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  1. tvlicensingblog says:

    More new articles from the BBC TV Licensing Blog for the weekend:
    TV Licensing: A Reminder on No Licence Needed (NLN) Declarations
    Guardian Readers Respond to TV Licensing Exposé
    Beat the Price Hike: Cancel Your TV Licence Today

    If you haven’t already done so, please download our totally free ebook TV Licensing Laid Bare.

    The 70 page book is packed full of information about the harassment and intimidation meted out by the BBC in the name of TV licence enforcement.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Tv – thanks for the effort – we will win


      • tvlicensingblog says:

        I hope so. TV Licensing is the next big miscarriage of justice after the Post Office. It’s all going to come out, sooner or later.


  2. Fedup2 says:

    Seems plod isn’t going to investigate Jo Rowling for some hurty word thing . Surely she should be arrested – interviewed – bailed for 3 months to shut her up – the usual practice …


    • Thoughtful says:

      Rowling has a lot of money and she’s very litigeous the Gestapo would have to spend a lot of money defending endless appeals and they only need lose one. Paying Rowlings hundreds of thousands in legal fees when it could be put to better use in their pockets means she is safe from prosecution.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Sincerely hope so – if I had her resources I’d go after any one trying it on – personally …. And ruin them …


      • maxincony says:

        Fedup2, your post isn’t about the BBC please delete.


      • JohnC says:

        WTF are you babbling on about tonight maxi ?.
        You are posting nonsense heavily doused in spite.

        Do you drink or are you taking drugs ?. It’s certainly one or the other. You should make a point not to post when under the influence because it lets us all see what you really are – and believe me, it doesn’t help your ’cause’ one bit.


        • Doublethinker says:

          All site users. The best way to treat the likes of Max is not to respond. No replies , no likes of course. Don’t even read them.


          • Fedup2 says:

            Double – I agree – last night the frankly demented troll – over a number of hours -reposted and reposted comments which I removed – it turned into a battle .

            I’ve taken steps to have the troll removed – I don’t know how soon this will happen . But I won’t be be engaging . Any further comments will be removed – and PLEASE – DO NOT RESPOND … ENOUGH NOW .


  3. Philip_2 says:

    THE BBC continues to pursue its woke, ideological agenda, openly hostile to the traditional values on which our country is founded.  It must urgently reform!  If you haven’t yet done so, please sign and share our petition today:  

    Demonetise the BBC


    • Doublethinker says:

      As importantly as signing the above is to cancel your payments for the License Fee. I don’t expect that many users of this site still pay the LF but if anyone does please stop today.


  4. Thoughtful says:


    • Zephir says:

      And there was me thinking some of Leonard Cohen’s songs were a bit depressing….


      • Thoughtful says:

        It’s a re-imagining of a Pirate sea song / shanty but the bass voices were so deep I didn’t think most songs make use of that register.


  5. Eddy Booth says:


    “University of Cambridge Balfour painting damaged by Palestine Action
    No arrests have been made at this stage”

    No doubt they’ll claim they’re not anti Jewish.


    • JohnC says:

      Just reading that Eddie.

      On the main page, they just describe it as ‘University of Cambridge painting damaged by group’. Clearly intended to draw in as few readers as possible. You have to click it to discover it was Palestinian activisits.
      It was a racist, anti-semetic attack which the BBC would make a big meal of in the headline if it suited them. It’s these racist double standards which I find so disgusting about the BBC.
      The fact who did it was hidden in the headline is not by chance : that bit will disappear and leave no evidence they covered it up. They do it all the time. They almost always do it to protect Labour MP’s while Tories usually get identified as such.


    • Thoughtful says:

      She appears to be White, and not to have a dog in the fight. She should be forced to pay the entire cost of repair even if it takes her to retirement day to do it, or it has to be stopped out of her benefits.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Does it

      A not work
      B work for the council
      C work for Cambridge roundabout university
      D work for the NHS / teacher
      E mental issues ….

      If it is ever caught will it –

      A take a caution
      B no further action – refusal to prosecute
      C go to mag court with a fixed Islamic bench
      D go to crown court with a fixed Islamic jury ….

      The decline continues ….

      I started re reading Fahrenheit 459 ? As it reminded me of the current madness – not a great book but a good idea ….


      • atlas_shrugged says:


        It will be C and B.

        The worst that is ever done to them is they have to write a letter to apologise. But get this – they never give their name.

        I am very much convinced that these individuals are serious Psychopaths and /or Sociopaths. Can you imagine the harm they then go on to inflict on the nation when for example they run the UK response to a fake plandemic?

        No doubt the video of this attack will appear in the student Varsity magazine. One of their reporters just happened to be there when this took place with a high quality video camera. No collusion there.

        Trinity College has produced some of the worst traitors the UK has had: Blunt, Burgess, Philby, MacLean etc



      • Banania says:

        Fahrenheit would be worth it for this passage alone:
        “Mum, look, a fire engine! There’s going to be a fire.”


    • G says:

      Hand chopped off in Saudi Arabia……………….


    • jlamont says:

      She waa wearing a £1000 Mulberry Cara rucksack.


