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  1. JohnC says:

    Further protest in Leicester following disorder

    If you wondered why the police don’t have the time to bother coming to your house after someone broke in and robbed you of things you spend your life earning or of irreplacable sentimental value, it’s because their mission is much greater than that : preventing society disintegrating due to the failed multicultural experiment.

    Here’s what a protest in Leicester looked like today:


    Police said it was prompted by an “unplanned protest”.

    We aren’t told which ones are causing the trouble this time. But this picture gives a clue:


    Religion of intolerance and hate. Not peace. And nobody dare say it because of people like the BBC who want to preserve them as ‘innocent victims’ to use as weapons against the Right.


    • BRISSLES says:

      I find all the Asian young men look decidedly sinister and thug like – if even they aren’t. Normally heavy set with the obligatory beard, short cut hair above the ears with a top thatch, and like the Albanians and Eastern Europeans seem to favour the black leather jacket. Hardly Cary Grant types. I wouldn’t be sorry to see the whole lot air lifted and dropped into the Taliban ridden mountains.


      • Guest Who says:

        Shame it is today, but Dave via Julia has highlighted a certain set of tendencies.


    • Halifax says:

      Probably waiting for the Bangladeshi to arrive a bit like Blucher turning up at Waterloo !


    • Doublethinker says:

      At some point the racial volcano that we are sat on top of is going to blow.

      It could be religious rivalry as in Leicester or it could be racial . It was madness to embark on a policy of mass migration . This was compounded by not insisting that all migrants ‘anglicised’ . History told us that only by adopting the host culture could migrants successfully integrate. Allowing multiculturalism to flourish was the height of insanity. This only happened when it was realised that most of the post war migrants refused to anglicise . That ought to have stopped the mass migration policy but Blair et al said it was a good thing to have lots of different cultures in our country , you know ‘Diversity is Strength’!
      The next insane step is to have the elite going around saying that white Britain is still guilty of slavery and apologising all over the world and agreeing with the notion of reparations for something that ended 200 years ago.

      After this catalogue of gross errors we have a situation where there are numerous ‘communities’ in our country who have been allowed, even encouraged, to maintain their culture and behavioural norms, to regard the host nation as guilty of heinous crimes done to them and their ancestors, to expect compensation. What could possibly go wrong? How long before the migrant communities start to target the hapless hosts who, they have been told by the bonkers establishment , are guilty as charged.

      Of course if the hosts try to protest or even to point out the insanity of the policy or to tell the truth they are prosecuted by the establishment! Does anyone have confidence that the establishment will protect us from the invaders?


    • G says:

      ‘Discussion’ between a Dane and a muslim:


      Islam v WEF? I really don’t know. But marginally, I’d back Islam: they’ve had centuries to apply their absorption of different nations whereas, the WEF are the relative newcomers to ‘World Domination’ aka, Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao et seq.

      Whichever, on the current trajectory and support from Western Governents/UN, lets face it, we are totally fu**ed


  2. JohnC says:

    Top Russian pop star Alla Pugacheva condemns Ukraine war

    Well, if a pop star says it, that’s good enough for me.

    Desperate anti-Russian propaganda by the BBC.

    I don’t support Russia in this war but I have big problems with the credibility of Zelensky as well. Many people outside the West support Russia because they see this war for what it is : a showdown between the USA(+EU) and Russia over the future world order.

    But the one thing I really object to is the lies and propaganda I am being fed by the likes of the BBC. Not specifically about the war : it is teaching me just how little I can trust the media in my own country. Before Brexit and Trump, I really did think we were better than that. How naive I was.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Adell says ‘stop the war innit ‘( you broke up with me innit and I broke up with you innit – Ivan ovelo award – vegas gigs ( maybe not innit )


  3. Eddy Booth says:

    You can’t beat a good vibrant multicultural punch up: Pakistani Muslim vrs Indian Hindu, all over nothing.
    Throw in a bunch of bully cops suddenly looking sheepish cos they’re totally outnumbered 😀
    Let’s hope there’s a LGBT shame parade booked for leicester this weekend too.
    Beer and snacks ordered!


  4. digg says:

    It’s fine, it’s just the UK nutcases promoting rights to minority groups and oppressive religions in the UK, so don’t see it as a violent uprising, see it as the fruition of our great countries good and great in granting freedom and free speech to all recent arrivals in our country without any right to object by the indigenous population.

    As Enoch Power once said… the streets of Britain will eventually run with blood!

    And it begins in Leicester, and will spread!

    What is now internecine warfare between two factions will become an all out war against English people.

    This is because our great and good have told these animals that we have not given them what they want.

    Our English children will pay the ultimate price with their lives.

    Basically oil and water will never mix and soon those great and good who have bellowed for this dangerous fantasy will go down on their knees and beg the people they have shit on to help restore sanity when English heads start to roll.


    • G says:


      “And it begins in Leicester, and will spread”

      Not quite sure about that statement. There’s been a spate of ‘flash’ looting and assaults in various locations for a month or so by blacks. They form, a 100 or so and descend on a busy shopping area and riot, loot and assault anyone in their way & carry out criminal damage all with impunity. Indeed, during the recent ‘flash’ in Oxford Street (London!) the police stood by and watched.


  5. vlad says:

    At time of writing, the world’s most trusted broadcaster (and most subsidised) is still listing Harry among those attending the Palace reception.

    Much of the rest of the media claim he and the Duchess of Monteshitshow were UN-invited.

    Who is right? Time will tell.



  6. Fedup2 says:

    QE2 my agony – ginger and the actress – gotta be worth 20 mill in sept /oct before people get bored …

    Smile for the disable types – photo op …


  7. Terminal Moraine says:

    I think you could plot a graph showing correlation between increased use of the word ‘community’ by politicians and the media, and the social fragmentation and unease we now experience as a nation.

    On the Leicester troubles — I notice much of the press (in the absence of proper analysis) are taking quotes from ‘community leaders’ and naively reporting their calls for calm.

