Start the Week 9 May 2022

The 9th marks the end of the Great Patriotic War for Russia. So is this the day Putin declares formal war? Over to you …

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  1. Doublethinker says:

    I’ve just finished The War on the West by Douglas Murray. A splendid book which pulls no punches and in which Douglas urges that the Woke fanatics and so called thinkers behind Critical Race Theory must be cleared out of the way. He suggests that tolerance is dragging us down , that we respectfully allow idiots to seize the podium and spout the most vile , historically ignorant , nonsense against us , which we are too polite to respond to. He suggests that we cease to be tolerant and polite and push back with the truth.
    He thinks that the Chinese must find the whole undermining of the West by the West a fantastic opportunity to increase their power . He thinks that energy independence is a key thing , that net zero is ridiculous, that buying American goods is important and outsourcing everything a bad idea.
    Yet despite supporting these key Trump policies he didn’t support Trump? The Pushing Back Douglas advocates won’t be pretty . Merely publishing a book or disagreeing on a panel show won’t stop the Woke wave from engulfing us all. It will need leaders who will take action based on the thoughts of people like Douglas . It will be messy , dirty , unpleasant and you probably wouldn’t want to take tea with the type of leaders who are going to do the fighting for you . But you will be lost if they don’t step forward and lead the fight and you need to support them to the hilt.


    • Thoughtful says:

      In other words with the cowardice of the Tories, we are finished.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Nice summary . The coming economic strain will have consequences which i dont think we can properly model yet .

        BBC propaganda about old dears riding on buses might turn out to be a moderate story in comparison to coming strains.

        Im waiting to see somebody as pessimistic as me to really do some informed modelling across – say the next 36 months – working through various scenarios ranging from a dead putin to an ongoing war…


    • MarkyMark says:

      Boris ignores 3 teachers hiding in Batley after making a joke about Burkas … Boris is not Winston Churchill … not even the shadow of him …

      The Swedish police continue to investigate. Whatever the circumstances of the fatal crash, Douglas Murray is correct as to the broader cause of death:

      Lars Vilks was a man, and an artist, of enormous courage. He should never have been in this situation, and if other artists and others across Europe had not been such cowards then he never would have been.

      The Swedish police continue to investigate. Whatever the circumstances of the fatal crash, Douglas Murray is correct as to the broader cause of death:

      Lars Vilks was a man, and an artist, of enormous courage. He should never have been in this situation, and if other artists and others across Europe had not been such cowards then he never would have been.


    • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

      Spot on again Doublethinker!


  2. Deborah says:

    I have just watched the first 5 minutes of the BBC1 news, the save Sir Kier is in operation. Use of clips of Kier saying he didn’t believe he broke the law, emphasis on him doing the decent thing, the BBC believing every word he says.

    Trouble is, i am not sure whether they really want to save him, or is he the fall guy because if he goes, then Boris will have to go too. The only trouble is I don’t know who ‘they ‘ are. Are they the Remainers from either or all sides of both political parties or just the Far Left of the Labour Party.


    • dafydd says:

      BBC as we know will always put the best spin forward to protect the beloved Labour.

      Rest assured folks he already knows he’s safe . Bet you my bottom dollar he’s already been tipped the wink that he’s safe from a fine.

      You have a Crime Commissioner in Durham who is a Labour supporter and member of the Labour party. You have a police force with unions who are Labour driven.

      Do you really believe a piece of pond life like Starmer would make such a statement if he wasn’t sure he would survive.

      BBC will already know he’s safe..Starmer is truly pathetic


    • Up2snuff says:

      Debs, the far Left of Labour have left the Party I think. They are the anti-EU group within Labour. It is the liberals in Labour, the ones who might defect to the LimpUnDems, who are pro EU while some on the Far Right of Labour are supporters who also want back in to the EU.


    • tomo says:

      Hmmmm… not like there isn’t any other news – any mention of 2000Mules ?

      I guess I know the answer – but have to ask…


    • Fedup2 says:

      Im not sure that nut nut has to go if starmer resigns – i think starmers ‘ sin is far far worse on so many levels than the PM – and i am no fan of him or his red party ..,


  3. Sluff says:

    SirKeir’s legal team reckon he won’t be charged.
    So by apparently taking the higher ground, he hopes to pressurise Boris into resigning if he gets another fine….or even if we are reminded about his existing fine.

    Worse still, the public at large swallow this trivial c*** hook, line, and sinker whilst appalling , inept Labour councils and mayors waste our money like water.

    The real indictment of the Tories is their sheer ineptitude and naïveté. The new Mayors in the big cities just cement one party stares, and there is no local accountability when national issues continue to dominate local voting, and hypocrites like ‘Sir’ Ed Daley exploit that public inadequacy. The Tories never saw it coming and their natural supporters in the shires have no ‘Mayor’ equivalent.


    • Northern Voter says:

      “Inept Labour councils and mayor’s waste our money like water”

      Too true, Hull City Council lost to the Limp Dums 10 years or so ago. The public servants of Hull taking their orders from the unions, one of which is Unison, put every stumbling block they could in the way to make sure that the town reverted to a Labour Council, and continued it’s merry way downhill.


      • Up2snuff says:

        NV, no doubt with the help of the local MP who said when he left the Lower House he would never accept a Peerage which he then did. Another Labour hypocrite.


    • StewGreen says:

      Nope, “SirKeir’s legal team reckon he won’t be charged.”
      Guido disagrees. He says Starmer is using the SAME legal adviser as Blair
      .. Same technique, scare the police into backing off by set a high price for them pressing ahead.


      Northern Voter you know the libDems have just won Hull back
      Using the promise that Traffic congestion caused by bu lanes will be ended
      .. Then now in power they says this weeks bus lane work will continue.

      BBC Humberside Radio/TV have been leading each bulletin all day
      with “Ed Davy says”
      relaying PRasNews of Davy visiting the city to celebrate the win.


  4. Up2snuff says:

    BBC WEB-SITE Watch #1 – there is a good reason to assume the cost of living crisis is not so bad after all . . . ….. Check out the top two rows on the business page. Bottom left is ‘Britons skip meals as food prices rise’ but up in the top row of three smaller images, in the middle, is ‘Chaos as long queues snake outside airport’. If there is a cost of living crisis, how come so many people in and around Manchester, Heathrow, Gatwick and now Birmingham can afford to fly on holiday? They cannot all be people just travelling on business and doing so on expenses, can they?


    • StewGreen says:

      Actually BBC news have been doing stories about the energy prices rises saying each family will be paying £400/year in energy bills etc.

