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  1. StewGreen says:

    Minority groups are part of reality
    but media have this habit of over-amplifying some minority groups
    thus portray a distorted version of reality.

    This BBC prog, appears to be a queer, disabled sex drama.



  2. StewGreen says:

    Last night I was watching TalkTV then a series of adverts came on, all dominated by black characters
    So Iswitched to BBC4 There is was the BAME orchestra ..totally dominatd by black people
    Switched back to TalkTV a new prog the presenter was white, but there was a male an female guest both black, both London
    Both are righties


  3. Guest Who says:


    Many commenters appalled by this. Presumably mostly JO’bsworth or Sangita fans?


    • StewGreen says:

      I got hepatitis A (maybe E) in Ghana
      The doctor said most likely from seawater
      The UK doctor said he’d seen he’d seen it quote a few times in yachtsmen cos unlike most bugs it can survive in seawater.


      • Guest Who says:

        I got serious blood poisoning dragon boating in Aberdeen Harbour, HK.

        My own fault for… dragon boating in Aberdeen Harbour.

        This poor lady has more cause to be miffed.

        However, despite the location, that most commenters to itv posts feel it tracks back to the Tories seems… unsurprising.


    • MarkyMark says:

      HOLIDAYMAKERS heading abroad this summer have been warned of deadly brain-eating bugs lurking in freshwater swimming holes.

      It comes as at least two people have died from extensive brain damage caused by amoeba after bathing in infected waters.


      The most recent victim died in Georgia, US, after swimming in a freshwater lake or pond, health officials said.


      • Guest Who says:

        Have to say, my nude bathing in the Amazon was curtailed after I read about the Candiru fish.


        • MarkyMark says:

          The candiru, sometimes known as the “penis fish,” is a small Amazonian catfish. It’s reported to lodge itself in the urethra of people who may be urinating in the water. Despite the unsettling stories surrounding this fish, there’s skepticism about whether the fish actually attacks humans.23 May 2019


      • MarkyMark says:

        “Has anyone let Feargal know😳”

        “Scottish beaches have eight times more sewage-related debris than those in England or Wales, according to new data from the Marine Conservation Society.
        The Society is calling on Scottish Water, a nationalised utility, to monitor all combined sewer overflows (CSOs). Currently,… Show more”


  4. MarkyMark says:

    “A colourful figure, he often clowned around for customers at Harrod”

    colourful figure = corruption
    colourful figure = plenty to hide



    • Guest Who says:

      But was he… ‘controversial’ in an ‘unprecedented’ way, historically?


      • tomo says:

        I though Mo’s main clients in KSA and Brunei might’ve been mentioned in Fayed’s obit pieces?


  5. Guest Who says:

    Speaking of ideological media, mini YAB gets in trouble and her attack groupies have to move in.



    • MarkyMark says:

      Please don’t patronise me. He had some very dodgy connections – but how does that make him any different to some of the other scoundrels who’ve ‘bought’ citizenship…? The British Establishment is utterly hypocritical

      Please don’t patronise me.



  6. digg says:

    Was the summer weather really as bad as you think?


    The BBC telling everyone to ignore their own eyes because even though the summer was pretty rubbish for most people in this Country, in their world it actually wasn’t so there!

    So stop assuming Climate Change has gone away, we at the BBC know for sure it’s live and kicking despite what you can see and feel with your own eyes and body you are just wrong thinking so stop trusting your own experience and take it from the BBC we are still heading for armageddon and we won’t stop reminding you whatever you think and experience.


  7. Fedup2 says:

    Evidence of the horrible mentality of the bbc with regards to Brexit – if the vote was today they’d probably use the Obama / Biden counting method –

    From the DT –

    STARTS David Dimbleby has revealed the BBC held him back from making his momentous Brexit vote announcement — even after the result became patently clear — before he eventually decided at the last minute how to declare it.

    The former political presenter said he had not prepared how he would reveal the historic news, despite knowing which way the referendum had gone for most of the night.

    Dimbleby said the BBC had made detailed studies of how voting had to go in each constituency for leave to win, and it became obvious what the outcome was well before his bosses allowed it to be broadcast.

    Eventually, Dimbleby annnounced: “Well at 20 minutes to five, we can now say the decision taken in 1975 by this country to join the Common Market has been reversed by this referendum to leave the EU, and that’s the result of this referendum which has been preceded by weeks and months of argument and dispute and all the rest of it.

    “The British people have spoken and the answer is: ‘We’re out’.”

    Speaking now about those famous words, he said: “The BBC, very fastidious about any results of a democratic vote, they wait until it’s absolutely impossible for it to be wrong.

    “And they kept us waiting. We had this whole chart of the whole country, every constituency, showing which way it had to go if it was to be pro Remain or pro Leave, and it was perfectly obvious what was happening.

    “But John Curtice [the BBC’s election specialist] wouldn’t allow us to say for certainty.

    “And when it came I didn’t know what I was going to say really. I hadn’t thought about it.

    “I kept talking from the thing to the director saying ‘Can’t we say it now, come on, it’s four in the morning for God’s sake, it’s perfectly obvious what’s happening?’

    ” ‘No, no, just hang on, just hang on’.”

    But it was only shortly before he did get the go-ahead that Dimbleby came up with the words to describe the result.

    He said in a special interview for the latest The News Agents podcast: “I suddenly thought ‘Oh boy, I better say something because this is a big moment’. I can’t just say ‘Oh well, the vote’s gone this way’.

    “And I then suddenly remembered I’d done the ‘75 referendum, when we went into the Common Market as it was, and I just scribbled down a little note to myself and ‘that’s it, we’re out’. Because that’s what it was, we’re out, you know we’d voted to leave the EU.”

    He said criticism that his announcement wording “produced a moment of finality” when it was just the start of the negotiating process was unjust.

    Referencing the phrase used by Brexiteers at the time, he said “What Brexit means Brexit you mean”.