    Why are their opinions so important? Here’s Derbyshire Police on investigating grooming, and how the way forward may be to negotiate with ‘community leaders’. Incredible for a police officer to suggest checking that you are not unduly causing ripples by investigating child rape.

    I’d not only do away with ‘community’ leaders, but get rid of the word entirely. It just describes warring tribal and ethnic factions given a marketing makeover by the clueless O-level sociology progressives who watch the BBC/Guardian.

    (Bit angry, having come back from an evening in my greatly enriched part of London, where 90% is now non-English spoken and then ethnic kids in the pub causing a scuffle which spread out on to the street.)


    • G.W.F. says:

      We have not heard much from Swella since she became Home Secretary. Perhaps her job is covered by community leaders.

      I would suggest not only getting rid of community leaders but drawing attention to the over use of the term ‘community’. Almost every tragic incident, like the murder of a 9 year old child, is reported in terms of community interests.


      • Terminal Moraine says:

        GWF yes, that word is a signal that we’re inching more and more towards tribal conflict.


  8. StewGreen says:

    PJW video not available on his YouTube channel
    “Brainwashing in TV Soaps”
    It then goes into the BBC’s “Albert” scoring system for Global Warming compliance in programme making.

    It’s also available on his channels on the alternative video sites like Odysse, Bitchute, BrandNewTube, Infowars etc.


  9. Halifax says:

    Off to King’s Cross from Leeds at 06:05. Nobody on the train which I find strange…..umm


  10. popeye says:

    Yesterday I went with my son’s family to London to give them a sense of history. We queued for 2 hours to visit Buckingham Palace to leave some flowers (actually not allowed, but hey ho!). It didn’t take long to make an observation, we saw NO African/West Indians in our vicinity. Once we realised that we made a point of looking at the thousands of people around us. Other than stewards (and police) in the whole two hours I saw just one, a female, black person. Surely they weren’t all being interviewed by the BBC or making historical films?

    This is a genuine observation. I have to say that there were many, many Asians in the queue and all seemed genuinely, like us, aware of the feeling of history around us.


  11. Up2snuff says:

    Oh dear, someone forgot to press ‘play’. If I wake early enough, I enjoy Tweet of the Day on Radio4. This morning was an interesting bird, the goldcrest. Incorrectly described as Britain’s smallest bird, more correct would be to say it competes with the wren and the firecrest for the title of Britain’s smallest bird.

    Problem with ‘sizing’ birds is do you use weight, wingspan or length as your comparator? Then, do you average things out over a few years because in one ‘season’ there may be a drought or a shortage of food or an abundance?

    The major problem with this morning’s Tweet of the Day was that they forgot to play the actual ‘tweet’ or it was so quiet and the ‘contributor’ jabbered away so much that he drowned out the noise of the bird. Not the first time that either cause has happened on TotD.



  12. Guest Who says:

    Timmeh! got his hands full ignoring stuff?


    • Guest Who says:

      Maybe Graham could do a wang on special with some ‘community leaders’ and Phil Schofield in Leicester before a QT with Fi and a specially selected bbc audience.


      • Guest Who says:

        To ease studio tensions, there could be a guest break with fellow kiddy fiddler Rolf.

        All goes well until he says ‘guessed who it is yet?’.


  13. AsISeeIt says:

    Farewell our glorious Queen – says the Daily Express

    Thank you Ma’am – is the timely salute from the advertising freesheet Metro – forgoing frontpage ad revenue and instead taking a day off to publish that most romantic of Royal portraits the Pietro Annigoni (1955) wearing the blue Order of the Garter robes.

    One strays into the realm of art criticism for a moment to note what I like to term hereabouts ‘the formerly patriotic Times‘ newspaper’s 1972 snobbish dismissal of that portrait’s merits: The Times reported that the 1955 portrait was “dismissed by some critics as romanticized and ‘chocolate boxy’, but the public liked it. The Queen, too, is known to have done so” (thank you Wiki)

    Elite taste and sensibilities, sadly, don’t often align with those of the hoi polloi – I guess that’s what makes them elite.

    The contemporary Times looks not backwards but to the future: Charles gives thanks

    The Times publishes a photograph of Charles meeting PM Liz Truss caught in awkward gestures that ought to serve as an absolute feast of a gift to eagerly grateful lefty satirists

    To my mind the Metro made the right call on a day when practically all commerse will pause and shade is cast on any outliers: Anger over LME decision to stay open during funeral (FT) – for the unitiated that’ll be the London Metal Exchange: Outrage sparked

    A life of selfless service – observes the Daily Telegraph

    Our last farewell – the Daily Mail pictures an elderly Queen in the act of giving her iconic wave – and the Mail can’t resist patting itself on the back: Peerless guide to a day that will echo down the ages

    Kingdom united! – is the brave assertion made by the Daily Star – one often has to check whether that tabloid is joking but I think they are in earnest – events in Leicester not withstanding.

    Now is the time for diplomacy – comments Sarah Sands in the ‘i’ – and that really ought to be a warning to our left-leaning commentators today of all days.

    The more left-leaning titles do like to internationalise…

    World’s farewell to Elizabeth II (‘i’)

    World leaders descend as nation prepares for grandest of farewells (Guardian)

    In these racially aware times it would be amusing to see statistics for the ethnic breakdown of Guardian readership and to check whether it matched the UK’s current demographics – I’m guessing Guardianistas trend about as white as Glastonbury: Why are big festivals like Glastonbury so white? Lenny Henry was right to raise the lack of diversity at these events – both onstage and in the audience (Guardian); or a crowd of Brexit celebrants: Ofcom clears Channel 4 News over Jon Snow’s ‘never seen so many white people’ comment (Press Gazette) – of course our Jon of the colourful ties and socks was as snowy white as his Game of Thrones fantasy namesake – although longer in the tooth – and was a keen Glasto audience member himself.

