Weekend 11th November 2023

With Thanks to Lawrence Binyon

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

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  1. Up2snuff says:

    I pray for a peaceful pro-peace demonstration tomorrow and no damage to the Cenotaph.

    I also pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

    We will remember and not forget.


    • StewGreen says:

      Basically news is that the part of the Hamas march that comes near the cenotaph will be BANNED
      There will be an exclusion zone
      Meanwhile cenotaph protection demos will allowed on the other side of the line an near the cenotaph
      I wonder if pro Hamas demonstrators will regard the line as a challenge.

      Rochdale : arrests of youths over cenotaph desecration there.


      • tomo says:

        The SWP lefty mob will almost certainly agitate to cause a total scene at The Cenotaph as will the nuttier, chippy wannabe Jihadi Muslims.

        I hope they’ve got armoured coaches and a sports stadium set aside.

        This bit of public disturbance hasn’t got my support – and I say that as an attendee at several violent anti-NF demos in the 1970s where I was aware of some of the same people up to similar antics at that time. I hope the plod are on it – but I doubt it – and for the revolutionaries, adrenaline fuelled troublemakers and Islamists – it’s too juicy an event to ignore.

        I really do hope it passes peacefully.


        • G says:


          Yes, but everything the ‘system’ does in the UK, now, is cloaked/shrouded in smoke and mirrors. They’ve nailed themselves to so much legislation now, some of it contradictory, they now (the State and arms of the State i.e. police) is all in the backdrop of self-deniability. ‘Oh, we apologise, we did not know we were responsible for that/this’. The amazing ‘cop-out’.

          Armed police no longer prepared to carry arms………….

          “Ignorance of the law, is no excuse”. No longer. If they can’t work it out, what of you and the rest of the public?


  2. StewGreen says:

    Catchup link to last page of Midweek thread


  3. StewGreen says:

    9pm GBnews “coming up the local radio DJ dumped by the BBC for not ticking boxes” “Alex Dyke”


  4. Lucy Pevensey says:

    The Palace November 2023

    A far-right butler tries to alert The Green King to The UK’s troubles;
    “There is safety no more on the streets Your Majesty”

    The Green King
    ” Nevermind. Let them eat sustainable vegan cake”


  5. MarkyMark says:

    CHARGE ……


    2019 … https://biasedbbc.org/blog/2019/09/11/midweek-thread-11-september-2019/#comment-1011610


  6. Thoughtful says:

    For the Fallen
    By Laurence Binyon
    With proud thanksgiving, a mother for her children,
    England mourns for her dead across the sea.
    Flesh of her flesh they were, spirit of her spirit,
    Fallen in the cause of the free.

    Solemn the drums thrill; Death august and royal
    Sings sorrow up into immortal spheres,
    There is music in the midst of desolation
    And a glory that shines upon our tears.

    They went with songs to the battle, they were young,
    Straight of limb, true of eye, steady and aglow.
    They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted;
    They fell with their faces to the foe.

    They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
    Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
    At the going down of the sun and in the morning
    We will remember them.

    They mingle not with their laughing comrades again;
    They sit no more at familiar tables of home;
    They have no lot in our labour of the day-time;
    They sleep beyond England’s foam.

    But where our desires are and our hopes profound,
    Felt as a well-spring that is hidden from sight,
    To the innermost heart of their own land they are known
    As the stars are known to the Night;

    As the stars that shall be bright when we are dust,
    Moving in marches upon the heavenly plain;
    As the stars that are starry in the time of our darkness,
    To the end, to the end, they remain.


    • MarkyMark says:

      They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
      Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
      At the going down of the sun and in the morning
      We will remember them.



  7. digg says:

    The attempted destruction of the West by Islam is underway… Islam is emboldened by the tacit collapse of any resistance in the West due to the stupid intelligentsia acceptance of its evil domination as “freedom fighting”.

    It is a very calculated and determined trick as described in the Koran.

    Only when famous heads start to be detached from their bodies will these stupid fools wake up and then it will be left to the foot soldiers of some gritty English patriots to face and defeat these evil monsters which I believe they will do once roused from their sleep and released from their media imposed false labels.

