Start the Week 16 January 2023

The sinister undemocratic World Economic Forum meets this week to plan our future. The BBC will be in a happy place there ….

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  1. JohnC says:

    I will quietly accept the honour of being first and won’t gloat about it to the other ‘wannabe’s’ who failed yet again.

    Uranium: Man arrested over find at Heathrow airport

    ‘A man in his 60s has been arrested on suspicion of a terror offence after traces of uranium were found at Heathrow Airport in December, Scotland Yard said.’

    They have – of course – omitted the key word ‘muslim’ which is the entire reason he did it in the first place. They hate us.

    So it was Iranians plotting to make a dirty bomb with Uranium from Pakistan after all.

    But of course the BBC don’t want you to know that. It goes against the ‘The far-right are the biggest threat’ narrative.


    • Fedup2 says:

      No no no – it was a ‘one off ‘ – it was scrap ‘badly packaged ‘ and accidentally contaminated with traces of uranium . There was no threat to the public – it’s all gonna be okay . It’s the Far Right which is the real threat …..

      … no doubt the other components of the device(s) came in via the reliable dinghy route …


    • tomo says:

      “scrap metal” being shipped through Heathrow?

      Something does not add up….


    • TrickCyclist says:

      “Iranian” and “uranium?”
      At one time the BBC would have employed a songwriter like Neil Innes (or a clever dick like Richard Stilgoe) who could easily have cobbled together a humorous ditty about this.


    • StewGreen says:

      “Cheshire Man” and uranium
      I wouldn’t automatically assume it’s a Muslim issue
      The guy was bailed, suggesting it’s not that serious.

      ” British citizen was detained by counter-terrorism police after the discovery of traces of uranium at Heathrow Airport just after Christmas.”

      Why do we get this BS, where they hang back on details ?

      I see : The UK’s world-leading uranium enrichment facility at Capenhurst in Cheshire has a capacity of 4.5 million Separate Work Units

      Could it be someone was exporting British made uranium ?

      It is done legally normally
      Nuclear Industry Association tweeted Nov 3, 2020
      Our friends at @URENCOUK enrich uranium at their Capenhurst facility in Cheshire, where 350 people help prepare efficient, sustainable fuel for the world.


      • JohnC says:

        I am basing that assumption on the fact I read that the intended recipients were Iranian.

        But I freely concede we can’t completely trust anything in our media these days …


      • Nibor says:

        A little careful here folks .
        Certain normal things triggers the atomic sensors.

        I was “detained “ at Dover docks when my load of ceramic floor tiles from Spain set the sensors off , which the Customs half expected.

        They also expected that a terrorist organisation would hide dirty bomb ingredients in such a load .

        I have a British passport, but that doesn’t convey the patriotism to our country expected previously as some people hold one but their loyalties are to an ideology.

        On the other hand let’s say an Estonian comes in with the same load .
        Estonia is now populated by Estonians . No ideological problems there .
        Unless the Estonian driver took a bung .


        • tomo says:

          In my limited experience at Coquilles traversing the Channel tunnel – furtive looking eastern Europeans in battered white vans don’t get anywhere near the attention that coachloads of Brit geriatric day shoppers do – same goes for pensioners returning from The Canary Islands at Gatwick.


    • Sluff says:

      Be interesting to know two things here.
      1. What sort of scrap metal can be cost-effectively recycled by air transport? Gold? Platinum? Alloys of them, maybe with rare earth elements?There can’t be many.
      2. What was the isotope ratio of the Uranium traces? And what was the makeup of any impurities? Might give a clue to both enrichment and sources.

      Don’t hold your breath for any answers.


      • Scroblene says:

        I guess they could have posted the stuff and saved the hassle, but realised that all the postmen were on strike, and they didn’t want the stuff to overheat in an empty sorting office, along with some cooker items which I ordered several days ago, and are still stuck…

        The ‘business’ beeboid autocue-readers (fourth-grade) always whinge and whine about successful businesses like Amazon, but the other items I ordered over the weekend arrived less that twenty-four hours later, all in good nick!

        Perhaps Bezos could take over Royal Mail?

        …or better still, the BBC?


        • Fedup2 says:

          Scroblene – I had an emotional roller coaster over Christmas having made the mistake of buying an expensive jacket online . After buying it I discovered it was to be delivered by EVRI .

          It never arrived . Luckily I got my money back . My advise – if buying anything online – see who the delivery agent is . If it is EVRI – AVOID .

          I was so so Fedup I was going to post something on Trustjobby but could nt be asked

          As for Royal Mail – a NHS / BBC style basket case ….I reckon pension liability precludes any takeover do it will go bust …


          • Scroblene says:

            Yup, we always have to check on Evri, and when they were Hermes as well. Our big package ended up next door once – in the pouring rain!

            I think that personal delivery guys have to do about 200 packages a day, but that’s the theory…

            The cooker items are stuck because of the post, but at least the supplier has emailed me to explain why – it’s not his fault!


            • Fedup2 says:

              I think the CEO of this failed delivery outfit was explaining last week that they didn’t have enough delivery drivers …. AVOID


    • Up2snuff says:

      Oh dear, you’ll get ‘what for’ from Brissles, John.


  2. Flotsam says:

    Saw David Starkey on GB News Sunday with Rev Calvin Robinson . The discussion was about the Woke CofE reparations for slavery. Starkey was in full on “debate” mode, ie I know what I’m talking about mode. His argument was that Britain was the first nation in the World to ban slavery and went on to destroy slave fleets around the World. It’s great to see someone who knows history destroy the Wokees.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I don’t think Britain does history anymore ….. only an ‘approved ‘ – ‘revised ‘ version of the past – all part of the plot to destroy Blighty ….hence the eagerness with which the BBC cancelled David Starkey …


    • Deborah says:

      If I knew how to post the link from my iPad, I would.. May I recommend Kisin Konstantin at the Oxford Union asking if the woke have gone too far? He is much too intelligent, with a logical mind which doesn’t agree with the BBC narrative to ever get much air time with our national broadcaster.