    Of course it wouldn’t be the Guardian if there wasn’t some effort to bring a bit of colour to the frontpage – so it is today: What King Charles can learn from my grandfather Nelson Mandela – Ndileka Mandela

    However, the Gruan can’t help but betray its scoffing attitude toward the same decidedly white middle class milieu from which its attitudes spring: ‘A pilgrimage with Waitrose carrier bags’ Ian Jack’s view from the queue

    Here’s just a few anti-British phrases from Simon Tisdall’s deeply anti-Brexit motivated Guardian comprehensive takedown of the newly incumbent PM: One Liz ends a lifetime of diplomacy as another risks squandering it all… her actions to date point not to a “global Britain” that “leads the way” but to a forlorn Billy-no-mates… a self-isolating UK, excluded from collective European decision-making, is in any case increasingly bypassed, patronised and ridiculed… Britain is drowning, not waving… an opportunistic ideologue… Hard-right Brexit instincts infuse her politics…

    Is that a military band I hear somewhere in the distance striking up to the strains of God Save The Queen/King? – that’s going to take some getting used to.

    The question now for a watching world, as Britain reels, is whether Truss will ditch her us-v-them rhetoric, rein in her Thatcherite prejudices and Europhobia, and rebuild international bridges on which a wounded, semi-asphyxiated “aspiration nation” can clamber to safety.

    Her record for spreading harmony and healing divisions is not encouraging. In the space of 12 inept months as foreign secretary, Truss clumsily aggravated UK relations with all the major international powers. As prime minister, she lacks an electoral mandate and popular support.

    Suffice to say our Simon Tisdall defers to US President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron – both of whom he appears to hold candles for – to provide additional suitably scathing commentary on our novice PM.

    Our Guardainista speaks grandiosely of the “soft power” of the former monarch but what exactly would his model of some globally well-regarded (among left-leaning presidents) UK political leader actually benefit us here in Britain? Anyway, didn’t he already say he would much prefer the UK’s foreign policy to be subsumed into and inevitably replaced by a United European voice?

    The BBC reaching a bit here to burnish their propaganda effort with anything that happens to come to mind: Queen Elizabeth ‘shared Ukraine’s values’

    And finally… I’ll leave you with another thought for the day…

    Whatever our stance on Russian I think we can all agree Putin rather euphemistically describes what looks a lot like a full-blown Ukraine war as a “special military operation

    Compare and contrast with… the deployment of euphemism much closer to home…

    BBC: Fifteen arrested in Leicester disorder operation


    • Up2snuff says:

      AISI: “One strays into the realm of art criticism for a moment to note what I like to term hereabouts ‘the formerly patriotic Times‘ newspaper’s 1972 snobbish dismissal of that portrait’s merits: The Times reported that the 1955 portrait was “dismissed by some critics as romanticized and ‘chocolate boxy’, but the public liked it. The Queen, too, is known to have done so” (thank you Wiki)”

      “Duke of Edinburgh, what attracted you to the young Princess Elizabeth and future Queen of England?”

      “Er, if I may put it this way: she is a good-looking gal, a bit of a beauty!”


  14. Guest Who says:

    BBC go to gob inspires a debate.

    He is so on QT too. With Femi and Doc Shola. Maybe in Tottenham.


    • Thoughtful says:

      David Aaronovitch proving once again there’s no such thing as ‘racism’.


      • BRISSLES says:

        Good job Aaronovitch doesn’t subscribe to being on here, he would be permanently apoplectic with rage !!! Come on David you’d have a field day on here – but those who use the term ‘racism’ are the ones with the problem – the rest of us speak the truth !


  15. Thoughtful says:

    I thought I’d post this, not because of any content, as there is an isolated man living his life in a bubble of fantasy, but because he doesn’t appear to a man suffering from dementia. He is undoubtedly elderly, and although we often accuse the Left of inhabiting an echo chamber we must not do the same thing.


  16. Wild Bill says:

    Coal man came today, five bags £100 now, said there wont be anymore coal, only smokeless, which doesnt burn as well and is £27 a bag.
    We cant really afford to put the cental heating on when it gets really cold, so we are scuppered.
    I have been looking for scrap wood in skips etc., sad that it has come to this.


    • Sluff says:

      I seem to recall that a proposal to develop a new coal mine in Cumbria was put on hold a year or two back, as the eco-fanatics opposed it.

      Note to Liz Truss.
      You can’t have both strategy for the country and kowtow to the latest in-vogue rabid pressure group for perceived short term political gain. But now Princess nut nuts is out of no 10 could we have some sensible energy policies please.


      • Ian Rushlow says:

        Hi Sluff
        Thanks for your suggestion. The death of the monarch has been a bit of a blessing for me – all I’ve had to do is keep my mouth shut for a fortnight, rather than make any decisions or plans. But I’ll be speaking with Klaus, Bill and George tonight and see what they want me to do with energy policies.
        love Mary Liz


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Unfortunately, those of us with electric central heating are in the same situation. The price of the wind and sunshine has shot up this year, making electricity prohibitively expensive. Experts are baffled, as they had been working on the assumption that, you know, the wind just blows and the sun just shines regardless.


  17. Sluff says:

    It’s the Queen’s funeral.

    And in the finest tradition of the public sector and the saintly public transport……..

    The railway between Paddington and Windsor is closed.

    Due to overhead power line failure.
    This, a service which was electrified just a few years ago.
    No doubt to reduce pollution.

    It looks like those old diesel trains might have had something going for them after all.

    Not to mention the private car…….


  18. Guest Who says:

    Doubtless a big Sopes and Springster groupie.


    • StewGreen says:

      bio: “Just another citizen
      Social Media Influencer
      Joined October 2014
      476 Following 84 Followers”

      Don’t take Twitterworld as face value
      Often claims made turn out to 180° different from reality
      “Social Media Influencer
      Joined October 2014”
      An 8 year old account claims to be a “Social Media Influencer” yet has only 84 followers.

