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  1. pugnazious says:

    LOL….The BBC has its ‘Far-right’ rubber stamp of disapproval doing overtime as the Swedes wake up to reality.

    ‘The election campaign has been dominated by rising gang shootings, immigration and integration issues, and soaring electricity prices.

    Crime and integration of communities were major issues in the campaign, and the far-right Sweden Democrats look set to become the second-largest party.

    It could take until Wednesday for all votes to be counted.

    While the violence was once contained to certain locations, it has spread to public spaces such as parks and shopping centres, sparking concern among ordinary Swedes in a country long known as safe and peaceful.’

    Hmmmm….‘Ordinary Swedes’….indigenous Swedes, white Swedes in a Sweden no longer ‘safe and peaceful’ due to….mass immigration of people who have no respect for Sweden and have absolutely zero interest in integrating.

    The Beeboids can see this but still insist what a lovely mutli-culti country Britain could be if we only let in more immigrants….never mind Rotherham and Rochdale [and all the other towns up and down the country], never mind 7/7, Manchester and all the other horrors, never mnd BLM and Blacks’ intent to wipe out ‘Whiteness’.

    I was just reading a piece about the NYT and why it perhaps bashed Britain and jumped aboard the anti-America 1619 Project…it was because the majority of the world is not white and so they look to make dollars by pandering to the world audience that hates us and not Americans or Brits…just as the BBC does in fact.

    The end result of such thinking is pretty terrifying…if you’re white…they will sell you out when they come for you….as they are already doing….and as whites lose their majority in ther own countries they will be in serious danger of extinction….not just culture, society, history…but themselves.

    Thanks BBC, NYT and all the other ethnic cleansers…which is what they are in reality.


    • theisland says:

      “Immigration makes us atomised and unhappy. It makes life more dangerous and poorer.
      There are no benefits”


    • Guest Who says:

      How far? BBC far…


  2. Guest Who says:

    Love this new free opinion lark.


  3. maxincony says:

    12th of September, 2022.

    Just four, long, sorrowful days since the death of our beloved monarch.

    The residents of “BiasedBBC” continue, through tearful eyes, to show respect for the departed and proclaim their unwavering love for this sceptred isle…

    coloured, coloured, race industry

    mass immigration, immigration, third world hell hole

    third world hell hole, Auschwitz style ‘Farms’ in every country to deal with the Muslims

    slugs turning up on the beaches


    immigration, martial law, migrants

    Sharia, martial law, Koran

    white faces, black faces

    Racebaiting, white man, black woman, half black, black people, Racebaiting

    BLM, White People

    non whites, woke, ethnicity

    white male

    execution for treason

    Islam, muslim, non-muslim, muslim, ex-muslim, islam


    anti-British, anti-White, black people, Blacks, Blacks, White people, Blacks, White, black face, BLM mobs, anti-British

    anti-british scum

    immigrants, Jay Blades




    diversity, diversity, racist

    indigenous, white, immigrants, BLM, Blacks, Whiteness, white, white, whites, ethnic


    • Kaiser says:


      anti-british scum

      we were probably taking about you


    • taffman says:

      maxincony , has anyone told you that you are “nuts”?
      Well, you are.


    • JohnC says:

      What an interesting world of free speech you have deigned yourself the oracle to police maxi. A proper little fascist aren’t we ?.

      Perhaps you will let us know which opinions are allowed and which aren’t ?. Then maybe you could then set up camps where those who say the wrong things get sent.

      As always happens with you far-left activists, your virtue-signalling hypocrisy has cracked and your hate and spite are shining through. You are losing the plot.


    • Guest Who says:

      Woo hoo… another list!

      You tell ‘em, Mavis!


      • atlas_shrugged says:

        Hey Marxi,

        Shouldn’t you be out in YouCrane with the other comrades torturing Azov POWs to death?


    • G.W.F. says:

      Hey Maxi, I hear you are employed by the BBC for your contribution to fisting in a Glory Hole at a BBC holiday retreat.. You specialise in people of colour.


  4. Zephir says:

    Its OK maxincony, we are happy now, the 83% non black population just have to wait for a knife crime story on the bbc to suddenly become represented.

    Abracadabra theres a white hand holding a knife, every time.

    Getty images are still waiting for a white person shitting in a phone box in London though.


  5. Nibor says:


    Before anyone can reply to you ….

    Are you a royalist or republican .?

    No doubt you won’t answer .