    The media idiots who helped this situation arise meanwhile will run to their caves and claim they always knew it was wrong and wait for salvation. I hate them with a vengeance because they are selling out our next generation into hell.

    Hundreds of thousands of young English men risked everything to resist a totalitarian force from dominating their country in1940 and as a result many lost their lives standing up for this Country. What we have now is nothing different except that stupid people in this Country refuse to see what us actually happening.


    • MarkyMark says:



    • digg says:

      Meanwhile we welcome another few hundred muslim young men into this country off rubber boats every day to vanish into the background and await orders….you could not make this sort of shit up if you tried.

      We are once again lions led by donkeys.


    • Thoughtful says:

      TheMuslim countries have a lot of money, they will pay our politicians the money the populatioin won’t, and he who pays the piper calls the tune.
      You still think paying the Prime Minister less than a secondary school head is appropriate?
      If so kneel down bend over and shout Alans snack bar three times.
      Because someone else does think they are worth more and will pay them to do their bidding.


      • MarkyMark says:

        “The Muslim countries have a lot of money” –

        $500 billion
        New satellite images have revealed a birds-eye view of the rise of Saudi Arabia’s $500 billion Neom mega project.20 Jan 2023

        Mina tent city is a fascinating logistics exercise involving more than 100,000 tents and houses, hosting approximately three million people in over 20 square kilometres. The tent city hosts Pilgrims performing the sacred pilgrimage to Makkah, called Hajj. It is mandatory for all muslims to perform it once a year.



    • G says:


      I do subscribe to that temporary theory. It is prevalent when muslims are in the headlines. The likes of China, WEF et al. disappear into the background at times like this. Next China/WEF prominence will replace islam in the headlines and some will claim the destruction of the West is by………..WEF (and or China).

      Fact is, they all want to destroy the West for one reason or another. My question is, what is the collective link between all three (and likely a handful more) anti-West factions? And who is the, “Mr Big” conducting the orchestra?


  8. Nibor says:

    Why should the Police chiefs and judges bleat on about their need for independence?
    Everyone else goes to work and relinquishes their independence to get the jobs done .

    The judiciary seem to think that Justice means court procedures and their power , especially if it overrides legislation by democratically elected politicians. The word Fairness doesn’t enter their thinking.
    Police chiefs want to fiddle the crime statistics and go for the low hanging fruit .
    I bet the idea of elected judges and sheriffs as in the USA would make them faint .
    On the PM program I heard an ex senior civil serpent criticising Suella Braverman for voicing her concerns about the impartiality of policing protests. He opined she should have raised them privately within the Powers That Be .

    No she shouldn’t . She did right . She is right . This problem about certain people not of the lefts thinking being harassed by the state needs to be brought out into the open and amplified , and if the BBC wasn’t a Gramscian riddled organisation it would be doing the amplifying . The ex senior civil servant should be broadcasting what “ advice” he’s being giving to ministers so we know what hes up to , and after that he should shut his face and not cosy up to his mates at the BBC .

    BTW wigged judges , when the BBC via its acolytes like Theresa May say there are too many black people in jail , is that your fault or the fault of those you sentence?


    • tomo says:

      The Police chiefs and judges like “independence” largely because it allows them to act arbitrarily with little fear of being held to account.

      The idea that people in these positions are beyond being sacked or disciplined always makes me think of the fate of Admiral Byng and wish that we had a “Byng Night” national firework celebration.


    • Deborah says:

      Had Suella submitted her article to No10, who there would have decided whether it was ok to publish? I always remember Boris saying something ‘THEY didn’t want him to’. We never found out who THEY were.


  9. atlas_shrugged says:

    Gibraltar Farm, RAF Tempsford:


    • MarkyMark says:

      75 million people
      Some 75 million people died in World War II, including about 20 million military personnel and 40 million civilians, many of whom died because of deliberate genocide, massacres, mass-bombings, disease, and starvation.


  10. tomo says:

    We are now seeing the last of the WW2 survivors as we saw the last of the WW1 veterans (Harry Patch was a local here).

    Remembrance Day is their day, undoubtedly filled with strong, often overwhelming memories and the carnival of disrespectful dimwits should’ve been warned off in the strongest terms.

    I hope they don’t disrupt the day – but if they do – then that won’t do them any good at all imho – the blowback will be more than they bargained for.


