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    • StewGreen says:

      Sally’s tweet about that old 2020 Marianna tweet is a bit too cryptic for me
      I think it’s this
      So at the time Hunter Biden’s laptop was revealed, Mariana started a massive thread opening with a STRAWMAN that the right’s angle was that Hunter’s laptop contained child porn .
      In fact 99% of righties were not saying that, cos that is not what the evidence said
      rather there was a lot of other illegal/bad stuff
      So Marianna was distracting and not debunking the real story at all

      I opened up the quote tweets
      Laura from SaveTheBBC tweeted
      Pls everyone read this whole thread and see how CRUCIAL public service broadcasting is to health of our democracy.
      A forum where properly trained journalists working within an ethos of truth telling and accountability, ensures tht fake news and conspiracy theories can be debunked


      • Zephir says:

        Did you see it ? I did, and now its been cleaned away, all I can say with any confidence is she should have been doing her homework rather than giving him a handjob and it was not him watching something

        he was too busy smoking a rather large self rolled cigarette whilst this poor girl was asked to perform a function for him

        remember all the purple haired pierced me too girls rioting in London about Trump the sexist….


  2. digg says:

    The climate brigade seem to be blind to the biggest threat to mankind on Earth. And no it’s not people who drive diesel cars.

    Namely, the sun. The Earth is 100% at the mercy of what happens on the sun. a 0.1% change of solar activity either way on the sun would wreak havoc with life on Earth and there would be nothing we could do about it.

    We could alternatively fry or freeze if the suns activity changed by a very small amount.

    Do our scientists consider or declare this?


    It’s all mankind’s fault. Mankind is an easy target, that why. Bleating about man’s influence keeps numerous scientists in jobs, the single biggest reason why it is such a hot topic.

    The sun like any source of energy will keep changing and eventually it is inevitable that the sun will obliterate mankind either by roasting them or freezing them to death and there will be absolutely nothing mankind can do about it. It could wipe out all life on Earth in a matter of months, weeks, days or even hours.

    We are in fact living on a knife edge and at the total mercy of the sun.

    Sobering thought for all those scientists trying to blame horrible humans?


    • Up2snuff says:

      digg, thank God that He has placed us all on a ‘Goldilocks’ planet!


  3. Guest Who says:

    Did not see that one coming.


  4. Guest Who says:

    Kirsty got any thoughts?

    Newsnight really is a very special home of the depraved.


  5. StewGreen says:

    US : Tony Heller calling out fakenews by CNN
    Media claimed ‘the racist police force in a town resigned
    cos they’re racist
    and objected to a new black town manager”
    .. https://youtu.be/ax2wOFmEm5A


  6. StewGreen says:

    HD’s new video .. is a bit late on the BBC white football team doco
    “The BBC are determined to stir up racism among young people about women’s football”
    .. https://youtu.be/lkW9mcy–Kc

    BBC Newsbeat video that Simon mocks : https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/newsbeat-62346385


  7. StewGreen says:

    Paul Homewood 2 days ago
    “The BBC have shown their contempt for ordinary people who dare to question the climate dogma.
    Anybody who disagrees must be re-educated!”


    • StewGreen says:

      Interesting theory that as we keep an eye on reducing chimney/exhaust smoke,
      that actually causes UK to warm a touch
      cos smokey clouds around a city dims the sun


  8. pugnazious says:

    ‘The staff member reminded bosses that the “trans women are women” stance pushed by trans lobby groups “is not shared by the majority of licence fee payers”.’

    Lol….good luck with that.

    Who would have thunk this would ever happen? Always be careful what you wish for…when you campaign for trans ideology don’t come crying when they take over in your world…..

    ‘The BBC is “disappearing women” by allowing a 50-50 quota for programme guests to be filled by those who self-identify as female, The Telegraph can reveal.

    The 50:50 equality project was founded in 2017 by Ros Atkins, the BBC News presenter, and heavily promoted on the corporation’s website to empower women.

    It urges BBC editors to monitor the number of contributors on their programmes to gather data and set diversity benchmarks, with the aim of at least half being women.

    But it has erupted in a trans row, as its methodology now says “content-makers monitor the gender identity of their contributors with the aim of featuring at least 50 per cent women – they do not monitor whether a contributor’s gender differs from their sex registered at birth”.

    It means trans women born as male will be counted as women, sparking a backlash from BBC staff who say the scheme has been hijacked by trans activists.
    BBC staff protest about the change

    A senior BBC insider told The Telegraph: “The BBC has now ‘disappeared’ women as a sex class and instead monitors ‘gender identity’. It’s redefined a word which we all understand, without any public debate, and Ros Atkins has gone along with the change.

    “In this 50:50 monitoring, the BBC is still following ‘Stonewall law’ in failing to respect sex as as a protected characteristic. Sadly, the BBC still seems to be a deeply sexist organisation where these concerns raised by women are dismissed.”

    The Telegraph understands that BBC staff have protested internally about the change.’

    Women erased, Whites erased, gays on the way to being erased…this equality is something else huh? Celebrating diversity by erasing it…making everyone the same. We’re all trans now.

    Where does the BBC find all these trannies but can’t seem to find any women?…

    ‘In a Jeremy Vine discussion about women’s sports on BBC Radio 2 in June, the voices on air were four men and three trans people with no women, the insider said.

    In another example, two men and two trans women discussed women’s sport in an edition of Radio 4’s Moral Maze last June’


  9. pugnazious says:

    Caught last minute of Harrabin on 5 Live telling us how wonderful Little Greta was and how the BBC really must ignore any doubts or criticism and plough boldly on and promote climate change regardless of….well, I suppose actual science and facts…pretty much as they have done under Harrabin’s corrupting influence anyway.

    Telling tweet that Is the BBC biased? has noted….

    Hmmm…but they did know…and embraced it enthusiastically….we all know of the seminar that was used as a vehicle by Harrabin to con and pressurise his colleagues into packing their programmes with climate change propaganda and which is why everything is now, in some way or form, connected to climate change [or slavery] in a vast propagandistic messaging enterprise that has absolutely no place in an impartial and unbiased news organisation….but then that’s not the BBC.

    There’s certainly climate change…but is it man-made, and if there is any man-made influence just how much is really caused by CO2?

    Still no answer….well, there is an answer…the BBC tells us ‘It just is…so there!’….

    ‘Our planet has been warming rapidly since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.