  6. Deborah says:

    GBNews this evening and John Sergeant happy to show his old BBC credentials. He believes the death toll as given by those Hamas officials working for UNWRA and his belief that Hamas want a ceasefire without giving up their hostages. As for Joanna Jarjue, the left winger who seems to have only one brain cell. She suggested that because Extinction Rebellion think it is ok to deface paintings, it is ok for the painting of Balfour to be slashed…..’at least it got us talking about it’ she said.


    • JohnC says:

      ‘’at least it got us talking about it’ she said.’
      That’s the Left in a nutshell.

      They think the ends justify whatever means they decide are necessary.

      As did all the great socialist mass murderers throughout history such as Pol Pot, Stalin and Hitler.

      I see there are no mention at all that Putin represents what socialism inevitably turns into. It doesn’t allow for human nature and it’s greed for power.


    • R P McMurphy says:

      As soon as I saw the panel I switched channel. We don’t watch GBNews to see these individuals.


      • Fedup2 says:

        RP l don’t understand why people listen to phone ins or watch panel shows unless they want their views challenged by some one sensible and logical

        And those kinds of people are either banned or so few in number as to be invisible .


  7. JohnC says:

    This week:
    ‘The sisters defying the Taliban by singing’

    Utter nonsense ‘agenda’ report. One of many by the BBC’s ‘Kawoon Khamoosh’.

    Next week:
    ‘Singing sisters arrested and beaten by Taliban morality police after BBC interview’


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Quickly followed by:

      ‘Activists urge Home Office to grant emergency asylum to singing sisters’

      and then:

      ‘Activists urge change in law to grant asylum to all Afghanis who have ever sung, along with their families, cousins, people in same village, those who are afraid to sing in case they face persecution, plus those with no idea what this is about but fancy coming to UK for an easier life. Acid and alkaline attackers especially welcomed.’


    • Guest Who says:

      Check in to the MaLaLaLa W1A clinic after?


  8. Zephir says:

    Sustainability in action:

    “Fury in Germany as 120k trees in fairytale forest felled to make way for wind farm. Conservationists are up in arms and have branded the move a “fatal development”.



    • JohnC says:

      Well, better than all the ones the councils chop down en-masse to avoid having to be insured against a branch falling off.


  9. AsISeeIt says:

    Let’s take a running Le Mans start this morning (there’s one for the teenagers) with a harmless amusing little juxtaposition of two near adjacent headlines coming out of our BBC

    Boy, 11, found driving BMW towing caravan on M1…North Yorkshire Police arrested the boy on suspicion of theft, burglary and motoring offences including dangerous driving… using cloned plates… has been released on conditional bail with further inquiries being carried out (BBC) – yep, there’s certainly a lot of questions to be answered there and one assumes a lot of background story and explanation yet to be reported.


    … youngest British driver in Formula 1 ‘marked out as special’… He started karting when he was eight years old… The 18-year-old from Chelmsford will be the youngest British driver to start an F1 race and third youngest debutant behind Max Verstappen (17) and Lance Stroll (18)… “Once you join F1, you’re going up against guys with a lot of races under their belts, and coming in as a rookie is a difficult job,” he said. (BBC)

    Big puff piece for F1 there. All a tad off-message apropos your climate change agenda and the regime’s official anti-car nudge campaign, eh BBC?

    ‘They quoted £7,000-£8,000’: young drivers face huge car insurance rises (Guardian)

    Sorry about that lads, back in my day we made do with driving our Matchbox and Hot-Wheels across the livingroom carpet… I guess nowadays you get to play Grand Theft Auto

    Young boy racers looking for the freedom of the open road will only be permitted their fun if they come from certain privileged and or elite communities

    However, case law would tend to suggest that our budding young would-be member of the caravan club mentioned above won’t be punished too severely

    Well, looky here… Boy, 14, sentenced for towing caravan down M4… Police said the teenager, from County Clare in Ireland, gave them a false name and claimed to be 22…admitted charges of obstructing police and driving without a licence or insurance… PC Luke Hobbs said: “Not only was this boy just 14 with no driving licence, none of the three passengers inside the vehicle had a valid driving licence either. “Their actions could have had devastating consequences on other road users and it is fortunate that no collisions occurred as a result of such stupidity.”… has been ordered to pay just £20 by a court… No order for costs was made due to lack of means. (BBC, 27 March 2023)

    Do travel safely, won’t you.


    • Thoughtful says:

      Boy 11 towing caravan in a stolen car, what’s the betting it’s a Pikey stealing it because the sentences at that age are much lower than for an adult. Happens all the time, get the kids to steal for the adults.


      • AsISeeIt says:

        To paraphrase our greatest ever (probably) fictional PM

        You may think that, I could only hint


      • Scroblene says:

        Morning Fed!

        One trick is to nick four Transits or similar, strip out the expensive stuff, then steal a fifth van to get it all over the Channel to flog in Eastern Europe!

        Oh, and if anyone has a Blue Badge, make sure it’s well protected as they’re like gold dust for pikeys and other social retards…


        • Fedup2 says:

          Hello Scroblene – touchy subject – my beautiful Landrover was stolen and never seen again . It was designed for off-road Shooting so had all the bits on it – eg a winch worth £1500 – gone …


          • atlas_shrugged says:

            This from 2004. A match of blood on the toecap of a boot with a murdered Cottenham postman. Game set and match you might think, but not for protected groups:



          • Scroblene says:

            That’s rotten Fed – I’m so sorry to have touched such a sore point!