      The vast majority of its recent tweets lime the one above get 1 or zero likes


  19. Sluff says:

    On Toady this morning, the Hindu v Muslim tribal war in Leicester was mentioned.
    But guess what? No- one had any idea why it had happened. The favourite explanation was ‘outsiders’.

    Isn’t it weird that when race is the issue, the BBC never seem to have any ideas about anything?

    And with all the services busy in London today, I predict a busy day for cross-channel transport. One way, naturally.


    • G says:


      Surely, ‘White’ outsiders? That’s all there is left…………


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      If they mean people who originate from or belong ‘outside the country’ then they are correct.


    • gb123 says:

      Let me give the BBC some hints. India and Pakistan have been at loggerheads since independence in 1947. Direct wars in the 60s, 70s, 90s. and continued hostility, bordering on hatred to this day. I did not realise how deep it was until working in India in 2008. When you import that kind of emotion conflict will occur.
      In one hundred thousand years’ time when the moon is blue, they might become truthful and impartial and report with reasoned analysis.


  20. AsISeeIt says:

    Just a BBC typo or a little Freudian slip?

    “Leicestershire Police said all 15 people arrested on Sunday remained in policy custody just after midnight on Monday morning.”

    That’ll be police custody – not policy custody indicating a stepping up of police action after news of the weeks old disturbances just happened to go national recently.


  21. Zelazek says:

    The BBC report that the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) “will examine whether or not Mr Kaba’s race influenced any actions taken by the police”.

    What it would be more profitable for the IOPC to do is to enlighten the BBC on how Mr Kaba’s race influenced any actions taken by the criminal.

    The stupidity of low IQ black criminals encountering the police is astonishing. White criminals generally know when the game is up and come quietly but blacks rarely do. They are impulsive and unpredictable. They try to escape when escape is impossible and resist arrest when vastly outnumbered. They are often bigger and physically more powerful than the average cop and it takes many officers to restrain them, sometimes resulting in their injury or worse.

    Chris Kaba was in a position where he couldn’t escape but decided to use his car as a lethal weapon against the police. Utterly, utterly stupid. But so typical of blacks.

    Can we have an acknowledgement of these facts about black criminals instead of the continual misrepresentation of these incidents as the actions of racist cops?


  22. StewGreen says:

    Bah humbug to the last 10 days
    Certainly not my type of thing.
    I have heard media people say “Do you remember when “*we* all went a bit mad about the death of Diana and her funeral?”
    That’s #WeFiles where a media person extends his “I” to a “we”
    I was living in Edinburgh for the Festival and paid no notice.
    So during the funeral went up to Arthur’s Seat to get away from media
    It was packed with picnickers who’d all had the same idea.


    • StewGreen says:

      I thinking about the 706 families each week
      affected by excess deaths these days as explained by Dr John Campbell

      Note at the end of the clip he has to do excessive fawning to WHO etc.
      to stem the wrath of the YouTube gods
      who threated to wipe his entire account.


      • Eddy Booth says:

        YouTube should strike him off as he’s not a medical doctor!


      • StewGreen says:

        In his blurb he lists EU excess death rates
        Sweden is omitted
        He then lists the UK rate but that is for end of August so later than the EU July data

        European Union, Excess mortality hits +16%, highest 2022 value so far
        Climbed to +16% in July 2022, June, +7%, May. +7%
        July, additional deaths The increase of 16% = 53, 000 additional deaths in July
        (Compared with monthly averages, 2016-2019)

        Factors : Post covid infection, Covid sequala, Post lockdown effects, social, psychological, psychiatric, Reluctance to access health care during covid, Delayed diagnosis, Heat waves

        July 2022 :
        (30%+) Iceland, + 55.8%, Spain +37%, Cyprus +33%, Greece +31%
        (20%+) Portugal, +28.8%, Switzerland, +25.9%, Italy, + 24.9
        (15%+) Austria, + 17.5%, Slovenia, + 16.5%, Ireland, + 16.3%, Germany, +15.2
        (11%+) Norway + 14.8%, Netherlands, + 14.7%, Croatia, + 14.6%, France, + 14.1%, Estonia + 12.3%
        Luxemburg + 11.5%, Denmark +10.3%
        ANOMALLY : Latvia -0.5%
        Where’s Sweden ??

        UK latest excess death data, WE 2nd September
        350 deaths involving COVID-19 (505 deaths registered, previous week)
        Total number of deaths registered in the UK 10,198, which was 7.4% above the five-year average
        *706 excess deaths in the week*
        (Deaths involving COVID-19 accounted for 3.4% of all deaths)
        He groups UK ages , 0 to 24, 25 to 49, 50 to 64, 85 +
        Causes of non-covid excess deaths, UK
        Proximal causes : Distal causes more difficult to identify
        diseases : Ischaemic heart, Cerebrovascular, Other circulatory
        others : Heart failure (marked increase), Cancer, Acute respiratory, Chronic respiratory, Urinary, Cirrhosis, Diabetes, Parkinson’s


      • Sluff says:

        We watched this and yes he is not a medical doctor. But I believe he has a Ph D in nursing care so not entirely unrelated.
        Although he may have an angle, the YouTube threats are a total disgrace and he has come up with a lot of interesting stats and research papers over the months.

        And the excess death numbers are deserving of an investigation.
        Which the authorities are singularly failing to provide.


    • Wild Bill says:

      I am a ‘fell’ or mountain walker and went out today to get away from it all, I thought it would be quiet on the hills, I was wrong, there were lots of people out walking.


  23. tomo says:


    • Fedup2 says:

      Twitter says the above it false news – it wasn’t the savoy – it was the ‘caladonia ? ‘ hotel … the Canadians are not impressed and know how the British would treat it …

      I actually don’t believe he did it ..


  24. Guest Who says:

    Justin flying out to get the skinny on this one will be fun. Maybe he can take Mishal too if not busy. As a token.

    Shame, I thought better of Grist.

