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  1. tomo says:


  2. Zephir says:

    I can imagine the poor thing on Xmas morning, no toys except wooden ones

    Maybe a new iphone made of wood and moss and some twigs

    Some new Nike wooden clogs and some stuff made from free range, undyed wool

    Hand knitted yoghurt and dolphin friendly garlic muesli for Xmas dinner


  3. Guest Who says:

    As Amol might declaim…. “Maaaaaates”…


  4. Doublethinker says:

    The past year has seen some pretty startling trends which I hope are obvious to the general public. These are:

    The rank hypocrisy of the elites on just about any topic you wish to mention. Surely they must know people resent this ‘do as I say not as I do attitude’. It makes me suspect that they don’t care what we think and therefore it follows that they don’t care how we vote at elections because they know they can always get the result they want.

    The politicisation of science as exemplified by the distortion and outright lies we repeatedly hear on topics from Covid to Climate Change. Expert science is now held in the same low regard as journalism.

    GPS Have repeatedly demonstrated their contempt for patients and at the same time their greed. Their cover organisation , the NHS, has shown itself to be unfit for purpose to even the most myopic of those who use it.

    Other groups who have suffered enormous reputational loss in the past year are Charity bosses , work from home civil servants , the C of E , the police and schools and Universities.

    The BBC , despite it reputation being at rock bottom at the start of the year, must surely have shed a few million more viewers and hopefully hundreds of thousands of License Fee payers.


  5. G.W.F. says:

    Try this and see what happens. Type in any three digit number on Google and then add new cases

    eg 345 new cases


  6. AsISeeIt says:

    Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner

    Mail online video pushed at me by You Tube titled:

    COVID-19 vaccines in the UK: Londoners get vaccinated on Christmas Day

    I recognise the location as Ilford Town Hall & wonder whether any of these Londoners would actually have been celebrating Christmas were they not jabbing or getting jabbed instead?

    I remember childhood Christmas shopping trips to Ilford towm centre and the seeing the Nativity scene they used to display in a glass case outside the Town Hall

    Not one single whitey in sighty – perhaps our BBC and our furniture advertisers are getting it about right afterall?


  7. JohnC says:

    Sometimes I’m absolutely baffled by what the BBC consider to be front page news:

    Platinum Jubilee: Pubs could stay open until 1am, home secretary proposes.

    So the pubs can stay open 2 hours longer for one weekend in June. Whoopee. Why is that headline news ?.

    ‘There will be a month-long consultation over the plans.’
    ‘People can submit their views about the move to extend licensing hours and the government said it would also take into account issued raised by police, licensing authorities and alcohol awareness groups.’

    What ??????. For one weekend ?.

    I’m sure these articles always have some agenda-based reason behind them, but often I have no clue what it is.


    • Thoughtful says:

      Maybe it’s because the cowardly useless incompetent Tories have announced a major policy ? Keep the pubs open a couple of hours longer for one day – it seems just about all this shower can manage.


      • popeye says:

        It’s also a reminder that regulating pub hours was, like income tax, a “temporary” measure in the time of war. Just like, no doubt, electronic passports, just for jab status of course, would be a temporary measure.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Does the BBC not realise there are not many pubs left ?


  8. StewGreen says:

    Alex Belfield news from Dec 19th
    Man impersonating him jailed for 1 year for stalking.

    Belfield has always said that he is under siege by crazy trolls and the BBC who believe them.

    When his house was raided under the premise that the BBC had had a bomb threat from him, it obviously seemed a set up from someone pretending to be him.

    Now the court case shows that an Asperger’s guy harassed a load of celebrities by sending out vile accusations to them and signed the letters “Alex Belfield”
    A celebrity is quoted as saying he never believed the letter was actually from Belfield.
    A couple of weird things
    #1 Belfield said that of course if someone is to be prosecuted for impersonating you, you’d expect the police to tell you.
    They didn’t, he only found out from the papers after the trial

    #2 The Daily Mail article managed to do the whole trial report, without mentioning Alex Belfield.

    This does kind of explain the way police charged Belfield with stalking but the trial date was set so far in the future as September 2022, they knew they had to fit this guy’s trial in before, I suppose there could be other trials of trolls to come.


  9. Kaiser says:


    • theisland says:

      Exactly. Manufacture shortages (Javid) and then make it easier to bring in yet more ‘migrants’ and their extended families as replacements (Patel).

      Did they think this up all by themselves?

      Not something true Englishmen would do is it?


  10. G says:

    The United Nations? –

    What an absolute joke.


    If anything, if you were unsure about the World slipping inexorably into totalitarian dictatorships, this report will confirm your worst fears.


  11. Fedup2 says:

    The UN sponsored by The PRC ….

    ..anyway – tucked away on C5 select they’ve been re running ‘all creatures great and small ‘ – the 2021 version . I had no expectations and remember the Robert Hardy BBC version before the BBC went sour .

    Anyway – the C5 version was almost like the way TV series used to be . They played it straight without much by way of embarrassing box ticking propaganda and it worked as a result …
    They’ve made 2 series … I reckon there’s enough in the tank for a third ….

    I got to wondering why the BBC hadn’t made this – at at that moment I realised – it’s too British – isn’t that sad ?

    Anyway – if you get a chance – I reckon it will be a regular C5 repeat ….


    • moggie63 says:

      I’ve been watching and actually quite enjoyed it, found it comparable to the old version.


    • tomo says:

      The Thousand Talents Program

      gets very little coverage, considering the number of operators and participants that have been rolled up in the last couple of years…. (mostly it would seem by accident)


  12. pugnazious says:

    Very sad that BBC DJ Janice Long has died but is it really the second most importanty story in the world and the most important one in the UK? Seems so judging by the BBC’s decision to place her death so prominently on their website.

    What gets less, er no, coverage is the fact that ‘The Simon Wiesenthal Center –named after the famed Nazi-hunter – has placed the BBC at No 3 on its annual ‘Global Antisemitism Top Ten’ list.

    Yep….the BBC is anti-Semitic but somehow fails to notice…bet it would notice if it had been the Tory Party.

    We all know that this is true…the world’s most famous and possibly trusted news organisation is anti-Semitic and helps spread the most vile and dangerous hatred around the world…astounding…even more astounding is that they continue to get away with it unchallenged.


    ‘‘We believe the BBC has been guilty of several incidences of anti-semitism during the past year.

    ‘People might assume we would put neo-Nazi groups on our list but the BBC is there because when a globally recognised organisation allows antisemitism to creep into its reporting, it makes it all the more insidious and dangerous.