    • JohnC says:

      I’m pretty sure he’s not even in the UK. The BBC would never employ an English troll outfit as the chance of being found out is too great.

      He is abroad: most likely in the USA jacking off to pictures of Clinton and Pelosi inbetween trolling his designated list of forums.


  6. Zephir says:

    “Dr Anya followed up her initial tweet with another post, stating: “If anyone expects me to express anything but disdain for the monarch who supervised a government that sponsored the genocide that massacred and displaced half my family and the consequences of which those alive today are still trying to overcome, you can keep wishing upon a star.”

    There, in a nutshell, is govermnent ineffiency. Only half.


    • Guest Who says:

      One of my Professors was responsible for conceptualising the Mulberry Harbours.

      Hence those graduating from his faculty enjoyed significant employer respect.

      And likely now why such as this lady has the full support of Sleepy to get tho teaching debts for her educational services forgiven.


    • JohnC says:

      I find it quite amazing that when black people commit barbaric and savage murder upon each other, other black people blame white people for encouraging them or not stopping them.

      Nobody can force them to go up to another human being and pull the trigger, sink the knife into their neck or hack them into chunks with machetes. Only them and their personal ethics can do that.

      Anya – along with many others – is a racist hypocrite full of hate.


      • Guest Who says:

        There is a sickening video on Twitter circulating of a small, non black, solo child being treated to diverse hazing by multiple school colleagues of color, egging on their smallest (still twice the victim’s size) for the delectation and subsequent posting of all mobiles aloft.

        Doubtless if Barry had multiple grandsons by multiple family members, they would all follow the example.

        Maybe Pete Doocey could ask Jean Pierre about the state of education there, but she’d like have to refer to the redhead who would need to circle back.

        Then there’s sneaking up behind old Asian ladies and sucker punching them.

        Now I know back in the day some young men of color were actually lynched. However, the simple facts of today would take a troll of rare Moron status to attempt a conflation.

        Or a Perfesser. Or a BBC editor in W1A, U.K., delving archives.


        • JohnC says:

          Sucker punching is a favourite for black people – as is random racist attacks on Asians.

          The most disgusting thing of all is how the Left totally ignore it because it doesn’t help their agenda. Indeed The Guardian told me it’s wrong to point out that black people are doing these attacks because – and I quote – ‘You can’t fight racism with racism’.

          The BBC – of course – simply don’t report it.

          Whenever maxi writes his bilge, I mentally associate him with all those people. Shameless, ethically-barren hypocrites.

          It makes me understand how they could have murdered so many millions throughout history.

          Their ends justify their means and they don’t care how they get there. The trouble is, they never reach the end. There’s always more to hate.


      • Dickie says:

        Hey, Black Knives Matter


        • Zephir says:

          Never to be seen or heard on the bbc, that paragon of anti racism.

          (There were a group of Asian men inside the venue – one of them kept coming up to me and harassing me)

          (A spokeswoman for Birmingham Chinese Society said: “There has always been abuse. The virus has given some individuals a reason for that abuse.”)

          “Indian-origin woman in UK beaten for trying to save Chinese from racist attack over coronavirus

          An Indian-origin woman trainee lawyer in the UK fell unconscious after being beaten by an unidentified man when she tried to save her Chinese friend from a racist attack over coronavirus, media reports said on Monday.

          The incident took place when Meera Solanka (29) from England’s Solihull town was out with her friends, including her Chinese friend Mandy Huang (28) from London, celebrating her 29th birthday in Midlands region.

          Solanka was knocked unconscious and hospitalised after she stepped in when Mandy was told: “Take your f****** coronavirus back home!”, Birmingham Mail newspaper reported.

          Mandy was accused of carrying the virus outside Birmingham’s Ana Rocha Bar and Gallery on Frederick Street in the early hours of February 9.

          “I was having birthday drinks with a group of girls and guys including Chinese friends. There were a group of Asian men inside the venue – one of them kept coming up to me and harassing me. He seemed to have a problem with me being an Indian girl with a multi racial group of friends.

          “For some reason he got really angry with her (Mandy) and started abusing her calling her a dirty chink. He said “take your f****** coronavirus and take it back home. I was shocked and angry so I shouted for him to stop and tried to push him away,” Solanki was quoted as saying by the Sunday Mercury newspaper.

          “He punched me in the head, I hit the pavement and was knocked unconcious,” she said.

          Solanki was rushed to hospital where she was treated for concussion.

