The New Year 2022

Best Wishes to All Posters and Readers of this site . 2022 marks the Centenary of the BBC . And Just Think – maybe a million more TV Licences will be cancelled . ….

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  1. Nibor says:

    Want to know how to counter a conspiracy theory ?

    Openness , accountability against wrong doers does it .

    Think that Jews run the world ?!

    Openeness , accountably will prove the fear is right or wrong .

    Think Freemasonry rules the world?!

    Openness , accountability will prove the fear right or wrong .

    Think lizards rule the world?

    Openness and accountability will prove the fear right or wrong .

    Now mine .
    Think Gramscians try to rule , not the world, but Western world by surreptitious means .
    Openness and accountability would prove me wrong .

    I’m willing to go tête-à-tête in a court with a Gramscian / BBC .
    If he / she describes themselves as one .

    I actually hate conspiracy theories. For a start why upset yourself?
    But with the BBC if they haven’t been infected by the Gramscians why are they so biased ?
    And why is there no openness , accountability about it ?


  2. Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

    Happy New year to you all.


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      Warmest New Year’s Eve recorded in Somerset ushers in 2022

      “Forget your fleece and coat – it’s liberating to take a pleasant New Year’s Eve stroll in just your T-shirt.

      But it doesn’t bode well for the future.

      The Met Office say the UK’s record temperatures have all been elevated by manmade climate change which has raised temperatures globally by 1.1C.

      Cold records are still being broken, as in the Beast from the East storm in 2018.

      But the Met Office say warm weather records are being broken nine times more frequently – a clear sign of an over-heating planet.

      The winter wildfires in Colorado are even arguably more alarming than unseasonal warmth in the UK.

      It’s too soon to say what role human-driven climate change may have played in the disaster – but it’s the latest episode of regular weather patterns being disrupted.

      Meanwhile, different regions of Alaska are experiencing record high and low temperatures at the same time.” 🤔


      • Up2snuff says:

        BBC, “Meanwhile, different regions of Alaska are experiencing record high and low temperatures at the same time.”

        Couldn’t be down to weather, could it?


    • NCBBC says:

      Climate does change but not to due to a trace gas like CO2, and will not stop by driving electric cars or other fashionable nonsense.

      The climate we have is because of our position in the orbit. Climate stability is maintained by dynamic variation of the earth’s position in the solar system.

      Climate change is normal, and is part and parcel of maintaining dynamic stability, without which we’re cooked so to speak. No change and we are dead, as stability is maintained by dynamic change. An example, a bikes balance is maintained only because it is dynamically stable. It has to move to be balanced.


  3. StewGreen says:

    Queen finds way to get blade on Tony Blair’s neck

    Awards absolutely suck these days
    It’s a total waste to award people who have already had big recognition, like winning a gold medal. oscars etc.
    .. It should be for the unnoticed trainers etc.


    • tarien says:

      It really does begger belief that our Queen should be coerced, to lay such an honour on T Blair probably the biggest traitor this nation has ever seen and we have had to continually endure his wretched face across the TV screens, pontificating on various subjects he knows not an awful lot about. The honours list has now sunk to its lowest ever, how sad. Frankly no MP, no Civil Servant affiliated to Parliament, no sports men or women, no special advisors to the Government such as Prof: Whitty should ever have any kind of honour, theyn have no need of it-only those who men and women who have given such wonderful service to us the public, often unseen un-sung heroes. Anwyay people have a healthy, peacful New Year.


    • Deborah says:

      I wondered why T Blair got his knighthood now. I have absolutely no evidence but note one thing that has changed is the death of The Duke of Edinburgh.


  4. StewGreen says:

    Whatever the special day, I still come across stories about the BBC like this
    cos there are so many around.


  5. StewGreen says:

    Covid : despite a registration of 203 deaths, it’s still catchup stuff
    and the trend is still below 100/day
    The case trend is actually lower than yesterday.


  6. brexiteerkent says:

    So, the foreign land that is londonistan has joined with the BBC to celebrate the New Year with lasers, fireworks and a ‘celebration of culture’ and of taking the knee. Would have been nice to have red white and blue, British national icons and British anthems introduced by a non box ticker .. Not a hope. I remember what this country used to be and am very sad.


    • Deborah says:

      Brexiteerkent, you are not alone. Stupidly we switched on BBC1 to see in the new year. Black guy speaking as we switched on, it may have been very intellectual but we couldn’t understand and couldn’t connnect so we watched a few minutes of Andrew Doyle repeat on GBNews before returning. The music with the fireworks was awful to our ears but being over 21, Handel’s firework music would have suited us better but the BBC just about did ok to Auld Lang Syne. Then Kylie and a very camp youth so we switched off all together.

      It is time the BBC remembered it is only about a quarter of the population who are under 21 and half of those should be in bed at midnight.

      Happy new year to all on this site esp Fedup2 and the backroom boys.


  7. Kinell says:

    All things come to an end.

    I’m sure Advent calendar days are numbered, and hopefully the BBC’s.


