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  1. andyjsnape says:

    Just reading a bBC review on Trustpilot

    “The BBC logo WAS three black cubes with the letters BBC within them……

    And now (drum roll please) let’s here it for the new logo:

    Three black cubes with the letters BBC within them.

    The font is slightly different, but almost no one would notice. Apparently, this font change is of great significance.

    How much did this cost the BBC?

    7 million pounds.

    Now, if this isn’t a conclusive, ‘here endeth the lesson’ clinching argument for wholesale waste, incompetence and unimaginable corporate gullibility, then it’s hard to know what would be.

    How many of your license fees went on paying some absolute horror of a graphics studio to do this?

    Welcome to the New Year.

    As far as the BBC is concerned EXACTLY the same as the old year, because there will be no change, no reform and no let-up in the relentless, unapologetic, hectoring, crusading assumption of absolute moral authority from this 21st century Pravda.”

    £7,000,000 for a new logo? Has the bbc really spent more than Lineker’s salary on a new logo does anyone know


  2. Jeff says:

    Our troublesome prince has leaked copies of his latest whingefest, Spare, to an eager media. They’re salivating over this latest “reveal all” feast. You know, I’ll let some of you read it for me, then you can give us all the highlights…

    Apparently, he has revealed a dust up between himself and Prince William, with the latter referring to Meg’s as “Troublesome, abrasive and rude…” William then grabbed Ginger and gave him, what we’d call in my native sarf London, “A bit of a dig.” Good!

    This happens with brothers…I’ve still got the bruises…however, most of us dust ourselves down, lick our wounds and get on with it. We don’t go snivelling to our wives or the media. What a bleedin’ wimp!

    Oh, I have to say, Prince William has gone up ten-fold in my estimation. Harry’s revelation actually confirms all the insider gossip about how utterly appalling Meg’s is when off camera…as though we didn’t know.

    Good on yer, Will’s.

    Next time you see Ginger, give him one from me…


    • Fedup2 says:

      This clearly constitutes an allegation of ‘domestic violence ‘ – an issue upon which the prince has campaigned . Therefore I am sure that he has made a criminal allegation against William Windsor and the forces of law and order – who have a ‘zero tolerance ‘ approach to such crime – will be engaged .

      Or maybe some domestic violence matters – and some doesn’t ….
      Or maybe pre publication book sales aren’t as good as hoped …

      Bread and circuses …


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      I recall a rhetorical device by the name of recusatio, from ‘O’-Level English Lit’. An example would be Mark Anthony, in the play Julius Caesar, saying that whilst some people might consider that Brutus was a ((lying, murdering scoundrel or whatever)) “Brutus is an honourable man”.

      Does Harry think deep down that Meghan is “troublesome, abrasive and rude” but can’t say so himself and thus quotes his brother as saying it?


  3. andyjsnape says:

    Strike daily: How Thursday 5 January’s walkouts WILL AFFECT YOU

    ?? I dont use trains, so it won’t affect me


    • Fedup2 says:

      Andy – I’m in London and have to get to Gatwick Friday – the cab fare would be £100…. The rail ticket was £9 …. I’m now on a national express £10 but takes over 2 hours …. Victoria should be fun …. To change the flight? £150 ____

      But I’m glad you don’t need to use the railway …


      • andyjsnape says:

        Hi Fed

        Sorry for any inconvenience

        Its just the wording the bbc use, as it it will affect all


        • Fedup2 says:

          No worry andi – I seldom use trains – but it’s my luck tomorrow ….. might be a very long day ….I still favour turning rails into roads …

          Maybe i should set up a crowd funder ?

          Feds life matters ….


          • Mrs Kitty says:

            Just a little bit of advice going by coach, get the earliest one possible even if you get to Gatwick way before your flight. If there’s a hold up on the motorway it turns into a nightmare.


            • Fedup2 says:

              Mrs K – thanks i have allowed a might 7 hours by coach … with a rail ticket on the off chance … i am dreading it ..


      • digg says:

        Fedup, the revealing thing is that a train carrying hundreds of paying passengers needs £9 quid a head to survive whereas a coach carrying say 50 passengers can get by on only a quid a head more for the same journey.

        The plain fact is that probably for every coach driver there are a handful of other staff required such as mechanics etc. whereas the rail unions insist on having multitudes of staff standing around hands in pockets getting paid for every train that departs.


        • Fedup2 says:

          I shall think of the on Friday morning in a full up National Express coach …. Hopefully not stuck on the M25 …


  4. Guest Who says:

    BBC Moaning Emole and Labour #prasnews headline:

    Labour’s message on spending

    Rather sweet that is felt inspiring enough to read on.


    • Guest Who says:

      All they have now in alternative.


      • tomo says:


        “Switzerland, is considering banning electric vehicles to conserve the country’s energy supplies… EVs are fast becoming the Betamax of transport.”


