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  1. Scroblene says:

    Blimey, I only plugged in to see what the weather was going to be tomorrow!

    As Fed quite rightly makes the postings irresistible for us to implore our site to do its utmost to bleed the BBC of funding, and therefore negate its influence even more each week, I reckon we all do a pretty good job! We can’t get very far on the high top table of politics, as that’s one of the nastiest undertakings employing some pretty unpleasant people, but in basic economic terms, if everyone stops paying them via the TV Tax, then they really will struggle!

    I only go back to the days of Grant and Co, a few years ago and there were some pretty incisive commenters back then, but I still maintain that our site is doing something to starve the civil serpents of the hated TV tax, and even my small contribution in the form of a few ‘quips’, might make a difference!


  2. Deborah says:

    Not watching BBC News.

    I wonder if the outcome of the police investigation has already been decided.


  3. MarkyMark says:

    MI5 publishes pay gap report for 2023
    Published date: 15 Feb 2024

    Today, the UK’s intelligence agencies, MI5, SIS and GCHQ have published reports on their pay gaps in the 2022-2023 financial year. You can review the MI5 report on this page.

    This year, we are for the first time including ethnicity pay gap figures in our report.


    In line with new government guidance, we are publishing our median ethnicity pay gap broken down by ethnic group. We recognise that by doing so, we will be better able to understand and address the specific challenges faced by the ethnic groups represented in our organisation.



  4. G.W.F. says:


  5. tomo says:


  6. JohnC says:

    Aadujeevitham: The migrant story shining a light on Gulf states’ exploitation of workers

    The hypocrisy and double standards around this article are simply astounding. Even by the BBC’s standards.

    Here we have a FILM review about the Arabs using others as slaves. Right now. Not hundreds of years ago.

    ‘Written as a gripping thriller, the book has become a cultural cornerstone in the southern Kerala state, with its 250th edition released this year. Its widespread acclaim had sparked a conversation on the harsh realities of migrant life in the Gulf.’

    It didn’t spark any conversation at the BBC did it ?. Which of course is because it’s not blacks being abused and it’s not white’s doing it.

    It’s this kind of thing which shows the BBC up as the true anti-white racists they are. They don’t care one bit how many Asians are in slavery by Muslims. Telling us about that will damage the image the BBC have spent years trying to create which is that they are just innocent victims of colonial white males.


    • MarkyMark says:

      We are all equal?


    • Mart says:

      There was a video a few years back on Youtube of an older Arab lady saying Muslim men should take Christian female as sex slaves to satisfy themselves and thereby keep the Muslim females safe, if memory serves me, I think she was talking about taking slaves from around Croatia. I’ve searched for it before but it seems long gone now.


  7. pugnazious says:

    Remarkable that ex-BBC Owen Bennett Jones is touring the news studios defending Angela Rayner saying there’s nothing to see here…and even if there is…well, it’s only a technical breach of the law. I’ll try that one myself when caught speeding or not paying my council tax.

    More Owen Jones than Owen Bennett Jones….no surprises there perhaps.


    • Scroblene says:

      If Starmer is still backing her, even though he hasn’t seen the evidence, and not even asked for it, then I’d say that it doesn’t bode well for UK Inc, if the incoming PM, who used to be the most senior legal knob in government, uses that sort of flim-flam to control his new cabinet…

      I guess that by sitting on the fence, he sees no evil, speaks no evil and hears no evil!

      That’ll look good when we’re all stabbed to death, in the dark, by stealthy foreigners


      • Rob in Cheshire says:


        Starmer is not daft. He does not want to see Rayner’s “defence”, because then he will have to have an opinion on it, and I suspect it is a load of crap. So it is better not to see it, and just say he trusts her.

        I think the object of her scam was not to evade capital gains tax, but to avoid having to pay back any of her large discount to the council. After buying her council house, she had to keep living in it for five years to avoid having to pay back any of the discount. Obviously, she was living with her husband and children in his house, and her brother was living in hers, but she did not want to admit that, because she was lining her pockets.

        I have to hope she’s toast. Then again, the Greater Manchester Police reports to Comrade Commissar Burnham, so I won’t be holding my breath.


  8. JohnC says:

    DragonFire: UK laser could be used against Russian drones on Ukraine front line

    I have to admit I do enjoy watching the BBC idiots who have no clue about much in the real world falling hook line and sinker for other peoples rhetoric and bullshit.

    However I don’t enjoy reading statements from our own defense minister which show he has about as much clue about it as the BBC. Either that or he is very casual about lying. Not sure if it was Grant who said ‘The russians probably did it’ for Nordstream.

    First thing is that you can’t see a laser like they show in the ‘proof’ picture. They have either faked it or they deliberately put smoke out for the shot. ANY picture you see of an actual laser beam in the real world is fake.

    First problem: here’s the system:

    Note the wires going out and into the big shipping container. The laser is the whole thing, not just the fancy looking bit. It’s huge and it’s maximum range is 1km and it needs to keep it’s laser directed very accurately at a critical part of any UAV for several seconds before it gets hot enough to fail. The entire ‘demo’ is a quad-copter conveniently staying still (and I suspect at very close range) for a while until the motor fails. We also see a hole burned in a mortar shell which is meant to make us think it can shoot down a mortar but it can’t : that hole will have take a long time to burn through with everything fixed in place. Everything else is ‘computer simulation’ graphics. My bullshito’meter hasn’t gone so far off the end of the scale for a long time.

    This is a complete propaganda nonsense story. It will not shoot down a single Russian drone. The first one which heads towards it with a tiny bomb will destroy it. But what’s most disturbing is that it is being promoted as a possible miracle-weapon gamechanger in Ukraine.

    We seem to be getting very desperate in how far we are prepared to go to make people think Ukraine are winning. Meanwhile Russia are starting to use 3,000Kg glide bombs which are the evolution of modern weapons to win a war like this. Ukraine of course do not have an air force but they will have a useless laser. And it sounds like they will just get one.


    • Zephir says:

      Look on the bright side, (pun) it will come in handy if they have a rave or a pop concert with a smoke machine.


    • micknotmike says:

      We could buy it, stick it on a trailer and head towards the next bunch of protesters who have glued themselves to the road. They don’t move much.


      • Scroblene says:

        Ha ha ha!

        I heard this morning on LBC, that there’s a company which has invented a machine which trundles along a pot-holed road, automatically identifies the size, depth etc., and fills it in properly, and all with one pass over the offending hole!