          “I was so shocked and horrified by his aggressive behaviour and horrific words. As I lay unconscious he continued to threaten my friends and abuse them before walking away calmly with his group of friends who did nothing to stop him or help me,” she said.

          A spokeswoman for Birmingham Chinese Society said: “There has always been abuse. The virus has given some individuals a reason for that abuse.”

          A West Midlands Police spokeswoman said: “We’re investigating after a woman was assaulted after another was racially abused in Frederick Street, Hockley, around 2am on Sunday February 9.

          “A man made racist marks to one woman and after he was asked to stop he punched another female, in her 20s, in the face. She was temporarily knocked unconscious but escaped without serious injury”.

          The police said that the attacker is described as an Asian, 5ft 8ins tall, of large build and was wearing a flat cap and hoodie at the time.

          According to the report, there are 400,000 Chinese people living in England and Wales.”



  7. JohnC says:

    Crowds in Edinburgh queing to pay their respects to the Queen:


    And the selected close-ups the racist BBC choose to use:



    I can’t spot any of those in the crowd. Seems like another clear case of racist discrimination by the BBC in the choice of representation.

    And yet another BBC article which has tried to shoehorn as much empathy as possible inbetween the actual bits of news.

    ‘They came wrapped up warm, with packed rolls and drinks to keep them going into the small hours.’

    When I check who actually wrote these masterpieces (Katy Scott in this case), I always find someone like this who looks like they came from the same factory as Marianna Spring:


    It’s hard to believe just how far the BBC has fallen as a serious and credible news source.


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:


      The bbbc are missing a trick.
      They should show the crowd scene footage in the negative.


    • Guest Who says:

      The BBC HR harem does seem to like the white chick collection cloned.


    • brexiteerkent says:

      Re BBC Scottish article. To think. I grew up thinking it was only in other countries and in the past that propaganda replaced news. Disgraceful.


  8. Zephir says:


    f@cking replace yourself back to your mud hut with some flint arrows and a ten mile walk for some water


  9. andyjsnape says:

    I mentioned on here about 10 days ago, whether the bBC would mention the terrorist attacks of 11th September.

    Again this year, haven’t seen it mentioned


  10. Eddy Booth says:

    London underground, with a bank of advertising screens running up the whole of the long escalator wall.
    What an absolute waste of energy..126677608-gettyimages-1243130696.jpg


  11. AsISeeIt says:

    Once again this morning we see our newspaper titles united in their respect and reverence for…. photojournalism

    The almost universal frontpage image of Charles standing before his mother’s flag-draped casket is variously captioned: The King’s vigil (free advertising sheet Metro and The Sun); Vigil for a mother (‘i’) and; Lost in grief for ‘Darling Mama’ (His Majesty’s The Daily Express)

    As our BBC online press reviewers note: The Daily Telegraph, like many other papers, chooses the powerful image of King Charles and his siblings as they stand around their mother’s coffin at Monday’s vigil in Edinburgh; Metro keeps its front page simple with an image of King Charles III staring into the distance; Daily Express leads on the vigil for the Queen – and so it goes on.

    Just as old school journalists could tell you – it is the exception “man bites dog” that makes the news, so it is we must perforce highlight difference within the uniformity of the present momentarily prevailing narrative.

    Our BBC print press reviewers handily provide a signpost for us: The Guardian takes a slightly different approach to most of the other newspapers. Its front page looks at how Prime Minister Liz Truss could be under pressure to reveal further details about her energy crisis plan – namely: PM under pressure to reveal details of energy crisis plan (Guardian)

    We’ve become accustomed to the authorities eagerness to police social media so as to bannish jokes about drag queens – however, brothers in arms the Guardian and BBC, employing (unelected) campaign groups as their mouth pieces now fret about our right to protest the Queen: Civil liberties groups’ alarm over anti-monarchy arrests (Guardian); Arrests of anti-monarchists prompt free-speech concerns (BBC)

    What on earth is the left-leaning globalist open border corporate monoculture to do with the British public’s stubborn addiction to conservative monarchical particularism?

    The ‘i’ notices: Starmer’s monarchy problem – in their amusingly titled column: Waugh on politics

    The globalist flag-bearer in chief and keenest of keen globalist banner-wavers, the FT Datawatch feature concerns itself with: US voters’ concerns – cue another bloody survey about what people in another country say they think when prompted by selected questions from tedious opinion pollsters.

