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    • MarkyMark says:

      “Mary and her family have for the last three years wrestled with how to respond to such devastating news. Her siblings say that Avon and Somerset police have consistently put pressure on them not to speak publicly about the relationship, warning of the risk of social unrest if the news got out.”


    • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

      Compo Compo Compo


  1. MarkyMark says:

    Bryant wasn’t alone in making the most of political perks. Rachel Reeves enjoyed the summer in a holiday home stay worth £1,400, as Keir Starmer took a £2,142 hospitality ticket to the football. Penny Mordaunt also jetted off on a £2,300 trip to watch horse-racing in Qatar. And they say our politicians are out of touch.

    One year on from Truss’s acceptance speech, it seems she isn’t doing too badly for herself. She received £32,000 for a speaking engagement last month. Meanwhile, Rishi reverted to type with a £15,026.45 helicopter ride to a political event. How’s he gonna spin this…



  2. Sluff says:

    Slightly OT but another indictment of the uselessness of our public authorities.

    A report has been issued stating that the cause of the fatal helicopter crash at Leicester City FC was mechanical failure. The pilot was blameless.

    Here’s the thing. The accident took place in 2018 FFS.
    It has taken them FIVE YEARS to publish the report !!!!

    Public sector. Efficiency? You must be joking.


  3. StewGreen says:

    ITV Headlins that deceive “British Army Officer awaiting trial ‘escapes prison by clinging to delivery van’

    actual news : Daniel Abed Khalife, 21 thought to have snuck out of the kitchen and clung onto the bottom of a delivery van to make his escape.
    He was being held awaiting trial for a terror offence, the bomb hoax and an alleged breach of the Official Secrets Act.

    was s a serving officer in the British Army
    6ft 2ins tall
    In February, Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard he allegedly left fake devices at MOD Stafford “with the intention of inducing in another the belief the item was likely to explode or ignite”.

    A previous court appearance heard he “elicited” personal information about soldiers from the Ministry of Defence Joint Personnel Administration System


  4. Richard Pinder says:

    US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA officer Major Joseph Murphy, concluded in an August 2021 memo that ‘SARS-CoV-2 is an American-created recombinant bat vaccine or its precursor virus’ and blamed the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Dr Anthony Fauci directly. Murphy said the mRNA vaccines ‘work poorly because they are synthetic replications of the already-synthetic SARS-CoV-WIV spike proteins’. His concluding paragraph reads: ‘The massive, “Manhattan Project”-level suppression of information by the government and the Trusted News Initiative indicates that it would be covered up if something bad happened.’ The Trusted News Initiative was founded by the BBC: https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/the-us-biowarfare-project-which-caused-the-covid-19-debacle-part-7/

    Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry on Tuesday filed an amicus brief in support of Children’s Health Defense’s (CHD) groundbreaking lawsuit against the legacy news media members of the BBC lead Trusted News Initiative (TNI): https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/trusted-news-initiative-amicus-brief-louisiana-jeff-landry/


  5. Sluff says:

    Sara Sharif. A little girl found dead in a house shortly after her father and other relatives did a runner to Pakistan. Her photo shows her in make-up with ear-rings, despite being only 10.

    Her mother, divorced from her father, appears to be Polish. She came back over from to identify her daughter – and btw found it difficult as her face was smashed in.



    Why were any of them in this country in the first place?
    Are you ‘embracing multiculturalism and celebrating diversity’ as recommended by Labour?
    Why was she so made up?
    Why does the BBC never ask any useful questions?


  6. Richard Pinder says:

    The Sunak-Starmer Coalition Party plan for Britain:



  7. StewGreen says:

    ITV local newsPR focused internet poverty
    and the charity that helps people
    Item focused on Iraqi and Iranian woman
    ..Hmm Iran is a rich oil state ..it’s refugees have money

    I lived for years without a home internet connection
    just used free public networks in the library/street

    PRasNews for charity that gives away taxpayers money


  8. Sluff says:

    Anyone else notice that the BBC are absolutely wetting themselves hoping and hoping the highest temperature this week will exceed the year’s highest to date, back in June.
    ‘Today we could see…….’. We are being fed a daily diet of this guff.

    Get ready for the ‘records broken due to climate change’ story.
    It has, of course, already been written, and they are aching to use it.

