398 Responses to Start the Week 26th February 2024

  1. Cooper_Man says:

    One of the main headlines on the BBC news webshite:

    “Burkina Faso: At least 15 dead in Catholic church attack.”

    “A church official indicated the gunmen were suspected Islamic militants.”

    It was hardly going to the Amish was it – or Buddhists – or Sikhs – or any other religion you care to name. No, it was the ‘Religion of Peace.’

    As always. I wonder if the church official said the word ‘suspected’ or whether the Beeb added it to his statement?

    And apologies to anyone else who wanted to be first. Hah!


    • StewGreen says:

      The first newspaper source was 2:17pm
      The church statement says “terrorist”
      so far no official sources say Muslim

      That maybe due to the way they have to stay in with the Burkina Faso government
      The government recently threw out French troops who were helping protect the country.


      • StewGreen says:

        Apr 27, 2023
        The #ISGS’s territorial gains in the #Maneka region highlight Mali’s deteriorating security environment and reveals the depth of the security vacuum left by the departed French troops
        (slamic State in the Greater Sahara’s

        There is another Islamic group who fight against them Jama’at Nusrat al-Islam wal-Muslimin #JNIM Militants

        On Thursday, February 22, 2024, the JNIM Terrorist Group was able to target an army convoy #burkinabè between (Togori) and (Basila), which resulted in human and material losses in the ranks of the ‘army.


    • MarkyMark says:

      “An angry mob in Pakistan accused a woman who wore a dress adorned with Arabic calligraphy of blasphemy, after mistaking them for Quran verse ….. people can be heard chanting that those who blaspheme must be beheaded.”



    • vlad says:

      I don’t know why the BBC chose to report this latest atrocity in particular. The truth is, there are many such cases of Muslim savages murdering Christians in many parts of Africa on an almost daily basis.
      Perhaps the BBC felt they had to show some token impartialty for a change.


  2. StewGreen says:

    Nina Mean Cow is on GB news
    Is there an Ofcom rule that a crazy lefty must be sitting on the sofa acting as gate keeper on GBNews and TalkTV ?

    Labour’s schreeching Greek Stella has been ubiquitous in the mornings

    And on Nana show in the afternoon it was GreenSupremacist Donnachadh


    • Deborah says:

      I have just heard Nina Myscow on GBNews screeching that she is seeing women and children being killed on our screens everyday. Really? Or is she just hearing the numbers being claimed by Hamas/UNWRA (they are very much the same). She claims she dislikes all religions, started with Jews which was said with an absolute sneer, then Christians and Hindus before mention of Muslims. Obviously well trained by the BBC.


      • BRISSLES says:

        Nina M is a sandwich short of a picnic. She’s showing her age, with her stuttering delivery and is a Harry and Meghan fan. The care home beckons.


      • Flotsam says:

        I saw Nina M defend Angela Rayner and her Right to Buy profit on GBNews. Her argument was that Rayner had bought her property with a Right to Buy discount before becoming an MP. An utterly ridiculous argument, the story of her purchase is surely a commentary on the hypocrisy of someone who benefited from RTB now arguing that the scheme should be stopped. Whether she bought before or after becoming an MP is completely irrelevant.
        Typical warped logic of the left.
        Perhaps Rayner should give her profits to the State.


  3. Nibor says:

    Has anyone done an ‘audit’ , ie videoing a walk around the premises of any BBC places and any of their TV Licensing subcontractors?


    • Lucy Pevensey says:


      I’m sure this isn’t exactly what you have in mind but I found this. I do think it has room to house a couple of thousand dinghy arrivals. BBC staff could be repurposed as cleaners, food preppers and service staff.


      • Zephir says:

        That is not the bbc: no black men, prayer mats or anti jew posters.

        If it really is the bbc, the bloke sitting there must be a cleaner having a rest, otherwise questions will be asked.


  4. Lucy Pevensey says:

    This Australian thing- I’m posting it but with a warning.

    It’s an under 1min clip but the profanity is quite extreme so don’t click on it if effing & blinding bothers you a lot. They even use the C-word which I would’ve preferred they didn’t but I still found it funny enough to share.


    • JohnC says:

      Nord stream was a war-crime in a league all of it’s own. It could have murdered thousands of the most vulnerable people if the winter had been a hard one. It could have been right up there with the holocaust.

      It’s beyond anything else I’ve ever seen. The whole thing went under the carpet – even the enviromental disaster it caused is not mentioned by the likes of the BBC. That alone is proof to me that they all know Biden did it.

      It’s a war crime aided and abetted by the entire West – even our own government said ‘Russia probably did it’ – with the total complicity of the entire MSM. How was that done ?. Did they ALL just decide to roll over and be quiet on their own ?. What happened to their ‘journalistic ethics’ ?. It’s almost too big for me to fully comprehend what that means about the society we live in now.


  5. Zephir says:

    Phew, he’s gone for 5 minutes.

    Just wondering if MM discovered coffee for the first time on Sunday.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Back to tea now! Relax! Islamic HALAL Tea!**

      ** just in case Sadiq Khan needs to know.


  6. Zephir says:

    Fatso Church at it again, this time raising money for terrorists:

    “Fury as Charlotte Church sings ‘from the river to the sea’ at pro-Palestine concert: Welsh singer comes under fire for leading chorus of ‘anti-Semitic’ song at Sing for Palestine event”



    • Zephir says:

      As has been appositely commented upon

      “voice of an anus”

      I don’t know who she thinks she is supporting, because she looks like she won’t be giving up bacon in a hurry.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      There’s stupid, there’s moronic, and then there’s Charlotte Church. I preferred her when she was drinking.


  7. StewGreen says:

    When I was a child , mothers didn’t live off benefits
    THeir husbands provided for them


    • Up2snuff says:

      Stew, when I was a child I was taught to apologise if someone was correct and I was wrong. Any apology forthcoming from you, as I was right in what Trump said a couple of weeks ago and you were very wrong?


