Start the Week 20th November 2023

The coming week Budget – Tax – welfare – ( not enough )JFK( who dun it?) – Israel surrender ( ceasefire ) victory for Islamic Hamas – the BBC narrative <- mostly peaceful attacks on Jews .. look away in case it upsets the ‘community ‘….

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  1. Deborah says:


    The radio was tuned to GBNews as I got in the car around 8.45 this morning. It was the newspaper review. It was Steph Takyi who sometimes sits on the sofa as one of the panels they so frequently have. They were talking about Israel and Hamas. Steph said that the Israelis were not having the success they hoped in killing members of Hamas which may or may not be true. She then went on to say that as the Israelis were not killing members of Hamas, the Israelis were intent on killing many Palestinians women and children. Not one other person in the studio contradicted her. GBNews’ Steph is also an editor on the Daily Mail. I suppose I at least got to hear what some people are thinking.


    • Deborah says:

      I might add that I am sad that the work the IDF are doing to minimise civilian deaths is not recognised, nor the Israelis providing water and food as well as medical help to them.


  2. JohnC says:


    Israel says tunnel found under Gaza hospital as hostage deal hopes grow

    Even with such explicit evidence, the BBC just have to add ‘Israel says’ at the start as if it may well not be true. They know 100% it’s a fact.

    When Hamas say anything, they just say they can’t verify it in a sentence at the very end.

    And oh dear, how inconvenient for Bowen ! 😂.

    The BBC should make him write these reports and the rest of us can hope he chokes on the huge slab of humble pie he would be eating if he had a shred of decency about him.

    How can they tolerate this man and still pretend they are ‘impartial’ ?.


    • digg says:

      The BBC are engaged in a propaganda war against Israel, it really is a simple as that and it’s to do with pandering to the overwhelming number of Islam supporters on their own staff.

      Our “national broadcaster”is swamped by these people due to their crazed drive for diversity making objective reporting by the BBC impossible.

      What the BBC have not yet realised is that the Islamist World not only hates Israel but the entire “white” western Christian world. Israel is just the starting point for their destructive hate.

      Turkeys voting for Christmas comes to mind.


      • Ian Rushlow says:

        It’s not just a propaganda war against Israel, it’s also against Britain and the West. The purpose of showing constant images of Palestinians suffering is to soften up Western populations and make them receptive to the arrival of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian ‘refugees’. An eventual ceasefire and agreement between Israel and Hamas will almost certainly make provision of vast numbers to be resettled elsewhere. And put it this way: they won’t be letting them into Jordan, Egypt or Saudi Arabia.


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      “But… you find secret tunnels all the time in the Middle East, don’t you know? Why do you automatically assume it’s a Hamas secret tunnel? You’ve clearly fallen for all that Israeli propaganda. It’s only a little(ish) secret tunnel under a booby trapped truck, absolutely anyone could have put it there.”

      Do you think they actually believe anyone takes them seriously any more?


    • G says:


      On World Service, the bias in worse. No holding the BBC from indirectly and in effect, describing IDF as murderers. Had to turn if off.


      • richard D says:

        G, Agreed ! I have just spent a month out of the UK, where the BBC World Service was pretty universally available. Hell, if you think the BBC is biased in the UK, you’ve seen nothing until you watch BBC World. This is what we broadcast, obviously with no TV licences being paid, to the outside world.

        Also, strangely enough, the BBC clearly has a business model in the BBC World Service which includes commercial advertising, presumably, partially funding their service – however, we in the UK will be doing most of that I am sure. It’s obviously a doddle to do that in many countries outside the UK, but so damnably difficult, apparently, to do on a small island.

        Funny, that.


  3. Eddy Booth says:
    Nick Beake

    “Earlier, the IDF released a video that it says shows a tunnel 10m (3ft) below ground that runs for 55m up to a closed – and reinforced – door.”

    BBC thickos often get their conversions wrong.🙂
    They wouldn’t last 5 minutes in a real job.


  4. tomo says:

    BBC Panorama on “why are we still looking for fossil fuels” in which some innumerate, ignorant leftie eco jerk-offs try to make out that we don’t need oil, gas, coal etcetera – but as per usual they can’t count and obviously recruited a few favourite token academic whores to bray on command for a fee.

    Insufferable hypocrites presuming to deny us that to which they believe themselves entitled to.

    Somebody please cut the electrical feed to BBC premises.

    More at


  5. BRISSLES says:

    Australia win the world cup cricket, beating India. So it’s over to Solihull to get the reaction. Yep, all those migrant and British born Indians all wearing t shirts emblazoned with India, were in commiserating mood. British ??? f.o. so much for allegiances, just get the Passport.


  6. Flotsam says:

    Green Crap
    Recently the Government were unable to get any bids for new offshore wind farms. What this means is that the existing wind farms are probably not profitable. It’s probable then that our existing wind farms costs were poorly worked out or were deliberately unrealistic. It would seem to be similar to the HS2 debacle where if the project was properly costed and the real figures presented it would never have proceeded. The basic idea is get the Government and public sold and committed to the idea on false data.