        Of course, councils won’t ever buy them, they need the money for their diversity departments, sock-weaving workshops, town-centre bollards and trans-care for kids and their single parent…

        I quite like LBC, as long as O’Brien and one or two others aren’t on, but it still seems to be like the ‘London Broadcasting Company’, so never quite getting out into the sticks as much as it should.


    • MarkyMark says:

      £10 per shot!

      The UK’s Laser Weapon – DragonFire

      “UK has cutting edge technologies to keep the nation safe”



  9. AsISeeIt says:

    Not exactly a high level of debate edition – as the Guardian refuses to walk a mile in Sunak’s shoes

    On a weekend when Financial Times considerations turn to How To Spend It and the pink Saturday edition confirms at least some part of Britain’s population, despite the Cost of Living Crisis, are still yet residential property obsessed: My house-hunting addiction Trawling property websites

    There’s meanwhile almost wall-to-wall coverage in the news headlines of the house-owning travails of a certain northern lass of a cherry red and ginger hue

    The Tory press sharks smell the scent of the sanguinary red stuff in the water

    Now this story, being the near-universally acknowledged top story of the day, causes some natural consternation for our dyed-in-the-wool, in-the-tank, card-carrying, fully-paid-up Labour-supporting titles.

    Afterall, it goes to the very heart of the weakness of any honest to goodness, born wrong side of the tracks but made good, salt of the earth working class lefty politician… I refer of course to that dangerous whiff of personal hypocrisy

    The Guardian devotes roughly 3% (at a rough guestimate) of their frontpage to their teaser for an inside page story and since the Graun are all about process and procedure a bland factual statement will suffice as minor headline: Police to investigate Rayner… page 4

    The left-leaning junior poundshop Guardian that is the ‘i’ newspaper relegates their frontpage teaser for the report to similarly minor proportions: Angela Rayner: I’ll resign if I’ve broken law on council house – this fiesty statement amusingly tucked beaneth a rather larger scare trailer for: Liz Truss is back and her influence is growing. Buckle up…

    The far-fetched lefty notion that Donald Trump represents some dangerous far-right constitution threatening 1930s-style potential dictator that America never had (if you don’t count four-term Democrat President Franklin Delano Roosevelt) well that’s amusingly prepostrous enough… but former LibDem Liz Truss as our very own Oswald Mosely? I suppose Mosely was ex-Labour.

    The honest to goodness old Labour Mirror (now written by bourgeois gen X and millennial uni graduates) comes out fighting for their gal: Bring it on… Labour’s Angela: I welcome scrutiny

    The gynaeceum that is our BBC’s News Staff likes that take as pick of the bunch for their title headline for their online press review: Newspaper headlines: Rayner says ‘bring it on’ and ‘honeytrap sex plot’ (BBC)

    On a day when the papers race to follow the last thing we’re still allowed to claim as Grand about this Nation of ours: FREE* £3 shop bet on The Grand National with Paddy Power *18+ GB shops only Terms apply (Daily Mail); FREE £2 shop bet at William Hill – similar small print applies (Mirror); Free £2 Coral bet (The Sun)

    Paddy Power riding the Mail wins that little wager by a quid for William Hill on the Mirror and Coral on The Sun runners up and joint second in a dead heat

    Our Ange & our Sir Keir meanwhile are gambling on their previous good form last time out on a similar tack (as they say in racing circles): Starmer and Rayner will not be fined over ‘beergate’… Sir Keir and his deputy Angela Rayner had promise to resign if they received fines in relation to the gathering in the offices of a local Labour party… photographed… during lockdown… (Independent, July 2022)

    In the opinion of the globalist FT – so long as there’s a Democrat in the White House – then Britain is airstrip one, the fifty-first state: Bernanke warns BoE must change… former Federal Reserve chair… has warned… suggests the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street is showing her age

    In an FT ideal world Bibi Netanyahu would be replaced by George Soros, Viktor Orbán would be replaced by… some other famous (and lefty internationalist) Hungarian and Japan would at last comply with the US and European mass-immigration model: Japan wrestles with age-old problem as population declines at record rate – ah that age-old problem of a low crime, high trust, tradition-loving, efficient infrastructure, cohesive society.

    And on a weekend when: Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmare… Gordon’s posh eatery is invaded by squatters (The Sun)

    I’ve frozen my eggs – but do I want a baby or a puppy? Sophia Money-Coutts (Times) – calm down dear

    How’s that Net Zero workin’ out fo’ yer?

    ‘Petrol will rule for the next 30 years’ Richard Hammond (Telegraph)

    When the mildly conservative modestly well healed Telegraph explores: Staycations The best trips – whatever the weather

    Our EU-loving Guardian savours the delights of anywhere but Britain – in recipe news it’s: Italian Spring SpecialPlus Nordic Holidays

    In fashion news the Gruan can’t resist a little poke at Rishi: What to wear instead of Sambas – let me explain: ‘I’m a longtime devotee’: Rishi Sunak apologises for wearing Adidas Samba trainers… Prime minister defends his fondness for the shoe, while critics and social media users say he has ruined it for everyone… Many social media users had said they would sell their shoes online as Sunak had ruined the look for everyone. (Guardian) – not exactly a high level of debate, is it?


  10. Guest Who says:

    Oh goodie, the bbc has fired up Ros.

    Our new video for @BBCNews looks at UK arms exports to Israel.

    Guessing the one on Iran’s to Hezbollah got interrupted by the one on knife sales in Sydney.


    • Guest Who says:

      Mental issues?

      First picture of the terrorist who killed several people in Sydney, Australia.
      He stabbed in a shopping mall in a Jewish area (Westfield Bondi), right next to an Israeli restaurant.

      The bbc subbing will be to die for.


      • Guest Who says:

        Bill has thoughts.

        Bill Maher on illegal immigration:
        “Sweden opened it’s borders to 1.5 million immigrants since 2010. Now 20% of their citizens are foreign born, and their education system is tanking. And it has Europe’s highest rate of gang-land killings. To which liberals say: Blaming immigrants for the rising crime rate is racist. Yeah, but is it true? Of course it’s true.”
        It only took 4 years of Biden open border policies for Maher to admit that Trump’s line about Mexico ‘Not sending their best’ was 100% correct. Now, it’s the whole world ‘not sending their best’.


        • tomo says:

          As I heard it in various places Maher smokes a lot of weed, I presume he’s collided with reality a few times… Many of the liberal US talk show hosts don’t even have that excuse….