    • MarkyMark says:

      A reader in Bradford recalled asking a West Yorkshire officer on the street that day why the various “Muslim community leaders” weren’t being arrested for incitement to murder. The officer said they’d been told to “play it cool”. The calls for blood got more raucous. My correspondent asked his question again. The policeman told him to “F— off, or I’ll arrest you.”


    • MarkyMark says:

      “48:58” We need algorithms in twitter that do not reward extremism.. (you will have no opinion – what is extremist Roray?)


      Employment and earnings
      Payments from Aitken Alexander Associates; literary agent, of 291 Gray’s Inn Rd, London WC1X 8QJ:
      30 April 2019, payment of £1,831.08 for royalty payments of books written before the 2010 election. Hours: none since my election. (Registered 09 May 2019)
      23 September 2019, payment of £1,334.75 for royalties for books written before the 2010 election. Hours: no additional hours. (Registered 15 October 2019)
      17 October 2019, payment of £10,905.89 from royalties for books written prior to the 2010 election. Hours: no additional hours. (Registered 29 October 2019)


  11. tomo says:

    hmmmm…. no sign of this on the BBC web site…

    Bit of a headscratcher




  12. MarkyMark says:

    from order-order.com




  13. MarkyMark says:




  14. digg says:

    One thing to bear in mind… Islamists see no difference between Jews and Christians, bear that in mind when you see what they thought was their holy mission in Israel…..


    • StewGreen says:

      Images from tweets are better cos they are not huge

      On another map there is a line to the top right of the Cenotaph marked “Football lads against Extremists march”



  15. BRISSLES says:

    The voice of common sense. Benedict Spence on Sky saying how no amount of protest and marches will create a ceasefire, and there will always be a war in some part of the world, so those on marches could be doing so for the rest of their life – if there is conflict in other regions, – and that bigger powers than the UK will decide on war or peace.

    I agree with him. Do those on protest honestly believe that one word from little old Richie that it’s not terribly nice to keep on killing people that he’ll be taken notice of ? Course not.


  16. StewGreen says:

    List of YouTube’s latest recommended
    Don’t Be Anti-Semantic! London Police Better at Arabic Than Doing Their Job!
    Anglo Italian Comedy

    81% of UK Muslims Say They’re Muslim First & British Second. Much higher than France: 46% Muslim 1st
    Rafe Heydel-Mankoo

    The (Green) nanny state can piss off

    Mass migration threatens the future of our country
    Migration Watch

    London’s (Hamas) hate marches | The spiked podcast

    Andrew Bridgen MP: “There’s something serious wrong with our democracy…”
    Resistance GB

    Muslims are Flexing their Muscles in a Direct Challenge to Our Values. We Must Have a Robust Defence
    Rafe Heydel-Mankoo

    Armistice Day: Police preparing for the worst!
    Jeff Taylor

    Cancel mob come for Braverman.
    Andrew Lawrence

    Gary Doesn’t Play By Your Rules!

    The idea of the ‘black poppy’ is to sow division, rather than create unity at this time of year
    History Debunked

    The ‘Green energy’ scam is starting to collapse: Marc Morano
    Rebel News


  17. tomo says:


  18. vlad says:

    According to Talk TV, 81% of UK Muslims Say They’re Muslim First & British Second.

    The other 19% are lying.


    • MarkyMark says:

      OLD POST … 2017 ….

      1. After Manchester attacks … man on BBC finds evidence of hate of Western Ideals in a Mosque “Direct from Didsbury mosque this is a leaflet that I was given on an open day and this says living in a society in which people have accepted Western lifestyle as their way of life brings immorality at every step” – [BBC Question Time 25May2017 @ 25m49s]”
      “What more do you want?” – the evidence is there if you want to see it, the BBC presenter shrugs it off

      2. Brave girl speaks out on BBC in 2017 “I myself am a Muslim…I’m also a realist, there is an Elephant in the room here…we have Saudi trained clerics coming in (to the Mosques) speaking to children as young as seven … I would say, for now stop, close down all Saudi financed Mosques.” [BBC Question Time 25May2017 @47m12s]
      “I would say, for now stop, close down all Saudi financed Mosques”

      . . .