  7. Zephir says:

    From another site, worth repeating:

    “look at the way Islam responds to all issues. Things happen on the world stage that followers of religions and citizens of countries just have to accept and take on the chin.

    That is everyone but Muslims. Anything that occurs involving Muslims. They lose their minds and start forming terror groups and start killing random people guaranteed as a response. No matter what it is, or how minor an issue. This is what you get with Muslims.

    Here is a perfect example right now given what is occurring in the world stage. Ask any Muslims and they will start screaming about Israel. How it was formed in 1948. The Palestinians didn’t want Jews on their land and Israel stole our land. And Israel is an apartheid and Jews are illegal occupiers and all sorts. Muslims have made the biggest deal imaginable since 1948 when Israel formed. There have been countless wars between Palestine, Egypt Jordan and others over the existence of Israel. Anyone on the world stage would think what the Jews did was unheard of and the most evil thing imaginable for a group to do. As a result Muslims have formed something like 50 separate terror groups all due to the formation of Israel

    Ok well did you know in 1947, a year before Israel was formed. There was no such thing as Pakistan or Bangladesh? There was just India a Hindu country.

    Muslims demanded their own country so just took part of India and formed Pakistan in 1947. Now Muslims, the eternal ungrateful and piss takers. They weren’t grateful for what they got. They wanted more. So they wanted to form a second Muslim country. So then later in 1971 they took more land and formed Bangladesh. Israel kept giving away part of its land to Muslims. Whereas Muslims in India just kept wanting to take more from the Hindus.

    Now Hindus just took the above on the chin. They did not start screaming Apartheid or Genocide. They didn’t start mass wars with the Muslims they just accepted Pakistan and Bangladesh now existed. This is the normal way people respond.

    Yet Islam, If anything happens Muslims do not like. No matter how small. They turn to forming terror groups and random terror attacks on innocent civilians to protest it. This then causes wars, animosity and outright hatred all around.

    Now why is that? Personally, I think it all stems from Mohammed’s reaction to being kicked out of Mecca in 622AD. As soon as he was kicked out. He immediately turned to terror attacks onto everyone and killing people and going to war all from his narcissistic humiliation of being kicked out of his homeland. Honest to God I wish those Meccan Jews and Polytheists had of just killed that man in 622AD instead of forcing him to leave Mecca and move to Medina. The world would be a much safer place now if they did.”


  8. Dickie says:


    • Fedup2 says:

      From the DT- inquiry into the Islamic hamas BBC propaganda coverage –

      The BBC’s former head of television has called for an independent review into the corporation’s coverage of the Israel-Hamas war, as he accused a diplomatic correspondent of showing pro-Palestine bias.

      Danny Cohen, the director of BBC Television from 2013 to 2015, said Britain’s Jewish people are “being harmed through its unbalanced reporting” since the war began.

      He said: “The time has now come for a long-overdue independent inquiry into the corporation’s editorial and management failures in its reporting of Israel.”

      In one example, he pointed out how Caroline Hawley, the BBC’s diplomatic correspondent, has written numerous posts on X, formerly Twitter, expressing concern for the “shocking” and “terrifying” situation in Gaza, sharing calls for a ceasefire and providing multiple updates on the number of deaths there.

      But The Telegraph found that just nine per cent – or 18 – of her 195 tweets and retweets since the Israel-Hamas war began on October 7 have mentioned Israeli deaths, casualties and hostages, including case studies of families captured.

      Since the proscribed terror group Hamas invaded Israel last month, Ms Hawley has frequently updated her 8,600 followers on the death toll in Gaza from Israeli military bombardment, which is attempting to eliminate Hamas. Only last week, she wrote: “New life amid all the death and destruction – with more than 4,000 children killed, 100 UNRWA staff dead and 200 medics no longer able to help heal patients.”

      That followed multiple other tweets commenting on how “the number of civilians killed in Gaza grows and grows” and sharing updates from the United Nations, other UN agencies, charities, NGOs and activists on Gaza death tolls and their various calls for a humanitarian ceasefire.

      Earlier this month, Ms Hawley tweeted: “What shocks me in this small glimpse of the terror civilians are enduring in Gaza is how calm people appear. I guess there’s little choice.”

      While she has reported on Israeli hostages and music festival victims on-air, on X she criticised the “shocking level of destruction in the Jabaliya refugee camp” following Israeli bombing without mentioning the Israeli Defence Force’s justification that it was a stronghold for Hamas terrorists.

      BBC faces ‘urgent’ questions
      Mr Cohen, who is also the former BBC One controller, said her “biased, unbalanced” social media feed “reads like a series of press releases from Hamas central command”, as he demanded an inquiry into the corporation’s wider coverage following a series of rows.

      He told The Telegraph: “Day after day Hawley reposts messages and photographs from Gaza without context or any apparent attempt at basic journalistic verification. There is barely a mention of the October 7 massacres or the ongoing plight of the Israeli hostages held by Hamas.