      • Deborah says:

        Just read about the murders in Sydney on Daily Mail website. Only clues were a very fuzzy bit of video which hinted the murderer might be of ME origin but absolutely no mention of anything Jewish or Israeli or indeed if the police know the name of the murderer.


      • MarkyMark says:

        Sting & Ibrahim Maalouf Inshallah Bataclan Paris 12/11/2016


  11. Guest Who says:

    Sopes going full Crick.

    The @AngelaRayner saga. I get it. Attack dog attacked. Karma.
    But really?
    A police investigation into whether she was registered at wrong address?
    Is that it?
    Not that she voted twice, no act of personation.
    It seems petty beyond belief and a total waste of police time

    So, no more about the tax dodge? Seems TNA is securing a slot on the interview cycle.

    Interesting to note the audience he is attracting.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Guest –

      1 she is the deputy PM in waiting
      2 falsifying her voting form is serious
      3 defrauding HMRC is even worse
      4 she is a socialist against council house sales
      5 she profited from a policy she ‘hates ‘
      6 she is concealing the ‘legal advice ‘
      7 she went ballistic over the trivial party gate
      8 she is for ever screaming for tories to resign
      9 both plod and HMRC and the electoral commission has attempted to cover it up
      10 it’s wrong .
      11 she should not resign even if convicted of tax evasion ..
      12 she is a reminder of what socialist vermin are …


  12. Doobster78 says:

    Sydney attack – Those bloody far right again hey !!!!!

    Rishi did tell us to watch out for the Far Right and only the other night Channel 4 were warning us about the Far Right !!

    Oh , hang on …….


    • Guest Who says:

      Let’s not rush until all the facts have been obscured by JonDon’s replacement’s replacement.

      Could have been unlucky in love.

      Could have been unaware of certain customs being frowned upon…

      Best leave it to the media and legal profession.


    • Guest Who says:

      Far right? Ye jest?

      Trust the BBC to bring up the ‘far right’ after yet another sickening Muslim terror attack…


      • JohnC says:

        Bet you 50p the BBC try to infer it is Israel’s fault once they are forced to admit it was a Muslim.


  13. davylars says:

    BCC news 9.30. Frank Gardener.
    “ We must not jump to conclusions.
    One multiple bombing incident in Spain was initially blamed on ETA. But it was later proved to be ISIS.
    Also the perpetrator may have been short of money or on drugs. It may even be a terrorist attack”
    Well, who would have thought that.


    • Guest Who says:

      To be fair, he was not there.

      Especially the stand off on the escalator.

      I am assuming your quote is not real?


  14. atlas_shrugged says:

    Australia feeling the enrichment too – especially with the stabbing of the baby in Sydney.

    I guess Israels patience was tried too many times like this.


  15. StewGreen says:

    The Hopeless Office made a fancy video saying they removed 48 foreign criminals


  16. StewGreen says:

    Scampton..end of this stage of “the process is the punishment”
    as the police first arrest you, upgrade the charges to “racially aggravated trespass”, keep you in suspense
    and then drop the charges.
    .. As Active Patriot just tweeted

    His old tweet from last month


  17. JohnC says:

    Ukraine could face defeat in 2024. Here’s how that might look

    General Sir Richard Barrons has told the BBC there is “a serious risk” of Ukraine losing the war this year.
    The reason, he says, is “because Ukraine may come to feel it can’t win”.
    “And when it gets to that point, why will people want to fight and die any longer, just to defend the indefensible?”
    Ukraine is not yet at that point.

    All quotations except the last bit which is the BBC’s own line. And would have a ‘without supplying any evidence’ before it in other circumstances.

    The war was lost when NATO gave Ukraine everything it could last year for the much touted offensive and it just made a small bulge in the defensive line. It was a very, very expensive complete and utter failure. Not that the BBC told us that of course.

    I was just watching a youtube channel telling me how big the people-smuggling business is now to get out of Ukraine. About $10,000 a time. It seems a lot of people are now doing a runner as soon as they get their conscription papers. What a shame that Frank at the BBC hasn’t been told. Then he wouldn’t look like such an ignorant chump.


  18. 1 of 8e9 says:

    BBC report quotes Sydney eyewitness “It was insanity”.

    Err, that’s what you get when you let barbarians into civilisation.

    But Enoch Powell did foretell the true insanity of certain policies back in 1968.


  19. Foscari says:

    “Ok diversity department at the BBC. This is an instruction
    from BIG BROTHER. For at least a week the BBC is NOT to
    mention Islamic terrorism. With regards to the collateral
    damage in Sydney. ” ” BIG BROTHER should we support
    Iran if they attack Israel. In the same way as we support
    Hamas ?


    • StewGreen says:

      Interesting the guy looks Middle Eastern
      but isn’t wearing Jihadi uniform
      just full Australian football attire shirt and shorts (well above the knee)
      ..something a Muslim wouldn’t wear unless it’s a disguise.


  20. Up2snuff says:

    BBC WEB-SITE Watch #1 – that is quite a defective headline for one of the BBC’s favourites, is it not?

    The BBC love Tiger Woods, which is a bit of an understatement as written. Woods has achieved great wins on the golf course but is a flawed character. Of course, the BBC only look at skin colour, not personal character. You would think on reading this headline that Tiger Woods had broken the Augusta course record – currently 63 – and hauled himself into contention to win the title in that obviously nasty, racist, Georgia. But no.

    Tiger Woods has not ‘missed the cut’ for a personal record of not missing the cut! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/golf/68802088. ‘The cut’ is where only a limited number of players get to compete in the third round of golf at Augusta National for the Masters trophy and the green jacket that goes with it.


  21. atlas_shrugged says:

    bBC world service banging on about only 28% of wimmin are scientists and horror horror only 20% are physicists and something must be done.

    No mention of the male-free areas of primary school teaching, or social work, or midwifery, or nursing etc etc.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      This type of wingeing generally stems from frustrated, narcissistic middle-class wimmin’, obsessed with their own narrow class interests. They are always calling for more board members, BBC TV ‘news’ presenters, film directors, and now scientists and physicists. Never hear them demanding more female sewage workers, bin collectors, or gals who want to repair the motorways in the middle of a rainy February night. Good grief, no, let the prole men do that sort of useful stuff.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Ian, there was a female bin collector on ‘the round’ that collected from me but the Canterbury City Council decided to change ‘providers’ and hey-ho it is back to an all male team.


