Weekend 6 August 2022

The Far Left Anti `British BBC continues to rejoice in the self abuse the Conservative Party is inflicting on itself selecting a new PM . Will it ever stop?

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  1. Up2snuff says:

    OK, who will win the Conservative Party leadership race: Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak? The BBC have had a go at de-railing Rishi Sunak’s campaign today. Will they attack Liz Truss over the weekend? Which of the two candidates will suggest with a nod and a wink in the BBC’s direction that the easiest way to save £159 a year is to stop watching TV (keeps the electricity bill low) and to spend the time instead on a second job or selling on-line or growing food on an allotment, in the garden or on a balcony or window cill.

    Lots of ways to save money!


    • taffman says:

      “Lots of ways to save money!”

      Start by ditching the telly tax and the ‘Net Zero’ fuel tax.
      Simples .


      • Up2snuff says:

        Here, here, taffman.

        After that, encourage food growing including the use of bio-tech and vertical farms.

        Then develop new coal mines with robotic miners. Create new power stations burning British coal with emission controls & filters. Use the CO2, suitably filtered, for pumping to bio-tech vertical farms and to the food industry.

        Start fracking for gas so that the whole heating ‘gas grid’ doesn’t have to be removed and replaced.

        Continue with oil exploration projects on land and in coastal waters to provide oil for farming, pharmaceuticals and cleaning products.

        Create our own refineries with gas and oil storage capabilities.

        Develop with Rolls Royce small, mobile, nuclear electricity generating stations using redundant submarines and ships.

        Is that enough to be going on with?


        • BRISSLES says:

          Up2 for PM !!


          • Up2snuff says:

            Brissles, my dear old thing, well it is the cricket season and the football season has started far too early! Complaint No.1.

            Me, PM? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Complaint No.2.

            In my younger days, I would have been keen to be Chancellor of the Exchequer or Secretary to the Treasury.


  2. Thoughtful says:

    I think Sunak destroyed his own chances with the howler he came out with.

    What was the idiot thinking to come out with something like that knowing he was being recorded and it would be replayed?

    In some ways I feel relieved we have been saved from an imbecile who is completely clueless about the job he is expected to do as PM.


  3. Guest Who says:

    BBC and favoured media.

    BBC favoured media over the pond.


  4. Nibor says:

    Radio 4 18.30 The Party’s Over , Cruise Control .

    In this programme they tried to have a laugh at Liz Truss .

    I’m no fan of her , but she is a candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party and even more important the biggest office of state – the Prime Minister.

    Is this allowed ? To traduce one candidate over another ?

    Well if she does get in and keeps the BBC going as it is then she proves she leads the stupid party .


  5. Nibor says:

    Stew Green ,

    I’m not fully into the Alex Bellfield case but is a there a similarity with our old friend Maxincony who does his drive by posts in the wee early hours , chasing certain posters and quoting from their very past posts what he believes is ‘dirt’ and wanting a reply ?
    And what if any of us had Maxi’s email account and sent him posts demanding the answers that he never answers on this site ?
    Are both scenarios I outlined above just trolling or secondary stalking ?
    Not that I mind Maxincony’s posts except the late hours.


    • maxincony says:


      And what if any of us had Maxi’s email account and sent him posts demanding the answers that he never answers on this site ?

      It would be like someone here, who didn’t like something I said, sending hundreds of emails threatening legal action; to me, my friends, my family and my employer. Telephoning my parents, recording the conversation and publishing it online. Making a series of YouTube videos about me spreading rumours that I was a thief, mentally ill, liked “young boys”.

      It would be like someone here continually doing that, not just for a couple of weeks or months; but for years….


      • Nibor says:

        Really Maxincony, ?

        So asking you to answer a question that you duck post after post is like that ?

        Really ?


        • StewGreen says:

          Maxi seems to vastly spin and misrepresent Belfield’s case
          Belfield chose to punch back against people bullying him , (a technique I wouldn’t use)
          “It would be like someone here, who didn’t like something I said,”
          .. It was not merely “not liking”, Belfield believed with evidence that there was a conspiracy of people who said out to defame him and destroy his life

          “sending hundreds of emails threatening legal action; to me, my friends,”
          I don’t think he sent “hundreds of emails threatening legal action”
          He sent a lot cos there were multiple people
          and they kept filing to respond, especially Bernie Keith who secretly wrote the original
          ” my family and my employer. Telephoning my parents, recording the conversation and publishing it online. ”
          One of the guys didn’t reply so Belfield emailed the company account, a company his parent owned.
          He spoke to his mother on the phone, cos when he didn’t get a response from the guy and realised that he was under his mother’s care, The guy secretly recorded the conversation too and put out his version too

          “Making a series of YouTube videos about me spreading rumours that I was a thief, mentally ill, liked “young boys”.
          “rumours” the guy did have a conviction for robbing from 8 people when he worked at Barclaycard
          Belfield had reason to believe most of the people in the conspiracy were mentally ill
          I don’t know about the bit about “liking young boys”


  6. Philip_2 says:

    BBC news in brief. This week, Every week.
    BBC launched inquiry into claims of Tim Westwood. (says BBC) and he never met (a woman under 14) and is no longer employed by the BBC anyway. A spokesman said Climate Change is the greatest threat facing the planet (or other cobblers).
    BBC claim 3 day heatwave in Summer is entirely due to Climate Change and supported by evidence the BBC reported only last week that it could last until the end of time.
    BBC Commonwealth Games. Too many white people winning prizes and not enough coloured faces! (gasp! Commonwealth is full of racist..) of white colonial rule. Games should have been cancelled due to COVID and the crisis of Climate Change, which means there is no point in having Commonwealth games in such a Climate crisis.
    BBC award Keir Starmer (Then UK Director of Public Prosecutions) for standing up for NOT prosecuting Jimmy Saville as he no longer worked at the BBC (deceased), this was due to Climate Change at the time. Operation Yewtree was due to Climate Change deniers..
    BBC claim NEW PM must address: Climate Change and Monkeypox as two of the biggest threats to the planet. The fault is The Conservatives in power.
    BBC deny having lost half its entire TV and Radio audience to commercial stations this week. A BBC spokesman said, this is entirety down to demographic Climate Change, that and the fact that most BBC listeners and TV audience are over 95.