    PS I wrote the above and then….
    Hot off the press at 1817. 6 pm news asks ‘has a new record been set’


    • Eddy Booth says:

      They’ve already declared it’s autumn, on September the first, even though any old man could tell them it’s still summer..


    • Deborah says:

      Today my car said 26 degree’s which I think is a couple of degrees less than the Met Office was predicting and certainly well below the 33 degrees which ‘could’ happen somewhere. When looking at places at random on the Met Office website, I could only find 33 degrees at Camden in central London. It couldn’t be the urban island effect, could it? I hope I have the technical term correct. But the only places I could think of within Camden are Regents Park or Hampstead Heath, both of which are totally surrounded by buildings which will absorb heat and then radiate it out.


  9. Sluff says:

    On the BBC lunchtime news we had the most bizarre story.
    It was a feature about the effects of inflation on food prices.

    Why so bizarre? Did I not say.

    The story was not about the UK.
    It was about Bangladesh !!!!!

    Has the BBC Multiculti agenda gone stark raving mad ?

    Or are they trying to suck up to their preferred audiences?


  10. Thoughtful says:

    Watch it and weep.

    The question is though why the BBC and others are not telling the people this is going on and that they are completely oblivious.


  11. StewGreen says:

    ITV local newsPR second day in a row that Asian reporter Khaira has appeared next to a female Labour MP, who explains why Labour will do it better.

    Yesterday it was Hull MP Diana Johnson
    who also is back on the BBC Radio Humberside headlines


    • StewGreen says:

      Sorry she Khaira Charanpreet has already done PR with 3 Labour MPs this week on ITVcalendar

      Monday was Keir Mather the news Selby Labour MP


  12. JohnC says:

    Hunt for terror suspect ex-soldier Daniel Khalife after Wandsworth prison escape

    You would not believe how much searching it took to discover that this terrorist is a Muslim. None of the MSM tell us.


    I wonder if the BBC would have pointed out he was far-Right if indeed he was. Actually I don’t wonder at all. It would have been in the headline or at least the first sentence.


  13. pugnazious says:

    I have long urged the righteous to leave their homes unlocked so that the desperate and needy may enter and benefit from their rich western bounty….plundered from the wretched colonies of course….and indeed the various desperate and needy will undoubtedly contribute to the well-being, happiness and richness of life in the home such are the delights of diversity and open door policies….the more the merrier.

    Practice what you preach….if you think open borders and mass immigration is not only beneficial, moral and mathematically possible then apply that to your lives…open your doors and allow anyone in, feed and house them, clothe them, educate them, lend them your car, give them the remote for the tele….if not you’re a fascist like all those who oppose open borders…a racist white supremacist.

    Locked doors are racism in action….it is white supremacy writ large…..unfortunately this is scarily all too real and believable…satire but not satire….


    • G.W.F. says:

      Note the people of colour who freely entered the loony’s house. Not one appeared to acknowledge him. They walked past as if he were an object.


  14. pugnazious says:

    The BBC is a keen advocate of abortion…a woman’s body, her choice.

    Not so keen it seems when it could have been them being flushed down the loo.

    Rory Cellan-Jones was somewhat horrified to hear that his mother had talked of aborting him…a sad loss to the world no doubt but, you know, her body, her choice. No?

    The BBC does not like the realities of the world be it the realities of mass immigration or the realities of aborting a baby for reasons domestic, social or pleasure.


    • atlas_shrugged says:

      There is only one case when abortion is acceptable. This is when the feminist in question is well under eighty years old.


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      The BBC is peopled by a certain class of privileged, middle class, public school educated ‘liberal’, who like to talk (a lot), about ‘rights’ and ‘equalities’, but who seem to have very little experience of working for a living, or getting their hands dirty, or dealing with some of the less salubrious people and things that most have to confront… or of reality, if I’m honest.


      • BigBrotherCorporation says:

        Abortion is an incredibly complex and emotive subject, and not one in which (to my thinking) there is always a right answer one way, or the other.

        I just know if my daughter was raped, or was told she was expecting a seriously mentally disabled child, or had to choose between her own life, or that of the unborn child, I would support her choosing an abortion. In most other circumstances, not.


  15. pugnazious says:

    So recently we had an ex-senior civil servant telling the BBC that Rishi Sunak was personally responsible for Raac and schools collapsing and murderng children.

