Weekend 22 January 2022

Well- the increase in TV Licence Tax will be stopped at the current level for the next 2 years . At the same time there will be a ‘ discussion ‘ about the funding model for the BBC in the run up to the next charter review in 2027 . Wouldnt it be great if the publicly funded BBC ends then ?

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  1. StewGreen says:

    6pm Celebrity Catchphrase
    7pm Unmask the celebrity singers
    8:30 Ant and Dec
    9:30pm John Bishop show with celebrity mates Oti Mabuse, Rob Brydon

    “We can’t be bothered lets put on two 3 hour movies”

    Chanel5 5:30pm-1:25pm
    The Queen Mother’s Posh Weekend Luxurious Hotel Palaces Go Horribly Wrong


    • digg says:

      Anyone else notice that Rob Brydon is getting regular TV “outings” right now. Everything from cookery shows to panel games. This could be part of the trough hand outs that secretly takes place within the broadcasting elites. Brydon is not the first I have noticed, there seems to be a conveyor belt of approved celebs picking up nice little earners.

      It smells of sharing the profits with the anointed or favouring the stars with the best agents.

      I guess also that this can equally be the first indication that the “star” is on their way down to end up on funeral adverts in the middle of the day.

      However, to me it smells a bit like grift!

      I do however warn readers of this post that once they notice this strange TV/Celeb behaviour they won’t be able to unsee it!


      • BRISSLES says:

        Can’t see Oti Mabuse doing funeral ads anytime soon. She’s clearly flavour of the month for all the booking editors and agents. That’s why tv is so bloody predictable, once a ‘face’ proves popular they’re never off the screen ie Bradley Walsh, Carole Vorderman, Ambitious Holden, Davina bloody McCall, and then there is the ‘celebrity’ merry go round of reality shows and panel games (yawn) where they pocket another few thou while they’re waiting for the next big part in a soap ! its the streaming services that keep me sane from the banality of low intelligent no marks.


        • Loobyloo says:

          Rylan Clarke seems to be running Al Beeb at the moment! And his qualifications are….


      • Lefty Wright says:

        Yes mate, it’s what used to be called “Buggins Turn” which has sod all to do with talent, qualifications or merit. Just cronyism.
        Drain the swamp!


  2. Northern Voter says:

    I see the Braindead Broadcasting Corporation is now reporting in Mohican, Beehive and D.A. Sorry I misread that, its Urdu.


  3. Up2snuff says:

    BBC WEB-SITE Watch #1 – what?

    What a load of rubbish. Jets, RAF, USAF, regularly practise at low levels over the UK. If you want a shock it is a battlefield helicopter with a German cross on its flank flying up the Thames past your office window.

    ” ‘ang on, half a mo, didn’t we win that one in 1944? Is there a replay? ”

    What a bunch of snowflakes we have become!


    • Fedup2 says:

      Quite funny really . I used to be located close to a USAF RAF base and used to enjoy occassionally going faster in my car than the A10 flying about 2000 above me …

      I didnt tweet about it because 1 mobile phones didnt exist 2 the internet didnt exist ..


      • JimS says:

        I recall driving down the side of a valley in Scotland with the music turned up then hearing an almighty noise over my right shoulder that I thought might be a speeding artic trying to overtake me.

        Turned out to be a Tornado flying alongside but over the valley bottom.

        A somewhat similar experience, also in Scotland, turning left onto a main road which I thought was clear. Next moment, wham! A shockwave of sound. Across the road was a mainline railway with an overbridge and an HS125 had just burst out from under the arch.

        For both experiences there was that fraction of a second of doubt that I had neglected to check my mirrors!


  4. Guest Who says:

    Mona… and the entire bbc…


  5. theisland says:


  6. StewGreen says:

    BBC lose Formulae E ELECTRIC Grand Prix free-to-air rights to Channel4



  7. StewGreen says:

    The BBC is contesting a secret injunction preventing them naming a spy.


  8. StewGreen says:

    Institute of Journalists commenting on licence changes


  9. pugnazious says:

    You won’t hear many voices spelling out these truths…..and note an FOI request asking for the number of deaths solely from covid resulted in a figure of 17,000….and the Media, BBC especially, along with Labour and its front group, Independent Sage[lol anything but independent], are responsible for the lockdowns….as well, of course, as the cowardice of Boris who caved to the pressure and the faux outrage when ‘herd immunity’ was first raised…apparently it would have been mass murder, genocide, to follow such a policy of ‘letting it rip’ as the BBC so often, and so dramatically, puts it….the cowardly u-turn didn’t save him though as the BBC openly blames him for thousands of deaths in the second wave…..never mind lockdowns don’t save lives they just delay deaths.

    And maybe if we hadn’t locked down and instead spent the billions on the NHS we could have had an NHS that could cope with any future epidemic or variant rather than squander billions in a one off spending spree on furloughs, grants to businesses and other massive hand-outs to help people through lockdown and business closure. How many such sprees can we do? Properly resourcing and increasing the capacity of the NHS would be an ongoing thing and not a one off…..whereas now we will have to ‘save the NHS’ again and again…you know the pro-lockdown voices will be shouting loudly everytime a new variant appears however ‘mild’ just as they did with Omicron long after it was shown to be ‘mostly harmless’


    • digg says:

      I would for one would like the teaching unions to be investigated for the bloody and totally unnecessary oppression they laid on innocent children with their over the top mask demands for children in classrooms all day. It was quite obviously designed to throw a smoke screen over all the “missing in action” teaching staff.

      They needed people to worry about children so they wouldn’t start to wonder about all the “missing” staff.

      The quality of personal respect and dedication to duty by huge chunks employed in the public sector has tanked and reveals the abscence of any sense of duty to the children or public.

      We are now deeply embedded in the “why should I bother” scenario aided and abetted by the shady union bosses, both safe in the knowledge that they continue to get paid whatever unlike most other people and eventually retire ten years before the rest of us with far larger pensions to enjoy it. And NO, 3 years on a teacher training course paid for by Joe Public does not mean to me that they automatically deserve it.

      The same goes for local authority staff but that’s another can of worms…



    • taffman says:

      “Covid-19: ‘We’ll be second-class citizens if self-isolation rules go’
      Fear, Fear, Fear!
      How many actually ‘died OF’ Covid ?


  10. Halifax says:

    Here we go.
    A British WHITE MALE has won an Alpine downhill GOLD medal for the first time EVER.

    BBC Sports personality of the year or headline news ????? Naaaaah not the correct gender or message.

    Nothing to see here …….move on.

    How did the immigrant mixed race female tennis star do this week ???

    Nothing to see here …….move on.


    • StewGreen says:

      @Halifax The BBC reporter did tweet a story 10 hours before your comment.