      “So why has Hawley been allowed to continue to report in such a biased, unbalanced way? Is the BBC ok with her reporting or unable to control it? This is a question it must urgently answer.”

      He claimed “the BBC’s credibility with the Jewish community is reaching a point of no return”, adding: “With these incidents piling up on a daily basis there is only one conclusion to draw. Either the BBC’s senior management is complicit in these egregious examples of bias, these regular breaches of its guidelines, or it lacks the ability to control the output of its own organisation.”

      Investigation launched into BBC staff’s social media activity
      The row comes after Isaac Herzog, the Israeli president, threatened to cut off access to the BBC last month over its “atrocious” refusal to describe Hamas as terrorists.

      The BBC also apologised on air last week after a newsreader twice mistakenly claimed that Israeli forces were “targeting medical staff and Arab speakers” at Gaza’s largest hospital.

      And the corporation launched an “urgent” investigation after social media activity by several of its journalists in the BBC News Arabic bureau appeared to celebrate and justify the Hamas attack.

      A BBC spokesman said: “We take complaints about social media use very seriously, especially on such a sensitive and contested subject, and investigate accordingly. Impartiality is crucial for BBC news staff, and our guidelines require them to reflect a wide range of opinion in their social media. We will continue to remind all our journalists of their responsibilities.”

      ‘A new inquiry is essential’
      On Sunday night, Michael Ellis, the former attorney general for England and Wales, backed Mr Cohen’s call for an independent inquiry of the BBC’s coverage.

      The senior Conservative MP told The Telegraph: “The BBC are still concealing the contents of a report conducted nearly 20 years ago that was commissioned because of allegations then of BBC bias against Israel in their reporting on the Middle East.

      “Licence-payers money was spent compiling the report and then more licence-payers money was spent fighting through the courts to conceal it from the licence-payers.

      “As the BBC still refuse to release it, now there is no alternative but to commission another report – this time independent of the BBC.

      “It is crucial people around the world can have confidence that the BBC is reporting fairly and accurately and it is quite clear that there is very real concern that their reporting of Israel now does not come close to commanding the confidence of viewers at home or abroad. A new inquiry is essential.”ENDS

      The piece carries a picture of ‘Caroline hawley’ who looks a bit old to be a bbc reporter so I suppose she has to be anti Semitic to keep her job from going to the usual female kidult Muslim ….


  9. Fedup2 says:


    I caught the end of an interview between meeesh and some lefty yank woman from UNICEF – another anti Israel outfit . Apparently – because images of hostages have been released – the bbc has to notice this for a change …. Anyway meeesh asked the lefty whether she’d asked Hamas directly whether she – unicef had asked Hamas to release hostage kids ….

    … I waited for a ‘yes’ … but it never came – she swerved the question .. clearly unicef have not interest in thr welfare of Israelis …particularly children …very bbc ….


  10. Fedup2 says:

    BBC very upset that a non approved man has been elected president of Argentina …


    • JohnC says:

      You can tell they are upset because both the headline and the article lead with the words ‘far-right’.

      Politics at the BBC now ranges from Left, Centrist, right-wing, far-right and extreme-right. What was far-left is now the normal.


  11. Fedup2 says:

    The following phrase is the one commonly used by the BBC to undermine any claim by Israel dealing with Islamic Hamas ….

    ‘The BBC has been unable to verify this “….

    Now I wonder how many times it is used when anyone directly or indirectly funded and controlled by Islamic Hamas terrorists makes some comment/ claim ….

    …perhaps that could be used in an independent inquiry about the bias of the BBC …. Which loves ‘from the river to sea ‘..


  12. Zephir says:

    Meanwhile, as bbc staff swan around the globe, looking forward to their gold plated pensions whilst misleading the public in their biased reporting:

    “The bleak stories of Britain’s poorest taken to court as they can’t afford BBC licence fee
    Single parents, domestic abuse survivors and people having to make the choice between paying the fee or feeding their kids have all been hauled before court.

    Earlier this year Home Office figures showed around 1,700 people were being convicted each week for TV licence evasion in England and Wales.”


    • Zephir says:

      Not quite the correct “victims” eh, bbc ???


    • Fedup2 says:

      Zephir – the was a piece in the press over the weekend about one of the BBC army of ‘climate reporters ‘ who flew across the globe when the places already has bbc staff who could have reported instead – tons of carbon were involved – apparently .
      Don’t get me wrong – I care less about how much carbon is used – the more the better for me – but the hypocrisy of bbc types doing this is really something ….


  13. JohnC says:

    BBC headlines today:

    ‘Israel says CCTV footage shows hostages were taken to Gaza hospital’

    ‘Israel says tunnel found under Gaza hospital as hostage deal hopes grow’

    ‘Israel says’ with the implication they might not be true.

    Heres what they say about the hostages:

    ‘Responding to the video released by Israel, the Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza said it was not able to confirm the authenticity of the footage.

    The ministry also said it was Israel which bore full responsibility for the deterioration and collapse of health services in Gaza.’

    What has that got to do with the story ?. Why have the BBC even published this accusation from a terrorist group ??.