    What the BBC failed to mention, in his highly unusual intervention, was that he had been sacked from the education department for being useless by the Tory government…might be relevant to his ‘information’ and motivation.

    The BBC is quick to blast out headlines condemning Sunak and the Tories without getting anywhere near the facts and full information….the damage is done to the Tories and the change of narrative as facts come out goes unnoticed by most who now already know the Tories are murdering school children.

    For instance….we were told that the government had been recommended to upgrade 200 schools but Sunak recklessly cut that to 50 a year. But….what was the time frame for the 200….was it per year or over 10 years? The BBC never said….and if I rely on the BBC rather than risk dodgy fake news and conspiracy theories on the evil social media I’d still not know and so get a totally skewed perspective on this story.

    Then we had a BBC investigation that revealed this morning that the Tories had refused to refurbish certain schools….and these facts were brandished by Starmer in PMQs and used to attack the government.

    Is it just coincidence or my imagination that the BBC, especially when there is the whiff of an election in the air, suddenly releases information useful to Labour on the day of PMQS…and invariably it is picked up and used by Labour and the broadcast repeatedly across the nation by the BBC.

    Just coincidence I’m sure.


  16. pugnazious says:

    Fascinating to see the BBC reaction to the suggestion that there should be a ‘Minister for Men’. The BBC thought this was a great idea because of course…men are the problem so a minister for men could lecture them and re-educate them about their ‘male privilege’ and ‘toxic masculinity’….men aren’t victims they are the problem.

    More men commit suicide….ah…but….that’s just statistics and looked at a different way women would be the real victims here.

    More men, vastly more, are the victims of violence…..ah, yeah…but….it’s men doing the violence so it doen’t matter….and just proves men are the problem.

    Men don’t really have any problems and so don’t need a minister for men. Men do not have rational or reasonable claims for better and fairer treatement….they are just frightened and angry at women for succeeding and taking over….claims it is due to unfair advantages and privileges and preferments is just fear and irrational. Failure in schools is not due to favouring of girls but due to say a failure of ‘levelling up’….it is nothing to do with girls getting unfair advantages and legs up.

    Naturally Andrew Tate gets a mention…curious how he is demonised and accused of corrupting and poisoning the minds of young men…no such condemnation for the ‘toxic’ feminists who preach that all men are rapists and that men must be driven from the world in effect….pretty much what the BBC’s very own Woman’s Hour preaches….an extremely toxic anti-male programme that freely condemns all men as proponents of toxic masculinity and casually uses the slur ‘male, pale and stale’…racist, sexist and ageist.

    Who is more dangerous, Andrew Tate or the massively influential and powerful BBC which spouts similarly toxic bilge?


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      Would Andrew Tate have been so successful if young (mostly white), straight men didn’t feel the odds were so heavily stacked against them? He is basically, ‘hero worshipped’ by insecure young men for sticking two fingers up at the establishment (e.g. the BBC) and their complete disparagement of the heterosexual white male.

      Ok, there are always some people who feel life is ‘unfair’ and they’re the victim, and such people tend to turn to cults, religion, knifing people in the street etc… for comfort. However, the sheer number of young (mostly white), straight males who are currently feeling spurned and undervalued by the modern world (quite a few of whom take their own life, or descend into depression, drugs, homelessness etc…) suggest to me that maybe, just maybe, they really don’t have it all their own way after all.

      We have a Minister for Women, so logicially of course we should have one for Men too, or perhaps we should just have one whose role was to try to maintain some kind of ‘equality’ for everyone, regardless of gender, race etc…?


  17. tomo says:

    The BBC’s favourite economists opine again


    • digg says:

      Comment 1

      How do these ridiculous twats get where they are?

      What we need is a global twat filter that identifies all those jumped up creatures and puts them back in their boxes. They are filthying the world for normal people by their knee jerk juvenile lying whilst being given credence by the dense cerebral immaturity of what we laughingly call the press.

      Get the grown ups back in the room for gods sake!


    • digg says:

      Comment 2

      Crass but it’s just “fuck off!”


    • Guest Who says:

      The hair is a valuable indicator.


