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  1. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2 – the BBC lies continue ….

    Rishi Sunak and taxation “His wife has avoided tax while he has put taxes up for everyone else.”


    The NI increase on 1 April 2022. It is not paid by the unemployed. It is not paid by those on low incomes. It is not paid by pensioners unless they are wealthy and running a business or are working and earning more than £34,000.

    Then there are the tax cuts in Rishi Sunak’s Spring Statement that the BBC are deliberately ignoring in order to Labour (capital deliberate) a lie about the Sunaks. Council Tax. Fuel Duty. The BBC are truly despicable and totally in bed with the Labour Party.


    • StewGreen says:

      AFAIK National insurance thresholds get lifted in a few months time
      so that many of the lower paid whose National Insurance went up
      will drop out of National Insurance.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Stew, 1 April was the date because payrolls have to be done for then or by then and submitted to HMRC. 6 April is the normal start of the Income Tax & Allowances year.


        • StewGreen says:

          @Up2Snuff You misunderstand. There are two National Insurance changes
          #1 The contributions #2 The Thresholds

          The BBC would have you believe that nasty Tories are raising taxes
          but that is Fake news
          Sure in the short term many people pay more as NI contributions rise
          but this is counteracted by the Threshold rises in July which means most people pay less
          at a cost of £6 billion pa

          “The annual National Insurance Primary Threshold and Lower Profits Limit, for employees and the self-employed respectively, will increase from £9,880 to £12,570 from July 2022. This increase will benefit almost 30 million people, with a typical employee saving over £330 in the year from July. Around 70% of NICs payers will pay less NICs, even after accounting for the introduction of the Health and Social Care Levy. Around 2.2 million people will be taken out of paying Class 1 and Class 4 NICs and the Health and Social Care Levy entirely, on top of the 6.1 million who already do not pay NICs. July is the earliest date that will allow all payroll software developers and employers to update their systems and implement changes.”
          It is estimated that the annual cost of this measure will be £6.25 billion in 2022/23, falling each year to £4.50 billion by 2026/27.


    • BurnaTyreForGreta says:

      The biggest damage will be to employers it will put many businesses of the edge .


      • Up2snuff says:

        BaTfG, yes there is an employers element to the NI increase. The fact that Employers’ NI is a ‘tax on jobs’ has long been a campaigning point for those like me after reform of the UK tax system.

        However, we go through endless downturn or recessionary cycles in the UK and never, to my recall – usual memory disclaimers, has Employers’ NI been cut to preserve employment.


  2. Guest Who says:

    So much explained…

    Distracted from. I mean distracted from.


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      “… and now I’m so proud to work for the channel that gave them access to so many children, and won’t hear a bad word spoken against it.”


      • Thoughtful says:

        Don’t forget that the BBC gave a platform to PIE (Paedophile information exchange) and tried to make paedophilia legal.


    • digg says:

      Yes but then it was just Saville, now it’s the bloody lot of them trying to get to the kiddies and appear legitimate and woke.


  3. Richard Pinder says:

    The August 13th to September 30th 2019 timeline for the Wuhan lab leak.

    August 13th to August 16th 2019:
    The Crimson Contagion 2019 Functional Exercise, based on a virus that originates in China. The scenario starts off with tourists becoming ill in China, and then departing China and flying back to their respective countries: https://governmentattic.org/38docs/HHSaarCrimsonContAAR_2020.pdf

    August 16th to August 22nd 2019, and then from 12th September 2019:
    The Wuhan Institute of Virology, removed its online viral genome databases: https://drive.google.com/file/d/181PuoBwcno2rf9HNbSEK4yuabVkLGyGc/view In close cooperation with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH): https://www.researchgate.net/publication/349073738_An_investigation_into_the_WIV_databases_that_were_taken_offline

    September 2019:
    Covid then appeared in Italy in September 2019: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1177/0300891620974755 and https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/13206255/covid-plagued-eu-september-2019-italy/


  4. vlad says:

    As we know, the BBC are very slippery and sometimes you have to pay attention to spot the bias.

    Case in point: on their evening news, the autocutie in the studio asked the reporter in Ukraine how significant was the meeting between Boris and Zelensky.

    The reporter rattled off her pre-prepared spiel, that “with BJ coming here after the euro President, this is a European show of solidarity for Ukraine.”

    See what she did? She got the EU plug in, and simultaneously played down the significance of Boris’s visit.

    What they failed to mention, was that Zelensky himself had a different take on the event.

    In his speech, he heaped praise on Johnson / the UK, while having a dig at the the rest of the EU (lukewarm France and Germany, without naming them) when he said:

    “The other Western countries should follow the example of the UK.”

    Notice the difference in emphasis: Zelensky says the UK is setting the example, the BBC says he’s following in the footsteps of the EU.

    Like I said, slippery bastards.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Vlad, quite right. And it is amazing to me how many on here and over at TCW Defending Freedom and maybe other ‘conservative’ or other political forums are playing into their hands. The BBC’s clear objective is to unseat the Government by any means possible, fair or foul.


    • digg says:

      Every step of the way, every inference, every bending of the truth is staple diet for the rotten to the core BBC. They might as well be the EU broadcasting corporation, they have no natural or patriotic regard for the UK or it’s magnificent people and work relentlessly to diminish it to build the EU/Global bullshit wherever and however they can.

