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  1. Guest Who says:

    A mystery indeed.


    • Mrs Kitty says:

      Have never liked Ben Elton, I found him as funny as standing in cat puke in the middle of the night on the way to the bathroom.


      • BigBrotherCorporation says:

        I used to think Ben Elton was ‘edgy’ and ‘cool’, then I turned 17 and started to notice how immature he was.


        • Fedup2 says:

          I used to curse mr Benjamin elton ( John ?) when he did that bit about ‘got to get a seat ‘ aimed at londonistan commuters on the tube … I was one of them … and yes – to get a seat was bliss … I don’t think mr Elton used / uses public transport much … if ever … that’s for little people ….


  2. Sluff says:

    It’s official!
    BBC news has become The One Show.

    Top item.
    An exclusive interview with the mother/wife of two of those who perished in the Titan ( ic) submarine tragedy last week.
    Get out the hankies.
    Her son enjoyed Rubin’s cube and could solve it quickly..

    Next up.
    Elton John gigs at Glastonbury.

    Also on the programme. A bit of actual news.
    Unbelievable grade One tripe.


  3. Fedup2 says:

    OMG Looks like Glastonbury has turned into the queer Eurovision ….
    …….meanwhile – the BBC has got it in for the Greeks – lots of paki victimhood cos the Greek coastguard were diversity training the day the ferry sank ….. not so much on the general election ….. which was won by the Right … now back to OMG Glastonbury – let’s flog reg Dwight and the OAPs …


  4. StewGreen says:

    Some stuff I saw on Twitter



  5. StewGreen says:

    R4 listeners


  6. Nibor says:

    Sorry for the lateness of this but

    The BBC say they have done a series about Brexit , a Guide For The Perplexed or some such nomenclature .

    I only could catch part of Fridays version Brexit and Science .

    So some British scientists (activists ?) were feeling aggrieved because funding “from” the EU [ who ultimately pays ? ] is being withdrawn so they cannot monitor the ozone layer over the artic .

    Another lot of scientists were incommoded because the research facility was moved from Britain to Portugal . They were studying Malaria .

    For a start , Malaria is a tropical disease not prevalent in the UK .
    What difference does it make to the Ordinary Joe in the UK if it studied and every known cure eradicates it because the studies are done here or in Portugal ?
    Even better if the costs of the studies aren`t borne by the British taxpayer !

    As for studying ice caps and aerosols in the North Pole , why us ?

    The programme ( Radio 4 ) was indicative of the Powers That Be mindset which includes the BBC .

    Which is always ; Britain Must Have Influence , Britain Must Lead The Way , We Must Have Soft Power , We Must Be At The Top Table etc .
    Which might be noble sentiments , but aren`t they , ahem , nationalistic ?
    Our country must affect world events more than say , Hungary ?

    But then up and down in the housing estates of Britain people just want to be patriotic . Have a sense of belonging . Being familiar with their neighbourhoods .
    They dont want to take over the world , they don`t believe they should have or do have “influence ” in the ways of other countries . They are realists who believe the PTB should act in their interests as all other normal countries act in the interests of their citizens .

    The trouble with the PTB and BBC when they go off on a spending spree to study ( eg the Stern Report on global warming ) and be first there is that they think they own situation so they must be first to act .
    [Imagine if Putin had produced a study into climate change and demanded the west must pay up ] .

    To me the biggest thing is the hypocrisy of the BBC versus us ordinary folk .
    The BBC wants to be a big world player , interfering in other countries laws and cultures .[Nationalistic }
    While we just want to be left alone . [patriotic ]


    • Up2snuff says:

      Nibor, agree with sentiments in your post. Actually, the Ozone Layer is over Antartica but there is Ozone all over the planet thanks to sea water. Historical note: we used to have malaria in England but then they built Dartford in Kent and it solved the problem. We had malarial mozzies in England until about three to four hundred years ago. Mind you, the Global Warming and Climate Changing Fascists are promising to bring them back. Thinking that they might need a suitable habitat, a swamp is waiting for them in W1A. 😉


      • Fedup2 says:

        Upto – where I am – I’ve put the mozzies nets over me bed because they wake me up in the night and I think I’ve got a touch of the dhengie ( spelling ) fever … feever( spelling ) …


  7. StewGreen says:

    Pick of the week was very biased today , all about white people living in the north with Conservative views … sarc
    No actually the normal WokeSupremacist London bubbleworld

    – Ash Sarkar trying a gotcha against white people who dare to move into Tottenham

    – A long segment from Marianna with George Monbiot saying anyone who disagrees with him is a FAR RIGHT Conspiracy Theorist

    Comidian and co-founder the “radically inclusive global movement” .


    • StewGreen says:

      @GeorgeMonbiot on @mariannaspring In Conspiracyland” for @BBCRadio4
      Scary background music
      (He’s wordy so I edited with dots)
      Audio 32m30s to 37m0s https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m001n8gm
      “I watch this with great alarm
      … [in the pandemic] Huge numbers of people died who should not have died
      … Some people drew the wrong conclusions
      Instead of focussing public anger on the government ..
      people turned their fire on public health measures
      And that very quickly then hopped into .. other issues
      Almost as if it became a portal .. ideas were able to pass often from the FAR RIGHT .. into the New-Age-Alternative-Movement”
      “scale and extent of it , surprised me”
      “Hearing hippies mouthing WHITE SUPREMACIST ideas
      repeating the QAnon conspiracy theories
      claiming that Trump was a victim of a conspiracy (of course he was)
      and that the election was stolen (does he really think there was no sonspiracy to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story ?)
      All these positions associated with the FAR RIGHT, HARD RIGHT
      .. hear that being voiced by people who seek a better life .. I found particularly disturbing

      MS “How do you thing these groups succeed in PREYING on people who are further to the left ?”
      GM “The alternative movement is a mixed-bag.”
      a side is unfocussed & lacking in intellectual rigour
      remarkably low level of info about the real scandals going on
      people are very easily distracted by FAKE SCANDALS
      … “.. Crank magnetism once people believe one crazy thing it opens a door to others ”
      “suspicion can tip over in to paranoia”

      Conspiracy theories always seem to take you along a path to the FAR RIGHT
      (crap .. left and Greens have lots of Conspiracy theories)

      Conspiracy theories are the FAR RIGHT’s fuel..”

