281 Responses to Weekend 11 June 2022

  1. Zephir says:

    Liberal marxist mob rule part 2:

    “How America’s most liberal cities have finally had enough of the woke policies that have turned them into lawless cesspits”



    • MarkyMark says:

      “How America’s most liberal cities have finally had enough of the woke policies that have turned them into lawless cesspits” – THEY WILL MOVE TO A DIFFERENT CIty and then add tHE SAME POLICIES.


  2. Zephir says:

    Marxist sleaze:

    “Labour MPs who backed rail strikes that will cripple Britain have received thousands of pounds from RMT while left wing slam ‘hypocritical’ Angela Rayner for NOT supporting stoppage

    Five supportive Labour MPs received a total of £20,000 from the RMT in 2020”



  3. Zephir says:

    Join the boycott:

    “Cool it, Ben & Jerry’s: Bosses of ice cream brand are accused of virtue-signalling after saying that sending migrants to Rwanda was ‘ugly, inhumane and racist’ and urging customers to join a planned protest march

    The brand was accused of ‘virtue-signalling’ after urging customers to join a planned protest march against the government’s Rwanda migration policy. It is owned by a company criticised for continuing to sell its products in Russia.”



    • Demon says:

      I would love to support the Ben and Jerry boycott. But I’ve never bought one of their products in my life.


      • Docmarooned says:

        Likewise Demon!


      • Fedup2 says:

        Ben and Jerry is owned by Unilever – one of the Giant companies – it produces Persil – shampoos – walls ice cream and long Wikipedia list – which I think even includes marmite … every little boycott helps ….


      • Ian Rushlow says:

        The Ben and Jerry chilled sugar’n’fat product is owned by Unilevers. As the Daily Mail article states, the original owners retained the rights to make political comments in its name. However, Unilever do have ‘form’ – for instance, they have released a special edition of Vaseline to celebrate (sic) Pride Month.


        Unilever have over 400 brands worldwide. Here’s some that can be boycotted in the UK:

        Walls Ice Cream
        Pot Noodle


  4. Zephir says:

    Named and shamed:

    “Revealed: The piously lefty cabal who fought so hard to ground a jet of Channel migrants bound for Rwanda”



    • theisland says:

      Includes Starmer’s former chambers, Doughty Street Chambers.


      • tomo says:


        iirc he still hands out paid legal opinion

        tell me I’m wrong – please!


        • theisland says:

          All recent mentions in the media say ‘former’ – not that THAT means anything.
          He no longer (conveniently) appears when you do a search for barrister or staff member on Doughty’s website. He certainly appeared for some time after becoming a so-called politician. I don’t know when that changed.
          Any ongoing collaboration with them or other institutions will be judiciously obscured by any means necessary.


  5. StewGreen says:

    The actual questions in the Romesh celebrity quiz Show
    To : Chris Packham “The animal related a weasel is called a Pine ?” … Marten

    To BAME Gemma “In the year 2020 the former Human Right lawyer Kier Starmer was elected to leadership of which political party ? …


    • StewGreen says:

      Oh Gemma Cairney is a Radio1 DJ

      The show i for charity and she raised £4K for Kent domestic abuse


  6. StewGreen says:

    7pm news progs
    National : presenter BAME woman, weather white woman
    Local : presenter White woman, weather white woman
    Almost all the reporters were female except the guy who did the new Sugar tax item

    Local news item : And 2 Ukrainian dancer who fled to Lincolnshire have taught their first dance lessons today .. It was in K-Pop
    Hmm The dancer who calls himself Juan ..does look Korean


  7. StewGreen says:

    BBC4 had a Pride night the other day
    I wonder what BBC2 has tonight ?

    8pm BBC2 : “#LGBTQ+ hits at the BBC ”
    “Join us for this celebration of pop’s greatest LGBTQ+ stars whose gender and sexuality are central to the story of their individual careers and the amazing songs they have created.
    Our rainbow alliance of amazing artists includes George Michael, Boy George, Freddie Mercury, Beth Ditto, MNEK, Lil Nas X and Barry Manilow.
    Some pushed boundaries and challenged gender stereotypes from the very start, others only revealed their true selves after years of success and speculation – but all have played their part in changing the world of popular music and the sounds that we listen to and love.

    9pm Pride hits at the BBC ”
    A musical celebration for International Pride Month, with a collection of the BBC archives’ biggest stars – including Kylie, Elton John and Lady Gaga.Our Pride playlist features controversial classics like Relax and Smalltown Boy

    Controversial ? Smalltown boy ..really ?

    The 12:35am film is also about lesbians
    so maybe the whole night is LGBT stuff


  8. taffman says:

    “Russia’s war prompts regional rush to become EU candidates”
    I would be very surprised if the EU lets them in . The frogs need the energy from Russia . The EU is going to be short of money . Will potential ‘joiners’ have the cash ?
    There is a bigger picture that the BBC cannot see or does not want to see.


  9. taffman says:

    “Aukus: Australia to pay €555m settlement to French firm”
    AUKUS is going to be very important to the Free World as China and Russia form new ties. Just as important as NATO . In fact, more important than NATO as we have the beginnings a weak Europe.
    Canada and New Zealand will be next to Join , if they know what is good for them.


  10. taffman says:

    “Budgeting: ‘I’ll walk to the next shop just to save 5p’
    Walking is good for you, although I would never walk to get an “Avacado”. A waste of money !
    Blatant propaganda again .


  11. StewGreen says:

    Friday’s BBC local news
    – Item #1 “Hull university Hospital Trust have launched their  zero tolerance approach to racism” PRasNews of course.