    Some of this is true, some of this is entirely true and some of it is entirely false due to the threat to the planet of remote control Climate controllers, faulty air conditioning and downright dishonesty at overpaid BBC towers who create the climate for change. Normal BBC service will resume after Climate Change. That will be in sometime soon, week maybe year or two, decade or three, definitely by next Thursday, give or take a millennium. In cases of Climate disruption your are encouraged to pay your TV license in case you miss important Climate Change updates… any minute now.. just around the corner, raising flood levels causing immigrants to flood across the channel, due to Climate racist in Fr….(click off).


  7. Deborah says:

    Radio 4, 12.30 Friday lunch time.it sounded as though the regular presenters were off for their holidays and they had left the children in charge but as I haven’t heard You and Yours for a couple of years now, maybe what I was listening to may be their general standard.

    The item was about the drag queens in libraries. I assume these men in dresses are being supervised but there was no indication of whether there is sexual innuendo in their story telling or whether the children just think it is a pantomime dame and are they reading a Grimms fairy tale or something more grim. It would colour my view.

    However the BBC take on it was given by a lady fact checker with an unpronounceable name and the accent suggests not British born. She started by telling us there were very few protestors outside the libraries and repeated this several times. She told us some libraries changed the name of the event to confuse people. Several times she told us the protestors were from the far right only once correcting herself and saying not all protestors but all the organisers were from the far right. Not once did the item consider whether parents concerns were valid , sorry she did say that there were a couple of examples of the drag queens going into libraries storytelling were paedophiles, but they were in America so she stressed nothing to worry about here.


  8. Guest Who says:

    A Faisal core audience opines.



    • Ian Rushlow says:

      He’s got a point. Being alive today is so much worse than the halcyon days of the Black Death, the Great Plague of London, World War I, World War II, the early 1930s Soviet Union, or being in Hiroshima on this day in 1945.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Ian – I think hardship is so alien to so many people that the coming trouble will be very hard to deal with . The cost of sun dried tomatoes has gone skywards and people make have to think about use of energy and everything ….

        Maybe this will make people more grateful for what they take for granted – although I have such a poor view of average humanity that all they will do is moan

        Just as an aside – I wonder how plod is going to deal with the rapidly rising crime level?


      • harry142857 says:

        We had a power cut last week. There was a kid crying outside because his mobile had run out of battery charge. A hundred years ago, people a few years older, were sent to fight in WW1 never to return. Modern crises, don’t make me laugh.


    • Deborah says:

      I graduated at a time when jobs were scarce. James shouldn’t have that problem. However he may have to take a job he is qualified for not what he thinks he is qualified for.


  9. Fedup2 says:

    Abortion / baby killing in the US

    You might recall thar a few days ago the BBC MSM made a ‘thing ‘ out of the Kansas legislature voting in favour of keeping abortion / baby killing on the State books .

    ‘This was a ‘slap in the face ‘ for the Supreme Court’

    ‘The Supreme Court was wrong ‘

    Well guess what – the Indiana legislature voted on it yesterday – and decided to ban the practice except in certain circumstance .

    Ok – so what ? Well how much coverage did this get compared to the Kansas decision ? Answer – not a lot ….

    What does this infer ? Answer – that the MSM BBC is pro abortion / baby killing ‘on demand ‘…. Also I think they view the current Supreme Court as an extension of President Trump – thus unapproved and evil…


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Leftists are always in favour of baby killing, preferably on the industrial scale. There are three reasons for this:

      1. Big business likes female employees as they are more likely to be compliant, uncomplaining, loyal, and less likely to be unionised. It does not want them being taken out of the workplace in order to have children, or being unable to respond to emails in the evening because they are putting the kids to bed. Hence the rush of American corporations to offer to pay for abortions for their female employees.

      2. The Left is misanthropic by nature.

      3. The Left would ideally like to be able to murder its opponents with impunity, a few examples being Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot. They are unable to do so (yet) in the West, so abortion and euthanasia are used as legal alternatives and precedents, albeit restricted to the most vulnerable humans. But hey – if you’re going to kill large numbers you have to start somewhere.


  10. Fedup2 says:

    Monkey pox in San Francisco.

    Guess what ? A waiting list of 10000 queer men trying to get the remedy for monkey pox … sow and reap comes to mind .….
    Try abstinence boys …


  11. Guest Who says:

    One in particular, with a £5B budget and no accountability.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Guest who
      I went off Brillo when he dumped GBNews – I hope truss reads this column . The key is the ‘office of PM’ with clever close staff able to spot danger . The absence of this cost nut nut – along with the woke wife – his job . Disappear boris – soon .

      Any way – the hate campaign against truss will be fully underway by now – what she has said and done in this job application will be used against her – a will her legitimacy without the approval of all voters .

      But whatever she does when she gets the job must be done fast because a September start will be a horrible challenge …

      BTW – I caught something yesterday about the luvvie woke ‘Edinburgh festival ‘ which prejudice tells me attracts lots of well off lefties looking for ‘talent ‘.__

      … any way – there was lamentation that people aren’t turning up . True ? If so why ? Could it be that wokeness stifles fun ? That you can only take so many Farage / trump / truss jokes ?

      Go woke go broke .


      • Guest Who says:

        To your last sentence, the bbc has found a fiscally unique funding solution.


      • Doublethinker says:

        I agree that it is likely that Civil servants within No 10 had a hand in the political assignation of Boris. But how does Truss ensure that those working in Downing Street are loyalists and not Blobists waiting for the opportunity to leak damaging stories?
        It is impossible for Tory politicians to guard against Civil Service Fifth Columnists as they have no say in who in the lower ranks works for them, that is decided by Sir Humphrey . It is also sir Humphrey who decides which junior civil servants get promoted so staying loyal to the Civil Service rather than to a transient PM or minister , is a very sensible thing to do career wise.
        I hope that the general public see through the deceit of the Blob and the MSM and understand that democracy is under threat from them but I’m not betting on it.


        • Fedup2 says:

          I just hope she doesn’t turn into Teressa May II …but she has said stuff about rearranging the number 10 set up – she is gonna be hit from All sides – economy – election – eu – Ukraine – just to name a few – and then there are ‘events ‘….


  12. AsISeeIt says:

    Pin ups versus sexist wallpaper edition

    The pink financial paper retains its novel recent ascendancy at the top of the BBC online press line up this morning. And why not? The headline in the FT Weekend appears to take a shot at the favoured Tory candidate from a point of view favouring social welfare rather than free market economics: Truss insists on tax cuts instead of ‘handouts’ to help households

    Politically disapproving editors will tend to employ the term ‘insists‘ to suggest bloody-minded ideological wrong headedness on the part of our Lizz.

