the 1995 Nelson Mandela South Africa government and successfully doing the 19967 Rugby World cup.
    A worthy topic … but was it fairly elevated to that spot.

    By contrast The 1946 film A Matter of Life and Death is described as one of the best film’s ever
    and yet it’s buried onnMonday afeternoon BBC2 at 2:30pm


    • Up2snuff says:

      How about ‘Cry Freedom’, Stew? That was an excellent film.

      Mind you, a lot of us – a majority – in the UK are still waiting to cry “Freedom” from the EU.


  13. Sluff says:

    The Birmingham stabbings.
    The BBC show video of the prime suspect. He is……..errr …..non white.
    But needless to say, this is at no stage mentioned.



    • Peter Grimes says:

      And the Asian Labour MP is making a noise about the failure of the police to broadcast a description of the alleged perpetrator earlier.

      Well it’s simples, fwit MP, the police have been emasculated for years and are as PC as they can be…when it comes to describing BAME suspects.


  14. StewGreen says:

    Novak disqualified and kicked out of the big Tennis tournament.
    It’s so crappy that Twitter is full of 6 second video.
    There is no proper 30 second clip

    Seems he was tense after a dispute
    and as he was about to restart he took the first ball from his pocket and smacked it away with the racket to behind him.
    .. accidentally smacking a line judge in the neck.

    I suppose tennis ball is a weapon in the racket of a top player, so it’s negligent to smack it away without care.


  15. Docmarooned says:

    Just caught the Djokovich story and looked at BBC sport. As expected usual sanctimonious garbage from the BBC tennis correspondent some twat named Fuller saying it was a disgrace and
    Novak should grovel and appologise profusely. Had to laugh at that as he buggered off straight away from the venue.


    • JamesArthur says:

      Also just seen Djokovich on BBC …
      Typical narrative
      ” Djocovich disqualified for hitting ball at FEMALE line judge”
      Firstly he didn’t hit it at anyone. It was an accident
      Secondly why make point it was a female? They bang on about equality and on every occasion highlight if it is a female
      They then go on to say it hit her in the throat….didn’t see that but how slow a line judge is she…he didn’t exactly whack it at speed..
      Do the BBC not like him? Is he a far right white supremacist? They seemed very glad he had gone..


  16. Deborah says:

    Long piece on the 10pm Sunday night news about the inquiry into the Manchester bombings (I assume). I’ll admit I didn’t hear the introduction but Judith Moritz spent several minutes interviewing the parents of a little girl who died in the attack. Terrorism, Islam or even the name of the killer or his brother were never mentioned. She was too busy concentrating on the fact that parts of the hearing were behind closed doors because of the security services. She asked the parents how they felt and the Mum said it felt like ages before help came to her. We were not told whether it had actually taken ages for her to get help.
    So as usual with the BBC we had ‘an event’, with no context and where criticism lay with the enquiry and not the perpetrators. Mr Davie had obviously yet to change the ethos at BBC1 news.


  17. Docmarooned says:

    To continue with the Djokovich story. Looking at the garbage the media are now putting out you would think he had shot the line judge with an AK47. Shock Horror!!!


  18. Nibor says:

    Sorry if mentioned before .

    Today’s The Food Programme at 12.30 pm Radio 4 .

    ” the place for hungry minds ”
    Today’s subject was Foodbanks .
    My analysis about the programme is as follows ;

    I didn’t listen to it .

    I’m sorry , but how much more can anyone take even if they’ve got not much better to do than drive on a motorway ? Boring bits of the motorway .
    I certainly have empathy with the citizens of Soviet Russia et al with their bland media . I’d even rather listen to statistics about tractor production and beetroot acreage .
    Judging by the latest subjects The Food Programme seems obsessed with next weeks airing will be about the last breakfasts that those on Death Row but unfairly and racially convicted eat before frying .


  19. StewGreen says:

    new from CrimeBodge


  20. StewGreen says:

    New PJW vid on Lineker


  21. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    Today’s top stories on the “US & Canadian News” section of the BBC website:

    1) Five out of the seven stories are anti-Trump narratives.
    2) None are neutral or pro-Trump narratives.
    3) Two are pro-BLM, pro-Black criminals, anti-police, pro-street violence narratives.
    4) Three contain anti-trump protest narratives.

    The BBC continue to campaign against Donald Trump’s reelection, for anti-Trump protesting, for Black Lives Matter, for Violence on US streets.

    The BBC is clearly in breach of its charter and must be brought to account.

    It must be defunded as a matter of urgency.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Yes the BBC must be defunded. But there is no need to wait for government action, it may never come, we can do it ourselves. Just stop paying the License Fee and if enough people do it the BBC will be forced to ask the government to make it a subscription only service.