            If it’s any consolation, my business partner had a really old R.Rover, and after so many years, he told them to insure it for the basic 3rd party-only clause.

            Within a week, it was nicked…

            Unfortch, we have quite a few pikey encampments here in The Weald, and have suffered ourselves from their feral kids getting in and robbing us of just a few trinkets.

            I’d have gone down the pub and offered them a few quid just to get the Senora’s personal stuff back…


            • Fedup2 says:

              Thank you Scroblene – I just feel guilty that I put so much special stuff on my defender but neglected the security . Everything I have now has state of the art security on it – which costs a fortune but at least I know I did my best to prevent theft .
              As for whoever stole my Landy – I cursed them to die slowly – painfully …


      • tomo says:

        Some years ago I was driving around a back lane (where the hedgerows and ditches are dotted with *lots* of fly tipped rubble and waste) and a Ford Transit twin wheel tipper came around a corner ahead – apparently with nobody in it.

        As it passed I saw three kids inside who could barely see over the dashboard.

        16 year old Irish kids used to drive 40 ton artics from the ferry at Heysham up and down the M6 in the 1970s / 1980s totally ignoring the speed limit.


  10. Guest Who says:

    There’s certifiable. Then, there is Vile.



  11. tomo says:

    There are times when BBC goon imprecision with language reveals ignorance,,,


    got a property lease? – eh?


  12. tomo says:

    Fair to say I feel that Iranians deserve better,,,,


    In 2010, the then chief of Iran’s Human Rights Council defended stoning as a method of execution, arguing it could be seen as a ‘lesser punishment’.

    charming eh?


  13. tomo says:

    Don’t mention The Underground….

    On prior performance – easy to suspect the report will be from some TfL cronies.



    • tomo says:


    • Zephir says:

      Causes of death are certified in most cases by a doctor, who records the sequence of medical conditions and relevant events leading to, or contributing to, the death, based on the deceased’s healthcare records and other available information, such as laboratory tests or post-mortem investigation. Some deaths are certified by a coroner who determines the causes of death following an inquest, based on all the available evidence.

      It is unusual for wider contextual factors such as exposure to car emissions, pollution, or air quality to be recorded among the causes of death. One death in England and Wales in the period 2001 to 2021 had exposure to air pollution (International Classification of Diseases, tenth revision (ICD-10) code Z581) recorded on the death certificate.

      There was 1 death registered in London in the period 2001 to 2021 which had exposure to air pollution recorded on the death certificate in either part 1 or part 2 of the death certificate. This death was attributed to environmental air pollution, however we are unable to determine whether this involved car emissions.



  14. tomo says:

    Hang on a minute….

    You’ve an actual, real, functional money tree and yet you borrow money?

    A part of your profits go to charitable causes / public good ….


    You borrow money from Beelzebub?


  15. digg says:

    Steerpike in The Spectator asks some relevant questions about the BBC concerning their apparent tacit support for a male Syrian immigrant accused of the rape of a young girl, even running a TV slot which could be viewed as defending him and his family from false accusations.

    However, apparently after the first investigation into the accusations petered out, the same man went on to commit further rapes of young girls which BBC pretty much chose not to give much air time to and certainly not revisiting and questioning their previous content and stance.


    It’s a pattern! In a just and fair World, the crew of the initial Newsnight production should be questioned about their production and content and how they obtained it, what they decided to include and what they decided to leave out if any!


  16. Eddy Booth says:

    “Sycamore Gap: New life springs from rescued tree”

    Ridiculously infantile country when the BBC and the National Trust get all sentimental over preservation of a tree’s DNA..
    Just rip the roots out, and plonk a new tree in the hole!


    “Young twigs and seeds thrown to the ground when the tree toppled were salvaged by the National Trust, which cares for the site with the Northumberland National Park Authority.

    we inquired about what happened to those specimens, they invited us to see for ourselves.”



    • Fedup2 says:

      Can’t they stick a wind farm where the tree was … ?


      • Scroblene says:

        They can come and clean out our gutters if they want about five million seedlings!

        In the autumn, the roof of the conservatory sounds like it’s being attacked by machine-gun fire when they all clatter down in waves!

        Sycamores are better known as ‘Urban Weeds’…


  17. Fedup2 says:

    For anyone looking for unintended humour on a Saturday morning – look no further than a very long piece about the Tory party thinking of bringing nut nut – aka boris Johnson – into the election campaign as an ‘asset ‘….

    The piece is very long – and I thought such an insane idea deserved a couple of paragraphs but no more … but the comments …. Oh the comments …. What wouid you predict ?