    The average temperature at the Earth’s surface has risen about 1.1C since 1850.

    Multiple independent teams of scientists have reached the same result – a spike in temperatures coinciding with the onset of the industrial era. ‘

    So no actual ‘science’….they’ve just measured a temperature rise…claimed it was ‘since the industrial revolution’ and put two and two together….but, er, no actual data genuinely linking CO2 to climate change nor indeed the industrial revolution which like ‘since 2010’ in politics has become the BBC’s default start point for all bad things…never mind the temperature rise, seen over the millenia, is entirely normal…if not delayed.


    • Guest Who says:

      That rather terse acknowledgment in response suggests Horrors and his handlers may see that as perhaps not the best testimonial for him, the bbc or the cause.


  10. Zephir says:

    Statistics vs fact, bbc factcheckers etc

    “What if academics were as dumb as quacks with statistics?

    October 3rd, 2011 by Ben Goldacre in methods, neurostuff, statistics | 39 Comments »

    Ben Goldacre, The Guardian, Saturday 10th September 2011

    We all like to laugh at quacks when they misuse basic statistics. But what if academics, en masse, deploy errors that are equally foolish? This week Sander Nieuwenhuis and colleagues publish a mighty torpedo in the journal Nature Neuroscience.

    They’ve identified one direct, stark statistical error that is so widespread it appears in about half of all the published papers surveyed from the academic neuroscience research literature.

    To understand the scale of this problem, first we have to understand the statistical error they’ve identified. This is slightly difficult, and it will take 400 words of pain. At the end, you will understand an important aspect of statistics better than half the professional university academics currently publishing in the field of neuroscience.

    Let’s say you’re working on some nerve cells, measuring the frequency with which they fire. When you drop a chemical on them, they seem to fire more slowly. You’ve got some normal mice, and some mutant mice. You want to see if their cells are differently affected by the chemical. So you measure the firing rate before and after applying the chemical, first in the mutant mice, then in the normal mice.

    When you drop the chemical on the mutant mice nerve cells, their firing rate drops, by 30%, say. With the number of mice you have (in your imaginary experiment) this difference is statistically significant, which means it is unlikely to be due to chance. That’s a useful finding which you can maybe publish. When you drop the chemical on the normal mice nerve cells, there is a bit of a drop in firing rate, but not as much – let’s say the drop is 15% – and this smaller drop doesn’t reach statistical significance.

    But here is the catch. You can say that there is a statistically significant effect for your chemical reducing the firing rate in the mutant cells. And you can say there is no such statistically significant effect in the normal cells. But you cannot say that mutant cells and mormal cells respond to the chemical differently. To say that, you would have to do a third statistical test, specifically comparing the “difference in differences”, the difference between the chemical-induced change in firing rate for the normal cells against the chemical-induced change in the mutant cells.

    Now, looking at the figures I’ve given you here (entirely made up, for our made up experiment) it’s very likely that this “difference in differences” would not be statistically significant, because the responses to the chemical only differ from each other by 15%, and we saw earlier that a drop of 15% on its own wasn’t enough to achieve statistical significance.

    But in exactly this situation, academics in neuroscience papers are routinely claiming that they have found a difference in response, in every field imaginable, with all kinds of stimuli and interventions: comparing responses in younger versus older participants; in patients against normal volunteers; in one task against another; between different brain areas; and so on.

    How often? Nieuwenhuis looked at 513 papers published in five prestigious neuroscience journals over two years. In half the 157 studies where this error could have been made, it was made. They broadened their search to 120 cellular and molecular articles in Nature Neuroscience, during 2009 and 2010: they found 25 studies committing this statistical fallacy, and not one single paper analysed differences in effect sizes correctly.

    These errors are appearing throughout the most prestigious journals for the field of neuroscience. How can we explain that? Analysing data correctly, to identify a “difference in differences”, is a little tricksy, so thinking very generously, we might suggest that researchers worry it’s too longwinded for a paper, or too difficult for readers. Alternatively, perhaps less generously, we might decide it’s too tricky for the researchers themselves.

    But the darkest thought of all is this: analysing a “difference in differences” properly is much less likely to give you a statistically significant result, and so it’s much less likely to produce the kind of positive finding you need to look good on your CV, get claps at conferences, and feel good in your belly. Seriously: I hope this is all just incompetence.



  11. Zephir says:

    “Meaningful Transparency Commitments: the WHO Joint Statement from Trial Funders

    By now I hope you all know about the ongoing global scandal of clinical trial results being left unpublished, and of course our AllTrials campaign. Doctors, researchers, and patients cannot make truly informed choices about which treatments work best if they don’t have access to all the trial results. Earlier this year, I helped out with a World Health Organisation project to get non-industry clinical trial funders signed up to making better policies on transparency. This BMJ editorial (sorry, I’m late posting it, published last month!) describes the new commitments, and why this commitment is more convincing than previous vaguer statements.

    “It costs nothing for an organisation to issue vague statements in favour of transparency and integrity. This time, a World Health Organization joint statement on clinical trials transparency, signed by 15 major non-industry research funders (see box), gives unusual grounds for optimism. Where previous documents have been shapeless, this one makes clear commitments to transparency, with timelines; it promises unambiguous outcomes where compliance can be easily assessed; it gives technical details around implementation; and crucially it includes a commitment for open self-auditing, so progress can be monitored.”

    More in my editorial here: and if you’re sharing, that link is a toll-free link that gets through the paywall, so make sure you do use that one, or link here. Cheers, and onward!



  12. Zephir says:

    The year in nonsense

    December 19th, 2009 by Ben Goldacre in annual roundup, bad science, big pharma | 27 Comments »

    Ben Goldacre, The Guardian, Saturday 19 December 2009

    It’s been a vintage year for dodgy science in government. We saw reports on cocaine that were disappeared, dodgy evidence to justify DNA retention, and some government advisors who estimated the cost of piracy at 10% of GDP, to media applause, and then failed to tell everyone they’d got the figure wrong by 1000%.


  13. Zephir says:

    Nullius in verba. In verba? Nullius!

    Ben Goldacre, Not In The Guardian, Saturday 26 June 2010

    Here is some pedantry: I worry about data being published in newspapers rather than academic journals, even when I agree with its conclusions. Much like Bruce Forsyth, the Royal Society has a catchphrase: nullius in verba, or “on the word of nobody”. Science isn’t about assertions on what is right, handed down from authority figures. It’s about clear descriptions of studies, and the results that came from them, followed by an explanation of why they support or refute a given idea.