    • andyjsnape says:

      Hi Broadcasting

      “Why this couple will not back Trump again”
      and tomorrows bBC news AGAIN why someone else won’t..

      Any news on the millions who do????


    • Seppers says:

      The other day there was an article on the bbc website with a title along the lines of The world could soon look like 1900 again. Very sort of click-baity.
      On opening and reading it was a pro- globalism piece, with no non globalism opinion in balance, by some businessman, with an anti Trump section about how he wasn’t a nice person at the end (little connection to rest of article). It was anti Trump and pro (or at least forgiving of the problems with) China, as far as I could tell.
      It had an agenda, and the bbc is not supposed to be doing that. Simple as that.
      How are they getting away with it when it’s so blatant?
      (Btw, I have no particular love of Trump; I just think the partiality is plain wrong.)


  22. taffman says:

    More stabbings in London. One death.
    Any report on Al Beeb yet ? Man arrested in Birmingham .


  23. AsISeeIt says:

    There are some clear contrasts in the way that different newspapers treat the same news item this morning. Depending on the their political bent. For instance, the Brussels-loving FT is aghast how: ‘UK plan to undermine withdrawl treaty threatens Brexit trade talks’
    The Telegraph headline however shows that Boris’s Britain no longer acts as the supplicant in EU negotiations ‘Johnson: 38 days for Brexit deal or we walk’ the Express is blunt: ‘Boris: no deal Brexit ‘is a good outcome” the Times can’t bring itself to fully commit: ‘No-deal can be a good outcome, insists PM’ and even the EU-leaning Guardian seems to have lost heart in this particular fight: ‘PM: Brexit deal in five weeks or Britain will move on’ – yeah, we sense anti-Brexiteers have moved on too.

    One tries to fathom the mindset behind the Guardian’s politics and it seems a longing for omnipotent state control of just about everything is the key. ‘Ministers have ‘lost control’ of virus spread say experts’ – bemoans the Guardian. Does this suggest ministers were ever IN CONTROL of the Wuhan Flu?

    More nutty thinking in the Mirror where a Tory MP is ‘Heartless and clueless’ for thinking it is ‘…’up to parents’ to feed their kids’ – because all good Lefties long for omnipotent state control (as noted above).

    Perhaps sports stars like Marcus Rashford should stick to political campaigning where it’s always a win-win situation if you lean Left? Sport is too hard. Djokovic is ruled out of court in the Telegraph ‘World No 1 thrown out of US Open after hitting ball at line judge’ and the ‘i’ notes ‘Hamilton stunned as Gastly claims shock victory in Italy’ Only in cricket is sporting prowess celebrated today. The ‘i’ has ‘Butler swings it. Batting masterclass leads England to T20 series win’

    We note in passing that a racially-flavoured mass brawl in Brum as reported at the weekend has somehow transmogrified into ‘Suspect at large after ‘random’ Midlands stabbing’ – care of the Guardian. The Times blames the cops ‘Police face backlash over knifeman’s city rampage’ – So that’s alright then.

    The tabloids can’t quite make up their minds which weather chaos to fret about. The Express predicts ‘One last blast of summer heat on way’ whilst the Star warns ‘Indian summer to roast Britain’

    The ‘i’ informs us of: ‘Black Britain at war. Stephen Bourne documents the empire’s citizens who flocked to the Home Front’ – if they were flocking in 1940 goodness only knows what we have in terms of inward migration now – but perhaps they brought that nice Indian summer with them?


    • Guest Who says:

      The Brussels loving FT?

      Aghast, you say?

      Well, the totally impartial BBC Emole leads with…

      “Ministers plan law overriding Brexit commitments”

      And they are not happy.

      These are commitments! Being overridden!


      • Fedup2 says:

        Guest – if The Red Tory government changes the brexit stuff I think it will be the first time it has actually used the majority – and in my view should have pushed on with certain stuff irrespective of covid ….


  24. Guest Who says:

    Bbc Moaning Emole


    Inquiry to begin

    The public inquiry into the Manchester Arena terror attack begins later, more than three years after a suicide bomber killed 22 people. It will explore the circumstances leading up to the incident, what was known about the bomber, Salman Abedi, and whether his actions could have been prevented. The emergency response will also be scrutinised – an earlier review concluded there had been failings.

    The families of the bereaved will give personal testimony about their loved ones – all named and pictured here. Lisa and Andrew Roussos are among those looking for answers. They lost their eight-year-old daughter Saffie and want lessons to be learned.

    One might imagine the top lesson is one the bbc would suddenly not have time or space for.

    But if it grieves it leads.