    People over here seem to be voting with their feet. The formerly patriotic Times notes: Thousands line Royal Mile for procession – and the Daily Star warns of: 30-hour queue to pay respects


  12. Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

    Not BBC but Fox. You will not find this on BBC. It is a worrying development from the USA.
    This form of project fear is to intimidate would be republican voters.
    Or perhaps it is worse than Watters thinks. It could be warming people up in preparation for a crackdown before the mid-term elections?

    I don’t like what is happening over there. The Biden administration has been governing through lies and fraud. The populace are beginning to see through it. The only way they can hide their criminality is by retaining power and using ever escalating force.
    Tell me I’m wrong.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I suppose the real test will be the coming elections . How fixed will they be ? How will Republicans react ?

      One might think that the Obama Democrats are going over the edge on demonising their opposition… luckily they have personal weapons which will cost the democrat stazi feds going after them …
      But the polarisation of the politics in that country is really worrying …


  13. andyjsnape says:

    Newspaper headlines: ‘The King’s vigil’ and ‘PM under pressure’

    PM under pressure – apparently, is the bBC already building a case to install a new labour government!

    By the way I had to scroll down the page in the link above to eventually find something which mentioned “pm under pressure”



    • Guest Who says:

      ‘Under pressure’ from BBC EdGuds = stuff we have spun up and are trying to nudge through as from the public as opposed to just media millionaires like Kev.


  14. Sluff says:

    The Queen may have died but the BBC multicultural agenda goes on, unabated.
    The webshite has an article about mourners in Scotland queueing to see the Queen.
    I wonder which Scottish residents are first up ?
    Can you guess?

    Yes, it’s Elizabeth Mbulaiteye. And her son and daughter. Ugandan. All have ‘darker skin tones’. What a surprise.
    Next up. It’s Ahmad Zaky, Mutiara Tan and Anindya Hapsari.
    Indonesian.One is wearing a head covering.

    From the BBC coverage there is only one perverse conclusion. That no actual Scots wish to see the Queen.

    PS apologies John C above. You had it covered.


    • Foscari says:

      Sluff-It’s like the Antiques Road Show. I expect that BIG BROTHER
      from the diversity department has given out instructions .
      Basically saying that he, she, or it has seen enough of old ,
      pale stale males and women reporting on the death of the
      Queen. 99.5% white skinned mourners lining the streets.
      He, she or it has demanded ,one way or another to find
      ethnicity in the streets , one way or another.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Yes, but let’s not forget that the Ugandan people have a special connection to royalty and Scotland. Don’t forget that the cannibal Idi Amin was the Last King of Scotland…



  15. Fedup2 says:

    Today watch
    Meeeshall interviews some bloke who has written a book about colditz …
    It was BBC meeshaall heaven-

    Destroying British achievement
    Excluding heroism of fighting from within

    It’s almost as though the woke writer knew exactly what would get his ‘work ‘ reviewed and put on the BBC – and it’s ‘book of the week’ in November – well there’s a thing …

    On 4extra last week there was a 30 minute slag off of the dam busters raid – it was a waste of time and effort and lives – made no difference to the war effort – cost too much – they might as well not have bothered – oh yeah – the film was crap ….

    ….no wonder the BBC made that documentary – anything to undermine Britain –

    – Battle of Britain day on `Thursday – what will the BBC do to rubbish those efforts of national survival ?


  16. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – did I hear that right?

    Sean Farrington, the new Business Correspondent (no restrictions on BBC recruiting during a-cost-of-living-crisis) interviews ‘Sophie’ a spokesperson for the ‘fitness industry’. ‘Sophie’ is on to complain about HMG’s help for businesses and households with energy costs. “It’s not enough and more detail is needed” would be a complete summary of the complaint.

    But Sophie makes an extraordinary claim. She claims that either 17 million people are ‘influenced’ by or ‘use’ the ‘fitness industry’ or, even more incredible, 17 million people work in the fitness industry. As that would be roughly half the UK work force of 34 million+ I cannot believe my ears on that and prefer the ‘influenced’ or ‘used by’. I have heard of Joe Wicks but I have news for ‘Sophie’: “I am not influenced by him in the slightest.” I would suggest that claiming nearly a quarter of the UK population are ‘influenced by’ might be credible.

    That leaves ‘used by’ and that claim doesn’t stack up if the UK population is around the 70million mark as stated by the ONS. That would mean nearly a quarter of the UK population use a gym or a swimming pool on a regualr basis. Highly unlikely, especially after two and a half years of Pandemic.