      “A great deal would be improved in this country. If people like you (Mr Islam) came into studios like this, and admitted there is a problem. And admitted that you wanted to join in to find a solution to that problem. Instead of pretending that the problem doesn’t exist.” – Douglas Murray {@3:52}



  19. Zephir says:


  20. Doublethinker says:

    Regardless of what happens today one thing is clear even if the authorities and police had the will to prevent or closely police mass marches/ protests they don’t have the means . They can handle mass demos by people who are therein the British tradition of peaceful protest and respect for law and order but not if the crowd is intent on causing trouble.
    We need to equip the police with the stuff routinely used on the continent, weighted batons, a good deal of rough justice, tear gas, water cannon , rubber bullets and the threat of live rounds in extreme circumstances.
    Of course none of this equipment would be much use if the police don’t have the will to use it and their political bosses don’t want to sanction its use. But as the country is changed by mass immigration and our peaceful culture is replaced by that ofthe third world , the way in which the country is policed must also change.
    As with so much of our traditional way of life the idea of unarmed police and policing with consent is dead. The liberals are entirely responsible for bringing the change about but it will they who squeal the loudest when the police want full riot control measures.
    Perhaps we have found an EU norm that the Remainers don’t like!


    • Fedup2 says:

      Double – once upon a time I’d have agreed with you . But now ? The lefty woke plod wouid only use kit against the unapproved …..


      • Doublethinker says:

        You have a good point there. Today will there be a disproportionate amount of police attention on the defenders of Britain or on the enemies of Britain? We all know the likely answer.


  21. Scroblene says:

    Lieutenant Royal Scots Fusiliers 7th Battalion attached to 1st Battalion

    Two notebooks containing a few field messages written in November 1915 and some pencil sketches and impressive ms poems (including a very poignant one written to his three children) that he composed during his service in the 1st Battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers (9th Brigade, later 8th Brigade, 3rd Division) on the Western Front (November 1915 – July 1916), together with a good group of 5 ms letters of condolence sent to his widow by fellow officers and men following his death in action on 14 July 1916 during the Battle of the Somme.


    I am writing this tonight, My three kids
    By a little candle-light, My three kids
    And the candlestick’s a tin
    With some dry tobacco in
    And so that’s how I begin, To three kids
    Now I wonder what you’re at, My three kids
    Moll and Bids and little Pat, My three kids
    Why of course there’s two asleep
    But perhaps Moll’s thinking deep
    Watching little starts that peep, At my kids
    Since I left you long ago, My three kids
    There’s a lot you’d like to know, My three kids
    That has happened to your dad
    In the varied luck he’s had In adventures good and bad, My three kids
    I have soldiered in a trench, My three kids
    Serving under Marshall French, My three kids
    Once a shell dropped with a thud
    Quite close, covered me with mud
    And its lucky ’twas a dud, For my kids
    And I’ve crossed the ground outside, My three kids
    It’s at night that’s chiefly tried, My three kids
    And the bullets sang all round Overhead,
    or struck the ground
    But your daddy none has found, No my kids
    I have mapped our trenches new, My three kids
    And some German trenches too, My three kids
    I have sprinted past a wood
    Counting steps, for so I could Judge the distance, as I should, My three kids
    I have placed our snipers where, My three kids
    On the Germans they could stare, My three kids
    And they killed their share of men
    Quite a lot for snipers ten From their little hidden den, My three kids
    And I’ve slept in bed quite warm, My three kids
    But I haven’t taken harm, My three kids
    When upon the ground I lay
    Without even straw or hay
    In the same clothes night and day, My three kids
    When they sent us back to rest, My three kids
    Then they seemed to think it best, My three kids
    To send on your dad ahead To discover where a bed
    Could be found, or some old shed, My three kids
    And new officers were trained, My three kids
    And the men we’ve lately gained, My three kids
    And while that work was in hand
    I was second in command Of B Coy and that was grand, My three kids
    But it didn’t last all through, My three kids
    There was other work to do, My three kids
    When they made me adjutant I was busy as an ant
    And it’s not much catch, I grant, My three kids
    I have ridden on a horse, My three kids
    Captured from a German force, My three kids
    And I’ve marched and crawled and run Night and day in rain and sun
    And shall do it till we’ve won, My three kids
    And I’d rather be with you, My three kids
    Yet you know I’m lucky too, My three kids
    Lots of men I used to know
    Now are killed or wounded, though I remain, and back I’ll go,
    To my kids
    And I hope you’ll all keep well, My three kids
    Just as sound as any bell, My three kids
    And when this long war is done
    We shall have some glorious fun
    Moll and Bids and little son,
    My three kids…