  8. Zephir says:


    I dont bother with twitter etc, but lazy “journalists” do and think they are representative of current opinion, which is why so many get it wrong at election time

    When in shops and hotels around the country having casual conversations I am surprised at the number of people that are similar in opinions to those on this site when I am led to believe via the media otherwise

    I think outside of London and antisocial media, this country still exists and when the very vocal have to earn a living and find life is not as easy as they thought without a student grant or parents to finance their life, they may have to reframe their opinions also, especially regarding the diversity nazism

    We have now clear evidence of racism and lies by the bbc asian racist employees regarding jews attacked in London. This madness has not gone un noticed around the world.

    “BBC Refuses to Apologize for False Report About Jewish Attack Victims”


  9. Zephir says:

    “The BBC has chosen to lie and pick a fight with Jews”

    “It is quite a feat for the BBC to have found two ways in recent day to antagonise the Jewish community, both of which appear to be entirely deliberate.

    Last week BBC News produced a half-hour documentary about the resurgence of antisemitism in Britain. Bizarrely, it made no mention of Jeremy Corbyn or the EHRC’s report into Labour’s antisemitism, as if they played no role.


  10. Zephir says:

    The reporter, Tom Brada, ended by giving a platform to Islamic YouTuber Mohammed Hijab, who notoriously filmed himself in Golders Green on Shabbat during the Gaza conflict in May in front of a billboard with the words “Did we not learn from the Holocaust?”


  11. Zephir says:

    And yet. the “notorious ” Tommy Robinson, for example is given no platform whatsoever, in fact, vilified by the bbc, for having opinions about another particular religion and culture, and their fondness for gang rape of white children, in every city in this country they occupy, funny that


  12. Guest Who says:

    “Well kids, if you want to ensure you are constantly invited on the tv by impartial producers….”


    • Zephir says:

      A fine political and philosophical mind on display there, similar to gorillas and chimpanzees, (no disrespect to our common genetic thread, but they have no other means of communication)

      did his benefits come a few days too late for the Wetherspoons membership fees ?


    • Guest Who says:

      Oddly, the bbc are playing it very straight.

      Here’s a poll.


      • tarien says:

        100% should not-that man is one of the worst traitors this nation has ever had to bear-supposedly a socialist yet lives a life as a millionaire-Champagne Soicalist comes to mind. Prefer to see Knighthoods scrapped, no longer appropriate in this day and age-the armour is too rusty!


    • MarkyMark says:

      The Chilcot Inquiry cost £13 million and the Leveson Inquiry cost £5 million.


  13. Guest Who says:

    Few heads in W1A exploding about now.

    And lazy guest regular invites cancelled.


    • JimS says:

      But the NHS was proposed by ‘the Tories’ before the 1945 election.

      If they had won then the likliehood is that the NHS would still have been formed but would be ‘a wicked Tory invention, designed to make GPs rich’.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Is the NHS a charity or paid for service?


    • StewGreen says:

      FFS That is Harry Smith’s Twitter account
      He died in 2018 and his son put his own name on the account
      a reply says .. Here is *Tory Minister of Health in 1944* spelling out how the NHS will be universal, comprehensive and free at the point of use.
      It was in 1945 Tory manifesto.
      Tories voted against legislation because it appropriated the assets of charities.

      It is fair to question the Sir Tom thing
      the whole thing was hijacked as a PR exercise to build the NHS religion.
      A department that gets £130 billion pa from the taxpayer doesn’t need another £10m present.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        The money Sir Tom raised did not go to the NHS, it went to “NHS Charities”, to buy chocolate for nurses.


  14. Guest Who says:

    Meanwhile bbc professional ‘analysis’ will continue in that special way only the bbc can.

    They know when not news questions need not be asked.


  15. Guest Who says:

    Opinions are split.


  16. Zephir says:

    Interesting that our national broadcaster will filter guests not on their achievements but on their political views

    North Korea would be proud, I see no difference between the two


  17. taffman says:

    “ Blair becomes ‘Sir Tony’ and joins top royal order”

    Did he get it for mass immigration ?
    Perhaps Bo Jo will get one for the same reason ?
    There’s more on the way from India. This time it’s Legal.
    We really do need a new leader !
    A Happy New Year from Taffland.


    • Guest Who says:

      Please let this not be a spoof.

      The bbc may need to resort back to mad Al.


      • Guest Who says:

        Good answer mind.

        Also a bbc fave.


        • StewGreen says:

          Context : Owen Jones did it, from Wes’ phone.
          Owen admits it in his piece at the Labour conference.

          Do you remember when the East Yorkshire Young Tory was fired for saying mates had tweeted from his phone ?


    • tarien says:

      In fact it should be Sir Anthony not Tony-anyway it should not happen at all, the man has done nothing to warrant in any degree such an honour-unless of course he made a huge donation somewhere or to someone. Simply Ghastly as would be said, in fact an insult to all those wonderful people who give so mucyh to this nation mostly without a thanks from Government.


    • G says:

      “Birds of a feather, flock together” – Westminster.


    • theisland says:

      Bliar being elevated is an insult to humanity.
      Personal gift of the Queen? So many questions.

      Happy New Year to all.


  18. Zephir says:

    So,. obviously, not yet arrested for war crimes


    • JohnC says:

      I’m pretty sure Tony had arranged this a long time ago but they have been waiting for people to forget him so they could slip it through.

      Not the worst ever though. That honour belongs to sir Nick of Clegg. An act which instantly rubbished every single knighthood ever given.