    – item #2 summer strikes of discontent
    – item holiday chaos

    – item dead birds on beach .. It’s bird flu
    Very strangely the environment reporter did NOT shoehorn his Climate preaching in.

    item :” in Bourne women’s football there aren’t enough coaches”
    (yeh maybe women are coaching hockey/netball etc.
    And it’s obvious why many men would self exclude from coaching young girls )

    item : Hull lagoon project
    Obvious it’s PRasNews the BBC staff aren’t interested , so it’s over in 40 seconds
    (Yes a trillion tonnes of concrete is not very green)

    item : the new concrete tower in Hull
    it will be used for powdered cement
    Presenter “I must say I’m not the greatest fan of it”

    item – Grimsby Council could buy the local shopping centre
    (Bad council planning trashed the town, so many shops closed
    . Council remedy is to borrow another £25 million to buy the shopping centre )

    item – man who collects model boats being ordered to sell them cos it’s a fire risk.

    item : 107 -year-old’s birthday
    Beeboid presenters talking about themselves


    Detail for #1  the normal long carefully crafted piece
    Presenter “I want a white nurse
    a comment have the typical of the  towards staff at homes hospitals where one in six workers are from minority ethnic backgrounds”
    (Actually it’s clear some of the foreign staff have strong accents)

    “Dumbor is a consultant cardiac surgeon he launched an anti-racism framework …”

    Reporter “… more than 50% of doctors in Hull are from minority backgrounds and there are more than 300 Filipino nurses
    Hull university hospital trust have launched their  zero tolerance approach to racism
    and not just patients NHS staff could face drastic measures lose their job these are tough measures but is it enough off”

    presenter expresses incredulity wow this still goes on
    (And holds up a sign saying he’s ashamed to be white /sarc )


  12. JohnC says:

    Texas shooting: US gun control claims fact-checked

    The BBC ‘fact check’ articles are generally a rambling mess which avoids any real truths and ‘investigates’ cherry-picked side-issues and invariably waffles so much, you’re not sure if the result is true or false.

    In this one we have the statement ‘Illinois has stricter gun laws than Texas but experiences a higher rate of gun crime, especially in the city of Chicago.’

    ‘However, the majority of guns recovered in Chicago come from other states, often with looser gun laws, such as Indiana and Mississippi.’

    Their intent here is to infer gun control needs to be given to the federal government – ie the state.

    But the enormous elephant in the room about Chicago – which they completly fail to mention – is that it is 32% black. And I’ve never yet seen the BBC admit that black people commit 50% of firearm murders.

    Perhaps ‘Jake Horton’ can fact-check that one – going by what he does, he works about one day a week so he has plenty of time. Clearly another one the BBC took on who can’t do anything useful.

    BBC : not fit for purpose.


  13. Eddy Booth says:

    “Russian shelling has caused a huge fire at a chemical plant in Ukraine’s Severodonetsk city where “non-stop” fighting rages, the regional head says.”



    “Ukrainian officials estimate that as many as 800 civilians are hiding in underground bomb shelters at the Azot plant.”

    Deja vu..
    There’s a twin city, just across the river on a nice defensible hill.
    The Ukrainian army could have simply relocated there, but no, they move into a giant chemical plant and take a human shield along instead.
    Predictably they will get this useful fertilizer plant totally destroyed, the river polluted, and a couple of hundred Ukrainian soldiers killed – the rest will be ‘evacuated’ to a Russian prison camp.
    But don’t worry, the BBC won’t call you out on it,
    Instead they’ll parrot Baghdad Bob Zelensky’s propaganda:

    “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Russian troops have suffered “very significant” casualties in Donbas.

    He also said Ukrainian forces had recaptured villages and towns in the south-eastern regions of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia.”


    • JohnC says:

      Last I heard, the Russians had been repelled when I didn’t even know they were attacking.

      The BBC coverage is totally useless. All we get are propaganda and Leftist ’empathy’ stories about civilians (usually women and children). They don’t care about reporting the ‘war’ part much at all.

      During the war in Syria, it had many videos of the fighting from helmetcams. You could get a feel of what was actually going on as you went with a tank in support of troops etc. The thing which stood out a country mile was how EVERYBODY was shouting ‘Allah Akbar’ ALL the time.

      But there was no agenda for that so nobody cared. I can’t find any of the real Ukraine fighting : just a very few which all show Ukraine winning. I read somewhere that Youtube shut it all down so we have to take all our information from ‘approved’ news such as the BBC. And it seems the mechanisms are in place now (eg with search engines etc) to make sure we don’t get to see what they don’t want us to see.


      • Eddy Booth says:

        I like these two Youtube channels- daily talks about the war’s progress. Battle tactics etc

        Military and Foreign Affairs Network

        Military Summary


        • JohnC says:

          Thanks Eddy – I learned more about what is going on in the first 60 seconds than I have learned from the BBC in total. I’ve added them to my favourites.

          It’s almost like the BBC don’t want you to know.

          Just reading the comments under the video and the contrast with the child-like spiteful comments the BBC get on HYS is extremely apparent. I think the BBC lost its way when it decided to throw all it’s older audience under a bus and go after the younger left-wing audience.


  14. Zephir says:

    Eventbrite: another bunch of woke tossers: (that 3% do get around)

    search for things to do in the area

    All black:
    The Encounter Album Live Recording
    The Inspiration Cherubs remain a vital and vibrant young ministry that is making an impact in the community with inspiring ministrations.

    Business lunch: Guest Speaker: Festus Akinbusoye – Bedfordshire Police & Crime Commissioner

    Are you a female business owner in Ampthill and beyond who would love to meet other like-minded business women?

    “Come Meet A Black Person” anti-racism networking event where non-Blacks talk about racism and eradicating racism with Blacks.
    Take the white priviledge test.

    Let’s Talk… Conversations on Race, Equity, & Belonging: Critical Race Theory

    LGBTQ+ Walk Club
    An inclusive walking group, anyone can join us – including your children and dogs!

    Leighton Buzzard Vegan Market


    • Zephir says:

      Elsewhere on the web, there is plenty on in Bedfordshire for the indigenous 97% of the population not gay or vegan or feminist, such as many village fetes and markets (including in Bedford, the county town) but one has to look for it…


  15. dafydd says:

    The BBC this morning giving air time to every left wing expert regarding the deportation of the illegal imagrants to Rawanda..

    Yet again pandering to the minority that disagree with idea and ignoring the majority who agree with it…

    One woke so called expert saying the majority of the British people disagree with the government, how the f- CK does he know..???


    • moggie63 says:

      Because he said so. The reality is the exact opposite. He also knows that but won’t be admitting it.


      • StewGreen says:

        The person I heard say that was a female Edie on the Radio4 religion show
        She had a worldview completely at odds with reality but the presenter didn’t challenge her.

        “And as the row escalates over the Government’s scheme to send would-be asylum seekers to Rwanda, Edward explores both sides of the argument with Ann Widdecombe,and Dr Edie Friedman, Executive Director of the Jewish Council for Racial Equality.”

        When it comes to refugees ..who is the bad man ?

        The Taliban and war lords who created the refugees in the first place.
        Not the good democratic governments that don’t allow the killing of innocents.


  16. Guest Who says:

    Interesting bio. Not surprising.

    Another ‘finder of voice’ still embedded?


