Start the week 14th August 2023

VJ Day is commemorated on the 15th of August . Will it be treated with respect by the BBC ? Will it be ignored ? Used as a ‘multicultural campaign weapon ‘? Take your pick . So much sacrifice .

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  1. Cooper_Man says:

    A story on the BBC webshite about the wildfires on Maui includes the following paragraphs:

    “Wildfires were once uncommon in Hawaii, ignited largely through volcanic eruptions or lightning strikes. But in recent decades, human activity has made them more common and extreme.

    Climate change is increasing the risk of wildfire globally as it drives up temperatures and makes heatwaves longer and more intense”

    They have to put the climate change nonsense in there, of course, but funnily enough omit the particular human activity which is making wildfires more common – that being arson.


  2. tomo says:


    • RightSide says:

      There is a lot more to this story. The autistic girl was reported missing again by her mother. The girl was found intoxicated causing a such a public nuisance that it required a van and that many police to get her home.

      The girl has a long history of deviant behaviour and whilst I don’t agree with the charges, and rarely side with the police, I think they were just at the end of their tether with her.

      It is easy to blame the police for everything, but autism is still no excuse. The mother was constantly going on about it as if it was a get out of jail card.


      • tomo says:

        The medicalisation of shitty behaviour is commonplace – they aren’t a PITA, they’re a victim.

        To avoid the cells the mother could’ve been told that she was in charge of the brat and left to deal with the little treasure.

        Why wasn’t the the little shit arrested as drunk and disorderly? That certainly happened when I were a lad – 2 cops tops.


        • tomo says:


  3. Up2snuff says:

    Brissles, where are you? I was rooting for you to get ‘Three in a Row’.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Tch! Bar-b-que across the road. All very nice but the host is an outdoorsy type. The weather took a turn, but Mr Barbecue gamely carried on turning his bangers while we shivered – but lucky for us guests his wife took pity and provided blankets. Glad to get home, warmth and Biased.


  4. Nibor says:

    What is this nonsense about we must allow these bogus asylum seekers “ safe and legal routes “ to get into our country?
    There are planes , ships and the channel tunnel that are already safe and legal routes into this country . For people who are legally allowed to enter .
    If these dinghy people can’t use the above then it because they are ILLEGAL and thus are not wanted here . Lee Anderson proved that about the Albanians .

    This might shock the BBC and the rest of the wokeratery but the fact is the majority of the people might feel the drowned ones were tragic, the ones that don’t drown and invade our shores are what we worry about .

    The blame order is thus

    1; the bogus asylum seekers themselves.
    2; the facilitators who help them
    3; the useful idiots here who encourage them .

    It is not , as the BBC and so called intellectuals say

    1 ;the British government
    2; the British people
    3; the criminals ( facilitators )

    How can it be the British government when it’s using the very arm of what is supposed to be the first line of our defence- the Border Farce – to taxi the bogus asylum seekers from France to Britain ?

    The whole situation has spawned perverse logic. It’s as though the Glastonbury revellers who paid a high price for their entry ticket started to worry about those who wouldn’t pay to get in legally might injure or kill them selves scaling the high fences , and call for a safe and legal way for gatecrashers to get in .

    Or , in the BBC’s case , find a way for me when next in London to get past their security guards to use the canteen, then go into a studio while live on air and give my views on the senior civil servants. All in a safe and legal way of course .


    • Deborah says:

      On GBNews last night, a panel member called Hillary was claiming the barge which was due to hold the dinghy travellers was really a prison and the people on there wouldn’t be able to leave. It was up to another guest to mention the free taxis and buses. Hillary just shrugged her shoulders.

      It was her ignorance that surprised me. Those on the Left just seem to blank out the information/truth which doesn’t suit their agenda. They just want to believe the government and Right leaning citizens are cruel and hard hearted.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Deborah, truth sets people free, and the one who is the Truth sets people really free. Jesus warned that ‘in the last days’ great deceptions would arise. (Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24/Mark 13/Luke21) Whether it is illegal immigrants mixed with genuine refugees or man-made global warming with the bolted on ‘climate change’ addition or any number of additional ’causes’ these are all deceptions that imprison people, mostly so-called ‘progressives’, in their beliefs, their ‘false Christs’.

        Be encouraged. We live in exciting times! Our Redemption draweth near.


  5. Guest Who says:

    That this is penned by Tel is awesome.


  6. Nibor says:

    Ok BBC , there is talk about ‘ safe and legal routes ‘ for ( bogus) asylum seekers and refugees to come and live in the U.K. What have the BBC done to explore this scenario?

    Just sitting in an armchair one can see the practicalities of the problem .

    Firstly, there has to be a meeting place between the putative new inhabitant and a representative of the government .
    So where would that be ?

    a ; a permanent office in the asylum seekers country?

    So how would we get the budding asylum seekers to know where the office is ?
    Advert in the paper ? ( Are you oppressed by your authorities, if so come down to zz street number 17 ring bell )
    Won’t the oppressors see the advert ?
    Word of mouth ?
    Won’t the oppressors hear about that as well ?

    Perhaps a temporary place , like a tent in a field ?
    Again won’t the authority of the country be in the know just as much as asylum seekers?

    And if the authorities know about such places – they will monitor who goes there .