      … That’s disinformation cos each family is on course to pay thousands extra .. as increased energy costs don’t just affect your own energy bills… you will pay the bills for all the the other buildings as well : factories , supermarkets, schools, hospitals , govt offices etc


      • Up2snuff says:

        That’s right, Stew, every good reaching the shops that you then purchase from requires fuel to get it there. And every product usually has an energy loading from manufacture through shipping to unloading at a port then delivery to a wholesaler.

        I smiled when the BBC ran an article on their web-site about bicycle manufacture returning to Europe from China. The frames (made by a company in Portugal) were to be made of carbon fibre. Carbon fibre requires a massive amount of heat just to ‘cure’ it, much more than the equivalent metal frame. In addition, carbon fibre is relatively fragile but more than that, in the event of an accident it breaks into shards that puncture both other vehicle tyres as well as humans.

        BBC ignorance cannot be beaten.


    • Flotsam says:

      Many of the people going on holiday will be early retired Public sector servants on fat pensions and lump sums. Boat and Yacht marinas are full of them, ex Civil Servants, Police, teachers etc. Many of them will draw pensions for longer than they ever worked for.


  5. tomo says:

    search YouTube for Tucker Carlson

    – get Piers Morgan …

    eye-roll upwards / shake head


    • MarkyMark says:

      Worked for me –

      Piers on Fox News # 7 item


      • tomo says:

        I suppose it makes a change from only a few (old) Fox links and a bunch of weird Vietnam / India / Kenya / Indonesian “channels” that put eerily similar words in big lurid type like “Pelosi finished!” and worse which were a feature of YT Carlson search results several weeks back… I even started collecting the links as they were pretty off colour for the most part – designed to trigger from the thumbnail – I suspected it was coordinated and a variant on “culture jamming”.

        One shouldn’t shoot the messenger I suppose – but if I were forced to make an exception – it’d be Morgan…


  6. Kinell says:

    Still looking like the Star man is in trouble.

    Please. Please. Please let Diane Abbott take over the Labour Party.
    What could go wrong.


    • Fedup2 says:

      There is such a wealth of labour mediocrity to choose from as the next Labour leader – I reckon a Muslim coloured girl would be favourite –
      I favour dawn butler – who really is as think as do do and would lead the socialists to at least another decade in the loo.


  7. Guest Who says:

    KGM clearly felt this was worth it.

    This appears in error.


    • StewGreen says:

      What fantasy universe do these libmob school bully gang live in ?
      Krishnan Guru-Murthy a journalist ???
      He thinks this info is new and important

      #1 It doesn’t matter who the paparazzi was
      #2 It’s old news .. Ivo didn’t keep it a secret he posted it on his own Instagram 4 months ago
      then Guido wrote about it

      #3 Is the Guardian screaming about it now .. witness intimidation ?

      ” can’t believe the amount people having a hissy fit over this…
      Doesn’t bloody matter if it was postman Pat that took the video, ”
      Yep It’s the message that counts, NOT the messenger


    • JohnC says:

      They weren’t so outraged when those activists recorded nut-nut screaming at Boris and the Guardian published it.

      I also noticed a tweet after it which I see a lot of these days – and always by the Left. They have no problem in taking the time and trouble to fake pictures with the single intent of personally ridiculing and debasing someone they don’t like.


      Absolutely typical of the Left to go after the man, not the ball. They truly are shallow, nasty pieces of work. I am absolutely certain that if they had the power to do it, the people they hate would disappear.


      • BigBrotherCorporation says:

        Sir Keir, on the FAR RIGHT of that photo above, has certainly been eating a few too many curries during lockdown.


  8. Fedup2 says:

    Being of a fairly sick mentality if I was nut nut I’d read some plaintiff story about how some relative lost someone to covid at the time starmer and growler were tucking into their vindaloo…

    After all – he did the same emotion porn in the commons – and deserves the same – I really hope it runs for a while to extract the most pain …..


    • Kinell says:

      I suppose there is that to it.

      But, just for a year or two, just for the laugh.

      Come on we can handle it.


    • Guest Who says:

      There is emotion porn, and there is Starmer integrity. Apparently.

      Wall to wall Wes, Mad Al etc using a bbc still frame to illustrate.

      No word on GeeGee and her front garden tanning plans.


  9. tomo says:


    Looks like 2000Mules was an opening salvo


    Anybody who thinks that the USA election situation is unique to the USA needs to consider that politically active “Not For Profits” are a feature of the British political scene – especially related to the Climate Crisis, Social Climate Justice and the like … Outside the formal election process but up to their necks in it.

    cough… Common Purpose

    I get the feeling that TrueTheVote are a bit more non partisan than the folk running other tax deductible 501(c) outfits that have orchestrated the vote stuffing paper logistics – and some of the energy they’re putting into this scrap is in part driven by loathing for people who are abusing their “charitable status”

    I hope Zuckerberg’s getting squeaky-bum

    The Guardian / BBC is pretending not to notice while no doubt trying to whip up something “credible” for their faithful…

    I wonder if this is why Jen Psaki baled out?


  10. Fedup2 says:

    Today watch

    For some reason the press announcement / conference – made by starmer – the PM in waiting – yesterday on his non breach of covid rules – has not been noticed by the BBC Today programme .
    Compare that with breaches by nut nut and co – an obsession with ‘getting him ‘ labour MPs lined up to recite some ‘constituent ‘ who ‘lost someone to covid ‘ whilst nut nut was having a birthday cake …
    It’s a nice example of bias – and I hope someone is timing the amount of coverage these 2 law breaking episodes get .

    Personally I care less about the nut nut cases but the hypocrisy of starmer and labour is something ….


  11. Fedup2 says:

    Today update – they finally got round to starmer – the bee lady having a chat with the hideous Bridget Phillipson – labour droid – reading out the ‘if asked ‘ replies –

    1 no rules were broken
    2 starmer has principles
    3 deflect to nut nut
    4 there is no leadership battle
    5 Mrs balls won’t be the first female labour leader ( made up )


    • Guest Who says:

      The BBC Moaning Emole has: Latest on Starmer claims

      Not immediately clear if they are his claims against others, others claims against him, colleague claims based on bbc quotes of his, or media attempts to smear facts.