    Households is a rather quaint folksy populist term for what the bean-counting corporate FT surely ought to count as consuming economic units. Perhaps her jibe at Rishi’s Treasury “abacus economics” touched a nerve?

    Help beside being the title of a Beatles film has no particular technical market consequence, but sounds like the sort of sentiment regularly brandished by Labour party supporting Daily Mirror headline writers.

    Quote marks around one single plucked-out-of-context highlighted word implies scornful dismissal on the part of Truss. Did you see how Mr AsISeeIt did the same trick back at the FT by pouncing on their use of the word ‘insists’?

    Meanwhile, the way less than 1% of us who regularly take any notice of the FT seem to be turning to drink. The number two frontpage feature insists: Rare vintage wines pass the sniff test as investors seek hedges against inflation – whilst the prime frontpage advertising spot promises: Hello, growth. Discover how investing in whisky casks can grow your wealth in times of economic uncertainty – purely co-incidental and I’m sure the FT’s editorial integrity and Chinese wall between advertiser and leader writer always passes the sniff test.

    ‘I don’t know how I survived’ is a very BBC-friendly Lunch with the FT interview article about Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe – in answer to her question – you’ll find that’s because we paid the Mullahs a big hostage ransom to get you out, luv.

    As the state expands inexorably to control, direct and regulate ever more and more of the economy, we ought to review how it’s been running its most precious pet project – the nationalised health industry… how’s that going?

    NHS 111 crippled by cyber attack (Telegraph) – not that our ever-so PC language prioritising medics would ever themselves dare employ such a no-no word as ‘crippled’ these days. Shame on you Telegraph.

    Days of disruption predicted as staff are forced to resort to pens and paper

    We’ll let that one speak for itself. Although our critical eye is inevitably drawn across the Telegraph frontpage to the Review feature: How we gave up on old-fashioned learning.

    Pin up of the day aimed at retired colonels from Sidcup, Tory voters and weekend golfers everywhere, is the vaguley budgerigar-looking Maggie T re-tread Lizz herself: Truss wins Telegraph readers’ poll; Lizz Truss visited what is claimed to be world’s largest Union flag on a former hovercraft hanger in the Isle of Wight – come on the rest of the world, you’re just not trying with your Union flags. Claimed to be? Someone ask a McWhirter of Guiness Book of Records fame – they always used to settle these claims. The irony of the backdrop monument being to the abject failure of the former British hovercraft industry – first cousin to Concorde – is not lost on this reader. Then again, it’s not just Britain in decline – the Yanks aren’t capable of visiting the moon anymore these days.

    What caused the rot?

    The Guardian today presents a rival frontpage pin up: Tom Daily the making of a gay icon

    The formerly patriotic Times likewise employs a cover girl pic: Emily Maitless has teamed up with the makers of A Very British Scandal to dramatise her notorious interview with the Duke of York – I’ll bet she has.

    Yet another woman in red poses for the casual distraction of Daily Mail readers. Mail eye for the straight guy?: Our glorious photoshoot with Lioness Chloe – don’t tell Mayor of London little man Sadiq Khan: Sadiq Khan is right to ban objectifying ads from the tube – we never consented to this sexist wallpaper (Independent, June 2016) – a few years on and now his own Tube poster slogans tend to outlaw – “staring” can be a form of sexual harassment (apparently).


  13. Thoughtful says:

    Interesting that in the USA McDonalds has dropped the McPlant burger a vegan option because of low sales, and the premium vegan food producer beyond meat has also been laying people off.

    As an advocate of freedom I believe everyone has the absolute right to choose what they eat, so long as they don’t get too preachy about it, but it seems to me that the leftie vegan craze was nothing more than a fad amongst kidults wanting to be as awkward as they possibly could, and when their tantrum was made possible for them, and they actually had to make sacrifices and changes in their lives they quickly decided they didn’t so much want it.

    In the supermarket there is always a lot of these meat substitutes on the reduced shelf and I do wonder now the fad is no longer as popular on the left as it was, how much longer we will see these lines which do cost more than their meat based counterparts.


  14. Guest Who says:

    Oddly, Kay’s fan Bois dominate.

    Bet she and Fick Ange can see off a cheeky £75 red in minutes.


  15. Guest Who says:

    Cheeky Monkey Grins all round.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Yeah – monkey pox vaccines all round …


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      I think the watermelon really meant to say “so many battles still to win as the struggle for supremacy continues”. But putting that aside for the moment, the BBC is currently running an article titled ‘Monkeypox: Can we still stop the outbreak?’. Well, here’s an idea that is consistent with past BBC policy on viruses. When Covid started, the elderly and vulnerable were placed under lockdown and ‘encouraged’ to stay at home. In this case, the ‘vulnerable’ people, those most likely to become infected, almost exclusively so, are promiscuous homosexuals. So why not a mandatory lockdown for them, to help protect ‘the community’? Far from being homophobic, this would enable medical and other services to be carefully targeted at those who so desperately need them. And Prevent The NHS From Being Overwhelmed ™.



    • Wild Bill says:

      So is she gay then, or just after gay votes?


    • Banania says:

      Caroline Lucas – I seem to remember that name frome somewhere.


  16. Guest Who says:

    Andy showing full support. Does not appear to work at the bbc. Yet.


  17. Jeff says:

    Don’t ask me why I did it, I can’t understand it myself. It was a moment of madness. Yesterday I tuned into the local BBC London News. It won’t happen again…

    The first thing I saw was a lot of black people standing around in swimming costumes next to (what I believe is) a reservoir. They were discussing the tragic and shattering news that there are very few black folk who take part in triathlons. FFS, this is terrible!

    One woman said, “I never see anyone like me in these events. There’s no-one to identify with…” Then she looked down at the cold dark water and said, “I don’t really fancy this.” Hmm…

    The BBC are absolutely obsessed with all things black. Whether they are under represented when England’s women players trounce Hungary 8-0…”All the players and substitutes were white. There’s clearly a lack of diversity” So xxxxing what? .

    There’s certainly a scarcity of white people in 100 metre final. Never gets a mention…

    I’m sure they think that Britain should resemble one of those ludicrous adverts where every white person seems to be married to someone black and they’re all living with their coffee coloured kids in multicultural harmony. It ain’t real. It’s a fantasy.