    The video of the hostages is freely available and when you watch it, it’s very clear that it is real. So the BBC don’t show it because they want to plant doubt in peoples minds.

    So back to the tunnel:

    ‘The BBC has not been able to verify the video which was presented at a news briefing by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on Sunday.’

    What ??. You are saying the IDF might be lying about it ?. Yet you don’t question any claims by the TERRORIST group Hamas like that.

    ‘The latest video is not yet the evidence that’s been promised of the sort of vast and intricate operation depicted in a computer simulation which the IDF previously released’

    But it’s evidence Hamas were using the hospital BBC. Why don’t you say that anywhere ?. It is THE most important point of the whole story.

    This bias of the BBC is so extreme now, I wonder why they are still being allowed to get away with it. How on Earth is ti considered acceptable for them to report whatever Hamas say with equal weighting to Israel and to also imply doubt on any official statements by the USA or by Israel.

    Bottom line here is that Hamas is committing war crimes by operating from hospitals and the entire blame for them being attacked by the IDF lies with them. But the BBC will not write that anywhere because it might upset them. How is that acceptable to anybody ?.


    • richard D says:

      One thing that struck me was the complete nonchalance of the numerous medics in blue on the film, as clearly armed Hamas terrorists frogmarched a clearly terrified civilian (obviously not Palestinian) into and through the hospital without a single reaction to these activities. He was not turned over to the medics for help, and the armed terrorists clearly knew exactly where they were taking this guy inside the hospital.

      Could these possibly be the same medics who have been swearing blind over the last few weeks that they have never seen the slightest indication of Hamas activities and militia in the hospital ? They don’t even blink whilst this is going on – must be normal behaviour of Gazans to take protesting and clearly terrified relatives into and through the hospital whilst armed to the teeth.


  14. Dickie says:


  15. Fedup2 says:


    One of those pieces where the question wasn’t asked …. The issue ? Anti semitism in Manchester – seems there’s a lot more of it ….. a dire spokesman for the Jewish defence trust presented very poor examples of what is happening …. But the question that wasn’t asked ?
    Yes – is the anti semitism coming from Muslims ? Or someone else ? Nope – the question never came … the truth …


    • richard D says:

      ..and quickly, Fedup2, Andy Burnham when being asked about this on the same programme, turned it into a condemnation of anti-Muslim events. He told Meeshal (I think it was) that anti-semitic incidents had increased ten-fold in the past few weeks in his area and claiming the same had happened with anti-muslim incidents…… except that he had to withdraw that claim immediately (nothing to do with the Beeboid challenging him, of course) by mumbling something about there not being a ten-fold increase, but about the same level in absolute number, he claims, of anti-muslim incidents as antisemitic incidents. The Beeboid’s reaction – nada !


  16. AsISeeIt says:

    We kick off the week with a caution that if the Israelis don’t allow a ceasefire pause soon the total cumulative death count from the Hamas health ministry may soon excede the actual population of Gaza.

    The Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza says 13,000 people have been killed in the territory since Israel began its campaign against Hamas (BBC) – none of them terrorists, apparently.

    Sometimes it can be blindingly obvious which side it is for which our news editors are rooting: Australia spoil India’s Cricket World Cup party (left-leaning ‘i’ newspaper)

    Spoiling a party is to be frowned upon, whereas crashing one just breakes some old fashioned rules of etiquette: Australia crash India’s party at cricket World Cup (Telegraph)

    Farage is weaseling out of trials already (Daily Mirror) – I don’t know enough about the rules of I’m A Celeb to understand what that entails, but I do discern that the Mirror don’t want Nigel to win it

    Guess whch side the Financial Times wants to win in this one…?

    …Argentinians cast their ballots in a tense and polarising presidential election… They face a choice between Sergio Massa, the economy minister who is handling the country’s worst crisis in two decades, and Javier Milei a hard-right libertarian outsider who has claimed to be the victim of voter fraud. (FT)

    As always, draw your own conclusions


    • Fedup2 says:

      When / if the IDF announce a ‘ceasefire ‘( I hope they don’t ) there will be Palestinian flags and victory parades all over the place .
      The bbc narrative will announce the defeat of Israel – victory to Islamic Hamas freedom fighters – bowen and the rest will be overwhelmed with joy …. Wait for it ….


      • JohnC says:

        This ‘ceasefire’ is sounding very suspicious.

        Are we actually supposed to believe Hamas will release all the hostages in exchange for a short ceasefire ?.

        But of course they can be trusted to keep their word right ?.

        Either the hostages will simply not appear or there is some other deal behind the scenes which they won’t tell us about.

        Whatever happened to ‘not negotiating with terrorists’ ?. There is only one way to deal with them and Israel are doing it. Otherwise it will just happen again and again.


  17. Fedup2 says:

    Often here we question the terminology the BBC uses for some one of which it doesn’t approve – it calls them ‘far right ‘ ..
    But ‘far right ‘ is never defined . Maybe a clue will be found in the beliefs of the newly elected president of Argentina .