    • theisland says:

      Starmer is really just a jumped-up civil servant type with the same alien mentality. I think his primary aim was/is achieving a large global pension by any route available. To this end he accepted his ‘placement’ as an MP and worked furiously with the EU to undermine democracy after the referendum. At the same time he cultivated the public persona of a noble human rights lawyer – despite caring nothing about widespread establishment corruption within the justice system. His modus operandi, which had served him well in the past, was ‘fence-sitting’ with the ability to temporarily slither down whichever side of the fence seemed appropriate. Additionally he always positioned himself several steps away from any blame. As party leader it became increasingly difficult for him to use these devious methods to obscure his duplicity. Now more (but apparently not enough) people recognise him as the arrogant and not particularly competent self-serving creature that he is.


  12. Foscari says:

    One of the biggest changes in the woke society we now
    live in is in advertising. 3% of the population of the UK
    is black . But they make up now getting on for 50% of the
    advertising models we now see in adverts.
    Advertising would be the answer to all of BBC’S financial
    “problems” It would be killing two birds with one stone.
    BIG BROTHER at the Diversity department. Being a he, she,
    or it. Would be in a permanent orgasmic state.
    However the problem is that major corporations such as
    Barclays Bank for example are beginning to realize after four years or
    so, that, on their internet advertising having almost
    continual woke advertising , their balance sheets are as not
    as good as they should be. BECAUSE their advertising is an
    utter turn off for at least 80% of their customers. But at long
    last they have begun to see sense . Something I expect the
    BBC will never have. As they are numero uno in the woke stakes.


    • RTW says:

      I was looking for men’s loungewear on the ASDA website. All the models were “of colour” apart from one……a black albino!

      If they don’t want to target me as a customer then I will spend my money elsewhere.


      • Guest Who says:

        The notion of ASDA loungewear intrigues.

        Seems the aisle of man at Lidl may soon have a ladies’ unmentionables section for the diverse DIY chap about town.

        Seems the Rabbit 200 can also stir paint like a beast in pirate bedroom. Champion may offer translations…


  13. Guest Who says:

    On the subject of gardens, lady or winter, this was not as immediately imagined…

    Then off to the soup kitchen, Huw? Commanding away.


  14. Thoughtful says:

    BBC climate editor whose sister is an Insulate Britain fanatic made false claims on global warming including worldwide deaths are rising and Madagascar is on the verge of famine, inquiry finds

    BBC Panorama global warming documentary made a number of false claims

    Wild Weather, presented by climate editor Justin Rowlatt, said deaths worldwide were rising due to extreme weather caused by climate change

    It said Madagascar was almost having the first famine caused by climate change


    • Scroblene says:

      When the BBC has to stand on its own feet, I wonder what sort of coverage they’ll give to such obvious misinformation?

      I suppose Ofcom will be ‘staffed’ with the left-overs of ex-Beeb autocue-readers and their under-managers, so it’ll take a while for them to even contemplate anything useful in the commercial world.


    • taffman says:

      “Climate change: ‘Fifty-fifty chance’ of breaching 1.5C warming limit”
      “Rising temperatures are linked to more extreme weather events such as these floods in China”
      Then that’s a Fifty Fifty Chance of it not happening.
      Perhaps they better have a word with China ?
      On the plus side, our central heating bills should be cheaper.


  15. Guest Who says:


    Do that to KGM and it’s horses heads on the bed.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Was Jeremy Vine sitting behind her?



      • Guest Who says:



      • Banania says:

        If he was sitting behind her, he wouldn’t have had much of a view. Who is that person? She has been in almost every TV advertisement for as long as I can remember.


  16. StewGreen says:

    This morning after 7:07am Krishnan Guru-Murthy DELETED his tweet that went out to his 640,000 followers last night
    that had been very popular with Labour supporters
    cos it deflected from Starmer and fed conspiracy theories
    .. but was 4 month old news libmob journos hadn’t noticed.

    Such tweets probably set the Labour mob onto the Durham student Ivo
    and risk him harm.


    • Guest Who says:

      He and Jon going on tour soon…?

      The ‘Can You See What It Is Yet?’ Brothers thin ice partial skating team.

      Deleting sends a message. About integrity. Apparently.


    • Guest Who says:

      I wonder if it was so much ‘not noticed’, or more no one pays attention to Ch4, even the media?

      Or more likely professional courtesies.

      Not all sources are as happy to be spotlighted as Brando’s flounce spouse.


    • StewGreen says:

      Integrity ??



    • Peter Grimes says:

      It seems all ‘news’ outlets are searching the archives for go-to stories. This morning the saurian Kay Bully had a cost-of-living crisis interview with one Carly Newman of New Cross, a single mum of 36….who just happens to have complained to the ‘I’ in January as an easy internet search would show up.

      If she had lived in New Cross at the time I grew up she would have had real economic problems.


    • StewGreen says:

      Krishnan deleted the tweet
      Ostensibly the context i all disappeared now
      but I’m using tools to look at the archived thread
      .. It is full of HATE towards Ivo Delingpole from the Labour mob

      I see someone pointing out that “destroying the messenger”
      is “Another Labour tactic from the master
      remember how they destroyed Dr Kelly to save there shin”


  17. StewGreen says:

    local radio 8am bulletin
    News : “a popular pub is to be bulldozed for 20 houses”

    Not News : “Hull hospital says they are saving hundreds of thousands of pounds per month due to the solar panels they installed in February,
    they say they are the only hospital in Europe to be powered ENTIRELY by solar panels.”

    #1 That is PRasNews
    #2 It’s clearly false .. the hospital spends much of the time being powered by non-solar, non-wind


    • StewGreen says:

      next item
      “scary scary .. the time is running out to curb emissions
      50% chance temp over 1.5C etc”

      next item : footballers wives’ gossip


  18. MarkyMark says:

    Chinese firm buys pub where David Cameron and Xi Jinping enjoyed a pint
    This article is more than 5 years old
    The Plough at Cadsden, a 16th-century Buckinghamshire inn, has become a hotspot for Chinese tourists since president’s state visit in 2015


  19. AsISeeIt says:

    They say trust the experts – but imprecision and hedging of bets seem to be the order of the day: ‘Climate change: ‘Fifty-fifty chance’ of breaching 1.5C warming limit‘ (BBC); ‘Rate-setter urges “relatively quick” rises‘ (Financial Times)

    Don’t worry yourself, the media regularly assure us these experts know what they’re doing.

    The Daily Mirror today would have us see Keir Starmer as something like the heroic Shane of the eponymous classic Western movie standing up to the villain (and – spoiler alert – “probably” getting himself fatally wounded before he rides off into the sunset) or perhaps he’s Sydney Carton of Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities – he was also a duff booze-swilling lawyer: ‘This is what honor looks like, Mr Johnson‘ – roll the closing credits… the Mirror there standing on its honor and that of the leader of the party it supports.