    These ad’s resemble real life about as much as the BBC news…


    • Fedup2 says:

      The shame – you probably increased BBC London figures by a 100% … even when something big happens in londonistan I don’t bother with that – and haven’t for decades now ….

      … when I did watch it – probably last century – I was always amazed that the service for maybe 8 million lunduners was just poor and amateur- probably through lack of real competition ..


    • harry142857 says:

      Simples, black peoples physiology means they can’t swim fast, or cycle at speed for long distances.


      • StewGreen says:

        doh “On the 17 May, Eritrea made headlines for all the right reasons. Sprinting to victory on Stage 10 of the Giro D’Italia, Biniam Girmay became the first Black African cyclist to win a stage of the prestigious Grand Tour.”


    • BRISSLES says:

      I resorted yesterday to watching some recorded “stuff”. Sadly, and laughably one of the programmes was Murder in Provence. Dear God, apart from the number of “Jesus” in the script, the supposedly French characters were all speaking in different accents from around Britain !

      Of course there was the obligatory shoe-horned-in people of colour – one had a Birmingham accent for God’s sake. A black police chief wore a Scottish kilt, and another had a white girlfriend. All this in the perfectly lovely serene area of Provence. A totally ruined programme which would have been much better with French actors with sub titles.

      I’m only surprised the French haven’t made an international incident out of it for cultural appropriation ! Its like a load of French actors descending into Hampshire to record Howard’s Way !!!!


    • Banania says:

      Judging from the advertisements, those coffee-coloured kids must monopolize places at the stage schools and modelling agencies.


  18. Guest Who says:

    Surkeer says Edith now qualifies for the shadow front bench.


  19. pugnazious says:

    The BBC thinks laws that ban homosexuality are the problem when it comes to the spread of monkeypox.

    ‘However, stigma, discrimination and abuse can stop people seeking help, particularly in countries where sex between men is illegal.

    “Some countries don’t have infrastructure in place and some may not have the will to test for monkeypox, because it’s men who have sex with men,” said Prof Francois Balloux, from University College London. ‘

    Some might say it was countries where homosexuality is rampant are the problem….Pride parades seem to have been a major source of the pox with men getting free and easy with just about anyone they can lay their hands on…despite knowing about the pox and the risks….as our friend in the Guardian was proud to tell us[and he wasn’t the only one]….

    ‘I got monkeypox and it’s been a total nightmare.

    When New York Pride festivities kicked off on 24 June, I was aware that monkeypox was an emerging issue – especially for gay men – but I was also under the impression that the number of cases in the city was relatively small. What I didn’t understand was how absolutely dismal testing capacity was: at that point, the city only had capacity to process ten tests a day….I had sex with several guys over the weekend…..Then a week later, on 1 July, I started feeling very fatigued.’



  20. Fedup2 says:

    Start of the premier league – 99 days until the Qatar World Cup . Quest TV is running a documentary on the corruption that is FIFA and the corruption which got the Arabs their World Cup. .

    As I watched – I wondered how the BBC ITV are going to treat this corruption ? ….

    I think – as well – that the enormous wealth Qatar is getting from hydrocarbons versus the Hardship the West will be going through – is really gonna grate ….


    • Wild Bill says:

      It will be interesting to see if the slave labour, deaths and corruption at the Quatar world cup even gets a mention by Linekar and the BBC, I bet GB NEWS will have a go though.


  21. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – in which a wimmin wants something but then changes her mind

    ‘The-cost-of-living-crisis’ led the TOADY Editors to invite on to the programme Kate Bell, economist for the TUC, and Paul Drechsler, Chairman of International Chamber of Commerce and London First, for a cosy chat with Nick Robinson. Kate Bell has a solution for the homeless, the jobless, the poor and lowpaid, and for pensioners: pay an annual subscription to a TUC affiliated Trade Union and use your collective muscle to insist on getting more money. Fight for rights via the TUC. Ride roughshod over greedy employers and shareholders and customers who want low prices.

    The cosy chat covers recent events in the Conservative Party leadership contest eg. fiscal responsibility versus handouts (a.k.a. tax cuts) + borrowing. Paul Drechsler gets a say. Then Nick asks Kate Bell something like “You don’t want that, you want everyone to join a Union and ask for more money, to use their collective muscle?”

    At which point, Kate Bell suddenly changes her mind.

    Ho hum!


  22. pugnazious says:

    Ah those Jewish occupiers…..not only appropriated a country but also appropriated the food….they have no culture of their own….says BBC programme…any wonder there is anti-Semitism when the BBC feeds it continuously with anti-Israel agit-prop…

    ‘Sidawi: “The Palestinian cuisine in particular, it also engages in resistance, like the Palestinian people as a whole. Because it is a cuisine subject to domination, and to- they try-“

    Guest: “correct, correct”

    Sidawi: “Israel tries to assume domination over the Palestinian cuisine, with a view that- I mean, it is funny that usually the occupation leaves a mark on the peoples. I mean, it leaves…the French leave their mark on the food, in different [parts of] the world. The occupier, I mean. Israel does not leave any mark of its own, because it does not have any [mark to leave], it is compelled to take from the original peoples.”’

    So Jews are occupiers and steal from the ‘original peoples’….erm…weren’t the Jews there long before the Muslims?

    Good old BBC…helping unite people around the world…in their hatred of Jews.



  23. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Instead of having one of these Baronesses to do an enquiry into the child rape gangs why not get somebody who actually knows what they are talking about.

    Maggie Oliver would be an excellent choice to head an investigation into the gangs.

    She would be an almost unanimous choice if the people of the UK were actually given the option of her leading the investigation.

    I can’t think of any reason why she should not be given this position, unless there is corruption involved…..which is why she will never get the job.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Come on EG you know as well as I do that the purpose of an enquiry is not to establish the truth and make effective proposals to sort the problem out. It’s purpose is to obfuscate , hide the truth , shield those the blob wants to protect , hang out to dry those the blob fears, push the blob’s agenda with its recommendations.
      Therefore Maggie Oliver would be very poor choice from the blob’s point of view.


    • Wild Bill says:

      Is there to be an inquiry into grooming gangs?
      I hope they interview ALL the Police and Labour Councils that covered it all up, heads should roll.
      But I doubt they ever will.


  24. Flotsam says:

    So the Post Office Horizon scandal has run its course? Lots of people’s lives ruined, suicides, Bankruptcies massive impacts. No one prosecuted for bearing false witness, Perjury etc. Defendents denied access to evidence. A scandal of the worst order conducted by a supposed pillar of British Society. I don’t think the legal system has covered itself with glory either.