  19. JohnC says:

    London teen homicides: Boy’s stabbing is record 30th killing

    I had to look for this story because it’s gone from the front page already (if it was ever on it). However ‘Tracy Beaker star Dani Harmer ‘fine’ after hospital drama during panto’ is a headline apparently.

    And yet again the BBC hypocrites don’t go anywhere near the enormous elephant in the room. Here’s the first few names from the list of victims and see if you can guess what it is.

    Anas Mezenner
    Romario Opia
    Hani Solomon
    Drekwon Patterson
    Ahmed Beker
    Tai Jordan O’Donnell
    Mazaza Owusu-Mensah
    Ezra Okobia
    Hussain Chaudhry
    Abubakkar “Junior” Jah

    Import 3rd world, get 3rd world. I doubt this new record will last for long.


    • Zephir says:

      Recently read a book by an ex met police officer who managed to reduce black on black crimes in Haringey by 95% by shutting down crack houses

      just sayin


  20. Zephir says:

    “A crack house, or crack den, is a home or other building where drug dealers and people who use crack cocaine buy, sell and use the drug.
    What Is It Like Inside A Crack House?

    When most people think of crack houses, they picture filthy, run-down trailers or public housing units in unsafe areas.

    Many crack houses fit this stereotype. They’re characterized by uncleanliness, risky sexual behavior, and violence.

    When you’re addicted to crack cocaine, it’s extremely difficult to focus on anything besides getting and using crack. That’s why most crack houses aren’t well-maintained.

    For example, when entering a crack house, you might see overflowing toilets, spoiled food, stained walls or peeling wallpaper, and dirty or damaged floors.

    You may also find the floors scattered with trash as well as items used to make and smoke crack. These items may include:

    baking soda
    glass pipes
    tin foil
    hollowed-out light bulbs
    aluminum cans

    Risky Sexual Behavior

    Some people in crack houses have sex with numerous people without protection. This often occurs because crack boosts your sex drive and impairs your judgment.

    In addition, some people who are addicted to crack exchange sex for crack money. In fact, some crack houses double as brothels (houses of prostitution). These establishments often face high rates of sexually transmitted diseases and sexual violence, including rape.

    Because crack cocaine is an illegal drug, many crack houses have guards who use violence, including gun violence, to keep people out. The guards and other occupants may also use violence to resolve conflicts among buyers, sellers, and first time users.

    Similarly, some people who run crack houses violently discipline those who work for them.”


  21. Zephir says:

    Affluent Kensington and Chelsea has one of the highest number of crack cocaine and heroin addicts in the country, a study has found.

    The London borough – which has the highest average property prices in the UK – has 1,451 regular users of the Class A drugs.

    That works out at 13.31 per every 1,000 people, according to the most recent figures – from 2016/17- released by Public Health England.

    The startling statistics put Kensington and Chelsea – where house prices cost on average £1.4million – in the top 25 out of 151 local authority areas in England.


  22. Zephir says:

    And whilst the bbc continues to promote and admire violent misogynistic black “performers” who take the place of a male role model for some who have no father in the family what is the outcome ?

    “X-Is Coming”

    “Man, if we was up north, niggas would have been fucked you/But then we in the streets, niggas should haven been stuck you/Plucked you like a chicken wit’ your head cut off/They’ll find you wit’ your back open and your legs cut off/And as for your man, don’t you ever in your mothafuckin’ life/Know when I gotta gun come at me wit’ a knife, a’ight?/And forgetting you ever saw me is the best thing to do/Don’t give a fuck about your family, they’ll be resting with you


    • Zephir says:

      Thats going to work well at the church nativity celebration

      (he probably missed his history, geography, science etc a bit like the bbc)


  23. Zephir says:

    And the fawning bbc:

    DMX, American rapper and actor, dies aged 50

    The performer, whose real name was Earl Simmons, had been placed on life support and died with his family by his side.

    In a statement, his family said he was “a warrior who fought till the very end”.

    “Earl’s music inspired countless fans across the world and his iconic legacy will live on forever,” they said.”

    Erm, IMHO thank goodness its gone quiet


  24. Zephir says:

    So many elephants in so many rooms at the racist biased bbc

    people on this site speak their minds, they may not have the same opinions as others on this site, but they rarely lie (SG is here to check)

    the racist bbc DO lie (see above ) and apparently will never apologise whilst demanding apologies left, right and centre from all and sundry

    The consequence of “diversity” ie letting the pakis run the news, look at the names how many smiths and jones ?


  25. Guest Who says:

    Doesn’t look like Johnny. Or Alec.


  26. Sluff says:

    The BBC New Year programme featured an adolescent male singer whose primary function appeared to be that he was a male wearing a flowing wraparound skirt.
    And did I spot a drag queen back up band at one stage?

    How do I know. It was put on by our party hosts.

    Yep, it may be New Year but BBC narratives must be maintained.


    • Lunchtime Loather says:

      I’ve no idea who he was but presumably he has had his hair cut like that and wore that “outfit” for a bet, and he lost. I was in bed by 11:45.


  27. Zephir says:

    Apologies for repeating this, but it demonstrates vividly, only local news, a muslim racist attack one will never see headlined at the biased racist bbc

    Shocking attack as woman punched unconscious in ‘Coronavirus rage’ racist incident

    Police have launched an investigation as Meera Solanki was attacked after she stepped in when Chinese friend was told: “Take your f***ing coronavirus back home!”