    Of course the forensic genius that is Sir Keir is obsessed, not with the spirit but with the letter of the law: ‘Labour: We can prove Starmer broke no Covid lockdown rules. Labour says it has evidence that staff continued working after eating a takeaway at an event being investigated as a potential lockdown breach‘ (BBC) – so let’s be clear – this has absolutely nothing to do with any supposed fear of a close gathering of people causing the spreading of infection. Oh no, this is all about the performative nature of those covid lockdown regulations. Our honorable Sir Keir – who regularly pleaded for earlier, stricter and longer restrictive rules – didn’t and doesn’t himself much bother what was really potentially dangerous behaviour – just so long as: ‘A party source says “documentary evidence” shows Sir Keir Starmer’s team were working until 01:00 BST‘ (BBC) – at last some precision?

    For some reason I’m reminded of Jack Nicholson’s angry outburst at the end of that military courtroom drama A Few Good Men: “You can’t handle the truth!” – and the truth both Sir Keir and the media can’t handle is – Lockdown was a sham. A sham, an illusion, even now maintained by our elites and their compliant media.

    Starmer says he will resign IF fined over beers…‘ (Mirror) – why depend on your acquittal on a technicality? If those sacrosanct Lockdown precautions were a real life-saving boon then fall on your sword now, Sir!

    Some scrap of allegedly exculpatory paperwork won’t take back one virus-laden collegiate beery breath exhaled by the comradely brothers and sisters gathered in Durham; won’t reverse a micron of jalfrezi-flavoured spital set airborn over their composite motions discussed into the wee small hours. Any more that those near-ubiquitous paper facemasks amounted to much more than token emblems.

    The formerly patriotic Times draws our attention to: ‘The generation who roll over‘ – No, nothing to do with lame acquiescence to technocratic State diktat – this is: ‘Too tired for sex‘ – talk of sex can be wearisome… but more of that later.

    Patriotism isn’t a word ever to be associated with the Guardian – heaven forfend: ‘“I don’t want to be a little Englander” – Cornelia Parker on BP, bombs and becoming a German. She is a politically charged artist whose work can be literally explosive. Ahead of a huge show, Parker talks about ‘cartoon violence’, recreating a corridor in Parliament – and why she may apply for German citizenship

    Of course our Cornelia – who claims to be something of a populist – speaking truth to power – is not the sort of artist who would create any thing of beauty for your living room wall. She’s more your publicly-funded commission artist. She ticks all the right boxes. Small wonder she gets a Guardian feature: ‘It’s hard not to engage in politics, she says, before listing off all the “reprehensible” items in the current news agenda, including the invasion of Ukraine, Priti Patel’s “beyond the pale” plans to deport asylum-seekers to Rwanda, and Boris Johnson’s “narcissism”. But the most pressing issue for her is the climate emergency.

    ‘Parker used to “drive people bananas” with her campaigning around the climate emergency‘ – don’t you just love the phrase “campaigning around“? It’s so… imprecise…?

    As a “remainer”, Brexit is still very much on Parker’s mind‘ – inevitably. You’ll note the Gruan has rather more to say about her politics than her art – which appears all a bit secondary to the narratives.

    And remember – all this campaigning and advocacy for leftist causes is generously funded by us tax payers via our public institutions.

    And it is all allowed by the supposedly conservative patriotic Tory government because…

    UK could join EU “outer ring” after reforms, says Macron‘ (Telegraph) – Outer Ring??? Sounds a bit spacey…

    In a galaxy not so far far away. Nasa boffin: We’ll find ET in just a few years‘ (Daily Star) – at last a scientific expert making a definite prediction.

    Microaggressions as bad as overt hatred, NHS workers told‘ (Times)

    Centuries ago the monarch Elizabeth I (or, as the BBC might term her – England’s first unmarried female ruler – her half-sister Mary was England’s first female ruler) said: “I have no desire to make windows into men’s souls” – clearly that’s not the case anymore in British institutions such as the NHS.

    Why “bimbo” can never be a compliment‘ (Telegraph) – who said it was? ‘Celia Walden on the “reclaiming” of offensive and misogynistic words‘ – oh, I see, this is like rap music stars interminably repetitively uttering the “N-word” – figures.

    Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Female issues are real but male problems are myth – that’s the stark juxtaposition of features on the frontpage of the left-leaning ‘i’ newspaper this morning: ‘The myth of the male mid-life crisis by Dr Kate Lister‘; however ‘Medics warn of “real risk” after HRT shortage

    Don’t you see, there’s a war of the sexes going on: ‘The war against women. From the Taliban to USA by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown‘ (‘i’) – a classic incidence of liberal-minded moral relativism there – the medievalist Taliban are of course only as bad as America.


  20. Doublethinker says:

    Plenty of site users have rightly commented on how the Met and Durham police are run by Labour and that Starmer knows he won’t be fined or even found guilty of a breach of the rules .
    So his announcement yesterday if resigning if fined is just a political game designed to make Boris look bad and pressure him into resigning. The ploy is so obvious that it demonstrates that both Labour and their fellow travellers in the MSM must think the average voter will fall for it and so be is extremely thick.

    But how can Starmer not be guilty ? Everyone can see him swigging beer in a room with plenty of folks in it. We all know that a lot of food was ordered for the event indicative of at least 15 possible 30 people attending. We all know that the delivery man changed his story the next day and wonder why. We all know that Rayner was, despite the initial denial, at the event. We all know that the event was preplanned by Starmers own staff.

    If as we expect Starmer get away with it the only sensible conclusion to take away from Beergate is further confirmation that the left have politicised the police along with just about every other British institution.
    This may well explain why although the Tories firm the government they are not in power.


  21. Guest Who says:

    Questions are being asked.

    So far, in answer, #CCBGB


    • Zephir says:

      Others could possibly say it better than me, some selected quotes:

      RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: A Winchester Club wake as we bid farewell to Dennis Waterman – who was was truly one of our own

      “Among the tributes yesterday, Little Britain’s Matt Lucas said Dennis’s guest appearance ‘remains the absolute highlight of my career’.

      “The BBC is currently planning to spend £50 million finding out what most licence-payers like to watch. I can save them the time and money. Not the new Dr Who, for a start.

      Heaven knows what Dennis would have made of the latest ludicrous successor to William Hartnell and Tom Baker. Words fail even me.

      Instead of chasing woke millennials who watch everything on their phone and don’t pay the licence fee anyway, the BBC bigwigs should tune into ITV4 late afternoons any weekday.

      There they will find the answer staring them in the face — Dennis Waterman starring in The Sweeney or Minder.