    So the next logical step is that the asylum seekers can meet our representatives in … a safe country .
    Well let’s gloss over the fact the asylum seekers are safe . Remember that in the issue about asylum seekers, logic is turned on its head.
    So the asylum seekers put in their appeal to settle in the U.K. and the representatives accept the application. But let’s remember
    There is a backlog of asylum claims.
    According to the Refugee Council ( pro immigration ) the final decision to award status is between one and three years .
    Let’s say the asylum office is in Switzerland. Or France .
    So what does the asylum seeker do for between one and three years ? And who pays for him ?

    And if he is granted asylum or leave to stay by our representatives in a foreign country

    In what way does he arrive in the U.K. other than a ferry , train or plane ?


    • Up2snuff says:

      Nibor, the proper route for a genuine asylum seeker is the Embassy or Consular Office in the first safe country that they reach.

      I remember going to Romania on an aid trip some decades ago. The area of Romania was an ethnic enclave and because the borders of Romania were newly opened, that ethnic group were seen queuing at the Consular Office of the overseas nation for visas to travel there and to be allowed to find work.


      • Nibor says:

        Up2 ,

        The amount that are trying to get here will overwhelm the embassies and consulates.
        But the real point is that they can’t approach our representatives in a dictatorship country because they will be watched there , so they can only do it once they are in a safe country- which means they are no longer fleeing persecution.


        • Up2snuff says:

          Nibor, I agree with your first point. Disagree on your second point because that is what the UN rules state: you must apply in the first safe country that you reach.

          I would be inclined to pass legislation, while a Conservative Government still has a clear majority, that the only safe route for asylum claims will be via UK Embassies and Consulates abroad in accordance with UN rules. There would be a queuing system from 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 a.m., local time. Any other entry into the UK would be deemed illegal; anyone entering by it would therefore be deported back whence they came.

          Drone patrols to be stepped up. Coastguards put on alert with P45s!


          • Nibor says:

            Up2 ,
            I agree with you .
            My point is that if they apply for asylum in the UK in a safe country , say France or Turkey , then they are safe and no longer fleeing persecution , thus they dont need (or qualify ) asylum in the UK .


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      The only answer is no asylum. The world has changed beyond recognition since 1951. Every “asylum seeker” who reaches Britain is bogus, they will have passed through dozens of safe countries. The only reason they come here is that we are a soft touch, and they know it.

      So the only answer is: No to the lot of them. They are coming here for the standard of living, and nothing else.


      • moggie63 says:

        It doesn’t matter too much as it’s only a matter of time until the general standard of living here matches the shit hole they’ve ‘escaped’ from. They, along with ‘our’ government, are seeing to that.


  7. tomo says:

    A a single ferry ticket £60, £30 at odd times.

    How do the migrants support themselves in France?

    Where does the £2000 to do the rubber boat come from?


    • Up2snuff says:

      tomo, your last question, the economic migrants often have savings of their family to pay the fare – more usually £10,000, not £2,000. If not the traffickers often ‘enslave’ the economic (illegal) migrant, especially if female, to work and repay the fare. If the fare is paid up front from savings that the family back home have accrued, they then expect the so-called ‘refugee’ to then bring them over to live in the country that the young man (usually a male) is allowed to settle in.

      It is a total scam.


      • tomo says:

        The migrants are coming from different countries … the coordination organization needs targeting.

        If it’s £10k then the cost of fake documents for a flight must converge on the water route…

        The claims that passengers at Dublin airport are getting off flights and claiming “undocumented” asylum is something I’d love to see investigated.

        I’ve seen two really dodgy flights over the years – one at the old Oslo airport where there was an unmarked DC8 on the apron and a couple of hundred Pakistanis milling around arrivals – no immigration or customs anywhere and a second, ten years later at Paris CDG where a full AF flight from Lagos emptied out at a domestic terminal and the same – no officials anywhere – the Africans didn’t mill about they disappeared pronto…

        I’ve no issue with a generous work visit system – I get quite angry when these chancers lodge multiple ID claims and show a remarkable disinclination to do paid work or simply head for the nearest hospital.


        • Up2snuff says:

          BBC TWatO Watch #1 – some BBC misinformation for Marianna to check

          The Montacutie is back. On TWatO she claimed that the refugees coming to the UK in small boats were all Afghans. I dispute that and would suggest that is deliberate BBC misinformation. In the past few weeks on BBC R4 we have heard that they are Africans from a variety of countries, Pakistanis and Albanians.

          I hope Marianna Spring and the BBC Verify team will investigate that claim.


        • Dickie says:

          Wonder if the UK/WEF government could come to an arrangement with the ex comedian President of Ukraine and send them all to Ukraine. Believe they now have a shortage of manpower in their armed forces.


  8. tomo says:

    BBC piece on car emissions….. old but still relevant.


    • Up2snuff says:

      tomo, you are taking a leaf out of MM’s book there! 😉 🙂


      • tomo says:


        aye – but the emissions”debate” is still a near total farce.

        f-all has changed since that 2017 article – if you read it after the “my dad and holidays” bit and believe that the EU emissions testers are conniving / colluding / corrupt in issuing “pass” certificates you’d be getting warm. Some manufacturers who’re being pursued for compo likely did some of the reg swerving with the full knowledge and connivance of the EU regulators. The AdBlue scam was certainly a hot button topic in some auto engineering forums some years ago.

