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  1. Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

    While I am pleased to see GB News is doing well and growing wider still and wider I am a bit concerned at this bloke they have taken on.
    I seem to remember he was only too keen to mock Ukip at a campaign launch for not having enough faces of colour and when the minority people in the party stood up from their chairs revealing their presence he went off boohooing to the rest of the msm. He also mocked the suggested ban on face coverings by claiming it would affect beekeepers. Is this the same bloke I remember.?


    • StewGreen says:

      So Christopher Hope has moved from the Telegraph to GBnews
      His tweet about UKIP is childish
      and of the same misrepresentative type as saying “Trump told people to inject bleach”
      but look how it only got 1 Like and his other zero Likes
      The Telegraph’s own tweet got 39 Likes

      saying banning veils in certain circumstances is stopping beekeepers doing their work is FALSE equivalence

      Beekeepers masks as well as balaclavas are already banned in banks
      headcarves are/were banned in French and Turkish places of education


      • StewGreen says:

        “Keir Starmer’s Director of Strategy congratulating Christopher Hope for joining @GBNEWS”
        One comments about C Hope
        “No one in the lobby has a more intuitive understanding of the Tory party; a huge loss to the Telegraph.”


      • BRISSLES says:

        I wonder if Darren McCaffrey – who was pretty good to me, jumped before he was pushed.

        Its one continual round of musical chairs at GBN, shame there are still too many loudmouths (literally) for my liking. And what is it with the endless Welsh adverts ??


        • Fedup2 says:

          Brissles – darling – I thought I was the only one in London who got adverts for a gold shop in Cardiff …


          • BRISSLES says:

            Well out here in the sticks we’re offered camping holidays showing the wilds of Pembrokeshire where dogs are welcome (no thanks), a warehouse full of furniture owned by a family firm in Cardiff, yes the gold shop with the Aunty Sally and her magnifying glass, and a few others that escape me. I’ve even started talking to the dog in a Welsh accent !


      • StewGreen says:

        Heck now I check deeper I find Hope tweeted his UKIP Beekeepers story 5 times
        That’s not mere reporting, that’s a campaign
        That makes him look like a client-journo of the Tory Party who has picked an angle to misrepresent UKIP and smear them

        There is an issue of women being forced to cover up. so UKIP thinking about this is not a crime.
        In Tweet history Chope first raised an issue of nuns and UKIP pointed out nuns don’t cover their faces. Then some tweeter suggested beekeepers to Chope and he took that and ran with it


    • Doublethinker says:

      The loss of Mark Steyn was devastating for the positioning of GBN. The knowledge that he was chucked overboard by the GBN management is shocking . It’s worse now that the MSM is slowly, cautiously letting the truth out about vaccine harm which was what Steyn was saying throughout last year but for which OFCOM wanted him off air.
      GBN can hardly now position itself as the fearless voice of the people which refuses to toe the liberal globalist establishment line and is dedicated to telling us the truth that tthat establishment doesn’t want us know about.
      Some recent hires , Portillo, Rees Mogg and Hope seem to me to be unlikely to rock the globalist boat too much . They certainly won’t kick the likes of big pharma or the WEF around the studio like Steyn did. Perhaps all three come recommended as ‘safe’ by OFCOM !


      • Fedup2 says:

        Double – I repeat – done with GBNews – let Murdock buy and close it – I gave up completely after Steyn and don’t miss it one bit – they threw so much talent out to be replaced by gobby snowflakes like the awful ‘enhanced ‘ Christy…sniff


      • kingkp says:

        GB News is controlled opposition, almost as bad as the BBC. This is why they hired nutjob and fake conservative Rees-Mogg.
        Jacob Rees-Mogg has labelled anti-vaxxers “nutters” as he defended the spending on communications as necessary to “reassure people” about the safety of vaccines.
        Yes, those nutters like me who have spent the last three years trying to warn people about the injections that have been designed to kill and harm. As Bridgen has said, and it stands in Hansard, they have killed at least 65,000 Brits in the last two years. Let that sink in.


  2. Sluff says:

    BBC going apoplectic at the large increases in turnover of companies providing agency staff to the NHS. The BBC have ‘made enquiries’ of the agencies. The clear implication is that this is a bad thing. Is that an accusation for the BBC to infer?

    Not asked . Competency of NHS HR and management.
    Not mentioned. Overall increase in expenditure of the NHS during the same period.
    Not mentioned . Agency costs ( around £600 million) as a percentage of total NHS budget (say £150 billion plus pension costs) . Shall we say 0.4%.
    So. Not that big an issue after all. And not asked. How does this use of agency workers compare with other industries.

    Classic BBC tactic. Use big numbers selectively and out of context to push a biased narrative.


  3. Deborah says:

    So the BBC choir is no longer being dismantled but I am sure as it was reported on 6pm news there were some weasel words like ‘for now’. I thought the implication was that the choir would be allowed to reach its 100th birthday but the choristers shouldn’t be holding their breath (sorry).

    I just wonder how much it costs to send all those people from the BBC to Glastonbury. If the BBC stopped giving free tickets for the proms to their friends and sold them to the public instead, if they stopped paying for after show parties for Strictly, stopped paying Linnekar. I even remember a BBC employee claiming £65 for a pair of cashmere socks she was giving to a supposed star she was wining and dining. There is lots of fat the BBC could cut if they wanted to. The BBC managers deliberately highlight cutting something of value so the public scream that the license fee is worth it. But I am not so easily manipulated.


  4. StewGreen says:

    ITV localNewsPR had a rather sycophantic item about a Muslim footballer doing his first day of Ramadan fast
    … “how was this first day ?
    “Well I have been doing Ramadan all my life”

    The item i so important to them ..they made another video tweet too
    .. https://twitter.com/itvcalendar/status/1639332196392615938


  5. JohnC says:

    Ukraine war: Battle for Bakhmut ‘stabilising’ – Ukraine commander

    These articles are starting to worry me now. Our National Broadcaster is now basically a relay station for any propaganda the Ukranian government want to put out. It’s become disinformation on an epic scale being endorsed globally by the BBC.