  25. Doublethinker says:

    Brillo has been invited back into the BBC fold. Will he accept? But Davie ends to realise that a bit of window dressing won’t be nearly enough to camouflage the rabid leftist bias at the BBC, nor persuade middle England thatbthe time has come to defund the BBC .
    In any event we can all agree that Brillo was fair and even handed on everything but mass migration of third worlders where he seemed to be all for it and refused to see that there was an entirely justified argument against it.
    The BBC has hundreds of presenters and interviewers. Just because they welcome back one who is fair, impartial and highly skilled it doesn’t do anything about the other hundreds of rabidly biased Wokists does it?
    Defund NOW.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Double – I think he ll try to do the new broadcaster – big challenge And big private bucks and also try to stay as a freelancer with a smaller BBC role ……
      …… in the scheme of things he is not that important but provides a kind of benchmark to show what the rest of the social campaigning ‘journalists ‘ are like – see HRH maitlisssss at the High end of this sickness.


      • Fedup2 says:

        The other thing about Mr Neill will be his inability to express personal views such as the one below he tweeted today –

        “The Tory press falls for Priti Patel bluster about “tough” new laws to deal with Extinction Rebellion direct action. Maybe Home Secretary should just enforce existing laws which protect peoples’ right to go about their lawful business, such as delivering newspapers.”ENDS

        It shows that you can get away with anything – 400 invasions a day – black on black stabbings – but you must never stop their papers being delivered – although i suspect much is more online now


        • G.W.F. says:

          Brillo so impartial digs out the truth in an interview with Tommy Robinson.
          Quite frankly I would not waste time watching him.


  26. Fedup2 says:

    Guest – great minds – to pre judge the findings in the luxury of the key board warrior – so I predict ‘ bravery ‘ ‘incompetence ‘ ‘failure ‘ ‘epic levels of buck passing …..

    …and that people died because emergency ‘heroes’ failed to break their own procedures in the face of a changing situation .

    More pain for survivors and their relatives as well as the relatives of the Dead . RIP- MSM – of course – will avoid mentioning the motivation of the evil Islamic monsters and find a distraction ….

    Lessons – of course – will not be learned ……


  27. Guest Who says:

    Well, I saw the headline and byline and pic… and started laughing.

    Job done.


  28. Guest Who says:

    Surprised the mostly peaceful tool in this did not call the cops on the anchor.

    Bet Lurch shares tresses tips via DM with him.

    …. stunned silence…. gibber…. ORANGE MAN BAD!


  29. Guest Who says:

    The queue outside headmaster Davie’s office must be tripping over the champers bottles all the way to the baked spud microwave three floors below.


    • Fedup2 says:

      27 year old arrested for murder in Birmingham- the less official information the more we ll know

      The most common technique is to declare the killer a nutter and avoid identifying him as well as court — like the third world woman who killed a little girl in a park in a ‘ random attack ‘ a few months ago…….


    • G says:

      “The BBC’s new Director General, Tim Davie, is planning for a future two-tier TV licence fee.

      Under the proposal viewers would be able to opt for a standard or premium package, depending on the BBC content they were interested in.”

      How will this proposal get round the natural instinctive fall in numbers of those actually wanting a licence? Have I missed something?


      • Fedup2 says:

        I think the 2 tiers will comprise an ‘ off ‘ option and an ‘on’ option with taxpayers required to pay the same for either .

        I’m looking forward to being able to choose to pay for the ‘ cash in the attic ‘ channel or that one where evil capitalists buy houses and then extract punative rents


      • Up2snuff says:

        G, I remember a certain Harry Enfield character …. ‘nice but dim’ … now what was his first name?



    • Fedup2 says:

      Master Harrabin thinking he is far Too important to show signs of neutrality and trying to score points with the BBC kidult droids … although perhaps he is ‘exempt’ as well as others …


  30. StewGreen says:

    9am Radio4
    “Michael Sandel describes how we live in an age of winners and losers, an era in which social mobility has stalled”

    … has it ?
    Certainly if you have lefty values you can rise to top of institutions.
    Which non PC people have been allowed to rise ?

    “David Goodhart describes how success, esteem and power have become narrowly associated with cognitive abilities*
    . This, he argues, has disrupted community cohesion and left large swathes of people feeling disregarded and unrewarded.”

    * cognitive abilities = intelligence (why trick us with fancy wording ?)
    Sure in industry
    but David Beckham isn’t generally intelligent.
    Nor a lot of top celebs ..many seem dumb.

    in politics it’s not good if all are London Eton boys/girls with good exam results.
    Cos we know they mostly don’t seem to be aware if the real world.