  22. Fedup2 says:

    2 Muslims running the show today …. I wasn’t going to comment – but meesh ‘interviews’ an organiser of the Hamas March today . Don’t worry – it’s going to be okay . There might be a few calling for the extermination of Jews – but they are a minority . 99.9% just want peace …. At one stage in his interview / speech he used the word ‘ attacking ‘ but quickly fixed the mistake .

    Meesh ? Meesh just let this bloke go on and on . Interruptions ? No -control of the interview ? None . This was because in her heart meesh agrees .. meesh might well be on the March – taking the kids meesh ?
    Our country is lost …


    • Foscari says:

      I have written to the BBC demanding to know
      who was responsible for allowing the BBC
      to become the TV media outlet for Hamas in the


      • Docmarooned says:

        Foscari – I would not hold my breath expecting any response from the Hamas propaganda unit.


  23. JohnC says:

    Elianne Andam: Family say funeral will be ‘a celebration of her life’

    So here we have another child-like BBC clone writing empathy porn by interviewing the family of the murdered schoolgirl (details of murderer kept to a minimum for agenda reasons) the day before her funeral.

    Caption to the usual picture:
    ‘Elianne’s aunt Ruby Paintsil (left) said: “If we could change the clock I wish we would not have to go through this’

    What ?. That doesn’t even makes sense – and the clone didn’t have the wit to even realise.

    Lets see what this modern ‘standard BBC reporter’ looks like:

    This story stands out because when whitey did it, it’s all about male violence and demands to change the laws. For this one, it’s ALL about the victim. The reasons and details of who did it and what it means to the bigger picture are being totally omitted. Which tells me 100% that he is black. This kind of reporting by the BBC is totally racist.

    Meanwhile this seems to have gone straight to ‘regions’:
    Two jailed for life over Ilford nightclub killing

    Because the victim was male and these are who did it:


    It’s all just so extreme by the BBC now, everybody – including OFCOM – must know it. But nobody dare mention it because if you accuse anyone of being anti-white racist, YOU are labelled the racist. Just ask maxi. It’s complete hypocrisy and double-standards.


  24. Zephir says:

    Couldn’t have put it better myself, so:

    “In his bitter 1919 poem Aftermath, Siegfried Sassoon laments the sacrifice of his fallen comrades on the Western Front and calls on those they fought for always to remember the debt they owe. It closes with the line: ‘Look up, and swear by the green of spring that you’ll never forget.’

    At local memorials all around the UK this weekend, many thousands will gather to make good that promise. Medalled old soldiers will stand with children. Scout troops will parade their banners.

    Heads will bow as the bugler plays the Last Post. Vicars will read from John 15 – ‘Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for his friends.’

    It is not, as the cynical Left would have you believe, a celebration of militarism or imperial power, but a thankful tribute to those who fought and died down the generations to keep this country free.

    Compare this display of quiet patriotism with the antics of ranting, mask-wearing, pro-Palestinian mobs who glorify the slaughter of Jewish civilians and call for Jihad against Israel and its people. The contrast could hardly be starker.”



  25. Zephir says:

    “Their planned mass demonstration through London today is both provocative and deeply offensive. They didn’t have to march on November 11. Heaven knows they’ve marched often enough already, and will no doubt continue to spout their hatred for many weekends to come. The organisers say they don’t plan to disrupt Armistice Day commemorations. But why should anyone believe them?

    Poppy sellers have already been harangued and roughed up, showing the contempt these snarling bigots have for our history and tradition. An assault on the Cenotaph is hardly beyond the bounds of possibility.

    This is why Home Secretary Suella Braverman is right to go public with her concerns over the soft policing of these protests. Opposition MPs and some on the wetter flank of the Tory party have thrown up their hands in mock horror and called for her resignation. But for what?