    When we are being pulled into a war, the people should have a right to know what is going on. It seems we don’t.

    ‘while Russia “has not given up hope of taking Bakhmut at all costs despite losses in manpower and equipment… they are losing significant strength”.’

    ‘”Very soon we will take advantage of this opportunity, like we did near Kyiv, Kharkiv, Balakliya and Kupiansk,” he said, referring to successful Ukrainian counter-offensives last year.’

    Sometimes with the BBC I feel like I am living in North Korea.

    This is the ‘journalist’ clone who clearly doesn’t know what she is talking about – but has obviously been told to just copy Ukranian press releases.


    Like so many things now, the BBC have simply abandoned any attempt to be impartial because they know they can get away with it.


  6. StewGreen says:

    ITV local NewsPR had a “Remember Beeching” item
    then in the middle they suddenly shoehorned this in
    as if the climate activist is the producers girlfried
    “Environmental concerns weren’t a factor for Beeching
    but this Climate Charity say they must be today”
    Cue Apaar Mangat of Hope For The Future “blah blah cars air pollution”

    BTW air pollution is a different issue to Climate Change CO2
    Generally the activists are MORE anti car than they are pro low-CO2

    Then she continued “To fight Climate change we need a rail network ..tickbox, tickbox, tickbox”
    .. em rail system have so much infrastructure and concrete they are inherently high CO2 even if electric,
    and inherently high cost.


  7. StewGreen says:

    BBC local newsPR “Oh look we have a programme BBC Young Reporters and look we’ve found an actual disabled child to be our reporter .. aren’t we cool”
    “Her disability is an over sensitivity to light, so she has to wear dark glasses all the time
    .. Here she is talking to a Judo athlete with the same condition”

    I guess our area doesn’t have enough black people so the BBC had to find another tickbox person.

    Then they had a very long item “local girl who was on the BBC Apprentice Show”
    .. The BBC loves talking about its on shows and calling that “news”


    • JohnC says:

      I don’t know how you can stomach the local news+radio Stew.

      I used to listen to Doug and Blair talk about gardening and it was obvious Blair was your very typical far-Lefty who was always on the verge of getting a bit nasty if he disagreed with someone (like Stuart Maconie).

      But the bit which really annoyed me was how they alternated between Muslims and Christians for the religious show beforehand. As they are <10%, Christian content should be 10 times the Mulim content. But it seemed more like 50/50. Which of course is the Left's idea of 'equality' : One Muslim, One Christian.

      And of course Sunday is not even the Muslim religious day.

      I eventually had enough and never listened to it again.


  8. Fedup2 says:

    Below is a story from the DT of the BBC singers – ( I’m not interested ) but it does evidence just a little more discord in the BBC – which can only be good for us …it’s too long …

    STARTS We can breathe again. The BBC Singers have been given a stay of execution. Having declared on March 7 that this world-leading British ensemble was to be abolished, the Corporation said on Friday that an agreement had been reached with the Musicians’ Union to “suspend the proposal”. But beware: it isn’t time to break out the champagne. This is not a complete U-turn. The BBC is “actively exploring options” for alternative sources of funding – and only if these prove to be viable will the Singers’ future be secure.

    The original news of the closure, three weeks ago, caused disbelief. For musicians in the choral world, it felt like a personal loss. Anna Lapwood, organist, choir director and presenter of BBC Young Musician, tells me: “When the news broke, I was genuinely devastated on behalf of everyone who’s involved with that organisation – myself included. We all know how they represent the very best of British choral music, and everything they’ve done for promoting new music, supporting conductors, composers, presenters, is extraordinary. The idea that that could just be cut was terrifying.”

    Then came the outpouring of anger and support. The BBC suddenly faced an unprecedented catastrophe. The Singers were to be disbanded before this summer’s Proms; it was rumoured last week that Simon Rattle would boycott the Corporation’s crown jewel in protest – and would be far from the only musical A-lister to do so.

    In public, star singers including mezzo-soprano and ex-BBC Singer Sarah Connolly protested the Singers’ closure, as did professional and amateur choirs across the land. A letter signed by directors of 15 European radio choirs pleaded for a change of heart. Even the Cabinet expressed support for such a move. The leading American composer John Adams said the BBC was acting like a character in the recent film The Banshees of Inisherin – determined to cut off its own fingers. Eric Whitacre, perhaps the world’s best-known choral composer and conductor, tells me that when he first heard the news, he was “gutted”.

    “I just thought I couldn’t imagine the wisdom in simply stopping an institution that was a century old,” he says. “You can’t imagine how respected the Singers are – they worked with legendary people such as Igor Stravinsky, Francis Poulenc. I think it’s not overstating the case to say that the BBC Singers represent the pinnacle of what we all do, worldwide.”

    What made the decision even more painful is that it came at a time when the art form has been suffering. Naomi Pohl, general secretary of the Musicians’ Union, points out that the BBC’s Classical Music Review of May last year pledged wholehearted support for the sector and established a new head of Orchestras and Choirs. “[The Singers closure] was so disappointing,” she says, “because professional life is already so fragile. Freelancers are leaving the industry because rates of pay and expenses are so bad that sometimes they actually lose money on a date. I’ve had complaints that venues are often too cold to play in, because the managers need to save on fuel bills.”

    So how did we get here? How was one of the greatest choirs in the world, the UK’s only full-time professional choir, reduced by the BBC to hawking itself around the musical world in search of a saviour? The official line was that the Singers had to be abolished “in order to invest more widely in the future of choral singing across the UK”: the BBC was now going to work “with a wide range of choral groups, alongside launching a major choral development programme for new talent”. Financial pressures were cited here, as they were with regard to the decision, announced in the same press release, to shrink the BBC orchestras in England by 20 per cent. The aim was to shift resources away from the BBC’s historic institutions, and towards “creating agile ensembles that can work flexibly and creatively”.

