Weekend Thread 27th of March 2021

So a Parliamentary Committee (DCMS)has determined that the structure of the BBC cannot be changed until the whole country has topJonny broadband . Then – maybe – financing of the BBC can be considered. Politicians can now rely on this to avoid responsibility for change for the BBC – in any form.

The report is freely available on the web but here is a link – https://committees.parliament.uk/publications/5243/documents/52552/default

Don’t forget – for no reason clocks go up or down or back or forward Saturday night

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  1. StewGreen says:

    the Free Speech Union woman also made the point that the “protest” is intimidation

    And that makes me think
    Righty protests are protests , They don’t move in on opposition locations, they don’t try to hijack opposition demos

    Yet Muslim and libmob and XR and often Red demos
    are not really so often INTIMDATION not protest
    ..”we are going to come into London and shut the bridges down
    we are not going to righty demos cos we OWN these streets”

    I guess an exception is righty protesters do target centres where the largely white establishment has installed illegals etc.
    That to me is different cos they feel a zone is being invaded and they are protesting against adults rather than kids.


    • Guest Who says:

      Seems XR are back, according to our local bbc station, acting as PR and coordinator for their next ‘peaceful’ protest.


  2. Fedup2 says:

    I think I’ve found the new campaign to be forced through by the BBC. My theory is based on a piece on the BBC website describing how a ‘group of charities ‘ are ‘campaigning for UK vaccines to be donated to ‘poor ‘ countries ….

    There is no counter argument . There is no mention of how many UK taxpayers have not had a first vaccine – yet alone a second one – including me .

    So it is proposed that foreigners get vaccinated despite having no contribution to the development of the vaccine or paying for it – and UK getting nothing – nothing in return .

    And the BBC is okay with this ….


    • taffman says:

      Al Beeb has a World Service funded by us that pushes for a world health service funded by us .


    • The WestWyvern says:

      Fed, just saw this after posting my comment below.

      I don’t do ‘Charidee’ as I pay enough taxes and I don’t fund the Beeb. I’m sick of them spewing forth this sort of rubbish when our own backyard is far from rosy.

      A pox on all these organisations houses


  3. Guest Who says:

    The photo editing, as with bbc in such cases, is poetic.


    • Guest Who says:

      In complement, with apologies to Fed, but if this does not see heads explode all round W1A, Westminster and Salford studio green rooms…


  4. The WestWyvern says:

    Happy British Summer time everybody.

    I was always told that charity begins at home.

    However on AlBeeb this morning they tell me the Welcome Trust and Save the Children have written to HMG demanding the UK stop stockpiling the jab and to send it overseas to aid workers in needy countries.

    The BBC, yet again the mouthpiece for anything that Doesn’t put Great Britain first.

    In other news they told me union reps are shrilling that many employers have not carried out risk assessments regards Covid safe offices for their staff to return to.

    Of course they are. Furlough is great for many and with the weather looking good and restrictions easing on Monday why would they…. answers on a postcard to Broadcasting House.


  5. Guest Who says:

    Marianna has competition. Actually… more likely assistance…



  6. Scroblene says:

    What an awful start to British Summer Time – I just awoke to see that the awful bbbc is still here and spouting borrocks as usual…

    In a great book by Frank Hardy, the ‘Outcasts of Foolgarah’, one of the main topics was the action of ‘poking mullock’ (ridicule), which rather sums up the way we should treat the leftie c**p that British citizens get fed as ‘news’ by the over-nourished pricks in W1A!


  7. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Whilst going through the channels I came across ‘The Gadget Show’ which looks at various items of technology in a magazine type of format.

    As with all channels now, this one was also woke. I can’t remember which channel it is but there’s no differences.

    The panel is 50% bame representing the 15% bames.

    The first outside item was a family with lots of children looking at old technology to see what they make of it. This was an electric typewriter.
    The family was bame of course.

    The next outside item was an aeroplane spotter. As we all know this is mainly a hobby of bames and sure enough a black lad was the spotter to look at 3 items your average plane spotter would want to use.

    The third and final item was the two black presenters putting up tents in a field to compare camping stuff. Camping is, of course, another hobby mainly done by black people if you hadn’t noticed.

    This show must be aimed at the ‘kidz’ as the presentation looks very blue peterish. (Black Peter?)