    Lets look at a very similar pillar, the BBC. Culturally pretty much the same as the Post Office. One would have thought the BBC would have got it’s investigative teeth into the scandal years before. The number of people prosecuted should have raised alarm Bell’s. The BBC doesn’t seem to have done anything at all.

    What about Parliament, MP’s? I’m not sure whether any MP’s took any interest in this issue. All I can suggest is that it went on far longer without Parliamentary intervention than it should. I an’ reminder of a personal legal problem I was involved with. I approached my then MP Stephen O’Brian who was previously a Solicitor. I pointed out that under some new legislation a legal Organisation were making improper demands for money that there were not entitled to. The legislation was defective. The wonderful Stephen decided he wasn’t interested while he presumably focussed on his own carreer. As it turns out a couple of years later the legislation was changes owing to the large number of extortions.



    • tomo says:

      There is a chasm in the UK legal system wrt to public body accountability and the zoo of Non Departmental Government Bodies, Agencies, Quangos etcetera of which the BBC is but one.

      The Ombudsman system is supposed to be a pivotal part of the remedy – problem is – while the Ombudsmen generally have sweeping investigatory powers (akin to a high court judge) they do not have any legal powers to compel an obstinate, wrongdoing public body to make reparation. Many of these outfits including the NHS trusts have now, eventually realised this.

      Cases of acknowledged and damaging wrongdoing evading settlement are accumulating – where the individual wrongdoers and organisations are escaping their comeuppance.


      • tomo says:


    • Fedup2 says:

      Thank you for the link – but if you open it please be ready for the stink of self promotion coming from it …


  25. StewGreen says:

    11:30am R4 FooC
    – Kenyans head to the polls to elect a new president
    – politics in the Philippines,
    – Poland’s strict abortion laws
    – a women-only shopping mall providing opportunities in Yemen.

    No Climate lecture from Haarrabin


    • StewGreen says:

      Kenya there are some big personalities to vote for.
      the prosperous image cultivated by some candidates raises questions about the source of their wealth,
      Anne Soy

      Philippines : new president Bongbong Marcos takes over.
      After Duterte how robust are the country’s democratic institutions?
      Howard Johnson
      He said “The jeepney minibuses are a remnant of the American colonialism” ..The American left in 1946 .. all current jeepney have been made since about 1995
      “The country’s education is very poor” why does the UK import so many many medical staff from there.
      “Marco is likely to continue Duterte’s policies”

      Poland : A pregnancy can now only be terminated in the case of rape or incest, or if the mother’s life is at risk. Abortion is no longer legal in cases of severe foetal abnormality.
      Adam Easton

      southern Yemen : a shopping mall with a difference
      The long war in the country is softening attitudes towards women going out to work.
      The Ataq mall – staffed and run exclusively by women, for female customers only,
      behind the glitter lurks male power, family pressure, and social prejudice.
      Leila Molana Allen


      • Fedup2 says:

        Stew – I thought listening to this I’d find out how much you – the UK taxpayer ‘gives ‘ to Kenya – difficult – but the latest entry from 2021 was £123 million for some project – how much it really gets? Who know -?

        This give away of borrowed UK taxpayers ‘ cash just has to stop – if there’s nothing in it for Blighty …


      • StewGreen says:

        Poland abortion he gave us a sad case, but then it turned out the mother did get an abortion on the grounds of protecting her mental health (the foetus had no skull so was basically dead)

        Yemen , ‘women buy lingerie to discourage husbands from taking second wives’
        ‘ an unmarried mother runs a business, so can keep her child’
        ‘women can’t hold contracts so the rents and businesses are in brothers names etc.
        the women come under pressure from rent rises etc.’


  26. tomo says:


    • StewGreen says:

      The 2019 Jo Nova article called the BBC story BS

      The new “coral recovers” article is NOT on the BBC climate page, but is on the Science page
      Comment opened 10:15 4 Aug
      and closed after 34 hours


    • StewGreen says:

      I searched extensively using .com and bbc.co.uk for tweets about that 2019 BBC article there was no significant traction
      Like one activist tweeted it 3 times to his mates
      The max Likes was just 97

      Likewise comments on the new reef-recovers article are mostly done by 120 alarmists activists with about 26 sceptics pushing back


      • Sluff says:

        At the risk of showing off …but strongly supporting the above comments……..

        In 2019 the ( practical and knowledgable) Australian reef workers were clear that there had been some bleaching in the past several months. Yet they were fairly relaxed about it in that there was still lots of unaffected coral and they were confident the reef sections affected by bleaching would recover. This was based on their long experience.

        And how do I know this?
        Because it just so happens was there.
        Unlike I suspect any impartial BBC so – called ‘reporters’………


        • StewGreen says:

          Yes , Sluff greens’ hyperbole has consequences here t’s the reef tourism business, a business that cross fertilizes care for the reef.
          But what happens is that the scare stories scare the tourists away.
          When I spoke to the reef expert in Borneo, he told me their biggest problem is groups of Chinese tourists who come equipped with underwater rubber boots and then walk on top of the coral.


  27. tomo says:


  28. tomo says:


  29. G.W.F. says:

    Israel arrest ”militant suspects”
    BBC headline
    ”Israel-Gaza: Israel arrests 19 militant suspects after Gaza flare-up”

    Apparently they have been firing almost 200 rockets at Israel.



    • theisland says:


  30. tomo says:


    • Doublethinker says:

      I’m sure that having the hustings ‘stormed’ by people like these is a huge electoral bonus. Parking Net Zero for a few years will be a huge vote winner and every green looney protest , and there will be many of them, will win even more votes. The best strategy to win the next general election is to piss off the green loonies as much as possible and have them protest till the cows come home on the BBC. Everyone who is paying through the nose for heating and petrol will be with you and against them and Labour , the Lib Dums and SNP will be unable to severe their eco loon links.


  31. tomo says:

    when it’s put like that…


  32. NCBBC says:

    In the wake of Pelosi visiting Taiwan, China has withdrawn cooperation with the West on Climate Change.

    Thank you Nancy Pelosi for sinking Climate Change. The world will one day thank you for it.


    • JohnC says:

      Can you even begin to imagine the outrage from the likes of the BBC if Trump had caused such an event ?.

