Start the Week 30 January 2023

Heaven for the Far Left BBC – a fired Conservative Chairman and minister . Inquiries into that ‘Tory’ minister and this ‘Tory ‘ minister . Spoilt for choice . And still no sign of the need for the BBC to br shown to be fair and neutral .

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  1. taffman says:

    Haven’t been here for a long time!
    But anyway, have you noticed that when the MSM talk about the next General Election its either, ‘The Consocialists’ or ‘Liebour’ ? Don’t waste or scrap your vote , there is an alternative and that is The Reform Party .
    I would seriously advise you all to look at their website ……….


    • SilverFox says:

      Watching Flog it on BBC2 which has a long feature on Greenham Common. Nothing to do with antiques


  2. Up2snuff says:

    BBC WEB-SITE Watch#1 (from Sunday) – the BBC do really have an obsession ….

    …. with America. And celebrity but then some/most/all of our (delete that which in your opinion does not apply) newspapers do as well.


    • Nodding Dog says:

      BBC WEB-SITE Watch-Newsbeat edition.
      The end of last week I posted how on the Newsbeat section of the BBC website there were nineteen different stories and not one picture showed a white male.Thought I’d have another look it’s still mostly the same stories on there but we do have a white male today although he wouldn’t like you mentioning it….Alexander Stewart: ‘Why my lyrics don’t mention gender’


  3. JohnC says:

    Isla Bryson case: Movement of violent transgender prisoners paused

    So are they women or not ?.

    You can’t have it both ways.

    I like this case for the simple reason it exposes what a complete and utter woke farce it all is.


    • Flotsam says:

      The SNP voted a Law that allowed people to self select their gender. Note carefully…..a Law.
      Just because it’s politically inconvenient Sturgeon can’t just decide to break the Law.


      • taffman says:

        I foresee a lot of Scottish women turning against Crankie and her Silly Nationalist Political Party.
        Any brave brother Scots here on this site agree with that ?


        • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

          Definitely been the most criticism I’ve seen of them on social media……there still is the Berlin Bunker SNP mongs defending her and rapists, but rather than the majority, they are shouted down.

          Hopefully this could see the commie shitebag out once and for all.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        It’s not a law yet as the British government has blocked it, a rare case of Mr Sunak having a backbone.


  4. StewGreen says:

    GBnews news bit just ended with a long item about a huge anti-BBC protest by Hindus
    about an anti-Modi documentary

    Their own video

    Another video :
    Shouting BBC get it right
    loads more videos

    Newcastle protest


    • taffman says:

      When will the BBC stand up for the people of Great Britain?
      The Hindus are generally a peaceful people.
      But the Muslim people ? The victims of Britain know the answer that .
      Over to maxincony for a reply ……………..


      • digg says:

        The BBC are at the spearhead of a deluded group of middle class people in this Country who hate the idea of Nationalism and Pride in your mother Country.

        I have acquaintances who demonstrate this daily in their speech.

        Generally, they have a disdain for Royalty, The police, The armed forces, and in particular, The Tories who they see as being entitled overlords. These people are by no means what you would describe as the bottom or oppressed in our society, rather the opposite. In the main they live very comfortable lives, much like the staff at the BBC. They also tend to vote Liberal.

        I think most of this blinkered bile was injected into them in their schooling from 1980 onwards by the growing ranks of militant school teachers. And most certainly amongst those who went on to University.

        They translate public anger against groups who threaten this Country into a “Little Englander” mentality and do so by closing their minds to the actual danger it threatens.

        This in turn spews out into social media, the accepted voice for this generation.

        The BBC are cut from the same damaged cloth and hence their repulsion and rejection of the realities the rest of us can see only too clearly

        This Country cannot return to a balanced society until the teaching profession is sorted out and de-politicised.

        I actually know of teachers who think their role is to turn out followers of a left wing ideal rather than be properly educated.

        There is also a strong tendency in this group to refuse to accept any argument or even discussion which goes against their blinkered mindset.

        To test this I invite anyone on here the pick the most lefty person they know and say something vaguely negative about Labour, Krankie even Biden and step back to see the instant hate rise up in their eyes.


        • Mrs Kitty says:

          Not so much speaking against Labour but sister in law and her children won’t accept ridicule over ridiculous flags, alphabet and Ukrainian as examples but the adult sons thought the British bunting over the Jubilee was offensive. Mr Kitty (her brother) has to exercise extreme restraint when interacting with them.


          • Londoner says:

            Good to know I’m not the only one saddled with Braitain hating lefty relatives. My brother and sister in law were, not surprisingly, ‘educated’ at English universities in the 70s. Left wing indoctrination in our educational system goes back a long way. How sad that our spineless Tory governments have done little to address the issue.


            • Charlie Farley says:

              You’re not alone….one of my Sisters and a Sister in law both became Teachers in the 1970s both now Very Lefty / Pro Dinghy Invaders / Labour Party will save us all etc etc …I’ve told them what I think of them….hence we don’t communicate anymore….Bliss !


  5. StewGreen says:

    new Big Brotherwatch 21 min doco with the 77th Brigade whistleblower
    “They use special laptops which hide locations”
    ‘Mostly they were looking for overseas misinformation, people trying to influence the British public, but this expanded”
    “they were looking for info negative to Boris Johnson”
    (I don’t believe that .. for one thing that would be way too much info)
    ‘ended up as sentiment analysis. analysis of public tweets about government performance’

    BBW tweet
    The prolific monitoring/reporting of critics was government’s Counter Disinformation Unit in the Culture Department.
    Attention must be focused there – it needs to be shut down

    Really ?? Logging tweets is not a crime ..I’m sure Labour do that
    However using PUBLIC money to do research work FOR the Tory party is illegal.


