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  1. Up2snuff says:

    Not me again. Three in a row.


    • Up2snuff says:

      I did try to add how the BBC web-site has really messed up with the Ashes Test series. It is almost impossible to quickly and easily discover the state of the scorecard. I know England has a first innings lead of 18 thanks to TWoTWeeeeee. Er no, Jonny Dymond messed up again. The England lead was just 7 apparently. Yesterday he stated on air the Ashes were from a burnt ball! Maybe Jonny’s eyesight is none too good and he needs reading glasses for the script or perhaps it was typed by a footie-mad work-experience intern who mistook bails for ball!

      Have a good week everyone, despite the BBC!


  2. Nibor says:

    Murder in Nottingham, candles and let’s show no hatred .

    Conservative Party conference in Birmingham, let’s show hatred “ because people are angry “ .

    One is a triple murder , the other is a talking shop .

    Now should we be more angry about the Stupid Party’s Partygate , showing arrogance mixed with stupidity , or murder ?


    • G says:


      “… showing arrogance mixed with stupidity …..”.

      I’m more inclined to think that they knew things the public didn’t. Like Covid being more of a ‘flu’ than the impression they conveyed. Ably assisted by their handmaiden, the BBC et al.


  3. Deborah says:

    I am in Vienna for a few days, so nothing BBC. However by chance (certainly not by design) there was a very large Pride march. We chose to go instead to the Leopold Museum and the other one with traditional paintings and an impossible name. We enjoyed a lot of the art with names like ‘portrait of an old man’, or ‘portrait of a young woman’, ‘mother with a child and maid’. And so it went on. I wondered how the gallery knew they were men or women as the beard is no longer a give away. In addition there were areas dedicated to women artists. I am not sure in this woke world we should be identifying some people as women or highlighting their work because they were women. Maybe the drumming on the gay pride march was addling my brain or maybe the woke gallery curators really haven’t thought things through when naming or giving descriptions to the art.

    And I will say nothing about paintings being hung skewwiff to represent world temperatures reaching a tipping point. I think they are going to increase the angle with the increase in temperature. If they stick with that intention honestly, the paintings should be hanging nicely horizontal pretty soon.


    • StewGreen says:

      Vienna exhibit
      By rights the painting should wobble from side to side
      to indicate how throughout millennia, temperatures go up and down
      but the Earth survives


      • Deborah says:

        It was a shame for those paintings because I looked ar rhe tilt, not the work itself until I decided they irritated me so much I just ignored them and there were plenty others to look at.


      • G says:

        I guess they think that ’tilting’ for that reason avoids them having orange paint thrown at them: ‘here, cant you see, we’re doing our bit’


      • MarkyMark says:

        Every little helps?


        Jamie Oliver has agreed a £5million tie-up with Shell – despite his green campaigning. The TV chef’s £5million deal with the oil giant comes after his business empire lost £20million last year – and despite years of him campaigning for action on climate change.17 Dec 2018


    • TrickCyclist says:

      Remember the 1960s Batman TV series which used ‘Dutch angles’ (i.e. a crazily tilted camera) extensively in its photography? All the scenes that were filmed like that were those involving the villains. The reason? Because the villains were “crooked.”
      A bit like the climate change industry.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Deborah – I’m trying to think of something more rediculous or more puerile .


  4. Nibor says:

    SOLAS , Saving Lives At Sea . International maritime laws .

    Sorry to bang on about this , but the BBC looks like it will bang on about the latest tragedy in the Mediterranean.

    I’m going to paraphrase rather than quote verbatim.

    Nearly all countries are signed up to it . The exceptions are usually landlocked countries .

    So that’s Turkey , Greece , Italy , the North African countries, France and Britain included .

    I’m not going to quote the chapters and regulations, I’m going to state what I glean from a perusal of the Agreement and if a nautical lawyer could expand , clarify or contradict I will not feel affronted.

    Here is what I can recollect.

    The signatories are obliged to enforce the Agreement.

    The signatories accept the definitions in the Agreement.

    A passenger vessel becomes subject to most of the passenger vessel requirements once more than twelve passengers are on board .
    Once more than 36 passengers are on board the vessel must meet all the SOLAS regulations .

    Only steel hulled and doubled hulled vessels are allowed for passenger vessels carrying over 36 passengers .

    All vessels must be capable of the intended route , and carry all the up to date navigation charts .

    All vessels must carry the necessary life saving equipment for the journey. This includes lifeboats , fire extinguishers , life jackets etc .

    The vessels shall only be captained by a qualified master .

    All vessels must be surveyed. A complete inspection every 12 months . Any authority in the sea area can board and inspect a vessel for the purposes of seeing that the vessel complies with the Agreement.

    All the signatory countries to the Agreement must NOT allow a vessel to proceed on its voyage if the vessel does not meet the conditions of the Agreement.

    A vessel in distress must be attended to by any other vessel nearest to it .
    A vessel which purports that it in distress cannot discriminate which vessels can provide it succour.

    All casualties must be investigated, and the findings supplied to the organisation; ie the UN .