    • MarkyMark says:

      ABOUT TURN! Now Angela Merkel says she will send 100,000 migrants back to war-torn countries after finally admitting Germany is struggling to cope
      With election next year, the German Chancellor changes tune about her mass migration

      Patrick Knox
      13:00, 29 Nov 2016


  17. Guest Who says:

    Seems the BBC are looking at a new panel show created by Danny Cohen, hosted by Ben Hunte with team captains Femi and Mad Al.

    It’s either to be called ‘Avoid, Avoid, Avoid’ or BBC Politics.


    • MarkyMark says:

      One minute you are twerking with them then the next …. you are kneeling to them.



  18. Guest Who says:

    They can only be trawling for hits.


    • G.W.F. says:

      The goalposts are painted white. That is racism and England players cannot kick a ball through them


  19. AsISeeIt says:

    The Met gives up and we’re happy to misquote anyone from Andy Warhol to Darth Vader in this Sunday edition

    Given that Boris Johnson is of late rather personally and regularly lambasted in our left-leaning media, reliably harangued in public and generally considered – in polite liberal circles at least – to be persona non grata…

    By the way, to misquote Andy Warhol: “In the future, everyone – on the right of politics – will be literally Hitler for 15 minutes”

    So what might those mainstream paragons of good virtue have in mind for us as an alternative?

    And remember, folks, it’s not a conspiracy theory – if it’s true…

    Our good Lord on the seventh day may have finished his work that he had done, and he rested – not so the Guardian-tendency – it gets busy again on Sunday in the guise of the Observer: “As Britain looks set to rediscover its role as the sick man of Europe, a closer economic relationship with the EU is starting to feel like an inevitablity” (Observer comment)

    That Brexit vote thing was quite some shock to the system…

    After many hours of somewhat inconclusive results, the position was finally becoming clear by around 4am. It was about 40 minutes later when the BBC finally had no option but to call the result for Leave. A visibly-shocked David Dimbleby gave the news to the nation. (Brexit Facts4EU.Org)

    And the problem was that the only senior politician willing and able to step up and even halfway do the job for us was the mercurial, often sadly incontinent, BoJo.

    Meanwhile an embattled Number 10 throws out some cheap red meat as reported in the formerly patriotic Sunday Times: Charles won’t be Prince Charming if he keeps on meddling, say ministers and; Johnson turns his back on green agenda; and there’s more in the Sunday Telegraph: Agency staff may be used to break ‘Marxist’ union strikes – talk is cheap. Hello, is that the employment agency, do you happen to have 500 qualified train drivers on your books ready to start Monday morning?

    Boris: “Carrie, [insert some endearing epithet – ideally with some classical Greek reference] sorry and all that old girl but I’m ditching all this blasted Green nonsense”

    Even as the Sunday Times persists in the elaborate and persistent Global Warming psyop on the British public: Scorchio! Get set to swelter like Spain – the supposedly serious broadsheet there channeling our cartoonish tabloid Daily Star which does it better: Blowtorch Britain 32C heat out of Africa will be here in days

    The BBC weather forecast begs to differ: Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday. Tuesday will continue to see areas of extensive cloud in the northwest with a few light rain outbreaks. Elsewhere, it will be largely dry and sunny. Wednesday will be cloudy in the north with a band of rain pushing in from the southwest, whilst the south remains dry with sunny spells. Thursday looks to have cloudy periods with the odd spot of rain. Warm in the southeast.

    No point crying wolf too often not when you’ve got David Attenborough in your pocket

    In a week when there’s grave concern over the fate of captured British mercenary fighters: ‘VERY FRIGHTENED’ Jihadi bride Shamima Begum fears she will be EXECUTED when she stands trial for terror offences (The Sun)

    Ha-ha… you thought I meant those chaps in Ukraine

    Not to worry, the Sunday Express – just like the Daily Express – is apparently: United with the people of Ukraine and: Ukraine ready to swap Putin pal for Brits

    The malaise runs deep…

    Convicts doing community service told to work from home.. and make a scarf! Crooks are working from home – carrying out community service from their living rooms – with many KNITTING (Daily Star) – and as they say in courtroom dramas – No further questions, m’lud!

    STREETS OF RAGE Cops forced to RELEASE illegal immigration suspect after angry crowds clash with officers and chant ‘let him go!’… Crowds formed a blockade to stop the police van from leaving the estate in Peckham… Eleanor Janega, 39, told PA: “We were alerted that there was an immigration raid in process so locals came down to block it… It is understood the man is Nigerian and was suspected of overstaying his visa… Labour councillor Reginald Popoola said the crowd had “encircled the van peacefully”, but some people were shoved… Another woman described how cops “gave up” trying to arrest demonstrators. The activist explained: “Police tried to arrest a number of activists at the front, but they were held onto by others who were also sitting down and the police gave up. (The Sun)

    To misquote Darth Vader of Star Wars: “The Force is weak with this one”


    • Fedup2 says:

      I take it that there will be a series of arrests of the main players in this riot / disorder?or maybe not … Peckham is always a good bet for the first big London riot of the year – followed by Twitter fuelled copy cats across the country where the third world infests ….

      … meanwhile – I wonder when the billionaire Charles Windsor will open his trap again ? My guess is to put fuel on the EU NI mess – especially since the IRA blew his great uncle to pieces ( that’s prince Louis of battenberg btw)


  20. Zephir says:

    As with most American behaviours, no doubt coming to a street near you sooner or later:

    Drag show for kids proves left will risk harming children for politics
    Leftists have abandoned the idea of protecting the innocence of children


    ShutDownDC is planning to ‘blockade’ streets around the Supreme Court in light of a potential decision overturning Roe v. Wade


    The Associated Press published a report Thursday about Miami conservative radio hosts objecting to the Democratic Party’s push to buy up Spanish radio stations in the area, and somehow featured a recent interview with a famous radio host who actually died in 2020.



  21. Guest Who says:

    An ism out in the foyer?


  22. Zephir says:

    “Nancy Pelosi blocked rational questions about the Capitol riot

    Like, where did you have embedded FBI assets? Like, what happened to the intel report that FBI sent to the Capitol Police? I believe it was three or four days before Jan. 6. And the biggest question of all: What happened to the National Guard troops that Donald Trump authorized on Jan. 4? How come they were not at the Capitol or even close by on Jan. 6?

    People must be held accountable, but this political conspiracy that Donald Trump wanted an insurrection — that is insane. That’s insanity. But then you’re also talking to the same political party [that] wanted everybody to believe Russia collusion. And we found out that the only collusion was from the DNC and Hillary Clinton.”