      • StewGreen says:

        @Up2snuff you were wrong I pointed that out to you
        I’d already provided a transcript the previous day
        but you are so weak, that you can’t take being contradicted .
        So you retaliated by misrepresenting what I said
        You said that I had said something I never said
        possibly cos you had put it into your brain that by me saying TRump was relaying an story of a past event years ago, was the same as saying the Trump speech was years ago.


  8. JohnC says:

    Some diverse areas of England face car insurance ‘ethnicity penalty’

    The 60 man ‘BBC Verify’ team proving once again what a complete and utter farce they are.

    Here they do their level best to make out high insurance premiums in more ‘diverse’ areas are racist. But they don’t directly say it because they know full well they aren’t.

    They are obviously a result of the amount of claims which come from those areas. And ‘BBC Verify’ do not mention that possibility once.

    These are the official top 30 ‘crash for cash’ false-claim insurance scam areas:
    B8 (Birmingham)
    B6 (Birmingham)
    B10 (Birmingham)
    BD9 (Bradford)
    BD8 (Bradford)
    M8 (Manchester)
    BD3 (Bradford)
    B25 (Birmingham)
    OL8 (Oldham)
    B11 (Birmingham)
    B9 (Birmingham)
    M12 (Manchester)
    BD7 (Bradford)
    BL3 (Bolton)
    B66 (Birmingham)
    B19 (Birmingham)
    S9 (Sheffield)
    M19 (Manchester)
    L28 (Liverpool)
    WF13 (Wakefield)
    BD5 (Bradford)
    N18 (London)
    OL16 (Oldham)
    EN3 (Enfield, London)
    B18 (Birmingham)
    N9 (London)
    B21 (Birmingham)
    M18 (Manchester)
    M9 (Manchester)
    BB9 (Blackburn)

    Perhaps you might find a relationship between those areas, their BAME population and the price of insurance if you actually had any inclination to verify the facts for this BBC. Instead of just screaming ‘racists’.

    And only the BBC would choose ‘teacher’ as the representative occupation for their quotes. They are stuck in their own little bubble.


    • Flotsam says:

      From many decades of driving experience I can say that black and Asian drivers are generally very bad, even or especially Taxi drivers. Cash for crash fraud is obviously a different matter.


      • Zephir says:

        Oh yes, when I had a Civic Sport with twin tailpipes, whenever spotted by a young asian driver I would be tailgated even if in the overtaking lane passing lorries, they would try and undertake.

        I vividly recall one little twat in a small one litre on the A14 with smoke pouring out in his desperation to keep up and do this as I passed a fleet of lorries, nearly caused a collision when he undertook.

        Often happens on the road to Luton especially….


    • andyjsnape says:

      Good morning John

      Sorry I’ve just commented below and then saw your comment here

      I’m from the Birmingham area, and can understand why the B post codes are showing up


      • JohnC says:

        Better twice than nonce andy.

        As the DG said to Huw.

        That made me wonder what happened to Huw. Last report I can find is that he is at home, on full pay and will not even respond to BBC staff messages. One would think he might feel obliged to do SOMETHING for his 400 grand of license-fee payers cash a year he is happy to keep accepting. But of course he’s BBC to the core so I’m sure he considers he is entitled to that money.


      • Sluff says:

        A few years ago on a cold, very wet, dark Autumn evening a huge tailback on the M5 caused me to divert through Birmingham.
        The signage was rubbish and I didn’t have sat nav.
        At a junction I ended up in the wrong lane but in trying to change lanes, at about 5 mph, I had a little collision.
        It was being handled OK between me and the other driver but then for no obvious reason a third party came across and started getting involved and remonstrating, ‘I saw it all, it’s on my dashcam’ etc etc. In the ensuing discussion it was revealed that there had been a spate of deliberate accidents in the area for nefarious purposes. Some days later I discovered that an occupant of the other car was putting in for whiplash injuries. At 5 mph!!!

        So, John C. I find your list entirely credible.


    • harry142857 says:


      ‘Crash for cash’ gang filled bus for scam, jury told
      FRAUDSTERS staged a “spectacular stunt” involving a public service bus and a car in a “cash for crash” scam, a court heard.

      They filled the single-decker with their own passengers and the driver deliberately crashed the bus at slow speed into a Vauxhall Zafira.

      After the crash 26 fraudulent claims were made by “fake” passengers on the bus for similar whiplash-type injuries, Sheffield Crown Court was told.

      None of a handful of genuine passengers submitted claims.

      The bus company involved, Sheffield Mainline, had to set aside £250,000 to pay compensation claims.

      Police and ambulance staff turned up but only one man appeared to be injured and the Vauxhall was nowhere to be seen.

      Seven defendants have gone on trial accused of conspiracy to defraud insurance companies, which they all deny.

      The large fraud centred on an accident claims company called City Claims 4 U based at Pitsmoor Road, Sheffield and run by Mohammed Gulzar and Shoaib Nawaz

      .The jury was told that Adam Herbert, 25, the bus driver, has already admitted conspiracy to defraud, as has the car driver.

      The bus crash was “staged”, according to the prosecution, on June 16, 2011 at Scott Road in Pitsmoor as City Claims 4 U were “becoming both confident and very, very greedy”.

      One passenger later told police the whole accident was staged and she had been invited to make her own personal injury claim.

      “A total of 26 people made very similar claims for whiplash-type injuries arising out of this collision and the bus company put aside £250,000 for the cost of litigation,” said Miss Robinson.

      The bus company itself made inquiries and found the collision was staged.

      The prosecutor added: “It was a plan to maximise the dishonest income from this rather spectacular stunt.”
      One passenger later told police the whole accident was staged and she had been invited to make her own personal injury claim.