      Here is their coverage:
      Taiwan tensions: China halts co-operation with US on key issues

      Pelosi and her stubborness and spite in the face of advice from just about everybody is not mentioned. In fact we get:

      ‘Nancy Pelosi may have given China the pretext. But this is a shift that was already well under way. ‘

      Nothing to with Pelosi at all then. Just nasty China.

      These Left-wing idiots in the Whitehouse are causing confrontation and death everywhere they meddle. Just like they have done throughout history. We are now well on the way to another global conflict. And the BBC are 100% complicit in making it happen.

      The double-standards of the Left are absolutely sickening. I don’t think my opinion of them could be any lower.


      • Guest Who says:

        Seems Reuters is trying a new one.


      • Fedup2 says:

        You know that kind of lack of fairness and equality in treatment is one of the many reasons the bbc is hated for bias ,

        As I wrote that I thought ‘who else could get away with a ‘news programme ‘ on at 7pm each day called a ‘hundred days ‘ with two woke kicking the properly elected president trump Every Effing Day in Every Way – but Biden ? Not a word .


      • Philip_2 says:

        … (excert ftom DT Letters page says it all really)
        “…the China/Biden corruption aspect illustrated in excess of 20 financial transactions from the Hunter laptop, the Chinese clearly have control over the President and his inaction, much like in Ukraine (where Hunter also had business dealings) speaks volumes ,”10% for the big guy ” !”

        Left wing idiots in China’s pocket. As long as Biden is there they can do what they like. No risk at all of Biden upsetting them. They know too much.


    • taffman says:

      “sinking Climate Change” ?
      Remind me, how many coal fired power stations are they already building?


    • Beltane says:

      Yes but, to be fair, the Chinese attitude to climate change was only praying rip service.


  33. Guest Who says:

    Rog seems very CNN.


  34. Guest Who says:

    Luckily, outfits with names starting with OF have a stellar track record.

    The Getty caption should be ace. .


  35. Fedup2 says:

    Mail reports that a 31 year old star of emerdale has died ‘suddenly’. Mark Steyn highlights this in relation with the vaccines .
    I am a sceptic – trained to question – so I wonder if the ‘sudden death’ amongst the young is any bigger than pre pandemic …
    I suspect the answer is ‘yes’..


    • Fedup2 says:

      Ironically – from twitter – unexplained deaths in the US of 18 – 39? Has increased 40 %… this isn’t verified .

      But let’s face it – if it was honestly thought that the vaccine would save millions of lives – but cost the lives of a few thousand – on the sums – it would be done wouldn’t it ? And concealed . But don’t be one of the victims …


  36. Guest Who says:

    John Sweeney has a lot to answer for.


    • Jeff says:

      Eric Gill was one of the most repulsive paedos that ever drew breath.

      Not only did he rape his two daughters he also raped the family dog. This creature was beyond disgusting. He was perverted vermin.

      I think that it’s very telling that out of all the thousands of sculptors the BBC could have chosen to use, they picked this old perv’ to create the dodgy statue on the front of Beeb Towers?

      Like Jimmy Savile, they’re hiding in plain sight…


      • Banania says:

        Repulsive, but not so repulsive as the moslem rapists active in towns all over the country today, if only because of the sheer scale of what has been happening since the 1960s.


  37. taffman says:

    “Camber Sands: Six arrested after holiday park death”
    This is a strange one ?


    • StewGreen says:

      named locally as Michael McDonagh, by friends and family who as shocked and saddened. The explained that and is part of the Irish travelling community at the park.
      He was pinned down by security and then died.


  38. Philip_2 says:

    BBC’s The Archers not grounded in reality, say rural listeners The Countryside Alliance will submit the findings of a poll to the broadcaster as part of a ‘rural impartiality dossier’…

    …”The Archers does not represent our lives properly, rural listeners have complained as they questioned whether the BBC was value for money.

    The corporation has been accused of lacking impartiality in a poll that found two thirds believed that the licence fee should be scrapped entirely”

    BBC doesn’t cover ‘issues that matter’
    The BBC’s national news was also found by 92 per cent of respondents to be failing to represent rural issues. It was closely followed by Countryfile, which 89 per cent of viewers surveyed did not feel “adequately” covered the issues that mattered to them.
    Tim Bonner, chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, told The Telegraph: “The BBC must appreciate that the minority rural audience does not feel fully represented.

    …The impartiality of Countryfile is already under scrutiny as part of a BBC review into editorial standards. The show has received complaints about its stance on Brexit, farming, fox hunting and environmental issues.

    Picture of Chris Packam: Chris Packham’s BBC shows have been singled out for criticism, with the poll finding them among the worst for representing rural issues

    Almost 77 per cent of those surveyed said that the licence fee was not value for money, while 68 per cent felt that it should be scrapped altogether.
    The Countryside Alliance will be submitting its findings to the BBC as part of a “rural impartiality dossier”.[end]

    The BBC said, in response: (translated into everyday speak by my good self based on previous BBC replies, they never ever apologise, but carry on as before).

    “Yes we know its awful, but we don’t care about you rural types as your all white racists. As long as you keep paying the tellie tax we’ ll rub your noses in the dirt. We always win, and you loose. We have no intention of changing anything. Next week we may have you Farmers in drag outfits. We have far higher editorial standards than you lot of sheep sha–gers. We are the great BBC of Metro-land and a lot more gay sheep is in our next Countryfile script following after The Archers ‘Trans’ episode next week – with a multi colour umbrella and a hat stand”.

    Or something like that. They really don’t care, when the have a story of how it should be. Climate change and all that stuff. Tax the Cows that fart. Yes, they really do want that, and nappies for Cows. Its the Green Agenda.



  39. theisland says:


    • G.W.F. says:

      I feel certain that this intake is not through incompetence but is deliberate Government policy. Hence the heroes welcome on arrival


    • BRISSLES says:

      Its actually the headline of tomorrow’s Mail on Sunday.


      • taffman says:

        Albania !
        A NATO country.
        We need a new government that will defend our borders and our people .
        Our present government is worse than useless because it also has the audacity to be on holiday. Have the present leadership contenders made any commitment about the mass invasion going on?
        Teach them a lesson by supporting and voting for UKIP or The Reform Party .


  40. Philip_2 says:

    BBC and the EU climate change agenda. The plan to make us all vegans to save the planet. Bill Gates has a big investment in GM crops for this very purpose Meat replacement.. The end of Dairy farming is also part of the UN Climate Change project… all linked to preset CO2 targets, which Boris and Carrie fell head long into.. is about to get worse.