  23. Guest Who says:

    What… not glued to aircraft too?

    Seems a major health issue. Or something.


    • AsISeeIt says:

      Predominantly white NHS workers, really? There’s a thing.


    • tomo says:

      Where’s the blood coloured “witches of doom” shroud wavers prancing along in single file?

      I see that some of Christopher Hohn’s £££ wasn’t spent on hospital footwear to complete the authentic look.

      How many are on retainers?

      – yet the stupid media suck up this twaddle


    • MarkyMark says:

      One in four NHS nurses is obese and this could be contributing to high staff sickness levels and heaping more pressure on the health service, researchers have warned.5 Dec 2017
      Emily Jones: NHS trust criticised after girl killed by patient
      We have become too reliant on foreign doctors
      Poaching doctors from low income countries is both immoral and unethical


      • Fedup2 says:

        There is a horror story of a GP putting a 92 year old lady on ‘end of life care ‘ after diagnosing liver failure via a zoom call ..
        It’s in the Sunday telegraph – the GP refused to attend the last because she had covid in the care home the week before .
        In the end she had to be taken to A and E – there was no liver failure …
        The medical mafia in this country are rapidly becoming an over paid joke . The shame of it .


        • G.W.F. says:


          I am not joking. We need a Health Service for this country, and I don’t care if it is public or private. Just a service with doctors and nurses who will meet patients, diagnose and treat sickness. Leave the existing bureaucracy and its power structure to rot without taxpayer funds.
          Come on… which party wants to win a general election?


          • Fedup2 says:

            I don’t think there is any politician able to take the self serving medical mafia on . Training is rationed to prevent numbers being increased so that wages can be cut back … and existing hierarchies maintained – juniors and consultants and locums and support technicians … try going to a hospital at the weekend …

            The public are duped by false images of hero doctors and nurses when in fact it’s just another £ ££ job ….


    • Docmarooned says:

      Virtue signalling tosspots! There are thousands of patients on waiting lists and this lot ponce about.


      • taffman says:

        ………..And ‘hundreds of thousands’ of ‘illegals’ sailing in across the Channel to jump the queue, while ‘Nero continues to fiddle’ .
        We are an island nation surrounded by the sea . How can we fail to control our borders ?
        Get a nincompoop to run our once, great nation .


  24. Guest Who says:

    Bookcasedildogate is now behind us.


    • Guest Who says:

      Blonde, trying to get them sent to small villages anywhere but near the media centres.

      Definitely London.


    • Wild Bill says:

      Of course they are begging, they wont get free houses, medical care, schools, and food in Rwanda.
      Stay in France.


    • StewGreen says:

      Clare Moseley has quite a back story
      Imagine if a man aiding illegals was shagging them
      See the Sun story

      Also some allegations about court cases she brought against people, but then dropped.


  25. Guest Who says:

    Hotty on the heels of handing the mic to Growler to fluff Sur Kurry, BBC goes full guacamole.

    Never go full guacamole, Tarquins.


  26. Zephir says:

    “Labour and the Liberal Democrats are accused of ‘squalid’ anti-Tory plot to deny their voters a choice and inflict by-election humiliation on Boris Johnson

    Sir Keir Starmer and Sir Ed Davey faced claims they made a deal together
    Tories said Lib Dems waged token campaign in Wakefield, 2019, to let Labour win
    They claim Labour is effectively returning the favour in Tiverton and Honiton”



  27. tomo says:

    Yeah, sure – Boris is focusing on the cost of living/energy crisis by stopping gas wells by inane administrative obstructivism.


    • tomo says:

      buffoons bringing the idea of representative democracy into disrepute


  28. Zephir says:

    Ever wondered what your overdraft fees are spent on ?

    Legal fees for illegal benefit seekers from Lloyds bank:

    “The Harbour Project

    The Harbour Project offers community and advice to those who’ve risked their lives, families and homes fleeing war and persecution. The charity provides access to healthcare, education and legal representation.”


    “They offer a holistic ‘lifecycle of support’, beginning with access to healthcare, education and legal representation. The Harbour’s ten-strong team are accredited by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner to give asylum and protection advice to the 750 ‘visitors’ on their books, hailing from 53 countries.

    Through the Harbour, visitors can get help in obtaining drivers licenses, Universal Credit, employment, and mental health support.”


  29. Zephir says:

    “Yarl’s Wood Befrienders receive £50K Lloyds grant for work with Bedfordshire Immigration Removal Centre”



  30. Guest Who says:

    Mad Al sensitive side shown.


    • MarkyMark says:

      In an intensely personal and often surprising film for BBC Two, Alastair Campbell candidly talks about his experience living with depression and explores if radical new treatments can make a difference.

      Alastair is best known for his role as Tony Blair’s formidable and often contentious spin doctor, but, away from the public eye, he has been dogged by crippling bouts of depression for most of his life. Some days, just getting out of bed is too hard. Therapy and anti-depressant medication is helping him keep his head above water, but is that really the best he can hope for?

      Encouraged by his family, Alastair sets out on a journey to explore if cutting edge science can offer him – and the millions of people like him – the hope of one day living depression-free. As he tries to understand his depression better, he also reflects on key events in his life and asks if they could have had a negative effect on his mind.

      Estimating war-related deaths poses many challenges.[1][2] Experts distinguish between population-based studies, which extrapolate from random samples of the population, and body counts, which tally reported deaths and likely significantly underestimate casualties.[3] Population-based studies produce estimates of the number of Iraq War casualties ranging from 151,000 violent deaths as of June 2006 (per the Iraq Family Health Survey) to 1,033,000 excess deaths (per the 2007 Opinion Research Business (ORB) survey). Other survey-based studies covering different time-spans find 461,000 total deaths (over 60% of them violent) as of June 2011 (per PLOS Medicine 2013), and 655,000 total deaths (over 90% of them violent) as of June 2006 (per the 2006 Lancet study). Body counts counted at least 110,600 violent deaths as of April 2009 (Associated Press). The Iraq Body Count project documents 185,000–208,000 violent civilian deaths through February 2020 in their table. All estimates of Iraq War casualties are disputed.[4][5]


  31. StewGreen says:

    9:28 switched on TV : GBNews Anne Diamond was saying
    “I bet people keep saying to you ‘You’re black you’re not supposed to be a swimmer’ ”

    Medialand give us continuous woke messages including white-guilt.