    ‘People around the world trust the BBC and rely on it for truthful reporting of world events.’

    The Rabbi singled out the Corporation’s reporting of an attack on a busload of Jewish teenagers by a group of men who chanted anti-Israel slogans.

    The incident took place in London’s Oxford Street last month as the teens celebrated the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah.

    ‘The BBC falsely reported that a victim on the bus used an anti-Muslim slur. But what was heard on tape was a distressed Jewish man speaking in Hebrew appealing for help,’ Rabbi Hier said.

    The BBC responded…

    ‘The BBC issued a statement earlier this month saying the story was a ‘factual report’ that ‘overwhelmingly focused on the individuals the police want to identify; those who directed abuse at the bus’.’

    No…the BBC went out of its way to make up a lie and use it to suggest the Jews were provoking the Muslims…never mind the alleged comment came well into the video of the Muslims attacking the bus.

    On another incident where the BBC assumed the worst and reported it they say…

    ‘A BBC source said the original tweet had been posted when there was ‘some confusion’ over the incident. Mr Daraghme later published another tweet clarifying what had happened.’

    Hmmm…this is the BBC that will wait and wait before reporting the truth when it involves Muslims and it looks like bad news….but with Jews it’s instant denouncement and accusation by the BBC.

    Let’s see the Balen Report…if it’s as innocent as the BBC claims then publish it…and let’s have another inquiry, independent, one the BBC can’t hide, and let’s hear the truth about the BBC’s anti-‘Israel’ reporting.


    • G.W.F. says:


      The Simon Wiesenthal Center –named after the famed Nazi-hunter – has placed the BBC at No 3 on its annual ‘Global Antisemitism Top Ten’ list.

      Hello Nadine, are you in? Nadine, Nadine, are you there?


  13. Fedup2 says:

    Moggie – yes it has a charm which is rare in modern TV …..

    …but just to spoil it … I made the mistake of looking at the Mail online – and the lead is ‘Christmas covid hell ‘ or similar . .
    They just can’t stop …


    • moggie63 says:

      You just had to. The moment COVID is mentioned I either fast forward a recording or change channel. I lost interest in the steaming pile of crap that is ‘the pandemic’ right near the beginning when it became clear that any news about it was, at best, misleading.


  14. pugnazious says:

    From the Mail….

    ‘The BBC is silencing the viewers who should be heard

    The BBC’s existence is an attempt to answer a series of linked riddles. How can you sustain a national broadcaster to pursue the best in everything, free from commercial pressure?

    How can the state collect the funds for such a body, without turning it into a lapdog of the ruling party? How can such a corporation be regulated to ensure impartiality?

    Once, the BBC contained so many men and women who profoundly believed in its mission that this task was easier and governments worried about it less.

    But since the 1960s, a growing number of BBC personnel have decided these high principles do not apply to them. If nobody stops them, they turn the Corporation into a megaphone for their largely Left-wing opinions.

    And, increasingly, nobody does stop them. The public have noticed and so they turn to the BBC’s own complaints system in the hope of having some influence. But as we report today, that system is more or less useless. Its supposed backstop is the quango Ofcom, crammed with ex-BBC staffers and marinated in the same ideas.

    And the first stage of the complaints procedure itself is just a sort of spongy layer, outsourced to the service company Capita, apparently designed to soak up and ignore public discontent.

    As we report today, only a tiny number of complaints – roughly one in a thousand – ever reach the real complaints department, the grandly named Executive Complaints Unit. Most viewers almost certainly do not know how to get their grievances past Capita’s software. This is a mockery of the licence-payer.

    Whatever the right answer is to the BBC’s complaints, this is the wrong one. Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries is correct to be worried and should act swiftly to ensure the voice of the viewers is actually heard in the Corporation’s sequestered corridors.’


    • Fedup2 says:

      Bit behind the curve – mail – the BBC is a megaphone for their lefty anti British views … and has been that way for years now …
      ….I understand that the mail is heading woke lefty too – and circulation decline reflecting that . Never buy a paper .


      • moggie63 says:

        I meant to add in my earlier post that I stopped buying newspapers over 3 years ago. I suspect that I am now more informed about what is happening than I ever was. Plus, if I don’t know about it I don’t care. Ignorance may not be bliss but it certainly makes life more enjoyable.


  15. Eddy Booth says:

    BBC DJ and broadcaster Janice Long dies at 66

    Never heard of her.
    Not that old, so the only mildly interesting aspect is: died from what? ​

    “after a short illness..”

    That’s nearest the BBC get, and doesn’t ask further, following their pattern of treating causes of death as somehow embarrassing or something else?


    • JohnC says:

      Just discovered she was Keith Chegwins sister.

      He was not the most stable of attention-seekers and neither was she going by the videos I just saw so I suspect her passing is linked to alcohol or drugs.


    • StewGreen says:

      If someone just died I wouldn’t be looking to give her or her family a kicking.

      She had been in hospital on June 27th with an un-named illness
      Then she came back to present her nightly Radio Wales show
      Her last episode was on Dec 9th 2021.. since then other DJs have been covering for her.
      In the past a lot of charities have thanked her for her help.
      I believe that some of the BBC northern DJs have spoke up against wokism, she may have been one of them.


      • JohnC says:

        Just saying what I see. Go check some of her interviews : she doesn’t come across as the strongest of people and we see many, many showbusiness people fall victim to drink and drugs when things get tough because it’s the kind of highly-strung people they tend to be to go into that business in the first place.

        I’m not gloating or saying she deserved it in any way. I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult life is for people like that.

        Of course the most likely cause is the big C which can take any of us at any time. But often when the family don’t give the the reason, they are holding it back until the initial interest has died down for a reason.


  16. JohnC says:

    A moments silence please for Jobari Gooden who was stabbed to death outside House of Ramish 2 by Momodou Lamin Faal.

    You can win a coconut if you can guess what country this happened in from the above information.

    With his loss, his country just a tiny bit less enriched.


    • StewGreen says:

      A man has been charged with murder after a stabbing outside a barber’s shop in a busy London street.
      Momodou Lamin Faal 27 of Lyndhurst Way, Peckham who was arrested at a residential property in Gillingham Kent on December 23, has been charged with murder


      • Guest Who says:

        One of the Peckham Faals?

        Not one of the more notable estate families, then, Rodders?

        No section as yet?


  17. Guest Who says:

    Being successful at having three pales to most Shazzers in Brentford, who usually have ten by 25, before also staring in BBC ‘reports’.