  28. Zephir says:

    And yet the bbc have to look further for their agenda (not Birmingam):

    Haridwar: Police case after outrage in India over anti-Muslim hate speech

    thats speech by the way, not a muslim in England hitting a woman unconscious because of her race


    • G says:

      Meanwhile BBC, in the Real World:

      “All Russian nuclear submarines stationed in Kamchatka were urgently sent to sea – because of the USA”


  29. AsISeeIt says:

    BBC news online wish us all a Very Merry Omicron and a Happy New Covid:

    Whitty & Van-Tam knighted in New Year Honours

    And the seasonal good cheer doesn’t end there…

    Blair becomes ‘Sir Tony’ and joins top royal order

    It’s like all our birthdays, Christmasses and New Years have come at once!

    My cup runneth over, as they used to say in the bible, or perhaps more appropriate in these days of global crony corporate and deep state synergy, would be that old Ferrero Rocher catchphrase – Oh Ambassador, you’re spoiling us!

    Lumley and Redgrave become dames

    And that, kiddies, is about as close to a traditional live pantomime as many of you will have experienced this year.

    Tracy Beaker star taken to hospital during panto‘ – don’t panic, don’t panic, kids, your naughty BBC are doing a bait and switch click bait trick:

    Tracy Beaker star Dani Harmer ‘fine’ after hospital drama during panto

    Track and Trace, eh? Please don’t tell me our Trace has got the big “C”

    I can’t recall which comic to credit but I remember the gag about his old granny dying of the big C. Cancer, he was asked? No. Spontaneous Combustion – we think she know it was coming when she wrote her will on a piece of tin foil.

    The heavily pregnant actress had to leave Wednesday’s production of Cinderella at the Bath Theatre Royal… She said on Friday she had had Braxton Hicks

    Quick, I’ll have to google this character… probably an actor, a rap artist, or maybe some You Tube influencer… I have to see who’s been bonking our Tracey Beaker and put her up the duff… so who is this Braxton bloke…?

    I jest, of course.

    Once again this year we may have been cowering under the duvet more often than setting out bravely for the commute – but as David Bowie once suggested – we could be heroes…

    New Year Honours 2022: Wales’ Covid heroes recognised

    Men of Harlech on to glory
    See your banner famed in story

    Sorry, Boyos, all the BBC Welsh heroes are women and at least one of them has that typical pink hair dye, isn’t it?

    New Years Day, or just a repeat? Not that our BBC takes a day off: ‘Coronavirus daily update

    You may remember that big Brexit vote where the British people registered their alarm at uncontrolled mass immigration?

    Visa deal to lure India. Relaxed immigration rules could allow thousands more to move from subcontinent‘ (Times)

    Have we really some desperate shortage of south asians over here?

    My rather racialist old dad, bless him, resident for years in the London suburbs, told me recently he already felt like General Custer of the 7th Cavalry “Surrounded by Indians”

    On the whole covid thing (sorry, it is THE ongoing news story), the Guardian seems – tacitly at least – to acknowledge a shift in public opinion: ‘Covid advisors reveal ‘tidal wave’ of threats and abuse‘ – perhaps the boffins have at last simply had to default to their original 2020 outlook concerning the public response to lockdowns:

    We couldn’t get away with it in Europe, we thought” (Professor Neil Ferguson quoted in the Times December 2020)


  30. JohnC says:

    Watched ‘No time to die’ last night in the distant hope it might be OK.

    I was wrong. I tried not to laugh out loud when I saw the ‘new’ 007 who looked like she sits around watching loose women and eating chocolate all day. The least convincing casting ever for all the wrong reasons.

    Even Moneypenny (who is now black in a classic piece of cultural appropriation hypocrisy) has been promoted to the lab and was solving the case instead of typing.

    And I may have missed some, but I think ALL the evil henchmen were white.

    In a just world, it would be allowed to die. But this horse is going to be flogged for a long while yet and it’s eventual demise from ‘the cancer of the Left’ is going to be slow and painful.


  31. Zelazek says:

    First mistake of 2022. Tuned into the Today Programme on waking.

    Guest editor Mina Smallman.

    I will probably sound nasty, unsympathetic and mean-spirited here towards someone who has clearly suffered terribly but …

    Why was this longwinded, pompous and sanctimonious race-baiter editing the programme? It was awful.

    She has forgiven the murderer of her two daughters but not the two cops who took photos of the dead bodies and shared them on WhatsApp. Even Mishal Husain had to question this weird stance.

    What the cops did was distasteful, certainly. I didn’t think it deserved 33 months in prison.

    Mina Smallwood’s wrath is focussed solely on the racist police. Not a word on the Middle Eastern ethnicity of her daughters’ murderer.

    Instead all her pain and hurt is directed at her favourite target – the phantom of institutional racism.

    Finishing up with a Maya Angelou poem. Say no more.


    • JohnC says:

      The question we will never know the answer to is what punishment they would have received if they had taken pictures of two murdered white male brothers. I bet it wouldn’t have even been reported.

      What is so terribly wrong about this story is that the media have feigned far, far more outrage and publicity to this than the guy who stabbed them both to death. The two crimes are incomparable.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Thank you for my first experience of smugness in 2022. I gave it a pass ….