    Why would the French , a contracting party to the Agreement, shadow a vessel to British waters and why would the Border Farce pick the passengers up ?


    • taffman says:

      “Why would the French , a contracting party to the Agreement, shadow a vessel to British waters and why would the Border Farce pick the passengers up ?”

      I am of the opinion that our British Government have secretly signed some treaty to accept the mass immigration (invasion) of our country.
      The truth will out in the end, but by then it will be too late.


      • Scroblene says:

        Apparently, the Teasury wants all this immigration for some reason!

        Does the treasury understand notmal citizens’ dismay at all these illegals flooding into the country?

        I seriously doubt it, but it sounds like yet another bunch of civil serpents fiddling around to obfuscate the politicians, most of whom will be out of a job next year…


        • Fedup2 says:

          I think the Treasury has always been full of ‘useful idiots ‘ busily destroying the UK economy – eg allowing good British companies being taken over by any old comrade / yank …..

          …. But this is the week of the interest rate decision …. The betting is a 0.25% rise – 0.5% will be a ‘shock ‘but – of course – it needs to be about 2 or 3 % above where it is in order to control inflation – which at the current rate is gonna be a long way above the target 2% for at least another – 5 years – if not more …

          The liberals want ‘mortgage help ( money tree ) which excellent to keep inflation and house prices up …..

          … a more sensible approach will be to encourage longer mortgages and more ‘interest only ‘ jobs – but punters have been ‘groomed ‘ to think rates will stay at 1 or 2% – which people like me – who went through the 15% ‘back in the day ‘ know what real life is like .

          I’m glad I worked my bottom off to dump my mortgage…live within one’s’ means – don’t be dependent on any one ….


          • Scroblene says:

            Too true, Fed!

            We were on 15% when we moved here, and knew that we couldn’t afford it, but we’d let the banks worry about that anway!

            A canny estate agent friend of mine told me that he’d bought his house with just a loan and no insurance to pay it off, as by the time he resold the place, the value would be up there, so he’d just cash in and do the same elsewhere!

            Mind you, he was talking about a property on the Thames, so was certainly going to be proved right!


      • G says:

        Sorry Taff, it’s too late now.

        I can’t quote the research but I remember its overall finding that societies collapse inward when a state/country consists of 20% imports. The ONS 2021 census showed that indigenous white = 74.4%. The 81.7% regularly quoted includes ‘other white’s’ (not British).

        “48.7 million people (81.7%) were from white ethnic groups – 44.4 million of those identified with the white British group (74.4% of the population) and 3.7 million with the white ‘other’ ethnic group (6.2%)”


        Simply, its over. That’s the reality. It has already been destroyed. Anger, resentment? No. I hear the Royal Mint, is to mint a new coin to ‘celebrate’ the Windrush event. I’ll say no more. At least at my age I’m content with no optimism.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Yes it’s done for …I’m being replaced …2 German wars destroyed Blighty …


  5. Nibor says:

    While I remember the SOLAS Agreement,

    Any signatory can denunciate the Agreement for five years .

    So we should denunciate it until all other signatories property enforce it .


  6. Terminal Moraine says:

    I’ve just returned from a friend’s where I had to endure the first two minutes of the 10pm news on telly — a BBC ‘investigation’ into the migrant boat sinking; it’s all Europe’s fault of course. Team Verify have been on Google images this afternoon and say the Greeks are lying. Then another partygate video release. It’s all so tiresome.

    I didn’t hang around for more, but I see the Nottingham murders have a new article online — Barnaby was a lovely, lovely boy. Everyone’s so supportive and lovely; the parents report endless love and support. (Footnote: he was stabbed to death by some bloke.)


  7. Terminal Moraine says:

    Don’t know if this has been posted already but the third murder victim Ian Coates’ brother is active on Twitter. His reaction is very different to the utterly fabricated, highly scripted MSM bullshit we’re being fed.

    What are the chances any ‘journalists’ at the main news agencies will be contacting him for comment? (rhetorical question).


    • Fedup2 says:

      That’s really honest and sad – someone ask him about the death penalty – or maybe more candle burning dross …


      • Thoughtful says:

        We should never ever push for the death penalty in any state where Socialist exists. It murders enough people as it is and it is becomming obvious even to the sheeple that the land of the Free (America) is becomming a politicised weaponised hell hole. How long would it be before someone like Donald Trump or “whose real name is” was facing the death penalty on trumped up charges so the left can murder their opposition.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Thoughtful – yes – fair point – I’d suspended my belief about the corruption of current arrangements – won’t happen again …. Thank you
          …I ll restrict my comment as I don’t want to ‘jeopardise’ the trial – or upset any jury looking at Facebook Or Google or whatever they’re not meant to do ….


    • MarkyMark says:

      22 lost 1 saved in Libya.


  8. Zephir says:

    Further to the above, with all the “trigger warnings” and cancelling of certain language in historic films and series:

    cos black people are generally such shrinking violets are they not, so sensitive that they even do not notice when their own are allowed to get away with the same language.

    No such thing for the anti white racist language in “Live and Let Die” yesterday with the continual use of the offensive phrase “honkey”.