      As we say down The Winchester, call it a monkey for cash.”


      • Zephir says:

        With comments such as :

        “It’s the people of today who have missed out on so much of real life played out on our once great TV media. TV viewers are the losers . Fed on WOLK ,fed on false promises,fed on propaganda . The real lives of the British folk which when written with a smile on your face is what it it should be . It’s what the envy of the world was for our humour and our culture. Everyone now a star everyone with an axe to grind even when there isn’t one to grind spewed out daily . TV even putting propaganda advertising how fare they are in television with news or other programs and they have to resort to this because they know that the public knows they are the complete opposite. We as a Nation faced adversity for centuries with that gift of humanity and humour. That’s why we beat those that now try and are winning in turning our country into a set of wimps . Can’t have an opposite view because we are classed some sort of evil people. Want a laugh and a cry watch The full Monty. Watch Minder ”

        “Compare those great shows to the bilge served up every day on tv today. It’s obvious the writers and actors of yesteryear had more talent in one finger than todays lot.”

        “A bygone era that feels cozy to watch. You would never see a bakers shop selling a Gingerbread person like I did yesterday afternoon.”


      • JohnC says:

        Not so long ago I watched the full set of the Sweeney as it wasn’t my kind of thing when it was on originally. I preferred Hong Kong Phooey at that time.

        It was absolutely excellent : I thoroughly enjoyed every episode.


        • Zephir says:

          It was a bit rainy a few days ago wife wore a mac and hat, took me a while but I found the “Secret Squirrel” pics and videos

          Thats you that is


    • JohnC says:

      I think they don’t like the ratings method because it shows their woke bilge up for what it is. Dr Who being an excellent example, but all my easy-watching, Sunday night favourites like Father Brown, Death In Paradise, Vera etc are now unwatchable. It’s like they have been written by children who were told to copy the earlier programs which made them popular but add more black and/or Indian people, put women in charge of everything and make white males look like idiots.

      And – if possible – make someone white accuse someone black of doing it and then have someone else make a political comment about racism.

      Oh – and if you see a BAME person anywhere in the first few scenes, they will eventually become a main character in the plot. Every single time.

      By doing a survey, they can skew the result by who they ask and also ask questions using their own weasel wording to nudge a favourable response. Then of course cherry pick the questions they use when they make their report. Which of course will say how the majority of people think they are doing a great job.


    • tomo says:

      re: £50 million on audience research

      Tuscan swimming pools don’t maintain themselves you know!


  22. MarkyMark says:

    Prof Faust pointed out that the recent Omicron wave means most people will have been infected recently and now have high antibody levels, which means they are unlikely to gain much from another dose.

    ^^ above does not make sense with below vvv

    You can book an appointment online three months (91 days) after your previous dose. However, to get maximum protection, the NHS recommends having the spring dose about six months later.


  23. Guest Who says:

    BBC Monkey Beat stays in its happy place.

    Bronwen was sitting in a library, expecting to study. Instead, she was confronted with the sight of a man watching pornography on a library computer.

    We find out why some people watch porn in public rather than in private.

    I wonder how many Beeboids in this golden shower of journalism?

    As an aside, no filters on public PCs? But Bronwenvision seems awesome.


    • JohnC says:

      What I don’t understand is how some Tory watching it on his phone is a resigning offence, but Raynar admitting flashing her ginger-minge at Boris to put him off is perfectly acceptable to the likes of the BBC.

      Just imagine the outrage from the feminist hypocrites if SHE was giving the talk and Boris opened up his chubby pins and exposed his meat and love-spuds for her to have a look at. He would have been forced to resign in disgrace.

      It’s the hypocrisy and double-standards of these people which I despise the most.


    • Zephir says:

      Er, “confronted” ? did the “bad man” drag the screen around in front of the poor dears face ?

      Or, is their some privacy afforded for each user which means the poor dear would have to walk over and check what he was watching over his shoulder ?

      Meant to be studying but watching what other people are accessing on the internet ?

      I think we all know the answers

      Even worse I would strongly suspect there are strict filters in place to disallow porn site access so a complete and utterly false, anti male, wimmin as victim story.

      Whats next, poor black man confronted with white male watching re runs of Roots in library ?, and, who the hell would visit a library for internet access these days ?


  24. tomo says:


    We’ve to move to Antarctica?

    The Telegraph used to be a sober newspaper – they’ve lost their minds.

    I suppose that’d be why Justin Rowlatt’s team of intrepid BBC Climate reporters are skulking around better-off parts of London letting down car tyres?

    – or something (yes it’s an old article)


  25. Zephir says:

    In the spirit of our charming socialists’ level of debate and bile:

    Here’s an equality issue Labour should address as a priority:

    With the advent of Ranyner et al on open display, blind people could possibly confuse Parliament with Billinsgate market.

    And as for the poor deaf and lip reading


  26. theisland says:

    History Debunked. Apologies if already posted.

    Three months ago, on February 8th, the British Army held a training day called Operation Teamwork, with a particular emphasis on tackling racism. One of the documents used, and with which soldiers had to agree, was called ‘The Psychosis of Whiteness’ and its aim was to present the idea of being white as a mental illness.

    K.Andrews (2016) The Psychosis of Whiteness

    “The civil servant from the MoD who has sent me this stuff feels that it is tantamount to treason to try and sap the morale of the armed forces in this way – and I’m rather inclined to agree with him.”

    This ‘training’ is also mentioned, amongst other things, by Anne Marie Waters in her Post election special. (1 hour watch)


    • Fedup2 says:

      Theisland G put this up on the 7th of May – ( about 0830 ) previous strand – do you want it to remain up ?

      Some – like me – thought it might lack – truth ….


  27. BRISSLES says:

    If they want to go down that route, then we have a potential fighting force of over 30,000, by compulsory conscription of all those illegals that have crossed the Channel !! Plenty of cannon fodder there !


    • Zephir says:

      Now there’s an idea, forget Rwanda, 5 years compulsory national service for all illegal immigrants

      and their endless wives and kids in the catering corp


  28. Zephir says:

    Although, if Saddams “elite” republican guard can run that fast away from any conflict God knows how fast that lot will throw its guns away and disappear

    They have very fast “elite sandals” when they find themselves against anyone that fights back

    And as for Halal spam…


  29. Fedup2 says:

    Extract from the DT about the hardships BBC ‘personalities’ suffer – I’m sure Huw Edwards found a remedy for his ‘depression ‘

    BBC presenters are earning up to £20,000 a day by carrying out non-BBC work on the side, according to a register of outside interests.