    • taffman says:

      Perhaps the 77th Brigade should spend more of their time on the people trafficators and their champions that trade on delivering invaders to this nation from across the Channel ?


  6. Sluff says:

    Welcome to Alice in Wonderland 2022.

    In Hexham, a 16 year old charged with murder cannot be named. Special restrictions apply on account of the age of the accused.

    But in Scotland, a person of the same age is deemed mature enough to decide what gender they want to be and have it formalised with no separate authority approval.

    Weird? No, just totally insane.


    • Flotsam says:

      The age at which children can vote for MSP’s in Scottish Parliamentary elections is 16. A ridiculously young age. The SNP probably thought kids wouldn’t be mature enough to realise the SNP were a mistake.


  7. tomo says:


  8. StewGreen says:

    BBC “The trans lady who flashed her penis on Channel 4 ? Yeh sure lets give her a show”


    • StewGreen says:

      The Climate section starts at 8m30s
      The BBC was shortlisted for its Extreme Weather show, but lost cos it’s own complaints unit actually owned up to some of the errors in the show.

      AP won for its story about how they take money from libmob to print Climate Alarmism
      They spun it as a positive.


    • StewGreen says:

      Direct link .. but there is more at minute 15 in the Fact Checker section
      BTW Twitter has banned the embedding of the video

      Winner was AP
      ‘How we take money from libmob to print Climate Alarmism’
      They spun it as a positive


      • StewGreen says:

        Fact Check Fake news :
        #1 CBC How a London, Ontario., cricket plant found itself at the heart of an international conspiracy theory
        That is true, skeptics did overeach in asserting 100% of crickets were made there for HUMAN consumption,
        but the CBC Fact Check did overreach, it concluded that zero were , that they all go for pet food.
        It then spent 2 pages telling people they should really check their facts.
        And their side sneer tweeted that at everyone else.

        However other earlier CBC articles had written that some would be for human consumption, and later CBC articles mentioned the plant had started exporting to Korea for humans.
        furthermore 3 weeks after publication they added a footnote to the fact check saying that the company manager as saying that 10% of their world production went to humans .

        #2 Fact Check-Posts about the world’s population fitting into a 50.8-mile x 50.8-mile square are missing context
        One of those Fchecks here they said “yeh it is true BUT”
        .. no you idiots it’s true that all

        #3 Silly Fact Check: Does Photo Show Ariana Grande Kissing Osama bin Laden?

        #4 Fact Check-Widely-viewed picture is a computer-generated illustration of Antarctica as it appears from space
        When skeptics used the system to show in the inter there was plenty of ice .. NASA protested
        However they themselves had been using the same system images in summer to say there was a decline in ice.

        #5 Court: Facebook “fact-check” label does not mean that the assessment is “objective fact”
        A crazy US judge said fact checkers couldn’t be sued for libel .. cos doing a false fact check is just opinion


  9. andyjsnape says:

    Greater Manchester Police didn’t care I was abused, woman says

    Selective caring brough to you by the bBC

    How about a through bBC investigation into the pakistanis gangs in the UK


    • JohnC says:

      ‘Tina – not her real name – said her husband had beaten her up and forced her into prostitution.’

      No, her real name will be something like Aakifa if the picture in the article is anything to go by. A shameful attempt to disguise her nationality.

      That article goes to great lengths to avoid any description of her husband. who:

      ‘While an investigation was launched, he was never arrested and is now understood to have left the UK.’. Back to Pakistan BBC ?.

      One does wonder why this is suddenly headline news since ‘Tina’ pulled out of making any charges 5 years ago.

      What SHOULD be an article about how a certain culture treat their women is just another BBC effort to attack the police. They don’t care one bit about ‘Tina’ or any of the other Muslim women who suffer like that every day.


  10. Fedup2 says:

    BBC News
    Excellent news Zahawi is ‘fighting back ‘ and ‘didn’t have a fair hearing ‘. But no one says that he had a chance to by challenging the decision by HMRC and accepting the
    £ 30 million ? Penalty . Maybe he can take the PM to court for ‘wrongful dismissal – judging by his willingness to use lawyers to intimidate those investigating his dodgy dealings I wouldn’t be surprised .
    I really hope this story runs because it deserves to – will Zahawi make a speech in parliament ( I’m not sure if a fired minister has the ‘right ‘ to (convention )) and will he remain a backbencher to plot the downfall of the green card PM with his pals ?

    I write this because I hope the regime change comes sooner than later and that the red labour government – or even better – a hung parliament shows its’ true nature and then maybe there is be more popular support for the ‘reform party ‘or some other party which is British and Right ….


    • Fedup2 says:


      one of those ‘classic ‘(overused word ) examples – James May of Top Gear fame comes on to talk about a national 20 mph speed limit – excellent idea – let’s make it 10 mph – anyway Mr May goes on about it – I think he favours it .

      But then – guess what – he gets asked about the Meghan Windsor story and his broadcasting colleague making unapproved words in The Sun …

      … a proper ambush . Mr May came out in favour of free speech . That will never do .


      • Sluff says:

        Fed up
        Thanks for this.
        An opportunity to point out a little piece of logic.

        If reducing speed is necessary to reduce accidents and ‘safety is our number one priority’ then for ANY speed limit there MUST be a LOWER speed limit that is even safer.

        A decade and more ago there was a campaign for 30 mph limits instead of 40 mph because you were x% more likely to survive in a crash.