    She has accurately identified a ‘perception’ among the public that the police crack down much harder on Right-wing and nationalist protesters than those on the Left. If anything, this was an under-statement. It’s not so much a perception as a firm conviction.

    For example, while officers ‘took the knee’ with Black Lives Matter marchers, they moved in quickly to break up a demonstration against lockdown weeks later. That is not an even-handed approach.”


  26. Zephir says:

    “Revealed: Top roles held by key members of extremist group which backed October 7 killers – including Hamas apologist who had job at nuclear plant

    Probe found they have worked for major infrastructure firms, investment banks, the NHS and drug companies ”


    “These include mechanical engineer Luqman Muqeem who posted on social media in praise of the ‘heroes’ of the Hamas attacks which had ‘made us all very, very happy’. On his now deleted Instagram page, he also said: ‘The heroes of Raza [Gaza] broke through the enemy lines of the yahood [Jews].’

    Between October 2017 and September 2018, he had a maintenance engineer placement as EDF’s Hartlepool nuclear power station.

    At a conference hosting Hizb ut-Tahrir in July, Muqeem told a crowd that ‘radical change [will] come when Islam knocks down… secularism’, which would ‘bring an end to the Western world order’.”


  27. Dickie says:

    Be suspicious of anything beginning with or containing the word SMART.



  28. JohnC says:

    Cardiff University student hassled for fees after rape

    This article is interesting because it states unambiguously in the headline that two women were raped. Yet we learn later that:

    ‘Lily reported the man to the police and said he was interviewed, but not charged because of a lack of evidence.’

    So it’s totally the word of this woman. They didn’t even check it with the police.

    How is she allowed to do that ?. If anyone knows who the accused man is, this article is saying he raped her. That could have all kinds of repercussions in his life.

    Later we get:

    When asked the number of expulsions as a result of sexual violence each year between 2017 and 2023, it said there were “less than five” each year.

    Lily called the number of reports “staggering”, especially as “we know reporting is in the minority”.

    100% the BBC have made that line up themselves.

    This article is 100% misandry. Lets see which wise and experienced, level headed reporter the BBC used to write this appalling article:

    Who is now 21 and 2 years ago – described herself as:
    ‘Full-time student (summer lifeguard/receptionist during holidays)’. That picture came from an article where she was describing how she could not survive on the student loan – while telling us how she as bought 43 house plants and goes to expensive coffee shops two or three times a day.

    Now of course she works for the BBC as another quota clone. No doubt we will also see her in The Guardian before long.


  29. Doublethinker says:

    I was astonished to read in the Spectator this week that Toby Young , the founder of the Free Speech Union, remains optimistic that Britain can have a good multicultural future! I would never have thought that he could be so delusional.

    I have noted that in the recent Israel/ Hamas conflict all the idiotic liberals have if anything burrowed their heads even more deeply into the sand.
    Even some of the commentators who can usually be relied upon to be realistic have been at pains to point out that in ‘their’ opinion most Muslims in Britain don’t hate Jews , or Britain but want to integrate and live here in peace alongside other groups. All GBN presenters spout this view in some form or other even if their guests don’t.
    The only one I see who consistently says it as it is is Douglas Murray who repeatedly has stood in front of the cameras and said he thinks many Muslims support the aims of Hamas, that the British authorities have caved in and surrendered the streets of London because the threat of Islamic terror is beyond their capacity to deal with.
    It seems highly unlikely to me , judging from his past interviews and writing, that Toby Young really is optimistic about the future of multiculturalism in this country. Much more likely that he has been got at by the establishment and told to tone down the rhetoric , to be more supportive of their , ‘let’s hope it will resolve itself if we cower behind our curtains’, approach.
    I even detect that Douglas is beginning to realise his error in not supporting Trump . Douglas agreed with many Trumpian policies but felt that DT was too uncouth to be President. Perhaps he now realises that to beat the highly unlikely woke/ liberal /Islam alliance there has to a hell of a lot of dirty fighting and the erudite commentary , even from brave folks like himself, won’t do the job without someone scrapping it out in the mud and gore.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Double – I think the truth is that pernicious self censorship rules the day now . They’ve seen what happens to those who get to be unapproved or cancelled . Both Murray and Young know they are on the edge – the consequences – at worse – are attempts to kill the target – eg Tommy Robinson – of the silencing of many others …

      BTW – I notice that the bbc is describing anyone opposed to the Hamas March as ‘far right ‘…. Just the usual casual bbc bias which I bet they don’t even realise is what it is …please don’t pay for it


    • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

      That’s a very good post Double. I am in agreement with you on your observations and opinions.