    The common consensus was ‘are they that stupid / desperate ?
    Anyway part of the alleged rationale is that if president trump can make a ‘return ‘ so can boris …. The flaws in such a dumb line of ‘thought ‘ … are too obvious for me to bother sketching out .
    Thankfully after the ‘flop ‘ budget – the blue labour rabble remain doomed to extinction . Soon please – please go in `May ..before the Muslim statue is up as a testimony to their self destruction … 80 wasted seats …


  18. Foscari says:

    I wondered if the BBC would even mention the
    destruction of the painting of Lord Balfour at
    Trinity College Cambridge.
    I scoured the the regional websites and found it
    in the Cambridgeshire BBC website,
    I wonder if the BBC paid ” Palestine Action” for
    their image of the destruction.
    The “feature ” on this artistic atrocity is one you would
    expect from the all but media partners of Hamas in the
    UK. The police are i” investigating” the evidence. No arrests
    have been made at this stage.
    Just look out in the near future if the perpetrators are
    undergraduates .We may see them on BBC . Something
    like this to add to their resumes will be worth gold to them
    if applying for a job at the BBC.


    • Guest Who says:

      Someone checked out their trendy rucksack and it cost more than most student grants.

      H/t David Atherton

      Apparently the woman who defaced & ripped the Lord Balfour painting at Cambridge University was carrying a £1,000 “Mini Black Quilted Nappa” bag by Mulberry.


  19. Fedup2 says:

    Not the BBC – but a eulogy for Teresa May from Charles Moore in the DT – … in my view it shows that the sex of a politician is not as important as the abilities – and the BBC festish for ‘first woman to …do whatever ‘ is long past its use by date

    STARTS It is sad that Theresa May will stand down at the next general election. She is a good constituency MP and an effective backbencher. Everyone can see that she is public-spirited and is not swayed by greed for money.

    She also set a good example by staying in the Commons after being forced out of Downing Street in 2019.

    After David Cameron (in 2016) and Boris Johnson (in 2022) resigned as prime minister, each also subsequently resigned his seat in Parliament, causing a by-election. This created a bad impression. It looked as if both men were MPs only for what they could get out of it. Their decisions contributed to the trend, first set by Tony Blair, by which being prime minister is seen not as the pinnacle of public service, but as something to bolster your CV. Mrs May was never like that.

    Having paid due tribute, however, I must say bluntly that Mrs May was a sadly unsuccessful prime minister, and in a way which continues to do damage.

    Some of this is related to her own defects as a leader. Most of it relates to something else. So I shall get the former out of the way quickly.

    As a leader, Mrs May was narrow-gauge, mistrustful of colleagues, suspicious of talent, controlling. She shared with Margaret Thatcher a super-seriousness which was almost comical, but entirely lacked that strange combination of actress and preacher which enabled Mrs Thatcher to galvanise an audience and lead her country down her chosen path.

    For someone who shows no obvious signs of being conceited, Mrs May was remarkable for promoting herself rather than the party which she famously christened “nasty”. Her slogan “strong and stable leadership” meant her alone. The manifesto on which she campaigned so disastrously in the 2017 general election was much happier with the words “Theresa May” than with the word “Conservative”. After that empty campaign, her leadership could never be strong or stable again.

    Although certainly not unprincipled, in the sense of being unscrupulous, Mrs May never showed coherence in the principles she seemed to espouse. Indeed, she was always anxious to avoid discussing whatever it was she believed. We journalists used to call her “the worst lunch”. She would accept our invitations, appear politely and on time, but then stubbornly refuse to engage in any conversation which might reveal anything whatever about principles, policy or politics.

    Did she, for example, understand the issues at stake when she sacrificed the rights of “our precious Union” to give the EU the Brexit deal it wanted in relation to Northern Ireland? Or when she supported the right to self-ID for trans people? Or how her modern slavery laws could be twisted into excuses for illegal immigrants staying in this country? Or when she tried to fight crime by reducing police numbers?

    Did she understand the free-market argument that an energy price cap quickly produces ridiculous distortions and stupefying costs? As she rushed to impose net zero by 2050, did she inquire whether this was necessary or what burdens it would lay upon the shoulders of the “just about managing” with whom she said she sympathised? She was a closed book, which made it hard for her to run an open society.

    But the bigger problem than her own defects was the choice of Mrs May as Conservative Party leader – which made her prime minister – and why that choice was made.

    In the 2016 referendum, the largest number of people in British history ever to have voted for anything voted to leave the EU. They naturally assumed their victory would guarantee that this would happen.

    Not so. Conservatives – Boris Johnson and Michael Gove – had led the Leave campaign, but the Conservative government put together by David Cameron and George Osborne had campaigned for Remain. Even though both men went, the political logic of their Brexit defeat was not followed through. So great was the establishment’s horror, even in the Conservative Party, about the Brexit result that they cast about for some means of frustrating it.

    In Labour, this meant Sir Keir Starmer, not yet the leader, calling for a second referendum. In the Tory government, it meant finding a leader who would seek what later became known as BRINO (Brexit In Name Only).

    Although a Remainer, Mrs May had astutely sat out the referendum dance. Once Michael Gove had stabbed Boris Johnson in the back, shortly after the referendum result, she was uniquely well placed – a leadership candidate who could scoop up most Remain votes and get the support of a sufficient number of Leavers who had no rooted objections to her.

    She won. Gnomically declaring that “Brexit means Brexit”, she went on to prove that she, as well as the rest of us, did not know what she meant.