  5. Foscari says:

    The BBC as a whole has decided to follow the line of
    its London programme on TV and leave the continent
    of Europe . No not the EEC. We have already done that.
    It’s to become part of the Caribbean . We the unwashed
    should just let ourselves be educated by BIG BROTHER
    at the diversity department.
    Put a poster of a palm tree on your wall behind the TV,
    Put a bottle of rum on the table next to you. Just listen
    to the dulcet tones of continuity presenters telling us
    in patois what’s on next . Watch ” Death in Paradise” and
    all all the drama . Just drift off a little . Occasionally
    turn over to ITV and Sky and watch the adverts . And believe
    me you will think and believe me you will have been transferred
    away 3500 miles away to the warm climes of the Caribbean.


    • Charlie Farley says:

      Death in Paradise could have been filmed in London ITV would have saved a fortune !
      Another year at Farley Towers with no TV LICENCE …it just gives me a warm feeling inside !


  6. andyjsnape says:

    Kevin McCarthy: Three ways the House Speaker stalemate could finally end

    Yesterday it was the end of the world reporting by the bBC, and today it could end

    So storm in a tea cup, brought you you by the bBC. Nothing to see here as usual


  7. Zephir says:

    With all the joys of their “kultcha”

    “Murder of British personal trainer in Jamaica ‘was a contract killing ordered from the UK’ related to the 33-year-old’s long criminal record in London, Caribbean police believe

    Sean Patterson was found with gunshot wounds to his head and upper body. He had only travelled to Jamaica two days before his killing to visit family.
    Mother Lesley Wright said she has ‘lost her baby’ and is ‘absolutely broken’

    The commissioner went on to say that the Londoner was well known to British police: ‘From credible information received Sean Patterson was well known to the UK authorities and has an extensive criminal record for a number of criminal offences which includes narcotics violence and firearms.’ ”



    • Fedup2 says:

      I don’t think there will be too much by way of ‘Lawrence style ‘ campaigning against the racist plod about this ‘loss’ …although he might have been a late developing promising footballer / human rights lawyer ….


  8. AsISeeIt says:

    The trauma of maths edition

    This morning the Daily Star rises higher than usual up the BBC’s online press line up, since (and for all we know, because) it mocks Tory PM Rishi Sunak’s admittedly duff New Year relaunch: I have a cunning plan – the jokey Star channelling Rowan Atkinson’s Blackadder side-kick Baldrick’s highly memorable and indeed very memeable catchphrase

    Hmmmm memeable… Mr AsI there borrowing a term that is very much the preserve of the internet generation. The Daily Star, meanwhile, as is their wont, persists in cracking what the teenagers might these days consider to be somewhat of a Dad Joke

    Come to think of it, we’re not too far off a time when a post-Blackadder generation won’t get those jokes. Not for nothing does Mr AsI, contrarian that he is, enjoy employing Tony Hancock’s ancient quote ‘there’s one for the teenagers’

    Simon Bird, 38, comedian, actor, director and producer, best known for playing nerdy swathy adolescents (somewhat reminiscent of the short-arsed nerdy manlet Rishi) nowadays from the decidedly adult perch of the Daily Telegraph caution: ‘The Inbetweeners would never be made today’

    The colourful left-leaning ‘i’ newspaper aims for the youth market and their columnists seem to have the measure of their target demographic: Opinion Professor Hannah Fry Maths until 18 could traumatise teens – not transform Britain

    Quite right too – we can’t have too many people going around being good at maths and doing sums.

    British Universities Told to Teach That Math Is Racist (a debut appearance hereabouts for The Trumpet – in-depth news analysis on top stories, world news, weather, economics and society in the light of Bible prophecy)

    Why is Durham trying to ‘decolonise’ maths? (Spectator)

    Focusing on the correct answer in maths ‘is racist’ (Times)

    Think about it… if the general public had a better grasp of the science of statistics – and consequently the often dubious art of their use – then we might perhaps balk at headlines such as this random sample taken from today’s frontpage news stories:

    Disability tax on energy prices. One million hit by highest energy cost (‘i’); Over 700,000 lack central heating – ONS. ‘Truly shocking’ number of people live in homes that do not meet basic standards (Guardian); Some GPs are now seeing 60 patients a day (‘i’); UK new car sales hit 30-year low but electric vehicle demand soars (BBC)

    Note, each boldly stated statistic there comes prior to an implied call to action

    Could you pass A-level maths? Take the test (Times2)

    Science, English Language and English Lit are also on the news curriculum today: How to stop getting tricked by bad science writing by i’s Stuart Richie – there ought to be a comma somewhere in that sentence; Farewell to the She-Devil author Fay Weldon (Daily Mail)

    In religious news…

    Pope to lead predecessor Benedict’s funeral (BBC) – our national broadcaster taking great care to relay the news with a momentary return to their previously traditional detached air of respect.

    Not with any sense of enthusiasm… whereas: Pele’s funeral: Brazil legend given joyous send-off (BBC) – but I’m comparing chalk with cheese, apples with oranges.

    Meanwhile The Sun mocks Christianity: Pregnant Lauren Conte dressed up as the Virgin Mary to give her family a laugh on Christmas Day – then gave birth when her baby arrived early – laugh, I nearly broke my waters – mind you, try that same joke with a Mohammed fancy dress outfit next Eid and you may end up in jail – or frontpage of the Sun – if you get yourself beheaded first.