  30. harry142857 says:

    Let’s see the Just Stop Oil protestors laying in the road today !!!!! 🚑🪧⚰️


  31. Guest Who says:

    Toenails (yawn) doing a magnificent job of showing just how utterly BBC the old coot is.

    This is how hate is spread …

    Tik tok, vs…

    Which state, er, sorry licence payer funded “News” organisation used a Hamas propaganda video last week as if it was factual?
    The organisation you work for has a charter to remain neutral, unfortunately it seems to have been lost or forgotten.


  32. vlad says:






  33. Sluff says:

    It’s official.
    Toady name-checked the Far Right as being the sole opposers and counter-demonstrators to the pro-Palestinian March today.

    So it must be true.
    Also on Toady, a director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign was allowed to rant uninterrupted and allowed to get away with all the peace nonsense and no mention of that organisations Far Left credentials, as unambiguously shown by their list of patrons.

    So in BBC Land
    Far Left marchers equals peace.
    Anyone who opposes them equals Far Right


  34. vlad says:

    In the popular imagination, ‘right-wing’ evokes images of Nazism (‘far right’ even more so). While ‘left wing’ and ‘far left’ do not evoke the horrors of Stalinism and Maoism.


    • JohnC says:

      And of course it’s the biggest lie of all.

      Hitler was a socialist and his anti-semetism is very typical leftist (as we are seeing in all it’s glory now).

      As usual the Left rewrite history to suit themselves. The articles by Left-Wing academics trying to prove Hitler was not a socialist after all and was actually far-Right are as desperate as they are amusing.

      I read somewhere that when you go extreme enough, the Far-Left and Far-Right are not so different anyway.


  35. JohnC says:

    Macron calls on Israel to stop killing Gaza’s women and babies

    What kind of a completely emotive, completely misleading and completely out-of-context headline is this the BBC have written ?. It puts all the blame directly on Israel.

    Disgusting lop-sided article. What is Macron playing at ?. Is he worried about more terrorism in France if he doesn’t suck up to them ?.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Dover MP Natalie Elphicke told the Commons that the BBC’s “shocking report” contained the “breath-taking” disclosure of free French public bus services being used to ferry migrants from camps to Dunkirk beaches.



      Today the BBC journalists Michael Keohan and Colin Campbell released a shocking report on the channel crossings. It showed people smugglers selling their wares brazenly in the migrant camps and many children living in unsafe and dangerous conditions, as well as—this is breathtaking—a free French public bus service that migrants can use to travel directly from the camps to the Dunkirk departure beaches. Will my right hon. Friend allow a statement on the issue of tackling the small boat crossings and the Government’s response in their work with France?




      • Up2snuff says:

        MM, President Macron or as he deserves to be called Micron is cosying up to Uberstambaumfurhers of the EU and is wishing to punish Britain for leaving the EU beause he, Micron, hopes to move into Ursula’s job/position at some future time.

        President Micron will not sack the Bus company bosses or deal with the French police or make an effort to catch the people smugglers for that very reason.


  36. MarkyMark says:

    As Veterans are told NOT to wear their medals whilst travelling to Armistice Day and Rembrance Sunday services, and with poppy sellers assaulted, historian & broadcaster Rafe Heydel-Mankoo slams the despicable decision to hold a provocative anti-Israel march in central London on one of the most sacroscant days of year.





    • Up2snuff says:

      MM, I do wish Conservative MPs or Ministers learned to wave with a bend in the arm at the elbow. Priti Patel appears to be giving ‘a certain type of salute’ in that photo.