      However experts point out the BBC is wrong
      \\ No he didn’t; medals don’t exist in the World Cup,
      still the greatest achievement in UK skiing since Konrad Bartelski //


  11. BRISSLES says:

    I’ve now given up watching the press reviews on any channel. Apart from Andrew Pierce, all the rest are blatantly left wing, and even before Boris and the Pandemic, they were sticking the boot in. I wonder if if if if the Labour Party ever get in, whether the likes of Rachel Shabi, Sonia Sodha and Christina Patterson – the 3 Witches of McWhine will ever agree to come on air and listen to the failings of their party ? I somehow doubt it. To be fair its only these women who are the main protagonists, most of the chaps usually put forward a good argument.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Bris – that happened for me long ago. It’s a little industry of the same lefty coloured folk who will make the correct approved comments about the approved subjects – usually anti Britain – anti president trump ….and know the rules of defamation


    • StewGreen says:

      There’s Headliners 11pm everyday on GBnews
      The problem with paying attention to newspaper frontpages is that you are dancing to the media’s tune.
      They hide stories whilst they spin others, so their presentation of the world is far from reality.


  12. taffman says:

    “German navy chief resigns over Ukraine comments
    Published1 hour ago”
    I didn’t know the had navy?


    • StewGreen says:

      Kay-Achim Schönbach said the idea that Russia wanted to invade Ukraine was nonsense. He added that all President Putin wanted was respect.

      Elsewhere : ‘Not Smart’ to Have Georgia in NATO, Says German Navy Chief – Civil.ge

      Kay-Achim is a strange name for a white German man.
      Achim sounds Vietnamese.

      Ah actually “Achim (German pronunciation: is the German short name for Joachim or Jehoiakim
      (Hebrew meaning “he whom Jehovah has set up”)”

      and “KAY is a widespread boy’s and girl’s name of Latin, Old German and Old Welsh origin. ”
      I did know a guy called Kai.


  13. StewGreen says:

    7:54am R4 Will a white man present the charity appeal ?
    … A glance at the episode list tells you that is extremely unlikely.

    Today : When Hoda Ali was 7 in Somaliland, she was subjected to Female Genital Cutting.
    Now a nurse and educator in the UK, Hoda is making Orchid’s Radio 4 Appeal
    on Sunday (January 23rd) at 7.55 and 9.25pm


  14. JohnC says:

    Nusrat Ghani: Muslimness a reason for my sacking, says ex-minister

    I wonder if it ever crossed her mind that her Muslimness might be the reason she got the job in the first place and she simply wasn’t good enough.

    It sounds to me like her entire attitude was the problem. But we will never know the truth of a story like this from the BBC.


    • Guest Who says:


      • Guest Who says:

        Tweeting in a personal capacity.

        That still works?


      • Guest Who says:

        See how it works yet.


        • Guest Who says:

          Timing is all.

          A politician and a media person walk into a studio….


      • Fedup2 says:

        Evidentially – if the female Muslim MP was told what she alleges at the time – she would have done something about it then right ?

        After all it’s really offensive -right ?

        Maybe she should pick up the phone to starmer and cross the floor – make the Labour Party the Islam party and save a bit of time in ‘social progress’…


      • theisland says:

        Nikki da Costa @nmdacosta (above) was a useful source during ‘Brexit’ and imo sound/trustworthy on procedure.


    • Thoughtful says:

      She is clearly lying, and even a child could see the proof.

      Have Nadim Zahawi, Sajid Javid and Pritti (useless) Patel experienced such issues?

      There are plenty of Muslims in the Blue Labour cabinet and this is proof that people are making false claims, which should be punishable in law.
      Calling someone one of the many meaningless isms and fauxbias can wreck lives and careers, and even put lives in danger. There needs to be some consequence for those who make these falsified claims, to protect the second class ordinary White people of this country.


  15. Fedup2 says:

    Nice to see the BBC leading with this ‘claim ‘ – which as from only 2 years ago . But seriously – does it sound sound . Your point about tokenism – Muslim ( tick ) female ( tick ) is well made –
    – but it looks like any false Tory with a grievance is coming out of the swamp . Maybe they’ll enjoy opposition .
    The BBC is certainly being the opposition giving such prominence …..

    Looking across the papers – another female Muslim – a BBC employee called samira Ahmed gives an interview in which – when asked about what advice she’d give to others is “join a union “ ….


    • BRISSLES says:

      This is what happens when countries want to consider themselves as ‘multi cultural’. Allegations and counter allegations about faith and race – some may not like it but we never had these problems on a daily basis 50 odd years ago. Its now a regular occurrence and will only get worse – blaming the 85% white population for their grievance at not being born like them.

      You lose your job get over it, but no, there has to be a 15 minute of fame plus a bit of compo if you throw race or faith as a reason.


  16. Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

    Whilst I have been very critical of Boris, I am now hoping that he succeeds in riding out this rebellion. The latest pile on especially with people like Wragg and Nusrat joining in has helped me change my mind.
    Also I saw an interview with Steve Baker and was left somewhat underwhelmed.
    I did like the idea of David Frost taking over the actual running of number 10 leaving Boris to be PM. That has a lot of good reasons going for it.
    Is the suggestion still a runner?


  17. Zephir says:

    Defund police backers sing a different tune after rookie cop is slain
    Two New York CIty police officers were shot Friday night, one fatally


    State Attorney General Letitia James

    July 8, 2020:

    “New Yorkers have lost faith in law enforcement.”

    Friday night:

    “All of New York state is in mourning tonight…We pray for the safety of our police and our communities.”

    Comptroller Brad Lander

    June 9, 2020:

    “It is time to defund the police and reimagine our public safety infrastructure.”

    Friday night:

    “A 22-year-old NYPD officer has died & another is fighting for his life. Praying for his recovery. Our hearts are with their loved ones and colleagues”

    Council member Shahana Hanif (D-Brooklyn)

    Jan. 21, 2020

    “More police won’t keep us safe.”

    Saturday morning (retweet):

    “Heartbroken by last night’s shooting in Harlem, and the violent start to the year.”

    Assemblymember Robert Carroll (D-Brooklyn)

    June 8, 2020

    “Our streets have been over policed & black/brown Americans over criminalized.”

    Saturday morning:

    “RIP Officer Jason Rivera. Your service will not be forgotten. As New Yorkers, we need to come together as one.”

    Councilmember Kristin Richardson Jordan (D-Manhattan)

    Jan. 2, 2022

    “NYPD is still the biggest gang in New York City”

    Friday night:
    “I am saddened; a loss of one is a loss to the whole, as it creates ripples and ripples of pain. I stand with the families of the fallen.”

    Council member Lincoln Restler (D-Brooklyn)

    June 30, 2020:

    “To pay for a new police class in this budget is a slap in the face to the movement demanding transformation.”

    Friday night (retweet):

    “Tonight, we mourn the loss of a hero officer — a son, husband, and friend.”