      In fact they absolutely hate the thought of the UK being independent. They simply don’t trust the majority of the UK population as being capable of controlling the direction of the Nation. They see them as deluded plebs.

      Keep fighting the stuffed up Oxbridge Uni-saturated bastards who suck their bile from the bubble of lifelong and highly protected red “professors” on very comfortable public paid salaries at these mind-bending thought factories I say.

      The university of life is much more reliable as it is based on common sense rather than bias that places you into an acceptable group of what is little more than indoctrinated apes!


    • maxincony says:


      sometimes you have to pay attention…

      BBC1 Evening News, 09/04/2022:

      The deputy head of the Ukraine President’s office has praised the UK’s role, saying it was leading the anti-war coalition

      Followed by (reporter in Kiev):

      The President’s office here was full of praise for Mr. Johnson saying the UK was the leader in defence support for Ukraine, the leader of the anti-war coalition against Russia and leader in sanctions against Moscow


      • taffman says:

        Any Bias of the BBC to report yet?
        Have you paid the Telly Tax ?
        Yes, ‘That’s The Tax that Robs From the Poor to Pay the Rich’.
        How’s your trolling getting on?


      • Nibor says:

        Maxi ,

        Sometimes you and your BBC chums have to pay attention.
        Now go and tell them about Victor Orbans condemnations about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

        And tell the BBC to stop their denunciations by association.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Nibor- far right maxi talking about the Far Right BBC or Far Right Le Pen or Far Right Orban …. If you Far Right get the Far Right Drift Right …

          And someone on the Far Left explain / define the term Far Right …. Because I don’t think there is an accepted one –

          – a bit like the other word porn the Far Left use – “populist “

          And then ‘unpopulist ‘ – the former seems to me to be a term of abuse ….. maybe it’s that the’ approved ‘ don’t approve of the ‘unapproved ‘ having a vote ( see election fraud ) ,,


      • Up2snuff says:

        oh, hello maxi – where’s that apology that you owe me on pogroms?

        And btw, you missed vlad’s point, it was nothing to do with whether or not the UK was providing assistance to Ukraine. It was about the BBC’s reporting of PM Johnson’s visit: I quote vlad ” “with BJ coming here after the euro President, this is a European show of solidarity for Ukraine.” “.

        You cannot even get your facts straight.


  5. Flotsam says:

    Sunak as Chancellor reminds me of the the appointment of the Canadian, Mark Carney, as Governor of the Bank of England.


  6. StewGreen says:

    Tonight’s 8pm Radio4 show tackles Russian disinformation
    from about 8:30pm They talk about the Mariupol hospital
    and how Russia tried to say two different women one who died after glass shards were on her face, were the same woman .
    Actually the other woman Mariana the model escaped to Russian held territory days after

    War on Truth : Archive on 4
    What’s fake, what’s real? Stories from the information war over Ukraine. BBC disinformation reporter Marianna Spring speaks to people caught up in the battle for the truth.
    Families and friendships are being torn apart not only by the fighting, but by the radically different versions of reality that Ukrainians and Russians are being presented with, on TV and online.
    And social media has become a battleground for competing versions of truth. It’s a fight that is taking place in parallel to the military campaign – but one that also has real consequences for the people caught up in it.



  7. StewGreen says:

    BBC local news just 5 mins
    Half of it was PRasNews for a Humber fertiliser company
    They are being good by now giving away free planning help from the fertiliser optimisation app
    Weather by a white Yorkshire lady
    News reader a posh black lady, who can’t pronounce some local place names.

    National news : newsreader a fat blonde woman Martine
    Sports by a white guy
    Weather : another blonde woman


  8. Thoughtful says:

    “We see with bemusement the paralysis unfolding in countries that have grown accustomed to viewing themselves as the flagships of progress,”
    These so-called “progressives” believe that aggressive blotting out of whole pages of your own history, the affirmative action in the interest of minorities, and the requirement to renounce the traditional interpretation of such basic values as mother, father, family, and the distinction between sexes are a milestone … a renewal of society.”

    “The so-called social progress believe that the bringing a new conscience, a new consciousness to humanity, is something that is more correct.”

    “There is one thing I would like to say: The recipes they come up with are nothing new. It happened in our country before after the 1917 revolution, the Bolsheviks followed the dogmas of Marx and Engels”.

    “They were trying to destroy age and century-long values, revisiting the relationship between the people, they were encouraging informing on one’s own beloved, and families. It was hailed as the march of progress. And it was very popular across the world and it was supported by many, as we see, it is happening right now.”

    “Incidentally, the Bolsheviks (just like the Leftists today) were absolutely intolerant of other opinions, different from their own,”

    “I think this should remind you of something that is happening. And we see what is happening in the Western countries, it is with puzzlement that we see the practices Russia used to have and that we left behind in distant past, the fight for equality and against discrimination turns into an aggressive dogmatism on the brink of absurdity when great authors of the past such as Shakespeare are no longer taught in schools and universities because they announced as backward classics that did not understand the importance of gender or race.