    Teacher suspended for showing a picture of Prophet Muhammad refuses to return to work over fears for his life. The teacher has been cleared of causing deliberate offence and told that he could have his job back at Batley Grammar School, but refuses to return due to fear of attack (‘i’)

    In news that has absolutely nothing to do with religion…

    German new year riots prompt calls for firework ban (BBC)

    We recall how our own traditional Guy Fawkes night has been all but erased – not that our government would go the final step and ban private firework parties – think of Diwali

    The godless globalist FT resorts to taking the side of the military when it comes to fear of the far-right bogeyman: Israel’s top brass wary of far-right’s West Bank plan

    But we leave until last the very best joke of the day: Starmer: We’re no longer the party of big spending (Telegraph)


    • Fedup2 says:

      Asiseeit – thanks – but starmer has a point – if all the money really is gone by the time he takes over – red labour won’t be able to do its traditional give aways – reparations for slavery – free toothbrushes – free everything for non employed …

      … all he will be able to do will be to work out how to service the debt sunak left behind before going back to LA ….

      ….. there’s a piece in the DT about how Britain is becoming a poor country ….. with certain exceptions …it’s right …


  9. markh says:

    ‘Dry January and Veganuary- what you need to know’ trumpets the BBC webshite. I don’t need to know anything thank you and I find the BBC’s hectoring and nannying attitude as everyone’s moral overseer particularly galling and sinister. We are already afflicted with the lamentable Stoptober and Movember- is every month going to be tarnished by this ‘we’re all doing this together’ crap?


    • Scroblene says:

      Absolutely, Mark!

      Why the most dreary month of the year should be endured with no booze, and imported out-of-season vegetables from Peru or North Korea costing us all a fortune, just about sums up the crass idiocy of an organisation becoming more and more obsessed with its own importance!


    • Fedup2 says:

      I think that phrases is used inversely proportional to the truth (see nut nut ) ….

      …. I was thinking about the nonsense maths line sunak came out with . Capitalism has always been dependent on people being bad at sums – to have no idea about APR and interest rates – wholesale / retail .

      Luckily there is no hope of improved maths in schools – particularly – as I understand – teachers are being balloted on strike action – now then there would be a ‘loss’..


  10. atlas_shrugged says:

    Apologies if this has been posted before, but I am in complete shock. The BBC are reporting that someone died from the vaxxxxx:


    I am going to have to have a sit down and a cup of tea.


  11. taffman says:

    “UK weather: 2022 was warmest year ever, Met Office confirms”
    Ever ?
    Don’t tell us in Great Britain , just tell the big ‘carbon burners’ in the rest of the world !
    Our economy has already paid the price for net zero – just witness the financial mess we are already in .
    Vote for Reform . Simples .


  12. Northern Dreamer says:

    I’m sure it won’t be long before the bBBC pick up on the annually regurgitated High Pay Centre story that FTSE 100 CEO’s earn the average yearly wage of £33000 in just 3 days. Why always the comparison to people running massive companies employing many many people, and answerable to shareholders? The sentiment on the HPC website is one of envy, and anti-capitalism.
    Why don’t they compare to C Ronaldo, who earns the average yearly salary in less than 2 hours, Mo Salah, who earns it in 16 hours, Lewis Hamilton 8 hours, or Gary Lineker who earns it in 9 days? Why pick on business? As long as taxes are paid to the exchequer on those earnings, what is the problem?


    • taffman says:

      Northern Dreamer
      Scrap the outfit , its a total waste of our hard earned money.


  13. Guest Who says:

    How supportive media, especially the bbc, are going to spin this, will be epic.

    Maybe a Justin Trudeau intervention from the new North American ingénue?


    • Guest Who says:

      No time for the Megharry Operation utterly complicit in this spiral into ratings hell, but were William and Kate even dating then?

      And if so, how did they force dress a grown boy?


    • JohnC says:

      What makes this whole Harry/Megan thing so utterly disgusting is that Harry (and the BBC) know full well that the Royal Family will never lower themselves to arguing through the gutter press. It would all be instantly turned and politicised by the Left to try and destroy them. There is no place for a Royal Family in their socialist utopia.

      Harry should be absolutely ashamed of himself. He’s doing all of this for money. He has no scruples whatsoever. Like his wife.

      What is even more shameful is how the BBC are fully behind him while he does it.


      • Mrs Kitty says:

        I feel that the Royal Family are doing the right thing by not responding, Henry and Rachel are getting more and more desperate for a response and that hole they’re digging is getting deeper by the day. They’re exposing themselves especially Rachel as the nasty vile people they are.


        • Guest Who says:


          The need something to catalyse with for media ratings fuel and are not getting it.

          And the media know it as the public cottons on.


        • TrickCyclist says:

          Mrs Kitty,
          Rachel Meghan Markle, I had to look that up.
          When I read your post I just thought, “Who’s Rachel?”


          • Mrs Kitty says:

            It does upset her sugars especially when you call him Henry, they twizzle on the spot and then start exploding


    • Guest Who says:

      This lady makes EUemma Kennedy seem sane and Femi coherent.


  14. Flotsam says:

    David Starkey! What a national treasure.
    There he was on GB News last night arguing vehemently against the repatriation of the Elgin Marbles.