  18. Zephir says:

    The bbc, e.g. the loathsome, smug Spring (perpetually bouncing around Twatter) et al are keen on crowing about the various awards they win.

    I suggest we all send them a message via their complaints system, congratulating them on winning third place as the world’s most racist organisation.

    And complain that with those millions of pounds given to them under duress, we expect them to do better next time after being beaten by a terrorist organisation that has to actually work for their funding.


    • Guest Who says:

      You rang?


      • JohnC says:

        The BBC’s strategy to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Who they despise, but need on their side.

        Marianna is too clueless to realise what she is. Her schoolgirl naivety and enthusiasm are embarassing to watch.


  19. Guest Who says:

    As with ‘reveals’, ‘opens up’ is code for a PR person finding an idiot munchkin in the ‘news’ dept with space to fill.


    • Zephir says:

      overbleating more like


    • digg says:

      I don’t much care for Osman who seems to be on a mission to appear every day on at least two channels. I understand he owns quite a large chunk of the studios that belch out this mundane stuff so I can only assume either vanity or greed are the driving principles. He must have a very good agent!


    • Guest Who says:

      Rather hilariously, this has both terms.

      Bbc got it early. Professional courtesy. Sky pretty desperate today though.


  20. Fedup2 says:

    Who is he ? Never seen never heard never will


    • G.W.F. says:

      He wrote one or more books about some elderly people who solved murders, called The Thursday Murder Club.
      I understand Spielberg is going to make a film of his book.
      I read it and was not impressed


    • StewGreen says:

      AFAIK as I know Osman was a TV background man
      “Osman worked at Hat Trick Productions alongside Ben Smith before becoming creative director of the television production company Endemol UK (1999) (he left in Dec 2020)
      They specialise in coming with formats which are then franchised worldwide.
      Then in 2009 when he was in the team that came up with Pointless he ended up with the role as co presenter, cos no one else was available AFAIK.
      Osman was not intended to be co-presenter; originally, he filled the role only as part of a demonstration laid on for the BBC. However, the BBC executives asked him to continue when they commissioned the first series.
      Osman then approached comedian Alexander Armstrong to be the main presenter;

      He’s almost blind.


  21. StewGreen says:

    Tonight’s TV

    BBC2 6:40pm Musical : Anything Goes (2.5 hours)

    7:30pm ballet
    9pm opera


    • Foscari says:

      Thanks Stew- I didn’t know La Boheme was on tonight.
      20 years ago I was working in Italy helping the Italian
      Government to legalize bookmaking. I was living
      quite near to the Puccini estate at Torre del Largo near to
      Rimini .Myself and my wife visited the estate.
      We were escorted around the grounds by a guide who was
      a lady well into her eighties. At the end of the tour she asked
      if there were any questions. I asked her what the maetsto would of thought
      of Andrew Lloyd Webber. She looked at me fiercely and asked
      me if I knew him. I said no. She told us that she was the
      grand-daughter of Puccini and if the maestro would of
      been alive he would be suing Webber , like she was !
      I said it must be because of ” Music of the night” from
      Phantom of the Opera being a dead ringer of an aria from
      a Puccini opera ” The Girl of the Golden West.”
      As it happens it was settled out of court. Where the Puccini
      estate got its just rewards.
      Puccini composed some of the most beautiful melodies
      in the history of music. I often give my pets Puccini heroine
      names . That’s the bitches. As I write this my fourth springer
      spaniel Mimi is sitting under my desk. As you may well know
      Mimi is the doomed heroine of La Boheme.
      Actually my Mimi is quite a celebrity if you google ” Mimi fetch
      it-springer spaniel ” There was a feature about her in the Daily
      Mail. Anyway thanks for the info about the opera. I will
      now sing ” Che gelida manina” ( your tiny paw is frozen to Mimi)
      Happy Christmas Stew.


      • Foscari says:

        Just an extra. I see that the film ” Moonstruck ”
        follows , for which Cher won a deserved Academy
        Award. The film is a tour de force of characterization .
        With part of the central theme of Cher’s character
        going to see La Boheme at the Met with her opera
        fanatic friend played by Nicolas Cage. Not because
        it has an operatic theme. Moonstruck is one of my favourite films
        of all time. Thanks once again Stew.


      • Fedup2 says:

        I bet poochi wish he’d writed‘Joseph’s amazing dream coat ‘…or maybe he did ….as for copies … if you’ve never heard of ‘the Ruttles ‘ go look them up…


  22. G.W.F. says:

    Man with a crossbow in Windsor Castle has ben sectioned. A man with no colour, no ethnicity and no political or cultural allegiance.

    Suggested name Robin al bin Mahmoud



  23. Guest Who says:

    The secret, of course, is charge the taxpayer £600 for one, and give it to some Gorbals Land Whale for free and, like David Lammy’s svelte frame, you will never see them not Spandexed up like a Vile family outing around Hyde Park Corner.


  24. Guest Who says:

    As the year end draws near, so do lists.

    This might not get a bbc feature.



    • Scroblene says:

      That’s incredible, GH!

      Well it isn’t really, it’s totally believable and should really be plonked in front of Nadine Dorries at every turn.

      I suppose she’ll be shifted to Children’s ‘Minister’ or similar when Liz Truss takes over from Boris around Easter!


  25. Guest Who says:

    Stroof, imagine any feisty bits emerge….

    Any ‘controversial’ lobs up and she will go men… more mental. Might even get tenure on Vile.


  26. Guest Who says:

    Losing count of bbc types sharing their brief Des exposure.

    The overall sense is he laughed at them a lot.


  27. Guest Who says:

    Meanwhile, on a sofa in N. London…


  28. Guest Who says:

    Oh well. Unique funding!


    • Fedup2 says:

      Is that the one where all the family gather round the TV as a tradition and say ‘what a load of crap’?


      • Scroblene says:

        The studio audience is paid to clap and cheer on progs like these. Performing seals the lot of them!

        The BBC stopped making funny programmes about fifteen years ago!


  29. Zephir says:

    Want to know how your tax is spent ?

