342 Responses to Christmas 2022

  1. Up2snuff says:

    My Christmas wish – an end to the Licence Fee a.k.a. the TellyTax without it being added to Council Tax or Income Tax. If it is so good, people will queue up to pay by subscrition to view the BBC’s offerings.

    My second Christmas wish – the return of iPlayer as it was originally set up.

    My third Christmas wish – a decent, reforming, Director General for the BBC.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Errr, exactly how much are you paying Fed to be top dog 2 times out of three ? OR you are ‘lurking’ between 8.30 and 9.00 pm on change over nights. I think transparency is now demanded on this issue, and goodwill to all men is severely lacking on this topic. 🙂


      • Up2snuff says:

        Brissles my dear old thing, well it will be cricket again soon in New Zealand and I hope the England team carry on with their winning ways. I battle a slow PC and last night a thought occurred ‘I wonder if Fed has…’ and he had at that very moment.

        I am disappointed that you have the scurrilous thought that Fed is bribed, shame on you Madam! And if I had known you were waiting in the wings (instead of replying slanderously ‘after the event’) I would have said “After you, Ma’am.” and deleted my post.


    • G says:

      Up2, shifting it to the Council Tax could bring thousands locally to stop paying the CT element for the BBC despite scares of legal action. If enough people defaulted on that part a Council would find it hard to prosecute. Its time for the people to stand up and be counted. And maybe, maybe, they could move on to the inevitable, “Zoning” that will quickly come. A ‘long-shot’ maybe but the people en masse, have to wake up – damn quickly!


      • Up2snuff says:

        G, the BBC know they can manipulate public opinion to an extent. “The BBC doesn’t carry advertising.” although we know it does. “It is a national treasure.” cough, cough, and then the luvvies will be trailed endlessly across the airwaves “It funds creativity.” You have seen how much opposition there has been to the proposed Channel 4 Privatisation.

        Will we wake up nationally? Will people oppose? I doubt it.

        One big argument against BBC funding via Council Tax is that it will make the BBC beholden to central Government like never before. We should employ that.


  2. StewGreen says:

    News media is storytelling, and framing in headlines is a major part.
    Hence it was always “Trump defends”, “Boris defends”
    .. to show those losers were on the backfoot.

    Yet when it comes out Joe Lycett is a LeftyHypocrite cos he did a huge campaign against David Beckham for taking Qatari money
    .. yet forgot to mention that he himself had done business with Qatar by doing some comedy gigs there a few years ago
    the media chose milder headlines :

    eg Pink News Joe Lycett has *defiantly responded* after being accused of hypocrisy for performing in Qatar
    .. https://twitter.com/PinkNews/status/1605718509777850369

    The Independent and SkyNews : Joe Lycett has *responded* to reports that he previously performed in Qatar following his criticism of David Beckham’s work in the Gulf state
    .. https://twitter.com/SkyNews/status/1605667533306077184

    Mirror : *LGBTQ icon Joe Lycett has clapped back* at his critics, as pictures emerge of the comedian performing in Qatar several years ago

    ITV News Central
    Joe Lycett has *clapped back* at critics after old photographs emerged revealing the comedian had performed at shows in Qatar in 2015
    Joe Lycett *responds* after old pictures of Qatar gig emerge

    Evening Standard : Comedian Joe Lycett has *rebutted^ accusations of hypocrisy over his criticism of David Beckham’s links with Qatar

    LBC : Joe Lycett *fires back* after he’s accused of Qatar hypocrisy

    Metro : Joe Lycett has addressed the backlash

    Oh this time the BBC is different
    Joe Lycett *defends himself* after Qatar hypocrisy charge
    And SkyNews had first used “Joe Lycett defends Qatar shows after his David Beckham criticism” before changing the framing

    Mail : Comedian Joe Lycett *faces hypocrisy storm* as it emerges HE performed in Qatar

    The point is Lycett was playing the issue as black and white simple
    whereas the real world is more complex.


  3. Zephir says:

    Looking at the situation in China, I am getting ahead of the game this time, as I am feeling some deja vu.
    I have asked Santa for a container load of bog rolls.


  4. Eddy Booth says:

    An immigrant is for life, not just for Christmas!

    Predictions for BBC’S top stories this holiday weekend.

