Weekend Thread 21 November 2020

Lord Dyson has been appointed by the BBC to see if its’ own senior managers were deceitful in inducing Princess Diana to give an exclusive interview in 1995. A DG appointing his own investigator is not a ‘good look’ . But one rule for the BBC – and other rules for suffering taxpayers .

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  1. Up2snuff says:

    Amazing (two in a row but not that), it’s amazing that the BBC can blindly keep on spinning and sinning. Happy to go with leaks from Civil Serpents (not my invention, I caught it on TCW) but not seriously and thoroughly investigating – as a large News organisation – claims from a President of the United States that there was voter fraud in the recent Election.

    If I recall correctly, Robert Mugabe’s final Election in Zimbabwe received hours of air-time on BBC Radio 4, including the claims about voter fraud from his opponents. But in the USA for 2020, nothing. There’s no language barrier to cross in the USA, BBC. There’s no cultural barrier to cross in the USA, BBC. You have tons of reporters there – come on, get your act together!


    • Eddy Booth says:

      Didn’t that recent Belarus election get the BBC’s electoral fraud nose sniffing too?


    • StewGreen says:

      Catchup links to last posts on previous thread
      page 5 after 6pm Friday
      page 4 started 9pm Wednesday.


    • Jagman84 says:

      Katty’s on Team Biden. It’s Team Kamala, in reality. But that’s for when Sleepy Joe is ‘retired’ by the Dems. That’s if they get away with daylight robbery.


  2. Van Helsing says:

    Are they hoping that Lord Dyson will help them sweep the nasty allegations under the carpet?


  3. Deborah says:

    Halifax – are you beginning to feel better?


  4. Kaiser says:

    hmmm various footballers get drawn over the coals for breaking lock down

    this one gets a puff peice

    I wonder why , any guesses



    • Jagman84 says:

      Salah should take one of the new Liverpool special tests, c/o the Army. With a current positive rate of 0.36%, he will probably test negative.


  5. Foscari says:

    Something you wont find on the BBC. Those wicked Israelies ,
    who have given the world so many medical innovations may
    well of found the “magic bullet” to cure many cancers.
    Using many techniques similar to those being used for
    the vaccine for Covid 19. Right now they are testing on animals.
    If you log in to i24 the Israeli website you can have it explained
    to you by a professor far far better than I can.
    It may just be that in the end some good may come out of this disastrous pandemic.


  6. Deborah says:

    I watched some of the 6pm BBC1 news tonight. Started with the report on Priti and of course they go to Sir Gus McDonnell for his comments. But I had to go to our sister site (IstheBBCbiased) to find out that the comments of the report were also critical of the civil servants.

    I know people on this site and others are critical of Priti for not stopping new immigrants into this country. But just under the surface is the blindingly obvious that the civil service are refusing to do her bidding. I can just imagine Sir Humphrey mansplaining to Priti the reasons why the government cannot do this, or that – probably that it goes against judgements of the European Court of Human Rights – no wonder she is frustrated and loses it with her civil servants sometimes.
    And these mandarins are very well paid – but they do seem wimps when a vertically challenged woman shouts at them.


    • Fedup2 says:

      The institutional corruption of getting a gong for being in a particular post is so obvious it’s breathtaking . And it should be as easy to take them away as to give them – like peerages for pals.

      All sides nod this corruption through for their own purposes ….


      • Up2snuff says:

        And there’s no Dominic Cummings now with the steel to deal with the Civil Serpents. (I do like that expression. Well done to the inventor!)


    • G.W.F. says:

      Now is Priti’s chance to retaliate and state that the civil servants are blocking her objective to publish on the grooming gangs and get tough with the illegal invaders.


    • BRISSLES says:

      I listened amazed at hearing a puerile journo literally yell across the street to Patel asking “are you a workplace bully Ms Patel ?”

      How much low in the gutter can these people fall , did they honestly expect to get a reply ? did they really think she would agree and say yes to some idiot shouting at her ?


    • taffman says:

      “probably that it goes against judgements of the European Court of Human Rights”

      The defence and the security of the people of this nation overrules any external ‘European Court of Human Rights’. The rights of the people of Britain come first!
      We are in need a leader.


    • G says:

      If Patel, at the least, had declared officially we were disengaging from Treason May’s UN Migration Compact, it would be a step in the right direction. But no. The UN is as corrupt as the US voting system and its overseers: The US Elections Commission.
      This is the US Elections Commission, “Blog”.


      Spot what’s missing…………..


    • Red Pill says:

      Can we keep the female victim nonsense out of this please? ‘mansplaining’ and ‘vertically challenged woman’ are simply woke words used to shut down rational debate – let’s leave that sort of fragile commentary to the left. And the BBC of course. That aside I think you’re spot on, she’s had her hands tied behind her back.


  7. vlad says:

    Now we know why the lying BBC website had 24 hours of radio silence on team Giuliani’s election fraud media briefing: they were busy ‘debunking’ the claims before allowing the plebs to hear them, or even know about them.

    “Let us tell you what to think about the claims before we report them.”

    Their conclusion, surprise surprise, amounts to: It’s all a bit complicated but don’t worry your little heads, those nice Democrats are as honest as… well, us!



    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Radio 4 Goebbels broke its long silence on the US elections at 7 pm, saying the Georgia recount had determined that the state had gone to Biden, and that a Trump lawyer said the over-all result wouldn’t change as Trump had lost 23 appeals. In the equivalent short on-the-hour news at 21:00, the story had disappeared, replaced by more important things such as the death of “trans” writer Jan (James) Morris. So, nothing to worry about, eh?


    • StewGreen says:

      ” this claim – and other allegations – were rejected in a ruling , with the judge”
      .. That sound’s like a claim brought by another person not Trump’s team.
      The fact that a claim is rejected by the first judge , doesn’t mean it wasn’t true. It may have been badly presented or move onto appeal.