    There was an old white bloke on, mainly used as the butt for the jokes.


    • brexiteerkent says:

      Yes, tended to like the gadget show despite its box ticking, but when for the second week in a row the family looking at old gadgets was bame, I had to reach for the off button. I don’t think I will be watching again.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      I stopped watching when Suzi Perry left.


  8. Guest Who says:

    Roger is, of course, no scientist.


    So perfect as a bbc ‘reporter’ in this field.


  9. Guest Who says:

    ????‍♂️ @nottspolice ordered to take off collar numbers to arrest me. It appears all body cams turned off too.

    Arrested over imaginary accusation of a bomb threat BY THE BBC WITH NO EVIDENCE

    If true, surely the BBC would normally get quite excited by the ability of the police to render themselves immune from any counter by peaceful protestors?


  10. Guest Who says:

    Lovely image.

    Of a high risk youngster.



  11. Guest Who says:

    When stylists go bad.

    For froth the ST is hard to beat.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I dont think that if who ever Dan Walker is – walked off the BBC the share price would drop by £250 million – just spotted the problem there

      Go woke go broke …


  12. Nibor says:

    Radio 4 BH Programme started at nine .
    Headline news- over fifties are persuaded to get the jab before supplies run out .
    Next item – Britain should share the jab with African countries, charities say as we are sitting on a surplus of 100 million .

    So we have a shortage of a surplus ?!


    • Nibor says:

      BTW ,

      Can the BBC explain why BAMEs in the UK who can have the jab aren’t taking it but BAMEs in Africa complain they haven’t got the jab and want to take it ?


    • Lefty Wright says:

      Perhaps I should resume listening to the BBC before it disappears up it’s own arse. On the hand ——


    • Lefty Wright says:

      Perhaps I should resume listening to the BBC before it disappears up it’s own arse. On the hand ——


      • Lefty Wright says:

        Oh my gawd! Have I got early stage Bidenitis? Not only did I completely omit the word “other” but I managed to post the thing twice. I really must phone my GP tomorrow.


  13. AsISeeIt says:

    Business and pleasure

    We notice some slightly awkward juxtapositioning of BBC online headlines with those in the print press Sundays this morning:

    BBC: ‘Covid: Boris Johnson urged to share vaccines with poorer nations

    Sunday Times: ‘UK to offer covid jabs to Ireland

    BBC: ‘Coronavirus: Search after people flee Dublin hotel quarantine

    Cue a burst of some of that diddly-diddly music.

    Our favourite weekend commentary on the whole pandemic thing comes once again not from a journo but from a cartoonist: ‘Put the clock forward three months and get us out of lockdown‘ – says the wife to her harassed-looking husband in Nick Newman’s Sunday Times gag.

    I wonder if three months will do it? Boris just put a six month extention on the emergency powers. My bank just sent me a nice letter telling me how much they like to help the local community and all that, and, by the way, they’re closing another local branch.

    You have to watch these little things that go on in real life – beneath the surface of the media headlines.

    The Sunday Express is bullish – or should the attitude be described as bluster? : ‘Back to the life we love. Optimistic Boris toasts “Happy Monday” as minister says economy is ready for lift-off after Easter

    If you hadn’t broke the economy in the first place, you wouldn’t now be hoping against hope that it fixes itself.

    And in the Daily Star on Sunday tv psychic spoon-bender Uri Geller is taking credit for refloating that massive container ship that got stuck in the Suez Canal: ‘Star readers use Geller mind power to fix Suez crisis‘ – pity Uri wasn’t there to help British PM Anthony Eden in his Suez Crisis. [I always like to include a little something for our teenage readers to google – well, they don’t learn much in school these days]

    And from there we could segue to a report in the Telegraph: ‘Whitehall inquiry into elite school sex scandal

    Or alternatively to Prime Ministerial scandals: ‘Cameron and the toxic banker. Tycoon profited from controversial pharmacy deal rejected by civil service‘ (Sunday Times)

    As if a British PM would facilitate a profitable scam on behalf of a dodgy drug company.

    Thank goodness the present incumbent puts our interests first: ‘EU must acknowledge British taxpayer funding of Oxford jab‘ (Telegraph) – and I trust Boris all the way on this one (“sarc” – as the teenagers tend to abbreviate in their text messaging)

    Speaking of Irish travellers (which we were, sort of) the Telegraph suggests an alternative to the once tradtional package Med holiday: ‘A van with a plan. Tow your own holiday bubble‘ – what could be more post-apocalyptic than tens of thousands of us suburbanites suddenly taking to the roads and heading toward the West Country in caravans….?

    Hold that thought…the Telegraph would seem, however, to immediately cancel its own trip: ‘Katie Glass “I’m told I’m not welcome in Cornwell”‘ – ooops, have you ever tried to reverse with a caravan in tow?

    The cartoonists nail it yet again: ‘It was a holiday romance…‘ says the couple in Matt’s joke in the Telegraph, ‘I tried to fly to a hot, sunny beach and he fined me £5,000

    But don’t give up hope: ‘Boris Johnson’s global travel task force is studying a four-tier “traffic light” scheme…‘ – don’t let it be said that officials have developed delusions of grandeur with their “global travel task force”. They’re really just town planners, what with their traffic light systems.

    The gobby ‘Piers Morgan breaks his silence..‘ – in the Mail on Sunday – that took all of three minutes.

    The Sunday People hold out the prospect of a: ‘Summer of love. Garden of delights: Party for six‘ – steady on, they say three’s a crowd!

    The Sunday Mirror goes with a bonking Boris story: ‘My four year affair with Boris. Business and pleasure. Jennifer Arcuri tells of romps with Johnson

    And I’ve just had my breakfast.

    Don’t imagine we don’t know how you feel, Jenny. I’m given to understand the Latin word is futuo – I’m sure Boris, as a classical scholar and a former schoolboy, will correct me if I’m wrong – and he’s done it to us all, luv.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Maybe public schools are next on the target list- not muslim grammar schools of course – you can go picket them without the law intervening- Allah Wills it ..

      Here is my cartoon of Mohammed –


      Hope you liked that …


  14. G.W.F. says:

    I have only just noticed a heading called Alba on the BBC web site.
    Apparently there is a Scotch language and all the articles are written in Scotch.



  15. StewGreen says:

    Green crap is not popular
    All 231 retweets of the PM’s tweet are negative
    531 Likes vs 660 mostly negative replies


    • StewGreen says:

      Meanwhile 28 hours ago @BarrySheerman Labour MP tweeted
      \\ No invitation from President Biden
      to our “Greed is good” Prime Minister
      to discuss global climate change //

      that is a lie, of course Boris is invited to next week’s conference


    • Old Goat says:

      Climate change. Infinitesimally slow, over four and a half billion years – so much so that nobody alive today has experienced it. Nor will they, ever.

      Meanwhile they do daft things like turn the lights out. Humanity is completely bonkers. I am glad I am a goat.


  16. pugnazious says:

    30 million people, the most vulnerable, have been vaccinated with the first jab, over 2 million have had the second jab….the first jab gives a large amount of protection….enough to cut the risks enormously of being hospitalized and of dying…the NHS is surely ‘protected’…..and yet the BBC’s headline today is…

    ‘Covid: ‘Don’t squander gains,’ says Prof Stephen Powis

    ‘People should not “squander the gains” made against coronavirus in recent months, the head of NHS England has warned ahead of lockdown restrictions easing on Monday.

    NHS England national medical director Prof Stephen Powis said “enormous progress” had been made, but it “does not mean job done”.
    Prof Powis warned that coronavirus could still “wreak more havoc and ill-health on a significant scale”. He cited concerns over variants.’

    The BBC’s headline coud have accused the government and Parliament of ‘Crippling Caution’ but it doesn’t…nowhere in fact is any doubt expressed about the lockdown being renewed…a few limited measures lifted aside…government smoke and mirrors to make you think things will return to normal when that’s not the intention at all…there will always be an excuse to keep the boot on the neck….you can see it in that BBC report…‘Prof Powis warned that coronavirus could still “wreak more havoc and ill-health on a significant scale”. He cited concerns over variants’

    Ah yes, those dangerous and ever changing variants that mean we can never be safe….want a lockdown or want to cancel Christmas? Just find yourself a new Covid19 variant and impose the lockdown for our protection….and when the flu season hits…for the protection of the NHS? The new normal, where lockdowns are always in the government toolbox, is what the government is training you to accept…and the BBC fails to challenge.

    The BBC knows this is likely complete nonsense and a massively over-cautious approach and that there are arguments, sound and rational ones, for lifting lockdown now.