    “In Hollywood, there are leaflets reminding what you should do in the cinema, in the films, how many personalities and actors you’ve got, what kind of color, what sex, and sometimes it’s even tighter and stricter than what the Department of Propaganda of the Soviet Communist Party Central Committee did”.

    “And the fight against racism, which is a lofty goal, turns into a new culture, cancel culture, and into reverse discrimination, racism on the obverse. And it brings people apart, whereas the true fighters for civil rights, like Martin Luther King, they were trying to eliminate those differences”.

    “The proponents of new approaches go so far as they want to eliminate the whole notions of men and women, and those who dare say that men and women exist and this is a biological fact, they are all but banished. Parent number one, parent number two, or the parent that has given birth, or instead of breast milk, you say human milk. And you say all of that, so the people who are not sure of their sexual agenda are not unhappy.”

    “There are some monstrous things when from a very young age, you teach to children that the boy can easily become a girl and you impose on them this selection, this choice. You push the parents aside and make the child take these decisions that can destroy their lives”.

    “And if we call the spade a spade, this is close to a crime against humanity and all of that under the banner of so-called progress.”


    • pugnazious says:

      Putin is similar to Hitler…..read their opinions and you can’t help agreeing that their assessment is often right on many issues such as the Left and journalism…..however their way of correcting the downward drift of society and civilisations is somewhat drastic and the cure is worse than the sickness.

      Islamisation slowly slowly catchee monkey….a mosque here, a mosque there, a surrender to the demand for ‘respect’ and allowing Muslims to create a parallel society bit by bit…

      ‘History teaches us that nations which have once given way before the threat of arms without being forced to do so will accept the greatest humiliations and exactions rather than make a fresh appeal to force. He who has obtained such an advantage will, if he is clever, only make his fresh demands in small doses. When dealing with a nation which has lost all force of character owing to its having given way spontaneously, he will be entitled to expect that his fresh but piecemeal demands will not be considered worth resisting by the nation from which they are made.’

      Covid and lockdowns….the Public just surrendered to the propaganda and intimidation…

      ‘The psyche of the broad masses is accessible only to what is strong and uncompromising. ..not so much under the sway of abstract reasoning but subject to the influence of vague emotional longing for strength that looks over them. They feel very little shame at being terrorized intellectually and they are scarcely conscious of the fact their freedom as human beings is impudently abused. They see only the ruthless force and brutality of its determined utterances, to which they always submit.’

      Black Lives Matter….how they bully and shame our ‘elites’ into bowing to their every demand…

      ‘A campaign of mental terrorism against the bourgeoisie, who are neither morally nor spiritually equipped to withstand such attacks. The technique is to open a veritable drum-fire of lies and calumnies against the one they believe to be the most redoubtable of their adversaries, until the nerves of the latter give way and they sacrifice the man attacked, in the hope of being allowed to live in peace. But the hope proves always to be a foolish one, for they are never left in peace.
      The same tactics are repeated again and again, until fear of these mad dog exercises, through suggestion, has a paralyzing affect on their victims.’

      The BBC….how it portrays itself as the defender of truth and thus is able to protray others as ‘fake news’ and misinformation…

      ‘The enemy know how to create the impression that they alone are the protectors of peace. In this way, acting very circumspectly but never losing sight of their ultimate goal, they conquer one position after another, at one time by methods of quiet intimidation and at another time by sheer daylight robbery, employing these latter tactics at those moments when public attention is turned towards other matters from which it does not wish to be diverted, or when the public considers an incident too trivial to create a scandal about it and thus provoke the anger of a malignant opponent….these tactics will always lead to success unless the other side learns to fight poison gas with poison gas.


  9. vlad says:

    BBC not telling this story: BLM running property scams and laundering money (allegedly).


  10. taffman says:

    “Fracking: Crackpot views driving renewed interest, MP says”
    “Labour’s Chris Matheson said he was worried plans for the practice could be revived near his Chester constituency.”
    Perhaps he should be more “worried” about the cost of the heating bills for the pensioner?


    • StewGreen says:

      projection is a libmob characteristic
      .. What label did he throw out on his enemies ? “crackpot”


      • maxincony says:


        .. What label did he throw out on his enemies ? ‘crackpot’.

        Poor effort. Chris Matheson described the views as ‘crackpot’; not the individuals who hold those views.

        Meanwhile, this is how you describe your ‘enemies’;

        Climate smackheads, similar to any other junkies

        What was that you said about ‘projection’…?


        • StewGreen says:

          @Maxi, I’m not projecting
          ..as I said libmob continually demonstrate that projection is their characteristic.

          BTW it is really strange that you claim that saying someone has “crackpot views”
          is not the same as calling them a crackpot.


          • StewGreen says:

            What do we mean by projection ?
            Well there are two ways of making an argument
            #1 By presenting some evidence
            Then you might apply a label afterwards

            – Or #2 you just throw out a label without presenting evidence
            Projectors assume the opposite party is a baddie and rush to assign negative motivation, throwing a smear label on them. But so often the motivation they shout comes from their own characteristics.

            So it the case of the XR StopOil activists
            First @GuestWho presented the EVIDENCE, the video of the hysterical activist press conference.
            and then I assigned a label to it , that they seemed to be “Climate smackheads, similar to any other junkies”

            What about the MP did he present any EVIDENCE for using the label “crackpot” ?