  18. digg says:

    Here we bloody go again, we get a few nice hot sunny days and the BBC are immediately wheeling on dubious climate scientists dug up from woke universities no doubt trying to make the most of it to warn us we are ruining the World.

    Other than a general hatred for mankind I have no idea what drives these oddballs.

    They are crazy and should be balanced by normal real non gibberish scientists with real degrees they have actually earned telling us that we are experiencing what is known as summer.

    I suspect that the majority of these woke scientists are in fact “mamils” that is mature men in Lycra who cycle. And just want the roads cleared so they can pedal three or four abreast everywhere.

    Hate them doesn’t even begin to cover it!


    • kingkp says:

      It’s worth noting the Royal Society was essentially established by oddballs and gibberish scientists as you call them. It’s no coincidence the current oddballs who comprise their membership are pushing the climate change crp and the Covaids nonsense. Most of what they have pushed over the centuries has been driven by Malthusianism and you are merely witnessing the final and inevitable denouement of their eugenics program.


  19. pugnazious says:

    ‘‘….with a cry of joy, most of these scientists seized on string theory as the answer. But their enthusiasm was such that they came to think not that it might be the answer, but that it must be. They formed themselves into a cult. Dissenters and apostates were not just scorned, they were denied posts in universities. Einstein the thinker could not now get a job in any leading physics department. For any young physicist, it was easiest simply to suppress one‘s doubts and go with the stringies.‘’

    As with string theory…climate change theory….

    ‘Climate scientist admits making his research ‘unrealistic’ to get published

    Dr Patrick Brown claims research that cuts against the ‘mainstream narrative’ on climate change is ‘taboo’ in certain journals’


    ‘A climate scientist has admitted overhyping the impact of global warming on wildfires to ensure his work was published in the prestigious science journal Nature.

    Dr Patrick Brown, the co-director of the climate and energy team at The Breakthrough Institute, Berkeley, published a paper last week arguing that climate change had increased wildfires in California.

    The Nature study has been accessed more than 3,000 times online and was cited by 109 news outlets across the globe.

    But in a blog and series of posts on X, formerly known as Twitter, Dr Brown admitted that there were other factors influencing wildfires that he had purposefully omitted – such as poor forestry management and an increase in people starting fires deliberately or accidentally.

    He said he had found that journals would not publish climate studies unless they followed a specific “formula” and “mainstream narrative” in which global warming was viewed as the sole culprit for environmental destruction.
    Dr Brown warned that climate scientists often used irrelevant metrics to create “eye-popping numbers” or used time periods that are not relevant to modern societies.

    And he said he had discovered it was “taboo” to mention that global warming was often mitigated by changes in technology and resilience.

    “The first thing the astute climate researcher knows is that his or her work should support the mainstream narrative,” he said.

    “Why did I focus exclusively on the impact of climate change? I wanted the research to get as widely disseminated as possible, and thus I wanted it to be published in a high-impact journal.

    “When I had previously attempted to deviate from the formula I outlined here, my papers were promptly rejected out of hand by the editors of high-profile journals without even going to peer review.”

    He added: “This type of framing, where the influence of climate change is unrealistically considered in isolation, is the norm for high-profile research papers.

    “It is standard practice to calculate impacts for scary hypothetical future warming scenarios that strain credibility while ignoring potential changes to technology and resilience that would lessen the impact.”’


  20. digg says:

    Interesting fact:

    Humans are animals.

    Cats are animals.

    Some humans think all humans should be vegetarian.

    No vegetarians think cats should be vegetarians.

    If you try to make your cat vegetarian, it will die.

    If you try to make your dog vegetarian it will die.

    End of interesting fact………


  21. digg says:

    Interesting fact 2

    Men pretending to women as drag queens get a shit load of tv coverage.

    Women pretending to be men as let’s call it “drag kings” are pretty much non existent and get no tv coverage although they must exist.

    I draw no conclusions other than to wonder about this anomaly and propose that there is a huge representation of male queers in the media compared to female queers.

    Maybe someone out there has another theory?


  22. Dickie says:


  23. digg says:

    Just seen the all white family Kinder commercial again so that means it hasn’t yet been jumped on by the skin colour police yet!

    It surely must be on borrowed time!