  32. Zephir says:

    How quaint, we have heads cut off in public in the UK by muslims, muslim bombes killing people in the UK and yet; the bbc are

    Police in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand have launched an investigation after Hindu leaders called for violence against Muslims.

    Videos from a meeting of Hindu religious leaders showing provocative speeches went viral earlier this week, sparking outrage.

    The event took place in the holy town of Haridwar between 17 and 19 December.

    Police said they had not opened a case until Thursday because there had been no official complaints before that.

    There have been no arrests and the police case names only one man – Waseem Rizvi, a Muslim who says he has converted to Hinduism and is now known as Jitendra Narayan Tyagi.

    Police said a case had been registered against Mr Tyagi and unnamed “others” under charges of “promoting hatred between religious groups”. Social media users, however, have identified many of the speakers in the videos who are important religious leaders often seen in the company of ministers and members from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).


    • MarkyMark says:

      Trafficked for sex, doused in petrol: How Rotherham failed Child B
      One young Rotherham victim was trafficked for sex to Leeds, Bradford and Sheffield by the time she was 15 years old and was doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight.
      By The Newsroom
      Tuesday, 26th August 2014


      • JohnC says:

        But someone enticed into Epsteins mansion, no doubt spoiled with the best of everything money can buy then coaxed into having underaged sex (without threats) is just as bad.

        According to the hypocrite BBC troll ‘maxicony’ anyway. Who calls everyone who doesn’t agree ‘a clueless idiot’.

        What a prize turkey he is.


  33. Zephir says:

    I have decided I will never go to a bbc job interview

    my nose and a muslim arse will never connect, unlike the bbc


  34. Fedup2 says:

    Happy New Year
    Does anyone know what the ‘honours system ‘ is for ? I looked at it to see if I had got an OBE for ‘services to moderating ‘but noticed I wasn’t on the list . A bloke got one for ‘services to hip hop ‘ and someone got one for ‘services to canoeing ‘…. But where was the knighthood for Mr D Beckham for services to…. Mr D Beckham ?

    Blair took the knighthood because his financial arrangements can’t be made public if he were to take the peerage – like the rest of the former PMs ……

    … I’ve been listening to the tedious tick box ‘correspondents look ahead ‘… they describe the false president as a lame duck – with no mention of his mental health – but they all leapt up and down saying President Trump got booed at a Rally . …

    They seemed happy that macron will get re elected and treat the UK even worse … as we see project fear starting January with ‘border controls chaos ‘ – for goods of course – not people who still have free travel from France to England via a dinghy …
    Lastly these wealthy BBC woke kidult ‘journos ‘ embraced the Gordon Brown ‘vaccinate the world ‘ crap …. Look after Blighty first and make other countries pay their way …. Nothing is free….

    Secondl lastly ? I’m not doing news for a while so any more dead teenagers in londonistan ? And border disputes between the national socialist England haters running Scotland or Wales ?


    • Zephir says:

      Someone should get a f@cking award for services to hip hop

      1) for racism

      2) misogyninsm

      3) encouraging gang cultutre

      4) for promoting violence


      • MarkyMark says:

        Dame Cressida Rose Dick DBE QPM is a senior British police officer, Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis since 2017. She is both the first female and first openly homosexual officer to lead the Metropolitan Police Service in London. Dick joined the Met in 1983. Wikipedia

        Run|Hide|Tell … Always|Stay|Indoors.

        “We have refugees now, for example, or people of Arab origin, who bring a different type of antisemitism into the country,” she said during the interview. “But unfortunately, antisemitism existed before this.” { 25apr2018}

        “Several Jewish students have reported antisemitic bullying in schools in recent months and Israeli flags were burned during a recent protest in the capital city.”

        – ‘different type of antisemitism’ – how many types are there?
        – not the normal type of antisemitism?
        – does anyone question these politicians?
        – reminds me of Met Officer Cressida Dick – “I don’t think this was a phenomena (gang r*pe culture) that was invented in the last few years. It really wasn’t. It’s been part of our society probably for centuries and centuries and centuries. It’s hard to really know exactly what is really going up and what is changing. ” – Cressida Dick


        • Up2snuff says:

          Had I been the Home Secretary yesterday, MM, as news of the 30th teenage death was received mid-morning, I would have instructed the Permanent Under-Secretary to ask for Commissioner Dick’s letter of resignation to be on my desk by mid-day Monday.


          • Doublethinker says:

            As I understand it Commissioner Dick is accountable to the Mayor of London not to the Home Secretary.
            Another example of how devolution and the creation of City Mayors has diminished the power of Westminster . This has also meant that those living outside England or those who live in large conurbations in England now have in effect twice the voting power of those who live in rural England.


            • Scroblene says:

              I didn’t know that, DT, and to think that the Met has to kow-tow to the reduced idiot in some sort of mayoral garments is such a travesty of justice, let’s consider the consequences of many more stabbings in the awful Londonistan.

              Hopefully, they’ll all stab each other to death, and make the place much nicer for normal citizens.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Fed, I listened to the re-run/repeat of ‘TCLA’. Broadly agree with the points you make about the programme. I was a little surprised about the nations omitted by The Correspondents. In the EU, no mention of Italy. In the wider sphere of the Mediterranean, no mention of ‘migrants’ and no mention of Israel. That then leads on to, inevitably, Iran and Syria – with Russia and the USA involved in both.

