Start the Week 28 December 2020

Can you feel the fresh wave of Grief the BBC is feeling as it comes to terms with really leaving the EU in 4 days time ? Will it experience acceptance ? Or set up a ‘rejoin unit ‘ to pump out more anti British Propaganda and telling taxpayers what they are ‘missing ‘in their perfect EU? Meanwhile an extra 12 million people have signed up to pay TV in the last year …..

Midweek Thread 16th December 2020

Deal or No Deal Part – Whatever – thankfully for us the BBC continues to self harm . This time they’ve taken on a boxer who doesn’t want to be a ‘sports personality ‘ . Naturally the BBC ignores him .Meanwhile Joe Biden is the President Elect of the USA . Therefore the BBC narrative will change to ‘how long can the dementing old boy last? “ . Let’s see…