  8. Up2snuff says:

    This interesting paragraph has appeared:

    “Note: Total case numbers in some areas may have dropped between 15 and 16 Nov. This is due to Public Health England reallocating some cases to different local authority areas. Dr Yvonne Doyle, Medical Director at Public Health England, said: “This better reflects the distribution of positive cases in recent weeks and months, particularly among younger people of university age who may not have yet registered with a GP at their term-time address.” ”

    here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51768274

    I had not noticed it before tonight. I wonder how long the Public Health bodies have been teeming and lading with the Covid statistics? Will the BBC research that and call them out?

    I wonder …. . . . .


    • StewGreen says:

      I’d be wary of regional stats the infection rate is always less than 1%
      So when the TV says cases in your area have doubled from 200 in 100K to 400 in 100K, that doesn’t mean that the case count in your neighbourhood has doubled.
      – Cases might well be concentrated in particular suburbs or among workers of a couple of factories as well as a couple of hospitals or nursing homes.

      – We reckon cases in my area might not be really our area, but rather overspills from adjoining regions
      eg people living here, but working in Sheffield or Hull or Grimsby etc.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Sure, Stew, but that para suggests a shifting from ‘rigorous’ to ‘adjusted’. Now where have we heard that before? AGW anyone?


  9. Jeff says:

    I’m not surprised that the BBC, Sky and Channel 4 are foaming at the mouth about Priti Patel keeping her job. It’s what I’d expect of them Personally, I really couldn’t give a rat’s arse…

    I wouldn’t sack her because she’s been a bit robust with some of the Home Office staff; I’d sack her because she’s bleedin’ useless. She’s in charge of immigration and the police. Both are an absolute shambles.

    Every day there are inflatables, sagging under the weight of their illegal cargo, being escorted into British waters by our navy. The French bring them half way and we take them the rest. We don’t have a border force, we have a taxi service…

    These illegal immigrants are then taken by coach and put up in hotels across the country. Is it any wonder they keep on coming? We only know about this because Nigel Farage exposed this betrayal.

    When it come to immigration and law and order, Priti is like all other Tory politicians; she talks a great game.
    But when it comes to taking action and getting results, she’s bloody useless.

    That’s why I’d sack her…


    • Up2snuff says:

      Jeff, in Priti Patel’s defence I would state that a Minister is only as good as their Ministry and its Civil Servants allow them to be. What do we know about the Home Office?

      It is not fit for purpose.

      It wasn’t just in John Reid’s (Lab) time as Home Secretary. Subsequent Labour Home Secretaries did not get away unscathed either, even David Blunkett. Theresa May’s big selling point for Tory Leader was that she had survived the Home Office. Her successor was not so fortunate, coming unstuck over the Windrush Scandal which is still reverberating today thanks to the BBC’s ‘pot boiling’.

      Secondly, there is good evidence that there is an informal Civil War going on at present against a democratically elected Conservative Government. Ranged against them are, I suspect but would still hope not, many of the inhabitants of Whitehall, the print and broadcast media, education, health and some other sectors together with the environmantalists and other campaign groups.

      Thirdly, Brussels, the ECHR and the Supreme Court here have a big say in what happens in the UK until 31 December 2020 when, PM willing, we finally leave the EU and can legislate for ourselves. Don’t back down, Boris, stay strong!


      • Jeff says:

        Up2…That was an ironic remark, surely…
        “Don’t back down, Boris, stay strong!”

        FFS, what on Earth do you mean, “stay strong!”? He’s never been strong. At the moment the snivelling jessie is cowering in his flat. He’s full of bluster until the going gets tough… or Marcus Rashford gives him an order.

        Boris “staying strong”. I don’t wish to blaspheme, but Jesus H Christ…
        You’ve got more chance of King Cnut turning back the tides.

        Boris is a wimp!


        • Up2snuff says:

          Jeff, sure, he’s a wobbler – even if he has lost weight! Cummings was his ‘spine’ and now he has gone. Perhaps DC got fed-up with continually having to hold Bojo up?

          It’s my sincere wish, rather than irony.


      • Oaknash says:

        I think in some was she has been set up for failure. She is there now only to take the flak that should really be directed at the craven Boris. The Tories clearly allowing the green blob to stymie any serious efforts to constrain migration in any form because fundamentally it damages our social cohesion, and ability to protest and is a very strong message to all of us that our wishes as the electorate and taxpayers are now irrelevant.


        • Up2snuff says:

          Oak, yes, that as well. If you ever watched Yes, Minister you will have an idea how things work in the Whitehall v Westminster game.

          Is it a coincidence that Priti Patel is a Brexiteer and Dominic Cummings and Lee Cain were Brexiteers? This does appear to be an eleventh hour fifty-ninth minute attempt from Remain to disrupt or get some ‘payback’ for the public voting for the UK to leave the EU.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      As far as I can make out, its because the senior Civil Servant insisted on giving every illegal immigrant a personal Lawyer and a room in a four star Hotel. But Priti Patel was so angry about that silly idea she said NO. The senior Civil Servant was so upset at being told to stop giving every illegal immigrant a personal Lawyer and a room in a four star Hotel that he started to cry, left the room for the (safe space) toilet. Then when it was time to go home he refused to carry out orders to stop giving every illegal immigrant a personal Lawyer and a room in a four star Hotel, dismissed himself from the toilet and sued her for constructive dismissal and bullying a senior Civil Servant for not wanting to follow the orders of an Asian woman with political incorrect views on Immigration not approved by the Civil Service.


      • Up2snuff says:

        RP, oh yes!


      • moggie63 says:

        If that’s true then I can only say that he’s lucky it was Priti Useless he was dealing with. I would have dragged him out of the toilet and given him a kicking before firing him for gross incompetence.