      “A total of 26 people made very similar claims for whiplash-type injuries arising out of this collision and the bus company put aside £250,000 for the cost of litigation,” said Miss Robinson.

      The bus company itself made inquiries and found the collision was staged.

      The prosecutor added: “It was a plan to maximise the dishonest income from this rather spectacular stunt.”
      fake claims were made from alleged crashes in Halifax, Sheffield and Rotherham. One supposed passenger at an accident in Sheffield was found out to be in Oxford at the time.

      They filled the single-decker with their own passengers and the driver deliberately crashed the bus at slow speed into a Vauxhall Zafira.

      After the crash 26 fraudulent claims were made by “fake” passengers on the bus for similar whiplash-type injuries, Sheffield Crown Court was told.

      None of a handful of genuine passengers submitted claims.

      The bus company involved, Sheffield Mainline, had to set aside £250,000 to pay compensation claims.

      Police and ambulance staff turned up but only one man appeared to be injured and the Vauxhall was nowhere to be seen.

      Seven defendants have gone on trial accused of conspiracy to defraud insurance companies, which they all deny.

      The large fraud centred on an accident claims company called City Claims 4 U based at Pitsmoor Road, Sheffield and run by Mohammed Gulzar and Shoaib Nawaz.

      “It was a professional and organised conspiracy by deliberately making false claims over road traffic accidents which never occurred or were staged,” said Katherine Robinson, prosecuting.

      The jury was told that Adam Herbert, 25, the bus driver, has already admitted conspiracy to defraud, as has the car driver.

      The bus crash was “staged”, according to the prosecution, on June 16, 2011 at Scott Road in Pitsmoor as City Claims 4 U were “becoming both confident and very, very greedy”.

      Miss Robinson said: “This was an audacious plan to crash a bus being driven by Adam Herbert into a car driven by one of the defendants.

      “The plan was to load the bus with as many dishonest passengers as possible, then submit a raft of bogus claims for personal injury.

      “Adam Herbert deliberately drove into the rear of a Vauxhall Zafira at slow speed,” she said.

      She said passengers described a “very minor bump” at slow speed.

      False details of the car driver were given to the police. A member of staff at the claims company was even on board and submitted his own personal claim.

      One passenger later told police the whole accident was staged and she had been invited to make her own personal injury claim.

      “A total of 26 people made very similar claims for whiplash-type injuries arising out of this collision and the bus company put aside £250,000 for the cost of litigation,” said Miss Robinson.

      The bus company itself made inquiries and found the collision was staged.

      The prosecutor added: “It was a plan to maximise the dishonest income from this rather spectacular stunt.”

      Pc Sam Clifford told the jury he arrived to find a large crowd on the pavement with ambulance crews attending to people who were claiming injuries.

      “When I arrived there was no car but damage to the windscreen and the front of the bus,” he said.

      “There was only one man making lots of noises. He was quite agitated and animated and shouting and swearing. He began shouting when I started taking pictures.”

      The court heard the fraudsters staged several crashes between October 1 2010 and July 31, 2011.

      False claims were boosted by hiring out replacement vehicles from Rent a Car 4 U, which was linked to the other company.

      Miss Robinson said Gulzar was the principal organiser of arranged collisions to generate false claims and Nawaz was a central figure in the operation with Liam Howden assisting.

      “It was a wholly dishonest enterprise extending to dozens of bogus road traffic collisions,” she said.

      The fake claims were made from alleged crashes in Halifax, Sheffield and Rotherham. One supposed passenger at an accident in Sheffield was found out to be in Oxford at the time.
      In another bogus claim, documents were sent to the claims company three hours before the alleged accident took place.

      Gulzar, 30, of Osgathorpe Road, Sheffield; Nawaz, 25, of Marshall Road, Sheffield; Liam Howden, 25, of Brinsworth Hall Avenue, Rotherham; Nisar Hussain, 28, of Morgan Road, Sheffield; Javed Khan, 46, of Nansen Road, Birmingham; Sami Selam, 37, of Chester Road in Flint, North Wales and Kiran Shaheen, 21, of Kensington Road, Bradford all deny conspiracy to defraud.

      Eight other defendants have admitted the same charge and will be sentenced later


      • Fedup2 says:

        I was waiting to spot ‘Mohammed ‘ being mentioned .

        I’m not engaging with the bbc at the moment so wondered how it is dealing with the ‘Islamophobia’ being displayed by a few conservative MPs ?
        Islamophobia involves objecting to getting your throat cut because you vote is a certain way or speak out objecting to such a cultural practice. Sooner or later the enemy is going to have to be dealt with …. Only fools fail to see it ….

        In the DT today the MP for Southend writes about intimidation of MPs by Muslim vermin … she reminds us that her predecessor has murdered by a Muslim because of the way he voted . RIP David Ames .


      • MarkyMark says:



        A gang that deliberately caused traffic collisions for money including one involving a bus carrying 26 passengers was “highly-organised”, police say.

        Four people have been convicted at Sheffield Crown Court for multiple fraudulent claims totalling £500,000. Seven others already pleaded guilty.


  9. JohnC says:

    ICICI: ‘My bank manager stole $1.9m from my account’

    An Indian woman who lives in the USA claims to have been defrauded by an Indian bank of $1.9m. Nothing whatsoever to do with the UK.

    It’s not proven in any way : it is entirely her own word against nobody elses.

    Can anyone explain to me why the BBC have written such a lengthy article and opened up their own enquiry into the matter ?. It has nothing whatsoever to do with them or anyone else in this country. Why are they spending so much license-fee payers money to investigate it ?.

    What I do note after someone pointed it out to me a while back is their pathetic attempt to appear impartial by giving the accused the right to reply:

    ‘The BBC was unable to contact the manager for comment.’