  18. Fedup2 says:

    Zephir – funnily enough I was looking at the NYPD compstat figures last week ( online ) – recorded crime YOY has doubled … their stats are generally reliable …


    • Zephir says:

      Crime by ethnicity would also be revealing against the BLM narrative I suspect


    • StewGreen says:

      “recorded crime YOY has doubled”
      well it could easily do, if they keep changing the rule and count flippant Social media comments as crimes.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Stew – I’ve watched compstat in the NYPD for maybe 20 years – there might well be political pressure to ‘under report ‘ crime – but I’d still have faith in the basic trend .

        It has to be read in the same way as UK police numbers – as in – it’s the tip of the iceberg of real crime because a lot of people have just given up on plod .

        I’m not studying any more but I guess the federal stats must be as bent as bent things …


  19. Fedup2 says:

    Rugrat Ghani – married to ‘David wheeldon ‘ director of Sky Public Affairs …. £ £ £ £. … in no way linked to her allegation – right ?


  20. Guest Who says:

    BBc sub either feeling dangerous or slightly naive…

    BBC News

    Ms Harris’ first year as vice-president has been far from a smooth ride.


  21. Fedup2 says:

    A piece on her the other day said that any job she has been given by the false president has not been achieved . She was given the border … I’m waiting for her to say ‘build a wall ‘….

    I guess she will be even more undermined by the likes of the dire Hillary as they see the rapid decline of Biden – who I suggest will never be allowed ( by Obama ) to make an off script comment again …


    • Zephir says:

      She is thick, (see her marines speech) lazy (refuses the read briefs) and a serial workplace bully a great black role model

      More of this to come when blacks get top jobs because they are black

      Kamala Harris described as a ‘bully’ and ‘soul-destroying’ boss, One former staffer claimed the vice president fails to read briefing materials, then lashes out at others when she’s unprepared.



      • Zephir says:

        This has been happening for years now in local authorities, have seen it so many times. the workplace treated as a picnic park / open plan canteen from morning noon and afternoon, arriving at 9.30 am and beyond loaded with tupperware boxes with customer phone enquiries unanswered

        A certain “vibrant” local authority in London was the first place, ever, I worked where they issued a warning about theft of laptop chargers, and indeed mine disappeared within weeks as I was stupid enough to leave it unattended


  22. Guest Who says:

    Gabby and the lads at W1A knock a few about, inadvertently confirming what has been known beyond the padded walls for years…


  23. Zephir says:

    Wokery beyond parody because university slaps a TRIGGER warning on George Orwell’s 1984 as it contains ‘explicit material’ which some students may find ‘offensive and upsetting’


    Northampton has also issued warnings over other modules on its English degree course. Students are alerted, for example, that Mark Haddon’s 2003 novel The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time includes ‘death of an animal, ableism and disability and offensive language’.


    • JimS says:

      The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time?

      Wasn’t that the book praised for giving the autistic ‘a voice’?

      It’s all a game, the ‘U’ against the ‘non-U’ but now with added hate.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Sad and funny at the time time – shred those books … and ideas … and … the ‘other ‘ …


  24. AsISeeIt says:

    German U-boat sunk off Kiev

    Sunday often sees the papers bring out their food and dietary features: ‘Jamie Oliver’s secrets of cookbook success‘ (Sunday Times); ‘Dr Mosley’s fast 800 Keto diet burn fat without going hungry‘ (Sunday Mail); the Sunday Telegraph paints for us a wonderful idealised nostalgic picture of rural hospitality: ‘25 cosy pubs for walkers. Muddy boots off, drinks around the fire – and a hearty meal on its way‘; while the Observer piles our plates high with a veritable feast of goodies: ‘The 20 best dinner recipes. Pies, curry, salads… everyday dishes you’ll return to again and again‘ – but there’s a ghost at the feast…

    As the BBC’s online press line up puts it: ‘The Sunday People leads with a stark warning from food writer Jack Monroe‘ – there’s a blast from the past.

    Cost of living campaigner warns. Poor will starve to death. Jack Monroe’s fight 10 years on‘ (Sunday People) – I guess if you’re going to make a campaigning political claim it might as well be a big one. The Greens for instance have promised us climate catastophe. I don’t know what it’s like where you are but I’m freezing this morning. ‘The last peacetime famine in England was in 1623–24‘ (Thank you Wiki)

    Anoosheh Ashoori: Iranian-Briton to start hunger strike in prison‘ (BBC) – due to the BBC’s conferring duality of identity we’re confused as to this person’s actual nationality and we’ll have to read on to find out where exactly they might be imprisoned and whether we should be interested at all?

    The retired civil engineer, who is approaching his 68th birthday… is being held in Iran on spying charges… Mr Ashoori lived in the UK for 20 years, but was arrested in Iran after flying out to see his mother in 2017.’ – that’s the risk you take with these dodgy regimes. Did he claim asylum from Iran when he came to live in Britain? If so, why did he think he’d get a warm welcome when he holidayed back there?

    Stay at home – if we’ve learnt anything over these past two years it’s that home is the safest place in the world.

    Whitehall blob vows: We’ll work from home for ever‘ (Sunday Mail) – this of course is our civil servants laying down the law on their perferred working conditions: ‘Boris declares war on civil servants refusing to head back to office...’ – just tell them instead of WFH they can BYOB (bring their own bottle) that’ll have them clammering to get back to their numerous office working parties.

    Or perhaps have Carrie arrange one of her dos: ‘Parties inquiry turns spotlaight on Carrie Johnson and her friends‘ (Sunday Times) – this bit of modern phraseology had me smile: ‘Sue Gray is widening her inquiry to cover socialising in the flat she shares with the prime minister‘ – not the Johnson family home then? Hinting perhaps at Boris’s somewhat fickle track record? Watch it Carrie, don’t get too many ideas above your station, you’re just sharing his flat, luv. And as if to confirm this line of thinking: ‘Beware: there’s nothing a desperate Boris Johnson won’t do to save his skin‘ (Andrew Rawnsley in the Observer)

    Meanwhile the prissy side of the Observer goes all offended about the oh-so very déclassé nature of the English national sport: ‘Football’s shame…‘ A couple of fit millionaire young athletes: ‘…react after being hit by bottles thrown… The incident is the latest in a spate of trouble inside grounds‘ – yeah, since: ‘Medieval mob football was a massive ball sport played in medieval Europe. … Such massive swarms of players often led to injuries such as broken limbs..‘ (thank you again Wiki) – by the way, those bottles look as though they were plastic.

    Worse things happen at sea: ‘German navy chief resigns over Ukraine comments‘ (BBC) – here’s another headscratcher. What’s the German naval strategy here – to send in the U-boats to the practically land-locked Ukraine?

    Kay-Achim Schönbach said the idea that Russia wanted to invade Ukraine was nonsense. He added that all President Putin wanted was respect.‘ – gosh, what an interesting analysis. Somewhat similar to one’s own reading of the situation.