      Search YouTube, it is worth a view.


      • Nibor says:


        Normally I hate so called comedians who don’t stray into the world of politics but march full flow and are only funny to their tribe .
        But Kisin Konstantin was serious and thought provoking. At the debate he was a philosopher and I too recommend everyone to see his debate.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Deborah – thank you – I found his piece easily on YouTube – he was brief but would be supported by many here . The woke green crap – as he says – is just western madness compared to the billions coming out of poverty in China India and South America…

        ( 250k views in 3 days )


  3. JohnC says:

    Ukraine war: Chances of more survivors from Dnipro strike minimal – mayor

    ‘The attack left 29 dead while a further 44 are missing, city officials said.’.

    OK – not nice. But how many brave men fighting on the front line died today ?. I have no idea because you never tell me.

    ‘Nato chief Jens Stoltenberg said on Sunday that Ukraine could expect more deliveries of heavy weapons from Western countries.’

    Excuse me ?. Isn’t NATO supposed to be a purely defensive organisation to protect it’s members ?.

    I hate this war but statements like that only make me think Putin – barbaric as he is – has a point.


  4. Sluff says:

    Astonishing, new low for agenda-driven Leftoid BBC.

    Countryfile, the Islington middle class cycle lane lovers, eco-loon version of the countryside, was presented from Audley House, an English Heritage stately home near Saffron Waldron. Cue a tour of the kitchen garden whose produce is naturally organic and sold in veg boxes to yummy Guardianistas. How nice. And such a low cost, practical way of feeding 65 million people.

    But that’s not the worst of it. Not by a ‘country’ mile.

    We then move to a feature story about……errr……wait for it………..midwives in Somerset !!!!!!!!!! How hard they work. How wonderful they are.
    Working out of the county midwifery centre in rural……Taunton!

    FFS. What the frigging heck has this to do with the countryside? Do they also act as quasi vets on the side helping animals give birth out on the farms? I think not.

    Nothing of course to do with real country life. Everything to do with the public brainwashing essential to maintain the religion that is the NHS, for which the BBC is the unstinting, uncritical, chief worshipper.

    Relentless narrative. No actual value whatever. Yet at a cost of £4 bn a year.


    • Deborah says:

      Abandon your viewing of Country File. Instead watch on YouTube the Victorian cooking programmes from Audley House. They are a joy and a pleasure although not always things you might want to make at home. But no agenda.

      I just hear Avis Crocombe say, ‘for this recipe you will need……..’ and I know there will be no climate change, veganism, etc but just a pleasurable few minutes.


    • Fedup2 says:



  5. Tabs says:

    BBC taking the mick out of workmen painting a spelling mistake

    But then the BBC can’t spell themselves as the caption for the photo says “Hundreds of people have commented on the photo onlne”


    • andyjsnape says:

      Hello Tabs

      Surely the bbc would prefer workpersons, not female or male or 1 of the 120 genders

      Hopefully this isn’t a black workman, or this would be racist


  6. Nibor says:

    Near the start of the year so I will reiterate what the Gramscian people are .
    They broadly, repeat broadly follow the plan of Gramsci , an Italian Communist exiled by Mussolini in the thirties. He realises that Communism would never achieve power by normal democratic means so he advocated “ the long march through the institutions “ .
    Broadly speaking again , he meant don’t bother with normal democratic means , debate , accountability, openness, fairness ,the will of the people, protection of free speech.
    His idea was for those who were of a leftist bent to infiltrate the organs of government like the civil service, the universities, the teachers, , the police, the media [ like the BBC ] , religious groups, charities, pressure groups.
    Gradually, by no democratic means or accountability, the Gramscian ethos is not just prevalent, but the only way to think in those institutions. To be a free thinker in such an organisation is to be a wrong thinker .

    So how do you become a Gramscian ?

    First let me tell you that 95% of Gramscians don’t know they are Gramscians . They don’t know about Gramsci . Or Gramscians. Like without testing I don’t know if I carry the Covid virus .
    What they know is that at “ uni “ they were filled with all the stuff Gramsci wanted and they set out into the institutions, public and private, to propagate the Gramscian future. Most Gramscians are useful idiots. The ones that are conscious Gramscians are devious, callous and vicious individuals.
    So to become a Gramsci you just become one , consciously or unconsciously.
    No sign up necessary, a Tesco club card or Nectar card requires more formality. A Gramsci could be in the old three political parties but not be outed . And as such luminaries in the Conservative party like Ken Clarke and Edward Heath showed , progress to high exalted positions.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Totally agree. A fairly recent development in the UK was Blair’s ( an arch Gramscian ) increase in public sector wages to match or exceed those in the private sector. This meant that public sector jobs with their zero accountability , tenure for life, gold plated pensions and equal remuneration packages , were very attractive to those with ability. Many good folks joined up and began to support a ‘big state’ model from self interest. In your terms Nibor they became useful idiots who are doing very well out of the state.
      Blair’s policy,which is irreversible, changed the allegiance of hundreds of thousands of the best and the brightest from Tory to Labour in the space of a few years and built in a strong permanent Labour bias in our institutions.


    • Sluff says:

      Not for the first time, more analysis here from our writers than is ever found on the bBBC.
      But the group that is missing from the list is MPs.
      Because most of them are also pretty unaccountable ( in safe seats) and certainly benefit from public sector largesse. Even Tory ones.
      And many would never command, through their own ability, the salary and benefits they enjoy as MPs.


  7. vlad says:

    In their fawning adoration of St Martin Luther King, the BBC are delighted to present “10 Surprising facts about civil rights icon”.

    They forget to mention the ‘surprising fact’ that the Saint is alleged to have had huge numbers of sordid affairs; to have used and abused prostitutes (preferably white), and engaged in orgies that sometimes turned violent. Oh, and wife beating.

    Some reports also allege alcoholism and embezzlement.


  8. Fedup2 says:

    The BBC doesn’t approve of plod in schools .it put out a’ piece’ by someone called ‘Edina Campbell’ – a young coloured tick box from the Springster class .