    But this is tricky for the BBC which likes Argentina more than the UK because of the ‘Malvinas ‘ as the BBC calls the Falklands …..

    Any way – it seems the new argie president wants to control inflation in argie land …. But also wants to ban abortion – so it seems those who don’t want to kill babies are ‘far right ‘…. Meaning the ‘far left ‘ like killing babies ….. er .. right ?


  18. Fedup2 says:

    Toady again

    Meesh getting a kicking from a spokesman from the IDF – she sounds like she is an Islamic Hamas spokesman – citing Hamas propaganda as truth ( nothing about ‘verification ‘) – I bet toady presenters dread having to interview IDF spokesman – because they stand their ground ….

    The hostility of the BBC interviewer goes beyond a duty of journos to ‘hold to account ‘ and when one looks for what is fueling anti semitism – look no further than meesh and the BBC .. .


    • JohnC says:

      Hamas-run health ministry says Israeli forces put thousands in the ‘circle of death’

      ‘In its statement, the Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza accuses Israeli forces of putting thousands of displaced people, injured civilians and medical staff in “the circle of death” as a result of “the direct and repeated targeting of the Indonesian Hospital”.’

      Direct quotation from a terrorist organisation and to their eternal shame, the BBC do not mention how it is now proven that Hamas themselves are using hospitals as terrorist bases.

      The most disgusting of lies by omission.


    • Guest Who says:

      How long before Meeshaphobia is deemed a crime?


    • richard D says:

      Compare and contrast the interview of the WHO spokesperson (I’ve given up trying to remember their names) just prior to the guy from the IDF – no interruptions, no real challenges (faux ones, though, so as to give the appearance of even-handedness), no talk-overs, no speeches disguised as questions, fulsome answers allowed to questions, and a very high percentage of the interview time given over to the interviewee… guess which interviewee did not get that treatment ?


  19. Sluff says:

    Given that inflation in the once prosperous Argentina reached 20% back in 2015 and has risen ever since, now to 140%, you might think the BBC would want to reflect negatively on the track record of his predecessors and their political persuasions.
    But no.
    All that matters to the biased BBC is that the newly elected president is from the Far Right’.

    But let us hope the new guy doesn’t get as nationalistic as a certain general in the early 80s.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Don’t worry – we ll send a couple of ‘top of the range ‘ aircraft carriers ….


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        Have a go at our navy, why don’t you? It was only because we had two small aircraft carriers that we won the 1982 war.


        • Fedup2 says:

          I’m curious that you assume I am having a pop at the RN – as a taxpayer I see the government / MOD which has two non operational money pits unable to do anything about ‘projecting the UK’ overseas apart from being a joke .

          I saw that they had a ‘great achievement ‘ of launching a drone from a flight deck last week – which armchair warriors like me would assume to be every work .

          As for The Falklands – I have worked with Navy army and Royal Marines -in no particular order of supremacy so have seen what the cost of such experience ( eg being bombed ) has ….
          But 2 joke carriers are 2 joke carriers … are they still broken ? Have they aircraft ?


          • Rob in Cheshire says:

            Your comments are really insulting to the navy. Two joke carriers? Come on, you are better than that.

            Both are in full commission and are good ships. I agree that more F35s are needed, and that will happen. As for drones, you must realise that they are a very important future weapon. The navy is quite right to be developing them.

            The carriers are good ships and give a very valuable capability. What we need now are more frigates.


  20. Fedup2 says:

    Someone help me here – an approved footy star from an approved prem club – the saintly Liverpool – had to be escorted off of the field by the military in a Egypt v sierra leon game – yes – Mohammed mo salah … a big story – but does it feature in the bbc sport coverage … ? Certainly not R4 – also -mthevfact Australia won the cricket World Cup thing barely gets a mention …. Strange …


  21. Guest Who says:

    Raisin Brane and Champion group hug.
    For Islamophobia Awareness Month, I spoke to @AyoCaesar about my experience as a British Muslim in politics.
    Islamophobia exists in society, including in the Labour Party.
    If we’re serious about tackling it, we need an independent review on Islamophobia within the Labour Party.

    Novara to do a joint investigation with Palodrama and BBC Verify?


    • MarkyMark says:

      Welby VERSES all Islamists …

      UK 2018
      Home Office, UK Security … Islamist …. Sajid Javid.

      London Mayor, UK Prosperity … Islamist … Sadiq Khan.

      CEO of Bernados, UK Children … Islamist .. Javed Khan.

      Prime Minister’s Special Envoy on Freedom of Religion or Belief … Islamist … Lord Ahmed.

      BBC religion and ethics commissioning … Islamist … Fatima Salaria


      • taffman says:

        All in the interest of Multi Culti and under the noses of our so-called “Conservative Government” ?


        • MarkyMark says:

          Yet China ban Islamic beards!


          Beijing says new rules are necessary to fight ‘extremism’ but rights groups have called similar restrictions repressive. China has banned “abnormal” beards and full-face coverings in the remote western region of Xinjiang as part of tighter “anti-extremism” regulations that also prohibit rejecting state media.1 Apr 2017


          • atlas_shrugged says:

            Sending bacon butties to China could be a new export opportunity?