  32. tomo says:


    • MarkyMark says:

      Pakistan has connected its new Chinese-built nuclear power plant, with an installed capacity of 1,100 megawatts, to the national grid. The development marks a major new advancement in nuclear energy cooperation between Islamabad and Beijing.19 Mar 2021


  33. dafydd says:

    …..Norther Ireland Protocol…

    BBC correspondent…..I quote, ” the Northern Ireland Protocol is so complicated, it is quite easy for this government to continue to lie and get away with it because the public are none the wiser”…

    Of course the pond life interviewer agreed..


  34. StewGreen says:

    10 am Local radio News
    #1 “the situation is scary and alarming,
    Words of the foodbank boss in Withernsea who says the situation it’s getting worse”
    plays clip

    .. It’s really a promo for their Politics North TV show.


  35. StewGreen says:

    Countryfile report : sewage overflow water in the lake District
    Sometimes the water company writes N/A in the data when actually locals have actually observed sewage overflow in stormy weather.
    Normally N/A means the equipment is broken.
    For one place the company wrote that for the whole year
    The programme said that’s a trick that other water companies are using too sometimes.
    The water company said there was an ongoing investigation and that is why why the result is written as N/A.
    Regulator says they are asking for reasons and jeeping an eye out.

    Next they moved onto an item about a volunteer project with a mental health charity.


    • StewGreen says:

      Next plug for the BBC Food awards young countryside champion
      I bet they will pick an eco warrior

      Then after a few more items
      ..Show ends
      Trailer : Back in time for Birmingham
      seems like everyone is BAME.
      The next trailer that came on was similar : Lenny Henry talking about “my culture”.. some new programme about the Caribbean.


  36. Tabs says:

    I caught the end of BBC1 Politic South where they were talking about reducing the number of days in the working week.

    Next up was Sunday Morning Live where in the first few seconds they mentioned they will be later discussing about reducing the number of days in the working week.



    • StewGreen says:

      That’s the BBC’s typical lack of self awareness
      Medialand is full of that
      Being inside the bubble they don’t see what everyone else see from the outside
      same as the people who put BAME in every advert.

      There was nothing on the #politicssoutheast Twitter
      It was probably inserted into every local edition
      It’s in the Walles https://twitter.com/mp36458/status/1535924089969311744

      The SouthEast line-up tweet has different issues
      .. https://twitter.com/pete_humphreys/status/1535631260852359169
      eg “A statue for Aphra Behn” who ?
      ” wrote Oroonoko (1688) the story of a royal slave, an African prince in a relationship with a female slave.
      They ultimately prefer death rather than continue in slavery.”
      ” England’s first professional female write
      Her tale Oroonoko ticks all the boxes of today’s fancy: slavery, colonialism, feminism, gender.
      It starts out tedious but ends up in a cruel, wild climax.”
      Ticks the LGBT box too
      “her poems dealt w/straight, gay & lesbian romance; she was even called Sappho’s successor by admirers”


      • StewGreen says:

        BBC Wales story
        Is a four-day working week too good to be true?
        .. https://twitter.com/BBCWalesNews/status/1535893181623066625


        • tomo says:

          BBC Wales is simply the mouthpiece of the dimwits in Welsh Labour, unions and a PR orifice for public sector interests.

          “Welsh company” ? – pfffft

          Housing associations are scams leveraging what’s usually council housing stock and posting financials driven by the retail value of houses that were built decades ago (with tax funding). By and large just rebranded council departments – from what I’ve seen the idea that anybody employed there actually works a f-ing 5 day week anyway is delusional.

          Municipal self indulgence.


  37. StewGreen says:

    Ha BBC Sunday Live
    Who is the presenter ?
    @SeanFletcherTV ..OK one BAME
    Who is the other presenter ?
    @angellicabel .. OK another BAME
    Who is the guest ?
    Sir Mo Farah



    • StewGreen says:

      Other segment
      No white men ..thank God
      (In another segment Brandon Lewis was allowed to defend Boris.. lefty Twitter is angry)
      (in another @RachelReevesMP Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer was on)

      6 Likes , no replies for @HilaryCottam “Designing the 5th Social Revolution. Author of Radical Help”


    • MarkyMark says:

      Documents show Farah repeatedly denied to US Anti-Doping (Usada) investigators he had received injections of the controversial supplement L-carnitine before the 2014 London Marathon. Farah later changed his account to Usada investigators, saying he had forgotten.24 Feb 2020


  38. Fedup2 says:

    Peter Hitchens from the Mail on Sunday – submitted ‘for the record ‘.

    STARTS Will Self is one of Britain’s most famous takers of illegal drugs. He was sacked by the Left-wing Observer newspaper after he was caught snorting heroin on Prime Minister John Major’s plane in 1997.

    So why has the BBC chosen him, of all people, to be one of the favoured stars of a programme called A Point Of View?

    Well, why do you think? In this Radio 4 show, the presenter can say pretty much what he or she likes for ten minutes. Almost all those given this privilege are Left-wing.

    The BBC flatly refused to allow me to do it. They nearly ruptured themselves as they tried not to give their real reason – that my point of view is one they hate.

    And a few weeks ago Mr Self used the slot to call for the legalisation of marijuana. I made a formal complaint, saying that it was a breach of due impartiality.

    The BBC never had and never would give any opponent of marijuana legalisation the same opportunity. So to allow Mr Self to make this call was to break the BBC’s firm pledge to be fair on matters of major public controversy.

    I have got used to stupid responses from the complaints people. But the answer I got was so ridiculous, it made me laugh out loud. They said: ‘While we accept that the drugs issue is of course capable of causing political or societal controversy, we do not agree that it is currently a ‘major matter’ as defined in our editorial guidelines.’

    How odd, in that case, that the BBC never misses any opportunity to publicise any and every call for drug legalisation, especially in its news programmes. In fact, the accelerating campaign to legalise drugs – clearly backed by the BBC – is fast turning into the biggest social revolution since the 1960s.

    And then there is drama too. The BBC absurdly pretends that drama cannot be used to promote policies. Really? Too many people know with bitter certainty that marijuana is a hard, family-destroying menace, and perhaps worse than that.

    Yet the BBC made it look like a harmless giggle on a Gavin & Stacey Christmas special. What effect do you think that had?

    Now a new drama series makes a similar joke out of cocaine. It will be heroin and LSD next, and who knows what afterwards. The programme, called Everything I Know About Love and starring Emma Appleton, opened on BBC1 last Monday night.

    But ten minutes into the first episode, the star and two of her friends are shown pressuring a fourth woman into snorting cocaine in the lavatory of a restaurant. Their victim is depicted as being pathetically dumb, fearing she will instantly die.