    Last week the Guardian ran a major series of articles on the mortality rates after planned abdominal aortic aneurysm repair in different hospitals. Like many previously published academic studies on the same question, they again discovered that hospitals which perform the operation less frequently have poorer outcomes. I think this is a valid finding.

    The Guardian pieces aimed to provide new information, in that they did not use the Hospital Episodes Statistics, which have been used for much previous work on the topic (and on the NHS Choices website to rate hospitals for the public). Instead they approached each hospital with a Freedom of Information Act request, asking the surgeons themselves for the figures of how many operations they did, and how many people died.

    Many straightforward academic papers are built out of this kind of investigative journalism work, from early epidemiology research into occupational hazards, through to the famous recent study hunting down all the missing trials of SSRI antidepressants that companies had hidden away. It’s not clear whether this FOI data will be more reliable than the Hospital Episodes numbers – “discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the HES dataset” is a standard public health exam question – and reliability will probably vary from hospital to hospital. One unit, for example, reported a single death after 95 emergency AAA operations on FOI request, when on average about one in 3 people in the UK die during this procedure, and that suggests to me that there may be problems in the data. But there’s no doubt this was a useful thing to do, and there’s no doubt that hospitals should be helpful and share this information.

    So what’s the problem? It’s not the trivial errors in the piece, although they were there. The article says there are ten hospitals with over 10% mortality, but in the data there are only 7. It says 23 hospitals do over 50 operations a year, but looking at the data there are only 21.

    But here’s what I think is interesting. This analysis was published in the Guardian, not an academic journal. Alongside the articles, the Guardian published their data, and as a longstanding campaigner for open access to data, I think this is exemplary. I downloaded it, as the Guardian webpage invited, did a quick scatter plot, and a few other things: I couldn’t see the pattern for greater mortality in hospitals that did the procedure infrequently. It wasn’t barn door. Others had the same problem. I received a trickle of emails from readers who also couldn’t find the claimed patterns (including a professor of stats, if that matters to you). Jon Appleby, chief economist on health policy at the King’s Fund, posted on Guardian CommentIsFree explaining that he couldn’t find the pattern either.

    The journalists were also unable to tell me how to find the pattern. They referred me instead to Peter Holt, an academic surgeon who’d analysed the data for them. Eventually I was able to piece together a rough picture of what was done, and after a few days, more details were posted online. It was a pretty complicated analysis, with safety plots and forest plots. I think I buy it as fair.

    So why does it matter, if the conclusion is probably valid? Because science is not a black box. There is a reason why people generally publish results in academic journals instead of newspapers, and it’s got little to do with “peer review” and a lot to do with detail about methods, which tell us how you know if something is true. It’s worrying if a new data analysis is published only in a newspaper, because the details of how the conclusions were reached are inaccessible. This is especially true if the analysis is so complicated that the journalists themselves did not know about it, and could not explain it, and this transparency is especially important if you’re seeking to influence policy. The information needs to be somewhere.

    Open data – people posting their data freely for all to re-analyse – is the big hip new zeitgeist, and a vitally important new idea. But I was surprised to find that the thing I’ve advocated for wasn’t enough: open data is sometimes no use unless we also have open methods.


  14. AsISeeIt says:

    Quick on the draw and more moon on a stick edition

    There’s a sad tale indicative of Britain’s increasing lawlessness reported today – no, not THAT story – let’s keep it a bit lighter for a moment hereabouts: Greggs: Police concern over planned 24-hour Leicester Square store (BBC)

    Although it habitually brings up the rear in the BBC online press line up one often finds oneself enjoying the frontpage of the Daily Star. The comic tabloid, either by fluke or by design, regularly spoofs the themes of middle class right-think so topical in the mainstream media.

    This morning the Star offers readers: Free Lionesses poster for your window – not even the starchy lawyerish Labour MP for Islington South, Emily Thornberry, could object to this patriotic sporting display, surely?

    You think the Star is in earnest and this isn’t a spoof? Free lucky Sarina mask for every reader – that’s a cut out and keep momento – presumably requiring pasting to some cardboard, perhaps a discarded cereal packet – if you want to actually wear it this evening?

    For the uninitiated: Euro 2022: How Sarina Wiegman’s ruthless European style has changed England’s fortunes (Sky News) – she’s the foreign coach brought in to supervise the England ladies – and you can look just like her in your paper Sarina mask.

    I’m half expecting Valerie Singleton to pop up and say “here’s one I made earlier

    I’ll say this for the women’s football – it has brought together our lefty campaigning media, old Labour populist titles and even those residual conservative sources, in a united gushing assumption that we’re interested…

    Women’s Euro 2022 final 8-page special (Observer)
    Come on you Lionesses see pages 4,5,6 & 7 and Sport (Sunday People)
    Roar talent. Lionesses are the pride of ENGLAND ..now it’s their time to make history see pages 6,7,8 & 9 and sport (Sunday Mirror)
    England expects…the Lionesses to make us proud (and maybe even beat Germany!) (Sunday Express)
    Leah Williamson, the England captain, poses during training for today’s Euro 2022 final… in front of a 90,000 capacity crowd (Sunday Telegraph)

    One or two of those in the stadium may even be paying for a full price ticket.

    Note how the apparent success of the women’s team is contrasted openly, or by implication, with our national disappointments in – and the obvious failings of – English international men’s football. As though it were some form of reparation or soothing balm for national pride. Or simply a further emasculation. At least we know – since the BBC drew our attention to the lack of diversity in the ladies squad – our Sarina Wiegman can’t bring on a bunch of no hope ethnic representatives to fluff it in any final crucial penalty shoot out.

    You have to laugh – and make your own jokes these days: Matt is away (Telegraph) – our favourite house cartoonist there taking more time out from the office than a DVLA employee.

    Newman the satirical sketch artist in the formerly patriotic Sunday Times too often either fails to hit the nail on the head or sometimes rubs one up the wrong way. Responding to the report headline: Museum opens door to returning Elgin Marbles in ‘Parthenon partnership’ the cartoonist seems to take the side of the lefty culture warriors as he depicts what we take to be a gaggle of civil servants outside an office door marked ‘Nadine Dorries Culture Secretary‘ saying “Who wants to tell Nads she’s losing her marbles?” – a gag and sentiment that would be perfectly at home in the Guardian – were the ever-so earnest Gruan ever to countenance a cartoon on the frontpage.