    Seems every subcontinent nutter is either in academia or media. Or Leicester.


  25. Sluff says:

    It’s happened again.
    The Queen’s Procession.

    ITV. Almost continuous silence. Just an occasional comment.

    BBBC. Yap yap yapping. Huw just cannot shut the f*** up.

    Cretinous standards from a cretinous broadcaster.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Worse on Radio Four, Sluff. I kept switching off it was so painful. Jonny ‘Disjointed’ Dymond has a couple of rivals for bad presenting in the man and the woman (think I detected a hint of an Irish accent), whose voices I did not recognise, who were co-commentating with James Naughtie. The BBC should have flown ‘Blowers’ in from his Mediterranean retirement home. At least Blowers would have talked about what he could see, and any pigeons that flew in front of him.

      BBC = overfunded but badly missing Brian Johnston and Raymond Baxter.


  26. G.W.F. says:

    Watching. Lots of white faces in the military. Waaycists


  27. StewGreen says:

    We were at the conference in Leicester most of the last 7 days.
    And I had BBC Radio Leicester to reassure me
    there was no big news on Muslim and Hindu violence
    instead there was something between “different faith groups” un-named ..so I took that to be Jehovah’s Witnesses vs Seventh Day Adventists

    Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday 8am news .. no mention

    Thursday 8am News https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0cw9b4c
    “I’m Jo Hayward”
    item #1 Leicester and Queens lying in state
    including clip of volunteer Rashmi Vias

    Item #2 Quiet day for the King.
    “In other news”

    Item #3 “Leicester city football club plans to develop its stadium and the area around it have been approved by Leicester city council”
    clip of reporter
    clip of pleased people

    Item #4 “The police in Leicester say they are continuing to patrol parts of the city where sporadic violence has been reported,
    *between different faith groups*
    over the past couple of weeks.
    Officers say meetings between the police and community groups are ongoing
    and reassurance patrols continue

    .Sport and in cricket ….. “

    Friday 8am news, no mention


    • G.W.F. says:

      The police need to touch base with the community leaders …ha ha ha


    • StewGreen says:

      Basically the violence started almost 2 weeks ago
      The media were able to keep a lid on it until Saturday .. then Sunday morning they reported on arrests
      Sunday 25 more arrests

      Police news started Tuesday the 6th at 21:28pm
      .. Dispersal and stop search powers authorised in East Leicester
      Midday Wednesday 7th : Policing patrols continue following further reports of disturbance in East Leicester

      Wednesday evening : Further dispersal orders in place in East Leicester

      Thursday : Chief’s thanks to community as policing operation continues in East Leicester

      Friday lunchtime : East Leicester sees another night of calm

      That didn’t last cos 1am Saturday morning they mention they arrested people after Friday night violence
      “Dispersal and stop search powers authorised in East Leicester following four arrests”



  28. BRISSLES says:

    I had Sky on, and I thought they did a stirling job. Very little chatter but Alastair Bruce gave historical info when he did speak.


  29. G says:

    The US Oil Reserve is now almost depleted. The Real President filled it up, ‘just in case’……….

    Recklessly similar and closer to home, it seems that in a round-about-way, Gazprom acquired rights to drill and exploit our North Sea oil. Very shady. You cannot get to the bottom of it due to articles paywalled. Only article referred to is:

    “UK energy group ditches North Sea deal with Gazprom”


    Seems to me, Boris was leading toward the destruction of the UK so this is what the partying in No.10 was all about?

    A Government Petition? ‘Bring back hanging for Treason and other offences’


    • Up2snuff says:

      G, “destruction of the UK” and before that ‘the destruction of America’ is what all this anti-car, anti-oil, anti-gas, anti-coal Global Warming and Climate Change is all about.


  30. Halifax says:

    Update on todays visit to London.
    There must have been a million there (BBC a few thousand) watched the Hearst go by in Hyde park couldn’t get anywhere near the Mall Constitution Hill etc. Waited 4 hours to see the queen’s Hearst and while I was thier made lots of friends and we are exchanging pictures on whattsapp. Now sat in pub in Soho watching Windsor service, people in pub invited me to share in thier platters.
    Met beautiful people today in a beautiful setting in the most fantastic country in the world and let no one, especially the BBC tell you its otherwise.

    God save the King.


    • harry142857 says:

      Glad you had a great day. A group of us always go the smoke the Saturday before Remembrance Day. A trip to the Abbey to see the poppies, then the outdoor mass around 11.00, then a pub crawl where you chat to all the ex-servicemen and women. Highly recommended, you can fit in a trip to the Tower, The Cutty Sark, The Clink or Borough Market in the afternoon, whilst sobering up, then a few more beers before heading home. Quite often it clashs with fireworks as well. You do have to avoid the chancers sleeping in the streets or the beggars and pickpocket pikeys in fake leather jackets, so leave your valuables at home.


      • Halifax says:

        Harry. That sounds like a memorable weekend. I did work for the Royal Saudi Air Force bit I guess that doesn’t qualify me as a vet !!!


    • Fedup2 says:

      Halifax – thank you for the update . Save – trouble free – journey home ..


      • Halifax says:

        Thanks for your kind thoughts. I was there for those that couldn’t and those that love our country.


        • Halifax says:

          Home last night to reality. I was unknowingly enterd into the Pakistani GP on Monday night.
          I made the mistake of using the M621 and M62 after 10pm.
          I forgot that all speed limits and rules of the road are null and void after 10pm.
          I did however dedicate my lap to our late great queen.


  31. Scroblene says:

    Biden mucked up the arrival of his entourage and was late to the service, supposedly because he was heading for St Pauls…


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      It’s been reported that he stopped en route to buy an ice cream and asked the shopkeeper where the funeral of “Your beloved Prime Minister Queen Victoria Thatcher” was taking place.


  32. Thoughtful says:

    I feel as though a great asset has been taken from us. Something which anchored us to our past, our grandparents, the struggle and sacrifice they made in the fight against Socialism.