    But let’s face it, Germany hasn’t had a sensible foreign policy since Bismark. The statesman, not the ship one of their previous admirals went down on. And sensible foreign relations don’t fit well with EU-NATO expansionism. No wonder he had to have his sword broken, have the gilt epaulettes torn off his tunic, egg yolk scraped off his cap and be forced to walk the von plank.

    The BBC is fully onboard with the neocon-type foreign confronationalists: ‘Russia-Ukraine tensions: UK warns of plot to install pro-Moscow ally‘ – call me old fashioned but Ukraine is at least sort of in the Russian sphere.

    The Sunday Times is happy to dance to the tune of the wardrums: ‘Truss accuses Putin of Ukraine “puppet” plan‘ – come on, play fair Vladimir, we want our own puppet in there.

    They do say a sensible soldier never volunteers for anything. The Telegraph however likewise volunteers to put the Ukraine story with the neocon spin as its top headline.

    Only the lefty Observer has qualms: ‘Confusion at UK claims that Putin plans coup in Kyiv‘ – even a broken clock is correct twice a day. One quibble… what the heck was wrong with spelling it Kiev?

    Oh, and you know this internet thing… it is dan-ger-ous…

    Metaverse already rife with sexual predators‘ (Sunday Times) – Wow, how scary, we’d better control it, and tax it, while were at it. Of course it does allow our civil servants to work from home.


  25. Guest Who says:

    Lovely smile, mind.


  26. Doublethinker says:

    I watch Brazier, Farage, Stein and Wootton on GBN pretty often and they get to the root of issues in the news and cover topics which are simply never aired on the BBC and rest of the MSM.
    As an example Stein had a piece last week where he showed a clip of some female member of the global elite saying how much closer together the international liberal elite was and how they could more closely together than at any time in history. She then said that ordinary folk worldwide had growing distrust of these elites which she thought to be a great pity as they were working for the betterment of society.Stein had something quite pithy comments to make about that.
    I’m sure that the elite in the UK won’t like their dominance being pointed out in such a way by GBN. I reckon that if the channel keeps on reporting on this type of issue the elite will soon be leaning on Ofcom to rein it in.
    A week or so watching GBN would show anyone other than a committed liberal globalist just how biased the BBC and MSM are and how much they do the elites bidding. Far from ‘speaking truth unto power’ , the BBC is nothing but a lipspittle of the globalists.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Double – I agree – I listen on the wireless whilst abroad …
      Another piece was about Chinese virus ‘experts’ and the risk aversion of SAGE – which ( some !) claim tends to over egg the hazard from the virus in order to avoid blame for ‘causing the death of millions ‘.
      Obviously they don’t calculate the side effects of lock down options they put forward and happily pass responsibly for adopting a ‘worse case ‘ remedy ( their recommendation to the likes of nut nut .

      And when nut nut says ‘no ‘ – off to the media the SAFE bunnies go ‘speaking in a personal capacity ‘…

      …there has to be a better way ….

      ( the above discussion could never be in the main stream BBC – now put your mask on ..)


    • StewGreen says:

      Steyn Show : The Davos clip direct link https://youtu.be/E8pCcgf2U14?t=506
      There was no big discussion Steyn moved quickly on to Covid
      People like Zuby had already tweeted that Davos clip

      The World Economic Forum’s Great Narrative Conference: “The good news is the elite across the world trust each other more and more… the bad news is that the majority of people trusted that elite less…”

      Steyn “it’s fun to watch the elite actually calling themselves the elite
      it used to be more seemly, to let someone else say that
      … let’s have that lady from Davos here you go take it away madam, Davos a few years ago

      “you know the Edelmann survey showed us, that the good news is : the elites across the world trust each other more and more
      so we can come together
      and design and do beautiful things together
      The bad news is that in every single country they were polling the majority of people trusted that elite less

      Steyn “So hmm i wonder why that would be ?
      But it’s good to know that they can all still come together and do beautiful things together
      When she talks like that about the elite it’s almost as if the elite are no longer our fellow englishmen frenchmen americans swiss saudis
      It’s almost as if they’re citizens of Elite-land
      jetting around with priority boarding on Elite Airways far above us.
      Well-meaning elites making all their elite plans for non-elite losers like you
      And then only to make the mistake of polling you non-elite losers and finding that you don’t think these elites are all they’re cracked up to be

      The wine in a suitcase stuff from number 10 in recent days is not unimportant because it underlines that our rulers never believe the panic porn they inflicted on us
      .. this government like all governments outside of sweden florida and one or two other places subjected its citizens to cruelty’s hitherto unknown in free societies while they partied on

      … our elites are proposing to replace the prime minister with Tweedle Hunt or Tweedle Truss
      And a year or two hence Tweedle Stammer

      … Their predictions of uh up to 6,000 people a day dying from omicron were the usual rubbish as they have been for two years

      Later the Dutch journo goes states her conspiracy theory
      These Covid-Passes are basically the starting point of a larger plan issued by the European Commission
      which is called the European Digital Identity Project
      They state within that report, that these vaccine passes can be used in order to basically introduce this
      They want this agenda rolled out by 2030
      This is the beginning phase of a *social credit* system that they have in China
      .. We already know that that’s what obviously The European union and and larger Global elites are looking for is to eradicate cash money so you know that’s of course then you are being tracked …


      • Fedup2 says:

        Stew – I’ve taken to listening the Steyn after Farage .after brazier …he’s a bit of an ‘acquired taste ‘and has the impersonal touch of a bad broadcaster ( see j vine ) but his dry sense of humour is very rare on public broadcasting and it is appreciated …
        I’ve not done much else of GNNews but it does seem to be bedding it to be a worthwhile alternate view of the world … I reckon advertising must be strengthening a bit …. On top of viewing / listening figures … any ideas?


  27. Sluff says:

    The Blind Broadcasting Corporation’s inability and, worse, point blank refusal to join the dots knows no bounds.

    On Toady on Sunday around 0740 we hear that women in Afghanistan cannot find work and girls cannot go to school.
    In BBCLand this is clearly the fault of the West for refusing to send billions of pounds to the Taliban. They even wheeled on Gordon Brown to tell us this.
    Then at 0750 we had the charity appeal. It was to help prevent Female Genital Cutting. That was the description, not FGM, though being half asleep I did not hear the reason for the difference, if there was one. No matter.

    Mmm. No work, no school, FGC. Now what could possibly link them? Maybe something to do with their cultures and religion perhaps?
    But, as we fully expect, no comment at all from the Islamic Broadcasting Corporation.

    There’s more. Where are the demonstrations in the streets about these women’s rights? I’d be happy to join them. Where are the feminists? Could the ‘safe streets at night for women’ protestors maybe take a day off to protest about something closely related and in the global scheme of things considerably more prevalent? It appears not. Why the inaction? Has the Socialist Worker’s Party placard factory closed down?

    What do we want ?
    Women’s equality !!!
    When do we want it ?
    Only when we can embarrass the Tories !!!