    Of civil servants and adherence to fashionable lefty notions of the culture war and political correctness: Badenoch: civil servants prevented me learning truth about Tavistock clinic (Telegraph) – how about making an anti-conservative gag out of that one, Newman?

    Sometimes you know when a digression is coming on… sadly, you’ll never see this old Thames Television TV show repeated – Quick on the Draw (1974-79) presented by Rolf Harris (there’s the problem right there) in which cartoonists were asked to draw cartoons on a given subject. Guests included wonderful nostalgic names such as Roy Hudd, Willy Rushton, Michael Bentine, Humphrey Littleton and Lynsey de Paul. It may possibly have been Eric Sykes but I recall an episode where someone sketched a middle eastern belly dancer performing her alluring gyrations to the delight of an arab sheikh (there’s another problem preventing repeats of the show right there) the comedic caption to this desert tableau was eventually revealed to be the belly dancer saying: “Little does he know I’m an Israeli paratrooper

    I digress… but I segueway to: Charles accepted £1m from family of Osama bin Laden. Prince had meeting at Clarence House – and a seven figure donation from Saudis followed (Sunday Times)

    More moon on a stick being offered to us by the Tory PM candidates: Truss promises an Oxbridge interview for every A* pupil (Sunday Times); Rishi: I’ll save the high street. PM contender vows to help shops thrive, punish hooligans and stop banks closing cash machines (Sunday Express) – will the nation’s high streets ever be safe enough again for a 24-hour Greggs? Which is where we came in.


    • AsISeeIt says:

      One must add the corrective postscript that the Observer, the Sunday incarnation of the Guardian, would indeed countenace a cartoon on their frontpage – reference today’s spiteful: Jog on Johnson. Cartoonists’ favourite sketches of the PM

      Kick a man when he’s down edition?


  15. G says:

    1 hour 30 mins or so. The Real President, DJT’s inspiring speech a day or so ago. Well worth watching. Delivered with obvious gravitas:

    Strongest hint so far that he will run again in 2024.

    Occurred to me that if he, if successful again, achieves even half of what he intends, Russia/China watch out. All the more reason to get their evil work done well before he comes anywhere near the WH again. Expect accelerated behaviour from the Commies.


    • JohnC says:

      Contrast that with the video of Joe I linked a bit further down. The President of the USA is incapable of being allowed to talk without it being written down for him. It’s an extraordinary situation to be in – but the likes of the BBC with their shameless double standards ignore it completely.


  16. Zephir says:

    Some receive a more balanced assessment of their downfall, including frequent references to unproved allegations and social media and “plagued” :

    “Why was Jeremy Corbyn suspended from the Labour Party?

    By Jennifer Scott
    BBC News online political reporter


    30 October 2020
    “Labour has been plagued by allegations of anti-Jewish racism by some of its supporters, mostly on social media.

    Since 2016 – a year after Mr Corbyn was elected leader – Labour has been plagued by allegations of anti-Jewish racism by some of its supporters, mostly on social media

    But it was not the conclusion of the report that led to the former leader’s suspension, says Labour.

    “The scale of the problem was also dramatically overstated for political reasons by our opponents inside and outside the party, as well as by much of the media.”



  17. Zephir says:

    “Jeremy Corbyn joined Labour 55 years ago as a teenager and led the party into the last general election.

    But the Islington North MP has now been suspended, pending an investigation. “


  18. Zephir says:

    “We interrupt this broadcast … Boris Johnson’s resignation – and other amazing breaking news moments

    After a shambolic and ad-hoc premiership, it’s fitting that Boris Johnson’s time in power crashed to a halt in such a chaotic and ad-hoc way. During this morning’s Today show on Radio 4, BBC political editor Chris Mason was busy filling time with speculation about Johnson’s future when he suddenly stopped mid-sentence. “As I speak to you, I’m getting a call from Downing Street,” he announced, audibly surprised, adding: “I’m going to take that call and come back on to you in just a second.” Moments later, he returned to air and announced: “The prime minister has agreed to stand down.”


  19. Zephir says:

    BBC Newsnight humiliates Boris Johnson as it replaces end credits with resignation list
    BBC Newsnight attacked Boris Johnson with a Newsnight snub amid a stream of high-profile Conservative resignations


  20. Zephir says:

    As the resignation list rolled across the screen, a rendition of Bittersweet Symphony played in the background as the programme ran to a close.



  21. Zephir says:

    Humiliated Boris Johnson forced from power – BBC News


    • JohnC says:

      I notice Sunak was championed all the way to the final then dropped like a hot potato once it was between him and remainer Truss. All reports about him are suddenly not as positive as they were.

      Exactly the plan from the start IMHO. Give the ‘democracy’ part a choice of one.

      The removal of Boris by the BBC and the rest of the Leftist MSM is a dirty stain on the principles of democracy. ‘Dirty scum’ doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about them.


  22. Tabs says:

    Just seen on BBC News channel was a piece about the arrest of a man in connection to the fatal stabbing of a 9 year old girl.

    Then a sudden change to a improvised report about an immigrant killed in broad daylight in the USA. This report was so rushed the wrong camera angle on the presenter was used and the incorrect caption on the bottom of the screen was about floods.

    Reading the secret code of BBC reporting I would bet good money that the man who stabbed the 9 year girl was an immigrant (and the BBC know this) so the BBC have to quickly find a immigrant victim story to deflect.


    • JohnC says:

      I would say the opposite : the story has been given a kick and pushed to the top of the agenda and the vigils have started. I will be amazed now if the guy who did it is not white.

      When a BAME murders another BAME in Londonistan, the BBC do their best to avoid us knowing about it in case we cotton on that they are bloodthirsty savages.

      Like this one:

      Man killed in Wood Green shooting named

      His name ? – Camilo Palacio


  23. Zephir says:

    Saving Labour? The secretive battle to oust Jeremy Corbyn

    3 September 2016

    For months a campaign to oust Jeremy Corbyn has been placing adverts, collecting data and imploring people to vote against him in Labour’s leadership election.

    Look on the Saving Labour website, though, and you won’t find the name of a leader. There is nothing on the register of limited companies either.

    When you learn who is co-ordinating the project, it comes as a surprise.

