Weekend 11 March 2023

On Saturday night the BBC will not be paying a sports presenter for a Football show after the Director General has had a chat about his public pronouncements -there maybe cheaper presenters and pundits .To add to this David Attenborough nature show has been withdrawn because of apparent propaganda / bias .

So it’s been a good week for those of us wanting to end the BBC .

If you still pay your TV Licence just stop .

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  1. Rob in Cheshire says:

    I saw a sour faced Alastair Campbell complaining that this showed how the “extreme right wing” government controlled the BBC.

    Extremely amusing, but nonsense. This government is a middle of the road blancmange. I would love to show Campbell what a right wing government would look like.


    • Beltane says:

      ‘I saw a sour faced Alastair Campbell……’

      No need to repeat yourself, Rob.


    • Sluff says:

      Is that the same Alastair Campbell who stars on a podcast or some such produced by ……..a production company owned by Gary Lineker?

      So. Not exactly an impartial observer.
      Not that we would know.
      The MSM seem less than keen to mention it.


    • Guest Who says:

      Wheeling out Mad Al really shows where the media exist.


  2. taffman says:

    “Sunak and Macron summit: UK to give £500m to help France curb small boat crossings”
    What other country or nation is as feeble as this that it has to pay to prevent unwanted and illegal entry across its borders ?
    I suspect powerful & treacherous Re-joiners at work nudging us back into the EU.
    Nelson, Drake and Churchill must be spinning in their graves!


    • G says:

      When that sum = half the personal family wealth, clearly scrutiny is missing. Particularly when you know the Treasury will start the printing presses in the basement and, at the end of it all, you know there is the taxpayer…………..


  3. Lefty Wright says:

    Cultural diversity BETWEEN nations is indeed a wonderful and educational delight. Cultural diversity WITHIN nations is a complete and utter catastrophe. Amen.


  4. StewGreen says:

    Gary Lineker’s entitlement in his “I will be presenting Match of The Day” tweet .. which has now been proved wrong.
    Some animals are more equal than others.


  5. harry142857 says:

    This is great news for us that loathe the BBC.
    The beeb should have reined in narcisstic Lineker first time around, rather than “reminding him” of the rules
    After his latest gobbing off, they spent days wringing their hands and paralysed with fear, not knowing what to do.
    The spineless leader, Tim Davie, went AWOL, whilst half the beeboid supported GL, and the other half were outraged that they had to toe the line.
    Hope they keep up the infighting and we see millions cancelling their licences.
    Maybe football fans will see more on field action on tomorrow’s Match Of The Day, rather than hearing Lineker, Ian Wright and boring Alan Shearer droning on.
    Plenty of other ex footballers who would work for one tenth of this trio are paid.


  6. Foscari says:

    The most over paid job in the public sector is the Tube train
    drivers. Put a pouch of bird seed in the drivers carriage and a
    crow could be trained to do the simple job, in half an hour.
    On the BBC its Gary Lineker and his gang. Sack the lot and
    with the money saved the BBC could afford to let 15,000 or more
    of us over 75’s living on a pension a free TV licence.
    As the Gilbert lyrics go in the Mikado , ” I’ve got a little list. And none of them would be missed!!”


    • Kinell says:

      It’s funny because you talk like you know what it’s like to drive a train, but in reality, you know………… Zero.


  7. wronged says:

    I’ve just read this article on Guido Fawkes with reference to Gary Lineker. I think it’s getting close to what is going on behind the scenes.

    ‘Gary Lineker is unrepentant about his blatant breaches of BBC impartiality rules. In spite of the media storm, a cheery Lineker yesterday doubled down on his comments, which now form part of a well-established pattern. Guido wonders if Gary has a good reason to defy his BBC employers…

    HMRC are currently pursuing Lineker for £4.9 million in unpaid income taxes. Gary is paid through a partnership, HMRC claim he should be classed as an employee – his hefty tax bill is a result of the difference. Gary displaying his independence could be to show the taxman that he is no ordinary employee…

    A tax lawyer, quoted on the case in The Guardianin 2021, said:

    “He will have to produce evidence that shows he is genuinely an independent contractor, that he is not controlled, he’s not supervised, he’s not effectively managed… Fundamentally the test is: if you did not have the service company in the way, would he look like an employee of the people he’s working for?”

    Gary may have some problems because some of the criteria for “are you really an employee?” are difficult for him:

    Can you work for competitors? (ITV, Sky Sports)
    Do you have to follow instructions? (e.g., from a director)
    Do you use their tools and equipment? (cameras, studios)
    Can you send someone else to do the work in your place?
    By these criteria he is probably a quasi-employee of the BBC. Defying BBC rules and keeping his contract might counter-evidence HMRC’s view that he’s effectively an employee. Fair play to Gary, everyone is entitled to arrange their affairs to minimise their taxes…’

    What a self important,arrogant scumbag Lineker is. I’d sack him and all the pundits who refuse to appear in ‘solidarity’ with him. They are so mentally weak, cowards. A true friend of Lineker would tell him a few uncomfortable home truths.


    • Docmarooned says:

      Well put wronged. Even the scum woke Sky are pitching in with solidarity for a tax avoiding arsehole. He must be great because he is a pundit for their great god – football!! FFS – the only thing that matters to them. Never watch MOTD ever because of the smarmy bastard who gets paid obscene amounts for his inane drivel. Was thinking of watching tomorrow but I loathe the premiership so will watch the league highlights on ITV4 which is far more enjoyable.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      I think what Gary Lineker means is that European Union concentration camps in northern France are not dissimilar to that used by Germany in the 30s. That’s why they are crossing from France to England, not from Britain to the European Union.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Wronged – I think you might have hit The Truth there . I wonder when the case is due to be ‘resolved ‘? And it would be even better if linaker was accused of making his comment for tax purposes .
      In any event what he said – the ‘step back’ pundits boycotting – the whole thing – is great for us – May it carry on – and with a bit of luck it will damage all those involved and draw more attention to the BBC and the bias of those it ‘employs ‘….

      …and don’t forget – Ken brucegate – (pop quiz) and even better – the ‘cancelled ‘ Attenborough show banned because it was a charity funded propaganda piece …..


    • Foscari says:

      Wronged- Thank you for this contribution. It’s beginning
      to make sense now. Lineker is not a fool. As ” Deep Throat”
      says to Bob Woodward in All the Presidents Men , about
      Nixon and Watergate. ” Follow the money.”
      This is all about a tax loop hole . And Lineker being to avoid paying the £5 million
      to the Inland Revenue. And that is why he is looking so smug.


  8. StewGreen says:

    Jess Philips controversy
    She did a stunt in parliament, where she read out the full list of women murdered by MEN
    I don’t like such stunts and think that all murderes are wrong, but JP is allowed to raise the issue of why so many Women are murdered by men alone
    Now JP deliberately chose to include a recently transitioned child Brianna Ghey 16 (born male) when there hasn’t been a trial and the two people charged but NOT convicted are a male and a female child both aged 15.
    Isn’t that sub judice ?
    And if in fact someone is killed by a child couple that is nowhere near the same as Woman being killed by a man.

    A case of a trans adult woman murdered by an adult male, would be different.
    Labour don’t know what a woman is .


    • Sluff says:

      Five times more men than women are killed by strangers.
      Could Jess read out that list?
      Nope. Thought not.


    • Thoughtful says:

      Jess Phillips also failed to say just how many were murdered by failed asylum seekers, migrants, Muslim so called ‘honour killings’, refugees etc etc because Jess Phillips HATES White people and wants you to go away with a completely skewed impression of who is commiting these killings.

      Here is a graph of sexual assaults and rapes produced oddly enough by the BBC :


      Back in the 60s & 70s murder was a shocking event which made national news, now it often doesn’t even make the regional news it’s so common, and it can never be reduced until our brainwashed rainbow painting dance troupe we laughingly refer to as the Police get a grip and target the groups most likely to carry them out.

      (can’t get the size of this right suffice to say it goes up like a rocket)


      • StewGreen says:

        That’s a graph of sexual assault *reports*
        All other things are NOT equal
        There are more ways to report eg thru internet
        And more things to report eg assault by internet

        I don’t believe that graph represents reality
        On an image search only that one BBC page uses that graph

        “Reported” is a massive undercount of reality
        Reality is say 200,000 per year every year
        And the reported rate has climbed due to more reports being accepted rather than a true huge rise in crime



        • Deborah says:

          I know of a large council estate where females regularly report their male partners to the police for domestic violence. The police come and arrest the male who is then locked up overnight. This allows the female ‘abuse victim’ to bring in her boyfriend or increasingly her girlfriend in for the night. Personally, I don’t think this is a good use of police time, but domestic abuse is a police priority.


      • Fred Stubber says:



  9. Flotsam says:

    I think the BBC suspending Lineker indicates a certain degree of nervousness on their part. They might be feeling vulnerable.

    The Government won’t/can’t privatise the BBC due the huge pension liabilities. They probably won’t scrap the licence fee because drawing the money via some other method involving taxation might give truth to the lie that the licence isn’t a tax.


  10. Zelazek says:

    So, MOTD without a presenter or pundits tomorrow. The BBC might just realise they don’t need any of them. Save themselves a packet of money.

    For those viewers who can’t live without punditry, Shearer and Wright could be replaced by a few captions with clichés written on them such as:

    The winning manager will be delighted.
    The losing manager will be gutted.
    Great finish.
    Take nothing away from the scorer but the keeper will be disappointed with that one.
    The winning team deserved it.
    They controlled the game.
    They got a result.


    • Fedup2 says:

      It’s goals thar count
      You’re getting sacked in the morning
      Not a good day for referees
      A good day for referees
      It should have been a red / yellow card
      They all take the knee …


      • TrickCyclist says:

        “No, there’s no intent there” – usually Alan Shearer
        (After one player has assaulted another on the pitch).

        Gotta keep up the pretence that football is an honourable game.


        • Scroblene says:

          Game of two halves
          Know what I mean
          This is it
          I’m not being funny
          Visisit (again)
          Done me ‘ead in
          Like, like like, (etc., etc.,
          Sloot lee
          Zack lee
          Zack lea

          (With thanks to Craig Brown – the whole list is framed in our WC for blokes to read during the necessary adjustments to liquid levels )…


          • Greencoat says:

            Zack Lea seems to be a perceptive sort of chap.
            Why can’t he take Lineker’s place?


    • StewGreen says:

      If BBC have made a decision, then they shouldn’t cave in to staff trying to undermine that.

      I personally think entertainers to honestly express their opinions whether they are Jo Brand or Clarkson
      but these days the BBC only has lefties , I can’t see any libertairians like Clarkson
      WokeSupremacists and GreenSupremacists are the norm.