    I suggest all offended at the double standards complain to OFCOM or whoever, that will make a difference will it not?


    • taffman says:

      Just scrap the outfit, – problem solved. While you’re at it, scrap the government also, because it is destroying the freedom of speech.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Poor our Justin having to go to Bristol – oh trauma …

        Anyway – he’s yapping about rises in the cost of rents as the nasty evil landlords give up because they are going bust having to swallow rising rates . Insurance and the rest …
        …. But guess what ? Huge rises in population mentioned ? No . Uncontrolled immigration mentioned ? No
        The elephant isn’t in the room because it can’t afford the rent ….
        BTW 3 million fixed mortgages ending in the next 18 months …. Ouch ….


  9. vlad says:

    They even look like Mafiosi!

    Another story about the Biden Crime Syndicate the corrupt BBC won’t cover.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Vlad – they know where you live . Nice wife … nice kids ….


    • MarkyMark says:

      Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook restricting a story about Joe Biden’s son during the 2020 election was based on FBI misinformation warnings.

      The New York Post alleged leaked emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop showed the then vice-president was helping his son’s business dealings in Ukraine.

      Facebook and Twitter restricted sharing of the article, before reversing course amid allegations of censorship.

      Zuckerberg said that getting the decision wrong “sucks”.


      Zuckerberg tells Rogan FBI warning prompted Biden laptop story censorship
      26 August 2022


  10. Fedup2 says:

    During the 0530 News bit they do a ‘look back ‘ thing – it’s an easy indicator of bias as it tends toward lefty anniversaries .

    Anyway – today it’s the anniversary of some called Willian billy haig becoming leader of something called ‘the Conservative Party ‘ – historians will note that conservatives believed in ‘self reliance ‘ and ‘small government ‘ ( low taxes ) .

    The bbc even played a bit of billy haig saying this . the report mentioned that the Conservative Party died about 5 PMs ago and was replaced by an imposter lefty outfit which stole the name ‘conservative ‘ ( the above might need to go to verify for disapproval ) – ….

    I woke early ‘me woke ?” At the excitement of the Hattie Harmon show in parliament where the cadaver of Boris Johnson will be hung drawn and quartered by excited opposition MPs and an empty blue labour bench – apart from the ‘usual Johnson hating ‘ suspects .

    Blue labour MPs on that star chamber should be ashamed that they went to bed with Hattie Harmon … ugh ….Bernard Jenkin? Really ?


    • Charlie Farley says:

      Fedup2 ,
      Boris and Partygate huh ! ……what about his involvement in stopping Elensky having Peace Talks with Russia ?
      Note not spelling the comedians name with a “Z” as I read somewhere that letter has been banned in Ukraine


      • Fedup2 says:

        Come on – wars are good – good for news papers – the arms industry – charidees – journos and their ‘image ‘ – and if they end with a mushroom cloud – the insurance exclusion industry ….


  11. taffman says:

    “ Windrush: New 50p coin to mark 75th anniversary released”
    Why ? Because our government has gone woke.
    They are already “broke”.


    • harry142857 says:

      1,027 came on the ‘Windrush’, apparently.
      Now half of the 2023 black community claim to be descendants. Either these newcomers had fifteen kids each or there are a lot of liars out there.


      • taffman says:

        1,027 came looking for work, not as we are constantly being told to rescue Great Britain after the Second World War .


      • G says:


        I’d prefer the former in view of trends…………


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Somewhat akin to Germany deciding to issue a coin to celebrate the signing of the Treaty of Versailles.


  12. Fedup2 says:

    Today watch

    The bbc news is saying starmer will end North Sea oil . I bet the Norwegians are impressed – as well as all those Scots making a living …..
    Ending a key industry supporting the UK economy is excellent news of course for those busily destroying the country – criminalising fracking must also follow – together with energy rationing and blackouts and energy companies hiking costs …..

    Starmer is doing the 0810 so it’s popcorn time ….. easy win for him after partygate 2 ….


    • Guest Who says:


      Connecting a random platitude generator to a BBC anniversary calendar would have more sincerity.


      • MarkyMark says:

        Mosque attack?

        ” Finsbury Park terror”


      • harry142857 says:

        Tomorrow it is three years since a Moslem due to be deported stabbed three teachers to death in Forbury Gardens here in Reading. Personally speaking, I hope he doesn’t tweet tomorrow.


  13. Guest Who says:

    I was in a plane once that dropped suddenly. Luckily strapped in. Watching the drinks trolley fly overhead was novel.

    Has happened more than once. Just lucky I guess,


    • gb123 says:

      I used to work in Brazil a long time ago. Had many brushes with turbulence. One time flying regionally, with an airline called TAM, in a Fokker F27, it was so bad my camera came out of my bag and hit the ceiling. It broke the mirror (good old SLR from Dixons). Put it in for repair and ever saw it again.


      • Scroblene says:

        A conversation overheard in an African airport…

        Customer, “Can I have a window seat please”?
        Bloke on desk, “No man, there’s only one window and the pilot, he get’s that”!