    But Labour has brought in the council house girls
    who also seem to live in a fake world
    “can never be friends with a Tory” etc.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I’m guessing he didn’t mention selection by quota or how the environment has Changed for women.i mean any society which makes people as thick as Dawn Butler, Diane Abbot or Jess Phillips -representatives of the people and ‘law makers’ – has to have a bit of mobility right ? Not to mention Lady Dot Lawrence put in the Lords because her boy got killed…

      I can’t stand the Sandell because of that smug entitled style he has but upward social mobility to one person may be different in interpretation from another – is it money – ?accent – parental occupation – education level – getting a 2;2 in PPE- ‘networking ‘?

      Stew – you mention Beckham – his mum had a hair dressers in highams park and Vicky worked in a shoe shop on Barkingside ….. upwardly mobile …?

      Obviously the rules are difference for ‘famous ‘ people but I think ‘upward mobility ‘ is linked to expectation -in education initially .

      If kids are not ‘pushed’ then unless they are self motivated I think they can well land up becoming ‘victims ‘ – eg working class black boys and also white boys ….

      Sandell would be better looking at why the suicide rate for males is x3 that of females … and the numbers for both groups is trending up irrespective of covid…


    • StewGreen says:

      BTW Goodhart is Lucy Kellaway”s husband
      seems he is the token righty

      Amol is from immigrant family
      Shafiq is an immigrant
      Sandel is from an immigrant family

      Goodhart seems to come from an elite Tory family
      his father was Tory MP Sir Philip Carter Goodhart

      Amol quoted “we live under the Brahmin left”


    • Doublethinker says:

      Social mobility stalled because the education system now fails the top 15% of working class children and in essence deprives them of the education which they used to get from grammar schools. In the 60’s the intake to Oxbridge featured more working class children than privately educated. That is no longer true but its called progress by the left.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Double, yes – that’s right – but not just the top 15% at Grammar schools. Others further down the Primary ladder were failed by the lack of good Secondary Modern and Technical schools.

        Someone who I got to know in later life was an 11 plus failure. He went to a really good Secondary Modern near where I lived, parents had just happened to live in the catchment area, which also contained and was bordered by some very good Grammar schools. Competition also helps. He passed ‘O’ & ‘A’ Levels, went to University and ended up in an important job which affects the daily lives of us all.

        He needed the remedial support that that Secondary Modern provided. In addition to that, he wasn’t subjected to the ‘comprehensiveness’ and the dumbing down of ‘O’ Levels – to what my Physics Master used to describe as ‘Littlewoods Pools’ – that younger pupils have had to endure.

        Then on top of that, cheap rail and car travel enabled workers like my friend to start to climb the mortgage ladder and become economically active.


        • BigBrotherCorporation says:

          Social mobility is now based on perceived ‘disadvantage’, the more disadvantage tokens you can prove (or claim) the more upwardly mobile you are. Intellectual capability is irrelevant, in fact being clever seems to be a disadvantage, especially when coupled with the handicaps of being white, male, and heterosexual.


  31. StewGreen says:

    Mirror using the smear label “far right”
    just the same as the KKK using the N-word as a smear


    • Guest Who says:

      Raising the topic of paintballing being an issue something the bbc will not thank the Dimmer for.


    • G says:

      Well, it should be of some concern (not!).

      After all, the number of “Far Right” extremists locked up in the UK represents 18% (44) of the total (238 in March 2020) locked up. We can recall the small group of rank amateur “extremists” locked up as a result of the Government proscribing another UK “Right Wing” group, (was it last year – I don’t remember). Not one of them was responsible for such as the Somali (no doubt muslim) inflicted over the weekend.
      Both of the rehabilitation programmes for Jihadi’s, “….have not been systematically monitored and evaluated for their efficacy.” No surprises there.
      Anyway, you can read all about it within the actual report (UK starts at page 21):

      Click to access ICSR-Report-Extremist-Offender-Management-in-Europe-Country-Reports.pdf

      Whichever way you look at it and helped by the daily importation from France, devotees to the ‘Mad Max’ style of Governance will not be disappointed for the future.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Ban it – stop it – like the coloured in paramilitary uniform parading through Brixton whilst plod controls the traffic…..


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      Nazi camping trips in the UK countryside? Surely not, I was in the scouts for a while though, the leader used to wear baggy tan shorts and had a moustache. He used to make us salute the flag and sing ‘God Save the Queen’ (not the Sex Pistols version), so I expect he’d be FAR RIGHT by today’s standards… actually, so would my Gran.


  32. Fedup2 says:

    For fans of Wimmins hour – Emma Barnet is to be the new front man – what an opportunity for the BBC to show ‘inclusivity ‘by having a different ‘gender identity ‘ every day – queer hour – trannie hour – bestial hour – ….. won’t be long …. ‘why can’t I marry my dog ?’ …….