    1: A Chirstmas day baby is born on a rubber vessel, in the middle of the English channel, and named Ben (for Benefits) by his mother, and is celebrated by the BBC.
    2: Breadline Britain 1 – huge Boxing day family brawl in Skegness, not over Monopoly this year, but over who gets the dogs leftovers.
    3: Video emerges of kindly Vladimir Putin, out and about shopping in Moscow, buying a well tailored suit and several shirts, wrapping them up nicely, and posting them off to Volodymyr Zelenskyy.
    BBC denounces it a crass ploy to cover up collosal war losses.
    4: Breadline Britain 2-
    Survival documentary with David Attenborough featuring “starving” East European males, hunting for the last remaining fish and ducks on Manchester Ship Canal.
    5: The winner of the Nobel prize for poetry is announced; jointly awarded to Biased BBC’s verse team!

    Mystic Eddy.


    • Northern Voter says:

      As to no 4 Eddy, some years ago the owner of a carp fishing lake near Flixborough, in Lincolnshire actually shut his lake because the Poles had taken all the carp.


    • Zephir says:

      Number 2:

      is it a Vietnamese family ?

      A dog is not just for Xmas you can have it cold on boxing day.


  5. Guest Who says:

    Pretty sure it will remain mostly TDS, Megharry, Slappers and Outraged Women of Color.


  6. Nibor says:

    Dead Ringers Radio 4 six thirty pm .

    Not funny and I switched off after the crude primary school kid “joke” about Donald Trump .
    It now seems all the once great satirical programmes that were produced are past their sell by dates , like the BBC in general.

    They are such poor reflections of what they used to be it’s not even worth monitoring them for their bias . The kiddults who write , produce and appear in the shows are of such low level intelligence I fear that if they are the top of meritocracy then the human race is doomed . They’re as funny as a six year old child who’s been given gin to drink . Which no doubt they’ll approve of in the years to come .

    I’ll just add the whole programme as number 45286756 reason to wrap up the Gramscian infested organisation.


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      You’re right about this in so many ways, Nibor. I did listen up to the end but there were few laughs, mainly jokes against predictable targets and general smug Lefty bias. It’s sad to see how far the series has fallen, because I used to enjoy it years ago.

      Imitations of some public figures, or at any rate caricatures of their voice and speaking style, are funny enough without much addition. Trump and Boris are fair targets with rich potential. They do a good Theresa May as well. I would generally be well disposed towards this show in principle. However, …

      The bias is clear to see. For instance, they did make a joke or two about the senility of Joe Biden; but nothing at all about the Hunter Biden laptop, the Twitter revelations, the southern border chaos, the spiralling deficit, the sheer corruption of the state machinery such as FBI, IRS and DHS by the Democrats.

      The Trump jokes, based around the trump = fart synonym, were poor. Their Boris caricature is ok, whereas the Liz Truss one goes too far to be effective, as if they’ve invented a new person. They drop in on-message barbs, such as one about anyone who denies man-made climate change. The NHS is safe from attack as is the UK Border Force and the useless Kamala Harris.

      All in all, predictable, biased, not very funny and a wasted opportunity to make people laugh without too much messaging.
      The BBC once again shows its inverse Midas touch – it ruins much of what it tries to change.


      • Nibor says:

        Mustapha ,

        The Trump skit was not topical or relevant . He’s been out of power for over two years but the BBC hates him . Why did they do that crudity about him but not about any other statesman or politician ? Sheer vindictive spite was shown by this bullying organisation that two hours before on their Feedback programme had the head of Radio 4 bleat on about how impartial they are .

        The skit was just a disgusting childish way that crybabies like BBC employees try to hit back at people better than themselves. And that’s Donald Trump Beeboids , so if you think he’s low what does that make you and the organisation you work for ?

        Would they do that skit portraying Putin , the Chinese leader or a Muslim leader ?

        Defund them .


  7. tomo says:

    1968: HAL 9000: “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that”

    2022: Chat GPT: “I’m sorry, but I cannot fulfill this request as it goes against my programming”


  8. tomo says:


    • Eddy Booth says:

      Guess it’s like Covid, lockdowns vaccines etc, the coin will drop for most peoples sooner or later.


  9. Zephir says:

    I don’t know if it is my age or something else, but the media in general seems to be a litany of misery, scare stories and anti government slanted stories.

    Interspersed with pictures of blacks and weird orange wimmin with oversized, cardboard rectangular eyebrows, sucked in cheeks and blubbery cod lips.


    • Guest Who says:

      The ‘media’ in general is a parasitic fungus growing exponentially to provide unique funding if not actual gainful employment to hopeless diversity hires who sit in cubicles reposting a single #prasnews release from a bot in LA about Trump, Musk, or, yes, how a couple of bizarre cougars with medicine balls for lips, arse and jubblies are gorgeous.