    • Deborah says:

      Dare I say that I have a physics ‘A’ level? I went to an all girl school (in those days there were only two sexes). The whole class struggled with the electricity modules and much preferred the light module. Same in chemistry, we all liked mixing chemicals, fiddling with chemical formulae and the like but physical chemistry was our weakness. Learning about the atomic structure of crystals wasn’t very interesting. It wasn’t that anyone told us we wouldn’t find certain topics interesting, just a girl thing.


    • Guest Who says:

      You can lead a mare to a safe seat and get the result no matter what.


  22. Jeff says:

    As usual the old boy is a little behind the times (I blame my age) and I’ve only just become aware of the latest “stabbing spree”, this time in Sidney. Isn’t that an odd way the media choose to describe this horror…a stabbing “spree”?

    According to eyewitnesses the suspect was, a “swarthy man with a thick beard”, Yeh, okay, I think we all know where we’re going here. It’s one of them…

    It’s always particularly tragic when children are involved and this latest outrage has seen a nine month old baby brutally murdered…also her mother…My God, there’s nothing worse, is there.

    You know, I’m (almost) looking forward to the way our beloved, impeccably impartial and totally honest BBC cover this. Hmm, let’s see…

    A loner…drugs…a one off…mental health…Norwegian tourist…been impacted by Islamophobia…

    Sooner or later western nations will have to reach the only possible conclusion; If you keep importing these people, these horrific events will keep happening.

    Mothers, babies and kids.

    Until next time…


    • Fedup2 says:

      Shall we play the game ?

      What was his name ?
      Was he born in australia ?
      Known to thr security services
      Could have been stopped
      Should have been stopped
      Plod responsible
      Flowers candles
      One off
      Lone wolf
      Mental issues
      Close the internet
      All in it together

      Move on forget as soon as possible – look squirrels


  23. StewGreen says:

    FooC ..does have a report about Muslims kidnapping Nigerian children ..10 years ago
    but starts with aid being dropped into Gaza
    and then Jordan situation .. fear Palestians will flood over the border
    and that the current war could overspill

    Claim Iran was holding back until Israel attacked their men in Damascus


    • StewGreen says:

      prog Says the Nigerian kidnapped girls who escaped
      are struggling
      Oh the item did just mention recent attacks

      – United States : an increase in the rates of suicide particularly steep rise among young people. Will Vernon went to North Carolina to investigate why the

      – the story of the provenance of a wood panel painting by Rembrandt – a portrait of a beggar with a bulbous, drunkard’s nose.

      – Hugh Schofield reflects on whether the relationship has in fact between France and Britain has grown more detached.
      (Will they mention France sending us illegals ?)
      He talks about receiving post from UK .. new random charges and delays
      .. Well that is the French punishing us for Brexit.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Try this one – a woke reports on increasing suicides in the US. It felt as though there was something missing – it was sex . I checked CDC – the latest stats are for 2022. 40 thousand males versus 10 thousand females .

        Now why would such a profound stat be left out by the BBC ?

        Has this ratio always been like that ? Surely it should be 50 50 – or maybe something else is going on … which the bbc wants to pass …


        • StewGreen says:

          On the face of it US suicide is a white male thing
          75% of all suiciders are white,
          Whites are not 75% population
          White alone non-Hispanic population by census is 57.8%

          The CDC page does say “-Data for race.. should be interpreted with caution.. n inconsistent reporting .. might lead to underestimates for certain racial groups.”

          The first graph I saw did show a gradual fall for men
          but a sudden uptick for women ..from a much smaller base
          “Our study showed that the approval, easy access and over-prescription of opioid-based pain relievers had deleterious consequences for U.S. suicide rates for women,


          • Fedup2 says:

            Stew – a whole academic subject in itself . But it was the omission of any mention of disparities was a real story .

            I could present my personal theory but this site is about the way the BBC treats people …


    • Guest Who says:

      That’s how escalation works, and Israel is a player.

      However proxy attacks are equivalent to direct in my view.


  24. Up2snuff says:

    BBC WEB-SITE Watch #2 – that is a defective headline, BBC

    I heard about the Sydney stabbing spree on the TOADY Programme but it is covered on the BBC web-site here by a reporter who obviously needs fingers and toes to count with. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/world-australia-68805458. News update: there are now seven dead, including ‘the attacker’.

    Apparently it was ‘a man’ that did it and apparently he is ‘known to police’. This ‘man’ held an ‘ideation’ (we share a common language with Americans, Australians and New Zealanders but sometimes some translation is necessary. I am guessing that ‘ideation’ is roughly equivalent to ‘grudge’.) Of course, there is no mention of the man’s nationality or the ethnicity of the restaurant adjacent to where the attack happened.


  25. StewGreen says:

    They know him
    but are choosing not to say the name
    Man, 40, who killed six people in Sydney mall was known to police and attack was likely “not a terrorism incident”, police say https://bbc.in/43VLJKq


    • Docmarooned says:

      “Not a terrorism incident” How the f*** is it not a terrorist incident? FFS – 6 people are dead. Maybe to our totally thick media a bomb has to be involved to count as terrorism.


      • StewGreen says:

        Doh , of course stabbing ttacks are possible without an actual political motive
        We can’t assume it’s terorist.


    • Guest Who says:

      But, to know someone is, surely… to love them?

      Albeit in the face of all coherent reason?


  26. Guest Who says:

    When assuming you are unaccountable, dig many holes.

    Why did #bbcreakfast just describe the Bondi shopping centre as being “for the *most affluent* of the Jewish community in Sydney…”? What the hell does affluence have to do with this horrendous terrorist act? 😡 #sydney

    The adenoidal voice sounds familiar.


    • Fedup2 says:

      They couldnt wait to say it definately wasnt ‘terrorism ‘ and cannot say ‘Islamic terrorism ‘ – promote the message …


      • Doobster78 says:

        Mental Health Issues , nothing to see here , move on 👍

        Celebrations begin at BBC


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Could be part of the playbook they are following, part of preparing the general population for something along the lines of “The alleged attacker was forced to act, having witnessed the death of so many innocent women and children in Gaza, and hoped to kill at least one Jew during the attack” (subtexts: he was justified, blame the victims, normalise violent anti-semitism).


      • Guest Who says:

        If so, a dubious one to help their Western supporters.

        The BBC et al had put Oct 9 nicely in the past, so targeting a baby as part of the death struggle is going to make it trickier for the subs and placard teams.