  28. Zephir says:

    Absolutely pathetic our wokes weeping away in public, God knows how they would cope in a war, let alone a world tour. Thank God our forefathers were not of this ilk, they make one ashamed

    The rot strted with those entitled twats Oasis. the glorified Beatles karaoke band walking off stage at the slightest provocation

    Oasis Walks Off Stage Again https://www.mtv.com/news/1432846/oasis-walks-off-stage-again/

    Adele and set designer Esmeralda Devlin had series of ‘explosive arguments’ as the singer ‘panicked because she was desperate her Caesars Palace shows should be perfect’ before the shock last minute postponement of her Las Vegas residency



    • Fedup2 says:

      I don’t know who the cor blimey N17 Adele character is much …but blimey – does she over do the blubbing …. I understand she is worth a few bob – so will happily repay the mugs who were on their way to see her plonk the old Joanna innit right?


  29. Sluff says:

    On the 0810 post R4 news newspaper round up.
    We hear words to the effect that ‘Sue Gray will not allow civil servants to be made scapegoats for the Downing Street parties’. The fact that they were actually there talking part went unremarked.

    So, no prizes for guessing whose side the BBC are on.


  30. Zephir says:

    Oasis jeered off concert stage
    Swiss fans throw missiles after singer hurls insults
    Fiachra Gibbons, arts correspondent
    Fri 28 Jul 2000 01.10 BST

    They have fought with other bands and even each other, given the finger to the musical establishment, and told the press where to stuff it. But up until now the rock group Oasis have drawn the line at insulting their own fans.

    The bad boys of Britpop crossed that final threshold on Wednesday night when the lead singer, Liam Gallagher, succeeded in antagonising thousands of the group’s Swiss followers with some colourful insights of his own into their national characteristics.

    They responded by pelting him and the band with bottles and cans. The band claim that Gallagher and drummer Alan White were hit though the organisers of the Paleo Festival insisted that only water bags and bits of rubbish were thrown. The concert in the French-speaking town of Nyon was later abandoned.



    • Zephir says:

      Liam Gallagher walks off stage and cancels gig in Germany after just four songs



      • Zephir says:

        at one of the most important and famous venues in the world, the Whisky-A-Go-Go, the band had dreams of emulating some of the greatest rock acts of all time. Think Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Doors and everyone in between

        Liam saunters on stage with a frazzled look and tells the audience: “The fookin’ band aren’t coming. You’ve just got me tonight.” A sentiment which would later be all too likely an event, but not tonight, as the band dutifully follow him on stage. On reflection, maybe they shouldn’t have.

        What follows is a truly terrible set, quite possibly one of the worst you will ever see or hear. It was a performance full of undulating incidents of rock and roll infamy. It was a set full of issues, including [Deep breath] exploding bass amps, Noel playing songs completely different to the rest of the band, Liam threatening the audience after one crowd surfer nearly kicked over his mic, Noel sings with a camp tone, Liam, therefore, can’t be bothered to sing and sits his way through most of the songs.


      • Fedup2 says:

        There’s more than 4 songs ? All Beatles B sides based on “rain “… ?
        Oh yeah – ‘champagne £ socialist ‘…


        • Zephir says:

          I saw this self proclaimed singer supporting the Rolling Stones and Jagger in his late seventies was amazing but this shoplifting thug could hardly sing, was croaking away and peppered his speech with fooking this and fooking that


  31. Zephir says:

    Russia Today: (US and of course bbc by default, shameful media is noticed around the world)

    “Disparate reactions to left-wing protesters at the DOI versus the ones at the US Capitol show how biased the mainstream media truly is.

    One year after the US Capitol riot, Washington seems worried about domestic terrorism only when conservatives are perpetrators, but polling suggests no one outside the establishment echo chamber is swayed by the skewed narrative.

    As a GOP congressman held up nearly identical photos of federal buildings being breached – one of the US Capitol last January and another of the Department of the Interior in October – Attorney General Merrick Garland sat stone-faced.

    Try as he might to provoke the nation’s top law enforcement official to characterize leftist protesters who fought their way into the Department of the Interior (DOI), Representative Greg Steube (R-Florida) couldn’t goad Garland into offering an opinion. While Garland has called the Capitol riot “the most dangerous threat to democracy” seen in his 44-year legal career, the attorney general said he couldn’t make any determinations about what happened at the DOI.”

    What Garland said next at the House Judiciary Committee hearing on October 21 stunned Steube. When asked if he believed the DOI rioters, like the Capitol rioters, were domestic terrorists, Garland replied, “I’m not going to be able to reference that specific incident since this is the first I know about it.”

    The riot in question involved the storming of a restricted federal government building just about a 30-minute walk from Garland’s office and just one week before the committee hearing. Environmental extremists injured multiple security officers, including at least one who was hospitalized, and 55 were arrested.



    • StewGreen says:

      Video clip of the Unmentioned Insurrection
      Thursday October 14th 2021
      Lefty climate protesters try to storm into the Department of the Interior
      “multiple injuries including security personnel
      and one officer had to be airlifted to a hospital
      50 plus were arrested”


      • StewGreen says:

        The video says it all there, compared to lines of RT text
        .. (Other times videos are a waste of time as they can be summarised in 2 lines of text)

        Longer clips show more detail protesters breaking through and occupuying the building
        .. https://youtu.be/pG64a3B9wwg
        The establishment said “Oh this is just a peaceful protest”

        Not a surprise cos lefty activists have run for years as “The Occupy movement” storming buildings and occupying them
        .. Then Jan 6th comes along and the media which have seen it all many times before suddenly feign extreme outrage at actual “mainly peaceful” protesters.


    • StewGreen says:

      Video of Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) holding up the two photos and asking Attorney General Merrick Garland during a House Judiciary hearing on Thursday over his awareness, or lack their off of left-wing protests.


  32. Zephir says:

    “US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) last month contrasted the treatment of alleged pro-Trump defendants to that of race rioters who torched American cities, causing more than $2 billion in damage, and killed dozens of people in the summer of 2020. US District Court Judge Trevor McFadden said prosecutors were undermining the DOJ’s credibility by failing to be “even-handed” about riots arising from opposite ends of the political spectrum.

    Other judges have enthusiastically gone along with the January 6 crackdown. For instance, Jacob Chansley, the costumed rioter famously known as “QAnon Shaman,” was sentenced in November to 41 months in prison, despite not even being accused of any acts of violence. Prosecutors called for a tough sentence against Chansley to “set an example” and deter any future “assault on our democracy.”

    No such example was needed, apparently, in the prosecution of Joshua Warner, a transgender Antifa activist also known as Eva Warner. The DOJ last month dropped charges against Warner after the defendant completed 30 hours of community service. Warner, who was arrested for allegedly assaulting officers at a Portland riot in August 2020, also was busted for alleged offenses at multiple other riots and let go without being charged.