    Demands for Home Office to ‘get a grip’ as staff struggling to cope with Channel migrant surge from a ‘tent in a car park’ in Kent rack up tens of thousands of pounds on takeaway pizza, Subway meals, roll mats and blankets for new arrivals

    Home Office figures reveal spending to cope with number of Channel migrants
    Official cards used to buy pizza, roll mats and blankets for new arrivals in Kent
    Notes attached to transparency log brand processing base a ‘tent in a car park’



    19/9/2021 – £1,003.30 Food Supplies For Operational Officers At Tug Haven

    30/09/2021 – £1,409.10 Payment For Several Tows And Boatlifts Of Migrant Vessels At Ramsgate

    06/09/2021 Go Outdoors – £500.00 Purchase Of 50 Rolls Mats For Use At Tug Have By Migrants Who Have To Sleep Overnight. Instructed By HO personnel To Purchase Them For Level 1 Day Following

    06/09/2021 – Go Outdoors – rollmats for sleeping on – £1490.00

    07/09/2021 – £799.00 – Part Order Of Rollmats To Support Migrants Overnighting At Tug Haven.

    07/09/2021 – SumUp Cinque Ports C – £1108.60 – Hot Food For Staff During Op Altair

    08/09/2021 – £1,123.20 – Food Provisions For Staff Welfare When Dealing With Channel Migrant Issues On Extended Shifts And High Arrival Numbers.

    09/09/2021 LA FRIENDS PIZZERIA – £519.00 – Hot Food For Migrants Staying Overnight At The Tug Haven During Op Altair

    10/09/2021 SumUp Cinque Ports – £940.90 – Food Purchased For Staff At Tug Haven. This Has Been Authorised By HO personnel

    13/09/2021 AMAZON – £1,719.50 – Camera Film Purchased By The Clandestine Operational Response Team (Cort) For Use At The Tug Haven In Dover Where We Have Migrants Arriving On Small Boats. All Migrants Require An Instant Photo Taken On Arrival

    13/09/2021 SPRINGWISEBOTTLEDW – £503.16 – Provision Of Bottled Water For Migrants And Officers At Tug Haven Site.

    13/09/2021 SumUp Cinque Ports – £1,125.80 – Food Provisions For Staff Welfare When Dealing With Channel Migrant Issues On Extended Shifts And High Arrival Numbers

    13/09/2021 UNIVERSEALK – £540.00 – Provision Of Property Tags – Tug Haven, Dover.

    15/09/2021 POLYBAGS LIMITED – £906.18 – Provision Of Property Bags At Tug Haven, Dover. Unavailable Via Existing Contract

    16/09/2021 SumUp Cinque Ports – £802.60 – Food Provisions For Staff Welfare When Dealing With Channel Migrant Issues On Extended Shifts And High Arrival Numbers

    20/09/2021 SumUp Cinque Ports C – £939.60 – Staff Catering Van For Level 1 Stand Up Day

    22/09/2021 SumUp Cinque Ports – £915.40 – Provision Of Hot Food For Officers Working At Tug Haven

    23/09/2021 Dominos (Dover) – £2,748.75 – Hot Food For Migrants Staying Overnight At Tug Haven During Op Altair

    23/09/2021 SumUp Cinque Ports – £1,092.00 – Hot Food For Staff During Op Altair

    24/09/2021 POLYBAGS LIMITED – £888.29 – Property Bags, Tug Haven, Dover – Unavailable Via Existing Contract

    24/09/2021 SumUp Cinque Ports – £715.30 – Hot Food Provision For Officers Working At Tug Haven, Dover

    27/09/2021 Dominos (Dover) – £872.07 – Provision Of Hot Food For Migrants At Tug Haven Site, Dover

    27/09/2021 Dominos (Dover) – £1,686.45 – Hot Food Requirement For Migrants Spending Overnight At Tug Haven

    27/09/2021 Dominos (Dover) – £1,700.00 – Food For Migrants Being Detained At Tug Haven Overnight. Th Does Not Have A Kitchen Facility, So There Are No Other Options. This Purchase Was Ordered by authorised staff.

    27/09/2021 SPRINGWISEBOTTLEDW – £503.16 – Bottled Water Supply. Tug Haven. Dover.

    28/09/2021 Dominos (Dover) – £514.00 – Pizzas For Migrants Held Overnight At Tug Haven Due To Not Being Able To Move Them On To Accommodation Within The Home Office Estate. Tug Haven Is A Tent In A Car Park

    28/09/2021 – Dominos (Dover) – £3,143.00 – Food For Migrants Held Overnight At Tug Haven Due To No On Going Facilities In The Home Office Estate. Tug Haven Is A Tent In A Car Park So Therefore So Other Means Of Feeding Them


    10/08/2021 ENTERPRISE BRANDS – £1,292.67 – Urgent Food Provision For Migrants At Tug Haven, Dover.

    10/08/2021 ENTERPRISE BRANDS – £1,499.82 – Urgent Food Provision For Migrants At Tug Haven, Dover.

    10/08/2021 ENTERPRISE BRANDS – £2,045.40 Urgent Food Provision For Migrants At Tug Haven, Dover.

    10/08/2021 ENTERPRISE BRANDS – £2,325.93 Urgent Food Provision For Migrants At Tug Haven, Dover.

    10/08/2021 ENTERPRISE BRANDS – £2,829.21 Urgent Food Provision For Migrants At Tug Haven, Dover.

    12/08/2021 ENTERPRISE BRANDS- £2,875.45 – Urgent Food Provision For Migrants At Tug Haven, Dover.

    12/08/2021 ENTERPRISE BRANDS – £4,622.21 – Urgent Food Provision For Migrants At Tug Haven, Dover.

    13/08/2021 Dominos (Dover) – £1,231.75 – Urgent Food Provision For Migrants At Tug Haven, Dover.

    23/08/2021 Dominos (Dover) – £2,100.00 – Evening Food For Migrants Spending The Late Evening On Tug Haven

    23/08/2021 SUBWAY – £9,42.00 – Urgent Food Provision For Migrants At Tug Haven, Dover.

    26/08/2021 BOOKER LIMITED FOLKEST – £760.12 – Provisions For Migrants At Staff At Tug Haven

    31/08/2021 CRITICAL HEALTHCARE – £2,771.08 – Blankets For Migrants Who Are Cold And Have In Sea

    31/08/2021 CRITICAL HEALTHCARE – £2,771.08 – Blankets For Migrants Who Are Cold And Have In Sea


    • Zephir says:

      Note only Dominoes pizzas at £20 a pop


      • harry142857 says:

        We should only allow migrants in on a Tuesday, that’s when Domino’s do a 2 for 1 offer. 😁


        • Fedup2 says:

          Harry – I think you will find that on `Tuesdays double the number of illegals float up on the beaches of Kent as a result …and KFC do a bargain family bucket with extra French fries …


      • StewGreen says:

        pizza is just cheese on toast ..it shouldn’t cost much money


        • BRISSLES says:

          And an American obsession ! Watched the hilariously funny Some Like It Hot this afternoon with the excellent Jack Lemmon, made in 1959. A female character said she had made a “‘pie’ a pizza pie ! ” which to me is about as far from a ‘pie’ as you could get.