    Edina presented one side-such as a strip searched coloured girl ‘victim’ complete with revoiced muvva innit and a bland press release from plod saying presence in schools is good .
    Basically ladies and gentlemenf – the piece was poor unfair and biased – so up to standard for the BBC .

    But please don’t get me wrong – I care less whether plod is in schools or not – I’m not too concerned about ferals killing each other at the now traditional 4pm killing time .

    For a short time I was a school governor . The school was probably 80% coloured – the teachers were probably 80% female . I was the token white guy and out of my depth . I couldn’t preside over discipline cases because I knew I couldn’t exclude violent kids . I’d view the CCTV of fights between brutal violent 14 year old girls and just think WTF but not be allowed to do much about it . So I gave up.

    Today the bbc news is giving air to far left ‘campaign group ‘ demanding plod not be in schools . I rest my case ..

    …must be due a stabber dead coloured promising footballer later …


  9. Fedup2 says:

    The times is carrying out surveys of the public view of the NHS – apparently support is ‘edging away ‘- good news for a change .
    The sooner people realise what the medical mafia is – and what a bloated outfit it is the better …


    • Sluff says:

      Despite pouring in tens of billions, the NHS is still toxic for the Tories. One reason they have totally bottled it on necessary reforms and taking on vested interests.
      We may be in the perverse position that only Labour could actually reform it.


      • Greencoat says:

        The NHS may be (faux) reformed only by Labour on the same basis that only Black or Asian MPs are allowed to voice concern about illegal immigration.


  10. andyjsnape says:

    Energy boss warns higher bills are here to stay

    and at the bottom of the page a link to (from 3 days ago):-
    Energy bills predicted to fall further this year


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      As globalists shrills, the BBC are entirely predictable in their output. When I saw the headline for this article, my immediate thought was “How long before they mention this is a WEF publicity piece?”. It wasn’t long: as we read it we discover “Mr Opedal spoke to the BBC before attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland which is an annual gathering of political and business leaders” (they missed out the words ‘unelected’ and ‘unaccountable’ at the end of that sentence). The basic gist is this: expensive energy is here to stay, even if the price of producing it fell to nothing. The reasons for this are obvious if – naturally – unstated. Costs of production and costs to consumers are now totally decoupled e.g. the European gas-price fixing scam, meaning the floodgates are open for obscene profiteering by energy companies. Additionally, WEF policy is to ration commodities such as energy, food, travel and healthcare, to maximise profits and enable societal control. Or as Mr Opedal not so subtly states: “we need to treat energy as something that is not abundant”.

      The old canard that energy companies need to make lotsa money in order to finance the transition to sustainable profits energy is rolled out. Well, they’ve been raking it in over the past couple of years. Gas prices may have increased through a combination of renewed demand following the pandemic, Ukraine and, primarily, throuigh market manipulation. But, the cost of wind and sunshine has not increased, meaning electricity generated by those means has not, only the profits associated with it.


    • The Sage says:

      Yes, it’s very confusing. Take a look at gas futures (on the BBC website, where else?). The price of gas this time last year was around USD 178 p/therm. This afternoon and when I last looked it was only USD 136 p/them. Yet energy bills have doubled in the meantime. Please can someone explain this situation to me because it does not make sense to me.


  11. Doublethinker says:

    Many folks wonder if the truth about the de casting impact of lockdowns and vaccines on the nation’s health will ever become public knowledge. Why is the MSM so reluctant to follow the lead of GBN?
    The answer is simply a matter of politics and timing. The truth that the vaccines have harmed many people who were encouraged to have the jab by government sponsored campaigns will be a devastating political weapon when the BBC goes into overdrive about it a few months before the election.
    Labour and MSM will claim that they only supported lockdowns and the vaccination programme because they , unlike the Tory government, were not privy to all the facts and data that were available at that time. Had they been they would have adopted a different strategy.


  12. andyjsnape says:

    Police defend big jump in officers in UK schools

    “The Runnymede Trust race equality think tank found 979 Safer Schools Officers (SSOs) in schools last spring, compared with 683 in 2021”

    “It found SSOs are more likely to be based in schools with higher numbers of children on free school meals, often with higher numbers of black pupils”

    So the best use of resources then! If crime is higher within certain communities, best not ignore it


  13. Foscari says:

    IMAGE WATCH- Does anybody in advertising know if Getty’s
    who supply the BBC with imaging. Only employ models of Afro -Caribbean ethnicity for features on social
    interest topics , such as the cost of living crisis. Including
    mortgage repayments, utility bills , debt over Christmas spending
    etc etc ?
    Or maybe BIG BROTHER from the Diversity dept insists that
    Getty’s only supply the BBC with these images. I have written
    to the BBC and told them that they need to be more inclusive
    in their imaging. Maybe just on occasion we see an image
    of models of Indian sub continent , or of South East Asian ethnicity.
    And even maybe one in a thousand of advertising models of
    Caucasian . Or dare I say indigenous UK ethnicity.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Getty explicitly state that they want to promote die-versity (codeword for ‘no White people’) in their photographs. The BBC could not wish for more (un)natural fellow travellers.


  14. theisland says:

    One has to wonder at the motives and/or sanity of those participating in the 2023 WEF Annual Meeting. (the UK contingent starts at p. 48).

    For reasoned reports follow Rebel News at

    Who’s not coming to Davos


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      We must all pray that a Russian missile headed for Ukraine does not go wildly astray and land on Davos this week…


    • G says:

      Looking at that list of attendees – from the UK alone – you have to question whether there is anybody at home doing any work.

      The tentacles of the WEF are everywhere. It would be impossible to identify devotees as distinct from those going along for the ride.

      Needs a declaration that the members from the UK will not allow the WEF influence to affect their decision making.


      • Ian Rushlow says:

        WEF members from the UK should be banned from key aspects of public life, such as becoming MPs or senior civil servants, as their interests clearly lie elsewhere.


  15. Guest Who says:


  16. Guest Who says:

    Is there a media pond life lower than Vile?