      Or the Zelensky t shirt tour.

      All paid by the hit, presumably by Soros or Gates.


  10. Zephir says:

    The far left will eat itself and if allowed to express its natural perversity and idiocy, will make itself unelectable :

    “Keir Starmer ‘WILL change law to allow trans people to self declare their gender in line with Scotland’: Labour leader set to ‘update Gender Recognition Act if elected’ amid a 50/50 split within his own party”



  11. Zephir says:

    I propose an amendment:

    If they want to change their gender, issue a prescription for a B & Q Stanley knife, a couple of Ibuprofen and some plasters.


  12. Foscari says:

    Here are a couple of great films you wont be seeing on BBC
    this year at Christmas because of what the BBC would call
    racism, stereotyping , lack of diversity , quotas, lack of
    positive discrimination etc etc.
    We just lost the last of the ” Dam Busters” Johnny Johnson. But the
    BBC would not show The Dam Busters with Richard Todd
    as Guy Gibson. They would probably tell you the reason being
    that Gibson’s black Labrador Retriever which has prominent
    part in the film name is *igger. And the Group Captain is often
    heard calling out “come here *igger.” I supposed it could be dubbed
    out and digger installed. BUT I expect that like the England
    ladies football team in the Euros’final who were all white.
    There are no black actors taking the parts of the all white
    Dam Buster pilots. And that is the main reason the BBC would not show it.
    BUT Numero Uno for cancellation has got to be ” North West
    Frontier” One of the very best adventure films to come out
    of a British Studio. This one set on the frontier in Indian at
    the beginning of the 20th century features a train journey .
    But here we have a Muslim terrorist played by Herbert Lom
    and an Indian train drivee Guptah played by I S Johar. For which
    he should of won an Academy Award. BUT Guptah plays
    a bit of a stereotype role. Maybe considered to be somewhat
    like ” It aint half hot mum”. So this masterpiece of its type ,
    you wont see on BBC over Christmas. Any other suggestions?


    • Mrs Kitty says:

      I once managed to make a millennial sound like a moped “ but but but but”, said millennial was moaning about “it ain’t half hot mum” and how disgusting Ranji Ram was played by a white man. I asked if it would be ok if he was played by a Urdu and Hindi speaking Indian possibly basing the character on a memory of a much loved gardener. The reply was “Yes that would be better” my reply was “they did the casting right then “


    • Fedup2 says:

      Foscari – I think The Great Escape is tucked away somewhere … ‘angels one five ‘ was on the other day – a favourite – 1917 is on later in the week . I went to the pictures to see this and can’t really remember it …

      As for banned films – that film channel which puts on old films has so warning warning at the start of the films that you wonder what the hell you are about to see. I saw an episode of the excellent ‘enemy at the door ‘ recently where a coloured house keeper on guernsey comes up against German soldiers – the language used would not be broadcast today …

      That series is a cheap masterpiece of TV and I think it showed the complexity of ‘good ‘ and ‘bad ‘… it’s still on if you search ….


    • Fedup2 says:

      There is a really sad game where you know the bad language in a film so well that you turn the subtitles on to see it the really bad words get a mention – ‘C ‘ and ‘MF ‘are the main ones ….

      I noticed this happen a lot in ‘Mary poppins ‘and ‘the sound of musak’…


    • DYKEVISIONS says:

      Foscari, as a cinephile I was interested in listening to Desert Island DIscs hearing from the mighty DIrector S Spielberg.

      After a few anodyne questions, Spielberg opined we must all join together in unity and love one another but ruined it all by trying to be hip and saying we must even ‘hug a Republican’.

      I know Hollywood is currently under the grip of the woke Liberal elite but Steven, come on, try and grow up!


    • BRISSLES says:

      What the BBC fail to realise is, if there is a shortage of a product then you improvise !!!! I doubt there was a surplus of Indian actors in Casting who could be called upon for major roles in a British film, so you make the best with what you have.

      I was in Amdram for many years and people of colour showed no interest whatsoever in joining, so yes, we plastered on the make-up when doing Ali Baba and the 40 thieves (well it was 4, that kept running on and off ) Maybe the same happened with the panto Aladdin that’s getting so much trashing.

      I was on set in Hertfordshire when Pierce Brosnan was James Bond, and when he was riding the motorbike through the “streets of Vietnam ” – well, being pulled by a camera truck – about 4 dozen Chinese appeared in cooly hats who were all bussed in from London !


  13. Zephir says:

    I seem to recall in “Oh Lucky Man” an onstage sex act and the audience chanting for a ” chocolate sandwich “..


    • harry142857 says:

      O Lucky Man, great film. A lot of the actors have multiple roles, Arthur Lowe even ‘blacks up’ as Doctor Munda.
      You can imagine the outrage today. Also has Helen Mirren at her most gorgeous, and a great score by Animals keyboard legend, Alan Price.


  14. Fedup2 says:

    I wasn’t going to write over Christmas – and not listen to “today “. But at the end they had a couple of booksellers recommending non fiction books ….
    …. Now can you guess The Book some woke woman recommends ?…. On the BBC ……?

    …… yes – that’s right Effing Greta Effing Thunberg….. but on the upside I did laugh out loud and splutter me breakfast tea,…
    .. Greta effing …. Yea Gods ….


  15. JohnC says:

    Iran protests: Activist Narges Mohammadi details ‘abuse’ of detained women

    ‘A leading human rights activist in Iran has written from prison to give the BBC details of how women detained in recent anti-government protests are being sexually and physically abused.’

    So a human rights activist in Iran chooses to send her complaint letter to the BBC ?. Tells you everything about what the BBC has become.

    But what puzzles me is how a prison which apparently tortures female activists also then allows them to write letters about it and send them to the BBC. This is not the first time this has happened either.

    The whole article has that ‘panorama’ agenda feel to it where you can tell a lot of information has been withheld and it has all been carefully worded to make it sound worse than it is.

    For example, ‘Hands and legs tied to hook’ sounds completely normal while transporting someone in a vehicle who has been arrested and might try to escape. It doesn’t mean – though they are trying to imply – that it was any kind of ‘abuse’.

    And of course in the BBC world, simply saying something which upsets someone else is classed as ‘abuse’ these days.

    Whatever the real story is, experience has taught me that the BBC didn’t tell us it.


  16. AsISeeIt says:

    China battles 250mn Covid cases – frets the Financial Times

    Let’s hope they don’t all sneeze at the same time. It might set off some weird weather event… they do say climate is man made these days…

    Ah, ah, ah… Achoo!

    Frostbite in minutes as ‘bomb cyclone’ hits US (Telegraph); US winter storm: Icy blast hits 200 million Americans (BBC)

    I don’t want to start a conspiracy theory… but how about a leak from a billion Chinese hankies to blame for adverse weather conditions in the US?

    They used to talk of chaos theory where a butterfly wing could start a cyclone

    I think the globalist big corporate-friendly pro-Lockdown FT is trying to warn us about something: More than half of Beijing infected… Surge follows lifting of curbs… Health system overrun

    And this is their so-called: Festive Edition

    Thank you FT. I’m now suffering a sudden bout of Long-Déjà vu brought on by my healthy allergy to recurring persistent media buzzwords such as ‘surge’ and ‘overrun’

    Oh well, I suppose the economic outlook is pretty grim

    Having ventured somewhat beyond its main remit as financial market watcher yesterday, by taking a poke at Christianity in Britain, the godless corporate FT this morning scoffs at: Bethlehem gets back to business after pandemic… Two festive seasons without foreign visitors have taken heavy toll on city revered as birthplace of Jesus

    The Guardian takes a rather jaundiced view of this apparent good news and of course favours its own version of a chosen people: There’s once again no room at the inn in Bethlehem as the Palestinian city gears up for its first Christmas season after two years of pandemic restrictions… “I’m Muslim but I love Christmas. I’ve been coming to Bethlehem every year since I was a kid,” said street seller Majed Hamdan, 21, who was hawking Santa hats and face masks in the square.

    One has to make allowances since Gruan writers haven’t perhaps got the soundest of grips on the economic realities of life: Unlike other governments, the weak Palestinian Authority did not offer financial help for Palestinian business owners or the city’s 8,000 workers, making the pandemic a gruelling challenge – whereas our very own bounceback loan splurging, furlough payment gushing, NHS emergency funding spraying Rishi Sunak can now look out on a UK ecomomy that’s doing just hunky dory – thanks to the government debt pile and those worker demoralising Lockdowns?

    Over-50s encouraged to end early retirement… Sunak seeks economic boost… to woo thousands of “missing” older workers back into the office… about 630,000 people have left the owrkforce since 2019, with employment figures still not back to where they were before the pandemic began (Times)

    We recall the Artists Rifles, a volunteer British battalion, raised at the outset of the Great War

    Not that those brave chaps would have known what to do with a spray can…

    Mad Vlad war on Banksy… Hackers target artist (Daily Star)

    Megan Thee Stallion: Jury finds Tory Lanez guilty of shooting rapper (BBC) – our national broadcaster assures us the aforementioned gun-toting individuals are likewise artists of a sort: fellow hip-hop star(s)

    There’s a changing of the guard of sorts at the masthead of our popular newspapers brimming with jingoism for Ukraine.

    While the Daily Express dips the old yellow and blue at the masthead for a single festive bauble this morning emblazoned with the legend: Happy Christmas to all our readers

    Meanwhile the Daily Star marches in to take up the baton of brave defender of the Donbas region with their often admirable Thought for the Day feature at the very red top of the frontpage: A very merry Christmas to ALL our wonderful readers. Except Vladimir Putin

    I’m sure the various nefarious African warlords, Iranian Ayatollahs and not forgetting those Kim Jong-uns of this world will be most relieved not to have been painted with that brush.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Asiseeit – thank you

      I wonder if putin will launch another volley of North Korean cruise missiles at the Ukrainians to celebrate Christmas ?…or will their soldiers be even more off their faces on hooch than usual to actually do anything ….?

      BBC – semi seasonal news

      The Exec complaints unit had put the complaints unit on thr naughty step over a comment about some Protestant chap chucking Roman Catholics out of Scotland ‘back in the day “ -which was made on air – with sniggers – during the funeral of HM The Queen ….
      Various things were read Into said comment – such as the BBC being anti RC . I’d argue – though – that the BBC is anti the judeochristian god – and has a curious worship of the false Muslim one and sexual perversions – which will of course lead to its’ demise when sharia Twain takes over ….


  17. pugnazious says:

    Long piece on Today about the ‘unprecedented’ snow storms in US….naturally not unprecedented….but oddly not a mention of climate change….nor ‘global cooling’….lol.

    They did mention, for some reason, that ‘native Americans’ had to burn some clothes to keep warm. Highly selective reporting…I’m sure there were some illegal occupiers, colonisers and settlers who also burnt stuff to keep warm.

    Hmmm…and that’s a bit odd isn’t it? We have ‘native Americans’ who are the indigenous population…and then all the people who came after who are not ‘native’ however long they’re families have been there…they don’t really belong there….just as the BBC considers White South Africans mere ‘citizens’ and the Blacks as natives….Whites are temporary….’simply shipping tomorrow’….even in their own countries….the Great Replacement is well under way.

    But….then there’s Ngozi Fulani [the African stage name of one Marlene Headley] who declares she is one hundred per cent British and nothing else at all…..despite the very obvious African heritage….we are supposed to accept she is a ‘native Brit’ with no other origin unlike the European [and Hispanic] immigrants to America who are not considered ‘native’ by the BBC et al but are now considered oppressive occupiers and colonisers.

    One rule for them, one rule for you if you’re White.


  18. Althepalerp says:

    How come the illegals get to watch the Telly for free in their 4 star Hotels?


  19. pugnazious says:

    Covid in China illustrates perefectly why lockdowns are a bad idea…once lifted there’s no immunity and so the virus strikes as hard as if you’d never locked down……but you’ve also had years of economic and social repression with all the disastrous effects that that entails….as we see now in Britain especially in the health service.

    We know that the vaccines do not stop transmission at all…they merely reduce the effects of covid….thus you should weigh up the benefits and disadvantages of lockdown…..the huge social and economic costs as opposed to the number of deaths…most deaths would of course be the elderly and already sick people…..their lives versus economic and social costs…but also the lives lost from other causes such as cancer due to postponing treatment in lockdown and those dying as they wait for ambulances that are pushed to the limits and beyond…..along with schooling and mental health of children.

    SAGE told us from the start that lockdowns don’t really work…they merely delay deaths…..they were only implemented to enable us to create a vaccine…but that, as said, doesn’t stop infection and transmission…merely reduces effects and maybe saves a few lives from covid…..but is the cost worth it in the end as we get a huge increase in excess deaths from other causes due to lockdown?

    Shame we have a national broadcaster which acts as the propaganda arm of government when it comes to covid and dangerously fails to challenge the narrative…and in fact actively promotes that narrative and indeed campaigns for lockdown and other measures to be imposed more severely.


    • Eddy Booth says:

      (The vaccines) “they merely reduce the effects of covid….”
      Even that plank is debatable.


      • tomo says:


        • tomo says:

          Curiously … retweeting Dr. Malhotra’s plea for a reevaluation of of the safety + efficacy of mRNA therapy has attracted a minor avalanche of (uninvited) negative Tweets from people who usually proclaim via their bios to have peripherally connected expertise.

          – the primary attack vector is his fees for speaking. I find that quite odd since I j know something of the fees paid by pharma companies to credentialed academics to deliver supplied scripts at medical meetings, conferences and dinners – I hope this is one can of worms that explodes all over them…

          There are claims that the “information warriors” are active in this area – looking further at the volumes and types of Tweets out there I feel that is more likely than not.


    • Flotsam says:

      It wasn’t just the BBC pushing lockdowns, Starmer and the Labour Party were pushing lockdowns strongly. Starmer/Labour knew they were on a win win with that one, if there was no lockdown then every death could be blamed on Boris and the Government. With the lockdowns being implemented,the damage to the economy could be used to criticise the Government when the inevitable recession came.
      As I say, without lockdowns Boris would have ended up being called a murderer by Starmer. Labour also benefitted from the extra powers given to the public sector.


    • Chevalnoir says:

      … by the way, folks , where do we go these days to find historical data on EXCESS deaths from just before the start of the chine virus ?


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      There are no Covid vaccines. Given that they only work (sort of) for a very short time and the effectiveness (sic) wears off within a couple of weeks, they could at best be described as prophylactic drugs. Much the same way as you take malaria tablets when you go on holiday to certain tropical destinations.

      Incidentally, the government this week signed a 10-year ‘partnership deal’ with Moderna to research and manufacture Snake Oil in the UK. Didn’t seem to generate much publicity in the media…



      • tomo says:

        erm… how are Covid and FTX connected?

        “FTX gave $18m to TOGETHER trial” – just some dots…..


  20. Demon says:

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all. And as Tiny Tim observed God bless us every one.


  21. atlas_shrugged says:

    As not seen on the bBC Tristate cities:

    This is about the NL farmers being pushed off their lands to make a mega city that is working so ‘well’ in China.


  22. FrankZ says:

    With reference to the previous thread’s exchange about SPOTY (had never heard of the “winner”) and the odious Gary Lineker, I thought readers might like to see one of the links in an email received yesterday from music producer “Serious”, and their “12 Songs of Serious”. https://serious.org.uk/holiday

    Looks as though Gorgeous Gary has branched out.

    One of the links is for Liniker. Expect to hear more from the trailblazing trans soul singer Liniker whose poetic reflections and love songs are a liberating force, normalising the conversation around trans people in Brazil.”

    A sight to behold, an image with which to conjure.

    Liniker – Baby95

    I suppose it’s only following the kind of trajectory that one might have expected from the terminally sanctimonious and self-righteous little twerp.


  23. Zephir says:

    Black racist strikes again, with impunity it seems from most of the MSM:

    “Whoopi Goldberg DEFENDS Holocaust slur that got her taken off-air by The View: Tells interviewer mass-extermination wasn’t ‘racial’ to begin with and insists being Jewish isn’t a race”



    • Thoughtful says:

      Funny but the same comments she makes are also made sometimes by people on what is known as the far right.
      It goes something like this. Race is a construct and doesn’t actually exist at all, and has been invented by those in the past to categorise peoples.
      Being ‘racist’ is therefore to accept and conform to the world view of those on the left and being judged by them.


      • BRISSLES says:

        Are black people a race ? I’ve heard it said of the ‘white race’, but black race ? not a sentiment I’ve been aware of.


  24. Zephir says:

    NHS bosses come under fire for spending millions on ‘woke non-jobs’ as frontline workers strike for better pay

    More than £1million of ‘equality, diversity and inclusion’ positions are on offer 
    The news comes as health service struggles with a 7.2million-long waiting list 



  25. DYKEVISIONS says:

    Woman in Birmingham arrested for silently standing and praying opposite a abortion clinic..truly Orwellian, no matter what your views on ‘terminating’ the unborn. I can’t find this story anywhere on Al Beeb.

    I received 3 emails spouting ‘Happy Holidays’ from the DIrectors of the US owned company I work for..

    FFS Happy Christmas to everyone, simples!


  26. Zephir says:

    Greta Fungberg hass ritten a bouk.

    Iss a very gould book, i never reed books (i wate for der video to cum out) but diss won is very gould. Bbc sed so.

    No knead to fack check it, iss all trew.

    Pola bares is all sad.


  27. tomo says:

    The DC swamp is all too real….


  28. StewGreen says:

    TalkTV is saying Matt Hancock’s book sales are abysmal.
    I checked and the main thing is there no paperback edition
    And handback and kindle editions are £18, so of course the sales will be low
    Apparently the Mail paid him nearly £0.5m to serialise it, so he’s flush for cash.

    Best Sellers Rank: 6,817 in Kindle Store
    8 in Biographies of Political Leaders (all the ones ahead of it are less than £10 ..some are 99p)
    Isabel Oakeshott is listed as the ghostwriter


    • Up2snuff says:

      Stew, tomo, I cannot wait for Harry’s ‘tell all’ to be remaindered all around the world. Still will not buy it but if it gets down to the under 10p mark it might be handy if in winter there is a power cut and it can be burned to keep warm.


  29. tomo says:

    Isabel Oakeshott is listed as the ghostwriter

    Probably not a unique insight to imagine Handoncock’s incapable of writing a book.

    – but how many of our upper tier political classes can walk and chew gum simultaneously?


  30. Eddy Booth says:



  31. tomo says:

    The Slovakian parliament


  32. Guest Who says:

    ‘Analysis’ by bbc Asian Network would be funny.

    If unlikely.


  33. Zephir says:

    My New Years resolution is to complain more.

    I am tired of people who populate so-called customer service who provide no such thing.

    Is it not interesting how often, after being on hold for 20 minutes your call suddenly and strangely ends ???

    Also those who are recruited who have a tenuous grasp of the English language, and here I most firmly include English young females, surely this is number one requirement for a communication role ?

    Or do they limit themselves to females for some sexist reason ? (more than likely).

    Nothing more annoying than the “your call is important etc etc”

    with, “Your caw is impoh hant to us”

    Next time I hear that I will follow up with an email asking why they are only catering for caws from crows, what about the rest of us ? Amongst other observations.


  34. tomo says:

    Chip Roy


  35. atlas_shrugged says:

    JP removed by Raab and other scumbags after bringing a case against the UK because of the Plandemic. Rightly citing violation of the Nuremberg code and no doubt various other small issues such as crimes against humanity etc.

    This removal must surely be proof to any lying scumbag MP that this whole plandemic really was a conspiracy.

    But the lying bBC won’t tell you this.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Vera Sharav, Holocaust survivor and human rights and medical activist, is the founder of the Alliance for Human Research Protection. Said “By declaring a state of emergency in 1933 and 2020, constitutionally protected personal freedom, legal rights and civil rights were swept aside”. On BBC Censorship she said “Why would you censor? Why not argue? But they don’t ever want to come near arguing with anyone, not with scientists, not with professors of any kind or lay people. They do not want to go near an argument, because they know that they really do not have a leg to stand on. The morals and the evidence are against them. And I stress morals first, because that is what led society astray, then and now. If you discard morals, then that’s the end of the civilized society, because medicine was perverted then, and it is being perverted now, in a very, very substantive way”: https://remember.org/nuremberg-code.html

      Richard Pinder is an unvaccinated untermenschen, as are the vaccine injured and dead.


  36. Zephir says:

    A race of aliens visits earth one day. They come in peace and surprisingly, they speak English. Obviously, all of the heads of government and religious leaders want to speak to the aliens so they set up a meeting with our new visitors.

    When it’s the Pope’s turn, he asks: “Do you know about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?”

    “You mean JC?”, responds the alien. “Yeah, we know him! He’s the greatest, isn’t he? He swings by every year to make sure that we are doing ok”.

    Surprised, the pope follows up with: “He visits every year?! It’s been over two millennia and we’re still waiting for his SECOND coming!”

    “Maybe he likes our chocolate better than yours?”

    The pope retorts “Chocolates? What are you talking about?”

    The alien says: “Yeah, when he first visited our planet we gave him a huge box of chocolates…what did you guys give him ?”


  37. Richard Pinder says:



  38. tomo says:


  39. Scroblene says:

    Senor Conrad Roberto O’Blene, Senora O’Blene, Lily the Rescue and the whole shebang of friends and neighbours around ‘The Turrets’ would like to thank Fed and his cohorts, and every poster – yup even that one – for such an entertaining year of good reporting and comments!

    Where would we all be withut such a myriad of good reading, laughter, even solemn reproach for such bad/weak/pathetic biased spouting from W1AA?

    We’re spending the next few days watching Morcambe and Wise – when the good days were worth paying a TV tax for!

    Happy Christmas everybody!


    • JohnC says:

      Been watching Two Ronnies Christmas specials today.

      Simple entertainment without any agenda. We haven’t seen that since about the year 2,000 when all the social engineering by the Left started.


    • Loobyloo says:

      Hear hear! Wishing everyone peace and some joy at Christmas, and success in dissolving the BBC in the new year (not hopeful about that one). Thanks to Fed and all who help to run the site for another supportive year! X


      • Up2snuff says:

        Scrobie, JohnC and Loobyloo, Happy Christams (loud appaluse) and Best Wishes to you and yours for 2023.


        • JohnC says:

          And a Happy Christmas to you Up2 and everyone else here who is driven by the principle of right and wrong instead of political correctness and virtue signalling.

          I sincerely hope you all have a Christmas where you can be at peace with yourself and your family for a few days (including you maxi but I doubt have any real happiness in your miserable existence).

          Lets all hope that something in 2023 will trigger the return to the real world of common sense.


  40. JohnC says:

    UK Border Force strike: armed forces cannot detain people, emails reveal

    Good old Guardian showing us all yet again it is the mirror image of the BBC – just as a left arse cheek is a mirro rimage of the right.

    You have to dig into the article to learn it’s only when the people they challenge have valid travel documents.

    I wonder how many of the dinghy-based enrichment have that. At a rough estimate, I would say none.

    All they want to do is discredit everything about anything to do with our country and culture. They are traitors.


  41. StewGreen says:

    Some outrage stories come up and get big coverage
    yet then disappear.
    I wonder if there is a place that monitors them ?

    eg Paul Pelosi getting attacked in his home by a guy he’d invited in

    eg2 The way airports were closed for days and days, cos of this supposed huge drone threat
    were any terrorists ever jailed ?



    • JohnC says:

      I note how the entire story disappeared after the bizarre claims came out.

      Which these days tells me they are true.


  42. StewGreen says:

    Mary and Joseph didn’t take hospitality from the inn for ever and ever
    .. they went back home after a few days.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Joseph spent up to two years working in Bethlehem before Herod started murdering babies in Bethlehem after the visit of the Magi. God spoke to Joseph in a dream and he listened! The young family left for Egypt. That meant an Old Testament prophecy by Hosea was fulfilled.


  43. JohnC says:

    Top news in the world today at the BBC:
    ‘Women’s freedoms have been further curtailed in Afghanistan, after the Taliban barred them from working for non-governmental organisations’

    And yet again the BBC go nowhere near the reason why the Taliban now control the country and who is directly responsible for the disaster which gave them it.

    Biden told us all he was confident the Afghanistan government would resist the Taliban. Then through sheer incompetence and desire for political points-scoring, he overruled the military during the pullout which led directly to what we have now.

    And the BBC never mention it in their many, many articles about suppressed Afghan women.

    If it were Trump, every article would have a link to half a dozen previous articles blaming him directly for what has happened.

    They are the ultimate in shameless hypocrites. I wonder if they even realise just how much blood they have on their hands because of what they have lied about in such places.


  44. Northern Voter says:

    Read the Daily Mail today, two things jumped out.
    1. The head serang of Radio 4 says that they have been too dreary and not joyful enough in 2022. What else is new?
    2. CBBC are doing a pantomime, Dick Whitington and his cat. Guess what, Dick is black! A 12th century Lord Mayor of London is black. Never saw that coming!


  45. Deborah says:

    Wishing one and all who post. on this site, especially with thanks to Fedup2 and the back room boys, a very merry Xmas.

    It would be lovely if 2023 would bring an unbiased BBC bringing forth excellent programmes without an agenda. A girl can dream can’t she?


    • Concrete sea says:


      From one who only posts occasionally and I should really do a little more (New years resolution) l thoroughly agree with your comments. Well said…. and sometimes a guy can dream as well –is that still allowed ?


  46. theisland says:

    Mark Steyn did another Q&A last night here – still great (and suitably angry) despite, by his own admission, being breathless and over medicated. The theme was that the ‘good’ guys are the bad guys.
    Today was his Christmas Eve Lessons and Carols with ‘ancient scripture and not quite so ancient music.’

    Happy Christmas everyone – try and relax!


  47. StewGreen says:

    Apparently a lot of kids are Grinch-phobic
    .. It shows up in a lot of YouTube videos.


  48. tomo says:


  49. StewGreen says:

    The Victorian fire plaques : Another media storyland vs truthland fail.
    Media are inherently misinforming, cos they are storytellers
    .. and the best story is often NOT the truth

    So, no the insurance fire brigades did not just simply let your building burn, cos you had signed up with a rival fire insurance firm.
    But saying they did makes a great story, so storytellers do say that
    .. including smarmy Fry at BBC QI .. Horrible Histories etc.

    Tom Scott : https://youtu.be/Wif1EAgEQKI