        ‘From the Mall to the Geezers, squeeze them all with Allah’s Tweezers!’


    • MarkyMark says:

      EXCLUSIVE: Michael McIntyre robbed in moped gang mugging terror as thieves smash his car window and snatch his Rolex

      EXCLUSIVE: Thugs with hammers smashed the comedian’s Range Rover window to rob him of the £15,000 watch in broad daylight as he waited for his kids outside their school

      ByTom BryantHead of Showbiz
      07:34, 5 Jun 2018UPDATED13:28, 5 JUN 2018


  27. Guest Who says:

    Team Labour seem to be placing much faith in ‘the police’ as arbiters and enforcers of blind justice, and the BBC as ruthless impartial holders to account.

    Hence the public gets a police opinion via the bbc and… bingo!

    Lady PC: “He’s breaking the law, what am I supposed to do. Have a nice day.”

    Man, 40, who killed six people in Sydney mall was known to police and attack was likely “not a terrorism incident”, police say bbc.in/43VLJKq

    Meanwhile, when Andy’s Boys and Girls in Blue have ‘investigated’ Crick’s version of events from all angles of the cubicle, she dindu nuffink, honest.

    Methinks the establishment is digging each other’s graves now.


  28. Guest Who says:


    Varying answers.

    I am just relieved my Dad and those like him are no longer around now.

    Not quite old enough to no longer worry what happens to me (hi, Brigadier!) and might be able to do some mischief with kids’ BBs and the battery branch trimmer, but that’s about it.

    So lessons ignored or again deemed ‘unacceptable’ noted, and something, not utterly woke or wet, tangible needing on the option list. So far, so dire.

    Khan pushing ‘NetZero’ to a working population already struggling in the face of his core OJ and Yasser support of anything that does not apply to him, and Vile on his bike dobbing in folk like a good kapo.

    Here, soon, the Wye. And an MP and councillors who like pictures in the Beacon opening stuff.


  29. Zephir says:

    Mass Murdering immigrant muzzie of the day award goes to Sydney..


  30. Zephir says:

    Gang raping paedophile muzzie immigrant of the day award goes to: Telford

    “Grooming gang leader who targeted hundreds of girls as young as 13 in Telford in systematic abuse hopes to be freed again after getting a parole hearing just 12 years into his sentence”



  31. Fedup2 says:

    Not the BBC – but an extract from a DT piece about the met plod – the friends of Hamas –

    STARTS A judge has told the Metropolitan Police it cannot stop an Iranian dissident who displays a sign branding Hamas as terrorists from attending pro-Palestinian protests.

    Under strict bail conditions imposed by the force, Niyak Ghorbani, who has been arrested three times during his counter-protests, would have been prevented from going near any central London demonstrations relating to Israel and the conflict in Gaza.

    But a judge has now thrown out the conditions, ruling that they were neither proportionate nor necessary.

    The conditions had been imposed after 38-year-old Mr Ghorbani was arrested for a third time during a pro-Palestinian march earlier this month.

    He has become well known for holding up a sign stating “Hamas Is Terrorist” while standing alongside the route of the regular protests being held in London against Israel’s retaliation to Hamas’s Oct 7 attacks.

    He has been manhandled and attacked by some protesters, but insists he is doing nothing wrong in pointing out that Hamas is a proscribed terror group under UK law.ENDS ‘

    The Met seems not to like either the truth or the law ….


    • Thoughtful says:

      The Met seems not to like either the truth or the law ….

      Neither do some of our judges and the Marxist Tory party who could have the judge disciplined, but are far too spineless to take action.


  32. tvlicensingblog says:

    More new articles from the BBC TV Licensing Blog for the weekend:
    TV Licensing Outsmarted by Technology
    BBC Spends £400k Educating Journo’s Kids
    Unpicking Threatogram Bullshit: A TV Licensing Turdectomy

    If you haven’t already done so, please download our totally free ebook TV Licensing Laid Bare.

    The 70 page book is packed full of information about the harassment and intimidation meted out by the BBC in the name of TV licence enforcement.


  33. Thoughtful says:

    And this weekend we sit with baited breath wondering what action Iran is likely to take.

    Russia has effectively taken control of the Golan Heights building a third military base there.

    Tensions in the region are building, and there is little doubt amongst military comentators that and Iran Israel war would quickly escalate probably into WWIII.

    The muppets in charge of the West should be doing everything they can to de-escalate the situation, but instead they appear to be doing the opposite and ratcheting up the tension instead.

    Nothing good can come out of this conflict and we here in the UK will be hugely adversely affected.


  34. MarkyMark says:

    Don’t Look Back in Anger becomes symbol of Manchester’s spirit
    This article is more than 6 years old
    Video of crowd of Mancunians singing Oasis hit after minute’s silence for attack victims is shared around the world


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      And in the interests of balance and reality, the case for why the one thing people should do IS to look back with anger.



      • MarkyMark says:

        “Moz was introducing his new song, ‘Bonfire of Teenagers’. It’s about the Manchester Arena bombing in which 22 people were killed. He looked out at the audience and asked us a question. How come you know the name Myra Hindley but many of you won’t know the name of the man who bombed the Manchester Arena? People looked stunned. I believe some looked a little ashamed. It is rare indeed for hush to fall at a Morrissey concert, but it did then.”

        “‘I’m a stern believer in free speech, but in my case I actually mean free speech for everyone, not just for those who agree with me’, Morrissey has said.”


  35. pugnazious says:


    Sooooo…..what is the stabber’s name? What’s his ethnicity, skin colour, religion? Is the area one where there are a lot of Jews? Apparently he’s well known to police…so they have his name and full details…let’s hear them,

    Remarkable how no-one wants to say a word about the stabber’s identity…whereas, we all know, if he’d been white and, say, a Trump supporter type we’d have been told immediately this was a terror attack and hate crime by a white supremacist and it would be used by the media and politicians to whip up as much hate as possible towards anyone on the Right and then used to try and demonise them and shut them down….but now it seems they’re doing everything they can to portray this as not a terror attack, not a Muslim, not a brown person… nothing to see here. Rotherham, Rochdale, Manchester, and well, just about every terror attack…and of course the BBC still refuses to call October 7 a ‘terrorist attack’.

