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  1. Deborah says:


    Do you remember in the late spring how the Met Office predicted there could be up to 4 heatwaves this summer? It has a lot of work to do.

    Last night Mr Deakin spoke of a cold front coming down to the country today. Well by 10pm it hasn’t arrived in this part of Yorkshire.


    • Captain Panick says:

      And third!


    • digg says:

      The BBC are still trying to hint that our country is on fire with “some people” seeing temperatures in the mid twenties.

      It’s August you BBC idiots! We are in the traditionally hottest part of the UK year and mid twenties is totally bloody normal, you might even say a bit cooler than normal.

      Get off your bloody climate soap boxes and start to see reality instead of constantly trying to bang the drum and whip up climate change shite!

      You really need to weed out your panic stricken junior staff and get some real level-headed grown up men and women back in charge.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Even with the help of super computers predicting the weather tomorrow remains hit and miss. But apparently so called scientists can predict it decades in advance , they then call it climate not weather, even being able to advise on the temperature to within a degree of or two.
      The politicians , MSM, whole armies of scientists and medics have been proven to lie to us about Covid and ULEZ but they don’t seem to realise that they have undermined their credibility to the extent that no one believes them any longer. Why would anyone accept that all the privations which will accompany the imposition of NZ are really necessary?


      • atlas_shrugged says:

        The met office are completely unable to predict even todays weather reliably. It will be dry after 3pm says the missus, and was it ‘ek.

        I would have no faith in a long term cooling or warming prediction. The only person to ever get it right was Chauncey Gardiner:


    • StewGreen says:

      Deb it wouldl be great if we had a link to the Met Office saying that.
      I find the Daily Star saying that quoting James Madden who trades as Exacta weather
      He does appear to be a complete charlatan who specialises in feeding mad weather stories to the papers etc.


  2. Mrs Kitty says:

    2nd Podium come on Brissles let’s make triple female 1 2 3 .


    • Captain Panick says:

      Whoops, to Mrs Kitty.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Mon Capitain, you dirty rotten swine, you rained on the ladies Upodium, and they did not get the one, two, three sossinges they deserved. Neuhuuh! That’s a rotten game; let’s play a different one.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Great idea Mrs K ! Sadly last night I was absorbed watching a re-run of House of Eliott from 30
      years ago 🙂

      A time when the BBC produced some watchable dramas. And guess what ? I’m on Series 3 and there hasn’t been any non-white characters ! So at least the Beeb kept it authentic as its set in the 1920s. I suppose 30 years ago all today’s agitators were at school then or hadn’t been born.


      • Mrs Kitty says:

        It would have been a good giggle if we’d managed it not so much girl power but in my case old lady power. We find that we’re turning more and more to our dvd collections and leaving the unreal world of today’s drama behind.


  3. Flotsam says:

    Governments including the UK are relying on individual scientific advisors, committees and various larger organisations for advice.

    Advice on what? Notably climate change, environmental issues and pandemics.

    So what are the Government looking for in their various advisors? They want definitive, incontrovertible advice, in other words, certainty. The problem is that science and nature isn’t like that. Science is about uncertainty, debate and probabilities. The people offering certainty are therefore charlatans, ignorant or have other motivations. Money, status, career advancement, conformism, politics, mental illnesses all play their part.

    The Government, to restate the issue will gravitate to non science as it provides the certainty they seek. Very few people in politics have any significant scientific expertise, with obvious consequences.


    • taffman says:

      “Governments including the UK………….”

      Do you actually think that our lot are a “Government” ?
      You must be kidding , they couldn’t run a bath!


    • kingkp says:

      Modern science is based on nonscience. They claim they follow ‘the scientific method’. This is the trick. They don’t. Einstein never worked in accordance with the scientific method. In fact, he invented the idea of the ‘Gedankenexperiment’. In other words, he declared whatever I can imagine with mathematical equations is real. This all goes back to Giordano Bruno, who wrote ‘On the infinite universe and other worlds’ in 1585. Let me repeat that. A catholic priest in the sixteenth century, who was actually a hermeticist, wrote a piece of science fiction 450 years ago defining the core principles of the universe that stated the universe is infinite and that there are planets out there revolving around other suns with populations of aliens. This is now mainstream.
      So if we apply the scientific method to these extraordinary claims how much of it can be proven?
      I rest my case.


      • kingkp says:

        I should add the heliocentric model of the solar system is unequivocally disproven by observation. Tycho Brahe got very close to the truth until he ‘died unexpectedly’.


        • kingkp says:

          I should add he wasn’t injected.


          • kingkp says:

            “Einstein’s relativity work is a magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles, and makes people blind to the underlying errors. The theory is like a beggar clothed in purple whom ignorant people take for a king… its exponents are brilliant men but they are metaphysicists rather than scientists.” – Nikola Tesla


      • G says:


        Kepler and so on. Religion has had the effect of stifling real science over the centuries. Just look at Welby right now.


    • MarkyMark says:

      “Nudge Unit”
      The Behavioural Insights team, popularly known as the ‘Nudge Unit’, is playing a big role in helping the government formulate its response to coronavi

      11 MAR 2020


      Why ‘nudge’?
      It is called ‘nudge’ after the book by Richard Thaler (who went on to win the Nobel prize in economics) and Cass Sunstein which set out how people are not the rational economic actors beloved of conventional economic theory – but can be influenced by “choice architecture” into making better choices in their own interests.

      What are nudges?
      Nudges mean thinking harder about the way people approach decisions and using those insights to design policy. In 2010, the Institute for Government set out some of those approaches in its MINDSPACE report, which suggests that both the messenger and the message were important and that defaults mattered. It remains the Institute’s most downloaded report.

      The approach depends a lot on experimentation, and the Nudge Unit has championed wider use of experiments in government.


  4. Eddy Booth says:

    “Chandrayaan-3: India’s Moon lander Vikram aims for historic lunar south pole landing”

    “Indian Space Research Organisation has announced plans for a live telecast of the landing and millions of people, including schoolchildren, are expected to tune in.”

    I just want to know one basic fact – what time?
    Can the BBC’s Geeta Pandey manage to tell us?..
    Of course not.

    Looking on professional news sites it appears to be 13:34.



    • MarkyMark says:

      All told, we calculate that around £2.3 billion in UK aid went to India between 2016 and 2021, including £441 million in bilateral aid, £129 million in investments via FCDO in Indian enterprises which generate returns, £749 through multilateral channels, and £1 billion in investments through BII.14 Mar 2023


  5. Scroblene says:

    “LONDON: UK aid to India was meant to have stopped in 2015 after India said it did not want it, but a review by the UK aid spending watchdog has found that around £2.3 billion (Rs 23,000 crore) in UK aid went to India between 2016 and 2021.15 Mar 2023”


    Great. One small step for naan, one giant step for naankind.

    This is such great news on the day I learn that our electricity bills have now gone up by £42.00 a month, and they’re still not even sure if the price of electricity will go up or down yet – it must be something to do with the weather or global grilling.