    They sneer that she is ‘suburban’. They say that cocaine is a ‘2.4 children, L-shaped sofa’ type of drug. ‘You just dip in and out of it like houmous.’ Of course the fourth woman gives in, and her moral collapse into criminal stupidity is portrayed as welcome and a minor laugh.

    I think the people in charge of this organisation know perfectly well what they are doing, helping to turn a once-civilised society into a miserable, selfish hell. Why on earth should we pay through the licence fee for this electronic slurry?ENDS

    I used to listen to ‘a point of view ‘ when there was a variety of thoughts -opinions -views .

    Then it became ‘friends of the BBC ‘ with a single Lefty view and the sneer of the contrary .

    Ladies and Gents – if you want a ‘fresh – true – point of view ‘
    You have to go to GBNews for Brazier or Steyn or The Coast Guy ( Neil Oliver) …..not to the MSM ….

    As for drugs – there are campaigns to end smoking – but at the same time campaigns to legalise cannabis ….
    I don’t think any drug is ‘safe ‘ and the harm done by cannabis should keep it illegal – whatever cultural practices are inflicted in Blighty ….

    … I heard also that there are shortages of heroin substitute leading to drug users turning to potential lethal brands of heroin – with associated increase in deaths …


    • Changethebbc says:

      All drugs should be medicalised – that was how they dealt with the opium epidemic of the late 19th-early 20th century. Laudanum became associated with sick, half witted old women so lost its attraction.

      This would need the media to refuse to glorify drugs, unfortunately this would be impossible to impose.


  39. Thoughtful says:

    Our hopelessly incompetent government has come up with a wizzard new wheeze to help families cope with the rampant inflation it caused and which it is as expected completely failing to deal with.

    So Boris is about to launch his ‘exciting’ new strategy called “Grow for Britain”, but what the dim witted metropolitan idiot doesn’t appear to have reaslised (and none of his city dwelling advisors have told him) is that the growing/planting season is now long past and won’t be coming around again for another 9 months!



    • MarkyMark says:

      3 teachers hide in Batley as Britian is released to grow


      • JohnC says:

        Just try to imagine what the reaction of the BBC and the Left would be if Muslims had to go into hiding because of threats from some far-Right nutter.

        It’s the blatant hypocrisy of them which make me despise their ethics so much. Their opinion depends solely on their agenda.


        • Thoughtful says:

          Again people not listening and following blind prejudice without allowing the facts to open their minds.

          Saudi Qatar, Kuwait Abu Dhabi Khazakstan, all rich beyond the dreams of averice, pumping money into the West for the promotion of their religion. There’s even a Wikipedia page called “Petro Islam” and yet there is zero acknowledgement it’s even happening and so as a result it goes below the radar and out of sight.

          It’s not blatant hypocrisy John, he who pays the piper calls the tune and this is the tune being called whether it’s through Universities or research grants or share ownerships, or blatant flat our bribery the oil money talks and people listen to that.

          Until you can accept that this is happening and see it for what it is then you have no chance of either understanding it, explaining it to others, or even begining to challenge it.


          • MarkyMark says:

            Money goes a long way …

            Ehsan Abdulaziz: Saudi millionaire who said he ‘accidentally tripped and penetrated’ teenage girl cleared of rape
            He said it was possible he had semen on his hands from having sex with a 24-year-old woman earlier

            Emma Henderson
            Wednesday 16 December 2015 10:07


    • moggie63 says:

      Because all flats and bedsits come with gardens, innit?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Thoughtful – yes – spotted that one – maybe starve this winter and sow in spring 2023 for any survivors – what joke the journo PM has become …

      I did like the ‘benefits to get a mortgage ‘ wheeze though – what nonsense …


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      “Grow for Britain” – where? All the building that’s going on, there’s nowhere left (in Southern England) to plant anything.

      Utterly clueless, utterly hopeless.


  40. MarkyMark says:


    MPs to get £2,200 pay rise from April for ‘dramatically increased’ duties last year


  41. Changethebbc says:

    Latest examples of serious BBC bias. Anti-British Bias.

    The Mau Mau were apparently a wonderful group of freedom fighters whose relatives should be compensated by the British.

    The Argentines occupied the Falklands in the 1820s (ejected within 10 years) and so have probably got a legal right to the islands.

    See http://www.thereandwhere.com/bbccumulativebias.html


  42. Fedup2 says:

    BBC 1pm news

    Great fun – bbc whipping up strikes – the way a lot of areas have behaved it will be tricky to see anything worse thar it already is – “ your call is important to us ….”

    BTW – is there a law that every militant union leader has to be a Scottish comrade…


  43. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Popped over to Talk TV while Alistair Stewart was on GB News and Trisha Goddard was on. She was hosting 2 people talking about religious stuff and she was saying how Jews were portrayed.
    She said in ‘The taming of the shrew’ the character ‘Shylock’ was portrayed as a typical Jew.

    Did he move from Venice?

    Shortly after that her show went for an ad break but when they returned there was no mention of her mistake.
    You would have thought someone on her production team would have told her he, (Shylock) was in ‘The merchant of Venice’ so that she could have said she made a ‘mistake’ or a ‘slip of tongue’ (like lefties say when they are caught out telling lies) but there was no mention of a correction.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Maybe Trisha didn’t realise Charles dickens did those films – innit …?

      Looks is like the BBC is opening up a new front to attack the blue labour brand – strikes – transport – NHS – public service unions – go for it – and enjoy turning a recession into a depression

      I suppose it’s back to the 70s when labour claimed if they got power there d be harmony and it would all be nice with the comrades – when we know once the sicknesss gets going it’s difficult to cure – like inflation …


    • taffman says:

      I too, am also aware that Talkradio is heading down the the Woke road .
      Go woke go broke .


  44. Zephir says:

    Well, a certain town centre in Bedfordshire at least 50% non white

    I cleared my throat with a single small cough in a clothes store and an 5 foot nothing asian, sawn off little runt with a big beard, (you know what I mean) tell me out of the blue as he walks past in the other direction to “cover ya mouf when you cough, man” as he walks past… I looked back in disbelief and he is still standing, staring and shouts at me “Yeh I’m talking to you !” I did not respond so then he walks out the shop.

    I walk away and two minutes later he is back, he walks past me twice, didn’t see me the first time, the second time he spots me and demands, “what you looking at ??”