  14. Up2snuff says:

    Apologies to AISI if I’m pre-empting his excellent and witty newspaper review so I’ll make this into a …..
    TOADY Watch #1 – Harshmistress Mishal is a dominant TOADY presenter, is she not?

    In pole position on the BBC Blog and first mention by Harshmistress Mishal in the 6.10 a.m. first look at the newspapers, is the Daily Mirror one wing of an unholy trinity of BBC, Kuenssberg/Crerar and the Mirror. I wonder why the BBC put it top in their Blog? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-the-papers-65946512 No I don’t. I know why the Daily Mirror is top of The Papers Blog.

    It was to damage the Conservative Party and most importantly of all, it is to influence a Parliamentary vote following the debate over the Privileges Committee report into Boris Johnson. The BBC, Crerar/Kuenssberg and the Daily Mirror want Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party metaphorically ‘dead and buried’ and out of UK Parliamentary politics for ever. We are heading to a one Party Socialist State in the UK if we are not careful.

    That is despicable, BBC, and OFCOM should investigate and fine you £billions!

    The first three newspapers in the BBC Blog The Papers all deal with Partygate 1 and Partygate 2. Then the i newspaper follows and I find on the right hand side in the middle is a picture of Nicola Sturgeon and the text “I’ve done nothing wrong.”. There isn’t and could not be a greater contrast with former PM, Boris Johnson, and former President Trump. Hypocritical, BBC!


    • Fedup2 says:

      We already have a one party socialist state


      • Up2snuff says:

        Fed, there are some Conservatives proud to own the name. Bill Cash is already on record as saying he will defy any Tory Whip and vote against the Privilege Committee Report into Partygate 1 today. There may be others. Do you still have your Daily Telegraph subscrition. Do you disagree with Priti Patel’s article?


        • Fedup2 says:

          If you play ‘spot the Tory MP ‘ it would not last long . If you are referring to the piece about the OECD – whoever wrote it wasn’t her – global tax regulation would never work – like EU rules – the UK would rigidly apply them – the rest would apply them ‘flexibly ‘ with a corrupt regulator run by the French ….

          Patel – just another failed Tory – a long long list ….

          Bill Cash – an island surrounded by self serving red dross …


        • Fedup2 says:

          My reply has disappeared – I don’t think patel wrote that …. But world corp tax rate ? Naive …. Unenforceable – and the effort will be to get round the rules ( see EU – France – Italy ) …


  15. micknotmike says:

    “Some would say” that if the death of 500 illegal immigrants prevents the murder of one British student in Nottingham, then it’s a price worth paying.
    Not necessarily my opinion, but I’d probably feel different if my daughter was the victim. I certainly wouldn’t feel that our problems can be solved by candles and flowers.
    I’m sure marriana will be on to it. Can’t stand her; reminds me of Beth Rigby, but less attractive.


    • taffman says:

      The Manchester Arena bombing , already forgotten?


      • micknotmike says:

        Of course not; “lessons will be learned”.


      • MarkyMark says:

        Bombing? 22 Lost!


        22 Lost in Manchester …. why is this a terrible statement?

        Lost … so they will be found?

        Lost …. weasel words rather than killed or murdered so as not to upset anyone or cause HATE.

        Lost ….. a child given a Western education and opportunity decided Islam was better, but we cannot look into this problem because all cultures are EQUAL.

        Lost …… children killed for an ideology, but that ideology cannot be criticised.

        Lost …….. 1400+ kids were “transformed” over 16 years in 1 town, why not use the word groomed rather than raped.

        Lost ……… the UK has lost the ability to state the actual events, so it is the UK that HAS LOST.


        • Scroblene says:

          In your penultimate line about 1400 etc., my varifocals slipped slightly and I read it as ‘Luton’, instead of 1 town…

          Sounds about right though…


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        We are busy not looking back in anger. Well, some are.


  16. MarkyMark says:

    My Lords, I know a little about the background to the murder of Lee Rigby. It was a particularly cowardly event, taking down a well-versed and popular servant of the military of the United Kingdom.


    The other point I make by way of a preliminary is that I personally support, as indeed we all do on these Benches, the Government’s position on Ukraine. Significant consequences are arising out of that military engagement and, although this is perhaps not the time to discuss them, the United Kingdom’s support for Ukraine is absolutely fundamental.

    Sometimes, reports of such things as the G7 repay rather closer attention to detail. At page 3 of 10 in the print I have, it says:

    “Russia’s military is failing on the battlefield”.

    Would it not be prudent to wait until we see the outcome of the spring offensive of the Ukraine Government before reaching a conclusion of that kind?

    Further, on page 7 of the print I have, it is indeed welcome that there is £18 billion of new investment into the United Kingdom from Japanese businesses. Can the Minister say what financial support the United Kingdom has offered and how much? Because it is being suggested that there were very substantial financial inducements.


    Finally, on the question of the carrier strike group returning to the Indo-Pacific once more, the last report about one of the carriers that I have been able to find states that on 13 February, HMS “Queen Elizabeth” set sail for a month’s training but without any aircraft. That, of course, reflects the fact that we do not have sufficient F35 aircraft to allow the training of those pilots who are scheduled to fly them. So perhaps a little more candour would have made the Statement rather more credible.



  17. Fedup2 says:

    Today and starmer

    Meesh is a green zealot – pure bbc – even more green crap than the maddest red labour .

    Starmer did a good interview . No resignation honours list for him . Sunak should have waited before nodding through nut nuts list -( even if he left his dad off it )….

    Starmer sez that oil gas will be in the mix for decades – meesh didn’t like that at all .

    Starmer wouldn’t help the mortgage troubled ( deflected )

    Starmer wouldn’t do much different about interest rates or inflation .
    Basically said as little as possible …..

    The above is written someone very very Right

    BTW – it’s by omission that the bbc is best assessed . ….
    Usually when someone ‘senior ‘ pops up for the big gig on ‘today ‘ some clone BBC ‘journo kid pops up afterward to put the knife in …. Didn’t happen with the red Labour Starmer – funny that …..

    BTW again – no mention of the party parties – which to me suggests there are red Labour Party parties due to emerge …


    • MarkyMark says:




    • Guest Who says:

      Green Meesh?

      The one who flew to chat to Greta for an hour, as both were ‘busy’.

      She and Surkeer paddling to NYC to offset his daft ShadCancers jolly to ‘discuss’ eco stuff with the guys who blew up Nordstream?


  18. MarkyMark says:

    BBC News …. “Graeme Souness: Football legend swims Channel for £1m fundraiser” .. without hitting a migrant in the busiest channel in the World.



  19. AsISeeIt says:

    What about the workers edition

    A couple of weeks back the media was chock-full of civil service complaints that Tory ministers were bullying – and generally mean – to their staff.

    Now this morning: Michael Gove has attacked Tory workers’ ‘indefensible’ partying… (Metro)

    You’ll recall perhaps it was the Beastie Boys way back in 1986 who observed how: You gotta fight for your right to party

    Mr AsI wasn’t a big fan of New York art school white boy Jewish rap… Straight Outta Bar Mitzvah…? Give me Public Enemy with Flavor Flav or Czarface.

    I’m not sure if the United Nations has as yet added partying to their long list of inalienable universal human rights – but back in December 2020 that supposed right was taken from us. The Beastie’s being good Jewish boys might have put their case this way: First they came for the buffet… but I didn’t like nibbles, so I said nothing. Then they came for the Karaoke… and I couldn’t sing, so I said nothing…

    Pressure on Sunak as Met police ‘consider’ latest Partygate video (Guardian) – being a bit of a fan of the occasional police procedural drama I’m ashamed to say I’ve not come across the precise meaning of ‘consider’. Questioned under caution. Remanded in Custody. Consider sounds a bit Kafkaesque-like and somewhat sinister as though the cops are searching their rule books for some crime to fit one up with. Leaving the accused in a strange state of dubious limbo. While no concrete charge has been made. Just ask the wee hen Sturgeon: ‘I’ll be back this week’ (Telegraph)

    Mr AsI says hey cops, piss or get off the pot. He says guilty as charged however for about the most naff-looking Strickly Come Dancing pairing at the office party as pictured frontpage of the Mail, Mirror and giveaway Metro.

    Chinless wonder young Tory boy in classic Gyles Brandreth-style knitwear – let’s be kind and assume it wasn’t his sartorial first choice but rather a jokey gift from Secret Santa.

    They do say conservative totty tends to scub up better than your average female leftist. As for his partner here – and nobody puts baby in a corner – Oh dear, really, a bright red dress to a Tory do, luv? Caroline Flint MP (Don Valley from 1997 to 2019) at her glamour photo shoot alluring best… hardly. One hesitates to criticise immutable characteristics (no… one doesn’t) let’s just say of this Tory girl: svelte she was not: Two Tory workers cavort at height of covid (Daily Mail) – let her cavort… she needs the exercise after all those vol au vents

    Of course if we’re going to make the charges really stick to Boris and the young Tory glee club we need to religiously uphold and cherish the concept of Lockdown

    The Labour-supporting Mirror – to bolster its case against conservatism in general – often tends to refer to what it trems ‘families‘ like a radical French revolutionary tribunal calling for the death sentence for some be-wigged aristocrat might refer to those old hag knitters at the foot of the guillotine – they call them the Tricoteuse: Victims’ families ‘sickened’ by footage – these days we call them Karens

    Tim Stanley in the Telegraph sums up for us: We might never admit lockdowns were wrong

    Gosh but the left loved – and still loves – the concept of lockdown. It’s just so wonderfully politically useful at the moment.

    BMA to blame Cameron for NHS pandemic failures (Telegraph)


    • MarkyMark says:

      In May last year NHS Test and Trace (NHST&T) was set up with a budget of £22 billion. Since then it has been allocated £15 billion more: totalling £37 billion over two years.

      Read the report summary
      Read the conclusions and recommendations
      Read the full report: COVID-19: Test, track and trace (part 1) [PDF 330 KB]
      Public Accounts Committee
      The Department of Health & Social Care (DHSC) justified the scale of investment, in part, on the basis that an effective test and trace system would help avoid a second national lockdown – but since its creation we have had two more lockdowns.



    • MarkyMark says:

      Health Secretary announces over £13 billion of debt will be written off as part of a major financial reset for NHS providers. From 1 April, over £13 billion of NHS debt will be scrapped as part of a wider package of NHS reforms announced by the Health Secretary today.2 Apr 2020


      • G says:


        The Gilts’ market would have been overwhelmingly impressed. Borrowed money then thrown away………..


    • Fedup2 says:

      Wow – a Caroline flint reference – what great leader of the red Labour Party she’d have been – bet the girls rejoiced when she lost her seat..


  20. MarkyMark says:

    Then came February 2021. The army arrested Aung San Suu Kyi, a democratically elected leader, sparking huge anti-coup protests that set off a bloody civil war and sent the economy into a tailspin.


    …. ??? ….

    Bob Geldof hands back Freedom of Dublin in Aung San Suu Kyi protest
    This article is more than 5 years old
    Campaigner renounces honour rather than share it with Myanmar leader in protest over treatment of Rohingya Muslims


    • Fedup2 says:

      I never new her father took the side of the dirty japs against the British in WW2 and at Singapore 40000 of 45000 Indian army joined the Japanese – both in the dumb belief they’d get
      ‘Independence ‘….


  21. taffman says:

    Problems caused by mass immigration, all treating our health service as an International Health Service.
    Forget the Tories’ pretend ‘border control’.
    Forget the Labour Party’s open borders policy.
    Our only hope is ‘Reform’…………….


  22. Guest Who says:

    Quite how government is to function in future, with clowns like these being dobbed in or fed by politicised slither serpents direct to activist loon pols in opposition, is unclear.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Following Truss’s resignation amid an economic and credibility crisis caused by the September 2022 mini-budget proposed by her and Kwasi Kwarteng, Sunak was elected unopposed to succeed her after being the sole nominee in the October 2022 party leadership election.


  23. andyjsnape says:

    Ukraine war: BBC on the front line as Ukraine attacks Russian trenches

    I wonder what is really going on as we know the bbc will tell us everything is always near prefect for the Ukrainians

    “steady progress in three areas of attack” – how about the other areas


  24. taffman says:

    Oscar in taffland . Do you think there’s an hidden agenda in this news article ?


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Hidden in plain sight. References to global warming (sic) – tick. Boys in skirts – tranny agenda one stage removed – tick.

      The BBC report is curious in that other sources report that a number of boys at the school wore skirts, and there is no reference to global warming (sic), e.g. see


      They also give the full names of the boys, whereas the BBC just give the first name of the one boy and a quote from his mother. A cynic might say this is to make it harder to identify the family. Why might they do this? Because it might reveal secondary links to the BBC, Labour Party, climate activist organisation? Could be totally innocent but remember: with the BBC, there is ALWAYS an agenda.


    • andyjsnape says:

      Hello taffman

      Next headline “school kid sent home for not wearing correct uniform, parents to sue” and the campaigning bbc would take up the case and go on and on and on

      pathetic organisation


  25. taffman says:

    “Stop and search: Suella Braverman urges forces to ‘ramp up’ measure”
    I smell an election in the air, what next “Stop the Boats”?


  26. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2 – a real ‘what did you say?’ or duher! moment & a big laugh for many people

    Menopause and periods were on the agenda for Harshmistress Mishal. Apparently there was a conference for the technology industry, the industry of the moment for bad (think AI, a meejah obsession), about womens health and dealing with menopausal women. Channel 4 was praised 1. for hosting a programme by Davina McCaul on the subject and 2. for having a policy that supported women through periods and the menopause. Funny that, Channel 4 being praised by the BBC. I wonder … no I don’t I know why!

    Anyway, apparently at this conference, which was mostly peopled by men, when this subject of period and menopausal policy was announced from the platform a lot of men got up and walked out. Bad men, wicked men, was the implication from Harshmistress Mishal. She did not think that possibly those men were from an all male company or only had post-menopausal women working there. Howler No.1.

    Alexandra Mahon, CEO of Channel 4 was then interviewed by Mishal and asked about their policies of having tolerance toward women during their periods and the menopause. Apparently, women in the workplace are not asking for special treatment; just extra time off or an electric fan on their desk or an extra change of clothes. Howler No.2.

    Laugh a minute. You just couldn’t make it up!


  27. Guest Who says:

    Ordinarily I view headlines starting with ‘The truth about…’ with the same suspicion as BBc ones with question marks at the end. Well, most BBc headlines.


    Seems to hold still. This was not reassuring… “it’s not as bad as you might think”.

    I do not own one but know many who do. They are all very rich. They seem to fall into three categories. KoolAiders, Speed fiends and Realists.

    Picked up a VW camper from a rental guy who had a Porsche EV in the garage. Loves it for burning the rubber… otherwise range pants.

    Which? used to be a trusted title, but then so did the BBC.

    I wonder who they are doing Leccy Planes?


