14 Responses to Expert Economic Analysis by the BBC

  1. tomo says:

    Some relevance in the Viva Frei segment with Neil Oliver (it’s long form…)



    Don’t use Chrome or Opera – about 80% dropouts – the open source Palemoon browser streams near 100%

    As they say in the USA – go figure

    – reminds me of the browser battles back in the distant past of Netscape Mosaic vs. Internet Explorer


  2. Demon says:

    The Conservatives are going to be slaughtered at the next election. If Johnson is the candidate then the damage will be less although it will still be devastating. Labour will have a huge majority and the country will be more devastated than it is now.


    • StewGreen says:

      2 years is a long time in politics
      Labour have a whole heap of skeletons in their cupboard.
      The media maybe covering for them for now.
      And if they chose to the Tories probably know some Labour skeletons they could highlight.

      Hoping we are on the way to reform and proper democracy


      • Demon says:

        The Media keeping Labour’s skeletons hidden is the same as in the US where their media have been acting as guardians of the Biden Famliy’s dodgy dealings.


        • Guest Who says:

          Loyal, if bonkers.

          Biden’s actions and words alone are enough to drag the whole sycophantic cartload off the cliff with him, Jean-Pierre and Heels-Up.

          Sopes, Katty’s and Bryant’s books should be remaindered in the comedy sections.


  3. Up2snuff says:

    Strange that this Thread should be put up on here as I was just looking at the BBC Business Page and also checking the overnight numbers and the thought that flashed across my mind was ‘Is Andrew Bailey fit for the role of Governor of the Bank of England?’

    Well, that’s the polite way of putting it.

    The real problem was not Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng but Bailey and the MPC have been always dragging their feet on dealing appropriately with interest rates. I have already posted somewhere on the Midweek Thread that the next PM & his or her Chancellor should take back temporary control of Interest Rates. It would be a good opportunity and I think a necessary step.

    Oh, by the way VX, do not set great store by a momentary movement in the £:$ rate. That is a big mistake. £ is back down to $1.11 this morning.


    • Eddy Booth says:

      They’re the same swamp.
      BOE only really ‘kept’ interest rate at the target range when China was flooding the country with cheap goods.


  4. AsISeeIt says:

    C’est la vie edition

    Boris Johnson was last night eyeing the mother of all political comebacks… (The Sun) – Naughty boy, at it again? I wonder what Carrie has to say about that?

    Timing throws plan to address £40bn fiscal hole into confusion (FT) – does old BoJo really have the wherewithal or even the motivation or concentration to fill that fiscal hole?

    I suppose with the Bank of England printing money like confetti again and a nerdy and loyal chancellor beside him (Rishi famously two-timed him last time, by the way) it could work. Afterall, Boris is onboard with the proxy war, all the nutty greenery and socially liberal guff our dripping wet liberal Tories now espouse.

    The British people demand… GENERAL ELECTION NOW – shrieks the Labour-supporting Daily Mirror. I’m not entirely sure we do?

    Quick flash black to Brenda from Bristol: “You’re joking. Not another one! Oh for God’s sake. Honestly I can’t stand this. There’s too much politics going on at the moment…”

    Meet Brenda from Bristol. She’s gone viral after being interviewed by the BBC’s Jon Kay on the morning of the announcement of the snap election. In a surprise statement outside Downing Street on Tuesday morning, the prime minister claimed that opposition parties were jeopardising her government’s preparations for Brexit (Guardian April 2017)

    Poor old Brenda from Bristol – memory-holed by New New Labour media – just like Gillian Duffy the bigoted woman

    Boris may have threated: “I’ll be back” but: Ronaldo axed from Chelsea game squad (Telegraph); Ron: I’ll be gone. United exit looms after his sub snub (Sun)

    Deepfaked: ‘They put my face on a porn video’ (BBC) – gosh… the Daily Star has been replacing Liz Truss’s moosh with a lettuce for days now – but I suppose being out there in the public eye, she’s considered fair game. This report tells us something the BBC perhaps didn’t intend: Scrolling through her Twitter feed one evening, Kate Isaacs stumbled across a disturbing video among her notifications.

    “This panic just washed over me,” Kate says, speaking publicly for the first time about what happened. “Someone had taken my face, put it on to a porn video, and made it look like it was me.” – Naughty. But wait a minute. Twitter, the best friend of the modern journo class… Twitter where if you dare use the ‘N’ word they’re down on you like a ton of hot bricks… Twitter where: Twitter joke trial man’s bomb threat was ‘hyperbolic banter’ (Guardian 2010); Twitter where: Football fan sentenced for online racial abuse of Rio Ferdinand… on Twitter after the Euros 2020 final, has today (1 March 2022) been sentenced for these offences (Crown Prosecution Service)

    This same Twitter has apparently uncensored porn freely available and even notified to users? Summit don’t add up.

    The deepfake video on Twitter – with Kate, who campaigns against non-consensual porn, tagged – had been made using footage from TV interviews she had given while campaigning. It appeared to show her having sex. (BBC)

    Non-consensual porn? Excuse me, I’m a bit of an innocent… is that porn movies where they don’t pay you?