    It was so sudden, thte Queen alert and bright welcoming Boris & Liz, and then within two days she was gone. Some say it was the Covid which weakened her, but I still have the Daily Telegraph of Prince Phillips death April last year, I did think she might not last long after his death, alas my fears were realised.

    As the crown jewels Ord Sceptre and Crown were removed from her coffin I realised they haven’t been out of her hands since 1952. History may have been made today, but it has also been broken as well. The passing of what the Americans call the greatest generation, and now those people who recall going to another home to watch the coronation on a neighbours Black and White TV are also passing over too.

    I am glad I got the chance to see Britain of that time, of what it was, and I don’t much like what it has become today, nor where it is headed.

    As a post script, people are saying Prince Harry did not sing the national anthem, and the media is busy trying to rehabilitate Megham Markle once again without much success.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      It looks like it was the Vaccine that weakened the Queen and Prince Philip.

      The Queen and Prince Philip were vaccinated by a household doctor at Windsor Castle on Saturday 9th January 2021. The Queen said. “Well once you’ve had the vaccine, you have a feeling of, you know, you’re protected”. On 16 February 2021, Philip was admitted to King Edward VII’s Hospital as a “precautionary measure” after feeling unwell. On 23 February, it was confirmed by Buckingham Palace that Philip was “responding to treatment” for an infection. On 1 March 2021, Philip was transferred by ambulance to St Bartholomew’s Hospital to continue treatment for an infection, and additionally to undergo “testing and observation” relating to a pre-existing heart condition. He underwent a successful procedure for his heart condition on 3 March 2021, and was transferred back to King Edward VII’s Hospital on 5 March 2021. He was discharged on 16 March and returned to Windsor Castle. The Queen and Prince Philip were then vaccinated for a second time with the Pfizer shot on Wednesday 31st March 2021. Prince Philip then deteriorated and died on Friday 9th April 2021 at Windsor Castle. On 1st September 2020, my Mum died. The third jab was thought to have been administered to the Queen and Royal Family in November of 2021. Edward Jenner type Vaccines give you “Life Long” protection, so you did not need a second jab or third jab etc, doubling and tripling profits for Big Pharma. As The Queen said. “Once you’ve had the vaccine, you have a feeling of, you know, you’re protected”. But then there were fears for her health when she caught Covid, testing positive on Sunday February 20 2022. The Queen said the virus left her “very tired and exhausted”. A bruise on her hand in her last ever photograph indicated a blood circulation disorder that can sometimes result in heart failure. On 17th July 2022, my Dad died. The Queen died on Thursday 8th September 2022.

      Then we have Oxford/Harvard researchers finding that Students are about 58 times more likely to be killed by the mRNA jab than Covid. “COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters for Young Adults: A Risk-Benefit Assessment and Five Ethical Arguments against Mandates at Universities”: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=4206070

      A team of nine experts from Oxford, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Edinburgh Medical School and other top universities has published research about the efficacy and safety of the COVID-19 vaccines and why mandating vaccines for college students is unethical. They concluded that mandates for COVID-19 boosters for young people may cause 18 to 98 actual serious adverse events for each COVID-19 infection-related hospitalisation theoretically prevented.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Richard – the moment she passed I had a ‘mark steyn ‘ moment and wondered when she had the booster jab…. But I just didn’t want to say it … I’m glad you did .

        Condolences for your parents . Been there .


      • atlas_shrugged says:


        Great post. So two members of our Royal Family could have been assassinated by a lethal injection?


  33. WiganCookie says:

    Hundreds of thousands of white people witnessed the beautiful funeral of HM the Queen

    Who do the BBC manage to interview for the news?


    • Guest Who says:

      This charmer?


      • Fedup2 says:

        Clearly a racist


      • BRISSLES says:

        Has he thought that people of colour might not be up to the job ? and that on the Dulux scale vanilla white is the prime colour in this country.


      • popeye says:

        Dear Dominic,

        Modern Britain being what it is when I queued for hours on Sunday I wish I could have seen more than just one person of colour in the queue

        A patriotic Brit


  34. vlad says:

    I notice Google’s font changed from grey to black today.

    No doubt to mark the Queen’s funeral.

    So far so good, but here’s the thing: normally, when Google want to honour some woke SJW, feminist, black activist or miscellaneous lefty, they will have a clickable image near their logo that takes you to some fulsome tribute to said woke warrior. Today: zilch.

    Almost as if they felt obliged to mark such a momentous event, but couldn’t quite bring themselves to actually say something nice about the head of that racist, colonialist ex-Empire, now Commonwealth.

    Perhaps I’m wrong about their motivation but with woke social media, as with the BBC, it’s usually safe to assume the worst.




  35. Fedup2 says:

    Off switch time . HM The Queen isn’t buried yet – but the BBC has already reverted to its ‘ Britain hating self . r4 has that weird queer presenter going on about empire and change and the standard self critical naval gazing of people with too much time and money – the reversion to the sneer ….

    …so off switch … I didn’t want to comment this day …


  36. Guest Who says:

    A subdued day, as is fitting.

    Had Classic FM on. Had to switch it off a lot.

    I was not as they sought to describe.


    • Jeff says:

      Actually, I thought she summed up this sad event perfectly.

      In fact, though I’m not usually a fan, I thought the BBC coverage today was quite splendid.

      I have to be fair…


      • G.W.F. says:

        Good camera work.
        But the snivelling Trots will be back now the funeral is over, with attacks on the Empire, the racist British people and our history.


  37. Guest Who says:

    Gary and Gang.


  38. Guest Who says:

    The BBC in all its glory.


    • Loobyloo says:

      Please tell me that’s a spoof


      • JohnC says:

        Meghan is a BBC poster girl.

        Feminist AND black.

        They don’t care one bit about anything else or whether she is a good person.

        As usual, they are on the opposite side to the public who fund them. They are so arrogant, they think they arbitrate what the news is, not just report it.