            Far more ‘safe and effective’ than a dodgy vaccine.


            • MarkyMark says:

              On 9 September 2006, BBC News reported that the Muslim boycott of Danish goods had reduced Denmark’s total exports by 15.5% between February and June. This was attributed to an approximated 50% decline in exports to the Middle East. The BBC said, “The cost to Danish businesses was around 134 million euros ($170m), when compared with the same period last year, the statistics showed.”[72] However, The Guardian newspaper in the UK said, “While Danish milk products were dumped in the Middle East, fervent right-wing Americans started buying Bang & Olufsen stereos and Lego. In the first quarter of this year Denmark’s exports to the US soared 17%.”[73] Overall the boycott did not have a significant effect on the Danish economy.[74]



    • Guest Who says:

      Here’s Mehdi being ‘pretty sure’.
      Pretty sure even the Russian government didn’t try and blame the… *checks notes*…. World Health Organization… for its own attacks on hospitals and medical personnel.

      Good enough for JonDon and *checks notes* the BBC international. Editor, surely?


    • Guest Who says:

      Champion gets a *checks notes* EXCLUSIVE
      EXCLUSIVE: Labour MP @zarahsultana brands the party “institutionally Islamophobic”, says that it operates a “hierarchy of racism”, and calls for an independent review into anti-Muslim bigotry in Labour.

      #CCBGB Only with less blocking than bbc staff. Novara needs the hits.

      Next, Laura and Nick and Kirsty get an exclusive on what Labour will say next.


    • Zephir says:

      If Zara Bukkake does not understand why we are sick to the back teeth of muslims then she is thick as sh@t


  22. MarkyMark says:

    Condemning Hamas’ terrorism should not be controversial: UK at the UN General Assembly
    Statement from a UK government spokesperson following the UN General Assembly vote on the Jordanian draft resolution on the situation in Gaza, 27 October 2023.

    We are proud to have pledged an additional $37 million in UK aid to help civilians in Gaza since the beginning of the crisis. The UK Prime Minister has been clear that we recognise the need for humanitarian pauses to deliver this aid safely and in a sustained way.

    However, we are deeply disappointed with the draft’s omission of an unequivocal condemnation of Hamas’ terrorist attacks that killed over 1,400 people and took over 200 hostages last week. This should not be controversial.



  23. tomo says:

    The relationship between Poland and Ukraine looks to be getting strained.

    The BBC swerves the numbers / an explanation of Ukrainian trucking economics.

    Looks like Brussels messed up big time with a concessions package and the Ukrainians are ruthlessly exploiting that.


  24. Zephir says:

    “Islamic controversial preacher Zakir Naik entered a taxi in London and said aloud to the taxi driver:

    – Brother, please turn off the radio, because as the Holy Quran instructed, I am forbidden to listen to music, because in the time of the Prophet there was no music, especially western music, which is the music of the disbelievers.

    The taxi driver politely turned off the radio, stopped the taxi and opened the door.

    Zakir asked him:

    – Brother, what are you doing…?

    The taxi driver politely answered:

    – in the era of the Muhammad:

    There was no taxi;

    There were no bombs;

    There were no thefts;

    In the mosques there were no speakers to wake up children, the elderly or the sick;

    There were no suicide attacks;

    There was no AK-47;

    There was only peace everywhere…

    So shut up, go out and wait for your camel…”


  25. tomo says:


  26. Philip_2 says:

    MP accuses BBC of ‘rank hypocrisy’ after reporter racked up tens of thousands of air miles to make Panorama programme on climate change. (19 November 2023) Daily Mail.

    As if the BBC really care about such things!

    I also note that Jeremy Clarkson made the same observation last month in The Times. That BBC’s Saint Attenborough had willfully ‘exaggerated’ Climate Change claims (and that’s a fact, folks, its not factual but BBC (so called ‘nature’ documentary – is sold as family wholesome ‘entertainment’), despite inaccuracies, and climate change claims, found untrue. A slight bias perhaps towards the UN claims to ‘fight capitalism’ one world economics and other left wing claims that (they claim) can SAVE the planet (again as China and Russia demonstrate, Cuba and Venezuela are never mentioned, except as ‘success’).

    Following on: Chris Packham is being trained by the BBC to carry on the good work, and join the ranks of Gary Linekar et al.

    And the VEGANS are deeply upset. Only they can SAVE the Planet!!!

    Meanwhile BBC Panorama goes from strength to strength. This is from NINE YEARS AGO! And I hate to quote The Guardian, but even they know the BBC is total Left wing liberal bollocks. They should know.