    Needless to say, no challenge or questioning to ‘Sophie’ from Sean Farrington. Typical BBC.


    • Guest Who says:

      One for Springster, though even asking of the BBC can get the British public blocked or banned.

      Maybe Maxi can get a copy off the studio?


      • Guest Who says:

        The Today Token Diversity Propagandist working her magic like a boss.

        Springster still on feet in Russia?


        • Rob in Cheshire says:

          You would get the impression that the police decided to shoot a peaceful, law-abiding black man quietly walking down the street. The BBC would like their own George Floyd, it would seem.


  17. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2 – I wonder why the ONS have changed the way they present unemployment?

    It is strange that the ONS now present the unemployment statistics as a percentage figure of the UK workforce. It is even more interesting that, in a quick search, I find that the old statistics of specific estimates of those out of work have also now been changed to percentages. Unless you know the specific size of the UK workforce, such numbers are meaningless.


  18. tomo says:

    The procession of dimwits fielded by Susan Rice / Obama in the USA should really concern us all.

    Kamala Harris is getting more coverage …. one wonder s if Joe’s deteriorated so much that they’re trying to get her to “step up to the plate”

    She is… as some people like saying “thick as mince”


    • Up2snuff says:

      tomo, mince is not thick unless it is in a mince pie. Maybe Kamala Harris is a Mince Spy or even a Mint Spy? I’m off to the cloakroom! 🙂


      • tomo says:

        It’s not difficult to imagine why the Democrats haven’t put her out front until now…

        There’s a woman who *knowingly* kept innocent people in jail when she was a public official in California aiui.

        Talentless and willing to do the wrong thing if she’s told to.


  19. BRISSLES says:

    I’m hearing a lot of “this won’t happen again in our lifetime’ – er, well for a great section of the population it will. Its odds on that Charles will die in the next 20 years, so there will be another State Funeral and another Coronation. We are within a month of each other in age, so he could go before me and I will get to see another Crowning.


  20. Beltane says:

    There are some delightful lefty ironies to appreciate in all the current angst. That arch Royalist Sean O’Grady of the Scarcely Independent offers his lengthy concerns for the queueing public in a piece packed with negativity and warnings, and yet his words manage to overlook the fact that the hundreds of thousands he frets over in ‘the impending disaster’ are still set on showing respect for the institution he has been so well paid to deride for the past several years.
    Surely we can now look forward to the Guardian combining the forces of Crace, Toynbee and Williams to create a masterwork in praise of ‘Our Lizz: The Nation’s Working Girl’.


  21. Fedup2 says:

    Nothing to do with anything – but I see people suggesting a statue of HMThe queen be put on the ‘4th plinth ‘ in traf square .
    What do think ? Seems demeaning to make the Monarch lower than the main player – a chap in the Royal Navy called Nelson …


  22. G says:

    I suppose it was destined to happen sooner or later: Blacks manning the ‘Help’ telephone lines of large organisations. But first experience for me earlier today. Imagine it. What sort of outfit would do that?

    This one was rude, uncivilised, lying, argumentative and for sure what a large organisation would not want dealing with customers, particularly those with pre existing problems with that same organisation.

    “Our Customer Focused Service Team”………….Yeah, right but more suited to the rioting/looting feral gangs that are increasingly descending on shopping centres in the UK.


  23. Zephir says:

    BBC full time job nigger watch, they can riot, steal, beat asians to a pulp, stab, rob, loot shit in public and they are all promising rap wankers, well, that;s ok then


    • Guest Who says:

      Maxi give these to you to assist with the list every weekend?


    • JohnC says:


      We shouldn’t use language like that because all it does it give people like maxi a reason to complain to whoever and shut us down.

      Making comments on a forum which get the sentiment across without someone having reason to delete it is a bit of an art form.


      • Zephir says:

        there are black people who I have had a relationshp with and have a son with whose grandfather really did come over on that boat that they are all queueing up to ptetend, he died recently, in pain, he came fron Barbrados but his love for this country was palpable, especially when it came to cricket
        RIP Fred Hunte,


  24. Foscari says:

    Liverpool play Ajax of Holland in the Champions League
    this evening. There will be a minutes silence before the match
    in memory and respect for the Queen.
    The problem is that several hundred or more Liverpool
    supporters are staunch IRA supporters or other Fenian
    organizations. They take pride in booing when the National
    Anthem is played or when there is a minutes silence for
    the death of a member of the Royal Family.
    It has almost become a “tradition” so far as these Liverpool
    supporters are concerned.
    When it has happened before Jurgen Klopp the German manager of Liverpool has said he doesn’t really understand
    why they do it. but there must be a reason.
    This time he has asked supporters NOT to boo. May I
    make a suggestion to these supporters. If they feel so strongly
    about their hate of the UK and the Royal Family that they
    don’t go to Anfield this evening.
    However if they do go and show no respect over the death
    of Queen Elizabeth, and start booing. They should be banned
    from going to any match at Anfield again !!