      Far from this being brand new info Marianna had gained with licence money
      It is old info Monbiot wrote in September that clearly team Marianna had read and DECIDED to put in their prog

      Projection is a libmob characteristic
      all that Monbiot accuses others of applies to him
      eg “crank magnet”


      • StewGreen says:

        Oh after his Sept article about “FAR RIGHT”
        George recorded the show with Mariana
        and then wrote a new article shouting”FAR RIGHT”

        Just 67 Likes
        and most replies mock him
        The article looks like it’s full of George’s own Conspiracy Theories

        Ben Pile .. tried to take his article apart
        .. https://twitter.com/clim8resistance/status/1668397519137562626


        • Sluff says:

          How’s CO2 reduction going in India and China, George?
          Oops. It isn’t.


          • BigBrotherCorporation says:

            Monblot, looking and sounding crazier by the day.

            I read an article in the Guardian by him recently, something about how he’d gone through phases of fitting out his home (in Oxford?) with various new fangled heating systems only to have a sudden epiphany afterwards regarding how ‘harmful’ they were to him and the environment, so, having just fitted a new system at ££££££££ cost, he had to have it ripped out and replaced. It all made perfect sense… if you’re a tinfoil hat wearer, perhaps?


    • Up2snuff says:

      Stew, “– Ash Sarkar trying a gotcha against white people who dare to move into Tottenham”

      Been quite a while since I have been in Tottenham but the last time I was there, pre-EU Referendum, it was full of Poles and other eastern European nationalities who had obviously upset Ash Sarkar by being very pale skinned or even, shock, horror!, white.


    • Banania says:

      What a terrifying picture.


  8. StewGreen says:

    That Marinna prog seems slow on correcting its errors
    Someonee tweets
    Kings College issued this correction to their survey for the BBC’s “Conspiracyland” show,
    admitting they wildly overestimated conspiracy newspaper “The Light”
    and the size of “conspiracy” demos.
    So far “BBC Verify” are ignoring this, er, verification

    Tweet : https://twitter.com/SolHughesWriter/status/1670736863567437825



  9. Zephir says:

    Well, as a lifelong music fan, I just have to mention the FACT that the BBC hardly mentioned rock festivals when they were the home of real music fans from the working (and not working) class.

    Knebworth had some of the best bands of the world performing (think the Free Bird performance by Lynrd Skynrd, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Santana, Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple the Allman Brothers.

    Isle of Wight with Hendrix, Dylan, Free, The Who, the Doors.

    Reading with Marillion, Thin Lizzy and so many others.

    Castle Donnington with ACDC, Rainbow etc

    Hardly a mention and when they did it was confined to a one minute report about traffic jams or complaints by locals or at the very best, a late night broadcast with Tommy Vance on Radio 1 ONLY.

    Now the middle class liberal left have overtaken music festivals (like football) it’s wall to wall breathless, snycophantic coverage day after day of idiots like Rolf Harris performing. or idiot rappers ripping off other artists tunes while shouting along to prerecorded CDs (otherwise known as “karaoke”) and acts very often up to 40 years past their sell by date being lauded along side far left political rants.

    The idiot middle class liberal left who buy tickets for hundreds of pounds BEFORE they even know who is performing, idiocy of the highest degree, stupidity encapsulated in a post before by Conservative Woman someone put up here.

    Go figure why it was ignored before, wrong kind of attendee ? wrong kind of performer ?


    • Sluff says:

      It can only be a matter of time before some tuneless NHS choir takes the Pyramid stage top slot with their rendering of ‘the Tories are heartless b*******’
      Sluff (Knebwortth, Led Zep ‘79)


      • Zephir says:

        They’d have to reinforce the stage first for all the “starving” NHS staff forced to use food banks wobbling onto stage in size 22 uniforms.

        Enough to make Meatloaf blush if he were still with us…

        Elton and Mcartney :

        “where the f”ck have all the backstage donuts gone ?”

        “I dunno but Bloody Rolf Harris is in the creche again waving his didgeridoo about”


      • Docmarooned says:

        Ah yes. Knebworth. Was at the the first 3 74,75,76. Great days and sublime music without a hint of being ripped off. We decamped to a Stevenage supermarket after Van Morrison to stock up on cheap booze in time to get back for the Doobies. Remember also the Bath festival at Shepton Mallet with probably the greatest line up – Led Zep, Johnny Winter, Zappa etc.


        • Zephir says:

          Missed Pink Floyd at Knebworth, would have loved seeing them as the sun set on a summers night.


          • Fedup2 says:

            I went to one once – but it was spoilt by the clouds of herbal smoke …. Man zzzzzzzzzzz ..I think I saw a pig fly ……zzzz


  10. Zephir says:

    Also note, during this time in the 70’s the New Musical Express (NME) was infested with the far left Russian admiring Tony Parsons and Julie Burchill who took great delight in ignoring most of the above also.

    (The NME even interviewed them themselves and noted all the books on Russia in their flat, and during a two page article on Wimbledon Tennis, yes in a music magazine, we have Parsons calling anyone who did not vote labour “a wanker”)


    • Up2snuff says:

      Zephir, what happened? Channel 4 and Jools Holland and Paula Yates.


      • Zephir says:

        Hmm yes I recall that awful show with those two making endless snidey, sarcastic comments.


        • Up2snuff says:

          I quite enjoyed it but it obviously made the BBC sit up and take notice. I would have prefered the BBC not to have messed up the traditional Promenade Concerts as well.


          • Fedup2 says:

            I’m guessing the ‘proms ‘ will go queer Eurovision and queer Glasto pretty soon too ….. it seems to be the dominant ( matron )’ culture ‘ on the bbc now – ……complete with added sexual diseases…


  11. digg says:

    Russia – Ukraine – Insurrection or plan?

    The MSM in the West seem to be ignoring one important possibility in their breathless haste to rubbish Putin.

    In war there is an action known as “drawing the enemies fire”.

    To me this seems a possible explanation of what’s going on. The details of the insurrection spread like wildfire through the press in the Western world. Almost too easily? As if they had been “placed”?

    Whatever Putin and his cronies may be they are not stupid and the end game appears to be that the Ukrainians are now facing the relocation of the toughest combatant on the Russian aside not too far away from their capital city and in the process forming a new front for the Ukrainian to have to focus to fight on thus neatly splitting their capability.

    Time will tell!


  12. JohnC says:

    Stephen Lawrence: BBC names new suspect in UK’s most notorious racist murder

    This lengthy article about a murder 30 years ago identifying another suspect (who died 2 years ago) is what the BBC consider to be the top news in the world today. And it’s the second article – they published another 2 days ago.