  10. Zephir says:

    Talking of fraud are the bbc investigating this ?

    “Horror as ‘gifted’ private schoolboy, 16, kills himself after being blackmailed by Nigerian scammers over nude photos – as his devastated father reveals how he sent a goodbye video to the family and told his brothers to ‘look after mum and dad'”



    • MarkyMark says:

      BAN BBC – triggers people ….

      He also wrote that Muslim men were “preying on our children”.

      The trial heard Osborne became “obsessed” with Muslims in the weeks leading up to the attack, having watched the BBC drama Three Girls, about the Rochdale grooming scandal.



  11. andyjsnape says:

    bbc reports on racist insurance:-
    Some diverse areas of England face car insurance ‘ethnicity penalty’

    Should whitey pay more then to compensate for Mohammed in Bradford who is more likely to not bother with insurance for example!


    • MarkyMark says:

      Driving is HARAM! Use a camel!

      “he £64,938.27 question for bankrupt Birmingham Council: Why did all 163 school-run taxi contracts over the last three years cost EXACTLY the same? Authority faces new quiz over cab firm at centre of £11M over-payment row
      EXCLUSIVE: All Birmingham school taxi contracts are £64,938.27 on public data
      This value was £700 less than amount required to publish transparency data
      READ MORE: Birmingham Council under fire over £11M payments to taxi firm


    • atlas_shrugged says:

      Insurance fraud is so bad in some areas (only 50% of cars insured in some areas) that IMHO 3rd party insurance should be added to fuel duty:

      Difficult to avoid payment
      Those driving further pay more towards insurance
      Electric fuel should pay more for insurance (see Luton airport car fire)


  12. Fedup2 says:

    After a recent visit to this site by a troll I was thinking about what it is comparable to – the answer ? Dog poo . It is an occasional event – it creates a stink – is inherently unpleasant and without value . The creator of it doesn’t care about it – it just wanders off leaving someone like me to bag it up and put it in the trash .
    And like dogs – it never talks about the Far left islamophile anti British BBC ….


    • Scroblene says:

      There’s a certain sequence which deals with the excrement, Fed – it’s just happened to me while walking the hound…

      First, look and see if you can ‘kick it into touch’, i.e. a hedge or drain!
      If not, then approach the product with temerity, preferably upwind.
      Remove gloves and stuff them in right-hand jacket pocket.
      Find plastic bag in left-hand pocket, and try to unstick the top, which is designed to stay stuck for at least a minute.
      Try not to lick fingers at this point…
      When bag is eventually open at the top, blow into bag to inflate it, or hold it against the wind to save breath and inhaling any fumes.
      Retrieve hat from ground dangerously adjacent to product.
      Turn bag inside out onto right hand as far up the wrist as it will go*
      Lean forward, holding hat, glasses and balance as far as is possible.
      Grasp product firmly, but not too firmly if the animal’s diet contains bran.
      While looking sideways, fold back bag over the product, while fearing that your hat/glasses might well blow off again at that moment.
      Commence tirade of foul language when speeding car is spotted, and you’re standing next to a puddle.
      Retrieve gloves from damp grass and pull hat even firmer down over the ears.
      Run as far from the road to avoid speeding car’s tidal wave.
      Collect glasses from area adjacent to the product position – check for stains.
      Attempt to tie handles of the bag with a simple knot, which isn’t simple during a force 8 gale.
      Once knot is in place, do NOT clasp the bag close to the chest while putting your gloves back on, especially if the animal’s diet contains bran.
      Retrieve hat from damp grass, and attempt to don gloves with one finger through the loop on the bag.
      Retrieve finger from the bag after painful constriction by the knotted plastic bag causes some discomfort.
      Allow the freedom of two fingers to wave at the disappearing speeding car.
      Collect the product bag from the kerb where it was flung during the previous gesture.
      Continue the animal’s walk for seven yards and commence to despair when the whole charade seems to be starting again, and a lorry is approaching the puddle…
      Rinse and repeat.

      * This certainly isn’t an occasion when one experiences ‘one off the wrist’!


  13. Guest Who says:

    The main way legacy media lies is by controlling the narrative

    All of them here are in full phobe mode.

    Baroness Warsi is basking in the open mic.


  14. MarkyMark says:

    Pakistan twinned with Bradford city of UK Future Culture “…. people can be heard chanting that those who blaspheme must be beheaded.”


    Lee Anderson to wear the dress as a trans man without a cervix to gain votes!


  15. andyjsnape says:

    What’s gone wrong at Royal Mail?

    Not receiving letters from the NHS? Its Royal Mails fault, maybe, maybe not


  16. AsISeeIt says:

    Euphemism, anecdote and elision edition

    It’s something of a euphemism Monday over there at the BBC online news…

    Diverse areas face car insurance ‘ethnicity’ bill (BBC)

    Rephrase that and look at it a different way and you might say: Ethnic areas face car insurance ‘diversity’ bill

    Barbadian pop singer Robyn Rihanna Fenty, best known as Rihanna, is sometimes nicknamed ‘RiRi’

    Midlands and north to get ‘reallocated’ HS2 funds (BBC)

    Labour says the funds are a ‘reannouncement’ of funds from scrapping parts of the high-speed line (BBC)

    The Beeb likes both the OG Guardian and the youth-oriented junior poundshop version that is the ‘i’ newspaper for their two top spot picks in the BBC’s online press line-up this morning.

    And why wouldn’t they? Just like our well meaning Commons Speaker, Lindsay Hoyle, the motive here is to take the heat off Sir Keir and his loyal minions.

    Sunak urged to speak out as Islamophobia row deepens… Tory peer calls on PM to denounce Anderson’s remarks on Sadiq Khan (Guardian)

    Tory party ‘in the gutter’ over racism, warns Warsi (‘i’)

    Speaking of pet attack dogs that can turn on their owners…

    XL Bully-phobia leads in The Sun: Prem star’s XL bully bodyguard… Arsenal ace’s ‘protection’… keeps banned breed as string of players robbed – one can only speculate on the Spanish goalie’s level of insurance premium.