    A former MP on Labour’s far left, once active in a socialist pressure group that included Mr Corbyn himself, Reg Race is not the first person you would imagine leading the charge for a more centrist party. But he is deadly serious.

    “We are ruthlessly determined to make sure there is an effective opposition in this country,” he says.

    He claims Saving Labour has been responsible for recruiting more than 120,000 registered supporters and affiliated union members to vote against Mr Corbyn using online advertising.

    The group, he says, has amassed details of 60,000 people on its own database in just two months. There are plenty of numbers, rather fewer names.

    In his first broadcast interview, he told Radio 4’s Today programme he has the support of trade unionists but will not say which ones. Nor does he name any MPs. Nor donors; those will be published by the Electoral Commission in time, he says.

    Why the secrecy?

    “There’s a group of us and lots of us don’t want to be out there in terms of the media because they’re in relatively vulnerable positions,” he says.



  24. Zephir says:

    Unbiased ? demonstrably not


  25. StewGreen says:

    Belfield case : Again his closing speech is very strong and we see the power of narrative

    Round 1 : the BBC/media clearly pushed out a careful PRE-PLANNED narrative as soon as Jeremy Vine finished his testimony
    The scripted line “He’s the Jimmy Savile of Trolling” “6,000 emails”

    Ask : Who are the bullies ? Who are the trolls ?

    Round2 : the theme of Belfield’s closing speech was a different narrative
    “I’m a normal guy,
    I’m not a weirdo : I worked at BBC stations for 15 years with no run ins with managements
    .. then when I got to BBC Radio Leeds they took against me and started bullying me and this had never stopped.”
    ( Many of the 8 accusers against him have “weirdo” backgrounds.. genuine mental health issues etc. a fraud conviction etc.)

    His own tweeted summary
    * “A Witch-hunt”
    * BBC Gave File
    * Notts👮‍♂️ / Percival “No Investigation”
    * Jeremy Vine tape edited
    * Transcript mistakes
    * “No evidence hearsay”
    * 29 emails NOT 6000

    What he means is that it’s a BBC prosecution, cos they handed over the dossier, the police admit they didn’t do any investigation.
    They’ve been using dodgy evidence all along used edited tapes, even in court, weird police transcript errors and they can’t find the police interview tapes.
    The hearsay : Witnesses making extraordinary claims that the prosecution failed to back up with concrete evidence.
    eg that he’d sent specific horrible tweets, yet not presented the tweets in court .. cos they never existed

    eg that someone got suicidal and had “bought a rope” had “found a rope”

    eg witnesses giving the email count from the totals published in the newspapers.


  26. JohnC says:

    The BBC link the this video in one of their agenda-based ‘fact checking’ articles written by one of the children in that team.

    Move it forward to 9:40 and watch Joe deliver the kind of hatred and spite which has split the USA right down the middle. It’s off the scale.

    The Left truly disgust me with their hypocrisy. They are full of hate and intolerance. I can only imagine what the Democrats would have done to Trump if they had the absolute power to do it. Or how the BBC would have described such a speech if Trump had made it.


    • pugnazious says:

      LOL….comments are turned off….wonder why. The truth is out there somewhere…they just don’t want to hear it…and they especially don’t want you to hear it.


      • Guest Who says:

        BBC #wefiles. When the comments go off piste, dial to 0.

        BBC News

        What happens in our brains when our strongly held beliefs are challenged?


        Why conspiracy theories are so hard to challenge
        25 JULY 2022|PSYCHOLOGY
        As conspiracy theories have evolved over the years, they have become a reflection of what’s relevant in our society.

        Social media has had a huge role to play in facilitating the spread of conspiracy theories in the modern age, and as such they are becoming harder to combat. But what happens in our brains when our strongly held beliefs are challenged and how can we change our mindset to protect ourselves from conspiracy theories?

        Video by Nic Davis, Victoria Hansen, Kristine Dueno & Michelle Fenn
        Commissioning Editor: Camelia Sadeghzadeh


        Bunch of new names there.

        Wendy and Springster off blocking more folk? Or in Afghansitan ‘investigating’ trajectories?


  27. pugnazious says:

    The BBC decides not to show the Northern Ireland flag at the Commonwealth Games….

    ‘‘Northern Irish politician Baroness Kate Hoey asked why the BBC did not show the flag ‘as carried by the team’.

    She said: ‘What is BBC News trying to do? At the Platinum concert at Buckingham Palace they put up the Irish flag for Northern Ireland and now they have no flag.

    ‘Maybe they shouldn’t get the licence fee from residents in NI if they think we don’t exist!”

    Yeah…they don’t think you exist…you’re part of Ireland to the BBC…especially as the EU annexed NI using their IRA proxy terrorist militia as a threat to force Boris to sign the protocol….but let’s not mention that either.

    The BBC hates the idea of ‘Britain’ and anything connected to it…such as NI…especially as there are so many Protestants with their ‘backward and unpleasant’ religion as Mishal Husain [lol…Muslim irony] called it. Curious how the BBC is not so vocal or strident in criticising the Catholics for even stronger ‘backward and unpleasant’ religious views….see how the BBC attacks Christians in the US for their stance on abortion or gay marriage….especially if they vote Trump…but somehow can’t find it in themselves to mention the Pope in the same way.


    • markh says:

      For a Labour politician Kate Hoey seems to be a damned sight more patriotic and more blessed with common sense than any Conservative.


  28. digg says:

    The Biden Covid – No Covid – Covid again drama in the USA smells a tad fishy to me. I believe the Dems have realised that Biden is doing more damage to their party than Trump.

    Could it be that they are trying to create a narrative that in the interests of protecting his health it’s time he took a back seat which would allow them to carry out a graceful coup to rid themselves of his liability with minimum Dem party damage?

    Their only quandary will be that the US public are almost certainly equally if not more uncomfortable with any of the likely replacements they have.


  29. pugnazious says:

    ‘Russia is trying to destabilise Italy by sending thousands of migrants across the Mediterranean Sea from areas in Libya controlled by its Wagner mercenaries, Italian intelligence has warned.

    Nearly 39,000 migrants have reached Italy this year, compared to 27,771 in total in 2021, according to media reports, many of whom left from near Tobruk, a port city on Libya’s eastern Mediterranean coast that is controlled by Wagner and its Libyan allies.