      Then there was zero mention of Oceana, either in relation to Covid but also Climate Change. In NZ, Ardern has been successful on the former. What will she do with the latter, because NZ is dependent on both ships and aircraft and there is much travel between the Islands and Australia? The greater part of Oceana, Australia, seems to be AGW/CC sceptic at the very least. They have been less successful at dealing with Covid and have very stringent restrictions. At what point do Governments lose control over their population after applying restrictions? Australia would be a place to watch for that.

      And that ‘circles back’ (in Jen Psaki speak) to Scotland. I’ve seen a rumble or two that Scots are not happy with the Wee Hen cancelling their Hogmanay. The BBC in the 8 a.m. News this morning tried to make it sound as though Scots were obeying their Fuhrer but unfortunately, the BBC correspondent in Edinburgh left his tape recorder recording for too long. As the clocks struck midnight, there was a suspiciously loud cheer and Happy New Year cries to be heard from the ‘non-existent crowds’.

      It was also very notable that no-one mentioned the US President’s doubtful health and cognitive state. I remember how Sopey made a big thing of that for Donald Trump. Trump was given a clean bill of health by his physician. Complete silence from the TCLA about Biden on that. You would think they would learn from their mistakes, wouldn’t you? Not a bit of it at the BBC!


      • Fedup2 says:

        Up2 happy new year

        I do wonder if the people who produce that kind of programme have any regard for the listener . Surely they must ‘know ‘ that those listening are likely to be better informed on world affairs than the average ( I’m not climbing on a pedestal or being critical – just factual )

        So to be treated to a lot of waffle – but more importantly – omission by light weight purveyors of propaganda ( see EU Adler ) is pretty insulting .

        But I guess the explanation is that the ‘journos ‘ are not what they were – have no independent thought – and know that only approved views can be expressed .

        Terms like ‘far right ‘ which the Far Left uses as a weapon of abuse and obverscatIon are readily deployed by BBC types to score points with their bosses …. But at the price of failing to explain / inform the audience which pays for them .

        I see that the excellent IS The BBC biased site carries and even more detailed of that programme ….link above ….


  35. Zephir says:

    you will never hear it because blacks do it, 99% of the drugs trade and complain about stop and searxch


    • MarkyMark says:

      Kings of cocaine: how the Albanian mafia seized control of the UK drugs trade
      Albanian crime gangs used the threat of violence – and commercial savvy – to take over the UK cocaine market.
      Albanian crime gangs used the threat of violence – and commercial savvy – to take over the UK cocaine market. Photograph: Romas Foord
      ‘They’re sophisticated, clever – and they always deliver’: from the ports of Europe to the streets of London, one criminal network is now at the top of the UK’s £5bn trade

      Mark Townsend Home Affairs Editor
      Sun 13 Jan 2019


  36. Jeff says:

    I caught about three minutes of the BBCs and Runt Khan’s New Year’s celebrations (brainwashing).
    God, it was awful.

    Some nice fireworks and interesting lasers, but then the oh so tediously predictable, ethnic “poet” waffling away and then the backdrop of endless woke platitudes that followed. I don’t want to be lectured about racism on NYE…or any other time. Give it a rest, you parasites.

    NYE used to be a great excuse for a knees up. A lot of dancing, singing and (dare I say it) snogging). Those were the days, my friends… Now the establishment have ordained that it’s half an hour of woke indoctrination. Celebrate BLM. Bend the knee. Inclusion. Fret about the environment. Save the planet.


    Another glass of Merlot and back to my book…

    Happy New Year!


    • MarkyMark says:

      Is he Islamophobic by ignoring the Islamic New Year?

      The Islamic New Year (Arabic: رأس السنة الهجرية, Raʿs as-Sanah al-Hijrīyah), also called the Hijri New Year or Arabic New Year, is the day that marks the beginning of a new lunar Hijri year, and is the day on which the year count is incremented. The first day of the Islamic year is observed by most Muslims on the first day of the month of Muharram. The epoch (reference date) of the Islamic era was set as 622 Common Era (CE), the year of the emigration of Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Medina, known as the Hijra.[1] All religious duties, such as prayer, fasting in the month of Ramadan, and pilgrimage, and the dates of significant events, such as celebration of holy nights and festivals, are calculated according to the Islamic calendar.


    • digg says:

      Orwell would have described it as “15 minutes of hate” for the proles.


  37. Up2snuff says:

    A HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR to all biasedBBC posters, readers and critics, yes, even you maxi.


  38. Sluff says:

    Yet again, the New Years Honours at the senior levels is a public sector love-in, where gongs are awarded to those whose principal skill would be appear to be turning up for work and doing what they are paid to do, well or otherwise.

    Time was when the gongs were a reward for public sector folk who earned less than their private sector counterparts. However these days those pay differences no longer exist. And that’s without the job security, long holidays, and fantastic pensions schemes – worth 24% of salary for teachers for example that go routinely to the public sector.

    So where are the awards for e.g. private sector shop workers? You remember them? They stayed at work, not working from home like endless cushy civil servants, all through the pandemic when it was at its worst, with high case rates, no vaccines, and few masks. Or how about the bus drivers who died out of all proportion, often ferrying the covid carrying public to hospital on their bus and getting seriously I’ll in the process ?

