250 Responses to Start the Week 4th September 2023

  1. Eddy Booth says:

    “Electric Picnic festival site to house refugees”

    “Work will begin later today to transform the site of Ireland’s biggest music festival, Electric Picnic, into an area of tented accommodation for refugees

    The Irish government says it will house up to 750 people for the duration of a six-week contract signed with the site’s owners..

    Since February 2021, the Irish government has accommodated more than 92,400 people seeking refuge.

    The government has also sourced accommodation from the tourism sector and student housing, but they say those options are at capacity.”

    Country is at capacity? so shut the door.

    Keep um there in the tents the whole winter, they’ll be toasty with all this global warming.


    • taffman says:

      Surely, they will cross the border into Blighty to get placed in 4* hotels for winter?


      • Eddy Booth says:

        It’s probably Ireland’s publicity stunt version of the barge.
        They’ll put half a dozen illegals in the tents, then one night a fox 🦊 will sneak in, and bite one on the arse.
        Bus arrives next morning to take them all back to plush hotels.


    • tomo says:


      – all year round Glastonbury = go for it.


  2. StewGreen says:

    Vodafone and EE customers are reportingly unable to contact each other as both networks experience problems.
    One EE customer took to X to say: “My mother is on EE I’m on Vodafone. “We are unable to call each other but are able to call numbers on our own network.
    Is there a problem with EE and Vodafone connecting to each other?”


    • Non Snowflake says:

      Hopefully EE will go bankrupt. They have an advert doing the rounds featuring an all-black cast, with two white men kissing each other at the end.

      I think I shouted something at the TV which isn’t repeatable.


      • digg says:

        Pretty soon these company’s pushing the male on male, female on female sex agenda will have to think again as the overwhelmingly normal people in this country begin to give them the boot bud light style.

        Whatever anyone says it’s abnormal behaviour. If a man can have sexual “relations” with another man then why not a child or an animal? If these people want to go that way, good luck but for hells sake don’t try to make it cuddly and normal and forcibly acceptable by everyone.

        I can only assume a very high level of deviancy in the ad industry.

        Odd that pretty much all species in the World are programmed to mate with the opposite sex it’s only humans who decide that’s not necessary or enough!


      • markh says:

        The latest Premier Inn advert shows two men in bed together. I used to be quite a frequent customer- not any more.


  3. taffman says:

    “Fuel price rises push up cost of full tank by around £4”
    How much Carbon Tax ?


  4. Fedup2 says:

    The Chief Constable of Northern Ireland has resigned “ in order to make way for someone competent “ he said – or did I misquote ….

    Elsewhere – nice to see one of the labour remainer traitors being bought back to the shadow cabinet – yes Hilary benn – famous for doing every thing immorally possible to defeat the democracy of the brexit referendum . Very labour ..


  5. StewGreen says:

    Sunday BBC local newsPR

    #1 chirpy item “look at this Hull charity they are collecting dumped tents from festivals
    and are sending them to UK homeless and charities in Calais “for refugees to use”

    #2 chirpy environment reporter a greendream cultist
    “oh look here I am at the peat moors, now they stopping cutting peat and working to save the planet
    Climate Climate Climate”

    #3 chirpy item about the Hull Freedom festival
    they quickly cut off the woman who said it wasn’t as good as last year.


  6. JohnC says:

    Angela Rayner handed new role as Keir Starmer reshuffles top team

    A lovely smiling, happy picture of Starmer and growler picked from Getty by the BBC:


    The polar opposite for those they choose fro Trump or Farage who they hate with a passion:



    But the only interesting thing about this article for me is the comments. If this was in any way a hot-agenda article, it would be swamped by the spiteful children and the upticks would be at least 3:1 ‘in favour’ of the BBC’s view. But in this one, the trolls haven;t been summoned and we have reasonable comments without the child-like spite and upticks generally in favour of those against the BBC.