    “Libya is a cannon aimed at the electoral campaign. Immigration is perhaps the most powerful weapon for those who have an interest in destabilising and, therefore, in interfering with the September vote,” La Repubblica newspaper quoted an Italian intelligence agent as saying.

    Migrants as a weapon of war….we all know this is true…and we’ve heard various people, like Putin, Gaddafi and Islamist commentators, threaten us with influxes of migrants to change the demographics, politics and thus society. Not just the obvious suspects though…the EU’s freedom of movement was not for economic reasons, it was precisely to change the demographics in all EU countries…to dilute the native population and to change the election dynamics….with huge numbers of migrants having no loyalty to their new country when the time comes to make a choice between that nation or the EU [such as in Brexit-like votes] the EU expects the migrants will tip the balance towards the EU once they are eligible to vote. There are around 6 million EU citizens in the UK…how many can vote? If they’d all have been able to vote in the Brexit referendum we’d still be in the EU….and perhaps the vote was so close because many of them were able to vote. It would be interesting to see the breakdown of who actually voted.

    Large communities of migrants or populations with loyalties to other countries are a massive risk to any country….it just takes a spark….and it gives leaders of neighbouring countries the leverage to pressurise the other…..see Ukraine…an excuse to invade in order to ‘protect’ fellow Russians or whomever….Germany invading Poland to protect Germans in Poland etc.

    It doesn’t take much to find out what the real loyalties are of the migrant community…and it’s not usually for the host country.


  30. Thoughtful says:

    It’s not often I’m so shocked by an interview that I think it worth posting here.

    Not often either that Jordan Peterson is shocked to the extent he throws up his hands in horror and disbelief at what the future holds for us.

    Many people will already know that the most dangerous thing on this planet is Socialism, with a death toll approaching 750 million people, it’s killed more than malaria in the time its been around, but the current numbers it’s looking to murder now are in excess of one billion people.

    You need to make sure that you and your family are not one of them. So, here is the interview Jordan Peterson did with Michael Yon, it’s roughly one and a half hours long, but it will open your eyes to the horrors yet to come, and as Yon says the inertia now makes these events unstoppable.

    Many of the major points I’ve been saying here for months, mass migration energy shortages, and famine, what I didn’t cover was Socialist intervention in these issues to make matters even worse and to kill more people.

    Take the time to watch this and make sure others are aware – but not Socialists, they deserve to suffer and die for causing this:


    • digg says:

      Watching the above, If any proof were needed of BBC collusion with the Globalists, the complete lack of any reporting of the situation surrounding farmers and the actions they are taking including their reasons in the Netherlands to the people of the UK speaks volumes.

      Somewhere deep in the bowels of the BBC a meeting must have taken place to put into place a blackout.

      It must be that the issue is not actually examined for its newsworthiness by the BBC, all it takes is a message from WEF or The UN or the EU and the BBC press the kill button.

      Orwell continues to be a visionary.


    • tomo says:

      some might say Bacofoil…. (I don’t)


      • StewGreen says:

        If you mouse over the play bar on the video, you’ll see it’s chapterised
        1:02 – Discipline
        5:05 – Controversy
        25:22 – UFOs and aliens
        35:33 – Intelligence agencies
        40:57 – Trust
        46:20 – Greatest comedians
        1:04:15 – Childhood
        1:11:45 – Advice for young people
        1:22:21 – Relationships
        1:26:59 – Putin, Ukraine, and Russia


    • Fedup2 says:

      I’m a bit disappointed that there was no suggestion for remedy to the issues raised . By the way you can watch this at x2 and it still makes sense ….
      Sounds like there’s a need to increase stores of non perishable foods ….. if it is still affordable …..

      After Biden – governments know that if they control the media – non reporting of important stuff like Sri Lanka or Holland or Canada then they can do the same for other WEF activities …


      • Thoughtful says:

        Alas he says there is now too much inertia to be able to prevent the famine, and famine follows famine along with pandemics caused by people eating things they would never ordinarily eat, and the corpses lying around.

        Interesting he says Climate Change is a cult and those in a cult don’t know they are. They now appear to believe 1 billion dead people are a price worth paying to “save the planet” and the mechanism to do this is starvation.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Yes it’s a cult – as I wrote earlier it’s like medieval witchcraft – the certainly of the disciples of green crap point to it as a cult – as well as the treatment of non believers ….
          How much pain will humanity have to suffer before the cult it burnt out ?

          I’m not sure it is a conscious attempt to reduce global population sizes because that can easily be done using weapons of mass destruction in high population areas …..India / Pakistan for instance ….


          • Thoughtful says:

            The WEF doesn’t have access to weapons of mass destruction and their use would require an individual to give permission and there is no real strategic reason to do so.

            The starvation model is much easier for them, because of the ability to blame the cause on the non existent ‘climate change’ which many many fools will simply accept as true.


            • Fedup2 says:

              Lord god – how thick do you think I am – ?it wouldn’t take much to engineer one or two of their disciples to start something off …. I think you’ll find quite a few of the membership have access to weapons …

              You seem to have a literal mind ..


              • Thoughtful says:

                Not quite a literal mind, but there are any number of people in the background any one of which could stop a launch. The other problem for the Greenies is of course the nuclear radiation and fallout which is highly polluting and the heat from the detonation all of which rather works against the original objective.

                The Neutron bomb well there’s another thing, but they have become obsolete since it was discovered most people in any form of armoured vehicle or in a building with steel concrete construction or thick walls would survive.


  31. Sluff says:

    The BBC continues ceaselessly with the ‘air pollution crisis’.

    A child dies. A judge decides air pollution was a contributory factor. Cue the Leftoid wokes and anti-car zealots jumping again onto the collectivist transport bandwagon.

    Sad dick Khan wants to increase the ULEZ to the whole of London.
    Wow. Pollution must be at an all time high, yes?

    Errrr, no. It’s at an all time low !!!!!


    Not that you would know this from the BBC propaganda.


  32. StewGreen says:

    “I have FOUGHT to keep climate change on the news agenda
    .. with mixed results.”

    A line from Harra’s lecture yesterday on R4 FooC

    I had posted the entire transcript, but that was on the bottom of a long page
    It’s now on its own page


    • digg says:

      So stringing out a lucrative career with the BBC is not at all connected?


  33. G says:

    “Christianity – A Toxic Religion” – Gab’s Andrew Torba reports.


    The downfall of Western society is coming a lot quicker than I expected. Keep well and stay out of hospitals. Self-medicate as much as possible.