    Dan Walker, the BBC Breakfast presenter, hosted two events in a single day, each paying up to £10,000.

    Huw Edwards appeared at four events in the space of a month, making at least £25,000, although the true figure is hidden and could be much higher.

    The BBC’s register of external events, released quarterly, shows the levels to which some presenters will go to earn extra money.

    On a Friday in February, Walker, 45, hosted a daytime event for Best Companies, interviewing employers about their “workplace engagement” levels.

    Within hours, he was hosting a second event, details of which were not included on the register. But each assignment paid £5,000-10,000. His BBC salary is £295,000-£299,999.

    BBC sources said Walker was not hosting BBC Breakfast that day and was free to take on other work.

    A week later, he earned a further £5,000-£10,000 with work for Stellify, a television production company.

    Meanwhile, newsreader and presenter Edwards, 60, had a busy March, beginning with a £5,000-£10,000 job hosting an event for the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment.

    ‘Nation’s Favourite news broadcaster’

    He followed it up with work for Bauer Media, the radio and magazine company, which also paid £5,000-£10,000. A week later he earned more than £10,000 – the exact amount is undisclosed – presenting the inaugural British Champion Awards for Business Matters magazine, where he was billed as “the nation’s favourite news broadcaster”.

    Edwards ended the month with another £5,000-£10,000 job for UMAL, which provides insurance for universities and further education colleges. His BBC salary is £425,000-£429,999.

    The presenter has suggested that he will leave the BBC when his contract expires next year. Walker leaves BBC Breakfast next week after signing a deal to become the face of Channel 5 news.

    Other presenters charging £5,000-£10,000 per appearance include Naga Munchetty, 47, who hosted an awards ceremony for the British and International Golf Greenkeepers Association; Kirsty Wark, 67, who moderated an event for Van Cleef & Arpels, the luxury jeweller; Nick Robinson, 58, who was hired as a speaker for the Association of Investment Companies; and Frank Gardner, 60, for an appearance at the Clacton and North East Essex Arts and Literary Society.ENDS

    I have no issue with people being paid the ‘market rate ‘… but these people ‘ source of income derives from the taxpayer funded broadcaster – if it was a commercial enterprise -no problem – but it is not …


  30. tomo says:




    • Eddy Booth says:

      I lost my Trump bet at the bookies!


      • tomo says:

        Yep – I’m £50 down – so I guess I’m taking this a tad personally….

        I’m wondering which “Not For Profit” 501(c) outfits will be outed as the logistics providers to those 2000 Mules.

        Shame I can’t get a bet on Zuckerberg and Soros’s tribe.


  31. Zephir says:

    As an aside to the above, to remind myself of the sacrifices our relatives all made, I had a quick look under the search terms second world war volunteers on google videos:

    and we have:

    page one

    No 1 BBC The forgotten volunteers – Indian army WWII part 1/5

    No 3 BBC The forgotten volunteers – Indian army WWII part 2/5

    No 6 BBC The forgotten volunteers – Indian army WWII part 5/5

    etc etc

    Christ almighty bbc we know there were black people in the bloody army, but why do you obsess about it ?

    And,bbc, why do you vilify them and their Hindu religion when they object to muslim extremists in their own country ?


    • Fedup2 says:

      And the indians in the japanese army ?


      • Zephir says:

        No doubt plenty of corner shops were selling fags, fake methanol vodka and mobile phone cards around Burmha


  32. Guest Who says:

    Vile stirs the sizzle. Per Vile.

    Goes poorly. Per usual.


    • Zephir says:

      Should we scrap it ? asks Jeremy, as non elected representative of the UK and highly unlikely ever to be

      But celebrated as chief sh@t stirrer at the bbc

      He obviously has the vote of the majority of car, van and HGV drivers struggling through London, whilst he dodges and weaves around them on his bicycle shouting abuse at them with a camera on his head, time for a referendum as to his relevancy on the airwaves ?

      Do we have a choice ?

      or is this a bbc dictatorship of a minority of opinions no matter how small or marginalised?

      I notice an increase from the bbc and its efnick “journalists” of hate towards Indian Hindus, Chinese protecting their country from muslim extremism and anti Isreal stories.

      I wonder what could be the common factor here ?

      Answers on an obligatory hijab please c/o mecca or the local mosque


      • Guest Who says:

        UK media.

        1) Tricky political situation given historical political outrageous media endorsed nose rubbing moves back in the day.
        2) Heirs to Blair see gains based on new influx of voters.
        3) Trad Labour voters become unhappy over the decades.
        4) Red Tory ministers pop in a figurehead of faith to appease neither camp.
        5) Goes shape of pear.
        6) Said ineffectual wimmin tries another move.
        7) Embedded unfireable heirs to Blair serpents leak it to media.
        8) Media create shizzle storm with activists, as required.
        9) Things get messy as consequence.
        10) Vile tries to suggest scrapping it as the mess he created looks messy.


      • Zephir says:

        Surely as a journalist it shoud be “should they ” ?

        or does he think it is within his and the bbc remit to run the country ?


        • Guest Who says:

          Let’s just review that ‘as a journalist’ when applied to Vile…


    • MarkyMark says:

      1 sniper. 1 bullet. 1 dinghy deflated on French beach.


      • BRISSLES says:

        Personally I’ve always wondered why its so hard for the police on the French beaches, to just slash the boats, as you would car tyres. Or even we could employ a task force to go across and do just that !


      • tomo says:

        One Stanley knife , one slashed inflatable, camera phone evidence (with timestamp and geolocation) – might need a minder or two but £2000 per deflated boat sounds like a bargain?

        – I mean… seems to work the same, but differently for ballot stuffing in the USA?


      • Banania says:

        More, please.


  33. Fedup2 says:

    On twitter guido quotes BARB figures for farage ( 73000 ) against piers morgan ( 58000) so flashy tech and a mouth isnt every thing … steyn is also holding up ..


    • Guest Who says:

      Those numbers vs. the population of the UK, or adults, or those watching live tv… or ‘news’…


    • theisland says:

      Steyn was on fire again last night.
      Ofcom will have the knives out.


      • MarkyMark says:

        “To cite the other person you just said that would *trigger you Sam Harris*, Mark Steyn said this the other day, *this is the conversation we will be having when the Mullahs nuke us*.Everyone will be discussing if someone is transgender despite the fact they’ve had no operation (ref Jack Monroe in UK)” – Douglas Murray when he’s angry, but he still makes sense.