            “On the right, there’s this opposition to net zero [with] people saying it’s not achievable and that’ll be economically damaging [while] on the *fringes* are the climate change *deniers*,” he said.
            “We cannot allow *the right’s crackpot views* to prevail.”

            There is no argument there, rather he throws out three smear words
            His opposition are “Fringes”, “deniers”, *the right’s crackpot views*


    • StewGreen says:

      @TaffMan That MP Chris_Matheson is the big speaker at a few anti-fracking rallies
      Another thing, people go on Twitter to communicate yet Matheson’s account is in Protected mode since last year at least. So only people he follows can see and reply to his tweets.


  11. digg says:

    If the self-obsessed nutter Macron gets his arse kicked in France and if the self-obsessed nutter Trudeau gets his arse kicked in Canada and if self-obsessed Fruitcake Biden gets his arse kicked in the US then the World will be on the way to returning to some sort of sanity in my opinion.

    Put these completely destructive and deluded idiots back in their boxes.


  12. StewGreen says:

    Fullfact claimed to have debunked the claim that asylum seekers are so often economic migrants
    ..WGAP video : https://youtu.be/3ChX34Wp4aw ..sweary


    • maxincony says:


      Fullfact claimed to have debunked the claim that asylum seekers are so often economic migrants

      That is not what they ‘claimed’:



      • StewGreen says:

        @Maxi : Title of that article there
        “No evidence ‘vast majority’ of people crossing Channel in small boats are economic migrants”

        WGAP’s opinion is that it’s common sense, that anyone who is in SAFE France and then pays people smugglers, is not doing it for safety. They are doing it for ultimate economic advantage.


  13. Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

    As the French election is just beginning this is informative.
    No, it’s not BBC but if it was it wouldn’t be informative would it? It would be slanted.


  14. Deborah says:

    I am noticing subtle digs amongst the Left and brief mentions on BBC local news about the difficulties for Ukrainians to get visas to come to the U.K. I suspect the pressure will grow when they find the right poster child. But once visa requirements are lifted for people from Ukraine, they will be lifted for people from the rest of the world. Job done.


    • Guest Who says:

      Will Keith Vaz and a bbc crew be at the airport to greet them? Tearfully.


  15. Guest Who says:

    Last time there likely was one. Not sorry.


  16. StewGreen says:

    Countryfile correct your spelling mistake
    sow, NOT sew

    “Matt Baker launches Countryfile’s Coastal Clean Up initiative (more activism)
    while Ellie Harrison helps to *sew* meadows out at sea
    and discovers the miracle properties of seagrass.
    – Charlotte Smith goes on the hunt for rare dune plants saved from the brink of *extinction*
    – John Craven finds out how helping our coast to be in the best of health is also remedying young people’s eco anxiety
    (FFS you’ve just told the kids, dune plants are going extinct .. won’t that make them anxious ? )
    – Tom Heap investigates the importance of protecting our sand dunes.

    I don’t really support beach cleanups, cos a few middle class people go out for a morning fill some rubbish sacks and take photos for Facebook
    .. then everyday for the rest of the month the same deviants who always dump litter, dump more litter
    .. They are the people you need to reach, otherwise the problem goes on and on.


  17. AsISeeIt says:

    Whatever you want

    Chancellor Rishi Sunak is demanding a Whitehall inquiry to find out who leaked details about his wife’s tax arrangements, the BBC has been told‘ – good luck with that mate…

    Why would Rishi imagine that’s going to happen?

    No 10 won’t launch inquiry into leaking of CCTV photo of Matt Hancock kissing aide. Whitehall sources rule out mole hunt to avoid whistleblowing claims from source of damaging images‘ The Guardian further advises us: ‘This article is more than 9 months old‘ – well, quite. It was published on 25th June 2021.

    Mind you, there was this semi-U-turn reported two days later: ‘Government to investigate leak of Matt Hancock CCTV footage. Minister says health department will undertake internal inquiry into footage that led to resignation‘ (Guardian) – it’s always a concern when the NHS tells you – it must be something internal.

    So what have heard since then?

    Homes raided in inquiry into Matt Hancock CCTV leak‘ (BBC July 2021)

    Police chiefs want criminal inquiry into Matt Hancock leak‘ (Times July 2021)

    A-ha! As Sherlock Holmes famously once exclaimed: “Come, Watson, come. The game is afoot. Not a word!

    What Éminence grise, what Napoleon of Crime, might have masterminded and engineered the downfall of our publically duff, yet still privately lascivious, Health Minister? Might he be about to have his protective curtain of obscurity whipped away, his collar felt? As the long arm of the law gropes behind the curtain like Hamlet stabbing blindly into the dark recesses and, perchance, mortally wounding some great noble Polonius hiding there?

    Information Commissioner says Matt Hancock CCTV leak investigation ‘”not about Sun or its journalists”‘ (Press Gazette) – the plot thinkens… and curdles and then congeals: ‘Number 10 ‘knows who leaked Hancock kiss pictures’ – but rules out probe… The Government is said to have ruled out a probe amid fears the culprit could claim they were a whistle-blower exposing wrongdoing.‘ (giveaway Metro)

    This morning the Observer wryly observes: ‘Sunak’s hopes of becoming PM are over, say top Tories‘ – one might suggest Rishi now might as well go away to spend more time with his wife, his family, and his and their millions.