    I reckon public sector is 10 times over-represented compared with the private sector.
    Now there’s a real need for ‘equality’, one unlikely to feature in BBC stories or at any Equality quango any time soon.

    An utter disgrace.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Unluckily for that rising ‘star’ Wesley streeting – there is a comparison on the twitter between his congratulations to Anthony Blair today – to him demanding he be tried at The Hague for war crimes just 10 years ago .

      I guess the BBC might miss out on that one ….


      • Guest Who says:

        I think it may have been a spoof… hard to tell these days…


      • Eddy Booth says:

        Maybe charge the people who voted him back in too ,that was after he showed he was a war monger by attacking Serbia.


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      Spot on Sluff.
      What about all the checkout operators and shop workers.
      All the real people getting us through all the covid restrictions and obstacles.
      So so many ‘ordinary’ people really deserving recognition yet it’s mainly the civil service time servers and the likes of Whitty getting them for doing a job they are very well paid for.

      Knighthoods etc are meaningless now, just for yes men and arse crawlers.
      A bit like the Oscars and the other miscellaneous luvvie awards, just virtue signalling by the right-ons.

      I would turn down anything they offered me. I don’t want to be like them and although you might deserve one (Sir Fedup) you should refuse it if they come knocking.


      • Scroblene says:

        EG, as usual, you’ve hit the proverbial nail!

        Tossers who opt for a cushy life on the state always seem to get ‘honours’, and the real workers just get on with their jobs and ignore the crap which they have to pay for in the Poll Tax and the BBC TV tax.

        Life’s too short to worry about some town hall prick getting a gong for being a nobody; they’re all out there, and in Tunbridge Wells, we have more than enough of that sort of dick-head.


    • Doublethinker says:

      How long before those who pay for the universally useless public sector have had enough and rebel ?
      We might as well shovel twenty pound notes into a roaring furnace as continue to fund the public sector.


      • Scroblene says:

        If they could funnell a few of those notes down our way, I’d be very appreciative, DT, and would buy you several large malts as well!


  39. brexiteerkent says:

    Listened to the one o’clock radio 4 news in the car just to, well, see what the latest news was. Instead of news, I get an earful and lengthy discussion of how wonderful it is that so many blacks and gay people have got New Years honours and that how Tony Bliar got one because of the amazing things he did for the country.

    The Black Broadcasting Company doesn’t represent me so why do I have to pay for the BBC if I want to watch talking pictures TV or GB news.


    • Scroblene says:

      BK, Kent is the place where we welcome illegal immigrants, pay for the M20 stack-up, and worse, have to watch out for when they make Goudhurst Juvenile Crims place a new home for all the blasted boat people!

      Coming to a village near us!


  40. Zephir says:

    There has been much talk about horrible things, ” fact checked” and found to be without merit, the words of conspriracy theorists and nutters, untIl proved in court, funny that

    there has been one killed himself and another taking the blame in the USA and another in the UK post mortem

    just one word “Clinton” in the media: silence

    In the media just one word “Andrew”

    IMO the american royal family looks after itself


  41. Guest Who says:

    Rob Burley channels his inner Shadow Cabinet front bench…


  42. Guest Who says:

    Never guess what my Fauci, Barry and Greta threesome doll packs were composed of?

    Once attended a seminar where an old bat from the WI on the panel held up a hand of bananas and demanded to know why they were in a sealed plastic bag.

    Unfortunately for her, the audience was packaging professionals.


    • digg says:

      A bit like when it was ordered that all supermarket freezer sections had to be fitted with glass doors to save the planet, meaning that every shopper buying meat has to use the same handles time after time.

      Probably a major factor in the spread of the virus recently.


  43. Zephir says:

    Oh dear, have the ignorant population suddenly become aware of transmittable diseases ?

    will they start washing salads ?

    silly question really

    “wass a salad, where the f@cking yoof clubs iss the govimment fault “


  44. Guest Who says:


    Unless a lower caption appears posting here, that any on Twitter would miss.


  45. Zephir says:

    There are poor children who will have little chance in life, I have seen this in a professional capacity, I mean poor for the lack of care or direction

    the problem always is the father has fucked off

    the left wing council workers and the bbc would have you think it is YOUR fault

    More yoof clubs etc etc

    I say less race baiting wankers making a career out of trying to be a victim (Lammy radio 5) and less black men desperate to inseminate as many white blonde wimmin as they can

    a trivial point maybe, that perpetually unfunny comedian the black one thsat makes a big point of being black and lonely just wants to fuck white wimmin


    • Fedup2 says:

      Zephir – I appreciate the strength of your views but please ‘moderate ‘ the words a bit … happy 2022 – signed Fed the mod ….


      • Deborah says:

        Thanks Fedup2. I am very old fashioned and I really don’t like swearing. I was a student in the late 70s and the Paki shop was much appreciated for being open when nowhere else was. We respected the people who ran it and certainly didn’t use the term then as a derogatory term. I hasten to add I have been re-educated.


  46. Zephir says:

    I would suggest your language RE “paki” is highly likely to put this site at risk more than the odd anglo saxon

    just my opinion of course


    • Fedup2 says:

      Keep using those words are you will be gone . Comments containing those words will be deleted without notice as I won’t waste my time editing – same it you try to troll me – I guess an apology is outside you mindset


    • JohnC says:

      That is an interesting point though isn’t it ?.