    That was enough for me so I stopped, turned around responded and trying to keep my temper (as he so obviously wanted a fight or maybe hoping for a racial comment to jump on as he was standing waiting staring again): “I’m looking a very rude LITTLE man who should mind his own business”

    Cue a tirade of abuse and threats as I walked away and some other efnick woman holds him back for some reason.

    Enriches us all this scum.


    • Zephir says:

      Maybe worth mentioning, as I wonder about motive:
      I was with a Chinese lady………who he also abused verbally with the “what YOU looking at ?” so reported now.

      He also started calling me “old man” etc, they do like picking fights with those they perceive as less able to fight.

      They are becoming more emboldened by the day, wish he were to try that in Shamghai with the locals.


  45. tomo says:

    When you put it like that…..


  46. tomo says:


    • Changethebbc says:

      I had a period when I made my own fireworks. Making black powder is very time consuming and using the CIA method is expensive. If I were a cop I would want the teenagers to demonstrate the weapons worked before giving them money.


      • Zephir says:

        Talking of chemistry, no wonder some appears to be magic:


        • Up2snuff says:

          Zephir, when I was a child some of that powder or a similar equivalent was given away free with a childrens comic. That wouldn’t be allowed now on the grounds of elfin safety and the fact that some children would be selling the powder on street corners or sniffing it up their noses.


      • tomo says:


        Looks a bit over-complicated compared to items I’ve seen in Africa


      • Fedup2 says:

        Gotta hand it to the spirit of American free enterprise – but of course they’ll be using guns to get guns off others ( dead or alive ) to pick up the bounty ….


  47. Eddy Booth says:

    “Ukraine war: Former British soldier Jordan Gatley killed in fighting”

    “Jordan Gatley, who left the British army in March and travelled to Ukraine, was described as “a hero” by his father Dean in a tribute on social media.
    He died in the battle for the eastern city of Severodonetsk, which has seen intense fighting in recent days.”

    Looks like Ukraine used the Foreign Legion as cannon fodder
    Guess the very front line is the destiny of disposable mercenaries.
    Wonder if Mr Ben Grant will show up next…



  48. Zephir says:

    “Eli Steele: Jodi Shaw and the Racial Mask of Whiteness
    Former Smith College employee continues to stand up against identity politics at the school”

    Over dinner in an Arizona diner, I told two friends that I would soon be traveling to Northampton in the western part of Massachusetts to interview Jodi Shaw, the former Smith College staffer who rebelled against the college’s mandatory racial indoctrination program, a program designed to reduce her humanity to whiteness. My friends then told me a story.

    In the 1940s, a black teen left the deep South for the summer to earn college tuition money working the tobacco fields in Connecticut’s Farmington Valley, a short drive from Northampton. The teen marveled that he could sit in church alongside whites, dine in restaurants with whites, and when he faced discrimination, other whites stood up.

    As I left the valley for Northampton, I wondered if our society today is committing the unpardonable sin of resurrecting these racial masks. I grew up hearing stories of how the racial mask of black inferiority was imposed upon blacks by the racial order of white supremacy. Refusing to conform to this mask meant the loss of a job or being met with violence, beat-downs to lynchings. I also learned how whites embraced the racial mask of superiority as a means to power — a poor white could lack education and wealth and still believe he was superior to the most accomplished of blacks because of the illusion of superiority that his racial mask offered him. Any white that questioned that mask faced being ostracized as a race traitor. And that was how the racial order of white supremacy thrived, by keeping the humanity of these individuals hidden behind racial masks.

    There were courageous blacks and whites who rejected these racial masks. They risked everything as they marched in the civil rights movement to destroy white supremacy. But, today I wonder: Have we somehow betrayed the decades-long sacrifices of these marchers by creating a new racial order out of the corpse of white supremacy, a racial order that nearly derailed the life of Jodi Shaw?

    Jodi wanted to return “home” to Northampton out of nostalgia for the “magical times” she had while a student at Smith College. What she had not accounted for was how much the American culture wars had transformed the character of the college since her time there.

    She landed a temporary job at Smith College as a librarian. Throughout her first year, she heard phrases like “white privilege,” “systemic racism,” and “white supremacy.” She confessed to me that even though this racially charged culture didn’t sit right with her, she said nothing; a betrayal – in her words – of the lessons she learned about humanity on the subway platforms. She also confided that she had doubted herself because who was she to question the esteemed minds running the college?

    So she kept her head down and worked diligently. The college rewarded her with a contract extension and she used that goodwill to apply for a permanent librarian position. She then landed a rare opportunity to prove her worth when she was asked if she could handle the library orientation for the incoming freshmen. She was told that her presentation must be “wild and crazy” because the library orientation was on the last day of a weeklong orientation and the students would be exhausted by then. Jodi smiled, “Well, I’ll do a rap!”

    Then an incident occurred on July 31, 2018, that changed the campus forever.

    A rising sophomore named Oumou Kanoute was eating lunch in the dorm lounge located inside Tyler House when a custodian called the campus police on her. An unarmed officer, Bob Young, approached and asked Kanoute what she was doing there. When she replied that she was working as a teaching assistant, he allowed her to stay. The encounter, recorded by Kanoute on her phone, was civil.

    However, Kanoute later posted to Facebook that the encounter left her near “meltdown” since “all I did was be Black.” She also wrote: “It’s outrageous that some people question my being at Smith College, and my existence overall as a woman of color.”

    This incident occurred at a time when it seemed that everyday there was a new video of a “Karen,” usually a white woman, questioning the rights of blacks to be where they are. The Smith College incident fit into that narrative and media outlets from Boston Globe, Washington Post to CNN ran with Kanoute’s story.

    Jodi, too, was appalled by the incident and thought it “terrible.” She nodded along when Smith College President Kathleen McCartney placed the custodian on leave, apologized profusely to Kanoute, and said: “This painful incident reminds us of the ongoing legacy of racism and bias, in which people of color are targeted while simply going about the business of their ordinary lives.” The president also stated that “every Smith staff member will be required to participate in mandatory anti-bias training.”

    All of this happened before the wheels of due process could begin to turn.

    Then Kanoute made another move three weeks after the incident on July 31. Raised in New York by a family from Mali, Kanoute searched the college’s staff directory for those who she believed called campus police on her. She posted to Facebook the photo of Jackie Blair, the dining room assistant who had asked if she was assigned to eat in that particular house. She also posted the photo of Mark Patenaude and claimed he was the offending custodian. She branded both Jackie and Mark as racists and the post went viral.