    In the army now

    The Sunday Telegraph provides us with a tour de force lesson in how to turn a foreign policy defeat into a supposed victory by means of a brave headline: ‘Full-scale Nato military force to defend borders‘ – now before you armchair anti-Putin media militias armed with your tank-busting pundit missile systems run away with the idea that we’re going to bring the entire Ukraine… or indeed the rump… minus the Crimea, minus the Donbas, minus the Black Sea coast… into the loving arms of the Western military alliance and ambit… NO. That’s not what is proposed: ‘Nato is drawing up plans to deploy a full-scale military force on its border‘ – note, that’s safely our side of Ukraine’s western borders. But isn’t this what Nato is supposed to do anyway? A return to the Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi option – the status quo anti.

    Rockin’ all over the world

    Seems to me Russia has all but achieved its war aims. A dangerous expansion of the west into its backyard has been nullified. One seriously suspects – despite, or perhaps because of – the blanket blackout of Russian news sources, that the regular Ukraine military forces in the east have now been encircled, kettled and badly degraded.

    The beginning and end of this crisis is a western foreign policy defeat. The west has been been shown up to the rest of the world as the emperor with no clothes.

    If you don’t like football, look away now. I’d liken the west to a top Premier League side. Ah-hum, Manchester United? We’ve retired our effective 1980s managment. Now we’re still fashionable, US-owned, expensively fitted out, with dubious under-lying finances, yet big ambitions, local connections but ostentatiously multi-national. Sometimes we come up against a determined unflashy well-planned opposition who prove hard to breakdown on their home ground and if we are careless enough to gift them a set piece… they’ll score against us, albeit against the run of play.


    • Up2snuff says:

      AISI, “Seems to me Russia has all but achieved its war aims. A dangerous expansion of the west into its backyard has been nullified.” It appears not quite. BBC R4 were happy to suggest yesterday or today (Sunday) that the EU membership is still being dangled under Zelensky’s nose.

      Oh dear. That was how it all kicked off in the first place.


  18. Guest Who says:

    So far empty space.



    • Guest Who says:

      So far, 1 reaction. Which is 100% more than earlier.


  19. Guest Who says:

    Some seem to cope. Almost revel in it.


  20. Guest Who says:

    Everyone knows no one reads the Graun; they just check a bit to get outraged.

    Especially the bbc.


  21. Guest Who says:

    One for Wendy and Springster?


  22. pugnazious says:

    ‘ “Anarchy, total chaos, and everyone watching the BBC.”….And make no mistake, the very existence of BBC TV was a critical factor.”’’

    ‘Boris Johnson sorry if Zaghari-Ratcliffe remarks ’caused anxiety”

    ‘Boris Johnson has said he is sorry if his remarks about a British-Iranian mother caused anxiety to her family.

    The foreign secretary had been criticised for saying Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, who has been jailed in Iran, had been training journalists there.

    A charity said the remarks could worsen her sentence. She had been in Iran on holiday when she was arrested, it said.

    Mr Johnson told MPs he was sorry if his words were “so taken out of context” as “to cause any kind of anxiety”.

    The UK government had “no doubt” she was on holiday when she was arrested, he said.’

    Well yeah, she was on holiday ‘when arrested’ but she wasn’t arrested for what she was doing in 2016, she was arrested for her part in the BBC’s ZigZag Project which helped foment the 2009 protests in Iran…..the BBC is being very disengenuous when it avoids this truth…a truth that implicates itself in the farago…

    ‘BBC Trains Iranian Journalists through ZigZag Online Magazine’


    As the Guardian tells us it was for past sins that other journalists were being arrested in 2014…

    ‘Iranian judicial authorities have accused a group of recently jailed activists and bloggers of having links with the BBC and its past training courses.’

    And just how responsible is the BBC for those arrests in 2014?

    ‘The arrests have also coincided with attempts by the BBC to obtain stronger operational presence in Iran.’


    So the BBC was ramping up its operations in Iran to undermine the regime and suddenly journalists with links to the BBC are arrested…hmmmm.

    And then came the arrest of Nazanin Zaghani Ratcliffe because she, perhaps foolishly or naively [no advice from the BBC?], travelled to Iran to visit her family.

    A BBC assessment of ZigZag gives us the premise for which it was set up…journalism can transform society….

    ‘The mass media has long been used in political, social and economic development. This is based on the premise that it can influence and transform traditional political structures, leading to political modernisation (e.g. Schramm, 1964). Nevertheless, some scholars doubt whether such a premise is applicable in countries where the media is frequently part of the state’s power structure
    (Sreberny-Mohammadi, 2000)’

    And thus internet journalism, citizen journalism, should be utilised to side-step the MSM in order to generate political change in society…..thus the BBC set up projects to encourage that…including in Iran.