    Next up we’ve a couple of headlines that can be easily dismissed as inconsequential PR fluff and puff

    Plan for foreign criminals to be deported rather than jailed (Telegraph) – don’t hold your breath

    TV Kate’s caught in spike epidemic… Group of men targeted Kate McCann in crowded bar… I was having drinks with colleagues… ‘A colleague spotted them. Thought we’d be OK as I’d only had one sip… Next thing I was on bathroom floor… It’s so scarily common’ (giveaway Metro) – Really? Did yoiu report this at the time? You took a sip anyway or were you told after taking one sip? This celeb tv presenter tall tale moves rather too quickly from dubious anecdote to the campaign messaging for this reader’s liking: Ms McCann, 35, revealed her experience as shock statistics… – ah, here we go – our old friends shock statistics shock statistics emerged of a drink and drugs spiking epidemic across Britain… – woah there! drink and drugs spiking? Could we be compounding two rather different phenomena? Are we talking about prescription or illegal drugs getting spiked or perhaps ‘cut with’ here? So many questions! A YouGov poll in 2022 found ten per cent of women and five per cent of men believed they had been a victim (freebie Metro) – well, we’re always advised to believe women, so I’ll call out the blokes in this survey and say 90% of those who claim their drinks were spiked are excuses for bad hangovers.

    Generation sicknote – shrieks the Daily Mail

    Workers in 20s more likely to be signed off sick – reports the Telegraph in typically modest mild conservative style.

    Mr AsI’s contention has long been that Lockdown demoralised the workforce.

    Report says young people increasingly blame mental health for being out of work… but critics question if it’s all just ‘snowflakery’ (Daily Mail)

    Speaking of snowflakery

    Poor mental health keeps young adults out of work – claims the liberal-minded formerly thundering Times

    …heaping strain on the benefits system and the NHS (Daily Mail)

    Not to worry, that startled meerkat-looking, fake AI version of a human being, Jeremy Hunt, has a plan to ease a bit of pressure off our public spending…

    Esther backed by Chancellor over vote on assisted dying (Daily Express)

    The Financial Times frets over: The growing menance of puffed up job titles – Mr AsI has to agree there

    Doctor’s trades union the BMA ain’t happy about it either. Their mouths being sufficiently stuffed with gold (TM Aneurin Bevan, 1948) they can afford to buy the prime ad spot on the cover of the FT to complain: The House of Lords will soon be asked to approve legislation that will instruct the General Medical Council… to also regulate physician associates (PAs) and anaesthesia associates (AAs). For the sake of patient safety we implore you to oppose this. PAs and AAs are not doctors… They do not hold medical degrees and are not medically trained – a severe case of puffed up job titles diagnosed, there then.


    • Fedup2 says:

      The treasury favours early death ? Good to get a bit more inheritance tax I guess … maybe they can tax maternity wards too ….


  17. Sluff says:

    The Islamic Broadcasting Corporation is still in full flow.

    News item one. STILL banging on about Lee Anderson and trying to,paint the Tories as rabid islamaphobes.

    But there’s more. Wait for it. The BBC have done research !!!! Yes, they have made 6000 quotation requests for car insurance and have found quotes are higher in areas of high ethnicity.

    Seems the insurance companies might feel Anderson was on to something, even if the BBC do not.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Surely the irony is that if the BBC rant about the Tories being rabidly Islamophobic the Tories would get a lot more votes! It the total lack of engagement in the culture wars that has put the Tories in the mess that they are in.
      A strong follow through on Brexit and hard line on immigration would have seen them ahead in the polls and winning the election comfortably. They might even have got away with a bit of greenery.

      It isn’t the economy stupid , it’s their non combatant status in the culture war that has caused their precipitous decline.


  18. StewGreen says:

    As soon as you switch on the Google AI tool Gemini the disinformation starts
    As soon as you switch on the BBC the disinformation starts
    There are parallels

    Gemini’s performance is a result of GIGO
    ie if you put GARBAGE iIN the programming you get GARBAGE OUT
    The BBC and libmob are similarly programmed
    This is a fundamental of our era.

    The Victorian era had a problem with adulterated food
    2024 is the era of ADULTERATED information ,,,from woke libmob


    • MarkyMark says:

      2018 … Google Removes ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Clause From Its Code of Conduct
      Kate Conger PublishedMay 18, 2018


      2019 … Google’s prototype Chinese search engine had previously been labelled “disturbing” by one former employee.

      Dragonfly had attracted criticism as a potential means through which Chinese authorities could censor web content and monitor citizens’ behaviour online.

      In late 2018, Google seemed reluctant to confirm that development of the search engine had been completely stopped, despite growing pressure on the firm.



    • Up2snuff says:

      Stew, “2024 is the era of ADULTERATED information ,,,from woke libmob” – that would be you then?


  19. StewGreen says:

    Gemini is pedo supporting just like the BBC often seems pedo supporting


  20. StewGreen says:

    Gemini is in language trickerly land
    Similarly speaker of the House Lindsay Hoyle use it ‘white fundamentalists’


  21. Doublethinker says:

    From time those contributors to this site that are of a certain age remark that they are relieved that they aren’t forty years younger because of they are appalled by the way in which is going down hill as Islam takes over . I have done this several times myself. But I always did so whilst deep in my soul believing that Islam would not triumph , somehow or other the country would pull itself together , fight back and win through. My brain was pessimistic but heart was not.
    Events of the passed few months have eroded that deep internal core belief in our country eventually winning through. My brain has finally convinced my heart that we nearly are done for. Unless we get help from those in other countries which refuse to submit to Islam , Poland Hungary Denmark, possibly France and Spain , we will go under. Left to our own devices we are finished.