    • Thoughtful says:

      If they booed or in any way abused the Black players they would be banned, but the British state is now firmly anti White race hating which is why nothing is done


  25. Thoughtful says:

    I see the loons in Iran have been traducing the Queen calling ehr one of the greatest criminals in history who should be included in a list with Hitler and Stalin (wasn’t aware they regarded the Queen as a Socialist!)

    It’s not prehaps any surprise to find these nutters calling names, but what is surprising – sickening even is that the UK is giving foreign aid to Iran! It seems the ever fruitful money tree has so much free money they don’t know how to spend it and will even gift it to countries which are our sworn enemies. Wouldn’t surprise me if the empty heads at the foreign office were giving it to the Russian Army as well!


  26. G.W.F. says:

    President Trump will not be invited to the Queen’s funeral.
    I hope Biden will maintain control of his bowels in Westminster Abbey.
    There was a rumour that he had a bathroom accident when he met the Pope, but Snopes has declared that to be a false report.


    • JohnC says:

      If it’s false, it will be quickly ‘fact checked’.

      If it’s true, it won’t.

      Because almost all ‘fact checkers’ are Lefty activists. I’ve checked the twitter of a few from Snopes and every single one of them was – usually with a long list of anti-trump tweets.


  27. Guest Who says:

    One day a member of bbc staff’s family are going to need the police.

    I wonder who they will access for comment then?


    • harry142857 says:

      Ironically, if he had served the full four year jail sentence for arms charges in 2019, he wouldn’t be out and about until next year.


  28. G.W.F. says:

    BBC leading with support for Jamaican move away from the monarchy.

    Wicked Brits took slaves, monarchy should apologise, UK pay reparations, young Jamaicans want independence.



    • BRISSLES says:

      Antigua & Baruda are definitely ditching the Monarchy after the funeral. Fine. So, when the next natural disaster occurs in those islands, be it hurricane, volcanic eruption etc who will they call on for help ? We could always repatriate those who were quick enough to come here I suppose.


    • Jeff says:

      If Jamaica get their “independence” could that mean that Britain has the right to ask all those that have come here from that dangerous island to piss off? Life would get better overnight.

      Street crime would almost be a thing of the past. We would certainly greatly reduce the endless whinging about racism. Knife and gun crime would be reduced exponentially. Gangs of feral youths (architects?) would no longer roam our city centres looking for easy prey. Our over-stuffed prisons would suddenly be spacious.

      Bring it on…


  29. digg says:

    So the Democrats are pushing hard to tar Republicans as “Terrorists”, so scared are they by the upcoming mid-terms. I don’t believe this is directed particularly at the voters either. It’s an attempt to onside the forces of Law in the US , particularly the FBI and the DOJ which might enable them to enact legal force if they look like being outed.

    It is as if they know they will be whacked at the polls and are trying to set up a militia of law enforcement in readiness to overturn the result.

    If Americans can’t see this they are stupid.

    Stupid Joe and his henchmen and women have set the scene for civil war in the USA. Plus I think they know what they are doing and why. If they lose but can martial the forces of law on their side they can try to declare a state of Martial Law and I think this is exactly what they will do.

    In a nutshell, if the Democrats win, it’s a fair and proper election whereas if the Republicans win it’s a rebellion by dark forces and will need to be crushed outside of the electoral system.

    No doubt the key players in the FBI, DOJ etc. have all been fully briefed in readiness.

    What absolute nutters these people are! They have zero interest in the democratic process and are acting like South American dictators.

    Joe obviously believes that there is only one party in the USA fit to govern so Democracy as such is a side issue.

    If Joe gets his way, the US will be split down the middle, a scenario not seen since the civil war.

    The big question is, will the American people stand for these Third World threatening and dangerous machinations by the evil slugs on the Left?