    Portland was plagued by rioting for more than 100 straight days in 2020, when Antifa activists laid siege to the Mark O. Hatfield federal courthouse. Officers were assaulted with hammers, slingshots and other weapons. Warner’s alleged tool of choice was a powerful laser that can cause permanent damage when shined into someone’s eyes.”


    • Fedup2 says:

      Might be if the US stays quiet about human right and judicial abuse in other jurisdictions when it is as corrupted as that….


  33. Sluff says:

    On a previous thread there was a fairly brief discussion about an FOI request which showed only 17000 covid deaths were due to covid with no other related cause.

    Has this had any coverage in the MSM?
    Anyway, I think we can all agree that it is a significant finding, one you would think should be of great interest to policy makers. Apparently not.
    Here is Dr John Camp bell’s video about it. He goes on a bit but 1.3 million views in two days does go to show that you can’t fool all the people all of the time.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Sly News (aka ‘BBC News Lite’) continues with the deception. Their website, updated at 16:34 today, states:

      “A further 75 people have died within 28 days of testing positive for the virus – bringing the total to 153,862.
      However, separate figures published by the Office for National Statistics show there have been 177,000 deaths registered in the UK where COVID was mentioned on the death certificate.”

      If they were really truthful (yeah, I know) the second sentence would read:

      “However, separate figures released by the Office for National Statistics following a recent FOI request show that there have only been 17,000 deaths in the UK where COVID is the sole cause listed on the death certificate, making this the most accurate number”


  34. StewGreen says:

    Jack Monroe is trending cos of her articles today in the Guardian & Mirror group about food and energy poverty.

    Someone points out that Monroe is hardly an expert in accounts
    2nd June 2021 fans who are blissfully unaware that Companies House have issued first strike-off notice for late filing of accounts for On A Bootstrap Ltd

    Company still not struck off even though the last accounts are almost 3 years old now


  35. theisland says:

    Gerard Batten on Gettr @gjb2021

    News Analysis.
    Boris knew Covid was BS from the start, but it wasn’t going to stop him partying though.
    Just lately however he cottoned on just how devastatng the Covid con lockdown policies are to Tory party support.
    With a view to the next election he decides to back pedal a bit. His Globalist masters don’t approve.
    The hyena press pack are unleashed on Boris to bring him down so that he can be replaced with a more compliant PM.
    But being an egotistical, ambition driven politician who has reached the highest rung on the ladder, Boris isn’t going easily & is fighting back.
    And that my dear readers is the best & only thing we have going for us at the moment.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I wonder if batten had been on the sauce when he wrote that . People died because of the Chinese virus . A lot suffered to – and still are .
      Perhaps it’s an indication that he will never be more than a foot note …

      He may also have trouble with time – much of the locking down was to buy time to get a vaccine – if I’m wrong on my read of the recent past then so be it ..


  36. Guest Who says:

    An anonymous* Beeboid writes.


    * Like ones the bbc top floor uses to write T, I, I, T (trust, integrity, impartiality transparency) memos to idiot media to cut and paste, no questions asked. Or allowed.


  37. dafydd says:

    BBC going big on ex minister Guani saying she was sacked because she was a Muslim, my arse.!!

    At the time she released a tweet saying how grateful she was for the opportunity and thanking everybody, no mention of racism.

    So now she decides the reason for her sacking was racist..What she needs to do is take a look at the Conservative front bench ie Sunak etc etc. Nothing racist about the Tory front bench.

    Two things for me..One she was crap at her job and got her arse kicked and secondly she’s getting on the ” we all hate Boris band wagon” oh, and by the way, because I’m a Muslim I can bring racism into any argument and get the sympathy vote.

    All these Tory politician’s who are so unhappy with there life in the Tory party need to F–K off and join the opposition, they won’t be missed.

    Boris needs to get all these decenters into a room and tell the sodding lot that there services are no longer required.


  38. digg says:

    Ructions going on in the US as more and more parents are objecting to the ultra-woke, Marxist agendas laid down by School Boards.

    This little story shows the utter contempt that these woke disciples have for the general population including most of all, the parents.


    York Suburban School District school board member Richard Robinson has told protesting parents that they can F-off and he will continue to indoctrinate their children to become good communists as they grow up.

    It would appear that these disgusting people are in fact nothing less than left-wing political activists purposely getting entrenched in the school board system with the sole objective of bringing about a new World Marxist order.

    They have obviously concluded that being unable to attain power over rational adults through the ballot box their best shot is to “grow” a new society that comes with a built-in Marxist creed.

    Any president worth their salt would be delving into this and taking steps to curtail these people but the US have Marxist puppet Biden so that’s going to be a non-starter.

    Time for another McCarthy in the US?

    The first shoots of this repulsive trend are appearing in the UK and Europe and if we value our freedom we must confront it to nip it in the bud. The most effective way will be loud and prolonged protest directed at the goons pushing tis crap.

    Bring them out from under their stones, expose them for what they really are and let them know their machinations will not be tolerated or given a free pass.

    Unattributed quote but pithy: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

    …and in the same vein by Edmund Burke: “When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”


  39. pugnazious says:

    Any inquiry into the events surrounding the pandemic must include the media response and coverage…in particular of course the BBC which must be held to a far higher standard than any other media outlet…..‘it would have to concede that by throwing its full weight behind the lockdown approach, it too should bear responsibility for the harms it caused.’

    ‘Partygate’ is alleged to be scandalous and callous….the BBC et al raced to get angry and tragic tales of lockdown compliance to contrast with the hypocritical and cavalier partygoers in No10…but the BBC never asks one thing..the real issue…was lockdown necessary, was it the best way to handle the pandemic?

    It may, or may not have been…but surely, you’d think, the BBC would ask such a question as the government plunged us into a dystopian world of extreme and draconian imprisonments robbing us of our freedoms and lives…almost destroying the NHS rather than saving it, massively disrupting education, destroying jobs and businesses and plunging us into enormous, eye-watering debt that will be a burden around our necks for decades to come.

    ‘Charlie Walsham’, a pseudonym for a BBC whistleblower who wrote previously in The Spectator about ‘How the BBC lost its way on covid’, now spells out the BBC’s approach and thinking as it reports on ‘Partygate’…..


    An elephant loomed in the studios during these distressing broadcasts: it wasn’t the cavalier interpretation of the rules by our chaotic and contradictory PM and his frazzled staff that caused these people to have suffered such unspeakably awful experiences – it was the rules themselves.

    Hearing of parties at No. 10 undoubtedly rubbed salt in people’s wounds but these wounds were not caused by ‘partygate’. This wasn’t acknowledged by a single BBC presenter. How could it be? Throughout the pandemic, the BBC has used its platforms to proselytise about every Covid rule and restriction, inducing the public to see unquestioning compliance as a virtue and dissent as sociopathic selfishness.