  39. Guest Who says:

    A few questions arise.

    Cool it’s the Graun. But bbc going near?


    • JohnC says:

      No mention of how many are the disgusting, hate-filled right-wing Hindus and how many are peaceful Muslims.

      Did you know that saying the prophets winged-horse did not exist and that he consumated his marriage with a 9 year old (which he did) were too offensive for the BBC to even repeat ?.

      Appeasement never, ever works. It just makes bigger problems in the longer term. As we are seeing now. How long before someone is murdered ?.


    • Loobyloo says:

      Outside the county, so what?? I thought it read outside the country, now that would have been interesting


    • andyjsnape says:

      Hello Guest, maybe cricket needs to be banned as it causes too much trouble. The normal peaceful muslims wouldn’t react that way 🙁


  40. vlad says:

    2 million illegal immigrants pour through the southern US border, and the Dems and the MSM turn a blind eye.

    DeSantis flies just 50 of them to Martha’s Vineyard and suddenly everyone’s in a tizzy talking about it, as liberals clutch their pearls in horror.

    I wonder if we could send some of ours to an address in W1A to get the BBC to sit up and take notice?


    • atlas_shrugged says:


      Setting up gigantic tent camps next door to immigration judges properties would do the trick.

      Back in the day and living in ‘Erdi gerdi land’ and making a cultural study of the national TV stations (one from N and two from S). I remember noticing the constant propaganda from the Swedish mad marxist TV stations – South Africa was Waycist. Not a day went by when they did not talk about the evil Waycist South Africans.

      I remember thinking at the time I wonder what they would be saying if they had Soweto on their doorstep. Well now that they do it appears that they don’t like it up them.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Vlad, when I saw this…….. “2 million illegal immigrants pour through the southern US border, and the Dems and the MSM turn a blind eye.”

      I thought you were talking about OUR south coast.


  41. Thoughtful says:

    It would appear the awkward squads taste and fad for vegan, or even vegetarian meals is fading fast:


    Michael McCain, chief executive, told analysts last month that while the company had developed a plant-based meat business model premised on a radical change in consumer behavior, “this transformational outcome has failed to materialize.”

    Now the investors are staying away because hopes the fading fad is growing dim.


    • Eddy Booth says:

      I’m guessing it’s the very high prices dulling the appetite.
      If they were a cheaper alternative, people might swtich.


      • Kaiser says:

        ive had to give up my beloved dairy

        oat milk (aka gruel) the only one I can get on with £2+ per litre

        4 pints of milk at aldi £1.15


  42. JohnC says:

    I see Douglas Henshaw is being ‘slammed’ and labelled ‘repulsive’ by the complete idiots on social media and by our reliable media (such as ‘the metro’) for suggesting the coffin did not contain the Queen. It’s now been given the label as a ‘conspiracy theory’ which the Left have cultivated to infer ‘far-right extremists’ – though Douglas is as Left as they come. He’s just not stupid.

    Of course it didn’t. If nothing happened, nobody knows. If something bad happened (like a peaceful Muslim in a truck), at least HM wouldn’t be splashed across the road in front of all the TV cameras.

    The entire event was just symbolism for the world to see. People paid respect to the memory of the Queen : it doesn’t actually matter if she was in the coffin or not.


    • Loobyloo says:

      That never occurred to me so I’ll pretend I didn’t read it!


      • JohnC says:

        It didn’t occur to me either at first – but once the idea was planted, it was obvious and I felt a bit dumb for not figuring it out myself.

        But for me it doesn’t matter in the slightest : once we are dead, the life is gone and we are just the things we ate. It’s the memories which are important.


  43. Charlie Farley says:

    BBC true to form ……In the 5pm news interviews with ” locals ” one London woman thanking the Queen for allowing her and family to move to the UK …Huh ! shouted my Mrs from the Kitchen…off switch . Various other instances that spoilt the biased BBC broadcast , We only watched the bbc out of curiosity anyway so we were not at all surprised !


    • JohnC says:

      Sounds like the girl I saw protesting against Brexit who was so dumb, she said the best thing the EU gave us was the NHS.

      I’m certain HM had serious concerns about where the country has been going – but was far too professional to say anything about it. She knew the likes of the BBC would use it as an excuse to destroy the Monarchy.

      The transformation of the BBC from ‘British Ambassadors’ to leftist/socialist activists is quite remarkable. And of course is why it is not longer fit for purpose.


      • Thoughtful says:

        They were known for what they were right from day one of their inception, and safeguard were put in place back when the Tories had a spine to prevent them spewing their left wing liberal filth on the airwaves.

        Alas todays cowards haven’t the guts to implement those safeguards, or more likely agree with the far left output.

        I’d ask you to recall Churchills relationship with Reith, and recall that Reith was offering to fly the Swastika from Bush house long after it was well known exactly what the National SOCIALISTS were.


        • JohnC says:

          I’m unaware of that – but it does amuse me considering that after Hitler turned out to be a murdering psychopath who – like all leftists – thought the ends justfiied the means, the lefty acedemia hypocrites have spent their time trying to convince us all that the Nazis were actually far-right.


  44. tomo says:

    I’ll wager Chuckles will kick off inside a couple of weeks

    Several fawning flunkeys on Sky live funeral coverage gushing about his Green credentials…


    • StewGreen says:

      Conversations you have with the monarch are supposed to be private so I guess Trudeau was talking with other people.


  45. StewGreen says:

    BBC local news Sunday night, the female Sikh presenter was on and after a clip from a church she gave us a clip from a Sikh temple

    Monday’s ITV local newsPR gave us a special item about the Islam-family* watching the funeral from their sofa
    The females were headscarfed
    *Yes apparently that is their actual surname.