    • Jagman84 says:

      Read this and you see that she hasn’t a hope in hell of stemming the flow. Mrs May willingly signed the UK up to this UN plan., possibly in revenge for dumping her EU surrender treaty. The rubber boat theatre is just that, a scam to bring economic chancers into the UK but make it look ad-hoc. Hotels have been ordered from Serco (what a surprise!) for the next 4 years so this is not ending any time soon.


  10. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Have you noticed that there are more and more ‘fact checking’ sites and organisations around now.

    In my opinion, the rise in the number is due to all the lies and bias of the news channels whether on tv, radio or in print.
    Nobody believes the likes of the bbbc (and sky/ch4 etc)

    The thing is, nobody believes the ‘fact checkers’ now.
    The bbbc ‘fact checking’ always ends up with typical bbbc views and always supports the usual bbbc good eggs (Biden, remain, immigration, climate change and you all know the rest) as opposed to the bbbc bad eggs like Trump, Brexit, UKIP, Farage and the rest)

    We are crying out for ONE impartial media channel.
    Surely (don’t call me S…..) one entrepreneur out there must be able to see that there’s an audience of over 50% of all news and comment viewers/listeners with nowhere to go.

    An impartial news channel would remove the need for all ‘fact checking’

    The bbbc and others should be ashamed that fact checkers are needed and further ashamed that they have jumped in to call themselves ‘fact checkers’ when they only confirm their own lefty propaganda.


    • Dobyns says:


      Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


    • Richard Pinder says:

      With the BBC, facts are assumptions and the checks are asking Greenpeace, Labour, the Guardian, the Democrats and the boss if they approve.


    • Donbob says:

      Totally agree there is a need for an unwoke new broadcaster It would be an interesting exercise if the organisation attempting to do this recorded every single obstruction or attempted influence and named names and organisations.


  11. StewGreen says:

    Catching up with old news
    Oxford grooming trial judge gives up
    If it was hard for the judge just HEAR about the abuse
    imagine how hard in was for the girls to EXPERIENCE the abuse.


  12. StewGreen says:

    Oct 2nd Hamburg Court
    Omaima Abdi widow of rapper and ISIS guy jailed for her crimes in Syria
    Muslim migrant joins ISIS, enslaves Yazidi girl, gets three and a half years prison

    What will happen after Omaima Abdi serves one or two years and is released? Will she become a loyal, productive member of German society? What do you think?

    Free Yezidi Foundation issued a statement
    “We believe there are hundreds or thousands of Omaima Abdis in Europe and elsewhere but the evidence has not been found.”


  13. Guest Who says:


    Under the eyes.


  14. Van Helsing says:

    Further to my posts about the imposition of greater restrictions on not far short of half the Scottish population, I note with interest that the proportion of positive tests returned per day continues to fall day on day (and remains below the ‘magic’ figure of 5.0%). Moreover, the higher of the two estimates for the R-rate has fallen to 1.0.

    Both of the above factors show that the less taxative restrictions which were in place until 6.00 pm today were working and did not need to be replaced by the harsher ones now in place. Sturgeon, an arrogant fool if ever there was one, has consigned yet more hard-working people to the misery of unemployment for, at best, marginal gains.


  15. Guest Who says:

    Sweeney! knows things.


    • JimS says:

      “But f*ck Prime Minister, I watched In TheThick Of It on our trusted national f**ckin’ broadcaster, the f**ckin’ BBC, and I thought that was how one was supposed to treat one’s f**ckin’ staff.”


      • StewGreen says:

        Since Tucker is based on Alastair sweary Campbell the BBC should bring him on or staff shouted at by him for a discussion.


  16. StewGreen says:

    Croydon : More on the council went bankrupt with £1.5 billion in debt
    They’d borrowed £545m over 3 years not just for housing housing but to buy commercial property and businesses
    – They spent £41m on renovating Fairfield Halls (incl removing asbestos) it looks the same
    – £30m on Croydon Park hotel (fell into administration in June)

    WTF are councils getting involved in borrowing money to speculate in businesses ..that is not right.

    It’s kind of different to build housing for the poor , cos at least the council would have a guaranteed income and a fixed asset.
    But I bet they could screw that up as well.


    • tomo says:

      One has to figure a personal financial incentive in officials gulling councillors into betting/gambling – and the Public Works Loan Board being an incurious rubber stamp for any fiscally incontinent nuttiness dreamed up by municipal bureaucrats….

      I’ve had a wander around the PWLB web presence and they seem to pull *all* due diligence and evaluation into the spell checker and f-all into even a trivial assessment of what the money is ostensibly being borrowed for….


  17. Guest Who says:

    “Views not always pink”

    No comment.


    • StewGreen says:

      By the way that old 2006 BBC page bout Precott breaking rules by failing to declare US ranch hospitality
      seems to have a big typo
      “The Tories said MPs had given Mr Prescott more than just “a slap on the wrist” and there should now be a full independent inquiry.”

      Sure it should be : MPs had given Mr Prescott NO more than just “a slap on the wrist”


  18. StewGreen says:

    Inquest : “Corrie Mckeague an airman who went missing 4 years ago is thought to have died after he climbed into an industrial waste bin after a night out in Bury St Edmunds on 24/9/2016
    Despite extensive searches, his body has never been found”
    The coroner mentioned 2 big pieces of evidence
    #1 When a bin lorry picked up a shop bin , it was logged as 80Kg over the normal weight
    #2 Mckeague’s mobile phone was tracked to the route of the bin lorry and gave up on the journey.

    That sounds like a big screw up by the authorities
    They weren’t going to save his life, but if they had pieced the evidence earlier they might have found his body.

    I guess it is good that most industrial bins are tramp safe cos they normally have locks on.