    They know it because we can all see the rapid progress the vaccinations have made and the fact that on R4 this morning they had Sir Richard Sykes from the Royal Institution on stating that the nation is suffering badly fom the ‘crippling caution’ that means politicians dare not lift lockdown [or do not really want to…that could be the real problem]…either way they are given cover by a media that is all too ready to back the lockdown in most cases. Sykes said it must be possible now for us to cope with anything the virus throws at us, the risk ratio has changed dramatically and is markedly lower than before.

    Sykes scoffed at the idea of a third wave in Britain….highly unlikely he said…and yet the BBC’s Triggle today says….‘with infection rates rising in Europe, the British public is also being warned of the risk of a third wave… we should not forget the virus is still lurking here….more than enough infection circulating that could easily take off.’….hmmm…but would it and would it be anywhere near as dangerous as before?….No. He goes on…‘While the vaccines are good….they are not 100% perfect.’ What? You want 100% protection before lockdowns can be ended? Madness and stupidity.

    You might think that was itself a dramatic and an important intervention and comment on lockdown by Sir Richard Sykes but the BBC presenter carried on as if Sykes had just listed what he’d had for breakfast rather than a damning indictment of the government’s lockdown policy….and by extension the media’s uncritical, unquestioning support for it.

    Hence we get lurid scaremongering stories headlining the BBC telling us that covid 19 could still “wreak more havoc and ill-health on a significant scale”

    About time the BBC started doing what it is paid to do….hold power to account instead of being the government mouthpiece relentlessly pumping out its propaganda unchallenged.

    The BBC’s hypocrisy is demonstrated by at one time pushing a narrative that we’re all still in mortal danger…the next minute insisting Britain must not be ‘greedy’ and must send vaccines to other countries.

    Are we then in ‘mortal danger’ and thus surely everyone must be vaccinated…or is it the case as Sykes said that the risks are now so reduced lockdown can be lifted…and thus we would have spare vaccines [the need for second jabs allowing] to export to countries in need?

    Maybe a sensible discussion instead of the BBC shaping its news narrative to suit its agendas…one intelligent, rational narrative instead of several conflicting ones that serve the BBC purpose…keeping lockdown but sending vaccines to ‘People of Colour’ countries.


    • Up2snuff says:

      pug “NHS England national medical director Prof Stephen Powis”

      How many Chiefs does the NHS have?! It is getting ridiculous.


  17. Fedup2 says:

    I saw nut nuts huband tell parliament it was UK first …. but if we find out that it has been putting millions of UK jabs into covax there really must be a price to pay

    And i hope that at least one true tory MP will keep an eye . I guess there must be a dozon tories in their Party still …

    The press is going to have a field day with overwhelmed UK holiday spots when we have the one day of summer in a few weeks …

    And if we are allowed to get out of UK airports are going to get right nasty


  18. StewGreen says:

    Thursday night’s BBC2 British Black Power doco

    @YardleyShooting points out there was a line
    “The police are the enemy”.

    \\ It is interesting historically, but the revolutionary Marxist message goes completely unchallenged.
    There are no other balancing voices. #BiasedBBC //


  19. Garry Lavin says:

    You’ll be pleased to know that only 400,000 watched it then…..


  20. theisland says:

    David Vance – 7 minute watch.


    • taffman says:

      One sentence should do it – “weapons of mass destruction”.
      If we had listened to him and his views on Brexit, we would not have had any vaccine. I don’t remember Bliar standing in the last General Election ? Who voted for him, has he become a Tory ?


    • Fedup2 says:

      The island – I don’t like Blair – I despise him . He admitted not looking too closely at pandemic preparation when sars was on his desk . He admitted winging it and getting away with it .

      However – I think he is right on his assessment of national responses to covid . But I draw a parallel – who wants to have a passport ? Who wants to be subject the airport checks ? But
      If you want to travel you need to submit .

      I don’t see this one as an example of globalism – maybe it’s actually the reverse .

      The risk of the vaccine ? Yes maybe in some science fiction story we all drop dead on new years’ eve 2022 … with a time stamped vaccine implant .

      And we do have a choice – don’t have a passport – don’t travel
      Don’t have the vaccine – don’t travel – change your lifestyle to avoid producing evidence of vaccination – that’s choice ….