        Now we are increasingly down to 20 mph instead of 30mph.
        So surely a motorway speed limit of 20 mph would be SO much safer. The logic is inescapable. Remember. Safety is our number one priority.

        And (sorry to bore you even more) but section 39 of the 1996 Road Traffic Act places a duty on councils to consistently reduce accidents. 27 years ago there was low hanging fruit. Now ? little or none. But the duty is still there. Duty? More like an excuse for traffic department eco-warriors and safety zealots to introduce yet more anti- car policies. So we have all the 20 mph limits and low traffic neighbourhoods, and even the ULEZ. But the public sector traffic officials don’t want to make themselves redundant of course , so the anti-car traffic measures are slow and relentless and never-ending. New ones always need to be invented. Try Oxford council with their new zones.

        Given that the private sector generates the wealth and the private car and van has created an awful lot of it over the last 100 years we yet have a public sector intent on emasculating those forms of transport, to replace them with collectivist transport. And a supposedly pro-private sector Tory government that seems intent on keeping it that way. Aided and abetted as we know by such as the BBC that play the new card. – global warming – as the reason.

        Thank you for reading.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Sluff – let’s add ‘travelling controls ‘to the speed control . Why should anyone not stay where they live ? Travelling creates global warming . Travelling must be punished . Maybe it should be rationed – with rich people paying more for travelling than the ‘disadvantage ‘

          ( I always wonder what the definition of ‘ disadvantaged ‘ is )

          This can be added to the closing of roads and building of vegan cycle lanes ….


        • atlas_shrugged says:

          I believe you are correct. I have been looking at causes of deaths in two cities and in both places excess speed was not usually present. Most of the incidents happened at junctions. It was more down to a failure to see. Lorries and buses feature often.

          It is really difficult to get crash data, often three years after a fatal crash. Almost as if they did not want the public to know.

          If I could choose I would recommend full segregation similar to what they did in Stevenage. However this would put all the safety campaigners and crash investigators etc out of business. So …


  11. AsISeeIt says:

    The Licence Fee is not a tax says our BBC

    Meanwhile Labour suggests perhaps it is: BBC licence fee could be means-tested under Labour, says shadow Culture Secretary Lucy Powell… Lucy Powell does not rule out changing the fee so that richer households pay more (i news)

    But if the Licence Fee is supposed to be not a tax, but a subscription, like any other Netflix-type deal, then how could you have a progressive tax-like sliding scale of cost according to income? And just imagine the paperwork involved – or the link up between Capita and the Revenue that would be required.

    Well, with a central bank (read State) digital currency which is fast approaching, you could easily have sliding scales of cost for just about every item we buy – flash you digital ID at the point of electronic purchase and voilà – your own personalised bespoke cost price calculated according to the oversight of the algorithmens over there at the Revenue, the poilce, the nudge unit, et al.

    “Key worker” prices and discounts? We’ve started to see those.

    Certain favoured groups could be prioritised with cheaper prices charged to them calculated and authenticated instantly at point of purchase.

    A whole new meaning perhaps to the notion a black and white or coloured TV Licence

    Been a naughty boy and consumed too much meat this week – the price of your next joint or cutlet is doubled when the missus reaches the checkout at Sainsburys… burned too much petrol in your gas-guzzling motor car or travelled too far outside your 15-minute city – computer says no next time you visit the pumps and tap your debt card.

    Remember, folks, it’s not a conspiracy theory – if it’s true.

    “The BBC dances to the tune of the Tories” – claims Lucy Powell

    And when we’re done laughing at that one…

    We find yesterday’s Tories fighting yesterday’s battles: Sunak’s allies blame Johnson for Tory sleaze after PM sacks Zahawi… Ex-chancellor [of the Exchequer, in an exclusive? Now boss of the ex-British Museum as he happily waves farewell to our ex-national treasures the Elgin Marbles?] George Osborne says Sunak is being ‘pulled down by a series of scandals… of the Johnson era’ (‘i’)

    Boris: Putin told me, I could kill you in a minute (Daily Express) – BoJo is clearly on manoeuvres in the Tory press today.

    Putin’s threat to kill Boris (Daily Mail)

    And perhaps the lefty press – fear that Rishi Sunak, their temporary placeholder caretaker for Sir Keir and his minions – is still under threat from the dishevelled old polar bear: Exclusive poll for i suggests… Conservative supporters would still prefer Johnson to return as premier, by 49% to 37%


    • Fedup2 says:

      Asiseeit – that digital currency really does bring us to the totalitarian state . If you are a ‘party member ‘ you’ll get discounts on everything – better this – better that – priority line – priority treatment – the whole works .

      If you’ve ever spoken with someone from the ‘east ‘ who grew up in the communist system – they’ll tell you the advantages of having the ‘party ‘ card …..

      But – today –

      The 810 interview – CCHQ puts up some pallid Tory girl to talk about improvements to the NHS and ambulance service – who cares about that ? Just let the punters die .

      What meesh wanted to talk about was Zahawi and even more the green card PM . The targeting of the latter is getting under way .

      There was no attempt – from the start of the interview – to talk about the NHS – pretty vile and blatant bias – because – between you and me – the safety and health of one patient is worth a 1000 corrupt* blue labour politicians ( *corrupt in this context means a liar and potential tax dodger) ….

      Meesh let the blue labour lady say her bit about freeing up hospital beds but it was just going through the motions ….

      … as I listened I really wish this wimp politician stood up to the BBC bully and challenged – but that doesn’t happen any more – and the BBC gets its customary free attack …


  12. tomo says:

    Yup… there’s a reason that Biden’s crew are sitting on the CCTV footage of January 6th…


  13. StewGreen says:

    9am R4 advertise your book show is Holocaust memorial Day special.
    1 book, 1 BBC series about it
    and a bloke promoting his book about Ukrainian history.