    Mind you, seems accidental sex tapes can the very making of some celebs: Karim Benzema’s amazing journey, from ‘sex-tape’ blackmail case and France exile to Ballon d’or winner and model Wag (Sun); Kanye West poses with Kim Kardashian’s sex tape ex Ray J at Candace Owens’ documentary premiere (Independent)

    We know they talk endlessly of climate change – how’s this crop of headlines for a change in the narrative tide…?

    China Covid: The politics driving the hellish lockdowns (BBC)

    India vaccine maker destroys 100 million doses of expired Covid jab[s]… The firm stopped producing Covishield in December last year due to low demand (BBC)

    China anger over death of girl, 14, sent to Covid quarantine (BBC)

    We note of course, rather closer to home, the horrific death of the 12-year-old Lola at (allegedly) the hands of illegal migrants in France (just a short dinghy hop away) has already been expunged from the online BBC Europe news page – where the story presumably served no useful narrative propagandistic purpose – in fact it did quite the opposite.

    C’est la vie – or as Nick Ross used to conclude CrimewatchDon’t have nightmares – where that BBC show highlighting the ugly mooshes of Britain’s worst criminals has been expunged, it presumably served no useful narrative propagandistic purpose – in fact it did quite the opposite.


  5. Mrs Kitty says:

    Are the BBC calling for the next PM to resign yet? If not why not? They could also think ahead and call for the next “so called” conservative PM to resign ad infinitum until their chosen party and candidate is elected. I think I’m suffering from too much electioneering.


    • Sluff says:

      Mrs Kitty
      I suspect your suggestion could be dangerously close to the truth.
      You can already imagine the calls for Sunak to step down as he is a. Stinking rich and so unaffected by any of his policies b. A green card holder so could go and work in the US c. Married to a very rich heiress and so could go and live in India d. Therefore not committed to the UK.

      BBC news are at this moment working on it.

      And repeat for Boris (no shortage of material ) and Mordaunt ( no experience, lightweight, totally unsuitable etc etc etc).


  6. atlas_shrugged says:

    For me the main issues are if our glorious leaders ever stopped snorting the hard drugs that they began taking at their Oxbridge Universities.

    Everything is backwards at the moment.

    Take for example a beloved project kicked off by Cameron and his girls. The golden triangle, called the OxCam Arc, where they wanted to build 1.2 million houses between Oxford, Cambridge, and London. They are not building houses they are building debt. They think that the magic money tree of a Chinese girly flying in and buying 50 houses off-plan can last for ever. They think that building big-pharma cities to make dangerous and ineffective drugs that nobody needs is fool-proof, without a brain washed population rumbling these crimes. They think that bribing farmers to retire and sell their farms so we have less food and more shanty towns is an empowered green deed.

    We see them – Don’t vote.


  7. andyjsnape says:

    Norwich couple living in their car for seven months in council house wait

    Luckily only on the waiting list for 7 months

    Mr & Mrs Smith? Nope, Aram Sarbir and his wife Shahla Qadir

    Luckily the bBC on their side

    We fought the Germans to just give it all away to the world and his dog!

    Look at those happy faces, how about sell your car and go private


    • micknotmike says:

      I notice that during that time she suffered a miscarriage. Sounds like a good plan to get to the top of the list which didn’t quite work out as planned. Harsh words and unsympathetic i know, but I’ve got my own nation to think of.


  8. Richard Pinder says:

    Informed Consent? The BBC protect Big Pharma and the Tories by the use of Censorship.

    Emergency authorised MRNA jab safety information was secret until now. Pfizer already knew it would kill more people than it would save.

    An investigation by the BMJ revealed evidence of poor practices at a contract research company involved in Pfizer’s pivotal COVID-19 vaccine trial. A regional director employed at one of the trial sites in Texas, US, documented evidence that Pfizer falsified data, unblinded patients, employed inadequately controlled vaccinators and was slow to follow up on adverse events. The very same day that she emailed her complaint to the FDA she was fired from her position. She subsequently commenced litigation under whistle-blower legislation for fraud against Pfizer on behalf of the American Government (and the people of the US). Pfizer’s motion to dismiss the case (which apparently did not sway the judge) was based on the fact that the FDA had not acted on her (or any other) complaints, hence the allegations were not material to the Government. In the US, Senator Ron Johnson, who conducted hearings with healthcare professionals who were presenting data on clear, substantial and very common adverse effects from the mRNA jabs, which deserved widespread public attention, said ‘the mainstream media are co-conspirators in this political dirty trick. Will they be held accountable for their role in this deception’? : https://primenews.press/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/72-993-1-PB.pdf

    I’ve been informed from a very reliable source that the current Tory party plan on the unprecedented mRNA product harm data which THEY KNOW ABOUT is to try & bury it. We will not let this happen. The truth will out & the longer they delay action the greater the political damage. Dr Aseem Malhotra (@DrAseemMalhotra) October 21, 2022