    • MarkyMark says:

      France – Islamist hates flag kicked out of country.
      UK – Islamist shouts he will not follow uk law – police protect him and lock Tommy Robinson up.


  22. G says:

    BBC R4 excelled themselves last night.

    On the Westminster Hour, the ‘Panel’ of MP’s selected by their host, not unexpectedly with the recent circumstances, proved to possess a strong support of islam and multiculturism. Indeed, one female uttered their equivalent to a, ‘Hail Mary’ when she enthusiastically uttered “Diversity is our Strength”. I have often ruminated on the meaning of this term. Seems to me that the term now relates to a sort of hope that when she is in the process of having the noose fitted, people of a diverse, multicuty genesis will step up to resist the next part of the process. No luv, the ‘multiculty’ mob does not share the instincts of the indigenous Brits and ‘fair play’.


    • Doublethinker says:

      I’m sure that had 1984 been written in 21 st century Britain Diversity is Our Strength would have been one of Orwell’s doublespeak slogans.


    • Terminal Moraine says:

      Just checking over the weekend it looks like about 48hrs of one MP’s remark as the top item on the BBC site.

      If ‘diversity is our strength’ how come this country is forced to focus on the same 3 issues over and over again?


      • Ian Rushlow says:

        It’s a blessing to the BBC and the government: stops them having to talk about immigration, cost of living, crime, Green Austerity Programme (aka ‘Net Zero’), sending money to continue the slaughter in Ukraine, or any other topic of interest to ordinary people. Anderson’s comments seem reasonably measured – he does not make specific allegations against Khan or accuse him of impropriety, rather he highlights a disturbing development in the politics of London (and coming soon to a town near you).

        The way to think of it is like this: a generation ago, the Labour Party was in a symbiotic relationship with various communists, Marxists, Trotskyists and other nasties (and the 1930s there were even attempts to formalise this relationship). Many Labour MPs and personalities, plus trades union leaders, held joint membership of hard left organisations. In the current era, the Islamists have replaced, or perhaps more accurately, supplemented them. Scratch only slightly below the surface of some of the characters who represent the Labour Party or aspire to do so, and you will find individuals who ultimately owe their fielty to political parties in Pakistan. Even if they do not hold Islamist views themselves, they know they have to be on the right side of the extremists and at least pay lip service to them, plus pander to their constituents who openly support them.


  23. Fedup2 says:

    I might start the hobby of counting Palestinian flags . There were 4big ones at walthamstowistan today – it sort of reminded me of the battle of the flags in Northern Ireland – with IEDs there to take out those attempting to take them down ….. coming our way soon .. keep going IDF …


  24. Fedup2 says:

    Brendan Rogers makes number one after referring to a bbc reporter as a ‘good girl ‘ – the evidence is uncertain as to whether she is either a ‘girl’ or is ‘good ‘..

    Clearly such a comment disqualifies mr Rodgers from any senior job and allow us to enjoy the Harry Enfield sketch of the 2 managers at half time .., ‘ 2 sugars in the tea luv ‘..where’s the bloke ?


  25. andyjsnape says:

    Saltburn TikToker says trespassers at stately home ‘a shame’

    “The BBC has asked the estate owner to comment”

    Again, what was the outcome???


    • Guest Who says:

      The ‘we asked, but it went away’ school of ‘reporting’ is pervasive.


      editor Natalie Fahy claimed that before reporters were allowed into the call with chief constable Kate Meynell, they were made to sign a non-disclosure agreement, a move she described as “unprecedented.”

      The police have flatly denied the newspaper’s claim, saying that while the briefing was held on a non-disclosure basis, it did not legally amount to a non-disclosure agreement.

      None the wiser?

      A wise course is not to pay any attention to the establishment… including its media component.


  26. MarkyMark says:


    Archbishop of Canterbury says Islamic rules are incompatible with Britain’s laws which have Christian values



  27. Terminal Moraine says:

    Marianna’s book is given a 4 star review in the Telegraph by a Senior Research Fellow at the ISD who’s also a former counter-terrorism advisor at the UN. Interesting career path for someone so young.

    Despite having a book out herself “Going Mainstream: How extremists are taking over” her work predictably focusses on right wing extremism at the expense of any other. The globalist propaganda factory is reliant on churning out Marianna clones who are easily programmed and seemingly well rewarded.




    • Guest Who says:

      Thomas Buckley – from The Point

      Lorenz is a person of unknown age – just know she’s older than she says she is and/or pretends to be – who has moved from one cush media gig to another despite a litany of lies, corrections, and doxxes of people she doesn’t like…

      Lorenz – a woman who publicly bitched about her $22 delivery of avocado toast not being handled well – has literally broke down in tears on live television, claiming PTSD from having people be mean to her online


  28. Jeff says:

    Just a quick illustration to show how utterly spineless and woke the (so called) right are in this country…

    I’ve stopped buying newspapers on a regular basis, but occasionally pick up the Mail on a Saturday. Last Saturday’s headline was about a female cat killer who went on to murder a man. I was intrigued and read on.

    “Scarlet Blake targeted Jorge Carreno as he walked home…She led him to a secluded riverbank before hitting him on the head with a vodka bottle, strangling him and pushing him into the water to drown.” Blimey, I’ve known some rough women, but…

    It’s not until further into the article that all is made clear, “Blake, who is transgender, had a fixation with murder and killed for her sexual gratification.”

    You see what they’re doing. We’ve already established that this killer is a male, but the gutless Mail continue to refer to him as “she” and “her”.

    It turns out this tranny is a right psycho all round. Not only does he get his jollies from murdering men, he also filmed himself (herself, according to the Mail ) mutilating and dissecting a neighbour’s cat before putting its body in a blender.