    The fabulous unbelievably generous ‘triple’ lock, that pensioners yearned for earlier this year from factors dreamed up by various starry-eyed economists and weak-kneed politicians has now been eroded back to last year’s figures, and the same will happen again next year.

    But never mind everyone, at least the Indian people will find out if the other side of the moon is still made of paneer.


  6. Guest Who says:

    Media slime not getting away with trying to reassign the narrative like they used to.



  7. tomo says:

    The BBC showing “active disinterest” (imho) in the Hawaii fire – almost like they’ve been told to drop it.

    Absolutely OFF the front page

    Sounds like the Hawaii government bureaucrats are mostly, with a few exceptions binging on being ignorant, thuggish overly authoritarian c***s.



    • Ian Rushlow says:

      One-off payment to Hawaiian families = $700.

      Monthly payment to gimmegrants illegally crossing the southern border or getting off a plane from Africa = $2200.

      “Aid” to Ukraine = more than $100 billion.

      The American authorities will soon have to worry about citizens with ropes and pitchforks looking for lamp posts. To say nothing of those equipped with semi-automatic rifles.


  8. Fedup2 says:

    Guest – I’m de media(ing ) these days – but with a staff of 1.7 million – the silence about the letby case is deafening . Where are the other cases which have been suppressed ?

    Over the years I bet this has been a standard work practice – ‘churn ‘ of staff as they go up the career / hierarchy meaning the killer becomes someone else’s problem …..

    … but where are those very few medical mafia with a conscience – to speak up ?

    As for letby – there has to be a full judicial inquiry …no so much about Her – but a bout the system which conspired with her and aided and abetted murder

    I m biased because I think the NHS is a main reason why the population has become state dependent and why Britain is a rapidly declining failing state …..

    …and I have a personsl chip about the NHS


    • tomo says:


      I hear family + friends NHS worker gossip that regularly features the indulgence of incompetents and nasties being “failed upwards”.

      Managers who are not fit for purpose styling themselves as executives and wallowing in the accoutrements of high office and fat paypackets while presiding over miserably planned, dysfunctional and eyewateringly expensive failing projects with near zero accountability. As I’ve said here before West Wiltshire NHS trust was shuttered overnight by DoH some years ago because it was an utterly unrecoverable midden of the worst practices we all know are going on in too many places in the NHS.

      We need some saddle-up and sort ’em out – because they aren’t going to sort themselves out.


      • Fedup2 says:


        A personal story – in a previous life I worked in the city – I wore an expensive suit – the whole image . My mum elderly was taken to A and E – after a fall – they the x ray – she’d gotten away with it – so the bunged her from A and E to what I’d describe as a ‘meat dump ‘ waiting for signing off .

        The A and E was on a performance indicator ( 6 hours ?) but the meat dump wasn’t – they could care less . So after a few hours I got fed up – my mum got more and more distressed -and went into the office of the head of the Trust – past the PA – and calmly explained the issue – but I knew the effing suit had the effect – if I’d been wearing me normal leans they’d have thrown security at me …

        By the time I got back to my mum she was being signed out by a consultant .

        If there was a way of closing the bbc (i meant to write NHS)and starting again – I’d vote for it . But there will be no change – just further decline as the foreign population – like a parasite – bleeds it out …

        Judging by the lack of control of NHS management – god knows how many letby s there have been and will be …


        • tomo says:

          Ha !

          – I’ve done the serious power suit (threw in the $$$ Italian silk tie and Rolex) dress-up thing –

          – it worked, way, way better than I expected – in circumstances where I could directly compare it to jeans and leather jacket – the fawning triggered had to have shown on my face but they were looking at the clothes and watch.

          That said the best(??) case was a family friend whose daughter was on the TV and wrote for newspapers and had a well known married surname.

          Poor guy was fobbed off on diagnosis and dumped in the ghastly “meat dump ward” and told he needed a scan (six months or pay…) – a day later his daughter was clocked by staff on a visit ->>> panic, private room (with a big vase of flowers), scan the next morning, keyhole surgery (perforated ulcer) the next day and away 48 hours later.


        • tomo says:



    • Guest Who says:

      Don’t know about de-mediaing, but it seems amazing how much more they can be despised.

      These clowns till try and churn out the ‘holding power to account’ mantra when it is clear their sole function now is ideological propaganda and censorship on behalf of their fellow travelling overpaid low life in the establishment, from gov through civserv to ‘funded’ activist revolving door NGOs and quangos who feed them what to run.


  9. tomo says:

    The BBC covers the traincrash that is UK local government. It’s been in our faces for a decade+ that local councils are mostly out of their depth and (fatally?) overburdened with overpaid eejits or worse…

    My local council is quite frenzied about vanity projects funded by borrowing or a mixture of borrowing and mad grants from their mates in Whitehall.

    Unused bicycle facilities (£millions£) being installed to strangle already nearly inadequate roads being an everyday in your face manifestation of that.



    • MarkyMark says:

      Cash-strapped council’s ‘gamble’ on green energy scheme run by jet-set tycoon leaves taxpayers across the country facing a loss of £200million
      Thurrock Council borrowed £644million of public money to invest in solar farms
      They agreed a series of deals with globe-trotting businessman Liam Kavanagh
      Council helped buy 53 sites across the UK, all of which now owned by the tycoon

      UPDATED: 22:50, 15 July 2022


  10. Guest Who says:

    Of course, some affectionate Hollywood directors only pop over to France because of the cheese.


    [standing ovation]


  11. tomo says:

    Gosh… this will anger the eco-loons


  12. G says:

    Utility bills & so-called ‘Standing Charges’.

    Interesting information from Martin Lewis:


    He omits the fact that, in 2022, there were estimated to be 28.2 million ‘households’:


    I accept that every home will probably have their own methods of keeping their energy usage as low as possible so it is difficult to generalise. But, personally, I have taken extensive action to reduce my dependency and therefore reduce my portion of Standing Charges(?). My last one month bill was (Gross): E = £45 / G = £17. I defy anyone to ‘trim my sails’ any more. However, the total Standing Charges for both is, £24.49 excluding VAT. So, in total, roughly 35% of the bill monthly. If I take mine as the average MINIMUM (which cannot be the case), £24.49 x 28.2 million households = £690,618,000 (? check my figures please as I’m astounded and thinking my calcs must be wrong). That’s MONTHLY. Perhaps that would account for the massive profits we see because, logically, only a small portion can be used on the true nature i.e. maintenance etc (see the pie chart Lewis handily provides).

    Perhaps therein lies the cost of sleight of hand ‘Green Subsidies’………….

    OFGEM is clearly in on the scam. Welcome to the ‘milking parlour’


    • Charlie Farley says:

      G ,
      Most consumers don’t think about those costs…..use Zero Gas and Electricity and you are still being Ripped Off , it’s a bit like the TV licence if you’re paying for it and not watching any BBC….DEFUND THE BBC cancel it Today !