    Angry Dutch farmers vow to cause more protest chaos than ever…“The government sparked fury with plan to curb livestock numbers by a third to meet climate change targets…
    …the Dutch government plans to buy out farmers to shut down the production of millions of cows, chickens and cows to slash emissions in half by 2030.”

    Wow! This is actually happening in the EU.
    No doubt it will feature on BBC Countryfile sometime soon combined with meeting COPT 30 Green targets and targeting All Dairy farmers for media ridicule. See complaint from Countryside Alliance (BBC complaint above) who have complained about the BBC systematic ‘unrealistic’ portrayal of farming life.

    Its all kicking off in Holland. The Green Agenda and Climate Change, The Great reset, Covid, Vaccination, MonkeyPox, CO2 targets, Rationing, The Biden paradox, and recession (is poltical Climate Change) the BBC are OK with that. That is the BIG push to come. Food supplies in crisis.

    Shutting down Farming for big corporate agro-culture with GM foods. Gates and Soros are there somewhere. The BBC are in with it all. Not that they will report it I suspect as any more than a ‘disturbance’ by farmers in Holland.

    Also on REUTERS and most international news today.


    • maxincony says:


      BBC and the EU climate change agenda. The plan to make us all vegans to save the planet. Bill Gates has a big investment in GM crops for this very purpose Meat replacement.

      Ill-informed, paranoid nonsense. The majority of crops grown in the US are for animal feed.

      The actual reason the Dutch Government want to cut livestock numbers is pollution from excessive amounts of animal manure which is destroying the Dutch countryside. Nothing to do with “climate change”.



      • taffman says:

        Its good to see you back as our resident troller .
        Have you paid your telly tax yet ?
        Without animal manure ie fertiliser, you won’t get much yield from your crops.
        Have you ever been on a farm maxi ? By that I mean a real working farm , not the ‘funny farm’ of a studio.
        Have you ever done a real job beside work as a troll for Al Beeb?


      • BigBrotherCorporation says:

        Maxicony, you clearly know nothing (nothing) about rural life, please do shut your face.


    • Wild Bill says:

      How can a government ‘buy out farmers’, farming is a generation thing, it has gone on forever?


      • Guest Who says:

        Our Shire’s Council Citizen Assembly Sortition ‘expert’ served up a council executive plan to buy farming land to convert to woodland and wild flower fields.

        The more practical in the memberships asked about food production.

        Seems getting to #NetZero is the priority, so the representative sample of the public chosen for a new form of democracy turned out to be where even they were blatantly ignored when the rigging attempt failed.

        A diet of Grubs likely explains Maxi’s online demeanour.


  41. Guest Who says:

    The last five were intriguing too.


  42. StewGreen says:

    – Friday’s BBC2 coverage of the Commonwealth Games suddenly had a 13 minute Climate nudge-vert at about 3:47pm
    I did a transcript http://bishophill.squarespace.com/discussion/post/2790773

    BBC/Guardian bubbleworld people automatically spout sermons as they evangelise for their worldview.
    Most news is NewPR pushing pet agendas whilst OMITTING to cover others.

    But sometimes they go further and create carefully crafted adverts that push agendas.
    That’s SOCIAL ENGINEERING, it’s as if the BBC has had a meeting with the government or Labour Nudge Unit.
    – That Friday piece was mentioned on the previous thread by Northern Vote AT 8:19 PM yesterday
    It’s incredible how much BBC work/resources went into crafting that item.

    – Last week the Lionesses football coverage featured a BBC nudge-vert
    “Look no black players in the England team”
    A documentary repackaged into a 15 minute long agenda pushing advert shown at half time.

    – Last Saturday Radio4 FooC ended with a 10 minute nudge-vert : a climate sermon from Harrabin


  43. Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

    Not the BBC. (apols) Judith Durham the young girl of the Seekers has passed away aged 79.
    I find this sad. To me the Seekers are one of the outstanding memories on the 1960’s and early seventies. Her voice always brings back good memories and at symbolizes that period at its best.
    RIP Judith.


  44. taffman says:

    “Liz Truss will seek to bring in National Insurance cut immediately”
    How about rushing to scrap the ‘Net Zero’ green tax ?
    How about securing our borders ?


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      A spokesperson writes:

      “Scrapping the Net Zero green tax and securing Britain’s borders would be against WEF policy and is not permitted. Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak know that we must Build Back Better and Combat Climate Change to Create a Sustainable World. They can do what they like with trivial stuff like tinkering with a few local taxes for favourable newspaper headlines.”


  45. Fedup2 says:

    Quote of the day
    “ whenever I doubt that God exists I think of Beyoncé “

    This incredible line came from a ‘British wominn of colour ‘ on the ‘Sunday ‘ programme with Eddie lord Sturton …. I’d switched to avoid this nonsense but turned back on after 5 minutes – it was still going . Sainthood for ‘Beyoncé ‘ ?

    Meanwhile they’ve got that failed England hating Gordon Brown who is going to tell us people not paying their bills is a moral issue for the Government ( yeah pick up that tab ) ….

    I’m glad that this BBC programme managed to mention that 15? Roman Catholic pilgrims died in a car accident in Croatia – a nuumber were priests and nuns -( but the bbc chose not to mention this )RIP➕


  46. StewGreen says:

    local radio Sunday gardening expert
    “well it’s warm this year but we sometimes have no summers in the UK
    seems like we go from Spring and straight into autumn”

    Speaking against the narrative.
    I wonder if you’ll be on next week again?


  47. pugnazious says:

    Gordon Brown gets his usual Sunday morning slot on the BBC to preach to us all. How we’ve all missed him.

    Odd how they all call for instant decisions now…let’s have an emergency budget….why is the government adrift, why are no decisions being made!?

    Well…that’s because you in the Media campaigned long and hard to get rid of the PM and to destabilise and neuter government.

    It wasn’t long ago that you were demanding Boris must make no decisions that would tie the hands of any future government…now….let’s make major economic decisions that will lock-in the next government.

    Perhaps if the Media kept their noses out of politics, that is, not trying to influence it rather than merely report, we’d all be a lot better off….and a lot more democratic.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I was rather surprised by Gordon Browns ‘ approach . Last time he chirped up he wanted to vaccinate the world .
      So what about every body else in the world ? Shall we pay their bills too ? Or do they not matter any more ?
      Gordon is big for handouts – but i dont recall him doing anything about energy independence or building power stations .