    The 9:45am Advertise your Book For A Week Show
    The blurb refuses to say it’s a vegan anti-meat book
    Instead it gives blah blah blah including
    “The Meat Paradox ..the escalation of the climate emergency – and by how we choose to respond ..”


  14. Guest Who says:

    The reason the country is screwed in one tweet.


  15. Guest Who says:

    This is an interesting DU’h development.

    It seems a self-assigned fact checker has decided to ‘check’ a set up spoof in hope of…..?


    • StewGreen says:

      ‘ooh ooh this SPOOF photo is deceptive’
      Cheers Snopes, I won’t take spoof photos literally any more


  16. Guest Who says:

    And so, it continues…


  17. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – Biden is awake (think Flash Gordon and Brian Blessed there)

    He is sending Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, to Israel, where, I hope, he will not make things worse or force ‘a two-State solution’ on the Israeli Government. Sorry, I missed out the BBC mandatory ‘Far Right’ as a prefix there. Antony Blinken will possibly:
    a) upset the Israeli Government
    b) upset the Palestinian authority
    c) upset the Palestinians in Gaza
    d) upset the Palestinians living in Israel rather than the West Bank or Gaza
    e) upset all four groups
    f) have his visit summarised with a shrug of the shoulders
    g) try to undo former President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel


  18. StewGreen says:

    The Paul Pelozi videos. I see righties misleading by posting the last video first.
    When you see them in order it’s different

    #1 CCTV shows a bloke arriving with a rucksack and smashing a side window to get in
    Then in the last frame there is a person : either an accomplice or concerned neighbour.

    #2 The 911 call ‘I’m just calling to find out out when my wife and her police team are coming back cos there is a gentleman who wants to see her, can I speak to the police chief.’
    He can be heard trying to placate the intruder

    #3 The police entry bodycam. Paul Pelozi is trying to placate the guy
    Yes he is in his shorts and with a drink
    When the intruder realises Nancy Pelosi is not coming in, he then lunges and swings his hammer at Paul.
    If you see this video on it’s own, it starts off looking like 2 friends.



  19. Fedup2 says:

    Forgive me – but has there been much reaction to the killing of a coloured man by 5 coloured cops ? Maybe some black lives don’t matter so much if the killers are also coloured . The BBC seems not to be interested any more …

    … and I understand that there maybe more to it (gangs ?) than just 5 coloured cops Being brutal …


    • StewGreen says:

      Reaction, you mean any outrage bus from libmob, BLM, Lammy, Abbott, Guardian

      BBC News (World) @BBCWorld tweeted
      9h ago
      Tyre Nichols’ lawyer urges lawmakers to pass urgent police reforms

      21h ago
      ‘Scorpion’ police unit disbanded after Tyre Nichols’ death
      25h ago
      Unanswered questions from videos of Tyre Nichols’ arrest
      tweet on Saturday
      Footage of the violent arrest that led to the death of Tyre Nichols shows Memphis police brutally beating him

      That account has tweeted BBC stories about him 22 times
      about 11 different stories.
      Oh another 5 tweets from @BBCnews too


  20. andyjsnape says:

    Cost of living: The Preston school going above and beyond

    After they have been fed and done the washing – they then do schooling eventually

    Also, bBC doesn’t go on and on about Lady Hussey the racist anymore – wonder why this never gets mentioned anymore


  21. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2 – Seventy years ago ….

    …. there had been an autumn and winter of continual rain. Bit like 2022/2023 apart from our two spells of recent extreme cold. The River Thames and its tributaries were swelled by the rain. All this was omitted by Justin Rowlatt, the BBC’s ‘Climate Editor’; yes, really, the UK’s and the world’s climates can be edited according to the BBC. I suppose that means omitting ‘Inconvenient Truths’ from broadcast clips on TOADY.

    Justin did get some other historical facts right, there was a high tide and there was a strong wind driving a North Sea surge down the east coast of Britain. Justin however obfuscates and obscurates (a polite way of saying misleads or lies, ref: Mishal Husain’s interview with Helen Whately MP, Health Minister re Nadhim Zahawi) weather with Climate Change and Coastal Erosion. In addition, he got the death toll correct, 307, and the fact that many of the homes destroyed were shacks.

    Justin Rowlatt thought (very 21st century!) that possibly poor people returning from the war had bought plots of land on Canvey Island and had erected shacks which were flattened by the floodwaters. This is not entirely true. Many of the houses were wooden bungalows, true, but they were holiday homes; many brought in the UK surge of recovery and affluence following the Great Crash of the 1920s and subsequent Great Depression.

    They would have been occupied by people from London who had lived there as a respite from the Blitz and the V1 and V2 bombs launched from Germany and its occupied territories in the later stages of the war and continued to live there for some years after the war had eneded. This was possibly because their first home in London had been destroyed during the war. This was all omitted by Justin Rowlatt who had some Climate to edit and so made a big pitch for sea level rise. That, again, is something of obfuscation and obscuration, because as many schoolchildren of my age know, the east coast of Britain is tilting ever so slightly downwards as a movement of tectonic plates proceeds.

    But the BBC Global Warming and Climate Change narrative and propaganda has to be maintained, even at the expense of truth and facts, and at the cost of creating increased anxiety for young people and wimmin.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Up2 after we are all long gone – I wonder if future scientists will look back at this time and see a deluded groupthink where the great and the good swallowed the ‘human caused global warming ‘ lie ? Relying on dodgy recent records less than a 100 years old and a ‘bunch ‘ of tree rings and ice samples ….