    The consequence was nearly three wasted years. After two of these, Mr Johnson resigned as foreign secretary over Mrs May’s proposed Brexit deal, but it took almost another year before challenges to that deal in the Commons brought her to resign.

    Boris became leader, with more than twice as many MPs backing him as backed his opponent in the final round, Jeremy Hunt. He therefore entered 10 Downing Street. A constitutional crisis then ensued in which, through John Bercow’s abuse of his position as Speaker, elements of the House of Commons tried to take over the government of the country.

    Boris overcame this and called a snap general election. Campaigning to “Get Brexit done”, he got a convincing mandate – an overall majority of 80 – because most people did not want the referendum vote frustrated.

    Brexit did indeed get done, though imperfectly. We did leave – as, once the people had so voted, we were morally bound to do. Things soon went dramatically wrong because of Covid, but that is another story.

    The May disaster lay chiefly, therefore, in the fact that her appointment did not truly reflect the way people had voted in the referendum. Mrs May could have put this right by campaigning, despite her earlier Remain support, for a genuine Brexit, but this she did not do. She sought a compromise which could not be sustained.

    By the way, I think a comparable lesson, though with a much slower burn, can be learnt from the Scottish independence referendum of 2014. By roughly 55 to 45 per cent, Scotland said No when Alex Salmond’s SNP government had campaigned for Yes. That was a defeat which the SNP has not been able to overcome.

    It was only much later, and under a different first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, that things really began to fall apart. But it was not expensive camper vans and photos of bewigged trans rapist prisoners which sowed the seeds of downfall. It was the much earlier defeat at the ballot box for the SNP’s big idea. The party’s repeated calls for indyref2 were a standing insult to referendum voters. They remain so. Therefore, the party’s support declines.

    In the Tories’ case, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak have had to try to lead under the long shadow of the May disaster, delegitimised because the public have had no say in their appointment. I am not arguing that our constitution should insist that every new prime minister must at once be confirmed by a general election.

    But I do think that the party’s behaviour, starting with its appointment of Mrs May over Brexit, has kept it, in Norman Lamont’s famous phrase, “in office, but not in power”. ENDS


    • Deborah says:

      One day the world will learn what Mrs May’s real agenda as Prime Minister was. It has yet to become apparent, but I’m sure there was one. Duplicitous, certainly. I remember being in Berlin, close to the British embassy when a darkened out car drove by. We soon after heard she had talked with Angela Merkel and I assume it was May in that car. Much as I also dislike Ursula von de Leyen , she was the more appropriate person. What was promised to whom is an interesting question. Theresa May did much damage to this country between her resignation and standing down from net zero and our armed forces. I hope retirement to give her time to regret what she did and many sleepless nights of remorse.


      • Ian Rushlow says:

        We can but hope that the likes of Mrs May and Anthony Blair have a long and healthy retirement and are able to stand trial for what they did at some joyous time in the future.


  20. atlas_shrugged says:

    So I was in the Cahhhh yesterday as was transporting a ladder. Normally I have Classic F em on but if the music is not to my taste I switch to (wait for the bric bats) Radio 4.

    There was this chap (a con-troller) spouting who had axed the morning tune. This was a cheerful ditty with Sailors hornpipe, Geensleeves etc etc. His justification for axing the tune was *we* needed change and there was some dodgy survey/report or other that backed his claims.

    The unforgivable sin in my book is that he kept the evening tune ‘Sailing By’. Possibly the most irritating tune on the planet. But then I guess that is a good match for Radio-4.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Atlas – for people going to / coming from work at the time the UK songs was on – it was a sort of time check . What harm did it do ? It reminded us of a United Kingdom – of a past far greater than the present and Definately the Future .

      Ending it was an indication of too many BBC managers with no love of their country nor sense of history nor views of their listeners .
      When that tune went – I knew the BBC was doomed . It was the sort of mentality which is eroding listening and viewing figures and licences paid for at a wonderfully rapid rate …
      BTW – the likes of Ken Bruce is still talking about his exit from the BBC and the effect it had on the likes of Steve Wright . I’ve never been much on radio 2 apart from the late great Brian Matthews and his sound of the 60s – …


    • Deborah says:

      When I was a little girl the Home Service would start the morning with Handel’s Water Music. I would creep downstairs and listen with Dad who was up early for work.


  21. Eddy Booth says:

    “On patrol with the anti-social behaviour squad”


    Basically a report on the novel idea of police patroling the streets.


    Test your skills and balance as you take turns placing objects on the bucking bronco until it finally bucks and sends everything flying.

    A lot of police seemed to have beards these days, fashion, hiding a pencil neck, or a nod to the Muslim community?


    • G says:

      The latter.

      If that pair arrived on my doorstep and requested entry as in their devious, dishonest ways of doing so, I’d refuse on the basis that I would only give it more thought if they disarmed before entry. One on the left has got all the offensive “Weapons” by the Home Office legislation. Why should he display banned, “Weapons” including the baton. Yes, a baton is banned, even keeping one in your home.