    And as usual for ‘agenda’ articles, they don’t just tell us the facts, they use them as an excuse to re-run the entire story to make it current again. They even get the word ‘racist’ in there 7 times. Contrast that with the usual short ‘facts-only’ reports they run when the murderer is not white.

    I find it incredible how the publicly-funded BBC are allowed to be so obsessed with keeping society divided for all of their agenda topics – racism, sexism, homophobia, Brexit etc. And the villain of the piece is ALWAYS the right-wing, white male. If there isn’t one involved, the story is dropped very quickly.

    This can’t go on.


    • micknotmike says:

      It’s only the “most notorious” because the bbc need very little excuse to wheel it out again. Despite their campaign to show the one black face at glastonbury (Probably a bbc plant) at every opportunity we still aren’t feeling guilty enough. One thing I know about the lawrence case is that a lot of people have made one heck of a lot of loot out of it. This whole “Blacks with everything” has been doing more harm than good for at least the last ten years. If matters had been left alone then people of all strokes would probably have rubbed along just fine. Now, the experts have created a society where nobody dare ask a darker face where they originally came from.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Off switch . No bbc today ..


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      No, it’s not the UK’s ‘most notorious racist murder’. It’s one example of a deeply unpleasant but extremely rare event, the significance of which is greatly exaggerated because it fits (or rather, has been made to fit) the political agenda of the BBC and other vested interests. For the record, the barely reported murders of young White teenagers Kriss Donald, Ross Parker, Richard Everitt and others sadly constitute the claim for the UK’s ‘most notorious racist murder’.



    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      It’s a good job no other black men have been stabbed to death in the last 30 years isn’t it?


    • digg says:

      They have a sizeable number of diverse employees who no doubt go and bang in the head honchos door with demands in cases like this, the head honchos has no option but to submit and run with the narrative to avoid being called out as racist, it’s as simple as that!


  13. JohnC says:

    ‘We want Brixton to be a black Silicon Valley’

    ‘Born and bred in south London, Karl, Cyril and Yvonne are the founders of Black Seed, which claims to be the first venture capital firm in Europe that only invests in and supports black-owned businesses.’

    I wonder how the BBC can think that this article is not totally racist.

    It doesn’t say where these people plan to get their money to ‘invest’ from considering the problem they have all had getting any private investment earlier. Why do I think the plan is to get it from the government ?.

    I guarantee the whole story will soon vanish and never be heard of again. Any and all money will disappear.

    ‘[Mother and Daughter] Caliya and Rose are hoping to get funding from Black Seed for their tech company’

    What could possibly go wrong ?.

    Brought to you by another of the BBC’s finest quota staff Yasmin Rufo:


    • Zephir says:

      BLM and the missing millions, Ngozi charity run on taxpayers money and “creative accounting”.


  14. taffman says:

    “Russia: Instability ratchets up pressure on Vladimir Putin”

    Who will take over from Putin ?


    • Dickie says:

      Well it won’t be Volodymr Oleksandrovych Zelensky, Hero of the West and the new Churchill.


  15. andyjsnape says:

    Stephen Lawrence: BBC names new suspect in UK’s most notorious racist murder

    Notorious apparently


  16. AsISeeIt says:

    What price love and remembrance of things past edition (thank you Marcel Proust)

    Can we stop being tricked into subscriptions? – asks our BBC. Fine question. And to quote that vintage TV quiz show Family Fortunes – our survey (hereabouts at least) said – the obvious answer is to cancel your TV Licence.

    Of course our BBC won’t be moaning about its own cash lifeline of a legally enforced subscription: Simon, in search of romance, signed up to a dating website subscription for a year. Luckily for him, within months he met the “love of his life”. But without him realising it, his membership had been automatically renewed.

    Good for Simon, we’re happy to know he met with the “love of his life” but remain slightly uneasy that he complains: He was shocked to find he was being chased for £358

    He doesn’t sound exactly a chap our Shirley Bassey might tend to greet with her legendary exclamation: Hey Big Spender!

    Mr AsI isn’t the only one digging up classic but tired old tunes for yet another tedious replay: Stephen Lawrence: BBC names new suspect in UK’s most notorious racist murder

    As far as one can recall – it’s about the only full-blown media acknowledged (at any rate) UK racist murder.

    The infamous Basingstoke Lynchings? – no that didn’t happen. The sinister Sidcup Police orders to shoot blacks first ask questions later – no that wasn’t a thing. How about the Deep South Devonshire KKK – as led by the notorious Grand White Mangelwurzel Wizard?

    So I guess we’re stuck with Stephen Lawrence – until the cows come home – as they say in Devon.

    Sometimes there’s a half-truthful headline to be found amongst all the acres of agitprop: Covid handouts ‘sent inflation spiralling’ (Telegraph) – that’s the head of the Bank of International Settlements – not our head of the BoE of course – pointing out how: governments and central banks went too far in dishing out cash… – but let me just correct that headline slightly: Covid Lockdown handouts ‘sent inflation spiralling’

    And this one from Nick Timothy one would tend to file under the category No Shit Sherlock: Mass immigration’s advocates are finally admitting it cuts pay (Telegraph)

    Sssome like it hot – sssays the Daily Ssstar’s ssscreamer fretting over: 5 heat waves to wake ’em up… 32C RSPCA snake alert

    Things are hotting up at the ‘i’ newspaper as it goes all hot under the collar and voyeuristic: Opinion. Why a good sex scene is such a joy to watch

    In crime news

    999 crashes across country… emergency services are struggling to locate 999 callers after the phone line crashed nationwide (Telegraph) – if it was important I’m sure they’ll call back

    Police failures mean theft ‘decriminalised’ (Telegraph)

    But don’t worry concerned citizens, The Sun steps in where the blue boys are failing – well at least they step in to protect you if you’re a celeb: Cowell home raid foiled by The Sun

    One observes the Telegraph regularly highlighting traditional conservative defeats in the ongoing battle we term the culture war. Ineffectually of course: Robin Hood rewitten. Outlaw given a feminist twist – what again?

    Maid Marian and her Merry Men is a British children’s television series created and written by Tony Robinson… retelling of the legend of Robin Hood, placing Maid Marian in the role of leader of the Merry Men, and reducing Robin to an incompetent ex-tailor. It began in 1989 on BBC1 and ran for four series, with the last episode shown in 1994. (Thank you Wiki)

    Did the Torygraph forget? The show was such a success that there was an adaptation produced for the stage and a cartoon strip by Paul Cemmick which was serialised in the Daily Telegraph’s children’s paper “The Young Telegraph” (Thank you again Wiki)

    Typical Tories – sometimes they’re moved to moan about the culture war – but you’ll usually find they’re complicit.


