362 Responses to Start The Week 12 October 2020

  1. StewGreen says:

    Hull lasts week’s murder victim was a muslim youth.
    Reporting was straight forward.
    Now the perps have been charged … they have Muslim names too.

    Three people charged with the stabbing murder of Abdullah Balouchi (20) boxing club hero.

    Khalid Aadan (18) and Mohamed Aadan (19) , and a 17 year-old boy


  2. Doobster78 says:

    Correct . DO NOT back down Boris … stand your bloody ground.

    You can see the BBC are desperate for another full lockdown, desperate !!!!


  3. Guest Who says:

    BBC Moaning emoles are always an education, but today’s ‘and finally ‘ is…. very BBC

    ‘I’ve started a business in my fifties to fight dementia’

    “If you feel it, just do it,” is the advice of Feyi Raimi-Abraham. “Don’t stop and wait to have all the ducks in a row for your business idea, because it will never happen.” The south Londoner has started her first commercial venture at the age of 52. It is called The Black Dementia Company and it stems from personal experience. During lockdown she was put on furlough from her job as a community education co-ordinator with a national charity. She became a full-time carer for her mother, who has dementia.

    Read full analysis >

    Dougal Shaw
    CEO Secrets producer, BBC News

    I was unaware until now of another BBC outpost, ‘Secrets’ (is there an ‘and Lies’ for internal use only?).

    Still Doug has tapped into the CEO insights young Feyi, clearly a Fortune 5 Million company head with direct access to the BBC Biz whizzes.

    Bet they won’t forget her in a hurry. Whatever it is her company does. But is ‘of color’. And ‘fights dementia’. That will have Abbott Pharma worried. Doubtless the ‘full analysis’ explains for any tempted to read on.


    • StewGreen says:

      So #CEOsecrets is a series he has created where he interviews entrepreneurs about their biz
      but strangely rather than interview the world’s Richard Bransons
      recently he sticks to interviewing who have jut started a biz.
      Biz which in 3 months time might have gone bankrupt.
      Those people are probably drawn from his London friends.
      He posted tweeted the tory about this black woman 5 times.


  4. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – BBC amnesia all over again

    The BBC, especially the TOADY Prog, have been trailing a succession of City Mayors from the north of England and the Midlands across their airwaves in recent days to tell us that ‘they want more local say and control in Pandemic measures’.

    At a sweep of his lawyer’s hand, Keir Starmer, goes against all those Mayors’ wishes – most of them from his own Labour Party – and calls for a two to three week complete Lockdown across, I assume, just England. Hmmmmnn, great way to win back all those seats Corbyn lost in December 2019, Keir. The BBC this morning have forgotten all about those northern and midlands Mayors’ wishes.

    Funny that.

    Auntie’s amnesia advances.

    Time for the Care Home?


    • Guest Who says:

      Likely legacy alzheimer’s from the top floor after the Saville farrago.

      Feyi is going to coin it with the w1a contract, unless they continue to like the option of ‘forgetting’.


  5. Guest Who says:

    Sleepy has taken Labour’s genius line ‘For the many, not the not many’ and gone oodles more.

    If Lurch does not swoon it will be a miracle.

    Assuming Antifa BLM don’t firebomb the condo first.


  6. StewGreen says:

    Police say they want to prosecute Starkey
    He ask why they sent email to wrong address, where it was presumed to be hoax.
    Funny the BBC have been 100% quiet since Friday and said noting about Grimes being summoned to police.

    Someone checked the law
    Unlikely, cos the requirement in s. 18(1)(a), Public Order Act 1986 (‘*intends* thereby to stir up racial hatred’), is met.



    • Fedup2 says:

      Funny isnt it . I was going to put something flippant up in reply to your comment but now i wont because i dont want a threatening email or visit from plod ….

      I reckon they are after dr starkey’s passport in order to nail him properly – when he has probably and wisely left this failing state and gone to one where there might be a bit of freedom . Damn .


    • StewGreen says:

      The FSU statement makes sense to be.


    • G says:

      If you check out exactly what ‘Intention’ is legally, you have to change your assertion.


      • Fedup2 says:

        If that comment is aimed at me – I’m afraid I don’t know what the leading case on’ intention ‘ and reasonableness ‘ might be at the moment but I am certain that the terms are subject to ‘judicial interpretation. ‘ – which means in real life – a legal bill – a conviction – a sentence – and a bit about whitee being a baddy on the BBC ….


  7. Doobster78 says:

    More fear, fear fear.

    The BBC really are thriving on this fear narrative.

    How about a “circuit breaker” from the media ?? Shut down the BBC for 4 weeks, shut down Piers Morgan for 4 weeks, no news bulletins for 4 weeks.

    No doubt see a massive upturn in the Nations spirits and economy !!


  8. Fedup2 says:

    Shall i stick up a midweek thread ot just let it roll on ? Views ?


  9. Fedup2 says:

    Righto then…