      I’ve recently been updating myself on the constantly shifting principles of ‘Self Defence’. Broadly, as a member of the public, you are f*c*ed. On any balance, the home intruder or attacker has all the plusses. While you, dear subscriber, will suffer the consequences of trying to defend yourself even if you attempt it at, say 80yrs of age and/or wheelchair bound etc. The imbalance has to be designed.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Beards. Yes, I noticed that too Eddy, but then on most blokes these days it’s either stubble or the full monty. So kissing becomes an extreme sport – rug burn from the stubble or taking a risk as to whats lurking amongst the undergrowth ! Copious amounts of E45 must be stocked in the cupboard.


      • Scroblene says:

        I’ve been nurturing a Richie Benaud hair style since November, (sighs), but will revert to a usual SB and S on Tuesday, when Becky gets let loose on these whitened tresses…

        The longer we chat, the more gets cut off!

        (Sighs again)…


  22. Guest Who says:

    EXCLUSIVE: 5 comments in 21 hrs.



    • Fedup2 says:

      I guess those 5 comments were from the drunk Friday night troll – who I regard as dogs muck ..


  23. Richard Pinder says:

    Syrian Refugee Sympathetically Profiled by BBC Convicted for Child Rape

    Journalist Robin Aitken, who spent 25 years at the BBC, said the case highlights the corporation’s ‘underlying mindset when it comes to immigration in general.’



  24. vlad says:

    France bans burqas, clamps down on Hamas demonstrations, closes radical mosques and deports Islamists.
    The UK gives them war memorials – after they desecrate ours!
    You couldn’t make it up.

    What next? A memorial to the heroic Manchester Arena bomber who died fighting for his peaceful religion?


  25. Fedup2 says:

    Let’s hear it for that great humanitarian Dr Dimitrios Psaroudakis.. who says londonistan would be far better without Jews…
    Im guessing this ‘doctor ‘( qualified where ?) shares a common anti semitic culture within the NHS – don’t know if he is an evil Muslim or not …


    • Khaa2091 says:

      Unfortunately I did postgraduate trading with DP in Bristol. Please don’t judge all of us.


  26. Eddy Booth says:


    “Tens of thousands of people are marching in central London calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.”


    Funny how every week, the marchers signs don’t match the BBC’S call for a ceasefire headlines.


    • G says:

      Get yerself a ‘Snood’ you won’t regret it in the future to come…………..

      It will ‘double-up’ as a mask when the WEF+WHO impose the next, Lock-down.


  27. Zephir says:

    Suddenly the police arrest someone…a lone protester telling the truth, how brave from the met police:

    “Met Police arrest man carrying ‘Hamas is terrorist’ placard at Gaza demo after protesters turn on him as they march through London”



  28. Zephir says:

    A Met spokesperson said: ‘A video has been posted on X alleging officers arrested a man for having an anti-Hamas placard.

    ‘This isn’t accurate. He was arrested after an altercation was ongoing, and officers intervened to prevent a breach of the peace. He was arrested for assault.

    ‘Officers then fully reviewed footage provided of the incident, and he was later de-arrested.

    ‘The arrest was not made in relation to the placard.’

    Mr Ghorbani said that he would make a complaint after today’s incident and that he was not given back his sign.

    He said: ‘[Police] told me that it is a danger for [my] life and for the people when they see maybe attack [me].


  29. Zephir says:

    ‘I told the police they attacked me and I want to complain and they say go to police station near your home.’


  30. Fedup2 says:

    Sue the Islamic Hamas plod .


    • atlas_shrugged says:

      The wet police are always arresting the wrong person:

      Boss: How can an idiot be a policeman?
      Clouseau: Simple all he has to do is enlist.


  31. StewGreen says:

    Diverse viewpoints ?? It used to be that I could pick out the bias in the odd Radio4 show
    but now it’s basically Lefty student radio, all the time now
    6:16pm Loose ends ..opens with some obligatory sneers at Trump
    by 6:27 weare on to a voice saying “as a black woman”

    .. I should say the lyric of her song is different “I don’t believe in this colour war
    who are we fighting for ?”
    At the end the clapping is muted


  32. Zephir says:

    From another site:

    “Something I just learnt, and might be of interest given the ongoing protests surrounding Gaza.

    This is forbidden:


    I’m not talking about UK law, but the Hadith

    “It is not permissible to offer the prayer in seven places: the top of the house of Allah (the Ka’bah), the graveyards, the dung heaps(i.e.,waste areas), the slaughter houses, the restroom, the resting places of camels and the middle of the road.” (At-Tirmithi no.346 and Ibn Majah no.747)

    As such, many Muslim majority countries prohibit praying in the road.

    So next time you see this sort of thing, know they’re taking being Muslim just as seriously as being British.


  33. Guest Who says:

    Vile #2TierPolicing Shame on our government. We, the people have been betrayed. This threatening terrorist sympathiser walks free, yet a man holding a sign saying ‘Hamas are terrorists’ is arrested??

    Certainly the Met has again covered itself in ordure.

    As a chubby ex singer gets a pr boost by being at the front on an ill informed rabble.

    But mostly I suspect the chappie in the image has not helped his brothers and sistas in the media or their cherished narratives by sporting that ‘PRESS’ sign on his flak jacket.


  34. digg says:

    Looks like globalist Varadka has suffered a massive slap in the face over his attempt to move the country one step closer to Marxism…


    Well done the Irish! That’s common sense beating communism.