    Pretty sure this will be covered up as ‘mental health’ or drugs or a horrible ‘senseless tragedy’ as Mark Mardell called the mass murder of US military personnel by a radicalised Muslim.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Shhhh …. Why did the BBC manipulate this genuine photograph of white voter’s hand to make it black?
      Politicians have rounded on the BBC after staff seemingly doctored the image

      PUBLISHED: 22:45, 25 August 2023 | UPDATED: 12:11, 27 August 2023


  36. G.W.F. says:

    Don’t forget the far right


    • Fedup2 says:

      The things people say for money eh?gardiner takes journalism to new lows – and it looks like he is well on the spot in his flat in londonistan …oh bbc

      This slaughter will be gone Monday


      • Docmarooned says:

        Gardener is a disreputable waste of space that the bBBC fawn over all the time as if he is some martyr. He has nothing useful to say and is a so called useful idiot for them.


  37. StewGreen says:

    Media holding down one side of the scales says Simon Webb


  38. pugnazious says:

    The name of the mother killed in Australia has been released…the Mail has a big report on her….


    Curiously the BBC doesn’t mention her yet…but does squeeze in ‘Ms Hussainy and Mohamad Naveed say they are traumatised’


    and ‘Rashdan Aqashah, who works at the centre, details a moment where a man holding a bollard tries to slow the assailant.’

    Muslims are the real victims of these sort of attacks…just so you know! Of course the attacker may not be Muslim but the BBC is pre-empting the likelihood that he is…and given the police’s reluctance to tell us anything about him we have to assume he is Muslim.


  39. Fedup2 says:

    Bbc news

    The terrorist attack in sydney is not a ‘terror attack ‘ its … something else … its a one off …. The community will be reassured – and the next step is to blame israel ..


  40. Guest Who says:

    Wendy goes with ‘most likely’.

    According to a recently released deposition in a defamation case, Elon Musk runs a second Twitter account. The deposition transcript appears to have garbled the name of the account but it is most likely @babysmurf9000 … which includes content like this:

    ‘BBC is dumber than a sack of bricks’.

    No real need to get that checked by ‘verify’.


  41. Zephir says:

    I wonder what could be causing this, shall we get the lying bbc verify on the case ?

    “Sweden rocked by new gangland horror as father, 39, is fatally shot in the head in front of his young son after challenging a gang of youths.
    A 39-year-old man was shot and killed in Skärholmen while cycling with his son. “weden remains embroiled in crisis as gun violence continues to soar.

    No arrests have been made in connection with the killing, which becomes the latest tragic gangland shooting amid a surge in violence in recent years as criminal gangs feud for control of lucrative drug markets.

    According to police statistics, 363 shootings were reported last year with 53 fatalities, while a total of 149 bombings were recorded.

    Since 2013, the number of fatal shootings across Sweden has more than doubled, official statistics show, provoked by an explosion in drug-related crime.

    By 2022, the gun-murder rate in Stockholm had reached a high roughly 30 times that of London per capita.

    And acknowledging Sweden’s difficulty staring down the challenge of gang-related crime, prime minister Ulf Kristersson was forced to admit last year: ‘Sweden has never before seen anything like this. No other country in Europe is seeing anything like this.'”



    • MarkyMark says:

      ‘Sweden has never before seen anything like this. No other country in Europe is seeing anything like this.’

      . . . . . . ..

      Following this and further articles from Norfolk, Rotherham Council commissioned an independent inquiry led by Professor Alexis Jay. In August 2014 the Jay report concluded that an estimated 1,400 children had been sexually abused in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013, predominantly by British-Pakistani men.


  42. Zephir says:

    List of grenade attacks in Sweden

    This crime’s category is very new in Sweden and was not even logged prior to 2017.[1] Bombings increased significantly in 2015, with Swedish police investigating around 100–150 explosions.[2][3][4] There were over 30 explosions reported in the Swedish city of Malmö alone by August 2015,[5] up from a total of 25 in all of 2014.[6] Malmö police have consequently warned about undetonated grenades in the city.[7][8] By 2019, there were more than 100 explosions in Sweden.[9]

    Many such attacks are related to organised crime and extortion of restaurants and businesses.[10] Far-right political activists spreading anti-immigrant sentiments have attributed the rise in grenade attacks and crime with the migrant crisis, a claim that has been disputed.[11][12][13] Paulina Neuding of The Spectator wrote that Swedish officials have failed to effectively address the problem: “it’s still hard for Swedish authorities to be frank about what’s going on. It’s widely known that gang members are mainly first- and second-generation immigrants.”


  43. Zephir says:


    A man from Azerbaijan held 82 people hostage with two hand grenades on a hijacked plane at the Stockholm Arlanda Airport.[22][23]
    The leader of Sverigedemokraterna’s youth organisation and a leading member of the parent organisation is arrested with a hand grenade in Kungsträdgården where Gudrun Schyman was going to hold a speech.[24][25]


    Four hand grenades exploded under cars in Gothenburg between 2002 and 2006 (one in 2002 and in 2004, and two in 2006). The attacks were linked to a local Bandidos group that was founded and led by Mehdi Seyyed.[26] Seyyed was sentenced to nine years in prison for the two attacks in 2006.[27]
    Two explosive attacks or attempts (one in 2011, one in 2008), were reported to be as a result of hand grenades, among 22 bomb attacks in Malmö between 2008 and 2011.[28]


    9 June, Malmö, a hand grenade exploded in a garbage shed on Ramels väg, damaging several cars.[17]
    14 September, Malmö, two people were hospitalised after a hand grenade exploded at Köpmansgatan.[17]
    9 November, Malmö, a device exploded in the stairwell of an assembly building in Norra Grängesbergsgatan.[29]


    26 January, Malmö, a hand grenade was thrown into the window of a family’s home in Seved. Thought to have been thrown by the assailants into a mistaken apartment, the family of three were said by police to have likely survived only because the father managed to close the bedroom door in time.[17]
    15 April, Malmö, a grenade exploded outside a restaurant in Adelgatan.[17]
    6 May, Malmö, one man was severely injured after a grenade was thrown into his apartment on Estlandsgatan. The grenade was thought by police to have been thrown into a mistaken apartment by the assailants.[17]
    19 May, Malmö, a grenade exploded in Seved damaging eight cars and several buildings.[17]