    • JohnC says:

      I just watched it on youtube digg and I think it makes the pass mark:

      Characters almost all female.
      Woman narrator.
      No white males at all.
      Women playing football in the background when the bus arrives.
      Close up of Indian man with dog.
      Black and Muslim women (out of focus) waiting to get off bus at the end.

      Admittedly her daughter should have been black to get the highest marks.


  24. tomo says:


    • taffman says:

      All thanks to our “Tory” Prime Minister and his government. There are are alternatives to these consocalists . Look to UKIP and The Reform Party .


    • MarkyMark says:

      Dover MP Natalie Elphicke told the Commons that the BBC’s “shocking report” contained the “breath-taking” disclosure of free French public bus services being used to ferry migrants from camps to Dunkirk beaches.



      Today the BBC journalists Michael Keohan and Colin Campbell released a shocking report on the channel crossings. It showed people smugglers selling their wares brazenly in the migrant camps and many children living in unsafe and dangerous conditions, as well as—this is breathtaking—a free French public bus service that migrants can use to travel directly from the camps to the Dunkirk departure beaches. Will my right hon. Friend allow a statement on the issue of tackling the small boat crossings and the Government’s response in their work with France?




      • taffman says:

        They are all joining the queue for our “International’ Health Service, having paid zilch into it.

        Thanks “so-called” Tories !


  25. Eddy Booth says:

    Ukraine war: 17 killed during attack on market in ‘peaceful city’

    ‘President Zelensky has condemned a “deliberate” attack on Ukraine’s “peaceful city” of Kostyantynivka
    Volodymyr Zelensky, who has blamed Moscow, said those killed were “people who did nothing wrong” – and warned the death toll could increase.’

    Or perhaps the missile actually arrived from Ukrainian direction..Maybe one of “our” Storm-Shadows.


    • JohnC says:

      ‘Hope, its is possible to state that fact without being called names.’

      No it isn’t. Because Ukraine have as many trolls as Russia. And as our Western media removes the Russian trolls, only the Ukranian ones are left. And they are nasty, viscious people. Who are right at home in a modern BBC HYS.

      And from what I’ve read about dissenters ‘disappearing’ in true Nazi style in Ukraine (unreported in the MSM of course), it would not surprise me if it was deliberate (though it’s far more likely it was unintentional by either side)..

      Ukraine need things like this to shock the West into continuing their support.


  26. tomo says:


  27. tomo says:



  28. harry142857 says:

    Brexiteer John Redwood sets out blueprint for radical overhaul of BBC licence fee
    The former Cabinet minister’s intervention comes amid ongoing questions over the future of the Beeb’s funding model.

    BBC licence fee payers should be given shares in the corporation and be allowed to appoint its bosses, a Tory MP has said.

    Sir John Redwood made the call for the licence fee shake-up in a pamphlet promoting an “ownership revolution” for the Centre for Policy Studies centre-right think tank.

    The Thatcherite Conservative MP said ownership is a “core philosophical dividing line” between conservatism and socialism.

    He described the BBC as “the most obvious state service that could be transformed by wider ownership”.

    Criticising the “licence fee tax model”, he said the broadcaster’s revenues are being “eroded” by people switching to streaming services.

    Sir John also said the BBC is losing viewers as it is “often out of touch with much of its potential audience” due to a focus on “a narrow set of attitudes and interests.

    He said it has become “a major voice of the net zero movement, a robust supporter of international governance and a doughty opponent of populism”.

    Sir John said: “The best way to resolve this surely is to ask the people, the present and potential users of the service, what service they would like, which parts should be free and how it all should be paid for.

    “The Government should therefore announce that the BBC will be given to the licence-payers.

    “On a stated date anyone who is paying a licence fee would be granted a single share in the BBC, which would be newly incorporated to reflect its changed ownership.”
    He went on: “The Government would also announce a phased reduction in the licence fee over a suitable transition period, and would decriminalise non-payment, making the licence fee a normal service charge.

    “The BBC could charge more for stated services where people consented to pay.

    Sir John said it would be up to shareholders to pick board members and the director general.

    Under the proposal, the corporation could pitch for a continuing government grant for a public broadcasting element or sell new shares to raise capital in the future.

    A BBC spokesperson said: “The BBC’s existing charter runs until the end of 2027, beyond that it is right there is a discussion on whether, and if, the licence fee needs to evolve.