    • Fedup2 says:

      ASI – how could you leave out Glastonbury ? I grew up on Elton John / Bernie Taupin albums – I almost went to a ‘concert ‘ back in the ‘70s ( but didn’t ) ….

      .. but EJ last night ? I forced myself through 2 hours of a 75 year old not able to sing anymore as well as super secret ‘guests ‘ none of whom I’d heard of or were any good .

      Same old songs – I thought he’d promised not to do ‘candle ‘ after the Diana madness – but out it came . I was waiting for ‘macca ‘ to pop up but he was content watching – and keeping the helicopter off standby .

      How much was a ticket to that. £300? …..


    • Up2snuff says:

      AISI, no irony I see from the Daily Telegraph and Viv Groskop: “How to become a confidence pro – Viv Groskop shares her tips on developing your self esteem”. I thought that surname might be Yiddish/Germanic and thus it is. In other words Big Head or Fat Head. Larger than life, obviously.


  17. Guest Who says:

    ‘Better press’

    Led by the state propaganda system that platforms Mad Al and whose political editor thinks Ben Elton speaks for the nation.


    • Guest Who says:

      Wonder what first attracted him to the home of producers who like Mad Al, Champion, Owen and are oddly casual in vetting audience members chosen to ask questions?

      The Conservatives deserve to be obliterated.

      The country does not deserve the void the bbc will install.


  18. Sluff says:

    Textbook example on Toady this morning from the BBC anti- government playbook.
    First up, JustRemainin ‘interviews’ (aka has cosy chat with) a Trade Union leader about public sector pay.
    Immediately followed by Harshmistress Mischal interviewing a health minister about cancer screening. Supposedly.
    But instead we get ‘ before we talk about that, what is your reaction to the government’s plan to ignore public sector pay review body recommendations’.
    The classic ambush.

    BBC? News? You must be joking. It’s just an anti-Tory vehicle.


    • Fedup2 says:

      It’s time to get around the table and walk away …. Inflation / higher interest rates ‘embedded ‘ in the British economy again … I remember the last time .. this time – because of the idiots in the Bank of England – it’s gonna run for years ….

      .. I thought we’d get the recession this year – looks like it’s 2024 – good for losing an election bigly eh?


  19. tomo says:

    Lots of solar powered bamboo rickshaws clattering + droning overhead Monday morning …


    • Up2snuff says:

      tomo, I’m not sure what I have been hearing today, commercial jets or military jets or thunder above the clouds.


  20. Guest Who says:

    Shaz ever looked at who the bbc often uses to support the bbc?


    • Terminal Moraine says:

      Shayan and the rest of team Verify think browsing Google images and copy/pasting NYT editorials are all you need to be a knowledge expert in the brave new world.


    • Dickie says:

      Ukraine/Russia and the proxy (or poxy) war:



    • StewGreen says:

      Shayan is no hero for calling a clearly wacky account , “nonsense”

      The truth is there are plenty of crazy righty accounts that make hug claims without showing huge evidence.
      Meanwhile the lefty panelists on GBnews are so crazy and hatey they give the left a bad name
      So I wonder if some righty accounts are controlled opposition, to take righty argument and push them over the line into craziness so that the whole lot can be dismissed.

      That USCDN account is only 7 months old.
      Has only tweeted significantly in the last 3 months ..typically gets 40 Likes , occasionally 250
      Has an ambush name ie pretends it is a big official org in the US, when there is no sign of this, has paid to have a official looking blue tick.
      It does talk crazy , and is immediately called out
      Interesting that Shayan chose to post a screenshot rather than the actual tweet
      The actual tweet already had a Community context warning on it

      Although the account looks to be Putin supporting
      It would also fit that it was created by anti-Putin supporters to discredit Russia.


  21. Sluff says:

    Toady going on this morning about the latest table showing how low the UK is in terms of its healthcare outcomes.

    Their knee-jerk subtext, one certainly followed by many among the propagandised public, is of course ‘evil Tories underfunding our NHS heroes’.

    There is another interpretation. One which the BBC definitively won’t mention.
    Nationalised industries, such as statist health systems, don’t work !!!!!!

    Because (whisper it quietly) all those other countries have pluralistic health systems. Some public. Some private. Some tax- funded, some insurance schemes, some pay-as-you-go. Many with de-centralised, innovative ideas which can be trialled quickly. Countries where people spend their own money on their own healthcare. Just like they do for food, cars, holidays, pets, homes.

    In this country, those who do that are stigmatised as being ‘rich’. The result is clear to see. A nationalised industry not delivering, costing a fortune, and worse. Taking so much money out of the public sector pot that all other services go to rat s***.

    It is so glaringly obvious. But the BBC can’t, or rather won’t, see it.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Yes unfortunately selling the NHS off is never on the cards . I fear also – that the cartel of private insurance doesn’t deliver as well as it might . Competition is healthy – there’s none in the sick medical world …
      Having to deal with a foreign population doesn’t help either …


      • taffman says:

        Fedup2 et all
        The only answer is to vote for The Reform Party that will get rid of the NHS bureaucracy, stop the dinghy scroungers, the absurd “reidentification”, “transitioning” propaganda where kids are brought up to think that they are “Cat people” . The other political parties are much the same, just a different name and all wearing “the Emperor’s new clothes”
        A common sense party.


      • andyjsnape says:

        When the RAF was used to airlift from Sudan a few weeks back, the bbc reported that 75 NHS staff were out there. Why aren’t they in the UK, working for their employer

        So how many other countries are NHS staff moonlighting, but getting paid by the UK tax payer.

        If 75 were in Sudan, can only imagine how many are in India

        I’m on a 54 week waiting list for my 1st appointment


        • taffman says:

          I have Just completed a year wait!

          Get rid of the Welsh Bureaucratic Ashamblies and spend the money saved on sorting out the Welsh NHS…….
          “NHS wait times: Number on lists in Wales up by 6,000”


        • Up2snuff says:

          ajs, great motorcycles, make motorcycles great again. I recall when the Covid Lockdown was put in place at the end of March 2020, there were something like 4000 NHS employees on holiday in various parts of the globe, including Australia and NZ and Latin America. The BBC were running web-site articles from the holiday makers saying “I cannot get home. I want to be at home. HMG should airlift me home!”.