    Get armed.


  34. Fedup2 says:

    As you all may be aware there is a football match on today –

    Yes it’s Sunderland v Coventry in the championship . The BBC is covering this game extensively – it’s a sell out of course – with great excitement and blanket coverage .

    There has been some criticism about the make up of the teams – each player having 2 legs at the start of the match .

    If you choose to watch anything else today – perhaps you’d think about others using this site and who don’t indulge in inferior third rate fare – like watching Arsenal really ….


    • markh says:

      Do the England wimmin demean themselves and their country by kneeling like the so-called ‘men’? I hope not but fear that they do (can’t bear to watch any of it myself).


  35. Fedup2 says:

    Having returned from my regular walk in Epping forest – I was musing on the green crap . In The Observer today there is a review of a book by some emeritus bloke called Bill McGuire. His book Hothouse Earth is published this week and apparently says it’s too late to stop the planet going hot ..

    I didn’t read the review – I won’t be reading the book – who cares ? If the planet is doomed we are just wasting any money and effort on green crap and should just get on with life .

    I was thinking that we are really living in a time of witchcraft . If you substitute ‘witchcraft ‘ for ‘global warming ‘ you get a truer view of the mindset of so many eff wits .

    Every bit of weather is caused by witchcraft – any thing that goes wrong is because of the same ….

    We are in a witchcraft hysteria – with the poor kids being brainwashed from birth . Meanwhile those with sanity – such as the Chinese – just get on with taking over the planet – without any global warming …


    • StewGreen says:

      @Fedup2 tut tut, “WEATHER is not climate”

      … unless it helps the narrative


      • Fedup2 says:

        I was building on a comment I made the other day where I thought the zealots would make the word ‘weather ‘ a criminal term to be replaced by ‘climate ‘

        It came after the’ climate forecasters ‘were bitching about being trolled and hated … get Hampshire plod and their handcuffs on the case ( they’ve made the mail on line now)

        I’m waiting for those 3 plod to be tracked down off duty – perhaps with the families – to be questioned about arresting someone for ‘causing anxiety ‘….


  36. Eddy Booth says:

    Rishi Sunak pledges NHS no-show fines


    “Conservative leadership hopeful Rishi Sunak has said he would introduce a £10 fine for patients who repeatedly miss GP or hospital appointments.”

    People are still able to get appointments to see their doctor?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Eddy Eddy

      But will rishi roll on to inevitable failure and a new green card -?or will he fall on the knife he used to kill nut nut ? And save the Conservative party thousands of pounds on wasted voting cards ?
      Every day another cabinet minister throws themselves at the feet of the PM to be – Jonnie Redwood for Chancellor ? Imagine …..


    • superpat says:

      A vote winner for Rishi would to be impose £50 fines on doctors who are more than 30 minutes late on outpatient appointments.
      There are threatning notices at my hospital outpatients about the cost of patient no shows, but none about doctors and NH staff late or no shows.
      It is NOT all the publics fault!


    • Fedup2 says:

      Since the NHS can’t be bothered / is morally repulsed by getting money from foreigners treated ‘ killed in the world beating hospitals – the chance of getting a tenner out of a failed punter is – frankly – an insulting policy to get back into the ascendency .

      Rishi – just give it up now rather than embarrassing yourself flogging a dead horse ..and go count your money …. His mum was a chemist you know ….

      Whoever gets the brief for the Treasury will need to throw a few remainers out of the window …


  37. Fedup2 says:

    I predicted Murdock would take over GBNews and get rid of the good bits with the blessing and thanks of OFCOM – here is a piece from the DT today

    Rupert Murdoch’s TalkTV and its rival GB News are locked in a bidding war over a channel slot on Virgin Media that would aid their struggle to attract viewers.

    The fledgling news networks are vying to secure the more prominent 604 slot on the pay TV operator’s channel guide to help stiffen their challenge to the BBC.

    Such a deal would shift either GB News or TalkTV up from their respective 626 and 627 positions to be closer to the 24-hour news channels of the BBC and Sky.

    Analysts have pointed to the networks’ less competitive position on TV channel menus as one of the reasons why they have not amassed bigger audiences.

    The opinionated news stations are currently stuck below overseas networks such as Al Jazeera and France 24 on the Virgin channel guide, while the 604 channel sits between Sky News and BBC Parliament. BBC News HD holds the 601 position.

    It comes as TalkTV attempts to organise a rematch of its Tory leadership debate last week, which it cut short after presenter Kate McCann fainted live on air.

    Mr Murdoch, who also owns The Sun and The Times, held talks about investing in GB News but later decided to launch his own upstart channel.

    However, his own TV network has so far failed in its attempts to dislodge GB News, the BBC or Sky, despite hiring combative presenter Piers Morgan after he left ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

    Jeremy Kyle, the former ITV presenter, is poised to replace Piers Morgan on his eponymous show when he takes a break from over the summer to film a series of true crime documentaries as part of his far-reaching contract with News Corp.

    Mr Murdoch’s deal with Morgan also includes a column in the Sun and New York Post, a book deal with HarperCollins and contributions to Fox News.

    TalkTV’s The News Desk with Tom Newton Dunn and Piers Morgan Uncensored attracted average audiences of 2,500 and 33,900 in the 7pm and 8pm slots on Thursday, according to the TV ratings compiler BARB.

    GB News’ 7pm show presented by the former UKIP leader Nigel Farage secured 64,000 viewers, while its 8pm show 46,000 viewers. BBC News brought in an audience of 72,000 and 58,000 across the 7pm and 8pm slots.

    A Virgin Media spokesperson said: “Like other providers of electronic programme guides, Virgin Media reviews its listings from time to time as provided for under our electronic programming guide policy. We do not comment on any ongoing discussions.”

    TalkTV and GB News declined to comment.ENDS


    • Fedup2 says:

      Not BBC – but Charlie Windsor

      Let’s play a game – let’s pretend you are the Prince of Wales . You are approached with an offer of a million or 2 for one of your charities . Great – right ? Who is the doner? Nice chap – he’s called Bin Laden – a relative of a chap who is now deceased ….
      Well that’s okay then – let’s take the money …..

