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  1. Dover Sentry says:



  2. Loobyloo says:

    Happy new year to all here!

    Rats! Missed it by a whisker!

    Many thanks to Fedup2 and all the regulars, especially Stew Green for devoted daily research. See you all under the virtual mistletoe ????


    • Up2snuff says:

      A Happy and Healthy New Year to one and all on here. Let’s hope for some real guts and sanity for the PM and Cabinet to run this country in decent fashion for 2021 and beyond.

      Oh, and it is not too late, Bojo, to ‘do something’ about the BBC.


  3. Dover Sentry says:

    Hear, hear!

    And let us all thank that Farage chap for making Brexit possible.

    We need to start a campaign for Farage to be awarded in some way.

    He deserves it. A medal as big as a frying pan. 🙂


  4. Fedup2 says:

    The BBC propaganda at 2300 had – guess who – the EU media rep. Embedded in the BBC – katya -kraut- Adler delivering the approved EU message to UK taxpayers … sums up the BBC pretty well really .

    I think brexiters should have a moments ‘ silence for the hateful traitors who kept us in that corrupt organisation for far too long …


    • Scroblene says:

      Yes, on the very rare occasion that I watch the BBBC ‘news’, I wondered when there was going to be any positive comment for British companies to enjoy!

      But all we got was a couple of dirges about ‘paperwork’, traffic stuck at ports etc, and nothing for the majority of Leavers to savour – except a luscious recall of the finger we all gave to the motley bunch of the ‘elite’ remainers, and their sordid hangers-on.

      I’m amazed that after all this time, the autocue-readers in W1AA can still only ask rhetorical ‘gotcha’ questions, and give their own opinions! They just don’t understand, and being non-commercial types, they never will!

      Happy New Year, one and all – it’s a New Dawn, and when Covid is kicked into touch, we’re all raring to go!


  5. Dimebars says:

    Happy New Year to everyone on here . We’re out ! It might not be perfect but ” little acorns ” Thank you so much to all the contributors !
    ps , I cancelled my TV licence this year and got £14.20 of a refund from that shower of shit ! Happy Days .


  6. Eddy Booth says:

    Covid: 12-week vaccine gap defended by UK medical chiefs

    “The UK will give both parts of the Oxford and Pfizer vaccines 12 weeks apart, having initially planned to leave 21 days between the Pfizer jabs.”

    Tony Blair was spouting this very idea a day or two ago, so it must be a bad one….
    Guess it’s their cunning plan to ensure the lockdowns extend into the spring / summer.

    Of course the BBC star feels obliged to share his opinion:
    By Nick Triggle
    Health correspondent –

    “..This is the quickest way back to some degree of normality.”

    And there was me thinking that the quickest way, was immediately opening everything back up and letting everyone manage their own lives and risks as they see fit…

    “…Even if it does leave some of the vaccinated susceptible to infection, it should in theory at least protect them from serious illness.”

    Doesn’t sound too promising… especially as he’s talking about the most vulnerable, who’ll get the first dose first.


    • Kaiser says:

      so I presume the super rushed “science ” showed a 21 day gap to be most effective and now someones decided 84 days and damn the science for the vaccine that what % effective for an illness 99.7% survive and millions have likely already had and didnt notice and millions are already naturally immune , which we are giving first to those already sheltering in their government imposed prison.

      tell me again what this vaccine is for?


  7. vlad says:

    A happy new year to one and all.
    Which is more than these Hindus can hope for at the hands of Pakistani muslims destroying their temple.
    David Wood explains why.

    He ends with the forlorn hope that 2021 might be the year when journalists stop lying about what islam teaches.

    Not if the BBC can help it.


    • Darcy3 says:

      If thre were one thing that could improve the world it would be if this shower of sh@t were wiped from the face of the Earth for eternity


    • JohnC says:

      I’m still mystified why the Left protect these people so much. Much of what they do should be abhorrant to them. Yet they stay silent.

      I suspect is as simple as using them as ‘victims’ against the Right which has evolved into GroupThink for gullible idiots who need someone else to tell them what to think.


  8. The WestWyvern says:

    Top 10….

    Happy New Year Fed, all on here.

    Let’s make 2021 the year of steady pressure and focus with a view to the abolition of the anti British BBC and all who sail in her.

    Enjoy the salty tears of remainder/rejoinders. About 45mins for them to whinge and wail.

    Lord Adonis
    Kier Starmer
    Nichola Sturgeon
    Mare Kahnt
    Tony Blair
    John Major
    Ally Campbellend

    To name but a few traitors ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


    • SV says:

      Please watch Dominic Frisby’s anthem on You Tube for a potted list. A very funny song and I listened to it over the last 4 years to cheer myself up. It’s called ‘17 million f*ck off’s’


  9. Dover Sentry says:

    Just opened one of those aged single malt things in a glass bottle. My posts will before long become extremely lucid, factual and entertaining. Or, that’s how I think they’ll be.

    But, so what. A time for celebration. It’s another VE Day.

    Our BBC are squirming in horror and fear. Delicious. Cheers!


  10. Tabs says:

    BBC2’s Jools Holland hootenanny 2020 had a white singer for a whole 3 minutes before BLM normality was restored.


    • Seppers says:

      He normally has Ruby Turner, who is fabulous (proof that no bbc patronising of black people is needed). Imo


  11. Dover Sentry says:

    Brexit has severed a huge source of Woke and PC from the EU. Can we now deal with the infection within? Do we now have the strength and conviction to do so?

    Can we end the vile bile from the BBC?

    My glass is full – for the moment anyway. ????