  19. Guest Who says:

    Peroxide poison.


  20. BRISSLES says:

    Ok, its community singing time again, more effort into it this time…..


    You’d better watch out
    You’d better not sneeze
    You mustn’t hold parties
    And do as you please
    The Covid Warden’s comin’ to town

    He’s making a list
    And checking it twice
    If you’re breaking the rules
    He’ll be round in a trice
    The Covid Warden’s comin’ to town

    He watches you at weekends
    He’s wise to all the tricks
    He knows if you’ve been assembling
    In a group of more than six

    Oh ! you’d better watch out
    He’s ever so keen
    Don’t spread it about
    Or you’ll have to quarantine
    The Covid Warden’s comin’ to town.


  21. taffman says:

    “Swansea mushroom carvings removed after ‘phallic’ complaint”
    They are not mushrooms, they are Toad’s Tools .
    Al Beeb at its best ?


  22. Richard Pinder says:

    “Carrie On, up the arse of a, Headless Chicken”

    The fruity green Princess Nut Nuts (32), and her Guardianista Witches of Wokery, have taken control of the nation. The old man Doris (56), and his missing brain, are locked down in Churchill’s self-isolation bunker. Professor Greta Thunderbird (17) is now Britain’s top druidic adviser. The Witches of the Consensus have ordered the Earth Mother of Stonehenge to wear a mask and stop the Climate from changing. The Princess has ordered Britannia (Doris with a trident) to save Mother Earth from the frightening Carbonic Acid Gas induced Climate Chaos. Oh what a Carry On, Rule Britannia, God save the Queen from the rule of Princess Nutty Nutcase.


    • StewGreen says:

      First Green madness rollback
      “The prime minister’s pledge to ban gas boilers from new homes by 2023 has been withdrawn” (reports Harra)

      … doh it would have left the whole industry 18 months to prepare
      and corps have only just introduced their latest gas boilers.
      Gas boilers which have saved more CO2 that home solar panels ever have
      cos each iteration is 5, 10% more efficient that your last boiler.

      Carrie and Boris’s green plan is MarieAntoinette stuff
      .. “let them the public, drive expensive electric cars”
      Amounts to Make Britain Poor Again


      • Guest Who says:

        The remake of ‘Ra Ra Rasputin’ using the Blancmange a Trois of Boris, Young Princess Fruit Loop and the Green Goblin Greta is set to be an Xmas hit.


  23. Darcy3 says:

    I mentioned in a previous post about the return of the puritans and the burning of books (banning from social media is the modern equivalent), desecration of statues, etc etc and the rewriting of history.

    We also have the return of the witch hunt and trial.

    Two charming facets of the libtard left, headed by Witchsmeller Persuivant, the bbbc, pitchforks in hand.

    Coming to a village pond near you (the ducking stool):

    JOHN HUMPHRYS: As a Guardian journalist is hounded out by her own colleagues for daring to express an opinion… Witch hunts must NEVER be allowed to stop the presses



    • Richard Pinder says:

      Scientists and normal serious people: Sex is between a male and female for the purpose of reproduction of males and females.

      Guardianistas, Comedians and victims of genetic, hormonal and physiological problems: Sex is a construct for the purpose of pleasure for all self-assigned genders.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Darcy – it is strange how there are ‘absolutists ‘ – say the wrong word for ‘coloured people ‘- resign – draw a cartoon – get beheaded – write the wrong column – get sacked ….. difficult to see where the whole thing is going …..
      But nothing stays the same …


  24. Darcy3 says:

    Difficcult to see what is next for the libtard medieval puritans and their scribes at the bbbc.

    We have windmills, a good plague, and they already want cars banned and return to horse and cart

    Maybe St Greta of Thunberg will start having visions and decide all new homes are made of wattle and daub

    Christ only knows what they will propose to ensure a good harvest

    Maybe that we worship and pay tithes to some barmy organisation like the European Economic illuminati or something


    • JimS says:

      They will hand over all those walled estates and stately homes to our new aristocracy, the footballers of colour.

      The post inn will be reinstated. For anyone that wants to travel more than 15 miles they will have to go from post inn to post inn, changing electric cars on the way. The long-distance diesel coach will be replaced by the posting coach, again going from inn to inn. Students will have seats on the outside, with the luggage, minor politicians will get a seat on the inside.


  25. Darcy3 says:

    They will no doubt be happy that London is now full of men wearing hoods walking around with scythes and women with veils

    I thought I was watching a bbc current affairs programme last night and was halfway through before I realised it was an old episode of Blackadder

    And it wasn’t Jo Brand it was the baby eating Bishop of Bath and Wells


  26. taffman says:

    Not Al Beeb.
    Listening to Talkradio this morning and all I heard coming from the presenter was nothing but left wing and anti Brexit bias . Off switch.


  27. Darcy3 says:

    It is always a point of (morbid) fascination to me that in our world of apparent equality, male bullies are bullies, but women bullies are almost inevitably referred to as “feisty”

    “No sooner does he sack two infamous male bullies – advisers Dominic Cummings and Lee Cain”

    “Admittedly, the feisty Mrs Patel yesterday issued a statement apologising”


    A bit like those “mostly peaceful” BLM / Antifa the “real name Yaxley Lennon” and “lone wolf” or “mental health issues” forany muslim terrorist and, of course, the inevitable “far right” whenever it suites

    The new mantra droned out every time


    • AnneG says:

      I read several years ago that feisty originally meant ‘ full of farts ‘
      Once I was aware of that I just grin at all those feisty American actresses who used to be called ‘ spunky ‘ women.
      Ah the joys of language.