    Yet the illogicality and evasiveness of this announcement was evident to everyone – except the BBC management who made it. If you’re looking for an agile, creative and flexible ensemble, you couldn’t do better than the BBC Singers themselves: they can perform a mind-bendingly virtuoso choral piece one day, and work with disadvantaged schoolchildren or diverse youth groups the next. Much the same could be said of the BBC orchestras. And in recent weeks, the claim that abolishing the BBC Singers would save a significant sum seemed unusually absurd: it emerged that they cost about the same as Gary Lineker’s salary.
    1 Body ragged: For the commentator and journalist Norman Lebrecht, the debacle points to a hollowness in an organisation that is meant to be a beacon of civilised values in the UK. “Two facts have emerged that are hugely embarrassing to the BBC. The first is that only one senior director of the BBC has ever even heard the BBC Singers. So they were voting to scrap an asset without even knowing what it was.

    The other was the complete failure to consult. If you ask anyone in the choral or orchestral world, ‘Did you get a call from the BBC about this plan?’, the answer is always no. It’s policy-making on the hoof without any information on which to base the policy.”

    Nicholas Kenyon, one-time director of Radio 3 and the Proms (and now chief opera critic of this newspaper), agrees – though he has a tad more sympathy for BBC management. “The BBC was so misguided in trying to execute brutal cuts without having explored the alternatives. We’re not saying that nothing can change – in fact, there have to be big changes, as the BBC has to save huge sums, and music can’t be exempt. But you need to look for imaginative solutions, not just cuts. It’s very good news that the BBC has seen that.”

    What the future holds is still uncertain. It may be that a consortium of institutions – or, as a BBC insider suggests to this paper, wealthy “white knights” – could club together to run the choir, which would keep the BBC name, and perhaps some Corporation funding. There has also been speculation that help may come from one of Britain’s leading conservatoires, such as the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, while the Royal College of Music and Royal Academy of Music have also been suggested as possible contenders to run the ensemble. BBC insiders have also suggested that the Singers could be set up as a separate charity.

    But whatever solution is found, it won’t assuage the widespread belief that the BBC is no longer a reliable custodian of the institutions it has created. Looking at this fiasco, it’s hard not to be reminded of a similar disaster at Arts Council England, which in November announced the withdrawal of all funding to English National Opera unless it fell into line with ACE’s new master plan. This plan turned out to be no more than a back-of-an-envelope scribble, neither properly researched nor costed. What are these exciting new choral groups the BBC wants to fund? Do they even exist? Does the BBC imagine they can be conjured out of thin air?

    Like ACE, the BBC seems more embarrassed than enthused about its historic role as a patron of the arts. Terrified of appearing elitist or careless about more up-to-the-minute values, and beset by financial woes, the management probably took a gamble that few would protest about the loss of a small choir. Well, they were wrong: the whole world protested. If the Corporation doesn’t care about the great institutions in its care, it should take note and act accordingly – if it wants to avoid disgracing the name of the BBC any more than it already has.ENDS

    Personally I care less – but this tax funded out fit was turning into another Ken Bruce / linaker with the prospect of demonstrations at the hyper woke proms and even more woke queer Eurovision noise contest – which their management couldn’t afford

    Defund the woke lefty monster


    • Deborah says:

      The official line was that the Singers had to be abolished “in order to invest more widely in the future of choral singing across the UK”:

      I noted the above line in the Telegraph piece. I suspect that investing more widely in choral singing across the U.K. would mean rock choirs, gospel choirs or a choir solely made up of people in wheelchairs or born with disabilities. The BBC is not interested in excellence especially in European classical art form.


  9. Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

    Supporters of freedom everywhere should know that Posy Parker was assaulted today when trying to give a speech in Albert Park, Auckland.
    She was not the only one reports indicate. The police stood by and watched and only interfered to take Posie away after the assault. The security she paid for was useless. Free speech took a nose dive over the last few days in NZ. The trans lobby allied with the overwhelmingly left-wing media whipped up a campaign of hated using misinformation tactics that they tediously condemn other people for using.
    The media, the police, and above all the politicians are in support or too feeble to speak out and seem to consistently apologise for the free speech laws not being draconian enough to keep out people with opinions that the Left tell them to.
    It has a been a shameful few days for New Zealand. A country with media so tightly controlled by the woke and the ignorant that the BBC would think it Utopia.
    Jacinda may have gone but the regime of wokeism is still very much alive. There is no Fox or GB news equivalent in NZ. A huge majority of the population hear no alternative opinions to The Narrative. Trudeau would be quite happy here, Freedom loving people are not.


    • StewGreen says:

      Actually Kelly tweeted that her security did a good job.

      but you can see that the perimeter security were useless
      In the UK police know that antifa are violent thugs ..so they kettle them


    • kingkp says:

      Not one of the All Blacks has said a word about the tyranny of their Government. That just about sums up where western manhood stands right now. No wonder half of them want to be women. They are pitiful.


  10. AsISeeIt says:

    The possessive form and it’s a far far better thing edition

    Is it time for a Sixth Republic? – asks the FT in reference to: Turmoil in France

    Rogue historian David Starkey likes to joke how all bad ideas originate in France and he chuckles at their multiple numbered Republics.

    We likewise like to smile at the notion of our politicians promising: Don’t like my heartfelt principles – here, I’ve got some new ones for you

    Don’t like this Republic? We’ll give you a new one says the globalist FT. Maybe we’re lucky over here to still have the monarchy, despite some dodgy incumbents

    Royal tour axed after fears for safety of King… as violent protests continued to grip France – observes the Daily Express

    Joker Matt is back and he’s back on form on the cover of the Telegraph as he sketches a snooty-looking French restaurant menu: ‘Plat du jour – City Hall Flambé’

    UK ‘reset with EU’ in disarray as King’s visit cancelled… Trip had been part of Government strategy to renew historic ties with Europe following Brexit– regrets the Telegraph’s straightman main headline

    The Mirror is succinct and – if you’ll excuse the pun – frank (yes, I know they now use the euro): French revolution stops Charles visit – the lazy poor English of Charles visit one suposes saves the ungainly look of Charles’s visit

    The French meanwhile famously police their language very strictly – rather better than they police their streets

    King eager to heal Britain’s Brexit wounds with Europe… is ‘very disappointed’ he has not been able to lead the Brexit reset with France – frets the left-leaning ‘i’ newspaper.

    His first state visist will now be Germany (‘i’)

    Could third time unlucky Charlie be a bit of a jinx? Scholtz dismisses fears over Deutsche bank… fears of contagion in Europe’s banking system sparked a sell-off in its shares (Telegraph)

    EU leaders urge calm – reassures Brussels’s main mouthpiece in Britain – the FT

    Speaking of policing…

    Having happily brandished some lefty-flavoured report branding the Met police women-hating, anti-gay and racist… (omitting to mention they don’t solve much crime) our lefty-liberal media now reap the benefits: Trust in UK police falling fast – i poll… Just 26% of public positive. Half want Met disbanded – and replaced with?

    The formerly dedicated Coronavirus subject tab possessing online BBC (recently having quietly put that tab out to grass – just like the BBC tend do with experienced and popular female presenters of a certain age) still suffers some residual symptoms of their former Lockdown-philia and China-lab-leak cover-up and corrupt WHO arse covering: Have we found the ‘animal origin’ of Covid?

    Animal Magic anyone? Johnny Morris was once the BBC’s beloved voice of the animal kingdom: Although latterly criticised in the 1990s for his anthropomorphic technique of introducing television viewers to animals [citation needed] (thank you Wiki – get back to us with that citation, won’t you!)

    I envisage Chinese bats adopting the mock-Spanish accents of Andrew Sachs’s Manuel late of Fawlty Towers “Que? I know nothing! I speak good English. I learn it from a book. Si, these human’s with their virus… they go crazy! Always you blame me, mister Fauci. I no want to work here any more. You blame someone else – even-tu-ally!”

    The pangolins (whatever they are?) are obviously pretty shady characters – let’s go with an amalgam of a young Peter Sellers doing cockney and the spiv Private Walker from Dad’s Army “Psst… Oi, oi… yeah, you. Shuuushh, come over ‘ere mush. I clocked you looking all about the Wet Market – after something dodgy were yer? Well, push off. I’m all legit. Straight up. Honest as the day is long.”

    By Victoria Gill and Roland Pease BBC News and BBC World Service – with that last BBC residual vestige of the Coronavirus pandemnic clickable link: We now, finally, have “the best evidence” we are ever likely to find of how the virus that causes Covid-19 was first transmitted to a human, a team of scientists has said. The most recent analysis points to a particular species as the likely animal origin of the virus.

    Here we go… During the early days of 2020, when Covid was still a mystery disease, the Chinese Centers for Disease Control (CDC) took samples from the market. The genetic information contained in those samples has only recently been made, briefly, public, and that enabled a team of researchers to decode them and point to racoon dogs as a possible “intermediate host” from which the disease spilled over into people. (BBC)

    We’ve heard of dangerous dogs and David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs – but racoon dogs?

    Dr Florence Debarre, a senior researcher at the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Sciences in Paris… told the BBC World Service’s Science in Action… “We saw the results appear on our screens, and it was: racoon dog, racoon dog, racoon dog, racoon dog” (BBC)

    Back to the pangolins for a comment: “Well, that puts the tin lid on it, us and the bats, we’re in the clear now, right?”

    This is not definitive proof. That is something we might never have. (BBC) – but at least there’s now some deniability for the Chinese lab and for the US-funded gain of function research therein.

    According to Prof Eddie Holmes from the University of Sydney, who was also involved in the study… “Humans get viruses from wildlife – it’s been true throughout our entire evolutionary history. The best thing we can do is separate ourselves from this wildlife and have better surveillance. Because this will happen again. (BBC)

    Our BBC also concerns itself with European unity: Vatican returns Parthenon sculptures to Greece… About 50% of the Parthenon’s original sculptures have survived and almost half of them are in the British Museum.

    And our BBC is busy in other political campaigning: Patriotic Alternative: The town fighting the far-right with Welsh cakes

    That’s all folks… ‘It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.’ (One of Charles Dickens’s)


  11. theisland says:

    Not bBC.

    Years ago we used to enjoy watching Richard Vobes’ short walks with an historical theme as ‘The Bald Explorer.’ Now, in a similar way to Neil Oliver, he has woken up to all the global sh1t.

    Here he makes good use of Hansard (an essential resource) to ask if Penny Mordaunt is lying in Parliament about Digital IDs – as commanded by Blair’s Institute et al.



    • AsISeeIt says:

      Misleading MPs?

      Nadine Dorries Says Boris Johnson ‘Will Be Found Guilty’ Of Misleading MPs (Huffpost)


    • Flotsam says:

      Digital identities will be easy for the Government to justify so that they can control the millions of illegals floating over the channel into the UK. Just as Covid and terrorism have been used to control the population and its cash and assets.


    • Up2snuff says:

      ti, I think the collapse of the Bankman-got-fried empire set the cause of digital IDs and passes, ‘the mark of the Beast’, back a bit. But it will come, eventually.


    • StewGreen says:

      It’s interesting to see MPs tweeting that video of Mordaunt vs Bridgen and saying it’s a great gotcha against Bridgen
      He does look like a chastised school boy
      after she tell him that there are no plans for Digital ID
      and that his ideas about it, Covid, WEF are all conspiracy theories originating out of Russia and China.

      Oh someone points out Mordaunts background
      she is very like Tony Blair


  12. theisland says:

    Another great Clubland Q&A from Mark last night.


  13. Sluff says:

    Oh the irony.

    Covering the riots in France, has anyone else noticed the BBC correspondents have on several occasions put the violence down to radicals and the Far Left !!!!!!!!!

    But for this country? How often do the BBC mention the Far Left, despite for example the appearance of vast numbers of Socialist Workers Party banners at every Leftoid demo. you can imagine?

    Oh, the hypocrisy.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Sluff – yes I spotted the use of ‘far left ‘ . The ‘far left ‘ doesn’t exist in the UK as far as the BBC is concerned . But anyone who doesn’t achieve the approval of the BBC here is ‘extreme ‘ or ‘Far Right ‘…. Which is always the leading threat from terrorism …… according to the discredited woke plod .


  14. Sluff says:

    You know how the BBC and their fellow Leftoid travellers like to go overboard on minuscule minorities?
    For example LGBT issues ( say 3% of the population)
    Transgender (maybe 0.2% of the population).
    Cyclists (1% max. of total travel)
    Or features about scrapping OFSTED inspections because of the very sad suicide of a head teacher ( 1 in about 32,000).

    BBC London are very enthusiastic about the new tax on the poor known as the ULEZ zone. According to Saddick Khan, 90% of people will not be affected.

    Which of course means that 10% will be. So that’s all right then.
    When the left wing supports the majority, the minorities suddenly don’t matter.


  15. taffman says:

    The Consocialists have failed us . They have left us with BRINO, left us with open borders. left us with a biased bBC. Left us in the ECHR, and burdened us with a “Net Zero” tax. Where is our sovereignty? The Consocalists are a busted flush.
    We need The Reform Party “to get Brexit done” .


  16. Guest Who says:

    SurLenny too busy auditioning for the Roosevelt biopic?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Grow up


      • Sluff says:

        I refer you to my post above about the BBCLeftoid approach to ‘minorities’.
        1 in how many millions?

        Get ready for ‘’boycott Premier Inns’ say Disability Rights campaigners’.


        • Northern Voter says:

          Yes but, she ticks more than one box, nice rainbow watch strap. Should have done a Macron.


  17. Fedup2 says:

    My conspiracy theory about the ‘agreement ‘ between the State and the MSM continues to grow . Today the Telegraph has a piece about increases in staff numbers to handle claims of injury / death cause by the vaccines .

    It even has a picture of Viki Spit – whose husband died through the vaccines . You might recall that this lady regularly appeared with someone called Mark Steyn who BBCOFCOM – a bought BBC journalist and GBNews caste into the darkness of the internet after he allegedly breach some corrupt guideline …..
    ….. the emergence of the vaccines as killers seems a gradual managed News process – so watch carefully ….


    • kingkp says:

      Yes, it probably is part of the big reveal. Swivel-eyed loons like myself have been talking about this possibility for some time now. It appears they are going to collapse the system by breaking the population’s trust in their institutions. Then they will come up with their globalist alternative. Hell on steroids. This is why it is important to recognise the hidden hand behind it all and not simply fall for their ruse of blaming the system of liberty and freedom we have had for the last hundred years or so for the collapse. They will say we need more control and autocracy and the democratic model has failed.


  18. Fedup2 says:

    Apparently the clocks do something unusual tonight – they go somewhere – either forward or back . Personally I think I’d like the clocks to go back to 1947 ( not 7.47pm )to stop the lunatic Immigration Act of 1948. Then maybe we d still have a country ….


  19. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – the Truth and Lies Edition

    BBC going big on the ‘Undercover Story’ and some BBC propaganda (you have to wonder why Bojo was not sharp enough as PM to add 1 + 1 together to make 2) that ‘Ireland will be united’. When you have the BBC actively working against the UK, as Fed hints above, we do not have a country any more.


  20. Fedup2 says:

    Just on demography – and assuming ( wrongly ) that all RCs would favour a ‘United Eire ‘ a vote on unification would now or soon lead to a yes by the population .

    But the Irish Republic is rapidly not being Eire any more . I think 25% of the population – 1 million out of 4 millions are EU guest workers so it gets a wee bit more complicated .

    Also I understand an awful lot of jobs in the North are UK state funded so they’d be subsumed into the Irish state civil service ….
    And maybe the kidults aren’t quite so tribal as those who went through Republican Sinn Fein IRA terrorism …..

    If you are from the island of Ireland and you see me as an out of touch Englishman – I apologise ahead – no offence intended …


    • Up2snuff says:

      That’s right Fed, demographics was always going to work in favour of the non-unionists in fractious N. Ireland politics. Personally, I would like to see a united Ireland but with the rider that I would like a united Ireland out of the EU and under the British Crown once more.

      Cannot see that happening under Charles III, but it might have happened under good Queen Lilibet as the Irish loved her, just as much as we did, after her last visit to the Republic.

      Yes, uniting Ireland might be a problem, especially if there has to be a positive vote both sides of the border. It is said the Conservative Party, despite their Unionist full name, would like to be rid of the trouble and expense of N.Ireland.


      • Rich says:

        The most recent poll that I have found suggests that a comfortable majority of NI voters would vote to remain in the UK. Of course a clear majority of Protestants would vote this way but a significant proportion of the Catholic population also wish to remain within the Union. The opinion or wishes of anyone not eligible to vote in NI matter not one jot.



        There are 90 seats in the NI Assembly, voted for by the people of NI alone. 54 are held by pro-Union parties. Sinn Fein may be the biggest party but Unionists, contrary to what the BBC would have you believe, have a very slight majority. The Alliance party, increasingly replacing the UUP as the party of the chattering-class Prods, are also pro-Union. A quick look at the 2021 Census shows that more and more people here identify as Northern Irish, not necessarily Irish or British.

        Northern Ireland at the moment, in the opinion of a 51 year old Northern Irishman living in Northern Ireland, does not want nor would vote for an ‘United Ireland’ governed from Dublin, something there has actually never been.


        • Up2snuff says:

          Rich, that is re-assuring. Thanks. Do keep us up to date on here. Maybe Northern Ireland is mirroring Scotland in that respect? I noted yesterday that in its Datawatch, the FT was trying to get us all back in the EU!


  21. Guest Who says:

    How to assess if the BBC is misinforming…

    1) Question as a headline
    2) Inclusive use of ‘we’
    3) BBC logo


    • AWOL says:

      1)It’s been obvious from the get-go that it came from the Wuhan lab. It’s the route coming from there that is in question. (“they” know this).
      2) We (ie the people) are not as ignorant as “they” think/hope, “they” can bluster and prevaricate as much or as little as suites their purposes to obscure and hide their masters wishes.
      3) You missed out the “So Called” bit of SCbbc.


      • kingkp says:

        They’ve lied for three years and now you believe the lab leak theory? This is why they pretended to bury it to start with. They give you two options – bat or lab. What they don’t give you is the third option. The truth. It doesn’t exist. We have a testdemic. Where and whenever the PCR was used, it caused a pandemic. Turning up or down the cycle level can give you whatever numbers you want. PCR cannot detect a virus. The sources of evidence for this are legion. Also I suggest you read some of Denis Rancourt’s statistical analysis of all-cause mortality over the last three years which proves beyond doubt there was no virus.


  22. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2 – the Truth and Lies Edition

    The BBC have to personalise an issue and find a ‘victim’ these days and TOADY is no exception. A woman called Dawn McLean, who was given up as a baby for adoption was introduced as Don McLean by ‘Michelle’ (a.k.a. Mishal) – can see a musical theme appearing here – and she told a sad story with suitable added sympathy from Mishal.


  23. StewGreen says:

    10 minutes of TV
    There is lawyers group leader Sobieck saying there should be a double standard in Justice , that lawyers shouldn’t work prosecuting law breaking Climate activists and should never do any work for lawful acting fossil fuel biz

    Then another lawyer is saying we should pay illegals £3,000 to leave the UK, cos he says otherwise the process costs £15K


    • BRISSLES says:

      I saw the interview with Paul Powles a Barrister with Garden Court Chambers – (he looked about 20 and sported a man bun) and he was one of a group who decided they won’t prosecute the likes of Extinction Rebellion. Checking him out, it appears this Garden Court Chambers is massive with Silks and Barristers in Lincolns Inn.

      I’m not sure where this will all end. If a group of prosecutors feel that people are entitled to free food other than food banks, will they stop prosecuting shop lifters from supermarkets ?? Its absurd.


    • Flotsam says:

      £3K to leave? It would only result in them having enough to pay for another cross channel trip.
      If they can get a trip over for £2.5K then it’s £500 profit a time.


  24. G.W.F. says:

    BBC report on a major story of Llantwitters in Wales who organise to defend migrants from the far far right. A ‘day of kindness’ is being organised.

    Just wait until the Trots and the TUC bus in the anti fascists.



  25. StewGreen says:

    Talk TV presenter James Whale sitting on the fence

    He adds Climate activists are complete and utter idiots who seem to think that they can tell us how we going to live in the future join me tonight from 10 pm on @TalkTV and Radio and explain why you should tell me how to live


    • Guest Who says:

      As with dual track law and vague law and ‘interpretation’, the whole thing is a recipe for selective abuse and anarchy.

      At least the reason why so many persecutions fail is clear, and hence the entire legal establishment is discredited and hence using any of them at public expense.


  26. StewGreen says:


    Ukraine : Quentin Sommerville
    Bakhmut Tens of thousands of troops have died in a protracted fight for the city.

    Malawi : Rhoda Odhiambo
    more than 200 people died when the country was hit by Cyclone Freddy. More than 200,000 people have been displaced.

    South Korea : Sophie Williams
    Korean TV dramas have also been a huge hit – and says one show in particular has put a small village in Switzerland on the map.

    Germany, Berlin : Jenny Hill
    public nudity has a long tradition, two women challenged orders asking them to cover up in a public swimming pool. .

    BTW all the production team are women except for a man, and he has a double barrel name


  27. TrickCyclist says:

    I received a letter from Keir Starmer this morning – kind of him to write to me – in advance of the local elections on Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you).
    They’re trying to get as many as possible to vote by post.
    A paragraph of the letter reads:

    At the next elections the way we vote is changing, you will need photo identification to vote in person at a polling station. But if you complete the enclosed form, put it in the envelope, and put it in the post, you will receive your ballot paper in the mail so you can vote from home.

    So we don’t need photo ID?
    I’m sure Labour’s intentions are only the purest and most honourable (sarc).


  28. Guest Who says:

    There is always a Unit Future.


  29. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #3 – the Truth and Lies Edition

    The Meterological Office have been keen to support the UN and others with the Global Warming and Climate Change narrative. They have been telling us that February was ‘the driest evvaahh’ and March has been mild (ie. warm) and I have posted here how the MetOffice have failed to tell my central heating thermostat how mild it is.

    The weather forecast after the 7pm News on TOADY (Sarah Keith Lucas, I think) switched to how cold it will be this weekend. Am just back from a two mile walk and I would like to point out that it is windy and some may feel a windchill but it was definitely warmer than the so-called ‘mild’ weather we have been experiencing at the hands of the MetOffice recently.

    I am sure further north it is much colder. However I note that the temperatures shown for today by Meteo, the providers of the BBC’s web-site forecast (and more accurate, imv, than the broadcasters from the MetOffice) are showing temperatures today two degrees or more higher than the MetOffice’s ‘mild’ temperatures for March.


    • Deborah says:

      I remember the weather at the start of lockdown 3 years ago. It was sufficiently warm that I am fairly sure I went for my permitted one hour exercise without a coat. What I am very sure of, is that I walked the cereal crops hereabouts because the land was so dry. This year I have had one walk in a thinner jacket and no walks on the fields because the land is so clarty I would bring most of the field back into the house. February may I have been driest somewhere in the U.K., but it wasn’t here.


      • digg says:

        Deborah, they just lie! To these people lying is progress and power and is to be welcomed a bit like taqqia to Muslims.


  30. Guest Who says:

    If making massive decisions based on public policy perception, I’d like complex assessments carried out by a caravan park owner too.


  31. taffman says:

    “Private firms profiting from UK asylum hotels”
    Could this be why the Consocialists are dragging their feet in protecting our borders ? – Follow the money.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Taffman – when the blue labour lot get washed away I wonder how many immigration ministers will land up on boards of hotel chains …. ?


  32. MarkyMark says:

    Principal resigns after Florida students shown Michelangelo statue

    The V&A’s website says that the leaf was kept “in readiness for any royal visits, when it was hung on the figure using two strategically placed hooks.”


    Did she ask where he was from?

    Black charity founder claims she was victim of ‘prolonged racism’ at hands of Prince William’s godmother Lady Susan Hussey but says she did NOT want her be sacked – as fellow guest says it felt like an ‘interrogation’


    • Fedup2 says:

      Marky – I heard this on the BBC news and wondered about the ‘agenda ‘ for putting on news about a foreign country and its ‘ rules on teaching kids .

      I got a feeling something was being ‘left off ‘ unlike David’s todger … in Fed world kids should be kids for as long as possible and not subverted by those who would want to pervert them …

      … there was also a story about some Pakistani politician – I thought that sort of crap was meant to be on The BBC Asian Network ….


  33. MarkyMark says:

    China “gifted” the African Union a headquarters building and then allegedly bugged it for state secrets


    Experian: Credit agency told to stop sharing data without consent


    • Flotsam says:

      Experian and the other credit reference agencies are disgusting. For some reason they are given access to the full electoral register even if you opt out of the public one.
      I’m pretty sure the Government and its agencies make full use of the credit reference agencies data.

      One interesting point is that however secure they claim their data is, all data from supposedly secure databases can be bought and accessed by third parties somehow. How do you think private investigators get info for their clients?


  34. MarkyMark says:

    9 June 2021
    Donald Trump-era ban on TikTok dropped by Joe Biden

    Mr Trump ordered the ban on new downloads of the viral video app TikTok, which is owned by Chinese firm Bytedance, in 2020.

    He described it at the time as a threat to national security.


    24/03/2023 ….
    TikTok banned from UK Parliament over security concerns


  35. taffman says:

    “Patriotic Alternative: The town fighting the far-right with Welsh cakes”
    More ‘nudge’ from Al Beeb ? Have they asked the rest of “the town”?
    How would “the town “react if it was swamped with illegal invaders ?
    Is it “far-right” to have a border?


    • MarkyMark says:

      In early August 1972, the President of Uganda Idi Amin ordered the expulsion of his country’s Indian minority, giving them 90 days to leave the country.


      Ugandan Asians dominate economy after exile

      dominate = take over?


      • Fedup2 says:

        I remember it was sold to us as another ‘one off ‘ – it won’t add to that many numbers – and there won’t be any cases after this one …..
        …….. it’s like being mugged and then mugged every day thereafter ….

        .. Al beeb is going big on ‘rental health ‘ where the
        £29 000 000 000 ( billion ) spent on rental benefits are ‘discussed ‘ because they are obviously not enough .

        But of course – no mention of huge and rapid population increases being the real cause of housing shortages . I don’t think any government could organise the building of enough homes of any description to keep up ….

        My bit of London is just a big building site of multi storey ‘homes ‘ … another reason not to be there because there is not an ‘infrastructure ‘ to cope . …


  36. Sluff says:

    It’s not often I would be giving the usually odious Andy Burnham a little potential support.

    He has been fined for doing 78 mph on a motorway that had a 40 mph limit. The sanctimonious BBC are all over it.

    Now I don’t know the detail but I do know that when I habitually drive along a certain ‘smart’ motorway at 10 pm on a Monday evening it is regularly down to 40 mph for ‘maintenance’ and ‘lane closures’ . Yet for miles there is no maintenance and no lane closures. And repeatedly at the end of any actual maintenance they do not put up a sign reverting to 70 mph. So technically you are supposed to continue at 40 mph as infinitum. You are made to feel like a complete drongo driving at 40 mph on a straight, three lane motorway with a crash barrier and light traffic, and absolutely no objective hazard.

    Has Burnham been caught out by this appalling Highways England self-righteous behaviour? Where motorists are treated with disdain, as if brakes on modern cars have the same performance as a bone shaker from 1925?

    Perhaps the BBC could actually do some investigating for a change.


    • Flotsam says:

      I think a lot of these speed restrictions are for air quality purposes


    • Nibor says:

      Sluff ,

      I hope someone (lawyer?) goes to court to ask ;

      Who can put up these temporary speed restriction signs , what training do they have ,

      At what times of the day are they applicable ,

      What length they are allowed ,

      How temporary are they ,

      How can a motorist distinguish between a legitimate temporary sign and one put there by a vexatious person ?


      • Flotsam says:

        I agree. The way motorway traffic is supposedly managed is extremely frustrating. I live relatively near the M6 in Cheshire between junctions 16 and 19. Since it’s been converted to be a so-called Smart motorway there’s incidents resulting in lane closures every day. In part it’s due to dumb drivers lane hogging, there’s no refuge for broken down and accident damaged vehicles.
        Reduced speed limits for supposed air quality has to be an exercise in control and green propaganda. I just can’t see it making a blind bit of difference.


        • tomo says:

          M4 / M5 around Bristol

          The smart sh1t hasn’t improved the congestion and the lazy twerps pushing buttons in a control centre somewhere can’t be arsed to raise the (fine-able) limits or change the warning signs and patronising messages when the congestion / incident subsides even though there’s dozens of cameras.

          If they were making a net positive difference do you think the PR department would keep quiet about more vehicles flowing and reduced accidents?