    • StewGreen says:


      • Fedup2 says:

        Amol for second presenter – or one of the ‘open dykes ‘…..yawn …


      • tarien says:

        Can’t abide this individual Stew, not often I make such a statement, but this person so full of conceit, brings out a resentment that, we should be using him to make pronouncements (and who by the way was the Editor of Independent a fully paid up member of the far left) on issues appertaining mostly against the white indigenous Brit.


      • Sluff says:

        A story of interest to literally tens of people……most of whom ‘work’ at the BBC.


    • john in cheshire says:

      Miss Barnet still reminds me of Miss Piggy.


  33. richard D says:

    BBC ‘Today’ Programme this morning….. has a member of the Conservative government on, questions tregarding Brexit (and specifically about our PM’s view of the ‘Withdrawal Agreement’.)

    Immediately after that – with a none-too-sympathetic interviewer (might have been Justin Webb) – the Beeboid newsreader turns to two other Beeboids – Laura Kuenssberg, for her interpretation as to what are the ulterior motives behind the PM’s announcement, closely backed up by Katya Adler who is basically asked to put the EU’s viewpoint (she knows no other).

    Mob-handed these days at the BBC – they clearly can’t get beyond the Beeboid Groupthink, and the new BBC DG is never going to do anything about that, other than throwing some crumbs out, claiming they are seismic changes in the BBC’s approach.

    Hmmm – also, when was the last time we heard a similar tag-team approach to Labour, Liberal, Plaid Cymru or SNP representatives on the ‘Today’ programme ?

    Echoes of whistling winds as tumbleweed drifts by.


    • Scroblene says:

      Chris Mason was on R5Dead very early today, explaining to Dotun the border quandary with Ireland/Ulster.

      I was eventually totally confused (not difficult), but he wasn’t putting too much spin on the issue as far as I could see!

      What am I doing wrong?


  34. StewGreen says:

    libmob are furious that the word Somalian is being used in one newspaper
    but it is in quotation marks cos it is just the opinion of a security guard.

    A security guards’ chatroom sent out a description of the suspect, warning local bar owners to be vigilant.
    “The suspect is described as 5ft 5 in, a male of Somalia descent, dark skinned & wearing dark clothing – a hoodie and tracksuit bottoms,” it said


    • StewGreen says:

      Seems to me that when early on the police stated
      “it is not a hate crime”
      they knew the perp was black
      and were thinking ‘black people don’t do hate crimes, only white people do’

      Sunday morning
      \\ Chief Superintendent Steve Graham there is no suggestion stabbings in Birmingham were “motivated by hate” //


      • G says:

        Another, “mainly peaceful” murder and stabbing.

        But, you cannot have a white, “mainly peaceful” hate crime. Can you?


      • BigBrotherCorporation says:

        What were they motivated by then, love?

        Deliberately stabbing someone is ALWAYS a hate crime.


  35. Jeff says:

    The Covid hysteria continues, but this little gem made me smile.
    On the BBC news this morning…

    The players at Premier League clubs are tested regularly. Two Players from Manchester City football club (sorry, can’t remember their names) have tested positive for Coronavirus.

    Neither of these lads have shown any signs of the disease. Both are feeling fit and well and have no symptoms whatsoever. They have isolated themselves for a fortnight. So, no symptoms and no illness at all!

    And then as a follow up we’re told, “The club and supporters wish them both a speedy recovery.”

    Yeh great, but…um, recovery from what exactly? They’re feeling great.

    So, essentially, for these two blokes and most youngsters in general, this malaise isn’t even as bad as the common cold. And for this people are expected to go about wearing masks (I’m not) and corralled around like cattle. It’s pathetic.
    We’re wrecking our economy and our culture for something that is so mild most of us won’t even know if we’ve got it.

    Yes, I agree. We must protect the elderly and vulnerable, but…

    As a reasonably fit chap I stand more chance of winning the lottery and being run over by a bus on the same day as I do from dying of Covid.

    And I don’t even do the lottery…


    • G says:

      Just out of interest, the first Vitamin D trial has been an impressive success.

      But, bit like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin it will not gather traction because it is an existing product that costs coppers to manufacture a ton (or tonne?) so will not make any money for pharmaceutical companies.


    • The WestWyvern says:


      Personally I suspect there more chance of dying in this country at the hands of an immegrant than from the Chinese Bat Flu.