    The last jumped-up leader in Europe who mandated that his creation was to be the only party allowed in the government of his Country and eventually the Western World dragged half that World into a bloody conflict that cost millions of lives.

    How long before Joe’s crazy lefty followers start with the smashing of windows and beating up people on the streets?


    • digg says:

      … compare Joe and his followers rhetoric against Republicans to the anti-Jew language of hate spewed out by Hitler for comparison…..


  30. andyjsnape says:


  31. Nibor says:

    Population Increase .

    Bit by bit the Powers That Be have to admit the real figure for how many people are in the UK .
    Today we are informed that 1 million people are infected with Covid and helpfully told that is 1 in 70 people . which of course means that there are 70 million people in the country .
    ( I reckon its 87 million and rising )


  32. Up2snuff says:

    TWatO Watch # 1 – I got a most uncomfortable feeling listening to this today ……

    .. that the BBC would really like to stir up trouble between the Irish Republicans and the Protestants and those with no fixed position in Northern Ireland. Disgraceful. The Montacutie even suggested that and questioned whether the security arrangements would be sufficient when the King and Queen go into Belfast later today.


  33. Zelazek says:

    I did not like Stormont Speaker Alex Maskey’s message of condolence. Like Patrick Harvie in the Scottish Parliament, he seemed to forget that this is an occasion of family and national bereavement, not an opportunity to present a political manifesto. I thought Charles’s perfunctory response was appropriate.

    Why do so many people not realise that this is not about you or your political agenda? God, just seen a vox pop with some creature from the IRA’s transsexual wing wittering about inclusivity.


    • Lucy Pevensey says:


      I disagree.

      The opening statement word for word.

      “During this period of public morning for Queen Elizabeth
      We are mindful that you and your family grieve on the passing of a mother, grandmother and a great grandmother.

      I hope you and your family can take comfort from the appreciation and the warmth that has accompanied the tributes the The Queen from across these islands and indeed across the world. I would like to sympathise with you at this difficult time.

      (last sentence said in Gaelic then repeated in English)


      • Zelazek says:


        I take your point. Can’t really argue with these two paragraphs.

        And, sure, Maskey does go on to stress the Queen’s contribution to reconciliation and her part in bringing him to the surprising position he finds himself in today.

        But, reading between the lines, the whole thrust of his speech is not grief at the death of the monarch but the progress, from his point of view, towards the unification of Ireland.

        Not once does he say “Northern Ireland”. (Unfortunately even Charles referred to it as “this place”.) I could only hear undertones and overtones. The republican undertone in the intimidating Belfast accent of this IRA man. I could only hear what this Sinn Fein politician wants as the political destiny of this integral part of the United Kingdom. I could only hear the hope in his voice as his political dream is drawing nearer to its fulfilment and his pleasure that his enemies seem to be helping him to realise it.

        I don’t think this enemy of the state should have been given the opportunity to look good.


  34. taffman says:

    “Channel migrants: Crossings in 2022 now exceed whole of 2021”
    “The Home Office will not comment on these figures, saying it would be inappropriate in a period of national mourning.”
    What will the MOD do About It? , just report the figures landing and pick more up ?
    A job for our so called ‘Tory’ Government and Suella Braverman.
    We are being invaded !


  35. Guest Who says:

    Not BBC but very meedjah.


    “​​I truly had no idea I had ADHD until I joined TikTok,” she says.

    China getting 50% of the US population already nuts?


  36. Thoughtful says:

    US inflation has come out above expected levels, and thus the next rate hike by the Fed will be higher than expected, and the stock market map is very red.


  37. Lucy Pevensey says:

    I notice that St Anne’s Cathedral service in NI is the first to sing 2 verses of God Save The King.


  38. Jeff says:

    During this sad time there was a little snippet of (unintentional) light relief from Sky News.

    Apparently, one of their presenters (I won’t call them a journalist) saw the mob of BLM supporters out on the streets over the weekend…and thought they were there mourning the passing of the Queen. As anyone with more than half a brain would know this lot were there to protest about the police shooting of the young “architect”…cough…
    Sky News have had to apologise for their mistake. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…

    Just how thick are these people?


  39. Doublethinker says:

    More on the Swedish election.

    The Swedish democrats have made significant gains and with their coalition partners are close to ousting the leftist , migrant loving Social Democrats , who have been in power with the Greens for the last eight years.

    For the fifth election in a row the Swedish Democrats have increased their share of the vote and now have 21% . In 2010 they had less than 2%.