    And this slanted stance continues, evidenced by the BBC’s recent coverage of Novak Djokovic’s ordeal at the hands of the Australian authorities. Djokovic was characterised as the villain rather than a victim. And while much was said of the tennis player’s eccentric attitudes towards vaccinations, reporters displayed a marked reluctance to question the ethics of Canberra’s Covid zealotry or the longer-term implications for international sport, travel and bodily autonomy in general.

    Talking to colleagues about the tennis player’s plight gave an insight into the Covid groupthink endemic in BBC offices. One called him ‘an idiot’ for declining a coronavirus jab. Another showed barely contained contempt for the unvaccinated, making clear they would welcome any measures that excluded those who decline jabs from wider society.

    At times like these I find myself reeling. The human rights group Liberty describes immunity passports as ‘an overreach on our rights’ that would push ‘the most marginalised into an even more precarious position’. Yet, like Democrats in the US, Covid has somehow turned the BBC’s ‘metropolitan lefties’ into full-throated supporters of measures they would have described as ‘fascist’ only a couple of years ago.

    There was one piece of BBC output that bucked this trend. Discussing the Djokovic case, Radio 4’s World at One aired an interview with the former Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies who said she understood why some athletes might be reluctant to have a Covid jab. She cited the example of a friend who had been hospitalised after a booster shot had triggered the symptoms of a stroke – the same friend’s son, a young cyclist, had also suffered an adverse reaction to his first jab and was unable to train for some time afterwards. The presenter correctly pointed out that such adverse reactions were rare but she at least let Davies speak. This was the first occasion I had heard someone talk about vaccine side-effects on the BBC without the conversation being shut down — an exception that speaks volumes.

    When it comes to the coverage of ‘partygate’, I find myself wincing at the level of hypocrisy shown, not just by Boris — but by the BBC. It’s pretty clear the PM didn’t want to go down the route of lockdown rules and restrictions. He sowed the seeds of his own destruction and the misery of millions when he bowed to pressure from panic-stricken advisers who had convinced themselves that the repressive example of Communist China must be followed. Once this route had been taken, BBC correspondents pressured the government to go further and further, obsessing over the details of how to correctly follow every rule to the letter, irrespective of the impact on transmission.

    The reality is Downing Street staffers were much safer drinking booze in the garden of No. 10 at the height of lockdown than they were at their desks inside stuffy offices – and about as likely to catch coronavirus outdoors, under the disinfectant of blistering sunshine, as Nadine Dorries is to catch a plane to Honolulu to enjoy a girlie holiday with Laura Kuenssberg. But the BBC can’t admit this because by doing so it would have to concede that by throwing its full weight behind the lockdown approach, it too should bear responsibility for the harms it caused.

    The party may be over for Boris Johnson but when it comes to taking a balanced approach to news coverage — and thus maintaining the public support it needs to survive — the BBC, like the PM, may have passed the point of no return.’



    • Fedup2 says:

      Trying to guess the content of the Gray Report – which is apparently 26 pages with a load of redacted names and – presumably – ‘secret ‘ but we may never know about ( unless number 10 leaks of course ) –

      – I reckon culpability will fall on whoever actually runs the staff – whether it be the PM chief of staff or somebody like that – the PM presumably was advised to ‘show his face ‘ to keep the troops happy –
      And the big failing was to realise that whilst everyone else was being put under extreme restrictions – the kidults in number 10 thought it Okay to share cheese and wine ..
      … the security data will show a pattern of numbers of staff leaving at certain early hours – but they probably ‘live in the job ‘ anyway- which is something a bit difficult to recognise unless you’ve done it .
      I did a job once where I didn’t go home for two weeks – and worked through that 12 on 12 off …. The bubble effect tends to bite whether you want it or even recognise it …

      I can’t see the Gray report mentioning this apart from in mitigation . Unless nut nut has clearly lied to the Commons I can’t see him having to go ….but that’s me in down time writing out load …
      I repeat my stance – I don’t like nut nut – he is in the wrong job – but his demeanour was sort of right for the time and any replacement will open the door for BBC backed real socialists to screw the country even more bigly …


  40. pugnazious says:

    From the BBC…

    ‘Unmarked graves containing the remains of 215 children have been found in Canada at a former residential school set up to assimilate indigenous people.

    The children were students at the Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia that closed in 1978.’


    ‘An indigenous nation in Canada says it has found 751 unmarked graves at the site of a former residential school in Saskatchewan.

    The Cowessess First Nation said the discovery was “the most significantly substantial to date in Canada”.

    It comes weeks after the remains of 215 children were found at a similar residential school in British Columbia. ‘

    Hmmmm…..completely false….the ‘graves’ at Kamloops were not excavated and no evidence was found to back the assertion that these were the mass graves of children killed by the Catholic Church and secretly buried.

    As for 751 unmarked graves being similar mass murders….er…in fact it was a known communal cemetary.

    The Spectator tells us what the BBC doesn’t bother to fact check as Churches burned across Canada and Christianity was demonised due to the lies and black propaganda of the woeful woke warriors in politics and in the media….

    ‘When a young anthropologist claimed in late May 2021 that she had discovered 215 unmarked graves near the Kamloops Residential School in British Columbia, a wave of horror swept across Canada.

    Local First Nations chief Roseanne Casimir said that her community had ‘knowledge’ that indigenous children who had died at the school were secretly buried in the nearby orchard. In the late 1990s a child’s rib was apparently found by a tourist in the area, and a tooth in a subsequent dig in the early 2000s.

    The anthropologist, Sarah Beaulieu, scanned the orchard using ground-penetrating radar. She found 215 areas which showed soil disturbance that could be indicative of graves (or other excavations). Later on she revised the number down to 200 because stones, metal content and roots indicated other possible causes. However, she admitted nothing could be concluded until excavations and forensic investigation were carried out.

    Yet no excavations were carried out. And none are planned, according to a devastatingly thorough review of the event written by professor of history Jacques Rouillard for the Dorchester Review. He has pointed out that there is no compelling evidence yet that the deaths of indigenous children were covered up by the authorities, or that their remains were not returned home.

    A single bone and tooth do indeed point to the possibility of a terrible crime. But they do not substantiate an alleged 200 crimes.

    Nonetheless, on the strength of Beaulieu’s theory, the media and government chose to unleash a wave of violence, anti-Catholic sentiment and national shaming that lasted from the beginning of June last year through to the fall of 2021, damaging the reputations of both Canada and the Catholic Church.

    Both the government and the media took for granted that the soil disturbances picked up by Beaulieu’s radar were graves. They assumed the potential graves contained the bodies of children. They assumed that these children had been buried in a clandestine manner, they assumed their deaths were caused by abuse or other criminal behaviour, and they concluded — with no evidence — that the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, who had run the school since 1893, were complicit in 200 deaths and covered them up.