    “They only became culturally significant when they came to London”

    “Britain created history”

    ” the Elgin Marbles belong ‘in a great cultural centre, not in obscure, rat-infested corners of the world.”

    In the meantime Patrick Christys tried to get a word in edgeways…….not a chance. Starkey is a force of nature.


  15. Guest Who says:

    Springster best watch her back.

    Another bbc moppet under the Wendy wing out US way.


    • Guest Who says:

      Interesting to see their actual engagement given BBC staffing and budgets.

      Also would be interested how actual women, as opposed to those identifying as such on whim, or via surgical intervention off, on and in, or chemical cocktail mixtures, feel about the BBc policy of employing thick young girls to ‘report’ febrile issues in the public domain, such that sturdy men at the BBC can leap to their defence and use their delicate souls to ban and block to protect the bubble further from any questions.


  16. Zephir says:

    I did say a while ago now that when the Queen dies, the gloves will be off for the leftist / socialist libtard scum, and the first salvos are starting now…


  17. Thatcherrevolutionary says:

    The odious Mark Austen of Sly News has just described the 20 Republican Congressmen/women refusing to vote for Kevin McCarthy as the ‘far right extreme wing of the party’.

    Not seen too much of this creep, but his further ‘reporting’ on Ukraine & the heart attack NFL player confirmed he’s a future BBC hire.

    Utter scumbag.


  18. Dickie says:

    An Englishman and an American have The Ukraine Talk. Interesting conversation.


  19. Guest Who says:


    Likely not to make the Femi, O’Brien, BBc circuit.


  20. Guest Who says:

    Also in the Mole:

    Harry accuses William of physical attack – report

    A story has emerged from the Guardian about what it says is some of the content within Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir, Spare. The newspaper reports that the duke has claimed his brother Prince William physically attacked him. It says it has seen a copy of the book, which is due to be released next week, and reports that there was an argument between the pair over Prince Harry’s wife Meghan. “He grabbed me by the collar, ripping my necklace, and he knocked me to the floor,” the Guardian quotes as being written. The BBC has not seen a copy of the book and Buckingham Palace has yet to respond to a request for comment. Here’s more on what we know so far.


    You have seen nothing. You know nothing BBC. It is what you have been sent. And think ‘checking’ is asking those who do not comment to comment.

    No ‘report’, no ‘story’. Pure… allegation and claim via PR via a leak to the other cheek.

    20,000 staff. £5,000,000,000 of ideological juvenile propaganda backed by blocking and banning. Namely, censorship.



    • Mrs Kitty says:

      There are rumours flying that Rachel leaked it to deflect from the articles by Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter having a pop at them.


  21. Guest Who says:

    This is the outfit pushing the ‘new form of democracy’ beloved of loopy Green councils and Sir Boaty’s employers.

    They ‘represent’ almost no one, yet are used by rigging losers to try and assign public approval on impositions.

    Our eco-council, grabbing power via Tory Westminster foul up and XR bullying, is currently trying to claim a CA approved a bunch of stuff it did not, and are currently being slaughtered for their idiotic vanity projects.

    Unless they get Dominion machines in and crank up the BBc local democracy propaganda they are soon out on their moss coated ears.


  22. Guest Who says:


    Glam? Makes Rayner seem Kate level. Here snagging a catch of Hancock studliness.

    Still, if that does not get the W1A cats scratching… worth it. Maybe even the wimmin.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      I have some shocking news for AstraZeneca and Pfizer on this one – the recipients of their snake oils are EXHALING CARBON DIOXIDE when they breathe. Unless, of course, they have succumbed to heart attacks or other vaccine-related morbidities as a result of using their products.


  23. andyjsnape says:

    Starmer makes ‘take back control’ pledge to voters

    “Thanks for joining us
    We’re wrapping up our coverage of Sir Keir Starmer’s speech for today, thanks for joining us.

    Our live page was edited by Andrew Humphrey and Kevin Ponniah, and written by Aoife Walsh, Jasmine Andersson, Heather Sharp and Victoria Lindrea.”

    Fingers down throat if reading the full promotion, not biased my r’s, how lovely


    • theisland says:

      Vote Starmer – get Blair’s policies. Is that really what the electorate want?
      His tactics and words come directly from Blair’s Global Institute papers (which nobody bothers to read).

      I notice this bBC article has closed the comments already.


      • Fedup2 says:

        I heard lisa nando on the 1pm. Apparently people are in need of hope . The answer – add another layer of politicians for ‘ local issues ‘.

        A proper opposition would wipe the floor blue labour but instead ? Local ‘ accountability’ which really is a joke. Shame really.


  24. tomo says:

    I thought it was a spoof… so I spent several minute checking it out…

    = it’s not


    • Terminal Moraine says:

      BBC says Istahil Ahmed thinks the trauma of the journey “desensitised” her son-in-law so much it lead him to kill her daughter.

      “[Abdi] saw people dying – people who died who were thrown off the boat and into the sea. He saw people who were hungry in a deserted place ending up eating flesh…”

      Hold on… deserted place eating flesh… was that Calais? The port of Dover? Doesn’t matter to the BBC, just shove it all in the big agenda mincer and start grinding.