          Oxygen thieves


        • Sluff says:

          On the M1 at junction 33 there is a permanent 60 mph speed limit due to ‘air quality’.
          But the funny thing is, the limit was still in place on Christmas Day!!!! When, surprise surprise, there was almost no traffic. Except for a few of us.
          So, Flotsam, you are proved to be bang on the money.


  37. Guest Who says:

    Billy Fizz, the minstrel of bbc saddism


  38. Fedup2 says:

    Image of the week – hattie harmon ‘s face when dealing with Bo Jo . …. That old bulldog swallowing a wasp was so right – then I saw how many this this ‘statesman ‘( Harmon) had received FPNs … for speeding —-x4?
    Clearly her serial disregard for the laws she has spent her career£ creating don’t apply to her …. I think this comment might make me a mysogenist …. Unless there’s a hattieogenst


  39. Guest Who says:

    Must be simply awful to no longer be part of the national propaganda system.


  40. Fedup2 says:

    BBC having great fun with the lizzy truss ‘honours list ‘ – her 49 mad days in charge has delivered an ‘honours ‘ list of 4 …. Presumably ‘donors ‘ who have been made a promise in exchange for ‘advantage ‘

    When people talk about how Blighty doesn’t have the corruption of other 3rd world countries maybe the ‘honours’ system might be the first clue as to how dirty and corrupt the place really is … but if someone were to offer me a gong .. I’d be happy to pay – if they take nectar points or avios …


  41. digg says:

    The Guardian are very, very interested in how we are going to celebrate the “holy” period of Ramadan.


    Weird that they couldn’t be arsed to ask the same question over our national holy period of “Christian” Easter isn’t it? Even though Christians must outnumber Muslims massively in this Country!

    Or do they not consider Christian’s to have any voice or consideration in this Christian country nowadays?

    Like the BBC the Guardian are just another outfit dictated to by their Muslim moles ready to scream racism if they don’t control the direction,


  42. StewGreen says:

    GBNews right now : “The BBC licence fee should be raised much more”
    That is the segment’s talking point
    suggested by mad lefty Benjamin Butterworth

    The rest of the panel argue that if the BBC is so popular then it can go subscription.


  43. tomo says:

    Hope you’ve turned all your lights on?


    • taffman says:

      The Net Zero Carbon Tax has already forced us to turn the lights off at home.
      More Woke BS.


      • tomo says:

        perhaps more pertinent….


    • StewGreen says:

      Parliament claims to be representing the UK electorate got 219 Likes for that tweet
      Yet represents 46.5million voters or 72 million population
      So 5 in each million electors Liked your tweet

      The tweet was ratio-ed cos 5 times more people replied.


    • Sluff says:

      Is Beijing or New Delhi joining in?
      Nope, thought not.


  44. Thoughtful says:

    Over this weekend listening to the financials and people talking about the future, I’m afraid I am comming to the awful conclusion that America is preparing to go to war with Communist China, and beggar the consequences which would be for most of us annihilation.

    It centres around America falling off the number one spot not acting as global policeman but as global bully boy under Biden.
    The world woke up with a nasty jolt when Biden and European lunatic leaders (Many willing some not so) were forced to impose sanctions on Russia which involved all it’s Dollar denominated debt assets being wiped out. This led most of the world to see the sheer thuggery of America and to get rid of their Dollar debt holdings.

    We saw overseas assets of Russian citizens seized under some pretty flimsy excuses such as being a friend of Putin, and there are now calls for these assets to be sold.

    If you were a foreign national who might end up in America’s sights would you want to put your money in such a country?

    So China moves to trade in currency other than Dollars and a large part of the world move with them including Saudi.
    Recent moves have produced an unthinkable peace between Iran and Saudi brokered by the Chinese, something the US could never have achieved, and a sign American influence in the region is quickly waning.

    Willem Middelkoop has written a number of books which have proven remarkably precient remarked that people who are in the know are talking about this being a great fear.

    We have new US bases in the Phillipines facing the South of China and the South China Sea in a very provocative manner, a situation in Taiwan appearing to be ratcheted up by the Democrats, and aggressice talk, plus trade sanctions ostensibly over silicon for military use.

    Now we see in the UK a new air attack warning by use of SMS text measages with a dry run in the coming months and you have to have some suspicion they haven’t done this just for fun.


  45. tomo says:

    hmmm… will it go anywhere?


  46. G.W.F. says:

    Unite Against Fascism – Founder member David Cameron

    A chorus of Welsh voices in Llantwit
    ”Say it loud say it clear, refugees are welcome here.”


    34m ·
    Anti racists in Llantwit Major massively outnumbered a tiny number of Fascists from the Nazi sect Patriotic Alternative. Big respect to local residents, Stand Up To Racism and all who turned out.
    Stand Up To Racism Wales


  47. tomo says:

    Even though it seems likely a lefty hit job – we know that party affiliation is absolutely no guide to stick-fingered-ness….

    If £80k pa and £200k-ish in allowable exes can’t keep them loyal and honest to their electorate – we actually need a revolution?


  48. StewGreen says:

    Kelly J Keen has put out her own Auckland video
    At 29:30 You see that she is finally in a police van and driven off site


  49. StewGreen says:

    If I look through big tweets involving @BillyBragg more than 1000 Likes
    I can see he is on tour in Australia
    and therefore Twitter trolling Kelly J Keen as she was in the same towns before him
    It looks like anti-fa made a cartoon like group of Nazis and got them to turn up at her rally. Thus antifa could falsely make out she was with Nazis*

    But Bragg got in earlier first by trolling Julie Bindels appearance on GBnews
    She seems to be taking legal action for defamation
    thread .. https://twitter.com/BigBillMoon/status/1635643929054855168

    * Billy tweeted this ..then deleted it with no pology , as if he doesn’t believe it will withstand scrutiny.


  50. G.W.F. says:

    Holland, France, and now protests in Poland