      Why should we not be allowed to use a word which is not offensive and not racist (it refers to a Nationality, not a race) just because some people say they don’t like it ?.

      It is less offensive than ‘Kiwi’ or ‘Aussie’ as it is a simple abbreviation of the country, as is ‘Brit’. But I’ll bet my house the BBC would delete a HYS comment within 5 minutes if it contained it.

      I would say the word ‘Gammon’ is far, far more offensive but isn’t it odd how that one is OK to these stupendous leftist hypocrites ?.


      • Fedup2 says:

        As a result of one objection ( that’s the way I read it )I won’t use the P word again on this site . I will just use the letter ‘P’ . As a person there is no word that offends me apart from ‘Brit ‘ which I always associate with IRA scum . But as moderator I have to moderate the language .
        Every so often I think about giving up on this site completely – this has reminded me of that and I wonder if it’s worth bothering with . I only do it because it’s the only way I know of fighting the BBC after refusing to pay for it .

        So now it is Muslim P Paedophile Racist Rape gangs ….

        Maybe P will offend someone


        • brexiteerkent says:

          Fed, No, please don’t give up on this site. We all need you and this space.

          You do an amazing job and are very much appreciated, thank you so much 🙂

          If I could bestow a knighthood on you for service to the country I wouldn’t hesitate 🙂


        • Beltane says:

          I can only agree that moderation must be a thankless task at times Feds, but it’s a valuable one and always appreciated. Happy New Year.

          On the current theme, I used the word ‘Boche’ recently, being deliberately provocative, and yet no-one commented or challenged its use – which tends to show how facile and fashionable the objections to ‘non-woke’ labels really are.

          To many it seems referring to Germans as Huns, Boche, Jerries and Nazis is still, if not acceptable at least only mildly offensive, yet to call all the British ‘Scotch’ for instance, would no doubt get Polly filling Guardian column-inches within minutes.

          As for your suggested P, or perhaps M or I, just like those German labels some would say they have been earned rather than simply and lazily granted.


        • JohnC says:

          Well, I don’t like the word much either but it’s the principle that the reason they ban it is absolutely unacceptable which makes me defend it. Someone will complain whatever word is used once it represents them – I’m not even sure what is allowed for black people these days. Though they use ‘black’ themselves which makes complaining about us using it a complete farce.

          I hope you can find the motivation to keep going with this site : it’s far more grown up than any of the other forums and almost all the content is absolutely relevant to the bias of the BBC. The pathetic nit-picking from maxi actually proves he has nothing better to criticise us for – and you can be sure he spends a LOT of time researching everything we write.

          I personally think somewhere to keep a record of what the BBC are doing is invaluable. We have no idea who might read the comments- and if we keep them grown-up and accurate (as opposed to the nasty schoolboy spite the BBC’s own HYS are full of), people might take them seriously. Plus the rest of us get to find out all the other stuff the BBC leftists are up to – like on twitter which I won’t touch with a bargepole.


          • Beltane says:

            Sadly the world is being swept by violent urges to take umbrage, whether for skin colour, sexuality, diet, religion or politics with many of the words we are discussing acting as catalysts.

            Of them all, the ‘n’ word is perhaps the most specious, not simply because those who choose to be most deeply offended by it are happy to use it in everyday speech – provided the speech is confined within the same ethnic group – but its origins are so transparent and pedestrian.

            The descriptive, inoffensive and accurately defined word ‘negro’ of Latin origin, pronounced with the accent of a Southern US American becomes ‘nigra’ with a very small step required to create the ultimate in umbrage.

            That’s it. End of. No insult, offence, diminishment or slight intended.

            Where such labels might apply would have been in the more commonly used word to describe shipments of negro slaves, which was ‘cattle’.


  47. StewGreen says:

    90% is the new 97%
    I went through Jamie Jenkins thread where he lists more that 20 liberal elites pushing the fakenews that “90% of ICU patients are unjabbed” these days
    (One trick is to cherry pick an old date when few people were jabbed)


  48. StewGreen says:

    Unfortunately Bob Moran @bobscartoons got himself cancelled
    Strongly anti-lockdown and has commented strongly
    giving the Telegraph the excuse to sack him on Oct 12, 2021


    He saw her as a propagandist and in response to her getting abuse for wearing a mask he tweeted she deserved to get more
    which is incitement.
    She protested calling for him to be sacked
    he insulted her more calling for her to be sacked
    He apologised ..her side said he was giving excuses

    You’d expect he would move to The Spectator
    but he’s also insulted Andrew Neil ..


  49. StewGreen says:

    Someone mentioned hip hop music
    .. UK media somehow failed to mention that
    at the end of September the Let’s Go Brandon rap was at the top of the US Hip Hop chart
    and different mixes were also in the top 10


  50. tomo says:

    One might think that the BBC might follow this tale of recycling redemption especially wrt the 10,000? containers of sh!te China Covid PPE that were constipating Felixstowe container park last year?


    • StewGreen says:

      That Telegraph thread of about 10 tweets
      is about two different young white men, who started buying up waste stock and selling it on.
      The piece reads like PR as if they were going to sell off their business.
      It’s not a new thing, and it’s always at risk from competitors moving in etc.

      How can they say a guy started his business in July
      and then say his 2022 turnover will be £3m ?
      He might have gone bust by next July.