  22. tomo says:

    Bacofoil sunhat territory



    • tomo says:

      I wonder if it’s the same on Mac / Android?


      • Deborah says:

        I had an email from Apple about a month ago telling me that My Photostream was to be shut down. The rest of the email was pure word salad but overall it said that as all my photos were stored on some device or other, I wouldn’t lose any. It left me presuming that photos would only be on the device that had taken them which might not be altogether useful for me. However yesterday’s email now tells me that as long as I have particular settings switched on, and told me exactly how to check them, there shouldn’t be a problem. I assume the emails are genuine and I am assuming someone at Apple realised that mere mortals might not understand the earlier email. It might even be that they have changed their minds about what they are doing as that isn’t clear. If I buy a fridge, I know what it does, and it continues to do that until it breaks down. If I buy a phone/ipad/computer then the manufacturer can change what it does without my permission.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Deborah – I had the same emails – I think they are ‘hooky ‘… as in – false …


    • StewGreen says:

      Again don’t take tweet claims at face value
      no one else got the same fault
      It was to do with his machine and files with the extension .DAT
      which he had inside that bitcoin directory
      Either he has virus or his anti-viirus prog is causing the problem.


  23. tomo says:


    • Fedup2 says:

      “It’s good to eulogise the people you despise “

      …nothing changes …..


  24. Jeff says:

    Just when you thought it was safe to get into the water, the BBC are back with their favourite subject; “the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence”…

    Apparently, they have been conducting a painstaking investigation into the 30-year-old crime and have named another suspect, who died aged 50 in 2021.

    At the same time as smearing the white working-class population, because essentially this is what this obsession is all about, they also had a pop at the police for their “incompetence and mishandling of the investigation”.

    I sometimes wonder what they could have achieved if they had spent one tenth of the time, effort and money investigating the Pakistani paedo gangs that are still raping our daughters with impunity. But, for some mysterious reason (ahem) these are largely ignored.

    And you know, it’s only a couple of weeks ago that two students and a caretaker were slaughtered on the streets of Nottingham and already I’ve forgotten their names.

    We saw the photos of these beautiful young people and we heard the heartfelt eulogies, we saw the mounds of rotting flowers and we listened to the plea not to pass judgement…and then…nothing. Almost immediately these victims were swept under the carpet, never to be mentioned again. They’re forgotten.

    No such fate awaits Stephen Lawrence. He has been immortalised as the iconic race victim. Decades from now our poisonous, race baiting, parasitic BBC will be regurgitating this crime, squeezing every last drop of juice they can find.

    Meanwhile, under-age white girls continue to be raped and they see nothing and our children are slain on the streets and there’s a momentary kerfuffle before they look the other way.

    They make me vomit…


    • Zephir says:

      Couldn’t agree more, it is truly sickening, the bbc complicit in largely ignoring the biggest perverted sex scandal this country has ever seen.


  25. Guest Who says:

    When you are so proud of your propaganda you don’t realise your tools are hurting you.


  26. Eddy Booth says:

    “Teenager on sub took Rubik’s Cube to break record, mother tells BBC”

    ‘Mrs Dawood said she had planned to go with her husband to view the wreck of the Titanic, but the trip was cancelled because of the Covid pandemic.

    “Then I stepped back and gave them space to set [Suleman] up, because he really wanted to go,” she said.
    “I was really happy for them because both of them, they really wanted to do that for a very long time,” ‘

    No mention by the BBC that another relative said
    ‘Suleman Dawood, 19, “wasn’t very up for” the expedition, according to aunt Azmeh Dawood.’

    No mention by anyone in the article of why the charade of a rescue mission went, on despite the authorities knowing of the implosion sound being picked up.

    ‘Suleman did not go anywhere without his Rubik’s Cube’

    What I suspected all along – an inbred dulard.


  27. Doublethinker says:

    There was a serious article in the Spectator last week , definitely not a leg pull, about just how many American politicians , including Obama and Clinton , and senior officers of the Navy and Airforce , and security services were saying that UFOs were worthy of serious investigation and a significant proportion of the reports could not be explained . The NYP and WP and other MSM outlets were running documentary programmes about the phenomenon.

    Now I suppose that UFOs can’t be absolutely dismissed as fantasy but I think it’s a safe bet that they don’t exist because of the laws of physics etc . So why are the great and the good musing in public about it being a real concern ?
    One possible explanation of why these stories are being put about by the hyperglobalists is that is there anything more likely to scare the people into accepting a world government than being invaded by aliens from outer space?

    Could it be the third great scare , Covid and Climate catastrophe being the first and second, that are being used to force one world government on us?


    • Mrs Kitty says:

      One of the cheesiest films I’ve ever seen was called “Hanger 18 “ and ended with the scientists discovering that the earth was on the verge of an alien invasion with landing sites ie power plants and governments targeted. God please bring it on , could they be worse than what we’ve got?


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      “Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond,” Reagan proposed. “I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.”

      President Reagan, speech to UN General Assembly, 21st September 1987,


    • StewGreen says:

      Doublethinker “a significant proportion of the reports could not be explained”
      Just cos folks don’t have the imagination to imagine alternatives to it being an actual UFO
      that doesn’t make it true
      I don’t waste my time with such rabbit holes unless you show me proper evidence.

      BTW If both UFOs and Climate Crisis actually existed the UFO men would solve it .


  28. Terminal Moraine says:

    “Former England footballer and TV presenter Alex Scott is the narrator for a new animated Disney short film which encourages young girls to give football a go.

    “The Football Association’s head of development Louise Gear, said the new film ‘highlights the barriers that many girls face when trying to play football…'”



    • Terminal Moraine says:

      Can you guess what the barriers are?



      • JohnC says:

        I expect the barriers are that Ella is a sexist and a racist. Like whoever wrote it.


    • Jeff says:

      Oh dear, the appalling Alex Scott. This film will need subtitles…

      “Yeh, there was this gel called Ella, innit…and she was good at football, know wot I mean?”

      Jeesh…I used to love Disney…what a shame…


  29. Thoughtful says:

    And these two darlings of the Left really are going to come unstuck as they have £10 Billion of debt and they can’t even service the fixed rate £3.4 Bn which is having to be rescheduled, when this is ended and the higher interest rates come into effect their debt built empire is going to come crashing down.


  30. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    We will all soon have to pay a £170 green levy on our energy bills.
    Next year we will all have to pay £118 levy for hydrogen which will be added to our bills.
    We already pay a big part of our bills to the miscellaneous green renewable projects.