    ‘Recognising the important role of new media in Iran, the BBC World Service Trust launched the Iran Media Development Project in 2005. It trains practising and aspiring Iranian journalists to generate high quality content for Persian-speaking audiences inside and outside Iran. ‘

    Click to access m3-2-New-mediaIran.pdf

    We are told that such programmes had enormous influence n stirring up the 2009 protests in Iran….

    ‘The Role of New Media in the 2009 Iranian Elections’
    ‘New media technologies played a major role in the events leading up to and following the 2009 Iranian elections and are likely to continue to have a tremendous impact…..In Iran, they united a movement and disseminated information both inside and outside the country.’

    Click to access CIMA-Role_of_New_Media_in_Iranian_Elections-Workshop_Report.pdf

    And impact it did have….

    ‘The Power of TV News: An Insider’s Perspective on the Launch of BBC Persian TV in the Year of the Iranian Uprising’

    ‘Roll forward 18 months to the uprising of June 2009. “I went to bed in one country, and woke up in another.” The memorable words of (UK) Channel 4 News reporter, Lindsey Hillsum. Hundreds of thousands were out on the streets in Tehran and cities across Iran, disputing the “stolen election.” Joe Klein, reporting the Iranian election in Tehran for Time magazine and CNN, describes it like this: “Anarchy, total chaos, and everyone watching the BBC.”….And make no mistake, the very existence of BBC TV was a critical factor.”’

    Many, many journalists with links to the BBC were arrested by Iran…centring on their attempts to infleunce the 2009 elections there…

    ‘The Iranian government has opened a criminal investigation into 152 current and former BBC Persian journalists on charges of “conspiracy against national security”…….The dispute appears to centre on 2009 Iranian presidential elections when the government accused foreign powers of interference. It was also the year BBC Persian began broadcasting. ‘


    So once again the BBC’s attempts to interfere in, to influence and to rig elections in foreign countries has dire effects….this time for journalists.

    Time to start asking questions about the BBC’s role in subverting democracy, causing divisions and polarisation in society and its highly politicised and biased coverage of any subject or issue.


    • Guest Who says:

      I wonder what BBC training in anything comprises?

      Paintballing with the lads?

      One might try an FOI, but likely exempted as only the BBC can demand answers.


    • theisland says:

      Some citizen journalists (i.e. those that have received the ‘approved training’) are more equal than others.


  23. Guest Who says:

    BBC historians: Mary, Mary, Quite Selective, Dan the Man Who Misses Stuff and…

    They know who know what the BBC wants known.


  24. StewGreen says:

    To the BBCnews website
    yesterday’s big UK story was Sunak, Sunak Sunak and more Sunak


  25. vlad says:

    Yesterday I posted that, in one report, the BBC had subtly downplayed the significance of Boris Johnson’s visit to Ukraine while inflating the importance of the EU.

    The resident BBC troll on this site countered that claim by quoting a different report that praised Boris’s action.

    He may be correct (he seems to have easy and accurate access to all BBC output) but he quoted from a different bulletin than the one I saw on the BBC News Channel.

    Just setting the record straight. I usually don’t respond to BBC trolls, it only encourages them.


  26. theisland says:


  27. Zephir says:

    In’t it great, this site has our own bbc style f@ck sh@tter, sorry “fact checker”

    like the bbc one will conveniently omit to check any allegations relating to Biden corruption, Clinton sex crimes or those of his lying corrupt wife or of the Pelosi witch or if they do on rare occasion, , will find no truth, lying through their teeth, but will eagerly jump in with two feet if there is any chance of denigrating Trump etc with their semi educated biased outpourings.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Zephir, attendance in the so-called ‘EU Parliament’ appears to be rather on the optional side.


  28. Zephir says:

    Literally no one wants to talk to Joe Biden


    • Fedup2 says:

      A recent ‘Tucker ‘ made this a big thing – and the theory that the current false president is Obama – is supported by this video …
      If that is the way Biden is treated in public imagine it in private …..
      If the democrats are really lining up Biden to be deposed – as Tucker suggests – I wonder if it will be sooner than later … ?

      I suppose they can’t do it whilst putin Is stamping his feet but time must be limited as Biden’s dementia develops ….

      Someone who needs a calm and quiet environment – to ease his confusion – is instead – the glove puppet having to appear in front of lights and cameras ….


  29. G says:

    BBC biased emphasis: “the Far Right Le Pen” whereas, Moron is not politically identified.

    “Every Little Helps”

    Should Moron be described by our “Most Trusted” as, “the Globalist/Communist Macron”?


  30. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Russia is threatening to flood Finland with ‘immigrants/refugees’ if it joins NATO.


    If that happens surely Finland’s economy will increase because we all know ‘they put in more than they take out’
    The more Russia sends the better for Finland.
    Russia will be rewarding Finland for joining NATO.

    Unless what they’ve been telling us about immigration is a lie but they wouldn’t lie to us would they.

    Doesn’t Putin realise that all his actions are doing is making more Nations want to join NATO, the opposite of what he is supposed to want.
    It’s Russia who is doing all the attacking so joining NATO is an obvious move.

    I think all of us can see this.


    • G says:


      “Russia is threatening to flood Finland with ‘immigrants/refugees’ if it joins NATO.”

      I guess these will be Russian citizens fleeing Putin…..


      • Fedup2 says:

        We don’t exactly hear about the third world fighting it’s way to get into a hole like Russia ….