      • Darcy3 says:

        I could think of a few “American showgirls” that could deserve the epithet full of spu……

        nope I will stop there, one of them will no doubt end up as a President or something, or Queen


  28. taffman says:

    Not Al Beeb yet but sounds of panic coming from some EU countries about a no deal Brexit .


  29. Fedup2 says:

    It’s good to see reports of the ex prince and actress weighing into the BBC discomfort over ‘bashirgate ‘… perhaps there is the smell of money in the air . …….but the more publicity the inquiry gets the better – in the hope that Dyson doesn’t do a chakrabati … whose head – after the Labour antisemitism report is well and trying buried in her ermin …


    • Darcy3 says:

      Dyson ?

      it will be swept under the carpet , he is an expert in this


      • Scroblene says:

        Like Captain Mainwaring, I wondered who’d be the first person to spot this…


        • Darcy3 says:

          A clean sweep to you …everyone else sucks

          Mainwaring: No liquor is to be taken without my permission.
          Frazer: Hold on! That is undemocratic!
          Mainwaring: You, Frazer, will be in charge of all liquor permits.
          Frazer: I’m right behind you, Cap’n!


          • Scroblene says:

            Ha ha ha, I’ve just spent the last five minutes trying to find another Elton John song, and have failed miserably…

            My favourite is in fact, ‘Ticking’, and I hope that’s applied to the clock on the wall in W1A!


  30. Fedup2 says:

    Darcy – fortunately the BBC can’t win – if Dyson does a chakrabati the BBC loses reputation – Lord Hall – Bashir and others – if Dyson finds serious wrongdoing ( likely ) then the BBC will have to ‘learn the lessons ‘ and Diana fans will have a field day running alt pieces about how she might still be alive because she never gave the BBC interview ….

    Hall will have to resign from is holiday job in charge of the national gallery – where he is busily getting staff to colour in the white faces in pictures …

    Bashir will be on permanent sick leave – unless he has committed fraud somehow ….

    Steve Hewlett – the now dead producer of panorama will be dug up and put on trial …

    …. no flower fest – national pseudo grief – no awful candle in the wind ….. and she might still be kicking about – unless they were gonna kill her anyway of course .


    • Darcy3 says:

      Oh no not another Elton song please….sources tell me he is currently recording a musical tribute to Mahatma Gandhi now

      the working title is Sandals in the Wind


    • AnneG says:

      I do believe that Nick Robinson was assistant editor of Panorama at that time. He is keeping quiet at present.


    • Van Helsing says:


      I can think of at least two criminal offences that *may* have been committed in relation to the Panodrama interview.

      And while I was no fan of Diana (or Charles, for that matter), I hope her family are able to shake the metaphorical tree hard enough to bring all those who were at fault (if fault there was) crashing to the ground.


  31. Darcy3 says:

    The annual misery of endless Xmas ads has started

    a misery compounded by the clear, explicit inference that no Xmas is complete without a tribe of Afro Carribeans around the table and I have none, the cupboard is bare

    Do DFS do home deliveries ? I see Tescos has a few in stock as well

    How many will be in my position around the country ? will we all end up on a Dover beach waiting for a dinghy and fighting over them ?

    Or begging lorry drivers to check their containers to see if they have a few spare ?

    More stress at Xmas


  32. Up2snuff says:

    BBC TOADY Watch – #1 One degree of separation

    8.10 a.m. and the BBC are using the newspapers and ‘a useful idiot’ (so to speak) Sir David Normington, former Civil Serpent, sounding like a Labour MP. It’s very interesting that the BBC are using the print media to keep this pot boiling rather than their more direct attacks, for example, in the Damian Green and Kate Maltby saga.

    I’m surprised that those left-leaning Beeboids and MPs haven’t got together to state that this attack on Priti Patel “is waaAAYCISST!”. I have a suspicion that although there is a love or some favour extended toward Muslims at the BBC, there is a real dislike of non-Muslims from the Indian sub-continent, especially while Narendra Modi is PM of India. Could it be (non-Muslim) Indians tendency toward conservatism that irritates the BBC and the Left so much?

    I wonder . . . ……


  33. Darcy3 says:

    From wikipeadia, unfortuntely, but nevertheless:

    Anti-Hindu bias and Indophobia

    In The Hindu Business Line, the reporter Premen Addy criticised the BBC’s reportage on South Asia as consistently anti-India and pro-Islamist,[56] underreporting India’s economic and social achievements and political and diplomatic efforts and disproportionately highlighting and exaggerating problems in the country. In addition, Addy alluded to discrimination against Indian anchors and reporters in favour of Muslim Pakistanis and Bangladeshis who are hostile to India.

    The journalist Christopher Booker also criticised the BBC for its coverage of India-related matters. He concludes that the BBC’s efforts to reinforce stereotypes of South Asians has been directly responsible for damaging the image of India and encouraging racist incidents against Indians, such as the Leipzig University internship controversy.[57]

    Writing for the 2008 edition of the peer-reviewed Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television, Alasdair Pinkerton analysed the coverage of India by the BBC from India’s 1947 independence from British rule to 2008. Pinkerton observed a tumultuous history involving allegations of anti-India bias in the BBC’s reportage, particularly during the Cold War, and concluded that the BBC’s coverage of South Asian geopolitics and economics showed a pervasive and hostile anti-India bias because of the BBC’s alleged imperialist and neocolonialist stance.[58]

    In 2008, the BBC was criticised for referring to the men who carried out the November 2008 Mumbai attacks as “gunmen”, rather than “terrorists,” used to describe the attacks in UK.[59][60][61] That follows a steady stream of complaints from India that the BBC has an Indophobic bias that stems from a culturally-ingrained racism against Indians arising from the British Raj.[citation needed] Rediff reporter Arindam Banerji has chronicled what he argues are numerous cases of Indophobic bias from the BBC regarding reportage, selection bias, misrepresentation and fabrications.[citation needed][disputed – discuss] In protest against the use of the word “gunmen” by the BBC, the journalist Mobashar Jawed “M.J.” Akbar refused to take part in an interview after the Mumbai attacks[62] and criticised the BBC’s reportage of the incident.[63] The British parliamentarian Stephen Pound has supported the claims by referring to the BBC’s whitewashing of the terror attacks as “the worst sort of mealy mouthed posturing. It is desperation to avoid causing offence which ultimately causes more offence to everyone”.[64]
    Indian Army