  17. Guest Who says:

    The old Trusted Media initiative showing cracks.

    Maybe they meant his son’s marching powder?

    Time for Springster to get Sopes and the old gang together to fact check cnn?


  18. Guest Who says:

    New lass to take over OFCOM merged with tvl?


    • G says:


      Happening in the ‘Basket Case’ the US has become, but, but, but, no doubt appearing in Blighty in due course.


  19. Guest Who says:

    Enders Analysis – Viewing is narrowing: Bigger shows, fewer hits

    At least the BBC has lots of Mrs Brown Boys episodes.


  20. AsISeeIt says:

    Breaking news Bad edition

    ‘Senseless violence’ is the headline quote from the Met police – Supt Rowlands, no less (of the Yard? Or these days is it of the Yardies?) implying the Met are clueless as to any motive – as the advertising freebie Metro pictures: Crime scene: Police look for clues in the street

    The BBC too, apparently, has absolutely nothing to go on (as that old gag about someone stealing police lavatories used to mock) – despite: Euston shooting: Attempted murder arrest after shooting left girl, 7, seriously injured… Mayor of London Sadiq Khan described the shooting as “deeply distressing” and said he was in close contact with detectives to determine what happened. Home Secretary Suella Braverman wrote on Twitter that she was “deeply concerned by the shocking shooting”.– that’s as maybe – thank goodness for Twitter or BBC news would be platitudinously quoteless as well as institutionally clueless.

    As to that arrest, Mr AsI cautions that as always in such high profile cases, with a lot of media interest, the cops will tend to haul at least someone in, within hours… of the next impending press conference.

    There is a tiny suggestion of a clue as to motive for this supposedly senseless drive-by gangster-style funeral shooting on the frontpage of the corporate advert-financed freesheet Metro: Sara Sanchez, 20, who died of leukaemia in November, and her Colombian mum Fresia Caldero, 50

    While BBC licence payers are left in the dark it is the broadsheet Telegraph that gives the game away, spills the beans, lets the cat out of the bag, blows the gaff, or whatever colloquial expression you will… in a small frontpage report: Church shooting linked to drug cartel… A convicted member of the Colombian Cali drug cartel was the husband and father of two women whose memorial service was targeted by a drive-by gunman – and that’s how journalism is done.

    Good journalism these days is forthrightly telling people exactly what they might have already guessed – or somesuch?

    Import the third world, import the third world’s problems – not that I’m saying all Colombians are involved in drug cartels… one has to be careful…

    ‘Diversity can be a bit po-faced’ Comic Phil Wang on joking about different cultures – there’s a chap opining in the left-leaning ‘i’ newspaper, himself being of Malaysian descent, who had to suffer growing up as a Cambridge Footlight… lumbered with the name Wang – Pythonesque wannabe undergrads can be so cruel.

    Apologies, but one cannot hereabouts resist the sequeway from Wang to: Harry envied Wills’ sausage (Daily Star) – this is the dishonourable Crichton, Paul Burrell, Diana’s butler (remember him?) on behalf of Prince Harry making the latest shocking anti-Royal family discrimination complaint that as a child the spare ginger one was offered one less breakfast sausage at the palace than his elder bro William – oh the humanity! Not that he bears any grudges.

    King-to-be got extra brekkie banger – is the Star’s banger of a star headline this morn

    Now for some vexillology – or what uber-nerd Sheldon Cooper of TV comedy The Big Bang Theory liked to call his Fun With Flags

    Foreign flags are waving all over the mastheads of our national titles this morning – and it’s not confined to the brave blue and yellow of the Daily Express

    The blood red people’s red banner of Red China illustrates the FT report: Wealthy Chinese find haven in Singapore – but London plays host to the families of Colombian drug lords? One senses, given the two womens’ fatal ailments, they may have come here for the free NHS – it’s world renown you know, despite: Two in three voters think NHS offers bad service (Times)

    That red flag with the communist stars is also raised frontpage of the ‘i’ newspaper: China’s tech spyware ‘puts ministers at risk’

    One has to admire the brass neck of the left-leaning ‘i’ as they rather unsubtlely undermine the caution by pointing out the horrible Tory-ness of the report: UK vulnerable to blackmail warns Tory leader of Foreign Affairs Committee

    One has to smile. How many multiple times has one read left-leaning media shout how MPs demand this or insist that lefty thing – without revealing the Labour affiliations of the various parliamentary committees involved.

    Anyway, our MPs, of all colours, don’t get off that traitorous and sleazy hook by moaning about Chinese spyware – not when they take so many under-the-counter Chinese cash donations.

    My AsI confines himself to frontpage reporting – perhaps others hereabouts may further explore the article: I took on the BBC over my licence fee – and won – as teased on the cover of the left-leaning ‘i’ newspaper and illustrated, mind you, with a pic of an adorable smiling black woman and her daughter – talk about biting the hand that feeds Lenny Henry


  21. StewGreen says:

    Re BBC and Malhota’s surprise interview
    The Guardian article does say they did a deliberate retalitary action
    BBC spokesman “We then asked Prof Peter Openshaw, who represents the overwhelming scientific consensus on the vaccine, to be interviewed on air on this topic and he challenged and rebutted the claims that had been made.”

    Over on Cli-Scep there’s an article


  22. StewGreen says:

    9am R4 “the idea that Columbus discovered America has long been discredited”

    em that’s language trickery
    of course there were people already living there
    but Columbus what’s the first person to bring the knowledge to Europe.

    she then brings on an author who’s take is totally romantic about indigenous culture.

    “when these people were brought to Europe they describe Europe as being savage”
    I can understand that being true in some instances because different cultures have different ideas about what is good behaviour
    for example in some places in Africa you cannot say greet people over a piece of water.

    we know that indigenous culture in America is diverse
    at that time some of them did have slavery slaves etc.


    • StewGreen says:

      Kirsty Wark is the presenter

      @AlexeiRomanov13 tweeted
      any suggestion Aztec empire was in any way savage or brutal
      is condemned as a racial slur by Kirsty Wark & friends


    • StewGreen says:

      Next prog starts
      It’s promoting the SAME book !