    • MarkyMark says:

      “To ask Her Majesty’s Government, in the light of reports by the BBC’s Panorama programme in 2010 that approximately 5,000 pupils in the UK are being taught the Saudi national curriculum, what action has been taken to ensure that school text books originating in Saudi Arabia which propagate hate speech and religious intolerance are not being used in schools, clubs and weekend schools in the UK. ”
      “Ofsted have not found any evidence of the text books referred to in the programme being used in schools that they have inspected.” – uk government’s response
      {theyworkforyou 05Dec2016}

      “In a written response to the findings, the Saudi ambassador to the UK said the teachings were not endorsed by the Saudi embassy.” – Saudi Arabia’s response – {guardian nov2010}

      “It claims (BBC Panorama) to have found 5,000 Muslim schoolchildren being taught that some Jews are transformed into pigs and apes and that the penalty for gay sex is execution. Some textbooks are said to teach the correct way to chop off the hands and feet of thieves. A spokesman for the programme said the pupils, aged six to 18, attend a network of more than 40 weekend schools across the country which teach the Saudi national curriculum to Muslim children.” – {guardian nov2010}


  27. Guest Who says:
    Let’s not forget that there is another war still going on in Ukraine. I chaired a showing of the stunning, shocking, tear inducing documentary “20 days in Mariupol” at the
    @AldeburghDocFes yesterday.

    So far 1 comment in 1/4hr. Hope the festival felt the fee was worth it.


  28. Guest Who says:
    The sinister rise of Britain’s Islamo-left. By Tim Black

    Meesh and every Khan in the cubicle gardens been scrambled to BBC Verify Squadron?


  29. tomo says:

    Exasperating in that it’s probably true.



  30. tomo says:


    • Guest Who says:



    • MarkyMark says:

      “…and don’t you worry. It’s coming to a place near you…we cannot have state subsidized preachers…give it up or give it to your deadliest enemy and pay for the rope that will choke you.“


    • Guest Who says:

      IIRC a lady of faith here got busted for thinking thoughts across a street by the ever balanced LesNan rozzer squad.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      For muslims, prayers are not a personal connection to god. Rather, they are a set of incantations which must be repeated five times a day. Doing them in public like this is a political statement to demonstrate the superiority of islam. That is why several thousand muslims decided to pray on Whitehall a few weeks a go. It was a public demonstration of their power, at the heart of the British state.


  31. tomo says:



  32. Terminal Moraine says:

    I stupidly caught a bit of permanently outraged Steven Nolan on R5 Friday evening, as he was chipping away at the far-right Rwanda plan the likes of Braverman (real name Suella Yaxley-Lennon) has been pushing. Nolan, sounding increasingly like a paranoid Irish Alan Partridge, maintained that Rwanda is not a safe country. As evidence of this he mentioned they’d had a taxi drivers protest. I actually laughed out loud.

    Imagine shipping off the poor Albanian sex traffickers to some despot hinterland where they’re forced to endure an unreliable cab service. It must surely be a breach of the Geneva Conventions. Clearly we have to let everyone stay in the UK so they never face state-sanctioned human rights abuses (e.g. police investigations for wrong-think or being forced in their homes and told to take injections of experimental biotech.)

    What causes a fit of the vapours at the BBC and what passes without even a raised eyebrow gets more absurd each week.


    • MarkyMark says:

      2012 … “Two and a half years ago, the coalition government was formed, and we made a clear promise to the British public. After thirteen years of uncontrolled mass immigration, this government would reduce and control immigration.” – Theresa May 2012

      2012 – 2023 HA HA HA HA!

      In 2022, there was an average of 41 people per small boat. This has increased compared to 2021, when there was an average of 28 people per small boat and is much higher than 2020 (13 people per small boat), 2019 (11 people) and 2018 (7 people).23 Feb 2023


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Nolan’s a real piece of work isn’t he? I love it when he’s off on his annual holidays to Vegas. I’m told he goes to America for his holiday because he looks thin there.


  33. MarkyMark says:

    Sunak says “now you can trust me when I say we can start to responsibly cut taxes“.


    Chancellor Rishi Sunak held US green card until last year
    8 April 2022


    Rishi Sunak, man in charge of country’s money, doesn’t know how to use contactless


  34. tomo says:

    Has the BBC given this a puff yet?


  35. Terminal Moraine says:

    Guardian/Independent journo and son of Jewish communists David Aaranovitch puts a call out for solidarity to counter anti-semitism.

    More than one person points out that his support for white Brits has been lacking (having previously written an article “Defending ‘white interests’ can never be right”). Solidarity doesn’t seem a 2-way street for Hampstead-born left wingers.

    Yea sorry man. Going to have to pass. Defending jewish interests can never be right.I know things are tough right now. Hang in there. They are going to get a lot worse.— Mr. Maynard, Esq. (@RightWingEsq) November 18, 2023


  36. tomo says:

    Needs wider circulation


  37. BRISSLES says:

    Bit of an ongoing clear out at GBN Mark Longhurst had gone, Paul Hawking’s working for a Chinese owned news channel, and its left to the kids to front the programmes, with engaged couple Emily and Patrick promoted to their own shows.


  38. tomo says:

    weird advert on YouTube = AI ?

    Given YouTube’s overzealous content policing – how is this possible?


  39. tomo says:

    I’m wondering when the BBC are going to cover the plight of Palestinians of a darker colour?