    • Eddy Booth says:

      They’ll keep voting untill the “correct” result occurs.


      • Fedup2 says:

        I think they might have had enough – and might be a template for what will hopefully happen here ( 77 brigade to file ) …


  35. Eddy Booth says:

    Short video:

    “Intel Slava Z
    Mass exodus: A Mercedes was detained at the Ukrainian-Romanian border, in which 34 draft dodgers were trying to escape mobilization
    34 men of military age wanted to illegally cross the border of Ukraine”

    Looks like Ukrainians aren’t all as keen as the BBC for the war to continue.


  36. Thoughtful says:

    Yet another


    How many times do the similar names and faces have to appear before the sheeple notice?


  37. Fedup2 says:

    Thoughtful – sadly I think it’s one of those issues where until people have personal knowledge it doesn’t register – and since the news agenda blanks such crimes people just don’t know …..

    Meanwhile … it seems the mulberry harbour to be installed in Gaza will take 2 months to set up .. from this we might deduce that the daily Islamic Hamas UN propaganda about starving Gazans is just a lie … but judging by `Obama / bidens attitude to difficult positions in thd recent past ( afgee ) it will never happen … but on the upside the blue labour ‘defence ‘ minister might see a reason for the Royal Marines after all … and maybe even one one those aircraft carriers can do something useful …


    • Thoughtful says:

      Hamas gets all the aid because the aid agencies are irredemably stupid and corrupt.
      Imagine you are an elderly man or woman or a young child in any disaster / humanitarian disaster zone, and along comes the UN with its aid.
      Because it’s easier for these muppets it’s packed on pallets of 52Kg bags, or at best 26Kg bags. It’s delivered to people in areas where they are weakened by starvation or hunger so it’s tailor made for the militia and young fit men to take it away and portion it as they see fit. Because the Muppets don’t oversee distribution, this happens nearly every time. They could pack it in 2Kg bags and distribute it individually making it much harder for a fighting age male to carry it off, and ensuring everyone got something, but they don’t because it’s cheaper and easier to ship enormous bags.


  38. Thoughtful says:

    A counter-protester has been arrested at a pro-Palestinian march through central London today after displaying a placard reading ‘Hamas is terrorist’.

    Iranian Niyak Ghorbani, 37, waved the sign in the middle of the rally, which saw thousands of demonstrators gather in the capital, before protesters turned on him leading to a large brawl.

    Three points here, firstly and most obviously the Left and Muslims are violent and intolerant, so no surprise they chose to attack

    Secondly the two tier ‘Policing’ was blatantly in evidence here

    Thirdly, don’t be fooled be this “counter protest’, asylum seekers will often get themselves deliberately ‘noticed’ or arrested in order to support their asylum case, it’s all a part of the taqqieh and if they are succesful, it’s back to business as usual.


  39. Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

    This is such a brilliant example of a modern day woke politician. The anti-family constitutional proposals have just been solidly rejected by the Irish people in a referendum. This is the minister’s response.

    Ok it’s Ireland but arrogant wokeness is so globalised these days it could be any western democracy.


    • Thoughtful says:

      Varadkar is a homosexual globalist and Ireland is a one party state, so the people have no option but to take up arms against them as appears more and more likely.


      • G says:


        Plus or minus some issues that run against the grain, the World is now consumed by warfare. I don’t mean Gaza/Ukraine etc. I mean the fundamental war which has been going on for centuries: that of Right v Left. You can pretty well distil every ‘war’ into those overall categories. The individual ‘side’ come to power then go, allowing, ‘the other side to take control’ for a limited period before the music starts up again to herald the next round of Musical Chairs. Basically, centuries of this dichotomy. We don’t get to hear too much of the failings of the communist system – the genuinely, ‘Far Left’. In the West, the Democrats(?/!) crossed the line in 2020 and corrupted the only symbol of freedom to choose and, coupled with the growth of the imbalance between ‘Left and Right’, they are winning in this historical World War. That said, the Left have lost any semblance of anything approaching, “Fair Play” to put it very mildly and I fear that there is only one means of finally correcting the imbalance. Probably equally balanced numerically World wide but the Far Left are currently holding all the levers of power. Upcoming? The final war. It will be very brutal: neighbour against neighbour. The gloves are off.

        Me? Don’t know whether anyone famous has concluded but for me, ‘Behind every Socialist lurks a Dictatorial Communist’ just waiting to emerge.


  40. Nibor says:

    How stupid is the BBC ?

    Sorry I can’t give the full story here , but then I think, , that’s what the BBC does .

    I’m on my way to deliver/ collect at a well known food manufacturer’s when a trailer for You and Yours at 12 noontime on Radio 4 is on .

    Someone is getting threatened by credit agencies and bailiffs for a debt he has nothing to do with .

    Just imagine getting a threatogram like that !

    You innocently go about your life and an organisation uses the lowest tactics to frighten the household to pay up or else .

    Seemingly the correspondence from the organisation is to comply with their demands or face dire consequences . You have no choice .

    Now I’m not saying that they’ll come round with hot irons and blind you ( because then you’d get a 50% reduction on the “ service “ they provide) but their ethics are the same .

    And they can’t see the hypocrisy of their actions.