    “We look forward to a healthy public debate that ensures the BBC is best-equipped to continue delivering for audiences in the UK and around the world.”



  29. Flotsam says:

    Consider just how huge the amount of money raised by the the BBC licence fee is. £3.83 Billion, Three thousand eight hundred and thirty million pounds. It is an absolutely colossal amount of money. A great deal of it enters the London SE economy.

    Regional distribution of BBC spending:



  30. andyjsnape says:

    People in UK least likely to say work is important to their life – survey

    Luckily i’ve managed to reduce my working days down to four

    Why would anyone want to pay for the 3rd world invaders in housing, schooling, accommodation and everything else “free”


  31. Guest Who says:

    Gerry is a Hon. Perfesser, which is why his expertise is much sought after by the BBC.


    In other news the organ of Kev Maguire, gob du jour chez W1A, is in the the news.



  32. Guest Who says:


    Ms. Kaur however raises an interesting precedent that would kill the media outrage and cancel industry stone dead.

    Clearly Springster is an early adopter, if selective.


  33. taffman says:

    “UK rejoins EU science research scheme Horizon”
    Are we being ‘nudged’ back into the EU by a re-joiner government?


    • JohnC says:

      The EU gets a lot of its support by giving free money to anyone who is in a position to support them.

      Academics are up near the top of that list, as are media companies such as the BBC.

      As are globalist banks. Where Sunaks loyalties really lie. Which is why he’s been given a free-pass by the BBC up until recently when the election is looming and they want Starmer in.


  34. Guest Who says:


    The hagiography of noble young parent Rayner will be epic.


  35. andyjsnape says:

    A comment on Trustpilot re the bbc 🙂

    “Is the crumbling concrete in schools really such a disaster?
    Look on the bright side: the unending stream of brain dead, hard-left propaganda being poured forceably through funnels into our childrens ears will be interrupted indefinitely.

    One could hardly call what they receive in school an education anyway.

    As for the mental illness nonsense? Read a book. Go for a run. Abandon your phone for a week. Talk to some real people. Stop watching the BBC.
    And stop the ceaseless whinging.

    If only the BBC could be brought to a halt in similar fashion. There’s no chance the BBC buildings are built from this aerated concrete, is there?
    No, of course not. We aren’t that lucky.”


  36. Althepalerp says:

    The BBC Royal charter ends in December 2027.
    Unfortunately when Labour gets in next year, they will undoubtedly switch from the Tally Tax to funding out of general taxation.
    And that will be that, for the next 50 years.


    • G says:

      Unless ‘a’ Government takes control which pledged to repeal the egregious legislation the current puppets put in place. I have to hear that pledge – beforehand though.


  37. Guest Who says:


    On the state double standard propaganda channel.


  38. Sluff says:

    How nice when others notice the left wing bias of the BBC.
    From the Telegraph letters page today.
    One David Walters writes as follows.

    ‘BBC News at Six blames ‘the Conservative Government’ every time it finds something to criticise, but when it reported Birmingham City Council’s bankruptcy, it never once mentioned that it is Labour-controlled’

    And so say all of us.
    Does he write on this esteemed website under a pseudonym?


  39. Guest Who says:

    Their PR team must have awesome faith in the msm.



    • MarkyMark says:

      “Climate change activists are now blocking ambulances from driving through.”

      Clap on Thursday for NHS. Clap on Friday for Climate Change.


  40. AsISeeIt says:

    Indian summer or end days edition

    You join us this morning as the UK rejoins a bit of the old EU

    UK expected to re-join Horizon science scheme (BBC)

    And which newspaper titles are most pleased about this development, promoting this to their eager Remainer readers as prime frontpage news, we may ask?

    Why, the corporate globalist pro-Brussels FT of course: ‘Burst of joy’ for UK science after deal to rejoin EU’s Horizon research club (FT) – calm down, dear…

    Naturally the pro-EU Guardian, just as we would expect, is happy about this – although it doesn’t quite go in for the whole Harry Met Sally Meg Ryan scene reenactment as performed by the FT: UK to rejoin EU science fund after Brexit row (Guardian) – there’s no need to gush with a simple, put-it-on-record headline there from the Gruan

    Prime minister Rishi Sunak is expected to confirm today that Britain will take up its much-delayed associate membership of the €95.5bn Horizon programme (FT) – but as Mr AsI likes to ask, borrowing a key line from Christopher Eccleston in the movie Shallow Grave: “But what has it cost us?”