      • MarkyMark says:

        Steve Coogan says Jimmy Savile drama The Reckoning ‘will vindicate itself’


  34. Guest Who says:

    OT, but as the fallout of Growlergate on council elections rumbles on, or doesn’t… depending on media fealty…

    In our shire we were spared, but one is doubtless due along.

    Last time things were ticking by OK as some sensible Indies and Conservatives fought off the loons, but after some national Tory idiocy propped up by local democracy ‘reporting’ all the Conservatives were shafted and we got in a bunch of even more lunatic Greens.

    Well, it is all going totes shape of the pear for the county and, with luck, them.

    Seems p^ssing limited funds up against #NetZero instead of looking after to the constituency is playing poorly with almost every member of the public.

    The most culpable cabinet member is a goofy green wimmin who is looking down the barrel of utter humiliation next ballot, so is going full integrity of Keir, only one better, and claiming all the free housing can’t happen unless she is kept in to do that after getting rid of the livestock industry and other so far unapplauded schemes.

    Never go full Slick on banning meat industry in a shire… silly moo.


    • Zephir says:

      Oh yes. Mrs McCartney did not go down well in Campeltown, Argyll with her vegan sausages

      Although the barmy greens have many other reasons to avoid as I have pointed out earlier

      far from green, they are, genuinely barmy

      “In conjunction with our full manifesto, our Two Years: Ten Bills plan sets out our immediate strategy to kick-start the transformation of our country with the introduction of ten key pieces of legislation during the first two years of the new Parliament. Green representation in the House of Commons following the 12 December General Election our legislative programme will:

      Tackle the climate emergency with at the speed and scale which the science demands;
      Secure the future of the country as part of the European Union via a People’s Vote;
      Create a society that is equal, fair and works for everyone.

      We will introduce a Green New Deal Bill – the legislative foundation for our comprehensive ten-year plan to tackle climate and ecological breakdown at the scale and speed demanded by the science and equity. It will deliver a fast and fair transformation of our economy and society, renewing almost every aspect of life in the UK: from the way we produce and consume energy, to who owns our railways, the way in which we grow the food we eat and how we work, travel, and heat our homes.

      We will introduce a People’s Vote Bill giving people a chance to vote on the future of our relationship with the European Union based on what we know about the facts of today, not the multiple fictions of three and a half years ago. The Green Party will campaign strongly for a Remain vote.

      Find out more about our commitment to a People’s Vote in our manifesto.
      NHS Reinstatement Bill

      We will introduce an NHS Reinstatement Bill building on the founding principles of the Health Service – universal, publicly provided healthcare free at the point of delivery – to widen and enhance the services provided.

      This bill will include increased funding for the NHS by at least £6 billion per year each year, until 2030 (a 4.5% increase on the 2018/2019 NHS Budget), and a further £1 billion a year in nursing higher education, allowing for nursing bursaries to be reinstated.

      Mental and public health services available to all and integrated social care will be key components of this Bill. The Bill will roll back privatisation of our health service, through repealing the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and abolishing the internal market

      urther and Higher Education Bill

      We will introduce a Further and Higher Education Bill to revive the further and higher education sector and provide a wider choice of academic and vocational learning.

      This bill will legislate to fund tuition for every higher education student and the scrapping of undergraduate tuition fees. It will write off of existing student debt for those students who studied under the £9k tuition fee regime.

      We will introduce a New Homes Bill, that ends the housing crisis by creating the legislative framework to build 100,000 new zero carbon homes for social rent each year.

      The bill will create a duty for central government to adequately fund local authorities t to create these new affordable homes through green construction, renovation and conversion to ensure these homes are warm and sustainable.

      We will introduce a Voting Reform Bill to unleash people power and grow democracy.

      This will replace our archaic First Past the Post system for parliamentary and local government elections with Proportional Representation and create a fully elected House of Lords.

      16- and 17-year-olds will be afforded the right to vote and have a say on their future. We will also allow people to stand for Parliament and all other elected offices from the age of 16, offering support to elected young people so that they can combine their duties with studying.


  35. tomo says:

    Nice work if you can get it…

    Public ‘Elf gorge at giant trough

    Toeing the line pays the bills.

    All “Not For Profit”!

    – and as usual the BBC is nowhere…


    • MarkyMark says:

      Nonprofit Watchdog Uncovers $350 Million In Secret Payments To Fauci, Collins, Others At NIH


      • tomo says:

        It’s covered in the “The Real Anthony Fauci”

        The way the lolly is divvied out is utterly putrid – you don’t chant their mantras and it’s not just that your funding gets chopped – they come after you. They are fiercely protective of their gaming of the system.


  36. Zephir says:

    Another little internet trawl that might interest, compare and contrast with the NHS diversity manager jobs for blacks only:

    Full Job Description
    Customer Experience and Operations Manager


    Currys, Bedford (L02216)
    Full Time

    £25,000 – £30,000 dependent on experience + bonus + benefits

    Standalone HR Manager – job post
    Bedford MK42
    £25,082 – £30,626 a year – Full-time, Permanent

    Area Manager – job post
    Bidvest Noonan
    East of England
    From £30,000 a year – Full-time, Permanent


  37. Zephir says:

    Thats right someone is expected to manage for 25K and 30k if you are lucky and these are not cherry picked they are standard, check yourself



  38. Zephir says:

    No such problem with cost of living crisis in the NHS, forget about healthcare, we have these wonderful employees:

    Learning &; Development Manager – Workforce, Education &; Development – job post
    Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust
    7,972 reviews
    £47,126 – £53,219 a year – Permanent

    Workforce Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Human Resources – job post
    Watford General Hospital
    7,972 reviews
    £48,971 – £55,064 a year – Full-time


  39. Zephir says:

    No such problem with a cost of living crisis for anyone working at the the NHS, forget about healthcare, we have these wonderful employees:

    and labour and the greens want to pay them more, much more

    They are rolling around in piles of money like a drunk stoned gangster or rock star and keep getting more

    Bloody inclusion ? 50 grand a year ? forget about A and E or cancer appointments, we’re busy with inclusion and diversity.


  40. jazznick1 says:

    BBC’s Justin Rowlatt caught lying for dramatic effect.
    BBC failed to correct the error and didn’t bother to amend the iplayer version either. An oversight, apparently.


    • tomo says:

      That’d be when he isn’t sneaking around well-to-do North London neighborhoods letting people’s tyres down?

      What’s his salary?

      – as “key talent” he must be pulling £100K?

      If BBC HR are reading this – I’d do a better job for half that amount.