  23. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – news the BBC will and will not want to hear (yes, you read that right)

    Facts of Business Life: those in the energy sector, like Anders Opedal, boss of Equinor says that the transition to NutsZero (he didn’t use that soubriquet) will mean energy costs will remain high in future. Of course, as a wealthy man, he has installed heat pumps (yes, two! what does that say about the efficiency of heat pumps?) in his home.

    There will be joy at the BBC because they can attack a Conservative Government over ‘the-cost-of-living-crisis’ but there will be mixed feelings as a future Government of whatever political colour may actually wake up in future and cull the BBC’s beloved cause of Global Warming and Climate Change because it makes no sense while we have coal and gas and oil under our feet and in our seas in the UK.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I recall the ex politician Kwazi Fantazi cheerfully telling us that we will all be paying ‘ a little bit more ‘ to fund the nuclear power stations due in 2070/ 80/ 90.
      He sounded like a teenger who lives off the bank of mum and dad .


  24. pugnazious says:

    Well…who’d a thunk?

    Apparently no-one is aware that cocoa and chocolate originated in South America…chocolate, as Horrible Histories might claim, is not Swiss or from a Cadbury factory in Birmingham. Damn…next they’ll tell us potatoes aren’t Irish.

    Oh but wait….there’s more…indigenous people can teach us so much about climate change and the environment…..this of course was the narrative about Aborigines in Australia…they could teach us about crop rotation and burning….hmmmm….kinda think we know that already.

    This is the indigenous people who exhaust local resources and then move on….only ‘sustainable’ when you have a small, mobile population…doesn’t translate into the modern, densely populated and urban world…just more BBC utopian arty, farty, dreamy claptrap romanticising the ‘exotic’ indigenous people and their cultures…whilst rubbishing our own culture and history and hating our own indigenous people…ie us.

    Of course the BBC and the green extremists would love us to go back to the hunter gatherer lifestyle….just a matter of killing off a few billion people…not a problem apparently.


  25. theisland says:

    This plan could very well go something like this:

    1. Get rid of the most readily identifiable Brexiteer figurehead, Boris Johnson, the bête noire of the Remain campaign.
    2. Get rejected Tory leadership candidates in – staunch Remainer Jeremy Hunt and the ambiguous Rishi Sunak – to soften Britain up for re-entry into the EU’s orbit. Liz Truss with her Thatcherite policies was a most unwelcome democratic blip, but Rejoiners must be emboldened by her successful defenestration, because the Eurosceptic Conservative grass roots has now been removed from all decision-making.
    3. Sideline key Brexiteer ministers.
    4. Attack, slow down or pause legislation which enables the UK diverge from EU law, thus making it much easier to re-adopt all EU rules and regulations. The media, unions and Rejoiner peers and MPs are now all campaigning against the Retained EU Law Bill, helped by a civil service which claims the task of sunsetting EU law is too difficult (it isn’t – all the legislation was reviewed for the European Union Withdrawal Act 2018).
    5. Fail to bin the NI Protocol, for the same reason as 4 (it keeps the UK aligned with EU law).
    6. Allow the EU to take credit for support for Ukraine, although without Britain’s early and vigorous lead, EU politicians would still be sitting down with Putin while Kiev was flattened. Recent newspaper puff pieces show that recollections definitely vary on the Ukraine War.
    7. Fail to divert trade from EU supply chains through unambitious trade agreements which stick closely to the EU’s protectionist trade policy.
    8. Squeeze the economy with unnecessary and excessively high taxation and strangle business with even more regulation.
    9. Stir continuously with liberal additions of ‘curated truth’ and ‘opinion polls’ claiming that Brexit is an unmitigated disaster. The steady flow of pro-EU/anti-Brexit media pieces in recent weeks is going to increase.
    10. When the cauldron is piping hot and the recipe cooked to full toxicity, claim that because of an ‘unprecedented economic crisis’ we have to rejoin the Single Market ‘to save Britain’. The chorus from the big banks, the media, decrepit politicians, think tanks and every Twitter activist who hates Brexit will stoke the frenzy, much as they did against Liz Truss. They must have been disappointed by the GDP statistics issued this month, which showed that the economy actually grew last autumn instead of contracting./


  26. AsISeeIt says:

    News clippings

    BBC: ‘Global firms help Myanmar’s military make weapons, says report… The US, France, India and Japan are among those named, despite Western-led sanctions intended to isolate Myanmar’

    Oh, so now we are required to disapprove of the global arms trade feeding bloody conflicts?

    BBC: ‘UK to send Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine, Rishi Sunak confirms’

    What, you mean we’re sending both of our tanks?


  27. StewGreen says:

    No BBC story so far ..leftmob angry
    The Sun 21 hours ago : Ex-Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi pays million in tax to settle dispute over complex financial transactions involving his Gibraltar based family trust and the polling firm YouGov which he founded,
    His lawyers say he has always paid the correct amount of tax


    • Fedup2 says:

      Certainly shows how debased the political system is when a blue labour chancellor has to ‘ make a payment’ .

      This is often a sign that a court case would be both financially and personally damaging.

      Some might call it corruption..

      But as some say – we need more wealthy clever people in £parliament £


    • StewGreen says:

      OK 6 hours after I posted about Zahawi BBCnews did put up a story
      dated 3:56pm Tuesday
      Tweeted later

      Now 20 hours later I spot some Labour accounts claiming the “BBC is silent”


  28. atlas_shrugged says:

    Looks like Nuremberg 2.0 is going to be required:

    Apparently this is a new tack which is being considered in the UK (in a parliamentary paper written by A N other legal scumbag) where future vaxxxxx refusers will be first certified insane and sub-sequentially it will be OK to impound them, and force a kill-shot.

    The bBC must be wetting themselves in excitement.


  29. digg says:

    The BBC getting very aggressive with a lady supporting more police action to break up the lunatics blocking roads etc.