    I mean, what do you do with a creature like this?

    Men’s prison? Women’s prison? No…

    Hang it.


  29. Square-Eyed says:

    The American Media’s Hole-Ridden Case Against Trump

    Our progressively worsening BBC even earns a mention.



  30. Philip_2 says:

    ANCIENT AND MODERN An anthem for the BBC liberal luvvies.
    The invention of communism | By: Peter Jones

    “Nostalgia wars are all the rage at the moment, but an extraordinary example appears to have been missed: a hammer and sickle painted on the newly erected.statue of Lady Thatcher. Communism was in fact invented by the Greek comic poet Aristophanes (c. 446-386 Bc). For him, it was one long, uproarious joke.

    His ‘Ecclesiazusae’ (‘Women Running The Assembly’) was produced in Athens in 391 Bc. In it, he depicts the women of Athens disguising themselves with beards and taking total control of the male-dominated assembly.

    Their leaderene Praxagora then issues a programme of reform, which abolishes private property land, goods, and money and uses it to feed and clothe the whole citizen body, under female management. She also abolishes marriage, instantly destroying the whole Greek family and kinship system. Sex is to be communally available, but on one condition: any man desired by more than one woman has to give first dibs to the ugliest and/or oldest woman (who argue ferociously about who is uglier and older). And vice versa.

    It was from this comedy that Plato developed, through the mouth of Socrates, the blueprint of this utopia that was to have such influence on later political thought. The Guardians of his brave new world would have no private property; marriage would not exist; and women would be held in common among men (though Aristophanes’ preferential conditions for sexual relations were a step too far).

    Plato also understood the consequences of this arrangement in the same way as Aristophanes did: there would be no private houses, little litigation, communal dining, deep respect between young and old because no one could be quite certain who their parents or children were, and all would be supported by slave labour. Further, Plato admitted that people would regard this idea as ridiculous and urged them not to be put off by the sarcastic jokes which it would attract since Aristophanes had got there first.

    If only Marx had read ‘Ecclesiazusae’… if only Plato hadn’t… But how can anyone still be nostalgic for their utopian fantasy? ”

    This appeared in THE SPECTATOR | JUNE 2022

    It really is a sad sign of our times: that the so called ‘socio-progressives’ in society endorsed by the BBC ‘think’ (used under caution, they don’t think, just act), that comedy fiction is now fact. A comedy of the BBC: its clearly a feverish ’24hr’ media business, ‘changing-the-world’ to suit the WEF global script. Now, (perversely) the BBC would claim, its all a lot ‘safer under Islam’, (a religion based on death to the infidels) and anti-democratic, and authoritarian which is then VOTED into office in the UK, is yet another comedy unfolding. Except its is not very funny, not when it becomes real. The BBC are now laughing at us.


  31. MarkyMark says:

    “The UK has withdrawn from an international treaty that lets fossil-fuel companies sue governments pursuing climate policies for billions in compensation for lost profits.”



    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      But not withdrawn from the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. “Non-binding”

      Ratified by Theresa Mayhem without consent.


  32. Guest Who says:

    #wefiles exists because too many in politics and media, especially BBC, presume to speak for the broader population.


    And ‘they’ certainly occupy the media bubble.


    as well as being a caring doctor, she is also a prolific writer and TV personality. Thanks perhaps to her dual talents, interviewers in every branch of the media have accorded her the kind of reverential attention usually reserved for royalty and world spiritual leaders.

    This resonated too:

    Who is she? Dr Clarke replied in one of her endless tweets: ‘Who am I, James? It’s such a tantalizing question. If only there were written sources that could shed light on the sinister mystery.’

    I have noticed that when serious facts creep to any discussion not terminated by a blocking or restriction, they suddenly go all coy and vague.

    Maybe Marianna’s new BFFs in the gush broadsheets could check?


  33. tomo says:


  34. Guest Who says:

    A comment just now in complement to the harm idiots in media who ‘review’ stuff they have no clue about, have a vested interest in, or are just following orders, can do:

    By Paul Homewood h/t Patsy Lacey Politicians and activists alike have warned of a looming climate catastrophe for decades. “Biden urged to declare climate change a national emergency,” reported NBC last year. “Climate Changes Threatens Every Facet of U.S. Society, Federal Report Warns,” announced Scientific American. Cambridge University climate scientist Mike Hulme… Continue reading

    He has a book to sell, just publicity for it, maybe he is hoping to get sales from a few of us “climate deniers”. A leopard cannot change its spots!

    Such books go straight to complicit media, and get read by few except those who brief stupid pols.


  35. Guest Who says:

    Funny old world.

    European weaponry systems failing in Ukraine due to ESG policies entering Western weapons industries


  36. Lucy Pevensey says:


  37. tomo says:


  38. vlad says:

    GB News seem to feel obliged to provide ‘balanced debate’ – possibly to appease Offalcom.
    But in so doing, they sound increasingly like the BBC and all the other liberal outlets.
    The conversation then gets restricted to what’s permissible in the Overton Window of polite discussion.
    The problem is, outfits like the BBC have dragged the Overton Window so far to the left, that what is ‘permissible’ is only the liberal/left consensus of Islington dinner parties.
    The time for polite niceties has long passed. We need robust conversations, and if that offends, too bad.

    Case in point was the recent debate on Lee Anderson.
    In the studio were a typical Labourite and a very wet ‘Tory’, both of whom tut-tutted and criticised Anderson for his comments. So, both on the same side, and no-one to defend Anderson.
    There is absolutely no evidence that Khunt favours islamists, the two asserted. You want evidence? Look at the streets of London every weekend, with rampaging mobs of leftists and islamofascists.
    Eamonn Holmes, to his credit, challenged the two guests quite robustly.