  31. Foscari says:

    I don’t know what to watch this afternoon on BBC TV. The
    women’s rugby or the Kabaddi Eights. Maybe I will watch
    the CIS men’s football match between Manchester City-
    Liverpool on Sky. But it’s a hard decision. I wish the BBC
    were showing the netball. Then it would be an easier


  32. Sluff says:

    In this age of equality and rights for women, why should a man be defined by what his wife does?
    And why should his wife be compelled by the MSM and political opponents to change her personal arrangements.

    I think we should hear what Harriet Harperson has to say.


  33. Sluff says:

    Our Labour government is so spineless.
    Back as long ago as 2006 then Home Secretary John Reed denounced the Home Office as ‘not fit for purpose’. That was in relation to immigration and the failure to deport criminals after finishing their sentences.
    Over 15 years later and Priti ‘useless’ Patel presides over the shambles of visas for Ukrainians even if they have family in the UK, while economic chancers are waved in along the South Coast by the Navy, RNLI, police et al.

    So if ever there was a time to really hammer in to the Home then that time is now. But what do we get?
    Zilch. Nothing. Absolutely pathetic government.


    • Doublethinker says:

      We are not ruled by those that we elect but by the permanent bureaucracy of the civil service. They are the ones whom all governments must use to implement their policies, the manifesto pledges that they were elected on. The system worked after a fashion and was reasonably apolitical . But Blair politicised everything he touched and turned the civil service into Labour apparatchiks whose job was support Labour and oppose the Tories whenever they were in government.
      Sacking civil servants is almost impossible. Politicians have little influence on the career path of the civil servants. Basically all Tory administrations have been hamstrung by Blair even 15 years after he left office.
      Admittedly the Tories could have fought harder exposed civil service political games much more thoroughly but in the end they rely on the service and really can’t do much.


  34. Emmanuel Goldstein says:
    • taffman says:

      Emmanuel Goldstein
      One of those “Men” again?
      How many have crossed the English Channel in the last week?

      Has the reporting of the invasion of our southern shores been ‘buried’ under the news about the fiasco of the long queues of hauliers waiting to cross into Europe at Dover?
      How long will it take the ‘Remainers’ to blame it on Brexit ?


  35. Guest Who says:

    How to describe this, beyond Getty Image perfection?

    The BBC also passes on how unions want to change attitudes.

    The BBC likes that.


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      Guest. Re. your Getty reference.
      On Facebook there was a picture of Betty Grable, the film star.
      On the comments I put ‘Did she marry Paul Getty’

      Some people answered with her real life husbands but nobody seemed to get my joke.


    • digg says:

      Probably along the lines of giving everybody every other week off to cut the number of people going to work with colds by 50% that’s the sort of logic they usually employ.


  36. Guest Who says:

    JezBo, Simpo and Clive of the Roof must be spitting bullets.


  37. Guest Who says:

    OT, but an exclusive to the Indy vs. the BBC, who just hands the platform to anyone in the charity sector seems odd.

    Maybe they can get in Miliband. D to outline the hardships that prevail?


    • BRISSLES says:

      Well, if they run out they run out ! I lived for years on toast and marmite before I went to work.


    • digg says:

      What exactly happens when a food bank “breaks” does everyone get covered in cornflakes and 10 day old milk?


    • StewGreen says:

      Yet again, I didn’t have to fight off the crowds at the bargain shelf today
      eggs 33p box, coffee pods 38p for 10

      – 4 pieces of haddock (540g) +12 sausages, + Lasange ready meal : £1.62 total
      – Yesterday 1Kg of chicken thighs 67p


  38. taffman says:

    “This plug socket tells you if your energy is green”
    What’s the point ?


  39. StewGreen says:

    Oh tonight’s news was almost entirely white staff
    except for the posh back lady, who did the on the scene item in the local news
    Main news : anchor : white Female, sports : White M, Weather : White F
    Local : Anchor : White M, Weather : White F

    Into Countryfile ..seems mostly white


  40. Guest Who says:

    BBC Shires also unhappy with the money tree situation.

    🚌 What would it take to get you out of your car and on to a bus? 🚎
    Herefordshire and Worcestershire asked for £104 million from the Government to upgrade bus services – only to get nothing! 😳
    Listen to the full story here https://bbc.in/3JhcoVR


    ‘The government’ of course has no money to give. It could gouge more from taxpayers, but as the BBC seems unaware of the facts behind this story, preferring a vague ideological snipe, this was not going to get a mention.

    ‘News’ via emoticon is also very BBC kindergarten.


    • Thoughtful says:

      What would it take me to get on a bus? Safe arrival at destination whithout some fare dodging drug absuing scroat trying to trob me blind, and no Police because the Blue Labour party decided to defund them, together with no courts and massively lenient sentences.

      Until law & order is sorted out I’ll be sticking to my car or walking thanks!


      • Fedup2 says:

        Thoughtful – although I have a choice of transport – in londonistan – I do use a bus from time to time . But there are certain places in the bus not to use – the rear upstairs for instance –

        There are also certain times of day – 1445 – 1700 weekdays – when the animals come out from school …

        The third world is the primary user of londonistan buses – operated by third world’ drivers’ ….