      • Fedup2 says:

        Yes – my fixed thingy is ending and I’ve been offered a fixed rate .. tarif thing – but the gas / electricity standing charges are obscene …. But looking around the ‘market ‘ others are even higher ….
        Feels about being mugged in the same way as others say – with the BBC …. Maybe best to have just electric …


    • Flotsam says:

      Those standing charges are being used in part for ‘Green’ energy investments. The provision of infrastructure to support EV’s, solar and wind farms costs a lot of money.


      • G says:

        Flies in the face of Government assertions of being “concerned” at the cost of levels of domestic energy supplied and, “doing all they can…..”. Platitudes.


        • atlas_shrugged says:

          I was up in Norfolk and had a look at the new windfarms being built. The farms are run by separate companies and they have huge rigs to collect the power from each windmill and turn it into a high voltage before sending it under sea to the shore. The two sites I looked at had a special exception made to then share the same trench with a high voltage cable for each delivered to a sub station south of Norwich.

          The trenches are massive affairs and are about 100 yards of land wide. Although the trench is now shared, all the cables are not. So there is massive duplication for something that is a very intermittent and unreliable energy source.

          Wrap up warm folks!


  13. AsISeeIt says:

    Potentially exciting edition

    India trade deal boost… Rishi Sunak and India counterpart Narendra Modi meet in New Delhi next month… (FT) – well goodness gracious me – as that former BBC sketch show aired in the late 1990s and starring Sanjeev Bhaskar, Meera Syal, etc. might have exclaimed.

    The Rishi loyalist Daily Express goes head over heels splashing with: Landmark deal proves Brexit ‘voices of doom are wrong’ – as it runs the old blue and yellow flag back up the masthead.

    How many million visas will this deal cost us?

    The FT meanwhile questions the economic significance rating the news the Express headlines with a frontpage screamer as no more than a Briefing gobbet on their pink cover.

    Frankly if Rishi Sunak can’t do a deal with his shared heritage Indians for us then what was the point in him?

    My favourite joke from Goodness Gracious Me came from the sketch with the elderly Indian father who would bemuse his family with claims that absolutely everything had been invented in India. Perhaps the idea for that gag came from working at the BBC where they do tend to over celebrate the likes of:

    The Islamic Golden Age: Series rediscovering some of the key thinkers and achievements from the Islamic Golden Age, focusing on architecture, invention, medicine, innovation and philosophy (BBC Radio 3);

    Five African inventions to look out for in 2017… An electricity grid for the whole village… A jacket that detects pneumonia… A tablet that monitors your heart… A currency for paying online workers… An app for hair inspiration (BBC with bulk purchase from Getty Images)

    And topically: Chandrayaan-3: India’s Moon lander Vikram aims for historic lunar south pole landing (BBC)

    In that Goodness Gracious Me sketch the son would attempt to catch out his father by arguing that not every invention and indeed every great fictional character was as Indian as his father claimed: “What about the comic book Superman?” “Indian!” came the reflexive reply: “Just look at him. Bad haircut. Two jobs. Indian!”

    All will be revealed

    With our nationalised health service still reeling from the shock of: Hospital accused of ‘fobbing off’ parents of Letby murder victims (Guardian); The Letby case has revealed an NHS rancid with cover-up and corruption (Allison Pearson, Telegraph) – suddenly we hear of: First womb transplant in the UK revealed (Guardian); Woman ‘joyous’ after sister donates womb in UK first (BBC); ‘Potentially exciting developement for NHS’ welcomed by midwifery chief (‘i’) – funny how the news works that way, eh?

    Envy of the world

    The Gruan puts this big first for the UK into internationalist perspective: More than 90 womb transplants have been carried out internationally, including in Sweden, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, China, Czech Republic, Brazil, Germany, Serbia and India – well, goodness gracious me… guessed we’d get there eventually… “India!”

    The left-leaning ‘i’ newspaper – somewhat out of character – highlights the cost: Each transplant costs £25,000

    The Daily Mail celebrates: Meticulous: Surgeons operate on 34-year-old recipient of the womb in second of two complex precedures – so the docs weren’t on strike that day then?

    Sadly we can’t work out their hourly rate since, ineviably, the press can’t agree on the details: operation lasting nine hours (‘i’); took more than 17 hours (Daily Mail)

    Trans… plant

    As we delve deeper into the details of the surgery, you may want to look away now – afterall it is before breakfast – the Telegraph brings up this medical detail: The advances could pave the way for transgender women to have children, surgeons have suggested.

    The left-leaning ‘i’ – true to form – attacks the concept of the traditional family: Don’t feel sorry for ‘terminally single’ women like me. We’re happier by Kate Lister

    Some still claim we live under something they call a patriarchy

    However, we hear more female voices airing their opinions in the Mail: Like Helen Skelton, I live with the guilt of being a divorced working mother. By Beverly Turner

    Apropos – something or other – Robert Clark in the Telegraph notes: Ukraine is running out of men

    And just before we move on – we ask when exactly was this womb transplant operation and how come are we hearing about it now?

    The surgery took place in February, with details disclosed today… (Telegraph); Letby doctors demand a watchdog for NHS bosses (Times)

    The FT frets: Power networks feel strain of push toward net zero… trade groups… warn that bottlenecks are threatening economic growth

    Meanwhile: UK uranium to help Kyiv through winter… Britain is financing… £192million loan to minimise blackouts in the country (Telegraph)

    Our BBC does a profile in their just for kids Newsbeat thread on Sir Keir the chap for whom Rishi Sunak is employed as seat-warmer (think of Rishi’s job as a reverse punkha wallah: the punkhawallah was the servant who operated the fan – but fans of It Ain’t Half Hot Mum will be fully cognisant of that, thank you anyway Wiki. Rumzun the punka wallah was played by Barbur Bhatti and – despite Michael Bates – Bhatti was indeed… “Indian?” No, no, no: British actor of Pakistani origin. He was born in Southall to parents from Pakistan (Wiki))

    All things to all kids

    Anyway, now that we’ve likely lost the teenagers with that digression: Keir Starmer says Labour is working on a fairer student fees system… Scrapping university tuition fees was one of his pledges during his leadership campaign. But in May the Labour leader said a “difficult financial situation” meant it would probably have to be dropped… “We do need to change that and we will come up with a fairer package for students that helps them with the money they have to outlay,” he said.

    Newsbeat spoke to him at a seaside cafe in Worthing and asked what that system would look like. But he didn’t give any details, adding: “That’s work in progress….” (BBC) – flip, flipperty flip flip flop flop

    That’s all folks

    Except for a quick cartoon. Satirising one of those little news incidents that captures a state of the nation moment our man Matt in the Telegraph draws the hallowed portals of the British Museum with a hoarding which reads: “While stocks last”


  14. Althepalerp says:

    UK Overseas aid spent £46m on building a road from Mumbai to its industrial free zone to help India’s development.
    It is thought up to half was lost to corruption.


  15. tomo says:

    Unremarked by the BBC


    • Fedup2 says:

      I thought that happened last year – bought to you by the same mob who closed the CO2 manufacturer – the one that keeps food fresher ….
      How can so many people be so out of touch ?


    • Thoughtful says:

      IIRC part of the WEF plan was to starve people to death in order to reduce population, however in true Socialist style rather than removing the useless spongers and scroungers they will remove the productive people and allow the parasites to remain.


      • maxincony says:


        …rather than removing the useless spongers and scroungers they will remove the productive people and allow the parasites to remain.


        • TrickCyclist says:

          Welcome back maxincony


        • JohnC says:

          Funny you should use that word maxi because I’ve used it several times recently.

          It’s always been in relation to how the self-proclaimed ‘ideologically superior’ Leftists (like yourself) sneer at right-wing, white people.

          You should check any Right/Left political HYS on the BBC (where activists like yourself flock) and see the sheer hatred you people put out. I almost laught when I see a clearly valid and correct comment get 100 upticks and 700 downticks because it’s the wrong side of the fence.

          You are so full of hate, it doesn’t even occur to you what you are.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      It’s not widely mentioned for some reason, but there’s a natural alternative called Polyhalite which is being mined in – and only in – Britain, at the deepest mine in Europe, not too far from Whitby. Ticks all the right boxes – affordable, low CO2 (for those who think that’s an issue). Hidden success story, but it would be sensible to maintain alternative sources for fertiliser.



    • MarkyMark says:

      Closure of UK’s largest gas storage site ‘could mean volatile prices’
      This article is more than 6 years old
      Shuttering of Rough facility off Yorkshire coast by British Gas owner Centrica will increase dependence on imports, say critics

      Adam Vaughan
      Tue 20 Jun 2017 19.32 BST



      Amber is a Non-Executive Director of Pinwheel. Amber also acts as an advisor to businesses including Energy 1, Equinor, Finsbury Glover Hering, Centreview Partners and Phoenix Group. Amber is a Trustee of The Climate Group, RUSI and Action Against Gambling Harms.



    • G says:

      Fear not Tomo! Your Government has plans for……………..

      The alternative to nitrogen fertiliser ‘under our feet’.

      What’s that? Export only ! Well planned I’d say.


  16. tomo says:


    Hanlon’s Razor

    There needs to be a *lot* of P45-ing and de-pensioning.


  17. Guest Who says:

    The BBC is no more than a rumour mill hit team now for any they feel transgress.


    The BBC Moaning Emole

    The case against Andrew Tate
    Graphic allegations revealed in case against Andrew Tate

    Hundreds of pages of evidence compiled by prosecutors against Andrew Tate have been obtained by the BBC and show how he is alleged to have coerced and bullied women into sexual acts. His controversial views have led to global online influence but after his arrest in Romania last December he is facing a trial on several serious charges. Our correspondent Lucy Williamson interviewed Andrew Tate in June and has now seen the dossier of reported testimony and texts that could be used against him. He denies the allegations and his lawyers are expected to challenge the evidence in a court hearing in the coming days.

    Who is Andrew Tate, the self-proclaimed misogynist?

    Watch: BBC challenges Tate in combative interview

    Tate and brother freed from house arrest in Romania

    Curated by a cubicle garden soi boi Iain McDowell

    Look at the thing… ‘alleged’, ‘reported’, ‘could’…

    All ‘seen by’ The BBC… how? From whom? Why?

    Total BBC #101.

    Maybe he is a slimeball with ‘controversial’ (c) BBC views, but this surely is going to influence ongoing legal moves?


  18. MarkyMark says:


    Downing Street was blocked from overruling Sadiq Khan’s upcoming ULEZ expansion after government lawyers reportedly warned any efforts would be tossed out in the courts. According to the Telegraph, ahead of the expansion next week, Number 10 considered relying on a little-known part of the 1999 Greater London Authority Act to argue the move was “inconsistent with national policies relating to transport”. The government’s learned friends said that was doomed to fail, because the government itself is advocating green policies that somehow are not “inconsistent” with ULEZ. Is Rishi aware he still currently has a massive majority in the Commons for this sort of problem?

    Meanwhile it’s full steam ahead for Sadiq. Despite reports his deputy mayor Shirley Rodrigues tried to discredit Imperial College scientists who found that the ULEZ will have next to no impact on pollution – what a surprise that is – the expansion is set for the 29th of this month. Time to cough up…



    “What power have you got? Where did you get it from? In whose interests do you exercise it? To whom are you accountable? And how can we get rid of you”
    ― Tony Benn


    • JohnC says:

      These drone attacks by Ukraine at Russian cities are being done for one reason : to try and turn public opinion against the war. The Ukranian government said so directly a few weeks ago.

      It’s terrorism. Nothing less. Same as the V1’s in WW2.

      But the BBC are reporting like it is tit-for-tat because of Russian strikes on Ukranian ports so it’s OK. The two don’t compare at all.

      But what is really wrong about this is how the media are totally ignoring what it is. They are simply reporting what happens. The drone attacks are war crimes which ever side does it. But it seems Ukraine can do whatever they want.

      I can sense things are getting desperate now. The question is how low are the USA prepared to go ?. The conflict has changed into a huge Western media PR campaign to try and disguise that the war cannot be won. They can only cover it up for so long : sooner or later the Russians are going to start taking territory.


  19. Flotsam says:

    The boats, the boats…..

    Am I the only person that is completely baffled by what’s happening in the Channel? People set off to illegally enter the Country without documents to identify them. Unbelievably they are taken onto boats that should be stopping them and ferried here to be provided with free accomodation, food and money. The invasion is supported by naive liberals who really should know better. The World has gone mad, or I have.

    Meanwhile our unelected PM does nothing, a mystery. I think some sort of underhand agreement and agenda is being followed. I can’t think why this is happening otherwise.


    • JohnC says:

      As they are entering illegally, why can’t we just stop them and put them back ‘outside the fence’ ?. They are not fleeing any persecution in France so they can’t claim to be seeking asylum.

      Nobody in the media seems to want to ask that question.


      • taffman says:

        A reminder of the Tory “Pledge” made in 2015…………..

        Conservative Party – useless
        Labour Party – useless.
        They take us all for fools !

        The Reform Party – ?


      • maxincony says:


        Nobody in the media seems to want to ask that question.



        • taffman says:

          Hi maxincony, has Al Beeb made you redundant and have you found a new job with fullfact.org?
          I must admit, I have never heard of the outfit?
          Night shifts are not going to be boring then……….


        • JohnC says:

          That’s not the media dumbass. That’s a ‘factchecker’ who – as we have all learned by now – are generally just leftist activists. And that entire ‘fact check’ is based on the decision of one judge in one case.

          The point you have missed – yet again – as that the media are supposed to be a check-and-balance against governments and they have spectacularly failed to question any of this because it’s not in line with the leftists agenda.

          If they were taken back and forced through legal channels, the crossings would stop. But I strongly suspect you people actually like the odd disaster, especially if children die. It lets you virtue-signal your empathy and use it to call everyone who complains about it as racists.


    • micknotmike says:

      No you’re not the only one who is baffled, Flots. The one thing that I can’t see is it ending well. I don’t think I’m alone there. Balkans, anyone?


    • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

      They want them here.

      That’s why they go and collect them.

      142k in our armed forces.

      The new EU army of sub-Sharan Africans/Pakistani Muslims will get to that number later this year.

      When our army refuse to baton indigenous Brits for climate/covid/green lockdown breaches or general unrest, there is an EU army already in place, in barracks (hotels), and spread evenly throughout the land.


    • maxincony says:


      I can’t think why this is happening otherwise.



  20. G.W.F. says:

    The entire media including the BBC and its critics speak with one voice regarding the evils of nurse Lucy Letby, differing only just a little over proposals to force her to attend sentencing.

    So this statement would not bear repeating.

    ”The case against Lucy Letby lacked scientific evidence and is based on unverified hypotheses
    Based upon published peer-reviewed research, and with the guidance, advice, and insights of other scientists, it is the view of Science on Trial that the scientific information put before the court by the expert witnesses is very simply inaccurate, misleading, and in many places false. The expert witnesses in this case are likely aware that the claims they have made lack necessary scientific findings, and if they were to write these claims up and attempt to submit them for publication, their submission would be quickly rejected. ”

    The defence did not call any expert witnesses. It is unlikely that BBC Verify would examine the following claims that she did not have a fair trial? Let’s see the BBC experts, not merely the psychologists with bookshelves behind them, respond to arguments from some scientists.`


    And further detail here.


    Worth checking



    • StewGreen says:

      There was a conspiracy theory woman on TalkTV on Monday raising this.
      She did have a point that you have to be sure about every death
      cos there is the possibility, that the system doesn’t want to admit that doctors sometimes make stupid mistakes resulting in baby deaths, so some of the deaths couldn’t have been conveniently blamed on Letwing when in fact she may not have been the cause,
      The cases were not so clear to the jury that’s why they couldn’t reach a unanimous verdict , but rather had to be allowed by majority.


      • atlas_shrugged says:

        For me there are two big red flags about the Letby case:

        1) Why the coordinated media pile on?

        2) Why are the media not getting their panties in a bunch about other mass murderers of babies such as Pfizer and Moderna?


        • JohnC says:

          This coordinated media action is happening all the time and is very worrying. The BBC’s ‘Trusted News Initiative’ is one such method they use to make sure they all sing from the same hym sheet. A headline simultaneously appears on dozens of web sites and floods the news channels people see on their devices.

          This is one way the Left-wing fascists are gradually taking control of society.

          This is a culture war. The Left are ruthless – just look at how they are dealing with Trump AND his supporters across the pond.


        • kingkp says:

          The names of the victims weren’t revealed in the trial. I believe this is the first time in UK legal history this has ever happened but it sets a precedent. The State can now accuse you of a crime and not have to reveal the name of the person you have injured or potentially killed. In other words, it seems to me that they now have carte blanche to accuse you of anything and have you convicted by BBC verify.


    • Flotsam says:

      Very interesting.

      I had already wondered if Letby was a victim of statistics.
      A series of coincidences? Some people win the lottery despite the odds.

      I’ve studied mathematical statistics at degree level. Statistics can be easily misused intentionally by those with an agenda and unintentionally by those who don’t understand them.

      The chances of untrained jurors actually understanding statistical evidence in a complex case like this one is very low. They will consider this evidence in relation to other arguments put forward to reinforce the statistical conclusions and other general case evidence.

      Letby’s defence seems to have been poor.


  21. tomo says:


    • pugnazious says:

      When Mishal Husein was having a go at a local council rep which hadn’t put up signage she forgot to mention that fining people who hadn’t seen non-existent signs might be illegal and unenforceable….which maybe the council’s cunning plan to put a spoke in the Kharnage of course.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Pug – that’s very true and a pretty good ground for appeal . The level of compliance with ULEZ fines – plus any knock effect such as people declaring ‘no registered keeper ‘ might cause more trouble than it’s worth .

        Every camera should be attended to – and I wonder if there will be a battle to evade the cameras .? CCTV cameras were meant to be for the ‘public good ‘ but I think we are seeing a very different use …

        Ironic really that the only law you can sure will be enforced is parking and speeding …. Every thing else – apart from ‘hatey anti left words ‘ is discretionary – including baby murdering ….


  22. StewGreen says:

    Why do some big financial and sex scandals go unpublicised ?
    The problem is some things open up a Pandora’s Box , perhaps bringing light onto scandals in your own organisation.

    Here the BBC did a big investigation into a cult called LIG Lighthouse International Group
    then when one guy helping them said
    ‘You should do something on this other cult Educo that has been in the papers , there are BBC staff connected to it’
    .. the BBC didn’t want to speak to him anymore.

    The thing is with cults you do get obvious victims, who insist they are not victims. And and org of dozens of people throwing mud to muddy the waters.

    his tweets about BBC staff
    As ever I don’t agree with everything the guy says
    eg he’s particularly anti-Trump etc


  23. MarkyMark says:

    “London chose me as their mayor, not just an ethnic minority, not just a religious minority, but a Londoner of Islamic faith.” – Sadiq Khan, {cnn.com sep2016}


    – Khan’s faith did not appear in his manifesto..


  24. StewGreen says:

    Shouldn’t Border Force collect illegals in British waters and take them to prison workcamps ?
    .. where is you cooperate and work 10 hours a day, your claim is processed
    And if you don’t cooperate, the Navy dump you on some African beach


    • MarkyMark says:


      “Hundreds of migrants killed by Saudi border guards – report”
      1 day ago



      • StewGreen says:

        What kind of migrants ?
        Apparently economic ones crossing into Saudi from a war zone
        “He said some in his group of 45 migrants were killed when they came under fire as they tried to sneak across the border in July last year”
        “I went to Saudi Arabia because I wanted to improve my family’s life,” the father-of-two said,

        Interesting the BBC map shows the routes as starting in Somalia and Ethiopia then into Yemen and then into Saudi
        Yet the text doesn’t contain the words Somalia or Somalian

        BBC got its info from HRW .. who may not be reliable,


    • maxincony says:




      • JohnC says:

        Built by Adolf Hitler maxi.

        Who got into power on the socialist ticket. Then showed us what a real monster he was once he got absolute power.

        Another ideologically driven hypocrite who believed the ends justified anything he did to get there. One of the standard leftist characteristics.

        Which is how I assume you justify what you do as a gutter-level forum troll.


  25. pugnazious says:

    10 minutes of Today demonstrates the BBC mindset perfectly.

    They brought us David Frum to talk about Trump….the same Frum who has a visceral hatred of Trump and who peddles all the hyped up lies that the BBC et al push. Frum is a regular BBC Trump ‘expert’…hardly giving us a balanced neutral view.

    Then we had the invasion by mass illegal migrants….the BBC finds an Iraqi woman with three children to tug at our heart strings….what of the vast vast vast majority who are fighting age males coming here for a free ride? Amazing how the BBC always finds the lone woman with a child.

    And why can the Iraqi woman not just move to a safer area of Iraq? If you don’t like a violent suburb of, say, London, you move out to another suburb or town….you don’t move to another country and expect free handouts.

    The BBC couldn’t get on a French minister to talk about the invasion so wheeled in Mark Easton, the BBC’s very own migration cheerleader who will tell you there us no such thing as a British person or culture and that we needed to just roll over, keep quiet and accept immigration. Easton told us that Brexit meant we couldn’t send back migrants….complete lie and disingenuous sleight of hand as he tries to imply that pre-Brexit thousands were being transfered back to the EU when it was in the low hundreds…and we still send hundreds back now.

    Migration Watch tells us the Dublin Agreement was almost totally useless…

    ‘This agreement, which has been touted as a boon to the UK because it includes a provision on returning asylum seekers to their EU country of first arrival, has been of very little benefit to Britain in this respect. It is not worth continuing to participate. ‘

    Easton of course turned out to be a cheerleader for islamist terrorists as he admired their work and compared them favourably to Churchill, Mandela and Ghandi.

    ‘The BBC has been attacked for the “disgusting “ views of one of its most senior journalists after he compared hate preacher Anjem Choudary to Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and Winston Churchill.

    Mark Easton, the corporation’s Home Editor, criticised Government plans to clamp down on fanatics and said extreme views were needed “to challenge very established values”.


    • MarkyMark says:

      “‘The BBC has been attacked for the “disgusting “ views of one of its most senior journalists after he compared hate preacher Anjem Choudary to Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and Winston Churchill.”

      People gathered to “symbolically protect” a statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Leicester after a petition to remove it hit more than 6,000 signatures. The appeal, which accused Gandhi of being “a fascist, racist and sexual predator” was removed after the city council asked its founder to submit formal arguments instead.13 Jun 2020
      ‘Racist’ Gandhi statue removed from University of Ghana
      13 December 2018




  26. pugnazious says:


    Top story on the BBC…Andrew Tate. Now it’s a story worth a look but in no way is it of any major importance. Contrast the BBC’s concern how he treats women with their complete lack of concern about how trans treat women, how the trans lobby demonises and cancels women, how businesses and institutions cancel women…how any supporter of women’s rights is treated….the Terrible Tate fined women for crying at work but if you shed a tear for real women you’re sacked, vilified and hounded…and the BBC isn’t concerned one jot.

    The BBC shows no concern at all about this…in fact the BBC is part of the problem as it so enthusiastically promotes Trans’ lies.

    And of course you can contrast how the BBC elevates the Tate tale to the highest prominence to how it totally ignored the Mayor of London’s lies, racism and corruption ala Ulez and white Londoners….but then the Mayor is brown, Muslim, Labour and it’s all about climate change anti-car repression…so all good there from a BBC point of view.


  27. StewGreen says:

    Huge fire at Bridlington RECYCLING CENTRE

    “RECYCLING CENTRE” = pile of rubbish on piece of land owned by a person who is PAID £££s by councils and corps to take away waste and RECYCLE it,
    but who just leaves it there
    until the rubbish is processed by an “accidental” fire



    • MarkyMark says:

      Etna volcano
      Complex stratovolcano (Currently about 3329 m (changing due to eruptive activity and collapse of its crater rims))
      Last update: 14 Aug 2023 (Volcanic Ash Advisory)




      • StewGreen says:

        Were “Just Stop Volcanoes” activists there ?
        ‘Oh volcano eruption CO2 is tiny normally , 3 million tones from Etna in a normal year’
        #1 CO2 is not the biggest greenhouse gas, water vapour is
        and volcanoes emit a lot of that
        #2 Actual large eruption years emit 2 to 20 times a normal years CO2
        ~3 The impact is theoretical warming from water vapour, CO2 and raw heat
        countered by cooling due to dust
        So actual overall impact data is rare

        All that pollution and gasses going into the atmosphere.
        Poor Italian children will have stunted lungs, charge Italy £12.50 a day until they stop the volcano erupting.


        • StewGreen says:

          Toby Young speculates
          “Could last month’s above average temperatures have been caused by a volcanic eruption in January that boosted water content in the atmosphere by a massive 10%?
          Don’t expect to hear about that from ‘climate correspondents’.

          What he means is volcanoes spurt WATER VAPOUR which is the biggest GHG so theoretically wams the atmosphere temporarily


        • MarkyMark says:

          Under water volcanoes?

          The crisis of coal fires is nothing new in Xinjiang Province in northwest China. The region is home to Asia’s largest coal reserve and 40% of the country’s coal, as well as hundreds of underground coal fires. An official report from 2006 cited losses of over 157 million dollars each year due to the area’s coal fires.19 Aug 2013


    • tomo says:

      Recycling piles of rubbish to smoke has gained some traction in the USA where they’re seeing a *lot* of unexplained spontaneous combustion of massive piles of those sacred renewable recycling products…


  28. StewGreen says:

    BBC Radio4 is not racist
    they prove that by doing at least 1 black issue prog per day
    11:30am seems like another Windrush prog
    “Murder of Kelso Cochrane”
    The same timeslot yesterday was about an american popstar

    “Laura Mvula reflects on the impact of Lauryn Hill’s debut album 25 years after its release”

    What were UK sales ?
    “After two Number 1s with Fugees, including million-selling Killing Me Softly from 1996, Lauryn went it alone. In 1998, she released her solo debut The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
    The album didn’t reach Number 1, but it did sell over a million copies”
    (Actually in 1998 UK sales were just 150K ..making in 106 in the year chart..
    Maybe people used their Xmas money cos in 1998 it sold 560,000 .. 20th in the year chart)
    Since then never released another album ..25 years

    In absolute coincidental news
    “Lauryn Hill announces 25th anniversary tour for solo album”

    BBC DO DO adverts


    • maxincony says:


      BBC Radio4 is not racist, they prove that by doing at least 1 black issue prog per day

      The murder of Kelso Cochrane, most likely by racist, white supremacists; “a black issue”.


      • JohnC says:

        While you are here maxi, why don’t you explain to us why all the murders of black people the BBC latch onto are by white people – but they sweep all those murdered by other black people straight under the carpet ?.

        I’ve seen many murders recently (I comment on them here) where the one who stuck the knife into someone is too young to be identified. It’s absolutely shocking that so many males who are so young are murdering others – but the BBC have never even mentioned it as an issue.

        It tells us everything we need to know about ‘Black Lives Matter’. It’s an anti-white racist group who the BBC fully support. Their lives don’t matter one bit unless they can be used to call white people racist.

        As you just proved with your comment.

        I do wonder if you actually realise what you are – or if you have just been swept along with the groupthink of your ‘mates’ because you have a weak personality.


  29. MarkyMark says:

    UK cannot ignore calls for slavery reparations, says leading UN judge
    Exclusive: Patrick Robinson says reparation for transatlantic slavery ‘is required by history and is required by law’



    Many societies throughout history have practised slavery, and Muslim societies were no exception.



    Hundreds of migrants killed by Saudi border guards – report
    1 day ago


  30. s.trubble says:

    The bBc and in particular the £32 million white elephant scottish outpost has been very quiet about snp revelations concerning infiltration by MI5/6.

    Their interview of snp could go something like…
    ” And your name Sir”
    ” Jock,,,,Jock Bond!

    There must n\be at least one of these numpties called that!

    2) these 2 licence fee thieves, Robinson and Remain in were having a go at anything they could blame on BREXIT.

    Today it was the dinghys.

    Of course, the theme was we cant return these invaders as there are no return arrangements with france etc. Because of BREXIT

    Here,s how you get round that ,,,,Fill that barge chockers,,,and tow it to Calais.
    Surely you could get 2/3 maybe more thousand out on that?

    And repeat.

    Plus deduct the cost from the money being paid to the french.


  31. pugnazious says:

    Curious last week that the BBC began discussing the importance of cash but somehow forgot to mention the GBNews campaign to keep cash available…..however the BBC was very keen to report previously when Ofcom decided to look at that very campaign to decide if GBNews was in breach of the rules.

    The BBC has always had a rather sinister approach to other news outlets that it does not share a worldview with….it works hard to get them closed down, censured or failing that mounts a campaign to demonise and discredit them….and that includes ‘social media’ which the BBC hates even more as it is people talking to people without the BBC being able to control, filter and limit what is seen and said….information has been democratised and the old gatekeepers hate it because information is power.


  32. pugnazious says:

    It needs someone to stand up and say no…..the Emperor’s new clothes…..the same people who would shout and scream about the relatively harmless Black and White Minstrels [lol…Lenny Henry worked on the show] are loud cheerleaders for those who dress up as women and pretend to be actual women.


  33. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – mucho exciterment but funny no questions about ……

    …. the cost. Headlining: the womb transplant carried out in Oxford at the Churchill Hospital. Normally, when a special drug is needed for a particular medical need the BBC highlight the cost or ask questions about the cost. No questions asked. No specific figure given for the cost by the BBC. Apparently 15,000 women in the UK are without a womb either from birth or possibly damage by disease.

    Or could that be from damage by certain sports, like rugby or even soccer? Still no questions from the BBC.


  34. Messenger says:

    10.30 am Golfing husband reads the weather forecast- O% chance of rain where we live
    10.55am Raining
    11.00 Golfing husband reads another forecaster. 80% chance of rain where we live.


  35. StewGreen says:

    Radio44 #YouAndYours say sugar is expensive
    “double in price”
    Yet it’s still only 95p/Kg at B&M
    Homebrands was even cheaper
    (That’s Tate and Lyle imported sugar, not British)

    Out of the window I can see a flourishing field of sugar

    prog says “A Norfolk farmer lost 20%of his crop ..had to plough it back into the ground”

    Their @belvoirfarm_uk voice just said
    “sugar was £500/tonne, that’s £5/Kg”

    Doh Of course it wasn’t FIVE pounds a kilo
    but rather 50p/Kg


    • StewGreen says:

      1Kg sugar is 89p at Poundstretcher
      and two for £1.80 at Iceland

      Basically the item was PRasNews for BritishSugar who claim their own sugar cost have doubled
      Of course non-EU sugar imported sugar is bagged in UK by other firms.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Moderna had the brass neck to claim that they did a “trial” showing their updated vaccine protects against Eris. Considering Eris first hit the headlines just a few weeks ago it looks like Moderna may have broken their own record in terms of speedy “trials”.


      Jonathan Van-Tam joins Covid vaccine maker Moderna
      England’s former deputy chief medical officer appointed as part-time adviser

      Adam Mawardi
      17 August 2023 • 11:37pm



  36. Dickie says:

    Geoengineering. Look up to the sky. It ain’t contrails but chemtrails.



    • Up2snuff says:

      Dickie, funny how when there’s no water vapour in the sky, that is the sky is blue, there are no chemtrails or contrails to be seen.


  37. Terminal Moraine says:

    More fires now in Alexandroupolis, Greece. A state of emergency has been declared, the hospital is on fire and 13 villages have been evacuated. (Rumours that Alexandroupolis has been designated an IRIS/EU Smart City are floating around.)

    So naturally the BBC want to talk about a “migrant tragedy near border” because 18 died hiding out in a forest. It’s a shameless pro-migrant sympathy piece… they’re not described as illegally entering but rather they “sneak across the border”. Boarding a lorry, “others melted away into the darkness when they were spotted”. Melted away…? It’s all about the noble, tragic path of the intrepid journeyman; screw the Greek people and the devastation to their homes.

    If their news budget continues to dry up (fingers crossed) they could always try new careers as romantic poets.

    There’s a call for “a dual inquiry into the causes of the fires in the Evros region and into alleged incidents of racist violence against migrants that have followed the 18 deaths”. I wonder which the BBC will be following up on.



  38. Terminal Moraine says:

    UK and Pakistan health agencies are getting together to “share know-how and build tools to improve well-being for all.”

    Such is the dire state of public health in this country I wonder who is taking pointers from whom.


    • Docmarooned says:

      Jenny Harries yet another incompetent fuck up being rewarded for doing nothing.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Jane Marriott
      🇬🇧 UK High Commissioner to 🇵🇰 Pakistan. Former HC to 🇰🇪 Kenya, Amb to Yemen 🇾🇪. Previously in Iraq, Afghanistan, USA and Director Intern’l CT.


      Facebook was where Pakistan could debate religion. Now it’s a tool to punish ‘blasphemers’
      This article is more than 6 years old
      Laws that criminalize insulting Islam have led to a death sentence for posts, as activists worry Facebook’s commitment to Pakistanis’ ‘voice’ is mostly lip service


  39. Thoughtful says:


    I’m a lawyer – this is what really happens if you don’t pay your TV licence

    The lawyer cited research finding ‘more women get convicted than men for evading the fine’.

    More specifically, he said: ‘72% of the 137,912 defendants prosecuted for this offence were female’.

    He explained: ‘This could be due to the greater availability of females in the home when a TV Licensing Officer visits the house in person’.

    Research found that in 2017, TV Licence evasion accounted for a whopping 30% of all female prosecutions, making it the most common offence for which females were prosecuted – with only 4% of men receiving punishment for the same crime.

    So where is the outcry over this clear sex dscrimination? In fact is this ever even discussed on the usual moany whingy whiney wimmins hour?

    30% of all prosecutions involving a woman are over non payment of the TV licence, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised given the utter uselessness of plod, presumably the other prosecutions are made up from the alternative prosecuting authorities such as benefits agency, inland revenue and the like?


  40. BRISSLES says:

    India. A country where most of the population live in abject poverty, an infra structure where raw sewage runs through the streets, kids scavenge through sh..t piles of rubbish and the wealthy live in untold wealth.

    India. A country where we’ve ploughed billions in AID for God’s sake, and with whom we’ve signed a trade deal with – so, does that mean any goods from us is paid with our own money that we’ve have given them in Aid.

    India. A country that is able to have a space program, paid for no doubt with all the money they get in Aid. About time they cleaned up their own country instead of burning up their currency on moon rockets.

    The media maintain its an exciting time in finding water on the moon. Yet not a word about India providing clean water for their own peoples, while tourists are advised only to drink from untampered bottles of water. Unbelievable.


  41. Nibor says:

    Late but,

    The BBC , the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth . A dichotomy .

    Yesterday on the PM was a piece about drug use in Scotland and drug use in Portugal .
    To the BBC , the Portugese were better because they didn`t criminalise drug use but spent their money on alleviating the effects of the addicts actions .
    The BBC finalised the skit with how many people die in Scotland due to drugs versus how many die in Portugal .
    A lot versus not so much . A win for the pro legalisation of drugs lobby .
    What`s the whole truth ?
    A bit personal here but
    I drove in Portugal as a lorry driver in the nineties and remember picking up a load of fish in Peniche .
    I wanted to leave my wagon and stay in a hotel ( for ablutions ) but the factory had no security , no fences , CCTV or anything . Basically parked up in the waste ground next to it .
    My thinking was I cant leave the truck in case of theft .
    Their thinking was , well they were perplexed at my thinking .
    Why would anyone mess with my truck ? That`s my truck , so only I can do something with it . Why am I worried ?
    Such innocence . But they could be so innocent . There was no crime .

    But it`s not like that now , according to my Portugese friends . Crime is rampant due to drugs .
    The whole truth .


  42. taffman says:

    “NatWest: Former boss set for £2.4m pay package after Farage scandal”

    A nice little earner if you can get it , for messing up ?


  43. taffman says:

    Are we in GB, funding the latest moon shot?


    • MarkyMark says:

      All told, we calculate that around £2.3 billion in UK aid went to India between 2016 and 2021, including £441 million in bilateral aid, £129 million in investments via FCDO in Indian enterprises which generate returns, £749 through multilateral channels, and £1 billion in investments through BII.14 Mar 2023


      • BRISSLES says:

        Like I indicated above its obscene. They should be giving us Aid now for accommodating and feeding a good portion of their population.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Starkly different approaches to 2,100-mile line of actual control on show as defence ministers meet in Delhi

      Hannah Ellis-Petersen in Delhi and Aakash Hassan in Ladakh
      Fri 28 Apr 2023 11.56 BST
      India’s defence minister has accused China of border aggressions that have “eroded the entire basis” of their relationship, as negotiations over the line of actual control (LAC) remain deadlocked.

      On Thursday, China’s defence minister, Li Shangfu, landed in Delhi for the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit. It is the first visit to India by a Chinese defence minister since 2020, when 20 Indian and four Chinese soldiers died in clashes along the Himalayan border in Ladakh and the two sides came the closest to war for almost 70 years.



      Rishi Sunak has once again refused to commit to stopping the boats before the next election, even as the latest figures show 17,000 migrants have crossed the channel so far this year. A reminder that he stood behind a podium emblazoned with a big red “stop the boats” banner at the beginning of the year…

      Now he’s in choppier waters. This morning he claimed:

      “I am not complacent. I never said this would be easy. I never said it could be fixed overnight. We are going to attack it from every angle and not stop until we are done… We have got to stop the boats, that is why it is one of my five priorities. The current system is unsustainable and it is unfair. The best way to reduce pressure on local communities is to stop the number of people coming here in the first place […] I also want to be honest with people that it is a complex problem.”

      Meanwhile NHS waiting lists are also at record highs. The tide isn’t turning…


    • tomo says:


      Surely, it (Indian rocket) should have a small Union Jack on the side?


      • MarkyMark says:

        Russia is not considered a poor country and does not need UK aid. FCDO closed its bilateral development Programme in Russia in March 2007 (with a small number of projects being brought to an end in April 2011).


  44. StewGreen says:

    Promoting the start of another “non binary” radio prog
    .. https://twitter.com/BBCStudiosAudio/status/1694327001018933346


    • MarkyMark says:

      Sarah Keyworth is back tonight with a brand new episode of their series ‘Are You a Boy or a Girl?’

      Listen on
      at 11:15pm or check it out on
      straight after

      Don’t miss it!


      Don’t miss it!
      Don’t miss it!
      Don’t miss it!
      Don’t miss it!



  45. tomo says:

    From the legal trenches / front line.

    The document is a Notice of Removal filed by Jeffrey B. Clark, who removes two actions to the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta Division: the attempted prosecution in Fulton County Superior Court, State of Georgia v. Donald John Trump, et al., Case No. 22-EX-000024 that led up to the Action (along with any pending appellate process attendant to the SPGJ Proceedings). The Notice prevents the State of Georgia from proceeding any further with the Fulton County Action unless and until a remand order is issued by this Court. The document provides a summary of factual allegations and procedural history relevant to the case. It also discusses the legal basis for the removal, including federal officer removal, and federal preemption. The document seeks to dismiss the indictment against Mr. Clark and requests oral argument if the Court has any doubts on the matter or wishes to explore any of the relevant legal issues prior to making a ruling on the existence of removal jurisdiction as to the matters removed.

    See HERE for court document. (pdf)

    I doubt any cubicle creeps at Broadcasting House have read it, let alone understand what is going on …


  46. StewGreen says:

    Thread about BBC blacklisting gender critical women etc.
    “I am informally blacklisted.
    I know this not just from the fact I’m never invited on,
    but because it’s been privately confirmed for me by senior and sympathetic BBC staffers”


    Minute 51 : Paraphrase –They have trained themselves to shut off debate
    cos that saves them from doing intellectual reasoning
    Instead they just state things, as if stating something makes it true
    slogans like “a trans woman is a woman’

    Direct quote
    “one of the questions is ” isn’t it a disgrace that you were here talking on your own with no trans person ?”
    … They play every damn time I, every time they pull out right at the last moment .. and everyone goes along with them they won’t empty chair them
    Not only is that the game they play
    it rises a level .. The left wing is allergic to any kind of criticism
    The left won’t have you if you have any kind of criticism
    So you go on the rightwing media and then they say you’re on the rightwing side
    so I’m blacklisted by the BBC and by ITV
    .. I used to go on quite often as an economist journalist for things like you know reviews of the papers and that I’ve never been interviewed by a woman’s hour

    BUT Grace Lavery a British man who identifies as a woman who is a lecturer at Berkeley and has written a book called Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Penis
    .. We rented a venue they sell tickets
    Then the next minute he pulls out calling me a Nazi and is then on Woman’s Hour
    A guy who’s writing about about his penis
    who had just pulled out of an event with me a women’s rights top 10 bestselling book, Spectator book of the Year, Times book of the Year etc etc author
    so so that’s their editorial choice

    Anyway I’m blacklisted by all these things so that’s why I go on GBnews and TalkTV”