      If there is a ‘civilisation ‘ they’ll just see this as a mad time …..caused by the invention of the internet ….


      • Up2snuff says:

        Fed, there are two deadlines coming up: 2030/2035 and 2050. They probably will not matter much as the Global Warmistas and Climate Changerati will just up and move the goalposts as they have done ever since Blair and Clinton. I think more and more people will look at their ever increasing bills and continual seasonality without any great warming and think ‘Is this worth it?’. There are signs that (honest) scientists are increasingly questioning ‘the narrative’.

        Then there is ‘the end of the century’. Ahaa! You weren’t expecting the Spanish Inquisition! I have two deadlines, no three deadlines ….


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      I listened to the Radio 4 broadcast at 8 pm on Mon, for the 70th anniversary of the storm surge of 31/1/1953. There is also an article in this week’s Radio Times by Justin Rowlatt, who presented the R4 prog’.

      I thought the half-hour prog’ was ok until about 20 minutes in, when we started to get the climate change / rising sea-levels angle. There was no mention of the slow, ongoing “rebound” of the north of Britain from the great pressure of departed glaciers, causing the South East to tip downwards. Not much was said about coastal erosion, e.g. the case of Dunwich, which had two MPs until the 1830s despite much of it having been lost to the sea, starting with bad storm damage as far back as 1286-7.

      The Radio Times article was worse, with climate alarmism and speculative predictions. One ridiculous part of it near the end told us that 4 meters plus 1 more meter equals 5 meters! I mean, who’d have thought that?! I think the argument was that there had been a 3m surge in 1953 (up to a height of 4m?) and what would happen with 1m more of rise (going over sea walls?) from climate change.

      I don’t like the sound of Justin Rowlatt and wonder if he is the new Roger Harrabin.


  22. StewGreen says:

    The BBC Humberside presenter is aggressively plugging his favourite venue in Hull
    .. Its very upmarket and expensive so not many people go there.

    It’s OK to promote local businesses, but they don’t do it evenly.


  23. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #3 – agenda, what agenda?

    HarshMistress Mishal was partnering Martha Kearney, the Bee Lady, for some friendly Womens Doubles today. All that friendliness went out the window when Conservative Health Minister, Helen Whately consented to be the Big Interviewee at 8.10 a.m. because HarshMistress Mishal was determined to get Helen Whately to say that Nadhim Zahawi had lied about his tax situation, was not fit to be an MP and should have the Conservative Party Whip withdrawn. We went round and round in circles on this at HarshMistress Mishal’s insistence for, I guess, ten minutes. I should have timed it.

    Net result (my biased scoring): HarshMistress Mishal 0 : 2 Helen Whately MP.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Trouble is – every time it’s a bit hot in the summer – or a bit cold in the winter – it’s the witchcraft of ‘global warming ‘… I notice they don’t use ‘greenhouse effect ‘ much any more …


  24. Fedup2 says:

    The sidelining of the NHS ‘crisis’ was masterfully done by the BBC lackey ….new contract guaranteed


  25. Flotsam says:

    Michael Fabricant, a businessman before becoming an MP drills through to the truth about HMRC penalties on GB News.
    His point was that HMRC penalties after tax investigations are routine, nothing unusual considering the complex multinational nature of Zahawi’s business.
    The problem was the media and Labour making a lot of it.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Pandora Papers Reveal Offshore Holdings of Ukrainian President and his Inner Circle

      Dear Darren Henry,

      Jeremy Hunt: everyone will be paying more tax after autumn statement 2022

      Everyone. Everyone. Everyone.

      Theresa May, Former UK PM earned £1.86 million in her 2 years since leaving Downing Street, figures show

      Barry Gardiner defends donations worth £500,000 from Chinese agent

      Matt Hancock, who lost the Tory whip after it was announced he would be appearing on the ITV programme, is still being paid as an independent MP and is rumoured to have been paid £400,000 to appear on the I’m a celebrity.

      Boris Johnson earns £315,000 for 30 minute speech and ‘fireside chat’ in United States

      Chuka Umunna Advisory Board of The Progressive Centre UK think tank (also known as Global Progress)

      Jeremy Corbyn Labour party leader accepted up to £20,000 (about $27,000) for appearances on the Iranian state broadcast network Press TV

      Keir Starmer £18,450 from Harper Collins as an advance payment for a book.

      Boris Johnson Accommodation for a private holiday for my partner and me, value £15,000 Destination of visit: St Vincent and the Grenadines

      Jeremy Hunt £10,000 from Citigroup Centre for speaking at an event on 9 March 2021. Hours: 4 hrs. Fee paid direct to charity. (Charity not mentioned)

      Nadhim Zahawi MP promises to repay the part of £5,822.27 expenses claim for second home energy bills that relates to electricity for stables

      MPs to get £2,200 pay rise from April for ‘dramatically increased’ duties last year

      Philip Hammond accepts £2,000 watch from Saudi sheikh, despite ban on donating expensive gifts

      Yours sincerely,
      Mr. H


    • Thoughtful says:

      No, he was found to have comitted seven seperate serious breaches of the ministerial code, that is not necessarily anything to do with the HMRC issue


      • Fedup2 says:

        Quite – and if you read an account of the investigation into his conduct he is not fit to hold public office . It’s shameful he even made chancellor without declaring the HMRC inquiry – but at least he got a pass from the NCA for a criminal prosecution .