  25. digg says:

    The BBC and the Met office are proclaiming last year to be the hottest “ever”.


    They quote temps as far back as 2018, thus deftly ignoring 1976 (I was there!) when it was certainly hotter for much longer. Plus the use of the word “ever” is purely emotive, how far back does the Met data go? Stone Age? The dinosaur period?

    I cannot understand a) Why they lie through their teeth like this and
    b) for what end game!

    They have to be challenged in my opinion.


    • Fedup2 says:

      If i heard right it was based on ‘records ‘ going back to 1850? – which is earth terms is yesterday – such ignorance …


    • Beltane says:

      ‘Experts’ interviewed on the BBC during the extended period of drought in 1976 assured us that northern European agriculture would be forced into profound change, making cereal staples like rice and alfalfa the norm due to radical and permanent changes in climate.

      The same experts seemed unavailable for comment the following year 1977 which was one of the coldest and wettest on record, with uncut and unharvested crops rotting in the fields.

      Or perhaps they weren’t asked


  26. digg says:

    Kier Starmer has announced that a new Labour Government will ‘Take back control” by devolving much of central government power to the regions to make Westminster less in control.


    So instead of having a parliament directing major things who can be voted out. We will have thousands of local officials and union busybodies deciding and imposing stuff with little ability to object or replace them.

    This worked out great with Wales and Scotland didn’t it Kier?

    What a muddle headed idiot this man is trying anything to grab some glory. I sincerely hope he never gets anywhere near the controls of power.


    • theisland says:

      Devolved regions = break up England = eradicate England as an entity (the EU dream).


  27. tomo says:

    Great Minds of our time /sarc


  28. Terminal Moraine says:

    I just took one for the team — endured a whole miserable hour of R5 propaganda on how to make the countryside more inclusive for minorities. It’s a follow-up to an interview Nihal Arthanayake gave to Country Walking magazine, which has since been picked up by various media, where he said: “There is this barrier; a perception, often perpetuated by social media trolls, that the countryside is ­inherently white and middle class.”

    It’s an hour of cosy chats with e.g. the woman who set up a black trail runners group in the Cotswolds and the founder of a Muslim walking group… with little moments of snark and vitriol towards the right-wing media poking through Nihal’s facade of ‘alright mate’ bonhomie.

    I’m thinking of setting up a group for English speaking urban strollers. As a noticeable minority in my part of London, I’m sure the BBC would like to hear from me, wouldn’t they?



    • Fedup2 says:

      A mention in dispatches Terminal . Funny how the BBC has to make it about colour – race . But what is the reality – how many ‘townies ‘ like some of the discomfort of the outdoors – eg rain – cold – mud .- and even worse – no internet cover in the really wild bits of the outdoors .
      It is such an infantile discussion – but maybe a few more drive thru KFCs would do it …innit ?


      • Terminal Moraine says:

        Fedup, the convo included the need to raise awareness amongst the uncountrified of the proper clothes needed.

        Maybe we could pay more taxes for a campaign. Come on, dig deep… you must have some cash left after we’ve funded the Zero Carbon Ukrainian Health Service…


  29. Terminal Moraine says:

    I noticed Eleanor Williams, the 22yr old who fabricated grooming abuse made it to the front page of the Guardian yesterday. It was high on the BBC home page too.

    They seem quite excited to report the traumatic effects this had on the local communities. Contrast with the release of the Telford report on CSE last year… over 50 opinion articles the next day, and not a single one dared to address it.



  30. Guest Who says:


    That first ‘B’ in BBC… how is it retained?


  31. Flotsam says:

    I really don’t get the promotion of local democracy by both parties, particularly the Tories. From what I can see all of the ones that have been created are a disaster. All the city ones are one party states dominated by the left wing. They are corrupt spend money on vanity, and virtue signalling projects, anything but services. The policing in most of them is poor.
    On a bigger scale, the devolved governments of Wales and Scotland are again one party states with similar issues.


  32. pugnazious says:

    Why are unproven claims about which there is also no context, the tales coming from one side only, the top story on the BBC? Even if it were true why would it be the top story? Would it be the top story if Meghan Markle was white?

    The BBC has seemingly appointed itself as Harry’s PR judging by this speculative smear by Jonny Dymond….guilty if you don’t deny things….

    ‘And worse, behind their backs, he says palace staff – the people paid by the taxpayer to speak for them – were in fact undermining them.

    If this were an allegation made against a government department, a political party, a business or a football team in the public eye, a response would be expected.

    The lack of any response or denial would be taken by many as an admission that the allegation was true.

    So is it true that the taxpayer-funded office of William and Catherine briefed against Harry and his wife?

    No comment, says the palace.’

    We were told that William comes out looking very bad…oh, and he’s got a temper like his father…so immature.

    No criticism or questions about Harry, what he might have said to provoke William or his abysmal behaviour and trashing of his family, the Royal institution, Britain and British people…all slandered as racists.

    And…far from looking bad, personally I think, and I suspect many might agree, William comes out looking good…not just for his spot on analysis of Markle as rude, difficult and abrasive, but for walloping the idiot who richly deserves it.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Harry is an idiot and he married a C U Next Tuesday. That’s it. No need to buy the book!


    • vlad says:

      It’s staggering that the Ghastly Duo have been invited to the Coronation.
      I, for one, will go just to boo.
      Let’s hope they don’t drive through any tunnels at high speed while in London.


  33. Dickie says:

    Great analysis that wont be found in any BBC report



  34. tomo says:

    They feel invulnerable


  35. Philip_2 says:

    The BBC agree with Bill Gates that the biggest problem facing the word is climate change and population growth!
    Its a liberal mutual cosy left socio-economic consensus, that they are ALL right! They can save the Dinosaurs and Polar Bears from extinction. The BBC saves the planet! – from (us) the awfull ‘people’. Marx was right. A global collective is the ONLY solution. They have big global plans. They now control the msm media, most western governenments (via UN) and pandemics (on demand). They have ultimate control (they think). Big (US) tech corporates can read and control the future! No competition! Change politics. More money for very basic things: like food. (By reducing C02) which has noting to do with the climate ‘environment’ at all. But a restruction on any ‘growth’ in food, people, transport, water, power (gas, coal, electricity), education. Everything taxed and controlled. And then came Ukraine, and everything is on hold. Russia won’t play the game.

    The BBC wet socialists that you can be anything you want to be. Net-zero! No problem get just change your sex to non-binary! Go Queer. Eat Insects. Save the planet. Go AIDS!, Go COVID! Go nowhere (travel). Get Neutered! Get Sterilised!
    Un Agenda 21 is specifically designed to drastically reduce global population and discourage families, people from having children and prohibiting were’nt governments from promoting child friendly policies. All of this is called ‘The Great Reset, Global “Climate Change” as it we are facing an imminent apocalypse. The BBC and political elites of the left call this ‘social engineering’ and it been going on since Henry Kissinger gave his first WEF lecture and that is now liked to copying the Chinese ‘one child’ experiment. The entire ESG program (Environmental Social Governance) is designed to discourage families from forming children being born, going gay is cool (encouraged), stop industry from developing, or expanding, restrict food and farming (using fertilizer) and ultimately a form of (acceptable) Eugenics. If not COVID then (new) MnRA vaccines and the public indoctrination via organs like the BBC, CNN or other mainstream advocates. Nobody will live long enough and die of ‘complications’ keeping up with the constant demand for (so called) ‘vaccinations’. Children are harmed in the process and potentially made ‘infertile’. A DEATH cult that the left embrace as an old friend, echoes of Marxism combied with Chinese ‘New World Order.’ Hence WEF claim “you will be happy and own nothing.” – Karl Schwab (quote). The French (Macron), The British (Sanik), The US (Biden), The Canadians (Tradeau), The Germans (Merkel) all are WEF influencial ‘leaders’ promoting COVID lock downs and movement restrictions. The BBC promoted this in almost every broadcast as a priority. Children belive apocolypse is just around thr corner because of the BBC ‘drama’ model they use..

    Starmer will make no difference. He is of the left, and will be compelled to follow the doctrine of mananged decline. Net Zero being paramount, even though it will casuse death and hardship for all.
    UN (so called) New World order. Run by the US and EU in perpetuity that faux socialism is the final solution (Think 1984) . Copy China and Russia and split the workd into three blocks of authority and thought ontrol. EU style democaracy that changes nothing and voting against it is pointless. The EU do not accept votes againts the directive they offer. Its pointless to vote against, so less people vote. Its the perfect solution, nothing can then change. We all die out.

    But what if its all wrong? What IF the opposite is more true! As we now know that much of the ‘Climate change’ is false, COVID was being tested in Ukraine, Vaccination spread the contagion (as we learn) and eas developed in China (as it was illegal in US). Funded by Fauci and Gates who believe that a book made by Paul Ehhrlich back in the 1970 is 100% true. They really think its the end of the world. Hence far too many people to feed, cloth and educate or be employed. Solution , kill off half the worlds (white and brown) population. The BBC believe this entirely. The 1970’s works for them. A change of Climate makes for a Chinese model of authoritarian citizenship and control via the state. The EU was designed to instill this as inevitable future. Its a mass media solution, a once size fits all. Kill the ones who disagree.

    Net Zero, Zero population growth is not sustainable and makes the future deeply depressing.
    In 1970, Stanford professor Paul Ehrlich published a famous book, The Population Bomb , in which he described a disasterous future for humanity: “The battle to feed all of humanity is over. In the 1970s and 1980s hundreds of millions of people will starve to death in spite of any crash programs embarked upon now.” That prediction turned out to be very wrong, and in this interview American Enterprise Institute scholar Nicholas Eberstadt tells how we are in fact heading toward the opposite problem: not enough people. For decades now, many countries have been unable to sustain a population replacement birth rate, including in Western Europe, South Korea, Japan, and, most ominously, China. The societal and social impacts of this phenomenon are vast.

    This is very in depth video from a interviewer Peter Robinson to <b<Nicholas Eberstadtat (Hoover Institute 2022) . Its depressing that even the most intelligent net zero critics get ignored. It really may be the end of the world if net zero goes ahead unchallenged.


    • Philip_2 says:

      Missing Video link for above.


    • tomo says:

      The BBC ALWAYS agrees with Bill Gates.

      I have a recollection from a few years ago when Paxman was tasked with interviewing the great man – at the time there were a raft of shitty antics reported about Bills assorted dealings.

      Pax though was obviously terrified and kept glancing nervously at whoever was stood beside the camera and the questions were obvious extreme softball – when Gates should’ve been spit roasted.


  36. JohnC says:

    Woman denies aiding female genital mutilation of girl, 4

    Spot the elephant in the room.

    Another lie by omission.


  37. vlad says:

    “A study reported that London had the highest prevalence rate of FGM in England and Wales, with an estimated 2.1% of women in the capital affected.”

    How strange, that all them Cockney Londoners should suddenly start slicing off their daughters’ genitalia with razor blades.

    Oh, hang on, this woman was called Amina Noor, so possibly a bit further East than Bow Bells.


    • moggie63 says:

      Brick Lane?


    • Concrete sea says:

      Estimated ? Wonder what that means ? Is that 2.1% who are mutilated already and how and who provides the estimate . What research is it based upon ?
      I recall my local plod sent a letter to all schools prior to the children going on their summer break. The purpose to establish if their parents were taking them away for FGM. Can you imagine it. The school asking a young girl ‘Where are you going on your summer holidays’. ‘Oh mum and Dad are taking me to Guinea, Sierra Leone, Gambia, etc etc to see a witch doctor man. The problem is miniscule in the scale of things and virtually unheard of, but typical Plod ‘Sledgehammer to crack a nut’. Yes a horrible thing , but the usual lack of forethought/research. Another complete and utter waste of public money, when they could be catching burglars….. …maybe.


  38. MarkyMark says:

    After he was sentenced, Namouz shouted “may Allah destroy you” at police.



  39. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – call me a cynic but …
    TWatO Watch #1 – ditto

    … the release of some excerpts from the Shy Prince’s book look like a/sound like a marketing ploy. I suspect the book may well not feature on most peoples’ must have shopping lists in the UK, especially during ‘the-cost-of-living-crisis’; which doesn’t exist really, judging by the figures for electric car sales in the here.

    It will be interesting to see if the BBC carries any more ‘excerpts’ in the next few days. Jonny Dymond will, no doubt, be getting a free publisher’s review copy which he will stay up all night reading in order to bring us some more news of the House of Windsor next Wednesday.


  40. Zephir says:

    That’s him banished from Luton and Rotherham then….

    “Prince Harry reveals he killed 25 Taliban fighters during second tour of duty in Afghanistan and thought of them as ‘chess pieces taken off the board'”


  41. Zephir says:

    That’s him invited to the bbc Xmas party then…

    “Prince Harry reveals he took cocaine a ‘few times’ aged 17 after first being ‘offered a line’ during a hunting weekend”


    • MarkyMark says:

      *sigh* All the opportunity in the world to become a singer,dancer,doctor,vet – chooses to wash his laundry in public.


  42. Docmarooned says:

    Going back to medieval times when royalty had monikers I would propose “Harry the thick” He is certainly not over endowed in the IQ department.


    • moggie63 says:

      You think he reaches the dizzy heights of thick?


    • tomo says:

      Descriptive nabob titles were definitely worthwhile.


      • Up2snuff says:

        tomo, I think the shy couple are both damaged in the Upstairs Dept. and maybe also the Heart Dept. I could see them both clinging to each other for a long, long, time while grinding their teeth at some imagined hurt or slight. Or, on the other hand, having their world dashed apart by divorce.


  43. Nibor says:

    I caught the tail end of WATO Radio 4 , about Bame women were four times more likely to die in childbirth than …others , due mainly to , you’ve guessed it – racism . Apparently the NHS can be racist . Midwives and nurses couldn’t have been paying attention when lectured by the Diversity manager .

    But really BBC why would they die off like that ?

    Then the cat was let out of the bag but the Beeboids and lefties didn’t notice = translators were needed .
    Why should we need translators in “ our “ NHS ?

    The full truth will be that lots of third world BAMEs are flying in or dinghied in when expecting to avail themselves of “our” NHS and getting their newborn to be immediately classed as British . And complications in both the birth , the paperwork, the woman’s health , the communication and the expense that the British mothers don’t have will skew the statistics.

    It’s to be expected when “our” NHS becomes their International Health Service.


    • MarkyMark says:

      The challenge
      It has been known for some time that birth defects, also known as congenital anomalies, are a major cause of illness and disability including infant mortality and that their incidence varies across ethnic groups in the UK. Other studies in the last 20 years have considered consanguinity (marriage to a blood relation), as a cause of birth defects, but these studies weren’t able to rule out other potential risk factors, particularly the effects of deprivation.


      marriage to a blood relation
      marriage to a blood relation
      marriage to a blood relation


    • StewGreen says:

      Bottomline almost zero women die in childbirth
      so a large proportion of almost zero is almost zero

      Women who spent the first 20 years of their life in a third world country are mote vulnerable.


  44. Eddy Booth says:

    Ukraine war: Putin orders 36-hour ceasefire over Orthodox Christmas

    Haha I love it when Putin outmanouvers the globalists in Ukraine.
    It puts them in a tricky situation; if they agree to also abide by 36 hour peace agreement then why not agree a permanent peace..