    The BBC hate the Police, The BBC hate the travelling public, The BBC love any group challenging the Tory Government regardless of the consequences to the public and are doing their best to paint them as a dictatorship.

    BBC then roll on a speed-dial handy activist American lady trying to link it with strike restrictions, nurses blah, blah, blah.

    No mention whatsoever of the consequences of these fools actions, missed health appointments, ambulances trapped, children not picked up from school etc. etc. etc…..

    Not to mention the horrific cost of creating a massive backlog of vehicles unable to move burning fuel.

    Why don’t you ask Joe Public what they think before mouthing off and campaigning for the perpetrators BBC?

    Bloody dangerous and unbelievable from our National Broadcaster!

    One-sided, utter Slugs!


    • Fedup2 says:

      I dont get the residual disapproval of plod by the BBC . They are both the woke children of Anthony Blair and sing from the same approved song list .
      But i suppose green crap beats everything in their group think .

      I often wonder who wins out of muslims – queers – green crap – coloured folk – wimmin… disabled ( vulnerable) – anyone who is not one of these can swing ….


    • MarkyMark says:

      ‘We couldn’t get an ambulance for my husband then he died’



  30. Guest Who says:

    Worth repeating.

    “…organisations such as the BBC – essentially the propaganda arm of the Deep State – can send a signal to their audience as to which opinions are and aren’t acceptable.”

    Still recall how renowned impartial hit magazine Newsnight taught Guido a lesson he never forgot.


  31. digg says:

    BBC off again….California….

    It got a bit hot last summer and the voices started…. “it’s Climate Change!

    Now it’s a bit cold and wet and the voices are back “it’s Climate Change”

    NO! it’s called weather!
    Grow up!!!


  32. digg says:

    A Walrus in the UK…. The BBC are convinced its all, yes you guessed it “Climate Change”

    Maybe they should read up on this a bit..

    I quote….

    “There have been at least 13 records in the Shetlands in recent history, the last a male in 2002. Here
    And then there is the famous Wally the Walrus who in 1981, as he visited the east coast of England, became a media celebrity, before being flown back north.
    Walrus sightings in Ireland “A Walrus was seen hauled out on rocks in County Mayo, Ireland for six hours. Lying within 100 metres of the busy coastal road and spotted as a “rock that moved”, the resting walrus finally disappeared at dusk. There have been several walrus sightings at sea off County Donegal in recent winters, and a couple of walruses were reported to have been seen by surfers in Killala Bay in December. A dead walrus was found in County Kerry in January 1995″. From here
    North Uist: local fishermen saw a walrus – tusks an’ all on a small island off the east side of North Uist a couple of years ago. Here
    A large walrus was regularly seen in Aberdeenshire in 1954.”

    You can run BBC but you can’t hide!


    • pugnazious says:

      I thought it was because of Brexit…of it’s not climate it’s Brexit that’ll do for us according to the BBC…about every five minutes.


      • Up2snuff says:

        digg, heard that item and immediately had a thought ‘there’s a beach in California that has walrus on it, so it cannot be Climate Change’.

        Maybe the BBC could get Addledbrother to do a film : he could call it ‘Some like it hot.’.


  33. Lucy Pevensey says:

    We need to see the same and more of it, in England & Wales.


  34. MarkyMark says:

    “Nudge Unit”
    The Behavioural Insights team, popularly known as the ‘Nudge Unit’, is playing a big role in helping the government formulate its response to coronavi

    11 MAR 2020

    Why ‘nudge’?
    It is called ‘nudge’ after the book by Richard Thaler (who went on to win the Nobel prize in economics) and Cass Sunstein which set out how people are not the rational economic actors beloved of conventional economic theory – but can be influenced by “choice architecture” into making better choices in their own interests.

    better choices .. those the GOV want!

    better choices .. for whom?

    better choices .. those the GOV want!

    better choices .. for whom?

    better choices .. those the GOV want!

    better choices .. for whom?


  35. dafydd says:

    The Police will obviously divert all there man power from the recent drive by shooting to investigate the enclosed..!!!!


  36. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2 – pathetically poor reporting

    The latest Saturday Shooting this time on the A40, ie Euston Road, in central London of people at a church memorial service. The Beeboids doing TOADY think it will be far less dangerous to talk to another Beeboid, a name new to me, Frances Reed, hope I got that right. She sounded very young maybe just out of journalism school and not quite on top of the job? She was asked about the condition of one of the shooting victims by, I think, Mishal.

    “Dunno” came the reply although not phrased exactly like that. Er, I think that as the reporter assigned you are meant to go and find out. Duher!


  37. digg says:

    BBC in a happy, happy, happy place… a met cop got busted for rapes.

    The rolling repetitive reporting and suppressed chortling reminds me of 911 coverage.

    Pity they didn’t give Saville or Rotherham the same depth of repeated coverage.

    Bad apples exist in many organisations and often get their arses covered by their bosses.

    The only way you can 100% avoid this is to send a Met officer home with every cop 7 days a week.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I think more detail will be useful – particularly how this character committed multiple crimes over such a long time …I wonder if he had a ‘nickname ‘ at work – perhaps his workmates called him ‘rapist ‘…..


      • digg says:

        There will be no more detail, especially how exactly he managed to abuse and rape the Women as it appears that number of women be raped were exceeded by a multiple of four times by the number of rapes, odd innit?


        • Fedup2 says:

          I am usually no fan of public inquiries – but there is something seriously wrong in the met plod – that’s 2 cases from the diplomatic protection outfit in one year …. The public deserve to know how this character did what he did and why he wasn’t dealt with far earlier ….


  38. Guest Who says:

    That word ‘elite’ is in the same category as ‘honour killings’.

    However, kudos to the photo ed.

    Gates, Blair and Bonio is not exactly going to inspire many outside an armoured Merc.


  39. pugnazious says:

    ‘I never expected to be living like they did in the olden days’ said a woman just now on R4 as she described having no heating in the cold weather.

    Welcome to the brave new world that the BBC’s finest want to impose upon you in order to ‘save the planet’.