  12. Twin_Town says:

    Happy new year everyone…. hopefully 2021 will see an end to the vile BBC – I can’t see it though… to many leeches feeding the bloated scum.

    Have a good one all


  13. Deborah says:

    We are out, Last headline on the BBC news tonight. But we can trust the BBC to record every hiccough along the way.

    Happy New Year to all, especially Halifax if he is reading here.


  14. Fedup2 says:

    Yes – 2021 in NE London has arrived with the sound of huge amounts of fireworks going off around Docklands ..and to Halifax – and my priest – who went down with covid last weekend – get well ….


  15. Sluff says:

    Have the French stopped a lorry because a semicolon was in the wrong place on a form yet?
    Happy New Year to all and I hope you were not too annoyed by the O2 fireworks shown on the BBC referencing the NHS, climate change, and diversity.
    Yep. At 0001 on New Year’s Day the BBC agenda is STILL in full swing.


    • G says:

      “Have the French stopped a lorry because a semicolon was in the wrong place on a form yet?”
      I hope they won’t because the Brits will beat them hands down for that on the return trip.


  16. Roland Deschain says:

    A guid new year to ane an’ a’.



  17. Dover Sentry says:

    The BBC and the New Year. I watched their coverage just before and just after midnight.

    There was a bland voiceover. Male about 25 years of age. Probably BAME judging by the BBC. Why a voiceover? My wife said that she just wanted to hear the fireworks.

    Of course, it was all about the NHS. An illuminated Nightingale bird hovering over the Thames. NHS in big lights.

    In a very patronising way, there was a male figure holding a Zimmer frame illuminated above London. This was the ‘tribute’ to Captain Tom.

    Sickening and a Left/BBC love fest. Never again.


  18. Eddy Booth says:



    • Darcy3 says:

      My cat looked like that during the endless fireworks

      happy to see those banned like before the millenium when it all started up again

      going off all day, then woken up by them at 12 for twenty minutes, then again at 1pm again


  19. Darcy3 says:

    “Viewers slam BBC for ‘forcing politics’ into New Year’s Eve light display that featured ‘woke’ NHS tributes, BLM fist salutes, the colours of the EU flag and a climate change lecture by David Attenborough – while NO ONE sang Auld Lang Syne

    Thousands of revellers tuned into BBC One to watch the highly-anticipated pre-recorded light show
    But outraged Britons slammed show as ‘ridiculous’ after drones made the shape of a Black Lives Matter fist
    Many said a bird which appeared in lights was in European Union colours, on day Britain officially left the bloc”



    • Scroblene says:

      Happy New Year, Darcy!

      See comment above on a general Scrobs view of the ‘news’…

      I actually went to bed after about half an hour of anti-GB misery on the BBC channel, but reckon that Colin Murray on R5Live will have to watch out, because he played two great, uplifting tracks around midnight -‘Mr Blue Sky’ by E.L.O., and ‘Here comes the sun’, By The Beatles!

      Surely the undermanagers didn’t see that coming!

      (Any more ‘snag’ yarns today)?


      • Darcy3 says:

        Happy New Year to you

        Mr Blue Sky brings back fond memories

        currenly working my way through a fridge full of sausages even the cat is interested and Chinese wife

        Especially when I told her about the Euro sausage scandal

        Got some really nice bacon too….


        • Scroblene says:

          A fridgeful!

          Blimey – that’s nearly a whole breakfast!

          Our JRT is rather partial to a sausage every now and then, but is having to make do with some Tesco Kentucky Nuggets, which I bought a year or so ago, and are not really very nice now…

          And for your cat…


          • Darcy3 says:

            I love Simon’s Cat, thanks for that !

            Our cat not interested in anything, I have in the past offered it a little steak, salmon, pork, chicken, fish and no interest

            but those stupid biscuits that smell like something from the bottom of a dustbin, cannot get enough of them

            I suspect it only ate the sausage as a Euro political gesture


    • Richard Pinder says:

      We watched the Scottish one on Channel 601. A run from the countryside to Edinburgh Castle with a cannon going off at midnight. Fireworks at Stirling Castle to the sound of traditional classical music, followed by Auld Lang Syne sung with four violinists. And everyone involved and in the studio, even all those on the chess board screens, was WHITE. As white as when we did our Xmas shopping in York and Edinburgh.

      An Aunty lives just outside Edinburgh. But the telly is never on when we visit. So I don’t know if they get lots of Blacks in the adverts.


    • Seppers says:

      A few years ago the last night of the proms featured prominent EU flags in all the places on the orchestra that the camera angles would pick up.
      I complained that this was forced political imagery/indoctrination
      and campaigning. They said it was up to people which flags they waved (obfuscating what I’d meant) so I went back and made clear it was the bbc orchestra – and that this was not right as a democratic vote had taken us out of the EU. I said it gave legitimate ammunition to those wanting to take away the public funding. (I was still in favour of it at the time.)
      Don’t know if others complained but they didn’t do it the next year.


  20. Darcy3 says:

    Royal College of GPs chair PROF MARTIN MARSHALL: Why DO you need diversity training to give a jab?

    “Instead of welcoming back skilled, dedicated former staff, officialdom seems to be smothering the whole recruitment process in dispiriting layers of red tape.

    Rather than thinking creatively, a box-ticking mentality is thwarting would-be NHS returnees, with potentially serious consequences for patients.

    Applicants are required to provide at least 21 pieces of documentation to prove they have undertaken training in a range of fields, many of which have nothing to do with the vaccination programme.

    ut some of these bureaucratic demands are ridiculous, such as the requirement to be certified in ‘fire safety’, ‘conflict resolution’, or ‘preventing radicalisation’.