    If Jodi thought she could escape the toxic cloud of racial strife she soon found out that she was wrong. A week before she was to perform the rap for the incoming freshmen, her supervisor informed her that due to the fallout from the incident on July 31, she could no longer do the rap. She protested that she put in countless hours of work, called in favors from many people, and she demanded to know why. Her supervisor replied: “Because you are white.”

    The words stung. Jodie felt impotent. The racial mask of whiteness was now imposed upon her.”

    In October of 2018, President McCartney announced that the investigation into what happened on July 31 found no evidence of racism. During the summer months, the Tyler House serves as a dining facility for a summer dance camp attended by young minors. Staffers had to pass background checks and only staffers assigned to Tyler House were permitted to enter.

    That is why Kanoute was out of place when she chose to eat at Tyler House instead of walking across campus to eat at the dorm she had been assigned to. The custodian who reported her was following administrative orders when he let the campus police handle the interaction.

    The investigators also found that Jackie Blair — the dining room staffer smeared by Kanoute as a racist – was innocent. And Mark Patenaude? The falsely accused custodian was at his house eating lunch when the incident took place.

    These findings provided no reprieve for Jackie and Mark who still remained guilty in the eyes of many. When Jackie tried to return to work she was repeatedly called a racist by Smith College students. Mark’s anxiety became unmanageable and he was forced to take an early retirement, upending the retirement plans he had been working toward for the last two decades.

    It was at this moment that President McCartney had the chance to make things right. She could have stood by her staff, an act that would have repaired their reputations considerably. She could have reprimanded Kanoute for racially profiling two innocent staffers and destroying their lives in the process. Instead, the president doubled down and evoked systemic racism as the root cause of what happened on July 31: “It is impossible to rule out the potential role of implicit racial bias.”

    President McCartney learned her lesson in 2014. After several blacks were killed by police officers across America, including Michael Brown, the president announced to the college, “All lives matter.” She was lambasted and quickly learned that if she wanted to keep her $600,000 a year job and the campus mansion that she renovated for $3 million, she’d have to wear the white mask and serve the racial order of identity politics.

    Jodi found herself being required to attend endless racial sensitivity trainings along with other staffers. She soon learned from her superiors that the qualifications for the permanent librarian position that she was up for had been changed to attract more minority candidates. Jodi saw the writing on the wall and withdrew her application for the position.

    She then told me that she thought if she left the academic side of Smith College and took a lower-paying job in the residence life division, she would escape the racial strife. After all, what role can race play in issuing students’ ID cards, handling room changes, and the other tasks that come with running dormitories. What she didn’t know was that most of her new superiors had graduated with master degrees in education where they learned how to see color in every aspect of life. They informed Jodi that they expected the same of her. “But what does it mean to see color?” Jodi wondered.

    She found out shortly when a student complained that a fellow student’s service dog was making too much noise in a nearby dorm room. Jodi reviewed the complaint and learned that the student with the service dog had documented multiple efforts to resolve the issue with the complaining student. The complaining student did not provide anything. At that point, Jodi decided the sensible thing was to offer the complaining student a room change since the student with the service dog had legal disability status.

    Then Jodi and her superiors learned that the student with the disability was white and that the complaining student was black and none other than Oumou Kanoute. Jodi was ordered to base her decision on the color of the students and that meant moving the student with the disability into a new room, despite her being a senior and a month away from graduating.

    Jodi revealed to me that she felt sick to her stomach and ashamed for not standing up for what was right during that ordeal. She also feared that her superior’s orders to engage in blatant racial discrimination put her at legal risk.

    Jodi began to feel true loneliness. She reflected on how much the campus had changed since the incident of July 31. Officer Bob Young, affectionately known on campus as “Officer Bob,” had been questionably terminated despite a spotless record for 35 years. A newly hired police chief was also terminated after students posted the chief’s twitter feed around campus and tarred him as a racist. Then Jodi found a list of demands posted to her door and the students warned that if she did not meet them, they would “make (her) feel our pain.”

    She chuckled at the absurdity of what she was telling me. She felt like she was going crazy.

    To keep her sanity she began to document every incident of racial discrimination that she witnessed on campus and that led to her filing an 80 page internal complaint. Only days after she filed that complaint, George Floyd was killed and the college went into overdrive with its antiracism trainings. Jodi then received a three page response from the college, dismissing her complaints as without merit. (By contrast, the college responded to Kanoute’s Facebook post with a 70 plus page investigative report.)

    It was at that moment that Jodi had to make an existential decision: how did she want to live her life from here on? As a conformist to the racial order? Or as a free individual?

    Jodi confided to me that the psyche pain of living as a coward who betrayed her morals would be too much for her to bear. After sending out several Hail Mary emails in hopes that her superiors would come to their senses, Jodi summoned the only thing that could save her: courage. Somehow, she instinctively knew that the only antidote to racial orders was courage. And that it was only courage that would lead her out of the racial quagmire and back to her true self.

    In October of 2020, Jodi made her first youtube video and blasted Smith College for reducing her to a white mask. When President McCartney released a statement that summarily dismissed Jodi’s first video, the president had no idea that she was dealing with a woman that was no longer bound by fear. Jodi saw the president for the opportunist paper tiger that she was and continued to make video after video. Her loneliness began to fade as she found a powerful online community of Americans cheering her on. This community also gave her the gift of reassuring her that she was indeed not crazy and that only gave her more courage.

    In February of 2021, Jodi finally resigned from Smith College and filed her lawsuit alleging racial discrimination. The suit is still pending.

    Today, the beautiful campus of Smith College feels like a shell of the elite institution it once was. Bedsheets with “Black Lives Matter” painted onto them hang from buildings as if to warn students and outsiders that dissent from the racial order would not be tolerated. Staffers tiptoe around students, afraid of saying the wrong thing or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. None of the faculty possessed the courage to stand alongside Jodi unequivocally. ”



  49. StewGreen says:

    #1 The UNHCR website proudly announced success in the programme to send Asylum Seekers to Rwanda from Libya
    funded I think by the EU
    30 Mar 2022 https://www.unhcr.org/rw/17295-first-evacuation-flight-of-2022-from-libya-to-rwanda-brings-over-100-asylum-seekers-to-safety.html
    screenshot https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FU-9n9HXsAE–QH?format=jpg&name=small

    #2 The UNHCRuk are brought in by UK lawyers to say sending Asylum Seekers to Rwanda after they flee the EU to come to the UK, is illegal



    • StewGreen says:

      They’ve done a few tweets about it

      libmob laws = “It’s OK when we do it !”


  50. tomo says:

    Well, that brightened up my Sunday afternoon