    People are appearing on our screens saying the renewables are almost free (wind and sun) and they will bring our energy bills right down.
    How long have we been using these various green energy supplies which are an ever increasing part of our grid.
    Shouldn’t the prices be dropping very significantly (and not the drop because of oil and gas prices internationally falling)


    Are we paying a very low price for our energy compared to other Countries which have not gone flat out to use renewables and have kept with oil, coal and gas.

    Why can’t we go back to using these proven, cheaper fuels whilst starting on building nuclear supplies and gradually introducing renewables when they actually will bring the prices down (if they are, as we are constantly told, cheap)
    Why the headlong rush which only the minority want. What’s wrong with a sensible measured transition when things actually work as we are told they do. 20-40 years and not, as with cars, 7 years.


    • andyjsnape says:

      Hello Emmanuel

      Plus the daily standing charge! money for nothing


      • StewGreen says:

        AndyJape “the daily standing charge” is not something for nothing
        magic unicorns don’t pay for the existence of the grid
        Even if you don’t use any energy the grid still costs money


    • Flotsam says:

      Renewables cheap? Think again. I’m regularly out in Liverpool bay where there is about 300 windmills on a number of sites. They are attended 24/7 by maintainance boats, there is about 20 of them costing thousands per day each. I’ve noticed that there are numbers if turbines feathered out of action due, I assume, repair work. I’ve also noticed that after only a handful of years turbines are being replaced using jack up platforms at some astronomic cost. Not to mention the collosal cost of the original installations and cabling. Of course the wind farms don’t do a thing on a surprising number of days. The whole thing is a fools paradise which we are paying for.


  31. Terminal Moraine says:

    Just tuned in to the live C19 inquiry to see the director of emergency preparedness and health protection at the Department for Health being grilled. Two things immediately apparent:

    1. there’s an a priori assumption that the UK faced a ‘severe pandemic’
    2. “committees… resilience… workstreams… systemic assessment… not my remit”

    Will there be any mention of an IFR of 0.05? Testimony from physicians with clinical experience who aren’t part of a pre-approved narrow expertocracy? Reviews of modelling accuracy, or industry-funded scientific research, including our own MHRA? Doubt it.

    Hancock’s on tomorrow. I can’t bring myself to watch.


    • Flotsam says:

      What conclusions are made by these enquiries will depend on the constitution of the panel, who is questioned and what questions are asked. The conclusions can be fine tuned to adhere to whatever agenda the Government has. I thought this lesson would have been learned many years ago. Lessons must be learned.


  32. Althepalerp says:

    Hi viz vests worn by the Eco fanatics are made from oil.


  33. andyjsnape says:

    I wonder how long Stephen Lawrence will be on the front page of the bbc webshte, 5 hours so far

    Maybe its a very quite news day, or maybe the bbc want to go on and on and on about it


    • Fedup2 says:

      Andy – the demographic of people reading that stuff must be interesting … considering it happened 30 plus years ago and people are still making a living out of it . How many killings since then ?


      • andyjsnape says:

        Hello Fedup

        I’ve just checked, and guess what Its still there! Front page, main story. Honestly, give people some actual news.

        Yes we know that ONLY white men are racist, apparently


        • TrickCyclist says:

          Doreen Lawrence, Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon, OBE speaking about the Grenfell fire in October 2019:

          “Had that been a block full of white people in there, they would have done everything to get them out as fast as possible and make sure that they do what they needed to do.”


          “She was appointed to the Order of the British Empire for services to community relations in 2003” – Wikipedia


          • Rob in Cheshire says:

            Baroness Lawrence is quite correct. I am sure the official policy of the London Fire Brigade is to rescue white people, but to let black people burn.

            If it is a mixed race couple who have just bought a sofa from DFS they rescue the white one, and the sofa if possible.

            Good job she’s not a race baiter isn’t it? Instead, this vicious, racist country made her a member of the House of Lords.


            • Fedup2 says:

              Amazing that they elevated someone as thick as her to public office because her kid got killed . Is every other mother gonna get the same treatment ? Why didn’t the dad get the gong as well ?
              There’ll probably be a state funeral when dot Lawrence pops it …


        • Fedup2 says:

          Funny that they go after a bloke who has been dead 2 years – maybe they’ll demand he be dug up and put on trial – he can identify as someone not dead ….


        • taffman says:

          Who murdered P.C. Blakelock?
          Already forgotten .


    • StewGreen says:

      9 hours later the Lawrence story is still there
      Marked as 3 hours old as if it’s been updated
      You are saying it appeared at 8:30am
      I’m guessing hours older than that cos it was on the Breakfast news


  34. Fedup2 says:

    I’d like to know more about “AI” but I’m no techy . But – today hsbc has announced moving out of Canary Wharf – one reason put forward was ‘working from home ‘.

    I do wonder if those working from home are doing themselves out of their jobs because of AI ?


    • Zephir says:

      Working from home at a bank ??

      Do they keep a petty cash tin and people have to knock on their door to withdraw cash ?


    • Terminal Moraine says:

      Hybrid working.

      Government restrictions on work, income, travel, food, car use etc will be sold as hybrid living. They’ll come with glossy promo videos showing people sipping zero carbon frappuccinos, and people will gladly accept them.


      • Zephir says:

        Well sod HSBC.

        I’m damned if I will be negotiating a bank loan while the manager watches Bargain Hunt whilst slapping talcum powder on his babies arse and having a domestic with the wife who keeps hoovering under your feet.


        • Charlie Farley says:

          Zephir ,
          Watched 5 seconds of Bargain Hunt today….true to form with the BBC two brown contestants…. not really a surprise at all !


          • Zephir says:

            Yep, can’t move in the antique shops for them.


            • Scroblene says:

              “having a domestic with the wife”

              That’s a new one on me, I always thought it was a ****…


              • Zephir says:

                Brings to mind a quaint Scottish phrase, see below:

                ” The Stairheid Rammy

                To understand the dynamics of the sterheid rammy,
                I will have to take you back some fifty years or so.

                Before Glasgow Corporation razed the auld tenements tae
                the grun, there was a peculiarly democratic code that existed in
                the mair or less dingy closes of the tenements.

                What you need to understand is that a ‘Close’ would comprise
                maybe three levels, each called a Storey, and each, except the
                ground floor having a half-landing, which would house a stinking
                latrine called a Lavvy (lavatory). Each level may have a mixture
                of say three, sometimes four, flats containing families of up to
                half-a-dozen or more individuals.

                There was invariably a ‘Singalend’, or more elusively called
                ‘butt-and-ben’, a ‘through-and-through’, and a ‘twin’ flat where
                the kitchenette lay side by side with the room, adjoined by
                a ‘loabby’.

                The loabby was where bikes were kept, using a pulley, and
                a stout wooden bunker was sited against the wall to house the
                domestic coal reserves. It is worth saying here, in case you were
                wondering, that the lavvy had to serve about 25 people.
                Naturally, people, (of other families, so I’m told), thought
                nothing of pissing in the sink if the lavvy was loacked.
                However I digress.

                Picturing then, this three dimensional geography, the scene is set for
                the playing-oot of the Sterheid Rammy. Only one further ingredient
                was necessary. Flagrant contravention of ‘the code’ of
                ‘the tinnamint close.’

                One day, I remember it well, I was sitting in the half-landing lavvy,
                reading a sheet of the newspaper that was subsequently tae be used
                tae wipe ma erse, when I heard Mrs McIlwraith mouthing off ,
                tae ma horror, some really unutterable oaths, quietly but getting

                From behind the door, which I was holding shut, on account
                of the lock being broken for fifty years or so, I could hear her sort
                of shuffling up and down the stair..and a low swearing.

                All of a sudden, she erupted, “Ca yersell a hoosewife ya dirty
                bastard Henderson”, and then she disappeared intae the hoose
                and shut the door wi a slam.

                Next, I could hear auld Mrs Henderson’s door open. It had its
                ain peculiar kind of creak. Sitting, as I was, mair and mair puzzled,
                I could hear auld Lizzie scuffling aboot on the half-landing.
                “A’ll housewife ye, ya jumped up wee tart.away an bugger yersel”.
                And once again all fell silent, as I heard Lizzie’s door creak shut.

                Noo, I was only about seven or eight, and this was a first.
                Unbeknowns tae me, there were clouds forgetherin, the like ae
                which I had never seen before. Suddenly Mary McIlwraith’s door
                opened and a tireade of abuse about Lizzies lazy domestic talents
                was unleashed. It was clear, however that Mary was all alone on
                the sterheid. “Ye huvnae done they effin stairs fur three effin weeks”
                The effins went on for a minute or so and she shut the door again,
                with a slam.

                I was shitting myself, oh aye.

                Next, it was Lizzie’s creaking door, and then she was all
                alone on the landing. “A’ll effin stairs ye, ya wee shite.
                It was your turn onywey.”, then her door shut again..with a slam.
                It was a ritual.

                I managed to get out of the lavvy during this lapse in the
                hostilities and sat doon at the front of the close tae play wi some
                tar that was always aboot. Though it was only minutes later that
                Mary started to bang on Lizzie’s door in a highly threatening way.
                I could hear it all the way up the close.

                Even I knew.this was it..!
                Lizzie, a tall skinny woman came fleein oot her door an landed a
                cracker right on Mary’s ‘coupon’ (face). There were real screams

                This was a full-fledged Sterheid Rammy, no holds barred.
                There were raised female voices, and mair Effin an’ Blindin than
                ever came oot o’ a Coal Heaver’s mooth. It went on for a long time
                and doors were banged, reopened, banged shut and plates were
                being broken. Shouts of ‘holymarymotherogoad’ coud be heard as
                well as ‘orangebastard’, whatever that was.

                Jist at that, Alec Harrison who lived on the top floor (tap fler),
                made his way up, acknowledged the wimmin, and just walked up
                tae his hoose through the battle. (This was another wee ritual)

                Now this was part of the code. Naebody else got involved.!
                The Rammy just went on-and-on-and-on, until such time as
                it was time tae make the dinner for the menfolk, who were
                hiding inside.

                Well, you are no doubt wondering how such a standoff could
                be put right. This is where the menfolk came in, using
                their time honoured social skills.

                When Jimmy McIlwraith contrived to meet Rab Henderson
                on the stair, an hour later, there was yet another code.

                “Aye, Rab, that’s they wimmin fightin again, so it is”

                “Ach, a know, Lizzie’s goat an awful temper when she gets sterted
                A’m glad its goat nuthin tae dae wi us”

                “Yer right there Rab, see ye at McNivens pub, eight o’cloack.
                By-the way Rab, d’ye see Big Tommy’s goat a new greyhound.
                It wid eat yer haun oaff”


  35. JohnC says:

    UK army chief says Russia remains a threat

    ‘The head of the British Army says he believes the threat from Russia will remain.’. No shit sherlock. Nothing has changed.

    ‘Gen Sanders said it was too early to measure the success of Ukraine’s offensive.’. So ‘failures’ is not even on the table.

    Good God – my dog could put more meaningful statements together than what this man says. I wonder how he got the job.


  36. tomo says:


  37. tomo says:

    They were barking in Germany a few weeks ago – where’s this coming from?


    • pugnazious says:

      Gotta be one of these ‘Furries’ we hear about now…..identifying as a dog.


  38. pugnazious says:

    The ‘most notorious racist murder in Britain’ says the BBC…..Lee Rigby? 7/7? The young girls murdered in Manchester?…no…of course not….it’s Stephen Lawrence…..apparently the probably hundreds of young Blacks killed by other Blacks since then aren’t of any concern….never mind many were killed because they were in the ‘wrong postcode’, the wrong ‘tribe’…in other words a form of racism.

    How do we know Lawrence was killed because he was Black? Maybe just in the wrong place at the wrong time…could have been anyone…..white or black.

    Note that only two have been convicted…so lack of evidence in their cases…and in White’s…..due to what? Racism? Incompetence? Or just lack of evidence because there is no evidence? Sometimes the solution is that there is no solution.

    ‘David Norris and Gary Dobson were given life sentences for the murder in 2012. The other three – Luke Knight and brothers Neil and Jamie Acourt – have not been convicted of the crime.’

    The BBC accuse the Met of having failed but then this is the same BBC that ignored the rape and abuse of thousands of young white girls by ‘Asians’…if Doreen Lawence thinks ‘”Only when police officers lose their jobs can the public have confidence that failure and incompetence will not be tolerated and that change will happen,” ‘ perhaps the same applies to BBC journalists who covered up the Rotherham and Rochdale story for so long….or indeed those who help ferment and spread anti-Semitism with their skewed and toxic coverage of Israel.

    Seems the BBC is making a lot of noise about very little….the suspect was always a suspect and indeed was arrested…but the CPS, not the police, said a conviction wouldn’t be possible….

    ‘Responding to the BBC, the Met Police said White was arrested twice, in 2000 and 2013, and that files were sent to the Crown Prosecution Service in 2005 and 2014. But on both occasions prosecutors said there was no realistic prospect of conviction.’

    The evidence laid out by the BBC is very sketchy and seems designed merely to stir up old passions and angers and whip up the hate between races….he said, she said, he had blond hair ‘like the attacker’….the police made a mistake….but the BBC claim it is racism…

    ‘A relative of White tried to speak to the Met after the murder, but wrong information was entered into the police database and the lead was not pursued. ‘

    Britain is a nasty, racist place, all the more so since Brexit, no Black person can really succeed here, the streets[and the countryside and ski slopes] are too dangerous for them to walk…or that’s the narrative the BBC sows amongst non-Whites….it’s dangerous and divisive.


  39. Fedup2 says:

    The press are going on about ‘the end of putin ‘ . But they seem to disregard that he is the KGB made flesh – all those files – all those targets ….
    Somehow I think they underestimate him . I’m not a fan . And I think if a country could be collectively evil -Russia is the candidate and always has been .

    I don’t think the concerns of those Eastern European countries – freed from Russia – have received the attention they deserve – it’s all been ‘euro song – Glasto ‘ which I think is going as sick queer as the former …..


  40. Flotsam says:

    Another man stabbed to death in Nottingham by another “man”.


  41. Dickie says:

    Marijuana Spring again. Happy days:



  42. Dickie says:

    CNN, that bastion of liberal tolerance. Not much different to the BBC me thinks:



  43. Dickie says:

    “The Grayzone offers an in-depth look at the massacre carried out by some of America’s top Russia experts against their own credibility”.



  44. digg says:

    Joining the dots on why Putin went into the Ukraine.

    The Biden’s cosy up with the Ukraine regime and get lots of personal loot, maybe in return they agree to accept at some future date the delivery and installation of US short range nuclear missiles sited in the Ukraine along the Russian border? A sort of long range nuclear protection shield for the US in fact.

    With the best will in the World there was never going to be any way Putin would sit on hands over that.

    Imagine if the tables were turned and the Russians started to install nuclear weapon systems along the Alaskan border. I get the feeling that the US would not take that lying down either.


  45. taffman says:

    The Home Office is Broken and running out of hotels ………….

    Does the BBC report the daily invasion of our land going on ?


  46. Richard Pinder says:


    A senior news producer at the BBC has leaked messages to Reform UK Mayoral candidate Howard Cox, which show that the BBC is censoring criticism of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone policy. The BBC producer was told in an email from Dan Fineman, Senior News Editor, BBC South East: “If any platforms are doing a story on ULEZ charges in the South and Southeast we now need to do a mandatory referral to Jason Horton or Robert Thomson” Jason Horton is the Director of Production (Local Services) at BBC News and Current Affairs, Head of BBC South Today and BBC Southeast. He is also an Acting Director at BBC England. Robert Thomson is BBC’s Managing Editor for Online and TV in BBC England. According to Reform UK, the BBC whistleblower told Mr Cox: “All ULEZ stories are now a mandatory referral” “We can’t report without BBC bosses saying we can” “I also believe a BBC London investigation into ULEZ has now been paused because of the Mayor of London’s pressure on the BBC”. Mr Cox has accused the BBC of “undemocratic collusion” with the Labour London Mayor. The producer claimed that the BBC was “saying one thing publicly to appease, while asking staff to act in another way and control the narrative”.


  47. pugnazious says:

    ‘You called and we came…to rebuild Britain’

    How may times have you heard Blacks say that on the BBC in recent days? Trouble is it’s a myth….most of the ‘Windrush Generation’ came here on spec hoping trying to find those streets paved with gold…..others came answering ads for jobs…but these ads were only there because the local government, in Barbados for example, asked Britain to take workers in due to the high levels of unemployment in the Carribbean. ‘Britain’ didn’t really want, or need, them….unemployment was high in Britain as well and the government certainly didn’t want them and in the end had to pass an act of parliament to limit their migration here.

    The vast majority came off their own back and in no shape or form were asked to come.

    What’s missing from the BBC et als narrative is the White people, the natives here….they’re written off as racists without any attempt to understand them and the position they were in as thousands of completely alien people flooded into their neighbourhoods….and they were ‘alien’, very different to the natives.

    How do we know that? The BBC itself told us at the time…publishing a booklet of advice to new migrants, written by migrants already here…..they were told to try and fit in and to understand that the local culture and society was vastly different to that of the migrants’ homes….which might explain why landlords didn’t want to have Black tenants in their own homes….not racism but a legitimate concern about very different attitudes, culture and behaviour.


    ‘This pamphlet was published by the BBC Caribbean Service around 1959 when total migration to Britain from the Caribbean peaked. Originally a series of radio broadcasts, it was primarily written by Caribbean men who were already living in London – including the novelist Samuel Selvon. ‘

    Listening to Clive Myrie’s programme and you’ll hear the same narrative about being asked to come here and rebuilding Britain…but you’ll also hear how when they travel to Jamaica they feel a ‘sense of belonging’…even if born here….much as several BBC presenters who have travelled to their ancestral homes in Africa state that they ‘feel amongst my people’…interesting huh? And not a bit racist. Imagine if a Whitey said they only really wanted to be amongst their ‘own people’.


    The parting lines were interesting as one of the contributors stated that Britain was once again taking workers from Black nations, in Africa this time, and this was just not on…..it’s racism. Hmmm….I guess all those Poles, Chinese, Indians etc etc etc who come here to work are OK…just not the Blacks? Blacks are special….it would be colonialism and racism all over again to allow Africans to come and work here.

    Always interesting to hear the myths and lies Blacks tell themselves and them force-feed to us via the likes of willing accomplices like the BBC, the BBC which itself helps to create, nurture and spread those myths and lies and which ironically also feeds them back into the Black community feeding the grievance industry, the siege mentality and the sense of entitlement to restitution.

    The BBC whips up racism where there is none, it creates tensions and divisions…it creates social breakdown, anger and hate.

    Defund the BBC.


    • Kaiser says:

      we desperately needed a load of Jamaicans, whilst allowing people to leave on the £10 pom schemes.



    • RightSide says:

      You don’t need to write black with a capital B. This is a recent thing that has been pushed by the AP styleguidelines.

      White isn’t capped.