      The government is already chucking money at people – maybe if they stop mad spending- like overseas give aways – they might be able to channel a bit more to those who will really need it .

      But i dont think there will be much gratitude and screams from the BBC about not enough .

      Brown should go back to scotland and do what he does best – brood


  48. AsISeeIt says:

    It’s always a fun game to speculate what it is about certain press frontpages that might cause them to get boosted up to the top spot in the BBC online press line up.

    Bottom of the league, wooden spoon and chump status is habitually handed by the BBC to the jokey blokey tabloid Daily Star. There’s no amusing thought for the day from the comic-like red top this Sunday, simply the bold masthead statement: Prem’s back – perhaps this observation putting women’s football firmly back in its box upset the Beeb?

    Just as likely to offend our humourless national broadcaster is the big frontpage celeb splash in the Star: Telly legend: bring back the Ho-De-Ho! Hi-De-Hi Su: BBC comedy so low-de-low… Su Pollard is not a happy camper – she has put the boot in on BBC bosses for not giving us any funny sitcoms for hard times. Is anybody listening? Nah..

    BBC minions will be more comfortable with the stories in the formerly patriotic Sunday Times – that organ respresenting their top press pick this morning. Even so, there’s still this poke in the eye for the BBC: World’s biggest TV show is back Game of Thrones

    Sunak pledges billions more to ease crisis (Sunday Times) – that right there is the Tory outsider’s hostage to fortune plus ultra. No wonder the BBC are laughing politically. In the unlikely event Sunak wins, he either won’t or can’t deliver. Should Sunak be dumped for Truss by the Tory faithful then they can be criticised for prioritising their Truss tax cuts over the imagined Rishi handouts to the poor. This now appears to be the divide: As Truss rules out fresh energy bill giveaways, he backs further support for the poorest (Sunday Times); Truss will ‘rush through’ her tax cuts to tackle cost of living crisis (Telegraph – which: backs Liz Truss, mind you)

    In case you were wondering… The Observer backs… Gordon Brown: Set emergency budget or risk a winter of dire poverty: ex-PM – which tends to imply what incredibly low standing Keir Starmer is held in. I digress.

    What else will the BBC boys and girls have enjoyed about the Sunday Times frontpage?

    Dear world, don’t forget our education – pleads Christina Lamb – thinking not of our own plumeting UK school standards: There has been a steady and perceptible decline in standards in education in Great Britain for the last thirty years, but it has undeniably been accelerated in the last fifteen. It was once said that a British A-Level, taken at the age of eighteen, was the equivalent of an American degree; now, I would be surprised if it was as valuable as a high school education (a debut appearance hereabouts for The Mallard, publishing new, dynamic and passionate conservative commentary)

    Oh no, our Christina’s conerns reach far further afield as she frets over: Secret schools like this one in Kabul are the only places under Taliban rule where girls can get the education needed to fulfil their dreams – given the inevitability of islamic cultural norms thereabouts the only way these girls are going to fulfil those supposed dreams of their’s will be to migrate westward, right? Or does our Christina suggest we invade Afghanistan again, boots on the ground – so as get the girls back in school? Does her report imply a Neocon revival of muscular western interventionism, or perhaps further open door immigration policies?

    More grist to the BBC agenda mill from today’s Sunday Times: Young mother was jailed for two years for having an abortion in Britain – they do say difficult cases make bad law – but I say they make jolly good campaigning journalism in the push for law changes and sod the unintended unforeseen consequences. Just when you thought the abortion issue wasn’t a hot button issue in Britain…

    This is Laura’s story (not her real name – so there’s no checking the facts, ok) who tells us she was partnered up with a guy who sounds like he was the devil incarnate. Every form of abuse known to man.

    It normally takes two to tango – as they say – but in this case the bloke impregnated her, then told her to get rid of it over the internet (so to speak) without the benefit of a doctor – so the man was totally responsible for her crime, get it?

    The timeline for all the foregoing toing and froing is not specified, but we’re told this abortion happened at 30 weeks – although even here Laura’s testimony as related in the Sunday Times implies that was just the opinion of the medics, (we normally trust the science as presented by the docs, but heyho) they treated her for her complications afterwards and presumably dobbed her in to the cops. Deepest sympathy and all that but what do Hannah Al-Othman and Rosomund Urwin, the journos here want? Push forward the UK 24-week legal limit to 30-weeks?

    Su Pollard had a point and we certainly need some light relief hereabouts in this review. Newman in the Times does his best – the house cartoonist sketches an alien reading a newspaper: Mars Times: Is there water on Earth? – this quip reflecting the adjacent headline: Plan to cut water waste: spend 60 seconds less in the shower – I think our police are over-stretched as it is: Green and unpleasant. Inside the great rural crimewave (Sunday Telegraph)

    I’m getting concerned: Matt is away

    Blatant partizanship on my part here – not being a big fan of The Reds, this does amuse: Liverpool boss upset after opening day draw (Telegraph)

    Moral panic or let it all hang out? – That’s the modern lefty social dilemma.

    The Observer takes a cheeky shufty over the privet hedges at: Strip off meet the naturists

    Meanwhile the Sunday Mirror screeches look away now: Online horror revealed. TikTok pervs groom schoolgirls in sick ‘sugar daddy’ craze. Schoolgrils are being paid to pose in their uniforms on a popular video app – that’s quite a reversal of the old warning scenario about strangers who make the offer to the kids – would you like to see my puppies?

    Besides fretting for our moral welfare the Sunday Mirror looks for gender equality in football – so alongside: It’s back! Every game, every goal – for the chaps – we get a peek at: Costa Ell Sol. Pools win. Lioness hero relaxes in Ibiza

    And finally, a cautionary reminder for those who think the government should be trusted to do this, that, and the other for us…

    Passport Office in chaos as number of lost documents triples in a year (Sunday Telegraph)


  49. pugnazious says:

    The BBC reports that some of the Benin artworks that were ‘looted’ by the British, some might call lthem reparations, are being returned to Nigeria.

    Obviously very valuable in some way or other these artworks…not so valuable are the people who were ‘looted’ from Africa, bought and paid for some might say…from African slave traders.

    No cry for the descendants of these people to be returned to Africa….If Palestinians have the ‘right of return’ why not African slave victims? Instead of reparations why not repatriation?

    Is Art more important than People?

    I await the BBC’s next Moral Maze on this subject.


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