    • JamesArthur says:


      Couldn’t agree more. It is funny how the BBC keep reporting cases but not as a proportion of population and have stopped reporting deaths because there are so few –
      I have more chance of dying from boredom if I watched (which I don’t) the BBC


      • Dave S says:

        Not just the BBC. The entire media is doing the same. There is every reason for us to worry about this now. Something is very wrong . The peak in Europe was March April and since then the IFR ( infection fatality rate) has continually gone down. The Government needs a second wave to restore it’s credibility. No doubt it will get one.


  36. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – funny that, a transparent description from the racist BBC.

    Last week, the main characeristic of Jacob Blake is not that he might be unable to walk for the rest of his life or that he is lucky to be alive or his outstanding arrest warrant from the Kenosha PD but his colour. A man has been arrested for ‘suspected’ murder and various assaults with a deadly weapon in Birmingham on Saturday but he is totally see-through, completely transparent.

    The Birmingham Police have been put under the spotlight by the TOADY Prog for being a bit dilatory in their plea for public assistance. Well, if you are determined that you are dealing with a hunt for the invisible ‘man’ then it’s almost a dead cert that it will take a lot of time.

    The public will inevitably say, “Where is he? I can’t see him.”


    • The WestWyvern says:

      The Polis appeal for public assistance….

      Invaders arriving daily in Kent and the Kentish Gestapo clamp down on British Armed Forces veterans who organised a mostly peaceful demonstration.

      Horses, stable doors, bolted.

      I may stand and watch the polis whilst slowing clapping my hands.


  37. StewGreen says:

    “Six Degrees of Shami Chakrabarti”
    video starts at 19:50s


  38. Deborah says:

    Last night we watched the weather forecast on Countryfile (but as Tom Heap was on as we first switched on, we switched off again for a while). We watched again after the 10 pm BBC1 news. But I digress; neither forecast predicted rain until later on Monday afternoon. As I woke up this morning I could hear rain on the window – the forecaster’s couldn’t even get the weather right for 12 hours later – so what hope do I have that they are correct for later on in the week. We are in a weather dependent industry – it matters. Note to Paul Hudson, our local weatherman, it is not a laughing matter. (He has been known to say that his previous forecast was rubbish).


    • The WestWyvern says:

      Respect for even tuning in to ‘Towny’ file. As for Heap, he should be on one.

      The weather f’cast is pointless viewing.

      They cant predict even a morning of accuracy and are especially bad in the summer when the hotter days play havoc with the atmospherics (Wind, Hot Land, Cool Sea, thunder etc).

      Marginally better in the winter when those Atlantic depressions roll in, and now handily named in-order to up the fear factor among the sheeple (cos they name scary hurricanes in America, don’t they..)

      I use the Met Office website which is marginally better, though also infected with woke as they refer to ‘weather and climate change’ and for accurate winds in real-time data (for my sea based activity) WindGuru is the weapon of choice.

      Anything but the BBC!


      • Up2snuff says:

        As I have observed on here, many times before the broadcast weather forecasts are rubbish on Radio4 as currently presented. If you use the BBC on-line weather chart, however, you can be sure of something like 90% accuracy to the nearest hour, UK weather permitting. And you can check the weather from hour to hour, too, something that is not available on the broadcast forecasts.

        One more thing: you can enter different locations (not with ease but with persistance) and see what the hourly forecast is for a place upwind or where you are going out to for the day/morning/afternoon/evening/weekend.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Deborah – time to roll out the Fedup Feory of climate change . The mad world had based economic decisions on weather records which are less than 100 years old . This stuff changes on a semi geologic timescale yet they thing things will change- for the worse within a life time .
      Hysteria took over and got mixed in with reducing use of hydrocarbons for strategic or economic reasons . At least fracking killed off the power of the Arabs – see recent deals between israel and UAE for starters ..,,,

      Too many weather variables for which not enough data – and i blame the sun / solar winds for ‘change ‘


    • infoquest says:

      The BBC gets the weather data from MeteoGroup –
      I don’t know how much Mr Hudson needs to / has to interpret the data before presenting the forecast – or does it come ‘ready to serve’.
      I don’t understand why they spend 50% of the time telling us what the weather HAS been like.
      I work outside a lot (on Rajar) and the Sunday 5-day forecast is rubbish.


    • Oldspeaker says:

      Predicting California weather must be a breeze in comparison. All that sunshine and free green energy, or maybe not. If they can’t harness enough solar what chance us? Bring on the red frocks…


    • Sluff says:

      I can beat that.
      This afternoon I drove down the M40 and there was continuous rain for over 40 miles.
      When we arrived home, we looked at the BBC weather and both their words and their map advised rain only in the West and completely dry weather for us until late evening !!!!!!!!

      Unbelievable. They can’t even get the rain report right even when it is actually raining.


  39. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2 – funny that, a pointed Covid-19 question from JustRemainIn, at last!