    Encouraging, too, were the comments.
    Every single one was supportive of Anderson and highly critical of weasel Khun’t.
    So, while the Establishment (left and right) continue to pretend there’s no problem with Islam, the people know better.


  39. Fedup2 says:

    Assuming that the Hamas supporters will continue with their ‘river to the sea campaign ‘ I reckon this will hugely aid Reform and strengthen its’ identity as a ‘Britain first ‘ party – at the expense of the extinct blue labour rubbish …

    A hung parliament would be nice but I still fear a huge red labour majority fueled – now – by Islam ….

    Ironically starmers’ biggest threat could be the emir of londonistan – who is certain to be re elected in May and carry on with his various persecutions….


    • digg says:

      How about some street protests from masses of the original inhabitants of the UK waving Union Flags along the lines of “from the sea to the sea” in an effort to persuade all the bloody “settlers” in the UK to get out of the Country? Bet that would go down well at the BBC and the Met! Cracked heads and Jail all round I bet!


      • Fedup2 says:

        Mass arrests – but something like it is coming – whether 77 brigade like it or not …


  40. tomo says:


  41. Fedup2 says:

    Can’t see the Hamas speaker in their commons giving much airtime to Lee Anderson – Hoyle will be instructed by mo starmer to beat him up and get him suspended for one of those fixed recounts …


  42. Sluff says:

    Monday 1 pm.
    And the BBC are still absolutely wetting their knickers about Lee Anderson’s comments.
    I wonder which example of ethnic/ religious inequality their ‘research team’ will find next?

    How about looking into school results and prospects for working class white boys at secondary schools instead?
    Nope. Thought not.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Poorer white pupils let down and neglected – MPs
      22 June 2021

      It says use of the term “white privilege”, suggesting white pupils are at an advantage, is the “opposite” of the reality for poor white pupils.


      • Richard Pinder says:

        How too end “white privilege” and Globalism/Imperialism

        Launch a home made cruise missile on 22nd January 2025 to blast into The World Economic Forum meeting at Davos, killing the Worlds 100 richest and most “Privileged White Men” who own most of the worlds wealth.

        Then abolish the far-left House of Lords and redistribute the wealth amongst the far-right poor.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Sluff – at least it looks like the election campaign with ramp up and polarise between degrees of support for Islamic Hamas and those who prefer and identify as the British .

      I’d think a collapse of Ukraine is more likely than the IDF stopping – so the prospect for death on the streets of Britain must be more likely than for quite some time .

      In londonistan plod knows that it must do stuff to impress the emir or careers are at stake . Thus will lead to those supporting Israel being attacked whilst plod stands by – whereas Muslims will be waving various victim flags with increasing intensity ….


  43. Lucy Pevensey says:


  44. Lucy Pevensey says:



  45. MarkyMark says:

    BBC delayed reporting on EU farmers … we are all in it together … BREXIT … caused this … .

    “The farmers’ protests against the EU’s extreme new green policies which drastically hurts farms’ finances have escalated. A huge column of tractors have choked the bloc’s capital, Brussels, and chaos in the streets outside the EU’s HQ has brought the political heart of Europe to a standstill. Von der Leyen has caved in to some demands, earlier this month scrapping a demand to reduce farming-related emissions like nitrogen by a third, along with others. ”


    Indian farmers pause protest after govt disperses march, offers new talks
    Indian farmers demanding higher prices for their produce paused their protest on Wednesday after the government made a new offer to resume talks, hours after police fired tear gas and used water cannons to scatter thousands staging a march to Delhi.
    Issued on: 21/02/2024


  46. digg says:

    BBC News rolled out their BBC verify reporter digging into what they called insurance ethnicity penalties,

    Yep we whiteys are being mean to these people again!

    As an example they priced insurance premiums for two areas in Birmingham where the area with low ethnic population got charged a few hundred quid less than another area with a higher ethnic population.

    BBC Verify thinks this is an anti-ethnic policy by the insurance companies.

    So BBC Verify, what factors cause certain areas to attract higher insurance premiums? It’s not rocket science!

    I would say, areas that experience significantly higher rates of crime, theft, accidents, dubious claims etc. etc. due to the tendency to be a tad greedy or lawless by its population. We are all aware of how popular crash for cash became amongst certain communities.

    The despicable BBC always, always only look for what they want to find!

    BBC Verify my arse!


  47. Guest Who says:

    Hilarious interview on BBC Radio 4 Today program just now, as Tory MP was chided by the presenter for not attending a mosque since the attacks against Israel on October 7th. The MP’s defence, that he didn’t have any mosques in his constituency, was airily dismissed as irrelevant.

    Not hilarious. BBC staff desperation.


  48. Nibor says:

    Is the Tory party the stupid party ?

    Lee Anderson takes votes from Labour to turn a ‘ red wall ‘ constituency into a Conservative victory.

    How many of those criticising Lee A are going to vote Tory ?

    Tories chasing votes from people who would never vote for them as usual.


  49. Jeff says:

    Parliament, the police and most of the media turn a blind eye to thousands of third-worlders chanting, “From the river to the sea.”

    We all know what it means, but these cultural contortionists will bend themselves inside out and in knots to excuse this horrific call for genocide…

    Now, what’s the betting…some white geezer with a union flag, standing in Parliament Square, starts quoting the great Enoch’s “Rivers of blood” speech.

    He’d be nicked within five seconds…

    And the runt mayor would be cheered to the rafters by the BBC as he said,

    “London is a diverse, inclusive, multicultural city. We can’t tolerate racism.”

    No, of course we can’t…


  50. Guest Who says:

    The comments to shock lefty idiots like JO’bsworth from supporters can also not be bettered.

    Peace marches have lived through every war by @cnd @Greenpeace etc in many forms , by hippies in caravans etc peace and live and flowers etc, but suddenly it’s hate because all the faces aren’t all white anymore