        Politicians must be held to the highest standards – there is never a shortage …. And it Johnson or truss give him an honour there will be he’ll to pay …


        • Up2snuff says:

          Fed, that appointment was down to Disaster Lizzie. It is up to Zahawi’s Constituency Party to grill him as to whether he really thinks his constituency will re-elect Zahawi. Helen Whately was quite correct; it is now a constituency matter. For example; Matt Hancock quit after he returned from ‘IACGMOOH’ because his Constituency Party made it quite plain that they would not campaign for him if he stood for re-election in 2023/2024.

          Notice of standing down ie. not seeking re-election has a deadline; think it was some time last year. The PM cannot ‘sack’ Nadhim Zahawi as an MP at all. All he can do is to remove him from office (tick) and instruct the Chief Whip to remove the Party Whip (also ticked.) MPs cannot be sacked or resign as it would leave their constituents unrepresented. All they can do is humbly request the Speaker of the House of Commons to appoint them to the Office of the Chiltern Hundreds, whereupon a By-Election will then be called for Zahawi’s Constituency. HarshMistress Mishal should have known this.

          I suspect that she did but just wanted to beat up a Tory Minister.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Flotsam – go see the letters his lawyers sent to journos / tax lawyers going after the truth . Your support for the blue Labour MP is quite … something … the other lot are the same – but in a different way …


    • Up2snuff says:

      Flotsam, I wonder which firm Nadhim Zahawi employed as his tax accountants. One to avoid?


  26. MarkyMark says:

    Police examine 600 cases after damning NHS baby deaths report
    This article is more than 9 months old
    Inquiry into maternity practices at Shrewsbury and Telford hospital trust finds 201 babies could have survived with better care



  27. andyjsnape says:

    Pakistan mosque blast: At least 28 killed after explosion in Peshawar

    Wonder why anyone would want to do such a thing to the religion of peace. Guess its something to look forward to in this country soon 🙁


  28. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    With the lefties pushing for transitioning at an ever decreasing age amongst little children have a thought for the many thousands of enrichers in places like Rotherham and Rochdale who may get a bit of a shock as they carry on their usual behaviour with the children (or slags who are asking for it as the msm call them)


  29. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Today in newcastle they are starting the ulez charging.

    This is to save the 360 lives every year of people who die when they enter newcastle centre because of the air pollution.

    It’s not private cars at this moment in time (but that’s the next step once this is up and running)
    They charge Taxi’s £12.50 to enter and a Bus has to pay £50 to enter.

    I wonder how long it will take to kill off newcastle city centre businesses.


    • Sluff says:

      I wrote my number crunching note below and only then read EG’s post.
      More number crunching.

      Mmm . 360 die because of air pollution.
      The population of Newcastle is 820,000.

      Let’s times everything by 10
      That would get us to 3600 deaths for a population of 8.2 million.
      Remind you of anything?
      Where Sad Dick Khan is imposing his ULEZ zone.
      Partly because of 4000 ‘deaths’.

      Except there aren’t. The 4000 is in fact premature deaths ( note how that word gets conveniently forgotten). And premature is not defined. It could be one day premature. And it’s statistical at best, not defined causation.

      Looks like Newcastle are using the same con trick.

      So as both my below post and earlier one about claimed road safety, what we have is just another excuse to penalise the car user, masquerading as a safety measure whose supposed victims are an infinitesimally small subset of the population yet a vast majority are to be penalised on their account. Last time I checked there was no residential housing on the Tyne Bridge, and very few pedestrians. Yet it’s included in the charging zone.

      So I dare say Newcastle Council are also in it for the money.


  30. Sluff says:

    A bit of number crunching for you.

    The population of Scotland is 5.5 million.

    On Toady today and yet another focus on trans prisoners with or without penises ( how Stonewall and the Far Left must love this) it was revealed there are precisely 11 people in Scotland in this category.

    So the media/BBC/Far Left/ pressure groups are going big on 0.00002% of the population.

    How about spending proportionate time on trans issues and a little more on the rest of us?


  31. andyjsnape says:

    Charles de Gaulle’s grandson backs Putin and blames ‘evil’ NATO for war in Ukraine



    • Fedup2 says:

      Yesterday was – I think – the 70th anniversary of de Gaulle vetoing our joining of the Common Market . Personally back in 1940 I’d I have left him to the Germans ….my enemy’s enemy …


      • Scroblene says:

        That was one of the reasons we all wanted to join the Common Market, because he was being such a stroppy old sod back then!

        Blimey, how we were all conned by Grocer Heath!

        Now, we can’t get far enough away from Macron, even with the White Cliffs losing a bit to the English Channel every year…


        • Up2snuff says:

          Scrobie, you are right and Fed is wrong. I think deGaulle’s grandson got it wrong. It is not NATO that caused fighting in Ukraine in 2014; it was the EU!


  32. Terminal Moraine says:

    Starmer likes Davos, because you “engage with people that you can see working with in the future…”

    Quite different to having to listen to the pesky electorate in the UK.


  33. Terminal Moraine says:

    The top six Covid stories on the BBC site are related to China’s ‘surge’ or accusations of their underreporting of deaths.

    Noticeable that reporting on the domestic situation has dropped off significantly… MSM concerns about health only go one way as you won’t see this on the BBC:


  34. Deborah says:

    Radio 4 Start the Week this morning had a guest on it called Catherine Merridale, on her website she describes herself thus; ‘read History at King’s College Cambridge. She went on to specialise in Russia, and held a series of posts at British universities, including Cambridge, Bristol and London. She became a full-time writer in 2014.’ The guests were talking about the Holocaust. I haven’t heard all the programme, and quite frankly I rather dread what Catherine’s contribution earlier in the programme was.