    The BBC has also been criticised for covering conflicts in South Asia with an anti-India bias. For instance, it made false allegations that the Indian Army stormed a sacred Muslim shrine, the tomb of Hazrat Sheikh Noor-u-din Noorani in Charari Sharief and retracted the claim only after strong criticism.[65]


    • Up2snuff says:

      BBC anti-Indian bias was noticeable at the start of the UK Pandemic Lockdown when Modi made certain statements about Covid-19 and India (India had incredibly low infections at that time) and the BBC instantly picked up on them and was sceptical and scornful. The only other places where the BBC did that were the USA and Brazil – similar scorn – and New Zealand, where the most notable BBC attitude was one of admiration and approval.

      I wonder why …. . . .


  34. Darcy3 says:

    And the so called “Independent” (2008)

    Hindu and Sikh leaders have accused the BBC of pandering to Britain’s Muslim community by making a disproportionate number of programmes on Islam at the expense of covering other Asian religions.

    A breakdown of programming from the BBC’s Religion and Ethics department, seen by The Independent, reveals that since 2001, the BBC made 41 faith programmes on Islam, compared with just five on Hinduism and one on Sikhism.

    Critics say the disproportionate amount of programming is part of an apparent bias within the BBC towards Islam since the attacks of 11 September 2001, which has placed an often uncomfortable media spotlight on Britain’s Muslims.

    Ashish Joshi, the chairman of the Network of Sikh Organisation’s (NSO) media monitoring group, which obtained the numbers, said many Hindu and Sikh licence-fee payers felt cheated. “People in our communities are shocked,” he said. “We are licence-fee payers and we want to know why this has happened. The bias towards Islam at the expense of Hindus and particularly Sikhs is overwhelming and appears to be a part of BBC policy.”

    Indarjit Singh, the editor of the Sikh Messenger and a regular contributor to BBC Radio4’s Thought for the Day, said that the public broadcaster was focusing too much attention on Islam at the expense of other religious communities.

    “I think it’s probably unthinking, or inadvertent, but the bias is there,” he said. “I do know that within the Sikh community especially there is a feeling of concern over the lack of portrayal of their religion on television. There is a feeling of being brushed aside.”

    He added: “The wider community is missing out on what the different religions have to offer society. Of course it is important to educate non-Muslims about Islam but it is also important to provide informative, open and respectful programming on all religions.”

    In a letter sent in July to the NSO, the head of the BBC’s Religion and Ethics, Michael Wakelin, denied that there was any bias. He said the demographic makeup of Britain meant that Britain’s 1.6 million Muslims outnumber Hindus and Sikhs by two to one. “Therefore,” he wrote, “if Muslims get 60 minutes a year, the Sikhs and Hindus should share 30 minutes each.” Further content on Islam, he added, was “no doubt sparked by the interest in the faith following 9/11”.


    • Darcy3 says:

      I do like the bbc response in the last paragraph that coverage of religous matters should reflect the population demographic………..

      since when ?


      • Banania says:

        And the same should apply to the appearance on tv screens of the various races. What do they mean by constantly showing us to ourselves as a society that we simply are not?


    • Fedup2 says:

      It’s about time Hindu Shiks and others put a bit of effort into fighting Islam – they are just being rolled over now -…


    • JamesArthur says:

      So if the BBC are using the population approach there should be shed loads of Christian programmes….not noticed them?


  35. AsISeeIt says:

    Don’t you just love it when some well heeled early-retired former politician, is anxious to display their philanthropy, via the gift of charitable donations to the third world – funded, not by themselves but by the British taxpayer? There’s a pair of these types in the Telegraph this morning: ‘David Cameron and Tony Blair yesterday issued a joint warning to Boris Johnson not to cut the £15billion foreign aid budget’

    Foreign aid was – unilaterally – set by the Tories at a percentage of our GDP. Considering our GDP has been slashed – unilaterally – again by the Tories, one might conclude it should at least fall by that percentage. It’s not as though we have money to burn.

    Or do we? FT: ‘UK bet on space race against Musk. State in $500m tie-up with Mittal on OneWeb’

    I know it’s not very Christian of me…

    Ecclesiastes 11

    Cast your bread upon the waters,
    for you will find it after many days.
    Give a portion to seven, or even to eight,
    for you know not what disaster may happen on earth.

    But we’re not a Christian country anymore, are we?
    As Alastair Campbell, once famously interupted PM Blair (a euro-centric at heart and unsurprisingly a closet Catholic) during an interview saying: “We don’t do God.”

    Cameron, though C of E by default, rather than inclination (like his conservatism), characteristically admitted to being: ‘”a bit vague on some of the more difficult parts of that faith”, but insisted the church “really matters” to him.’

    The Express has a pic of a very satisfied-looking Dawn French: ‘I’m happy to be back as Vicar of Dibley’ – for me one of the most over rated of comedies. Equally smug-looking on the frontpage of the Mirror is Priti Patel: ‘Shouting, swearing, bullying… so how is she still in a job?’ asks the Mirror headline – you give those chinless workshy crybaby civil service penpushers hell, luv – that was the mandate.

    As I recall both Cameron and Blair were fans of favourite football teams – although I’m a bit vague as to the names of those teams – as were they.

    So let’s get off religion and do sport.