  41. Philip_2 says:

    Syrian refugee in ‘fawning’ BBC documentary raped child seven times
    Gang who ‘tortured’ girl 13 and threatened to kill her sentenced to total of 38 years in prison.

    A BBC spokesman said: “In 2015 and 2016, Newsnight followed the story of the Badreddin family, who were Syrian refugees who had settled in the UK. During 2016, their son Omar was tried for sexual assault and found not guilty. Two years afterwards, in 2018 and 2019, Omar Badreddin and his brother Mohamed committed multiple counts of rape. They were found guilty and were jailed on 1 March 2024.


    ( to be continued ad infinitum until the BBC is defunded).


  42. vlad says:

    Tommy Robinson arrested again.

    The rabid Establishment don’t just want to break the man, they want to scare off anyone from associating with him, interviewing him, giving him any sort of platform etc.


  43. pugnazious says:

    ‘Syrian refugee in ‘fawning’ BBC documentary raped child seven times’
    ‘Neil O’Brien MP, a Conservative former minister, said: “The BBC showed remarkably poor editorial judgment in commissioning this fawning documentary, more interested in airing an unchallenged accusation that a 14-year-old girl was a racist who had made up a rape accusation.

    “Given that they smeared a young girl as sexually experienced and failed to challenge the racism accusations made by someone who turns out to be a dangerous sexual predator, you would hope there would be a bit more contrition, but I don’t see any signs so far that any lessons are being learned from this shocking, appalling case”.’

    The BBC claims….

    ‘the BBC can only report on the facts as they stand at the time, which is what we did in 2016. ‘

    Well, no, they didn’t just report ‘facts’, they reported loaded speculation and biased commentary that blamed the child both for being the sexual predator and for being racist….and given the fact that the case wasn’t heard but thrown out of court for technical reasons there was no reason for the BBC to believe the rapist’s innocence claims…

    ‘The trial lasted two weeks, before the request of the defence barristers to throw out the case was accepted. The defence argued that significant translation errors made during police interrogation invalidated the evidence. Omar and the other accused were unable to speak English.’

    The BBC’s report was extremely one-sided and sympathetic towards someone who only got off a rape charge because he couldn’t speak english. The BBC just wanted to believe and to promote virtuous migrants and in contrast to show the English to be racist and sexually promiscuous liars. Essentially how the BBC now presents Britain and the British in history to the world….bad white people doing bad things to brown people.

    The BBC is a danger to white people, to British culture, history and society….given that it is charged by its charter to promote citizenship and cohesion maybe it’s time questions were asked of a racially divisive, dangerous BBC.


  44. tomo says:

    It’s not about lipstick and wigs


  45. tomo says:

    Khan’s peeps taking notes?


    • Zephir says:

      The fascist left taking over the US:

      ” They will come to headquarters to be educated why their behavior is unacceptable.”

      An FDNY retiree fumed at the department’s heavy-handed response.

      “It was a political stunt for the city to have the AG there. When it backfired, they sent their fascist pit bulls after guys for exercising their First Amendment rights,” he said. “Most were off-duty and not in FDNY uniform.”

      Famed constitutional and criminal law attorney Alan Dershowitz blasted the FDNY’s hunt down.

      “Firefighters have an absolute constitutional right to boo the attorney general, and the government has no power to punish them for it,” Dershowitz told The Post. “So efforts to get the names of the booers is an effort by the government to chill free speech and is unconstitutional.”


  46. tomo says:


  47. tomo says:


  48. tomo says:


  49. JohnC says:

    Russian student jailed for pro-Ukraine wi-fi name

    ‘A student has been sentenced to 10 days in jail in Moscow after renaming his wi-fi network with a pro-Kyiv slogan.’

    I’m quite certain that if we were at war, we would be equally strict.

    The enormous elephant in the room here of course is that you can be put in prision here simply for saying something someone else doesn’t like. Even if it’s true. That’s the beauty of a deliberately vague ‘hate crime’ law.

    The BBC are so arrogant now, they just throw statements like this out like confetti when it suits them:
    ‘Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly made baseless claims about a “neo-Nazi regime” in Ukraine’
    Not quite ‘baseless’ if other people think the same is it BBC ?.

    Ukraine’s Nazi problem is real, even if Putin’s ‘denazification’ claim isn’t

    But what should we expect from poor ‘Sofia Ferreira Santos’ in London who probably got a job she didn’t deserve because of BBC sexism and racism.



    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      “repeatedly made baseless claims about a “neo-Nazi regime” ”

      That sounds quite familiar. BASELESS CLAIMS are a BBC speciality. Were would they be without them?


  50. Zephir says:

    “Hard Times: BBC lands itself in impartiality row after claiming Britain is still rife with Dickensian poverty.

    ‘In the autumn there will be a new triple bill, with titles in which the well-loved writer’s critique of Victorian society has particularly striking parallels with life in Britain today.’

    Experts last night criticised the claim as ‘ludicrous’, pointing out that Dickens was writing at a time when Britain did not yet have a welfare state, the NHS or free education.”



    • pugnazious says:

      The BBC believes that slavery still exists in Britain today just in another form as Blacks suffer under the oppressive yoke of white tyranny and racism.