      When I heard this – the republic gene not far from the surface reminded me it is there – and maybe Charlie Windsor – taking bungs from Islamic terrorist families is a year or two from being our effing King . ….
      The country needs money – maybe it’s time to finish off what Cromwell started – all those properties and land can be sold off and the cash used for ‘the people ‘ – never thought i would land up sounding like Corbyn – but there is a thing about The Right And The Left meeting ….


      • Beltane says:

        Does rather begin to question the validity of so many ‘charities’ enjoying the Windsor in Waiting umbrella.

        Two factors might influence opinions: One, the level of remuneration the majority of charity CEO’s seem to believe they are entitled to; and Two, the almost indecent levels of financial demand our heir makes of his position – including among many other costly items, staffing levels at Highgrove.


    • StewGreen says:

      BS … On Freeview BBCnews Channel is on 231
      SkyNews 2 clicks above that
      GBNews 2 clicks above that
      TalkTV 1 click above that

      If the public can find the BBCnews Channel and , they can find SkyNews then they can find GBNews and TalkTV 1

      when I go round pensioners houses they often seem to be watching GBnews

      On bin day when you look what people leave out in their blue recycle boxes it’s usually the Daily Mail, Daily Express occasionally the Times or the-i ..never the Guardian


  38. Nibor says:

    I just caught the tail end of The World This Weekend , Radio 4 one o’clock .

    James Naughtie doesn’t do news , he does narrative. He likes to think it’s an analysis , but it’s subtle and not so subtle brainwashing.
    So no surprise that an article on the economies of the world he takes a dig at Trump and of course, warns us all not to vote right wing .


    • Fedup2 says:

      Nibor – I find naughtie so pompous now as to be a comedy act .
      Apparently we need a big leader – like Churchill or FDR to get us through the coming trouble – then he mentions `trump in the negative but for some reason – Biden Obama doesn’t get a mention …
      …………but Biden is the hero who banished trump …. Are you at the stage that liberals – the bbc – don’t mention Biden at all and just hope he dies from the umpteenth bout of Chinese virus …?

      The current Cackling VP would make the ideal leader of the Free World … personally I’d be really annoyed in that split second before the thermonuclear flash cremates me to know that Kamela was responsible for my demise ….


  39. G says:

    Question? –

    When was the last time you heard the expression in circumstances where honesty or integrity was an integral part of the proceedings, “play the White Man”………….

    Unique to GB. No foreigner would understand.


  40. tomo says:

    Wheelchair drag queens next?


  41. tomo says:

    I thought the article linked in tweet above might be satire…

    checked – it’s real………


  42. Zephir says:

    Hearing more and more about “white privilege” and the fact that black people complain about it in a 97% white country, I wonder how it works the other way around:

    “There is freedom of speech, but I cannot guarantee freedom after speech”
    Idi Amin

    “In any country there must be people who have to die. They
    are the sacrifices any nation has to make to achieve law and

    Idi Amin

    “Germany is the place where when Hitler was the prime minister and supreme commander, he burned over six million Jews. This is because Hitler and all German people knew that Israelis are not people who are working in the interest of the world and that is why they burned the Israelis alive with gas in the soil of Germany.”

    Idi Amin

    “You cannot run faster than a bullet.”

    Idi Amin

    On August 4th, 1972, Amin ordered the expulsion from the country of some 50,000 of these who held British passports. For some strange reason, in Britain people from the Indian subcontinent are usually called “Asians,” which doesn’t leave a word to cover those from farther East. These Ugandan “Asians” were entrepreneurial, talented and hard-working people, skilled in business, and they formed the backbone of the economy. However, Idi Amin favoured people from his own ethnic background, and arbitrarily expelled them anyway, giving their property and businesses to his cronies, who promptly ran them into the ground through incompetence and mismanagement.

    The “Asians” he deported in tens of thousands after his decree that August day 47 years ago were lucky that they were merely deported, rather than butchered. I was student at St Andrews at the time, and joined a campaign to persuade the UK government to allow them to settle in Britain. We were successful, in that 30,000 were allowed in, and the remainder were helped to get into Commonwealth countries and the US.

    They prospered. The ones who came to the UK set up businesses and ran small shops. Some went from running street stalls to become proprietors of multi-million pound grocery chains. They have been a success story contributing to Britain’s economy and society. People of Ugandan ‘Asian’ descent feature among Britain’s high achievers and celebrities, including Priti Patel, the new Home Secretary.



  43. tomo says:

    Prominent Academics


    The views of a professor from a prestigious American yooneeversitee are worth repeating




    • G says:

      Declared pandemics?

      Covid, Monkey Pox, why not Socialism?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Looks like the drugs were kicking in on the girl with the nose ring and AOC eyes 😳


      • tomo says:

        Fedup2 – If that’s a full, tenured ‘professor’ … ?

        – one has to wonder if the HR selection process and interview panel have adopted homeopathic principles wrt candidate qualification?

        The peeps who put her in post are at least as guilty of promulgating this madness as the batty bint herself.

        Moulding young minds eh?


  44. Zephir says:


  45. G says:

    Wonderful news!

    Governors of US Border States, Texas, Arizona have started shipping some of the 200,000 per month illegals to Washington DC & New York. Joy of joys! DC Mayor’s reaction? Demand the Pentagon turn out the National Guard.

    Donald Trump has pledged to send the illegals back to where they came from.


    • tomo says:

      About time that Channel dinghy divers were shipped to little Khant’s Tooting by default?

      – overspill to Islington, Hackney and Holborn & St. Pancras (for obvious reasons)


    • Nibor says:

      Our bogus asylum seekers should be sent up to Scotland as Nicola Sturgeon says she would welcome them .


  46. Thoughtful says:

    Interesting that the Chinese Communist Party haas decided the BBC is biased as well !



  47. tomo says:

    Obviously some got off lightly last week?


  48. G.W.F. says:

    Looking forward to the big match with England’s women and how top commentator Linacre covers it.


  49. brexiteerkent says:

    The English team is English and the German team is German. How refreshing .

    Not one random collection of assorted nationalities playing another random selection of assorted nationalities !

    Also unless I missed it no knees were taken ! .. Or did I miss it ?!


    • brexiteerkent says:

      .. But the BBC can’t help but make two out of the four commentators “diverse” … random chance ? I think not !

      .. Then a trailer for an upcoming drama which shows a clip of an angry diverse type shouting “terrorists are attacking our national broadcaster” .. That’s one to look forward to .. Not… looks like it will make Dr who’s anti brexit plot and the like pale in comparison