      I don’t want covid – but I want to be at the mercy of the NHS even less …if the vaccine keeps me away from the NHS my choice is to take the risk – your choice -and yours Mr Vance


  21. theisland says:

    Muslim leaders issue threat to Britain to “show respect” for Islam

    Muslim leaders in West Yorkshire will tell prime minister Boris Johnson that Britain must start respecting Islam or the Muslim community “will not be responsible for the actions of some individuals”.


    • G.W.F. says:


      I can imagine Bojo’s response.
      ‘We must, I repeat, must show respect to Islam and the er er Muslim ah community… or they will cut our heads off’


      • moggie63 says:

        And our police ‘service’ will no doubt show respect by arresting anybody, whose head has been cut off, for littering and taking the knee to the murderer. There will be war on the streets, these people demand far too much and the hypocrisy would have the left wing in awe.


    • taffman says:

      Who let that lot into the country while refusing entry to our very best of friends, The Gurkhas?


    • richard D says:

      Theisland – picking up on your quote “Muslim leaders in West Yorkshire will tell prime minister Boris Johnson that Britain must start respecting Islam or the Muslim community “will not be responsible for the actions of some individuals”.

      Strange, but I can’t recall a single instance where the the ‘Muslim Community’ has honestly accepted responsibility for any of the atrocities/bombings/murders/teen grooming/etc., committed by the individuals in their community.

      So, where’s the difference ?

      And the response to these thugs should simply be –“When you actually earn some respect (and a good start might be to accept responsibility for the atrocities committed by those in your community) then we might give it to you.”

      I suspect rolling tumbleweed may drown out any cogent response on these fronts.


  22. taffman says:

    Not Al Beeb but as the Sunday roast was being made I noticed my dearest getting the gravy granules out and on the Bisto pack were the non-woke words, “Roast Britanni-aah!”
    Well done Bisto !, I say , more of that we need .
    Rule Britannia and buy British !


  23. Fedup2 says:

    Not BBC – but the Scottish quarter of the House of Commons will be good to watch for fights as 2 out of the 48? SNP MPs – ( all squatting in what they consider a foreign government ) defect to the Laba / Alba Party –
    They must all be wondering ‘who is next to go? Who hates crankie more than Not Guilty Alex?


    • Up2snuff says:

      Fed, I’ve been on the track of the etymology of Alba and I think I have found another reason or two for the Beeb to pronounce it Alaba. The first is down to Runrigg who sing it that way in one of their hits. The second is that a normal hard ‘b’ is of course more English. The word Alba has links to the old name for Britain ‘Albania’ (and of course links to an English martyr, St Alban) → ‘Albion’ → which then becomes used in literature for England. (Scottish Presbyterian voice) “Ooooh deaarrrhh!”

      I guess the BBC are wokering to the National Socialists in Scotland.

      It would also be true that ‘in the Gallic’ the ‘b’ in Alba would have a softish sound but without, as far as I’m aware, an ‘a’ in front of it. I therefore have three reasons for the peculiar BBC pronounciation of ‘Alba’.

      Ha! You weren’t expecting the Spanish Inquisition.

      Especially on a dull Sunday afternoon in England.


  24. richard D says:

    I don’t know if anyone has picked up on this, and if so, I apologise for any unnecessary repetition. (Original data source – ‘Global Research – a centre for research on Globalisation – that should impress the Beeboids)

    The European database of suspected drug reaction reports, EudraVigilance, is now tracking reports of injuries and deaths following the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines.”

    The results, up till March 13th this year….

    BioNTech/ Pfizer: 2,540 deaths
    Moderna: 973 deaths
    Oxford/ AstraZeneca: 451 deaths

    There are all sorts of medical conditions associated with these deaths listed, and additional ‘injuries’ are listed too, as a result of the vaccine.

    The numbers are not given per head of population treated, so the data is standalone.

    Interesting, though, given the EU leaders’ reactions in the past couple of weeks, when this data is available to them.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Are there any comparable stats to other large scale vaccination programmes – eg the annual flu jab –

      And what is the size of vaccination programme ?

      Just wondering on a miz Palm Sunday afternoon ….


      • richard D says:

        I really don’t know, Fedup2 – I picked up on this issue on a US blog site, and tracked it back to source, because too many people would simply dismiss attribution to a blog site as ‘fake news’.