  28. G says:

    “Government quietly awards travel firm £1.6bn contract for asylum barges and accommodation”


    With Government help, this is what so-called, “Free Enterprise” has degenerated into. No tenders, no alternative quotes. I suspect that the Australian company has links through the WEF to members of the Government. ‘Old Boys Network’ Does it violate the illegal operation of cartels? I’ll bet it does if one had the full details.

    £1.6 Billion? That’s ok. Simply pile it on the National Debt and issue more gilts.

    Taxpayers money to spend on an issue that could simply be stopped………….

    Banging on again – The so-called, “Taxpayers Alliance” should advise how the taxpayer can limit/stop financing these merry jaunts into Fantasy Island. But at the least, reply to those who take time out to contact them.


  29. Guest Who says:

    As hierarchies go, Arabs not trusting Sleepy and Co is impressive.

    There are plenty above, but for me, now…

    n+1 https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/19731/biden-arabs-trust
    n+2 Arabs
    n+3 Pakistan
    n+4 Any US TNI partner
    n+4 Anything BBC


  30. tomo says:

    Real or pisstake?

    – I can’t tell these days


  31. andyjsnape says:

    Maybe of interest


  32. Dickie says:

    Perhaps Tobias Ellwood and 77 Brigade are rubbing their hands together in anticipation unless of course the Pentagon have already been taught by them.



  33. tomo says:

    The presumption of the BBC’s cubicle gits is like “Peak Guardian” – only a holding point to vault higher.


    oops – refreshed and saw I was beaten to the draw 🙂

    I see nobody’s claiming authorship – wonder why that is?


  34. Dickie says:


  35. andyjsnape says:

    Climate change: Sudden heat increase in seas around UK and Ireland

    In small letters under 1 of the pictures
    “A reduction in pollution in shipping may have helped to warm up the oceans”


    • MarkyMark says:

      But other factors are likely also playing a role.

      1. Saharan dust blocks and reflects some of the sun’s energy out of the atmosphere, moderating sea temperatures.

      2. The trade winds have been unusually light this year and, at the same time, a persistent weather pattern with easterly winds from the continental US may also have helped warm the sea surface.

      3. Another factor could be the effects of a reduction in pollution from shipping.

      4. But aerosols that pollute the air can also help reflect heat back into space, so removing them may have caused more heat to enter the waters.



      China is building six times more new coal plants than other countries, report finds. A new report finds that last year China permitted the equivalent of two coal plants per week. China’s renewable sector is also booming.2 Mar 2023


      This Underground Fire Has Been Burning for 59 Years
      Leftover fuel from an abandoned gas well keeps the embers going in this southwest China village.


      nteractive Map of Active Volcanoes and recent Earthquakes world-wide


  36. Dickie says:

    Parking charges (unless you are an illegal immigrant no doubt)



  37. Nodding Dog says:

    Currently consuming a lot more BBC output at the moment thanks to listening to the cricket and what a start to the ashes it’s been after a big build up it’s lived up to the hype so far.I did turn off yesterday lunchtime whilst they discussed the upcoming women’s ashes.I did hear them mention earlier though how good it was the women’s game was being given equal billing with the men’s and tickets are still available for the first test at Trent Bridge.

    Thought I’d take a look and yes tickets are still available I selected just one stand and you can virtually sit where you want hardly any tickets sold and at only £15 a go.Contrast that with the men’s and days 1-4 of all five tests are sold out and probably at four times the price or more.

    You can hype it up as much as you want BBC but people aren’t as interested in the women’s side of the game as you think.Oh and can you stop using the term nighthawk it’s night watchman and batter is batsman! They’re still describing the fielding position of third man as that but I bet they’re desperately working on an alternative!


    • MarkyMark says:

      ‘There will be a lot of people talking about privacy, but there are all sorts of ways you can deal with that,’ said Sir Tony. ‘And in today’s world you have the ability to accumulate data, put it in the cloud and analyse it using AI that will allow us to advance it hugely.


      opulation-based studies produce estimates of the number of Iraq War casualties ranging from 151,000 violent deaths as of June 2006 (per the Iraq Family Health Survey) to 1,033,000 excess deaths (per the 2007 Opinion Research Business (ORB) survey). Other survey-based studies covering different time-spans find 461,000 total deaths (over 60% of them violent) as of June 2011 (per PLOS Medicine 2013), and 655,000 total deaths (over 90% of them violent) as of June 2006 (per the 2006 Lancet study). Body counts counted at least 110,600 violent deaths as of April 2009 (Associated Press). The Iraq Body Count project documents 186,901 – 210,296 violent civilian deaths in their table. All estimates of Iraq War casualties are disputed.[4][5]


      The Shia are in power in Iraq – but not in control
      The Legacy – Day 4. The Shia – On paper Iraq’s religious majority also runs the country. In reality, sectarian divisions make it virtually ungovernable

      Patrick Cockburn
      Wednesday 06 March 2013 19:12



      Blundering Tony Blair quits as Middle East peace envoy – only Israel will miss him
      For Arabs – and for Britons who lost their loved ones in his shambolic war in Iraq – Blair’s appointment was an insult

      Robert Fisk
      Thursday 28 May 2015 11:12



  38. G says:

    The, “Save Britain” rubbish daily ‘News letter’ by email received today:

    “6 million British homes to receive £150 starting tomorrow – are you eligible?”