    The Telegraph promises: ‘Total Rugby 12-page special. England v Ireland’ – that’ll be total as in everything but the crowd. I will guarantee long pre-match preambles and formalities with plenty of moments of silence, takings of the knee, fake crowd sound track, etc – so I’ll pass.

    ‘Vaccines for all by Easter in NHS plan’ promises the ‘i’ – with the inevitable implied corollary that if our sainted NHS drops the ball then our media will call foul on Boris.

    Amusingly the Daily Mail offers: ‘Free festive face mask!’ – an apparently universal offer but read the small print and learn: ‘Hurry only 10,000 available while stocks last’

    By the way, since when did Easter return as a national date marker? It’s a Christian festival (and a movable feast!) so the Mirror, in a more multiculturally acceptable manner, says: ‘Virus jabs for all by April’

    The Labour-leaning Mirror is explicit about who it is preparing to blame when this promise fails to materialise: ‘NHS reveals plan to inoculate every adult… if government secures supplies in time’

    Every adult…? Like it or not?

    The Express ducks both the Christain religion and the monthly calendar and instead goes all primitive Deist nature worshiper on us: ‘Covid-19 jabs for all by Spring’ – the news is the same but as Freud might point out it’s all about the narcissism of small differences.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I also enjoy the spectacle of Sir Lord John Humphyrs going off on one in his £££mail online column about a lefty columnist in the Guardian being fired because the rest of the staff didn’t like something she wrote . The left eating itself ….. enjoy ….but I wonder if she’ll be recruited by the BBC now ? Perhaps that sort of expulsion signals a msn career end .

      Trouble is there are so many guardian columnists ….


      • Guest Who says:

        The bbc can simply create new positions.

        They have considerable experience in this.

        Plus there are panels, commentary slots, game shows….


        • Up2snuff says:

          AISI, I’m in a state of shock this morning. I went to look at the newspaper front pages on the BBC web-site and …
          …. there was no Guardian.

          Oh woe! And thrice woe!!


          • AsISeeIt says:

            ‘…there was no Guardian…’

            Wonders will never cease. The Sun is back, second day running!

            One suspects the BBC’s normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.


            • Up2snuff says:

              AISI, during the week – I think maybe two days in a row – there was no FT.

              From the BBC: “No comment.”


              • Darcy3 says:

                I am waiting for the guardian columnists to denounce the column as a phallic symbol of male repression or something,

                God knows what they will propose as their new “job” title ?

                answers on a republican voting slip c/o the nearest dumpster please


  36. Sluff says:

    On Have I Got News for You last night, guest Joan Bakewell openly identified herself as a Corbyn supporter.

    In response to a rare ribald remark about Corbyn, in terms ‘who would support such a person’, she pointed to herself when on camera.

    So not only proof of the Far Left leanings of a prominent BBC presenter of 50 years standing which could be backtracked through all manner of supposedly ‘impartial’ features but also proof that they are so cocksure they don’t even try to hide the bias nowadays.

    No doubt next week they will have guests who support the market economy, encourage the private sector (that’s the sector delivering all the new vaccines by the way), personal responsibility, strong defences, and living within your means.
    Or maybe not.


  37. Guest Who says:

    Emily goes back to her roots (see what I alluded to there).


    Meanwhile Lurch, Bryant and the Soak continue to offer sage, impartial reports minute by minute too.


    • Van Helsing says:


      Mateless obviously thinks (I use the word in a very loose sense) that the views of an actor whose father was a prosecutor and who has himself – wait for it – sat in on a number of poker games are worthy of dissemination.


      Meanwhile, she and her fellow hysterics at the Beeb somehow manage to ignore a succession of elephants in the room – Biden’s cognitive issues, Biden’s ‘relationship’ with foreign countries, and the allegations of vote tampering on both a manual and electronic level. And this in spite of all of said elephants being accompanied by that most precious of commodities: evidence.

      I’d call it laughable, but it’s Mateless and co. who are laughing all the way to the bank…and at the expense of people who are coerced into buying a TV licence by State-sanctioned goons.


  38. AsISeeIt says:

    On the subject of the multiplicity of Guardian columnists, it’s a rare frontpage report that doesn’t carry at least two and often three credits.

    On newspaper columnists in general let’s spare a moment to remember, along with the Times, one Jan Morris 1926-2020. Times writer and apparently ‘transgender pioneer’ – which one suspects promotes her(?) from obituary obscurity to Times frontpage exposure this weekend for the admiration of we millions of hetrosexual laggards.


    • Sluff says:

      I noted that the BBC this morning related HER attendance on the 1953 Everest expedition and did not actually mention at any point, and then only by inference, that she was a HE, James Morris, at the time.
      As evidenced on this wonderful film


      In other BBC words, women were on the 1953 team.
      Except of course that they were not.

      In another situation, the BBC might refer to that as ‘Fake News’ but I’m sure it was just an inadvertent oversight.


      • Fedup2 says:

        So what did it die as – male or female ? In fact – who cares ….?


      • Guest Who says:

        “The Englishman that went up a mountain and came out as a…”

        Hugh’s most challenging role yet?


      • Darcy3 says:

        It would not be fair on the men as stilletos have an unfair advantage, men have to wear ice grippers on their boots


  39. Fedup2 says:

    Twitter Watch

    Looks like andrew Neill is going truly MSM . He disputes tecky fiddling of the election count and seems to think re counting paper votes and coming up with the same number makes biden the winner – not whether the paper votes are fraudulent …


    • JamesArthur says:


      I have to agree. I thought he was more balanced but I think he only seemed like it compared to everyone else on the BBC.