    You may have heard the BBC ramping up its climate change rhetoric [and anti-Brexit cobblers] as it inserts it into every programme…even programme about South American indigenous people managed to find an excuse to lecture us on climate….and more blatant was ‘Nature Bang’ which started off with a look at how animals learn new skills from other birds but used this to promote mass immigration as new people bring new ideas and skills.

    ‘In the human world, it’s well known that an influx of immigrants can have a profound effect on the prevailing culture, often bringing new ways of thinking and innovations in technology, or brand new cuisines.’

    But it’s a dodgy comparison…the incoming birds, few in number, were the same as the group they were joining, the only difference being the new technique or skill they brought with them…..this does not translate into mass immigration of people with few skills….highly skilled migrants are valuable and benefit hugely their adopted nation but others, less skilled, and less iinterested in integrating, are less beneficial.

    You may have heard the BBC this morning loudly broadcasting the Great Reset that awaits us…or is in fact now under way as we are being forced to cut our fuel consumption.

    ‘The boss of Norwegian energy giant Equinor has said he does not expect gas and electricity bills to return to the levels they were before Covid.

    Anders Opedal told the BBC this was down to the costs of moving from fossil fuels to less damaging energy sources.’

    Although wholesale prices have fallen back to below levels prior to the Ukraine invasion prices in the home and at the pump stay high….and will stay high to fund climate change activism….you will freeze, buy less and eat no meat, not drive nor fly in order to ‘save the planet’.

    The BBC openly advocating the Great Reset whilst denying it to our face….

    ‘A vague set of proposals from an influential organisation has been transformed by online conspiracy theorists into a powerful viral rallying cry. What is the truth behind the “Great Reset”?

    Believers spin dark tales about an authoritarian socialist world government run by powerful capitalists and politicians – a secret cabal that is broadcasting its plan around the world. ‘

    That ‘influential organisation’? The World Economic Forum…meeting in Davos right now …just by coincidence as the BBC ramps up the climate spin….of course the WEF is on the case there as well….

    ‘Conspiracy beliefs are also seeping into discussions about the global response to climate change.

    Mr Schwab’s proposal emphasises the use of more green public infrastructure projects and “greener growth”.’

    Soooo….not really a conspiracy if it is absolutely and obviously true eh?

    Nothing like being gaslighted by the corrupt and massively lying BBC.

    You will freeze, eat gruel and never leave your village if the BBC has its way.


    • G says:


      I’ll scream if I hear the expression, “…..since records began…”.

      ‘Records’ ? The intransitive verb – “to record something”

      Like Ice Cores, tree rings and the like. Oh! hang on. These potentially go back thousands of years. The, ‘Settled Science’ mob don’t want that……………….


  40. tomo says:


    • Guest Who says:

      To the last, that there is likely due to the BBc being exempted from everything anyone else gets slaughtered for.

      Worth getting Springster to confirm, but be prepared to get blocked.

      Or run it by ECU, but be prepared to be banned.

      The bizarre aspect there is plenty out there to illustrate the claim, albeit located somewhere nowhere near where the narrative requires.

      Or maybe a BBC search via Getty only offered..


    • StewGreen says:

      The BBC staff must know it’s a fabricated photoshop image
      cos March 2022 LAST YEAR we tracked down the original and tweeted it to the reporter twice
      She chose to ignore those, but since she gets so few replies, I find it difficult to believe she didn’t see them.


  41. StewGreen says:

    The snow has just started .. pretty light


  42. tomo says:

    Tucker Carlson interviews Robert Kennedy on TNI anti-trust lawsuit which pivots in large part on The BBC




    – is likely pinned to Springster’s cublcle wall?

    from a leaked BBC memo:

    although we are ostensibly all rivals and competitors with each other, the existential threat to all of our business models comes from thousands of independent news sites who are now not only providing all this content that people are reading, but they’re also diminishing trust in our organizations. And, the way that we can destroy them, they called “stamp them out and choke them.”


    • StewGreen says:

      For some reason they haven’t released the BBC memo
      but rater just quote the phrase in it
      “stamp them out and choke them.”


      • tomo says:

        – much as they’d like to do to this web site?


        • Up2snuff says:

          Numerous references to Twitter and Elon Musk who appears to be a new ‘bogeyman’ today for the BBC right up there with former President Trump and former Prime Minister Johnson.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Wonder if the BBC/Associate Press would like to replace “Grooming Gang” with “Sadistic Child Torture Gangs” so we think differently about these cases?

      He (Adil Khan/8 year sentence out in under 4 years) told the court: “They weren’t girls – they were women.”
      He (Abdul Aziz/9 years out in under 4 years) ferried the girls as far as Leeds and Bradford and was paid by the stream of men (who will never be arrested) who used the girls for sex, getting £40 for each introduction.

      “For the Many (Raped), Not the Few (Convicted)”
      “Enough(47 Girls Raped?) is Enough (1400 Girls Raped?)!”

      Rochdale child sex trafficker Adil Khan fights deportation { 17feb2016}
      “A member of child sex grooming gang who got a 15-year-old girl pregnant has claimed he is innocent as he fights deportation from the UK. Adil Khan, 46, maintained there was a “big story” behind his conviction for a series of child sex offences in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. … They have a seven-year-old son, and if his appeal fails he can lodge a further appeal against deportation on the grounds of a breach of his human rights, the right to a family life, under Article Eight of the Human Rights Act.”

      Family fears missing teenager (Mya Recardo, South East London) could be victim of child grooming gangs {express 27sep2017}


  43. tomo says:


    • Fedup2 says:

      Eddie Sturton spends 25 minutes getting nowhere on the serial plod rapist . He interviews 3 wimmin – including Evette cooper balls making maximum political capital out of failure – another one ranted about ‘institutional mysogeny’ maybe best abbreviated to IM – which now joins another favourite IR – institutional racism .

      I’m no fan of the political woks plod . So I’d like to know how this character got away with such crimes for almost 20 years . Surely he had friends and his bosses who knew something ?

      This is a case which really does deserve more detail to be published . And if any of his victims went public – despite the pain – that would help I think.