        I guess ‘Eudravigilance’ might be the place to start to look for any such data.

        Quoting the ‘Global Research’ site…..

        “Here is what EudraVigilance states about their database:

        This website was launched by the European Medicines Agency in 2012 to provide public access to reports of suspected side effects (also known as suspected adverse drug reactions).

        Eudravigilance has been on the go since 2001, apparently.

        Good luck in finding what you are looking for.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Richard thanks – I won’t be looking .. if people are looking for reasons to either stop a vaccine programme or swerve one – they’ll find one ….


    • Up2snuff says:

      richard, firstly, I think if there had been UK deaths directly attributed to the vaccine on that scale, the media would have been all over it. Especially the Left-leaning media, out to get the PM & the Cabinet.

      Secondly, the Moderna vaccine, tbomk, has not yet been authorised for use in the UK and EU. It’s in line to be approved this week, if I recall correctly.

      Thirdly, the FDA has approved the two European vaccines – Pfizer & AstraZenica – for use in the USA and they have been used successfully out there as far as I know. The USFDA is very picky and has to comply with a raft of legislation in their rule book.


  25. vlad says:

    When David Kurten asked mayor Sad-dick what he was doing about grooming gangs in London, 3 things happened:

    1) Slippery Sad-dick avoided answering by playing the race / islamophobia victim card.

    2) Chair Navin Shah shut down the questioner.

    3) The BBC ignored the whole thing.

    How all very predictable.

    You can support Kurten by following or liking his Fb post: https://www.facebook.com/davidkurtenuk/


  26. StewGreen says:

    2:58pm Red-io-4 is playing Billy Bragg
    It’s another prog about POVERTY yet the title is “The New Anatomy of Melancholy”


  27. Fedup2 says:

    Stew – I’m not sure that William Bragg PLC knows too much about poverty eh? – he might have read about it in The Guardian …. or maybe he should chat with Comrade O. Jones ..


    • TrickCyclist says:

      The Big-Nosed Bolshevik from Barking, latterly the big bucks balladeer of Burton Bradstock.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        He made a very little talent go a long way. All the way to a mansion in Dorset.


  28. Fedup2 says:

    Claudia Webbe MP must be ‘trending ‘ on the BBC after posting an short rant about Bristol police and Marxism….

    You might recall that Ms Webbe was elected as Labour MP fir Leicester as well as a councillor in the socialist republic of Islington at the same time .

    I can’t remember if she is still on bail for a harassment allegation or not …

    Anyway – Brillo republished her tweet and described her as a ‘Labour MP’ – you should see the hostility of the responses he got …
    … not so much about the anti plod pro rioter tweet though …


    • StewGreen says:

      Yes the Momentum human-Twitter-bot-army has been instructed to shout
      “Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha she’s not a Labour MP
      GBNews are liars who smell”

      ..They don’t explain more so I checked
      Basically all her own media shows she considers herself a Labour MP ..red roses, the word “Labour” etc.
      but there is a technicality ..she has been *suspended* from Labour for 2 years now for harassment.
      so the parliamentary voting website marks her as “an Independent”.

      Her actual tweet said

      Mar 27 Bristol

      Police brutality is the boot of capitalist state
      established to keep us all in order


  29. taffman says:

    “Indonesia bombing: Worshippers wounded in Makassar church attack”
    The ‘peaceful’ religion is at it again.


    • StewGreen says:

      Some positives.. there was a security plan
      so well done to the security guard who stopped the bomber at the Church gate.
      reports of zero dead and 14 injured.

      A lot of that island is the homeland of tribal people who were never Muslim.. I expect there is a sizable Muslim population of a city now.
      And always were some as happens in port towns.


  30. digg says:

    Some Easter reading from your trusted “British” news providers.

    The “Independent”….

    The choice is stark: destroy the Republican Party in its current form or watch American democracy die


    The “Guardian”….

    Patriot games: why flying the union jack has become so contentious


    And the BBC’s lead up to Easter?….

    Holi: What is the Hindu festival all about?


    Black Power: A British Story of Resistance


    The Myth of Race


    I believe they are at war with the free West and simply want it to die off.


  31. pugnazious says:

    A parody from last year? Except it’s not is it?…it’s all too true…

    You might ask how Biden got elected having seen his performance, or lack of, at his press conference where he could barely get a coherent sentence out….naturally that is the reason he stayed in his basement for so long during the campaign…too much exposure would…er…expose him.

    How is it that a old, stale, pale and male, ‘white supremacist’ patriarch was the leading man for the woke Democrats…how is it that someone so much an anathema to everything the Left stands for got the job?

    I’m probably thinking what you’re thinking….he was put there to get the white vote and the corporate money by people knowing he’s so incapable that he would just be a front for the real power behind the throne….essentially you might suggest there’s been a bit of a coup…a fraud perpetrated upon American voters who voted for one thing and may well soon get something else entirely.

    Maybe, should Biden fall, there should be another, more honest, election with the real candidates out in the open.

    Naturally the BBC, often so ready to mock Trump and to try and declare him unfit for Office, is in no way similarly disposed to examine Biden’s performance and fitness for Office….BBC quite happy to put up a suggestion that Trump may have dementia…

    Trump’s mental health and why people are discussing it
    ‘ the president’s manner and speaking style have led to armchair diagnoses of a host of ailments, from Alzheimer’s to narcissistic personality disorder – a controversial practice that has divided the medical profession.’

    Quiz: Could you pass Donald Trump’s cognitive test?

    Did President Trump forget the words to the national anthem?

    Presidential candidates and dementia

    Donald Trump’s medical: What will it reveal?


  32. StewGreen says:

    Sunday Radio/TV

    3pm Radio4 drama repeat from 2 part drama based on the Bible Luke Acts

    BBC2 9pm-11pm Frankie Boyle

    9pm BBC4 repeat from 2020 Chris Packham population show … banging on about Climate
    at least population is a fundamental enviro issue ?

    10:30pm BBC1 Alan Yentob Arts show
    … does anyone ever watch ?


  33. StewGreen says:

    6pm Countryfile ..fairly south again

    Joe Crowley
    – joins a survey of heron populations
    (oh ‘Global Warming ! has caused colder winters in the 2000s which have reduced numbers after a recovery in the 90s… Now they are stable )

    – finds out about a new national DNA database for toads
    – helps map the amount of plastic polluting the countryside.
    – Tom Heap is scaring us with National Park reform”


    • StewGreen says:

      Tom says “leaked government documents say …”

      + mountain biking with purpose
      with Trash Free Trails ..litter pickers I guess
      ..load of buzzwords and agendas
      Only in the last second say “Well you shouldn’t drop it in the first place”
      It was not convincing that trails have a big trash problem
      I expect it’s laybys and roadsides etc.


      • StewGreen says:

        Lots of statements without context
        “a dead mouse was found in a bottle”
        an animal brought to RSPCA every 6 hours”

        … So ?
        mice don’t live for decades
        Nature isn’t easy ..millions of animals die every year
        maybe millions every week

        Now, some PR for Woodland trust
        2 pop stars spending 4 days planting trees to account for their CO2
        My first thought 1000 trees isn’t actually that much
        … strangely they also said that at the end.


  34. tomo says:

    BBC :

    Doric, a little-known form of North East Scots, is undergoing a pandemic-inspired renaissance.


    Slow news day and a sign of the divergence between domestic web content and that offered to furriners to whom it’s offered as a “news” item. I wonder if we’ll be treated to http://www.bbc.com/doric like pidgin.

    – as seen from a Belgium IP address.


  35. Donbob says:

    Can I just put in a word to site members who don’t view YouTube much to have a look at Alex Belfield “ The voice of Reason”. He is currently in a humongous battle with Beeb and their acolytes at Nottingham police. He can be a bit overwhelming, but he is shining a light on what threatens to become a police state.


  36. Fedup2 says:

    Re the boat stuck in the Suet Canal – once upon a time – before the world got really serious – there would have been a competition for the best idea to get it unstuck – now ? All they do is throw more and more tug boats at it ….


    • Garry Lavin says:

      Suet…..I like it.

      Depth charges near the stern would have been my option.


      • Fedup2 says:

        I favoured balloons – lots of balloons – like that painful ‘all in it together ‘ crap the BBC rolls out . Everyone send a ballon . And if all the balloons didn’t work – at least it would look pretty ….

        Otherwise send more water and put it in the suet canal ….


  37. Fedup2 says:

    New thread – I’m not sure if the last day was 23 hours or 25 hours long …