    Told we weren’t out the next morning and maybe he’d used the wrong emphasis, he replied: “It’s a quibble – nah, nah, that’s rubbish.”ENDS


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Dimbleby could not get even basic facts right. Britain joined the “Common Market”, the EEC, in 1973. We voted to remain in it in the referendum of 1975. For the money he was on, you would think he’d know that. It’s rather important. It implies that the people voted to join the EEC. They never did.


  8. Guest Who says:

    Given the motivations for becoming one, and their evident abilities, there is clearly zero point voting for a pol or paying attention to a ‘journalist’.



    • MarkyMark says:

      Paul Bambury
      From 2010 to 2015 it was a coalition government in which you were one of the two governing parties.

      Furthermore, since this issue seems to have first come to light in 1995, one wonders why Labour did nothing about it during the thirteen years it was in office…



  9. Sluff says:

    This BBC report on RAAC spends a bit of time mentioning issues arising in the late 1990s and 2000s.

    Which just happens to cover the 13 years of Labour government.

    So in the interests of impartiality, perhaps the BBC could enlighten us as to what action the Labour government took?

    It won’t happen. You know it. I know it.


  10. Guest Who says:


    Might need a fact check.

    As it stands, comments are…. appropriate.


    • MarkyMark says:

      “The BBC’s Katya Adler: ‘I was never in danger of taking myself too seriously’”

      Kate runs out of things to talk about so talks about herself.


  11. Guest Who says:


    None too impressed with the bbc reporting, either.


  12. TrickCyclist says:

    Two items on the BBC London News.
    A charity called Brixton Soup Kitchen is shown providing free school uniforms and food, can you guess what those in receipt of this largesse look like?
    Followed by a story about Black on the Square, an event celebrating black culture in Trafalgar Square. Front and centre was a stall dedicated to Stephen Lawrence, under the shadow of Nelson Mandela’s Column.
    Have I got that wrong?


    • G says:

      Fixated on slavery. Fixated on bias. Fixated on hating white people, Fixated on hating police. Fixated on Stephen Lawrence. What can anyone expect?

      Simply fixated.


  13. Guest Who says:


    Metal nose piercings in sub zero temps; yea or nay?


    • MarkyMark says:


      BBC: “UK scientists tackle the taboo subject of periods in polar research.”

      Sigh. Imagine being a woman with enough brains and gumption to work at the North or South Pole but embarrassed about talking about needing tampons. Pathetic. 🙄😩


    • Terminal Moraine says:

      “The reason that we want to bring these topics up, as simple and as basic as they might seem, is because historically toileting has actually been a barrier for people entering into fieldwork…”

      Something something Newton’s laws of motion


  14. Guest Who says:

    And an audience looking forward. Clearly.



  15. tomo says:

    Net Zero notes for any BBC Nooze lurkers looking for weekend lazy content.


  16. MarkyMark says:

    Whatever our puppet government say is to distract us from the threat to our freedom | Neil Oliver

    Neil Oliver says ‘the ship of state is in a hell of a state’.


  17. tomo says:

    The BBC telling the A-Bomb Story


    Having read half a dozen books on the topic and innumerable web articles and youtubes

    BBC: We designed it and the damn Yanks stole it – I’m pulling faces…


    • MarkyMark says:

      “How Britain developed the world’s first atomic bomb only to lose it to the Americans when the U.S. reneged on an Anglo-American agreement to share atomic research.”

      But, speaking to the widow of an until recently unknown American atomic spy, the programme also uncovers evidence that the so-called ‘best kept secret’, the Manhattan Project, was far more deeply penetrated than we have previously realised

      But, speaking to the widow
      But, speaking to the widow
      But, speaking to the widow


      Battle of Britain: The schoolgirl who helped design the Spitfire – BBC News


      • tomo says:


        The elephant in the room might just be Harry Hopkins

        Kryptonite for Democrats


        • MarkyMark says:

          Hopkins? ….

          The Assassination of Katie Hopkins review – a musical savaging of social media
          Theatr Clwyd, Mold
          An inventive score and an intelligent script combine in this smart satire with nods to Jerry Springer: The Operahttps://www.theguardian.com/stage/2018/apr/27/the-assassination-of-katie-hopkins-review-theatr-clwyd-mold


      • G says:


        Nice photo but,

        Sorry BBC, wrong colour…………..


      • pugnazious says:

        Actually it was my great grandfather who designed the Spitfire and won the war……as a six year old he was being a pain in the arse so was told to draw a fighter plane to keep him occupied and out of everyone’s hair….naturally it was a fabulous flight of fancy which bristled with guns and was the fastest, sleekest ever….his dad, who worked with Mitchell, was inspired by it and yeah, a bit over the top, but it had something!…the Spitfire was born…..and yet my great grandfather never saw any recognition of his genius, talent and war winning imagination. So sad…the BBC ought to make a film of it….a forgotten hero.

        Not sure how that RAF bloke could keep a straight face.


  18. MarkyMark says:




    A Chinese airline has reportedly warned passengers that “precautions” should be taken when visiting areas in London mainly populated by “Indians, Pakistanis and black people”.

    Air China included the comments as part of a feature in its in-flight magazine on visiting the city.

    It also advised tourists not to go out alone at night, and for females to always be accompanied when travelling.


    • pugnazious says:

      Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you

      Just because you’re ‘racist’ doesn’t mean you’re wrong.


  19. JohnC says:

    Concrete crisis: Headteachers in weekend dash to make schools safe to open

    Aren’t teachers just great ?. They should get paid a lot more. I bet there are an awful lot in the BBC who would have been teachers if the pay was better. What a hugely unappreciated group they are.

    And aren’t the conservatives a disgusting, corrupt, racist mess who hate children ?. Going by the BBC reports, they don’t care at all if any lovely children get killed.

    Thank God an election is coming up. I will most certainly vote for Labour – the party who cares.


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      Back in the 70s and 80s, Lumps of crumbling masonry often used to fall out of the ceiling and walls of my school, windows too sometimes, usually when something (or someone) got lobbed through them. We weren’t pathetic snowflakes back then though, if anything fell on you everyone laughed (the teachers loudest of all).