    Tom Sutcliffe leading the programme didn’t like it when Bernard Wasserstein stated that Nazism is still there. Bernard’s family had been massacred in Western Ukraine but he hurried along when he told of a visit he had made to the area and had seen a holocaust memorial with a swastika engraved on it.

    Catherine quickly came to the rescue of the BBC narrative as she ignored Bernard’s comments. She said, “thinking of the Holocaust we have to separate out what was happening then to what is happening now. In the region of Galicia things were particularly bad because of tyrannies and poverty. And these are the sort of questions that need to be addressed rather than who did what to whom so as not to feed Putin’s war.”

    To say I was horrified to hear that the holocaust was down to poverty absolutely sickened me. There is no excuse for the systematic murder of 6 million people including 2 million children. In addition there was the murder of the Roma, the homosexuals and the mentally ill – I suppose Catherine thinks that was also due to poverty. But we see with the Left and the BBC that poverty is the excuse for everything and can only be remedied by pouring money at the poor.

    Sorry, rant over.


    • Greencoat says:

      The Nazi murders of Roma, homosexuals and the mentally ill was diabolical but it’s astonishing how these groups are gradually being brought to the fore, while the Jews, on whom 99% of the persecution was perpretated, are being sidelined or even excluded.


    • Thoughtful says:

      The holocaust began with settled science called eugenics, and this quickly became not so settled after all post 1945.

      The warnings from history about ‘settled science’ are there, but once again the media and the left aren’t listening to their history.


  35. MarkyMark says:



  36. Sluff says:

    A word on CountryFile (BBC1 yesterday).

    No, not the obviously placed tick box wheelchair bound presenter.

    No, instead an interesting article on a school doing a GCSE in agriculture.
    Superficially this could be good. Bits of gardening, chemistry, biology, and practical sections on a farm maybe. Get kids out into the fresh air and away from the iPad. One can imagine a Leftoid bias in the curriculum ( vegan this, global warming that, organic the other) but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.
    It was presented as a great new initiative.

    Which is rather interesting in its own right. Because in 1969 when at secondary modern school iwe did something called Rural Studies. The classroom was an old army hut with plenty of space for tools, pots, loam, compost, etc etc. Outside, the school grounds had veg patches, flower beds and greenhouses. No farms OK but allotments over the road.

    The point being. Not a great advert for the ‘progress’ made in education in the last 54 years! And not a great advert for the historic knowledge of the Department for Education either.
    Or that of the BBC.


    • Deborah says:

      I actually trained to teach Rural Studies. I had experience of being in fantastic schools where children really did learn about farming and understood the fate of the pigs and chickens in their care as well as learning how to make plant cuttings in the potting shed.

      I did have trouble with my college tutor who was woke many years before we understood the term. A vegan obsessed with training children to think (his way). He was obviously as thick as they came and struggled with any academic parts of the curriculum. I caused chaos when I asked the Head of Department for a different tutor.


  37. StewGreen says:

    What difference would it have made if Zadawi was sacked after 10 days, rather than on day 1 ?

    It’s not like there was any public danger
    Does Labour have a record of sacking people on Day 1 ?
    Sure Nick Brown MP is no longer a whip, but the investigation started 145 days ago
    .. It’s not like there has been a by-election
    so he’s still getting a salary
    Labour MPs have been convicted and then still voted in parliament .. Claudia Webbe is still there
    Onasanya was jailed and tagged and eventually kicked out of parliament
    . Huq is not convicted but did say racist stuff ..still sits


  38. Sluff says:

    BBC news feature that NHS workers can STILL be on long covid long term sickness on FULL PAY, even after more than two years.

    Cue a sob story about some massively obese woman who is so affected.

    This cosy treatment is not available to other workers.

    I didn’t realise so many of our NHS heroes have been paid in full out of my taxes for literally doing nothing for all this time.

    The reason it is in the news is that the payments are about to be cut. Get out the hankies.

    All long covid sufferers are equal but NHS sufferers are more equal than others.
    Literally Orwellian.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Data shows there are more than 800 “diversity officers”. The average NHS trust has three, each on a salary of £47,000 — although those in senior positions can pull in much more. One integrated board recently advertised a senior equality, diversity and inclusion manager on £70,000.14 Oct 2022


    • Northern Voter says:

      To the 4th para, most of the NHS staff are fully paid out our taxes for literally doing nothing for all this time, it’s been happening since the NHS was founded.


  39. Fedup2 says:

    A cut and paste from the DT – enjoy

    STARTS BBC journalists “lack understanding of basic economics”, according to an independent review of the corporation’s economics coverage.

    Impartiality is at risk because some journalists at the corporation make assumptions and have gaps in their knowledge, the review concluded.

    The thematic review was commissioned by the BBC Board into the broadcaster’s coverage of taxation, public expenditure, government borrowing and government debt.

    Its authors, economics experts Michael Blastland and Sir Andrew Dilnot, were tasked with assessing whether due impartiality was being achieved in these areas.

    They said: “We think too many journalists lack understanding of basic economics or lack confidence in reporting it. This brings a high risk to impartiality.

    “In the period of this review, it particularly affected debt. Some journalists seem to feel instinctively that debt is simply bad, full stop, and don’t appear to realise this can be contested and contestable.

    “Several general assumptions seem to lurk like this either unnoticed or uncorrected. Others that outsiders observed in BBC coverage were ‘more public spending is good’ and ‘tax cuts are good’.

    “Whilst these viewers might seem to make intuitive sense, all favour some interests above others.”