    7 February, Sollentuna, a grenade exploded in the stairwell of an apartment block in Edsberg.[30]
    23 April, Malmö, a restaurant was damaged after a hand grenade exploded in Adelgatan.[31]
    21 May, Uppsala, two hand grenades exploded after being thrown into the nightclub Birger Jarl.[32][33]
    12 June, Malmö, two passers-by were injured when a grenade exploded in Rasmusgatan in Seved.[34][35]
    16 June, Malmö, an explosion occurred in Almgården near Rosengård.[35]
    20 June, Malmö, two live grenades were thrown at an apartment building in Kroksbäck, but failed to detonate. 60 people were evacuated.[35][36]
    13 July, Malmö, a hand grenade exploded outside a family residence in Augustenborg.[34][35]
    15 July, Malmö, a grenade exploded near a residence in Arlöv.[34]
    17 July, Malmö, three cars were damaged after an explosion in Branteviksgatan.[18]
    21 July, Malmö, one man was injured after a grenade exploded outside a community hall on Norra Grängesbergsgatan.[34][35]
    23 July, Malmö, a grenade exploded under a car in Limhamn, damaging nearby cars and buildings.[34]
    24 July, Malmö, a grenade exploded at a social office and damaged nearby cars.[34][37]
    26 July, Malmö, a grenade exploded at a parking lot in Värnhem, damaging ten cars and shattering several house windows.[34][38][39]
    5 August, Trelleborg, a hand grenade exploded after being thrown into a social office.[34][40]
    9 August, Malmö, a hand grenade exploded in a residential area in Möllevången, with thirty windows shattered in the blast.[34][41]
    20 August, Botkyrka, a hand grenade exploded after being thrown at a police van with four police officers inside in Tumba.[4][42]
    11 September, Borås, a hand grenade exploded in a residential area in Hässleholmen, shattering several windows.[43]
    13 October, Gothenburg, a grenade exploded in Biskopsgården damaging six apartments.[4][44][45]
    11 November, Landskrona, the exterior of a house and several cars were damaged in a hand grenade attack.[46]
    2 December, Uppsala, a hand grenade exploded in the nightclub Birger Jarl.[32][33]
    27 December, Helsingborg, a nightclub in Bruksgatan received extensive damages in a bombing.[4]


    In 2016 there were about almost 40 hand grenade attacks in Sweden.[47]

    27 January, Landskrona, several cars were damaged and windows shattered after a hand grenade exploded in Tränggatan.[48][49]
    12 February, Gothenburg, two grenades exploded within nine minutes in apartments in two different locations (Lunden and Angered).[50]
    22 March, Uppsala, a hand grenade exploded after being thrown into an apartment balcony.[32]
    28 March, Stockholm, two hand grenades exploded in central Stockholm, damaging the entrances and exterior of a nightclub and restaurants.[51]
    6 April, Stockholm, a grenade exploded after being thrown into a restaurant in Jakobsberg.[52]
    11 April, Uppsala, one man was hospitalised after a grenade he held exploded at a parking lot in Stenhagen.[32]
    17 April, Landskrona, a hand grenade exploded after being thrown into an apartment, possibly against a casual target.[4][48]
    18 May, Malmö, a hand grenade caused extensive damages after being thrown at a villa in Fosie, likely against a casual target.[4][48][53][54]
    7 June, Botkyrka, a hand grenade exploded in central Fittja.[55]
    7 June, Botkyrka, one man was wounded by shrapnel after a grenade exploded outside an office building in Slagsta.[56]
    23 June, Tomelilla, a hand grenade exploded outside a villa.[48]
    24 June, Uppsala, a hand grenade exploded in a pizza restaurant.[32]
    9 July, Sollentuna, a grenade exploded while automatic weapons were fired in a residential area, amid four local shootouts in two days.[2][57][58]
    12 July, Botkyrka, a grenade exploded after being thrown under a parked car in Tumba.[59]
    28 July, Malmö, a hand grenade exploded in an apartment after several assailants had kicked in the door.[48]
    22 August, Gothenburg, a hand grenade exploded in an apartment in Biskopsgården, killing an 8-year-old child Yuusuf Warsame from Birmingham, England. The attack was connected to an ongoing feud between members of Gothenburg’s Somali community,[60][61] as a person who was sentenced for the 2015 Gothenburg pub shooting is registered at the address.[62]
    4 September, Gothenburg, one or two grenades exploded on the apartment balcony of an elderly disabled man, creating a hole and blasting out several windows. The grenade was thought by police to have been thrown indiscriminately at the apartment in a gang-area.[63][64]
    23 October, Malmö, a hand grenade exploded nearby a garage and a car in Husie.[65]
    28 October, Landskrona, a hand grenade exploded in a pizza restaurant.[66]
    11 November, Malmö, a hand grenade exploded after being thrown at a car rental company, situated adjacent to a gas station.[67]
    15 November, Västerås, a hand grenade exploded in a hair salon. The attack was thought to be part of extortion.[68]
    21 November, Ängelholm, a grenade exploded near an apartment block, blasting out several windows.[69]
    30 November, Solna, a hand grenade exploded after being thrown into an apartment balcony where a person was standing in the kitchen. The person got out of the apartment unharmed, while the balcony was wrecked and several windows were shattered. The event is linked to gang crime.[70]
    15 December, Gothenburg, a hand grenade exploded causing damage to two apartments in Biskopsgården.[71]


    1 January, Katrineholm, a grenade was thrown at the local police station. The entrance, several windows and three cars parked nearby were damaged.[72]
    13 February, Södertälje, a hand grenade exploded in a residential area, where an entrepreneur who had recently been extorted had their offices.[73]
    28 February, Malmö, one person was wounded by shrapnel and hospitalised after a grenade exploded outside a residence in Lindängen.[74]
    11 April, Linköping, a hand grenade was thrown onto a balcony.[75]
    7 July, Stockholm, a hand grenade exploded in a shop in a residential area in Spånga.[76]
    21 July, Uppsala, a hand grenade exploded in a restaurant.[77]
    23 July, Halmstad, a hand grenade exploded in a parking lot and damaged five cars.[78]
    2 September, Märsta, a hand grenade exploded in a restaurant. No people were injured.[79]
    6 September, Stockholm, a hand grenade exploded in a residential building in Östermalm.[80]
    18 September, Gothenburg, a hand grenade exploded after being thrown at an apartment in Biskopsgården.[81]
    28 September, Varberg, a hand grenade exploded damaging a villa in central Varberg.[82]
    13 October, Malmö, a hand grenade exploded in a residential building.[83]
    18 October, Helsingborg, a hand grenade destroyed the entrance of the local police station. Forty windows were blown out in the explosion.[84]
    21 October, Stockholm, a hand grenade exploded by a car in central Solna.[85]
    27 November, Uppsala, a hand grenade was thrown at a police car outside the local police station. No people were injured, but several cars were damaged in the explosion. One suspect was arrested.[86][87]
    3 December, Gothenburg, a grenade exploded outside a family home in Hisingen.[88]