    The media began describing the site as a ‘mass grave’. A Manitoba politician who said the residential schools were founded with good intentions triggered a meltdown. Not only did he apologise, but two weeks later he said, with a straight face, that the residential school system was part of a genocidal plan devised by John A. MacDonald, Canada’s first prime minister, to kill off indigenous peoples. Nobody dared to object.

    Sixty-five churches were vandalised, burned or desecrated in what many applauded outright as acts of justified protest — ‘Burn them all!’ — while politicians shrugged off the anti-Christian violence as ‘understandable.’ China wagged its finger, calling for an investigation into Canada’s human rights violations. The flag over Canada’s parliament flew at half-mast for five months. Canadians were urged not to celebrate Canada Day or wear national colours; instead they were encouraged to dress in orange, symbolising shame at their nation’s past.

    Big money entered the picture when Ottawa pledged $320 million to aid in the search for more graves and to support survivors and their communities. A new federal holiday was established, ‘National Day for Truth and Reconciliation,’ though its effect was somewhat marred when Trudeau commemorated the day by going surfing in Tofino.

    Trudeau demanded that the Pope come to Canada to apologise in person for the Church’s role in the (government-organised) residential school system (and the Pope eventually agreed to come, though he didn’t promise to apologise). Canadian bishops grovelled, and spoke about sacrilegious church burnings in the most moderate language. A priest who dared to say that some good things had come out of the residential schools (an enormous system that existed for nearly a hundred years, garnering in many instances the support and gratitude of indigenous people otherwise lacking access to education) was forced to resign from his parish. His archdiocese apologised to anyone who was offended.

    After the ‘discovery’ in Kamloops, ground-penetrating radar indicated at least 34 similar soil disturbances near Camsell Hospital in Edmonton, where stories of undocumented burials abounded. Excavations over the course of several months found nothing and the investigation was eventually closed.

    The Cowessess First Nation said they found unmarked graves near the residential school of Marieval, Saskatchewan. But the site turned out to be an ordinary community cemetery from which the stone markers had, for some reason, been removed in the 1960s.

    Sensational reports likewise came out about unmarked graves near the residential school of Cranbrook, British Columbia. But what initial reports failed to mention was that the remains were in a cemetery still used today — and that the original markers could simply have rotted away, as wooden crosses were often used. A former chief from the area dismissed claims of suspicious activity, saying locals knew perfectly well that the graves were there.

    The Canadian government and the media now have some serious questions to face when it comes to Kamloops. Why didn’t they wait for more proof before castigating the nation and sending it into a tailspin of anger and anti-Christian violence? And will they apologise? And why, after all this, are there still no plans to excavate in Kamloops? After the dramatic fallout for so many ordinary Canadians and Catholics, doesn’t the whole country deserve some answers?’



  41. pugnazious says:

    H/T Is the BBC Biased? notes a blatant piece of spin, a lie, from the BBC as it says….


    ‘Some viewers have been detecting an effect on the output over recent months, with Hannah Fearn tweeting:

    Hannah Fearn: Well, what do you know. Turns out journalists do a really important job and can’t just be slashed without impact on quality and breadth.’

    Trouble with that is that the comment was from two years ago and came, not from ‘a viewer’, but from a fellow journalist from the lefty Independent and Guardian.


    And have to say I never noticed any detrimental, in BBC terms, effect on output…it was the same old rubbish and if anything was ramped up enormously….maybe the BBC got rid of the non-conformists and troublemakers who had their own ideas and now all we have left is the hardcore zealots defending the Faith to the end.


  42. pugnazious says:

    Again H/T Is the BBC Biased? for noting the BBC knee-jerk pro-Corbyn refusal to accept statements that he was anti-Semitic….no such apology when the BBC repeatedly wheels in the anti-Boris trolls who claim he is a racist and an Islamophobe amongst so many other things….


    ‘The Campaign Against Antisemitism has complained to the BBC because on 12 January, Breakfast presenter Rachel Burden interviewed businessman John Caudwell, who called Mr Corbyn “a Marxist and antisemite”. Later, towards the end of the programme, she apologised to 5 Live listeners:

    ‘I should have challenged him on the particular allegation of antisemite [sic] because there is absolutely no evidence that the leader of the Labour Party at that time, Jeremy Corbyn, was or is antisemitic. He had to deal with allegations of that within his party but there is nothing to suggest that he himself as an individual was. So I apologise for not challenging more directly, I should have done, and I want to emphasise there is no evidence for that at all.’

    Au contraire, Rachel. Au contraire. ‘

    Can’t see why any Jewish person would pay for the BBC, can’t see why any Jewish person would not storm out of the BBC and refuse to ever work there again. I could make an egregious comparison to the Jews who worked for the Germans in the concentration camps to keep themselves safe whilst their fellow Jews suffered…but that would be such a cheap, BBC way of doing things wouldn’t it? The BBC is of course more than happy to summon up the spectre of ‘Nazis rising from the dead’ across Europe as ‘populism’ takes hold…Brexit was taking us back to the Thirties, the Brexit ‘Spartans’ were Far-Right fascists, a group in Austria that wanted to control immigration were ethnic cleansers and brought to mind concentration camps….we need to learn the lessons from history!

    ‘Populism’…isn’t that just democracy in action?….the ‘People’ speaking and voting….of course not speaking the same language and narratives that the BBC thinks you should be allowed to speak thus they demonise it and like to suggest populism is just nazism in another guise.


  43. pugnazious says:

    Is the BBC also ‘spiritually lost’? Has it lost its moral compass as it drops common sense and common decency? Not just in America is it? ‘What horrible people’…harsh but fair….the ‘do-gooders’ are often the most dangerous and damaging people…..unintended consequences abound….and as for destigmatizing paedophiles…the BBC, and C4, several years ago, curiously at the same time, both had narratives that suggested paedophiles shoud be looked on as victims as well and that it was all a bit of a witchhunt against them…and now we have the attempts to groom very young children and persuade them that they might like to change sex. How very progressive and liberal.


  44. Guest Who says:

    House journal turns the spotlight on the unelected, unaccountable, unfireable lot…


  45. Guest Who says:

    Big place. Thought it through?

    Plus, Brexit was last month, surely?


  46. Guest Who says:

    Nice try, Emmy… not helping.


  47. Guest Who says:

    And every claimed journalist and alleged reporter crawls back under their rocks. Until the next time.


    • Sluff says:

      So if she was sacked because of her Muslimness, then on what basis was she first appointed?

      It’s not immediately obvious to me that her undoubted experience working in the charity sector made her a shoe-in to be a Transport minister.


    • Guest Who says:

      Pesto channeling his inner Beeboid.


  48. StewGreen says:

    Electricity grid needs a lot of windpower teatime Monday
    but there probably won’t be much


  49. Sluff says:

    New covid cases 74,000 today.
    The lowest level for 5 weeks and surely a cause for a bit of good news.
    What’s the betting the BBC will make no contextual mention at all this and just say in gloomy tones ‘another 74,000 cases today….’