    Which to me is absolute proof they (and/or Leftist troll farms) are cheating on the important topics.


  7. Flotsam says:

    One of the more ludicrous sights on TV are the anti Brexit banner waving Remoaners disrupting news items from College Green, outside Parliament. It’s a good self confirmation that Remoaners are a band of mentally defective loons. In the same class as the sandwich board wearing “The End of the World is Nigh” people
    Please give us a break Steve Bray or whoever you are, you lost the Referendum years ago, we are no longer in the EU. (Until Starmer and Labour get in).


  8. StewGreen says:

    BBC1 The Scamwatch prog appears to be constructed reality
    ie it’s not actually filmed live
    rather that they act it out later to make it appear dramatic


  9. StewGreen says:

    Piers Morgan on TalkTV interviewed Sadiq Khan
    and now afterwards seems like as a Sadiq shill as he’s coming out with lots of lines that back Sadiq.
    “He’s a dynamic entrepreneurial man” etc.


    • Jeff says:

      You couldn’t pay me enough money to watch that horrible creep, Piers Morgan. He gives me the shivers…

      I will never forgive him for his revolting rants during lockdown. He was puce with fury when talking about the hundreds of thousands that attended the anti-lockdown demos. “What’s wrong with these Covidiots?” he ranted. “They’re killing people”.

      A week later the anarchistic thugs of Black Lives Matter took to the streets of London. There were only a few hundred of these oiks in attendance, but they caused mayhem, attacking and injuring police, putting graffiti on both Churchill’s statue and The Cenotaph. The BBC reported it as a “Mainly peaceful demonstration”. Yes, of course it was…

      Suddenly Morgan had a change of heart. These were essential freedom fighters, opposing the horrors of racism after the murder of the saintly George Floyd. And I remember one gut churningly soft interview he did with the thick as shit MP, David Lammy. It was so sycophantic it made me vomit.

      Oh, by the way, Morgan’s son was at the BLM (mainly peaceful) riot.

      I wonder if he infected anybody…


  10. Dickie says:


  11. tomo says:



  12. tomo says:


  13. digg says:

    MoreThan insurance running a commercial for pet insurance.

    Every actor is Asian. Has nobody told them that generally Asians and particularly Muslim ones hate dogs and cats seeing them as unclean?


  14. Thoughtful says:

    An article (op-ed) in the Wall Street Journal yesterday outlines how the Biden (mal)administration plans to declare a climate emergency and suspend the constitution, and the election in order to prevent Trump or anyone else being elected and replacing Joe Biden.


    “We’ve not fully arrived at crazytown. But the urge to curtail individual freedom is visible in countless blueprints for a controlled future.”

    Many things can easily dismissed as tinfoil hat conspiracy theory sites, but it’s a lot more dificult when it’s the Wall Street Journal.
    This would be a gross misuse of Presidential power a gross perversion of the green agenda and would certainly damage their cause perhaps fataly, and might even be the spark for a civil war in America.


    No doubt there would be moves to suspend such a Presidential declaration but time is the big issue here. The Democrats lied about Trump refusing to surrender his office, it looks like they intend to do exactly that however.


  15. pugnazious says:

    The BBC still filling the airwaves with dangerous race lies.

    We are told that black women, due to their race, get a terrible treatment at the hands of midwives….never mind all the stories about white women gettig exactly the same bad treatment. There was one line in particular….black women weren’t given painkillers because they were ‘tougher’ than white women. This was a terrible and racist characterisation. However….the BBC report mentioned that it was black midwives who said this…but then this line seemed to be erased from the report in later editions…odd huh?

    Today in contrast was a black man on R4 who was proud that blacks had to be tougher to survive in racist Britain….ethnic minorities had to be much more mentally resilient.


    He must be a racist like those mysteriously vanishing black midwives.