    Our BBC admits the exclusion was part of our punishment beating ordered by Brussels for the UK daring to vote to leave: …the UK has been excluded from the scheme for the past three years because of a disagreement over the Northern Ireland Protocol. (BBC) – I’m guessing the small print of the deal will be that our cash contributions to this club will far outweigh the funding we receive in return – just so Rishi can buy himself a favourable headline from the BBC – which is what the Tories are all about, right?

    Prof Carston Welsch… who lost the leadership of a £2.6m research project… said: “I’m absolutely thrilled…” (Guardian); Sarah Main, executive director of the Campaign for Science and Engineering… “a burst of joy to UK science, as well as lasting value to people’s well-being and prosperity” (FT) – if the British boffins and boffinesses (TM Daily Star) had such brilliant research projects on the boil then how come the UK Government couldn’t have funded them with the money saved that we’re not putting into the EU science club pot?

    Because this scientific research we hear so much about is all jolly brilliant terrific stuff, right?

    Climate change expert overhyped his findings… A climate scientist has admitted overhyping the impact of global warming on wildfires to ensure his work was published in a leading science journal (Telegraph)

    Rap ensamble Public Enemy, formed by Chuck D and Flavor Flav on Long Island, New York, released the track Don’t Believe the Hype in 1988

    Caught you lookin’ for the same thing
    It’s a new thing, check out this I bring

    They even had it on the news
    Don’t believe the hype

    A rap burglar, false media
    We don’t need it do we?

    It’s fake that’s what it be to ‘ya, dig me?
    Don’t believe the hype

    UK melts in 32C Scorcher… Today we could hit new record… Fan sales go bonkers – insists the Daily Star

    Well, we’ve got ourselves an Indian PM, so why not have ourselves the Indian Summer?

    UK Heatwave: Tackling myths around darker skin and SPF… It took a lot of research for Demi to realise that her skin needed sun cream to be protected (By Manish Pandey, BBC Newsbeat) – our BBC doing the public service bit – to service the black and asian public.

    If like me you can remember a time when the BBC featured the likes of Andy Pandy… rather than Manish Pandey…

    Left-leaning ‘i’ newscraper comes straight backatcha with frontpage ad copy pushing: Heatwave hydration… O.R.S. Hydration tablets… Proven to hydrate you faster and for longer than water alone – you’ll perhaps forgive the whole Jennifer Aniston Heres Comes The Science Bit

    faster and for longer…? Now who does that phrasing remind us of…?

    Starmer’s change of course lays Labour open to attack (FT) – now here’s an odd coincidence – this is the second FT report in recent weeks we’ve noticed presuming to hold Starmer to account for his tacking rightward. Surely the pink paper hasn’t gone editorially Corbynite red?

    One views this instead as perhaps a 4D chess move by the FT to reassure market-watching readers that Labour under Starmer won’t be acting like the anti-corporate leftwing nutters when they are at last back in power and Rishi Sumak, seat-warmer for Starmer, is getting to use his US Green Card once again?

    So Labour tacks right… and the Tories… tack left…

    PM may scrap ban on letting pupils change their gender (Telegraph); Rishi Sunak ‘poised to revoke ban on onshore windfarms’… Ministers hope to make it easier for councils to pass planning applications for new turbines in move that has Labour support (Guardian); Sunak set for U-turn on ‘bonfire’ of 4,000 EU-era laws (The National, April 2023); Rishi Sunak Makes Yet Another U-Turn As He Dumps Tory Pledge To Cut Immigration (Huff Post, May 2023)

    Poor old Rishi Sunak – on the day when we’re told of: The inside story of the Stones’ new album (Times) – it doesn’t take a guru such as the Beatles’ Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to divine how the game is up for our Rishi

    Just look at the typical tone of news reporting: Total Farce (The Sun screams on the escape of a terror suspect); Government is in collapse – explains Ian Dunt in the ‘i’

    End Days…?

    We can’t even take pleasure in some sunshine because: Climate is ‘breaking down’ as UK swelters (‘i’)

    Perhaps when our Indian PM swans off to somewhere such as California he will take the hot weather with him. And we’ll see grey days here again with grey man Starmer leading us into the coming big recession?