      Carving your name, ‘4’, and that of your current crush in the crumbly plaster, concrete, or rotten timber window frames was the height of cool… no, actually that’s not true, chiseling the name of someone you didn’t like and the fattest, spottiest, stupidest kid in the school was… or even better, the name of someone you didn’t like and a teacher!

      If I’d ‘self identified’ as a ‘girl’, or a ‘cat’, or a ‘helicopter’ at school I would have had the shit kicked out of me – at least three times a day… and the teachers would have watched from the staffroom windows and laughed about the ‘mong’ kid getting the stuffing kicked out of him.

      Kids these days get seduced by pervy teachers, and are taught that kids can ‘self identify’ as anything they want (and shouldn’t be bullied for it), and that the government are somehow responsible for vandalising schools, and should be sued if something you’re kicking falls on you.

      How times have changed.


      • Guest Who says:

        From ocean sea turbines to fag break bike sheds, design lives and maintenance schedules have been, or should be a budgetary fact of life.

        Romans and Victorians invested in longevity, but time and tide will eventually prevail.

        In the US, an awful lot of bridges are way beyond the guarantee period.

        Our council pays Balfour Beatty to send ten blokes to fill a pothole but never check if the contracted service is good value.

        But none of this matters.

        What matters is pinning blame, and especially pinning blame on the right person, at the right timeframe, to sway voters to an ideological money pit that state and state media employees will never get adversely impacted by or held to account for.


    • Guest Who says:

      Dashing heads.

      “Head teacher Caroline Evans and her staff sit in a temporary staffroom in the corridor of Parks Primary School in Leicester”

      Presumably corridors are safe under different kinds of roof?


  20. MarkyMark says:

    Russia’s pro-war influencers are generating big advertising revenues from their social media coverage of the conflict, the BBC has found.

    Alongside a daily ration of gruesome videos of drone strikes and false claims about Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, they share ads for anything from cryptocurrency to fashion.

    Known in Russia as “Z-Bloggers” because of their support for a war often symbolised by the letter Z, they are often embedded with the Russian army and post footage from the front line where they call on young Russians to enlist.





  21. StewGreen says:

    You know how you get an all inclusive 20 year holiday in Britain don’t you ?


  22. BigBrotherCorporation says:

    Australia launches mission to rescue Antarctic researcher

    “The AAP said the researcher, an Australian, needs specialist treatment but did not name the condition.”

    However, going on other reports currently on the BBC webshite, I’m pretty sure it must be connected with a lack of tampons.


    • StewGreen says:

      Well it will be heatstroke due to the way the whole planet is BOILING.

      What kind of ship did they send ?

      “The **icebreaker** RSV Nuyina left from Tasmania last week, the Australian Antarctic Program (AAP) said”


    • Guest Who says:

      That or someone tried a morning cold start on the nose ring with a 12v battery.


  23. Terminal Moraine says:

    Our Health Secretary is “investing in cutting edge science…” Robot penguins in hospitals is more like something out of a Chris Morris show.

    P.S. How’s the excess death rate looking Steve?


  24. StewGreen says:

    New Andy Ngo video is about the totally skewed US justice system
    After Soros funded attorney generals were elected and media brainwashed the public that make up juries there is clear new-racism
    that the red/green skins of the left are let off cos “antifa are the good guys” or given extremely light sentences.
    whereas purple-skins of the right get hard labour for not bringing a library book on time.

    The assault of Andy Ngo by the antifa mob was caught on camera
    #1 The state declined to prosecute
    #2 In his civil case one jury acquitted 3 attackers shown in video
    #3 In the other case the judge ordered 3 other attackers to pay him the maximum damages of $300K,
    but he’ll probably never get the money
    It’s an example if #VictimBlaming

    On the side of the purple skins
    A Proudboy agitator got 17 years for agitating the crowd at the Capitol Jan 6th
    whereas 2020 redskin lefties got much lower sentences for actual physical violence
    eg 10 years for attempted mass murder.


  25. Fedup2 says:

    The BBC has a godless Muslim religion editor – so inevitably the ‘Sunday ‘ programme will be anti Christ . So today the stories are
    1 the woke decline of the C of E
    2 Muslim prostitures
    3 Muslims in France refusing clothing laws …

    Off switch . Off to Mass —-not much mention of the RC numbers growing ….even with a green crap pope


    • StewGreen says:

      Next item
      Lawyer from Nepal who got refugee status in the UK appealing for money to help educate other refugee “human rights defenders” in the UK
      and support other ones in other countries
      That lawyer has been living back in Nepal since 2020

      edited from the long prog blurb
      “We hear from a British woman who grew up as a devout Muslim but now makes adult content for the online service Only Fans. She’s often pictured wearing a hijab. She’s received death threats but believes that expressing her sexuality and making her own choices about her body are empowering.”

      Nearly a third of clergy who responded to a Times newspaper poll, felt that the Church of England could face extinction if the decline continues. Some believe that part of the problem is that church teaching on issues like gay marriage and the role of women is out of touch with public opinion.”

      Nuns in films” A film critic and a Catholic nun discuss the portrayal of nuns in cinema and reflect on the enduring appeal of nuns to film makers”
      probably PR for new horror film Nuns II


      • Fedup2 says:

        Funny really that the Religion programme is really an extension of ‘today’ with muslim as victims propaganda and not much by way of god yet alone anything positive about their State religion- with the absence of anything positive about the judeo christian religions or even the worshippers of Star Wars.

        Please dont pay for it …


  26. Guest Who says:

    BBC Scotland loaned Les their word?



    • Guest Who says:

      Meanwhile a Green numpty sums them up.


      And then, back to bbc propaganda…


      Which they are running, a lot, on a ‘tell it often enough’ basis… that everyone sees through.


    • MarkyMark says:

      “Apparently police confirmed 25k attended. Nice one.”

      What a beautiful sight. Ten thousand Yessers in Edinburgh. Great unscripted speech by Humza & so well organised ⁦by ⁦
      ⁩ & ⁦

      Believe in Scotland
      We are Scotland’s grassroots independence campaign, representing Yes groups from across Scotland. Sign-up and join the movement for an independent Scotland.
      Glasgow – Scotland – UKbelieveinscotland.orgJoined July 2009
      135 Following

      What does Believe in Scotland stand for?
      Neither Believe in Scotland nor Business for Scotland has ever received, asked for, nor donated to any political party and never will. We are completely political party neutral and do not suggest how people should vote. Believe in Scotland is predominantly funded by approximately 10,000 individual micro-donations annually, including monthly Stakeholder Memberships. We have run two successful crowdfunder campaigns in 2021 and 2022. The administration and office costs are covered by business donations to Business for Scotland Ltd.

      Our focus is on advocating for independence as we wholeheartedly believe that any government running Scotland for the benefits of the people, economy and communities, will be better for Scotland than any party of the current system of government from Westminster.

      As our name suggests, we already Believe in Scotland and we want to help people feel the same way. This is a site for people with genuine questions and for people whose heart may say yes to independence but their head says maybe or even no. We believe that once you engage with the evidence, people’s hearts and heads start to believe in Scotland.

      If you already Believe in Scotland you can get involved with our initiative here.


      Both Business for Scotland and Believe in Scotland are completely political party neutral, have never expressed support for any political party and do not suggest how people should vote. If we face a plebiscite General Election in 2024, the representatives from the Campaign Steering Group will be asked to decide how we campaign.

      Neither Business for Scotland nor Believe in Scotland has ever received, asked for, nor donated to any political party and never will.
      HA HA HA HA HA HA!


    • Docmarooned says:

      Ghastly deluded SNP shill!


  27. StewGreen says:

    Maui fires were act of God vastly screwed up by local policies
    – Fire brigade left smoldering fire unattened
    then hurricane winds whipped it up into zig zag pattern
    hence why some houses were left untouched whilsts neighbours were destroyed.

    – Police blocked roads , survivors often drove around the roadblocks

    – Hawaiian Power is owned by Blackrock
    they plan to bankrupt the company and walk away
    after being sued for incompetence.
    They were pushed into prioritising green energy INSTEAD of making the grid SAFE and RESILIENT
    so took profits
    but when the winds came they blew down the power lines, thus starting fires
    and water and phones went down, cos there was no electricity

    – Now government plans to seize some land and put up GREEN apartment blocks ..part of a green new future.

    video https://youtu.be/UlPpofw-zNw?t=642


    • Guest Who says:

      Mehdi and Justin teaming up to tell us what we need to know?



      • MarkyMark says:

        “Yeah building three or four windmills would’ve definitely stopped that hurricane🤣🤣”


        • pugnazious says:

          Probably all those turbines actually causing the hurricanes as they disturb the airflow around the globe….butterfly wings…..lol.

          Always consequences not thought of when you start something.


          • MarkyMark says:

            Like many words in the English language, ‘overbearing’ has a nautical connection. It describes a manoeuvre in which one sailing ship steers directly downwind towards another, effectively snatching away the overborne vessel’s wind to leave it powerless.

            Wind turbines can overbear each other, too. As developers seek to build ever more of them — globally, installed onshore wind capacity rose to almost 500 gigawatts last year, up from just 92 GW in 2007 — some of the best blustery locations are getting crowded. That could be a problem. To work best, wind turbines need to capture a clear and uninterrupted stream of moving air. Anything that gets in the way — from mountains and buildings to a rival wind farm — reduces wind speed and the electricity generated. Such obstacles also break up the air flow and the resulting turbulence increases noise, as well as wear and tear on the turbine blades.



    • MarkyMark says:

      UK Thames water has Saudi and Chinese owners!


      The chart below sets out the ownership of Thames Water and those group companies that connect Kemble Water Holdings Limited, our ultimate parent company, to the regulated company, Thames Water Utilities Limited.

      Kemble Water Holdings


      MI, Tao

      Role ACTIVE
      Date of birth
      September 1973
      Appointed on
      30 September 2022

      Country of residence

      Investment Professional


    • tomo says:

      The MSM organize hits on citizen journalist.

      Authorities erecting fences around Lahina , Maui and arresting people trying to get to their houses.

      Eminent Domain being deployed.


  28. Guest Who says:

    Graun going full ‘hits back’.




    • Guest Who says:

      It has also released an interview with Sadiq Khan about ULEZ which he has then posted. See how the circle of jerks werks?

      Comments, numbering fewer than the Dundee contingent to the SNP gathering, could be going better.

      The media in London, and Manchester, do have a knack for hitching rides to cliff falling coaches and horses.

      Speaking of said march, and Twitter, being none too savvy on IT matters, my timeline is rammed with posts by participants I do not follow. Why?

      I think I have had one from all present. And the replies… 🔝


      • MarkyMark says:

        Marcus Rashford says racists on social media should have accounts deleted
        author image
        Jordan King
        Saturday 13 Feb 2021 12:49 pm



        • atlas_shrugged says:

          > should have accounts deleted

          Which racists should have their accounts deleted? White racists or black racists? Also who should decide which posts are racist, white racists or black racists?


          • MarkyMark says:

            EXCLUSIVE: After Harry’s revelation that he killed 25 Taliban in Afghanistan… Now hate preacher who inspired Lee Rigby killers tells jihadis to target British troops

            ^^ being paid on benefits to wander London – diverse city

            Choudary has remained relatively silent since his release from prison almost four years ago, having been jailed over his support of Islamic State terrorists.

            But in an online response to Harry’s memoir, he said: ‘The latest revelations from Harry that he murdered 25 Muslims in Afghanistan followed by his comment that he has no remorse and that he just saw these human beings as “chess pieces” tells us everything we need to know about the Royal Family and their thinking about Islam and Muslims. In reality, the British Royal Family has a long and dark history of supporting the occupation of Muslim lands, the usurpation of its resources and the oppression of Muslims.’


    • MarkyMark says:

      Photo of him on under ground ! HA HA HA HA!

      London mayor Sadiq Khan performs Umrah for ‘blessed end to 2022’



  29. tomo says:

    The Byline Times comes out swinging for Khant (as does The Guardian) – not news really but confirmation (if any were needed) that they are clowns.


  30. AsISeeIt says:

    We aim to strike a balance between opulence and tradition in this objectophile edition

    BBC online news website ‘Most watched‘ feature:

    1. Spectacular meteor streaks across night sky in Turkey
    2. Meteor lights up the night sky across England
    3. Watch how this concrete can crumble under pressure
    4. Watch: Green flash as meteor blazes across sky in Australia
    5. Watch: Fiery ‘meteor’ over Australia probably Russian space rocket

    BBC news online feature ‘Also in the news‘: Your pictures on the theme of ‘recycled’

    Further comment would seem superfluous

    However, one might then beg to ask that vexed existential question of what would be the point hereabouts – were we not to comment on issues the likes of what is the point of the BBC news online website?

    On a day when the BBC’s top pick for their online newspaper frontpage line-up scoffs: Brexit has made Britain less relevant to the EU, and to all the other significant players in the world (Andrew Rawnsley, Observer)

    And when the Mail on Sunday frets: Tesco boss: Our staff need body cameras to end attacks… Head of country’s biggest supermarket tells MoS of drastic move to tackle crime epidemic sweeping ‘broken Britain’

    We can’t help but recall that memorable quip from Rowan Atkinson’s Black Adder to his Tudor Queenie: “Life without you is like a broken pencil… pointless”

    On the aforegoing most watched evidence we may posit the proposition that the BBC news website is targeted at and consumed by an audience with an average reading age of nine and further that it assumes a bland info-tainment function roughly equivalent to the old Blue Peter – were it not for the fact that what we’re now encouraged to do with our old plastic squeezy bottles, empty wallnut shells and sticky-backed plastic – no longer to be devoted to the constuction of a cut-price Thunderbirds Tracy Island – but instead consumed in amateur photography on the theme of ‘recycled’

    Given the remarkably strenuous efforts at evasion of sucessive Tory governments so as to keep the BBC just as it is – our BBC can surely not be akin in function to Blackadder’s broken pencil… indeed…

    Number one fuction of the state broadcaster must, patently, be to be State Broadcaster

    Exhibit One: Number one news story on the BBC news website this morning: Threats, insults, and Kremlin ‘robots’: How Russian diplomacy died under Putin (By Sergey Goryashko, Elizaveta Fokht and Sofiya Samokhina, BBC Russian)

    One tends to joke that the BBC acts as though it were the official opposition to the Tory government – now apparently they think they are the official opposition to the Russian government

    BBC favourite son Clive Myrie – pictured frontpage of the formerly-patriotic Labour-curious Times yesterday in pink soft velvet 2-piece 2-button notched-lapel suit (Paul Smith £975 Harrods ‘Strike a balance between opulence and tradition‘) – has perhaps passed his avant garde style tips on to Channel 4 favourite son Krishnan Guru-Murthy – today pictured frontpage of the Observer: Stepping out… ‘I’m a bit nervous’… reveals in an exclusive interview why he decided to take part in this autumn’s series of Strictly Come Dancing (Observer Magazine cover story)

    Our Krishnan sports a single-button jacket trimmed with contrasting coloured fastenings (three on the cuff) which could be bespoke.

    All’s fair in the realms of public buildings surveying and war…

    Whistleblower reveals culture of complacency on school safety (Observer)
    Ukraine general claims ‘decisive breach’ of Russian line (Observer)

    We can’t help but recall our Angela Rippon surprisingly turning would be Tiller Girl back in the day on the Morecambe & Wise Show

    Strictly’s Angela Rippon, 78, ‘tipped as a dark horse to win the 2023 series’ despite the broadcaster believing she’s ‘not going to lift the Glitterball’ (Daily Mail); Exclusive: Ex newsreader Angela Rippon among BBC stars targeted by Russian cyber attack (Mirror) – our Ange doing her bit – as they say.

    Mainstream TV newsreaders may (mostly) be required to turn up in best bib and tucker, however…

    Some trumped up baseless media claims can travel around the world and back again while Kier Starmer needn’t bother to lace up his boots (apologies to Mark Twain)

    Another key fuction of the BBC which rankles is not so much that it gives voice to the left and their arguments – which would be fair enough in a pluralistic media landscape – but on the contrary the BBC – to the exclusion of conservative notions – only provides and disseminates leftist talking points

    Concrete crisis: Headteachers in weekend dash to make schools safe to open (BBC)
    Storm Idalia: Biden pledges support to help Florida recover (BBC)
    Four sons set out on a perilous migration route. Only one came home (BBC)

    No bias there then (sarc.)

    And to lighten the mood somewhat we close with the Daily Star’s thought for the day: Life has its ups and downs – this in response to their headline story on a day when the Mail on Sunday goes with: Trinny at 59 Why I feel that sex completes you as a woman – the Star screams in apparent ecstacy: I’ve found my Mr Ride… Woman who falls in love with rollercoasters finds new funfair ‘fella’… split from her rollercoaster lover after being banned from the fun park has found romance again… with another big dipper. Objectophile Gaëlle Engel, 46, said “We are very happy”


    • Guest Who says:

      Interesting insight into what floats folks’ boats… or sinks them, tragically… or not.

      Now, if a Turko/Oz/Rotherham barber meteor could look set to take out Gloster… maybe the public will delight the subs if suitably worked up?


    • AsISeeIt says:

      Beeb contributer Elizaveta Fokht – bless her, has to be the name of the day.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Er – surely if 1 out of 4 illegals ‘ made it home ‘ thats a good news story for the 3 but a failure for the 1?


  31. atlas_shrugged says:

    Prison for property owners who do not comply with new Energy Rules:


    With the Oxbridge lawyers and MPs now revealing their inner Stasi these new rules will be introduced step-by-lockstep by ‘Statutory Instruments’.

    This is a system where a room full of psycho and or sociopathic oxbridge lawyers get to define the next set of malicious laws they will impose upon the serfdom. No proper MP scrutiny whatsoever. IMHO this is the very definition of an illegal law.


  32. BRISSLES says:

    I see Clive Myrie is “ashamed” of Britain, because his older half brothers haven’t got passports due to the Windrush cock up. Well, he ain’t done so bad as he !

    I could whinge about the mine owners and the conditions that both my grandfather’s endured under ground in the early 1900s – while the relatives of Myrie were out fishing on a sun drenched island ! My relatives couldnt escape for a better life, and now we have future whingers by the tens of thousands crossing the Channel – and for that IM ASHAMED of Britain for allowing it to happen.


    • MarkyMark says:

      One in two children growing up in Tower Hamlets live in poverty, study finds



    • Jeff says:

      I’m grief stricken at what has befallen my once lovely country, when I see those savages at Notting Hill. The animals in the zoo behave with more dignity and decorum.

      Import the third world, you become the third world…


    • digg says:

      Brissles, my grandfather was a miner in Lancashire at the beginning of the last century.

      He once told me that the underground workers often spent all day in coal Seams they had axed out by hand only 18 inches high.

      Consequently he began to have serious problems with his legs and often struggled to walk.

      Additionally the miners were not on any contract and were not employees and were only paid for completed shifts at the end of each day. They had to turn up at the pit head and the foreman would select those who he thought could work effectively with the rest being sent home without any pay.

      Due to the problems with his legs, my grandfather resorted to running a piece of rope inside each trouser leg so he could use his hands in his trouser pockets to help work his legs to fool the foreman.

      In addition he was paid in company tokens which could only be redeemed in the company shop or pub on site.

      I would say his working life could only be compared to a Labour camp.

      It makes me sick to hear about these whiners from abroad complaining about their lot, whilst collecting their social security payments and accusing whitey of keeping them down!


      • BRISSLES says:

        Absolutely Digg. I guarantee my Grandads would rather be without a passport (which they did anway) than die from coal dust on the lung from their time in the Yorkshire mines.
        Yes my own Dad did a stint in the Kent coalfield, and he too spoke of working at a height of 18″ at the coalface. Can anyone today even imagine working in claustrophobic conditions like that ? And knowing this, I roll my eyes at the outcry at the thought of teens doing a bit of National Service.

        (In Switzerland its a given that teens and many adults do a stint on doing something similar, only its called Community Service. Those I know are involved with the local fire service with voluntary training) A different attitude in Europe to us here.


  33. Fedup2 says:

    Bbc will be on full anti mode tomorrow with ‘ reporters ‘ around the country filming tearful students disappointed about ‘ no school ‘ – its the cement…


    • micknotmike says:

      Morning Fed,
      I’m sure it will be after the article filming tearful students who have been evicted from their accommodation – “It’s the dinghy invaders”…


      • Fedup2 says:

        Mick – I think I’d refer to the piece I put up yesterday by lord frost about the rapid decline of Blighty -which I agree with but where I see no remedy – without much much pain …


    • MarkyMark says:

      Old day pupils would love it! No school! Yippeeee – oh wait – modern day – you get locked in your bedroom with a teacher all day! HA HA HA HA! Progress.


    • digg says:

      The Guardian have their tame lefty but non-political mole in the civil service trying to throw petrol on the Tory

      concrete pyre.


      Time for a cull in the civil service to remind them about impartiality!

      The “mole” is “senior” source they say which probably means he has dinner regularly with the a guardian big-wigs.

      Of course other than blame the Tories for being slow he has absolutely nothing to add other than a Tory bashing headline.


  34. digg says:

    BBC climate Propaganda is all about the choice of words they use.

    Remember when we used to get “hot spells” or even “heat waves” in the summer?

    Well both of those words have a temporary aura to them which of course doesn’t fit with the new BBC armageddon mantra so have been thrown into room 101.

    So now they have replaced them with “heat domes”, much more scary isn’t it?


    • MarkyMark says:

      The era of global warming has ended; the era of global boiling has arrived.” Guterres urged politicians to take swift action. “The air is unbreathable, the heat is unbearable, and the level of fossil fuel profits and climate inaction is unacceptable. Leaders must lead.27 Jul 2023

      global boiling
      global boiling
      global boiling

      Al Gore’s New $9 Million Ocean-View Villa in CA
      By Mark J. Perry
      May 05, 2010


      Al Gore’s testimony to the House Energy and Environment Subcommittee: “I believe that the transition to a green economy is good for our economy and good for all of us. And I have invested in it. But every penny that I have made, I have put right into a nonprofit, the Alliance for Climate Protection, to spread awareness of why we have to take on this challenge. And, Congresswoman, if you’re… if you believe that the reason I have been working on this issue for 30 years is because of greed, you don’t know me.”

      Doug Ross: “Don’t you love these hypocritical Climatards? They want to control your lives: how big your car can be, how much water your toilet can hold, the kind of light bulbs you can use. They even think there are limits on how much money you should be able to make. But they put no limits on what they can have. Kind of like the old Soviet Politburo. Which is the kind of society they intend for us.”


  35. MarkyMark says:

    Fifteen-minute neighbourhoods as part of London’s recovery
    Recovering with a greener economy depends on making London work in a different, more local way. What are you doing to plan for 15-minute neighbourhoods where Londoners can live, work and access services within an easy walk of their home?

    Sadiq Khan (Mayor of London): My London Plan sets out a framework for the growth. I want Londoners to be able to access thriving high streets, attractive open spaces and good quality jobs and to be able to get there safely and easily by sustainable means, including walking and cycling. I want all parts of our city, not just central

    C40 is a global network of mayors of the world’s leading cities that are united in action to confront the climate crisis.




  36. pugnazious says:


    As hospitals and schools literally crumble before our eyes the government spends billions housing illegal occupiers and colonists in luxury hotels and accomodation many Brits could never afford or be handed by our welfare system.

    Billions being spent because of a system that is propped up and championed by the BBC which is at the forefront of the pro-mass immigration lobby which is rapidly destroying your country….and let’s not forget that Migration Watch has calculated that even legal migrants actually cost us billions…they don’t bring wealth[apart from a lucky few that benefit] they cost us…not just money of course but overcrowding in housing, schools, in the NHS, on the roads, and overstretching of resources such as water and the need to provide energy for them. Quality of life and of course the environment suffer….not to mention the culture wars that the BBC is also on the frontline of as it tells us there is no such thing as a British person or identity, no British culture and British history is evil….as it tries to erase ‘whiteness’…ie white people themselves.

    The BBC is toxic.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Is that Huw Edwards waving from the building?

      ‘No one expects him back’: what now for the BBC’s Huw Edwards?
      Suspended presenter remains silent over partly withdrawn claims he paid a young person for explicit images but still faces internal inquiry


    • MarkyMark says:

      3 teachers hide in Batley in 2023….

      … back in 1985 …..

      Ahmadis suffer vicious persecution around the world. The main source of fuel for that persecution is in Pakistan, but what happens in Pakistan does not stay in Pakistan.

      I know that from my experience in the Yorkshire market town of Batley. In August 1985, when I was 11 years old, my parents organised an inter-faith meeting in the town hall. It was interrupted and disturbed when, according to West Yorkshire police,

      more than 1,000 extremists, led by Pakistani hate preachers funded by the Pakistani state, were bused in from around the country.

      The mob brutally attacked my English mother and my father, a dermatologist; my eldest brother and I; and a Welsh Ahmadi schoolteacher who was with us. My first cousin, a GP, was by chance driving through the market town that day. He saw the mob and saw his family and friends being attacked, so he stopped. He was recognised, pulled from his vehicle and savagely beaten up.



  37. AsISeeIt says:

    Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner

    speaking of nudges

    I’m assuming it remains a legal requirement that retailers at least offer their customers a physical sales receipt even with cashless plastic card or phone app purchases

    One can’t help but note the sales assistant’s off pat and oft repeated question “Would you like a receipt?”

    So it is with the supermarket self-service machine closing query “Press for receipt”

    Co-op, Sainsburys etc, I’m talking about you

    Where once the shopper was granted a generous 10 seconds to reply, the interim period for response shrank to 5 seconds, and now it stands at a reflex and attention deficit challenging 3 seconds.

    softly, softly, catchee monkey

    talk about nudge – that was once a function only encountered on one-armed-bandit fruit machines


    • MarkyMark says:

      In a paperless world everything can be falsified -quickly.


      A memory hole is any mechanism for the deliberate alteration or disappearance of inconvenient or embarrassing documents, photographs, transcripts or other records, such as from a website or other archive, particularly as part of an attempt to give the impression that something never happened.[1][2] The concept was first popularized by George Orwell’s 1949 dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, where the Party’s Ministry of Truth systematically re-created all potentially embarrassing historical documents, in effect, re-writing all of history to match the often-changing state propaganda. These changes were complete and undetectable.


  38. Fedup2 says:

    Not BBC – just an observation – during a late summer visit to my local Epping forest – thankfully owned by the Corp f London and not the emir – I observed a forest warden issueing parking tickets in the car park .

    One victim was a new Mercedes estate car . When I got back from my stroll the owner returned – a pair of cyclists on their forest ride and putting the bikes into the back of the estate ….

    … I blamed ULEZ….. I wonder if the ‘home ‘of the mobile ULEZ detector vans has been found ‘ torched yet ….

    .. the laws are diminishing freedom pretty quick now ….

    (Note to 77 Brigade file)


  39. MarkyMark says:

    15 minute cities tomorrow – clap on thursday for the Mayor or new PM 38dc242390187212b4c49febbc53a238614511171d61b2eb868ec0905733cdb2.jpg?w=600&h=780


  40. MarkyMark says:

    Huw Edwards … BBC to check all hard drives ….

    Newsreader Huw Edwards named as BBC star accused of paying teenager for explicit photos
    Presenter Huw Edwards has been named as the subject of allegations including paying a teenager for sexually explicit images in a statement released by his wife.
    By Joe Buncle
    Published 12th Jul 2023, 18:48 BST- 2 min read


  41. MarkyMark says:

    Jeremy Hunt is on tv saying UK schools will be made safe .. maybe get a loan from Barry Gardiner of £500K from his chinese spy to pa for the rebuild?

    “Jeremy Hunt’s wife presents show on China’s state-run TV ‘that whitewashes Communist Party’s human rights abuse’”


    Hunt (JEREMY) had been interested in creating a ‘guide to help people who want to study rather than just travel abroad’ and, together with Elms, founded a company known as Hotcourses in the 1990s, a major client of which is the British Council. (HA HA HA HA- mates rates)


  42. pugnazious says:

    Listened to R4 on Friday to hear them reminiscing over the Major cockup, sorry, government. The ever entitled, arrogant and superior Lord Clarke, a pro-EU zealot, revealed how the ‘post-truth’ era was well established long before Trump or Boris as he reminded us how he had campaigned on the basis that joining the Euro would not be the thin end of the wedge that would pave the way for a federal EU.

    That was of course a blatant lie….the EU was set up to slowly morph into an empire….and history has shown that to be true as the EU panjandrums tighten their grip and rub out sovereignty and national self- determination and identity…..freedom of movement was designed not for economic benefits but to insert peoples into other nations that would have no loyalty to their new country and thus when it came to voting would be more inclined to vote for the ‘EU’ than for the benefit of their new country or even their old country…they’d see themselves as European first than say Polish or British. It was an invasion by stealth by the EU to break national identity and loyalties.

    The invention of the ‘post-truth era’ by the BBC and kindred spirits was cynically designed to target Trump and Boris…..they’re liars and their supporters are all liars spreading dangerous untruths and conspiracy theories…so much so that we must take control of ‘the Truth’….we at the BBC will arbitrate on what is true or not and will pass judgement and the government will pass legislation to shut down the dangerous threat to democracy on social media and elsewhere….the Truth will be whatever we at the BBC or in the Home Office decide it is.

    This is of course how Jan 6 was used by the Democrats to steal and reinforce their power….ramping up the danger of an ‘insurrection’ so that they could clamp down on their political opponents whilst quite happily cheering on their own militias, Antifa, BLM and Soros funded activists, who were literally tearing Amerca apart….all to cement the Democrats in power….much like Hitler used the Reichstag fire to seize power…..hmmm….as the BBC, and Lineker, says…we’re back to the Thirties again….just not in the way they like to portray it.



    • MarkyMark says:

      “.the EU was set up to slowly morph into an empire…”

      The key, argues Verhofstadt, is to reform the European Union along the lines of America’s federal government: a United States of Europe strong enough to stand with the United States of America in making a better, safer world.

      Europe’s Last Chance: Why the European States Must Form a More Perfect Union
      by Guy Verhofstadt (Author)

      In the heart of Europe’s current crisis, one of the continent’s foremost statesmen issues a clarion call to radically remake the European Union in the mold of the United States’ own federal government

      Europe is caught in its greatest crisis since the Second World War. The catalog of ills seems endless: an economic crisis spread through most of Europe’s Mediterranean tier that has crippled Greece and driven a wedge between northern and southern Europe; terrorist attacks in Paris, Cologne, Brussels, and Nice; growing aggression from Russia in Ukraine and the Baltic states; and refugees escaping war-torn neighbors. The European Union’s inability to handle any of these disasters was a driving factor in Great Britain voting to leave, and others may soon follow. The result won’t just be a continent in turmoil, but also a serious threat to American and British security-the Atlantic, let alone the Channel, simply isn’t big enough to keep European troubles in Europe. For everyone’s sake, Europe must survive.

      The question is how. In Europe’s Last Chance, Guy Verhofstadt-former prime minister of Belgium and current leader of the liberal faction in the European Parliament-provides the essential framework for understanding Europe today, laying bare the absurdity of a system in which each member state can veto legislation, opt in or out of the Euro, or close borders on a whim. But Verhofstadt does not just indict the European Union, he also offers a powerful vision for how the continent can change for the better. The key, argues Verhofstadt, is to reform the European Union along the lines of America’s federal government: a United States of Europe strong enough to stand with the United States of America in making a better, safer world.

      A visionary book from one of today’s luminaries of European leadership, Europe’s Last Chance is a clarion call to save the European Union, one of the world’s greatest chances for peace and prosperity.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Pug – yes its a good comparison between the capitol demo and the reichstag fire – although id say the capitol thing was a ‘ nothing ‘ in comparison to the persecution the obama DOJ has committed


  43. Thoughtful says:


    Oops !

    Laura Kuenssberg loses 700,000 viewers a week after replacing Andrew Marr in coveted Sunday morning politics slot

    Ex BBC political editor Kuenssberg took over from Marr in September 2022


  44. MarkyMark says:

    Jeremy Hunt says government will ‘spend what it takes’ to make schools safe


    Jeremy Hunt: everyone will be paying more tax after autumn statement 2022

    Everyone. Everyone. Everyone.

    Theresa May, Former UK PM earned £1.86 million in her 2 years since leaving Downing Street, figures show

    Barry Gardiner defends donations worth £500,000 from Chinese agent

    Matt Hancock, who lost the Tory whip after it was announced he would be appearing on the ITV programme, is still being paid as an independent MP and is rumoured to have been paid £400,000 to appear on the I’m a celebrity.

    Boris Johnson earns £315,000 for 30 minute speech and ‘fireside chat’ in United States

    Chuka Umunna Advisory Board of The Progressive Centre UK think tank (also known as Global Progress)

    Jeremy Corbyn Labour party leader accepted up to £20,000 (about $27,000) for appearances on the Iranian state broadcast network Press TV

    Keir Starmer £18,450 from Harper Collins as an advance payment for a book.

    Boris Johnson Accommodation for a private holiday for my partner and me, value £15,000 Destination of visit: St Vincent and the Grenadines

    Jeremy Hunt £10,000 from Citigroup Centre for speaking at an event on 9 March 2021. Hours: 4 hrs. Fee paid direct to charity. (Charity not mentioned)

    Nadhim Zahawi MP promises to repay the part of £5,822.27 expenses claim for second home energy bills that relates to electricity for stables

    MPs to get £2,200 pay rise from April for ‘dramatically increased’ duties last year

    Philip Hammond accepts £2,000 watch from Saudi sheikh, despite ban on donating expensive gifts


  45. Fedup2 says:

    Id go with the rapidly growing tiredness even half awake viewers experience when exposed to the poor old BBC message .., or maybe she doesn’t’play out the show ‘ with the customery west indian oil drum band the BBC white folk believed made the show ‘ inclusive’ . …

    I m sure one of those cooking shows with ‘larger than life ‘ personalities would do much better.., how about ‘cooking with diversity managers’ … chips every week ..

    … actually – there are no ‘box office ‘ politicians of any type – all there is – to genuinely draw crowds is Farage – but he is on the BBC disapproved list – so won’t be hearing from him on the BBC – the rest are just half wits only worth watching to be reminded of how poor the choice is now…. Of any party …


  46. MarkyMark says:

    CHANGE COMES WHEN YOU GET A ROYAL VISIT … Simon Dudley, the leader of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead council, wrote on Twitter there had been an “epidemic of rough sleeping and vagrancy” in the town and said he wanted police “to focus on dealing with this before the #RoyalWedding.”4 Jan 2018


    • Fedup2 says:

      Marky – can you mark it up by age before I waste my time reading it ? 2018 ffs?


      • MarkyMark says:

        Sorry – does say 2018 at end – will try to add at start. Get excited sometimes!

        Maybe if the royals visited everywhere there was homeless people it would end having homeless people?


  47. MarkyMark says:

    Guido Website … “Guido, my last post, successfully posted, then disappeared, !!!!!!!!!!!! explanation please.”

    Response (comical) … “these comment areas are heavily policed. thought crime will not be tolerated. we must all be more woke.”