      What will the emir of londonistan say ?

      This is one of those ‘big stories ‘ which is gone by tomorrow – but truly deserves more attention ….. I suppose the guilty pleas deprive us of a public account but does protect the victims from the trauma of court …


      • G says:

        Nice to see that the BBC gives as much air space to one individual. I don’t recall, but did they gave similar in depth coverage to the muslim child rapists a while ago……………..


        • Fedup2 says:

          Yes I agree – but this character – and the circumstances deserve the attention as much as all those child rapes still do ….


          • JohnC says:

            It’s the gross, racist double standards by the BBC which disgust me so much.

            This copper is scum. But so are all the black and Muslim murderers/rapist who the BBC deliberately do not report because it is ‘not helpful’ for their multicultural agenda.

            Like this one which is nowhere to be seen:
            Aziza Bennis death: Daughter admits killing but denies murder

            ‘Hanna Bennis, 21, has been charged with the death of Aziza Bennis, 58’
            ‘A post-mortem examination found she had more than 30 stab wounds’
            And – unreported by the BBC in their very short, facts-only article – she filmed the grizzly aftermath as well.

            30 stab wounds is far worse then a simple stabbing. It’s frenzied, bloodthirsty butchery yet I don’t even see it on the UK front page – yet the white rapist already has multiple articles and I guarantee it will run for days.


        • vlad says:

          G – “a while ago”? You think the paedo rape gangs have stopped? No, they’re just more careful.


          • Fedup2 says:

            Of course they haven’t stopped – why should anything change ? – their people / relatives are in plod and the councils and other agencies ensuring they can carry on their crimes …politicians care more for their ‘community ‘ votes than for the child victims – and will continue …

            Every so often twitter shows the private enterprise of good people entrapping the vermin trying to assault children …. But the BBC looks away ….


          • MarkyMark says:

            Rotherham child abuse scandal: 1,400 children exploited, report finds


            Five men from the town were jailed for sexual offences against girls in 2010, but the report said police “regarded many child victims with contempt”.

            District Commander for Rotherham, Ch Supt Jason Harwin said: “Firstly I’d like to start by offering an unreserved apology to the victims of child sexual exploitation who did not receive the level of service they should be able to expect from their local police force.

            “We fully acknowledge our previous failings.”



            • BRISSLES says:

              I’m reliably informed that since all this came to prominence, many who use taxis in Rotherham refuse to ride with any Pakistani driver, so ‘that’ community must be feeling the financial squeeze.


  44. StewGreen says:

    News stories repeat
    John Cleese has once again said that white people didn’t invent slavery … libmob have once again got outraged.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Stew, the Bible would beg to differ with the LibMob and agree with John Cleese. Daniel, a Jew found himself something of a slave with his three friends, who were carried off to Babylon which you can read about in Daniel chapter 1. Then, I think that before that, the Children of Israel were enslaved by the Egyptians. Verdi wrote an opera that contains ‘The Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves’. Even earlier, Abraham had a slave Hagar who bore Abraham a son, Ishmael.

      The Assyrians had a nice little touch for defeated opposition troops. They would put a hook though their noses and take them off to Assyria to be slaves. Think it is where we get the expression ‘To be led by the nose’ from!


  45. StewGreen says:

    The Hertfordshire rapist
    Metropolitan Police officer, David Carrick met some victims through online dating sites and used his role as a police officer to gain their trust.
    (He served with the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command)
    It can now be reported that Carrick had already pleaded guilty to 43 charges,
    including 20 counts of rape against 9 women, some on multiple occasions over months or years, with many of those attacks involving violence that would have left them physically injured.


  46. micknotmike says:

    The bbc, as you would expect, have been all over the dreadful events in Dnipro where a Russian missile ploughed through the middle of a block of flats, killing at least 30 civilians. Terrible, regardless of the victims’ nationality. Russia have been insisting that they do not deliberately target civilian buildings. It was most assuredly a Russian missile, fired by the Russians. They are not renowned for incompetence at this level.

    What has now come to light is a statement from the Ukranian authorities admitting that they shot down the missile, only deflecting its course away from the intended target, presumably military.

    I’ve looked on the bbc “War in Ukraine” page but I haven’t seen an article passing on this information. I’m not sure when it will be posted. Bias by omission, I believe it’s called.

    No mention either, about the widow’s march in Kiev. Apparently the Ukranian authorities only pay compensation to families of troops killed in conflict. When there is no body, the soldier is “missing”, with no compensation.

    We are supposed to wonder why the Ukranians keep stumbling upon mass graves of their own troops. Could it be that the corrupt regime save a lot of cash by leaving the dead where they fall?


    • StewGreen says:

      @Mick Have you got a link to support that big claim, about the missile ?


      • micknotmike says:

        Afternoon Stew,

        I’ve only got what I have been told is being reported by RT. The story from there is that an advisor to Zalensky raised the “friendly fire” element at a press conference and has been roundly disowned by his fellows. I’ve no way of verifying it (I don’t look at RT myself).
        My post above does imply a certainty for which I apologise. I don’t believe one side more than the other. The bias exists when the bbc report “The Ukranians say this” without showing the counter-claim, “However, they have also said that”.
        The truth will out, of course. Remember when we were all assured that the Russians had sabotaged their own pipelines?


        • StewGreen says:

          @Mick, Cheers as ever BIG claims need BIG evidence
          especially by media
          I wouldn’t hold forum posters to same standard
          It’s OK to be wrong


  47. StewGreen says:

    Guido has done a story about
    The UK Homeland Security Group’s : Gender Identities workshop

    “Don’t use: Homosexual/homosexuality
    – generally considered a medical term now.
    People tend to use gay instead.
    Can reduce the person to purely sexual terms.”

    Don’t say “mate” etc.


  48. StewGreen says:

    Jolyon has lost another case.
    We’re very disappointed by the High Court’s decision today that the long waiting times experienced by trans people seeking treatment are lawful.
    We don’t believe this is right – and will be appealing the judgment.


  49. tomo says: