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  1. Richard Pinder says:

    Buy “The Light” newspaper. This months issue has an article on page 9 called “BBC Verify – protecting you from the truth: https://www.magzter.com/stories/news/The-Light/BBC-VERIFY-PROTECTING-YOU-FROM-THE-TRUTH



  2. tomo says:

    If you thought the UK’s mendaciously hyped heatwave had subsided with the present chilly, rainy episode the berks at the FT (and doubtless the BBC when they catch up) say hold my beer…


  3. Scroblene says:

    My apologies if this has been posted…


    H/T AKH and MD…

    (Sorry chaps, I couldn’t wait for per…)!


    • Scroblene says:

      Regarding potholes being discussed earlier, It’s gratifying to tell everyone who visits Kent, (by train or car etc., not rubber boat), that they can experience lots of road repairs which have been carried out over the last few weeks…

      The good news for cyclists, is that all the drain covers are now strategically defined by the shadows they form when the additional top layer of tarmac is applied. The statutory depth of two inches below the road surface for each drain cover, enables the cyclist to see the danger from about three yards, giving him or her time to swerve away from the kerb to avoid the inevitable crunch as the tyre explodes and the wheel-rim acquires a noticeable dent. Also ‘The Chalfonts’ can get a bit of a headache as well…

      The speeding drivers wishing to overtake the cyclist all understand the problem, as they can brake at the last minute, while sounding their ‘Colonel Bogey’ klaxon and belt past the cyclist at high speed in time to avoid a collision with the oncoming traffic and this causes the traffic to concertina in both directions in an interesting way.

      All this happens in a 30mph zone, and the cyclist thanks his or her lucky stars that he or her has survived this phenomena, on that particular drain cover, and that he or she only has three hundred and forty-five more similar episodes before arriving home in a cold sweat.

      And as for ULEZ – You Lez if you want to, Scrobs is not for lezzing.


    • Charlie Farley says:

      Scroblene ,
      Excellent……there will be be better policies from the Dummy than Suckers Labour !
      This is just a reply to your previous comment….the wonders of technology hey !


      • Fedup2 says:

        Scroblene – as a two wheeled road user -who was forced to sell his London based car because of the emir – I find pot holes a great benefit to my personal safety .

        I know my life is on the edge every time I get on my 300cc motor scooter – I know that the tax was double that of my nice safe car …. And I know that if I don’t read the road I’m probably a gonna .

        I don’t think public money should be spent keeping cyclists safe because they don’t pay for the service . Or maybe cyclists – so loud about closing off roads – can fix the pot holes rather than moaning – the default – about them .

        Lastly from witnessing the increasingly aggressive behaviour of cyclists -I think their mortality rate will be increasing ….particularly in that favoured 10-35 demographic …

        Finally lastly – I want the whole country ‘ULEZED ‘ now . Why should only londonistan benefit from fresher air ? The daily sum shouldn’t be a measly £12.50 – let’s make it an easy £20 …. The money can be used to fund the pay of NHS consultants – how can anyone live on £150k ?


        • Up2snuff says:

          Oi, Fed! I pay tax for the roads but I choose to use a bicycle for convenience and exercise.


          • Fedup2 says:

            My motor scooter tax is double my old car tax – how does that work . My motor scooter is as restricted in where it can go as a car – whilst cyclists have no law to control them – and the only thing restricting those kidult electric scooters is life expectancy , ,…


      • Scroblene says:

        Thanks Charley!

        As some wag once said,

        “It is a little known fact that Richard Gere’s Russian dad, Gockleov, was a failed ventriloquist.. ”



  4. andyjsnape says:

    Uxbridge: Keir Starmer says Labour must learn lessons of by-election defeat

    Another “must learn lessons”, until the next must learn lessons

    Expand the Ultra Low Emission Zone (Ulez) – a tax on polluting vehicles – got to love the bbc wording “a tax on polluting vehicles” – dont forget the road tax these vehicles already pay

    Or another way of putting it, a tax


    • Up2snuff says:

      ajs, great motorcycles, make motorcycles great again. Motorists are double taxed all the time: Excise Duty on fuel + VAT. Compulsory insurance + insurance tax.


  5. Fedup2 says:

    Bit rich for Gove to warn against the green crap becoming a religious crusade . His blue labour government has spent 13 years allowing lefty councils and others push the green crap agenda without resistance or thought – irrespective of the views of the punters / voters who pay over the top for it .

    Even now – a bit of hot weather is the Med is being used as a weapon against dissent .

    Apparently if governments ‘roll back ‘ on the insane commitments Britain’s international image will suffer. Why that should matter is beyond coherent thought .

    Meanwhile – any preparation for the coming winter ? Gas storage ? Nuclear reactors going ahead ? Water supply / storage ? Food security ?


    • andyjsnape says:

      Hello Fedup

      Hope you are well

      Re winter heating, planning etc. Its okay the energy prices have been lowered “during the summer months” and how grateful we should all be lol, Just wait until we are ripped off again in the winter months, and the likes of the bbc reporting its Russia’s fault, apparantly. Then the price increases when we all need the dam energy, with corporations continuing to make billions and the exchequer rubbing his hands with the extra vat


      • BRISSLES says:

        Like the cost of a bag of chips rocketed when the price of spuds went through the roof, and they’ve stayed high despite potatoes being cheaper.


    • tomo says:


      – the guy in that doom goblin photo-op?


  6. tomo says:

    Not that Coutts

    on remand
    no trial
    no bail
    22 hours solitary every day
    weird antics from prosecutors

    – and more

    Trudeau’s Canada – the goons who trialed de-banking


  7. AsISeeIt says:

    Tilting at windmills edition

    Spaniards go to the polls on Sunday in a general election that offers a choice of two starkly contrasting visions – says the BBC.

    Good for the hidalgos – in stark contrast us poor Brits face an impeding Hobson’s choice between our two similacrum cheeks of the same Blairite fundament

    Khan to rethink Ulez after call from Starmer… Labour leader demands overhaul of mayor’s car pollution policy after by-election defeat (Sunday Times)

    Gove: net zero can’t become a crusade… Minister admits inflexible imposition of green rules will lead to a voter backlash (Sunday Telegraph)

    It’s a problem we’ve endured since even before motor cars were a thing…

    the two parties were like rival stage-coaches which splashed each other with mud, but went by the same road to the same place

    Stunted minds think alike. You could hardly put a cigarette paper between them – especially now their relentless encrouching managerial technocrat step-by-step nudges and legal gradualism has practically eliminated cigarette smoking

    Changing behaviours in public health… This briefing for councillors and officers explains how behavioural change interventions – or nudge theory as it is dubbed – can help local authorities fulfil their public health responsibilities…. Much of the debate stems from the 2008 book ‘Nudge: Improving Decision about Health, Wealth and Happiness,’ which was written by US academics…their theory is that libertarianism and paternalism do not have to conflict and that the state can – and should – act as a guiding hand, “nudging” citizens in the right direction (Local Government Association)

    Our cartoonists’ satirical sketches speak more forcefully on our behalf than a thousand column inches of editorial. Right-leaning Matt in the Telegraph has his driving instructor warn the learner: “Imagine you’re driving to a polling station to vote Labour. When I say ‘Ulez’ I want you to perform an emergency stop”

    Left-leaning Newman in the Times has his car driver remark to the passenger as they head away from Uxbridge: “Ulez does work – Rishi Sunak is breathing more easily”

    BBC sympathies and biases shine through every line of their coverage of the upcoming Spanish elections: Socialist Pedro Sánchez has been prime minister since 2018. He hopes his government’s social reforms, crisis management and handling of a strongly performing economy will persuade voters to keep him in office.

    What do you want, a medal? A sarcastic response to one who is excited about or seeks praise for a minor or insignificant accomplishment. (The Free Dictionary)

    New British Humanitarian Medal to honour UK disaster rescuers… Approved by King Charles, the Humanitarian Medal will recognise the efforts of emergency workers and relief teams, including charities, service personnel and health workers. (BBC) – so as our British miliary shrinks in size and capability to defend our home shores, the serried ranks of battalions of overseas do-gooders get themselves quasi-militarised and will now commence to dress up like Swiss admirals or North Korean generals?

    At least they held back from making the ribbon in rainbow colours.

    But his [socialist] party has been lagging in polls behind the conservative People’s Party (PP) led by Alberto Núñez Feijóo, who may end up needing far-right support. (BBC) – just as night follows day – almost now amounting to a fourth Reithian law of media dynamics – that demands perforce – mere mention of anyone with policies even vaguely right-of-centre must – sine qua non – come with some association to the BBC-ism ‘far-right‘ smear

    The Sunday Telegraph speaks truth to hype: Lioness penalty seals win but it’s no thriller

    The Sunday Express however, has joined the cult, drunk the Kool Aid and bought the t-shirt: Roarsome! Lionesses’ first World Cup win

    But as Philip the black tenant we recall in the classic sitcom Rising Damp once remarked to his landlord played by Leonard Rossiter: “Everthing’s commercialised these days, Rigsby”

    Celebrate with £10 off a £50 spend at Sports Direct (Terms & conditions apply) (Sunday Express)

    The skepticism in Spain, falls mainly on the postal vote

    Mr Feijóo, 61, [conservative] caused controversy during the campaign by appearing to cast doubt on the management of postal votes, which has surged to around 2.5 million. (BBC)


    • Fedup2 says:

      The Spanish election might be a bit tricky for the bBC if the Right wins . They really are Right – as in wanting to dump a lot of woke crap .
      The false narrative about ‘Europe moving to the right’ might not play out …. Although obviously I hope it does – and maybe show up blue labour for the socialists they are …

      A writer in the DT – no doubt writing from a warm med – maybe Rhodes – suggests that maybe Starmer will be more likely to ‘reform ‘ than blue labour – which is frightened to do anything about rolling back State spending . … but maybe said writer had been in the sun too long …

      … and Rachel is going to have to fund maybe £150 billion state debt interest per year ..( in context inthing th State costs 1200 billion a year )


  8. Deborah says:

    Anything on the BBC about the video claiming Boris wasn’t ill with the bug but it was all a sham? Apparently Linneaker has appeared in it or is liking it or something.. it was top story on the Daily Mail last night but has now dropped so low as to be invisible. Whatever the truth about covid, Boris was obviously still poorly as late as August 2020 as I remember how breathless he was when speaking.

    I find it interesting how quickly the story has disappeared.


    • harry142857 says:

      It’s now much less prominent.


      Gary Lineker duped over ‘vile’ film’s lies about Boris’ Covid: BBC star forced to distance himself from documentary after we expose its smear that PM was never close to death

      An arch-Remainer, who once tried to prosecute Boris Johnson over Brexit, has claimed in a documentary that the former Prime Minister lied about nearly dying from Covid.
      The grossly offensive allegation has been made by Marcus Ball, a failed entrepreneur, in a documentary which claims Mr Johnson’s account of his illness at the beginning of the pandemic was a ‘terrible lie’ designed to manipulate the public.

      A trailer for the film, which has yet to be released, features a number of celebrities including Gary Lineker, the BBC’s highest paid presenter, who says in it that ‘the public deserve the truth’.

      The ex footballer – who was temporarily taken off air earlier this year after comparing Government immigration policy to Nazi Germany – last night distanced himself from the film upon being alerted about its content.

      After being contacted by The Mail on Sunday, Mr Lineker refused to endorse the film and demanded his interview be removed.
      But his original involvement in the documentary has sparked fury among allies of Mr Johnson and threatens to drag the BBC into another damaging controversy.

      ‘This vile conspiracy theory is disgusting and an example of how totally deranged treatment of Boris has become,’ a source close to Mr Johnson said.

      ‘It is an insult to the wonderful NHS staff who helped save his life.

      As he stood outside No10, clapping for the NHS, Boris Johnson’s exhaustion was plain to see.

      Rheumy-eyed, forehead glistening with sweat, the then Prime Minister, who had just been diagnosed with Covid, cut a diminished figure – but was determined to join in with the act of national thanksgiving.

      In fact, he was more gravely ill than anyone realised.

      That night – April 2, 2020 – doctors were on standby at St Thomas’ Hospital in London, ready to admit him at short notice.

      Instead he soldiered on, resistant to the idea of hospitalisation, fearing it might suggest preferential treatment.


    • Scroblene says:

      Interesting, Debs!

      I guess there would always be a ‘conspiracy theory’ around at the time, there is about most things these days!

      For what it’s worth…


      I’m looking forward to the next one from the US about Microsoft’s inventor getting gout…



      • Deborah says:

        Over the last couple of years I have had several Labourites who don’t know each other and spread over England, tell me ‘Boris wasn’t really ill you know’. This story has obviously been doing the rounds for some time. Is the story spread in tweets or is it Left web sites? It is only now a film has been made, and could it bring Lineker down? I hope so or at least make it clear to the BBC and his nasty footie supporters what a vile arrogant man he is.


  9. Sluff says:

    Time may prove that a massive thank you is due to the good people of Uxbridge. How deeply ironic that this should happen in Princess Nut Nut’s husband’s former constituency.

    Noting Aslseelt’s paper review and my own eyes and ears the disgraceful two main parties appear to be trying to outrow each other backwards. It’s finally occurred to the thickos that eco-fanaticism isn’t a vote winner (except in Brighton) and that ordinary people, if given the chance, will tell them so.

    But will we see the war on the motorist continue under a different guise? May we anticipate a sudden rush of ‘death on the roads’ stories- you know the sentimental drill, one child’s life is one too many – and ULEZ zones replaced by build-outs, speed bumps, lack of car parking etc etc. A good chance imo.

    It does rather beg the question. How did the politicians get it so wrong? How was eco-warrior groupthink allowed to take over the all-party brain cells? And as if by magic, we are now allowed to question the nonsense. But what will the eco-fanatics do? Can we expect a Just Stop Rowing Backwards demo? Will they throw insulation boards across the football pitches?

    And what will the BBC do now? Oppose the rowing back presumably. And how did Justin Rowlatt get back from his weather reporting in Spain? Did he cycle?

    I think the hypocrites should tell us.


    • Scroblene says:

      In a spare moment, I sometimes wonder if we should all give proportional representation a go at the next election.

      Let’s face it, there’s not a fag paper between any of the mainstream, (or in the case of the Libdems, ‘Sort-of-dribble’) parties, so we might just as well get all the voters out and find out what really can be done about the appalling stupidity of the HoC and especially the HoL.

      At least there wouldn’t be all this yapping and name-calling, and maybe, even some governance could be carried out to make Britain a decent place to live in! What have we got to lose?

      And of course, the Beebonics would hate all that as their leftie agenda would be challenged at every turn, and their autocue-readers would have to actually think about what their under-managers are telling them to say!

      The mechanics of the Beeboids taking the side of the left wing stuff would be exposed at a glance too, even after their charter was revoked, as it would be by then!

      But then again, I don’t have any spare moments at the current time, so will commence to whistle in the wind…


      • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

        Scrobs, there is no doubt that the introduction of a good proportional system would help heel Britain’s sick politics.
        It is not a complete cure but the current fptp addled democracy will only make things worse.
        As for not having the time, the centre of our campaign here, was in Wellington. A good turn out to our committee meetings was seven people in an office one evening a week at most, in cheap bullding awaiting demolition. We all had day jobs and I don’t think there was a paid staff member until the last few months. I’m not even sure about that.
        We changed the nation’s voting system within two years.
        Granted the Uk has a bigger population so it would need a bit more imput than we had. Just about everybody was against it at first. But our ‘party-neutral’ stand an honest debate changed things around.
        We went for an AV system similar to what is now used in Scotland and Wales. The British organisation for proportional representation wrote us a letter telling us off for not going for
        The Single Transferable Vote. We’d got it wrong, naughty they told us, in their infinite wisdom. They have been going for over a hundred years and they seemed to be proud of that century of failure!
        The thing to remember is that the last time Britain had an election under PR The Brexit Party won it!


        • Fedup2 says:

          I fear PR would drive divisions even deeper – with organised groups ( Muslims greens queers ) getting their single issue MPs into the system even more thar the fascist SNP …just vote for the No Government At all party …


          • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

            Fed, you are right to be concerned about nutters and single issue parties. However, the answer to that is to have a bottom line that a party has to achieve of no less than 4%. That really filters them out.

            Countries that have difficulties with nut job parties generally have either no cut off point or around 2% eg, Israel, The Netherlands. Or they have gone for the idiot option of Single Transferable Vote (STV) like Malta and Ireland.
            Mark Stein approves of the German/NZ system.


            • Fedup2 says:

              Yasser – I’m thinking more of the really organised lot – the Muslims – who would form an SNP like block to get the ‘call to prayer ‘ a legal requirement on public buildings and R4 – before getting sharia tax relief if people ‘convert ‘…. Couple that with their ability to conduct unrestricted voting fraud and mo is your uncle ..


              • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

                Valid fears, Fed, but it is your First Past the Post system which is letting them in and until you have PR the chances of stopping them
                are remote.
                Anyway they seem to have already huge influence in the Labour Party.

                I’ve enjoyed this debate Fed but I must really go to bed as it’s 11.30 pm so I’ll let you have the last word.


                • Fedup2 says:

                  Yasser – it’s not my ‘first past the post ‘ system – I’d tear the whole Palace of Westminster down ‘history ‘ or not – and start again – Whitehall can go too – for what it has failed to deliver to the British taxpayer since 1945 ….we live in a one party state of various shades of red …


                • tomo says:

                  FPTP being eroded somewhat when Reform get wiped off the slate as the media decide which political parties they’re going to report on?

                  The uniparty don’t like any challenges


  10. G says:

    “‘Respectful and polite’ Muslim migrant rapes 70-year-old woman, sexually assaults 13-year-old girl, ‘no remorse’”


    What kind of UK Government thinking openly allows savages possessing mediaeval habits to live in this country? I fail utterly to understand the logic (if any).

    The Cambridge definition of Treason:

    “(the crime of) showing no loyalty to your country, especially by helping its enemies or trying to defeat its government”


  11. taffman says:

    “Tom Jones questions Delilah rugby choir ban during Cardiff concert”
    Dark forces are at work, undermining Great Britain’s culture and traditions . Is this government-led wokeism ?
    The choirs are not the main singers in the stadium anymore.
    Its the taff supporters who are the main body that produce the singing.


  12. Jeff says:

    Phew… I don’t know about you, but I can’t take much more of this excessive heat…

    It was the “summer” fete in my little village yesterday. Local kids have been looking forward to it for ages. I suppose it’s always fun to see the grown-ups do something silly. Sadly it turned out to be a rather damp squib. It pissed down from dawn til dusk. If it wasn’t drizzling it was belting. An arctic wind gusted through sending the tombola scudding across the sodden grass. Hats were blown off and umbrellas were turned inside out. I wanted to have a bash at throwing a soggy sponge at the local vicar, who had bravely volunteered to put himself in the stocks…but he was already soaked and went home. So did I…

    Last night I ventured out to pick up a few essential groceries. I could see smoke drifting up from my neighbours’ chimney pots. Not unusual during those dark and chilly months that we’re heading towards, but unheard of in July.

    The BBC, Sky, et-al, are telling us that the planet is on fire. Our TV screens show us smoky vistas of self-combusting scorched trees and plumes of thick acrid smoke from forest fires. “This is an emergency”, they scream.

    Meanwhile, back in the real world…


  13. Dickie says:

    Well worth reading the various articles within this website. The sexualisation of children, not just in Wales but throughout the UK:



  14. taffman says:

    Question: Is Michael Gove aspiring to replace Rishi “Stop the Boats” Sunak ?
    End of Net Zero & ULEZ?


  15. FrankZ says:

    On Saturday morning I was driving my car at 5am. The car is now the only place that I ever listen to the BBC, and even then only seldom. Result of the occasional urge to find out whether it really is still as bad as it was several years ago when it became clear that listening to it was a waste of time. This was after an entire lifetime’s habit of doing so, since schooldays.

    At that time of day, Radio 4 is on World Service news. The running order and subject choice of the 5-minute, 5am bulletin was astonishing. Or perhaps not astonishing – have come to expect it. Not only that, but the tone of each item…:-


    1. Greece is facing its hottest weekend in 50 years.
    Plus in southern US – “July may be the hottest month ever recorded…”

    2. 71-year-old man has died after taking a long hike in Death Valley National Park. Appropriately named many years ago, and for good reason then too.

    3. The number of people known to have died during recent flooding in South Korea….

    4. Concern over the presidential election in Guatemala.

    5. The Moroccan state news agency has said that 6 migrants have dies after the boat they were travelling in hit rocks and sank… 48 others survived.

    6. The Peruvian high court has ordered same-sex unions to be legally registered, marking a victory for the LGBT community…

    7. The United States have won their opening match at the Women’s World Cup.

    8. The personal copy of the debut novel of Virgina Woolf has been found.

    No problem with the geographical spread of items – it is the World Service after all, and that used to be one of the main appeals of the World Service – but the subject choice.

    The age and sex of the correspondents was also noticeable.

    The BBC really has become utterly worthless.


    • Fedup2 says:

      A long time ago – when I realised thar R4 had been taken over by far lefty wimmin -I sought refuge in the world service – which at that time was Top Secret and had a certain residual authority about it . I think it was a safe haven because the pre woke FCO funded it .

      But then it changed into woke crap with various accents which are largely impossible to understand . …sad really ..


      • FrankZ says:


        Agree completely. When much younger I used to listen to it on Short Wave, where the appalling reception and curious variable, phased sound you used to get (something to do with the signal bouncing off the stratosphere? Not sure…), combined with the difficulty of finding it, plus the mass of super-secret Morse Code signals elsewhere on SW (for international espionage and other skulduggery?), gave it a sort of illicit “I-shouldn’t-be-listening-to-this, it’s-not-meant-for-us” quality. As you said, Top Secret.

        And then there was the Empire pronunciation, and the music….

        And the content was good and interesting to boot. There was stuff to be learned that couldn’t be found elsewhere, or so it seemed.

        Now? No thanks.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Happier days – it’s like when R4 took away the 0525? National tunes …. And replaced it with whether it’s obama or Mandela s birthday -…


  16. pugnazious says:

    Oddly can’t see anything on the BBC website about protests outside their HQ in regard to their collaboration with Khan in how to report on the oppressive ULEZ scheme that clearly targets the poorest in society….if it had been Mayor Boris and GB News?

    And nothing to see about Lineker, the latter-day saint, caught up in fake news once again….and of course it was Boris related…..funny how these lefties all have that Boris/Trump/Brexit derangement syndrome.


  17. Sluff says:

    If NHS consultants go on strike…….
    The queues for treatment get longer.
    And so an additional number of patients think ‘I can’t wait……I’m going private’.
    So creating demand for………NHS consultants to do even more private work…………and for the prices to go up!

    It’s a win-win for the consultants. And a lose-lose for the taxpayer.
    But it’s the NHS. So it must be OK.


    • pugnazious says:

      Yeah….I see one of the BMA rabble-rousers runs a company that tries to lure NHS doctors away and recruit them for jobs abroad…no conflict of interest there then.


  18. BRISSLES says:

    Stuff, and in doing so the Equity Release businesses must be experiencing a 100% increase in enquiries !


    • tomo says:

      Thing is – Nuland, Blinken and Sullivan are nasty nutters and the tail that wags the dog.

      I’d love to hear who thought that trying to sneak weapons and other war related stuff into Ukraine in empty grain ships was a wheeze with no down side that would never be found out?


  19. Fedup2 says:

    Silly season

    Man in gimp suit allowed into The Globe Theatre . The msm have been unable to track down the man and have asked for him to come forward .. there have also been suggestions of who it might be – huw Edwards is taller apparently – although Simon jack and Edmund ?davies are strong contenders .

    Personally I’d find it a bit too warm to be wearing my gimp suit at the theatre – although maybe the aircon might help …


    • Sluff says:

      ‘The Man’ ??????
      Surely highly presumptuous in this day and age?
      Any bulges could be prosthetic.


    • G says:

      Wonder how they’d feel about ‘Man in Ghiilie suit’? DPM naturally.


  20. Dickie says:

    Patient care in New York during the Covid “pandemic” :



  21. Sluff says:

    On the BBC Sport webshite front page.

    A lot of space including photos about the Tour de France.
    Only joking.
    It was in fact the ‘Tour de France femmes’, which covers only about one third the distance of the proper thing.

    The ACTUAL Tour de France rated just a single line, despite a tactics-fuelled excellent mountain stage yesterday which consolidated 2 Brits, the Yates brothers, in a very creditable 3rd and 4th place for the overall competition.

    OK, so I follow the TdF. The key point here is the inane and insane sport feminisation narrative pushed relentlessly by the pathetic ‘equality-focussed’ BBC.


    • Nodding Dog says:

      Flicking through the channels this morning and the Netherlands vs Portugal match in the women’s world cup was on the BBC.Two great footballing nations so was a bit surprised that the ground looked less than half full even more surprising when I looked at the ticket prices $40/$30 or $20 NZ dollars so basically just over £19 for the most expensive ticket.Like I mentioned previously about the tickets for the cricket the price for the women’s games are vastly cheaper than the men and they still can’t shift them!

      Talking of women’s sport just watched a bit of the world matchplay darts which is apparently making history with a transgender woman in it.I must say he did look more feminine than half of the woman taking part and if you weren’t a darts fan then you could be forgiven for not knowing which one was the ‘cock in a frock’


      • Fedup2 says:

        The bbc is often shouty when there are ‘sellout ‘ girly games at the Wemberly .. I’m guessing the attendances at the girly tournament won’t be getting much of a mention ….


      • Ian Rushlow says:

        Nodding, I’m afraid you’ve got this wrong. Those aren’t the ticket prices – they’re the transfer fees for any teams wishing to buy the players.



    • Dickie says:

      Any of the wimmin had a heart attack while cycling?


  22. Fedup2 says:

    The guardian today seems upset that a large chuck of the overseas giveaway budget is being used to pay for accommodation of enemy invaders .
    If taxpayers borrowed money is to be used then taking it out of the fraudulent overseas aid budget seems ideal . …


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Not one penny of taxpayers money. If Guardian readers and BBC types want the migrants here, let them pay for it themselves through a voluntary subscription scheme. For example, if the cost of accommodating one migrant is £30,000 a year, then if liberals raise £300K they can have 10, if £3M then 100, if £30M then 1000 etc. The money needs to be auditable, and foreign funds e.g. from US-based NGOs and foundations, is not permitted. Note that this is solely for the costs of accommodating the migrants, and does not infer any rights upon them, such as the right to remain long term in the UK. Also, the scheme would only be open to those who have entered the country legally and are in possession of passports and/or documentation. The money saved from the scrapping of all so-called ‘foreign aid’ schemes would be spent on the provision of housing, healthcare and education for British citizens only.


  23. Richard Pinder says:

    Dr. Harvey Risch, a professor emeritus and senior research scientist in epidemiology at Yale, said he believes the paper “A Systematic Review of Autopsy Findings in Deaths after COVID-19 Vaccination” was censored by The Lancet’s publisher, Elsevier, at the behest of the BBC lead Trusted New Initiative (TNI), or a derivative organization of the TNI, based on the “study results providing strong evidence that some COVID-19 vaccine injections can have severe adverse effects leading to death.” The BBC lead TNI is responsible for censoring a systematic review of 325 autopsies showing COVID-19 vaccination caused or significantly contributed to 74 percent of deaths, adding to an increasing number of censored studies on the potential harms of COVID-19 vaccines: The censored paper: https://sciencefiles.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/Hulscher-Autopsy-study.pdf

    BBC Verify has verified that no autopsies have been performed by Marianna Spring, as she has been told by a trusted important person of authority at Pfizer, that the COVID-19 vaccines are “Safe & Effective”.


  24. DickMart says:

    The BBC’s coverage of the Spanish elections has been absolutely deplorable. They have been putting the fear of God into people by suggesting that a Conservative-Vox coalition would bring about a resurgence of Francoism. Leaving aside that Vox would be the junior partner in such a coalition and so would have limited leverage, how about seeing what Vox actually stands for. Their policies are very little different from that of the UK Conservative Party before it succumbed to social-liberalism.

    The BBC highlight the danger of extremism on the right, while playing down the active participation of Communists in the present Spanish Government. They ignore the way in which the present Government has provocatively overturned the post-Franco reconciliation between left and right. Edward Stourton’s presentation on the World this Weekend today was one of the most biased and unbalanced reports I have heard (and there have been some!)

    Of course the BBC have form, having suggested that victory for Giorgia Meloni in Italy would amount to a return to Fascism.


    • Up2snuff says:

      DM, I came in at the end of TWoTWeeeee and wee it was. Radec Sikorsky accused Marine Le Pen of taking money from Russia. That seemed to me to be a Trump-like slur of the Far Left variety. On the other hand it may be true. I don’t know.

      It was highly amusing when Ed Stourton had to correct himself over Macron. He said the President of France had described himself as Hard Right which Ed corrected at the end of the programme to ‘Hard Centre’.

      On the 7 a.m. News this morning the BBC were talking about the Spanish Elections and using the term ‘Hard Right’. I wondered where this was on the political spectrum; is it ‘worse’ than ‘Far Right’ or somewhat ‘milder’, somewhat more extreme than ‘Centre-Right’ but not as bad as ‘Far Right’? Of course, the BBC carefully overlooked the fact that Franco was a military man and a Socialist. Just like Pinochet.


  25. Thoughtful says:

    23rd August, the date on which the world is going to change, made all the worse and all the earlier by the corruption and untrammeled evil of Socialism.

    Mark it in your diary see if I’m right.


  26. tomo says:

    National Cuban Sandwich Day, Valentino Day, National Ride the Wind Day, National Sponge Cake Day…

    according to the interwebs….


  27. digg says:

    The BBC are always on the mark when it comes to reporting a few dolts embarking on a Just Stop Oil palaver….

    However for some reason they failed to notice thousands of anti-Ulez protestors demonstrating right outside their head office.

    Their attack dogs at the Guardian seem to have missed it too!

    Odd Init?


    • tomo says:

      It’s just the sort of thing where some “ultra right wing ULEZ activists” need drumming up really… I’m confident that the Verify / TNI team are on it in cahoots with some black hats.

      Do the : Icelandic thing


      I particularly enjoyed it when a large crowd with burning torches, drums and vuvuzelas surrounded the president’s house and wouldn’t let him out …

      The equivalent in the UK of the photo above would be 2 million people surrounding Parliament … if only…


  28. taffman says:

    “Brexit: Ministers to ditch deadline to scrap retained EU laws
    As the subject of Brexit is still on the boil with them after seven years , have the EU laws been scrapped yet by our Tory government ?


    • moggie63 says:

      Be a bit pointless scrapping laws they’d have to reinstate in the next couple of years.


  29. Dickie says:

    Alex Christoforou from The Duran:


  30. digg says:

    BBC – Unilever will “let” Russian employees be conscripted….


    Hinting that they are nasty because they have a choice and could refuse if they were good employers….

    What planet do BBC employees live on?

    Russia is on war footing and act accordingly, there is nothing apart from sacking all their employees that Unilever could do!


  31. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    If Nigel Farage sued coutts for various damages and was awarded say a £million, where would they pay this to?
    Would they have to put all the cash in a van and deliver it to Nigel’s home.
    It would certainly be in line with GB News’ keep cash campaign.


    • Fedup2 says:

      The interesting bit is his complaint to the Data Protection bods – as well as the Simon jacksh-t non apology and absence from the BBC airways . Dame wotsit of NatWest CEO fame must be praying that the med burns to avoid having to resign . Although I suspect she may have property / tax haven there …


  32. StewGreen says:

    I found a BBC video
    “Does TikTok have a climate change denial problem? – BBC News
    Earlier this year, TikTok vowed to clamp down on climate change denial on its platform.
    But a BBC investigation has found hundreds of…”

    As ever is that News ? or is it PR ?
    It looks likes campaigning .. so it’s PR

    #2 “a BBC investigation has found”
    Probably BS, more likely the stuff was handed to BBC by lobbyists who then put a “BBC investigation” logo on it

    That YouTube video has a mere 616 VIEWS
    and close to zero tweets , the BBC didn’t tweet it themselves even,
    .. https://youtu.be/42xHuSmwYa4

    The presenter’s name Marco Silva is hidden in the middle
    One guest is from ISD
    “the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), a shadowy NATO state contractor that reaps millions to research supposed “disinformation”.


  33. Northern Voter says:

    Mrs V is a bit of a classical music fan, and is watching the proms. Isn’t amazing how many times the biarsed bbc can work Ode to Joy into the programme?