          It might well be world wide ‘student’ food, but the Americans appear to live on it, or eating Chinese takeaway directly from the cartons (why not put it on plates ???), or eating ice cream straight from the tub – clearly no dessert dishes are sold in the States. Neither are electric toothbrushes, or electric kettles – well, not according to films anyway.


          • Scroblene says:

            Brissles, please may I recommend a marvellous short story by Damon Runyon (one of my heros in such an element), called ‘A piece of pie’?

            It is one of the most intriguingly funny stories I’ve ever read, and my dad started me acquiring a complete collection of Damon Runyon stories after reading that one yarn! They are so good, you can read them over and over again!

            Of course, you probably already know this…


  30. Zephir says:

    Meanwhile where they are in the majority:

    Taliban ban Afghan women from travelling more than 45 miles unless escorted by a male relative and forbids drivers playing music in their vehicles

    The Taliban have banned women from travelling distances longer than 45 miles
    Women must be accompanied by a male relative if they want to go further
    The directive also said transport should only be offered to Islamic hijab wearers
    It comes after Afghanistan’s new authorities asked television channels to stop showing dramas and soap operas featuring female actors



  31. Guest Who says:

    Almost 50 engagements.


  32. Zelazek says:

    Strange item on the News at 6 o’clock. A statue of Christ vandalised in India. I wondered why this trivial foreign event was deemed newsworthy when so many far more serious crimes in Britain and around the world are ignored. It’s not as if the BBC likes Christianity or even believes in God.

    Then they said that attacks on churches have doubled since Narendra Modi’s right wing BJP Hindu nationalist party won the election in 2014.

    Now I get it. These Hindus may not like Christians but they hate the Beeb’s beloved Muslims more. Let’s emphasise this attack on the Christian statue, provoke the ire of Christians and get them to unite with the BBC and their Muslim friends against these horrid Hindu right wing nationalists.

    The BBC never devotes the same amount of time to violent attacks on Christians in Islamic countries that they have just devoted to this statue in India.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Zelazek, what the BBC are not telling you about India is that each State within the Indian nation has a degree of autonomy. (It’s a similar set-up in some ways to Germany.) In addition, I think I’m correct in writing that the population of each state has a slightly different religious bias. For example, Kashmir, in the north-west on the border with Pakistan, has a high Muslim population. Same western side but way down south, Kerala State has a high Christian population, especially of Roman Catholics. Also down in the south, bordering Kerala, is Tamil Nadu State with a high proportion of Tamils who are largely Hindus.

      Therefore, it is nothing to do with Narendra Modi and his national BJParty. The BBC news from India is biased because they do not like Modi. He is a conservative as you have noticed. However, he aims along with his BJParty to maintain freedom of religious choice in India as a nation. That is probably another reason why the BBC do not like Modi: he has restricted migrant workers coming into India who mostly were Muslims and I suspect were busy proseletizing those of no faith but also Hindus.

      I cannot remember which State most of the Christian persecution occurs in – I think it is two. Karnataka may be one of them.

      Typical BBC deceit, well spotted by you.


      • Fedup2 says:

        The BBC has decided this (assassination attempt of the Head of State ) is a ‘non story ‘ ……. And is only forced to mention it because newspapers are carrying it . I was thinking about the coverage Lee Harvey Oswald might have got if he had been detained in `deeley Plaza 15 minutes before. jFK came through . I guess the BBC would have avoided that too …. And now the weather ….


  33. Deborah says:

    We thought we would dip into the BBC for the first time this Xmas and switched on to a Very British Scandal. We lasted about 15 minutes. The BBC obviously think silver bouncing penises and lots of sex artistically shot in dim light is good family viewing for Boxing Day.


    • JohnC says:

      I’ve just been watching the Xmas All Creatures Great And Small.

      Were there really so many black people in North Yorkshire around 1935 ?. In a market of about 30 people, 2 women were black (and very very carefully shown to us) then in a lineup of 6 children, one was black – and guess which one was in the forefront of the camera shot every time ?.

      Yet no Asians at all. And statistically they make up more of the population. Same as the advertisements on TV.

      This Left-wing racism is a very bizarre thing.


      • harry142857 says:

        Amazingly one of the black residents of 1930s Yorkshire moves to Kent and twenty years later lives in the same town as The Larkins as a brigadier. What are the odds of that?


        • taffman says:

          Perhaps Nadine Dorries can tell us ?


        • Scroblene says:

          Of course, we won’t watch the latest version of H.E.Bates’ classic stories of normal Kentish citizens, but the first series had one programme an issue with Peter who was a German masquerading as a Dutchman, just after the war.

          I bet that the BBC will avoid this (don’t know, and can’t see the ‘new’ episodes as the RT want my name and number, and they can sod off), or that the foreigner will be another race entirely!

          Wonder if they’ll touch on all the illegal immigrants turning up in Pop’s barn, fresh from Dungeness?


      • markh says:

        In Emmerdale ( I know) at least half of the actors are coloured to some degree. Rather strange for the Yorkshire Dales I would have thought, unless they’ve moved upmarket from Bradford.


      • Lefty Wright says:

        It’s all very well for you to scoff but how would you feel if you were a black actor and you were aware that you were only given the part, not because of your skills as a thespian but because of the colour of your hide.


    • Fedup2 says:

      “Silver bouncing penises “

      “Chaps overfondness for alsatians “….

      On this site its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas …


  34. JohnC says:

    The Windsor Castle crossbow break-in story is now very conspicuous because we are not being told anything about who did it. We ARE told that the person of interest is being held under mental health act. Nothing else.

    I previously thought a white guy did it but my money is now on an immigrant.


  35. Guest Who says:

    I know they do, but still cannot comprehend how the bbc can exempt itself from things it would tear into any other entity for doing.


  36. Fedup2 says:

    Can i recommend 12 minutes of christmas TV . ? Its neil oliver talking about fire and light and the darkness and hope .

    If anyone can put the link here that would be good . But otherwise it can be found on Twitter .
    Its 12 minutes the BBC would never broadcast … because freedom is not ‘ approved thought ‘


  37. harry142857 says:

    Shocking video shows crossbow-wielding man threatening to ‘assassinate the Queen in revenge for 1919 Amritsar massacre’ – as 19-year-old who scaled Windsor Castle walls is sectioned

    The pre-recorded message was reportedly sent by Jaswant Singh Chail to his friends on Snapchat at 8:06am on Christmas Day, 24 minutes before a man was arrested by police inside the grounds of Windsor Castle.