  37. Dickie says:


    • Doublethinker says:

      Mr Oliver makes some good points as usual. He says that he would take up arms and kill to protect his family . I ask him how immediate , how close does that threat have to be before he would be driven to do that?
      An armed burglar in his house ? Someone who is threatening to take his wife and children hostage and he had seen already kill his next door neighbour’s family? Would living in a town bombarded frequently and repeatedly with rockets and ordinary folk killed on a daily basis be enough for him to take up arms against those responsible? Or would knowing that an enemy located twenty miles away had been repeatedly doing these things for decades and has sworn to kill all his fellow countrymen, women and children be enough for him to answer the call? If that enemy hid in the midst of the civilian population would that prevent him from trying to find and kill them?

      Where would he draw the line?


  38. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – Mishal has a lightness in her voice that says it all

    Mishal Husain really needs to disguise her emotions a little more. Radio is very revealing. Many years ago I was sent on ‘a telephone course’ by an employer who had probably paid far too much to BT (not then privatised) to have us all sit around for half a day. One of the things I was taught that like radio, telephones are very revealing. We were encouraged to make & answer calls with a smile on our faces even though the recipient could not see us.

    Mishal interviews Ben Jamal, the organiser of today’s Pro-Palestinian march with a smile on her face. She does talk over her interviewee (thus breaking the first rule of radio presenting) and tries to ask some tough interrupty questions but her tone of voice is a real giveaway.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I disagree – she just let him spout his poison – with her full support – it was embarrassing .


      • Up2snuff says:

        No, Fed, listen again if you can bear it to a repeat on BBC Sounds. She did get a little talky-over and interrupty with a question at two or three points during the ‘cosy chat’.

        I think I counted three talkovers/interrupties but it was all ‘very artificial’.


  39. chancygardner says:

    I wonder how many of the pro-Palestine ‘honest gov it’s just a genuine demonstration’ protestors, will take two minutes out at 11am?


  40. tomo says:

    Bloomberg reports

    “World’s top seller of carbon credits” seems to have admitted It’s a SCAM!


  41. tomo says:


  42. tomo says:


  43. atlas_shrugged says:

    The little khant trying to weasel his way out of the two tier policing in londonistan (where he is PCC):


  44. StewGreen says:

    I just went to find out what is happening at Hyde Park
    and then found myself at the tweets of Nick Lowles the leader of Hate Not Hope
    A super long thread promoting the Hate against Israel march
    which he calls “a pro-Palestine demo will leave from Hyde Park and make its way to the US Embassy in Battersea. March organisers expect it to be the largest yet, claiming 500,000 are expected.”

    Most of his thread is about sneering at Tommy Robinson
    Lowles says he is at Embankment watching the Tommy crowd
    ..Why is he there ? Isn’t the rule that you should stay away from your opposition’s march?
    People pointing out Lowles and friends are not talking about hostages much
    He has condemned Hamas’s war day
    but last tweeted about hostages on Oct 24th
    In the last ONE hour he has put out TEN tweets with the words “Tommy Robinson”


    • StewGreen says:

      He put false drama ..going in 10 mins from
      ‘Oh people are confused where is Tommy, still no Tommy, Oh here is Tommy, there aren’t many people etc*.’

      “Slightly alarmed that there are currently no police in the vicinity. ”

      Doh there are usually very few police near to Tommy people, cos they know the trouble is not from Tommy
      Rather the police use their large numbers to control the HateNotHope crowds, os they are the violent ones.

      * Lowles has just been exposed as deceiving . cos Tommy’s just put up a video showing he does have a large crowd with him
      .. https://twitter.com/TRobinsonNewEra/status/1723285138648309863


      • StewGreen says:

        Lowles is putting up dramatic tweets with leading language
        bur when you look at the actual video
        the situation looks calm
        eg a small group of police did block a gateway into the Cenotaph but the crowd quickly brushed passed them
        One policemen is laughing.
        That was a few minutes before 11, then of course everyone was silent at 11

        Lowles is getting excited ..”Oh Tommy is heading to Chinatown”
        only then to say at 11:30am
        Oh now he’s got in a taxi and gone.


  45. tomo says:

    Another deep fake?


  46. atlas_shrugged says:

    hamas and their lackeys in the MSM (e.g. LBC) have promised that they are going nowhere near the Cenotaph. However they are going right past the US emabassy.

    Is this classic bait and switch tactics?