  41. Zephir says:

    Here’s gem:

    Chief People Officer

    The role will form part of the ICB Executive Leadership Team (ELT). As part of the ELT you will take collective
    responsibility for working together to ensure the ICB and system partners are well led, successful and
    managerially supported, enabling integration and delivery through the ICB. You will lead and influence
    complex transformation and improvement, through collaboration and mature partnership working.

    As a member of the unitary board, you will be jointly responsible for planning and allocating resources to meet
    the four core purposes of integrated care systems; to improve outcomes in population health and healthcare;
    tackle inequalities in outcomes, experience, and access; enhance productivity and value for money and help
    the NHS support broader social and economic development.

    Now, how long that took some NHS HR person on 50K a year after a prosecco and ketamine session to come up with, I have no idea.

    All I could suggest, after life experiences with the NHS, is she took a selfie of her fat arse in the mirror and have a think about the obesity crisis and then she could talk with authority about the “broader” issues whilst waddling off the the fridge.


    • MarkyMark says:

      enhance productivity and value for money and help
      the NHS support broader social and economic development.


  42. Zephir says:

    Anyone waiting for an ambulance will be happy to have a look at the above for something to pass the time will no doubt be assured that apart from the many crap generasations above that it maybe took a £50 000 a year HR moron to devise after a whisky and ketamine session they had the nerve to add:

    and help the NHS support broader social and economic development

    Hmm from my experience in our local hospital that might start with haveing a look at your rather broad area


  43. Zephir says:

    Apologies to Markie Marke he has alluded to this but, I would like to draw attention the the scale of this public money scandal whilst there are 4 hour waiting lists in A and E, GPs absent for months on end and ambulances not arriving:

    From the NHS jobsite:

    Equality Diversity and Inclusion Lead

    King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London

    At King’s College Hospital Foundation Trust, we are proud of the diversity of both our staff and patients – we are one of the largest and busiest teaching Trust’s in the country. Our 14,000 staff and patients represent a multitude of cultures from over 130 nationalities. As part of the goal to make …

    £47154.00 to £52936.00 a year per annum inc HCA


    Job Type:

    Closing Date:

    Staff Group:
    Administrative & Clerical

    Job Ref:

    Add to favourites
    Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead

    Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust, Hastings / Polegate / Crowborough

    This is a very exciting, new role that is being introduced into the East Sussex School Health Service. The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) lead will work within the East Sussex School Health service to support programmes of engagement and co-design with young people. The focus of the post …

    £40057.00 to £45839.00 a year Pro rata per annum


    Job Type:

    Closing Date:

    Staff Group:
    Allied Health Professionals

    Job Ref:

    Add to favourites
    Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead
    Human Resources

    Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust, Maidstone

    Are you an EDI subject matter expert? Can you provide strategic, operational and advisory expertise across a large organisation? Can you influence and promote accountability for equity, diversity and inclusion with senior stakeholders? Are you able to write and deliver clear ideas and concepts …

    £40057.00 to £45839.00 a year pa pro rata


    Job Type:

    Closing Date:

    Staff Group:
    Additional Clinical Services

    Job Ref:

    Add to favourites
    Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team Secretary
    Human Resources

    Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Hove

    Are you looking for an exciting new challenge? The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) team at Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust are looking for an EDI Team Secretary to provide a comprehensive administrative and secretarial service. This is a fascinating and varied role, supporting the …

    £20330.00 to £21777.00 a year per annum


    Job Type:
    Fixed term

    Closing Date:

    Staff Group:
    Administrative & Clerical

    Job Ref:

    Add to favourites
    Workforce Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager

    Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust, Home

    At Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust we believe that developing an organisational culture that embraces equality, diversity and inclusion is not a ‘nice to have’, but should be a key priority for a modern, ethical and dynamic health service provider. As a CQC-rated ‘Outstanding’ trust we …

    £54764.00 to £63862.00 a year pro rata per annum


    Job Type:


    • Zephir says:

      Thats quite a few of millions for a start with the employment costs and the pensions

      Forget the sofa ads blacks are doing well

      I think I might apply for one and emphasise in the interview the hurt felt by black women not allowed to marry black men anymore as they only want white blondes


    • Fedup2 says:

      Look – it is far better employing diversity managers and consultants rather than doing medical things . Patients are a nuisance – they get sick – they take up space – they die – far better to have fewer doctors and nurses – who can be paid more to attract the best … ‘quality ‘

      (Idea courtesy of yes minister ) .


    • taffman says:


      The NHS is guilty of waste, full of bureaucrats that should be sacked and replaced by doctors medics and nurses!


      • Fedup2 says:

        Taffman – come on – it’s an AI world – we can open digital hospitals with digital A and E departments – DIY operations via YouTube – think of the savings – no more GPs ( actually that one happened already ) …£


  44. MarkyMark says:

    Annual remuneration (as at September 2021)

    Start the Week 9 May 2022



  45. s.trubble says:

    7Million “asylum seekers”/migrants in 10 years you say?
    It is said this figure is based upon new registrations at GP,s.

    I mean, that, s a jaw dropping number …

    Capita must be straining at the bit to check they all have TV licences. In your free time just imagine some of those doorstep


  46. Fedup2 says:

    Late Today watch
    Interesting interview with the boss of Tesco who said there needed to be a windfall tax on oil companies – he wasn’t challenged about the profits supermarkets are making – or that there should be a windfall tax on them …

    The chap was obviously auditioning for a Labour peerage in the 2023 batch – should 2023 happen of course …


    • Zephir says:

      As I wonder around Tesco and see the blatant prices rises, it does occur to me how well they did being one of the only retailers allowed to trade while so many other shops were closed during lockdown

      So I have decided, I normally don’t bother but the next time I buy something from them and it is rotten or inedible Tesco “sirloin steak : rubber, how many times now, I never learn”

      Its going back for a refund


  47. Zephir says:

    @Fedup 2

    I have thought about this a while and one can get impatient with the slow realisation of the sickness withing the bbc and sometimes the wider media and look for more immediate action.

    There are some common themes, some are insolvable, some maybe not:

    Conservative MPs with no backbone that talk for the majority of their consituents and the stupidity to think social media is media and is wide opinion (it isn’t) and not a bunch of purple hair student activists (it is) which then back down and apologise

    Islamists claiming their religion trumps all, above our religion, our culture and our education system whilst adding insult to injury waving a UK passport at us.

    We should all join a fundementalist Christian religion and immedialtely claim protected minority status and take them all to court for racism, for example we may have views on abortion and the sanctity of heterosexual marriage.

    I suggest “The Crusaders” with a red cross, for no particular reason. Although it worked for a while in the past.