    The suspect, who police have not yet named, was arrested shortly after 8.30am yesterday after he was spotted on CCTV roaming the gardens after scaling an outer wall. He was later sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

    The footage shows a figure wearing a black tracksuit and white mask thought to have been inspired by Star Wars – with a framed image of one of the franchise’s obscure villains Darth Malgus on the wall behind the man.

    He says: ‘I’m sorry. I’m sorry for what I’ve done and what I will do. I will attempt to assassinate Elizabeth, Queen of the Royal Family. This is revenge for those who have died in the 1919 Jallianwala Bagh massacre.

    ‘It is also revenge for those who have been killed, humiliated and discriminated on because of their race. I’m an Indian Sikh, a Sith. My name was Jaswant Singh Chail, my name is Darth Jones.’

    Scotland Yard confirmed detectives are investigating the video as part of a probe into the Christmas Day breach.

    What was the 1919 Amritsar massacre, also known as the Jallianwala Bagh massacre?
    The Amritsar massacre, otherwise known as the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, took place on April 13, 1919, during a protest against the arrest of two pro-Indian independence leaders.

    It took place in a historic garden, called Jallianwala Bagh, close to the Golden Temple complex in Amritsar.

    Brigadier-General R. E. H. Dyer surrounded the protesters in response, leaving them with only one exit to get out of the Bagh.

    He then ordered his troops to shoot demonstrators, including those who were fleeing the massacre.

    On his orders, his soldiers only stopped firing when they had exhausted their ammunition.

    Estimates of the death toll range between 379 and more than 1500.

    A further 1200 people were injured, among them 192 who sustained serious injuries.

    The massacre led to a re-evaluation of the British Army’s use of force and soldiers were subsequently trained in less violent methods of crowd control.

    But it also led to a complete loss of trust in the British Army by Indian civilians and, some historians have argued, paved the way for Indian independence from British rule.

    It is though Chail was drawing parallels to Star Wars in his message, in which he called himself ‘Darth Jones’ – a possible reference to the actor who voice Darth Vader in the original trilogy, James Earl Jones.

    The Sith worship the dark side of ‘the Force’ and are enemies of the Jedi Knights.

    Chail sent the video on Snapchat, with the message: ‘I’m sorry to all of those who I have wronged or lied to. If you have received this then my death is near. Please share this with whoever and if possible get it to the news if they’re interested.’

    Scotland Yard said detectives were examining the footage which was posted on social media before the Christmas Day incident at the Queen’s Berkshire home.

    Police confirmed a crossbow was found after the intruder was detained in the castle grounds while the Queen was in residence.

    There is no indication the intruder, who has not been named, was known for making threats to any members of the Royal Family before this week.

    And sources say that once he had gained access to the royal estate, the teenager ‘didn’t know what to do with himself’ and was quickly arrested.

    But it is clear that the incident is being taken extremely seriously. The Metropolitan Police is investigating and has informed the Home Office.

    Crossbows are often referred to as ‘lethal but legal’ because they require no licence or registration and can be bought on the internet with ease.

    Police will be looking at how the intruder was able to scale the spiked perimeter fence surrounding the Berkshire castle’s grounds in the first place.

    It is believed he had a makeshift ladder to gain access from the Long Walk, which royals frequently use because of its proximity to the Queen’s private apartments.

    The Long Walk is located in an area of parkland that can be accessed by members of the public.

    A major internal security review will be initiated as a matter of course, particularly as it follows a series of security scares on the Windsor Great Park estate involving Prince Andrew.

    In one incident a woman posing as a guest entered his home, Royal Lodge.

    Strictly of Cambridge and the Duchess of Cornwall, have voiced concern after some of their most trusted police bodyguards were removed in a security shake-up.

    Even the Queen has privately expressed disquiet over changes to the way she and her family are protected, sources said.

    The latest security scare took place after the suspect with the crossbow was found at 8.30am on Christmas Day, when the Queen would have been at Windsor without her family.


    The Queen says she misses her ‘beloved’ late husband Philip in her most emotional Christmas message ever – remembering his ‘mischievous twinkle’ and lamenting ‘one familiar laugh is missing’ this year

    The Queen’s Covid Christmas: Her Majesty misses out on Windsor service attended by Charles and Camilla, Edward and Sophie – before joining them for first festive meal since Philip’s death

    Queen makes NO mention of Meghan, Harry or Andrew in her speech but DOES namecheck William, Kate, Charles and Camilla
    Retired chief superintendent Dai Davies, the former head of royal protection at Scotland Yard, said the incident again highlighted the ‘very serious threat‘ that ‘fixated people and stalkers’ pose.

    He said: ‘Since the time of George III, 99 per cent of attacks against members of the Royal Family have involved a fixated person, or stalker. And the news that a crossbow was involved actually scares me. They will go through a windscreen.

    ‘And in all my

    The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, the Earl and Countess of Wessex and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester have arrived for the Christmas Matins service in Windsor Castle +14
    The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, daughter Lady Louise and son James, Viscount Severn. The royals were greeted at the entrance by the Dean of Windsor before moving inside for the morning service
    The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester arrive to attend the Christmas Day morning church service at St George’s Chapel +14

    But he cautioned: ‘It is always a balance between public accessibility to the Royal Family and their ability to live even the semblance of a normal life, with their safety. You can’t turn these royal residence into prisons. And royalty protection is like an onion.

    ‘There are layers. There would have been a lot of other obstacles for him to get through before he even got near a member of the Royal Family. It is clear he was picked up by CCTV and apprehended at the first possible opportunity. Troubling as the incident is, in this case the security worked.’

    In a statement the Metropolitan Police said: ‘A 19-year-old man from Southampton was arrested on suspicion of breach or trespass of a protected site and possession of an offensive weapon.

    ‘Security processes were triggered within moments of the man entering the grounds and he did not enter any buildings.

    ‘Following a search of the man, a crossbow was recovered. The man was taken into custody and has undergone a mental health assessment. He has since been sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

    ‘Enquiries into the full circumstances of this incident are being progressed by Metropolitan Police Specialist Operations.’

    Security at Windsor Castle has been beefed up in recent years, sources have said. A review was carried out in 2003 after self-styled comedy terrorist Aaron Barschak broke in during Prince William’s 21st birthday party.


  38. taffman says:

    Great Britain would be a much better country if those that do not like it here just quietly left.
    We would be shot of the BBC then.
    What say you maxincony ?


    • JimS says:

      The trouble is that they think the same.

      Once the ‘white man’ is exterminated fron Europe, North America and Australasia things will be peachy.


  39. JohnC says:

    Dalian Atkinson: Police apologise for killing black ex-footballer

    This is another BBC story where you read it and you wonder what the big story is.

    The trial + conviction were all finished back in the Spring. It got the full coverage then. This is just the police sending a letter of apology. And then only because they are obliged to because of the ‘European Convention of Human Rights’.

    Is this really the top headline news article today ?. And it seems only The Guardian (of course) and Sky even have this story. Though only the BBC have specifically added ‘black’ into the headline.

    This is one of the BBC’s ‘Lie by repetition’ where they are forcing an old story to appear to be big news again in order to muckrake in the name of the agenda. They have done that a few times recently : they are getting desperate.

    What it did do is get me to find out the details of what happened when this guy died.

    ‘He got dad by the throat and said he was going to kill him. He told dad he had already killed me, our brother Paul and sister Elaine and he had come for him.’

    Just part of it. No wonder the BBC have kept that quiet : who would want to be a policeman these days ?.


  40. Fedup2 says:

    Today watch

    Lord Dobbs ( right winger ) editing . Highlighting that the NHS doesn’t give a damn about men – care less if you are worried about getting prostate cancer – and running over the lie that men are reluctant to come forward to be checked until it is too late .
    I should switch it off because of my personal experience of asking for tests and being refused – despite being high risk .
    That was when I parted company with their NHS – the Chinese virus just strengthened my view that it is self serving and not fit for purpose . It’s a parasite .


  41. Zephir says:

    I was watching the news and there were some anti vax conspiracy theorist being mocked about vaccinations and microchips and the government being able to track you

    The cat looked at me and said

    “ever been to the bloody vets ? “


  42. Fedup2 says:

    I saw something on the twitter yesterday of a yellow sticker being worn in Canada to show a recent covid test has been done …
    ……I’m hoping it was a sick spoof but bearing in mind what Canada – and the likes of NZ have become – I wouldn’t be surprised at anything they do …


    • Zephir says:

      Wonder what the wokes and socialists would have said if we had proposed similar with aids tests ?

      Aids free passports ?

      Lockdowns in Brighton and London Soho ?


  43. Guest Who says:

    Wigs of people whose look they want to culturally appropriate, or farmer scalps?


  44. Zephir says:

    Bbc doing it’s racist best:

    South Africa white farmers condemned for storming Senekal courthouse

    Some protesters held placards reading “Boer Lives Matter”. Boer is an Afrikaans word which refers to farmers.

    Some conservative groups say the farmers are victims of a genocide and the government is not doing enough to protect them.

    The government dismisses the allegation, saying the farmers are victims of crime in remote areas and efforts are being made to step up security.


    Notice the bbc racist weasel words SOME and CONSERVATIVE

    And, like yesterday excusing muslim African bomber terrorists we have:

    “Statistics suggest that the majority of victims of crime are black, but that is because black people are the majority, and are disproportionately exposed to some of the factors that fuel crime – inequality, poverty and unemployment. ”

    Oh thats OK then


  45. AsISeeIt says:

    Considering the NHS & BBC

    Considering most of our woes over the last twenty months have been suffered so as serve the government-led desire to protect the NHS, the result of a poll in the Guardian today ought to be a bit of a shocker:

    Amid delays and staff shortages, one in four Britons fear they would not get adequate care

    One could joke that another quarter of the population are now employed by the NHS – largely in a non-medical capacity: diversity officers, etc – and the remaining half of the population are don’t knows because they are still young fit and well and have not yet graduated onto an NHS waiting list for treatment.

    One senses our BBC and by extention our NHS recognise popular support ebbing away in certain quarters (one-in-fours?) and so push out this pie-in-the-sky puff piece today:

    Screening for prostate cancer could be possible in the next five years, according to one of the UK’s leading experts. About 50,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with the disease each year, and nearly 12,000 die.‘ (BBC) – for “people” read men – but I digress.

    Throw them a bone – would seem to be the message.

    Prof Peter Johnson, the national clinical director for cancer at NHS England, said better treatments had improved survival from the disease… He also warned the pandemic meant thousands of people who needed treatment had not even been diagnosed.

    Not the pandemic – the official reaction to the pandemic

    That last statement above, by the way, is the BBC’s very last paragraph in their report – the headline and main body and tone of which is positive in its messageing.

    Bearing in mind the dissonance between media reports and on the ground reality (which is what we’re all about hereabouts, right?) here’s an interesting quote from the Guardian’s tame expert (Sally Warren of the King’s Fund):

    “But it’s not just media reports that change people’s perceptions of the health service, and many people have personal experience of struggling to access their GP or being stuck on a waiting list”, she added

    The Guardian still thinks Labour thinks they are onto a good thing and we all still love and admire the NHS: ‘Labour said the findings [of the survey] showed the effects of persistent and unaddressed staff shortages‘ – one suspects NHS union strikes for big payrises next year may tip the balance against this failed institution in the minds of many more people.

    And on a lighter note some early football results for matches to be played in 2022 are already coming in…

    Arsenal will take the knee at home to Manchester City

    In the London derby Crystal Palace and Spurs join the tributes to the late South African cleric and civil rights activist – with a scoreline of 2-2

    Old Trafford celebrates LBGTQ+ Pride inclusivity as United invite Wolfie the Wolves mascot to be taken up the Stretford End, in joint solidarity with both the Gay and Furry communities.

    Disgraced presenter of BBC’s It’s a Knockout, Stuart Hall, used to say that what so amused him about the antics of those oversized foam costumes of various creatures worn by the show’s contestants was that whatever mishaps befell them their expression never changed.

    There’s a thought, considering the NHS & BBC


    • Jeff says:

      “Wolfie, the Wolves mascot to be taken up the Stretford end…”

      Blimey, I’m not entirely sure if that’s a euphemism for animal abuse, but it doesn’t sound good.

      I guess that in these increasingly woke times almost anything can be misconstrued.

      Think I’ll stay with The Cottagers at Fulham.



      • Zephir says:

        I recall during the time when a certain George Michael Esq, was caught doing things near a toilet, that the German football team were considering recruiting him

        “because he could lob Seaman from 10 yards”

        Just sayin’


  46. Up2snuff says:

    The forces are arranged against the PM and the Conservative Government. They are:
    the Labour Party across the UK
    The Labour Party (and Government) in Wales
    The Scottish National Party (and Government) in Scotland
    Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland

    There are additional forces and they appear to me to be:
    Possibly SAGE, Spi-M and the shadow SAGE
    The NHS and its various Unions
    Various Health ‘bodies’ that run the NHS or are linked to the NHS
    The teaching Unions
    City and Regional Mayors, especially if from the Labour Party
    Local Authorities with Labour leadership

    and of course, the British Broadcasting Company.

    The BBC are desperate – for several reasons – to save Sir Keir Starmer’s leadership of the Labour Party. Labour stand little chance of winning a General Election with a ‘Far Left’ or ‘Hard Left’ leader or leadership team as proved by Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell in 2019, especially when up against Boris Johnson-led Conservatives.

    They are out to get Boris out of the Party leadership. Sir Keir has been proved wrong in July of this year. If Boris Johnson is not forced into new Pandemic restrictions in England Keir Starmer may be proved wrong again. Starmer will only have one more chance: Ange and others are just itching to get their hands on the tiller and will push Keir overboard. The 8 point lead for Labour in a certain recent Opinion Poll could well dribble away with a decline in Covid-19 infections, hospitalisations and deaths as spring and summer advance in 2022.

    Therefore, the BBC’s goal, along with all the others listed and maybe some I haven’t thought of, will be to divide the PM from his Party, divide the PM from some vociferous backbenchers, is to keep ‘Partygate’ and ‘Wallpapergate’ and ‘Hancockgate’ and ‘Cummingsgate’ going through 2022.


  47. Zephir says:

    As an addition to my comment above, regarding the bbc and its desperation to minimise the racial attacks murders and rapes of white farmers in Africa, and provide reasons why they think it acceptable.

    This is one of the main reasons I believe the bbc is biased: they used the phrase “Some conservative groups say the farmers are victims of a genocide ”

    Yet do we EVER hear, for example, “a socialist activist, who works for the NHS said” ?

    Yet so many of these “activists” as revealed spewing twitter bile, are used for attacks upon the government and they have to be forced to grudgingly apologise for not mentiioning this.

    Yet need to encouragement to mention the word “conservative” when attempting to minimise the fact that whites are being attacked raped and killed by blacks

    And as for the times they use “far right” versus the times they use “islamic terrorist” well QED they are biased


    • Zephir says:

      Or, I should say, BBC “award winning racists”.

      Wiesenthal Center puts BBC 3rd – after only Iran, Hamas – on antisemitism list
      Organization’s head says ‘months of intense debate and discussion’ preceded ranking; cites alleged biased reporting, antisemitic staff


      Once again, we have to rely on overseas press to find the truth.

      “People might assume we would put neo-Nazi groups on our list,” Hier told the paper, “but the BBC is there because when a globally recognized organization allows antisemitism to creep into its reporting, it makes it all the more insidious and dangerous.”

      Hier cited the BBC’s reporting of an attack this month in London on a busload of Jewish teenagers, who were celebrating the Hanukkah holiday, by a group of men who chanted anti-Israel slogans. The report claimed that one of the apparent victims used an Islamophobic slur.

      “The BBC falsely reported that a victim on the bus used an anti-Muslim slur. But what was heard on tape was a distressed Jewish man speaking in Hebrew, appealing for help,” Hier said.

      The top-ten list also noted that a journalist for the BBC — who has since been dismissed — tweeted that “Hitler was right” in 2014.

      The pro-Israel Honest Reporting media watchdog flagged the seven-year-old tweet, which led the BBC to open an internal investigation that ultimately led to Tala Halawa’s firing.


      • Fedup2 says:

        I somehow think that finding won’t feature on the propaganda show ‘feedback ‘ – they’ll probably get a paki bbc Muslim to ‘investigate ‘ ……..


      • G says:

        A feature on Toady this morning concerning Prostrate Cancer. Our Worlds Most Trusted Broadcaster tells us that black men are much more likely to get the cancer than white folk. So the science is racist then? That assertion is in keeping with the popular disregard for real science and fact so that’s OK then…………


        • Up2snuff says:

          G, that would be a straight statistical thing but they should have qualified the claim by stating whether its was for men of African and Caribbean origin worldwide or only in Britain. If it was the latter, then they really ought to set it against data from Africa and the Caribbean.

          The now discredited Lancet study by a London University that claimed that more BAME people were likely to die from Covid due to poverty or their jobs – again national locality not mentioned – completely ignored the statistical evidence from around the world that it tended to be a white person’s disease leading to infection and death.


      • theisland says:

        @COLRICHARDKEMP agrees

        There is little likelihood, without firm intervention by the British government, that the BBC will relinquish its leadership of the global anti-Israel movement that has contributed to so much suffering, misery and bloodshed. As British journalist Melanie Phillips writes: “It is no exaggeration to say that when it to comes to Israel, the issue is not BBC bias. It is BBC incitement to baseless hatred”.


        • Zephir says:

          These politically morally bankrupt semi educated kidultz posing as “wurld klass gernaliss” do not understand the hate and division their bile can incite


  48. StewGreen says:

    The bbc is DIVERSE.. it’s not the same lefty mates all the time.
    11am Loose Ends
    Guests : Miriam Margolyes, Jo Brand, Graham Norton,
    Stacey Dooley, , Anneka Rice, Rod Stewart, Les Dennis


    • Up2snuff says:

      I used to listen to Loose Ends every week. Not any more. In fact, not for several years. That first named sleb put me off that particular episode.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Ah yes – sir Rodney – no longer on Bail – and fresh from the Chigwell area of Scotland ….


  49. brexiteerkent says:

    Hidden away in local news, Berkshire.. The guy arrested in Windsor Castle grounds trying to kill the queen as mentioned above. Of course he has ‘ mental health problems’ but also of course the BBC article, if anyone did manage find it, avoids completely any mention of his name, nationality and his stated reason for the attempt. ( widely reported elsewhere, he wants revenge against Britain.) He is a ‘ man from southampton’ ..


    Though because he said it was in revenge for what he alleges the British did in India I am surprised the BBC is not already saying how right and justified he was. Guess that will come soon enough.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I would have thought for something so grave – it would have been for a court to decide if he was fit to stand trial? What happens to someone ‘sectioned ‘ like this ? Is he quietly released in a week ?
      The failure to identify – or for a follow up on family and friends is frankly incredible in the circumstances …have any Sikhs said anything ?


  50. Zephir says: