332 Responses to Start the Week 9 January 2023

  1. Sluff says:

    In the paper today, I note that Christmas sales in the shops were buoyant, up nearly 7%.

    Meanwhile on no less a programme than BBC news, we learn that sales of Home Entertainment are up over 40%, with streaming sales up some 70%. Music sales are at their highest since 2003.

    I also gather that overseas holidays are doing well. And Ryanair have updated their sales forecast.

    Which is all very odd.

    Because the BBC feeds us a daily doom-and-gloom diet of ‘cost of living crisis’, as if most of the population had a ‘eat or heat’ dilemma, with millions of nurses surviving due to food banks.

    Strangely the BBC editors appear not to have noticed this glaring difference between their ceaseless agenda and the lives most of us are actually leading.


    • Scroblene says:

      Ha ha ha!

      Today, I spent a quid on a huge bag of frozen veg, about a fiver on two enormous packs of liver, and am now cooking the whole lot up with some rice (about a quid for enough to feed a family of four for a couple of days), and when it’s cooled down, I’ll measure it all up into about thirty or thirty-five freezer plastic trays for our dog!

      I could easily have eaten the whole lot at any time had I been that hungry but she’ll get about three weeks of real food, and we can ignore the slop they sell in tins which is 70% water anyway, and we’re all a winner!

      But there again, we don’t cram down KFCs and kebabs of elephant’s leg, so we’re even luckier!

      Beeboids have all their designer dogs on idiotly expensive grub, they’re known for it… it’s the way they are in Londonistan…


  2. Zephir says:

    Looks like Harry ginger has had a hair transplant

    When he actually asked Santa for an heir transplant


    • Scroblene says:

      Hair and there, or hair and spare…

      Peter Cook was much cleverer than that with his Supermac monologue…


  3. JohnC says:

    Ukraine war: Russia controls most of pounded salt mine town, Soledar, says UK

    ‘He also said “the whole land near Soledar is covered with the corpses of the occupiers”.’

    It’s good to learn that all those Russian soldiers have been killed and Ukraine have apparently had no losses at all.

    The only thing I don’t quite understand is how Russia have taken the Town if they have been so thoroughly annihilated.

    I still note with alarm that neither side wants to stop this war. Quite the opposite : I hear we will be sending our Challenger 2 tanks to aid with the slaughter.


    • Zephir says:

      Yes no stop the war coalitions for this one eh ?

      I wonder if the bbc libtard ears pricked up at the mention of salt mines….

      A place for climate deniers, brexiteers and trump supporters ?


  4. atlas_shrugged says:

    Expert reveals ‘the BBC continue to lie’ – Shock:

    Dr Aseem Malhotra

    “The BBC continue to lie making them both an enemy of democracy and an enemy of the people”.


    • Guest Who says:

      Has Springster been given her Honorary Nobel yet?

      A Dr. vs. a young blonde.

      The bonkers mask selling twitter/bbc woman is no longer young. or a practicing doctor.


      • Guest Who says:

        This is she.

        A BBC regula…aha.aha.aha.aha…


  5. Guest Who says:


    How the BBC will handle this is interesting, given their predilection for ignoring entire news stories, banning and blocking, etc.

    NYT is a Hive Partner too?


  6. Guest Who says:

    Heads up… ITBB has a special, feat. Jezbo.


    He makes Simpo seem modest and professional.


  7. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    What’s the difference between an Indian and an African elephant?

    One’s an elephant.


  8. Guest Who says:

    “…then, when more outrage was needed for the furnace, they at last came for Sir Boaty”.

    Soon any ship launched will only be blessed by Dr. Shola.


  9. digg says:

    There is a deafening silence from the BBC and The Guardian over the story that Biden it seems had been caught with classified documents in his private safe before the election.

    The same silence came out of the FBI, The IRS and the courts.

    Compare this to the hysteria that surrounded the Trump files exposure.

    The USA is being manipulated by the left, I just hope it’s citizens see this and act accordingly!


    • Up2snuff says:

      digg, ” I just hope it’s citizens see this and act vote in 2024 accordingly! ”

      There. Fixed it for you.


  10. Guest Who says:

    BBC N. America, BBC Trending, BBC anything… explained..


    • vlad says:

      The BBC have started fawning over race-baiter extraordinaire Whoopi and her latest film about – you guessed it – waycism.
      It tells the story of a racist murder that occurred nearly 70 years ago.
      I wonder if Whoopi Cushion (sounds like a fart) will ever make a film about the prolonged torture, rape and murder in Tennessee of a white couple by a black gang in much more recent history (2007)?
      The truly horrific story went almost completely unreported by international, national and even local media, despite being horrifically sadistic.



    • StewGreen says:

      Justice isn’t equal then ?


  11. AsISeeIt says:

    News cuttings

    Here’s a BBC NHS story – so of course Getty Images supplies the anonymous stock illustration. Aside from carefully staged PR shots photography in our state hospitals is a bit of a no-no. A white chap, concerned for his health (we deduce this from the way he locks his fingers – although the rather poignant heart symbol he makes with his thumbs [TM Gareth Bale] may or may not be accidental) he’s consulting what appears to be a white coated long-haired female medic holding her clip board with his notes.

    “Give me the bad news, doc” would be a good guess for a caption

    A “most accomplished fraudster” who forged a degree certificate to get work as a psychiatrist earned more than £1m from the NHS, a jury has been told.

    Manchester Crown Court heard Zholia Alemi worked for almost 20 years after claiming to have qualified at the University of Auckland in New Zealand.



  12. Guest Who says:

    No truth in the rumour that Foghorn and Di have matching t-shirts ‘Never Kissed a Tory’?


    • Guest Who says:

      It’s the wanted ones that make you wonder.

      DO NOT think of Prescott tabling a secretary.


  13. Guest Who says:

    Art becomes life as life is in the remainder bin.

    Could they not have found a better hand model?


  14. Lucy Pevensey says:

    From yesterday’s live YouTube broadcast

    “It’s time once again for your favourite slog through another treasure trove of absurd communist propaganda”


  15. JohnC says:

    Baby’s welfare is priority in missing couple search, police say

    Now here’s a story we aren’t being told the truth about.

    Despite confirmed sightings across Colchester, we still have a front-page campaign on the BBC and leaflets distributed trying to find them.

    I strongly suspect this mixed-race partnership is not like those we see in all the TV programs.


  16. Oldspeaker says:

    By some reports a certain book is the fastest selling piece of ‘non fiction’ ever, anything to do with the relentless daily plugging from the bbc maybe? Nicholas Witchell even held up a copy to camera on the evening news, reminiscent of shameless chat show book pluggers of yore, how did that add to the story?


  17. popeye says:

    Hmm. BBC weather forecast this afternoon said no rain until after 7.00pm so took dogs for a walk.


    They tell us what the weather will be in 2050 but can’t even get it right for 15.30



  18. StewGreen says:

    Caribbean plaque in Filey, of course BBC local newsPR was there like a shot
    Carefully crafted piece with plinky plonk brainwashing background music too.

    Total respect to any member of the British Empire who served
    but 4,000 might be an overcount based on the numbers Simon Webb comes up with.


    • popeye says:

      Many would be white colonials returning to Mother Britain to fight for King and Country.


    • StewGreen says:

      The BBC already did a report in October
      where Naga opened by pronouncing Filey as Philly.
      Reading an autocue live is hard, but the BBC says getting names wrong is racist.

      Seems the evil local council has a memorial gardens, but refused the plaque.
      First saying that such a plaque is not inclusive
      Then saying that the Memorial Garden is just to commemorate LOCAL people who died.


  19. Northern Voter says:

    After letting out all the shenanigans at Royal weddings, ‘arry as he is known to his friend, is halfway through the second instalment of his autobiography “Spare”. The working title is “Prick”.


  20. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Just seeing on talk tv about the un-named royal who wondered about the babies colour being racist.
    Do you think that anybody in their crowd had wondered about the hair and if it would be ginger.
    Is that also some kind of ‘ism.

    This not very merry wife of Windsor is to the author, formerly known as Prince, what Yoko was to Lennon and her effect on the Beatles.


  21. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    On Farage he mentioned the village of 500 gaining a Manor House hotel with 400 ‘migrants’

    If half the population are wimmin and you take the ones aged from 10 to about 25 there must be around 35 of them.
    Are they going to have an escort if they venture outside or go to school. I bet there’s no fatties after 6 months and they all are all quickly quite fleet of foot.