    The report noted one on-air statement in which a BBC journalist said that the government “will have to…”

    “We appreciate this was made live and might have been unintended. Still, BBC journalists should exercise extreme caution before suggesting a government ‘will have to…’ raise taxes, cut taxes, cut spending, raise spending, cut debt, raise debt, etc – in any area.”

    The authors also identified “an occasional temptation to hype – and we think hype an is impartiality issue. We don’t want to be bored either, but see breathless stories or headlines that seem to chase excitement by slanting data or evidence.”

    On occasion, they said, data had been presented in “the most alarming way” possible.

    The report said that their criticism was aimed at “non-specialist” reporters but said that “even senior journalists” have shown that they don’t fully understand all of the arguments.

    Responding to the review, the BBC Board said: “This has provided new insight for us in how we understand and deliver due impartiality in this vital area of public policy.

    “The review as a whole provides clear indications for how we can improve editorial standards and audience impact as a result.”

    The Board said it had asked Tim Davie, the director-general, and his executive team to address the issues raised and put together a plan of action.”ENDS


  40. MarkyMark says:

    Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has strongly condemned it. In a statement, he said those behind the incident “have nothing to do with Islam”.


  41. StewGreen says:

    Channel 4
    Brendan Kavanagh is a brilliant boogie woogie pianist who live streams from a public piano in a London station
    His channel has 2 million subscribers
    He’s easily the most famous pianist there

    Then while he is streaming
    “Channel4 TV Crew Demand Silence During PIANO LIVESTREAM”
    They give the logical explanation that their rule is to stop piano playing cos they can’t have copyrighted stuff in the audio.
    However they then say their doco about public piano players will not feature him
    .. that is bizarre .. How can their documentary be accurate if they have already made a choice to exclude him ?

    They start interfering at minute 4
    He’s jokey cos they seem to not realise that tens of thousands of people are watching his livestream at that time.


    • StewGreen says:

      One woman was chosen to be in the show
      she tweeted what the Channel4 team told her why they chose her.
      “We’ve found that not many women will play the piano in public spaces, it’s usually always men-”


  42. MarkyMark says:

    For close to three years, Gamini Singla stayed away from friends, did not go on a vacation and avoided family meetings and celebrations.

    She stopped bingeing on takeaways, going to the cinema and stepped away from social media. Instead, at her family home near the northern Indian city of Chandigarh, she woke up at the crack of dawn, pored over text books and studied for up to 10 hours a day. She crammed, did mock tests, watched YouTube videos of achievers and read newspapers and self-help books. Her parents and brother became her only companions. “Loneliness will be your companion. This loneliness allows you to grow,” Ms Singla says.


    Indian school textbooks say ‘Japan nuked US’
    One textbook even gets the date of independence hero Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination completely wrong

    Heather Saul
    Tuesday 25 February 2014 10:15


  43. MarkyMark says:

    Zahawi – 1 job down – 12 jobs left to go.


  44. StewGreen says:

    BBC : “At least 32 killed after bombing in Pakistani mosque”
    .. will that get the same attention as the death of 1 non-white person in the US gets ?
    Or Jussie Smollets fake attack ?

    “Most of those who died were part of the police force, and it is believed they were the target of the attack.”
    possible suicide bomber

    Happened before 8:30am UK time
    so the BBC took 4 hours to first report it

    PREVIOUS attack was Mar 4, 2022
    50 died in Shia mosque in Peshawar


  45. MarkyMark says:

    2023.01.15 DRC Kasindi 14 63 ADF Islamists bomb a church service, killing fourteen worshippers.

    Among King Charles’s many titles are Defender of the Faith – a title bestowed on Henry VIII by the pope, and retained after England broke with Rome – and supreme governor of the Church of England. His mother took these roles seriously.9 Sept 2022


  46. StewGreen says:

    OK I switched to incognito mode cos the site is just a white screen in my normal browser


  47. MarkyMark says:

    Sturgeon: “That is not the point that we are dealing with here… Trans women are women, but in the present context there is no automatic right for a trans woman…”

    Smith: “So there are contexts where a trans woman is not a woman?”

    Sturgeon: “No, there [are] circumstances when a trans woman will be housed in the male prison estate…”

    Smith: “Is there any context in which a woman born as a woman will be housed in the male estate?”

    Sturgeon: “Look, we’re talking here about trans women…”

    Smith: “And I’m now asking about women born as women.”

    Sturgeon: “I don’t think there are circumstances there, but…”

    Smith: “So it’s different for trans women?”

    Sturgeon: “Well, yes…”


  48. MarkyMark says:

    The revelations shed light on the state’s free speech interventions – including the Army’s shadowy 77th Brigade, tasked with combatting disinformation. Instead of focussing on propaganda coming from Russia or China, the government kept tabs on its critics and those sceptical of lockdowns.


    • kingkp says:

      Those sceptical of lockdowns? Do you mean people who respect bodily autonomy and civil liberties? The country was ruined by the globalists in March 2020. There was no pandemic. There never will be a pandemic. Do you remember the great dog flu of 1959? Nope me neither. The idea pandemics has been sold to you by Hollywood films and the Tavistock Institute aka the BBC. They do not occur in nature. They never have and they never will. They are ‘planning’ another one soon and it will be orders of magnitude worse. In other words this time someone might actually die. The UN and WHO are at this moment planning a treaty that will remove all of your civil liberties the next time they call a pandemic. I mean all of your liberties, so think China.


  49. MarkyMark says:


    Teacher who showed his pupils a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed is still in hiding a year after fleeing his home due to death threats
    The Batley Grammar School teacher is still in hiding a year after the lesson
    The image of the Prophet Mohammed was shown during religious education
    The 30-year-old teacher was cleared of misconduct but he still has not returned to his home or work