    In the midst of the present desperate crisis, it makes little sense to require ex-medical professionals to provide documentary evidence that they have undertaken instruction in ‘equality, diversity and human rights’ or ‘data security awareness’ in order to deliver vaccinations.”



    • Scroblene says:

      A great chum has been diabetic type 1 for fifty or so years!

      That’s about 50,000 injections – self administered!

      What else do they need in the NHS? Another chum suggested that vets, chemists, village halls etc could all be used, but of course, like you say, ‘diversity training’ beats all where life and death are concerned and ‘form-filling’ is an immediate priority!!


    • popeye says:

      With all those diversity managers employed by the NHS, something had to be created to give them something to do


      • Darcy3 says:

        You should try Capita (or rather not) never seen so many “managers” in my life and the forms ….each one no doubt requiring a department with multiple “managers” to process as they charge the council tax payers for their various “services”.

        no wonder the TV license costs so much

        rest assured I walked quite soon after arriving, never seen such incompetence trying to do the job they are actually there for in the first place.

        And the worst IT I have EVER encountered, ironic really, they provide “IT solutions” to local government, at a premium charge.

        6 weeks there without a working laptop or desk phone. 8 weeks with no access to any database.

        Most were using the Barclays Bank wifi down the road on a daily basis as the Captita one collapsed every day, and there was a daily backlog around the reception and up the stairs of people with laptop in hands queueing for the IT problem office.

        I was advised if you were not in the queue by 10 AM you might as well give up for the day.


    • theisland says:

      Time to get rid of all HR departments across the board.
      They are a threat to civilised societies.


    • G says:

      “Rather than thinking creatively, a box-ticking mentality is thwarting would-be NHS returnees, with potentially serious consequences for patients.”

      I predict that the only time that nonsense will stop is when they’re recruiting for the next war. ‘Welcome, Cannon Fodder, whatever your colour or religion’.

      Cos a GPMG will not distinguish.


      • Darcy3 says:


        our bunch of diverse immigrants prefer to run away from war rather than fight for their country

        fat chance of any of them fighting for us


        • G says:

          Exactly, that’s why most hold dual passports – enabling them to flee back to Pakistan etc when necessary. Within, “necessary” I include their ‘friendships’ with under-age girls and the law possibly catching up with them.


  21. Darcy3 says:

    And these are the people who DIDN’T stay home: Three people are hurt in London’s first stabbings of 2021 – while revellers pack illegal raves, drink on streets and hold anti-lockdown march in the capital

    Two people were stabbed in an incident on Edgware Road this morning
    Metropolitan police have confirmed that both men were taken to hospital
    A woman was also found at the scene suffering from a head injury
    Revellers were also reported to have attended an illegal party at a pub in Essex
    Anti-lockdown protest broken up by police as hundreds marched on the capital

    Trouble flared minutes after midnight as rival gangs squared up to each other on Edgware Road, near Marble Arch in the capital’s West End, as an illegal rave spilled onto the streets.


  22. The WestWyvern says:

    2021 just started, so Saturday Toady looks for British Business impacted now by the new arrangements with mainland Europe.

    Business section interviews a lady who’s setting up an operation in FRANCE and is there now. So not actually British then… Ah but setting up in France because was unsure about no-deal…

    What about paperwork as the Beeboid, well says the interviwed one, there’s lots do with setting up the business in France. No really? I’d never have guessed.

    Now apparently the line was not good, but it sounded to me like the most staged piece to radio you could imagine.

    No actual discussion of impacts, if any to UK business.

    Painful listen and just another AntiBeeb ‘we hate the U.K.’ propaganda piece.

    #Defund in 21′


    • StewGreen says:

      It’s Friday mate.


      • The WestWyvern says:

        Thanks, Stew are you a ‘fact checker’ like others that we see here? Anyway for the record, Here in Westy towers, it’s any day I bloody well want it to be…..

        And I’m a BBC, EU free zone.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Stew, ignore the barb. I was thrown by that yesterday – I kept thinking and feeling that it was Friday.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Isn’t it great that this site has a ‘fact checker ‘ who even knows what day of the week it is …. and that the days are getting longer …..25 hours now …

          By the way – anyone early and eagle eyed enough would have seen I thought it was 2012 …on the header


          • Up2snuff says:

            For all those who are having trouble with what day of the week it is today (and are of a certain age, maybe) here are three gents with a similar problem

            You only need to watch the first 6 to 8 minutes or so. Remember to set resolution to 360.


  23. StewGreen says:

    about the Cambridge Uni free speech vote 4 weeks ago.
    Spectator columnist Matthew Parris says the freedom is to offend is vital for a functioning democracy.


    • StewGreen says:

      Also the TPA comments
      on the BBC’s £26m Christmas Present to it’s redundant staff
      that it will probably hire back in 3 months time.
      “The BBC just don’t know value of money”
      … it’s 150,00 licence fees
      The Sheriffs of Islington are the reverse Robin Hoods.


  24. theisland says:

    Happy New Year everyone.
    May the evil ones be defeated in 2021.
    We know who they are.


  25. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    Many Chinese-Australians feel they are facing increasing scrutiny and suspicion as Australia hardens its views towards China.

    Australia-China row: ‘I’m Australian – why do I need to prove my loyalty?’

    New year…. same old BBC.


  26. StewGreen says:

    TalkRadio just republished the Dominic Frisby piece
    “The BBC comedy establishment thinks it is punching up”
    A group called the Campaign For Common Sense analysed BBC comedy shows and say that last month, out of 141 comedians across 364 slots on programmes including Have I Got News For You and Mock The Week, ’74 per cent of the slots were occupied by comedians with publicly pronounced Left-leaning, anti-Brexit, or ‘woke’ views
    whereas only 4 people ie 1% expressed pro Brexit or non-lefty views.

    Just now at 8:10am Lord Jones spoke positively about Brexit
    “Half the media seemed to be in mourning yesterday”
    “yet we now have so much opportunity”

    Visible on livefeed for 12 hours.


  27. theisland says:


    From Craig
    11pm Brexit Hour, New Years Eve 2020

    Well, it says it all.

    The websites of the Sky News and ITV News made the upcoming, historic 11pm break from the EU their lead stories in the run-up to 11pm. The BBC News website kept the story in fourth place.

    Typically sour from the BBC.

    11pm strikes. History is made. The BBC moves the story to first place.

    ITV (at 11.07pm) goes with Big Ben bonging and a picture of Downing Street:

    Sky (at 11.08pm) goes with Big Ben and a new chapter:

    And the BBC (at 11.09 pm) goes with a police van and a police officer talking to a lorry driver stopped at the border and talk of ‘separation’:

    I rest my case, M’lud. The BBC has surpassed itself.

    And with that, good night, cheers and a Happy New Year from snowy Morecambe!

    Update (11.40pm): Still up. The BBC has just changed its picture:

    Happy New Year again!


    • JamesArthur says:

      Happy New Year
      BBC don’t seem to have changed
      So far in space of 20mins breakfast
      Climate change
      Stress and pressure on NHS
      Also Border checks …said due to Brexit..in fact covid checks
      Now Schools may or may not go back….negativity rules
      Notably they didnt show BLM fist on replay of NY display.
      Defund in 21


  28. StewGreen says:

    Happy UK Sovereignty Day !


  29. AsISeeIt says:

    Freedom – it sounds good, doesn’t it?

    Freedom is made up of many minor freedoms, those little daily aspects to life where one makes one’s own choices without restrictions. Thinks and says what one pleases without interference.

    Some of those restrictions emanated from Brussels.

    Sadly a quick review of the papers reveals a story of freedom gradually being chipped away by those minor degrees by our own Brexiteer government.

    The BBC likes the Daily Mirror for its number one spot in their on-line press line up for New Year’s Day. Our habitually miserablist national broadcaster perhaps conceding to us one momentary positive note and employing the frontpage of the Labour-supporting tabloid to do it: ‘Here’s to smiling again in 2021’ – of course there’s a sting in the tail: ‘We are still in the battle of our lives with coronavirus and face challenges too after Brexit…’ – just in case you dared forget either issue for a moment: ‘but armed with a new vaccine, there is promise of a better tomorrow’ – how could a socialist newspaper fail to promise us a bright future via State action?

    And the more one trusts to the State, so the more our freedoms evaporate: ‘Trafalgar Square, normally a focus for new year revelry, was sealed off yesterday as Britons were told to stay at home’ (Times)

    ‘Trans offence is hate speech, Ofcom rules’ (Telegraph)

    ‘Tens of thousands of drone owners will have to register their devices for the first time or face court and fines under new regulations…’ (Times)

    ‘Edinson Cavani has been suspended for Manchester United’s next three games and fined £100,000 after using the word “negrito” in a social media post’ (Times)

    Remind me, don’t Boris and his ministers continually attempt to reassure us they are libertarians at heart and that it always pains them to bring in lockdowns?

    Bureaucracy will at least be a UK growth employment sector. For example: ‘The cost of public enquiries set up by Theresa May as home secretary and prime minister has exceeded £300m with none having produced a final report yet’ (Times)

    ‘Labour’s new policies are going unoticed’ says Stephen Bush in the ‘i’ – that sir, is explained because there’s no damned difference between Tory and Labour policies.

    ‘Schools could remain closed until the middle of February’ (Telegraph) – there’s no chance of a tax rebate for State educational services not delivered, I’m guessing?

    There’s also our envy of the world NHS which cares for us in sickness and in health (guaranteed free at the point of access – let’s not forget): ‘Key hospital fears it may have to be “covid-only”‘ (Guardian) – oh, perhaps our NHS is not so accessible.

    Come to think of it, I got a text just two days ago from the NHS telling me not to reply and that they were so very busy with their big new thing (with some virus) that I should make sure to leave them alone to get on with it and they would call me and not vice versa.

    I think that’s what they call a Dear John brush-off by text.

    Maybe, since they have my number, at some point in the future, when the NHS gets around to me, they’ll have a change of heart, then I’ll receive an offer of an injection in the booty call?

    ‘This is a terrific campaign… vaccine is the only way out: Gary Lineker (Sun) – well that’s me convinced.

    ‘Shortage of vaccines will last months, says Whitty’ (Times) – things could be looking up since this bloke’s predictions/projections/scenarios are usually wrong – but on the basis that even a stopped clock has to be correct twice a day this is probably bad news.

    Lets go to the Guardian for one of the truest editorial lines to grace a newspaper frontpage this morning. The context is that Guardianistas are still miffed we’ve left the EU but I like the line anyway: ‘Britain has been taken over by liars and their cheerleaders’

    Boris, Hancock, Whitty et al… and their cheerleaders – the BBC & the mainstream media.


    • The WestWyvern says:

      Thanks As, keep up the good word.

      I especially like the salty tears flowing from the Gauniad, print wing of the AntiBeeb and another UK hating organisation that needs be defunded in 21′.


    • Up2snuff says:

      AISI, I note that the i newspaper has not updated its front page to take account of the New Year. Someone awarded it the title Newspaper of the Year for 2020. Now it is 2021 I assume that that title has passed to another MSM rag.

      I just hope that it is not the Daily Star or the Guardian or the Daily Mirror.


  30. Darcy3 says:

    It comes to something when I have to switch channels to avoid the Classic FM adverts over to bbc Radio 3 then have to switch back to avoid the bbc “news”.

    Do they have an app for that yet ?

    If not, Dragons’ Den here I come, just getting the soldering iron and adjustable wrench out as I am typing ….


    • Guest Who says:

      You create one, I’m in.

      Between booting Global from 55 to 5 past and all the dire ad breaks I am looking at Bluetoothing the music archive (around two weeks’ worth from LPs and CDs carefully downloaded) in the PC to all rooms on random.

      Flipping from Stairway to Heaven to the soundtrack The General’s Daughter to Holst can be interesting.


      • Darcy3 says:

        I’ve done a few that way, takes some time but I have quite an eclectic playlist myself, mainly for the car


      • Up2snuff says:

        Guest, can you not leave your PC set on playing U-bend music vids and then Bluetooth those to speakers around the house? I have to say that the choices that U-bend (or a Choob of the similar name) come up with can be interesting although you get stuck with the inevitable, annoying and rather dull Alan Parsons Project ‘Sirius’. (He or his label must have paid U-bend a small fortune over the years to have that vanity project flushed at us at regular intervals.)

        If you start listening to music on there with a classical orchestral theme then U-bend will tailor the rest of their ‘Up next’ output similarly. For example I was listening to some Fleetwood Mac and most of the next suggested vids/tracks were then biased toward the Mac. You then find you get the same song done live at different times and that can be very interesting and revealing.


    • Foscari says:

      Darcy -We watched Channel Five for awhile last night and
      noticed that their adverts had at least 50% indigenous UK
      folk in them. We almost felt that we were back home again.
      They were having a countdown of 1980’s hits as voted by
      the viewers.
      I myself am more of a classical music fan.But I must say
      that watching a programme that we would never be allowed
      to see on the BBC because of what they would call lack of
      diversity was a revelation. There was a mixture of quite a
      lot of different styles in the eighties. Possibly my favourite
      was ” Careless Whisper” by George Michael, which finished
      fourth. The winner was a surprise another George Michael
      ” Last Christmas” It brought back memories, if some sad of
      seeing Whitney Houston. She probably wouldn’t be allowed
      to have the name Whitney in this day and age because of
      the white connotation in it. She most likely would of been cancelled.
      Happy New Year everybody.


      • Darcy3 says:

        I have said before the variety of music, especially in the seventies was astounding considering what is avaialble today

        Heavy rock, blues rock, progressive rock, rock n roll, heavy metal, acoustic, ballads, punk, new wave, ska, pop, electronic synth, boy bands, novelty songs / one hit wonders, soul, psychedelia etc etc

        And Chas and Dave and the bloody Wurzels

        any browse of the radio for popular now for example radio 1 its black black black droning R and bloody B and their various untalented derivative versions of rap and drill crap


      • Seppers says:

        Ohhh, that explains why it’s at no 1 in the charts. It was on the news.


  31. Guest Who says:

    Maybe the bbc can dispatch some of its green room troopers to stir up some trouble?



  32. Fedup2 says:

    I discovered something called ‘music streaming ‘ by accident and pay £10 a month for it . It has replaced all – or nearly all – BBC / woke – output .

    I tried to work out how much profit the streaming company is making from me – but it tells me I’m averaging 9 hours a day – which must be a lot of royalties going somewhere ….

    As for radio4 …. I had a little look at the schedule for today – which I think is Friday –

    Low and behold – at 2100 ‘correspondents look ahead ‘ – now I’ve listened to that for decades – once upon a time – before instant online replay – I’d have a time fixed to record it …..

    …..but now ….. anyone steeling themselves to listen will be greeted by 100% woke boxticking – when in the past there were very experienced journos giving a pretty well informed assessment of what a region / country might be facing in 2021 .

    My predictions for 2021

    The vaccine works and public pressure to speed it up will be overwhelming

    Normality returns by June

    Rapid economic recovery but a weak pound

    Oil and inflation heads up

    Taxes go through the Sky

    The political characters in the UK stay the same

    President Biden dies – for real or politically .

    VP takes over with Clinton as VP

    Go woke go broke becomes ‘more real’

    No changes for OFCOM / BBC …yet …..

    I thought I’d leave off the prospect of a big regional or world war to test the American president because that one is a bit ‘unseasonal’.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Fed, once upon a time, the ‘BBC Correspondents Look Ahead’ had a corresponding half hour or more of listeners responses in much the same way that Any Questions has Any Answers to follow it on a Saturday.

      The BBC dropped the listeners bit, I think around 2015 or 2016.

      I wonder why?


  33. Darcy3 says:

    I think I have a working prototype, after some intense R and D this morning

    For the TV and PC I have patented a hand held, ergonomic device which those that think inside the box might call a brick but I prefer “anti bbc device”, sponsored by LBC

    “Available in three easy payments, guaranteed to shut Keunsberg up or your money back”

    Working on the android version now, the less informed might call it a hammer


  34. Fedup2 says:

    More Doom and Gloom for Traitors –

    A deal has been agreed between UK EU about using UK driving licences in the EU – cross one off the ‘project fear ‘ list …
    Methinks the real dependency a lot of EU companies sending stuff to blighty is going to feature bigly ….


    • The WestWyvern says:

      Fed, talking of traitors…..

      Hesseltine was on LBC earlier this Friday morning, campaigning for Britain to join the Riech EUSSR.

      This deluded old fool really needs to be taken into care, mental health, Brexit derangement syndrome and senility are all on display.

      If he hates the UK so much, why doesn’t he just pootle off over the channel.


  35. Fedup2 says:

    I can’t think of the reason why the media keep on using the same dead political figures for soundbites and ‘paper reviews ‘?

    Is it corruption between producers and agents taking a % of appearance money ?

    Is it just laziness ? – every one knows what the Q and A will be ?
    With so much ranting about diversity – surely these outfits can have a bigger stable to get comments from ? As for Hezza- an old unelected has been shouting from the sidelines …. I wonder if traitor Gina Miller has left her guest country yet ?

    As you might realise – I’m not one to forget or forgive . It’s the war for the soul and identity of Blighty .


    • The WestWyvern says:

      Fed, I’m at a loss to explain it also.

      All I can offer is the Westminster bubble, deep state collusion and the use of ‘Selebs’, former politicos, the mass media and football to control the massed ranks of sheeples is deeper and more insidious than we realise, but I’d be accused of conspiracy in some quarters.

      Forgive and forget, me neither. The anti British traitors and scum trolls will continue to be called out over it.

      I’ve been lucky to travel the world, and whilst Blighty is not perfect (spoiled by many non indegenous over the years), if they think it’s better else where, then off they can jolly well pop.


  36. Darcy3 says:

    Nicola Sturgeon urges the EU to ‘keep the light on’ and says Scotland will be ‘back soon’ as the Brexit transition period comes to an end



    • The WestWyvern says:

      Wee Burny Sturgeon needs to resign.

      She has blood on her hands.

      She didn’t wear her mask.

      Is the MSM still pointing this out to her, as they did for weeks with the fella that drove to Durham?


      • Seppers says:

        More to the point, they didn’t say much about the SNP woman who got a positive result and then took a long train journey up to Scotland. They were strangely quiet about that given the abuse Cummings had to withstand.


  37. davylars says:

    Happy new year all..

    Well, it’s started.
    Against my better judgment, I had BBC News channel on to catch up.
    Some young female reporter, struggling reading from the autocue.
    Standing in an empty Schiphol Airport telling us How difficult travel to the EU will be now we have left.
    Of course, she was also stating that the empty airport was somehow linked to our exit as well as Covid….


  38. Darcy3 says:

    Countries led by women have NOT fared significantly better in the COVID-19 pandemic than those led by men, study finds

    The notion that women-led countries have fared better is the result of inherent media biases, the researchers proposed.

    This has amplified the success of certain women leaders in prominent, developed countries — such as New Zealand’s Jacinda Arden and Germany’s Angela Merkel.

    Meanwhile, this bias has emphasised the less successful outcomes of prominent nations like the UK and the US, whose leaders, Johnson and Trump, are men.



  39. gb123 says:

    I refused to watch even one second of the BBC firewoke display. From what I read it was the shy*e as I expected.
    Where I live I heard fireworks at 11pm , which surprised me as I live in a remain area. There were more fireworks at midnight, so no need for the Beeb, so I felt a lot better.
    Better New Year to everyone and hope to all of you.


  40. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    We are following the science.

    That’s what we keep hearing at these afternoon question times on tv by Boros and his Merry men (and everywhere else)

    Pfizer say their injection must be followed by another in 3 weeks.
    We are being told by politicians that they reckon 12 weeks is ok.

    Is this following the science or just some way of fiddling figures.

    I think we all know the answer.

    On the bbbc headline news this morning they played a short piece about the fireworks in London and the commentator sounded like he was speaking at a funeral. So depressing to hear such a miserable voice.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Sky watch

      Sky news desperate for chaos – some cheap ethnic girl sent to empty Dover – completely confused report about ‘paperwork ‘ – she mixed customs and covid paperwork in a frankly useless report .
      They sent a grown up reporter to an empty Calais who showed a bit of a bitter new year address by our enemy – president macron

      Such a shame Beff isn’t about to get ‘emotional ‘ over her defeat ….


  41. StewGreen says:

    11:25 Talk Radio ‘single lonely men are all going on line and turning to Far-Right terrorism
    and there is no such thing a Left-wing terrorism’
    said UK Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation. Jonathan Hall QC (the lefty QC) @terrorwatchdog

    His basic premise was “bad” = “right wing”
    So if a communist guy had a grudge against women and shot 5 of them he’d count that as a “right wing terrorist attack”


    • JohnC says:

      It seems I have read several stories about thwarted ‘Right Wing’ terrorist plots, but when someone on the street get’s butchered, it always seems to be a Muslim that did it.
      I have since figured out that many more Muslim terrorist plots get stopped. But the BBC don’t report them (well, I expect they do but hide them away from the front page).
      They do have one thing in common : they both believe ‘The ends justify the means’. However shameful they might be.


    • StewGreen says:

      As ever more interesting stuff comes at the end
      #1 He has a report which he has sent to Priti and it’s coming out in 3 months
      He contradicted himself at the end by saying terrosrist laws don’t need changing, just the enforcement/focus.

      #2 When I checked his example it was FakeNews
      He made out that in Edinburgh a guy has just been convicted of being inspired by Columbine and Incel stuff to create a spree attack.
      Actually the court found him NOT guilty of planning a spree attack
      And on the charge of being inspired by Incel the verdict was “Not proven” ie a maybe yes, maybe not.
      (The court found that since he’d hidden a crossbow, arrows and a machete he did have terrorist weaons)
      screenshot of the news report


    • StewGreen says:

      Intro ” Right-Wing terrorists are preying on lonely men”
      Jonathan Hall QC @terrorwatchdog “the main terrorism threat is Islamist terrorism quickly said
      “Then you have Right-Wing terrorism
      #1 like National Action (traditional Nazi)
      #2 then you have a more exotic king of Right-Wing terrorism, which adds in the Satanic
      … like the now banned F Krieg Division and S Krieg Division
      who CELEBRATE child abuse sometimes
      based on siege culture from the the writings Neo Nazi James Mason his “bring out the end of days culture”

      #3 Then InCels
      (He doesn’t explain the term : Involuntary Celibate
      usually cos the good looking and cheaty type guys take all the good-looking women)
      They think they will never have a sexual partner so decide to wage a kind of war on women
      #4 Then there’s school shootings
      Like the way 1999 Columbine inspired people
      (Well yes the UK’s Dunblane predates that one)”

      So #3 & #4 are not “Far Right” neither does he say they are
      that is a category the journalists bracket them in.
      As ever labels like Far -left or right are not useful, but rather terms used for political PR to smear opposition groups.
      Furthermore mad attacks by individuals are different to Organised Terrorism.

      He continues
      “the police are not just looking at traditional definitions
      – It’s not just online recruitment
      – There is stuff out there on messageboards like 4Chan & Achan”

      Em 4Chan is not really a “far right” thing , it’ a 100% Free speech discussion
      so antifa could use it , or other similar ones , as well.

      Even if no one is trying to recruit you
      Someone who is vulnerable might jut find a message, and will effectively radicalise themselves

      ..em is that much different from people’s emotions being triggered by a book or TV etc ?

      Presenter “So this extreme content converts them”
      JH “Yes there were 2 plots in 2019 convictions that were directly inspired by Columbine
      eg Edinburgh : Gabrielle Friel was just found guilty of terrorist weapons offences, he was heavily into Incel culture, so it’s definitely happening”

      … Really ??
      #1 The court found Friel was NOT planning a “spree attack”
      #2 The verdict on whether he was inspired by Incel was “Not proven” ie a maybe yes , maybe not

      In terms of stopping this, there are some advantages
      – These people are not very resilient
      (That’s conjecture)
      – They don’t have know how or tradecraft
      (That’s conjecture)
      – They are not part of a physical group
      (IMHO that’s not terrorism then)
      .. but you don’t have the same ways in
      ..like intercepting comms of terrorists, so it’s more difficult.
      So it’s about spotting them before they get too obsessed”


      • maxincony says:


        (He doesn’t explain the term : Involuntary Celibate
        usually cos the good looking and cheaty type guys take all the good-looking women)

        That one sentence reveals more about you than you could ever possibly imagine.


        • StewGreen says:

          Thanks Maxi that’s just trolling
          you know almost nothing about me.
          We don’t judge people from one sentence
          the saying is you can’t judge someone until you’ve walked 1,000 miles in their shoes.
          I do know that your normal trick is to misrepresent
          and avoid answering questions regular have put to you.


          • maxincony says:


            …you know almost nothing about me. We don’t judge people from one sentence

            I’m not judging you (what was that you said about “misrepresenting”) and it’s true I know almost nothing about you. But I also know how misguided a middle-aged man, such as yourself, must be to write such a transparently ridiculous sentence.


            • taffman says:

              So , maxincony , Tell us why do you post here , what motivates you ? Is it your love of Al Beeb ? Or a misguided love of your employer ?

              Of course , You do realise that it is failing as a national broadcaster . It has been experiencing falling viewing and listening numbers for some time and your hatred of this site is helping to achieve those figures ? We all wait with baited breathtaking anticipation for a sensible answer from you . Why do you waste time on this site ?


            • StewGreen says:

              Maxi “But I also know how *misguided* a middle-aged man, such as yourself, must be to write such a transparently ridiculous sentence.”

              The sentence was not ridiculous at all, I said
              “(He doesn’t explain the term : Involuntary Celibate
              Involuntary Celibate, usually cos the good looking and cheaty type guys take all the good-looking women
              They think they (the Incels) will never have a sexual partner so decide to wage a kind of war on women)”

              The sentence explains the situation of the US and Canadian InCel shooters, one of which at least was Iranian
              The discussions on their forums was that they were celibate, but not through choice
              as other guys took the girls or girls didn’t choose them
              Plus that they wanted good looking girls not the fat and ugly etc.
              Their discussion came to the conclusion that there was something wrong with modern society and they had resentment against these women for not being available to them, and often resentment against cool or sleazy guys they did choose them
              That is why that Iranian guy targeted those groups.

              Now we could get into a discussion about some Incel shooters/planners didn’t talk about those guys taking the girls but rather blamed the girls for being stuck up up or something, but those were not the cases I was thinking about.


    • StewGreen says:

      Presenter “How can we tackle this GROWING problem ?”

      JH ‘Some people say put people in prison for possessing terrorism material, so expand this definition beyond bomb manuals, but there is so much of this material out there you’d end up arresting thousands of people as terrorists
      and the problem is that much of it is NOT OBVIOUSLY TERRORIST
      like it’s based on memes and humour’

      Doh incentivizing violence is clearly an offence, you don’t need laws
      saying that certain types of humour that don’t make that grade should be banned is wrong

      “RIGHT WING people are very much into an icon called *Pepe The Frog*
      so it’s quite difficult to draw a boundary between what is PROPERLY terrorist
      .. You have to be very careful about free speech”
      “RIGHT WING terrorists for some reason associate with this Pepe The Frog
      And he pops up saying all kinds of nasty racists things”

      (That’s subjective ..most of the memes seem to be poking fun at antifa/lefties)

      Presenter ‘So you you call Incels Far-Right’
      JH ‘I can’t explain it, but often hating women is a common thread across terrorism
      now there is some across Islamist terrorism, but it does tend to UNITE the F-R and incels as both blame women for their problems’

      ‘What about left wing terrorism’
      ‘There is much less, it’s on the continent like Greece

      Presenter ‘surely this is mental illness’
      JH “Yes Gabrielle Friel was bullied
      … and what he found on the internet was something telling him you should act, you should be a hero, fight back”
      So he might similarly have read a book or a film, where the story was an eye for an eye etc. Would you ban that ?

      ‘One thing is looking at Online Harms laws which put pressure on internet providers
      whether it works or not depends on the providers’

      His report “I recommend, not to change terrorist laws
      we need to make sure it remains effective”

      So hang on he is not recommending great internet provider laws ?

      Ends at 10:38am


  42. Fedup2 says:

    I guess the need for Evidence – such as in the context of a stolen US election – is selective amongst the ‘woke ‘ . And – of course – they’ll do anything to diminish the real bloody threat of Islamic terrorism which May only be on ‘hold ‘ pending a vaccine . Will they try to develop their own biological weapon then …?


  43. JohnC says:

    The fact we just left the EU today has disappeared completely from the BBC front page now !!!.

    But the article ‘Activists cheer as ‘sexist’ tampon tax is scrapped’ is still there and even warrants a picture + quite lengthy article.

    I’m enjoying these signs of how upset the BBC are with us. Must be hell for them at the moment :-).


  44. taffman says:

    Al Beeb – “Swansea City to investigate pre-match booing as players took the knee”

    Investigate as much as you like because there will be more of the same when things get back to normal.


  45. theisland says:


    CGI and Smartmatic will provide an electronic solution for the accurate counting of voter marks on ballot papers and declaration of results for three elections taking place in May 2020: the Mayor of London, 14 Constituency Assembly Members, and 11 London-wide Assembly Members. Postal and in-person votes will be counted in three count venues across London (Alexandra Palace, Excel and Olympia).

    The e-counting solution developed between CGI and Smartmatic will ensure ballot papers are scanned and processed quickly and accurately, with full auditability of results.

    Smartmatic eh? That name rings a bell.


  46. Doobster78 says:

    Police investigating “booing” from outside the ground !!!!!


    Priorities , priorities, priorities !!!!!!!

    God, how I wish the stadiums were full of fans , the booing and jeering would be biblical.

    The BBC and woke msm wouldn’t be able to comprehend that millions don’t follow their woke agenda. They would be completely flummoxed !!!!!!


    • Fedup2 says:

      Booing must be made a crime – the only approved public expression will be kneeling or clapping . We might be free of the Reich – but not free of woke public Stasi ….who are busily losing public consent


      • StewGreen says:

        So basically the small boys are banned from booing the Emperor’s New Suit ??


    • JohnC says:

      So much for keeping politics out of sport.
      Seems to depend on your politics.
      The Left have driven a huge wedge through society. The multicultural experiment has failed.


    • Dobyns says:

      “Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.”


  47. Zelazek says:

    First of all, Happy New Year to everyone on this wonderful site, an oasis I have been visiting for years in order to reassure myself that I am not the only sane person left in the world. And it’s great to see so many new contributors joining us old but gold guys.

    For some perverse reason I decided to watch a BBC programme this New Year’s morning called BLM: A Sporting Perspective.

    Blacks do extremely well in sport. They are over-represented at the top level in many sports. If there is any racism in sport, then the racists are clearly hopeless at keeping the blacks down. So you would think that black athletes would be happy. Not a bit of it. All we had on this programme were these phenomenally successful black champions whining about racism.

    They can never point towards egregious examples of racism, I notice. They talk only in terms of vague feelings that they may have been discriminated against. Any failure they experience is attributed solely to racism.

    Colin Jackson told a tale of being the captain of a cricket team when he was a schoolboy. He and four of his teammates were in contention for places in the national team. His four teammates were picked but he wasn’t. His conclusion: Racism! No other possibility crossed his mind.

    The backdrop to all their whining was the myth of BLM martyrs like Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and George Floyd, which of course they never questioned. I think they genuinely believe these thugs were totally innocent, gentle giant, Mummy’s boys randomly killed by racist cops. A good reporter would have challenged these assumptions – but this was the BBC.


  48. taffman says:

    Brexit: The winner? Democracy!
    The loser? The British Broadcasting Corporation.

    As Great Britain has survived a four year war on its democracy and has been victorious, its time now for us all to focus our attention on ‘the enemy within’, The enemy of the people and culture of Great Britain and freedom of speech.
    Rule Britannia.


  49. taffman says:

    It has been seriously amiss for me not to wish you all A Happy New Year, or in one of the oldest languages of Europe… Blwyddyn Newydd Dda” and a plague on all the Wokeoides !


  50. Guest Who says:

    Accidentally put on Classic FM and got a few words out of Global Tripe before retuning… ‘some businesses fear….’.

    Meanwhile BBC Radio 4 has…

    “It’s safe to say that if we play our cards right these next few weeks, you will be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States…”

    Weeks of intense campaigning in the lead up to his 2008 Democratic nomination changed Barack Obama’s life forever.

    Barack Obama reads the first volume of his Presidential memoir ‘A Promised Land’ now on BBC Sounds ???? https://bbc.in/37klTEg


    On New Year’s Day, in the U.K.

    The MSM is a joke.