      I have watched a few of the Spectator TV and really he ought to give it to somebody else to front…and his comments give his views away.. It is fine if you use fast forward


      • Fedup2 says:

        I think AN will be more interested in making his TV station a commercial success for his own lifestyle / bank balance than presenting a non liberal news agenda which many ( me ) want … or at least 2 opinions over an issue than the normal ‘one ‘ now ..
        The bbc s version of debate is to have a presenter ‘interview ‘another BBC staffer – be it kuensburg – or a Katy type …. not a public service …


  40. Sluff says:

    A bit late but allow me to comment on the BBC shock horror scoop that the government are thinking of a public sector pay freeze. Cue howls of anguish and indignation from the state broadcaster.

    The public sector. Who during the pandemic have enjoyed full pay, full pension rights, and rock solid job security. Many may have worked a bit harder but in many cases only to institute with ghastly reluctance the sort of change that the private sector take for granted every working day.

    Meanwhile in the private sector. Anyone with a pension pot has seen its value trashed by both the crash in the stock market (shall we say 15% and thats after a 10% recovery in the last 2 weeks) and the long term reduction in annuity rates.

    Not to mention a growing gap between higher public sector pay and the private sector equivalent decile, not to mention redundancies, short time working, furlough, and often lower pay in return for keeping a job at all.

    And what have all these public sector folk on full pay got to spend their discretionary spend on? No holidays, shops are shut. They’ve been paying down their personal debt at record levels.


    Our NHS heroes are in line for an increase. Why?
    Many have been working less. Think of all the non Covid treatment cancellations. How stressed out have the podiatrists been? Or physiotherapists? Or consultants’ secretaries ‘working’ from home. No furlough in the NHS.

    A one-off bonus for genuine front line staff in ITU and possibly some related managerial logistics/planning -type activities may be justified but a forever increase is not.

    It’s time the private sector shouted out more, as we are the ones who have to pay the bill for the largesse.


  41. Darcy3 says:

    Just been informed by Classic FM that today is national “hello” day designed to encourage dialogue “between cultures”

    (FFS as usual)

    We don’t need this. I can think of one culture that is always shouting “hello” in the streets (I think) to someone called Akbar


  42. Tabs says:

    The TV EPG lists BBC1 Saturday Kitchen Live as “…joined by Ollie Dabbous, Asma Khan and Omid Djailil”.

    What is the random chance of 66% of the guests coming from a demographic that is just 3% of UK population ?


  43. Darcy3 says:

    99 % cert I reckon


  44. BRISSLES says:

    A lady called Jacky Joseph is currently a ‘fashion stylist/brand ambassador’ on QVC, and has nabbed a spot on Money for Nothing, and I hear is in line for joining Homes Under the Hammer. There does appear to be a high ratio of BAMEs in presenting roles in these kind of daytime programmes and sporting segments. The pendulum has swung in the other direction, – you have far more chance of landing a job in the media if you are non-white than if you are.


    • pugnazious says:

      Yep…reckon that 20% was actually for number of white people in the BBC.


    • JimS says:

      So much so that we have to import them, i.e. Motshegetsi Mabuse, South African, living in Germany.

      (That’s a 17 and a 10, I believe, Scrabble not being my game!)


  45. Fedup2 says:

    From our own correspondent

    Adey has decided that Biden won and said so . Zurcher did a promotion piece for Church going biden – whereas the current president does something wlse .

    I admit – i was only listening a bit- but the tone gave it away . I only know of zurcher through this site – but his bias is obvious and fits in well with ‘ one thought ‘ BBC

    Then the off switch came – its very easy.


  46. pugnazious says:

    The BBC hates the DUP…a god fearing, protestant, pro-Union party whose policies are often shaped by its Christian beliefs…..which is why Mishal Husain smeared it as ‘backward and unpleasant’ for their views on gay marriage and abortion [never mind the Pope has the same views]…of course Islam is anything but.

    The BBC of course loves the IRA and Labour.

    You can see this all play out in the way the BBC reports the same thing.

    When the DUP delayed agreement on covid19 policies the BBC spoke disparagingly of them, denouncing them for ‘playing politics’ when the health of the people of Northern Ireland was being put at risk.

    Contrast that with how they reported Burnham’s two week roadblock on implementing the lockdown….he was the local hero, ‘King of he North’. The BBC didn’t have a critical word to say about him nor about the health of the Northerners…suddenly covid19 wasn’t quite as dangerous as the BBC et al would like you to believe when it suits their own agenda.

    Odd that.


  47. Red Pill says:

    Anyone else think that the medias hatred of Swedens approach to Covid is a little unhinged? Yes, they’ve got a second wave of infections, but their deaths are still close to zero. Yes, they’ve implemented tighter restrictions, but even their strictest restrictions are more liberal than our lightest restrictions. If I didn’t know better I’d think MSM were doing everything in their power to justify their own support of an undemocratic lockdown!


  48. Fedup2 says:

    BBC online headline ‘can trump overturn the election result ?
    Nice piece of inherent bias there – ongoing allegations of wrongdoing ignored and the outcome concluded…..

    Meanwhile that nice joe Biden is putting his whitehouse together …..


  49. Fedup2 says:

    Just by accident I caught a bit of the 1pm news on BBC . The clone autocue reader said labour is calling for an independent inquiry about the PM and the Priti Patel gate . So that it an independent inquiry about an independent inquiry ….

    Anyone with a bit of common sense would deduce that these ‘inquiries ‘ are a complete waste of time – the outcome is ordained .. bit like nonsense consultations – they will never deliver on something those who set them up want .

    I think this is irrespective of Party – because the people are the same now . It’s a bit like when you watch “the thick of it “ and try to work out who is the Tory and who is labour ….. they are all careerists who have not done a real days work in their life – I include lawyers and researchers and councillors …. and the swath of PPE graduates …


  50. Laughing at Lefties says:

    This is what the BBC is ignoring. Never underestimate just how evil the BBC truly is.