        It’s the Bravest thing I do – with or without the covid threat


  41. StewGreen says:

    Countryfile ..Seems 70 mins long instead of 60

    John Craven “There COULD be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050”

    … Right that sounds like #FakeNews
    ( 2016 BBC’s own fact check debunked that claim
    the original scientist subsequently he undercounted fish to be a 13th of what they actually are ..so even though the Ellen McCarthy foundation upped its plastic forecast
    It would still be about 12 fish to 1 plastic (tweight))
    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-35562253 )

    Seagrass sequestrates carbon 35 times faster than CO2
    It absorbs UPTO 18% of oceans CO2

    FFS I reckon something like a microbe probably absorbs a lot of CO2.

    “COULD” and “UPTO” are #PRtrickery words


    • StewGreen says:

      Seagrass lab staff are all wearing “Ocean campaign” T-shirts and white lab coats
      … I bet they don’t wear those normally
      Logos are supposed o be limited on the BBC


      • Guest Who says:

        BBC limitations are legion.

        For those not on Twitter, you are quite lucky.

        Looks like the swimsuit round of a WI/XR committee day out.


        • Sluff says:

          Seven women keen to swim in the North Sea in early April.
          So….not necessarily totally representative of the good people of Manningtree, eh, BBC? Or indeed anywhere else.

          But on message. So representativeness is of no import.


    • StewGreen says:

      Tom Heap : Sand Dune erosion item
      Heap began by equating erosion with Climate Change
      .. they are NOT the same things

      Heap now clarifies “With Climate Change we COULD see more intense storms”


      • Deborah says:

        Thanks Stew, watching Countryfile so I don’t have to. I used to watch the week’s weather for farmers and growers, but the BBC gave up on them a long time ago.


    • StewGreen says:

      In 2016 the BBC More Or Less prog also debunked that 2050 claim
      None of the original sources of the data stand by that claim.


  42. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    What is far right?

    Every time the French election is mentioned Le Pen is always preceded by ‘far right’

    Is she going to build concentration camps and start exterminating all the non French population.
    Is she going to attack and invade all the Countries around her.
    Is she going to do the book burnings and have squads of secret police going round disappearing people and torturing those who are perceived to be against the state.

    That’s how the far right is seen by many.

    Is reducing mass immigration far right. If yes then the majority of the UK is far right.

    I hope it isn’t too long before the msm, led by the bbbc, return to a central position where wanting free speech is not seen as far right.

    Has anyone ever heard any of the msm use ‘far left’
    I can’t recall ever hearing it.
    I suppose when all the media is very much on the left, then far left isn’t far away at all whereas far right (or even any right) is far away and thus, to the msm, far right.
    Have I answered my own question?


    • taffman says:

      “What is far right?”
      In the eyes of Al Beeb, anything that is not Far Left.


      • StewGreen says:

        It’s a PRtrickery word, a smear word, a boo word
        ..designed to MONSTER a person
        designed to “poison the well” of their discourse
        making the argument about the PERSON, rather than be about the FACTS
        ie Fallacy of Ad Hominem


        • StewGreen says:

          Brendan O’Neil from Spiked is on GBnews pointing out Putin is saying he is “De-Nazi-fying Ukraine”
          .. that is propaganda

          So the BBC seems to be acting like Putin by using the same tactic against le Pen


  43. Guest Who says:

    BBC term usage is very BBC.


  44. Guest Who says:

    When Caroline speaks, the BBC prints it.

    Top pic, guys. Groper out finding his sunny side?


  45. Guest Who says:

    #PRasNews folk know what pushes BBC ‘print’ buttons.


  46. Guest Who says:

    He dating Vile’s kid yet?


  47. G says:

    I am a huge fan of, ‘History Debunked’. Only one or two videos over the years I found myself disagreeing with.

    And now, I have a confession: apart from the likes of the obvious, Patel/Javid Savid et al. I had not known that the so-called, ‘Political Elite’ in this country cannot trace any British ancestry back for any length of time. I and others here have regularly commented on the lack of any backbone in our, “leaders”. Clearly, being run by foreigners is one good reason.

    I am horrified at the thought that these people may well become decision makers in any potential WW3. I wouldn’t want any one of them making decisions in that regard on my behalf. In fact, they are individually and severally quite capable of selling the UK down the river. untrustworthy, the lot of them.

    Forget the secrecy of the daily number of rubber boat imports, I think we should monitor the comings and goings of the cabal to ascertain when they are all out the UK at the same time cos, that’s when any invasion/obliteration of the UK will occur. For me, it is as crude as that.

    We have to get rid of these people double quick.


  48. digg says:

    BBC are going “large” on the French election, much more in depth coverage for another Country’s election than they have ever done before with the possible exception of the false USA election to crucify Trump.

    This is normally a sign that the BBC are very nervous and worried.

    If it turns out to be Le Pen, I think we will see a rerun of the Brexit night ashen faces on our BBC screens.

    Bloody hope so!


  49. Thoughtful says:

    Well here’s a story which could really land Micron in the brown and smelly, let alone screw up his election chances if it’s true.


    Not to mention the mess this would land NATO and the US in and they can even name the captured General