    Then we had Alexander Burke an ‘authentically black’ and highly successful singer whinging that black women, real black women with proper black skin and curly hair just can’t succeed in the music industry. Er….I don’t have to mention the hundreds, if not thousands, of blacks, authentically black and curly, who have succeeded massively in the music industry [and elsewhere]. Lizzo right now, Joan Armatrading and oh yeah, Alexandra Burke herself just a very few to mention.

    She said she was told she would never succeed, blacks had to work 10 times harder, they need ‘white’ hair, they need to bleach their skin….what was missing was who said this to her….guarantee it was another black person who thus creates a self-fulfilling prophecy and completely false narrative fabricated by blacktivists who want to keep other blacks ‘on the plantation’, keep them in a slave mindset where ironically they need white peoples’ approval to succeed…..and it’s all a great big lie…one spread and promoted by our very own BBC of course.

    Black victims can only be saved by their white allies….lol.

    So much for black pride.



  16. pugnazious says:

    Listening to the never ending BBC programmes about black music on R4 it did occur to me that this isn’t ‘black’ music, certainly not ‘African’ music…..after all what chart topping music does the continent of Africa produce…or any other product that sweeps the world with its ‘black’ genius and innovation?

    This is music that could only be produced by blacks once they came to America or Europe……once they were under the sway of white culture, art, music, science, industry and education….without that they’d produce nothing of interest…or barely anything.

    This is as much ‘white’ music as ‘black’.

    Black history stopped centuries ago…they froze in time until whites and muslims arrived…if we hadn’t colonised they’d still be living in as they did 1000 years ago.

    Debate BBC.


  17. Flotsam says:

    We are led to believe Sunak intends to lift the ban on wind turbines being built onshore.
    I guess it’s sunk in that offshore wind turbines are expensive to install and operate.
    “Green” energy comes at considerable cost, a cost we are all having to bear. It’s very noticeable that most of the coverage of energy costs by the BBC and MSM focuses on increased domestic cost. Not much coverage of the incredibly damaging impact to what’s left of our industry. I suppose there isn’t much industry left to damage in Britain.


    • StewGreen says:

      @Flotsam There is no BAN on onshore windturbines
      There never has been
      They are built every year in the UK
      Mostly Scotland/ Ireland cos it’s more windy

      But even in England 2 went up last year at Keele University

      and one giant one went up at Avonmouth


  18. Dickie says:


  19. tomo says:


    • Thoughtful says:

      Foggy really is hopeless, a competent interviewer would have destroyed this silly woman, who has no idea what the electricity grid is all about.


    • Kaiser says:

      where are these grid scale battery backups can she point one out to us


  20. JohnC says:

    Why has concrete suddenly become headline news?

    First we have this outrageous and ridiculous picture which I think is meant to be children running away in terror from all the falling concrete:


    And in the article we get:

    ‘Rightly or wrongly, the government then had one position on the risk of RAAC and its relative importance.

    And, rightly or wrongly, the government now has a rather different one.

    Critics of the Conservatives suggest spending cuts over the last decade or so of their time in office are responsible.

    What is also worth considering is the insight this crumbling concrete offers into ministers’ choices, judgements and attitudes to risk, both now and in recent years.’

    I think the answer to why this concrete has become much more than ‘headline news’ for the BBC is the same as all the other relentless ‘Live update’ campaigns they have been running ever since it was so successful to remove Boris. The next election.

    The BBC have one supreme objective : to rejoin the globalists on the EU gravy train. Which means Tories must be voted out next year.

    I really do wonder what these people would do if they suddenly had absolute and supreme power. They despise the right-wing white British males with a passion.

    I suppose we just have to learn from history and see what that last socialist who got that power did in 1930’s Germany.

    Writtne by the impartial and unbiased ‘Chris Mason’ who also produced the BBC’s ‘Brexitcast’ on the run up to the referendum. I can only imagine what that was like when wiki informs me it was highly rated by the likes of ‘The Guardian’ and ‘The Financial Times’.


  21. Scroblene says:

    Senora O’Blene and I are well into the first series of ‘Rising Damp’ again!

    Fabulous quality humour, Don Warrington giving as good as he gets, Richard Beckinsale wishing he could get a little bit of it, Frances De La Tour hoping one day she might also give a bit and maybe get it, and of course, Leonard Rossiter never getting it at all!

    That was made when balanced writing and good humour produced real laughs, because the ‘political’ and ‘social’ views of the cast and also the modern ‘agenda’ never came out in the story – the jokes were real and applied to, and, played on everybody equally!

    Blimey, we were very lucky in the mid seventies – we had something good to watch! I wonder why the BBC didn’t make it, it ticks all their little boxes!


    • JohnC says:

      I have a hard disk full of all those shows Scroblene.

      ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ is a good example of how the Left warp everything. White Eddie was the hard-line, far-left union-man who was the only racist in the show. And Bill the black guy was equally racist back at him. And at the end of every show, Eddie was always made to look like the idiot. Never Bill. If anything, it was anti-white racist.

      They nailed the Left with Eddie : he had an anti-racism sticker on his car but was the most racist of all when one moved in next door. Total hypocrite. Perhaps that’s why they dislike it so much.


      • Scroblene says:

        Absolutely John!

        One of the main reasons we decided to cancel the BBC that we’d just had enough of the leftie wokists interfering with the quintessential ‘Darling buds of May’!

        We live not far from where much of it was filmed, and I can remember driving daily past the pub and the church where much of the action took place!

        H.E.Bates must have turned in his grave, (locally), if he knew what a disgraceful charade of racist anti-British sentiment gushed out from the little Barbie biros of the dribbling snowflakes who tried to re-write history!


  22. andyjsnape says:

    Ukraine war: Kim Jong Un ‘to visit Putin for weapons talks’

    Under the heading of Ukraine war for some reason, the bbc trying to create “news” – but most likely Kim Jon Un is visting Putin, no more no less

    …a US official has told the BBC’s US partner CBS – someone has told someone, and the bbc’s US “partner” knows about it – bbc does like to quote its US partners, if not CNN, now CBS, next probably Disney 🙂

    A bit of made up news


  23. AsISeeIt says:

    Concrete news edition

    Buzz off! – demands the Guardian: Is it too late to stop the invasion of Asian hornets?

    Perhaps they’re simply coming over here… for a better life?

    ‘Alien species’ warning – alarms the FT: A four-year study has warned of the catastrophic global economic and environmental impact from plants and animals spreding out from their native habitats…

    But what of free movement, open borders and all that?

    As for the root cause of the spread of all these invasive species the FT blames: …the result of human activity

    What’s good for humans is surely good… for the geese and the ganders?

    Dogs perform Mozart with orchestra in Denmark (BBC) – our national broadcaster taking things on a step from a dumb internet that’s awash with trashy funny cat memes

    Up next: Could this be the UK’s ugliest dog? (BBC)

    This young chap is a human: The 11-year-old piano prodigy with Mozart-level talent (BBC)

    In the manner of Mrs Merton we ponder what first attracted our BBC to: Jude is 11 years old and autistic and might just be the next Mozart. His talent caught the attention of a piano tuner who surprised him with an amazing gift – a grand piano.

    For those hereabouts watching in print… he’s a black boy.

    There’s an image the BBC might perhaps sell back to Getty so as to allay and recoup some of their daily photo copyright costs – that is if this story is the result of recent BBC research and therefore property of BBC journos?

    11-year-old prodigy with autism receives $15,000 grand piano as gift from stranger… Jude Kofie, of Colorado, initially went viral after he discovered an old keyboard in his home and began playing fluently (Eyewitness News ABC, Friday, January 13, 2023)

    Bringing the news up to date

    Our BBC likes the FT for their top pick in their online press line-up today

    Crumbling schools crisis puts Sunak on back foot as two by-elections loom (FT)

    Then again there are some rather import news subjects about which we get very little concrete news

    Ukraine lost fewer than 15,000 troops, EU countries’ intelligence says (12 May 2023, Euractiv ‘is a pan-European news website specialised in EU policies, founded in 1999 by the French media publisher Christophe Leclercq. Its headquarters and central editorial staff are located in Brussels, with other offices in Paris and Berlin’)

    Nothing to worry about there then.

    More than one in eight bank branches to close (FT)

    Hey, here’s a cost saving idea care of our banks – how about state school education goes completely online – no need for expensive brick and mortar (or jerry built duff concrete) buildings – the teachers prefer working from home – remember Lockdown – you know it makes sense?


  24. Jeff says:

    There’s something really odd going on here…or maybe not…

    We’ve all heard about the crumbling concrete in schools, forcing them to close. Suddenly people are up in arms because children are “having their education disrupted”, but…

    Where was all this outrage a couple of years ago when schools were closed for months on end due to the Chinese sniffles? And even when they eventually reopened children and teachers were forced to wear hideous, dangerous and useless facemasks.

    I’ve just seen Labour spokesman, Jonathan Ashworth, on GB News, becoming apoplectic with rage because “children’s education is going to be badly impacted”. Yes, no doubt it will be.

    However, this bloke was full square behind every school lockdown during the covid hysteria. He actually wanted more school closures than happened…for an illness that barely impacted children at all.

    This smarmy git clearly doesn’t do irony…


    • Guest Who says:

      Smarmygittism is a scourge. Here’s Ros.



      • AsISeeIt says:

        Could only stomach part of the Ros potted history of the naughties – but couldn’t fail to note how he jumped to 2010 with Labour losing power – obviously an important and concrete issue for our Ros – skipping over the whole 2008 global financial crash thingy.


      • tomo says:

        The only thing that exceeds his smarmygittism is his epic presumption when commenting about things he has no experience of or even trivial understanding of.

        – on the plus side he seems careful about pronunciation.


      • JohnC says:

        Who is more irritating ?. Ros or Sopes ?.

        They both remind me of aliens wearing human suits.


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      You forget the massive, drop of a hat, bring down the Tory Scum, f*ck the parents needing to go to work, neverending (massively overpaid) teacher strikes, Jeff.

      Or the phasing out of ‘parent evenings’ under the excuse of ‘Covid’, so that all we get now are 3 minutes of each of your children’s teachers who can be bothered to log on, wheezing and slurring away at you drunkenly on the mobile, with no chance to ask any questions, or respond.

      Or random school closures, at zero notice, for some ’emergency’ or ‘staff shortage’, or ‘it’s a sunny day so we all thought we’d have the day off’, or something…

      No, the only ‘disruption’ that counts, is that which can (even if it’s utterly implausible) be blamed on the Tory Scum, or Brexit, or Climate Change in some way… more, or less…

      My eldest finished this summer, and youngest will in two more (THANK GOD!)

      Like everything else in this country, education is rapidly falling apart, and I’m not talking about the school buildings – most of which look surprisingly spruce, clean, and well maintained compared to my old school, back in the day. We did have teachers though (many ex-military) who weren’t scared of the kids (quite the opposite), or confused about their genders.


  25. Guest Who says:


    Likely the only one smart enough to be tweeting every five minutes and making their dead cert less certain each post.


  26. tomo says:

    The RAAC panic looks increasingly like a manufactured panic – I was suspicious at first having seen and heard many critiques of RAAC (AKA aerated concrete) in the past. As an infill / non loadbearing material often in block form – it has it’s uses – aircrete with reinforcing seems a material science stretch too far imho.

    Local councils are responsible for maintenance of schools and if my local experience is a guide they simply can’t be arsed to even put a lick of paint on things obviously deteriorating. Unblock drainage / repair gutters, fix subsidence, re-point stonework even clean things is too much for too many.

    I notice that the provenance of the panic – the people who ordered the closing of school buildings are essentially anonymous / MIA – that’s plain wrong.

    The way this has been done absolutely reeks of manipulation for ulterior motives – the invocation of asbestos finished my sympathy off completely.


    • digg says:

      The BBC will keep up a string of these government failure stories whether they have any foundation in the truth or not.

      The Tory party will keep get painted as the culprits whoever was really to blame, It will last until the next general election. We all know why.

      Take as an example the way they are manipulating the shocking news that Labour controlled Birmingham City Council is bankrupt. yes, the biggest local authority in the World has gone bankrupt!


      “Vital Services are safe” is their headline today.


      The whole slant of this piece is trying to say “It’s not such a big deal, we the Labour council are taking care of it”.

      Expect next up, probably tomorrow….”The Tory Government denied vital funding to the Council”.

      As the BBC has openly and wilfully decided to take a left wing political propaganda role it must call into question whether they should be getting any funding whatsoever from the taxpayer.

      If they want to be a clone of the Morning Star let them try to raise their revenue from the unions or the Labour Party etc. who in effect are their script masters anyway or go full on subscription,


  27. JohnC says:

    I see ITV are making ANOTHER drama about the Yorkshire Ripper. About murders 43 years ago.

    The cynic in me tells me that it will be absolutely loaded with mysogynistic, stupid men and under-rated women who will prove to be the brains of it all by the end.

    Add in of course a sprinkling of black people who never existed and we will have another ‘based on a true story’ which is nowhere near what actually happened.

    I bet it was actually chosen so they could shoehorn all of that in. A white male who hates women is exactly what they want as the bad guy. What a shame they had to dig back nearly 50 years to find one.


    • tomo says:

      There was nothing wrong with



      Cyril Northcote Parkinson – or something – as far as telly goes.


  28. markh says:

    We are enjoying what used to be known as an Indian Summer. Oh sorry no it isn’t, the BBC tells us that it’s a heatwave caused by ‘climate change’. Instead of enjoying it we must worry and take on board all of the BBC’s guff about how to survive it. And thanks for telling us how to sleep, BBC. God how I hate their miserabilist nannying.
    Have they mentioned its effect on mental health yet?


  29. tomo says:

    International News – meanwhile in Canada…


  30. markh says:

    There’s something wrong with my TV- it seems to be tuned to a Nigerian channel. The latest Ikea advert must be utterly incomprehensible to a native English person.


    • tomo says:

      I always remember fondly introducing Norwegians to Rab C Nesbitt.


    • moggie63 says:

      Wow, you watch adverts ? I don`t even notice them anymore.


    • G says:

      ‘Ethnic Cleansing’

      “Ethnic cleansing is the systematic forced removal of ethnic, racial, and religious groups from a given area, with the intent of making a region ethnically homogeneous.” Wikipedia


  31. Guest Who says:

    BBC Moaning Emole, by Cubicle Clone Bimbo Alex Binley

    Illegal sewage spills


    A BBC investigation has found three major water companies released sewage into waterways on dry days, in breach of environmental law.


    A graphic showing sewage coming out of pipes
    Image: BBC


    Water firms illegally spilled sewage on dry days, data suggests

    Three of England’s nine water companies illegally discharged sewage hundreds of times last year on days when it was not raining, a BBC investigation suggests. The practice – known as “dry spilling” – is banned because the sewage is likely to be less diluted, leading to a higher concentration in waterways. Releasing sewage into rivers and seas is allowed in the UK to prevent pipe systems becoming overwhelmed – but it has to have been raining. Discharging in dry conditions is therefore illegal. As part of the investigation, the BBC contacted all nine of England’s water companies, but only Thames, Southern and Wessex Water – who serve 22 million people – provided data.

    I have little doubt this is the case. However, when making accusations, is it not better to have all the facts and evidence first?

    Oh, and…

    Ukraine’s first lady tells BBC of war toll on family life

    Poor love. Hope she didn’t snog Dr. Biden on a shopping trip over in the USA.


    • JohnC says:

      Just reading that same article.

      Now it’s naughty of these companies discharging the sewage and they should be fined or whatever.

      But is it really the top headline in the world today ?. Or is it just mundane flotsam for the quota employees who have to be given something to do and as it’s loosely environment related, it’s been pushed way beyond it’s pay grade ?.

      Here are all the authors of this piece which looks more like someones homework:

      Esme Stallard:
      Becky Dale:
      Jonah Fisher:
      Sophie Woodcock:

      I’ll let you decide.


      • tomo says:

        I wonder if the Welsh state owned water company is illegally spilling sewage on dry days – and if it is – what are Starmer and his fragrant deputy going to do about it?



      • andyjsnape says:

        Hello JohnC

        In the last pic is the author on the left or the right please?


  32. vlad says:

    Hey BBC, this is what investigative journalism looks like – remember?

    GB News confronts Labour councillor who helps illegal migrants…


  33. Eddy Booth says:

    “Burning British Challenger 2 tank of the 82nd Airborne Division of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Zaporozhye direction.”


    • JohnC says:

      I wonder what the English translation of what he said at 18 seconds is.

      This is one of those ‘facts’ that they ‘check’ then if it’s not a Challenger 2, plaster it over the front page as fake. If it IS a Challenger 2, it will not be reported.

      Because that’s what fact-checkers are now.


      • tomo says:

        Challenger 2

        “Subtitles / closed captions unavailable”

        convenient that – but sometimes it seems to take a few hours to get processed.


    • Dickie says:

      Guess it’s not good PR for the military industrial complex


  34. tomo says:


  35. G.W.F. says:



  36. Terminal Moraine says:

    More on the Eritreans from the BBC — “Trouble had begun after Eritrean activists said that they had asked Israeli authorities to cancel an event organised by their country’s embassy.”

    Note that no trouble existed before the dastardly Israelis got involved in an otherwise mostly peaceful African cultural event. Now the UN comment:

    “’Alarmed at high number of injuries during protests involving opposing Eritrean protesters, particularly in Israel,’ the UN said in a statement on X, formerly known as Twitter. It is ‘crucial that investigations take place, hate speech is avoided – especially by authorities’, it says. The ‘principle of non-refoulement’, a reference to protection given to refugees and asylum seekers, should also be ‘fully respected’ by them, it added.”

    So while illegal Eritrean migrants continue to smack each other around the streets of their host cities across the globe, don’t kick them out and avoid hate speech. Problem solved, thanks UN.



  37. Terminal Moraine says:

    UKHSA reporting that the dangerous Asian Tiger mosquito now in Europe… because of climate change and increasing trade and travel.

    If only authorities were working hard to reduce travel, increase our energy bills and inject more experimental biotech into everyone to keep us all safe.


  38. Dickie says:


    Oh dear, sure Hamish will come up with an explanation. All the fault of the Ukranians. They never listen to our NATO expertise in tactics and grand strategies.



    • JohnC says:

      What concerns me a lot about the comments we see on the DT and the BBC (and everywhere else in the MSM I suspect) is how they are full of people who clearly have no clue what is actually going on but feel confident to make big assertions.

      This is from near the top rated comment on the DT:

      ‘Russia is in need of a thorough reformation for it to be really fit for the civilised world. The current Russia must be pulverised.’

      That is 100% nuclear war.

      And anyone who questions their narrative is visciously attacked as a Russian troll.

      The DT used to have very reasonable comments but now they are spiteful children with no intelligent content whatsoever. Exactly like the BBC HYS are.

      The worrying part is that it is plain as day – but everybody seems to think it’s OK. I haven’t seen anyone question it anywhere.


  39. G says:

    Last month I stopped my bank standing orders for both water/sewerage and Council Tax. Now paying both (I did Road Tax earlier in the year), by cash at the Post Office. I asked the principal assistant whether I was the only one paying the ‘old fashioned way’. She replied ‘No, we see increasing numbers paying through the Post Office’ and continued, unprompted, “even the youngsters are quickly realising that what the future holds (CBDC) is state surveillance. All are increasingly insisting on using cash”.

    With the banks as they are at present, I’m surprised the Post Office has not seen the massive business opportunity that’s clearly now in view, with an alternative style new form of bank account.

    But I spose the Post Office are not that entrepreneurial.


  40. G says:

    From: ‘Save Britain’

    “China’s horror plot for Britain as Sunak warned Xi wants to rule Commonwealth
    September 5, 2023 by Save Britain
    Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been warned that Britain is at risk of taking its historic relationship with the Commonwealth for granted as China tried to replace us.

    One of the Prime Minister’s trade envoys, MP Daniel Kawczynski, wants the UK to reach substantial agreements with Caribbean nations to prevent them from cutting ties.

    He sees this as vital, given that a number of countries with King Charles as head of state are considering becoming republics, following Barbados’ lead in 2021.

    In June, its Prime Minister, Mia Amor Mottley, met with China’s Premier Li Qiang in Beijing, as the country distances itself from previous connections.

    “This is a shot across the bows of how we can no longer afford to take these Caribbean nations for granted, or underestimate the increasing effect of China,” said Mr Kawczynski, chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on St Kitts and Nevis.

    “We are in a race with China over political and economic influence across the Caribbean,” the Shrewsbury and Atcham MP wrote in a memo to the Foreign Office.

    Two observations:

    1. We all remember those kids who seemingly enjoyed breaking up insects like removing wings or legs. No difference here.

    2. Condone Chinese stealth, the main object is to eliminate the UK. Hand Jamaica and the rest over to China and watch what happens when the criminals start arriving to take up residence……In China.


    • MarkyMark says:

      China will not allow people to migrate to china.
      China will offer to build infrastructure and send their own people and build their own chinese communities.


      India are sending rockets to the moon as UK gives India, a developing country foreign aid.


      Barry Gardiner defends donations worth £500,000 from Chinese agent


    • taffman says:

      At the same time we are being literally invaded on a daily basis from across the Channel by an army from the middle east, aided by ‘our friends’ in the EU. While our weak government just sits on its hands. Thanks , Rishi.

      “Highest number of migrants cross Channel in 2023


  41. Sluff says:

    Birmingham Council, the biggest in the UK, has just gone bust.


    But in the interests of full disclosure and just in case the BBC spins it as yet another ‘Tory cuts’ story, let me rephrase that.

    Labour-controlled Birmingham Council has gone bust.


    • Scroblene says:

      The ‘government’, (ho ho), could ship all the illegals up there overnight, leave them outside The People’s Palace and make it a good day to bury bad news – or is it revive good news…?

      How is it that lots of other councils manage to run their places properly? Budgets? Paying themselves too much? Political naivete? Incompetence? Socialist chaos?

      Answers on an 11 plus maths paper, preferably written in Plain English.


    • Guest Who says:

      The media has this all in hand. Retweeted by Sopes’ fluffer.



      • Guest Who says:

        Be impressed if she even knows what it means.


        • Guest Who says:

          Councils. What are they like?

          The BBC, in so many ways.


        • MarkyMark says:

          Gay pride and drag lessons for kids – essential.


  42. Guest Who says:

    The BBC do not help themselves.

    Or, ‘the cause’, as comments proceed to highlight.


  43. Sluff says:

    Unlikely to be mentioned by the BBC.
    The main reasons Birmingham City Council has gone bust are

    1. A ridiculous ruling that women deserved equal pay over decades despite doing different work
    2. There has been a systematic shift of public money for year after year towards the sacred saintly black hole that is the NHS and away from every other public service. Do your local roads have lots of potholes which even third world countries would find embarrassing?

    I very much doubt reason 2 will get any air time at all. Especially on the BBC.
    It does however have the advantage of being absolutely true.