  11. StewGreen says:

    GB News have discovered renta alarmist Jim Dale, Risk Meteorologist

    Someone adds “Jim Dale regularly flies to see his wife’s family in Thailand”

    Big thread from when he was on yesterday too
    .. https://twitter.com/GBNEWS/status/1633786215152467969


    • StewGreen says:

      Lozza Fox ..there was only one death in London from pollution
      .. That’s true just one person had it on their death certificate in recent years

      Jim Dale “No air pollution kills millions around the world and 50K per year in London”
      The first part is true (from cooking indoors over wood fires etc)
      The London one is false and is a zombie stat
      9 millions Londoners lives are shortened by air pollution but by days.
      Jim Dale claiming 50K deaths per year is a totally unscientific thing.


  12. Fedup2 says:

    From the DT – HMS Charles Moore fires a broadside

    STARTS The issue is whether, given his employment by the BBC, Lineker should be allowed to say such partial, political things publicly, or whether he is bound by the impartiality which is foundational for the BBC. Mr Davie’s main campaign since he arrived in the job two and a half years ago has been to restore impartiality to its historic dominance.

    The Lineker defence has two aspects. The first is legalistic, frequently deployed by rich people who, often for tax reasons, are not on the staff of the organisations who pay them. He is only on a freelance contract, he says, and is not tweeting on a BBC account; so he is outside the normal rules. Perhaps BBC fears that, if the matter came to court, Lineker’s expensive lawyers might be able to convince a judge that he is therefore excused.

    Morally and reputationally, however, the BBC cannot accept this argument. Gary Lineker does not appear on the BBC as an honoured guest or irregular contributor. He is its voice of football and is paid accordingly (£1.35 million a year, and previously, until there were sustained protests, much more). His pay tops the corporation’s “star salaries list” by about half a million. The word “salary” usually denotes full-time employment.

    True, Lineker was a great footballer and was therefore famous before he joined the BBC, but he owes his present eminence – and therefore a large percentage of his 8.7 million Twitter followers – to his BBC work which began nearly 30 years ago. His BBC role boosts him as an oracle, though he could probably earn more money elsewhere. His political tweets are not genuinely separable from his BBC label. The BBC knows this and has rebuked Lineker on several occasions. By persisting in expressing his political views, he has in effect insulted his boss, calculating that Mr Davie will quail.

    Lineker is the most famous exemplar of the power of the BBC’s “talent” to trash its impartiality, but there are others. One is Chris Packham. Arguably, his biased tweets are even worse, because they usually concern wildlife and the countryside, the subjects on which he broadcasts, whereas Lineker on football is more separable from Lineker on politics (though not completely so, as was clear in Qatar). Packham has survived on the BBC despite, for example, calling those farmers who took part in the government-sponsored badger cull as “brutalist thugs, liars and frauds”. Today, Packham tweeted noisily in support of Lineker. A victory for Lineker in all this will mark a more general capitulation to Packham and other ideologues.

    Then arises the other aspect of the Lineker defence, which is freedom of speech. He has a right, apparently, possibly even a duty, to display his noble conscience in public whenever he feels like it.

    Here we come to a feature of our time which goes much wider than Gary Lineker. Within living memory, the only way most people could express their views was in conversation, by telephoning or by writing a letter. Some could become local councillors or MPs, and/or appear on the tiny variety of television or radio channels. Determinedly talkative individuals could stand on a soap-box at Speaker’s Corner. Their views were usually unpublished except, perhaps, in an occasional letter in a newspaper.

    Their situation was bad in that, compared with modern conditions, it muffled freedom of speech, but it had one merit. It meant that people grew up understanding that words have consequences for others. You knew that if you spoke your mind it might upset a family member, colleague, friend or neighbour. Most people could see why, out of respect for others, you might sometimes have to bite your tongue.

    The coming of social media was therefore an emancipation, but it also created a false sense that you could say whatever you wanted without damage. This grew into something even more mistaken – the notion that your right to express an opinion in public automatically trumps other duties.

    Although most who believe in this heresy come from the Left, I have experienced it on the Right as well. At Eton, in 2020, a master called Will Knowland put online a video of his school lecture on masculinity, defying the headmaster’s orders. He was consequently sacked.

    Many conservative-minded people complained that this was a “woke” assault on free speech, but to me it seemed obvious that the head was entitled to tell a member of his teaching staff not to publish a lecture he did not like. Publication inevitably involved the reputation of the school. The head, not Mr Knowland, was the person in charge of reputation. Mr Knowland was sacked for disobedience, not for ideology. He had behaved selfishly, not bravely.

    Increasingly, staff and contracted employees claim an almost absolute free-speech right to say what they think on social media, sometimes including their workplace social media accounts. Their justification tends to be expressed in phrases like “lived experience” or “bringing the self to work”. It is also disclosed in various other signs, like preferred pronouns on their emails, tags for Black Lives Matter (BLM), wearing rainbow lanyards or messages about saving the planet. Sometimes it is visible in ostentatiously religious clothing. It fails to consider the common good of colleagues and customers.

    Attempts to forbid such expressions are often condemned as discriminatory, even “-phobic”. But in most cases, they are simply efforts to maintain deliberate neutrality. Companies and public bodies owe their first duties to the people they serve. Although they must treat their employees well, they must not let them set up unprofessional barriers to serving everyone equally. Take the case of BLM. Since part of its stated doctrine is to attack “whiteness”, a white person might feel doubtful of being served fairly by anyone wearing BLM, tweeting or emailing BLM insignia.

    Gary Lineker’s obsession with asserting his beliefs publicly displays these social media vices writ large. He expresses not the voice of the concerned citizen, but the arrogance of a man of power. He is the big player who thinks he can defy the ref. The reputation of the entire BBC and its director-general depends on telling him he cannot.ENDS

    Let’s hope this story gets bigger and bigger – maybe the prem will strike …


    • JohnC says:

      Just been reading some of the lefty twitter comments about this which a Guardian writer retweeted and apparently jug-lugs being suspended (not sacked) for mouthing off about his own politics is the death of free-speech and caving in to right-wing political pressure.

      Now it’s absolutely clear to me that Gary can say whatever he likes. Nobody is stopping him. But he – and they – know full well he’s not allowed to use the BBC to push his own political agenda.

      So he can resign from the BBC then ‘speak freely’ as much as he wants. But not one of them goes near that.

      Basically they are all Lefties too and they WANT him to use his BBC position for their activism. But they don’t say it. Which – yet again – is an example of the gross hypocrisy so typical of the Left.


  13. Sluff says:

    Gary Lineker. Best ever sports presenter ???? Hahahaha.
    Not even close.

    How about David Coleman, Dickie Davis, Des Lynam to name but three who presented live for hours on end and had to make it up on the hoof when things went wrong, as they did.

    These days on MOTD, the replays and planned punditry (where the ‘experts’ are heavily briefed what to say), u takes up way more time than the actual action, which often just consists of goals. Pretty sterile.


    • JohnC says:

      Frank Bough threw a great after-show party as well.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Now its reported that many premium league players are refusing to be interviewed after their matches by the BBC because of their action. I’m staggered at the amount who are in agreement with Lineker. They don’t even seem to care about the language he used. After this he’ll be even more arrogant and unbearable. Matt le Tissier did indicate on GBN that many in the game were certainly not a fan of his, understandable if he believes he’s bombproof.


      • JohnC says:

        I think any respect I had for them evaporated when they took the knee to black power.

        Never forget : as a general rule, football players are thick as sh1t. They have no idea what they are supporting actually means.


      • Foscari says:

        Brissle-Most of the players couldn’t even tell you when the Second World War was .Let alone who was involved. The fact the England
        team gave the Nazi salute when they played Germany in Berlin in 1938 sums it up. I expect Lineker would of been the first to stick
        his arm out.
        What the BBC may well find out is that most of the presenters
        and pundits wont be missed. And could be replaced by a plethora
        of others of the same calibre or better. As it happens the best
        football presenter happens to be a women. And that’s Gabby


      • G says:

        Left/Liberals = Anything goes = eventually reaching total chaos = Only destination.


  14. tomo says:

    The opening video clip is, imho worth a watch.



  15. Richard Pinder says:

    I have just read the new “Mensa Magazine” called “IQ”. It is a dumbed down disaster. The old magazine editor, Brian Page, has retired. So Mensa have given a contract to an outside publisher called “Think”, with a new Editor-in-Chief called Fraser Allen. The magazine now looks like its made by brain dead rich socialists, trying to look clever. Its now like a young woman’s magazine with lots of pictures. On the front page we see a large picture of Brian Cox of the BBC. Inside the magazine we see lots other BBC personalities such as Tim Harford who has a “mission against misinformation” and all the other moronic left-wing bullshit about issues such as Climate Change and how wonderful was the mRNA jab. Moronic unknown threats such as “Could the Universe pose an unknown threat?” and “Exploding Jellyfish from Venus”. Brian Cox exposes his lack of “Informed Consent” revealed by the millions of mRNA jab deaths & injured and hundreds of scientific papers from around the world showing that the mRNA jab was a disaster for fertility and the heart, when he says “The mRNA technology that was key to the COVID-19 vaccines was 10-15 years away before the pandemic. Now it’s here, and the potential for developing vaccines for many cancers has been accelerated by a decade” There is also an article about a book by Michael Brown that claims that people who don’t agree with him are “an existential threat to life on Planet Earth”. There is nothing in the magazine linking a scientific study that shows that the most intelligent and the least intelligent are those least likely to have had a mRNA jab. Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh showed a surprising U-shaped correlation between willingness to get a Covid vaccine and education level. Of the 5 million surveyed, 20.8 per cent who were hesitant had a high school education or less and 23.9 per cent had a PhD. But the least skeptical of the shot had a Master’s degree – with only 8.3 per cent of that group being vaccine hesitant. Doctoral study is all about researching to find the evidence to back up the reasoning behind the thesis, or the argument, using six core critical thinking skills: interpretation, analysis, inference, evaluation, explanation, and self-regulation.


  16. JohnC says:

    Has Putin’s assault on Ukraine’s power grid failed?

    As usual the BBC make a leading headline without actually saying anything then the text makes the truth obvious. No it hasn’t failed.

    It looks terrible for those people having to stand around a generator waiting for their phones to charge. I would much rather be in the trenches with the thousands of brave soldiers who could die at any second.

    But the BBC staff don’t care about them. They absolutely love pictures of old women and children next to bomb-damage while they fill their articles with empathy and dream of accepting an award at the next BBC incest ceremony.

    Meanwhile some white men are fighting the war somewhere else. And a thousand of them are being blown to pieces every day. But there are no awards at the BBC for reporting news like that now. They can only relate to the horror of not being able to charge their iPhones.

    Anyone who gets their news from the BBC has absolutely no idea what is going on in Ukraine and why. Their articles are almost entirely 100% empathy-laden drivel with no ‘news’ in them at all.


  17. Richard Pinder says:

    Lineker is a symptom, the BBC is the disease:



  18. Flotsam says:

    Consider this. How long would Lineker have lasted if he’d said anything against immigration, BAMES, or LGBQ’s?

    There are other matters that can be raised from the BBC/MOTD/Lineker debacle.
    The fiction that the BBC is not an advertising platform. MOTD is a promotional vehicle for football and the Premier League in a large and various minor ways. Look at those shirt logos, many of them for the vampire betting industry. The grounds are named after commercial corporations. There are electronic display hoardings around the pitch carrying advertising. Really the Premier League should be paying the BBC for extending the reach of its sponsors advertising.


    • Guest Who says:

      Just read… in the Mirror… that Jeremy Clarkson has come out in solidarity with Gaz.

      If Kev’s brain has not exploded by now….

      Just needs Carole Thatcher to be hired in place of Alex for Adrian and Jo to engage in a milkshake pact.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Excellent news – it’s a full on ‘thing ‘ or maybe a ‘spat’…lol


  19. Scroblene says:

    Try this for some light relief…



    • Fedup2 says:

      Cheers Scroblene . My favourite is the Paul White House dressing room manager one – which could never ever be made now …..


  20. JohnC says:

    Just saw this on the internet and it gets the arguments from the Left that Andrew deserves to be cancelled simply because he was aquainted with the pedophile Epstein firmly into perspective:


    This is one of the main reasons the Left disgust me so much : they turn a blind eye to anything which doesn’t suit their agenda or who they want rid of. They are ridiculous hypocrites.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I wonder if that list is ‘true’and if so what explanation all of the ‘talent ‘ offer up for taking the Lolita express ?


    • G says:

      Prince Charles………………..


  21. Fedup2 says:

    Today Watch

    Ok – I forced myself to listen – for the cause . They’ve been doing a series on a ‘family court ‘ which has allowed access . Personally restricting access to any court is just wrong .

    Anyway – todays episode was about a non Roma ‘family ‘. I found myself laughing at it – knowing what lying cheating exploiting the Roma character has .

    Apparently there is Trouble with Romas because a lot came to the UK when we were stupid enough to be in the EU . And because they usually live ‘off the books ‘ a lot didn’t apply for permanent residence after Brexit . Therefore they should not be here and not able to get your tax money for their life style .

    Obviously the above wasn’t the approach the lefty bbc type took – all are ‘victims’ all are ‘vulnerable ‘

    These romas had bred – mum was on drugs – the power was cut off (because they hadn’t paid )and the wife beater was ‘back in the EU ‘ ….

    Anyway I’d lost the will to live by then . But curiously there was no mention of deporting them. Don’t know why – since they are illegal . …
    There are thousands of them ….


    • harry142857 says:

      Plenty of Roma sleeping rough, begging in the streets of London, selling the Big Issue or looking to steal from tourists. The males walk around in faux leather jackets, so keep your wallets and phones close to hand.


  22. tomo says:


    • MarkyMark says:

      Barry Gardiner says his £500K is safe!


    • JohnC says:

      lol, precisely what I said the other day.


    • Kinell says:

      Not only was he the only name on the ballot paper but it was a secret ballot.
      You can find Nigel Farage berating the Euro MP’s about this matter on Youtube.


  23. Sluff says:

    Oh, the juxtaposition.

    Lineker seems to want unfettered immigration on rubber cross channel ferries, which we well know are almost all young, male, BAME, Muslims.. OK let’s leave it at that for now. And look at an altogether different open door effect.

    Toady, for once, are doing some actual reporting. They have been covering a pilot allowing journalists into family courts, which shamefully have had secret hearings for years. Today’s featured case was a classic.

    A Roma family came over from East Europe after EU free movement was allowed ( the benefits are better here). They settled in Bradford. On social service visits, the house was dirty, unseated, and with little food. The parents have split up, the father has gone back. He wants custody of the children but has made no attempt to get legal representation.The mother w. , a drug addict, is in prison, but apparently want to,look after the children on her release. Their three children, all being fostered.

    And that, dear readers, is where your taxes go.

    Do you remember, a decade or more ago, when the BBC used to trumpet how much extra wealth would be created for the country by immigrants? We don’t hear much about that now.

    PS sorry Fedup at 0754. I must scan better before writing. But after all that typing, I don’t want to,press delete. Still,as I used to say at work, duplication is better than inertia.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Sluff – no no – I’m glad someone else heard that …. I must stop grinding my teeth ..😎


  24. Sluff says:

    If you take the letters in ‘Gary Lineker’, remove the y, replace with a w, and rearrange, you get ‘Large W***ker’.


  25. Fedup2 says:

    Today .
    More fun – fill yer boots – 2 very rich people – former Labour Party member – Gregory dyke – and a lefty peer called ‘patience wheatcroft ( who I reckon might support the Manchester hotspurs ) going on about whatever – various elected and unelected vermin will be chucking their penny in – doing interviews to get the DG / chairman job …..

    All good for us….


  26. AsISeeIt says:

    We’ve all gone a bit gay edition

    One can understand the French president’s relief at finally meeting a British premier… even shorter in stature than he is: Can Sunak-Macron bromance help stop the boats? (BBC)

    Must our BBC headline international relations reports in the terminology of a gay club or a gaggle of excitable school girls giggling over their teen celebrity magazines? Bromance… really, Chris Mason, Political editor, BBC News?

    We notice journalists tend to flounder when it comes to reporting big cash numbers: UK sending France extra £480m to try to stop small boats migrants (‘i’); Sunak: £500m package to stop refugees in small boats (Guardian); …the UK will give France nearly half a billion pounds to set up a migrant detention centre and a dedicated small boats police force. (Times); Rishi’s £497m deal: I said we would stop small boats (Daily Express) – they can’t quite agree on the cash number but remarkably they all parrot that identical innovative formulation ‘small boats‘ – coordination of words not numbers being the mainstream media journalistic forte.

    Mr AsI is inclined to request – can everyone stop saying small boats? He has in mind that amusing line borrowed from the British gangster movie starring ex-footballer Vinnie Jones: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels: “Can everyone stop gettin’ shot?”

    Speaking of ex-footballers… don’t say you didn’t see that segueway coming… well, it isn’t, quite yet.

    We look for confirmation of the true weight of that big cash bung we’re handing over to France – roughly, while we’re in Guy Ritchie and Vinnie Jones territory, that’ll be in Cockney terminology a monkey (£500) – but in millions. The go-to source for a precise figure would be the Financial Times: Sunak promised to send E541mn over three years – well, of course the globalist EU-loving FT prefers to count our hard earned British tax money in Euros. At least they didn’t say ‘small boats

    I’ve a theory. All this attention on ‘small boats‘ – say 50,000 a year illegals hitting the beaches, is designed to blindside us to the whopping 1.1m annual hyper-immigration in total. That’s just 5%-ish – so we’re arguing over small beer indeed.

    Sport is to the Guardian what economics is to most journalists – nothing of any real interest or understanding but a jolly good chance to bang on about their politics. The Gruan today tempts us with: 50 best sports photos – and teases frontpage with a pic, recognisably of… you guessed it: US women’s footballer and campaigner Megan Rapinoe

    The left-leaning ‘i’ is likewise super keen to ram women’s football down our throats: Alessia Russo Women’s game now is at best level in its history

    Speaking of which: The BBC is in crisis after Match Of The Day pundits Alan Shearer, Ian Wright and Alex Scott went on strike in solidarity with spud salesman Gary Lineker (Daily Star)

    Some might say: Match of the Day to air without presenters or pundits… (BBC) – is a blessing in disguise. That crew are getting too big for their football boots.

    Amusingly, the left-leaning ‘i’ newspaper – our BBC’s new pet favourite which once again tops their online press line-up today – see’s the bias boot on the other foot: BBC political independence is called into question after dropping Garry Lineker… (‘i’) – yeah, but no… but yeah… the display of political bias originated in his biased political Tweets – not the repremands he got.

    A multiple of yellow card offences equal a red card – our Gary should know this.

    Sex is another preoccupation of the left – and the focus, too often, is unpleasantly on the young: One in 10 teenagers say they’re addicted to porn (Guardian) – not news. One cites Manchester pioneer punk rocker and Buzzcock Pete Shelly circa-1977 (pre-internet, mind you)

    Well, you tried it just for once
    Found it all right for kicks
    But now you found out
    That it’s a habit that sticks
    And you’re an orgasm addict
    You’re an orgasm addict
    Sneaking in the back door
    With dirty magazines
    Now your mother wants to know
    What’s all those stains on your jeans

    It’s been a thing since medieval monks doodled naughty pictures in the margins of their parchment – but it serves as a good excuse to censor the internet.

    Another one of those wry smile juxtapositions of frontpage features – today comes care of the formerly sensible Times: Midlife crisis. Are you having one right now – combines nicely with: Robert Crampton I dressed like Harry Styles – at 58

    Speaking of which…

    FT Weekend feature How To Spend It goes a tad gay: Men’s style edition Meet the new super models – they look like a nice bunch of lads.

    And of course there’s nothing wrong with it…

    Frontpage marquee advertising spot in the Telegraph is bought by Investec: Extraordinary Times Why have an ordinary partner?


    • Fedup2 says:

      As I see it – I’m so glad you swerved the potential collapse of the banking system again- Biden Obama bail out – and the potential for Chernobyl 2 in Ukraine …..

      …. But I have an unusual request . Can I encourage every one to watch match of the day please …. Increased viewing figures will undermine everyone involved .

      We must use every weapon ( there are few ) to undermine and destroy the BBC – I’m even thinking that BBCOFCOM could become a target …. Good times ….


  27. tomo says:

    re: Chernobyl 2 in Ukraine …

    It occurred to me that Nuland et al are simply gagging to find an excuse for positioning military assets inside Ukraine. Protecting a reactor site has to be up there.

    I know enough about nuclear power stations to know when I’m being lied to.


    • JohnC says:

      They are a lot safer than the BBC want you to believe if they can use them against Russia. They have failsafes on top of failsafes.

      I remember when they were making out that it was at risk of meltdown because the power lines were out.

      Absolute nonsense. And if it’s looking dodgy, they can simply shut the reactor down.


    • JohnC says:

      That’s classic BBC – and the lies are ALWAYS in favour of the agenda – ie deliberate.

      Sack OFCOM.


    • Sluff says:

      Heat Pumps should be called Cash Pumps.

      They suck out your money and blow it all away..

      Error. For ‘your’ read ‘our’ as they are taxpayer subsidised


    • theisland says:

      The bBC are claiming their amended statement (changed after their initial lie) is ‘duly accurate.’
      I’m not sure what that term is supposed to mean. Anyone?
      Ofcom have a section in their code on Due impartiality and due accuracy where they give a definition of ‘due impartiality.’ This includes: The approach to due impartiality may vary according to the nature of the subject, the type of programme and channel, the likely expectation of the audience as to content, and the extent to which the content and approach is signalled to the audience. In other words there is convenient wriggle room.
      Ofcom do not give a definition of ‘due accuracy’ (i.e. ‘duly accurate’) but one assumes the same wriggle room applies and therefore the bBC et al. can always squirm off the hook.
      This sounds like a lot of MPs or lawyers we could name.


  28. JohnC says:

    Manchester Arena: Ex-bomb suspect regained citizenship in MI5 U-turn

    A lengthy article which goes over the Manchester bombing again – but does not contain a single word of information of the motivation or religion of the bomber. They avoid the question of why someone would want to blow children to pieces with a shrapnel bomb completely. It’s as if the decision to plant a bomb is entirely normal and doesn’t need explaining.


  29. JohnC says:

    The BBC doesn’t apply guidelines fairly – Baroness Wheatcroft

    She says she agrees “with everything Gary Lineker said”.

    “I find the rhetoric coming out of government about asylum seekers deeply, deeply depressing and unappealing. I can completely understand why Gary Lineker said what he did.”

    Right. So he should be allowed to do it as long as YOU agree with him should he ‘Baroness’ ?.

    Stupid, stupid woman. And shame on you BBC for using what she said as a desperate headline.

    It’s clear the BBC are trying to turn this around and blame the government.


    • Fedup2 says:

      The BBC roll the likes of impatience wheatcroft out when they want an approved lefty – but since she badges as a ‘ cross bencher ‘ can claim a ‘neutral view ‘ .

      I despise characters like her – never held elected office – got the peerage gig by the swamp network – and looks down at the world from her bank balance and upper house status …. If only she could get a dose of reality …


    • tomo says:

      Wheatcroft – The epitome of Blue Labour

      ex Sunday Telegraph editor too…

      Fedup2 – yep… there’s not a lot to like about Patience

      as for Lineker – does anybody really think for a moment that the BBC rewarded him so handsomely for so long merely for his on camera personable-ness and footy expertise?


      • Fedup2 says:

        Tomo – it looks like a potential civil war within the BBC – but I think the ‘right ‘ are the confederates and the left is the unionist – hence in our time – no chance for the anti linaker branch .

        The fun will be who actually lands up presenting the sports shows being put out – unless they are replaced by the test card .

        The first test will be the lunch time footy show – who ever presents it will become a ‘scab’ … fantastic – just hope it keeps building …. DG resigns ? Lol


  30. StewGreen says:

    The Lineker story shouldn’t be a big story, cos it is just about one rich guy tweeting.
    He’s not a real victim compared to victims of actual crimes, but medialand love stories about themselves.

    Funny how in their eyes one extreme anti-Brexit sneerer is “the voice of the people”.
    They see their own Guardian bubbleworld as the ONLY true view.

    The story led both local radio news
    Humberside played a clip of Andrew Neil.
    “He’s not in the news dept, but he is still the face of the BBC so there needs to be some rules, these rules need to be sorted out”
    Lincs played a clip where an ex beeboid Roger Mosey supports BBC management’s new move.*
    That BBC has guidelines saying you can’t be a social media campaigner
    and upto now the BBC has been letting him get away with that
    but it can’t have one rule for Lineker and one for everyone else.
    But then for balance they played a clip of an SNP MP supporting Lineker “he’s enormously popular”

    * at 10 they changed it to a Greg Dyke saying the BBC looks to have bowed to government pressure.
    claiming rules don’t apply to non news people.


  31. Dickie says:

    Brilliant website. Very informative. On Mon, Wed and Fri.



  32. atlas_shrugged says:

    “Mental-health crisis from pandemic was minimal, study suggests”

    Here is the thing. The BBC finds the nearest crackpot that fits their narrative and pushes this out as reliable information.



  33. Fedup2 says:

    Omg – the coloured queer ‘girl ‘ who took over the ‘footy focus ‘ has pulled out of it … omg …. Gotta be worth a watch now – I used to watch when a chap did it but now it’s woke’ community ‘projects I guess …

    .. I reckon – assessing linaker s character – he might turn up in the Directors ‘ box at his team ‘The Leicester Losers ‘ today …to gauge ‘support ‘ from the people who go to footy …. Or maybe I’m over thinking the fun ….lucky it is of no consequence at all . Those damn boats will keep coming ..


    • BRISSLES says:

      Yes, Fed, I can hear the entire crowd roar when they see Lineker as he raises his arms in victory. One thing’s for sure, he’ll be even more unbearable after this saga is over.


  34. StewGreen says:

    Daily Mirror journalist


    • Guest Who says:

      Kev Maguire having his Spartacus moment too.


      He might be suggesting all bbc staff come out but not him as his bbc gig being denied a voice, daily, is lucrative.


    • MarkyMark says:

      The 2021 takeover of Newcastle United F.C. by a consortium of the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF), PCP Capital Partners, and the Reuben Brothers was a takeover proceeding that commenced in April 2020 and was successfully concluded in October 2021.


  35. Thoughtful says:

    There is an aspect to the Lineker story almost every pundit appears to be missing, and it’s this.

    Lineker is not employed by the BBC, he is a self employed presenter paid by the BBC to present on their behalf.

    To whit he signed a contract for his services with the BBC, a contract which states he is to remain impartial not withstanding whether you agree with what he said or whether you don’t, Lineker has breached the terms of his contract to remain impartial and that to me is where the media should be concentrating on, not the substance of what was said.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Thoughtful – see the post above about the linaker v HMRC case – and his motivation …


  36. Sluff says:

    If the Pas de Calais is such a hellhole that all these rubber cross channel ferry passengers want to escape from it……….why are so few of them French residents?


  37. Sluff says:

    Watch MOTD tonight.
    You might actually see some football for a change.


    • BRISSLES says:

      I suspect that viewers will be tuning in droves to watch it – even those that don’t normally, which will increase audience numbers and in turn (hopefully) will make the Beeb believe that the obnoxious threesome are not needed again.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Yeah watch it – out of solitary against the linaker 3 ..4…5 …6 …7 ..so many .. so fired ?


  38. Fedup2 says:

    BBC footy update

    Times reports ‘Footy Focus ‘ has been pulled because no one at the BBC will do it . The Red button is gone too … looks like no one is willing to do Match of the day so they might land up doing the straight ‘premier league’ feed from the FA …

    … great fun for us ….


  39. StewGreen says:

    I spot the BBC South Africa correspondent has found an excuse to put a Ukrainian flag in his profile


  40. StewGreen says:

    FooC item about a female mayor
    “she wants to put Climate change at the centre”
    .. then lists all the sexism she gets.


  41. StewGreen says:

    Lets see if Bargain Hunt and the Repair Shop get good audiences

    They appear as Alex Scott and Jason Mohammad refuse to do their shows.
    Isn’t that bullying ?
    The #BiasedBBC staff are all lefty GuardianLand
    It’s #TheirBBC not that of the full diverse population


    • Fedup2 says:

      Just gets better and better . Are they in breach of contract ? Will the BBC fire them – never a shortage of journos –


  42. Doublethinker says:

    How much longer can the international MSM collude with liberal left globalist elite to totally distort the national and international news before they lose credibility amongst a critical mass of the population?

    I realise that most users of this site gave up on the MSM years ago but many with ‘neutral’ politics still seem to believe the distortion , suppression and lies which the MSM feed them as ‘news’ everyday.

    Just a few examples ofMSM lying about major news cycle events which have subsequently turned out to be frauds or which they tried to cover up

    Trump Russia collusion 2016
    Biden election 2020
    Origin of Covid
    Efficacy of Covid vaccines
    Sweden not having police no go areas
    Uk Muslim rape gangs
    Hunter Biden
    Nordstream pipeline explosions
    January 6 th insurrection
    FBI and Twitter
    Iran building the bomb

    We all expect that Climate Emergency and Net Zero ( I write this snow bound in the Yorkshire Dales) and the Ukrainian War will soon join the list.

    I’m sure that you could all add to this list.

    The reason why there is strong slant towards the USA is that the first amendment allows the truth to be printed even if it isn’t widely disseminated because of self censorship by the globalist liberals. Over here OFCOM can crack down whenever necessary.

    Surely , as more examples come to light , even the most credulous person is going to begin to doubt and you begin to doubt the certainty that you are being lied to swiftly follows.


  43. JohnC says:

    The Lineker row isn’t about free speech – it’s a moral coup

    This article just about sums it up for me.

    I don’t even know what the fuss is about. I don’t care one bit what lefty jug-ears says. Never have. He is insignificant.

    It’s basically been latched onto by Lefty activists and pushed way, way beyond what it is worth. And the BBC see another opportunity to turn it against the Tories. Watch out for it running every day this week.


    • StewGreen says:

      Bottomline he says that the leftmob are campaigning for FREE SPEECH
      but not really for all, just for lefties
      They take over orgs ..they are authoritarian .. not libertarian


    • Londoner says:

      Excellent article which expresses in a nutshell the sheer hypocrisy of the anti British and hate filled left wing cancel culture mob.


    • Nibor says:

      And the BBC see another opportunity to turn it against the Telly tax payers ……..against the ordinary people of the UK .


    • Dickie says:


  44. Beltane says:

    It takes a very special sort of intellect to believe that the BBC is a right-wing government supporting organisation, and yet that is what the litterati are shouting in typically unsubstantiated group-outrage. They display the same sort of intellect that thinks Fiona Bruce is pro-Tory because she has a posh voice, ‘earns’ half a mil and lives very comfortably indeed in the leafier parts of London with her hedge-funder husband. And yet who is it that constantly interrupts any right-wing panelist, almost within seconds of their starting to speak?
    And on an even higher plane, the same goes for St. Gary of Linaker, currently in the process of bringing down the edifice who think him worth £1.3m, in a strange corporate cancellation situation. Good luck with that.


  45. Kinell says:

    In solidarity with all the other nonentities, I’m definitely not hosting Match of the day.


  46. Londoner says:

    I’ve never watched Gary Lineker as I have absolutely no interest in football, but the fact that many other sports presenters are refusing to present their programmes just goes to show how many pro mass immigration anti British left wing presenters work for the BBC.

    How on earth did we ever allow our national broadcaster to get in this state?


  47. vlad says:

    Andrew Lawrence lets Lineker have it in a 90 second tirade.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Well considering that happened to him – I think he was quite restrained …. Thr tax issue is well made …