    “Kyiv (sic) quickly rejected the request.”

    Blood thirsty bbc don’t much like it either.


  45. StewGreen says:

    Alice Roberts preaching Marxism
    she fits right in with the bbc.

    Ans “Yes, professor — and Trabants are famously better than Fords and Toyotas.”


    • StewGreen says:

      Her audience clapped like seals
      on reading her magical thinking.


    • MarkyMark says:

      “Where there are no shareholders taking profits?”


      NHS hires diversity managers on £77,000 a year despite ‘war on wokery’
      A government review had suggested the roles should be cut back

      Lizzie Roberts,
      27 August 2022 • 7:00pm
      Health Secretary announces over £13 billion of debt will be written off as part of a major financial reset for NHS providers. From 1 April, over £13 billion of NHS debt will be scrapped as part of a wider package of NHS reforms announced by the Health Secretary today.2 Apr 2020

      At £2.06 a dose this is actually cheaper than many pharmacies which can charge about £4.25 though the price varies. Aspirin prescriptions cost the taxpayer over £25.2m in 2021/22, at about £1.22 a pack, roughly three times the cost of a pack at Sainsbury’s.10 Jun 2022


      A former NHS Director of Finance was sentenced today to 11 years and 5 months’ imprisonment following his conviction for a series of serious fraud offences, which included significant offences against the NHS. The NHSCFA investigated the case in partnership with Greater Manchester Police, and have been responsible for investigating the fact that Day was fraudulently occupying three full time senior NHS positions at once (Leeds Crown Court, 15 April 2021).
      In the 1970s and 1980s, a large number of people – most of whom had haemophilia – were infected with hepatitis C and HIV, the virus that leads to acquired immune deficiency syndrome, as a result of receiving contaminated clotting factor products. Wikipedia


      Response to Guardian story “NHS patient data to be made available for sale”
      20 January 2014
      Patient safety
      NHS England’s Chief Data Officer Dr Geraint Lewis said: “NHS England and the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) welcome the increase in public awareness and debate about NHS data usage following the nationwide distribution of the leaflet ‘Better Information Means Better Care’.



    • Guest Who says:

      The honorific ‘Perfesser’ is often worthless in direct proportion to the odds of the clown handed it adding same to their name on Twitter. See also ‘Dr’, ‘QC’, ‘OBE’…


      Or… recall a video has been shared here of the geniuses at Wakanda U delving in the mysteries of the problems of Afro hair.

      Hardly seats of learning where a Newton, Curie or Rutherford might blossom.


    • Docmarooned says:

      Ah the sainted bBBC favourite bloody Alice Roberts – as woke as they come. That god awful towns of britain where at every opportunity all she brayed on about were colonialism and slavery links. How she made professor is beyond me.


  46. JohnC says:

    Well, in their quest to use license fee payers cash to plumb the lowest of depths in desperate attempts to get as much empathy as possible, I believe the BBC have finally gone as low as they can possibly go:

    Camlough: Rabbits ‘left to die’ in cardboard box on roadside

    ‘USPCA chief operating officer Colleen Tinnelly said the charity was “horrified and appalled that someone abandoned these poor defenceless animals”.’

    Well, I don’t like it either. But when rabbits are considered more important than anybody murdered by someone black in Londonistan, it’s clear the BBC has a serious problem with reality.

    Next they’ll drive along country roads and take pictures of rabbits which got run over or are dying from myxomatosis.


    • Fedup2 says:

      BBC 6pm news

      Caught this by accident – our Justin rowlatt doesn’t report anymore – he preaches – it’s an onslaught based on dodgy graphs – ….
      He also has a geography problem – he seems to think there is only one country on the planet – and what is our CO2 output – less than 1% of total global output …?

      Even if his lies were true – we could do very little ( anything ) about the climate being changed …. I wonder where this is all going ? And whether it really is just a socialist mechanism to change our lives to the ‘approved ‘ way …


    • Concrete sea says:

      Reminds me of a joke about a rabbit who went into a pub 4 days on the trot. Each day he ordered a ham and cheese toasted sandwich. On the fifth day he ordered a cheese and onion toastie. The next day he didn’t turn up. It’s discovered he’s dead. Someone asked the landlord ‘What on earth did he die of’ Landlord replied ‘Mixed my toasties I’m afraid’.
      I’ll get my coat.


      • JohnC says:

        Let me help with a re-write before you tell it to the family:

        A rabbit goes into a bar and asks: “A cheese toastie and a pint, please”.

        He eats the toastie, drinks the pint, then leaves.

        He walks into the bar the next day and asks: “A ham toastie and a pint, please”.

        He eats the toastie, drinks the pint, then leaves.

        He walks into the bar the following day and asks: “A cheese, a ham toastie and a pint”.

        He eats the toastie, drink the pint, then drops dead.

        “Oh dear” says the bar-man, “it looks like another case of mixin’ me toasties”.

        OK, OK – I stole it from the internet.


  47. Guest Who says:

    The bbc has utterly poisoned the country.


  48. StewGreen says:

    Long thread about ITV’s Paul Brand’s bias