    I’m an OAP that has always paid his way and despite serious medical conditions, is not subject to Disability Living Allowance and other and/or listed qualifying ‘attributes’. Or am I? Yes. It appears to me that I am, albeit not listed, eligible.

    My “qualifying attribute?” I along with others have to foot the bill. The silent majority.

    For some, this is a fraudulent Supermarket.


    • G says:

      I now see another headline from that source:

      “Warning: EXACT date households MUST TAKE metre reading to save £426 on Energy Bills”

      I’ll say no more apart from observing that the UK is totally doomed……..


  39. MarkyMark says:



  40. MarkyMark says:

    Man pleads guilty over ‘abhorrent’ Hillsborough shirt at FA Cup final

    James White, 33, from Warwickshire, pleaded guilty to displaying threatening or abusive writing likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.


    The Mao suit is associated with the austerity of the Cultural Revolution – and the villainy of Bond baddies. But some, including Xi Jinping, look to reclaim it, writes Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore.


    Vivienne Westwood and other designers have riffed on the suit to turn a symbol of communism into once of conspicuous consumption (Credit: Yaghobzadeh Rafael/Sipa/Rex)





  41. MarkyMark says:

    James White, 33, from Warwickshire, pleaded guilty to displaying threatening or abusive writing likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

    “abusive writing likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.”


    Biden dressed as Mao….


  42. MarkyMark says:

    He (Cameron) said it was needed to get the public finances in order and without doing so there would have been less money for the NHS.



  43. MarkyMark says:

    Boris can retire – you must pay more taxes and fight inflation …


    ayments from Hodder and Stoughton UK, Carmelite House, 50 Victoria Embankment, London EC4Y 0DZ, via United Agents, 12-26 Lexington St, London W1F 0LE:
    12 July 2022, received £439.82 for royalties on book already written. Hours: no additional hours. (Registered 28 July 2022)
    10 August 2022, received £519.69 for royalties on book already written. Hours: no additional hours. (Registered 23 August 2022)
    5 October 2022, received £1,771.82 for royalties on book already written. Hours: no additional hours. (Registered 27 October 2022)
    14 March 2023, received £673.11 for royalties on book already written. Hours: no additional hours. (Registered 03 April 2023)
    5 April 2023, received £2,590.85 for royalties on book already written. Hours: no additional hours. (Registered 24 April 2023)
    Payments from HarperCollins UK, 1 London Bridge St, London SE1 9GF, via Rogers, Coleridge and White Ltd, 20 Powis Mews, London W11 1JN:
    30 April 2022, received £382.03 for royalties on books already written. Hours: no additional hours. (Registered 27 May 2022)
    18 October 2022, received £171.03 for royalties on books already written. Hours: no additional hours. (Registered 27 October 2022)
    6 January 2023, received £510,000 as an advance on an upcoming book yet to be published. Hours: approx. 10 hrs to date. (Registered 12 January 2023)
    4 May 2023, received £402.81 for royalties on books already written. Hours: no additional hours. (Registered 16 May 2023)




  44. MarkyMark says:

    6 December 2022, received £50,000 plus VAT from Ballymore Group, Ballymore Properties Ltd, Marsh Wall, London E14 9SJ, for a speaking engagement. Hours: 7 hrs. (Registered 21 December 2022)


    Jeremy Hunt has said everyone is going to be paying higher taxes but those who earn the most will have to make larger sacrifices.13 Nov 2022


  45. Doublethinker says:

    Spent last week with relatives who live in Norfolk. The wife is an ardent royalist and remains so despite the King’s overt Wokism, so we had to go to Sandringham . It wasn’t too bad , lots of very interesting historical photos of visitors to the house over the past 150 years.
    But the news for Charlie is that the number of none white faces amongst his staff and much more importantly amongst the visitors, was approximately zero. There were plenty of Americans, Australians , mixed Europeans etc but all white and no ethnic Brits in sight. It was astonishingly white or whatever the woke phrase. Personally I found Norfolk reassuringly white, it felt like home, only in Norwich were there a few walking bin bags.
    Sucking up to your Commonwealth buddies is high risk Charlie . They want your, well our money actually, and don’t give a toss about the RF. But if , as you seem to be planning , you help give them our money , even my ever loyal wife might realise you are bad news for ordinary Brits.
    I gave up supporting the monarchy once the Queen died . I knew that you Charlie would be bad news and you are turning out to be exactly what I expected you to be.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Double – please don’t mention the complexion of Norfolk – it’s a closely guarded secret ….


  46. Eddy Booth says:


    “LIVE Titanic tour firm ‘exploring all options’ to save missing crew”

    Some tiny submarine has gone missing.
    BBC has a live page devoted to the story, but fails to give any kind of timeline, not even how long its been down there … 🤡🤡🤡