        The EU regulators have issued certificates for some vehicles which have never been tested but were deemed “near enough” to existing models for £££££ to change hands…

        In motorcycle world many bikes are on DVLA as generic models for emissions and are simply deemed non compliant due to age. There is an independent testing centre for bikes in East London that tests and issues emissions certs for TfL compliance…

        The EU regulators and TfL don’t want independent testing anywhere near their ULEZ scams. Yes – newer engines are cleaner – but not in all cases and the variability is far, far higher than portrayed by grasping swines like Khant – as the BBC chap found out.

        The ULEZ larcenists have been cute with emissions and vehicles after the humiliation delivered by motorcycle riding lawyers.

        The quango parasites at were tee’d up to roll out the red tape…


        • Up2snuff says:

          tomo, I agree that the emissions debate is a farce. It is also a money making scam to bail out Mayor Kahane’s mismanagement of TfL and the excessive salaries paid to TfL Executives. I read that article when it was first published. OK, I admit it I’m a bit of petrolhead (lapsed and retired)

          I have a copy of David Craig’s book ‘There is No Climate Crisis’ yet to read (it is in a queue of books). What the Mayor Khahanes of this world forget is that fuel efficiency is a selling point for a car manufacturer. And the same is true of ULEZ compliance.

          Cars with ICEs, on the whole, get more efficient in ekeing out more miles from a litre of petrol or diesel as the years pass and yes, I am aware of the EU’s scandal with VW and others. In the UK we have a bunch of car magazines who test cars and report on their economy. We also have an MOT test that reports on emissions and fails cars that exceed permitted limits.

          For sure, you will find cars from the same era with different fuel economy. Even within the same make and model. An MGB with 1.8 litre engine [ I’m rounding up the 1760cc 😉 ] will differ in fuel economy solely if it has overdrive fitted or is a standard 4 speed gearbox. Some engines were known to be very economical: BMC A series for example.

          Final thing you have to remember: economic water always flows downhill.


          • tomo says:

            Up2snuff – there has been a lack of transparency wrt to the ever escalating emissions regulations – the elected Oxford PPEs in Westminster and the equivalents in other democracies are mostly technically illiterate and are sucked into believing silly things.

            The bureaucrats running the show usually won’t expose their doings and resist any suggestions from outside on principle – fudging outcomes is second nature… More bureaucracy is encouraged.

            The BBC … I recall an episode of R4’s “Costing The Earth” some years ago where the presenter repeatedly asserted that “A 4*4 tank full of fuel will power an average UK home for over a year”

            There was a shower of incensed complaints and the HYS program ran a segment where folk pointed out that the program was likely out by 20 fold.

            In response the twerp producer tried to belittle the complainers and insisted that it was a good program with high production values and that the error was a trivial one (inconsequential even).

            Khant is plainly talking out his arse about 40,000 air pollution deaths a year + the numbers of non compliant vehicles needing to get in and out of London.

            Maybe I’m just ticked that my well maintained old petrol car (with a cat) has petrol consumption that arithmetic tells me means it’s rather unlikely to emit the DVLA claimed category g/km etc. – I’d pay to have it checked.

            – but we mustn’t be told the truth.

            A standard 2.7 ton supercharged 5L V8 Range Rover purportedly emits 348g/km CO2 – The little Khant’s 1 ton heavier armoured item with bulletproof runflat tyres supposedly does 125g/km.

            Quite magic, world leading even?


  9. Flotsam says:

    I think the asylum seeker/illegal immigrant situation might lead our country down the road to a political catastrophe. We have a takeover by the Extreme left wing of our State machinery including the State Broadcaster. The left are preventing the Government from dealing with illegal immigration in a reasonable manner. The Left are in effect encouraging illegal immigration as a way of destroying our Government and destroying Democracy. There are very large numbers of people who are suffering financially after Covid and Government profligacy who are extremely angry to fing that legal immigrants are treated better than our own people.
    I’m not sure where this will go but when Smarmer gets elected I think he will lead an ultra left wing Dictatorship aided by the Ultra left State Broadcaster. All sorts of electoral manipulation will be persued, votes at sixteen for the Labour for example. The global warming doctrine will allow Government to dictate everything we can do. We will be propagandised into accepting being poor and cold.


    • taffman says:

      What’s the present “conservative” government doing about it ? Why do people still support the Tories ? There are alternatives.


      • Ian Rushlow says:

        Tory MP: “I support mass migration because it helps push down wages and increases the profits of the business people who I represent”

        Labour MP: “I support mass migration because immigrants traditionally vote for left wing social democratic parties. The seats of me and 60 of my colleagues are dependent on ethnic voters.”

        Marxist: “I support mass migration because it helps disrupt society and alienated migrants can become criminals, rioters and foot soldiers for the revolution.

        Globalist: “I support mass migration because I do not believe in nation states. Countries are defined by their peoples, so if we change the people we change and eventually eliminate countries”

        BBC Executive: “I support mass migration for all of the above”


        • Flotsam says:

          Anarchists aka Great Resetters: I like mass immigration because it breaks society down, existing structures cease to exist and can be replaced.


        • Scroblene says:

          “Scrobs: – “I ‘ave me dinner…”!


        • atlas_shrugged says:


          Great post to which I would add:

          Lawyers: “We like them because of all the legal work they give us, plus when they go on to commit crime then that is even more legal work, then when they bring their families in that is even, even, even more work for us, kerching”

          Social workers: “We like to support these oppressed victims of war, rape, homophobia etc, and it is much easier work than having to look after old people”.