    • MarkyMark says:

      HERE we go again: another example of the fetishism and mockery that is grown men putting on dresses and declaring themselves ‘women’. In this case, children’s education is being seriously undermined for the sake of appeasing a nasty, disingenuous individual, who has further advanced the dangerous march of the extreme trans lobbyists.

      This time it is the unsavoury and unsightly Kayla Lemieux, a Canadian ‘teacher’ who displays his autogynephilic fetish with his students by sporting a pair of prosthetic Z-cup breasts while ‘teaching’ his class.


    • MarkyMark says:

      “Lemieux – who was pulled from teaching in April – insists the breasts are natural but has been photographed without them when not in the classroom”



  41. MarkyMark says:

    “The UK is rejoining the European Union’s £85 billion scientific research programme, Horizon Europe.”



    The £37 billion figure refers to the total budget allocated to NHS Test and Trace in its first two years. However, not all of that money was used, and only a fraction of it was spent on the NHS Covid-19 app.

    The cost of completing HS2 has ballooned from £33bn a decade ago to an estimated £100bn today, making the project “a sitting duck for cuts,” said New Civil Engineer.8 Feb 2023


  42. Sluff says:

    Also in the Telegraph today.
    A damning indictment of the global warming ‘industry’.

    A climate scientist has admitted overhyping the impact of global warming on wildfires to ensure his work was published in a leading scientific journal.
    He said he had found that journals would not publish climate studies unless they followed a specific formula and mainstream narrative in which global warming was viewed as the sole culprit for environmental destruction.
    End quote.

    The publication he referenced was ‘Nature’.
    But he could have been talking about the BBC !!!


  43. Sluff says:

    The government has published its list of Crumbling Concrete Schools.
    The weird thing is that over a third of the total are in Essex.
    Over 50 of them.
    The whole of Yorkshire, for instance, has….err…… one.

    Worth a comment, you’d think.
    For instance, are we measuring schools, or the avariciousness of local building inspectors?

    More to the point, has the BBC been bothered to mention this? Or, dare I say it, investigate?
    Not to my knowledge. Too busy attacking the Tories to ask any questions.


  44. MarkyMark says:

    Clap harder comrades.


    • G says:

      Since Covid, I’ve recognised that, at my age, the last step in life will be to be taken into hospital for some urgent serious reason. If that were to happen, I am resigned to being ‘finished off’ by the medical profession.


  45. JohnC says:

    Ukraine war: US to arm Kyiv with depleted uranium tank shells

    ‘The US has announced it will send controversial weapons to Ukraine as part of more than $1bn (£800m) in military and humanitarian aid.’

    I wonder how much of that is ‘humanitarian’. Very little I suspect.

    This would have been a very appropriate place to mention how it follows the other controversial weapons the USA recently sent : the cluster bombs.

    But no. That topic has been well and truly dropped by the BBC as they do with all topics which they would normally be up in arms about but are against the current agenda so they keep quiet.

    Complete hypocrites.

    For some bizarre reason, the author (George Wright) switchs topics after the first 3 paragraphs to ramble on about about a totally unrelated drone attack before coming back and continuing the story of the depleted uranium.

    Anyway : the summary is that depleted uranium is not so bad after all. Like the cluster bombs.

    I suspect the REAL reason is that the Americans have realised their tanks are going to get destroyed so are arming them with everything they can. And don’t forget : all these lies by Ukraine over their effectiveness (especially shooting down missiles) are under the orders of the USA who want to sell them to the likes of Saudi on the back of it.


    • MarkyMark says:

      ‘The US has announced it will send controversial weapons to Ukraine as part of more than $1bn (£800m) in military and humanitarian aid.’

      controversial weapons … humanitarian aid



  46. MarkyMark says:

    Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: “With a wealth of expertise and experience to bring to the global stage, we have delivered a deal that enables UK scientists to confidently take part in the world’s largest research collaboration programme.”



    “world’s largest research collaboration programme.”


    In a press release, the European Commission said the decision would be “beneficial to both” and stated that “overall, it is estimated that the UK will contribute almost €2.6bn (£2.2bn) per year on average for its participation to both Horizon and Copernicus.


    UK puts 2.2bn in and takes 1bn out! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!