    At least 11,000 black Palestinians live in Al Jalla’a district of Gaza in a neighbourhood called “Al Abeed” which means slaves in Arabic.


  40. Fedup2 says:

    BBC News – has now re badged the new president of the argees from ‘far right ‘ to ‘libertarian ‘ – by the end of the day he will be a ‘human rights ( lefty ) campaigner …


    • tomo says:

      Have they covered the Spain issues that Tucker Carlson has been looking at?

      – mildly related by language … They’ve some Spanish speakers in Verify cubicles…


  41. vlad says:

    Hey guys, ever wondered about the CORRECT way to stone a woman to death, mutilate a thief, scourge adulterers or execute gays (top and bottom – the done and the done unto)?

    Well, for these and other fun facts, look no further than the Birmingham Mosque.

    I wonder if the BBC will share these pearls of Islam?


  42. tomo says:

    I saw this and immediately thought >>> a jury packed with XR members…

    Not without precedent – see:


    • atlas_shrugged says:

      +80,000 men in prison

      ~3,500 wimmin in prison.

      Cos wimmin are not guilty. At every stage through our laughable justice system there is bias against men. Bit like the bBC really.


    • MarkyMark says:

      2 tier policing!?!?!?!



  43. JohnC says:

    Nuclear-armed submarine suffered malfunction

    My God – did the nuclear submarine nearly blow up ?.

    ‘During the incident the main depth gauge on the submarine failed as it was diving, a defence source confirmed, but a secondary depth gauge was still working.’

    Everything working as it should then. An important component had a backup. Not news at all.

    Good to see the BBC kidults aren’t wasting license-fee payers cash on pure clickbait or anything. Just another sign of how far down the toilet the BBC has gone.


    • atlas_shrugged says:

      Quick translation of the German leaflet targeting children 12-17 years old:

      “Vaccinate against Corona Virus?

      You decide..[ note not whether but how..]

      either at the Vaccination centre or at your GP/ Pediatrician

      Is it worth it for me?

      What side-effects might it have?

      Facts or rumours?

      Your questions concisely answered ..

      Q Can a vaccine which has been developed so fast be safe?
      A. Yes.. no corners were cut .. the whole world has worked together…

      Q Does the vaccine damage my DNA?
      A No….any damage to the DNA was ruled out by researchers…

      Q will the vaccine affect my fertility?
      A; No;; how did this rumour arise? It is true that there is a similarity between one of the proteins in Corona Virus and { a protein] important for female fertility….[ but you’d only have to worry abot developing antibodies to the latter is the reseemblance between the proteins were much closer than it is ..]

      Q no vaccine no school?
      A Rubbish! You must go to school whether or not you opt for the vaccine..

      Q Have they investigated long-term effects?
      A; Yes and No.Theoretically something could turn up later but side effects usually show up shortly after the unlikely.

      Have you read anything funny about Corona virus vaccination on Social Media?

      Don’t allow yourself to be led by your feelings…

      Think can it be true? What is the source?
      Do others say the same?

      Don’t share if you are not sure.. Don’t give rumours a chance..”


    • MarkyMark says:

      Dr. Robert Malone made an appearance this week at an “Injuries Caused by COVID-19 Vaccines” hearing led by Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), at which he revealed how Moderna’s own patent shows that its (COVID-19) “vaccine” vials contain billions of DNA fragments and other contaminants linked to birth defects and cancer


  44. MarkyMark says:

    “In a letter to all MPs, Hoyle said the independent expenses body, IPSA, will not disclose the details of new taxi journeys due to “security implications.” Not having to disclose taxpayer-funded taxi trips will certainly encourage MPs to jump in a cab more often…”

    Former Speaker John Bercow claimed £1,000 taxi fare
    14 January 2020



    • JohnC says:

      We should thank Bercow because despite him being a nasty little bully who completely abused his power to try and stop Brexit, he showed us just what complete ethically-barren, shameless hypocrites the BBC are when they failed to report any of that while they protected him in their desperation to scupper what the British people voted for in a referendum.

      They are as low as any other of the lying leftist MSM scum.


  45. MarkyMark says:

    David William Donald Cameron, Baron Cameron of Chipping Norton has just been sworn in to the House of Lords.

    “I will bear true allegianceto King Charles … and CHINA .. and iny investment fund that will take me!”


  46. Thoughtful says:

    I urge all readers of these pages to watch this jaw dropping report from “The Hill” which is regarded as a Left leaning channel and leaked files from the British Labour party regarding their efforts to censor opposing points of view.

    To that end the cite “The centre for countering digital hate” as a Labour party organisation with active party members working within it.

    This organisation is being regularly used by the media to censor shape, and sometime even create the news, and yet it is always portrayed as an NGO or independant think tanks, and never as a creation of the British Labour party.

    I am sure those people who watch this will be able to point to examples of the BBC using what amounts to Labour party propaganda and portraying it as independant sourced.

    Have a watch of this shocking report which is not yet finalised, because you almost certainly won’t be hearing about it in Britain !