    JustRemainIn Webb got to interview an American woman (another) in the UK (yet again – how come we can’t go live there?) who, fortunately did not have a squeaky voice. The subject was Covid-19. Justin actually asked, for the first time in my hearing on air “Has the Covid-19 virus mutated to the point where it is of little effect?” or similar. The American expert woman invited onto the programme said ….

    …. “Dunno.”

    or words to that effect. Yer just gotta larf!


  40. tarien says:

    Sure the majority of indigenous people living in UK are tearing their hair out (almost literally) when confronted now daily with the news of how many more illegal immigrants have managed to land on British shores. Don’t let us waste time asking the obvious questions, but rather ask ourselves who is really pulling the strings and not just for this particular issue. A Columbian Journalistic review recently revealed, how Bill Gates is out to control Global journalism. Gates has steered $250 million to (and this will not surprise you) BBC, the Guradian, NBC, and many others. Gates also funds an army of independent fact checkers including the Poynter Institute and Gannett —which use their fact-checking platforms to “silence detractors” and to “debunk” as “false conspiracy theories” and “misinformation,” charges that Gates has championed and invested in biometric chips, vaccine identification systems, satellite surveillance, and COVID vaccines. That fact alone supports those theories, wouldn’t you say? My point here is that, everything you and I hear on the radio, TV, or any other national or global comminication is rigged to bring about this most offensive phrase-New World Order- there is now little from Government or Telecommunicatin that we can now really believe. The World is changing so fast, yes, but into what?


  41. Doobster78 says:

    This whole Gary Lineker refugee Virtue Signalling is truly stomach churning.

    His Fish and Chips video with Jo Brand was just down right vile.

    However, i fear the worst is yet to come.

    No doubt the BBC cameras are going to be following the jug eared liberal halfwit every step of his ghastly re-homing of a illegal immigrant / child molester / rapist / thief / pick pocket / terrorist / .. sorry , my error, his REFUGEE !!!

    We have all seen boat load after boat load arriving, 95% of them stuffed full with young / middle aged fit healthy Blacks who have decided to ignore every safe country in Europe, and head for the Benefits of the UK (quite literally).

    However, as sure as eggs are eggs, you can guarantee, the Illegal immigrant, sorry, refugee , that gets rigorously background checked for re-homing Gary, will be …….a girl !!! A muslim girl.

    Not just any girl either, they will be a aspiring lawyer, a aspiring Human Rights activist , and i have a funny feeling, she will be wheeled out endlessly in front of the media, as some sort of Saint like that little ugly git Greta !!! She will be the pin up of the BBC.

    It will not be one of the Illegals off the boats who end up flooding the towns and cities where these Liberals do not live and committing copious amounts of crime. Oh no.

    It is going to be SICKENING !!!!!


    • The WestWyvern says:

      Mr ‘We got a problem’ has dissected the Lineker/Brand Fish and Chip video on his YouTube channel.

      Some of the language is 1970’s Shop Floor vernacular, but sums it up these two utter cretins nicely.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Entirely agree Doob, it clearly wont be some Afghan male thicko who can only utter ‘David Beckham’, but as you say, a background checked university graduate with a good command of English, and who will ‘be a credit’ to his new sponsor, Walkers Crisps – ooops sorry, Gary Lineker.


  42. JamesArthur says:

    Listening to R4 TWATO

    It is all Brexit again…..FFS why can’t they get behind it.

    State aid – the French and Germans have been giving state aid to their companies for years – just disguising it. We on the other hand have doe nothing to help UK companies – just sell them to French and German companies ( or Chinese and Indian)

    The BBC need to be broken up and sold with the funds raised used to pay off some of our UK debt.

    Radio off – I can’t stand this shit3


  43. Cagna Guardia says:

    Taffman – nice intro
    Does our Parliament debate the terrorist Enabling Act on 28 September? Why is the BBC not informing us of such an important event?
    Please let us know so we can write to our representatives.


  44. Fedup2 says:

    Twiter wind up watch

    The army is starting up a new regiment – its the Royal Army batalion of inclusion and Diversity .
    ( acronym alert ) .

    It will provide help to get pregnant soldiers back into battle again and ensure tanks only drive over non organic fields . Compo. Rations will be locally sourced ….

    It will endure that people get killed irrespective of gender colour orientation or dietary requirements. It will be led by colonel osama bin mohamed – no relation

    Why bother making it up when its probably true – in other news – the brumy hate free non terrorist has been named as

    Xxxxxxxxxxxed moxxxxxxxhed

    A local man who has been pending refugee status since 19xx …..

    Do you ever think the news is so censored now that it shows ….?