    7 January, Stockholm, a man in his 60s was killed and a 45-year-old woman was injured after a grenade exploded outside the Vårby gård metro station. The grenade which was accidentally picked up by the man had been abandoned at the side of the path.[89][90]
    21 January, Gothenburg, a hand grenade exploded after being thrown through the window into a house in Biskopsgården in which seven people were present. The attack was linked to gang conflicts involving several grenade attacks between rival gangs in December the previous year.[91][92]
    8 February, Stockholm, windows were blasted out and a car was damaged when a hand grenade exploded outside the home of a bank employee reported to be involved in uncovering fraud cases and assisting police in cases linked to heavy organised crime.[93]
    In August 2018, two men from Uppsala were arrested for having thrown grenades at the home of a bank employee who investigates fraud cases.[94]
    7 September 2018 a hand grenade was thrown into a restaurant in Gothenburg.[95]


  44. Fedup2 says:

    Every time there is a ‘knife spree ‘( spree?) we go through the name pantomime – this killer was ‘known to police ‘ ..yet do they tell the public who he is ? In the absence decent people draw their own conclusions – if it looks like Islamic terrorism – it’s Islamic terrorism …. However the ‘mental issues’ lie is subsequently rolled out ….


    • Zephir says:

      Khan, sod your attacks on car drivers, this is down to you. and we know who the main perps are:

      “UK’s ‘most dangerous’ neighbourhood where locals are terrorised by knife-wielding thugs. This south London neighbourhood has been dubbed the “most dangerous” neighbourhood in the UK capital, with knife-wielding gangs and violent crime rife.

      Croydon frequently leads the Metropolitan Police’s rankings for violence.

      There was a time when shoppers from all over South London would flock to Croydon for its retail offerings. However, with nearly 1,000 stabbings reported in the area since early 2018, its appeal has significantly diminished.

      Norman Brennan, a former Metropolitan Police officer turned anti-knife crime advocate, conveyed a grim picture to the Daily Mail: “Croydon is one of the most dangerous areas in Britain. We have lawless streets that nobody controls apart from the criminal element. There are many gangs in Croydon. Lots of their members carry knives, some won’t be in school.”

      He continued, highlighting a stark reality: “These people have no values and no idea of the value of life. That’s why so many people are losing their lives or taking those of others. Each knife is a potential murder if you hit an artery or an organ.”



  45. Guest Who says:

    There’s thick, and…

    As Sydney Police discount terrorism, we all wait for an apology from @JuliaHB1
    ….and we wait
    And wait

    Next, Andy Burnham’s keystone cops make a surprise announcement.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Nick Lowles
      , LUFC fan, cricket mad and traveller. Tweeting in personal capacity. “Antifascists fight, antifascists do” nick@hopenothate.org.uk
      hopenothate.org.ukJoined April 2012
      3,538 Following

      . . . . . .. . . . . .

      “Antifascists fight, antifascists do”

      . . . . . . . .

      Booksellers remove racist and Holocaust denial titles from their websites
      This article is more than 6 years old
      Anti-racist group Hope Not Hate says Waterstones, Foyles, WH Smith and Amazon are lending respectability to offensive books, but retailers say listings come from uncurated feed

      . .. . . .. . .

      Mein Kampf, the book Hitler wrote in prison before he rose to power in 1933, has become a bestseller in Turkey (NATO MEMBER), provoking consternation.

      The dreams of creating a master race are being snapped up by young Turks. Its publishers believe that more than 100,000 copies have been sold in the past two months.



  46. MarkyMark says:

    Easter holiday homework in the UK.”Ramadan maths”

    “Love the comments you wrote on the mathematics paper Lol , incidentally my wife’s a primary school teacher and she says it’s nothing unusual W.T.F “


    from order-order.com


  47. Guest Who says:

    Are these senior plod of ovary cloned globally?

    Australian Police confirm the #Bondi terrorist attack was definitely not terror related & not releasing the suspects name or any information relating to him
    Confirming it was indeed a terrorist attack #Australia #Sydney


    • Guest Who says:

      Naz has it sussed.

      The despicable attack #BondiJunction is bad enough without it being exploited by the usual suspects to tar a whole community & a faith because of the actions of a criminal
      One problem with prejudice is that you might get it wrong

      The female women sadly deceased might feel a degree of experience could come into play before such attacks are enacted. But won’t.


      • MarkyMark says:

        All Muslims are not terrorists.
        All Brexit voters are far right.
        All white must pay for slavery.
        All white are guilty.
        All blacks are angles.


  48. Deborah says:

    GBNews on the top of the hour news. The newsreader was gleefully reporting that the polls suggest that the gap is closing between Trump and Biden. I thought convention dictated that past presidents keep the title ‘President’. Not so with the ‘unbiased’ on the hour news. It was President Biden but Mr Trump.


  49. Zephir says:

    One for the bbc ?????? (with a white hand holding a knife, of course)

    First picture of knifeman who stabbed boy, 16, on UK beach in broad daylight attack
    The 19-year-old was locked up over the unprovoked “two-on-one” assault on the unarmed youngster, who was left with injuries including a collapsed lung.



  50. Zephir says:

    The 16-year-old victim was asked “are you laughing at me?” before being viciously attacked with a knife at during the horridying ordeal on Formby beach.

    A cyclist recounted the horrific scene, witnessing the victim being brutally kicked on the ground before Hamed, hailing from Arnold Crescent in Toxteth, loomed over him wielding a large six-inch blade and stabbed him two to three times. The 19-year-old assailant then fled the scene, leaving the witness to tend to the injured man.

    Hamed’s rap sheet includes two prior convictions encompassing three offences, all carried out after the stabbing. In October 2022, he appeared before a judge for an incident in Towyn, North Wales, in April of the same year, where he threatened fairground staff with a baseball bat.

    During mitigation, defence lawyer Cheryl Mottram told the court: ” in my submission. It is perhaps one of those sorry situations where Mr Hamed has all the potential to be a productive member of the community.

    “He is certainly very highly regarded by the individuals who have taken the time to write references on his behalf. He certainly seems to be a hard working individual and a kind and caring individual to those around him.”