          Schwabe: “Ve love these peoples being penetrated. P.S. Keep the SIM cards I gave you. Love and kisses – Klaus”


          • Up2snuff says:

            On the TCW Defending Freedom web-site they have a series of lectures by Dr Thomas Sowell dispelling myths about ‘slavery’. He makes an interesting point early on (cannot remember for certain which episode – probably/possibly Ep.2. ) that slavery was ended because of the power of the military in a sovereign nation State. Recommended listening but beware: it is delivered at breakneck speed.

            Episode 1 linked here:

            Interesting then that Ian Rushlow’s excellent analysis above eliminates the power of the nation State. That is what the Gramscians wish to achieve.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Because of the nature of the outgoing blue labour rubbish I wonder just how much different the Starmer regime will be ? Ok – they are likely to fix voting – 16 year olds – add a few more taxes – hiking NI to ‘save the NHS ‘ and increase overseas tax give aways – road tolls and ULEZ – unrestricted child benefits ..

      Even returning to the EU – well we have nt left . The end of the pound …. Might be a bit emotional for some .

      Elsewhere … America proving how dumb it is in Hawaii. Lord they even have a civil defence plan with weekly tests of emergency alarms – but no one watching for wind plus fire = a torched town and maybe 200 dead ….. just dumb ….. have they blamed President Trump yet ?


      • taffman says:

        There are alternatives to “the Starmer regime” and “blue labour rubbish”.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Taffman – I know the party you push – I think I will vote in order to prevent someone losing their deposit – maybe your party candidate if they are standing in londonistan .


          • taffman says:

            IMHO the Welsh Assembly ‘Government’ is a shambles but the present UK Government “the biscuit”.


      • Flotsam says:

        End of the £Pound? We’re getting there already. We’re being moved by stealth to a cashless economy, a small step from that to a digital currency, after that £Pounds exist in name only, a few digits in a computer. A bit of scaling and it can be IMF credits ( or, more likely, debits)


    • Up2snuff says:

      Flotsam, good post. We are on our way to one-world Government, probably of a Socialist hue that will impose all sorts of restrictions on people. No one will be able to buy or sell unless they have the appropriate ‘mark’.

      (Site software moved this post here but it was in reply to Flotsam’s post @ 5.18 a.m.)


  10. Guest Who says:

    BBC BREAKING News: Kev’s Paper Says Starmer is even more wonderful than we say he says he is.


  11. Guest Who says:

    But she is bothering with him. As am I.

    Not in a BBC way though.


    • Banania says:

      I see he has a beard. Has been transitioning (or whatever the correct term is)?


    • G says:


      I think that this ‘rationing’ system for Primary Care in Wales, certainly in my part, is, itself palpably breaking down. The GP’s are now operating a, ‘devil may care’ attitude. You cannot take their judgement as being accurate. ‘Take it (what’s left of it) or leave it’ is now the attitude. Results of blood tests are not being analysed thoroughly and important matters are ignored. No follow ups. The list could go on over and above the patients inability to even speak to a GP much less see one.

      Question? – If the population number was lower, say 6/7 million, would that improve the ‘service’ overall?

      I still see this as a cunning plan to kill off the OAP’s and free up property and money.

      Starting round about Bliar and including his ‘reign’ and following, are responsible for the state of affairs. Bring back the gallows and the death penalty for Treason.


  12. Fedup2 says:

    There was piece in a paper on Sunday saying that there is ‘consideration’ of banning the AFD in Germany because its policy might ‘breach the constitution ( its fed up with importing the 3rd world )‘ -and it is getting over 20% in some votes … very German – old habits …


    • JohnC says:

      They justify these things on the basis they are Nazis.

      And very conveniently avoid telling us Hitler got into power on the socialist ticket.

      Hitler is what socialists turn into when they get absolute power. They believe the end result of their ideological agenda justifies anything they do.


  13. tomo says:


    In your face – the guy that gave Hunter Biden a sweetheart deal over assorted transgressions is moved by USAG Merrick Garland to be Special Counsel to Joe Biden wrt Hunter’s affairs…

    How much longer can this charade hold up?


  14. JohnC says:

    Ministers face renewed pressure over boat crossings

    French ministers ?. Nope, ours.

    Never fear : they have come up with a solution:

    ‘The government has also struck an agreement with France, under which the UK will pay £500m over three years to fund more patrol officers and a new detention centre.’

    Same one as last time. And the time before that. And none of them worked. And why on Earth should we be funding the French police to do their job ?.

    It seems to me that France have absolutely no incentive to stop these boats. It gets rid of the problem so we have to pay for it and I’m certain there will be some serious corruption going on with the French police. I expect they are pleased so many are getting across.

    But what I don’t understand is this : if these people are entering the UK illegally from France, why do we have to accept them ?. Why can’t we just take them back to the beach they came from ?. They were in no danger over there : what are they claiming asylum from ?.

    And if we started doing that, the French would soon start to take it seriously and I guarantee it would solve the problem. None of them would risk the journey then. It’s just common sense.

    But nobody at all in our media ever even suggests this. Why not ?. If it’s the ECHR then we should have this absurd rule changed or leave it. I’m sure they resent us as much as the EU do now.


    • tomo says:


      It smells of Berlaymont


    • atlas_shrugged says:

      This is a moral hazard. If people get paid because of things that have been happening then the payment increases the likelihood of these things happening more often.

      Insurance companies found this out years ago when they found that over generous payments as a result of fires increased the number of fires that ‘happened’.

      For every illegal that gets sent over we need to send two back.


      • moggie63 says:

        Add immigration lawyers, the Civil Service and our MPs to the list of those sent back/away.


    • taffman says:

      Who is in control of Great Britain’s borders , our supine Tory Government or the European Union ?
      Time for a change – time to defend our borders and put British people first and time to remind the Conservatives that we voted for Brexit seven years ago.


  15. AsISeeIt says:

    The Kyiv School of Economics edition

    None of our national dailies follow the BBC’s prevailing obsession with Hawaii’s ‘fire hurricane’ as top news story.

    However, the globalist corporate FT does deploy their frontpage Datawatch feature to bang the drum for what it terms: Climate politics

    There’s the implicit admission here that the issue of climate has now passed beyond science into the realm of belief and of political persuasion – as the FT attempts nonetheless to study some numbers: Belief effects of global warming have already begun (%)

    There’s a further underlying factor laid bare in the FT’s choice of trends to track which is that our British politics can now be regarded as little more than a sideshow under the prevailing American hegemony: Americans’ views on climate change – are the trend the FT seeks to quantify over time.

    Hegemony is the political, economic, and military predominance of one state over other states. Hegemony can be regional or global (Thank you, Wiki)

    For instance it’s a tough graph to find on the interweb – for whatever reason – but look how Bank of England interest rates have tracked the US Federal rate. The statistics-minded FT doesn’t seem inclined to plot those numbers for us.

    Instead their top story would focus corporate managerial minds on: Russian groups fudge freight costs to mitigate impact of G7 oil price cap – and there’s another lovely graph (if you like that sort of thing) plotting price per barrel in India against price per barrel in Primorsk – the lines on the graph are of course drawn in blue and in yellow (get it?)

    This is what the FT are banging on about: The price cap imposed by the G7 is intended to keep Russian oil flowing while squeezing revenues that could be used to fund the war… – let’s try not to think about what western governments are squeezing in order to fund our side in the war… cost of living crisis, anyone – or is that down to Brexit?

    But the cap… does not impose any limit on freight costs. (complains the FT)

    Shall we teach the FT a basic lesson in market economics? – price caps don’t ever work – the market will always find a way around your rules.

    Don’t try to put the cart before the horse

    ‘Inflated costs create a leak in the price cap regime through which someone can siphon off billions’ – purports: Benjamin Hilgenstock, an academic at the Kyiv School of Economics (FT)

    To borrow some lines from Woody Allen’s classic character ‘Broadway’ Danny Rose: “May I just interject one thing at this particular point in time… I wanna say one thing and I don’t mean to be didactic or facetious in any manner…”

    But no sir, it is those price caps that create the skewed market conditions through which someone can siphon off billions

    Even so thank you FT graphs department – this morning you spoil us with a surfeit of statistics

    Back to the FT Datawatch graph plotting faith in the effects of global warming and rather than note Democrat voters’ increasing credulity on the subject, the FT of course remarks on: Only a third of Republicans think the impacts of global warming have begun… Source Gallop


    • Guest Who says:

      BBC Breaking (Sopes Edition): ‘Is Maui the new Dresden’?


      • Fedup2 says:

        Are you serious ?
        I don’t think the descendants of the ( infamous ? BBC speak ) raid on Dresden would accept the comparison . But it shows the lack of history by those kidults …


        • Guest Who says:

          I have seldom been serious about anything for some time.

          Did you see in The Critic Magazine that German immigrants in Lincolnshire and Norfolk have now objected to climate change fire extinguishing helicopters being called Gibsons?

          Any dams in the Hawaiian Islands?


  16. Guest Who says:

    Odds of a BBC ‘arts’ blitz?


    • tomo says:


      All over R4 no doubt


    • Fedup2 says:

      I wondered what had happened our ‘dawn ‘. I think she sinned and aligned a bit too much with comrade Corbyn … but I’m sure comrade starmer will give her a job hoping she keeps her mouth shut – minister for parks and gardens ? She’s a sort of UK version of kamela ….really that thick …


  17. Guest Who says:

    Dark looks for Nick from Sangita at the water cooler?

    This interview is better than the JSO one with Brillo.

    Oh, here is the BBC.



  18. Doobster78 says:

    Radio 2 new Headline at 08.30hrs. Massive lefty with a chip of her shoulder Tina Daheley takes great joy in telling us the ground breaking , massive anti Tory story of the day in BBC land that, wait for it….

    The nasty , evil, Tories knew of the bacteria issue on the Bibby Stockholm the day before they said they did !!!!! Dorset Council says so.

    They really do lap up any anti tory story , its always been pathetic but its just laughable now.


  19. SillyGrandad says:

    Fellow BiasedBBCists.

    Do people have a short memory? Does anyone else remember the years when Bliar & Co were royally shafting our once great country with uncontrolled mass immigration and doing the utmost to undermine the English folk? We weren’t allowed to put up the Union Jack on St George’s Day. And when us law abiding, tax paying citizens questioned this their simple response was to shout “Racist!”.

    The BBC was complicit in all of this. Today when you hear a story about the government on the terrible BBC news there’s always a “Labour says something derogatory”. But back in the Bliar years when he was in charge there was no chance for the opposition to say anything derogatory. The only time the BBC held the then government to account was when Brown was caught on a microphone describing a lady who expressed concern over the area she lives in being overrun by illegal immigration as “A bigoted woman”. The BBC had no choice to say something then to appear as “unbiased” (lol) and had to act on Brown’s comments about what was probably a Labour voter.

    Before people even consider Starmer they need to be reminded of the Bliar years and what he and his cohorts did to our country and democracy.

    Blimey could you imagine another Labour government after the complete irreparable mess they made last time.

    Probably best to tell SillyGrandma to start packing as if Labour win we are totally doomed and we will swimming in even more you know what.


    • Sluff says:

      Very much agree SG, but I think we should also factor in the totally inept, or should that more worryingly be deliberately inept, Home Office which was defined as ‘not fit for purpose’ even by a Labour Home Secretary over a decade ago. Nothing has changed.
      Said employees did however get a 10% uplift on their pensions this year.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Silly grandad – the real danger will be a majority even bigger that Blair – that’s when the crazies really get going …. My best hope is a hung parliament with months of ‘no government ‘ …


  20. Althepalerp says:

    I’m off today for a holiday in Portugal.
    I was promised summers would be hotter in the UK due to global warming.
    I am left disappointed, so jetting off for cheap beer and a tan.


  21. Flotsam says:

    Is there a left wing mole at GB News?

    Just watched David Mellor talking about controlling illegal immigration, cut off dead, mid stream.

    There seems to be a lot of ‘technical’ issues at GB News. Perhaps a mole or two actually inside GB News or perhaps someone working remotely via software Trojans.


  22. BRISSLES says:

    GBNews has been on air long enough to have sorted out all the start-up gremlins, but still have sound and connection issues. Are they using 2 cans and a length of string ? because on these technical problems they should be on top of it.


    • digg says:

      Good grief Brissles! I remember doing that as a lad with two bean tins and a length of string nicked from dad’s greenhouse!

      We always assumed we invented it!


  23. Sluff says:

    What is the capacity of the NHS?
    How many procedures a year can it do?
    The BBC are not asking. But they are telling us regularly that the useless service has 7 million plus awaiting treatment.
    How much capacity was lost during covid? How much lost during the strikes?

    Just a little bit of simple ‘investigative journalism’ would be most interesting.

    Do the simple sums. No-one is.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Certainly this a problem political accountability of the NHS . How can a politician be held personally accountable for such a huge organisation ? There is the NHS management and then the Government Department .

      It’s a pity politicians can’t just say to all those layers – the taxpayer is giving you a shed load of cash ‘ concentrate on medical stuff – dump the socialist diversity crap – and get on with it .
      I’m getting older – so are you – yet there is no sign of elderly social care being dealt with – government after government avoids what needs to be done …


  24. Guest Who says:

    Was in danger of agreeing with Mad Al, but then saw that very BBC ‘suggests’ in relation to ‘evidence.


  25. Guest Who says:

    Lisa Nandy is on about what Labour will do to destroy the rental sector.


  26. Doobster78 says:

    Another bulletin at 10.00hrs on BBC Radio 2.

    The Government are contemplating putting warnings “inside” cigarette packets to further warn people of the dangers of smoking but also advise them of the incentives of stopping, like health and financial rewards.

    Surely then, this is decent and its no bad thing … BUT , alas no, the BBC had a soundbite from someone who was against this action, you couldn’t make it up.

    Follow on from that , a few seconds later and NHS England were trialling something new ,,, and guess what, the BBC had a soundbite from someone who thought it was brilliant.

    So any Tory plan – BAD
    Any NHS story – GOOD

    Says it all does that little bulletin , It really does.


  27. Lucy Pevensey says:

    From The Washington Times:

    New York Mayor Eric Adams said Wednesday that his city has been overwhelmed by the illegal immigrant surge, which he said will cost $12 billion over three years and will force him to choose between migrants and the city’s legal residents.

    The Democrat said each migrant costs $383 a day to house, feed and provide medical care, and the city has helped nearly 100,000 people since spring — including more than 57,000 migrants using city services right now.

    That works out to nearly $300 million a month, and Mr. Adams said he expects the situation to worsen.

    “We are past our breaking point,” he said in a dramatic demand for help. “If things do not change, our new estimates have us spending nearly $5 billion on this crisis in the current fiscal year.”

    He said the cost next year could be $6 billion. The crisis cost the city $1.4 billion last year.

    Mr. Adams said at that rate, caring for the migrants would cost as much as the city spends on parks, sanitation and the fire department combined.

    “Twelve billion — $12 billion — that has to come from somewhere,” he said. “Every service in this city will be impacted.”

    The mayor’s cry for help will likely be a watershed moment in the border chaos that began with President Biden’s inauguration. The high-profile Democrat has joined Republican lawmakers in complaining about the massive numbers of people and the costs Americans bear.

    He called on Mr. Biden to declare a national emergency — an almost unthinkable step for an administration that has refused to even use the word “crisis” to describe the unprecedented surge of migrants.

    Mr. Adams leaned into the migrant issue after getting heckled during a surprise visit to one of the city’s migrant facilities at the Roosevelt Hotel last week. The hotel was overcrowded with migrants, leaving them spilling onto the streets.

    Mr. Adams leaned into the migrant issue after getting heckled during a surprise visit to one of the city’s migrant facilities at the Roosevelt Hotel last week. The hotel was overcrowded with migrants, leaving them spilling onto the streets.

    Neighborhood residents complained about the scene and begged the mayor to “do something.”



  28. Fedup2 says:

    Vote Democrat


  29. G says:

    “Two young Muslims [ages 15 and 16] living in ………. recently confessed that they would like to “kill Christians” and “restore the caliphate.”

    They had made plans to massacre as many people as possible during an attack on the middle school attended by the 15-year-old, in Bruck an der Mur, where they both lived.

    ‘Their parents came to …………. to work as skilled workers. The second generation doesn’t have any qualification, and unskilled workers are no longer needed in the job market. Unlike their parents, they speak neither German nor their mother tongue very well. And, according to OECD, they achieve lower results in school than those who were born outside of ………… In addition, there are not enough “role models”, successful migrants who are present in the public sphere.’

    Guess where?………………….Austria !

    Ring any bells ?

    Not too far away: ‘Coming to a town or city near you soon’


  30. G says:

    “Insurgents Ambush Chinese Engineers’ Convoy in Pakistan”.

    Well, blow me down with a feather ! So Chinese are not exempt from attack from muslims……………… Who would have guessed !


    • tomo says:

      Ah … an area I’m familiar with….

      The bent swines in Karachi + Islamabad have been looting what they can get away with from Baluchistan western province for decades and the locals aren’t best pleased that they’re seeing f-all in Chinese dosh from the Gwadar project.

      The present incumbent class in Islamabad see themselves as a sort of brown Raj and have been kicking the Baloch tribes since partition.

      They’re (the Baloch) an ornery and independent crew – I suspect Islam runs behind their tribal identities.

      I’d guess that the Chinese thought they’d paid for a bit of peace + quiet and the shysters that run the Pakistani state trousered the allocated funds – par for the course in that benighted land. The Baloch I met were intent on their own state – reminded me of Kurds…

      It’d be fun if the Chinese chose to deal direct with the tribes rather than through the customary bent + larcenous intermediaries.

      Maybe it’s some Yanquis with cash fomenting a bit of turmoil now that they don’t have access to regions further north … being one of their house rags.


  31. Guest Who says:

    Titter ye not.

    Local journalists have issued a fresh warning over possible strikes as part of an ongoing row with the BBC.

    National Union of Journalists members at BBC England have renewed their mandate for potential strike action after 70pc of them voted in favour, on a turnout of 64pc.

    There are local journalists? Or a new form of local journalist?


  32. Thoughtful says:

    A new song by a working man in North Carolina has taken the US working class by storm. It’s an anti government anti Washington (probably anti Socialist) but the writer claims to be very much a centerist.

    Of course the media have immediately labelled it ‘far right’ and want to slander everyone who opposes them with their hate filled rhetoric.
    The day is coming when the ordinary people might well rise up and throw out their slave masters and their propagandists and replace them with better people who represent them and their wishes instead of their own.

    The song is called “Rich Men North of Richmond” and you can judge for yourself what you think of it now.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      He’d better not try singing that hate filled stuff in South Yorkshire, the lesbian PC with the quiff will have him locked up.


  33. Guest Who says:

    Channeling my inner Mad Al, I am finding and appreciating good journalism only anywhere but the MSM; rammed now with kids, wokes and diversity hires overseen by academic societal rejects from the sixties who like socialist money.

    So I appreciate such as (but one of his substack feed)…

    I first encountered the phenomenon, red in nail and varnish, when Cathy Newman crashed and burned, and have seen it spiral for the blob ever since through Springster and Musk since.

    Yet still, somehow, these deranged lightweights prevail and get more vicious in their attacks with each failure.



  34. digg says:

    A pretty much non-story filler on the BBC website

    “How did Netflix know I was bi before I did?” Asks young lady BBC bod….

    Working for the BBC is a pretty big clue I would have thought!


  35. taffman says:

    Two gays stabbed in Londonistan ?
    Anything on Al Beeb yet?


    • JohnC says:

      Clapham stabbing: Two men injured in homophobic attack

      Another appeal for witnesses but no description whatsoever of the man who did it. They are deliberately avoiding any mention of him.

      Appeal for witnesses to double stabbing in Clapham

      Smells of agenda already.


      • Jeff says:

        Whenever the description of a suspect is missing or at best deliberately vague, you can bet your bottom dollar it’s an ethnic…

        If a white person is involved the description is usually pretty swift…”White youth…blond…5ft10…slim…blue jogging pants…trainers…” Not so for our enricher communities.

        Last week “youths” ran riot in Regent Street. Okay, I wonder who they might be, hmmm…

        A few months ago it was “a man” wielding a knife, stabbing people in Nottingham. And later, after the arrest, they used a photo of someone’s white hand being handcuffed. Nothing misleading there.

        Now, you can call me an old cynic, but…I’m guessing that this attacker will either be a black bloke or a beardy.

        Or possibly both…


      • Northern Voter says:

        It was dark and so was he.


  36. digg says:

    How much more ridiculous can the BBC make themselves look.

    Discussing the bug barge they ran a usual BBC placement blabber segment from a teenage charity lassie who said that the immigrants taken off the barge were so “traumatised” by the discovery of the bug in the water that they were now unable to drink the water at the hotels they have been decamped to being too scared that might be infected too.

    Now call me pedantic but didn’t these people come to the UK from some of the worst countries with the most appalling sanitation and water systems in the World and yet suddenly they have become “vulnerable” and scared.

    Someone is putting words into their mouths to get them permanently shoe-horned into this Country with as much help as the BBC can muster to boot.

    The most amazing thing about this to me is how naive the BBC must be to not to understand how most people can see clearly how politically distorted BBC versions of the truth really are.


    • JohnC says:

      The BBC do this all the time. Some of the ‘quotations’ they ‘get’ are very obviously made up by the BBC. For example, they will include keywords which are the latest labels for something in BBC reports or the sentences will be structured in the same way the BBC would write – and absolutely nothing like a refugee with basic English would say.

      The argument of the Left when they get caught blatantly lying like this is to say it’s OK as long as it ‘it captures the sentiment’.


    • tomo says:

      “How much more ridiculous can the BBC make themselves look. ”

      well, since they’re joined at the hip with The Guardian the answer is rather short…


  37. Thoughtful says:

    Following the ridiculous arrest of a young autistic girl under anti free speech laws because she said some power crazed WPC looked like a relative who was gay, it’s now come out that around half of all so called ‘hate’ speech cases are being initiated by the rainbow painters in response to insults against them.

    This is one of those cases where an officer had hurty feelings and called on 7 colleagues to arrest a 14 year old as a result !

    It’s quite clear they are abusing this law to get a collar on someone calling them names. In the USA where free speech is protected by law such a concept of ‘hate speech’ cannot exist and the Police have to tolerate being called all kinds of names.

    If it wasn’t for the woke Tories being so useless this would never have happened. Yes the WPC was a vile individual out of control and drunk with power, but the Tories facilitated this situation in the first place.

    And why was no action taken against those who supplied a child with drink and the parent who was actually guilty but who now can claim victim status.


    • Up2snuff says:

      T, where is ‘call me Dave’s expensive Police and Crime Commissioner in all of these cases?


      • Thoughtful says:

        They appear to be paid an extraordinary amount of money for doing extraaordinarily little. Appointing or sacking the chief constable and setting out the policing priorities is about it as far as I can tell.


      • Fedup2 says:

        I wonder if a ‘crime commissioner ‘ has ever done anything positive ?

        I don’t get why Cameron set them up . If they meant to be jobs for mates – fair enough – but it’s not the case and some of the appointed muppets really are useless muppets . …
        …..meanwhile – the chief constable of Northern Ireland still refuses to resign . Maybe he is waiting for one of his staff to be assassinated …


  38. Cooper_Man says:

    There’s another racially duplicitous article in the UK news section of the Beeb’s webshite today entitled “Ethnic minority workers in insecure jobs up 132% since 2011.”

    Of course they have the TUC’S General Secretary and some King’s College sociologist banging on about “structural racism in action, ” “institutional racism, ” even “interpersonal racism.” All very tiresome and predictable, but all it really means is that over 3 million white people, almost 80%, are employed in insecure jobs – what about some concern for them?

    I thought the whole point of big business wanting ever more mass migration was to drive down wages and get the new-comers to undercut the indigenous population? That’s what is happening and suddenly the Beeb have an issue with it? Have they been asleep since Tony Bliar opened the floodgates in the late 1990’s?


  39. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Our leaders want GB to be leading the world with all this green crap, heat pumps, windmills etc and even though most of the rest of the World is not so fanatical about the rate of change as our politicians they carry on regardless.


    If it’s ok for us to go ahead like this then surely it follows that the people in the UK should have a similar option.

    The rich can go ahead (and lead the Country) with all the green crap in the same way that GB is leading the World and the rest of us can go ahead at our own slower pace (like the rest of the World)

    Rich people can rush out and buy their heat pumps and replace all the radiators and pipes in their houses as well as the other stuff.
    The rest of us can gradually change our clapped out petrol cars and oil heating etc when these things need changing and when we can afford to do it (as the rest of the World appears to be doing)

    We shouldn’t be made to do it by law. If the rich really believe this let them do their bit.
    This probably would be about 1% of our population (which mirrors the 1% of carbon we are supposed to cause)


  40. digg says:

    A significant uptick reported in violent street crime involving guns and knives, plus a surge in shop theft and invasions in the UK.

    We can all thank the Biden administration in the USA for giving this sort of activity a Global pass and thus a green light to proceed in their despicable effort to attract the activist, black, grudge groups, weirdo groups and criminal votes. So the law abiding average Joe can take a running jump.


  41. Thatcherrevolutionary says:

    Had to turn Sly News off as Mark Austen is not good for my blood pressure.
    He was visibly sexually aroused reporting on a Georgia Trump indictment, only to have to retract 15 mins later, as he’d come too soon.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Somewhere in the Obama White House there is a spreadsheet of ‘Trump indictments ‘ set about 6 weeks apart across the USA designed to derail the campaign .

      This is truly so obvious as to be embarrassing -yet on it goes . Sooner of later the DoJ will connive at ensuring President Trump cannot attend one court because he is already in another – complete with a democrat judge arrest warrant ‘ contempt of court charge ….


  42. JohnC says:

    RAF Lossiemouth fighters intercept Russian bombers north of Shetland

    Not news at all – they’ve been intercepting one every month since 2005.

    All part of the current campaign of ‘Russia bad’. Running alongside their personal favourite: ‘Orange man bad’.