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      Fed, is that the 1st. Queens or the Gay Gordons.


      • Fedup2 says:

        500k being spent on a ‘unit ‘ …… and I heard the chief of the general staff at a parliamentary committee and he sounded like he’d swallowed the HR dictionary ….


  45. Foscari says:

    “Someone” runs amok in Birmingham for two hours
    slashing people with his knife , murdering one and
    seriously injuring others.
    The BBC’S attitude is a kind of , hush hush , say no more ,
    say no more.It wasn’t terrorism we are told , but for a very
    longtime, nothing about the perpetrator is mentioned .BUT most
    of us realize that because the BBC is keeping stumm
    there is a fair chance that we have guessed the
    identity of the culprit.
    The police know pretty early on who they are after.However
    this scum is allowed to run amok for two hours .I just
    wonder what “instructions” the poor street police were under
    to apprehend the culprit.
    I expect it was something like use minimum force, and under
    no circumstances injure the gentleman. Maybe the best way to to
    ensure that you don’t get “hurt” whatever crime you are
    committing is not to wear a bullet proof vest. A
    BLM tee shirt will probably suffice.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Foscari – i worry that the same safety practice took place in birmingham that took place after the machester islamic terrorist attack –
      – namely our heroes staying safe whilst injured joe public died ….or continued to be attacked . Bravery is very rationed these days …


    • richard D says:

      Foscari – couldn’t believe my ears this morning…. on BBC the local fuzz were quizzed as to why it had taken so long to catch this guy, moving from one part of the city to another (I think it was to Birmingham city centre) ….the response was “….. he took an unusual route….”

      Really – ‘an unusual route’ ? So is there a recommended route for knife-wielders of a certain persuasion to take across Birmingham….? And is that like a ‘hate’ crime, you know, where you label it as such and a few years get added to the sentence ?

      For crying out loud, plod – do your bl00dy job – there were enough of you to bust up a demonstration the other day – perhaps because it was against the casual day-trippers from Calais who somehow got lost and found themselves bumping up against the UK OnshoreTaxi Service to a free life forever in our country ! And no doubt, in some cases, to hack their way across a UK city centre.


  46. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #3 – Mens’ day … again … and not a Mishal in sight.

    For I think three days in a row we have had a team of male presenters on TOADY. Nick Robinson got to interview George Eustace on the subject of the EU and the Bill that the Government is planning to put to Parliament on Wednesday. Instead of asking about U-turns and whether the Bill will turn up on time, ‘Toenails’ kept saying “Forgive me”.

    It was a pleasure to listen to a Government Minister in full command of his brief and to answer firmly and without equivocation, rambling, hesitation, repetition or deviation. Well done Mr Eustace! An extra point to you and you win TOADY’s round of Just 15 Minutes.


  47. StewGreen says:

    R4 drama is about academy trusts
    I wonder if this 3 parter is really a vehicle for bashing this Tory policy ?
    part 3 “The biggest success in Quays Academy Trust is Lodestone Academy.
    This formerly failing school has been spectacularly turned around by Surgical Head Kayleigh Britton. But when East Salford’s financial manager is loaned out to help with the books she uncovers some interesting details.


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      This is speculation of course but let’s try some simple decoding / substitution of terms:

      (1) Kayleigh Britton is the Head. Her initials are K.B. which are the same as those of the real-life Katharine Birbalsingh, head of the successful ‘Michaela’ free school in Wembley Park, London.

      (2) ‘Britton’ has echoes of Britain and Briton, so the person is likely to be baddy, especially if White.

      (3) Stew is correct in guessing at the BBC’s attitude to academy trusts and free schools.

      (4) Then there’s Salford, a place I used to associate with the university and the Rugby League team, until the Beeb moved in …

      (5) “… spectacularly turned around …” sounds a bit like ‘Michaela’ too.

      (6) So the books have been cooked; hint – the success of non-State schools MAY NOT BE ALL IT SEEMS!

      How long before the filthy, disgusting, Marxist BBC are promoting a play in which Ms Birbalsingh is attacked or hounded out? After all, they did it with Katie Hopkins and President Trump …


  48. StewGreen says:

    3:30pm prog once called the Food Programme
    new title “The Activist Promotion prog with a subtle hint of food”

    NishkamSWAT is the first UK charity to take the Sikh concept of ‘Langar’ to the street.
    In 2020, volunteers face their biggest challenge to date; providing food in a pandemic.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Stew – once on Sundays I’d listen to ‘clue’ with humph and it was followed by the miserable food programme complete with off switch ….


  49. StewGreen says:


    • Fedup2 says:

      Lady Kate doesn’t miss much . One of the few worthy of a place in the upper house before I close it !