    The declaration of the result is now delayed until tomorrow or Thursday until all late and overseas votes can be counted.

    It is reported that there have been cyber attacks on the voting system. The police are investigating.

    The election remains too close to call. The leader of the leftist Social Democrats says people must be patient and allow democracy to run its course!

    It all seems so reminiscent of the US Democrats play book on how to fix an election . They need time to fix the result and allegations of cyber attacks to muddy the waters.

    However, even if the rightist coalition does eventually win it will be a narrow margin and the coalition will be an uneasy one with some MPs from the Liberals ( who are centre right in Sweden ) saying that they are ‘uncomfortable’ with the policies of the Swedish Democrats on immigration . These are probably MPs whom the left have compromising material on and so can be relied upon to wreck the coalition if it cracks down hard on immigrants.

    So we can’t expect much actual anti immigrant legislation from this coalition. But the increasing vote of the Swedish Democrats , soon to be followed by a large vote in Italy ( 25 th Sept) for the right wing Brothers of Italy , shows that ordinary Europeans are moving slowly rightwards . I hope that the November elections in the US keep that trend going.

    But whilst the people are moving to the right recent history shows us that the international left can manipulate the result of elections and hobble any right wing government who does manage to win an election. They can also rely on the MSM to campaign , propagandise and cover up for them.

    Can democracy oust the international left? Is democracy still alive?


  40. Guest Who says:

    Placard facing BBC.


    • Guest Who says:

      Dan is sometimes simply precious.

      Without the opposition benches on Twitter or in the studio… on Twitter, BBC ‘News’ would cease.


  41. Guest Who says:

    BBC seemed to have a soft spot.

    Maybe the odious little weasel could take up drug dealing and poor driving technique?


  42. Guest Who says:

    As Springster is selective when not blocking, maybe one fir Maxi…

    Is true that all 20,000 BBC staff have access to HYS and complaints audience personal data, or just ECU and their current squeezes?


    • Up2snuff says:

      Guest, I think Maxi doesn’t work at or for the BBC. I seem to recall Stew Green searched him out on ‘social media’ and he’s something to do with theatreland. That may explain why he always posts on here in the wee small hours, perhaps after the pubs and bars have closed in and around Leicester Square & Soho.


      • JohnC says:

        Really ? – I would put money on him working for a trolling company for two reasons:

        1) He keeps records of what people post in fine detail to use against them and he has been doing that for years. Nobody is that obsessed are they ?.

        2) His comments are very clearly written according to some specific guidelines. His comments almost always stay within certain boundaries like they have to for a BBC HYS. Though occasionally his mask does slip and we get a glimpse of the nasty, spiteful lefty behind it.


  43. G says:

    It occurs to me that the BBC must see events around the death of Queen Elizabeth as a serious setback. To watch all the public’s support for her, even in death must be quite an unexpected blow to them. Millions turn out to show their grief. I make this point because I’m sure that those in the BBC saw the events since the Queen’s passing as a practical and useful test of how well their propaganda, relentlessly condemning the public, Government and everything, ‘British’ was faring.

    Yes, our, “Worlds Most Trusted Broadcaster” will see events in the dimmest possible of all lights. They’ll probably step up their Marxist, ‘Critical Theory’ broadcast diet until any and all signs of independent thinking and support for anything English is eradicated totally.


  44. Up2snuff says:

    BBC WEB-SITE Watch #1 – the BBC are caught out …. twice

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-62882964 It is just possible that the lady pictured at the head of the article is wealthy (perhaps ex-BBC staff?) but she is highly likely to be a State pensioner judging by the wrinkles. If she only has the State Pension as income then she will definitely not be wealthy. Another Picture Editor fail.

    Elsewhere it is stated that the National Insurance increase is only about £7 for low paid workers but is much more for the higher paid. Liz Truss suggested, during the leadership contest, that she would cancel the NI tax increase if she became PM. So what was all that fuss about the NI increase back in March and April then, BBC?


  45. tomo says:

    in @merika


  46. Guest Who says:

    BBC in the mix, picking… choosing…



  47. Guest Who says:

    Not all he is.


  48. Northern Voter says:

    Spelling mistake there femi, it should read I’m brown.


  49. Fedup2 says:

    You can see how detached this third world vermin is to call for demonstrations ( riots ) during a time of official mourning . But on the upside at least their gangster son ain’t coming back ….

    I notice the BBC avoiding the criminal past of the thankfully dead one

    Time for a new thread