    • StewGreen says:

      I see the presenter tried to signal Diversity and inclusion
      by tweeting a pic of another mosque

      … But the mosque see to have NOT-included women


  46. BRISSLES says:

    I know that Joe Biden’s ‘beast’ is bullet proof, bomb proof, and every other ‘proof’, but I was amazed at seeing how thick the car doors are. When they alighted at the Abbey it was a really good shot of how they really are bomb proof – each door is like the thickness of a huge bank vault. Impressive.


  47. andyjsnape says:

    bBC reports..
    UK prepares for “noisy” return to politics after pause for mourning

    bBC build up with a picture of Liz Truss – how long before they lay into and have a go at the new PM


  48. Fedup2 says:

    Today back on form –

    Big story – someone in a foreign country has been released pending retrial because of a website thing called ‘breakfast ‘?

    And the connection to the Uk is …

    Next up – it’s been raining a lot in a foreign country – because of a storm – and the connection to the Uk is ?

    Woman dies in a foreign – Islamic republic – not our own – after dying in the custody of the ‘morality police’- excellent BBC imperialism – it likes Islam in Blighty – but not so much elsewhere ….

    And a zealot from the NSPCC wanting to censor the internet in the name of public safety . Maybe just ban under 18s from unsupervised use rather than banning everyone in the came of community safety

    The zealot sounded really frightening . Bet he is a green crap disciple too ….

    The ‘good news story about over 6 000 000 people classified as disabled or on benefits getting a £150 payment didn’t get much of a mention …

    Back to normal …


  49. AsISeeIt says:

    It’s a wrap… souvenir edition

    All the front pages are dedicated to the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II – is the proclamation heralded to us by the BBC as their online press review delivers the innovation of the full wrap

    BBC: The Times carries a full wrap

    And there we were thinking yesterday’s newspapers were still destined for chip paper – barring today’s historic souvenir editions, obviously.

    But no, full wrap is nothing to do with some snack food made up of a soft flatbread rolled around a filling…

    This is the print press format where both frontpage and backpage of a newspaper are designed to be viewed as a single whole. They may perhaps carry one big feature photograph or both front and back features may relate to one story.

    And since newspapers will tend to carry yesterday’s news – so today’s editions certainly have just the one big story.

    As for headlines…

    To borrow a phrase beloved of our national broadcaster, we have to concede we think most titles got it about right.

    The Times full wrap consists of an image taken by photographer Jack Hill of the Royal coffin entering Westminster Abbey together with lyrics from composer Charles Hubert Hastings Parry’s Songs of Farewell. The headline being: Carried to her rest

    Like other titles tomorrow’s Times edition has inevitably to be less patriotic – after dialling it up to eleven (as per Spinal Tap) this last week or so.

    The full wrap Sun celebrates: The biggest farewell in history 44 glorious pages. Their rousing three part headline texts read: God bless the Queen; We sent her victorious; God save the King

    We’ll leave the BBC to summarise the giveaway Metro’s full wrap: The Metro’s wrap features two images, with front showing the King and Prince William walking behind the Queen’s flower-strewn hearse. The second shows the procession as it enters Windsor Castle, with hundreds gathered on both sides of the town’s Long Walk to watch her “journey’s end”. – frankly, that crowd looked to be in the thousands – even if one described the two halves of it on either side of the road separately. But I’m spitting hairs.

    The Daily Mirror: Tribute edition – appears to acknowledge at least some notion of an afterlife: ...until we meet again – but that would be a theological matter – to slightly missquote a memorable line from the TV comedy Father Ted – offered as a useful rejoinder to parry any difficult questions in a bid to clean up Father Jack’s foul language ahead of a visit from the much feared Bishop Brennan.

    Properly quoted the line is: That would be an ecumenical matter – as referring, I believe, strictly speaking, to relations between different Christian denominations – although these days encompassing the notion of peaceful relations between a far broader range of non-Christian creeds. But that might segway to news about Leicester.

    And we didn’t really want to hear about that in the news.

    Recently one finds the left-leaning ‘i’ newspaper just as annoying, if not more so, than the Guardian. That goes for the substance – often care of their select coterie of columnists – as well as the design format. Headline writers for the ‘i’ have a bad habit of over-writing their far too many frontpage corporate managerial-style bullet points.

    Where other titles let the pictures do the talking the ‘i’ spews multiple sub-headline verbiage, often stating the bleedin’ obvious. Traditionally one associates rain with funerals. Of course BBC big beast James Naughtie in the ‘i’ today sights a cloud on the horizon: A farewell, a beginning – and perhaps a storm too. One could speculate – to which matters close to his own heart does he refer – Scottish Independence, Climate Change, Republicanism, Brexit… who knows and who cares?

    We think the main headline in the ‘i’ tries but gets it wrong: The end of the Elizabethan Age – no one ever really refers to the period 1926… or is it 1952 to 2022, as the Elizabethan Age.

    People that talk of a second Elizabethan Age would seem to fall into two camps. Those that wish to over-romanticise the present, frankly, disappointing era for Britian by associating it with the famed brilliance of England in that first great Elizabethan age. And those that appear keen to draw a line under our second Elizabeth… draw a line under the UK as a united and separate nation… draw a line under all our traditions and in particular our constitutional monarchy perhaps? They want to call it a wrap.

    Well, we’ve certainly had our full wrap souvenir editions…


    • Fedup2 says:

      Glad you mentioned ‘Leicester ‘ – notable people from Leicester have volunteered to be peacemakers – namely a millionaire potato crisp salesman famed for his inclusive comments and toleration .

      Said man will be ideal ….

      But what ? What ? England are in Pakistan to play tedious cricket – and their captain is a Pakistani ! Now that’s a recipe for something ….


  50. Fedup2 says:

    Today 2

    Hey what about that ? The BBC has noticed that ‘multiculturalism ‘ isn’t perfect – Leicester . The shape of things to come … various brands of the third world either battling each other or battling the British . One for the trolls .

    Wait til someone gets killed . Then it will really kick off – the full circus . They’ll even get the King to do a ‘gig’ ….

    The non white commonwealth – what a mistake …